Ancelotti signs with Chelsea

Carlo Ancelotti 1 (Reuters) 


Just one day after his dismissal from AC Milan, Carlo Ancelotti has signed a three-year deal with Chelsea.

The appointment of Ancelloti comes just one day after Guus Hiddink departed from The Blues. Ancelloti, who won the Champions League twice with AC Milan, in 2003 and 2007, will officially replace Hiddink as Chelsea manager on July 1.

Ancelloti led AC Milan to a third-place finish this season in the Serie A, but his contract was terminated by mutual consent on Sunday.

What do you think of Chelsea signing Ancelotti? Good or bad move? Will he help Chelsea capture the EPL title once again?

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14 Responses to Ancelotti signs with Chelsea

  1. ELAC says:

    Can you say, disaster?

  2. Kosh says:

    So what’s the over-under of a Chelsea-AC Milan match-up at some stage in next year’s Champions league? UEFA can be sick like that.

  3. Barry U says:

    Does Ancelotti speak english? It will be alot of fun watching interviews. Also, when Terry/Gerrard calls him govner or something like that I would love to see the look on his face.

    I dislike Chelsea and I hope the suck. But I know it will not happen.

  4. Barry U says:

    I meant Lampard. Those two guys are the same person to me for some reason. My Bad!!!

  5. Erik says:

    Seriously, does the guy even know English? I think I am tired of the EPL… There is no real hope for anyone outside the top 4 to ever accomplish anything.

    I would rather watch the Bundesliga where the league is actually close for the most part and there is something to play for at the end of the season.

    Yawn, Chelsea won the FA Cup – that means we get ANOTHER classic of a Community Shield with Chelsea – Man U…


  6. Strider says:

    I wonder if Ancelotti has the language capabilities of Capello who is now doing everything in English. If his English isn’t good quickly, this could end a lot like LFS for Chelsea. I wonder if Roman is just tyring to buy time until he can re-hire Guus? If so, a 3-yr contract might have been unwise. The other interesting issue is will Kaka or anyone else follow Ancelotti.

  7. EDB says:

    I don’t think he was as effective as he could have been. With all that attacking talent I think he could have employed different tactics to take advantage of it.

  8. Carlos Pais says:

    I can’t wait for the game in Baltimore when Chelsea play AC Milan. It won’t be that too far out when Ancelotti plays his former team!

    Blue is the color…..!!!!

  9. Joe D says:

    Rumor is that Pirlo and Seedorf will follow him in exchange for Essien…

    link to

  10. Brett says:

    So the guy underachieves with AC Milan and gets what most would consider a promotion to Chelsea?

    I thought for sure RA would do whatever it took to keep Hiddink after he had them looking so good down the stretch.

  11. Cody says:

    I read somewhere that Carlo has been taking English courses for about a year now. His interview on Chelsea TV is a pretty good resource to judge his English. 11 minutes of the interview is available on Chelsea’s website currently. I think personally it is a good appointment for Chelsea, I can’t really think of a better Man manager to have other than Guus that could control the “star players” personalities. HIs tactics will surely have to be adjusted though to compete with the English game pace.
    I think it will be a good fit….on paper, we will have to wait and see.

  12. Supsam says:

    What does that mean for Beckham? Last thing BEckham wants is to be signed by AC Milan but to figure out weeks later that he does not fit in the new coaches plans as a starter or even worse, a benchwarmer.

  13. inkedAG says:

    I’ve been following AC Milan off & on these ast two seasons and I don’t like or dislike Ancelotti. I don’t think as a coach and the players he had, he had them reach their potential. I hope Chelsea is patient wuth him.

  14. HomeyBoehme says:

    I hope this ruins David Beckham’s chances of making the England World Cup squad for 2010.