What lies ahead for Marcus Hahnemann?

Marcus Hahnemann (AP) 

Marcus Hahnemann and Reading take on Burnley today in the second leg of their English League Championship promotion semifinal (2:40pm, Setanta USA), and if Reading cannot overcome a 1-0 first-leg deficit, Hahnemann could wind up missing out on his last chance to return to the English Premier League.

Sure, there is the outside chance that the 36-year-old American goalkeeper could be picked up by some other low-level team in the EPL next season, but at his age, Hahnemann is probably more likely to return to MLS than the EPL. That is unless Reading can beat Burnley, and then beat Sheffield United in the promotion final.

Of course, Reading's promotion may not be enough to guarantee a return to the EPL for Hahnemann, who has seen contract talks with Reading stall, leaving Hahnemann frustrated and on the verge of becoming a free agent. You would think that a goalkeeper with 300 appearances for the club, and who would be instrumental in two EPL promotions during his career (if Reading qualifies this year) would be in a more stable situation, but business is business.

This all means that today could mark the end of a very impressive European career for one of American soccer's unsung standouts.

Where are you hoping Hahnemann will go this summer? Hoping he's in the EPL with a promoted Reading side? Would you like to see him come back to MLS (Hahnemann played for the Rapids from 1997 to 1999)? If so, then with what team?

Share your thoughts on Hahnemann's match today, and his playing future, in the comments section below.

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51 Responses to What lies ahead for Marcus Hahnemann?

  1. Mr. Derp says:


    I’d like to see Hahnemann stick it out with Reading, personally. I think he’s had a great career there and deserves the extension. I’d also like to see Perkins take the #3 spot in South Africa this summer and watch Marcus get the nod for the Gold Cup. I think he’s earned the chance.

  2. BellusLudas says:

    Come home to Colorado!!!

  3. KACD says:

    We’ll take him in DC!

  4. sarah cracknell says:

    Why would he come back to MLS? I’m sure he will get offers from higher caliber leagues than MLS.

  5. pslong009 says:

    I’d love to see him back in Colorado, but since they just picked up Matt Pickens, I have a hard time seeing that happening. Hahnemann’s definitely an upgrade over Pickens, but I’m not sure what the salary situation would be.

    Likewise, he grew up near Seattle and went to college in the area, but no way he goes there with Keller starting.

  6. MiamiAl says:

    DC United sure can use him…But I think Redding wins today…

  7. Hopper says:

    He’s a Seattle native. He’ll come back here when Keller retires.

  8. nico says:

    Be cool to see him in Colorado again.

  9. vasco says:

    DC United, he would look good in the black and gold.

  10. Sterlinho says:

    I agree with Hopper. Marcus will return to Seattle in two years when Keller retires. Eylander and Dragavon are still young and are the future Goalkeepers for the Sounders once we honor Kasey and Marcus. Remember, Marcus first played professionally for the A-League Sounders from ’94-’96 winning back to back championships in 95 & 96.

  11. Gilby says:

    I agree being born and raised in Seattle and a former Sounder I think a return at age 38 is not out of the question. The only problem is Seattle has a promising young back up in Chris Eyelander who is probably too good to keep on the bench much longer.

  12. Chase says:

    He’ll stay in Europe. I’m sure he gets a decent offer from a least a mid-level Euro league. I see him making a really late career return back to MLS ala Keller (a couple more years down the line).

  13. Danny says:

    He’ll be more than welcome to be the Portland Timbers version of Kasey Keller. How great would that be to see? Keller right before hanging up his boots taking on Hahnemann in the NW Derby! Very cool.

  14. Jon Callahan says:

    greatest soul match the world has ever seen…

  15. arkjayback says:

    Please MLS! Especially at a time when goalkeeping has taken a dip in the league. I dream of a day when I see Keller, Hahnemann, and Friedel all plying their trade in their domestic league.

  16. anon says:

    does anyone have a stream of the game?

    He is a hero to Sounder fans

  17. Sterlinho says:

    @ Danny,

    Unless Marcus is a sell out, he’ll never hang with Timber Jim. Besides, Portscum won’t be in the league until 2011 and Keller might be done by then, so in steps Marcus to Seattle.

  18. cbr says:

    36 year old american?? Galaxy are on the phone as we speak

  19. SayervilleFC says:

    I always figured Marcus would stay in England through the end of next season then return to MLS after the World Cup, for which he should make the US team.

    Now, WHERE in MLS he’d go is a good question. I see Keller playing THROUGH next year so I don’t see him going immediately to Seattle. Perhaps he’d be willing to bolster an MLS team then wait for Portland (not quite home but a damn site closer than the UK) in 2011 IF Keller decides to keep playing.

    Here’s hoping Reading win today and Marcus is able to end up back in the EPL with them.

  20. soccerroo says:

    FC Dallas could use him. Sala is out again with another injury and Burseis not making the job his. So that is a possibility. Probably a long shot but still a possibility. My hope though is that he and reading advance or he gets picked up by an EPL, Serie A or Bundsluiga(sp) team.

  21. Cam says:

    It would be a nice story for Philadelphia if the first player signed on the team in “America’s original city” is indeed an American. Hahnemann would definately be a nice fit in that scenario.

  22. Har says:

    Hope he goes to where ever will pay him the most coin. Which would probably not be the MLS…..

  23. anon says:

    Finally found a stream if anyone is interested

    link to justin.tv

  24. Don says:

    thanks for the link anon. are away goal rule in effect?

  25. Travis says:

    I’d love to see him in Seattle. However, I agree with the others that say he won’t get a chance. Eyelander will be ready whenever Keller does retire. I wouldn’t be be offended by him going to Portland or Vancouver if he needs somewhere to go in a few years. Hopefully he can stick in Europe until they are ready to play.

  26. Mike says:

    He’ll be the starting keepers for the Timbers…

  27. northzax says:

    Don: I don’t think there are away goals anymore in the Championship Playoffs, I recall Derby beat Southampton on penalties following a 4-4 aggregate the other year.

  28. EA says:

    Any US fans know which “end” is the US end in Soldier Field?

  29. Danny says:

    @ Sterlinho

    Seattle sucks. WTF is a “sounder” anyway? Some stupid reference to the Puget Sound I suppose. Pretty stupid name, even worse fans.

  30. northzax says:

    well, at the half, Burnley is certainly holding off the Royals’ attack well enough. Although Jensen got away with a handball outside the box that if it was a foot or two farther out should have been red.

    doesn’t look good for a team that has scored three goals at home this calendar year.

  31. Sean Monaghan says:

    Celtic 1 Dundee United 0 at the half

  32. northzax says:

    goal Burnley. I think we can stick a fork in the Royals. damn.

  33. EdTheRed says:

    And another goal Burnley. That fork is now firmly planted.

  34. Gr8fulDeadfan_France_via_Texas says:

    hopefully a razor…That things on his chin makes him look like a tool.

  35. MiamiAl says:

    It’s over…He can put away his Friedel English accent now…

  36. Chris says:

    Reading down 0-2 in the 73rd minute… I’m guessing he ends up in Philly. That said, I could see a few teams vying for him (DC, Dallas, etc.) Too bad for Reading…

  37. Trent says:

    He is probably good enough to be Will Hesmer’s backup.

  38. kubrick74 says:

    NY Red Bulls need a goalkeeper.

    Neither of their keepers are longterm solutions for the club.

    I think NY would make a play for him.

  39. Tim says:

    Please come to DC I would be so grateful although i really im hoping milos kocic improves. I do have hope for him. Crayton needs to be dropped though.

  40. Strider says:

    I doubt Marcus returns this year. I’m sure a lower level EPL or Ligue 1 or even Budesliga team will sign him for a year, even if as a backup for another solid keeper before he’d return to MLS. Maybe in a couple more years. Not having a NW axe to grind, I think he’d be a step up for #1 keeper for many MLS teams.

  41. Sean Monaghan says:

    2-1 final to celtic

    cmon hibs….get a draw or a win tomorrow vs the gers!!!

  42. TheUltra says:

    I’m sure he’ll be back home in MLS soon enough. I doubt he’ll want to return to Denver tho…

  43. Michael Vann says:

    I watched the Reading match. It was a real kick in the teeth to their supporters. They pretty much controlled the match but two wonder strikes killed their dreams. Sadly, I do think it’s the end of the road for Marcus. Reading has been reluctant to extend his contract because they have Federici waiting in the wings. I think if they were promoted they would have stuck with the experienced Marcus. But now they have to think long-term. Wholesale changes are coming at Reading. There will be a max exodus of players and more than likely Coppel is gone. He’s a fantastic manager but he’s done all he can at Reading. He’ll find another job quickly. As to Marcus, he will too. The question looms as to where. Maybe a promoted side or a promotion hopeful in the Championship. MLS could be on the cards, too. We’ll just have to wait,

  44. uclacarlos says:

    Galaxy!! I like Ricketts and all that, but I’d prefer Hehne…

  45. kebzach says:

    Any US fans know which “end” is the US end in Soldier Field?

    Posted by: EA


    South End of Soldier Field. Sections in the 120’s, 220’s, 320’s, etc.

    The north end sections are in the 150’s, 250’s and 350’s.

  46. beckster says:

    Michael, you are on target. Coppell is gone, it has been announced. Federici who did very well this season when Marcus was injured will be the goalie.

    Would love to see him in DC. I really think it will be a personal decision for him based on family and money. There are plenty of Championship teams that would kill to have him. I don’t see him in the EPL – suspect that the Spurs could find better talent this summer and they seem to have the biggest goal keeper issue.

    Will be interesting!

  47. Joel says:

    Come back to MLS Hahnneman and play for Philadelphia! Reading, England doesn’t want you? How about Reading, PA????


  48. Tom P says:

    How can he expext a spot in MLS when Josh Wicks can’t even get a game?

    ( hope you laughed a little)

    Seriously- stay in England and make more money in the championship then any MLS club could or would pay you under Garbarnomics..

  49. EA says:


    THANKS!!!! Can’t wait for the game.

  50. mwc says:

    I expect Hahnemann will get some offers from European teams. However, if he did decide to come to the MLS, I would like him to go to DC United. Their goalies are a MAJOR weakness.

  51. ga-gone says:

    If we can sucker someonie into taking Conway in a trade, I would love the Red Bulls to sign him. We are sitting on an unused DP slot after all… we could even throw him some dough to be our keeper just for the rest of 09.