Confederations Cup: 23 Americans advance, one goes home

Giuseppe Rossi 1 (  

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When Sunday began it had been assumed that the 23 members of the U.S. national team would be the ones heading home from the Confederations Cup disappointed. After the United States rousing 3-0 win vs. Egypt, and Brazil's 3-0 win over Italy, the results meant that only one American player would be heading home to the United States.

That player is Giuseppe Rossi.

Ever since he left New Jersey a decade ago, Rossi has made it a tradition to return to the United States for part of his off-season vacation. That vacation will begin on Monday.

Okay, so perhaps gloating in Italy's failure may seem like a bit much, but considering the anguish Rossi's two goals against the United States put U.S. fans through, you can't really blame American fans for gloating a bit. So when they celebrate the fact that it was Rossi who was stripped on the play that led to Brazil's vital third goal, and revel in Italy's elimination, you can't really blame them, can you?

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  1. Doug says:

    No, you can’t. Very satisfying. Don’t wish anything bad for the guy, but it is nice to be able to have some bragging rights over any Italian player or fan, no matter their origin. Especially nice to have it over someone who, when he made the choice to play for Italy probably thought to himself that he would never see the day that the US would advance from a group that they did not in any tournament. So very nice.

  2. LJ says:

    He’s not American or Italian. Unfortunately one day he’s going to try and come home to NYC/NJ and he will not be welcomed.

    He would have never been considered really Italian, and now he’s cut his roots to his real country. The dude is —-ed.

  3. Boob Bradley says:

    Best Title to an article thus far, Ives!

  4. cam says:

    i guess juve can afford him now… haha. i feel bad for villareal, his value might have dropped a good 10 million euros by not making it to the semis

  5. J says:

    LJ, I’m pretty sure his family and friends here will welcome him just the same.

    With that said, advancing at Italy’s expense made this even more satisfying.

    Ives, when you say “they” and “them,” does this mean you only consider yourself a fan of the Peruvian National Team?

  6. ThaDeuce says:

    I love the title and picture of this article Ives. Thank you!

  7. frank says:

    I have neighbors of mine in socal who are not what I’d call fans of the beautiful game, but for some reason the subject of Rossi came up, and they immediately chimed up “f— gu— traitor!

    Whatever his reasons for doing what he did, this does not sit well with a lot of us….

  8. cbr says:

    J, im sure ives is trying to keep some level of professionalism when he writes. If he didnt care for the US team and US soccer in general he wouldnt have poured his life into it…no offense but that’s just a dumb as question u asked

  9. jamesey says:

    He’s a bandwagon traitor. He’ll never be stripped of that title. He will never win a Euro, Confed Cup, or World Cup with Italy.

  10. frank says:

    I’d love to see the reception he would get in a USA/Italy friendly at the new Red Bull Stadium….

  11. SeattleStan says:

    Ives, that title is amazing. Seriously, wow, I can’t believe how much that perfectly capped my day.

  12. BJR says:

    I wasn’t going to say anything until I read this: “The “Fire Bradley” folks are quiet tonight.”

    While this game was one of the best in recent memory, this win is no reason to think that Bradley should remain the coach. This win does not eclipse the poor coaching of the first two games of the tournament.

  13. Gabe says:

    I was absolutely gutted when Rossi scored. Now, I hope he feels the same pain…

    Seriously, I wish nothing but success on the kid. Just not against the US, and not in tournaments in which he comes to compete against us. The Judas chant is fun. Let’s all do it together!!!


  14. ThaDeuce says:

    I hope he gets booed everywhere he goes on his vacation. He does deserve that. I’m glad he gets to start his vacation tomorrow too!!

  15. UCSB Gaucho says:



  16. Never First says:

    Rossi’s stock definitely dropped quickly since the game against the US, as did the entire Italian team’s stock.

    I’m trying not to laugh too much at Rossi because I think he will have the last laugh. Oh well. If anyone in the NJ area sees him out, give him heck!

  17. ryan says:

    as satisfied as i am that we are advancing at italy’s expense, i want to wait and see if we can advance further than them in a certain little tourney next summer before i start gloating. let’s be a little humble and realize that south f-ing africa are in the same position in this tourney as we are.

  18. sg says:

    Pretty soon Spain will send the US packing, so I wouldn’t get too comfortable in South Africa.

  19. Gibber says:

    Fire Bradely. There you happy BJR? He’s inept, and makes the US play with clown shoes on..he still needs to go. I’ll trade Lippi for Bradley anyday..u got a problem with that?

  20. Isaac says:

    I don’t understand the hate towards Rossi and I don’t know why people are complaining about his celebration.

    He didn’t want to play for the USA, and saying he should play for us for reasons like US tax dollars that payed for his education is stupid. You’re basically calling him a slave. Who said he turned his back on his country anyways? Sure soccerwise he did but he still considers the USA home and he still comes home to NYC.

    His celebration on the goal was because he is a young player that just came into a match and on just his second possession found the net. On top of that it was a beastly finish on the world stage against a damn good team( or dont you think so?)

    I understand hating him as a player, but as a person? Lets be reasonable.

  21. freddie footballer says:

    sg, we will probably lose to Spain, but we’re guaranteed two games. Even if we lose, we play for third place. More practice, more time as a team together. It’s good for the USA. Man, I’m proud tonight as a USMNT fan.

  22. J says:

    Ives, i love your title. Only someone from Jersey can really claim to know the betrayal of the former American. Anyway, this was sweet on many levels.

  23. kpugs says:

    I don’t have a problem with Rossi’s decision to play for italy.

    But no, you can’t blame anyone for gloating. Not only did he coose Italy but he turned out to be a stud!

    I kind of agree with you Isaac, the only difference is while I don’t hate Rossi I do understand why some do, even if I disagree.

    It’s a fitting end to the tourney for him too. He followed his dream and beat incredible odds to realize it by playing for Italy, but he’s still American, and still going home. :)

    I don’t agree with the hate but I understand it, and it’s a little bit of a guilty pleasure to know he’s catching a plane out of S.A. asap.

  24. Isaac says:

    For all those with the ” Fire BB” banners. It’s getting annoying as well…

    What happens when he puts out the young players that you’re all harping for and they don’t do well? Is that his fault too? If this victory doesn’t prove anything, then Davies’ goal proves nothing as well. I’m just really glad we won the way we did today and gave the critics, well….this:

    link to

  25. kpugs says:

    BJR, your post is accurate, but implies you want Bradley gone based on losses to Italy and Brazil.

    That’s a rough position to take. They won 3-0 today but Torres and Adu have played zero minutes while Dempsey lays down the suck for every minute he plays, Beasley gets trotted out there, Bornstein, etc.

    The bottom line is that regardless of whether Bradley should or should not be fired, it has nothing to do with the fact that they won one game against a team that, while good, they should beat. Especially after the recent suckfests we’ve had to put up with from him.

    So unfortunately, FAIL. Bradley has done far more bad than good in the past several months and if you don’t see it, you’re several bricks short of a building my friend.

    And since this is coming from a guy who only recently started getting on Bradley, I can’t imagine what some of the others who have been on the anti-Bradley trai for months are going to think.

  26. Isaac says:

    BTW Ives,

    If the USA had gotten knocked out and Italy advanced would the article have been:

    23 Americans Leave, One Stays.

    or if Italy AND the USA got knocked out then would it have been

    24 Americans Leave


  27. Sunil For Life says:


    You are not alone.

    It was a marvelous victory. But the verdict on Bradley was never about just one game.

    The last months have shown that the team will have ups and downs, but Bradley is a mediocrity and conservative to a fault. He is not the sort of manager who will elevate this group of players.

    We need someone with a much better football brain.

  28. milkshake of despair says:

    Agree: great headline! And yes, Bob should still be fired.

  29. Sushant Rao says:


    Have the Rossi-haters (not the larger USMNT fans) become the psychotic ex-girlfriend or what?

    This reminds me of the relationship between West Virgina football fans and Rich Rodriguez who left WVU to go coach at Michigan. The venom toward Rodriguez got so bad, that one columnist compared WVU fans to a psychotic ex-girlfriend. Here’s the article:
    link to

    Seriously, are we going to have to be subjected to the love/hate with Rossi every time the USMNT loses (“we would have won with Rossi at forward, the b*****d”) or wins (“we don’t need Rossi, the b*****d, to win the world cup”)?

    Why can’t we just move on and enjoy the wins / despair over the loses without bringing up Rossi?

  30. Bill Migraw says:

    I have never left a comment before, I am just a loyal reader, but i had to say something. This is by far the best title for an article I have ever seen. It has made my night, :-).

  31. Jason says:

    Nice that he comes back to the States every year.

    I bear him no I’ll will, though I could have done without the goals.

  32. BJR says:

    Sorry about the brevity, kpuds.

    Next time I’ll elaborate in a 5 paragraph essay.

    Meanwhile, try to get your cranium out of your puckered sphincter.

  33. Jammer says:

    To play for the Italian team, Rossi must be like a real celebrity over there. Autographs wherever he goes, a national hero. Its not like that for US team players. He spends most of the year there. I can see why he would play for them.

    But still he is a traitor, and he was a jerk for celebrating his goals against his own REAL country that way. So I will enjoy every minute of the schadenfreude. SCREW ROSSI hahahahaha

  34. Jackie says:

    You sure make $$ out of hating Rossi.

    Kinda Patehtic for a ESPN Reporter. Time for you to mature up.

  35. chg says:

    Isaac, are you dense?

    Seriously, your hypothetical headlines make me wonder.

    Google “jokes”. After you conduct a few hours of research into this radical new concept, return to this website and reevaluate the effectiveness of your suggested headlines relative to the concept of “jokes”.

  36. Jackie says:

    Real Reason USMNT won:

    – SA Hookers

    _ Egypt played badly an dhad injury issues

    – US played their best match

    – Brazil

  37. Panos says:

    For 3 years I have visited this site and have watched the banter back and forth regarding Americans who have deserted their country. Below is my opinion.

    There have been multiple athletes that have immigrated to the US to further their athletic careers. What needs to be reminded, especially after tonight is that the US proved what type of team they are. They will struggle against the elite teams, and play very well against lower level opposition. Granted Egypt had been a suprise package in the tournament but it still is Egypt, a team that has not qualified for the WC since 1990. Give the US their due, but remember put everything in perspective.

    Regarding athletes who have switched countries, here are a couple who have helped the US:

    Monica Seles – YUG -> US

    Brett Hull – CAN -> US

    Martina Navratilova – CZE -> US

    Patrick Ewing – JAM -> US


    In the 2008 Olympics, 33 athletes were foreign-born and immigrated to the US.

    Khatuna Lorig – GEO -> US

    Khan Malaythong – LAO -> US

    Eva Lee – HKG -> US

    Howard Bach – VIE -> US

    Phil Dalhausser – SWI -> US

    Philip Dutton – AUS -> US

    Steffen Peters – GER -> US

    Kayla Bashore – KOR -> US

    Caroline Nichols – BER -> US

    Nastia Liukin – RUS -> US

    Sayaka Matsumoto – JPN -> US

    Heather Corrie – GBR -> US

    Giuseppe Lanzone – PER -> US

    Susan Francia – HUN -> US

    Jennifer Goldsack – GBR -> US

    Anna Tunnicliffe – GBR -> US

    Freddy Adu – GHA -> US

    Stuart Holden – GBR -> US

    Gao Jun – CHN -> US

    David Zuang – CHN -> US

    Chen Wang – CHN -> US

    Crystal Huang – CHN -> US

    Liezel Huber – RSA -> US

    Maddalena Lewy Boulet – POL -> US

    Sanya Richards – JAM -> US

    Bernard Lagat – KEN -> US

    Lope Lomong – SUD -> US

    Leo Manzanno – MEX -> US

    Abdi Abdirahman – SOM -> US

    Kerron Clement – TRI -> US

    Matt Reed – NZL -> US

    Tony Azevedo – BRA -> US

    Khalid Khannounchi – MOR -> US

  38. BFBS says:

    As many Italians scored for Italy – De Rossi, as against Italy – Dossena. Guys from New Jersey (Rossi (2) and Bradley), on the other hand, scored three goals and counting…

  39. Panos says:

    The basic premise of my argument is that athletes will continue to switch countries for either economic or athletic gain. We can debate the merits of whether Athlete A or B should be allowed to change countries, what we should not to do is openly mock and bash certain players who have made the switch. It shows a low level of class, in my opinion. Regarding my rather lengthly list above I am sure I have omitted quite a few athletes, but the information was taken from my thesis from b-school regarding the economic gains of the ‘athletic poaching.’


  40. BKB says:

    Absolutely love the headline!

  41. Special1 says:

    Shut up Jackie!

  42. DingDong says:

    Brett Hull was born in the US to Canadian parents. He could have played for either team (and Canada was the better team). I don’t see how this supports what you’re saying…

  43. Patrick says:

    Twist the knife on them Ives!

  44. DingDong says:

    Never mind, he was born in Ontario. I always thought he was born in Chicago.

    Still, he isn’t someone who chose the US or Canada for his advantage in any obvious way. He would have been a star on either team. Unless your theory is that he was a bigger star on US than in Canada. But Rossi would have been a bigger star on US than Italy. So I’m not sure I see the theme here.

  45. Dustin says:

    I’d just like to add something to this discussion….

    New Jersey Sucks.

  46. Panos says:


    My argument was not based on why Athlete A or B made the switch from one country or another, my argument is that this happens all the time, and as sports fan we should learn to realize that this happens instead of cursing the name of the athletes that have deserted our home country. My point at the end of the day is that Rossi is not the only player who has made such a switch. He certaintly was not the first and will not be the last. Also regarding the list of athletes I mentioned above, I wanted to show that the US has also benefited from country switchers.

  47. jayr5 says:

    It’s okay to hate him because of the goals, and it’s okay to dislike him because he had the chance to play for the US and said no…but I have a hard time agreeing with the “traitor” talk, and some of the more over the top hatred. He didn’t invent the system. You could tell by his celebrations (again, no problem with that, if Jermaine Jones scores against Germany next summer and goes nuts, I doubt many people will be complaining) where his loyalties lie. I personally wouldn’t have wanted a player who’s real dream lay elsewhere. Give me players who, presented with a choice, choose us. Or give me players like Jay Demerit, who’s been killing himself out there despite the slights he’s gotten in the past from US Soccer. (I checked the commentary after the Egypt game, and Ives had the same thing I said out loud when Demerit slid in on the wing-“Crunching tackle!” One of my favorite non-goal moments of the tournament.) Okay. That’s all I have to say.

  48. timmy says:

    demerit is a beast. that tackle was freakin’ rowdy. and then his look back of complete disdain was pretty epic as well.

  49. realmilk says:

    Correct headlines:

    Confederations Cup: 21 Americans, 1 Ghanian American, 1 Brazilian American advance, one Italian American goes home

  50. realmilk says:


    learn some manners

  51. realmilk says:

    Enjoy Bobby as the USMNT @ WC 2010.

  52. realmilk says:

    Sushant Rao

    Your comment was excellent.

  53. Special1 says:

    Shut up realmilk!

  54. Brandon says:

    Great title Ives. Hahahaha.

  55. Leonardo says:

    i could care less about this rossi fluke. overhyped. it was a little fun to clown on him at first, but i ain’t gonna kick him/Italy as they’re on the ground. maybe if ur from his hometown, ya, that makes sense.

    italy has some big issues – losing to a #40 ranked team then getting “man-handled” by Brazil. Pirlo can’t do everything, Lippi, and yes, Toni sucks.

    Best player in the tourney so far is Lucio – that guy took Toni & Donovan out of the game. He was even taunting some Italian player 10 years his younger as he beat him to the ball. Lucio is a fiend!

    …we’ll still beat ’em! ahaaa USA USA USA!

  56. Leonardo says:

    come to think of it, Rossi is our scapegoat, or more like a symbol of all the press and countries that dont respect US Soccer.

    now i can see why peeps are clowning him!

  57. Amy says:

    Ives, I always wonder. Why don’t you say ‘we’ about American soccer fans?

  58. daggius says:


  59. zongzap says:

    Do us a favor ans don’t come. You want to be Italian, stay in Italy, you’re not welcome here

  60. Shoegaze says:

    Greatest title ever.

  61. Johnny says:

    I used to hate the guy too. All the hate in the world isn’t going to bring a world class player in Rossi to our team. It’s time to live and let live. That being said there is a certain level of satisfaction to seeing him going home early.

  62. DC Josh says:

    Hey, who cares about Rossi right now when the US pulled off a miracle yesterday!!!

    I felt like I was in a twilight zone when I went outside after the game and no other person was excited as I was, because none of them follow the US team, much less follow soccer. These next two days will be the best for me as a US supporter. Rossi going home early is icing on the cake, and it’s the best damn cake I’ve ever tasted.

  63. Michael F. - SBI MAFIA ORIGINAL says:

    Best headline yet, Ives. Your story ideas are priceless. Congrats.

    Way off topic: If Onyewu goes to Fenerbache as is being reported I think it’s a big mistake. They basically play in a one team league.

    link to

  64. Adam M. says:

    Ok. And Rossi did get stripped. But he had two absolute bombs of shots on frame against Brazil when he was brought on and is still a 5’8” kid from New Jersey proving that at least one American can play at the top level of the game. What happened yesterday was a great result, but it required a undermaned and clearly exausted Egypt, about 10 minutes of Brazilian brilliance, and a complete collapse on Italy’s part for it to happen.

    As far as I am concerned, Spain should be the game that decides a lot of these players’ fates. Clark still doesn’t look like he belongs. Bornstein seems to play well one-to-one, but is out of place too often. Dempsey had a few very nice moments yesterday and mostly terrible moments, but he needs to be a starting striker as I’ve long urged with Altidore in pair (that he scored about a minute after being pushed up is not a conincidence). And Benny needs a role against Spain (as does Torres for Clark, but it won’t happen). Bottom line, the post=game critique of the U.S. play should not include words like “tired,” “uninvolved,” “out of place” or the like. They can’t reasonably be expected to get a result, but a showing comaprable to the 4-2 friendly loss to Brazil a few July’s ago would be good.

  65. FIXXXER says:

    Best headline ever

  66. Sg says:

    Italy looks tired lately

  67. Oogie Pringle says:

    Great title, but I was hoping it was Beasley that was sent home.

  68. everton blue says:

    Interesting stat- pertaining to Sunday’s rosters.
    Average age;
    Brazil 27
    Italy 28
    USA 24

  69. Mike says:

    Rossi can kiss my big, fat, hairy, red, white, and blue ass.

  70. Murphy says:

    I still say fire Bradley but there is no way that will happen now. At least he got them to play with some intensity yesterday. That doesn’t take away from the fact that he made some horrible decisions in the last few games and they’ve been playing awful (until yesterday). So my bet is Bob’s job is secure through 2010…

  71. Joe says:

    Does anyone here really think we deserve to be in the semi’s? We get destroyed by the good teams and get a lucky break. Now we get to play Spain, a team that is going for the all-time record for 36 games without defeat, who are going to wipe the floor with us. We are not a good team. There is nobody here that really thinks that we are going to do well in the WC. We are going to get drawn in a easy group and everyone is going to expect easy qualification and guess what, we are going to look like the MLS quality side we really are.

  72. Tommy H says:

    Hey Joe, Way to keep a positive attitude. Maybe they shouldn’t show up at all. Just surrender. Way to go.

  73. DCDeacon says:

    No, you can’t blame us. I really enjoy the fact that he’s headed home.

  74. BK says:

    Ives, quit whining. My god, your OCD over Rossi is embarassing yourself. Get over it.

  75. RedStateJim says:

    Fire Bob Bradley. yes happy we advanced, don’t care about Rossi but it doesn’t change the fact that we haven’t been prepared to play against good competition. I bet we see DMB on Wednesday….

  76. mexicanbluefish says:

    it would have been MUCH sweeter if Rossi´s teammate, Jozy, would have scored.

  77. Isaac says:

    Seriously Joe, I agree with Tommy H. Are you really even a USMNT fan, or are you just another troll in disguise?

    Here’s the thing Joe: We have less of a chance of winning if we don’t try. We don’t go into these matches expecting a win, we go into them expecting the team to play their heart out. This is the kind of game where the scoreline means little if the team puts forth the effort and fights for it.

  78. Harvey says:

    Slight satisfaction in Italy going home (major satisfaction that the US advanced), but I can’t hate on the guy. I won’t apologize for advancing. The boys did what they had to do. Is Italy or Egypt more deserving of advancing? Probably not. Italy won their only game by barely beating a 10-man USA team. Egypt had a major choke when a close victory would have sufficed. If we don’t get two questionable red cards, perhaps we wouldn’t have needed a victory today–or at least not as many goals.

  79. Isaac says:

    If people have been saying to fire Bob Bradley over the results in the Hexagonal then please keep in mind that we only started losing after injuries to Brian Ching and Frankie Hejduk, as well as Steve Cherundolo. We also had one game where Tim Howard was suspended and we could have used him.

    Bob Bradley’s decisions have been suspect but some of them wouldn’t have been made were it not for injuries. Barring injury, this is what we should/could see in August






  80. Harvey says:

    It should have read “when a close defeat would have sufficed” for Egypt.

  81. d-man says:

    I just hope come the World Cup this smack talk doesn bite us in arse.

  82. chupacabra says:

    Rossi’s family and friends may welcome him, but Rossi will also be welcomed by fresh “Rossi=Traitor” graffiti as he drives along the 46 to visit his parents in Clifton.

  83. Stephen says:

    This was a failure of the tiebreaking formula. Looking at the table, you think “okay, three teams tied, and all beat each other, so let’s first look at goal differential – that eliminates Egypt.”

    So, now you’re down to Italy and the U.S. How the @(*)!@*$ isn’t the next question “well, who won between those two teams?” Instead, you go to GOALS FOR? It makes no sense whatsoever.

    Stuff like this is why I hate all international sports governing bodies. They don’t take the time to think through their rules in actual real-world situations until it’s too late. North American sports are continually tweaking their rules in reaction to real-world events. FIFA, meanwhile, still maintains this logic-stretching tiebreaking procedure.

  84. bulls says:

    Talk about suspect, Bradley still took out Altidore, who was contributing significantly and looked as if to score immenently, and put in Conor (absolutely terrible), who dribbled right out of bounds at least 2 times. At least Beasely remained on the bench, but we need to see Adu and Torres.

  85. king says:

    Nice title…Bradley still needs to go.

  86. brad says:

    Ives… I woke up this morning and thought it was a dream…

  87. Mr. Garrison's Fancy New Vagina says:

    Rossi has an affinity for dolphins and will undergo “dolphinoplasty”, surgically altering his appearance to resemble that of a dolphin. He is stuggling with what he is (am I American? Italian? or a sea living mammal?) and will only feel comfortable/at home in the sea.

  88. Elliott says:

    Nice title Ives – if you see Rossi hanging out at the Shore, you know what to do.

  89. irishapple21 says:

    Rossi can suck it. I’m so glad that his bandwagon Benedict Arnold turn did not produce results for him. I hope that serves as a lesson for other Americans who abandon their country in its time of need.

  90. RK says:

    Ives, quit whining. My god, your OCD over Rossi is embarassing yourself. Get over it.

    Posted by: BK

    I’m disappointed in this article; what is gained by stoking the fire? Where is the news, or analysis? If you like or appreciate Rossi, fine, but why revel in his misfortune? Celebrate the US victory.

  91. KCB says:

    WHO ARE YA?!

  92. Mr. Garrison's Fancy New Vagina says:

    “This was a failure of the tiebreaking formula. Looking at the table, you think “okay, three teams tied, and all beat each other, so let’s first look at goal differential – that eliminates Egypt.”

    So, now you’re down to Italy and the U.S. How the @(*)!@*$ isn’t the next question “well, who won between those two teams?” Instead, you go to GOALS FOR? It makes no sense whatsoever.

    Stuff like this is why I hate all international sports governing bodies. They don’t take the time to think through their rules in actual real-world situations until it’s too late. North American sports are continually tweaking their rules in reaction to real-world events. FIFA, meanwhile, still maintains this logic-stretching tiebreaking procedure”

    Head to head has to be thrown out in a 3 way tie; you then cant logically bring it up to then decide between two teams after ignoring it to eliminate that one team. Any factor to decide a tie-break is just as logical as the other. It is all defined before hand, meaning they did indeed think about it, and they even recorded it for actual application.

  93. mike ruze says:

    Im only dissapointed no one broke his legs.

    we dont need Benedict Rossi here over the summer. He loves Italy so much let him stay his a$$ over there.

  94. yankiboy says:

    @jackie–I just gotta luv ya. When so many of us here painstakingly (at times) give opponent/rivals the props that they deserve, you completely and utterly ignore it but when anyone around here is drinking the hateraid you are all on it.

    You are so objective. Please do not change. It would be very confusing. On second thought, since you want to be the beacon for giving props when they are due, why don’t you take your own advice.

  95. wjmooner says:

    Thanks for stoking the fire Ives! I had no idea that a member of the Italian national team liked to visit family in the United States. Must be some cousins or other distant relatives. Huh, too bad he wasn’t born here, he might have been a valuable addition to our squad.

  96. Rafael says:

    All these fools who are calling for Bradley’s job are way off. First, the team has played well. The match vs Italy, if it wasn’t for the freaking straight Red, the US could have at the least tied Italy. For whatever reason, the US always plays Italy hard. See WC 06.

    Now let’s say you idiots get your wish… Who would be the next coach? A foreing coach?

    Have we not learned anything from the mistakes the Mexican team has made in the past years? Come on!

  97. Mario in SJ says:

    Hey Stephen, ther’s an Italy fans blog site for you to go cry in, please tell them how Italy got screwed, not us, we have had our share of getting screwed already. (2 inexistent reds and uncalled hand in the box)

  98. schuyler says:

    lol @ Oogie Pringle

    Beasley needs to go back to the chicago fire, and then when they get tired of him, retire.

    that rhymed!

  99. HokieFutbol says:

    Ok you fire Bob Bradley people are idiots. Who did you want him to play besides Bornstein? I will listen to the Boca people solely based on Demerit’s play with Onweyu, but he wasn’t fit. Who else? Pearce has been terrible since the hexagonal began and during his club season. If you say Wynne you deserve to get smacked. So who else on the left?

    Now to the Beasely start v Brazil. He risked putting in a veteran that was part of the squad that tied Italy in WC 06 and is still capable of playing well. He is just not on form right now. Remember he is only 27…and hopefully has his best football yet to play if you believe the knee injury didn’t completely derail him. He just needs regular club time. Also, Adu=defensive liability also not on form and Torres does not have the pace to play on the outside for us in this offense.

    On to the Kljestan start versus Brazil. This is really the only bad one, and I would like to have seen Torres and/or Feilhaber here for their ability to control the ball and deliver good passes. Slot Donovan at outside mid-fielder and either play play one of Benny/Torres and Davies or slot Benny just behind Altidore and Torres with Bradley.

    In any of these cases, BB showed he can at least evaluate when his team plays poorly. The start of Clark was absolutely the right move, and it paid off huge. He allowed Bradley to join the attack, and I think his partnering with him is safe at least until JJ comes or Edu is healthy. You can’t argue with the results. We are second in the hexagonal and got further in Confed Cup than anyone would have thought (I still think we beat Italy if Clark isn’t sent off). If it wasn’t for Demerit being gassed on the third goal and Onweyu’s misplay of the 2nd goal, it’s a draw.

    For all the Bob Bradley haters see Isaac’s post at 1:31 AM.

  100. Chase says:

    HaHaHa @ Special1, I don’t think the second commenter got the joke…

    I’m still giddy this morning. Not sure why some of you are such Debby Downers (kpugs as usual) about the whole thing. Sure Bradley made some bungles, but the Nats put together an entertaining, gutsy, impressive performance against Africa’s best team (the best the team has put together collectively since US-Italy in ’06). It was something to be immensely proud of.

    On Rossi, yeah he is a traitor, but anyone saying his stock dropped precipitously after yesterday is delusional. Despite the turnover against Kaka that led to the 3rd goal, he looked like Italy’s most likely player to score in the 2nd half. Sure, I am still pissed off about him celebrating against his native country and think its hilarious, gratifying and ironic that we advanced at the expense of Italy, however, that does not mean I am going to engage in some of the scary nativist/jingoistic rhetoric being bandied around on here.

  101. Tony in Quakeland says:

    Yup – Best headline ever

  102. jpc says:


    You really know how to stir the pot. But as much as I think Rossi’s decision was a completely self centered decision, I’d rather not kick him while he’s down. Despite his effort against the US, he really didn’t have a great tournament, nor did Italy. I did however read on another site that he considers himself American rather than Italian, which makes me more disapointed at his decision, not angry.

  103. Stephen says:

    “Hey Stephen, ther’s an Italy fans blog site for you to go cry in, please tell them how Italy got screwed, not us, we have had our share of getting screwed already. (2 inexistent reds and uncalled hand in the box)”

    I’m not Italian or an Italian fan – my international loyalties lie with Sweden (assuming Canada’s doing their usual job of struggling along), thanks to ties on my mom’s side.

    I’m just pointing out how idiotic this tiebreaker looks. If the US had beaten Italy and gone out on this formula, it would *still* be idiotic and logic-defying. Head-to-head should always have first priority and be used whenever possible; it couldn’t be used in the first tiebreaker, but there’s no reason to not go back and use it when you have Egypt out of the picture. It’s not “ignoring” head-to-head, it’s acknowledging that it can’t break a three-way tie in this scenario. It sure as hell can break a two-way tie.

    Ah, well, the US will get thrashed by Spain and all will be back to normal anyway with this quirk of tiebreaking long forgotten.

  104. Landon Donovan says:

    hahaha best headline ever…..better than morning sex waking up to this

  105. Dan Gleesack says:


    He didn’t just make the decision to leave his country as a player, but as a person as well. He’s a flat-out traitor and US fans will never forget that.

  106. TimN says:

    Well, I tend to dislike these guys who go through the US youth system, learn the game from us, then part for “greener pastures,” such as Rossi and Subotic. Add in the celebration in our faces last week after his goals, and it becomes even easier to dislike this guy.

    It’s called karma, folks, and it tends to come around when it’s a most difficult pill to swallow…choke on it Giuseppi!

  107. Peter Bering says:

    Being born on a piece of land is such a cheap way to determine citizenship. Rossi is Italian, and USAhmurricans are the most thin-skinned people on earth. By far.

  108. Mr. Garrison's Fancy New Vagina says:

    “Being born on a piece of land is such a cheap way to determine citizenship. Rossi is Italian, and USAhmurricans are the most thin-skinned people on earth. By far.”

    hes always dreamed of being a dolphin..

  109. jai_brooklyn says:

    USAhmurricans are the most thin-skinned people on earth. By far.

    Posted by: Peter Bering

    You have no idea what you are talking about.

    I think it’s just frustration from the U.S fans because Rossi is so good.

    That said, I think it’s time to shake the kid’s hand and move on.

    Go Jozy!!!

  110. Peter Bering says:

    Mr Vagina, I accept your correction of my English and change it to “a given piece of land”.

  111. metrostar 4 life says:


  112. Chase says:

    “Being born on a piece of land is such a cheap way to determine citizenship.”

    Really? Is the draconian European method of citizenship via blood ties better? Citizenship by birth on US soil is a bedrock of this country and its diverse hertiage. By your ridiculous logic every person born here of immigrant parents is not really an American. Take that crap back to Europe…

  113. Giovanni2006 says:

    Ok, I stopped reading a ways back… I think there is some confusion about Rossi, especially from the comment Ding Dong made… He was born in the US to Italian parents, he holds dual citizenship… therefore he can play for either country… I was born in Italy and raised in America, I have dual citizenship and chose to serve in the American Army instead of the Italian Army does that make me a traitor to Italy??? Apparently from all the comments I have read it does… we are sounding a bit hypocritical here…

  114. madmax says:

    Hokie on Beasley, “…and is still capable of playing well…”
    There is nothing in recent performances that indicates that Beasley will regain form, (ask Rangers) nothing. ConFed Cup was not the spot to take another look.

    Ives, “celebrate the fact that it was Rossi who was stripped on the play that led to Brazil’s vital third goal,”

    Yes there is nothing wrong with celebrating this, not based on Rossi’s play but by his comments. Arrivederci Rossi.

  115. BlueWhiteLion says:

    Great Title.

    I am over my Rossi hate, however. Time to move on.

  116. Derek says:

    Suck it Rossi. As a fellow Italian American I hate you.

    You are the Spencer Pratt of soccer.

  117. Danny says:

    He’s not an American. Not anymore anyway. Stay in Italy Rossi. We don’t want you.

  118. McP says:

    Watching Rossi celebrate those goals against us is like watching your ex-girlfriend swaping spit with another guy….yeah it’s a kick in the balls at first, you’re a little angry and bitter, maybe if a few things would have changed you might still be together. But you’re not and it’s time to forget about that b*tch and move on.

  119. Peter Bering says:

    “Being born on a piece of land is such a cheap way to determine citizenship.”

    Really? Is the draconian European method of citizenship via blood ties better? Citizenship by birth on US soil is a bedrock of this country and its diverse hertiage. By your ridiculous logic every person born here of immigrant parents is not really an American. Take that crap back to Europe…

    Not to worry, Chase. I am in Europe, as you should be as well. Your rogue European ancestors exterminated and marginalized natives in what we named “America” and created a monster. To call a Dutch “Italian” or “Vietnamese” because his parents gave birth while visiting there is absurd. For the US this perversion is logical only because the entity is entirely built on extermination and the idea of attracting masses of hustlers and fortune-seekers to soldify the grab.

    Citizenship should be: Children of citizens, foreign spouses of citizens – after some time, adopted children, immigrants approved by the citizens – after some time.

  120. Danny says:

    Good one Ives…Rossi may have had the first laugh, but he who laughs last, laughs best…Hope I got that quote right lol

  121. chris says:


  122. HE from NJ says:

    thanks for writing this ives, all american fans needed to hear that.
    USA baby!

  123. el terrible says:

    I bet Rossi likes fish sticks in his mouth, thus making him a gay fish. (See south park)

  124. TimN says:


    I think “the rub” with these guys lies in the fact that they go through our youth system, learn the game here, utilize our training and resources that could have been used to develop players who want to play for us, then walk away. I agree that the use of the word “traitor” is strong, but you must understand the annoyance and dislike of him.

  125. Alien says:

    As for the tiebreaking rule, the same rules are used in pretty much all FIFA tournaments.

    The rules are:

    1) Goals difference

    2) Goals scored

    3) Direct match

    4) Drawing

    Every league can create their own rules, but international tournaments always go by these.

  126. konoha7 says:


    that’s a “We Hate Giuseppe Rossi” group on facebook

  127. LA NORTE says:

    He where is CLifton located in NY, next time we head down to Jersey for the DC Vs Redbull game I will make sure I drive around with my US FLAG.

  128. rickr says:

    Rossi can go f#@K himself-and I don’t care what neighborhood he grew up in, it was still in the USA.

  129. chad says:

    wish i could be there to heckle his traitor ass. hopefully some of sam’s army can be there and represent.

  130. Richard says:

    a) best blog title, ever, anywhere!

    2) on Rossi: he chose Italy over the US because he wanted to win. Rossi chose to perhaps become a player for Italy rather perhaps become a legend for the US. Hence, the hatin’. Suck on it, Giusepp…

    3) “if not for the red card” – yeah people, that’s the whole point, that there WAS a red card, and then again, against the two sides where we could least afford it. At this level, all the coach has to do is get the team mentally focused. There have been enough times where Bradley has just not had his teams ready for kickoff. That’s why he has to go.

    It’s not about the scores, it’s about the stupidities.

  131. Bri says:

    hate the italians, but mostly their fans

  132. BrazilFan says:

    So much hate…

    Does the US need Rossi so bad that people really get this upset by the fact he chose to play for a different country? I think it says a lot about the state of US soccer.

    BTW, Brazilians find it amusing that Marcos Senna is playing for Spainm and might play Brazil in the final. Also a recent example, Deco was an idol in Portugal, specially under Scolari. This is common business in soccer, people sometimes feel they will get more chances/be more successful/be more respected by playing for a different country. No big deal.

    Why do Americans feel so offended by Rossi? I don’t get it.

  133. lumpy says:

    Nice, Ives lol!

  134. lumpy says:

    But, I still think Italy threw their last two matches. You know, match-fixing. Somebody probably paid them off to lose the matches. Anybody who thinks Italy was “giving their all” walking around against Brazil must also think that Chelsea was “giving their all” (no offense to DC United fans) walking around against DC United in that friendly in 2005. Soccer is a business, people, and I do think money is enough of a motive sometimes to make people do things “they shouldn’t.” And, the USA is a big, untapped market and must look like a big cookie. Why wouldn’t they pay off a team to lose a match if they could rope in potentially all of N America in the long run???