Confederations Cup: Say Hello to Brazil

Kaka (Reuters) 

No Ronaldinho, Ronaldo or Diego? No problem.

Several big names were missing from Brazil's Confederations Cup roster, but it's still chock full of star power, with the likes of Kaka, Robinho and Aleandre Pato leading the way for the U.S. national team's second opponent at the tournament in South Africa.

Here is Brazil's roster:

Goalkeepers: Julio Cesar (Inter Milan), Gomes (Tottenham Hotspur), Victor (Gremio)
Defenders: Maicon (Inter Milan), Daniel Alves (Barcelona), Alex (Chelsea), Juan (AS Roma), Lucio (Bayern Munich), Luisao (Benfica), Kleber (Internacional), Andre Santos (Corinthians).
Midfielders: Anderson (Manchester United), Gilberto Silva (Panathinaikos), Josue (VfL Wolfsburg), Ramires (Cruzeiro), Elano (Manchester City), Felipe Melo (Fiorentina), Julio Baptista (AS Roma), Kaka (AC Milan)
Forwards: Alexandre Pato (AC Milan), Luis Fabiano (Sevilla), Nilmar (Internacional), Robinho (Manchester City).
What do you think of Brazil's roster? Can Brazil beat Spain and win the tournament? Excited forUSA- Brazil on June 18th?
Share your thoughts below.
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142 Responses to Confederations Cup: Say Hello to Brazil

  1. Kizz says:

    Brazil will have their hands full against Spain. USA wont even sniff a point from that group

  2. wjmooner says:

    Wow, that’s certainly pretty close to their “A” roster. Should be fun to watch.

  3. Mark says:

    Ugh…the US is gonna have a rough time down there. We’ll certainly get a good idea of how we look against top competition before the world cup at least.

  4. Jose A. V. says:


    US will come out in Second place on that group.

  5. Kizz says:

    @ Jose,

    Wipe the blinders off your face, and please wake up from that horrible dream of US coming second in this group; they cannot even play Egypt in not to mention the big boys…

  6. Kiko says:

    I think it says something about their material that Dunga didn’t bother to bring Grafite to the team. Which national teams wouldn’t call up a player who has scored 26 goals in his 24 Bundesliga games this season?

  7. Ryan H. says:

    Kiko, ever heard of Giovane Élber?

  8. Jose A. V. says:

    They will lose agaisnt, Brazil, beat Italy and beat Egypt

  9. Sal says:

    Not sure what several big names you are referring to? Ronaldo won’t see another game for Brazil and Ronaldinho is half way there to never seeing another game for Brazil. The only big name not called up that I can think of is Diego, but look at that midfield yikes!

  10. Kiko says:

    Ryan H.

    Yes I have. And of Mario Jardel.

    But it’s still a bit strange. There are Bundesliga players in that line-up, like Josue from Wolfsburg. Grafite 26 goals, Luis Fabiano 8 goals.

    But then again, Fabiano will always play when Dunga is in charge.

  11. Dave says:

    NILMAR vs. The US back 4 and the 2 Tim Howard’s. Awesome.

  12. CACuzcatlan says:

    Gomes? hahahahaha

  13. Kizz says:


    I don’t even know why I am responding cos I don’t see the US beating an Egyptian lineup with Mohammed Aboutrika, Amir Zaki, Mido or even Mohammed Zidan. If you cannot handle Egypt how are you going to beat Italy? I know you want to dream dude, but really stop

  14. Chris says:

    What is interesting is that on paper this Brazil team is so much better than USA. Not saying we can’t snatch a point, but it would be an upset.

    If the expected happens and we lose 3-0, watch how many people blame Bradley Sr.

  15. hdtv says:

    my guess for brazil’s lineup would be something of the following

    maicon – alex – juan – alves
    anderson – elano/gilberto
    robinho – kaka – fabiano

    i think you have to have maicon and alves on at the same time. i put maicon on his natural right because he relies on that right foot so much, where alves tends to be more about quickness. elano is questionable, but dunga seems to like him. i also could see baptista up front with pato slotting a little further back and fabiano out.
    honestly, i dont think this is that great of a brazil lineup compared to the past, and on paper i’d take england or spain as having more depth. that being said, this is a much much more well rounded brazilian team, with some real talent in the defensive end that they normally have been lacking – less offensive flair and cohesion though it seems.

  16. dantheblue says:

    I’ve been saying it for years and I don’t give a rats arse about the naysayers but I believe that the USMNT continues to grow and improve and eventually will win in those groups. ANYTIME you compete you run the risk of winning/losing depending upon your underdog status.

    I like our chances. While the boys sometimes don’t show up, by and large they are competitors with giant hearts.

    I CAN’T wait for the games to begin.

    GO USA

  17. einar says:

    we r doomed… far. now we need to see the other line ups

  18. RK says:

    hdtv, Alves plays right back.

    I wish we had a crafty left winger to take advantage of Dani Alves out of position…because you know he will be 9 or 10 times.

  19. angler23 says:

    USMNT versus the champs Italy was a 1-1 tie. You glass half empty chicken littles should all go sulk on Trecker’s blog. Our boys will make us proud.

  20. Anto says:

    Any word on television coverage for this tournament?

  21. Rory says:


    I was thinking the same thing…we’ll always have the chance to take points off Brazil if Gomes starts in goal.

    Off course, barring injury, there is no way Cesar doesnt start.

  22. doug says:

    does gilberto silva have a sex tape featuring Dunga? i dont know how else to explain his selection, yet again

  23. Dave says:

    No Diego? Bollocks!

  24. RLW2020 says:

    games on ESPN

    and that team is staked. it is going to be a great series of games. more importantly lets discuss how US matches up with Italy and Egypt.

  25. Kiko says:

    I think it’s cute that US fans always bring up that game against Italy. A low scoring team like Italy puts one in it’s own net and game ends 1-1. It’s not the biggest upset in football history.

    Strangely, the 3-0 against Czech republic isn’t talked about as much.

  26. nate says:

    Sucks that the final group game is against Egypt. At least if it was game 1 or game 2 it would make things interesting. Now I fear we won’t even get a good gage from the Egypt match since both teams will most likely be eliminated by then.

  27. smart a says:

    >>> and that team is staked.

    I don’t think we stand a chance against a team of vampires! Unless we play during the day.

    Seriously, though, the US has proven that it can hang with world powers (Argentina, Spain, Italy), but we haven’t proven we can win against them.

    Is it crazy to think we bunker down and get 3 draws? I don’t think so. Will that get us through the group stages? I don’t think so.

    Hopefully, it is a good learning experience for the team and no one gets hurt.

  28. Chase says:

    I’m glad Brazil is bringing a strong squad, I hope Italy and Egypt are as well.

    This tournament is purely preparation for next summer. yes it would be nice beating all three teams and advancing, but as long as we go out there, play well, and Bob Bradley gets a good idea of how he wants to prepare for next summer, I will be happy.

    I want to see players like LD , Bradley and Dempsey stepping up, with Altidore and Adu getting solid time to impress.

  29. mike ruze says:

    BRAZIL can beat Spain…

    but not the US

  30. Jamie Z. says:

    Are we going to have a new strip for the Confederations Cup?

  31. A.S. says:

    Brazil is *better* without Ronaldo and Ronaldinho, who are both clearly over the hill at this point.

  32. martin says:

    WE ARE SCREWED! on paper that is. anything can happen.

  33. Kizz says:

    @ Kiko,

    “I think it’s cute that US fans always bring up that game against Italy. A low scoring team like Italy puts one in it’s own net and game ends 1-1. It’s not the biggest upset in football history.
    Strangely, the 3-0 against Czech republic isn’t talked about as much.”

    The Czech game gives them a headache, every American even the ones with no knowledge of the game said they would beat the Czech’s; thanks to the ESPN machine and great analyst’s like Alexis “retard” Lalas and Eric “I don’t know crap” Wynalda, oh how can I forget Marcelo “I’m going to keep contradicting myself” Balboa.

  34. kyle says:

    Oh yeah we have Ching and Heyduk, plus mastroeni and Donovan. Man are team sucks compared to Brazil. We are gonna get destroyed.

  35. angler23 says:

    How easy it is to discount the fact that we were the only team in the tourney to take points of Italy. The 3-0 was lame, but by no means typical of how our team usually plays.

    Fact is, when us unglamorous Yanks show up to fight we never go down easy and often create upsets. Go back 10 years, the US has only lost to Brazil by more than one goal once, and that was the 4-2 friendly in 07′ in which we played quite well. We always give Brazil a hard time in competition, be it gold cup or confed’s cup. As long as our boys don’t buy into the oooing and ahhhhing bs over the Brazilians, they will hold their own.

    No one is saying they will win the tournament or even this game, but we are by no means “doomed” and as long as the team plays like we know they can, the boys will make us proud, at least those of us who support them. That dreadful Czech match was a anomaly hearkening back to the 90’s. I was at that game crying into my beer afterwords because the team just forgot to show up. It shall not be repeated.

  36. A.S. says:

    “I wish we had a crafty left winger to take advantage of Dani Alves out of position…because you know he will be 9 or 10 times.”

    I wonder if BB will play Landon on left wing like the last qualifying match. Landon has the speed to take advantage of the occasions when Alves vacates his position to go forward. (Whether the US could actually get the ball to LD in a position to exploit that is another matter…)

  37. Wispy says:

    No way we beat this team — maybe lose 2-nil or 3-1. But I think maybe we can tie Italy again and beat Egypt. 1-1-1 just might get us out of the group, and then, depending upon card suspensions and/or injuries, anything can happen.

  38. adam says:

    We are not fans of the USA because they are ‘awesome’ or ‘amazing’ but because it is OUR nation’s team. Sometimes we can knick a result or 2 against the best! …. Probably off set-pieces.

  39. CapeCodFutbol says:

    Excellent post!

    As I said earlier, I think Diego > Elano… A situation that just illustrates their embarrassment of riches.

  40. arkjayback says:

    If the US was going to play Brazil again, this is a good time to do it.

    Last time, Brazil still had momentum. Ronaldinho was still arguably the best player in the world, Kaka was healthy, and their defense was more reliable. Of course there is still a TON of talent on that squad, BUT, as a collective unit, Brazil is not what they have been.

    Robinho hasn’t been one of the best in the world(yet) and Kaka hasn’t been able to stay healthy. If a rebuilding US team lost 4-2 (and should have drew 3-3) to the team of world-beaters Brazil had two years ago, I’m optimistic about this go-round.

    I’m not predicting anything, but there’s room for optimism considering the form of Donovan, Bocanegra, Bradley, Onyewu, Dempsey, and Howard, as well as the inconsistency of Brazil lately.

  41. CapeCodFutbol says:

    Oh and I would think Spain would beat Brazil after the group stage.

  42. Michael Vann says:

    Brazil is a ticking time bomb. If they put aside their egos and play together as a team there is no doubt they will destroy most anyone. But if they sulk, bitch, and moan like they are prone to they are beatable. Let’s not forget they haven’t exactly pulled their weight in their qualifiers. There are some some serious internal and external issues with Brazil that could be exploited.

  43. KungFuSoccer says:

    Yikes. On paper that is an amazing squad. Who from the U.S. could even make the bench? Howard?

    Fortunately, there is also hustle, chemistry, luck, and strategy involved. Otherwise 0% chance.

  44. Kizz says:

    @ Wipsy,

    “No way we beat this team — maybe lose 2-nil or 3-1. But I think maybe we can tie Italy again and beat Egypt. 1-1-1 just might get us out of the group, and then, depending upon card suspensions and/or injuries, anything can happen.”

    The same crap that was said before the world cup; we beat Czech, draw Italy and beat Ghana. Well that’s not the way it happened. Keep underestimating Egypt and watch Boca and Gooch get disgraced by their forwards and Michael Bradley picked up a card for trying to keep up with Mohammed Aboutrika…

  45. Barry U says:

    Grafite? Dude is tearing up the the Bundesliga. As far as the USMNT chances you never know. Is it a tough group yes absolutely but getting out of the group is not impossible. Look if you are a fan of the team why would you even think that we get 0 points or it is impossible to finish at least 2nd. For that go be a fan of Brazil or Germany or Argentina so that you never have to hope things go your way. 2002 we had a hand ball keep us from getting to the final 4 – Right? But if you live in the US and this is your team having hope and believing that they can play well is OK!!! So if you don’t like the US or think we suck your are more than entitled to your opinion. Just remember when this country decides to get serious about something and people start to take notice and participate things will get interesting. 20 years from today the conversation about getting out of a group might be an after thought.

  46. Tom P says:

    No worries- I’m sure are crack technical staff lead by Sir Bob Bradley will have us in shape to keep it down to say……4 nil

    Christ its depressing when you don’t have one field player that could even make their squad. (Howard is not a field player)

  47. Krista says:

    It sucks reading that people are negative about this cup already. In any sport, I believe, anything can happen. Look at what happened at the superbowl a couple years ago. The unbeaten, basically perfect pats where certain to win against the giants and looked what happened.

    If you support your club or country support them 100 percent even if you think they will get creamed. It’s not being blind but having faith that they might do well and make us proud.

    The only way we will get better is playing countries will be facing and learn everything we can for the future.

  48. CapeCodFutbol says:

    The doomsayers get annoying very quickly.

  49. 49ers says:

    forget diego. how about WAGNER LOVE???

  50. adam says:

    CapeCod, I couldn’t agree more!

    If I wanted to root for a all time winner I would support the US mens national basketball team.

  51. Jimmie says:

    Egypt has Mohammed on their team? Darn, maybe the US and Christian right should recruit Jesus Christ, God, and the Devil so we have a chance.


  52. FifaWitz says:

    Agreed CapeCod.

  53. Jimmie says:

    Fun with Brazil names:

    Goalkeepers: Julio Cesar Chavez (Inter Milan), Gomer Pile (Tottenham Hotspur), Victor Victoria (Gremio)

    Defenders: Maicon-Bacon (Inter Milan), Danielle (Barcelona), Alexandre the great, who doesn’t play much (Chelsea), Juan Pablow (AS Roma), Lucifer (Bayern Munich), Luis Figo (Benfica), Kleber Elves(Internacional), Andre Santos Laguna (Corinthians).

    Midfielders: Anderson Cooper (Manchester United), Gilberto Siliva (Panathinaikos), Jose Morihno (VfL Wolfsburg), Claudio Ramires (Cruzeiro), Elano (Manchester City), Felipe Melo (Fiorentina), Juan de Baptist (AS Roma), Turd (AC Milan)

    Forwards: Ducky (AC Milan), Luis Fabio “My name is Fabio” (Sevilla), Nilmar – That is a name? (Internacional), Rubitinho (Manchester City).

    Can you do better?

  54. ImaGoalMan says:’s “The world of Soccer with an American Voice” for a reason. And it’s not the “Voice of Reason” either, there is no reason in sport, much less *any* blog commentary.

  55. This Guy says:

    I like how non-USMNT supporters come on here to bash the Yanks. I realize though that they are scared of our ever improving odds and skill.

    Come On you Yanks!!!!!!!!!!!

  56. SBGarrett says:

    That is there ‘A’ Roster… outside of excluding Diego (I wonder if his antics in the UEFA Cup Semi’s played a role)

    ‘Dinho is worse than a couple of great MF’s and Ronaldo is worse than Naldo at Striker. (See UEFA Cup Final)

  57. Patrick says:

    Never let the Debbie Downers get you down. That’s their goal.

    I want Brazil and I want them at their absolute best.

  58. Isaac says:

    I can’t wait to see what Michael Bradley does on the world stage. He actually seems to do better when the pressure is on.

  59. A.S. says:

    Let’s remember that all of the same comments were made when the Argentina roster came out last summer. Aguero! Mascherano! Maxi Rodriguez! Heinze! Zanetti! Abondonzeiri! Cruz! Gago! MESSI!!! Oh, woe was us. How could we ever keep it below 3-0? We were going to be slaughtered by a team with all that talent.

    And, guess what, the game I saw, we outplayed the Argentines for long stretches, Timmy H came to play, and we got a good result. Is there any reason to think we can’t do the same against Brazil?

  60. Turtle says:

    I bet Bob is watching those Chelsea – Barca vids to get his tactics worked out. maybe a little dose of our game against Guatamala too. Those were some great bunkering displays that almost worked. LOL!

    Serioulsy though, when I’m bummed out or have low energy I like to watch the highlights of USA – Germany in ’02. I get so jacked up with what could have been. That game and the Italy ’06 game prove we can play with anyone.

    We need to avoid 2 pitfalls: a)think we can’t hang b) think we are better than anyone. “A” happened against England last year. If we would have played England after Spain and Argentina that game would have been quite different (IMO). “B” happened against Czech in ’06. 2002 had the team overconfident (stupid Jan Koller – please, he can barely run). If we (cliche time) “show up with out lunch boxes and hard hats” all bets are off. Period.

  61. sonicdeathmonkey says:

    49er, I suspect Love not being on the roster might have to do with the fact that the Russian League is in season and his club team frowned on him leaving for a few weeks.

    As for the US….they might not do well in the Confed…..but at least they are STILL better than Mexico. 😉 (stirs pot)

  62. All the doomsayers are trolls in my book. Go troll somewhere else! Thanks for reading.

  63. MZ says:

    Game over! :(

  64. Turtle says:

    Just was over at and they have the TV for Confed TBD – and the Costa Rica qualifier too.

    Anybody got definitives on this?

  65. Michael F. - SBI MAFIA ORIGINAL says:

    On paper we should lose every game. So any points are an upset. You have to watch these games for how far we have come as a team and what individual players step up and prove they can compete against the best in the world.

  66. Brett says:

    If we play like we did against Argentina and Spain, we should get at least 2 points, but I’m looking for 4 with us getting an upset over Italy, drawing with Egypt, and losing to Brazil.

    It’s kinda funny to me that Pato will be talked about as a huge player in this game while Jozy might not even make the trip, but it was at the last U-20 World Cup that Altidore and the USA outshone Pato and Brazil.

  67. Adam M. says:

    Nilmar just scored one of the best goals you will ever see, as good as Messi’s best — you tube has it. Diego is a wonderful player who has never played well with the national team, while Elano has typically played better for country than club (and better than Diego). Ronaldo will definitely be back at some point, but even he admits now is not quite the time. No one can explain Gliberto Silva anymore. Grafite deserves a look, but assuming Ronaldo and Adriano get back into the mix, he is probably far down the list. Oh, to have such problems!

  68. TheseColorsDoNotRun says:

    Bob Bradley For Life!

  69. aureliano says:

    ya’ll are funny.
    dani alves will start in teh bench. and no way alex starts over lucio. if anything, they’ll take a midfielder out and put dani in that side.

    either way, that’s two very good center backs and arguably the best gk in the world right now. and the best wing back in the world. funny, but that brazilian d scares me more than their attack.

    dunga was a defensive minded mid…he’ll always pick a gilberto silva or elano over a diego any day. don’t be surprised if some of those big names sit…dunga brought a deep squad and will try to play them all.

    as for the brazil not pulling their weight in wcq…who in s.america has? argentina? nope. paraguay i guess.

    and lastly…this brazil team is a lot deeper than england. better gk for sure. better fw for sure…i mean, besides rooney, who else do you call up front? they don’t play gerrard and lampard at the same time….i don’t see how they’re deep at all.

  70. CapeCodFutbol says:

    Who said England was better than Brazil? I think they’re not, I think Brazil is clearly better. Though I will say that maybe England is closer now than in the past — though that is largely because England under Capello >>>>>> England under Sven / Steve.

  71. K1p says:

    Right with you adam and cape. Jeez! Let’s just mail in our registration fee’s and save on the airfare. Of course there are lots of teams that are better than the USMNT, but we must play to see how we are improving against the best.

  72. Sean Monaghan says:

    Which Landon Donovan will we see during the Confeds. cup? The one who looked so awesome in the 2002 WC or the shy innocent girl in 2006? Thats what it might come down to if we have a chance to nick dare I say a win. Im saying this by the way and I love Landon Donovan,not a hater haha

  73. Ted says:

    People underestimate the stupidity of Dunga.

    Alves won’t start. Melo won’t start (though he is an immense upgrade over both Josue and Gilberto Silva). Anderson won’t start.

    We’re looking at Josue and Gilberto Silva in midfield with Kaka and Robinho working off Fabiano and Pato, with Maicon at right back.

    Because Dunga doesn’t know any better.

    P.S. Outside of the big names (Pato, Kaka and Robinho), Baptista scares me the most. When he’s on, he’s the best player on the field. He’s ridiculously versatile and talented, but no consistently.

  74. le sigh says:

    The doomsayers get annoying very quickly.

    Posted by: CapeCodFutbol | May 21, 2009 at 07:13 PM

    So do the blind faithers. I swear to god, some of you could be served a cup full of crap and you’d be excited about the corn kernels.

    There is nothing wrong with being realistic.

  75. Michael Vann says:

    @ 49ers

    Wagner Love is in the middle of his season with CSKA Moscow. Maybe that played into his exclusion. But then again some of Drazil’s domestic players are in-season as well. So I don’t know maybe Love’s not in Dunga’s plans.

  76. patrick says:

    if this were a skills competition, brazil kills the us, but its not. It’s a soccer game and the athleticism and physical nature of the US game gives a lot of teams problems, we’ve seen this time and again. Now obviously brazil is much more talented than most teams we play, but i still believe we will be able to disrupt their game, particularly with boca, gooch, bradley playing so well right now.
    The other point I’d like to make is that the US is very adept at set pieces. We all know this, and we all know the us is quite good in the air. We will not beat brazil playing pretty combination soccer, if we have a chance to win it will be following up shots on goal and putting a rebound in, a goal on a set piece or a (rare) successful cross into the box where someone knocks it in.
    We are not a more skilled team than Brazil. We can beat them if BB has them play to their strengths, makes sure his offspring boca, gooch stay home and tackle cleanly and we get a couple breaks. It’s that simple.

  77. ViscaB says:

    What happened? I thought the USMT was much better than Mexico!
    If Mexico beat Brazil 1-0 in the 2005 Confederations Cup in Germany, with Kaka, Ronaldinho and Adriano, all in their prime, you would think this is like a walk in the park for Landycakes and Co.

  78. JCC says:

    Let’s remember that all of the same comments were made when the Argentina roster came out last summer. Aguero! Mascherano! Maxi Rodriguez! Heinze! Zanetti! Abondonzeiri! Cruz! Gago! MESSI!!! Oh, woe was us. How could we ever keep it below 3-0? We were going to be slaughtered by a team with all that talent.

    And, guess what, the game I saw, we outplayed the Argentines for long stretches, Timmy H came to play, and we got a good result. Is there any reason to think we can’t do the same against Brazil?

    Posted by: A.S. | May 21, 2009 at 08:11 PM

    We did? I don’t remember this. I do remember Howard having an amazing game, and Julio Cruz’s inability to finish three clear chances that would have put Argentina up 3-0 in the first 15 minutes of the game. We played decent, but in no way did ever outplay them for large stretches of that game.

  79. A.S. says:

    “We played decent, but in no way did ever outplay them for large stretches of that game.”

    Perhaps you didn’t see the second half of the game?

  80. Cam says:

    Remember the 1998 Gold Cup. USA 1 – Brazil 0. GO USA!!!

  81. Supsam says:

    Im sick and tired of fellow USMNT supporters getting ridiculed cuz they are showing some optimism going into this tournament. Sure the US does not have much to brag about, but when we do, you pessimists are all over it with “oh it was an own goal” blah blah “czechs beat us 3-0 why arent you mentioning that” SHUT UP!!

    WE ARE MAKING PROGRESS and we i see instances like the tie with the wotld champs, i I will gladly brag to everyone about it. Lets show our boys that we are behind them and that we have faith in them!

  82. LaLiga>EPL says:

    Culturally we have a style of football with the USMNT that clashes hard with the Brazilian, Spanish and Egyptian teams. It is only this difference that may give us a little bit of hope when playing these squads. But I’m not dreaming thinking we can beat any of them. It will be more of competing and losing 1-0 or drawing 1-1. Brazil looks at side-to-side passes and possession as a way of gaining momentum with their club. In the U.S. we are not taught this style of play and we don’t have enough players that play in La Liga, Serie A or Ligue 1 to understand the nature of this style. We seem to play the kick hard long, run fast style that is too dominant in EPL and MLS and is non-effective against the giant clubs like Brazil and Italy. Until we adopt this style and have more of our future players learn it. We’re as doomed as the English National Team has been.

  83. sugarfreeredbull says:

    Yeah, that’s one thing I have to agree with you La Liga is our fast style doesn’t seem to work in beating these teams. We’ve always put too much emphasis on who is upfront while teams like Brazil, Italy, France, etc. put emphasis on their midfield. It is the “engine room” of a team after all. Until we get more midfielders playing in Europe regularly we cannot compete. I don’t care how many Jozy’s we manufacture. We need to think more like Italy and Greece. Defense wins championships. Not a bunch of strikers. You can’t win on the international stage 7-6. You need to win 1-0 and learn to shut down the other team. Break their confidence level and disrupt their possession. If anything the U.S. fitness level is very high compared to many teams. That’s one thing we got going for us.

  84. ColumbusCrusader says:

    We have an amazing defense now! Frankie Hejduk is world class man and 34 years old! Plus he plays in MLS, the most competitive league in the world. How can you knock on him. He’ll blow Alves away in a match-up one-on-one any day!

  85. Oranje Bleeder says:

    Honestly, Brazil plays looser in an event like the ConFed Cup – no real thing at stake. They will run wild.

  86. Brandon says:

    You’re absolutely right le sigh, why even play in the tournament? All is lost!


    You are on a US Soccer blog, of course there is going to be high optimism and big talk before the games are played. That will likely dissipate, but I don’t think people hoping to end the group 1-1-1 is exactly predicting a US World Cup win.

  87. johnny fc says:

    U-S-A U-S-A! if you dont like the USMNT chances then you can ggggeeettttt ooouuuttt!

  88. kevvo says:

    maybe the us can nationalize the brasilians who play for shaktar donetsk. then we might have a shot. just look at the depth of the brasilian squad. so impressive. still, looking forward to seeing how our guys do against them.

  89. goalscorer24 says:

    The US is not expected to win. But hopefully they play well, and show some semblance of being able to play.

  90. Evan W says:

    Diego is the the second best midfielder Brasil has. The only reason he wasn’t called up is because he is injured.

  91. orange315 says:

    I will be in boot camp in fort benning, ga when these games happen, so someone send me a postcard explaining how the US went 3-0 in the group stages and then continued on to win the confed. cup….seriously though i will be in boot camp, and i expect to get out and see that the US maybe won one game in the group stage…but still go Uncle Sam

  92. Sean Monaghan says:

    “What happened? I thought the USMT was much better than Mexico!

    If Mexico beat Brazil 1-0 in the 2005 Confederations Cup in Germany, with Kaka, Ronaldinho and Adriano, all in their prime, you would think this is like a walk in the park for Landycakes and Co”

    right,because that is totally how it works. So because Mexico tied Angola (a team with a couple of real professionals,other semi professionals,farmers etc…) Angola are just as good as a team as Mexico is? teams have there on days and off days. Lets try and be smart next time we talk.

  93. This Guy says:


    It’s Basic Training. Marines go to Boot Camp.

    If I knew your information when you were there I would keep you informed but unfortunately you won’t know your mailing address til’ week 3.

    Have fun down at ol’ Sand Hill. Best times of my life were down there. not really.

  94. Kizz says:

    To all USA soccer fans,

    I respect you all for one thing; you stick by your team, but the reality is The US Men’s National team cannot hang with the big boys, that’s why none of your players are plying their trade on a major team at the moment; forget the past, we are referring to the present and Fulham, Rennes, Everton or Liege are not major teams, they are second tier clubs regardless of league.
    You obviously should not lay down and watch teams walk all over your country (even though you dominate CONCACAF which no one respects), but the truth is the gap is not closing.
    Just like most countries can only dream of playing USA in basketball and winning today.
    I was in London to watch a boring USA loss to England last year and I was told the American players were in awe while shaking hands with the English players.
    Its also tough to respect guys you know still have a long way to go; I know that does not go down well with you, but you think NBA players (regardless of race) don’t respect some kid coming from Europe? NO cos he has to earn it, ask Tony Parker.
    No one is scared of American players, its not a diss.
    On the Confederations Cup, I get it, you love the sport and want to see it grow here, but there are some solid teams in your group, accept that. Good luck with it though, because it will be fun to watch.
    If you don’t know, that Egyptian team is stacked beyond comprehension. You will see in a month or so what I’m talking about. Once again good luck and if you don’t like people jabbing at the USMNT, have them play consistent football especially on the main stage, not in a region people don’t respect.

  95. jpc says:

    this should be fun to watch…

    I think our results will depend on how we play, nobody else. If we play organized, and take care of the ball (which we didn’t in 06), then we can play w/ anyone), b/c athletically we match up w/ every team, and probably surpass them…

    Italy is consistently the most overrated team in the world. They play for draws and PK’s. We tied them 1-1 in the WC, when we were playing Terrible, and they won the whole thing… Admittedly I’ve only seen Egypt in African Nations highlights, but for the most part, most good African teams are similar. They are good on the ball and play w/ flair, but and organized team can frustrate them and beat them handily

  96. jpc says:

    To say the Egypt team is “stacked beyond comprehension” is confusing to me, or it was after 10 minutes of laughter…

    The entire team plays in the Egyptian domestic league, except for a few players that play for
    Dortmund (6th place bundesliga)
    Wigan (12th place EPL)
    Middlesbrough (EPL; relegation)
    The rest play in the Egyptian Domestic League, the best league the Nile River has to offer.

    Then you ripped US player b/c they play for teams like Fulham (7th place EPL; UEFA Cup next year probably);
    Liege (Belgian champs or 2nd place every year);
    Everton (FA cup finalists; top 7 EPL); Rangers (Scottish Champs);
    Pachuca (Mexican giants);
    and the MLS (much better league than the egyptian domestic league)

    US players are playing for better teams than Egypt, we’ve already qualified for the WC, we dominate our region, yet we are no good and Egypt (who haven’t qualified for a WC since 1990) are stacked beyond comprehension? Get a clue, stop Tying Zambia at home, then start talking @$!% about other teams

  97. DC Josh says:

    Pretty good fans the USMNT has….

    For those who automatically declare a loss before ANY game is played, do a favor for me and all the other MNT fans and don’t ever show up to a USMNT game. You all don’t deserve it… Go ahead and root for England you pessimists…

    Our team has changed since 2006 IMMENSELY. I’m interested to see how we match up.

    Come on boys!

  98. PBG says:

    Chill out people and stop hyperventilating. Lets remember what this tournament provides the USMNT. It is basically a dress rehearsal for WC2010. We get the benefit of having a dry run in group stage conditions in South Africa…actually a group of death simulation. No Group will be this nasty in 2010.

    Yes of course we’d all like to win but no matter what happens the USMNT are going to gain valuable acclimatizing experience other national teams won’t have…I don’t mind if we get slapped around in 2009 as long as we learn the lessons we need to know for 2010.

  99. Barksdale says:

    We can beat this team.

  100. MikeD says:

    This is a great chance for the USMNT to get some experience against the best in the world ahead of next summer’s World Cup. I don’t have any expectations, I just hope our guys compete and learn from whatever happens. Maybe we’ll figure some stuff out about who belongs on the team headed to South Africa and who doesn’t.

  101. EA says:

    I think Heath Pearce can handle these guys.

  102. EA says:

    In all seriousness, we could be playing against Jesus and the 12 Apostles, and I’d be nervous all day, and believe in my heart that we can win when the game kicks off.

    Bring it on!

  103. fenel says:

    I don’t Bradley will pick ching. I think He will take josh Wolfe in his place.

  104. Chris says:

    Jesus and the 12 Apostles? No way we can beat that 2-man advantage.

  105. ViscaB says:

    Sean Monaghan:

    ‘… teams have there on days and off days. Lets try and be smart next time we talk.’

    Let’s see if this sounds smarter to you:
    When, and if the U.S. beats Brazil, I’ll remember your words!

  106. EA says:


    They’re not all on the field at the same time. I’d be more worried about thier home-field advantage.

  107. Where the tranny women at? says:

    “JOGA BONITIA” or whatever doesnt equal smart tactics in real football, hopefully that combined with Dunga steering a ship he cant handle will help us; gunna be hard though, we just need to finish oppertunitys… Josh Wolff might be prefect for this game, probably the best option we have right now for someeone up top as far as exploiting counter attacks, his runs off the ball coupled with his speed make him very dangerous when you get a chance to counter

  108. adam says:

    The US natl roster will be released on the 10AM ET Sportscenter!!!

    Wait, allow me to re-phrase, the soon to be Confederations Cup Champions roster…..

    Obv also for the Costa Rica and Honduras games as well.

  109. Gilly73 says:

    I’m just looking forward to matching up with some of the best teams in the world. I would love for the US to progress out of the group stage of this competition but all I really need is for the team to continue to grow, gain experience, stay competitive and most importantly stay injury free.

    These matches should prepare us well for the final stretch of WCQ and I hope the US can schedule some top teams next year as a nice warm up for the World Cup.

  110. Angelo says:

    As a Brasilian-American, i really hope both nations make it far. But i like underdogs and Egypt has potential, having been there and seen their best clubs play in Cairo. But our (Brasil’s) midfield is screwed. This is a great and interesting group. cant wait to see it unfold…

  111. adam says:

    All this jazz about Brasil…CAN the US beat Costa Rica @ Saprissa? We haven’t before.

  112. Angelo says:

    P.S. Watch out for RAMIREZ (Cruzeiro). look him up on youtube, hes only 18 and is already one of the best players playing Brasil. I’ve seen him kill my clubs defense every game with his skills and headers. guaranteed he’ll be playing in a big club soon.

  113. Kizz says:

    @ jpc,

    Half the Egyptian team does play at home and their league is WAY better than MLS dude. Confederation Cup is only a few weeks away, laugh then. If your team was so organized why did you not beat Nigeria in the Olympics or Ghana in the World Cup?
    I’m glad you admit you have not seen Egypt play so why don’t you wait and watch them cos I’ve seen them play for years.
    Italy is overrated yet they are still one of the top in the world, also CONCACAF sucks, lol

  114. madmax says:

    Brazil should be the favorite. They will surely be difficult to score on. But I’ll miss the somba like attacks of Ronaldinho and others. Robinho is merely a stick figure caricature of the great Brazilian attackers.

  115. madmax says:

    The complaint that US supporters never talk of the Czech and focus on the Italy game is silly. Italy won the WC in 2006 which makes it a sensible comparison …… dah.

    I think it’s a mistake to look for results and not performances here. I can easily see the USMNT loosing all three yet gaining in performance.

  116. adam says:


    Goalkeepers: Essam Al Hadari (Sion), Abdul Wahed Al Sayed (Zamalek), Mohamed Sobhi (Ismaili), Al Hani Soliman (Itiihad Alexandria).

    Defenders: Hani Said (Zamalek), Mahmoud Fathallah (Zamalek), Wael Gomaa (Al Ahli), Sherif Abdul Fadhil (Ismaili), Ahmed Said (Haras Hodoud), Ahmed Al Muhammadi (ENPPI), Sayed Moawad (Al Ahli), Hazem Emam (Zamalek), Ahmed Samir Farag (Ismaili).

    Midfielders: Ahmed Fathi (Al Ahli), Mohamed Shawki (Middlesbrough), Hosni Abd Rabu (Al Ahli Dubai), Ahmed Khairy (Ismaili), Mohamed Soliman (Ismaili), Abdul Aziz Tawfiq (ENPPI), Ahmed Hassan (Al Ahli), Mohamed Aboutrika (Al Ahli).

    Forwards: Ahmed Eid (Haras Hodoud), Mohamed Zidan (Boroussia Dortmund), Mohamed Abougreisha (Ismaili), Ahmed Abdul Ghani (Haras Hodoud), Ahmed Raouf (ENPPI), Ehab Al Masri (Arab Contractors), Amr Zaki (Wigan Athletics)

  117. Jimmie says:

    Dangit, why does Egypt get to field multiple Mohameds? Itsn’t that unfair? Maybe the US needs to bring out the Holy Trinity.


    Satan and a band of demons!

  118. Kizz says:

    @ Adam,

    One player on that Egyptian roster most people do not know is Mohamed Aboutrika. Yes he plays in at home in Egypt (making over $1 million) with Al-Ahly, but watch out for him, and after the game against the US, you will see why they tagged him Egypt’s version of Zidane.

  119. Christian says:

    Somebody tell the egyptian guy that Pachuca dismantled Al Ahli, a club that includes at least seven egyptian national team players, six months ago at the CWC.

    They had absolutely no answer for Chema Cardenas and Chaco Gimenez.

    Funny enough, all the egyptian newspapers ran articles about how poor CONCACAF is and some other nonsense and after the game, Al Ahli’s coach was on the verge of tears, he didn’t know what to say.

    Better hope the same doesn’t happen with the USMNT.

  120. Evan W says:

    @ Kizz

    That is a pretty broad statement saying CONCACAF sucks. But I guess if you can say CONCACAF sucks than its just as easy for me to say CAF sucks. There are only 5 good teams in CAF out of more than 50 nations. In CONCACAF there are 4 good teams out of 40. Looks pretty similar to me.

  121. Kizz says:

    @ Evan W,

    Please stop the comedy. CAF is WAY better than CONCACAF will ever be. There are only two teams in your region, you have the nerve to compare CAF to CONCACAF. CAF with Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Mali, Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia; that’s EIGHT compared to US and Mexico. Please seal it all Concacrap fans, no competition whatsoever comparing African players or nations to your region, didn’t even mention Senegal or the emerging Angola. Concacrap is a JOKE!!!! lol

  122. Supsam says:

    @ Kizz

    wow….just wow. You easily attack other people’s points but dont even bother reading over your own. You attack the clubs the Americans play in but not Egypt’s??? What the hell!! When was the last time Egypt qualified for the world cup and last time i checked, its not like the AFC is highly respected either. Granted they do have a couple of AWESOME teams that do reside in Egypt.

    If you actually knew things about the Americans you would know that some play on clubs that make or close to making UEFA champions league: Aalborb, Celtic, Rangers, heck even Rennes had a chance if it werent for the 2nd half of their season and yes even Standard Leige! and last time i checked mister american fan, Liverpool had STRUGGLED GREATLY to get past Standard Leige in the third(last) round of Champions league qualifacation!! You seem to know more about Egypt than you do about the USA. Do all of USMNT supporters a favor and learn more about the USA than of Egypt’s soccer. Thanks for reading

  123. jpc says:


    You’ve watched Egypt not make the WC for years and your here saying that they are a great team? If they were so great their players wouldn’t be playing in the Egyptian PL

    Egypt PL is a league that doesn’t allow more than 3 foreign players per team, so just about every player comes from Egypt, a country that hasn’t made a world cup in 20 years. This league is better than MLS? Good luck w/ that argument. Concacaf is not that good as a whole, but the MLS is taking in most of its best players, along w/ really good young talent from S. America and Africa, and superstars (although aging) from Europe.

    What’s ironic is that you are talking down on US fans as if we are a bunch of hopelessly optimistic losers who just don’t get that they stink (ala cubs fans); When, in reality, Egypt and its league are not even on the second tier of world soccer that the US is on.

    US fans are realistic in their optimism, BUT you have delusions of grandeur b/c your team had one great African Nations tournament… Your smokin the wrong stuff in your Hookah

  124. jpc says:

    MLS is taking most of concacaf’s talent outside of mexico I should say

  125. Kizz says:

    @ Supsam,

    What is there to know about US Soccer that I don’t know about? That you cannot produce creative players except for goalkeepers? That your players are average: Gooch and Boca are statues in the back, no options at wing/full back positions. That Landon Donovan is the most overrated midget ever to play and a disaster outside of the USA, that MLS sucks like crap and they level of play is abysmal.
    Ive watched USMNT play Argentina, England, Mexico, Morocco; America is not creative, your brand of football for lack of a better word is unappealing.
    As a student of the game, I have traveled to competitions to watch good football; EURO, WC, Copa Cup of Nations. Ive seen Egypt at the last two African Cup of Nations; a competition way better than Gold Cup. Scouts go to the Nations Cup in Africa looking for the next Drogba, Essien, Zidane, Adebayor, Kanu, Eto’o, Taiwo, Kanoute, Mikel. Don’t make me waste time on the Gold Cup, what do scouts come there for even if they ever do. How many players of African origin play for European countries; even USA is benefiting from it now: slow ass Gooch (rumor has it he was begging to play for Nigeria, but they told him he was too slow and not at their level lol), Freddy Adu originally from Ghana, Maurice Edu who’s parents are from Nigeria. CAF and Concacrap are not on the same level, maybe you can compete with Oceania lol…

  126. Kizz says:

    To jpc and all the overly optimist’s,

    First off drop the smoking guys, it’s killing your reality, lol.

    Shows me that I am wasting my time with you guys. Im not even from Egypt, plus they won the last two African Cup of Nations. It is also a sign of how deep Africa is if Egypt, Nigeria and Cameroon were not at the last World Cup in 2006.

    Imagine a Guatemala, Barbados or some island we go to vacation in qualifying for the WC as USA or Mexico are home watching. That would never happen, cos when you play football against places you take a vacation in, you are taking a vacation with no competition. Concacrap is weak and wack; its a vacation region where you think you play football, lol. Take it or go jump in the river.

  127. adam says:


    Yes Egypt is good. America is not amazing, they do not play stylistically appealing football.

    But I DONT CARE.

    They are my goddamed team for better or worse. I do not wear rose colored glasses, but before USA played in the 2002 World Cup my ‘soccer aficionado’ friend told me it wasn’t even worth watching the US because ‘they are crap.’Let me just say, I am glad I watched them.

    Finally, we are optimistic because we have to be, its our f–king team. We are not going to win the tourney but we could pull an upset!

  128. adam says:


    “as a student of the game”?

    SHUT UP You pompous prick!

  129. Kizz says:


    I am a student of the game and I cannot do without watching football. I didn’t start watching in 2002 or in 1990 either. Good luck in Confed Cup, you will need it.
    Remember the teams you will be playing have no regard for you so that should help going 0-3 to maybe a draw against Italy again, so you can brag for another year how you tie Italy lol…

  130. Christian says:


    I know Nigeria, Ghana, and the Ivory Coast are good teams.

    But who is Egypt?

    Egypt is a nobody outside of CAF and I don’t know what you’re boasting about seeing how the US and Mexico have done more on the world stage than Egypt.

    I love how you ignored my comment about Al Ahly getting mopped by Pachuca.

    Gimenez, Montes, Torres, and Cardenas sh*t all over the Egyptian national team….err I mean Al Ahly.

    Aboutrika who?

  131. Kizz says:

    “But who is Egypt? Aboutrika who”

    Didn’t I hear the same questions about Czech Republic and Ghana in the World Cup? What happened in those matches? 2 L’s for US.
    You will find out in a couple of weeks who Aboutrika is and who plays for Egypt…

  132. Kiko says:

    “Italy is consistently the most overrated team in the world. They play for draws and PK’s.”

    Funny. The reigning world champion and overall 4 time champion is overrated. If Italy wins championships with draws and PK’s, why aren’t other teams doing the same thing? Maybe because it isn’t so easy.

  133. Supsam says:

    Hey Kizz,

    you like stats? well here is one: Egypt has never won a world cup match EVER!!!!!!!! EVERRRRRRRRRRR!

    Here is another one: They havent qualified for one since 1990. That was way before MLS became a league!

    Here is another one: 2 Egyptian players in England play for Wigan who are in laughable 12th but could easily be in 15th while the other one plays for Middlesbrough which is at a shameful one point from last place. For the Americans in England, Dempsey plays for Fulham (7th and one spot away from Europa Cup)and is tied for top team scorer (7) pretty good for a midfielder. Friedel (Aston Villa, 6th and Europa Cup bound) is the EPL record holder in # of starts. Howard (Everton, 5th and Europa Cup bound) has 16 clean sheets which is impressive if you dont include the top 4 EPL clubs. Brad Guzan (Aston Villa) will replace Friedel once he retires. Jonathan Spector (West Ham, 9th) finally getting ample minutes after being plagued by injuries at the start of the season.

    and from your response to me:
    I like how your argument included the top players from Africa and none of them are egyptian. Wait a minute you forgot, you guys have those superstars from that hella elite club(Wigan)which cant even qualify for UEFA cup. Well its funny how our statue defense and uncreative players managed to make it to the quarterfinals in 2002 while your deep, talented squad cant even win a damn World cup match. Another thing, dont use rumors in your argument please.

  134. Supsam says:

    also, if our players are average, than what does it say about your players? What have they accomplished that our Americans cant even compare to? Oh yea thats right, your players have forgotten/never experienced what it feels like to be in a world cup

  135. Christian says:

    Kizz, I’m not even a USA supporter but I know the US is a very solid team that is a difficult opponent and can play against any of the best teams in the world.

    I watched Aboutrika play against Pachuca and while he’s a nice tidy player, he wasn’t the player you’re making him out to be.

  136. Utard says:

    Being an American who lived in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil for two years on an LDS missionary I absolutely love to watch my two favorite teams play. It is also great to see a couple of Rio Grande do Sul players on the Brazilian roster (Internacional and Gremio play in Porto Alegre, the capital of Rio Grande do Sul (there’s your world geography lesson for the weekend!)). My question is why don’t these guys play in the US??? Seriously, get more rising star Brazilians in MLS… Heck, I’d even take fat old Brazilian stars playing in the Brazilian league in MLS (see Ronaldo). Are the salaries that much higher in Brazil? The Brazilian Real is consistantly 2-2.5 to 1 compared to the US dollar.

  137. Evan W says:


    Sorry, I left Mali out of my group of 5. Ill give you 6 teams in CAF with Mali. Morocco and Tunisia are a bit of a stretch. Having said that, I bet if any of those teams played Costa Rica (a team according to you sucks???) in San Juan, they are in for a very tough game. Give me a good laugh… what do you think the score would be if lets say Ghana played Costa Rica in San Juan?

    Also, how do figure Torres and Dempsey have no creativity? Have you really actually watched U.S. soccer?

  138. Scott A says:

    Kizz and the rest of the fools who have never seen an underdog win in sports don’t deserve a response from me so I’ll just say…
    GO USA!!!

  139. zongzap says:

    This isn’t about beating Brazil or Italy or Egypt but as a “state of the program” check. If we find that we are not competitive then it proves that Bradley is failing as a coach. The next question is what will US Soccer do about it if this happens? If we have made no progress in 3 years then what good will another year do? Should we continue down this path towards and inevitable end or make a bold move now?

    I for one do not want to live through another embarrassing performance like the last WC and if we show that we don’t belong on the field the upcoming tournament, that’s what’s coming next summer.

    I’m just wondering at this point if Bradley will bring the “A” team and put his progress to the test or if he’ll split the squad thus avoiding having to face the music

  140. Daniel Fernandez says:

    This Roster is a joke. no Ronaldo??? no Ronaldinho??? no Adriano??? no Diego???!!! Are you kidding me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.This roster concerns me because Brazil can not win the confederations cup even if they have kaka or robinho because they don’t have enough experienced players. this is an important tournament and they have very few stars….this is by far the most disappointing roster from brazil. hopefully dunga will make last minute changes or a player might be injured and those star players may replace the others.

    i don’t understand why diego wasn’t called up or what about Tottenham’s Gilberto and Chelsea’s Mineiro did they retire or something? because they haven’t been in the roster since 2007.

  141. paul kujah says:

    The inclusion of Elano over Diego beats me hollow. Brazilian team that I see is not as awesome as they have always been. Can anyone justify Dunga’s undying love for over-the hill individuals like Gilberto Silva and Eleano? Nevertheless I tip Brazil for the cup. You can never tell with them.


  142. Ahmed says:

    مصر سوف تفووز على امريكا والبرازيل وتتعادل مع ايطاليا