Soccer Saturday: Your Running Commentary

Tim Howard (Getty Images) 

Today is the big day.

This is effectively the last weekend of the European club season (of the major leagues at least) and also the last weekend for some Americans to bring home some silverware.

U.S. national team goalkeeper Tim Howard will be at the front of that line today as he tries to lead Everton to an FA Cup victory against Chelsea (10am, Fox Soccer Channel). Rangers duo Maurice Edu and DaMarcus Beasley will also be trying to win a trophy as Rangers plays in the Scottish Cup final.

There is also a full slate of MLS action. Check back in later today for posts on those matches.

If you will be watching today's action please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action.

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82 Responses to Soccer Saturday: Your Running Commentary

  1. beckster says:


  2. beckster says:

    Unvelieveable…36 seconds and Saha with a great strike.

  3. Anthony says:


  4. anyone with a link to watch at work this morning?!

  5. Alex says:

  6. beckster says:

    After the first goal, Chelsea dominating possession. Lot of long balls from the Everton defense.

  7. ag nigrin says:

    Goal Everton…wahoo! Go Timmy!

  8. ag nigrin says:

    Try one of the links here:

    link to

  9. Fulham Pete says:

    WOW! Let’s go Toffees!

  10. Ted says:

    Damn Grogba, nothing Howard could do.

  11. Ives says:

    Drogba powers a header past Howard. Beat Lescott badly to the Malouda cross.

  12. Ted says:


  13. Joel says:


  14. adam b says:

    please keep the updates coming! I’m stuck at work this morning, and didnt record the game. damn!

  15. Brent McD. says:

    nothing Howard could do about that one

  16. MemRook says:

    Edu not starting or on the bench for Rangers. That sucks for him having been such an integral part of their success in the latter stages of the season.

  17. beckster says:

    105 degrees on the pitch…I didn’t know that it got that hot in London! I suspect these players will fade in the 2nd half.

  18. DC Josh says:

    beckster—-Fahrenheit or Celsius?

    Everton need to move Neville to right fullback and take Hibbert off. He is getting pounded over there. Cole and Malouda are making him their bitch.

    Everton really miss Jagielka with Yobo in front of him and Lescott.

    What’s the deal with the construction of the stadium to get that shade/sun look on the field? It looks really bad on TV, and hurts my eyes. I hope it looks good at the game.

  19. Blake says:

    105 Celsius…

  20. its just cause its in the sun

    its England. no way it ever gets over 30 in the middle of summer in England

    they just like complaining about the weather

  21. Ives says:

    Still halftime. Hibbert is getting just abused by Malouda. Everton can’t keep the ball at all. Not sure where their next goal will come from.

  22. Ives says:

    Lars Jacobsen comes on for Hibbert, who just couldn’t hang with Malouda.

  23. Ives says:

    47th- Cahill now playing up top with Saha, Fellaini drops into central midfield. They need him in there to try and provide more possession.

  24. Dominghosa says:

    c’mon toffee blues!

  25. beckster says:

    No…41 Celsius which is 105 F.

  26. beckster says:

    Rangers up 1 to 0 …

  27. Ives says:

    62nd- Ballack on for Essien.

  28. beckster says:

    Gotta appreciate the way Everton hanging in there. Chelsea is just pounding them.

  29. Krista says:

    whoa what a strike by lampard.

  30. Brent McD. says:

    *@#$%! what was Lescott doing on that one? can’t just let Lampard shoot from there

  31. froboy says:

    ouch, the setenta commentator is blaming howard for the goal

  32. Ives says:

    72nd- GOAL LAMPARD. Great strike. The Setanta announcer is trying to put it on Tim Howard, but that’s BS. Howard was screened from the shot and reacts late, tough to say that’s his fault.

  33. Never First says:

    Announcer is beating up on Howard. Guess he probably should have saved it.

  34. dena says:

    Damn Timmy you’re better than that.

  35. JkR says:

    Agreed, blaming Howard beyond absurd.

    You can’t let Lampard have a free shot from 19 yds.

  36. beckster says:

    I think Howard might have done a little better on that but it is a tough call. Beautiful strike from Lampard.

  37. Ives says:

    Folks, don’t let the announcer skew your opinion on that one. Jolean Lescott screens Howard, then inexplicably moves out of the way of the shot. Not trying to make excuses for Howard, but the Setanta guy just seems hell-bent on putting the blame on him.

  38. Brent McD. says:

    Pienaar and Saha off? not good for Everton

  39. madmax says:

    Tim Howard looked bad on the Lampard goal, not as bad as the defender but bad just the same. He appeared to be too deep in goal and his first step wasn’t forward.

  40. beckster says:

    The fox announcers not blaming Howard…just said he might have done better but giving Lampard full credit.

  41. Brent McD. says:

    never mind. Pienaar is ok. what a strike from Malouda! replay please

  42. Ives says:

    I’m watching on Setanta guys and this Scottish color guy is shredding Howard.

    Malouda hits a 40-yard blast that hits the crossbar and bounces down and out. Looked like a goal, not called one.

  43. Brent McD. says:

    Malouda shot bounced off the crossbar over the goal line. Should be 3-1 Chelski

  44. beckster says:

    Wow…fox replay shows that that Malouda strike should have been a goal. Should be 3 to 1.

  45. beckster says:

    Osman off…he hasn’t done much today for sure.

  46. Brent McD. says:

    game is really opening up now. think there will be another goal….

  47. Never First says:


    I don’t remember a goalkeeper ever being criticized like that for being beaten by a ball struck to the far corner from just outside the box. I have seen Howard do better, but the blame falls solely on the defense.

  48. froboy says:

    espn’s live commentary
    Lampard took Anelka’s ball in centrefield, turned back inside onto his left foot, and hit a shot across Howard from 25 yards that the keeper should have saved.

  49. Fulham Pete says:

    Howard got caught behind lescott…poor defense, but the fox announcer is right. Timmy could have done better.

  50. adam b says:

    wish i could be watching the game. cant do streaming video at work. keep the updates coming guys!

  51. Ives says:

    Right, he could have done better, but you would think it was all his fault listening to the Setanta announcer.

  52. Ives says:

    Does anybody not hate Michael Ballack? His parents?

  53. Krista says:

    how can you have a MOTM when the match isn’t over?

  54. Ives says:

    Agreed Krista, and Ashley Cole? Malouda has to be man of the match if not Lampard.

  55. beckster says:

    You can’t argue that Chelsea has been far the better side and deserves the win.

  56. Johnny says:

    Screw this Setanta announcer. He takes shots at Timmy every chance he gets. I bet he’s a Man United fan still bitter about the semifinal.

  57. Fulham Pete says:

    Webb is letting a lot of non-calls go Chelsea’s way in stoppage time. Then he yellow’s Eveton…

  58. froboy says:

    i doubt any man united is thinking about the FA cup semi and are more upset about the champions league final

  59. Brent McD. says:

    deserved win for chelski today — clearly the better team. cole and malouda shredding the everton wings repeatedly. for what it’s worth, i thought chelski were better than barca too — unlucky not to have been in the champions league final. and i’m an arsenal supporter. bleh

  60. Never First says:

    Anyone want to bed Hiddink won’t be back next year? This feels like Beckham to Milan all over again.

  61. Never First says:


  62. Kizz says:

    Chelsea dominant and Howard stunk it up!! From that far out make a real save not a crummy attempt lol. I thought Howard was going to somehow win the game, yeah right

  63. beckster says:

    Post match commentary saying that Howard wasn’t moving his feet today and didn’t have the best outing.

  64. Nutmegger says:

    Timmy is going to have trouble sleeping tonight – rightly or wrongly.

    But you can argue that Lampard had a great moment there.


  65. adam b says:

    thanks again for the updates guys.

  66. Krista says:

    Feel bad for Timmy. Congrats to Chelsea.

  67. Paul says:

    Still love ya Timmy,
    Still love ya!

  68. Kizz says:

    @ Ives,

    It was Tim Howard’s ball; that is a goalkeeper’s ball from that far out, come on, please take the blinders off, that was a poor attempt at a save, reason why he is inconsistent

  69. Scott A says:

    And Kizz reappears to criticize a USA national team player. What a hobby

  70. Steve says:

    I really hate to say this as I am a die hard USMNT supporter but does Tim Howard choke in big games? Today is a fine example in the FA Cup Final and The Champions League with ManU. I really hope I am wrong but it makes you wonder for the World Cup approaching.

  71. Supsam says:

    lol @ Scott A’s remark.

    It seems like everytime there is a chance to attack our guys, Kizz is all over it.

  72. Isaac says:


    USA-Argentina, 0-0….

    What else is there to say?

  73. Steve says:

    I was at the USA-Argentina match and remember that was a friendly and Messi came off at half-time and Tevez did not play. That said, the 4 breakaways he saved against Cruz was first class. I am not saying I am right with my assumption but, pass performances in “big games,” Howard has not done well.

  74. kofix5 says:

    Steve– Howard made 2 TWO saves in the penalty shootout against ManUnited just to get to the FA Final. So the answer is NO he doesn’t choke in big games.

    Whats happening to SBI man? So many critical, perfectionist whining beeches on this site now.

    FA Cup Final = 1 team wins and the other loses

    Choke on it.

    not u steve

  75. Katatonia says:

    ^ true, howard has had some great performances in big games like argentina and the semi vs united…but hes had some not so great ones like today and fa cup tie at anfield where gerrard scored on a shot he shouldve saved.

  76. Kizz says:

    You guys need me for some reality check, lol. When it’s time to give credit Kizz is there. I call a spade a spade, and he choked on the game that counted more; United saves was important, but no one remembers that Chelsea played Everton in five years. If I insulted Howard, that’s a different case, it was his ball to save, rather than Lampard’s to score

  77. Krista says:

    hell yeah! bordeaux is closer to being champions…

  78. Krista says:

    Yaaaaay! Bordeaux are champions!!! Setanta sucks for not showing any celebrating or interviews.

  79. Brett says:

    I hate that I predicted it to go that way, but Everton are not that class.

    Tim Howard will need to shake this off, but better keepers have been beaten by the likes of Drogba and Lampard, so let’s not be too harsh on the guy. Without him, Everton are lower half of the table no question.

  80. madmax says:

    I think Howard lost sight of the ball. After Lampard went back to his left there was only one spot to go for because of the congestion, and Tim never closed it down.

  81. Jack K. says:

    Woah, some people here are overly sensitive. Timmy had a bad game and does choke at times, but his team wasn’t helping him out with the defending and scoring. Many of you need to stop being so overly protective of the nats. I’ve been called un American just because I criticize them because of their Anti-Football style, but seriously I just want the best from my team.