UEFA Champions League: Your Running Commentary


The UEFA Champions League quarterfinals are underway today with Manchester United attempting to move one step closer to repeating.

Here are today's Quaterfinal first leg matches:


2:45pm– ESPN2/ESPN360.com- FC Porto at Manchester United

2:45pm– Setanta Sports/ESPN Deportes/ESPN360.com- Arsenal at Villarreal

If you will be watching today's matches please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action.

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58 Responses to UEFA Champions League: Your Running Commentary

  1. JP says:

    First post!

  2. hot toddy says:


  3. tony says:

    Why was Rooney not offsides on his goal in the 15th minute??? Am I missing something.

  4. Weaver83 says:

    anybody have a link for the villareal/arsenal game? for some reason nothing I am finding is working…thanks

  5. Aaron says:

    Tony, from the explanation on the gamecast, it sounds like Rooney put the ball in off a back pass from a Porto player. I didn’t see it, but he couldn’t have been offsides from a pass from the other team.

    Was the gamecast explanation wrong? I wish I could be watching at work . . .

  6. stehenkra says:

    try link to playandwatch.co.uk

    normally something works

  7. Schaefer says:

    It was definitely a lazy backpass that Rooney picked off. Unbelievable gift. Obviously it’s not offsides when the other team passes him the ball.

  8. stehenkra says:

    aside from the last ten minutes in the first half the ManU-Porto game was riveting.
    ManU is really lucky to be even. Porto had enough chances to be up by two….

  9. Sean says:

    Manchester United just does not want this game right now…that and Alex Ferguson is an idiot for choosing this squad. Wayne Rooney should never ever ever ever ever ever ever be played as a lone striker.

  10. tony says:


    That clears it up for me, thank you very much! I guess I didn’t know about the back pass rule.

  11. madmax says:

    United are clearly being outplayed, but they have a recent history of getting a result as second best.

  12. Isaac says:

    Hey Toddy…..dude he’s on loan….at Xerez……where the hell have you been for 2 months?

  13. stehenkra says:

    how stupid are the espn commentators to blame the porto goal on evans? he held his foot into a pass and was not able to control it. The real problem was the pass by ronaldo…
    But probably you can’t blame the great C. Ronaldo…

  14. DC Josh says:

    United look PUTRID. I will be cised to see them lose or tie at home. Porto is a very hard place to win at, and if the Devils go down I will be ecstatic.

    Ferguson must work his magic at the half because his team looks terrible. Just about every player has made one direct pass to the opposing team, and only Rooney seems like he wants to be on the field and not at the bank cashing his check.

    Porto’s defense looks amazing, clogging up every lane.

    Wishing I could see the other game, anyone have any notes on it?

  15. nebraskacoog says:

    stuck at work… what are the scores so far?

  16. Ives says:

    Villarreal 1, Arsenal 0

    Manchester United 1, Porto 1

    both at Halftime.

  17. DC Josh says:

    Tommy smith is nothing to write home about. Derrick Rae is class as long as he doesn’t try and evaluate the game.

  18. madmax says:

    Tony, you can never be offside if the opposition made the pass.

  19. stehenkra says:

    read the live comment on the guardian website, minute by minute report and pretty funny too…

  20. Ives says:

    John O’Shea and Park Ji Sung have been especially terrible for Man Utd. They miss Rafael and could use Tevez or Giggs for Park at some point.

  21. DC Josh says:

    Too many meat pies at the half for United, they still look pretty sluggish. But starting to put the pressure on Porto some more here…

  22. DC Josh says:

    Laser by Park makes its way through traffic but the keeper was in the right spot at the right time and takes it in the chest.

  23. DC Josh says:

    Hulk is a bright spot for Porto. Also the best name I’ve ever heard.

  24. DC Josh says:

    Giggsy comes on and kicks Ronaldo off the ball for the free kick, and almost puts the ball on a United head right in front of goal.

    United are really pushing for it.

  25. DC Josh says:

    Giggs has put a spark in this team, they still look shaky on defense though. They really miss Ferdinand.

  26. DC Josh says:

    A couple of decent chances for Porto put aside by Van De Sar. Porto looks great on the counter.

  27. stehenkra says:

    havent seen it, but 1-1 for arsenal, must have been a fantastic bicycle kick by adebayor…

  28. Turtle says:

    Sick sick sick by Abebayor

  29. matt says:

    adebayor’s goal was something else. such skill

  30. Sean says:

    Vidic is clearly man of the match for United. He, Rooney, and Ronaldo were the only ones who showed up to play today

  31. DC Josh says:

    Of course I was looking down at the screen and Tevez puts the ball in the back of the net.

    United 2 Porto 1

    Tevez with a goal off a flick from Rooney.

    They just might get away with a win.

  32. Ives says:

    GOAL MAN UTD!!!!!!!!! Tevez from Rooney, 2-1 United.

  33. DC Josh says:

    Going to be a great finish. Happy this game wasn’t a blowout.

  34. Ives says:

    Rooney with a beautiful side-volley back-heel pass that finds Tevez, who races in and finishes from close range.

  35. Isaac says:

    What a workhorse Tevez is. He tracks back to the byline from the forward position to defend. Great goal too. Good job from Rooney as well.

  36. stehenkra says:

    i think van der sar had quite a game too, but probably a routine one for him…

  37. cised says:



  38. cised says:

    I hope United fans have health insurance. This game combined with the Villa game is not for the faint hearted.

  39. Ives says:

    WOW, Porto ties it in the final minute. 2-2. Ruh roh.

  40. Isaac says:

    I geuss Johnny Evans isn’t the only defender with a problem tonight.

  41. DC Josh says:

    Class by the United fan who threw a beer at Porto’s coach.

  42. DC Josh says:

    here we go again… Ronaldo on the ball in the final minute for a free kick on the edge of the box.

  43. DC Josh says:

    Giggs owes Ronaldo a bar tab for taking the free kick and blasting it over the goal. What a waste that was. Not Giggsy at all.

  44. stehenkra says:

    five minutes extra time for this game is insane….

  45. DC Josh says:

    Great game. Ended 2-2.

    Any updates on the other game??

  46. Ives says:

    FINAL- United 2, Porto 2. And now Manchester United has to go win at Porto, something no English team has ever done.

  47. MarkieMark says:

    Man U put so much emphasis on winning Premier (which is still not a sealed deal) that they forgot to show up to play in this match. Sure they’re going to win 5 trophies. They got the three smaller ones this year. So good to see a giant faltering. The bigger they are the harder they fall. Johnny Evans is the worst defender in the world.

  48. stehenkra says:

    Yes, all is evans fault, he is the dummy to blame so that more famous players are not at fault…
    No, he is not a great defender, but he’s not to blame for the goals conceded by united….

  49. Kevvo says:

    It’s Neville that’s useless. They really missed Ferdinand today. MUFC deserve credit for the fightback to 2-1 but that last giveaway was atrocious defending. In Neville’s defense, he had two men to deal with and so he had to leave the back post player free. Where was the extra midfielder to preserve the lead?

  50. Maxwell's Silver Hammer says:

    haha..MarkieMark..so you think Evans is worse than the Porto defender who blindly passed it behind himself to an opponent for an easy goal?! You’re classic man!!

    Evans was far from the worse United player out there today. They were all pretty bad. Where was the midfield? Carrick, Scholes and Park were flat out invisible. Was it due to 2 games in 2 days? Or just the season wearing on them? Who knows. But the 2nd leg is going to be outstanding!

  51. MarkieMark says:

    Sure the second leg is going to be outstanding. In that you will watch Liverpool and Arsenal advance. Give it up Man U fans. You have nothing better to do but make excuses. You needed results and not excuses today. I hope Porto wins 1-0 and it goes down as the giant killer match of the year.

  52. Kiko says:

    So happy that ManU didn’t win. Now thumbs up for Porto, who were clearly the better team.

  53. in england says:

    Scholes and Rooney were both suspended this past Sunday so they didn’t play and Park was on the bench but didn’t play either. All three had fresh legs today.

  54. Maxwell's Silver Hammer says:

    Not a United fan, actually. I support Liverpool. I’m just able to pose unbiased opinions of players and teams, something you seem to be unable to do. Evans will be a dominant defender for United for many years.

  55. sean monaghan says:

    glad to see porto came to play

  56. Tony says:

    Lets see, I’ve half convinced my fiancee that Thierry is a solid name for our firstborn. Now the second will need to be named Emmanuel GOLAZO today! haha jk

  57. Hector says:

    Two cracking games today. Those are two best draws I’ve seen in a while in a CL leg. Hopefully tomorrow’s games will be just as good (although I can’t help but think that Chelsea-Liverpool is, for all they hype, going to end up being a defensive slug-fest).

    BTW That’s two games in a row that Ronaldo gives away the ball with a stupid pass and stays pouting and whining instead of tracking back to help thus costing Man U a goal. Jeez, is he above defending? The guy damn well better realize that the shiny Golden Ball in his house was for last year, not this one.

  58. machine gooner funk says:

    outsanding effort bythe gunners today to fight back and equalize on a champaign goal by ade. senna’s goal was impressive but when analyzed it was sort of a miracle/fluke strike. anywhoo gotta be optimistic going into the second leg at the emirates. losing gallas for the rest of the season hurts but we can use it to blood djourou who will be a top notch player for years to come plus gallas is on his way out this summer. UP THE ARSE!!!!