Toronto FC names Cummins interim head coach

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As expected, Toronto FC has named Chris Cummins as the team's interim head coach.

Cummins has manned the sidelines for TFC's past two matches, both victories, and takes over for the rest of the year for John Carver, who resigned last week.

What do you think of the decision? Was it a no-brainer? Think TFC should have gone in another direction? Were you still hoping that Juergen Klinsmann would show up? Think TFC can be a serious contender this year?

Share your thoughts below.

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17 Responses to Toronto FC names Cummins interim head coach

  1. mEtRo BoY 4eVer! says:


  2. Teddie Boy Eddie says:

    Let’s just hope their fans don’t riot.

  3. DOM8 says:

    Think TFC can be a serious contender this year?????????

    Third in the league, top of the East….They’re already a serious contender.

  4. nm says:

    The last 2 games have been a blast to watch, I hope they stick with this formation and style

  5. SW says:

    The fans are already rioting. I just looked out the window and saw them tearing down the CN Tower and look like they are moving north from there. RUN FOR YOUR LIVES, HERE COME THE TFC FANS!!!

  6. iCu says:


  7. Jay says:

    They had a press conference to announce an interim head coach. Being that he was on the sidelines last game doesnt that automatically mean he was interim head coach?

  8. TO says:

    If Cummins plays his cards right and can get TFC into the playoffs then we will all witness the birth of a new international coach before our eyes. Lets face it, nobody knows who this guy is, so it should be interesting. If he fails to get us into the playoffs he will probably fade into coaching obscurity. I hope he can take advantage of the gift given to him by Carver. Good luck Mr. Cummins I have a feeling your going to need it!

  9. JC (not John Carver) says:

    Carver had built a solid team and deserves huge credit for what we are seeing on the pitch … Cummins is the logical choice to take over. He will do well and the TFC are/will be a strong contender.

  10. DOM8 says:


  11. John Carver?

    The bloke deserves no credit. He is nothing more than a loud mouth cry baby.

    Intellectually, he is challenged by the differences between North America and the English Isles. See, it is different, therefore, the evil doers in New York are bad. They just don’t understand English Football, even though we are in North America.

    He deserves no credit. Why? Because he is an English guy that stated the obvious – Football is different here in North America? His 2 years of experience in this market makes him an expert on the game in this part of the world?

    It is a business here. Investors want to make sure it survives the long haul in a crowded sports market. Carver probably has never managed a business and he has never really managed a team before TFC. You give him way too much credit he does not deserve.

  12. sonicdeathmonkey says:

    C’mon DOM…..the Gals were in first place about this time last year….look how that turned out. You can NOT be a serious contender in April. End of story.

  13. LittleRockAnt says:

    Ives you should do a story on Cummins’ history. Who is he?

  14. RLW2020 says:

    he is going to lead Toronto to the playoffs this year and do wonders for the club. He made Ashley Young at Watford, hopefully he can turn Wynne, Frei and O’Brian White into stars.
    – so far so good two weeks into it.

  15. Ossington Mental Youth says:

    Cummins has been coaching since he was 21, got alot of history and in an interview (along with Mo) claims that hes been head coach for the last two games and prefers an attacking formation so i suspect we should be seeing alot more attacking football from TFC.

  16. S says:

    He’s a good guy. The guys on the team have respect for him. I think he’ll stick around

  17. Mook says:

    As Ossington stated, Cummins already has a long history in the English leagues and is given a lot of credit for the work he did at Watford. A little research will reveal a lot, if you’re interested.