MLS Matchday Eight (Mid-week Edition)


Good evening all. The new MLS week starts early this time around with a pair of Wednesday night tilts to get things going.

D.C. United is on the road taking on Kansas City tonight (8:30pm kickoff), while the Los Angeles Galaxy look to keep its unbeaten record on the road in tact with a trip to Rio Tinto Stadium to take on Real Salt Lake (9pm).

If you will be watching tonight's matches, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play on the matches in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action.

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23 Responses to MLS Matchday Eight (Mid-week Edition)

  1. DC Josh says:

    Vamos….vamos united…esta noches…tenemos que ganar….

    playing very well in the 1st half. Still need to tighten up in the back.

  2. mike says:

    how does the attendence look at Rio Tinto Stadium??

  3. BlueWhiteLion says:

    i am watching.

  4. David says:

    big crowd at rio tinto for a mid-week match, nice.

  5. JoeW says:

    KC with much more of the play in the first half but no real danger. DCU with a couple of good chances–Pontius with a shot off the left post and then Wallace scores with assists by Moreno (who was fouled on the play but Referee signaled advantage) and Quaranta.

    Soehn used this game to leave Olsen at home, didn’t start Gomez and Emilio, and Fred and Burch were out for other reasons (Burch–cards, Fred–surgery for his daughter). Plus sitting Jakovic this means resting a lot of regulars.

  6. JoeW says:

    Wolff scores for KC to tie it all up. I didn’t see the play–my internet feed for the game crashed so I can’t offer any other insights.

  7. Man says:

    Was going to be the Beckham game so I’m sure they sold more advance tickets than usual for this one.

  8. Rekro says:

    once again a penalty given to the galaxy, this time it’s a hand ball.
    2 seconds later he calls one for rsl.
    2-1 real salt lake

  9. Rekro says:

    Mcgee scores!!!!!! Galaxy ties it up!!!!!
    Dramatic ending in Utah…..both teams leave with a point.

  10. This Guy says:

    Nice last 5 minutes to the LA/RSL match.

  11. David says:

    wow, LA ties it. seitz lets one between the pips

  12. mEtRo BoY 4eVer! says:

    vamos metro sounds better. cant wait to get my heartbroken again 4 times at home =/

  13. mEtRo BoY 4eVer! says:

    btw ref made horrible call..rsl got lucky ref gave it to them

  14. Joseph D'Hippopotamus says:

    The Galaxy offense is pathetic. The slowest midfield and worst bench in MLS history. Migloranzo is garbage and Gordon is the best they have off the bench. They are unbelievably boring to watch. They got lucky in this one.

    What are they doing with the money they got for Beckham? Bring back Ruud Gullit!

  15. sean monaghan says:

    For all you LA haters step off!these guys have heart! we should have won this match, RSL’s penalty was a clear dive! great effort in the last 10 minutes…although I must say the beginning to the 2nd half till the 80th minute was terrible

  16. three11stu says:

    If you want to say LA was lucky, think again. While I agree that the LA penalty was deserved, as was the RSL, a fan should not go to the game expecting the ref to call a late penalty for LA to help them get a result.

  17. Rudy says:

    So bad that they haven’t lost on the road and managed a draw in mormon-ville, something no one else has done this season.

  18. LA>>>>>LA haters says:

    three11stu the best way to describe your post is idotic, I think 90% of people will tell you that RSL shouldn’t have won that penalty. How is anybody helping LA get a result?!?!?!?Its a CLEAR penalty. Perhaps you should know the game before you post?Just a thought. Get a life.

  19. JGIB says:

    was at the game tho frustrating didn’t have a problem with either penalty could see the hand ball on RSL and if you’ve been around enuff soccer you know that if one team get a PK is alotta the times a sure bet the other team will get one as a way the ref can even the game out……….The real story is Seitz is clearly the keeper for RSL not faulting him for the PK donavan gets one a game so he has alot of practice and the last goal though he did let him it was a one on one. He was much more confident in the box then rimando has been all year and looked in control most of the game it’s time for RSL to send rimando to the bench and let the Seitz era begin

  20. DC Josh says:

    4 extra time goals and almost 6 penalties in two games. Not bad for a day of soccer. I still get chills thinking about Iniesta’s equaliser.

    Feels good to be back where we belong, back on top of the Eastern conference. Saturday’s Toronto FC/DC United game is going to be huge.

  21. MVK says:

    KC should have won, disappointed to only get a point, just need to finsih better. Onalfo needs to bench Gomez in favor of an effective Harrington and C. Lopez needs to stay away from dead balls, his service has been below laughable.

  22. KCB says:

    MVK, pretty much agree with all of that. Lopez is killing me! When was the last time he struck a free kick over the wall or a corner that made it past the first man? Terrible.

    Question for EVERYONE:

    What’s the difference between the Chicago Fire & LA Galaxy?

    Fire 2-0
    Galaxy 1-1

    1 match. That’s the difference. The parity in this league kinda drives me crazy sometimes.

  23. LA>>>>>LA haters says:

    “……….The real story is Seitz is clearly the keeper for RSL ”

    Im sorry man but Seitz could have and probably should have had both of those, as an LA fan I was shocked that LD’S penalty snuck in