You Write the Caption: The Liverpool Lovebirds edition

Welcome to the latest installment of You Write the Caption, where we provide readers with a comedy-inducing photo and see what sort of genius SBI readers can come up with.

Congratulations go out to Kevin Anderson, a University of Michigan student, for submitting the winning entry to the Sven-Nery edition of YWTC. Kevin's prize for winning the contest is one of our SBI Mafia t-shirts. If you are an SBI regular then you should pick up your own SBI Mafia t-shirt at

Now, onto the newest contest, which features Liverpool co-owners and fellow American billionaires Tom Hicks and George Gillett, who have apparently kissed and made up after months of feuding (or have simply decided they have no choice but to work together).

Enjoy the photo:

HicksGillett (Reuters) 

"Kiss me and you can have my half of the team."

Now it's your turn. Submit your best caption suggestion (keep them clean and keep them short) and I will pick the ten best submissions and have SBI readers vote to determine the best caption. The winning caption will receive a free t-shirt from SBI partner Objectivo Apparel.

Fire away.

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76 Responses to You Write the Caption: The Liverpool Lovebirds edition

  1. Blake says:

    I’ll make sure that YOU never walk alone, Tom.

  2. jacobi millionaire says:

    If we kiss enough ass, we might actually get a bailout

  3. Danny says:

    I can’t believe we wore the same tie. We’re twinsy!

  4. brant says:

    Puckering like Rafa’s backside as another PL title slips away.

  5. Edward says:

    Tom and George were happy at last, knowing their marriage would be officially recognized in England.

  6. Steve says:

    Those aren’t pillows Tom.

  7. TomP says:

    …reunited, and it feels so good…

  8. Nick says:

    “I wish I knew how to quit you!”

  9. brant says:

    Let’s talk about the first thing that pops up…

  10. You know what they say Tom , Gillets The Best a Man can GET ;D

  11. DJ Barnett says:

    No your breathe doesn’t smell like the 23 lagers you just downed!!!!!!!!

  12. TomP says:

    i’ve been saving a spot for you in my treasure bath

  13. NYRB fan says:

    Your face is so smooth, that I just want to kiss it! What razor do you use?

  14. Stan from El Barrio says:

    “So Benitez was this close to me and he says…”

  15. steve says:

    “shhhh…can you hear it? that was our title hopes flying out the window.”

  16. SayervilleFC says:

    And the hilarious thing is, Saputo TOTALLY thinks I want to buy into another soccer team!

  17. Rastafari says:

    “I wanna know what Love is… I want you to show me”

  18. Eugene T says:

    George: You know how to whistle, don’t you, Tom? You just put your lips together and… blow.

    Tom: Wow. You make a great Bacall.

  19. sonicdeathmonkey says:

    “You had me at hello…….You had me at hello.”

  20. Helmut says:

    “There was a time when men were kind
    When their voices were soft
    And their words inviting”

  21. ignoramus says:

    George: I know I heard something about a rule against handling balls in this sport…
    Tom: You’ll just have to penalize me.

  22. Isaac says:

    You had me at GOOOOOOOOOOOOL!

  23. smokeminside says:

    This is nothing. Wait until you see what I can do with my hands.

  24. ignoramus says:

    Sorry, Ives, if that last one breaks the “clean” rule. What’d you expect with a photo like that?

  25. Mark says:

    “Hey George, let’s move to the team to Cleveland. They’re going to give us a stadium deal.”

  26. Rocco says:

    I sure hope that’s a gun in your pocket…but if not, gimme some shu-gah you big lug.

  27. William the Terror says:

    “pssst, Tom, Nando says that for an extra million we can shower with him after the game.”

  28. Barry U says:

    Hey can I borrow $40MM? I got a nice deal cooking wiht MLS. You want half? Oh right maybe not so such a good idea.

  29. jacobi millionaire says:

    “Now that we’re on good terms, can we discuss Lucas Leiva’s new lesbian haircut?”

  30. wally says:

    I’ll be Gerard and you be Torres this time; when you get right in front of me I’ll provide you excellent service…

  31. Neil says:

    Damn George, that is a kissably close shave

  32. Michael Vann says:

    “Georgie Porgie, I prefer to be called the Humpier Old Men.”

  33. Gavin says:

    “Do I have something in my teeth?”

  34. g-loff says:

    “I don’t think this is what they meant when we were told Europeans kiss each other for a greeting”

  35. Rand Swenson says:

    George, I didn’t know you meant a Glagow kiss…

  36. Dannyc58 says:

    Tommy, I told you before no dirty talk in front of the Kop!

  37. MVK says:

    “It is now only a matter of time before Texas and Wisconsin follow Iowa’s lead and our other partnership will be recognized legally”

  38. MiamiAl says:

    Can you keep a secret? I’m actually the Craigslist Killer…

  39. Fulham Pete says:

    Your little dewlap makes you look 10 years younger. C’mon, lemme kiss it. I’m a good kisser.


  40. j1mbr0wn says:

    Sorry, Blake wins.

  41. Erik says:

    Pucker-up Buttercup.

  42. ko'd says:

    “Whooaa! Oh, Mersey, Mersey me….”

    Marvin Gaye, anyone?

  43. Fulham Pete says:

    Y’know, Tom. I hear the Beatles are from around here. Their sings always make me feel tingly. Y’know who ELSE makes me tingly? You do, Tom. YOU do.

  44. Chris says:

    “See that camera over there? Lets smile and pretend to be happy for it!”

  45. Kevin says:

    At least we’ll always have each other.

  46. Anthony says:

    Kiss me and show off the tie. We need to sell to new markets!

  47. Anthony says:

    Wow. Did we really bet that we would make out if eight goals were scored?

  48. Danny says:

    I guess we can “Kiss” the title away now.

  49. Matt says:

    Come on George, Gerrard and Alonso did it. Why cant we?

  50. Napoleon says:

    “Talk about a close shave, look at this BIC face Gillette”

  51. Matt Freeland says:

    Tom, that new Spanish cologne you’re wearing is enchanting.

  52. KCB says:

    Shut Up Hicks.

  53. KCB says:

    Of course it’s okay for us to kiss in public Tom, I own a Canadian franchise.

  54. TomM says:

    “Susan Boyle is hot! Never been kissed. Can we get her on at halftime?”

  55. sean monaghan says:

    “This is how Sven seduced me.”

  56. Mike Caramba says:

    Hicks and Gillet were delighted to find out that their inability to spot Liverpool’s defense over the last month had absolutely nothing to do with their rapidly deteriorating eyesight.

  57. Mike Caramba says:

    Hicks and Gillet were declared legally blind after bragging to friends about almost “mousing” with Betty White and Bea Arthur, respectively.

  58. Bevo says:

    Gillett – They dont say im “the best a man can get” for nothing!

  59. Eric Justin says:

    “Even when we’ve lost all our integrity and Liverpool wins zero trophies again… at least we’ll have each other… forever”

  60. ss says:

    When life gives you lemons…have a lemon party. That’s hopefully a reference that very few of you get.

  61. Nic D "The Texas 2 Stepper" says:

    Hicks: I know now that it’s over. I knew it then. There would be no way … no way you could ever forgive me not with this Liverpool thing that’s been going on for 2,000 years

    Gilette: Bitch! You won’t take my team!

    Hicks: I will!

    Gillete: YOU WON’T TAKE MY TEAM!

    Hicks: It’s my team too!?

  62. Amit says:

    Hicks to Gillet:

    “The red tie idea was genius”

  63. Jimmie says:

    You say your neck is to stiff to kiss me? Apperently, your neck isn’t alone in being stiff.

  64. Caldwell says:

    Sorry, I thought we were doing the Lady and the Tramp spaghetti scene.

  65. WTF says:

    “You lost me at Hello”

  66. wally says:

    “I’ve been playing around with the books…Yossi Benayoun is now an unpaid intern.”

  67. Alex says:

    George, what do they call ‘soccer’ here again???

  68. David says:

    Lately, Liverpool and their owners have been fascinated with “ties”.

  69. David says:

    Wait a minute…you’re not Rafa!!!

  70. Bob says:

    Alright but no tounge this time.

  71. Peter says:

    So apparently we haven’t won the league in almost two decades, which is funny, since that’s also when we started building in Stanley Park.

  72. Gino says:

    Don’t turn around now, but you gotta see the rack on Stevie G’s bird.

  73. Gino says:

    I said don’t turn around.

  74. SamW says:

    What’s that sweet smell on your breath?

    I ate one thousand dollars for breakfast!

  75. elmatador says:

    Tom, we’re so drunk right now!! was that a Home Run?

  76. The Hoff says:

    “Come closer and Poppa bird will give you your lunch”