You Write the Caption: Best of the Nery-Sven entries

SvenNery (AP) 

Just a few hours before the axe finally fell on Sven Goran Eriksson's tenure as Mexican national  team manager, we here at SBI were able to have fun with one of his final moments in charge of 'El Tri' courtesy an image taken from Mexico's 3-1 loss to Honduras.

The picture shows Sven having words with Mexican striker Nery Castillo, who Sven also coached at Manchester City. The words didn't help much as the Mexicans suffered their second loss in three Hexagonal qualifiers, leading the Mexican federation to fire Eriksson and hire Javier Aguirre.

More than 160 entries were submitted for this You Write the Caption, but only 10 could make the final cut. Now it will be up to SBI readers to select the winning caption, which will receive one of our new SBI Mafia T-Shirts (Didn't make the final 10? Don't fret. You can order own t-shirt today).

Here are the Top Ten captions:

"Ok, ok, I'll make it 3 large cash if you just stop tanking it on purpose, save me Nery. I know I didn't save you at City, but I can change, really I can." (ROBERT)

Remember the three F's Nery! Futbol, fajitas and failure! (DAVE MARTINEZ)

It takes 3 things to hang me. A rope, a tree and one more loss. (RYAN)

"here, let me snip that unibrow for you" (KEVIN)

Hey Claudio, you got the number right but the U.S. jerseys are over there. (PAT PUG)

Nery you told me there were only three ay's in "ay ay ay ay, canta y no llores" (EL MATADOR)

Unless you want to go work in the Mexican Media you better get me 3 and NOW. (DAN THE BLUE)

I told you I'm a magician! Watch Honduras score three goals and I'll disappear!(CHUPACABRA)

This will be 3 teams in 3 yrs that have fired me Nery. See, we do have things in common! (JL)

Swedish, English, Spanish — I know how to lose in three languages! (PAUL)

Now it's your turn to vote. Select the caption you think was the best of the above ten:

The caption receiving the most votes by noon ET on Friday will be the winner and the person who submitted the caption will receive a new SBI Mafia t-shirt (order yours today).

Cast your vote today.

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21 Responses to You Write the Caption: Best of the Nery-Sven entries

  1. jim b says:

    Can I vote for OTHER? The ‘shocker’ caption was way better than any of these

  2. Oranje Mike says:

    Sven is not holding the proper shocker.

  3. Gabe says:

    C’mon Ives, go back at look at the comments to the original post. I made practically the exact comment that Kevin made well before he did. And he’s winning!

  4. steal your sounders says:

    whatever happened to the beckham ywtc?

  5. Pachuco says:

    Here is a good caption for you, “Nery, 3 goles guey…Chingada madre! Honduras Cabron” (translated– Nery, 3 goals damnit..fucken ay and its Honduras you ass).

  6. jim b says:

    Sure its not a traditional shocker. Close enough to be a damn funny caption though

  7. I dunno man . . . Kevins is prett damn hysterical.

  8. Wally says:

    I got one………

    Don’t worry Sven about these Mexicans, were both going back to EUROPE!!!

  9. mexicanbluefish says:


  10. ThaDeuce says:

    Paul’s is the best…. very funny

  11. John says:

    Shocker caption was mine, at least I have a nice underground following, I demand a t shirt

  12. MVK says:

    that wouldnt be “the shocker” its “the bowling ball” because the extra digit is your thumb (like how you hold a bowling ball)..

  13. hank 2 says:

    Ives how you not take my caption “UNIBROW FROWN, EL TRI DOWN”? Ives that was man lol.

  14. Paul says:

    Thanks, Deuce.

  15. primoone says:

    Glad to see your using the names in the hat method to choose the winners…Way to go Bro!

    Nery…I have 3 fingers left…now dont let me down son.

    Nery…3 words, Si Se Puede!

    I win…you all suck…bye

  16. windy says:

    Sven: Eyebrow!
    Nery: Teeth!
    Sven: Eyebrow!
    Nery: Teeth!

  17. chris says:

    i’m sorry, but these suck! i can’t vote for any…

  18. Josh says:

    “Sven is not holding the proper shocker.
    Posted by: Oranje Mike | April 09, 2009 at 10:43 AM”

    Maybe that’s why he got fired!

  19. Josh says:

    If you hacks don’t play any better, I’m only gonna last through THREE Hex matches, you hear me? Three!!

  20. EvenIsOn! says:

    I have to agree with Chris. Nothing there I want to vote for.

  21. simms21 says:

    I wanna add a write in:
    Sven says to Nery “I thought lightning couldn’t strike twice?”