Report: Real Madrid to face Toronto FC

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According to a report out of Toronto on Thursday, Toronto FC will be the second opponent for Real Madrid in their mini North American tour this summer. Toronto’s Globe and Mail reported today that the game would take place Friday, Aug. 7th at BMO Field.

A temporary grass surface will be installed at BMO Field to accommodate the Spanish power. Although no official word has come out, it’s being suggested that it may be possible to leave the grass surface in for the duration of the season.

The scheduling of the game has forced TFC to move its Aug. 9th MLS game against New York Red Bulls to June 13th. TFC fans are burning up the message boards with complaints about the short notice. They say that they have already made plans for that weekend and will now have to miss the game with Red Bulls. Additionally, the fans are upset that the Real Madrid game will not be included in their season ticket package. Toronto is expected to announce a second friendly opponent to meet their requirement to season ticket holders for a single international game.

With the move to June 13th, Toronto now only plays four home games during the summer months.

What do you think of the news? Plan on making the road trip? Are you a Red Bulls fan who had made plans to go to Toronto in August? Are you a TFC fan who already scheduled other plans for June 13th?

Share your thoughts below.

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57 Responses to Report: Real Madrid to face Toronto FC

  1. EdTheRed says:

    Turf = Reserves. Hope they don’t try charging as much as it’s costing to buy tix for the DC – Madrid tilt at The Danny Dome.

  2. MikeD says:

    I’m glad they’re putting down grass. Hopefully one of the networks picks it up.

  3. Bawls says:

    wait. toronto fans are whining? stop the presses!

  4. Zico says:


    changing the date is one thing, but changing it to a date that is under two weeks from now, is just absolute bush league.

  5. smorebs says:

    I was planning to go up to Toronto in August for a quick vacation. This blows that Idea.

  6. St. Louis United says:

    The TFC-RBNY game was originally scheduled for Aug 9th, not the 8th. I was heavily considering going up there for the weekend and almost bought tickets off stubhub. There goes that idea. What a bush league move by MLS. I hope the attendance for both games is poor.

  7. crazysteve says:

    all these teams are getting high profile friendlies. what about us down in Houston? I know we are always in the Int’l Tournaments against teams like Chivas & America but what about a European Power.

  8. TFC OZZ - Disgruntled TFC fan says:

    You forgot to mention the fact that MLSE is going to charge a PREMIUM for this games tickets, so they will be much more expensive than the normal friendly.

  9. William the Terror says:


    Ed, you’re looking at this all wrong. My guess is that they are installing turf so that CR7 will have a softer surface to dive on after he transfers in June or July.

  10. sully says:

    crazysteve: y’all have got to put pressure on the Dynamo Front Office to make it happen cuz you deserve it.

  11. sherpaco says:

    LMAO @ William the Terror.

  12. Joe says:

    FCD gets an international game with Costa Rica’s CS Herediano…

    I’d rather pay to go see Real Madrid than get the free tickets in our season packages for this game…

  13. Schteve Town says:

    MLS needs to take its own competition more seriously.

    Last year, TFC played Chivas while missing nine regulars to international duty. The league refused to re-arrange an important game (TFC was still in the playoff hunt), yet for meaningless friendlies in mid-season they are willing to re-arrange two games (TFC vs. NYRB and DC vs. KC). In the case of TFC v. NYRB they are only giving two weeks notice of the change.

    In addition to the effect on our MLS season, the timing of the Real and other friendly (rumoured to be around July 22nd) could have an impact on TFC winning the Canadian Championship and the first round of the CONCACAF Champions league if TFC makes it that far.

    What other league would re-arrange their schedule to accommodate a friendly in the middle of their season? How can anyone take the MLS competition seriously when MLS will drop everything for the chance of a little cash.

    This is not the way to grow the league with non-believers. It just reinforces what they already think – it’s a two-bit league. Competitions must come first.

  14. Matt says:

    Great. How about those of us NYRB fans who had already made plans for August? Screwed again by MLS.

    At least the Jays are in town. :-(((

  15. dave says:

    umm, if toronto season tic holders got free tix, TFC WOULD MAKE NO MONEY on the game from tic sales… they coulda moved it to rogers maybe, and then the season tic holders woulda bitched about not having the intimate atmosphere etc.. no win situation

  16. Schteve Town says:

    Dave – Season Ticket holders have already paid for a friendly – it is part of the package.

  17. EdTheRed says:

    @William The Terror:
    Heh, indeed sir! ‘Course I didn’t even bother reading as far as the grass part before I posted. Then again, at least I didn’t say “First!” 😉

  18. alex says:

    Dave, two friendlies are included in the cost of a TFC season ticket. Magically this has now changed. If the club’s not making money, that’s their problem because they already knew what their revenue would be up front.

    And i agree with the above, MLS needs to take their own league more seriously. I could care less about seeing Madrid in summer mode…

  19. Rudi says:

    alex, only one friendly is included in the TFC season tickets.

  20. Frank says:

    This makes me happy. I hope there will be many injuries in this important pre-season friendly!

  21. Henry says:

    Well that kind screws with my Toronto trip…

  22. einar says:

    are all these friendlies going to be televised? i would like to see chivas vs. chivas usa also

  23. dave says:

    on the season tic front, true, but im sure real expects a cut – likely a maj of tic sales – for this… im guessing it boils down to tfc not being able to afford the game by paying an outa pocket fee to madrid; thus the issue of having to charge people to attend the game… if tfc didnt have so many damn season tic holders (a good problem to have), would be less of an issue

  24. Reid says:

    After last weekends trip to BMO (sweet stadium) I would suggest any red bull fan to go…. as per atmosphere at the game, still think DC is the best, as far as east coast games go

    The field and the fans def deserve grass though.

  25. Steve Jolley's Tinker says:

    “changing the date is one thing, but changing it to a date that is under two weeks from now, is just absolute bush league.”

    You can say that again. A bunch on NY fans already had plans (as in hotel, flights, etc) to go the August game and then from there to USA-Mex in Azteca, and are now stuck with a free weekend in Toronto for no reason or faced with hundreds of dollars in airline change fees because Garber thinks that TFC playing Real Madrid will raise MLS’ profile. Just like the game with 11 MLS all-stars in Spain a few years back really vaulted us into global soccer primetime. Not.

    Garber has always been about bush league moves that make money over integrity. Which is how there is a team named Red Bull in the league, but anyway.

  26. Haig says:

    We scheduled a visit to the in-laws around the NY away game.

    Thanks, MLS.

  27. JK says:

    Team after team turned down a friendly this year with TFC and now that they finally have a team that would make us fans happy, they are looking to still get a second lesser team to fill the friendly commitment to us? What a pile of crap. Fan support is strong right now in Toronto but they shouldn’t take it for granted. They probably never expected such a high profile team to agree to come and now suddenly they are going to turn it into a quick profit instead of rewarding the loyal fans. Sometimes big corporations make me sick. Oh well, someone can buy my seats because I won’t be going.

  28. hendrix says:

    the weird thing is the Red Bulls were already scheduled to visit BMO in June. I don’t think I’ve seen a regular season schedule where a team plays the same team twice at their home field in less than 2 weeks.

  29. I’m beyond pissed about this. I’ve been waiting a long time for NY @ TFC on a weekend (I hate them more than DC). Had plans for a 4 day road trip.

    In all seriousness, Ives…is MLS/SUM/whoever trying to keep NY fans from traveling up there?

  30. lou says:

    Damn it’s like these big teams are avoding red bull, we need to play someone big this summer.

  31. redbulldisgrace says:

    Great call by a bush league. when is this garbage league going to fold already

  32. Haig says:

    Don’t count on it, Lou.

    A friendly against a big team costs big money. Real are getting a million or thereabouts, per game. (I can’t imagine how much BMO tickets are going to cost for TFC to make a profit.)

    The current RBNY squad is awful to watch. I don’t forsee Red Bull spending that kind of cash to call attention to the fact that it has neglected to build a half-decent soccer team.

  33. Jane says:

    Lou, not avoiding RBNY, just waiting for the new stadium to open. Besides, they have played big international friendlies before and gotten SKUNKED…think how bad it would be with this year’s team.

  34. gerald says:

    Steve Jolley beat me to it, that really blows I was lookin gfor to that away game

  35. wykell says:

    Count me in as another person who is hugely upset about this change. I HAD been planning on going up to Toronto, but now, screw them. I hope they get 4,000 or less for their Madrid game.

    Screwing over their season ticket holders is also super terrible of them. Understandably with their SSS and limited seats, they want to make money, but the front office PROMISING to provide an international friendly, then telling their ticket holders the first friendly announced doesn’t count? Yeah, that’s terrible business.

  36. dave says:

    it is the 2nd team to reschedule on red bulls cuz of a euro friendly (la v. milan in july)

  37. brett says:

    lol, the same thing happened with DCU and RM/Barca (forgot which they are playing)…. KCvDCU game got moved for it as well…

    i hateit when the league is put to the shelf for a euro friendly… the Fire have friendlies and we play them in the middle of the week… still pull in crowds and dont change the schedule… we want the $$ of the friendly, we accept the crowded schedule

    perhaps Garber should plan 1 week of NO GAMES so that the teams can schedule them without problems such as this

  38. Haig says:

    Jane, they also have beaten big teams. I think you’re generally right but it’s easy to pretend like the team has always been total no-hopers and that’s false.

  39. EDB says:

    You know what.. i don’t mind.. obviously i don’t have to worry about tickets or what not, but to help a club become more visible by playing a top 10 world club is worth it. Now I wouldn’t do it for lets say a Roma or Aston Villa

  40. Frank says:

    Brett, wouldn’t it make sense to not schedule games during official FIFA match days instead? Competetive games are being played while their best players are away and on an increasing number of fields with artificial turf, but for a friendly they roll out real grass?

  41. brett says:

    Frank- i agree that WCQ’ers should be mandated off weeks, but i simply dont see it happening in the near future….. the fact that MLS plays on weeks of Qualifiers is beyond me….

  42. Alex says:

    You guys call it Bush league again is stupid… TFC could have easily said NO! but who says no, they changed the schedule to accomodate this game, to compare it last year because of the injuries and call ups, its not the same this game is a choice by the team, to change the game last year would have been a choice made by the league which is setting the wrong precedent. TFC new that stretch was coming you an’t forcee injuries but you have to prepare all of the guys on your squad… seems these bush league complaints are so typical these days.

  43. Scott A says:

    I second what Steve Jolley’s Tinker said. Crap from MLS. Crap. They seemingly have no idea how to grow MLS sometimes. It will grow from real atmosphere, real soccer, real fans. Gahhhh I hate the corporate sterile non-authentic side of sports

  44. SW says:

    Okay, now that everyone has all that out of their system I would like to propose a question. How else is Toronto supposed to get grass? This brings it in for a large event that is an additional ticket so full value per seat means ther is less drain on the club. We still have the Edu cash but we need at least two more players to take the league. I have season’s tickets and I won’t mind buying Real Madrid overinflated tickets to get grass.

  45. SW says:

    PS. I am sorry that any New York fans that have booked are getting yanked around but come on up to the first Toronto game on grass in a long time.

  46. Win says:

    How on Earth is TFC going to afford this game? If they’re paying Real 1 million (just a guess) they’d have to sell all 20,000 seats for an average of $50. The turf will probably cost a couple hundred thousand so the tickets will have to be $60-65 before TFC even breaks even. I guess some people would pay for that but I’m really hoping everyone boycots the game.

  47. Never First says:

    You all are a whiney bunch of SOB’s.

  48. Scott A says:

    @Alex and Never First
    You really don’t think it’s bush league to move a league game–for a friendly–to a date in two weeks time from one in August??? Honestly?
    I’m a big supporter of MLS and don’t bash it for no reason. How was this decision respectful of the competition in the league?

  49. Never First says:

    I think it’s bush league to continue playing matches during the World Cup and on international fixture dates. I think it’s bush league to not make any scheduling accomodations for teams playing in the CONCACAF Champions League. I think it’s bush league that last year teams like DC United played 18 more matches than teams like Columbus, yet the team playing more matches receives little if any financial reward.

    I don’t really have a problem with MLS rescheduling one match in order to accomodate a club that likely has players with a higher salary than the entire Toronto team. I agree it is odd they moved up so far, but maybe there was a reason?

  50. J says:

    why you think Toronto pay Madrid 1m?

  51. Win says:

    1 million was stated earlier. I really have no idea how much they’re getting paid

  52. gio says:

    fyi premium game tickets will be from 80 to 300 for this game, thanks for my spy in head office. way to run you supporters out of BMO.

  53. Jason says:

    “The TFC-RBNY game was originally scheduled for Aug 9th, not the 8th. I was heavily considering going up there for the weekend and almost bought tickets off stubhub. There goes that idea. What a bush league move by MLS. I hope the attendance for both games is poor.”

    Whaaaaaaat???? What a bitter f***! Who gives a f*** what you think! What, does the world revolve around you? You “almost bought” tickets? Meaning: you didn’t. Okay. Now you want both games to fail. You sir, need a good cock-block!

  54. zongzap says:

    I love it. Big teams on their annual cha-ching holiday tour get to play on real grass while crappy field turf is spreading through MLS like crazy.

    I can’t stand watching games played on field turf and resent the fact that owners will install grass over turf for big ticket games but will rip it up as soon as the game is over. We will never be taken seriously until that junk is banned.

  55. Hugo G says:

    “fyi premium game tickets will be from 80 to 300 for this game, thanks for my spy in head office. way to run you supporters out of BMO.”

    Absolutely f@$king ridiculous!!! this kind of $ for a friendly..

  56. durbs says:

    There is no point in getting upset about the disrespect shown to season ticket holders. This is a club owned by a pension fund – their sole goal is to make as much money as possible. We all knew that going in.

  57. Theo says:

    After reading most of the comments I’m pissed, we had a chance to bring some New Yorkers up to see our city and share in a great game of soccer.

    Now we are left with unhappy fans on both sides of the border, a loss of tourism dollars, a loss of personal investment by NYRB and TFC fans and generally a sour taste in everyone’s mouth.

    Bush league doesn’t describe it, it is just a fundamental lack of respect for the fans. Sporting conglomerates like MLSE (owners of TFC, Maple Leafs and the Raptors) should be ashamed of their blatant cash grab. I for one will not be attending the game vs. Real Madrid (or their reserves because there’s no way Arjen and the rest of the Dutch front line will be visiting). After seeing the shell of an Aston Villa team that came a couple years ago I’ll stay home…