Chicago’s last-minute penalty vs. Chivas USA: Legit call or bad joke?

If you stayed up to watch the Chicago Fire-Chivas USA match you saw a match marred by a boat-load of yellow cards (ten to be exact), a red card and three penalty kicks, the last of which left many observers wondering just what Terry Vaughn was thinking.

If you haven't seen the replay of the penalty that helped Chicago pull out a 3-2 victory on Thursday night, here it is:

As you might imagine, Chivas USA head coach Preki wasn't too happy with that call (or the referee's performance in general).

"That's nuts. That's like a comedy hour," Chivas coach Preki told The Daily Breeze. "It's a soft call. There was very minimal contact and in my opinion, McBride dove."

When the 5-foot-7, 150 pound Mariano Trujillo appeared to make contact with the 6-foot, 175 pound Brian McBride as both prepared to challenge for a long ball, McBride fell in a heap, prompting the penalty call from Vaughn. After the match, Trujillo still couldn't make sense of the call.

"I'm pretty sure (McBride dove)," Trujillo told "I just touched him. It's impossible. Look at me. Even if I push him it's hard."

Preki didn't mince words about the officiating, providing a rant that is sure to earn him a fine from MLS officials who are making a decent amount of money off fines for criticizing referees this season.

"Some of those calls out there were so ridiculous that I don't even know what to say," Preki told "The referees that have been successful this year have let the game go. And the ones that have been completely unsuccessful have tried to keep it too tight.

"I don't know what's being told to them, I don't know how they think games should go, but the bottom line is games that have had more freedom and haven't had as many fouls called have been better games. Tonight he lost control of the game, early on. Early, early, early on."

What did you think of that last penalty call? Cast your vote:

Which did you chose? What did you think of Terry Vaughn's performance overall? Did he mar a well-officiated match with a bad call? Was he bad all night? Did he call a good match?

Share your thoughts below.

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153 Responses to Chicago’s last-minute penalty vs. Chivas USA: Legit call or bad joke?

  1. Larry says:

    Impossible to see anything useful in that clip.

  2. Chris says:

    Too much refereeing is typically bad refereeing.

    Although I do think the first two penalties were legit that game got away from Vaughn pretty quick.

    Also, Jesse Marsch tries to play enforcer brand soccer and fails because he’s just so blatant with it. If he wasn’t so busy laying down hard fouls on more skillful players he might have time to play a little bit himself.

  3. Chris says:

    Yeah, I would need a better angle to make a judgement. But personally, I am glad they are calling the games tighter. MLS has been too physical for too long.

  4. Rekro says:

    Both teams battled hard for 90 minutes and to see a game like that be decided by a penalty is a bit disheartening.

  5. Kevin says:

    You can’t tell one way or another from the video.

  6. K1p says:

    This pole is useless without proper video. That being said, the question the referee asked (or was it the AR), did he play the ball. Contact is part of the game and as a referee, I know that line is drawn differently by each referee. As a player, I just want a consistently called match.

    I think it was a foul.

  7. Forrest says:

    I only saw the second half of the game because of my rec league game last night, but I thought it was good call. McBride was inside the defender and was going to get a basically free header on goal. You can see the defender push McHead with two arms out away from his body into McBride’s back. The push doesn’t have to be hard enough to knock McBride over if it keeps him from jumping and heading the ball its a foul. It also helps that McBride isn’t Carlos Ruiz and doesn’t have a reputation as a diver. If that was Blanco I’m not sure the ref awards the PK. I thought Chivas was lucky to still have 10 players on the field at the end of the game. Harris could have and probably should have been sent off for his two footed over the ball tackle. That’s a red card in just about every European league I’ve ever watched. As a DC fan I wished the game had ended in a tie, but Chivas’ two fullbacks cost them the game(see Borenstein’s lax marking on the Fire’s second goal).

  8. Will says:

    i cant believe i stayed up til 1245 to watch the game end like that. what a joke

  9. Chrös says:

    You don’t call a penalty kick in injury time of a tied game unless it is really obvious. That one was not.

  10. guillermo says:

    Terry Vaugh is a clown…..but I’ll gladly take the three points :)

  11. Matt says:

    Awful call.

  12. Luke in NC says:

    There was definitely some obvious inconsistency, like when Kljestan bear-hugged one of the Fire players for like a full 1-2 seconds and nothing was called (until what almost seemed like a make-up call a couple seconds later when Kljestan ran into the same player).

    This happened right before that classy f-bomb tirade by Kljestan.

  13. Zico says:

    no way you can call that a penalty, the ball was out od McBride’s reach and that contact was minimal. Good game, ridiculous finish.

  14. MVK says:

    thats what Chivas gets for getting two gifts in the form of 2 BS reds given to the Wizards in their last match… sux dont it Preki?

  15. wes says:

    Our refs are doing a greadt job! /dongarber

  16. Jacob A. says:

    Just woke up and walked through the house, and my brother asks, “Who won the soccer game last night?” My response: “Chicago, but it was a joke.”

    So, I vote “bad joke”, but understand that unfortunately that’s part of the game.

  17. CSD says:

    Luke in NC,

    Kljestan was fouling a player that didn’t initially lose possession of the ball. When the foul resulted in the player losing the ball a foul was called. Initially calling the foul would have been counter productive for Chicago because that would have stopped the game and they would have lost the advantage of a quick counter attack.

  18. MVK says:

    LOL and it was Mariano Trujillo, AWESOME

  19. harry says:

    CSD is terry vaughn

  20. LOL says:

    “Some of those calls out there were so ridiculous that I don’t even know what to say,” Preki told “The referees that have been successful this year have let the game go. And the ones that have been completely unsuccessful have tried to keep it too tight”

    wierd Preki didnt have a problem with it that last game when it went the other way

  21. Never First says:

    Trujillo did have his arm extended and touched McBride, but it’s very weak. McBride knew the ball was way over his head so he flopped on the ground.

    I have to wonder if McBride’s reputation as not being a diver is part of why Vaughn gave him the call. I watched him every game when he played in Columbus, and I never saw him fall over so easily. He will not get the benefit of the doubt in the future.

  22. brett says:

    two arms extended into BMB’s back…. in the box…. the ref even demonstrated the foul when asked by the players…

    you may not like games that end with a PK winning goal at the end, but its part of the game…

  23. Freddy says:

    If it WASN’T Brian McBride who went down in the box then I would say it was a terrible call. But McBride’s reputation is the only thing that is letting me say that he wasn’t diving and it was a fair call.

  24. CSD says:

    I saw the first two penalty calls in the box and I think the referees got them spot on. The data presented on this third one does not give me enough information to make a decision but I will say good call just to go against the grain and help keep Ives on his toes. I have no problem with a referee calling as many penalties as he sees occur in the penalty box at what ever time in the game he sees them occur.

    On a side note it would give me great pleasure to see Jesse Marsch get kicked out of every game he plays in the MLS until he learns to show some respect for the game. Wearing the captain’s arm band does not give you the right to get in the assistant referees face and cus him out. It is especially embarrassing after one of your team mates tried to disrobe an opposing player in the penalty area in clear view of the assistant referee.

  25. Freddy says:

    I think the ref awarded that pk based only on McBride’s reputation and nothing else.

  26. Shane says:

    It’s never a good sign when everybody is talking about the refereeing constantly during the season. If they were doing their jobs right, nobody would be talking about them. It really is a joke how bad they are. They forget that it’s still a contact sport. And there is no way McBride was gonna get a head on that ball.

  27. Tony in Quakeland says:

    I thought the first two were reasonable calls (and balanced each other out nicely). One the first – you can’t lay on the ground with a handful of shirt and yank the attacker down with you. (Alexi Lalas calling it soft is the latest in idiotic statements by him.) The second was a completely pointless, bad tempered foul in a bad spot and deserved to be punished. I thought at least one of Marsh’s yellows was a bit soft, but okay…

    The final PK was ridiculous. If that was a foul, then there is a foul in every single play in the box. It was an unfortunate ending to fairly entertaining (although not particularly attractive) game.

  28. MVK says:

    Mariano Trujillo’s rep might play a role in this, he hacks all the time

  29. brant says:

    How *that* is a foul, when multiple rugby-tackles on Chad Marshall on free kicks/corner kicks have *not* been called, is beyond me…

  30. Nicole says:

    Preki sure has selective memory when it comes to calls being made or not made.

    He didn’t seem to have a problem when 30 seconds earlier, there was an obvious backpass to Thornton and he just picked it up – no call.

    Chivas and Preki got what they deserved.

  31. Modibo says:

    I don’t see the quote here, but Luis Bueno quoted Preki as saying that one of the reasons he was outraged was that Chivas was called for two PKs in their house.

    Are you kidding me? Argue the call on its own merits, but don’t suggest that the home side can come out ready to put chokeholds on the visitors (Klestjan), commit two-footed tackles (Harris), and pull a guy down by his jersey in the box (Thomas) and get away with it.

  32. 505anthony says:

    It’s not like McBride to dive, so I’m guessing he just stumbled. But certainly Trujillo didn’t even look like he realized Brian had gone down. Bad call. But that’s the MLS at the moment.

  33. Hopper says:

    At least it prevented another draw. Lots of draws in MLS this season.

    That being said, the referees have been terrible in MLS this season.

  34. Steve says:

    Fire fan and I don’t think you can make that call in that spot. I’ll take it but I’m irate if it goes against me.

    But…..Preki needs to shut his pie hole. Chivas are reaping what they sow. How come its always Chivas in the card fests (see Gaalaxy game earlier this season)? How come I’ve seen more intra-bench arguments in Chivas’ games since Preki took over that team than the rest of the league combined (I can think of at least 4: 2 LA-Donovan, DC, Last night)? Their games are always getting out of control because of how they play and force the refs to exert a certain style.

    As for Sacha, I wish Bob Bradley would rescind his call to this camp right now. Besides the fact that he can’t play at the international level and is in awful form that little disply last night was rridiculous. One word for Mr. Kljestan since last season – IMMATURITY. Grow up before a promsing career flames out.

  35. bkfiv says:

    Fire fan here,

    I would have much rather watched the last 4 minutes of stoppage time and see if that resulted in a goal that be gifted like that. That being said, I don’t blame McBride, sometimes after 90+ minutes of soccer, you go down anywhere on the field a little easier for any break or free kick. He was obviously pushed, and that COMPLETE IDIOT Vaughn called it. Of course I’m happy with the 2 extra points, but I’m really disapointed that a marquee game like that was affected so heavily by the Yellow-happy referreeing. There’s a difference between protecting the “skill” players and issueing a yellow for every tackle. It was bad both ways in the first half but the Fire ended the day really fortunate with 2 extra points. Also of note, I think Marsch should have known better than tackle and receive that 2nd yellow as it was obvious how the ref was calling the game.

  36. Clem says:

    The real question is did McBride sign the jersey before taking to Vaughn after the match?

    Chicago is being gifted games, it’s a joke.

  37. Gary says:

    Great game — one of the best MLS games I’ve seen. Call was bad in that situation.

  38. Will says:

    Any word on whether Blanco gave out a jersey to the referee after the game.

  39. EDB says:

    I think none of the angles is a great view of the indecent. I also think Chivas invites this type of reffing because of their physical style, and I like it. I would like for the MLS to put more value on skill. Although I did think he got a little card happy.

  40. JRo says:

    The ball was definitely NOT out of McB’s reach. It’s on the way down and almost hits Trujillo, who never left his feet. If McBride would’ve gotten into the air, there’s a good chance his head would’ve been on the ball. That being said, the call was very borderline. Sure Trujillo shoved off, and sure McBride probably sold a little, but it was neither a blatant flop nor an obvious PK.

    Not going to complain that the call was made, but wouldn’t have complained if TV let it go either.

  41. rednow.red4ever says:

    Normally I would probably say it was bad, but given his first two penalty calls, I’ll say it was borderline cuz it was pretty consistent with those.

    Also though, Trujillo is 5’7″ (not 5’3″) and I’m pretty much his exact size (5’7″ 145) and i’ve talked to Brian before and I could give him a pretty good shove- he’s big, but he’s not a giant.

  42. krolpolski says:

    It was a clear penalty. Two-handed push in the back. And it makes up for one Vaughn missed when McBride again was dumped in the box during a corner kick and instead of awarding a PK, Vaughn let the Fire take another corner kick.

    Marsch cost his team the game. He can always be counted on to make a stupid foul. When he was with the Fire he always made stupid, reckless tackles and then would shake his head as he walked away from the ref.

    I think Vaughn and his crew did an excellent job. I would’ve given every card that he handed out, as well as one to Klejstan for his profanity-laced tirade against Hamlet after his failed attempt to rip off Soumarie’s head. Harris should’ve gotten one too for delay after realizing he was bleeding and he collapsed on the field like an Italian striker in the box.

    No doubt about it, up until Marsch’s ejection, Chivas was going to win that game. Kudos to the Fire (and Hamlet) for finding a way to win.

  43. Bahns says:

    Thanks, Modibo, for pointing that tackle out… in the midst of beating the top team in the West at home, staying on pace with them considering our game in hand, taking 9 points from 3 straight road games across the country in 12 days while staying UNDEFEATED on the season, and watching the game end in a controversial call that will have the MLS fanboy blowhards brain hemorrhaging for weeks… I almost forgot about that horrorshow challenge that could’ve easily broken Logan Pause’s leg.

  44. Gilby says:

    I watched the game and the ref was a little card happy. He needed to call it tight because Chivas was being a little thuggish. But some of the cards were a little soft.

    Having said the the penalty was weak the push wasn’t much of one and McBride went down easy. It was surprising to me that they called that and not any of the other times that McBride got mugged on corner kicks.

  45. PetedeLA says:

    The ref had a better view than all of us. If you look really (really really) closely, you can make out a shove. I’d personally prefer that no penalty was given, but then again, I’d also prefer that there was more quality all around in MLS.

  46. martha c says:

    How is that a bad call? trujullo pushed him to the ground with BOTH hands. Trujillo and everyone else KNEW the game was being called tight. Read the rules, a foul in the box is a penalty (ask Onyewu about how that went in the WC) and a two handed push to the ground is a foul. Mcbride is 5’11 not 6’00.

    Its not the Refs fault that Marsch is an idiot thats why the Fire let him go.

    Its not the Refs fault that Bornstein sucks and let Nyarko tie it. Bornstein being called up to the Nats is a joke.

    Its not the Refs fault that Sacha “Sampson” Klejestan sucks since he got his hair cut and Celtic no longer wants him

    Its not the Refs fault that the Fire is 10x more talented than Chicas and really didnt start playing until the 70th minute.

    The Fire Subs, Mapp Nyarko and Husidic would all be starters on Chicas.

    What is a disgrace is the PK called against the Fire, the ball was going out and not playable.

  47. zues says:

    Good calls and bad calls all night. The best thing I can say is that Vaughn was consistently inconsistent throughout the game. The blatant back pass to Thornton, Harris’s two foot studs up tackle and quite a few other non-calls made the night interesting. Preki can be pissed all he wants, but from my perspective it seemed pretty balanced between the calls and non-calls. I can understand being pissed about losing to a pk. Knowing McBride’s reputation, I don’t think he dove. It may have been a make up call for all the time wasting and garbage coming from Chivas.

  48. Rastafari says:

    That ref needs a pair of those Drew Carey glasses

  49. Willardo DuPont says:

    With the arrival of Blanco, Chicago has officially become the team of whiners. I remember seeing Blanco complain to Vaughn about someone diving last night. Blanco? Really? The replay isn’t good enough to tell if the PK is a good call. I would say that Chicaco’s constant whining helps them get some calls last night.

  50. Clem says:

    The biggest problem this season is the lack of consistency in the officiating. If Terry Vaughn had been calling the San Jose @ Columbus match the previous night San Jose would have been down to 8 players by halftime.

  51. JP says:

    Wow, great camera angle…

  52. backdeckjeff says:

    That was a really awful penalty. The first two calls were correct: although the assistant had to call the first, as he somehow didn’t see the shirt being pulled off Conde’s back…Vaughn is one of the most inconsistent refs in the league and along with the great Kevin Stott one of the most card-happy……Preki’s correct: he lost control of the match early by whipping out soft cards from the opening whistle…..

  53. Tim Weyland says:

    Looked like a good call to me, but I would have given a card as well

  54. Berlin says:

    “You don’t call a penalty kick in injury time of a tied game unless it is really obvious. That one was not.

    Posted by: Chrös | May 29, 2009 at 09:57 AM”


  55. Neil says:

    The post game interview with Mcbride after the game said it all! When asked about the penalty he stated with a smirk that he did what he had to do…

  56. Cornchops says:

    Regardless of the validity of the call, Chivas is a dirty team, and I don’t have a problem with it coming back to bite them in the ass.

  57. BB in DC says:

    Compelling game and all, but the HDC crowd seemed pretty placid despite all the drama blowing up in front of them. Too bad.

  58. brett says:

    Willardo DuPont- odd, b/c outside of blanco, hardly anyone complains to the ref…. unless there was in fact a foul and is warranted…

  59. Will says:

    Every time I see Vaughn listed as the Ref. I get this sick feeling. The guy is a butcher. The late PK call is one his finest butcher jobs. Wake up MLS!!!

  60. brett says:

    hey could we get another original joke about giving away a jersey to buy the game?? god only knows those jokes arent old O.o

  61. MasterShake says:

    whatever the case is, that is not a pk. he did not prevent a clear goal scoring opportunity as the ball wasn’t even anywhere close to him and was passed to a completely different player.

    no way thats a PK. MLS needs to do something about refs this season.

  62. Thomas513 says:

    I think Chivas is getting what they deserve. They have been playing thug ball all year and I am never surprised to see a card fest when the livestock take the field.

  63. Trent says:

    Don Garber is a joke if he thinks the refs are doing a good job. CLB vs San Jose is a great example. San Jose only scored b/c they handled the ball and the missed a handball call after Schelotto schooled two SJ defenders and one of them slapped the ball down. I have a stong suspicion that match fixing is going on in the states. We even have evidence. Blanco bought the officials when Chicago tied the Crew. Evidence was found and Padula got a red card on a Blanco dive. Chicago match fixing is very real and it needs to be looked into.

  64. Michael F. - SBI Mafia Original says:

    Lost respect for McBride. Total flop.

  65. Drew says:

    too hard to tell from the angle of the video. they played it over and over on the deuce last night but only had one angle (from behind), so you couldn’t really see what happened. my guess is that it was borderline, but hard to say it’s an awful call with that angle.

  66. Steve says:

    Match fixing? Really?

    Good morning Columbus…

    As for inconsistent refereeing in MLS, I ask you all what was the topic of the year in the Premiership this season? The Champiosn League semis? The NBA playoffs?MLB the last two days?

    This just in: officials will always be inconsistent in every single sport as long as there are sports. Their job by definition is to render an ‘opinion’ on actions occuring faster than its possible for them to process. As a sports fan you need to accept this and take the good with the bad. Or keep winding yourselves up by whining about?

    And if there is a league manadated bias for Chicago. I’ll take it. Its better for me than if its for the Gals like usual (MLS wants McBride and Blanco in MLS Cup – what a coincidence, so do Fire fans) 😉

  67. Kip says:

    Chicago fans on here are hilarious with their blindfolds on making sorry excuses and their extremely defensive arguments.

    I don’t need another camera view to see that that was a horrible call given to another one if the leagues stars.

    Shame on anyone giving the call a pass because it is McBride. The interview after the game DID say it all, and Terry Vaughn bought every flopping/acting second of that junk.

  68. Drew says:

    another thought…if anyone had the right angle it was the ref who was watching from behind the play and could see what trujillo did w/his arms

  69. kpugs says:

    I just lost a lot of respect for Brian McBride, taking too many cues from Blanco. Awful blatant dive.

  70. ChicagoMatchFixingIsVeryReal says:

    Chicago match fixing needs to be investigated. Padula got red carded on a dive from Blanco the same game Blanco got caught buying off the refs. Last night, Chicago got two extremely soft PKS. Chicago match fixing is very real.

  71. Brent McD. says:

    All three penalties were a joke. All three were soft calls. On the last one, McBride dove (shocking really) and won the penalty based on his reputation. The ref clearly lost control of the game and tried to regain control by handing out yellow cards for normal tackles. Having said that, Marsch’s red was deserved. And Sascha could have been red-carded himself. Kljestan looked terrible and his f-bombs to the Chicago coach on national TV were low-class and an embarassment.
    Might have been a good game with a decent ref. MLS get your sh!t together please!

  72. Adam G says:

    I watched the game and found it to be very exciting. I think the first two penalties were deserved calls. You have to wonder what Soumare was thinking with that tackle of Gallyndo that put Chivas up 2-1.

    The call on McBride was a clear dive in the last minute of the game. The referee should know that players at that point of the game are much more likely to go down to earn their team a penalty. It was terrible situational awareness, and Chicago stole 2 points from it.

  73. Jason says:

    Another gift for the Fire.

    I wonder if Blanco gave Vaughn a jersey after this one as well?

    Or maybe a check?

  74. Brent McD. says:

    ok, on second thought, maybe the second penalty was legit. but you certainly don’t give a penalty in the last minute of stoppage time unless the foul is 100% clear-cut. this was a joke

  75. Win says:

    OK, so Brian McBride overran the cross and fell down. I’m guessing the ref probably called it because Trujillo “didn’t go for the ball.” I’m sure he would have tried to play it if McBride hadn’t fallen down, oh and if it was playable to begin with.

  76. centrejack says:

    Brian McBride is one of my heroes, but he is becoming more of a diver these days – I saw it the week before in New York. Thank goodness he doesn’t roll around like Blanco.

    Terry Vaughn and Kevin Stott are the worst two officials in the league…. or at least two of the worst.

  77. tpm26 says:

    Calls like that make me hate watching soccer. A good even game is squandered on a last-minute flop in the box. Chicago didn’t deserve 3 points.

  78. Chad says:

    The clip shows very little of the interaction between the defender and McBride. You cannot determine what, if anything, Trujillo did to McBride. As noted by martha c, “a foul in the box is a penalty (ask Onyewu about how that went in the WC) and a two handed push to the ground is a foul.”

  79. Bubba says:

    I thought the ref was horrible but I dont feel too sorry for Chivas. They have been getting away with thuggery all season. It is part of the reason they are on top of the standings. Glad to see they finally pay for their style of play.

  80. A. Ruiz says:

    Seriously, I think Blanco gets called a diver, he’s more of an embellisher. He has never dove for a PK in MLS, like Gerrard or anything like that.
    He does however make a meal out of any little shirt pull, nudge and tackle he’s on the receiving end for the most part. Sometimes it seems like he does dive out of nowhere on TV,but in person, you can see the shirt pulls that he’s reacting to, that the ref can’t see.
    He is however a slow, fat, asshole with no respect for anyone, that part is true.

  81. KCB says:

    McBride had no chance, NO CHANCE, of getting to that ball. It must be part of the Chicago Fire Bailout Plan or something.

  82. SeattleStan says:

    Wow, no one has accused anyone of being a homer yet for arguing the way the official handled the game or a call. You must not be talking about a Sounders game.

  83. GladILiveInOhio says:

    Between Chicago buying refs, Obama palling it up with terrorists, Burris pleading on his knees for a senate seat, and blago just disgracing himself, Illinois is full of corruption and shame.

  84. nico says:

    If it WASN’T Brian McBride who went down in the box then I would say it was a terrible call. But McBride’s reputation is the only thing that is letting me say that he wasn’t diving and it was a fair call.

    Posted by: Freddy | May 29, 2009 at 10:17 AM

    Hilarious post.

  85. ImaGoalMan says:

    Terrible call….just atrocious…I would have pulled a Drogba.

  86. mike ruze says:


    everything you said about Illinois is true except the buying of refs.

    and Ohio is famous for…..NOTHING Ohio has NOTHING. After the Crew owners sells and the team moves to Vegas you will have more nothing.

    Drew Carey is full of sh!t Cleveland DOESNT rock thats why he moved to the west cost and bought a team in Seattle instead of…..


    If your glad you live there you must be one boring dude.

    Mcbride not a dirty player Ttrujillo is.

  87. Lee says:

    It is not Vaughn’s fault — he got the earlier penalties spot on. He was right with both of the Marsch yellows.

    Chivas would never have been in position to lose if Marsch had not been (properly) sent off.

    The course of the game is not solely determined by the referee. The players bear some responsibility here.

  88. Trent says:

    At the very least, Major League Soccer needs to hire outside investigators to find out wether or not Chicago is buying refs. The icing on the cake is the jersey situation/padula red card. The two extremely soft pks also point to a needed investigation.

  89. BlueWhiteLion says:

    I didnt see the last 30 of the game. The clip is inconclusive for me. Points well taken about McBride not a known flopper. Doesn’t mean his experience hasn’t taught him there is a time to do that for the sake of the team. Also, hard to tell that he wasn’t fouled. The ref did what he had to do. I doubt there is a conspiracy. This wasn’t against RBNY after all. OH–but WAIT!!! Isn’t this the team that pays off the refs with signed jerseys????? :)

  90. Adrian says:

    I’m sorry, but the referring in the MLS is horrid….

  91. Roman says:

    The video clip above, and all the replays from ESPN weren’t conclusive. Moreover, Vaughn had a good view of the challenge and knows that a pk that late will decide the game. He must have seen something. And if it wasn’t much, that this was just the latest in a string of make-up calls that Vaughn laid down through the course of the game. This one was for the back-pass that went uncalled just a minute before.

    The real question in my mind is how does Kljestan avoid even a single yellow card in a game where he tackles Soumare, hurls expletives at the opposing coach and berates the ref. Vaughn’s handing ’em out like candy, so where’s Sacha’s card?

  92. brett says:

    honestly, the whole “buy refs” and “giving the ref a jersey” cracks are not funny nor original….

  93. ChicagoMatchFixingIsReal says:

    They arn’t ment to be cracks. An investigation needs to be done. Chicago could be the next Juventus and get a tun of fines and points taken away the longer this goes on.

  94. Mark says:

    It is so sad when you watch a 90 minute game and the referee decides the outcome right at the end like that. It really undermines the validity of the league, desperate to get some legitimacy.

  95. TheseRefsSuck says:

    When people think of Chicago, corruption will always be the first thing that comes to mind. I guess the soccer team doesn’t fall far from the tree.

  96. ELAC says:

    Irrelevant. Chivas played not to lose after Marsch left and it bit us in the ass.

    We are an agressive team nad we force teams to play out of their comfort zones. Total credit to Chicago keeping its composure. In the end, mental toughness always wins out agsinst naked agression.

    Regarding Sacha, I can’t even tell you how disgusted I was to hear him back talk Hamlet. He’s scored no goals barely has anything else to show for this season and he’s been called up? What joke Bob?

    I wonder if Blanco gave his jersey to Vaughn.

  97. HomeyBoehme says:

    Lost respect for McBride last night and he now has a sullied reputation in my book. How many challenges in the EPL has that man had from defenders twice the size of Trujillo and not gone down in the box like a ragdoll? I can’t say McBride wasn’t looking for the PK call, because in the video he just lays on the ground with his arms out waiting for the call.

    @mobido – I will give you that the other two fouls you mentioned were terrible, but Harris’ two-footed challenge was one of the cleanest tackles I have seen. When it happened I actually said to myself, “Wow…pulling a Frankie Hejduk” because Frankie tackles like that all the time. Neither of Harris’ two feet touch anything except the ball, and neither foot was raised off the ground.

  98. brett says:

    Trent – good lord grow up… enough gibberish about buying refs

  99. Jimmie says:

    RSL fan says:

    Atiba Harris, Nagamura, and March, the hack squad, along with the rest of the fouling coca-chiva players deserved the loss for their blatant disrespect for the game by constantly pushing the bounds of fair gamesmanship for the entire match.

    The chivas PK was warrented becasue Sumare kicked the crap out of Mikel on the endline, when all he needed to do was let the ball go out. Jack@ss foul in box deserves PK. Similarly, the foul on McBride wasn’t that bad, but its in the “box” and still a foul, and stopped a possible scoring opportunity.

    Since the 1ft fire PK was legit, the second 2 cancel, and Fire desreve the win, 3-2, or it would need to have been 2-1 to be legit.

  100. brett says:

    ChicagoMatchFixingIsReal – please join Trent in growing up….

  101. toreadore says:

    I’ve watched MLS all year long and I’ve questioned many referee’s calls wondering what they were thinking. But last nights game was different, I really though Terry Vaugh did an excellent job, he was never more than 15 yards away from making a call. He was right there!! The first PK took a lot of guts on him to take his AR’s call and he did it. To many times ref’s think they are above the game, ala Brian Hall!! LOL.. J/K Brian.. But you know what I’m saying. Terry good game, good calls, finally a game that was ref’d properly.

    What I saw and didn’t like one bit was Sasha Klejstan talking crap to the coaching staff of Chicago. I can see now why he played so poorly in El Salvador, can you imagine him trying to respond to thousands of Salvadoreans talking smack. LOL.. Sasha play soccer and be a professional!!

  102. TheseRefsSuck says:

    An investigation needs to be done. Either the refs need to quit and work at McDonalds because the have no reffing skills, or Chicago have been paying them off. One or the other. Or maybe both.

  103. aaron says:

    Hands down a dive. way anyone goes down that easy, except for Blanco. Horrid reffing in the two midweek games. Why can’t we get some EPL refs on loan for the summer.

  104. brett says:

    the refs have alot more to lose then the teams….

    if the refs are caught taking bribes of any form it not only hurts their reffing with the MLS (im sure they’d be banned) but since the USSF provides the refs, they would also suffer by not getting any USMN games…

    you people truly need to grow up… this subject is non-existent

  105. Trent says:

    There seem to be a lot more people that think that something is wrong here. Maybe you need to grow up so you can see things the way they really are. If its from Chicago, its probably corrupt.

  106. David says:

    Terry Vaughn refereed my high school, club and college matches from the mid-90s to the early 2000s.

    For some reason, everyone thought he was this incredible referee.

    I thought he was garbage, and probably got a yellow for dissent in 60% of the games he reffed.

    The referee network in the US is a worse clique than the USSF. Its almost impossible to break into unless you kiss some idiot’s ass who has never really played the game.

  107. brett says:

    Trent – or perhaps people want to come to ridiculous accusations…

    where is the money coming from to bribe all these refs week in week out?? the Fire certainly arent making it from Ticket Sales, as attendance has reach a near all time low… perhaps all those high paying advertisers, seeing as this league is the most popular league around??

    do you ever think of what the refs have to lose if caught??

    honestly, do you actually think before typing??

  108. krolpolski says:

    KCB wrote: “McBride had no chance, NO CHANCE, of getting to that ball.”

    It don’t matter. He was fouled in the box. That’s the ONLY criteria to be used in awarding a PK.

    Did the guy Soumary fouled in the box have a chance at scoring? None. But it was a foul.

    McBride could’ve had his back to the play looking at the Chivas girls on the sidelines and if someone pushed him to try get a better view, it’s a PK.

  109. Kip says:

    Hey Brett, instead of telling people to grow up maybe you should stop making excuses for your team and look in the mirror.

    To me this incident in completely different than the Columbus incident, but there should be no denying (unless of course you are a Fire fan blinded by your loyalty to your club, which you are) that Chicago is getting blatant bad calls called for them this year, and you are finding yourself defending this crap more and more as a fan. It is very much human nature for fans of other teams to suspect things when incident’s (sp?) like this occur.

    Just saying.

  110. John says:

    Watching it last night carefully on my HD DVR it looked to me from at least one angle that Trujillo pushed McBride pretty hard. I thought it was a legit PK. So did McBride, given his comments in the post-game interview with Allen Hopkins.

  111. Kip says:

    “It don’t matter. He was fouled in the box. That’s the ONLY criteria to be used in awarding a PK.

    Did the guy Soumary fouled in the box have a chance at scoring? None. But it was a foul.

    McBride could’ve had his back to the play looking at the Chivas girls on the sidelines and if someone pushed him to try get a better view, it’s a PK.

    Posted by: krolpolski | May 29, 2009 at 01:27 PM ”

    Really? You can say without a shadow of a doubt ( take of the Fire colored glasses and be objective for a moment. Yes I know that is asking a lot) that that was a foul? Really?

    I bet even McBride would admit (in private of course never in public) that that was seriously embellished, see his interview at the end of the game for any clue about that. Contact does not equal a foul and either does a player just having his hands on a players back.

  112. Kevin says:

    What a bunch of whiners Chivas are, I do not see them saying it was a bad call on the penalty that Soumare was given.

    If Thorrinton and Mcbride convert sure goals in the first half , Chivas gets blown out. Chivas is a good team , but the Fire showed they are the better team.

    Hey Civas, what was you excuse when you blew a 2 goal lead to DC United a couple weeks ago>

  113. Kevin says:

    Hey Willardo, whine about this. The Fire is still undefeated and look to be the eventually MLS champions.

  114. Kip says:

    “Hey Willardo, whine about this. The Fire is still undefeated and look to be the eventually MLS champions.

    Posted by: Kevin | May 29, 2009 at 01:36 PM ”

    Awww isn’t that cute, another dillusional Fire fan. Aren’t they just everywhere today? Even coming out of the woodwork to defend their team and throw out phrases like “eventual MLS Cup Champs” on May 29th.

  115. brett says:

    Kip – bad calls?? the entire league is witnessing bad calls…. good lord

    i have acknowledged on MANY posts in MANY websites that the refs have been bad this season…

    you point out bad calls and ill argue my opinion…. no different then anyone else

    padula (sp?) went cleats up against blanco… yes the contact was minimal and blanco sold it better then most in Sales, but the INTENT was present… this happens in every league around the world… attempting to prevent the worst….

    Montero elbowed Sega in the face… while not malicious and should have been a yellow IMO, a red isnt out of the ordinary for such a hit…

    BMB was shoved from behind… plain n’ simple… how hard was the push?? did BMB dive?? was he slightly off balance and the push was enough to make him fall?? these are things that cannot be answered… what can be answered is that he was shoved in the box and the ref noticed it…

    feel free to provide more…

  116. brett says:

    Kevin – “Hey Civas, what was you excuse when you blew a 2 goal lead to DC United a couple weeks ago>”

    i think they were arguing that Moreno was in an offsides position on Pontius’s goalO.o

  117. brett says:

    Kip- “Awww isn’t that cute, another dillusional Fire fan. Aren’t they just everywhere today? Even coming out of the woodwork to defend their team”

    so when people throw insane accusations around, we should just turn the cheek?? personally i enjoy a good debate, so ill keep posting 😀

    “and throw out phrases like “eventual MLS Cup Champs” on May 29th.”

    come off your high horse… people post this all the time when they have a good team, but most are not (fully) serious about it…. obvious we all know alot can change from now til november… and even if we continue form, doesnt mean we’ll be MLS cup champs (see DCU’s SS winning season in 07′ just to lose to the Fire in the 1st round)

  118. JVega says:

    Terry Vaugh – thats all that needs to be said. I do not know any refs by name except this guy. He is consistently BAD, and my concern is that CONCACAF calls him up to ref in qualifying matches (He had a couple of very bad calls, including a penalty, on Costa Rica vs. Mexico qualifier). This guy should NOT be allowed to ref ANY soccer games EVER. I did not see the play last night that resulted in the penalty but I am confident that Terry Vaughn did NOT make the right call!!

  119. Kip says:

    Hold on. Intent? Really? You think Padula had intent? You could tell that how besides being blinded by being a Fire fan? All you can clearly say about that play was stud out and that is not nearly enough to warrant a red in any other league besides this pathetic one without more contact and less acting. Anything else that you can conclude is just blatant love for your team blinding your ability to be rational. What a homer response to what is clearly a legitimate horrible call. Game changing call that went the Fire’s direction number 1.

    And again on the call last night. Really? He pushed him? You are clearly sure about that to be making a statement like that but it wasn’t clear no matter what angle you watch that from unless you are a Fire fan. I can tell his hands were up and on McBride’s back. I don’t see anything that “clearly” says he pushed him. And again, of course you wouldn’t throw in the fact of what point of the game it was in. IT HAS TO BE CLEAR TO MAKE THAT CALL IN THAT POSITION or you will be scrutinized as a ref, and it was not clear to anyone except Fire fans who are enjoying calls going their way. There’s a suprise. Truly game changing unclear call that went the Fire’s way #2.

    Elbows have been flying around the league all year, as a Crew fan just ask Chad Marshall who has taken several elbows to the head and gotten few calls let alone many cards thrown the way of the guys sending the blows his way. You even admit a yellow was more warranted in that situation. Again, ask Chad for yourself if IN THE MLS a red has been given this year for elbows to the head. Not so clear but questionable call #3 that change the game for the Fire #3.

    So there you have it. 3 calls that can be disputed in, what, 11 games. Yeah, I would consider that suspicious considering we are only slightly over the 1/3 of the season mark.

    You can’t even give me that crap. Try again.

  120. ChicagoMatchFixingIsVeryReal says:

    Even if Chicago manages to win something this year (which I doubt), it would probably be taken away anyway after an investigation (see Juventus).

  121. Kip says:

    Come off of my high horse? How original.

    Only time you come on here is when you feel like you have to defend the Fire. And when someone has a different view than you you alway throw out the “come off your high horse.

    What a bunch of crap. Take off the blinders.

  122. Fulham Pete says:

    I watched the game in it’s entirety. It would seem to me that with all the yellow flying around, Trujillo would think that even the slightest push might get called. A foul at midfield = a foul in the box. Penalty. Besides, I think Vaughn might have a better angle than all of us watching on TV, but from what I saw, both of Trujillo’s arms were extended on McBride’s back. Penalty.

    Sometimes blaming the ref is easier than blaming all the players. This was a rough, chippy game, and the players weren’t responding to the ref’s discipline.


  123. JustinG says:

    Chicas…I like that.

    Marsch needs to start acting like a team captain and stop running his mouth to the ref about every foul called against his team. Does he really think his team NEVER commits fouls or is he just that ignorant? And this is coming from a super foul machine that he is. I love watching Chicas play the Galaxy because I know there is always a chance of catching a UFC style fight along with the game. As someone mentioned earlier in the posts, I find it hilarious Preki will complain about stupid fouls called against his team, but when his team is benefiting from calls like that he is happy. Refs will never be perfect and will make stupid calls more often than not. I am not defending the refs, just stating an obvious fact that happens in all sports (anyone remember the call Ed Hochuli made in the Denver Broncos-San Diego Chargers game?).

  124. Bob says:

    Great dive, and thats part of the game. Take an advantage to win the game. Kudos McBride.

  125. brett says:

    Kip – 1) again, the intent may not have been malicious, but the cleat was up and could have cause an injury if actually connected… hence the card…. altho i already admitted that Blanco sold the crap out of it… this is not a question of the ref making a bad call but of blanco and his antics …. it was a dangerous play along with the acting style of blanco equals red card… how is this even debatable…

    2) yes elbows occur often, some are caught and some are not… some are yellowed, and some are red…. i have stated i would have given it a yellow, but im not ref… it wasnt malicious (IMO) but apparently to the ref it was worth the red, b/c there was no hesitation…

    3) i am saying there was a push… i have ALSO stated its possible that it was embellished… there is no real way to determine it…. fact remains it was a push in the box… again, how is this debatable

    you conspiracy theorists need to accept the fact that this league is not profitable nor popular enough to pull off a series of ref bribing…

  126. brett says:

    Kip – “Only time you come on here is when you feel like you have to defend the Fire. And when someone has a different view than you you alway throw out the “come off your high horse”

    lol, apparently im also here to wind up the redbull fans, or so ive been tagged… i post on what i find relevant…. MLS and USMN… i dont follow Euro leagues all that closely… so i dont partake and clutter up all the other threads when i dont have a solid opinion on a subject…

    i said you need to come off your high horse for taking that comment seriously… honestly no one except arsenal fans actually attempt to claim the Cup at the beginning 1/3 of the season…

    i have defended my case with solid points… i have explained why i felt the way i do… while im a fire fan, i will tell it like it is… there is no denying Baky’s PK… there is no denying Thor’s red against Redbulls… there is no denying that Busch is not the same GK’er he was last season, and for that matter neither is our defense….

  127. brett says:

    Fulham Pete- “Sometimes blaming the ref is easier than blaming all the players”

    always a scape goat…. with the USMN its ALWAYS BB, not the players….

    Refs will always make bad calls, sometimes they have more good then bad… but people always seem to deem the game on 1 or 2 bad calls, despite the numerous good ones they made….

  128. Supsam says:

    Saw the game and the incident multiple times at different angles.

    As a McBride fan, i am ashamed of me Captain America. Like many of you, diving and McBride sounds a little weird when used in the same sentence. But as amny times as I tried to ignorantly justify McBride’s innocence with his rep like many have done, the less i was convinced as i watched replay after replay. We all know McBride is a big presence and is no way easy to knock down. Trujillo did push McBride’s back but its one of those pushes where you try to get in better position and not knock him down. Yet before Trujillo could put more force into the push, McBride fell like a ton of bricks right when he felt Trujillo’s hands on his back. MCBRIDE COULD HAVE EASILY SHRUGGED HIM OFF!! HE DOVE.

    If McBride does this again, i will refuse to support him again. Im sure he is picking these things up from Blanco :]

  129. Steve says:

    I wasn’t sure how good the Fire were yet but apparently they’re pretty good ‘cuz the folks in ohio and jersey have developed a bit of a complex about ’em.

    I like it!

    Just think of the ridiculous accusations that’ll be flying after we beat Dallas Sunday to go 12 gamas unbeaten…….

  130. DC Josh says:

    Ives- where is the vote slot on the poll for bad clip?

    Joking, but it was a terrible clip.

  131. brett says:

    Steve – lol, has fire moved into most hated team in MLS yet?? if so do we get a trophy or a medal of some form?? it would look nice next to the other hardware in our case 😀

  132. Cindy says:

    terrible call, stayed awake to watch the game end like that sucked.

  133. csar says:

    Has anybody taken a look at the Fair Play table? Chivas USA is last.

    No surprise that Chivas gets bounced from the playoffs every year by “lesser” teams.

    I think the McBride penalty kick was a make-up call for the body slams the first half and the backpass non-call just prior to the penalty. That should have been an indirect free kick in the box.

  134. HomeyBoehme says:

    For now I’m willing to accept the PK at the end as a make-up call for the backpass to Thorton that he picked up. I remember thinking…”wasn’t that a backpass?” but when it didn’t get called I assumed the Fire player got a touch on it or something. I’ve never seen a replay of that incident so I can’t be sure, but for now, that’s what I’ll go with.

  135. i sure wish someone would have told me that drawing 5 games in a row is being ‘gifted games’. grow up.

    if you’re gonna play like thugs, be ready to be disciplined like thugs. sorry you got caught. sorry the tilt didn’t go your way this time. no wait, i’m not sorry at all. tough luck suckers.

  136. Matt says:

    No way to tell from that video and I have yet to see the play from a decent angle. But in the refs defense…those two teams had very little interest in playing soccer last night, there was not a lot for him to do. The first yellow of the night was a little soft, but at some point the players have to stop being dumbasses and get on with the game.

  137. guillermo says:

    The final PK call was a bad call by a bad referee….period.

    No conspiracy, no bias, no insane plot as insinuated by morons like Trent.

    Terry Vaugh sucks, as a Fire fan I recall a game in LA where Vaugh gifted LA with two terrible PK calls resulting in a 2-1 Galaxy win.

    I also did not see Vaugh wrestling the kid in the first row for that oh-so-valuable Blanco jersey that is worth throwing your career away for. :)

  138. Kevin says:

    Anyone who thinks they are fixing games for the Fire are pure idiots , where was the fixing when the Fire had 6 ties?

    The Fire does not need anyone to fix games for them, they have the best team in the league with the deepest bench.

    I love reading to comments of all the jealous people.

  139. Neuwerld says:

    Very bad refereeing job. Vaughn made some correct calls and some terrible calls. Inconsistent basically.

    To me the last penalty looks very soft. Looks like Trujillo is barely touching McBride. Didn’t even look like they were close enough together for McBride to be pushed hard enough to go down like he did.

  140. Darkman says:

    Yep, us for over in Chicago paid off the refs with Blanco jerseys. The MLS office and the Fire front office got together to plan this all out. I mean we can barely fill our stadium but with Andrew “Big Bucks” Hauptman making it rain it was bound to happen.

    For the Dallas game here is how it’s going to play out…

    Cooper will be given a red card in the 10th minute for sneezing.

    14 yellow cards will be given three of which will be towards the Fire.

    Fire win 8-1. Seven which are from PK’s

    guess who is the ref…

    You guys win the intranet. CONGRATS!!!!

  141. Alex says:

    I watched from start to finish Best game so far this season, I really like how chivas moves the ball but the fire have got that grittiness to them that they won’t stop. Everyone is talking about the PK’s I thought terry vaughn was good last night. The cards I felt we’re because of the players in ability to show up the referee at every chance, I mean all the complaining is ridiculous and I don’t blame him at all theres only so many times you can tell guys to walk away then they keep cursing at you, each card was deserved in my eyes. But a point I like to make is that the PK dosen’t happen if atiba harris gets off the field in a timely matter and dosen’t try to stop the game and if Zah thorton plays the ball too someone instead of just booting it back up field.

  142. Addage says:

    How many games has Chicago finished a man up? I’ve seen 3 I think.

  143. brett says:

    Addage – and how many red cards have been distributed around the league???

    Padula for intent (and blanco’s acting job)
    Montero for the elbow to face
    Marsh for 2 poor tackles

    simply looking at the numbers without looking at the actions seems folly

  144. Calm down says:

    Lets get this out the way: I’m a Fire fan. I probably would not have called it a PK if were reffing. I do not think McB went down too easily as to qualify as a dive. But, we probably deserved a draw.

    That being said, I think we can all agree that what comes around goes around (whether its luck or karma, and I hope you appreciate the difference between the two). Every team is going to have a game or two each season where, despite playing well, the calls or the breaks go to the other team. Last night’s game went for the Fire and, undoubtedly, a game down the road will go against them. Posts on each side (arguing that any contact in box = PK and that the contact was too weak) have their points. This was a close call. This is my main point: in the immortal words of Herm Edwards, “you play to win the game.” I don’t think it was a dive, and do think there was contact. Enough contact to send him to the ground? The ref had a better look. I don’t know and neither do you, so let’s move on.

    Allegations that there is impropriety (e.g. match-fixing) are ridiculous. You know it is. And the suggestion that this reflects on everyone in Chicago/Illinois is downright stupid. You don’t understand what you’re talking about.

    This ref sucks and so do many others in MLS. I think the suggestion made by a previous poster about bringing in international refs is the best way to go. Just as you make your top players sweat by giving them some competition for their starting spots, I would like to see MLS bring in more experienced refs, or hold clinicals for our refs.

    I love the Fire and I really want to see MLS become a serious league in the world. The level of play and passion of the game last night can accomplish that.

  145. Jvega says:

    Terry V. is a clown with a whistle

  146. Eric says:

    Vaughng is a horrible ref…

  147. hartely says:

    It’s nice to see all of these comments. But the problem is that MLS is becoming a joke. The refereeing, the play, the complaining, the yelling. What a bunch of babies.

    I am very close with not bothering to watch MLS games or even attend a few this year. Sad. Really sad.

  148. anthony says:

    that was ugly

  149. Chris May says:

    Chivas are dead last in the league in the fair play table, meaning they play dirty. No wonder Preki wants them to not call anything.

    The replay angle sucks, but Vaughn had a great view, and he seemed damn sure that it was a foul, almost laughing at some of the players claiming it wasn’t.

    McBride was absolutely slammed 2 times in the first half in the box… headlock hipcheck body slam. It was insane that no penalty was given for those.

    I foul is a foul. If all the refs called a tighter game, the players would actually have to play soccer, and our stars could play the beautiful game instead of just trying to avoid getting dragged down by defenders who only know how to grab just enough w/o getting a foul called.

  150. rp says:

    bad call, I guess Mcbride was auditioning since he was in Hollywood

  151. LUIS RAMON says:

    I was there at match and what I saw and the camera did not was McBride face after he got the call for diving. An expression of I can’t believe I’m getting away with this. Dive 100 percent!!!

  152. krolpolski says:

    Really? You can say without a shadow of a doubt ( take of the Fire colored glasses and be objective for a moment. Yes I know that is asking a lot) that that was a foul? Really?

    Posted by: Kip | May 29, 2009 at 01:32 PM

    In your blatant Fire-hatred, you neglected to notice I was just responding to an incorrect interpretation of the law.

    Now was it a foul? Yes. The ref called it as one. Was it mere contact? No. I have no doubt that McBride was pushed. And that’s a foul. No matter how much force was applied, it’s a foul.

    That you don’t like it is not important.