Confederations Cup Final: USA vs. Brazil (Matchday Commentary)

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The U.S. men's national team takes on Brazil in the Confederations Cup final today (2pm, ESPN), the first international tournament final in the history of the U.S. team.

The Americans will be looking to exact some revenge on the Brazilian, who handed them a 3-0 loss in group play. Things have changed quite a bit since that match, with the United States posting wins against Egypt and Spain by a combined 5-0 margin.

I will be providing live commentary before and during today's match so you are welcome to follow the match here on SBI. As always, feel free to share your own thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.

Enjoy the match.


FINAL– Some final questions for SBI Mafia members as I close out this post. What U.S. player impressed you the most in this tournament? Who surprised you the most? Are you feeling more confident about the U.S. team's chances in the 2010 World Cup?

Share your thoughts below. That's all for me. Thank you for following along here.


FINAL– Brazil lifts the trophy tonight, but the U.S. national team has lifted the U.S. soccer program to a new level and the experience gained at this tournament will be invaluable heading toward the 2010 World Cup.

Seriously, think about it. Can you remember a U.S. national team that can boast the type of experience and matches and results that this current group boasts?


FINAL– Ready to talk about who starts vs. Mexico? Nah, that can wait. Let's think about this tournament and all the impressive performances in this tournament. Seriously, think about it people. The U.S. national team didn't just win games, they played some great soccer, scored some beautiful goals and showed tremendous heart. This team helped earn the type of respect from the soccer world that hasn't existed before.


FINAL– Clint Dempsey finishes with the Bronze Ball as third most valuable player of the tournament. Luis Fabiano won the Silver Ball and Kaka won the Golden Ball.


FINAL– Some players really stepped up in this tournament and established themselves as key players heading toward the World Cup. Jonathan Spector, Jay DeMerit and Charlie Davies come away from this tournament looking like the starters the team has needed.


FINAL- Tim Howard wins the Goalkeeper of the Tournament award. Very deserving.


FINAL-  Tim Howard was easily the Man of the Match. He made countless clutch saves, but could do nothing on the three Brazil goals.


FINAL– If the U.S. team went into this tournament wanting to know where it stands a year ahead of the World Cup then the Americans have to feel good about what they learned. Several key players will eventually make their way back into the mix, such as Maurice Edu, Brian Ching, Steve Cherundolo and eventually Jermaine Jones, and when you combine them, with this group, as well as some up-and-coming players who will get looks in the Gold Cup, things are looking up a year from the 2010 World Cup.


FINAL– Kudos to Brazil, which never stopped coming despite the deficit. They kept creating, kept attacking in waves and eventually found chances to finish. Kaka, Luis Fabiano, Robinho, Maicon. These are the world's best players for a reason and they showed why today. 


FINAL– Brazil 3, USA 2. A tough result to swallow considering the first-half 2-0 lead, but the Americans walk away from this tournament with plenty to be proud about. The team came of age here and gained a bunch of confidence. In the end Brazil just had too many weapons.


90th minute– It's tough to think about now for U.S. fans, but this tournament is still a performance to be proud of, today's loss notwithstanding. That's if this score holds.


90th minute– Time running out now. Any more miracles left?


89th minute– Onyewu header high.


88th minute– Conor Casey is on for Ricardo Clark. USA corner kick.


87th minute– Don't see the Americans coming back from this.


85th minute- GOAL BRAZIL!!!!!! Lucio with a header off an Elano corner kick. WIDE Open on that header, beating Dempsey. Brazil 3, USA 2


84th minute– Brazil is knocking on the door, corner kick after a good look in the box.


83rd minute– Bornstein with some good energy, but Kljestan with a weak pass picked off.


82nd minute– Robinho WIDE. Brazil's just so dangerous.


81st minute– Bornstein sends a shot wide. Needs to look for the pass there.


79th minute– Melo fouls Donovan and is lucky not to get a second yellow.


78th minute– Kaka beat Spector to the endline on the Brazil goal. It was bound to happen if they kept letting people run at Spector, who couldn't keep stopping them.


76th minute– The Americans are tied and tired and you have to wonder if they have a third goal in them.


75th minute– Robinho with the first header off the crossbar, Fabiano with the finish. Onyewu got caught sleeping.

Kljestan and Bornstein are in for Altidore and Feilhaber.


74th minute- GOAL BRAZIL. And it's Fabiano again. A header off a rebounded shot. Brazil 2, USA 2. It was inevitable.


74th minute– Sacha Kljestan is coming on, probably for Feilhaber.


73rd minute– Davies wtih a dangerous run but can't beat the last man. Good moves though.


72nd minute– Americans absorbing TOO much pressure now. They need possession and could use some fresh legs.


71st minute– SAVE HOWARD!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW, Stops Fabiano on a clear chance. CLUTCH


70th minute– Altidore looks gassed.

Lucio with a yellow card for a cheap swipe at Altidore.


66th minute– Dani Alves and Elano come in for Ramires and Andres Santos.


66th minute– Donovan with a blast from 25 and it forces a tough save from Julio Cesar.

SAVE JULIO CESAR. DEMPSEY with a great left-footed shot.


65th minute– USA is looking tired right now. Brazil just keeps on coming. Americans need a breather. They're getting one now with some possession.


63rd minute– Brazil is knocking on the door here and Americans are holding up well.

Is it getting to the point where Bob Bradley has to think about substitutions?


62nd minute– Brazil is pressing very hard now.


61st minute– Wow, did the USA actually get a call go their way? One replace looked like that was a Kaka goal.


60th minute– SAVE HOWARD. Stops a free Kaka header. WOW. How'd that not go in? He hits it up off the underside of the crossbar.


59th minute– SPECTOR with ANOTHER great play. Man of the Match for my money at this point.


59th minute– SAVE HOWARD!!! Stops a Lucio header. Wow. Clutch.


58th minute– Brazil corner after Spector knocks the ball out from Kaka.


57th minute– Howard runs out to catch a Maicon cross. How good is Maicon? He's the best right back in the world. That's how good.


55th minute– Brazil awarded a free kick. Feilhaber grabbed Kaka's jersey. Dangerous.


53rd minute– Great chance for the americans but Davies can't spot Donovan's run. That had potential. Feilhaber fouls Kaka for a Brazil free kick. Dangerous.


52nd minute– Spector with another great play and here come the Americans, well for a second. Some nice possession though.


50th minute– U.S. team looks to have shaken that early goal off and are attacking again.

Feilhaber wtih a nice run forward, but his cross from close range is stopped.


49th minute– Americans must find some posssession and slow things down.


47th minute– Fabiano's shot went through Jay DeMerit's legs and leaves Howard no chance. How will the Americans respond?


46th minute- GOAL BRAZIL!!!!!!!! Luis Fabiano finishes and just like that, Brazil is down 2-1. WOW. What a start.


46th minute– And we're back.


HALFTIME– What should we expect from Brazil. I can't see how Dunga wouldn't put Pato in this match. They need a spark and he can provide that. Dani Alves is another option. I don't see Dunga standing pat. 


HALFTIME– Stellar performances all the way around. Tim Howard has been huge, Jonathan Spector has been clutch with defending and that perfect cross, Onyewu has dominated in the air again, Dempsey and Donovan finished off clutch chances and put in major defensive work and Clark has stepped up to fill the void left by Michael Bradley's absence.

What must the Americans do better? They can't keep putting Spector on one-v-one situations with the likes of Robinho and Kaka. He has been up to the task each time so far, but that's not a formula for success over a full match. 


HALFTIME– USA 2, Brazil 0.

Enjoy that for a second.

The Americans were applauded for playing a great game vs. Spain, but this first half has been even better. That last 45 minutes has to be one of the best halves played by an American team in USMNT history. Disciplined defending, clinical finishing, great passing. Now, they haven't been winning the possession battle in midfield, but that doesn't really matter. 


46th minute– Whoa, Brazil gets a dangerous ball across but nobody gets to it.


45th minute– Onyewu clears away another cross. Brazil has a minute left to find a goal before halftime.


43rd minute– U.S. team doing very well not to foul in the final third. Forcing Brazil to make perfect passes to break them down.


42nd minute– Onyewu heads away another Maicon cross. He's done very well yet again.


42nd minute– Howard saves a Robinho shot, the corner is cleared. Brazil still knocking.


41st minute– Five minutes left in this half. Americans MUST keep the pressure on.


40th minute– Spector with a great play vs. Kaka. Well done.


39th minute– Free kick sequence is headed clear for a USA counter. Davies runs at Brazil but his final touch lets him down.


38th minute– Cesar catches the corner, leading to a Brazil counter. Brazil draws a foul about 45 yards out.


37th minute– USA corner.


36th minute– Altidore draws a foul and a DANGEROUS free kick on the right edge of the area.


35th minute– Fabiano with a header high.

The U.S. midfield isn't getting much possession but their positioning and ability to limit Brazil passing options is big. Clark is playing very well today.


35th minute– SAVE HOWARD!!!!!!! Clutch stop from close range. Brazil corner.


34th minute– Americans need to keep attacking. They've exposed Brazil's back-line and will find more chances if they press.


30th minute– Americans come close again, but no one can put a head on a Davies across.

USA is STILL attacking.


29th minute– What a beautiful counterattack and talk about paying Brazil back with the same type of play that burned the Americans in the group stage meeting.


28th minute– Holy Heck. The Americans are beating Brazil by two goals and has Brazil stunned right now.




27th minute– SAVE HOWARD. On Maicon, Brazil corner.


25th minute– SAVE HOWARD!! Stops a Melo blast.

Melo gets a yellow afterwards, not sure for what. That could be key later.


25th minute– The U.S. midfield is missing Michael Bradley right now. His possession isn't being replaced right now.


23rd minute– Haven't the Americans learned their lesson about sliding tackles? This Swedish referee is actually pretty good and even-tempered from what I can remember of past matches I've seen, so we'll see if he keeps the reds in his pocket.


21st minute– This is the first time all tournament that Brazil has trailed. How will they respond? So far, they're looking determined.

Onyewu with a clutch header to clear danger.


20th minute– Brazil with some possession and has a pair of shots blocked. They're knocking on the door.


18th minute– Great ball in from Doovan but nobody is there.

Bocanegra gets a yellow card for a foul on Kaka.


18th minute– Clark doing well early on. Altidore draws a foul.


17th minute– Not that Brazil wasn't going to attack, only now the U.S. team has to look for chances to catch Brazil on the counter as they send numbers forward.


16th minute– Clark does well to block a shot. Brazil is going to bring the attacking numbers now so this should be an entertaining match the rest of the way.


14th minute– USA is pressing for a second. Corner kicks come close to creating a chance. Brazil is shaken.


13th minute– Davies on the break, gets held up, forces a corner. Nice sequence.


13th minute– SAVE HOWARD!!!!!! BIG stop on a Robinho shot.


12th minute– On one replay it almost looks as if the cross catches Dempsey in the knee and he whiffed on the shot attempt. No matter how it goes in, that's a huge goal.


11th minute– Spector with a great cross in and Dempsey gets a slight volleyed touch on it to send it just inside the far post. WHAT A FINISH and what a cross.

Dempsey with a tribute to Michael Jackson dues the leg kick. Nice touch.


10th minute- GOAL USA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DEMPSEY WITH THE FINISH> WOWWWW


9th minute– Brazil controlling the game early. Clark and Feilhaber need to start winning more possession. Dempsy has been very active early, but that's it really for the USA.


8th minute– Brazil with some early possession. USA needs to start finding the ball and holding on to it. No Feilhaber sighting yet.


7th minute– Kaka flashes for a header but sends it wide.


7th minute– Brazil corner.


5th minute– Onyewu steps up well to stop a Brazil challenge.

DeMerit heads a cross out, Brazil corner.


3rd minute– Dempsey tries one from distance but it's a bit weak. Julio Cesar is in great form these days and the Americans will need great accuracy to beat him.


2nd minute– Brazil with some early possession. Clark with some good early touches.


1st Minute– We are underway. 


PRE-GAME– The Americans need to control their nerves and play a smart and disciplined match and first 15 minutes.


PRE-GAME– A tribute to Marc Vivien-Foe who died in the 2003 Confederations Cup. His son gives a touching speech. Can't believe it has been six years already.


PRE-GAME– Which big-game player will step up for the Americans today? Altidore or Dempsey? Both are known for scoring goals in big games. Can they do it again?


PRE-GAME– Does anybody know who invented the Vuvuzela? Whoever it needs to be put in jail. Or at least forced to be locked in a room and listen to those horns for 24 hours straight.


PRE-GAME– It's almost time for kickoff.


PRE-GAME– For the second time (at least) Ricardo Clark can't avoid staring into the camera. It's like he's in an episode of The Office anytime a camera's around him.

Americans look poised and serious.

Brazilian anthem, still one of the better anthems. Why? No idea, just is. Maybe because I'm used to watching good soccer after hearing it.


PRE-GAME– Okay, so many USA fans are watching this match at bars (and stadiums), but many of you are watching at home and/or in front of your computers. If you plan on following the commentary on SBI today let me know you're here and where you're checking in from.


PRE-GAME– SOmeone else who could boost their value today is Bob Bradley. If he leads the United States to a Confederations Cup title, we can start thinking about an American head coach who European clubs could go after following the 2010 World Cup.


PRE-GAME- The teams are in the tunnel. Excited yet?

Okay, let's get some drinking game suggestions. 


PRE-GAME– Along with having a chance to win the United States' first international trophy, today's match is a chance for several American players to make some serious money by upping their transfer values. Onyewu, DeMerit, Clark, Donovan, Altidore and Davies have all helped boost their value in this tournament and all could be looking at big summer moves thanks to Confederations Cup performances.


PRE-GAME– Brazil and the United States faced each other just a month after that 2003 Confederations Cup match, in a Gold Cup semifinal in Miami. It was July 23, 2003 and it is easy to forget that the Americans nearly pulled off the upset on that day only to have an 89th-minute equalizer from a young standout named Kaka force overtime. Diego converted a penalty in overtime after a Cory Gibbs foul in the penalty area to give Brazil the win and a place in the 2003 Gold Cup final (where they lost to Mexico in Mexico City).

Here was the USA lineup on that day:

———–Landon Donovan——Clint Mathis——————–

Eddie Lewis————Claudio Reyna———–Earnie Stewart

————————Pablo Mastroeni————————–

Bobby Convey—-Bocanegra——Gibbs——-Frankie Hejduk


Carlos Bocanegra scored the U.S. goal that day, heading home a perfect long pass from Reyna. Brian McBride replaced Mathis just 30 minutes into this match. Richard Mulrooney and Beasley also played as subs.

Coincidentally, Brazil has four players starting today who played in that match. Kaka, Robinho, Maicon and Luisao.


PRE-GAME– Since we went back in time to reveal that 1998 USA lineup that beat Brazil, it would only be fair to look at the 2003 Confederations Cup squad that lost to Brazil, 1-0, on June 21, 2003:

———–Landon Donovan——Clint Mathis————-

Beasley—————-Earnie Stewart—————Chris Klein

————————Pablo Mastroeni————————–

Cory Gibbs—-Bocanegra——Gregg Berhalter—Cherundolo

————————–Tim Howard—————————–

Bobby Convey replaced Gibbs, Taylor Twellman replaced Mastroeni and Eddie Lewis replaced Chris Klein as subs that day.

For those who don't remember, Tim Howard played a solid game in goal and only an Adriano goal on a breakaway after a Berhalter turnover kept the USA from scoring at least a draw that day.


PRE-GAME– Keys to the game today for the U.S. team?

  • Clean defending in the final third (ie, NO FREE KICKS 30 yards and in).

  • Keep bodies around Kaka, Brazil's lead playmaker.

  • Be smart with the ball (as in no unforced turnovers to spark Brazil counterattacks)

  • Feed Donovan and Dempsey the ball early and often (and let them create and go at Brazil's defense, which can be beaten).

There are plenty of other things the U.S. team needs to focus on and do well today, these are just some that came to mind.

The Americans will miss Michael Bradley today, especially with regard to dealing with Kaka. On top of having a tireless work ethic and impressive work rate, Bradley reads the game well and keeps himself in good positions to help neutralize opposing team's top playmakers. It will be up to Clark and Feilhaber to not give Kaka too much space and a chance to run at the U.S. defense.


PRE-GAME– Speaking of Larrionda, I can't help but wonder where he stacks up in the pantheon of referees most hated by U.S. national team fans. Let's have a quick vote:


PRE-GAME– Regarding the Bradley-Larrionda post-game confrontation story, what I've heard is that Bradley directed some comments toward Larrionda after the match but that reports that he had to be restrained and kept from attacking Larrionda are grossly inaccurate.

Sports Illustrated's Grant Wahl has confirmed that FIFA is investigating the matter. What that means exactly remains to be seen, but at the very least it appears that any potential suspension would not affect Bradley's availability vs. Mexico on Aug. 12.)


PRE-GAME– The only difference between this Brazil lineup and the one that beat USA 3-0 is giant centerback Luisao starts in place of Miranda. 


PRE-GAME– Here is Brazil's lineup:



——–Felipe Melo——Gilberto Silva——–


——————Julio Cesar——————–

No surprises from Dunga and the Brazilians either.


PRE-GAME– Here is the USA Lineup (according to FIFA):






Yep, it's the lineup we were all expecting (and most were praying for).


PRE-GAME– We can start dissecting the match as soon as the lineups are revealed. For now, let's discuss favorite Michael Jackson songs. Just kidding.

If you're Brazil do you start Maicon, Dani Alves or both?


PRE-GAME– What did you think of that '98 lineup? Find it funny that three of the four starting defenders either are or were MLS general manager/technical directors? Eddie Pope can't feel too left out. He now works for the MLS Players Union.


PRE-GAME– Waiting on lineups, any minute now.


PRE-GAME– Thanks to BB for reminding me that Landon Donovan and Lucio were just teammates four months ago during Donovan's brief loan with Bayern Munich? How could I forget that? Admit it, you forgot (or erased that from your memory) too.


PRE-GAME– As you have surely heard by now, the U.S. national team boasts one win vs. Brazil all-time, that win came on Feb. 10, 1998 in a game forever remembered for Kasey Keller's amazing performance and Preki's game-winning goal. Have you been left wondering who was in the lineup that day for the United States? Wonder no more:

—————-Eric Wynalda——–Joe-Max Moore—————

Cobi Jones——John Harkes—Roy Wegerle—-Frankie Hejduk

Jeff Agoos——Eddie Pope——Alexi Lalas——–Mike Burns

—————————Kasey Keller—————————–

Preki replaced Wegerle and Brian McBride replaced Wynalda on that day.

And yes, both John Harkes and Alexi Lalas were in the starting lineup that day. So you will hear at least 1,000 anectdotes about that match on the ESPN broadcast (as you should).


PRE-GAME– Answers? For the first part, the answer is Freddy Adu and Luisao. That was a bit of a trick question because some of you may have thought it was Adu and Ramires. The Ramires transfer to Benfica doesn't take effect until the opening of the transfer window, on July 1st.

The second part actually has two three answers: Tim Howard and Kleberson AND DaMarcus Beasley and Heurelho Gomes. Howard and Kleberson were teammates with Manchester United from 2003 to 2005. They came in together in the same Manchester United transfer class that included some kid named Cristiano Ronaldo. Beasley and Gomes were teammates with PSV Eindhoven during Beasley's entire three-year stint at PSV from 2004 to 2007. Lastly, Landon Donovan and Lucio were teammates for three months at Bayern Munich this past winter during Donovan's brief loan spell.


PRE-GAME– Pop Quiz: Who are the only current set of club teammates who will stand opposed to each other in the Brazil-USA final? And a Part Two: Aside from the aforementioned set of club teammates, who are the only other American and Brazilian players to have been club teammates before?


PRE-GAME– Pop Quiz answer: Clint Dempsey. Okay, so that wasn't THAT tough a question. I just found it very interesting as I was looking back at some results. Dempsey has scored goals against Brazil, Spain and England AND has scored in a World Cup. Not bad. 


PRE-GAME– In case you missed it, here is a interview with Benny Feilhaber.


PRE-GAME– Pop Quiz: Who is the only player in U.S. national team history to score goals against Brazil, England and Spain?


PRE-GAME– No, we don't have the lineups yet, so no, we don't know for sure that Feilhaber is starting, but it seems like a safe bet. That said, don't be surprised if the starting lineup isn't the starting XI we've all assumed it would be. It has been a long tournament and fatigue could play a part in Bob Bradley's final lineup decisions.


PRE-GAME– The answer to the quiz question? July 2, 2007 vs. Paraguay in Copa America. That was the last time Benny Feilhaber and Ricardo Clark started together in the U.S. lineup in central midfield. That summer saw Feilhaber and Clark start together three times, the only three games they have ever started together with the national team. They started in a 2-0 Gold Cup win vs. Trinidad & Tobago, a 4-1 loss to Argentina and 3-1 loss to Paraguay in Copa America. Clark scored the lone goal in that Paraguay match.


PRE-GAME– I'll come back to the quiz later.

For now, let's take a look at Brazil. You all know about Kaka, Robino, Julio Cesar, Maicon and Dani Alves, established European-based mega-stars. The team's rising stars are Felipe Melo and Ramires. Melo has been the best defensive midfielder in the tournament and is set to make a big-money move away from Fiorentina this summer. Ramires is a young midfielder who recently made a $10.5 million move to Benfica.


PRE-GAME– Pop quiz: When was the last time Benny Feilhaber and Ricardo Clark started together in central midfield for the U.S. national team?


PRE-GAME– We are still more than two hours away from today's final but it's never too early to start talking about the match, especially a match as big as tonight's. I will bring you the starting lineups as soon as they become available.


PRE-GAME– Swedish referee Martin Hannson is the referee today. He has no history of issuing red cards to U.S. national team players, so that's an upgrade.


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    USA USA USA, i have my ridiculously overpriced usmnt jersey on and I’m ready for another upset

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    Amazing day for all us die hard USA fans!! All we can hope for is heart for 90 minutes and leave it all out on the field for your country. The whole country is watching lets bring the USA national team into the mainstream in this country!! GO USA!!!!!

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    Last time Rico and Benny started together?


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    I believe

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    Last years Gold cup final?

  11. Bryce says:

    We will need to counter-attack, turnovers, finishing, pressure, NO Early Goals, stop Robinho, Kaka, Maicon, and balls in the air and the USA will win. That said no team has ever been able to do all 9 of those things and so Bob Braley will need to pick and chose which ones he will focus on in this important match.

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    guys nihat got transferred… thumbs up altidore… also who has anymore information on FIFA’s investigation into bradley…

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    Here’s hoping for not just a great game, but a victory.

    I dragged the whole family out of bed at 6 am to get on standby for an earlier flight to Chicago to catch the game, and I didn’t do it to see another Brazilian flop on the ground to get a dangerous free kick in the first half.

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    D__m it. As if the team needs any distraction, Wahl reports that FIFA is investigating M. Bradley’s incident :(!!!

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    am I remembering wrong?? I thought they both started against Italy

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    New question: Preki.

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    No, wait, Clint Dempsey.

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    I don’t think the Rico-Benny-Bradley central midfield combination got a fair chance. After this tournament the starting lineup looks to be this:









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    ajr – haven’t heard anything about the appeal. OTOH, FIFA is investigating the alleged incident that MB confronted the ref after the game! If FIFA (or is it FIFU?) slaps a heavy suspension, he may even be out of the Mexigo game!

  28. Bryce says:

    Some Key Match-ups include Donovan vs Maicon/Alves as both defenders like to get forward and Donovan has the speed to raid that left flank the whole game. He will also need to help defend against both of those backs as they get forward often and have the ability to score. Another one is Robinho vs Demerit. This will give Demerit his craftiest opponent yet. Robinho can score on you many different ways and stopping him will be a big reward for the US. Clark vs Kaka. Clark and Bradley did very well against Xavi and Xabi Alonso, but Bradley is out with another red and Kaka is one of the best players in the world. If Clark can minimze Kaka’s effect, because he can’t be fully stopped, then the USA will have done a great deal towards winning this game. The one that might have a bigger impact would be Onyewu vs balls in the air. Onyewu had complete control over the crosses made by Spain and Ferrnando Torres is one of the best in the air and if he can bring that domination to this match the USA might win. Although Brazil has perfected their free kicks and scored on a cross in their previous match.

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    Clint Dempsey, 2005 vs. england 2007 vs. brazil, and 2009 vs. sain

  30. Mike says:

    Bravo to South Africa for putting on a great game and performance. Anything can happen in world football, we saw that the last time out and almost saw it again this morning. The US can pull off the impossible back to back. Lets go Timmy, Donovan, Jozy, Dempsey and the rest of the boys! You can do it!!!!!!!!!


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    Can someone clarify the Bradley incident? Was this what happened in the tunnel or the red card?

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    It’s kind of odd isn’t it? 2 years ago we would have thought without a doubt that Benny Feilhaber would be starting in this very same Confederations Cup. 1 year ago we would have thought Benny Feilhaber would be a big headed schmuck sitting at home watching this game. Today, we know he’s an amazingly talented player who we owe this tournament to. He’s gone through such a tough time, but that can only make him better.

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    Mirage is giving us 4-1.

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    Lucio and Landon Donovan were teammates 4 months ago.

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    Mikemike – MB incident is the one where he confronted the SOB ref in the tunnel after the game.

  40. ManicMessiah says:

    To be honest, I wouldn’t be shocked to see Bornstein start on the left of midfield, Dempsey get pushed up top, and either Davies or Altidore start on the bench to bring a fresh pair of legs in the midfield to make up for Bradley’s absence.

  41. Cool Hand Luke says:

    No matter what happens, I love you all.

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  44. Isaac says:

    Ives, I know you probably saw this coming, but what are the odds of Torres getting an cap today? He could tourn to Kljestan but I think he’s had his chances and blown them. There is also a good chance that Bob Bradley just doesn’t use his sub at all, which I hate. I don’t understand why a manager would sit on a sub with his players suffering from fatigue.

  45. harry says:

    If we are down 1-0 or 2-0 im looking for Adu to be the Super-sub in the SS role to create goals/score.

    PLEASE NO CONOR CASEY in that situation. I cant stand the excuses we give him after he never does anything but loose the ball out of bounds when he tries to dribble..and yet Bob he keeps using him…..

  46. Johnny says:

    I kinda thought the Egypt fan crying was a bit over the top when they pulled off the upset against Italy. However, after the US of A beat Spain I found myself welled up and ready for the flood gates to open. I hope to cry tears of joy today!

    USA 2

    BRA 1

  47. KungFuSoccer says: lists sasha in the starting lineup. Please prove me wrong Bradley.

  48. ManicMessiah says:

    I’m sure it’s a rights issue or something, but it would’ve been nice for the 98 match to have been on tv some place in between thursday and the final today.

  49. Erik Abarca says:

    Twitter updates just an hour ago from Jozy Altidore says “LETS GET LOCKED IN PEOPLE!!!! 2 30pm vs Brazil. Do you believe? I know i do!!!!”

    Sacha Kljestan says “Confederations Cup Final vs Brazil. Trying to shock the world and bring home our first trophy.”

    Freddy Adu says “bumping some eminem to get ready for this game. we are hyped right now”

  50. Jacob A. says:

    I wouldn’t believe it Kungfu. They don’t have to turn in lineups for another 10 minutes. Check the USSoccer twitter, and if he’s on there, then we can get pissed.

  51. ukraine says:

    Ives, any info on the Michael Bradley-Jorge Larrionda investigation?

  52. bigdeadbat says:

    Billie Jean

  53. Neal says:

    Thanks, froboy!

  54. teach says:

    How about favorite MJ celebration.

    My prediction, Jozy scores and celebrates by doing the moonwalk!

  55. ag nigrin says:

    Duje Dobre Ukraine… Ives any word on the FIFA investigation on the post match altercation between Michael Bradley-Jorge Larrionda?

  56. Jacob A. says:

    Moonwalk is awful hard in cleats.

  57. bigdeadbat says:

    lineup we wanted, but, if they can keep it close, who are the subs going to be???

  58. dena says:

    He should do that “lean move”

    Line-ups are up

  59. Isaac says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised or angry beyond belief if he Sacha did start instead of Benny. Benny may not be back to full match fitness so he may only be able to play 30 minutes like Wednesday. Torres doesn’t nearly have as much defensive bite as Sacha or nearly enough to help Clark in the midfield. It seems like the logical choice if Feilhaber isn’t healthy.

  60. brad says:

    Lets do this fellas!!!!!!!

  61. teach says:

    heck, if he can score against Brazil the moonwalk in cleats should be a breeze :-)

  62. Jacob A. says:

    That poll said “100%”, and I was like “WHAT!?!”, then saw I was the only vote.

  63. Matt says:

    What are the odds of Altidore putting his hand to his heart during the Star Spangled Banner? You know, like he respects his country and isn’t doing this for himself?

  64. froboy says:

    we just gotta come out with energy and avoid the early Brasil goal, if its 0-0 or we’re winning at half I like our chances

  65. Patrick Marshall says:

    I think Landon will be key to our success today. If he is able to run at Brazil, we can put them on their heels. If, on the other hand, he holds back, then we will have problems. He needs to come out with the highest intensity and set the tone early. We need to be very direct and attack with speed.

  66. ukraine says:

    Ives, if you haven’t seen it, Grant Wahl had a piece through SI’s soccer page that said FIFA had confirmed an investigation into the Bradley-Larrionda incident.

    The reporting seems shady (only in Spanish papers with no sources cited) so it sounds harmless enough, but I was just wondering if you knew anything additionally.

  67. Rastafari says:

    Its gonna be a THRILLER!!!!!!!!!

  68. cjbrown says:


    link to

  69. Matt says:

    Any truth to the rumor that the team is going to honor MJ by getting bad plastic surgery before the game?

  70. ukraine says:

    Looks like this post has a good shot to make it to 1000+ comments – looks like it’ll be over 100 before the game even starts.

    I guess thats what you get when you beat the world’s best team to create a good buzz for a weekend game that’ll be shown on the Worldwide Leader in Sports!

    If we win this game I think it could have a pretty good impact on soccer in the US. Not huge, but mainstream media took notice of the Egypt and Spain wins, and beating Brazil would probably mean more to the average fan as more of a “name-brand” soccer power, or so to speak.

    It probably wouldn’t convert anybody to soccer, but it could help give US soccer some street cred and help school age kids from converting to other sports in high school and such.

  71. gate keeper says:

    Ives, is that ’03 Confed. Cup lineup from a group-play match?

  72. Leonardo says:


  73. cartman says:

    That link is for the ESPN WC commentators piece

  74. matt says:

    Bob Ley used to do US games in the mid 90s

  75. cartman says:

    By the way, Who else loves the fact that the frontpage for most popular sports website in the country, is dominated by USMNT coverage?

  76. tremaine says:

    You’re the best, Ives. I’m loving the history lessons (well, except for the fact that a lot of them involve us losing)

  77. tremaine says:

    Almost Game time baby!!!

    USA! USA! USA!

    As Jozy says: Let’s get locked in people!!!

  78. Rastafari says:

    off topic.. but does the Coup in Honduras today place the Oct. 10 game at a neutral venue?

    link to

  79. Kris says:

    (a) Check out for streams
    (b) I as well am hoping Adu is the spark plug of a sub tonight
    (c) What are those Twitter usernames, Eric?

  80. Hopper says:

    Take Em All, Take Em All … Put Em Up Against The Wall And Shoot Em! Shot An Tall, Watch Em Fall … COME BOYS TAKE EM ALL!!!

  81. Brent McD. says:

    expecting a loss. hoping for a win. c’mon you yanks!!!

  82. arkjayback says:

    To get ready for the match, one more time for good measure?: link to

  83. tremaine says:

    Lets hope so Rasta – I guess we’re going to have to learn to cope with it sooner or later, but these road games in CONCACAF are killers

  84. obie says:

    I was hoping that ESPN would find this important enough to send JP and Harkes to JoBurg. Guess not.

  85. teach says:

    Ives-What are the chances of Donovan or Dempsey getting a Golden, Silver, or Bronze Ball award now that they are on the short list of possible candidates?

  86. Utard says:

    This is a really hard match for me… I spent two years in Brazil as a Mormon missionary and really came to love soccer there. Of course, as an american I obviously want our team to well.

    My two great loves going at it one more time! Entertainment at it’s finest.

    On another topic: Will this be the highest rated soccer game ever on ESPN? Will it be on par with world cup ratings? Will it be higher than the UEFA CL championship game? Let’s hope so!

  87. Mark says:

    As long as the US plays with the same kind of passion, desire and skill as they did against Egypt and Spain, I won’t have much to complain about.

  88. KungFuSoccer says:

    Please ref. Please don’t ruin this game w/ another bogus red.

  89. barber says:

    Ives, you don’t even know how much I love transfer news and rumors. It’s possibly a little unnatural.

    If you have any, keep ’em coming

  90. Paul says:

    Let’s do this

  91. Jacob A. says:

    Dutch: JA KUNNEN WIJ!

    French: OUI NOUS POUVONS !

    Italian: SÌ POSSIAMO!

    Korean: 그렇습니다 우리는 할 수 있다!

    Russian: ДА МЫ МОЖЕМ!

    Portuguese: SIM NÓS PODEMOS!

    Greek: ΝΑΙ ΜΠΟΡΟΥΜΕ!

    English: YES WE CAN!


  92. fcmuenchweiler says:

    Ha, I love it! Benny shaved his head!! Game on!

  93. ag nigrin says:

    At home in Central NJ. Go USA!

  94. ManicMessiah says:

    I’m checking in from home, in the exact same spot I watched the Spain match.

    Anthems are over, almost game time!

  95. Drew says:

    I’m here, following along, checking in from Chicago.

    Go USA!

  96. beckster says:

    Ives, watching at home and following you on SBI!

  97. Ben says:

    Watching from home in Westlake, Ohio. Let’s go boys!

  98. markovitch says:

    Yo Ives, I’m following along from Shanghai, China. It’s 2 in the freaking morning, so I hope I’m up for a good cause!

  99. Smacking says:

    Lets get it going boys. Make us proud!

  100. Adam says:

    berkeley, california!! stuck at work!!

  101. Jacob A. says:

    Home in Grayson, GA, Atlanta-ish represent!!!

  102. Kris says:

    Checking in from the Highbury Pub on Kinnicikic Ave in Milwaukee. If you’re ever in Milwaukee, Ives, hit me up and we’ll visit that pub! It’s one of the best out there!

  103. Chase says:

    I’m watching in HD from my couch here in suburban DC/Maryland.


  104. dave says:

    germantown, md

    now lets go!

  105. Nick says:

    Lima, OH

    AT WORK :(

  106. Krista says:

    Rep’in Alabama! Anyone else find it funny watchin the guys just load that one guy with their jackets??

  107. Watching and following along at home.

    My boss got me off work early today so I could watch the match. 😀

    USA! USA! USA!

  108. Metro boy till da day I die says:

    just got back home from an other 6 day stay at hospital. So I’ll b watching game at home recovering from my transplant. Thanks to my fav cousin Erik!! U the man E! Pretty much saved my life by giving me your kidney. Well back to the game!! Vamos USA !

  109. Paul says:

    Bleh…too bad we can’t watch the game on BBC3.

  110. KungFuSoccer says:

    Make us proud!

  111. JB says:

    Gulf Shores, Alabama represent! Go USA!

  112. SuperChivo says:

    Here in Indiana, Go USA!

  113. froboy says:

    watching on Mexican TV, listening to ESPN feed on internet from Mexico City, following things here as well

  114. teach says:

    I remember those plastic horns years ago at Aztecs games in the NASL. Haven’t the Vuvuzela been around forever? In the US we have moved on to Thunder Sticks… which are just as annoying!

  115. istvan says:

    Thanks Ives. Doing the summer camp drop off. Keeping up with you from iPhone. Thanks again!

  116. Krista says:

    Metro boy – glad you could watch the match.

    Let’s go USA!!!!!!!

  117. LIVERPOOLno1 says:

    Kevin J representing Baton Rouge, LA reporting for duty. I’m trying to find a link on

    any other good links?

  118. kawa says:

    Dempsey Leave the lond Distance shooting to Jozy .

  119. dave says:

    good pressure, need to keep it up

  120. John Tierney says:

    Following from Syracuse, watching in my home office. Son sleeping, wife doing yardwork. Life is good. Vuvuzela bad.

  121. Ben says:

    Yeah I also need some sort of stream at work. Help would be much appreciated.

  122. kawa says:

    both teams look tired and Lazy

  123. dave says:


  124. beckster says:

    Spector/Dempsey! Goal!!!!!!

  125. teach says:


  126. ManicMessiah says:


  127. kawa says:


  128. matt says:


  129. Drew says:


  130. Dominghosa says:

    NO WAY!

  131. Igor says:

    Hey Ives, what was the US vs Brazil lineup in the U-20 world cup? Who played then for both teams? I know Jozy was there…

  132. Justin says:


  133. Paul says:


  134. Krista says:

    OMG!!!!!! Hellll yeaaaaaaaaah! Keep it up boys!!!!!!

  135. A.S. says:

    How good a cross was that?

  136. dave says:

    great save on robinho

  137. Drew says:

    huge save by howard on robinho!

  138. dave says:

    good running by Davies

  139. dave says:

    tremendous effort by Landon

  140. Metro boy till da day I die says:

    Please bob !! Don’t play defensive for 80 min!! We need at least 2 more goals!! Attack attack attack n catch them with the counter!! Please don’t drop defensive PLEASE DONT DROP DEFENSIVE!!!! Vamos USA carajo si se puede carajo vamos WTF let’s go!! This is so not good for my kidney or blood pressure LOL

  141. ManicMessiah says:

    Geez, Donovan has basically been on every area of the pitch so far…

  142. KungFuSoccer says:

    dream game so far. Damn exciting game.

  143. Chris says:

    AHHH! Holy crap!!!! YES!

  144. teach says:

    good job, held him up… a professional foul, bummer he got carded though

  145. A.S. says:

    Too much room. Can’t let them play the ball around and around 30 yards out.

  146. A.S. says:

    This is not good. You can’t defend for 70+ minutes, and let them have the ball in the attacking third the entire time.

  147. KungFuSoccer says:

    SOO much pressure.

  148. Loonarie says:

    Greeting from the windy city. Drinking game idea for everyone. Any time the US blocks a shot, you drink. Take four quick drinks now to catch up. I promise that you would be on floor if you play this to the replay of the US-Spain game. The last 20 minutes are hard to keep up with.

  149. dave says:

    great save!

  150. KungFuSoccer says:

    Brazil completely outplaying us now.

  151. A.S. says:


  152. ManicMessiah says:

    DONOVAN OMG!!! WOW!!!!! Perfect counter!!!

  153. KungFuSoccer says:


  154. dave says:


  155. Ben says:

    Soccernet commentator: “Shot stopped by Friedel!”

  156. matt says:

    Donovan has permanently shed the LandyCakes label

  157. Dominghosa says:


  158. DCM says:

    Hell ya!!! USA

  159. chris says:

    Spector has been the hero of this game so far

  160. DCM says:

    Hell ya!!! USA

  161. Justin says:

    Am I Dreaming!!!

  162. A.S. says:

    Davies cross perfect.

  163. Justin says:

    Great Counter Attack, Landon and Davies!!!!

  164. Krista says:

    That was sooooo beautiful!!!!!!!!

  165. DCM says:

    Hell ya!!! USA

  166. Drew says:

    wow wow wow

  167. Patrick Marshall says:

    thats what Im talking about Landon!!! run at em!

  168. Utard says:

    Here’s another thought on why this tourney and the US’s performance could be extremely important for US soccer: Do world teams take notice of the US players and put them into top flight leagues (such as Serie A, La Liga, and EPL)? If so, their development over the next year will far surpass what it could have been had the US gone 3 and out in this tourney. So not only does it give us confidence going into the WC next year, but it also may help US players get exposed to much better club competition ahead of the WC next year.

  169. Dominghosa says:

    What a counterattack!
    Donovan! What a first touch! and the strike!
    U.S. just Brazilled Brazil.
    I LOVE IT.

  170. Tom says:

    Boy, it’s really too bad Landon Donovan never scores a goal in the run of play. Like, you know, that beautiful one on the counter.

  171. Bryan says:


  172. Michael says:

    After not being able to score a goal from the run of play…7 straight run of play goals. Pinch me please.

  173. Blondie says:

    Thank You Pele for coming over 35 years ago!

  174. Alex says:

    Couldn’t be more fitting retribution for that Robinho goal on the counter in the group stage.

  175. chris says:

    OH MY GOD!!! USA!USA!!

  176. john says:

    im so freaking nervous, i cant watch

  177. Brazil is too good to get shut out. I see them scoring at some point around mid-match.

  178. Ben says:

    Soccernet commentator on a roll today:

    “Brazil are beginning to bitch”

  179. A.S. says:

    Howard. Wow.

  180. Dominghosa says:

    Howard ALSO playing out of his mind.

  181. Justin says:

    Howard I Love You, Great Save!

  182. Ben says:

    If Altidore, Davies, DeMerit, Feilhaber, Clark, and Donovan all get big deals after this game, we could be 2010 darkhorses.

  183. Patrick Marshall says:

    Why are we dropping off so much in the midfield now??? We have to put some pressure on the ball!

  184. Jonathan says:

    Speechless right now!!!

  185. Bryan says:

    dude a third goal would be siiiiick

  186. Bryan says:

    damn, wasted that second effort.

  187. madmax says:

    Davis and Donovan break away was beautiful. up yours Uli Hoeness and Bayern f…ing dunkoff.

  188. Bryan says:

    ohhhhhh, davies. his last touch was just a little off.

  189. KungFuSoccer says:

    Spector, great game so far.

  190. Justin says:

    Great fight and defense by Spector

  191. Bryan says:

    anyone else having trouble with the signal?

  192. beckster says:

    Charlie Davies giving the ball away alot

  193. ManicMessiah says:

    Halftime… this is unreal…

  194. A.S. says:

    My heart just stopped a beat. I don’t think I can take an entire other half of this.

  195. Justin says:

    way to go Boca

  196. John Glosson says:

    3rd goal for us to come in the 2nd half. who will it be?

  197. Danny says:

    Am I dreaming?…Are we seriously up 2-0 against Brazil?…This can’t be real right?

  198. BarçaGirl says:


  199. Andy says:

    This is unbelievable so far. Can’t go into the half any happier than I am right now.

  200. fieldsy says:

    catching my breath! i’ve almost lost my voice. great goal by donovan and howard is a stone wall in goal. just one more half!

  201. Blondie says:

    How far do we move up in THE FOOTBALL WORLD?

  202. TommyH says:

    ” Hey, Bayern Munich F-you” L.Donovan

  203. madmax says:

    Donovan and Boca are giving Maicon way too much time to cross. Also need help on right to close down Robinho. You’re up two zip close down those wings, please.

  204. larry says:

    I believe in MIRACLES!

  205. Tolik says:

    beatiful game by USMNT


    keep it on

  206. West of the Cascades says:

    Watching at home from Portland, Oregon – USA! USA! USA!!

  207. Smacking says:

    What great play from the US. There is a lot of space in the midfield, you know the kind Michael Bradley usually closes down. Just keep playing smart.

  208. Drew says:

    huge that we made it to the half w/out giving up a goal. i about had a heart attack with that maicon cross in the last minute.

  209. Justin says:

    Spector to Dempsey becoming Legendary!!!

  210. Paul, North Jersey says:

    I think I might puke. I can’t handle this pressure.

  211. Jacopo Belbo says:

    Has anyone ever heard of the word POSSESSION?!? Seriously, we don’t need a GK long field punt or long goal kick every time. The more we possess the ball the less Brazil have it. No defensive bunker mentality but for goodness sake stop it with the turn-overs and the useless long balls … please!

    GO USA!!!

  212. Pete says:

    Well done boys. 45 more to go. MAKE US EVEN MORE PROUD THEN WE ARE ALREADY!!!!!!!

  213. Tolik says:

    now, confidence without overconfidence, please

  214. I’d like to see one more goal for insurance.

  215. Steve says:

    To put into context of all the complaining that has been done about poor performances earlier in the tournament, those USMNT fans believed that our team could perform at this level. That is why we were upset earlier. I’m not sure that our team is good enough to come from behind against teams like Spain and Brazil but the organazation and effort put in these last 2.5 games is the standard we expect; hopefully the results will reflect that. One more half!

  216. Isaac says:

    Has anyone ever heard of the word POSSESSION?!? Seriously, we don’t need a GK long field punt or long goal kick every time. The more we possess the ball the less Brazil have it. No defensive bunker mentality but for goodness sake stop it with the turn-overs and the useless long balls … please!

    GO USA!!!

    Posted by: Jacopo Belbo | June 28, 2009 at 03:28 PM

    So everyone’s happy right?

  217. Mike says:



    USA USA USA USA USA USA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LETS GO BOYS!!!!


    USA USA USA USA USA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  218. KungFuSoccer says:

    Great game. Brazil looks even more dangerous than spain did though. The pressure for the 2d half will be insane.

  219. Pete says:

    I was wondering when 1)Harkes would point out a Landon mistake and 2)when Landon would show up for a big game.

    I will wonder no more!!!!!!!!!!

    Come on BOYS!!!!! Keep it up!!!!!!!

  220. CrispyST3 says:

    MAANNNN!!!!! Me and my bro are going crazy, especially during the goals, i love it, MY BRO doesnt even no a lick of soccer, but he’s going crazy, i try to teach him what i no about soccer, and breed him into a true USA FAN like we all are!!! 😀

  221. A.S. says:

    Re: madmax. Yeah, the game plan seems to be the same as against Spain – clog the middle and give them room on the wings, and hope you can clear the crosses away. That makes a lot more nervous against Brazil than against Spain – I worry a lot more about the Brazilians connecting on those crosses than midgets like Villa or Xavi.

    Just one more goal. Just one more goal. Just one more goal…

  222. Blondie says:

    Would anyone put Freddy in to posses and beat them for breakaways since Brazil going to be pushing everyone up ?

  223. MickND says:

    I am weeping right now I am so happy. Come on Yanks keep it up!

  224. SR says:

    Incredible. Let’s keep it up boys! Incredible.

  225. Memrook says:

    If this result Holds (Or better!) then looks like Deuce is well on his way to becoming the Castrol Player of the tournament:

    link to

  226. KungFuSoccer says:

    new mascot for USMNT should be a phoenix.

  227. Kutama Nenty says:

    i am just in loss of words, US KING OF THE SOCCER WORLD at least for a year until the World Cup starts…..lemme not get ahead of myself cos it is halftime…..i thought i wouldn’t see this in my lifetime……I bet you Guiseppe Rossi is regretting committing to the Italian team right now

  228. Isaac says:

    At home in Apex NC listening to you Ives.

    Remember guys. We want to hit the 1000 comment mark. Lets go SBI Mafia!

  229. Hincha Tim says:

    Who says Benny can’t play defense? Jose needs to be more active up top, battle for balls more, pressure Brazil’s defense more. What a stellar half!!! Let’s go boys!

  230. A.S. says:

    Just like that. Ugh.

  231. Adam says:

    Terrific first half from the US. Hopefully they stay organized defensively and continue to be dangerous on the counter.

  232. Mike says:


  233. Justin says:

    we knew is wasn’t going to be easy, come on U.S. keep fighting.

  234. Krista says:


  235. I knew this would happen.

  236. Anyone else following ESPN’s gamecast as well? “Robinho gives away a foul and wanders off mumbling inanities to himself. He really is a snivelling little wimp.” Nice.

  237. A.S. says:

    Feilhaber tracking back. Nice.

  238. Mike says:


  239. ManicMessiah says:

    Davies! You need to play that to Donovan…

  240. beckster says:

    Davies is definately outclassed in this match. The rest are doing great.

  241. Dominghosa says:

    Agreed Maniac. great job by Donovan, an OK decision by Davies. Dempsey with bad first touch. can’t make those mistakes.
    Donovan made all that effort, he should have been played the ball.

  242. A.S. says:

    “Davies is definately outclassed in this match.”

    What? Did you notice that one time cross to Landon for the goal?

  243. Memrook says:

    Davies has actually been playing really well in this match minus a couple mistakes, the most recent the worst. But his ability to relieve pressure from our defense by taking it at them with speed and runs on offense is invaluable.

  244. ManicMessiah says:

    The reason Davies looks bad on occassion is that he’s going against 2 and 3 defenders at a time trying to wait for a teammate to make himself available.

  245. A.S. says:

    I thought the play to Dempsey a couple of minutes ago was fine – he was wide open, just couldn’t trap the ball.

  246. Justin says:

    another great tackle by Spector

  247. Justin says:

    Great Job, Howard with the save!

  248. A.S. says:

    Timmy! Wow.

    You can’t give them too many corners – they are too dangerous.

  249. Justin says:

    Spector is playing out of his mind wight now

  250. Tom says:

    Timmah! with a huge save on that header.

    Time to start thinking about the first sub-Altidore out for a mid with Clint moving up top, perhaps?

  251. A.S. says:

    Was that iin?

  252. U.S. needs to get in there and get some possession. This is starting to go the defensive way the Spain match did, and I can’t imagine being able to stop all of the chances from Brazil like we did against Spain.

  253. A.S. says:

    That was a goal.

  254. Justin says:

    we need more Davies, don’t give that ball away so easy!!

  255. Tom says:

    Wow, that was a HUGE break for the US-pretty sure from the sideline-type angle that the entire ball was in the goal.

  256. ManicMessiah says:

    Awful call, but frankly I could care less at this point. Take it and do something with it.

  257. dvm2971 says:

    Dang…now the games is tainted if the Americans only win by 1 goal. Dang!!!

  258. Memrook says:

    That ball was in unfortunately. I don’t want a controversial win. I hope we score another goal to at least remove the doubt over that non-call.

  259. KungFuSoccer says:

    Yikes. First US break in international play in years.

  260. Blondie says:

    Thank You Soccer GODS! LOL

  261. A.S. says:

    There is no way we can play this defensively for 30 more minutes and survive.

  262. Memrook says:

    A.S. you’re absolutely right. We need to start playing like we did in the first 45. This right now feels like weak sauce.

  263. Justin says:

    Great shot Lando

  264. vaqr says:

    I wish Altidore would stop whining and run. Seen several balls go his way that he can’t get to because he’s tired … from raising his arms up in frustration so much perhaps.

  265. Time for a sub for some fresh legs, I think.

  266. KungFuSoccer says:


  267. Justin says:

    Another great shot by Dempsey, way to fight back guys!

  268. A.S. says:

    This is more like it.

  269. Memrook says:

    OH DEMPSEY! I almost jizzed in my pants!

  270. Dominghosa says:

    Very good by Donovan and Dempsey there. whew.

  271. Nick says:

    Time for Torres! We need some possesion…MB may have cause us some serious issues…

  272. Tom says:

    It’s probably too early for this, but Bornstein in for Altidore soon. Yes, I know it’s defensive, but we’re protecting a 1 goal lead and Brazil is getting too much run on the flanks for my comfort right now.

  273. A.S. says:

    Time for a sub, but does Bob Bradley trust any of his bench guys? I don’t.

  274. Nick says:

    Any signs from the US bench?

  275. ManicMessiah says:

    Frankly, it’s time for a US sub, but I don’t know if there is someone I trust who Bob Bradley has shown to trust in the tournament to come in.

  276. Memrook says:

    I love my boy Altidore, but I honestly think he should come off. He’s tired and not chasing balls. It’s not worth having him on if he’s not gonna help us keep possession and go after 50/50s.

  277. Justin says:

    Lets move Dempsey up front, take out Altidore and bring in Adu or Torres for more possession.

  278. Bryan says:

    torres would be nice right now.

  279. Nick says:

    I love the soccernet post:

    “Amazing pass from Elano to Ales, but his touch was poor. Perhaps he’d be less cumbersome were he not dressed for a cold day on Pluto”

  280. Justin says:


  281. ManicMessiah says:

    Howard! How clutch can he be?

  282. A.S. says:

    Heart stopped ANOTHER beat. Timmy is a god.

  283. Bryan says:

    ugggggh, this is getting hard to watch.

  284. d23man says:


  285. madmax says:

    Bocanegra and Donovan are very poor on left side defense. Last give away by Boca almost cost a goal.

  286. Justin says:

    We need some subs Bob!!!!

  287. john says:

    brazil getting a little frustrated again.

  288. Bryan says:

    this is why bob is still not off the hook.

  289. beckster says:

    Not Sacha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  290. Bryan says:

    great, kljestan….

  291. Nick says:

    BB might get fired for not subbing….WE need subs!

  292. teach says:

    NOOOOO!!! now please Bradley, sit Sasha down

  293. Justin says:

    We needed some sooner BOB!!!! WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  294. ManicMessiah says:

    Way to be timely with those subs!! everything I want to say is unpublishable right now…

  295. KungFuSoccer says:

    t h e y a r e just better than us. Keep up the fight.

  296. madmax says:

    Boca with another miss, goal Brazil

  297. Jacopo Belbo says:

    F*$K! F*$K! You can’t let Brazil have the ball 75% of the time. F*$K!

    NO Kljestan!!!! ADU!!

  298. A.S. says:

    Ugh. Spector too slow for Kaka.

  299. Bryan says:

    ummmm, why is bornstein coming on to play in the mid when we have TORRES AND ADU on the bench. dammit bob.

  300. Jacob A. says:

    I still believe.

  301. A.S. says:

    Sepp Blatter and South Africa’s president bored as hell.

  302. KungFuSoccer says:

    give us a miracle.

  303. Nick says:

    BB needs to go back to school…tactics are lacking!

  304. dvm2971 says:

    I don’t think I like Bradley’s subs.

  305. kawa says:

    Bob Bradley showing his colors again by not making the daaammm subs when he should have. now its too dam late.

  306. RLW2020 says:

    got to be kidding.. sasha for jozy… idk

  307. Tom says:

    Dammit, Bornstein for Altidore about 10 minutes too late. Benni for Sacha? Eh. Still 2-2, game ain’t over yet.

  308. KungFuSoccer says:

    we need a goal. we will not win in OT.

  309. Jacopo Belbo says:

    BB is a MORON!!! 70th MIN you bring in ADU for Altidore and push up Dempsey and you bring on Borenstien for Feilhaber and play 5 in the back 3 central Demerit/Gooch/Boca with Spector and Borenstien outside … Clark in the midfield with Adu and Donovan on the wings and Dempsey Davies up top with Davies tracking back. EVEN I know that and I am no USMNT COACH. FIRE BOB BRADLEY NOW!!!

  310. brad says:

    subs were against spain…

  311. kpugs says:

    When and why did Sacha come on? And why Bornstein, AGAIN?

    There are multiple better options on that bench, again I am dumbfounded by how stubborn Bradley is in playing horribly out of form players.

  312. Paul says:

    Ugh Sacha.

  313. A.S. says:

    Well, it was fun while it lasted.

  314. Nick says:

    Good thing is we know he won’t use three sub

  315. ManicMessiah says:

    Honestly, I don’t think he should be fired, but this is on Bradley…

  316. Justin says:

    why these subs Bob??????

  317. KungFuSoccer says:

    God they are good.

  318. d23man says:

    lil Bradley where are you!

  319. Aquaman says:

    For some reason, as soon as I saw Kljestan was coming on that the game was lost

  320. ManicMessiah says:

    Now we need a sub to score a goal so of course he will sit on it for another four minutes.

  321. A.S. says:

    We are gassed. Don’t see how we will be able to get it back.

  322. Jacopo Belbo says:

    I wondered what team that was in the first half? It is OK tho because the same old sh*$y under talented US squad showed up for the second half!!

  323. Tom says:

    Whaddayaknow, Dempsey gets beat for the goal.

    kpugs: at 2-1 in the 60th minute, Brazil’s getting pressure on the flanks and Boca and Spector, particularly Boca, are getting turned. What do you want BB to do?

  324. TomG says:

    Some of you people are freaking stupid. This isn’t “On Bradley.” This is on Brazil having more talent. Some people only care about being critical and blaming people. SHUT UP.

  325. Isaac says:

    It’s not over yet boys. Get the ball. Get after em.

  326. Joe Quake says:

    Taking Benny out really changed things. Ughh!

  327. A.S. says:

    Bring on Adu or Conor Casey?

  328. KungFuSoccer says:

    COME ON. Corner.

  329. Steve T. says:


  330. ManicMessiah says:

    F##@ Bob Bradley. That is all.

  331. A.S. says:

    Casey it is.

  332. d23man says:


  333. Jacopo Belbo says:

    the curse of Sacha!!!! he stands up to come in as a sub and the whole thing goes to hell! If Sacha or Beasely are ever invited back to a USMNT I am going to blow a F*$KING gasket!!

  334. Rudy says:

    Nice tactics Bob.

  335. A.S. says:

    AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH Gooch! A foot lower please!

  336. d23man says:

    I feel like I’m watching the German game in 2002

  337. Juan says:

    Bob Bradley killed this himself.

  338. roche says:

    Sacha, Casey instead of Ching, Edu, etc…I wish we were fully healthy.

  339. Bryan says:

    bob brings on casey, bornstein, and sasha…unbelievable.

  340. Gunnah says:

    Brazil brings on Alves, Elano, we bring on Sacha, Bornstein and Casey. Enough Said.

  341. ManicMessiah says:

    everything Harkes and JP are saying is fine… except you can’t be up 2 goals in a final and have it be anything but a crushing disappointment if you lose.

  342. kpugs says:

    Now Casey? Really? Despite the improvements in Bradley’s tactics this just further proves that he has no concept of in form or out of form players. You cannot succeed internationally when you put your shittiest players on the field over and over and over again. This should be obvious, no?

  343. Joe B says:

    how many times do we get scored on with subs waiting to come in .. once again to slow to pull the trigger…… ugggh

  344. Isaac says:

    I could NOT be prouder of the boys today. I don’t care if they lose today. This was an amazing performance.

  345. A.S. says:

    Sasha has been really bad.

  346. Joe Quake says:

    I can’t stand watching Sasha play. Man!

  347. Bryan says:

    haha sasha is awful. there is no reason torres should not be playing over him. even as i am typing this he gives it away with a terrible pass.

  348. Juan says:

    I always though subs were to upgrade the team, not downgrade it…proved me wrong BOB.

  349. Jacopo Belbo says:

    TomG: you shut up. you obviously know nothing about soccer. this is ALL on BB. when you are up a goal with 20 min left and you see 2 offensive subs coming on for a more talented team you bring on subs to counter right away, especially when you have spent the whole second half barley hanging on by your finger nails and need A. POSSESSION (adu/torres for altidore who was dogging it at that point) and B. more defense (Borenstien for Felhaiber) so you have 5 defenders and still enough offense of the possesion kind to keep them honest. Instead BB shows again that he doens’t know SH*T about soccer or tactics. When you have a two goal lead after one half losing to anybody is unexcusable…PERIOD!

  350. kawa says:

    Fire Bob Bradley , start the chant again . this was some of the worse management i’ve ever seen in my life. he let charlie Davies play the whole game . He’s given the ball away almost everytime he got it.

  351. Isaac says:

    Good game Brazil. AMAZING GAME BOYS!!!! I dont care if we lose. I’m SO PROUD!!!!

  352. spencer says:

    Bradley is incapable of using a strategy and playing the right subs to win a championship. We had it and he chose to bunker instead of use possession.

  353. Rudy says:

    Great performance by the guys, while Bradley’s late/retarded subs were a factor, I think the real killer was Davies making the wrong play on every breakaway after the one he got right that lead to Donovan’s goal.

    Oh, and Brazil is pretty good too.

  354. A.S. says:

    Great try guys. You were outclassed, but maybe with a full strength side – Edu and Ching and Jones and (perhaps) an in form Beasley, we could have won and could be dangerous in the WC.

  355. Paul says:

    Just an utterly dismal second half really.

  356. Isaac says:

    Why do people still wanna fire Bob Bradley. I don’t know if you noticed but:


  357. Andy says:

    Kljestan is one of the worst players on this team yet he still sees time regularly. Terrible.

  358. andrew in tampa says:

    good tournament. good performance today. we ran out of ideas. They had more talent.

  359. TomG says:

    Nice to know that all the negative idiots are back. Way to have a clue and some perspective.

    WE HAD A GREAT TOURNAMENT. Played out hearts out in the final and came up short against a great team. Be happy, the negative idiots need to shut up and appreciate this. I know I do.

  360. A.S. says:

    The commenters killing Bob Bradley are morons. Bradley did a GREAT job. The idea that Bradley should try to defend a 2-1 lead by bringing someone like Adu or Torres – who didn’t play ALL TOURNEY and are terrible defenders – is idiotic.

  361. Joe says:

    The difference in this game to me is depth. Due to injuries and red cards we were left bringing three mediocre MLS players on as subs. With our full squad we could bring in the likes of Edu and Feilhaber instead of Kleistjan and Bornstein.

  362. roche says:

    Disappointed with the subs. At 60 mins I was hoping for Adu/Torres for Altidore for possessions sake. Wouldn’t have minded Bornstein before the 2nd goal, but after? Makes no sense.

    Having said that, good tournament for the team. Says a lot for what can be accomplished with Bradley Jr, Edu, Ching, and Jones in the team. Those three give the team many more options when subs are needed.

    Bob, PLEASE be quicker with your subs!

  363. obie says:

    Sacha should not have seen the plane, let alone the pitch. Otherwise, couldn’t be more proud.

  364. Isaac says:

    First USA manager to get to Confederations Cup final and everyone still wants to fire him.

    Not right…..

  365. brad says:


  366. Juan says:

    TomG: This was a great tournament, with a pich of luck. However, you have to admit that BB did a horrible sub management. Not so say he is a bad coach, he just has to expand his search for depth and realize that some of his players aren’t working and just let them go, regardless their history.

  367. Jacopo Belbo says:

    They bring in Blumer Elano and we counter with Sacha “I totally suck A$$ but have incriminating pictures of Bob Bradley so I play all of the time” Kljestan?!?! They bring on Daniel Alves and we counter with Jonathan Borenstien? And 10 minutes too late?!?! How much longer with USMNT suffer under the horrible tactical leadership of Bob “What is a Sub” Bradley?

  368. Can we get somebody to teach bradly how to sub? says:


    Sacha Kljestan is a hack and crap player who in no way deserves to be in any game of significance for us. Bradley needs to get over himself and stop using “his” crap players.

    Bornstein is okay….but what in the world was he gonna do in midfield that would help us get another goal????

    I absolutely hate Bradley’s subbing and i’ll revolt if it doesnt get better when we get Edu/Ching back and maybe Jermaine Jones in the mix.

  369. Aquaman says:

    I’m proud of the way they played in the first half, but losing after being up 2-0 has to be crushing. It was a good showing, they still have a lot to learn, and Bradley has some things to learn about subs, about Casey and about Sacha. If you’re down a goal, you prbably shouldn’t put in Casey, because he’s not going to be able to individually create a goal scoring chance…..especially since he’s supposedly a hold-up guy and everyone else is too gassed to run onto him if he does control a ball. In those situations you need someone who can create something all by himself…..and Sacha is not that person. After terrible showings so far you do not give him another chance in a final in order to win some of his confidence back. You get someone in there who can do something. You have to believe that even though they’re all teammates that seeing Sacha come in with how terrible he’s been, brought down the morale of the team. Hopefully someone learned something from this tournament since it technically didn’t count for much, but I think Bradley is too proud to learn anything….hopefully someone else will have taken something out of this tournament then.

  370. madmax says:

    Good effort by USA. Bradley failed to adjust in second half and protect wings with 2 goal lead. His subs were late and anemic, but Kljestan, Bornstein, and Casey were his selections.

    Final report on Bradley, fails to adjust tactics on the fly, often very late. Team and roster selections often look like personal favorites, that always hurt the team.

    Bradley needs to be replaced for the above.

  371. Joe B says:

    we don’t want to fire bradley anymore

    but we know that deep down, he kind of sucks

    and we know he can motivate the team and connect with them better than probably anyone else

    and it doesnt make sense to replace him right now

    but he still sucks .. he consistently waits too long to make adjustments (and in this tournament, that failing was brutally exploited by top-class teams italy and brazil)

    and sure they’re are probly plenty of reasons why he hasnt played torres or adu, or why he keeps playing ‘his favorites’ beas and klesjtan … and we don’t know those reasons b/c we don’t have access to what goes on behind the scenes

    so we get to agonize instead

  372. KungFuSoccer says:

    Great tournament. Just result. Brazil is just better than us. Fantastic game to watch. Plain good football. We have nothing to be ashamed of. We scared the crap out of the best team in the world, and EARNED a victory over the 2d best team in the world (spain).

  373. Memrook says:

    BB is not going anywhere folks, nor should he.

    Brazil are a pretty good team, you know, they do alright.

    We showed valiantly, especially in the first half.

    The subs were definitely questionable, but both Adu AND Torres (the two most names i heard posters clammoring for) had ZERO experience in this tournament while both subs BB used DID have experience.

    I don’t like Sacha or Bornstein against Brazil but we really didn’t have that much of a bench to choose from, let’s be honest. I don’t wanna hear about Adu and Torres (who I personally support and want to succeed) but they had ZERO playing time in this tournament.

  374. *sob* So close…

  375. Nick says:

    I think that the Coach has little to do with us making it there. As a player its up to you to make plays. When your done, spent…the coach has the tactics and the subs…This is all on BB…60 min subs after a game like the Semi and the first half of this game is solid tactical thinking…BB ideas not so much

  376. Bryan says:

    hahahaha yeah, because the subs he used did so well defending themselves…

    Bob needs to go. It is that simple. Anyway, great tourny for us. I am proud of our team. I think we found out a lot about our team (well, the 13 players or so that actually played) and I think found our line up in defense. i think we found out clark deserves to be a part of this team. we also discovered that sasha needs to be left off the side and that bornstein can be used as a sub. we also found out Davies and Altidore is our best combo up top.

  377. Blokhin says:

    Bradley forgot that he’s managing USA not Chivas USA… there are better players than Bornstein and Klestjan on that bench…

  378. Joe B. NYC says:

    Forget about the mistakes please, Brazil lost to Uruguay in the Maracana. Italy got taken out by Argentina at home in ’90. If we want to be a top team, we gotta deal with it…

    I remember feeling f*cking great when we went out to Brazil in ’94 by one goal…

    With Lucio crying, Let’s hear the snobs and haters— and they know who they are— say that they didn’t take this game seriously. For the team, all I got to say:

    Italy ’94

    Germany ’86 ’02

    France ’06

    Please keep your heads up. I’m very, very proud.

    I’ll say it again. This tournament is a more concenrated version of the World Cup.

  379. Jacopo Belbo says:

    On a totally different note …. I sure as hell home Man Utd forget trying to sign Franck Ribery and steal Maicon from Inter. That guy is AMAZING!

  380. MAES says:

    This team got themselves to the Final in spite of BB and horrific game management skills. Bottom line his subs have sucked throughout the tournament except Feilhaber sub moving Dempsey to Forward in the previous two games. Except for that sub, his management of time and subs was atrocious and led to a lack of depth and legs at the end of the day. Great effort from the boys nonetheless, and a fantastic accomplishment from the Nats! BB still needs to go this result has nothing to do with this tournament and the last games of qualifiying speak for his ineptness!

  381. dvm2971 says:


    I feel you but a portion of this game did come down to tactics. I just don’t think Bob thinks about the situtation. Bornstein for Benny???

  382. beckster says:

    Great performance, great heart and you only have to look at the BBC commentary to see that we have gained respect.

    We need more depth which I hope will come with Jones, Edu and Ching getting healthy.

    Well deserved rest for Dempsey, Spector, Demeritt and Howard – have a great holiday!

  383. Isaac says:

    The difference in this game to me is depth. Due to injuries and red cards we were left bringing three mediocre MLS players on as subs. With our full squad we could bring in the likes of Edu and Feilhaber instead of Kleistjan and Bornstein.

    Posted by: Joe | June 28, 2009 at 04:27 PM

    Couldn’t have said it better. We didn’t have Bradley either.

  384. Joe B. NYC says:

    But I agree with Andy’s post…

    I think other players could have done better.

  385. Pete says:

    Davies, while giving the ball away too often, also got to balls our other forwards would not have. His energy to track back and get down the flanks is superior to all of our other options. His passing will improve and he clearly seems to be a key cog in the upcoming WC.

  386. Murphy says:

    Great effort today but those were the worst subs ever. Bornstein at midfield? Sacha after playing bad in the last game vs. Brazil? What was Bob thinking there?

  387. Memrook says:

    I am so so so proud of the United States. What a great tournament! Two main reasons to be proud:

    One, they responded to criticism (and just criticism too). You know they heard it because they made comments after the Egypt game about proving us wrong. But if we never criticized them they wouldn’t have known how disappoitned we were. But they took that criticism and did great. They played amazing.

    Two, SEVEN goals in the open run of play: 3 against Egypt, 2 against Spain, 2 against Brazil. That’s awesome!!! We never score from the run of play. This is great. What a way to step up and we learned from this experience.

    The REAL winners of this tournament??? The American public, most of who probably never heard of Clint Dempsey or Tim Howard, and now are more household names thanks to this single Confederations cup and our brave performances. Our profile is raised 100fold in this country now. Amazing.

  388. understood says:

    look…he wasnt gonna bring in torres or adu in this tournament…he made that obvious…bad subs today…but you gotta give him a pass for any bad decisions today after the last two games…hopefully…hopefully after this tournament…no more beasley…no more klejstan…no more casey

  389. Nick says:

    I don’t understand bringing in a player(s) who have tourny exp, but showed little. I mean what’s the point to bring on a guy who is not going to add value…just because he’s been there done that?

  390. Blokhin says:

    that said… we missed M.Bradley today… Rico, Sasha and Bornstein don’t quite cut it in midfield (won’t even bring up Adu,Torres-been talked about enough)

  391. Joe B. NYC says:

    Boy, we really missed Bradley. But again, we have NOTHING to be ashamed of. And Sacha, please go to a European or Mexican club so Bob can stop picking you. Please!

  392. Mingjai says:

    Good game fellas! Terrible way to lose, but you knew it was just a matter of time.

    With the subs Bob Bradley put up, it’s almost like he was playing for a draw. Match tied 2-2, so you pull an attacker and attacking mid and replace them with a shaky defensive mid and a left back.

    It should have been Torres for Altidore at 60′, with Dempsey moving up top, Torres playing left wing, and Donovan out right.

    Then Bornstein for Bocanegra at 75′ and Adu for Dempsey or Feilhaber at 80′.

    Congrats US on a well played final three matches! I’m proud to be an American soccer fan!

  393. ian says:

    where were the subs in the 65th minute as we were tiring? and klejstan and bornstein is the best we can muster off our bench?? shame.

  394. Jacopo Belbo says:

    How does the same team play like utter SH*T for 5 halves (ITA 1st, 2nd, BRA 1st, 2nd and Bra 2nd) and also like amazing genius for 5 halves (EGY 1st, 2nd, SPA 1st, 2nd, BRA 1st)?

    We played 50% like a top 10 in the world team and 50% of the time like we dont belong in the top 75?

    Colour me confused and a bit disapointed!

  395. Isaac says:

    Hey congrats Timmy! Keeper of the tournament!

  396. Timmy Howard is keeper of the tournament! B)

  397. spencer says:

    We won the past two games because Kljestan wasn’t on the field. The second I saw him warming up I knew it was over. He can’t handle the international competition and makes stupid fouls. We had to manage the game to win it and Bradley showed that he was incapable of selecting a player to go in and do that.

  398. Aquaman says:

    Is it better to have ZERO playing time….or have had playing time and showed terribley out on the feild during multiple games. I would have said gamble on the unknown rather than put in a known commodity in that case.

  399. scott says:

    bradley needs to learn how to sub. should have brought bornstein in 5 minutes earlier.

  400. cevlrocks says:

    Well, at least we know no other coach can counter BB superior tactical strategy. Who would expect to see the exact same strategy and subs so many games in a row against different opponents. If I was the opposing coach, I would have been clueless. I would never want my opponents to sit back and let my team pound at them all game long. But seriously talent trumps heart every time, especially when your opponent has both. I realize some players were missing but @#%# happens. Leading up to the World Cup @#$@ can happen again. Which in turn means that we need a coach who can manage a game and not just say, ugh guys I need you to play really really hard and have a lot of heart. Losing a 2-0 lead is inexcusable no matter who you are playing.

  401. A.S. says:

    Sunil up on the dias! He looks crushed – as we all do, Im sure.

  402. Or is that of the match? I think I’ve lost myself.

  403. A.S. says:

    Tim Howard best GK! Well deserved.

  404. scott says:

    and why bring in an extra defender into a tie game?

  405. Can we get somebody to teach bradly how to sub? says:

    It isnt wrong to be pissed about this and pissed about Bob Bradley. If he makes a crappy decision, heck yes we should skewer him for it. I’m only gonna be happy with a loss when we truly played our best the whole game……we only did for half a game because we were gassed and were given the worst friggin subs possible.

  406. Nick says:

    I know that the card to MB was a big issue. Now we get to question the ability of BB to have a disciplined team as well…I hate to say this but “it’s time to part ways”. There are better options for the US in a coach.

  407. Isaac says:

    Its OK Clint. Let it out. You played your heart out.

  408. Memrook says:

    Well Aquaman and some others, I think in theory you’re absolutey right about that. But we’re not there every day with the team. And let’s not forget, BB isn’t the only manager with a history of Adu and not using him. I’m not saying anything about Adu ‘cuz I personally love Adu and Torres also. But in hindsight of course it’s easy to talk trash. If we had mustered an equalizer (like we almost did when Gooch scored on the header in the last minute) then would we be so disappointed? My point is, we don’t know all the variables. BB does. Obviously they didn’t seem the best, but we’ll probably never, ever know why.

  409. A.S. says:

    Michael Bradley’s loss was certainly felt. Benny played great in substitution for him – especially defensively. But we needed the depth of bringing Benny off the bench, and we just didn’t have that depth.

  410. DingDong says:

    Why on, do we have to listen to some xenophobic, soccer-hating idiot talking about how boring and un-American soccer is as soon as the Confederations Cup is over? Go f$@k yourself whoever you are. Dealing with the European haters is enough. I can’t wait until some other station buys on ESPN. I’ll watch on Univision from now on.

  411. craig says:

    Look, we lost because Brazil is an amazing talented team that outskills us in almost every position.
    that being said – Bob Bradley is out of his depth at this level of competition. He managed a double whammy -the exactly wrong subs at the wrong time. Seriously, did any of his subs have anything positive? Not a single thing. It is very frustrating. The US needs to have everything fall right to win a game like that, we cant afford a coach who cannot as has not dictated the terms of the game. The Bradley m.o. is always to react, always five minutes too late, and mostly with the wrong people that he feels comfortable with.
    I see out teams future, and it is Altidore, Davies, Landon, Clint, Bradley, Jermaine Jines or Edu, Gooch, Demeritt, Spector, and Cherondolo,

  412. scott says:

    this will now be a 30 second piece on sportscenter as opposed to lots of coverage. i despise bradley but getting us within a goal of winning this thing is pretty impressive, hopefully he learns that you can use subs before the 70th minute,

  413. Jocky says:

    bradley needs to learn how to sub. should have brought bornstein in 5 minutes earlier.

    Posted by: scott | June 28, 2009 at 04:39 PM

    Way to appreciate your teams effort.

  414. AutinT. says:

    The US had a wonderful tourney, but in all honesty…A SUPER LUCKY ONE!!!
    I’m still amazed that some so-called fans, demand that the team win the World Cup NOW!
    Those fans are delirious!
    They probably have never heard of Holland (as I prefer to call them), who invented modern football, and have been waiting fifty years to win it! Or Spain, Chile and Paraguay, Czech Republic, Peru, Mexico, Colombia, Russia etc. who all have a much older soccer tradition and culture than ours, and also want to win it…who doesn’t!
    Today if it weren’t for amazing good luck, Tim Howard, a goal for Brazil that everyone saw except the ref, and again lots of luck it would have been much worse!
    But the overall performance of the team was the best one yet!

  415. JK says:

    Wow. We lose to the probable new number one team in the world, a team with the more talented players, a country with arguably the most storied team in the world, and some fans want BB to be fired. Makes sense.

    Anyways, great game by the Yanks. I really can not complain at this wonderful effort by our national team. They did us proud.

  416. Juan says:

    I hate soccer players that switch their shirts around…you playing for the (freaking) crest not your name!!!

  417. JK says:

    BTW, I am being sarcastic. We need to be proud of our national team for an incredible effort against a great world power.

  418. centrejack says:

    I am proud of our team, and I can’t complain about BB – when you don’t have the talent of the competition you have to play a smarter game, and for the last 3 games we did. He made a strategic decision to give them the wings because we know we would be overrun in the center of the pitch. Yeah maybe he could have subbed sooner or differently, but he didn’t have much to work with. Adu – he doesn’t play defense and isn’t too fast, torres, maybe he should have gotten more time, but I can’t complain. We just gave a hell of a game to a team with the most talented players in the world, and yes I am including Spain.

    We grew as a team we improved our speed of play and showed better organization than we ever had before. I think the Confederations Cup was an unqualified success for the Nats. With a little more depth in the midfield it would have been our game – jones, edu, bradley – we are only going to get better

  419. Will - Yo says:

    I feel that giving up that first goal sooo early in the second half wounded us. MORE IMPORTANTLY, I FEEL THE U.S. SUBS NEEDED TO COME ABOUT 5 MINUTES EARLIER. This could have helped on the second goal. THIS I BLAME ON BRADLEY. Lastly, where was the player on the post in the third goal?

    In the end, we turned things around (coaches and players) and we will use this as a learning experience. We know the players learned. Let’s hope the coach did too.

  420. scott says:

    i just hoped we learned alot. team has bright future, good chance to hold on if we had bradley, edu, or jones

  421. Nick says:

    People are giving BB too much credit for the job the fellas did on the field. Think about it. The coach picks the players, they play…The guys on the field, even the crappy ones need not lower their heads. The coach really needs to think about this tourny and the results of His actions, or lack there of.

  422. A.S. says:

    I can see it next year: USA gets to the Final game of the WC, beating Argentina, Holland, Spain and England. USA loses in PKs to Brazil. Moronic SBI commenters blame Bob Bradley for PK loss.

  423. scott says:

    i hope donovan makes a club move he showed he can play in any league in the world

  424. obie says:

    The lingering feeling from the past two weeks is that SA2010 is going to be wide open. I wouldn’t be too surprised to see a team from outside of UEFA + CONMEBOL make the final.

  425. Goalscorer24 says:

    Great effort by the team. Tough result to swallow because we had them. Two mistakes by Bradley, subbing in too late, and then subbing in the wrong guys!

  426. Rudy says:

    “I can see it next year: USA gets to the Final game of the WC, beating Argentina, Holland, Spain and England. USA loses in PKs to Brazil. Moronic SBI commenters blame Bob Bradley for PK loss.”

    Yeah, cause that’s the same scenario that’s causing the criticism now.

  427. JK says:

    I am very proud of this team. It’s an extremely tough loss, but I hope they can take this wonderful experience to do well in the rest of WCQ, and then to SA 2010!

  428. Nick says:

    BB won’t be around by then!

  429. teach says:

    Great game. It was Brazil after all. Dempsey and Donovan were all over, attacking, defending, sacrificing their bodies, making plays. Great hustle. Can’t wait until Azteca

  430. A.S. says:

    “Yeah, cause that’s the same scenario that’s causing the criticism now.”

    Yup. The comments will be filled with brilliant insights like ‘Fire Bob Bradley – he should have told Howard to dive left instead of right.’

  431. seak says:

    I was impressed by the play of the entire Defense, Howard Donovan, Bradley, pretty much everyone except for Kleijekstan (sp?), Beasley and I was a little disappointed in Fielhaber today.

    Also Bradley’s substitutions left a lot to be desired, esp today.

  432. Steve says:

    It was a great tournament and they showed a lot of heart but I am still going to question the coaching. Why did you pull off two offensive players when Brazil tied the game for two defensive players? I just do not understand. Lastly, where was the defender on the back post on Lucio’s game winner? The ball would have hit that individual if there was someone there. This is just fundamentals. At the end of the day, Brazil is deeper than us and it showed. Overall, it was a great team effort.

  433. Ed Dog says:

    The reason we are all so angry is because we came so close. If those subs would have came in helped us win we would all be celebrating without question. This hurts so much because we were minutes away from wining the cup, and to me it is just not fair. We all know that soccer isn’t always fair (most of the red cards we received), but that is the way it goes. I could go on and on about how Bob Bradley costs us this game but the truth is that we don’t have all the facts so we can not assume that we know better than a coach that led us to the final (regardless of luck, and decisions). I just want to say that I am proud of our team and how much heart they played with, and I hope they can take this heart-breaking experience and become hungrier than ever to win every game and every tournament that we are a part of. Did you see Clint after the game? his emotion says everything that I can not put into words.

    Congratulations to our US team, which in my opinion, showed they had the heart of a champion no matter the final score.

  434. A.S. says:

    It is hilarious that these comments are making me defend Bob Bradley – I don’t even like him (or his son) really! But, I mean, come on: it is ridiculous to blame a close loss to f*%&ing Brazil on him.

    We gave this game our all, and came damned close. The difference was that we didn’t have anybody on the bench to bring in to defend a 2-1 lead. It is where the loss of a Mo Edu really, really hurts.

  435. Ryan says:

    Jay Demeritt and Tim Howard were fantastic.

  436. ViscaB says:

    You know the saying…’keep your friends close, and your enemies even closer’…
    If Bob Bradley would have studied how Mexico kept a 1-0 lead through most of the match against Brazil to win in the last Confederations Cup he might have learned something!
    Only two teams in the world consistently beat Brazil, they are, France and Mexico!

  437. Rich says:


    What a first half!

    Still we just do not have the horese to compete with Brazil.

    Once the presure was being applied I was trying to who you bring on, but I could not come up with the names.

    BB obviously does nto trust Toores or Adu to be on the field, but goes with Sacha and Bornstein?

    Sacha did not do to badly but he looked too much down the middle and not to the wings enough. Bornstein did pretty well. But if you are not going to bring on Adu, how are you going to find the spark? Maybe he was waiting to let him do his thing in the Gold Cup.

    I do struggle with the roster however. If you are not going to play Torres and Adu why did you bring them? To get atmosphere?

    Still in all. Once the first half ended, I really did not care what the final was. i have always just asked that we compete, AND THAT WE DID!!!

    We came out winners regardless of the final score!!!

  438. madmax says:

    “I don’t like Sacha or Bornstein against Brazil but we really didn’t have that much of a bench to choose from, let’s be honest.”
    Posted by: Memrook

    Of course this only makes sense if someone other than Bradley had selected Sacha, Bornstein, Beasley, etal. Since Bradley made both the selections and subs, memrook’s comment is silly, let’s be honest, nonsense.

  439. beckster says:

    Player that impressed the most? Spector. He was brilliant and will give Dolo a run for his money for the spot.

    Player that surprised the most? I think it was Demerit stepping up. He has definately had his ups and downs at Watford and I was so impressed.

    I am feeling better about the USA chances. they will now have the confidence that they can beat the best in the world and hopefully we will have additional players strengthening the squad.

  440. KungFuSoccer says:

    Loved our team. I didn’t know Davies before this tournament. Bradley, Dempsey, Donovan, Spector, Demerit, Gooch, Bocanegra. Great. I’m sure I left some out.

    But this wasn’t bad luck. Brazil was superior.

    I was happy to see Donovan and Dempey Crying, Not because we lost, obviously, but because they REALLY GIVE A CRAP. HEART. We’ve been missing it. Its here. With more depth, who knows what we can do.

    At one point in this tournament I didn’t even want us to qualify for the world cup, so that I could avoid the overwhelming disappointment. They really showed they are worthy. but they are still not Brazil.

    If we can stop the crap red cards, 2010 will be a awesome.

  441. utePhan says:

    I am very proud of the team. I hope they now finally realize they can play with any team in the world if they attack and don’t sit back. I would hope that Bob Bradley would learn the same thing, but I am past the point of thinking the guy is going to try and learn anything new. I like the man, but he’s just a little too stubborn for my liking.

    It stings to come so close and not win, and I love that Dempsey was so shaken up after…the guy showed heart and at least you knew it meant a lot to him.

    The future is bright and this tournament has given me some renewed hope that I was losing. Bravo fellas, you made the USA proud.

  442. madmax says:

    Rich, “Sacha did not do to badly but he looked too much down the middle and not to the wings enough. Bornstein did pretty well.”

    I watched a completely different game.

  443. Joe B says:

    IVES: Please provide story on why no Torres!!!!

    Inquiring minds want to know!!!

  444. cbr says:

    so proud

  445. madmax says:

    Maicon had more time in the corner than a Rio street walker. Boca and Donovan didn’t get it done and Bradley didn’t provide help at 2-0.

  446. Andrew says:

    does brian ching still have a place in the starting lineup- I think Davies has more than earned a orle as a starting striker. brian ching as super sub! thoughts?

  447. Dan Roudebush says:

    Have to agree with A.S.

    While I personally would have liked to see Torres instead of Sasha, guys critizing BB for his subs don’t know shite. He put the two on that had played in the tourney before. Bornstien was not out of place in mid for example.

    Bob did a great job in this tourney, and I’m sure he will use the lessons learned to improve potential showings in 2010. That’s what the US came here for.

    Great showing of heart & effort by the US players. Congratulations guys.

  448. Jacob A. says:

    I still like Ching and Altidore, with Davies as a supersub, because I think Altidore can’t do what Ching does, at least not yet.

  449. Andrew Dunson says:

    I don’t know about you guys, but seeing Dempsey bawling his eyes out and Donovan giving his exit interview with tears in his eyes got me choked up. It is a beautiful thing to see such deep passion from our guys.

    I think Donovan and Howard were our most effective players, while Spector claiming his spot in the defense came as the biggest suprise.

    Thank you, guys. You gave us hope and some of the best football played by a United States national team.

    We are so proud of you.

    Bring on South Africa ’10…

  450. Dominghosa says:

    Well, I still can’t believe it. Still can’t believe the U.S. made it to the semis with the exact result the team needed to advance.
    Still can’t believe the U.S. beat Spain.
    Still can’t believe the U.S. went up 2-0 in the first half in a FIFA final against Brazil.
    Still can’t believe the the U.S. gave up 3 goals in the following half to lose in the end.
    Oh, so close.
    But oh, so memorable.
    Thanks to Donovan and Co. for finally waking up and playing with not just grit and heart but with style, flair, and skills.
    You all have given the U.S. Soccer Nation hope.
    Oh, so close.

  451. d23man says:

    I think going into 2010 we’ll have great depth with maybe not at Defense, but maybe we can slide someone from Mid into the defensive slot if needed (Edu?, J-Jones?)

    Adu (don’t know if he’ll see the mid much)
    I heard McBride wants to make a comeback
    …..Casey (I hope not)

    J. Jones
    Rico Clark

    Chrunldelo (sp?)


  452. Danny says:

    Well after wiping my tears away I can look back and say the U.S did a great job in the Confed Cup…We were so close, but yet so far from winning a major title…Soccer can be so cruel at times

  453. soccerroo says:

    disappointed by the finish but glad the Guys played better the last three games. Still have a long way to go before we truely compete for a world cup.

  454. d23man says:

    link to

    lets hope michael bradley isn’t gone for mexico too cause Jermaine wont be ready yet

  455. Jacob A. says:

    Where’s my mls commentary thread!?!?!?!

  456. Scott A says:

    USA, USA

  457. USA says:

    nobody is talking about this, but I’m going to say it. We REALLY missed michael bradley today. I believe with his insertion instead of feilhaber (who didn’t have the greatest game, and defended poorly overall) we could have plugged up that space hole in front of the centerbacks that allowed them to have so much of the ball. Damn I really think we needed MB today, I HATE FIFA REFS

  458. Seisco says:

    I’m not going to come out and say that Bob Bradley lost the game, but he certainly did not manage the game well enough coming out into the second half.

    Brazil is too good of a team to let attack you for 45 minutes, and that’s what the US did. They needed to find some possession, and keep the ball away from brazil for greater periods of time.

    Bob Bradley should have seen this lack of possession and put in truly technical players to keep the ball. This means either Torres or Adu. I felt that they should have gotten at least limited minutes in this tournament.

    Kljestan is out of form and should not have seen the field. And Conor Casey!? Really!?!? Has he done anything this entire tourney to warrant minutes?! Once these two players came on there was no way we could win.

    Bornstein is a good defender but is lacking in the technical department. When trailing Brazil (or tied), this is not the player you go with. (Torres or Adu anybody?)

    Taking Jozy off was also a bad move. He was our greatest way to hold the ball and also attack. He went the full 90 against Spain why couldn’t he do it today?

    Does Bob Bradley only put in players who he drafted in MLS? Both Bornstein and Kljestan were his projects and both saw the field in questionable circumstances.

    I was encouraged by the players’ performances in the past 3 games, but am a little concerned with some of Bradley’s coaching decisions in the past 7 games.

    If everyone is on form next year this is what I would like to see at the world cup:






    I would also like to see 2 forwards so either push Clint up top or bring on Adu or Davies.

  459. Seisco says:

    Also we definitely missed Michael Bradley today. We missed his tackling, instincts, and ability to keep possession.

  460. Jerry says:

    Great month of June. Like going to disney or six flags and riding a roller coaster. Starts down with thrashing, back up with come from behind win in Chicago, then crashes down with the loss to Italy, and Brazil and then shoots straight back up like a rocket with the win against Egypt and Spain, crests in the first half today and wooo what a ride to the end. Thanks USMNT and I can’t wait for the next year. BTW, can we do this again starting July 1????

  461. USA says:

    today we found out why 2-0 is the most dangerous lead you can have in this sport. landon donovan to europe i PRAY after this tourney.

  462. Jacob A. says:

    I was, of course, kidding about the mls thing. That said, Seattle is running around like banshees against Colorado

  463. Keith says:

    Lot’s of positives here, but I think the surprises were:

    Charlie Davies – proved he can be very dangerous with his speed. His judgement improved with each game.

    Jay Demerit – solid as a rock. Hope this increases his marketability on the pro level — he deserves it.

    Spector – looked so composed, and improved with every game. He’s faster than I thought too.

    Feilhaber – confident and creative, and showed great defensive grit filling in for Bradley. Hope he stays healthy.

    The rest of the starting 11 today delivered truly world-class performances. We had enough chances, especially in the first half, to potentially put the game out of reach. Didn’t happen today, and Brazil’s ability to apply constant pressure finally paid off for them.

    The nice byproduct is that some of the U.S. team should get better pro offers and more playing time, which can only help the National Team. Altidore, Davies, Feilhaber certainly upped their futures. Maybe DeMerit can get loaned to a Premiership team. If Gooch isn’t already locked up by Fenerbace, I’m sure he’ll get lots of offers.


  464. Cindy says:

    i’ll stop hating on Dempsey for a while now because he was a beast towards the end, here’s hoping he keeps it up!!

  465. Seisco says:

    The central midfielders didn’t have another monster game like they did against Spain. That definitely hurt the US because we were unable to hold the ball, and Brazil moved it fluidly across the entire field and easily switched the point of attack.

  466. matt C says:

    How is that our team has 9 goals scored on it over 5 games and our goalie is keeper of the tourney? Timmy’s overrated. We didn’t lose be/c of him today i hope come June of next year he’s better than he is now. Why is he trying to save shots 3 yards deep into his goal? He needs to be called out.

  467. Seisco says:

    Tournament performances (the ENTIRE tournament not just single game performances):

    Very Impressive: Howard, Donovan, Onyewu, DeMerit, Bradley

    Impressive: Spector, Clark, Davies, Feilhaber, Bocanegra, Altidore, Dempsey

    Average: Bornstein, Guzan, Bob Bradley

    Disappointing: Kljestan, Casey

    Extremely Disappointing: Beasley

  468. whatagame says:

    Donovan impressed me his box-box hustling. Spector also impressed at right back.

    Davies was a nice surprise since he hadn’t played in a lot qualifiers. Demerit was the biggest surprise. I knew he could be a solid stopper as a sub, but he played very consistently over five games and paired nicely with Onyewu.

  469. Gabe says:

    Honestly, what this team missed was the controlling composed presence coming off the bench that Benny usually provides. Michael Bradley’s suspension stung in the second half, when we clearly needed that depth boost. I think the prospects look good going forward, especially with a CM group of…Michael Bradley, Rico Clark, Jermaine Jones, Maurice Edu, and Benny Feilhaber, not to mention prospects like Joe Torres and Freddy Adu. Defensively, we give up alot of speed on the left side with Bocanegra, but I think the unit as a whole will be excellent together.

    all im all, great showing in the cup. unlucky and a bit outclassed towards the end, but great way to gain momentum. Long way to go, but I think we are on the right track.

  470. aatabak says:

    It was an amazing rebound for the US and impressive showing in the last three games. BB showed his lack of tactical awareness once again. His continued preference for his favorites has cost us a couple of games. Pretty mind boggling subs at horrible times. I truly think he is holding back the team from all it can be. Does an OK job but not once has done a great job.

  471. mike ruze says:

    Shameful second half. Stop the Ching talk. Had he played we never woulda got tis far. Ching would have never scored against Spain…or anyone other quality team.

    This shows that the US needs to stick with and develop the Davies Altidore partnership.

  472. Seisco says:

    How is that our team has 9 goals scored on it over 5 games and our goalie is keeper of the tourney? Timmy’s overrated. We didn’t lose be/c of him today i hope come June of next year he’s better than he is now. Why is he trying to save shots 3 yards deep into his goal? He needs to be called out.

    Posted by: matt C | June 28, 2009 at 05:58 PM

    You are an idiot. It’s pretty easy to let 3 goals in when you are facing 30 shots a game from superior opponents. Howard made save after save to keep his team in the game and deserved the award. BTW he was 3 yards in his goal because the ball just came of the cross bar and he had dove to make the save, slick.

  473. julio says:

    I love the US and loved their effort, but I’m still hearkbroken. They deseved better.

  474. Dan says:

    Even though I am disappointed like everyone else, I am so impressed with the sporting spirit and drive shown by our team in the last two matches. This bodes well for the World Cup. We will be a force to be reckoned with.

    I was already committed to seeing Spring Awakening in Philadelphia this afternoon (great show) so I only got to see the second half at Fado on the corner of 15th Street and Locust. The US side looked tired and the Brazil played inspired soccer. They really are incredible.

    As for the player who impressed me the most, no question it’s Davies. His speed brings an element to the US attack that has been missing for years.

    I look forward to seeing this team shock the world next summer!

  475. julio says:


    Seing Dempsey crie after he received his Silver or runner up trophy shows the guy geniounly cares, he sweats for the US shirt. That is the main thing the US is missing. They don’t sweat the shirt like other coutries, they are a team very discipline that is well organized, but they have to care about the the shirt, the Country, the fans. Dempsey gets it…do other players get it. It almost reminds me of Allen Iverson with the US getting the Bronze or Silver in the World Championships, before they eventually earned the GOLD this past Olympics. He cried when they received it which is why I don’t like him as a person, but he cares about his Country, kind of like Dempsey. Only I like him and think we are to hard on him sometimes, but that is good, because that means he is a talent and expect more from him. GO US…very proud of what you did today.

  476. Brent McD. says:

    Great showing by the US this tournament. Very proud of our boys. Just ran out of gas in the second half. Would have been really nice to have had Michael Bradley available. Thanks refs — not! Too many debatable direct red cards. Overall, I must say I’m happy with the team’s progress though. Several players really seem to be finding themselves — Spector, DeMerit, Feilhaber, and Davies come immediately to mind. Donovan also had a good run of games. Let’s use this new-found confidence to finish up the qualifying hex in style, starting with grabbing a point in Azteca. Cheers!

  477. Kelli says:

    I will be watching I hope the usa kicks tail lol

  478. Jeremiah says:

    Congratulations to the US on a very much deserved 2nd place finish. I was hoping they’d hang on, but still, great performance all around

    I was impressed by the play of US attacking players, particularly Donovan, who is my choice for the Golden Ball. Or at least the Silver Ball after Luis Fabiano got the Golden Ball. Kaka won based on his reputation. I hope Donovan gets a contract with a European team this fall.
    I also thought our midfield was good, except for Sasha, who is just a red card waiting to happen. He hasn’t done anything since the game against Sweden, and doesn’t deserve to be on the field, especially in favor of Torres.
    I’m also starting to find myself drifting into the “Get rid of Bob Bradley” group after being a supporter of his. He makes terrible substitutions, and I think the players deserve the credit for making the final, not him. He’s not a bad coach, but I’m worried that we’ll struggle in the World Cup again, particularly with misplaced expectations for a lot of US soccer fans.
    Anyway, bring on Mexico, and bring on Jermaine Jones.

  479. CLY says:

    WTF….. Bornstein subbed in for left midfield. Sascha for center midfield. As soon as they entered the field the game changed and Brazil scored the goals to win. Use your head Coach B when making subs. Very boneheaded….Should have left the lineup that he started. Did not need these changes. Keep attacking, not sitting back. Learn from this please. What a golden opportunity missed out on.

  480. el drewski says:

    wowwww… all these twit defending bradley?? really guys?? lets act like we know soccer and if we know soccer, we know bradley blows at being a coach. our talent got us into the final, not some genius tactical move… and the first person to even question dempsey’s goal against spain needs to be slapped, bc that was NOT bradleys brillance. the guys running the us fed are about as smart as the guys running our damn country: BOTH are holding back prosperity.

  481. Sam Snead says:

    Fantastic showing in the 1st half from the Americans. Unfortunately they came out flat in the 2nd and paid for it early. Most goals are scored in the first and last 5 mins of every half.

    The most disappointing thing about the match is how Bob Bradley couldn’t recognize that substitutions needed to be made around the 58th min. Instead he waits until to late and then brings on the wrong players to enable the US to push forward and put the Brazilians on their heels.

    The thing to realize about all this is that US Soccer doesn’t care about the overall performance of the US coach as long as he gets the US team back to the World Cup. They are motivated by the sponsors cash who only care if the US makes it to the WC.

    Bob Bradley proved today (and on many other occasions) that he is unfit to be the US Coach. He just lacks the cleverness as well as the motivational skills to be a National team coach.

  482. jpc says:

    I would like to say first that Bornstein, Kljestan and Casey did NOT lose this game for us, Brazil was the better team and we were not patient enough as a team to hold possession when it was needed. We did very well in the counter attack, but that can’t be the game plan for 70 minutes in my opinion, its just too taxing on our defense and midfield.


    Bradley continues to throw these guys in, and they just are NOT impact players taht you need off the bench. Kljestan absolutely sucks. I feel like he always finds the most difficult pass available and goes for it all the time. He’s got skills, but he is a moron. Kljestan needs to sit on the bench and watch donovan play… Bornstein wasn’t terrible this tournament, but what about his game screams midfield playing time???? Casey is the sub I get, sort of. its late in the game and you want a guy to possibly get on the end of a long header, but if this sub was made earlier you throw Adu or Torres in there and let them create real chances.

    I just hope bradley looks at these guys like he looked at Beasley, and realizes that they are not the guys we need playing

  483. MensreaJim says:

    For what it’s worth, this is from the BBC chat:

    “I’m really enjoying the USA’s style of play. No play-acting, card-waving, playing innocent to the ref, etc. Just good physical football. I hope all the “stars” in the homelands of football are watching and learning.”

    Regardless of how it ended, our boys earned a round of applause.

  484. madmax says:

    The USA made big strides but not Coach Bradley. Is there time for him to improve or be replaced? Bradley needed to tighten up on left side defense beginning the second half and up 2-0 but he failed. Maicon had way too much time. If Boca can’t go out wider than Donovan has to. At 2-1 that area still was weak. At 2-2 he still needed to strengthen it and bring in some impact in the middle. He brought on Kljestan. At 2-3 he needed some fire power and he brought on Bornstein and Casey. Bradley failed to tighten up a weak spot on defense, brought nobody in to help or change tactics. When behind he brought in some personal friends who shouldn’t have been on the roster or bench. Great effort team USA, but the coach didn’t give you a fighting chance.

  485. Joe says:

    Great game fellas.

    Despite the loss, the played strong and made us proud. Cheers to the USMNT!!

  486. Mike says:

    How can anyone question Tim Howard and call him out?! Are you serious??? The guy was under an all out assault of shorts since the tournament started. Put anyone else in goal and Brazil easily doubles the scoreline. Howard keeps this team in so many games its not even funny.

  487. Mike says:

    btw, there’s no way I see Bradley getting fired unless the US suddenly loses a string of WCQ. Looks like this tourney saved Bradley’s job and he will more than likely be coaching us in South Africa.

  488. Adam M. says:

    I think the U.S. players learned a lot more than we fans did. I think they learned that there is a significant population in this country that cares a great deal not just about the results they achieve, which are viewed realistically, but with how invested they appear in wearing the shirt. I really think that Donovan and Dempsey, maybe for the first time in their careers, took to heart the disappointment with the (real or perceived) lack of effort and energy in the first two games, which was the overwhelming subject of the comments rather than the typical results. And they seemed angry about it, which is exactly what you as a fan would hope they would feel. Against a undermaned Egypt, but especially against Spain and Brazil today, there was a palpable sense that the U.S. players were overcoming their individual technical deficiences, which remain, with individual hardwork and demonstrable teamwork that actually did make them better players. The goals today were world class techical efforts by all of the players involved with creating and scoring them, even if all of those players are not at the level of Brazil or Spain’s best. And we can also take pride in Tim Howard, who is easily one of the top five goaltenders in the world right now.

    The U.S. will undoubtedly remain an inconsistent side in its results. They lack depth, cannot seem to maintain their personality for an entire 90 minutes, and some starters simply lack the kind technical ability on the ball that one sees so prevelent elsewhere. But I hope this tournament will put an end to the fans’ need to criticize the effort being put forth so we can focus on the thing that the best soccer teams in the international and club scene direct their attention to: the development of players better than we currently have and, perhaps still our one glaring weakness, our coaching.

    Bob Bradley has virtually assured his spot through thr 2010 World Cup, but his substitutions today were typcially poor and I hope he either learns from them or does not need to repeat them with the additions of Edu and Jones and, one still hopes, the emergence of Adu as the player we all continue to hope he will be.

    I think a lot of us really did not believe many of the things we saw from the U.S. in this tournament, and I also think that for the first time in a long time, the good memories will greatly outweigh the bad.

  489. management mysteries says:

    I attempted to question the sub decisions by BB after a great victory (Spain) and said we won in spite of his questionable choices and timing. It is nice to have support again as I was a fool for saying it then. BB truly had limited choices, and then made poor selections from those players. Again his relationships are a problem as they seem to blind him somewhat. Torres for Benny would have made sense, but Klestjan? In fairness to BB once the player checks in and effectively has been requested to come on to the fourth official, can he change because a goal is scored which was the case today, I have not seen this discussed? We have limited guys that can hold the ball, and did not use the two on the pine today. The boys were very impressive, hard to argue with the line-up but the subs were again awful. Curiously, not bashing BB or MB but does he need to win his spot against our deep defensive mid category or is it his automatically, I am not judging whether he is it but we need a playmaker too. Personally, I think the line-up is the best we have had and would have been equal with MB in at defensive mid, but not two defensive mids.

  490. TomG says:

    CLY, are you retarded? Kljestan and Bornstein came in AFTER Brazil’s equalizer. Neither had a hand in the game-winning goal so where exactly do you see them coming in as having led to the loss?

    All you self-hating, I-know-more-than-the-coach clowns are a joke. It’s clear some people have always hated Bradley as a coach and while whine and cry any time they can get a chance. He didn’t cost us the game today. Brazil’s better talent WON the game.

  491. Jeremiah says:

    Regardless, Bradley will be the coach next year, and people will be complaining about him not using Adu or Torres or that he’s starting Ching or Beasley in a World Cup game.

  492. Rocco says:

    Props to our boys. Today for me was bittersweet. Valiant effort by everyone and it was almost like we were playing with house money so who cares. But, when your up 2-0 at half and lose, WTF.

    I’m not going to kill anyone giving the fact I realize how far US Soccer has come. Coming for a guy who remembers the 90 world cup team, a bunch of college rag tags and grew up watching the Cosmos play at Giant’s stadium. And to see us take it to Brazil in the first half was a proud moment for soccer in this country. But imagine if we would of won this game…

    Soccer has come a long way.. the guys themselves and our country should be proud these guys are truly pioneers.

    Great – Dempsey, Howard, Donovan, Onyewu

    Very Good – Spector, Demerit, Bradley, Davies, Altidore

    Ok – Clark, Boca, Bornstein, Guzan

    Need work – Beasley, Casey, Klejstan

  493. joel says:

    we came up short…but I’m proud of the team…this is the effort we all want from our national team. I think that if we can play like these last few games, then we are down the right path.

  494. NJ Guy No Longer Stuck in DC says:

    We found guys who clicked together and will play for each other. LD both surprised and impressed me the most; I think he made an argument for best midfielder in the tournament. He performed like the player we thought he’d be after Korea 2002.

    Spector and Demerit were impressive. The back 4 gave up minimal fouls in danger areas and smart ones to slow the attack down throughout the tournament.

    Dempsey is great when he has a chip on his shoulder. Davies has played very well and Altidore played like a talent with rust from not playing. Very good sometimes and not so good others – but please Jozy, stop doing the turtle when you go up for a 50/50 header; I didn’t see him win one all-tournament.

    Feilhaber just needs some stamina but is a great addition. We missed Mike Bradley today though.

    I think the tactics were good today. In the first half Brazil did what they were supposed to – get space wide and cross it in to Onyewu and Demerit – and the wide backs need to stone the occasional 1 v 1. It’s not a bad game plan against better teams with the back 4 we have, plus missing Bradley.

    The subs were abominable – I think BB meant to put them in as “hold the one goal lead” subs and stuck with them even when Brazil scored. Oh well.

    And for those talking about Adu. We’ll see with the Gold Cup, but he needs playing time for his club. I’m not sure he makes the 2010 roster.

  495. Patrick Marshall says:

    The reason we lost this game after executing an excellent game plan in the first half is that after our second gaol, we dropped off in the midfield and did not pressure the ball until brazil was practically in our attacking third. You cannot keep Brazil at bay with that kind of a game plan. Our backs and Keeper played admirably the whole game. Our guys should have kept up the intensity for what should have been the biggest win in any of these guys careers. Midfielders and forwards became content and gave the ball away too easily, and stopped fighting like they did in the first 35 minutes or so. I agree the subs sucked, but that is not what lost the game. Why did we not pressure the ball higher on the pitch??????

  496. Very proud of the US team, they earned a lot of respect today. This was the sharpest performance yet.

    The US team proved today that the games against Egypt and Spain were not flukes. The US looked better game by game, peaking in the first half against Brazil.

    The passing, confidence on the ball, and coordination as a team were very good. Spector, Oneywu, Dononvan, and Howard were all stand outs, but I think 90% of the US players on the field performed exceptional well, and perhaps the rest were not quite good enough for this level of competition. But, this was the highest level of competition possible.

  497. madmax says:

    If Bradley had a fourth sub, would it have been Beasley?

    Bradley can not hide behind a ‘weak bench’ as he picked everyone on the squad.

    Another game where the coach could not adjust.

  498. Dennis Mueller says:

    Wow! The US takes Brazil to the limit with a team of players mostly from second level pro teams while Brazil has guys who play for the upper echelon clubs and who can fetch multi-million transfer fees. I guess the coach who selected the US team is at fault for not selecting all the US players who play for Man. U., Barcelona, Real Madrid, Milan, etc and are all those players subject to multi-million $ transfers. He failed to play the little kid who the press annointed the future of US soccer (never mind the kid can’t seem to get a start in Europe and hardly set the MLS on fire when he was there). Clearly he should have gone to his very deep bench sooner.

    Oh Yeah, the US did handle Spain pretty well, again with the same poor selection of players and terrible choice of substitutes.

    Wait, scratch that, Given the talent level of the last 3 teams the US played, the US should have lost all 3 and lost convincingly. Either the managers of all the big clubs are poor judges of talent for not picking up the US players, or someone who chose this roster and helped them play together well enough to challenge the best teams in the world had an idea of what he was doing.

    Bradley clearly has helped this team move along and improve. He continues to look at players to see who will fit in and work with the core hes has fashioned. Some players will play themselves onto the team by next summer, others may play themselves off. No one can really tell which those might be. I am pretty sure that Michael Bradley’s reported verbal assualt on the referee who red-carded him will not be something Bob looks kindly on.

    Seven important games in 25 days on 3 continents. Donavon, Dempsey, Bradley, Gooch, Demerit, Altidore played all or nearly all of the minutes. It was no wonder they looked tired near the end of the last couple games.

    It will be interesting if the “B” group that gathers in a couple days to begin prep for the Gold Cup can come together and rise to the occassion as well as those they would replace did.

  499. Rageman says:

    What U.S. player impressed you the most in this tournament?
    Oguchi Onyewu.

    Who surprised you the most?
    Jay Demerit

    Are you feeling more confident about the U.S. team’s chances in the 2010 World Cup?
    If this coach or last coach employs two strikers . . . I always have confidence in this team. I’ve always felt they can go toe to toe with anybody as long as their coach doesn’t tie one leg behind their back with the lone striker formation.

  500. clmm8899 says:

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