UEFA Champions League: Arsenal at Manchester United (Your Running Commentary)

FabregasRooney (AP) 

Defending UEFA Champions League winners Manchester United play host to red-hot Arsenal today in an all-England Champions League semifinal at Old Trafford (2:30pm, ESPN2/ESPN360.com).

United is fresh from its stirring comeback win vs. Tottenham as well as a history-making quarterfinal victory vs. FC Porto. Arsenal reached the semis after disposing of Villarreal in the quarters and come in unbeaten in its past eight EPL and Champions League matches.

There will be plenty of great match-ups to watch here, from Adebayor-Vidic/Rio, to Cesc Fabregas-Carrick/Anderson. Perhaps the most appealing match-up will be Cristiano Ronaldo vs. Theo Walcott, assuming they wind up lining up on the same flank (Looks like Tevez/Walcott).

If you will be watching today's Champions League semifinal, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below. I will be providing updates in the comments section as well.

Enjoy the match.

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28 Responses to UEFA Champions League: Arsenal at Manchester United (Your Running Commentary)

  1. Cam says:

    Get it done Arsenal.

  2. RooneyisaChav says:

    Chelsea – Man U rematch is almost certain. The new cold war, Russian owner vs. American owner.

  3. Ives says:

    5th minute- United with the early pressure, including a Rooney header that forced a save.

  4. Ives says:

    17th minute- GOAL MAN UNITED!! John O’Shea finishes off a ball in the area. Deflected ball in falls right to him and O’Shea blasts it home from the six.

  5. Isaac says:

    Unbelievable JOHN O’SHEA! The LAST person I would have said to score.

  6. Zack says:

    1-0 ManU, goal by OShea

  7. northzax says:

    John O’Shea! who had him in the pool?

    were there any yellow shirts in the box?

  8. Isaac says:

    If there is something going for Arsenal, it’s how well they’re doing when they get it going in the final third. They’re just missing the final shot.

  9. Isaac says:

    WOW another point blank save from Almunia, this time Ronaldo

  10. Ives says:

    29th- Almunia with two HUGE saves. Stones a Ronaldo header from point-blank range, then makes another save on a great shot. Could be 3-0 already.

  11. Dominghosa says:

    mmmm … Barca will make Chelski pay when Guus opens up play a little more at home.
    But anyway, too bad Man United scored. Almunia is playing out of his f’ing mind.

  12. Turtle says:

    I want to see a replay of Renaldo getting “skinned” by Gibbs again. In fact…put it on repeat.

    Thank god this game has some action. I was still drousy from yesterday’s.

  13. northzax says:

    from the GuardianUK blog: 34 min: “Barry, I just tuned in to a dodgy internet feed of the TV coverage, but I’ve turned it off because I can’t stand the commentator – he’s a rather unpleasant Scot who sounds like Malcolm Tucker on acid (‘he just smashed it in, smashed it in’),” writes Matthew Cobb. “Who is he?” He’s no Scot, Matthew, he’s an Irishman. I suspect that you have just been accidentally exposed to the cartoon leprechaun that is ESPN’s Tommy Smyth. Go and have a shower and you should be OK.

  14. Eugene says:

    Great game! Everything that soccer should be

  15. Ives says:

    HALFTIME- United 1, Arsenal 0. Manchester United is in complete control. The 1-0 score is a worry though. Should be 3-0 or more. Arsenal could easily steal a draw from this one if United doesn’t get that second goal. Then again, Arsenal doesn’t look anywhere close to scoring a goal in this one.

  16. Interesting…didn’t John O’Shea score against Arsenal several years ago too?

  17. Dominghosa says:

    Yes, thank you Man United and Arsenal for being like Barcelona and actually at least try to play the game of soccer.

  18. Turtle says:

    Ives, don’t you think Arsenal started to find themselves in the last 15 minutes? I think the second half should be more even. Not converting all those chances may come back to bite MU….

  19. Turtle says:

    Amen Dominghosa. I’m still pretty miffed about Chelsea.

  20. usa says:

    still chelsea bashing? yes, arsenal is proving just how much more effective their game plan is.

  21. Maxwell's Silver Hammer says:

    I think the only reason Arsenal came into the game there in the last 5-10 mins is because United were getting tired from totally dominating the game up until that point. It didn’t seem to be because of anything Arsenal were doing.

    Also, has Evra compeleted a pass yet? He’s been terrible out there, the lone weak link for United. If he doesn’t shape up then I can certainly see Walcott making him pay for a mistake.

  22. northzax says:

    bah, at least Chelsea put up a fight, Arsenal look content to simply muck around at half field, as if there are some points for consecutive passes .they really don’t look interested in doing anything else. the Arsenal counterattack has been toothless, and only Almunia keeps this anything remotely interesting. Man Utd. is basically having it’s way with the visitors, except they are using their dominance to attack, not “fanny’ (as the guardian likes to call it) around in the middle of the pitch. Arsenal maybe should have turtled this one, they don’t look to have the horses to play with a full bore Man Utd team. however, I bet it would be less effective against the Devils, they’re used to it and are perfectly happy playing to a 1-0 win.

  23. MVK says:

    anyone have a good non p2p feed?

  24. Turtle says:

    Gibbs has also had a couple free runs down the other side. Arsenal was also linking up nicely at the top of the penalty area. Vidic is a beast and keeps rejecting anything coming his way though. There are definite cracks – IMO.

  25. Turtle says:

    Northzax – Chelsea put up a fight? If an entire 90 minutes of rope-a-dope is a fight then I can agree.

  26. NJ Guy No Longer Stuck in DC says:

    @Dominghosa – I tuned in to the game yesterday and thought it was Barcelona playing the Ukraine – bright yellow jerseys and ten men behind the ball

  27. Dominghosa says:

    OK, last thing about yesterday’s game.
    Though Chelsea’s game plan wasn’t pretty, they paid the ultimate respect to Barcelona.
    Chelsea was saying, “Oh mighty Blaugrana, we cannot beat you at your storied grounds. We don’t even think we can score on you by trying to play both offense and defense. We will play defensive and hope you make a mistake so we have a chance to score against the run of play. We aim at a scoreless draw, for aiming for a win here would be utterly futile.”
    OK, maybe not verbatim. Maybe even a little wimpier than that.

  28. northzax says:

    hey, who got the result on the road again? just wondering.

    and turtle: rope a dope worked for Ali as well. when faced with an unmatchable force, take your blows and move on. Barca has faced this tactic all season, and only Chelsea made it work. you do the math.