Confederations Cup: USA vs. Egypt (Matchday Commentary)

USA Crest

The U.S. national team takes on African champions Egypt in its final group game (and likely final match) of the 2009 Confederations Cup (2:30 pm, ESPN2).

The Americans are playing for pride after two losses, while Egypt is still trying to qualify for the semifinals, which it can do with a victory and Italy tie or loss.

I will be providing commentary throughout the match so please feel free to follow along, and as always, feel free to share your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action (USA lineup after the jump):


FINAL– That's it for me. Please feel free to share your thoughts on this match, and the U.S. team's improbable move into the Confederations Cup semifinals, in the comments section below.


FINAL– Charlie Davies started things with his goal, then Michael Bradley finished the second, and Dempsey headed home the game-winner as the Americans do the impossible, or at least what was considered impossible. Just wow.

USA vs. Spain on Wednesday. Yes, Spain is the best team in the world, but the fact is the americans will be there to face them while teams like Egypt and Italy, yes Italy, are home.


FINAL– USA 3, EGYPT 0. USA IS IN THE SEMIFINALS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW. Just a beautiful effort, team effort, they showed heart, fight, skill and kept on battling.


93rd – Time is running out.


92nd minute– Two minutes to go.


90th minute– Three minutes of stoppage. Egypt pressing.


FINAL– Brazil beats Italy 3-0, it's up to the USA now.


90th minute– WOW, header from Egypt goes over the bar. WOW.

Casey cleared the corner before that. Done well so far.


89th minute– Egypt corner


88th minute– Can't be much stoppage in this game.


88th minute– Three minutes of stoppage in the Brazil-Italy game.


87th minute– Dempsey finding some enery late in this match. He's come to life since moving up top.


86th  minute– Can anybody remember the last USA game that was this intense?


85th minute– This U.S. lineup looks good for the purpose, which is to keep possession. Casey hasn't done badly since coming in.


84th minute– Brazil is still pressing for a fourth goal so they're not making it easy for Italy.


82nd minute– Davies is coming out for Casey. He has to be gassed after running all day. Casey needs to hold the ball up and keep the ball.


81st minute– Conor Casey is coming in. He had better show more defensive effort today than he did vs. Brazil.


80th minute– Guzan catches an Egypt cross. Americans can't give the ball away cheaply here.


80th minute– Ten more minutes. U.S. needs to keep the ball and take some pressure off the defense.


78th minute– How much would U.S. fans love Brazil if they can hold on to that lead?


76th minute– Does Bradley make another sub or should he stick with this group? At this point I think you stay with this group.


75th minute– Egypt is pushing hard here for a goal. Corner kick. Onyewu heads it away.


73rd minute– Feilhaber with a shot. Will the Americans find another goal? Egypt looks very tired and its defense is a mess.


72nd minute– USA is in the semis if these results hold. UNbelievable.


71st minute- GOAL USA!!!!!!!!!! And it's Clint Dempsey with the header WOWWWWWW. Spector GREaT BALL, Dempsey, GREaT FINISH. USA 3, Egypt 0.


70th minute– What needs to be realized is that Altidore's fitness is not 90 minutes fit. He's just back from toe surgery so playing in these highly-competitive matches makes it tough for him to last more than 70 minutes.


69th minute– Feilhaber for Altidore, look for Dempsey to move up top.


68th  minute– Some better stuff from Altidore there in the area. This tournament has been great experience for him.


67th minute– U.S. team needs to realize that Egypt's defense is very vulnerable now and ball movement will create chances. Passing, not long shots, will make the difference.

Benny Feilhaber is coming in.


66th  minute– Dempsey with a forced shot from distance and Egpyt nearly gets on the counter, still alive.


64th  minute– SAVE GUZAN. Shot right at him.

USA needs one more goal to advance, assuming Italy doesn't score vs. Brazil.


63rd minute- GOAL USA!!!!!!!!!! And it's Michael Bradley, what a great sequence between he and Donovan and a wonderful finish. USA 2, Egypt 0.


62nd minute– So many balls in to Altidore are turning into turnovers because he's just not positioning himself well. You can see why people say he's just not a true target striker.


61st minute– Egypt about to use its third sub with 30 minutes to go.


60th minute– At what point does Egypt realize it advances with this result and stops attacking so much?


58th minute– DeMerit with a crunchlng challenge. Nice tackle. Egypt is getting beat up.

Egypt corner.


57th minute– U.S. needs to stay organized. They're getting a little stretched chasing goals.


56th minute– SAVE El Hadary!! He stones Bradley again. Great chance from the arc from Bradley but he can't beat El Hadary, who has been a monster in goal.


53rd minute– And here I thought they were using video replay at this tournament. It sure has seemed like it before today.


52nd minute– Blown call. Yes, the ball played the hand but you CANNOT have your arm that high in the goal. Handball. Bad missed call.


51st minute– Americans with a WIDE OPEN LOOK but Altidore's shot hits an Egypt defender. Was that a handball?


49th minute– Bradley with a yellow card for a late challenge.


46th  minute– We're back.


HALFTIME– As someone who has lobbied for Davies to get more minutes for some time, you can count me as impressed but not surprised by his play today. He's looking very good as a speedy second forward option and should see more playing time in World Cup qualifying.


HALFTIME– Tell you what, after watching Brazil torch Italy, the USA's loss to Brazil isn't looking so bad.


HALFTIME– For those of you who haven't seen the Italy-Brazil highlights, Brazil's third goal started when Kaka stripped Giuseppe Rossi and started a counter that resulted in an own goal by Dossena.


HALFTIME– What can Bob Bradley do at halftime? Replace Dempsey with Jose Francisco Torres is the one move that stands out. Dempsey started well, but quickly began to fade and struggled the last 25 minutes. There are chances to be had and the Americans need to start finishing some if they want to pull off a miracle trip to the Confederations Cup semifinals. Brazil has done its part, opening a 3-0 halftime lead on Italy. Now it's up to the USA to do its part.


HALFTIME– Only four minutes of stoppage? Surprising. USA 1, Egypt 0. Americans were unlucky no to add a second and may regret that in the second half.

Egypt is shaken, and while they are still creating some opportunities, their defense looks very vulnerable.

Most importantly, it has been a VERY good effort from the Americans today. Michael Bradley has been a beast, Charlie Davies speed has caused problems and Landon Donovan has been dangerous, although he let some chances go that he should have taken.


49th minute– Americans are finding some great space behind the Egypt midfield. Egypt gets caught on the counter stretched, and the USA is finding the space.


48th minute– Don't know about this ref today. He's missing some calls.


47th minute– Dempsey with another turnover.


46th minute– Bradley with a GREAT long ball to spring Davies on the break, but his shot is stopped and the rebound isn't controlled.


45th minute– Don't worry folks, the half is far from over. We'll get at least seven minutes of stoppage time.

Brazil 3, Italy 0. There's hope USA.


44th minute– Another Egypt dive results in a free kick.


43rd minute– Brazi is up 2-0, do the Americans have some hope of advancing? They'll need a few more goals before they can think about that.


42nd minute– Egypt comes on the counter but Onyewu heads a cross out of danger. Egypt will keep finding chances. Will the Americans keep finding chances?


41st minute– Egypt is finding all sorts of space on the wings. Bornstein needs to get better positioning. He keeps getting caught out. U.S. centerbacks are putting out a lot of fires.


39th minute– Egypt knicks the crossbar from distance. U.S. team needs to close down Egypt's attackers faster.


38th minute– Yellow card on Spector. Definitely a foul, not really a yellow.


37th minute– Why is Dempsey trying to dribble near his own box? He's played well today, but that was a bad play.


34th minute– Egypt showing some frustration. Americans much steadier in defense.


32nd minute– Wasted free kicks/corners is definitely a drinking game today.


31st minute– SAVE GUZAN. A nice Egypt sequence results in a decent but not hard shot that Guzan gets to.


30th minute– Egypt has looked a bit stunned today. Not playing like we saw them play in their first two matches.


29th minute– Great run from Donovan through the Egypt defense but El Hadary runs out and gets to the ball, winning the challenge. Nice run from Donovan.


27th minute– The game has resumed after El Hadary got treated for the cut in his head.

Americans have shown great heart today, and much more effort than they have since the first half of the Italy game.


25th minute– Altidore with a great turn and cross that el Hadary was getting to before his own defender kicked him in the head. Davies pounces on the loose ball and hits it off the Egypt keeper's face. Great play by the young American strikers.

El Hadary looks to be getting stitches now.


21st minute- GOAL USa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Charlie Davies with a great effort to keep a ball alive and finishing. WOW.


20th minute– Good stuff from DeMerit. His stock has certainly gone up this tournament.


19th minute– Some better activity from the U.S. team. Dempsey is showing much more energy.


17th minute– Altidore must have thought Donovan was going to shoot and went looking to set up for a rebound. Donovan has to shoot there.


15th minute– DONOVAN gets in on goal, but instead of shooting he lays it off and nobody makes the run. Altidore cut off his run.

Great long pass from Dempsey on that play.


14th minute– Bradley looks good early on. He's ready to have a game. Will the same be said of Dempsey and Co.?


13th minute– Egypt with a great chance in front of goal, but nobody can put a dangerous chance on net. USA got lucky there.

GREAT SHOT BY BRaDLEY, but saved by El hadary.


12th minute– Egypt with a free kick chance.


11th minute– Altidore has made some bad passes early. He's got to be more careful because Egypt can break on the counter so quickly.

Altidore lays off a good pass on a break, much better.


9th minute– U.S. offense still isn't clicking early. Defense has allowed a few looks but nothing really bad.


7th minute– Donovan's corner is snatched and El Hadary hurls a long pass to Aboutrika. The pass is too long, but a dangerous counter possibility for Egypt.


6th  minute– Wasted free kicks/corners is definitely a drinking game today.


6th minute– Dempsey's long-range effort doesn't test the keeper.


5th minute– Altidore draws the foul, setting up a free kick from 40 yards out.


3rd minute– Abdelghani with an early chance from 18 yards out but he sends it high. Can't give them those chances.


2nd minute– Looking forward to see how Davies' speed up top helps test Egypt's back-line.


1st minute– We are underway.


PRE-GAME– Aboutrika/Abo Terika is the key for Egypt. Clark and Bradley MUST shackle the playmaking star.


PRE-GAME– Here is Egypt's lineup:

———-Abdelghani—–Ahmed Eid————


Abd Rabbou———Shawky———–Al Mihamadi

Farag—-Gomaa———–Said———Ahmed Fathi

——————–El Hadary—————————


PRE-GAME– Will we see Jose Francisco Torres in the second half? Here's hoping we do because I happen to think he can make an impact. No, I'm not in the Freddy Adu camp, but do look forward to seeing him start in the Gold Cup.


PRE-GAME– It will be interesting to see what Guzan will do. Count me as disappointed that Howard isn't in goal against a dangerous Egypt attack. Egypt has El Hadary in goal, who has been arguably the goalkeeper of the tournament.


PRE-GAME- By the way, are there really still U.S. fans who don't think Egypt is a good team, and a win against Egypt wouldn't be an accomplishment? They haven't won the past two African Nations Cup titles and didn't just score three goals on Brazil and beat Italy by pure luck.


PRE-GAME- USA fans will be happy to hear that Egypt's lineup is missing star striker Zidan, who limped off against Italy. That means no Mido, Zaki or Zidan. Does that mean Egypt isn't dangerous? They still have Aboutrika, a dangerous midfielder/ forward who Michael Bradley and Ricardo Clark will have to contain in order to keep Egypt honest.


PRE-GAME– Will Clint Dempsey step up (and wake up)? Will Ricardo Clark be smarter about his tackles? Will Jozy Altidore respond well to having Charlie Davies playing alongside him?


PRE-GAME- Count my among the surprised to A) See Clint Dempsey starting, B) Not seeing Jose Torres get a look, and C) Guzan starting. I can understand the Guzan move because you do want him to get some experience, but the same can be said for Torres. It's good to see Charlie Davies getting a start today.


PRE-GAME- Here is the USA lineup:






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556 Responses to Confederations Cup: USA vs. Egypt (Matchday Commentary)

  1. mb says:

    will torres and adu see the field? i’d say maybe the last 20-30 minutes.

  2. Hector says:

    Adu for Demps in 60th

    Torres for Clark in 70th

  3. Tyler says:

    Will Dempsey have a fire under him today? Or do we get another lamentable performance?

  4. understood says:

    taken from the fathers day thread:

    although i would like to see torres for clark and let baby bradley be the DMF…and adu for dempsey just to see what the kid has…having said that, i cant complain about that lineup if torres and adu at least see the field today…please no beasley and no casey…lets see torres and adu at least used as subs

  5. Nicholas says:

    At least Bradley doesn’t bow to pressure. Unfortunately he has no idea what he’s doing. A sad lineup, Dempsey definitely knows he can do what he wants without repercussion and Ricardo Clark can be as reckless as he wants and still be gifted another chance. Really, really tired of this

  6. Angelo says:

    FINALLY. Davies is playing. it’ll be pretty funny that after this game, ppl will be commenting on how good he was this game and that they should have him start up there from now on. lol
    although i have lots of respect for Egypt, their team, people and country (ive been there, its amazing) i have to say:

    USA. USA. USA.

  7. doug says:

    taken from the fathers day thread

    Wow!! I guess Bradley forgot to pack his balls for this tournament. Same old drab selections. Dempsey looks like he’s ready for a vacation, Red-Cardo Clark needs to sit, and no playmaker. Where is the playmaker in this lineup from midfield, and no, Dempsey isnt one, despite the last 3 minutes against Brazil. The lineup leaves NO DOUBT, IMHO, of who is on the Bradley shyt list and whose not. Anything short of Dempsey commiting a double homicide keeps him in the lineup and im not even sure that would bench him under Bradley

    Nicholas–you are spot on

  8. Alex says:

    Personally I would only change davies and dempsey in that lineup. the incliudes goin back to the 4 5 1. adu and torres i would put both in. clark has actually looked alright, but i would MUCH rather see feilhaber again.

    also im curios, if according to the us soccer official people and such this game mattrers, why start the backup goalkeeper… nothing against guzan, just curious

  9. doug says:

    any score predictions. here it goes 2-1 egypt(LD scores a penalty, SHOCKING) and 3-3 Brazil/Italy draw. Brazil is a agood squad but horribly flawed under Dunga. This aint your daddy’s Brazil. Someone forgot to tell Bob Bradley that

  10. Barry U says:

    Odds on a red card are better than the odds of us scoring a goal today? Rico is a Red waiting to happen man. But this no Adu or Torres is just mind boggling. They better see the field in the second half.

    I hope they play well but that will just keep BB around longer. Professor Sunil is not making a move now anyway so it does not matter.

  11. winks says:

    Starting Guzan, no offense to him, says the US isn’t even trying to get to the next round. Which is logical, but it can’t be too inspiring to the players.

    Like the lineup otherwise, though I’d obviously like to see ‘los and wouldn’t mind if Dempsey took a back seat to Adu or Torres. Hopefully he proves everyone wrong and looks fresh and gels with the team today.

  12. understood says:

    lol at red-cardo clark…haha

  13. doug says:

    read that article Julio, it was good one. Basically the point is the US can claim CONCACAF #1 all they want but Mexico laughs every time the US flops in a major tournament or high profile freindly.

    Truth hurts and im a US fan

  14. ThaDeuce says:

    No Cojones Bradley
    On top of that, he managed to keep the three most exciting young players out of the game, Feilhaber, Torres, and Adu. Amazing. Amazing. Amazing. Torres for Clark, Feilhaber or Adu or Dempsey. Bah Bah Black Sheep.

    U.S. Starters vs. Egypt
    2-Jonathan Bornstein
    5-Oguchi Onyewu
    8-Clint Dempsey
    9-Charlie Davies
    10-Landon Donovan (capt.)
    12-Michael Bradley
    13-Ricardo Clark
    15-Jay DeMerit
    17-Jozy Altidore
    18-Brad Guzan
    21-Jonathan Spector

    Three changes to the lineup that started against Brazil, with Charlie Davies and Brad Guzan getting their first starts of the tournament while Ricardo Clark returns to the lineup. Donovan makes his 113th appearance and passes Reyna for fourth on the all-time list behind Balboa (128), Agoos (134) and Jones (164).

  15. The Ghost of Josimar says:


    Here are four questions for you should be answering:

    1. Is Bob Bradley a world class coach?

    2. If Bradley is not a world class coach, what is the argument for retaining him?

    3. Did US Soccer make a mistake in hiring Bradley?

    4. Set aside world class: is Bob Bradley anywhere near being the best *available* man for the job?

    Take world class to mean “ranking among the foremost in the world; of an international standard of excellence”.

    I understand these are tough questions. But as a prominent commentator you’ve got to step up and take them on.

    Incidentally, I am a big fan of the site.

  16. Jeremy says:

    You guys are retarded…the guy gets one red card which was absolutely a terrible call and all the sudden he’s prone to them. You’re clueless if you think he is a liability out there. He works harder then any of the nats.

  17. doug says:

    Agoos has 134? Damn, the left back spot has been a problem for like 20 years if he’s got 134. Thats no knock on him just i never expected that big number

  18. doug says:

    Jeremy–Clark has a history in MLS and USMNT with discipline, recklessness (ask Carlos Ruiz’s face), and red cards. This was already well known before they set foot in the Motherland

  19. Ted says:

    I know this is dumb and has happened before, but it’s still weird to see someone other than Hejduk wear the No. 2.

    Little surprised that Dempsey is starting, as well. I guess Bob will hand Freddy, Benny and Jose the keys for the Gold Cup.

  20. doug says:

    i hope those keys arent to an american made car. They seem to break down easily j/k

  21. understood says:

    to julio:

    the reason why mexico has historically done better outside of concacaf is because they have been technically and tactically superior to us…eventhough we possess the physical advantage…however, that gap is closing…not because were getting any better in those two areas…but mexico is actually getting worse…at this point…not looking back historically…but looking forward…i dont think neither mexico nor the us is well poised to make noise on any big stage outside of concacaf

    ever since mexico switched from their 3-5-2 to a four man backline theyve been slowly slipping…because theyre tryna play more like the rest of the world…but they dont have the horses athletically speaking to do that yet

  22. Dennis says:

    I love how just a few days ago, the questions was “Who will Bradley start for the Egypt game, Torres or Adu?” I think anyone who has been watching Bradley long enough knew that, despite the USMNT’s obvious shortcomings with creativity, the answer was going to be “neither.”

    What a joke. One can only hope that the US performance in this tournament will get us a new coach before it is too late.

  23. Havin' A Party When Bradley's Gone says:

    Dear Jeremy,

    You are entitled to your opinion. But I am with the others: I think Clark is reckless.

    Also I have my doubts about the mindset of any player who could ever winds up and kick an opponent who is laying on the ground.

    I’ll agree he covers ground and works hard. I think he brings very little going forward.


  24. Murphy says:

    Fire Bradley.

    Good to see Davies and I think Adu will probably come on later for Dempsey. But who knows what Bob is thinking.

    A good showing today would be great, especially if we have 11 players for 90 minutes. But then again, I think we need a change and a win today would probably help Bradley keep his job. Catch 22.

  25. JB says:

    Why is Torres being punished? And why aren’t we hearing anything about it?

  26. doug says:

    I have a question for all the posters. Im in the Fire Bradley camp. Who do you want to see as a new manager? I thought about Zico (former Japan coach). Took a country in a similar infancy stage of football and made them play as a team, with heart, and WITH A TACTICAL PLAN. I wouldnt mind seeing someone in here who values possesion and passing over defense and set pieces. Love to hear what you guys think of your preferences

  27. MexicanBluefish says:

    Absolutely astonished that our brilliant coach didn’t start Beasley… he’ll come off the bench then…

  28. cevlrocks says:

    Would like to see Adu and Torres in the lineup. Dempsey is talented but he is clearly frustrated and fatigued. Michael Bradley needs to sit and BB needs to put a more creative player in the CM. Would rather like to see the team prepare to attack and make the other team defend than bunker in and hope for a clean sheet and a PK. My red Card prediction would be MB, he is due for his reckless challenge. 3 and out but, my hopes are dwindling for a good performance in the next tourny

  29. green says:

    A complete waste of time, money, and opportunity to test the team in as close to a WC environment as they can get.

    Bye bye Bob.

  30. doug says:

    @JB–allegedly torres is scapegoated for the first goal against Costa Rica. Funny, cause ive seen the replay about 10 times and it was CLEARLY Beasley who was at fault. He killed a kids confidence before he reaches 10 caps. Nice job Bob Bradley

  31. Andy says:

    USA loses today with that craptastic lineup.

    No doubt in my mind.

  32. understood says:

    to doug:

    thats the only reason why im not in the fire bradley camp…i dont know whos out there right now whos just a no doubt about it slam dunk choice to replace him…im not sure that klinsi is the answer especially since rumors state that loew was the tactical brains behind 2006 and he lost the bundesliga with the team that had by far the most talent…

    i think we should hire a foreign manager…but we have to find one thats willing to either relocate to the us and watch mls games on a regular basis…or willing to travel here frequently…its a diff situation than capello and england because hes still living on the continent so its not hard for him to get to england from italy

  33. Johnny says:

    I bleed red white and blue. I will never stop supporting the USMNT. I will never be blind the the fact that Bob Bradley is not the right guy for this job. So as I hope for a big USMNT victory today I know that it is more likely going to be Egypt winning by 3 or 4 goals. The only good thing that could come out of this likely ending is the end of Bob Bradley coaching this team.

    P.S. Does any one think that it’s funny that the Egyptian national team got ripped off by a bunch of hookers?

  34. Barry U says:

    @ Jeremy

    I see what you are saying. Rico plays super hard agreed. BUT in this tourney we have quick trigger refs and his MLS style challenges will get him in trouble. Maybe he has learned his lesson? But that is his style and I think it would take some time for him to show more restraint.I hope NOT! But we need some players that think/play well togetjer and hustle not just hustle.

  35. Havin' A Party When Bradley's Gone says:

    @ Barry: “this no Adu or Torres is just mind boggling”

    I could not agree more.

    I am not given to anger. But this is getting outrageous.

    Let’s set all the personal stuff aside. As a manager, Bob Bradley has shown his colors — and the picture is ugly.

    No tactical sophistication. A reliance on players who are way off form. The exclusion of clearly better players (Torres) who could actually bring us something going forward.

    This is a slow motion disaster.

    It is time for the media (Ives, Lalas, etcetera) to take the kid gloves off and call a spade a spade.

  36. nmurray says:

    Is there a reason why Clark only got a one game suspension for his red card?

  37. Daniel says:

    What?!? No Beasley! Not veteran “leadership” coming out of the midfield. I may actually watch the game now.

  38. green says:

    “@JB–allegedly torres is scapegoated for the first goal against Costa Rica. Funny, cause ive seen the replay about 10 times and it was CLEARLY Beasley who was at fault. He killed a kids confidence before he reaches 10 caps. Nice job Bob Bradley”

    Not to mention that Beaz lasered a clearing ball off his nose a minute or two before this happened. I’m sure JFT was still blurry eyed from that for a few minutes.

  39. Striking21 says:


    lets be honest the tournament ends here for the US so this will be a great opportunity to see some new faces and try some new tactics. Instead Bradley sticks with the same off form performers (Dempsey and Clark) instead of fresh creative talent (torres and Adu). How does he get away with this? Why is the media not eating him alive. In two games we have produced just one goal and that came off a of a penalty and yet we still dont put in attacking players. Why have a defensive player like clark get the start if we need to make up for a massive goal differential. Is bradley completely oblivious? FIRE THE BUM NOW!

  40. Jonathan says:

    nmurray — the US submitted a package with its appeal, including statements from Italian players, and got the suspension reduced

  41. doug says:

    @ understood–i agree totally. It aint Klinsi. You cant tell me that there arent managers willing to relocate. They just dont want to relocate and have to answer to the brass at US Soccer telling him who to pick and that the Gold Cup is priority 1A.

    Heres a name Sven-Goran Erikkson. Dont laugh. Speaks English, has success (mostly with club teams), tactically aware. I think he;s a better fit for US than Mexico who already came to the table with there own soccer identity. We need one and he could give it to us

  42. nmurray says:

    Thanks Jonathan.

  43. green says:

    “Why is the media not eating him alive.”


    Oh I don’t know, maybe ’cause they’re afraid of being kicked out of the press conference?

  44. Bradley Out! says:

    Yo! I bleed for this team! I chant and scream every time I get to see them. I’ve been going to matches for 20 years.

    And I cannot believe this clown.

    I am literally scouring the internet for do-it-yourself t-shirt printers.

    “Fire Bob Bradley.”

  45. Adam M. says:

    I just don’t see any point in playing Donovan, Dempsey, or Clark in this game. We know what they can do when in form and dead tired and it been pretty awful lately. We have no real chance to move on in this tournament and our regulars have been off the mark, so the “experience” angle doesn’t work. What will we learn today with this lineup? As usual, Bradley doesn’t seem to have a feel for the game and what we can get out of it. Egypt will be trying mightily to win. Why not give Adu, Torres, and Benny the job of preventing their advancement. Let’s see what they bring. I hope we play well and win, but I also think we’ve gotten to that saddest point as a sports fan — where you would almost prefer your team to lose so the obvious change that needs to happen becomes even more obvious.

  46. Joe says:

    So let me get this straight, Mexico hasn’t made it past the Round of 16 in the World Cup since, Oh I don’t know, EVER, and we’re supposed to be jealous? PLEASE. Bueno is a hack Mexican national team fanboy who happens to write for American outlets. Why does anybody even bother reading him? Oh right, nobody really does.

  47. Alex says:

    doug- lol, i gotta be honest, i def laughed when i first read that, but to be honest, u could be on to something

  48. Striking21 says:

    “Why is the media not eating him alive.”


    Oh I don’t know, maybe ’cause they’re afraid of being kicked out of the press conference?


    The sad reality is that your prolly right. I get the feeling that small US media that consistently covers the USMNT is fearful of some sort of retaliation for honest criticism.

  49. Jonathan says:

    I never can understand how Bueno wastes so much ink hating on the Mexican national team for being terrible, then turns around and bashes the US for being so much worse.

  50. doug says:

    Heres an idea. If the US loses bad or shows no effort today and gets blasted in the Azteca, that next home qualifier should be a protest to US soccer. Just like the Canadian fans did. I get the impression the US soccer big-wigs dont sens much time “out of the bubble”. This would be an eye opener that doing just good enough is not enough for the US fan

  51. evan says:

    Hopefully, MB’s fathers day gift is a hat trick

  52. Isaac says:

    Nobody seems to be able to do correct math.

    If Bob Bradley does bad, The USA does bad. Thats not good for confidence or a place in the World Cup. Under no circumstances should an American hope that someone representing the USA does poorly.

  53. winks says:

    I know I’m going to be in the minority for not ripping into BB, but with the exception of Guzan (which I’m disappointed about) at least he’s sticking to his guns about using players who are getting club minutes and are in form.

    Jozy is another exception of course, but he has been passably in form at least.

  54. doug says:

    Bueno is a good writer. He’s is definatley not a Mexico apologist, quite the contrary. His point is simply, outside CONCACAF, Mexico > US. For the Gold Cup and qualifying the US > Mexico, everywhere except Azteca.

    Ive read him take Mexico, its players, coaches and federation head on. You may be a little harsh Jonathan. If your gonna claim #1 big dog status, like US Soccer likes to do, you gotta be ready when your lie is exposed, on the world stage

  55. PBG says:

    No Torres or Adu. Very disheartening…not that either of them are our saviors but man something needs to be done to shake up the lineup. Maybe BB doesn’t like small players but here’s the thing we can’t play physical b/c we’ll get carded. Our future has to be a more technical, possession game. We’ll never get there if we don’t play our must technically gifted players and keep running out the bruisers like Clark…( i like Clark but him and bradley are the same sort of player)…not a difference maker..

  56. Jonny says:

    Blaming the media is one of the dumber things I’ve heard. How can anybody be afraid of getting kicked out of press conferences when there is NO media at the Confederations Cup? There are like two American writers there, if that.

  57. BFBS says:

    I don’t hate this lineup. Rather, (1) I like the fact that Davies gets a start, (2) I understand why Clark rather than Torres or Feilhaber starts: he fits into Bradley’s tactical vision better and, (3) Dempsey is still the best right wing option we have (unless he and Donovan switch sides). Considering the Egyptian escapades, the fact that they have some of their best talent missing, and that they may very well underestimate us, I think that USA will pleasantly surprise today.

  58. Brandon says:

    This just boggles the mind. Still no Torres or Adu? What is it going to take?

  59. doug says:

    did harkes just lobby for Califf? someone needs to tell him you dont get points for having the most tattoos on the field

  60. Jonathan says:

    Doug, I see your point… I just end up always feeling like I read the same thing with Bueno.

    PS, we can’t lose today, Matthew Cream is the fourth official. what a name.

  61. JB says:

    Coaches who are currently jobless–Co Adriaanse, Marko Van Basten, Gerard Houllier, Juergen Klinsmann, Rudi Voller, or a famous retired player like Zidane.

  62. Striking21 says:

    Blaming the media is one of the dumber things I’ve heard. How can anybody be afraid of getting kicked out of press conferences when there is NO media at the Confederations Cup? There are like two American writers there, if that.


    Its not just about the confederations cup Jonny. Imagine if a writer just blasts the USMNT and calls out the federation for incompetence. That writer could be blocked out from future conferences and engagements. Its a serious risk for a journalist to take but a worthwhile one.

  63. Paul says:


    I say 1-1 in a boring game.

  64. Bradley Out! says:

    @ winks:

    Torres gets club minutes. Torres is in form.

    The exclusion of Torres is about something else. In my view it reflects Bradley’s myopia, insecurity, and stupidity.

  65. Paul says:


    Oh wait, too early for that.

  66. David says:

    Why are two defensive CMs starting when we need to win big to advance? Take Clark out and put in Torres or Feilhaber.

    I like Davies and Altidore up top though.

    And thank goodness for no Beasley!

  67. doug says:

    @ Jonathan Matthew Cream? lol the other 2 officials are Patrick Fitzmichael and Michael Fitzpatrick

  68. Paul says:

    Wow…should have been ANOTHER EARLY GOAL

  69. doug says:

    nice left footed clearance by Gooch not!!!!

  70. Striking21 says:

    if a massive loss will lead bradley to get fired then i unfortunately find myself rooting againest my beloved Nats

  71. kpugs says:

    What the hell is wrong with Bob Bradley’s idiot brain? How are Dempsey and Bornstein out there? How is it that neither Adu nor Torres is out there when both should be? Bob Bradley is not smart.

  72. Isaac says:

    Dang, did you see Al Hadary’s arm? You sure he didn’t play in the NFL at any point in his life?

  73. ThaDeuce says:

    I know its only 8 minutes in, but the energy level seems to be more like the italy game from the US. people running, getting oopen, calling for the ball and ready for the pass. i like it.

  74. doug says:

    10 minutes in and no goals conceded. Small victories people

  75. Isaac says:

    Bornstein did well on the defensively when Altidore turned that ball over.

  76. JGIB says:

    i can’t wait for all the bob bradley haters when and if he get fired then we have a sven goran erickson situation and everyone one will be like “oh bob bradley knew these players these big name european coaches don’t know the american player”

  77. Isaac says:

    Nice try from Bradley.

  78. ThaDeuce says:

    holy moly!!! we have a shot on goal!!1
    amazing it happened before the 90th minute

  79. Paul says:

    Wow, that was bad.

  80. doug says:

    great vision by dempsey

  81. Blokhin says:

    wow…why did Bradley turn hus back?
    he had another chance

  82. Isaac says:

    Aaaah….come on Landon!

  83. doug says:

    Really LD? I guess he didnt scoot cause it wasnt a penalty

  84. HokieFutbol says:


  85. kawa says:

    What the hell was that Landy Cakes shoot , shoot. , no one is expecting a pass right there you are open .

  86. kpugs says:

    Pathetic by Donovan, is he blind? This team is horrible.

  87. ManicMessiah says:

    No wonder Donovan doesn’t score more often in the run of play…

  88. Striking21 says:

    what a freakin waste!

  89. ThaDeuce says:

    lol doug

  90. Paul says:

    Nah, don’t shoot…we might score that way.

  91. Striking21 says:

    Really LD? I guess he didnt scoot cause it wasnt a penalty


    LOL comment of the match so far

  92. m00kie says:

    i’m flipping out here. how stupid is donavon?? shoot the damn ball!!

  93. doug says:

    Dempsey needs to put away those C. Ronaldo videos. Do what YOU do. Not what he does

  94. jh says:

    Donovan is absolutely to blame for not scoring there. No excuses. But why did Jozy cut off his run?

  95. doug says:

    check back for a drop. You cant blame him for not making the run. Who passes from 7 yards out? oh yeah, altidore against italy. In fairness he was probaly settiung himself up for a rebound. if he makes the run and LD shoots he overruns a potential rebound

  96. Isaac says:

    YES! DAvies has it!

  97. HokieFutbol says:

    It should be 2-0…damnit donovan

  98. jh says:

    GOoooooooooaall!!!!! Great work there by Davies. Way not to give it up.

  99. dave says:

    Davies wants it

  100. Paul, North Jersey says:

    Charlie Davies AKA “Hardwork”

  101. doug says:

    davies!!! the kid has come to play today. he’s active everywhere

  102. Paul says:

    LOL at goalkeeping

  103. Striking21 says:

    good effort davies, but lets cut back on celebrating, we need a lot more goals

  104. Angelo says:

    What did i F’ing tell you in the first page. Davies is a beast.

  105. doug says:

    Lucky goal, Harkes? Maybe. But luck is the offspring of preperaion and hardwork

  106. ThaDeuce says:

    Dempsey with a much better game.
    Uses the goalkeeper as a back board.

  107. Jonathan says:

    Best goal ever scored off an Egyptian’s face in US history

  108. CrispyST3 says:

    Davies sorta looks like Ronaldo (brazilian)

    im not saying hes anyware as good, im just saying guys, the they look alike a bit

    but u never no, he is wearing number 9


  109. doug says:

    lol jonathan. im sure elias sports bureau has the stats on that

  110. Angelo says:

    damn the goalies bleeding

  111. Yossarian says:

    That pass at 11th minute was Landon’s fault, not Jozy’s, Ives. Landon was wide open in the proper passing lane and Jozy laid it off perfectly but Lando abandoned that lane, running headlong upfield where Jozy had no lane. That was a terrible, terrible lead by Donovan and a equally horrible first touch a minute later. I love Landon and he’s been our best player the last 2, but he looks awful today

  112. doug says:

    whose watching the americans hotel while they are playing? hookers?

  113. Paul says:

    This is too comical.

  114. Striking21 says:

    lol this reminds moe of the el salvador game where the goalkeeper was out for like 10 minutes

  115. ThaDeuce says:

    How long will this asshole stay down???
    stretcher that bitch off like a real ref would!

  116. Isaac says:

    Standing ovation very well deserved for El Hadary.

  117. kawa says:

    Landon looking really good .

  118. HokieFutbol says:

    Despite the no shot Donovan has looked VERY dangerous

  119. Bradley Out! says:

    Ives on the goal: “Great play by the young American strikers.”

    Lots of hustle. But are we allowed to expect hustle?

    That was like 9 year olds playing youth soccer. Defensive blunders. Davies scores by kicking it in off the goalkeepers’ face.

    But then I am bitter because we are stuck with this dreadful coach.

  120. dave says:

    landon with a great run, even take sthe goalies bandage off

  121. doug says:

    thats the LD i wanna see. running at pace making defenders nervous

  122. jh says:

    I hate that LD doesn’t score more in the run of play, but you gotta like how he has no fear of running at people.

  123. Paul says:

    There goes his bandgage.

  124. doug says:

    nice save by “the Villain”

  125. ThaDeuce says:

    okay, the keeper’s head looks bad. How did that happen?? Davies didn’t kick him. His own player did??? Bad move.

  126. dave says:

    all in all a stron showing with some agression and attacking, good rebound in attitude at least

  127. Gene_SF says:

    ESPN is way too hard on Dempsey.

  128. doug says:

    in the first half hour the US has made Aboutarika look like hes in the witness protection program

  129. HokieFutbol says:

    I love Dempsey bet get him off!!!!

  130. Blokhin says:


  131. andrew in tampa says:

    MB isnt technical enuf in the midfiled. hasnt beaten his man one on one all tournament. Also his passing is suspect.

  132. dave says:

    i like Harkes telling it like he sees it with Dempsey and the phantom tackles

  133. Yossarian says:

    can these announcers sound any more bored? Why can’t we just recruit some British announcers. Our coaching is bad enough, but our pool of announcers is even worse.

  134. Julio says:

    How many F*$&#ing times is Dempsey going to give the ball away before his lover, Bobo Bradley takes him out. It’s freaking embarrassing

  135. baconboy says:

    Brazil is up 1-0

  136. HokieFutbol says:

    I was too harsh on Dempsey. he is playing well but those turnovers could have been costly

  137. andrew in tampa says:

    that long ball from MB is another terrible pass to Bornstein. he has been getting a free pass since he scored two goals against Mexico. his turn over rate is high
    Demsey has got to go.

  138. Charles says:

    Clint Dempsey’s spent. Sub him out already.

  139. Charles says:

    Brazil’s up 1-0 over Italy!

  140. Joe says:

    Brazil up 2-0 Now. Uh OH…..

  141. dave says:

    Brazil gets a second!

  142. Charles says:

    I’m a Dempsey fan, but he’s tired. You can see it in his eyes.

  143. dave says:

    wow.. 3-0 brazil!

  144. Joe says:

    Now 3-0 Brazil OMG, this is doable.

  145. HokieFutbol says:

    Davies can burn

  146. Yossarian says:

    Charlie took away his angle on that :(

  147. Tomas says:

    Brazil 3- italy 0 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  148. CaliNick says:

    Demerit is playing hard,with heart.

    Gooch is the same give them both the captian arm band.

    Dempsey bench bring in Torres.

    Please no Red cards. ,

    Wow Charlie Davis keep shooting.

    Brazil 3 italy 0

  149. kawa says:

    Shoot Dempsey pleaaasseee

  150. Forrest says:

    I agree with Harkes. Dempsey is only marginally better today than he was in the first two games. He needs to come off at halftime for Torres.

  151. kpugs says:

    Bradley needs to make some changes, get rid of Dempsey, and try to put a couple more in the net now that Italy is getting crushed.

  152. baconboy says:

    everyone who complains about Bradley’s passing needs to remember that pass he just made to put Davies through. A brilliant pass.

  153. Blokhin says:

    US hasn’t created this many chances since Barbados

  154. kawa says:

    Donovan is playing like a super star he should be in Europe.

  155. baconboy says:

    And suddenly the 3-0 loss to Brazil isn’t looking so humiliating.

  156. HokieFutbol says:

    In terms of advancing Im worried #1) About the US finishing ability to get more goals 2) Brazil dropping off like they did against us and give the Italians chances to score goals.

  157. Dan says:

    Davies should have played against Italy and Brazil. His speed, athleticism and grit are refreshing.

  158. George says:

    3-0 US
    3-0 Brazil

    should get us through, right?

  159. briank says:

    What is with the referees in this competition? Harsh red cards against the USA,…phantom calls when the opposition flops with no contact.

    John Spector just got taken out and there was no call!

    What gives?

  160. understood says:

    halftime check in:

    obviously best US has looked in the tournament overall…

    positives: davies, donovan, demerit, gooch

    negatives: bornstein getting abused; dempsey…horrible…out of position defensively…giveaway after giveaway offensively…hanging spector out to dry; midfield in general getting run over and putting too much pressure on defense

    anonymous: clark…not doing anything to break up the attack or help our attack, bradley save a good run in the early minutes, altidore

  161. Bob Dobalina says:

    What’s the tiebreaker now that Italy is down by 3?

  162. Yossarian says:

    clark is covering a lot of ground – working well with bradley.

    donovan is having one of his off games mentally – making poor decisions and reads

    Charlie looks very dangerous – love his aggressive runs and effort. needs to refine his angles and decision making

    Gooch is owning the middle again

    Bornstein having a better game.

    terrible officiating again with an awful yellow to spector. Did you see the ref even intercepted one of our passes and deflected in ob??? What the #$#!!?? they’re not content with making terrible calls?

  163. Jamie Z. says:

    Dempsey has been AWFUL. We should really be seeing Adu or Torres come on to start the second half, but I have a sneaking suspicion — call it a hunch — we will see none of it.

  164. andrew in tampa says:

    WhaT IS Ives looking at? He keeps calling MB a beast. He must be kidding. He is not having a terrible game but Beast? hardly. Landon has had a great game he need to shoot. Clint… its time. I like the pace that Davies offers. can we score 3 i doubt it. Can we win? hope so.

  165. Angelo says:

    Can anyone post an English ESPN link ? i cant understand what the Egyptians are saying 😀

    P.S. “i told you so” about Davies earlier today :)

  166. Fulham Pete says:

    If we keep playing like this, we’ve actually got a shot. We should also be up 3-0.
    Now, if Boca is healthy, put him in for Born, and shore up that D. Put torres in for demps, and make it REAL interesting.

  167. Bill says:

    espn says we need a +7 goal differential between usa and brazil wins, but if usa wins by 3 and brazil-italy finished at 3-0 usa will advance on most goals scored right? both teams would have -2 goal differential but usa would have scored 4 goals with italy only 3. feel free to correct me if i am incorrect.

  168. andrew in tampa says:

    everyone who complains about Bradley’s passing needs to remember that pass he just made to put Davies through. A brilliant pass.

    Posted by: baconboy | June 21, 2009 at 03:18 PM
    one great pass and six bad ones….

  169. G says:


  170. mb says:

    ives can you investigate why when a player is injured and the game is stopped for 6-7 minutes that there is only 4 minutes of stoppage time?

    how does that happen?

  171. Harry says:

    This why this team needs Adu,………..we are missing that player when runs at defenses and when is near goal…….knows and has the confidence to either shoot or pass it at the right time………..Donovan seems to have not learned that aspect yet since the 2002 WC Germany game. Get Adu in there.

  172. Gene_SF says:

    U.S. is having a much better game today, but needs to finish their chances. They should be up at least 2:0, if not 3. Egypt has had their way out wide, but defensively, they are impersonating Bayern Munich.

    Also, Charlies Davis should have passed on the play after a long pass – he had a player right in front of the net wide open.

  173. HomeyBoehme says:

    Dempsey needs to be subbed at the half, and someone needs to tell Donovan to shoot that damn ball.

  174. jpc says:


    Harkes is very Non-Controversial w/ his commentary usually, which upsets a lot of people; HOWEVER, in his own way he is ripping into Dempsey every time he makes a mistake, and rightfully so…

    Dempsey out, Adu in for the 2nd half.

    Ricardo Clark is good, as long as he avoids dumb tackles (which i’m not sure he is capable)

    They are playing well, although I still would’ve like Torres or Feilhaber in, but a guess a tiger never changes his stripes (or somethin like that), right Bob

  175. asdf says:

    Man what a sight. It has been a while since we have seen this team (well most of it) play with its balls in one hand and its heart in the other. The team actually wants to be on the field, something we did not see in the other games.

  176. George says:

    The third tie-breaker is goals scored. If we win 3-0, and Brazil wins 3-0, we would tie Italy on goal dif, but we’d have 4 goals scored, vs. Italy’s 3.

  177. JD says:


    Looks right to me. I think ESPN went for an easier way. If GD is +7 US will go through in all circumstances. If GD is +6, it depends on how many goals US/Italy has scored. More goals is the tiebreaker before head to head.

  178. asdf says:

    I thought the third tie breaker is head to head challenge, then goals scored.

  179. Rastafari says:

    I’m switching full time to the dump the Deuce bandwagon– unless he is in on the two + goals we need in the 2nd half

  180. nyc says:

    Halftime subs are admitting you made a mistake at the start.

    Harkes and Lalas make me crazy. If Harkes wants to talk about how good he was when he was playing I’m sure there’s a bar at a college somewhere for him to hit on underage girls who might be impressed by it.

  181. Bill says:

    head to head wouldn’t be a factor i don’t think, but anyway usa italyand egypt would all have 3 points so head to head wouldn’t solve anything

  182. ThaDeuce says:

    Alexi, why is Charlie Davies not the answer up top? With EJ speed, success on the club level, a strong shot, and a tenacious attitude, I think Davies has to be 3rd or 4th (counting donovan) in our list of strikers. Way better than Casey. WTF ALEXI!

  183. Jonny says:

    Andrew in Tampa, open your eyes, Michael Bradley has been the best player on the field. He’s breaking up plays and setting up plays with good passes, AND he got a good shot on goal. Have you heard much from Aboutrika today? Nope. Bradley=Beast

  184. HokieFutbol says:

    I love the Dosseana own goal. He is a CLOWN

  185. fcmuenchweiler says:

    Bring on Adu for Depmsey in the second half. Clint’s spent. Can you imagine the speed and creativity burst Adu would add to the attack that already is speedy and more creative than usual? USA would win in a runaway!! Oh Bob, the writing is on the wall. What will you do?

  186. asdf says:

    well head to head would solve it, if the USA wins by 3. The reason is because the USA would already beat egypt on goal differential. But since Italy beat USA and are tied on goals, Italy goes through, that is what I thought anyways.

  187. Bill says:

    here’s the tiebreaker list i found:

    a) greatest number of points obtained in all group matches;
    b) goal difference in all group matches;
    c) greatest number of goals scored in all group matches

  188. mb says:

    i love john harkes. i think he is right on. he shows a certain amount of respect when criticizing and gives the player’s the benefit of the doubt when they deserve it. people act like they want him to eviscerate players.

  189. Harry says:

    AT tis moment Brazil is at +7 but we are tiesd with Italy at -2 so Otaly will advance if this US game stays 1-0….we need 1 or 2 more gaols from the US.

  190. Striking21 says:

    Atlidore: okay still needs work on first touch

    Davies: doing well, love the hustle and instinct for goal

    Dononvan: doing everything right except finishing. cmon landycakes

    Dempsey: better then the first two games a but a defensive liability

    Bradley: Another solid showing from Papa’s boy

    Clark: Holding his own but needs to be subbed out for a attacking player

    Gooch: Solid in the back, showing up in the right places

    Demerit: Doing his part to hold onto that 3rd CB spot

    Spector: Doing well and making up for Dempsey lack of defensive skill

    Bornstein: Also doing well except for a few sloppy turnovers

    cmon nats we can do this

  191. asdf says:

    I see, well I guess you are right then. My bad

  192. Isaac says:

    Donovan is playing better than he has the whole tournament. Torres should get a chance this match. I haven’t given up on Dempsey, but he’s tired. He has every right to be after a long season. I think Torres would be a good sub; maybe not right at halftime, but certainly at some point during this match.

  193. young says:

    Adu- Altidore , hes doing nothing really and no one see it they are so focused on Dempsey
    Tores – Demspey no explanation needed

    Feilhaber – Clark better balance with attack and defense.

  194. Joe B. says:

    Ricardo Clark looked good out there. He needs to keep playing this way. Please sub Dempsey…

  195. ManicMessiah says:

    No changes? Really?

  196. asdf says:

    Dempsey looks completely out of place. Everyone is working their ass off, he is the only one who does not seem to be doing it, especially on defense.

  197. kawa says:

    Get Dempsey the hell of the field damit damit , he just keeps giving the dam ball away constantly .

  198. andrew in tampa says:

    can you believe that bradley foul?

  199. victor says:

    wasn’t that bradley’s 2nd card????

  200. Fulham Pete says:

    This ref is a joke to be calling this level of game.

  201. dave says:

    wow, sooo close

  202. Gene_SF says:

    isn’t that a handball????

  203. Dave says:


  204. asdf says:

    So much time waisting

  205. Angelo says:

    F’ING HAND BALL !!!!!

  206. Tim says:

    Egypt maybe have some quality but they have no class.

  207. Joe B. says:

    Ref let Egypt get away with a clear handball. Or ‘what else is new?’ Altidore should stay, Dempsey needs to come off…

  208. Striking21 says:

    tbh that wasnt a hand ball. it was incidental. Still got to give credit to Davies on the cross and even Dempsey on the nice pass

  209. Tom says:

    If the U.S. is going to be playing with a different set of rules from the rest of the world, can we please get a copy of the rulebook that will be used for those games? Thanks.

  210. Jonathan says:

    That no-call on the handball is in lieu of our standard one-per-game red card, if anyone was curious.

  211. Jonny says:

    Andrew in Tampa=Bradley hater

  212. Angelo says:

    I actually feel like refs are doing everything possible to keep US from winning.

  213. Striking21 says:

    so who wants to bet that Genius Bob Bradley wont make a sub until after the 70th minute mark

  214. Paul says:

    No hand ball…inc red card for US…get with the program guys. Thanks.

  215. AdamTheRed says:

    We just got worked by that A–hole ref! DAMMIT !

  216. Dave says:

    great stuff from MB, kid’s having a great match

  217. Isaac says:

    Come on guys. We gotta finish these chances….

  218. andrew in tampa says:

    how long is it going to take bradley to sub Demsey?

  219. victor says:

    bob bradley needs to get his sub on, dempsey out…torres in!

  220. Forrest says:

    How long is BB going to wait before he brings on some more offensive firepower? Brazil is doing us a big favor, and he’s not even trying to take advantage of it. Clark has been much better than the first game, but its time to sacrifice him and/or Dempsey in search of some goals.

  221. asdf says:

    In the penalty area, it does not matter if the hand is incidental or not, if your hand is sticking out and it hits it, that is a handball. Also, preventing a goal scoring opportunity is a red card in most cases.

  222. nyc says:

    Why is Rico Clark on the field? He’s playing way too far up the field and he doesn’t have the skill for it. Not hustling back either…

  223. Kev G says:

    what the heck JP. “Such a hard call” for the ref?! There’s no excuse, a hand ball that stops a goal needs to be called. U.S. got SHAFTED

  224. Joe B says:

    we need two goals to advance! l

  225. asdf says:

    no we need 3 goals in order to go past egypt

  226. Love Deuce, but he has gotta go. Give Torres and/or Adu a chance.

  227. michael says:

    we need someone who can finish!!!!!

  228. Barry Jive and His Uptown Five says:

    We should only need one more – that was a clear handball. The defenders arm prevented the ball from crossing the line.

    This tourney has been frustrating from start to finish. First the group of death pairing and then red cards and non calls.

    One of these days the U.S. is going to get a break.

  229. Striking21 says:

    WHY IS CLARK STILL IN THERE!!?!?! Did Bob bradley forget we need goals, maybe he is happy with a 1-0 win

  230. kawa says:

    If we Fail here i’m making a youtube video called Fire BOB bradley post it all over the internet make it viral. He’s doing nothing of us now by keeping a defensive team out there. its get the job done or go home, it makes no sense playing it safe vs an understrength Egyptian team.

  231. Joe B says:

    we need 2 goals!

  232. dave says:

    ld to bradley!!!!!


  233. Barry Jive and His Uptown Five says:


  234. jpc says:

    this is incredible

  235. andrew in tampa says:

    goal MB. great play by Landon

  236. Isaac says:

    There ya go Mikey! Happy Father’s day BB!

  237. Angelo says:


  238. Joe B. says:

    And Egypt have everything to play for!

  239. baconboy says:

    andrew in tampa will probably now complain that MB didn’t score that as a diving header.

  240. Joe B says:

    eeyy looks like dempsey could’ve got called for offsides / interference (he was close)

    guzan seems to hold onto the ball a bit better than howard??

  241. Paul says:

    No…we must not advance…

  242. Tom says:

    Well, the ref isn’t ENTIRELY out to get us-Dempsey was in an offside position on Bradley’s goal and could conceivably be said to have screened El Hadary a la McBride v Italy in ’06.

  243. Jonny says:

    Hey Andrew in Tampa, is Michael Bradley a beast now?

  244. Fulham Pete says:

    Holy Sh!1!! We might pull thus off. Egypt looks more like the team that got shellacked by Algeria a week and a half ago than the one who beat ITA. Boy do they miss Zidan.

  245. kpugs says:

    Why is Dempsey still playing?

  246. Alf says:

    Haha was that a little emotion from Bob Bradley? Haven’t seen that in a while.

    You know… this miracle just might happen…

  247. kawa says:

    Dempesy with a stupid and shot and he watches the player run by him not tracking back . oh i hate this guy .

  248. Julio says:

    Take Demspey out he is out of gas or he is playing for Egypt, what a scrub.

  249. Joe B. NYC says:

    We got the players we got. Maybe the team has learned from the Brazil & Italy games but put Adu on for Dempsey please!

    Again maybe Clark most of all learned his lesson. He needs to go to Germany or Holland.

  250. dave says:


  251. Striking21 says:

    WHY IS DEMPSEY STILL IN THERE! he offers nothing on Defense and just wasted a solid chance

  252. RealPSL says:

    The shot from Dempsey is a sign of fatigue he should come out.

  253. Forrest says:

    Come on BB, Egypt is struggling go for the jugular with an attacking sub! And there is Benny warming up. Torres must be 10 feet deep in the sh*t in BB dog house to not see the field today.

  254. baconboy says:

    The good news is that we might advance…the bad news is that we’d play Spain. I guess that falls in the category of be careful what you wish for…

  255. michael says:

    weird sub?

  256. Joe B says:


  257. Joe says:

    Why would you do that? Why would you take out Jozy? Dempsey is playing like crap take him out.

  258. Striking21 says:

    WHAT ARE YOU INSANE!!! I swear bob bradley is a complete dumbass

  259. young says:

    what the hell is Bob Bradley doing, he’s taking out a striker who is atleast cuasing a bit of discomfort for the opponent even tho he’s not scoring for a defensive midfield . is the coach out of his mind . They need another goal to pull through and he makes this change LOL>

  260. Forrest says:

    WTF is BB thinking? You pull your best forward when you need a goal and move an out of form Dempsey up top. BB has completely lost the plot!

  261. Isaac says:


  262. Barry Jive and His Uptown Five says:

    GOAL! Dempsey!

  263. HokieFutbol says:


  264. utePhan says:

    Is it just me or does Davies only know how to shoot? Sheesh, pass the ball already!

  265. dave says:


  266. Jonathan says:


  267. RealPSL says:

    Dempsey told us to take that!!!!!!

  268. baconboy says:

    Clint Dempsey!! We take it all back!!!

  269. Fulham Pete says:


  270. Joe says:


  271. Striking21 says:

    nothing explains that move. Unless Bradley was bribed by Egypt

  272. Gene_SF says:

    May be Harkes will finally SHTFU about Dempsey. Nice goal Clint!!

  273. andrew in tampa says:

    Goall Dempsey . finally he produces!!!!!

  274. Patrick says:


  275. kpugs says:

    Shame on me, I’ll gladly put up with 70 minutes of crap in exchange for the third goal.

  276. Isaac says:

    Wow! What an amazing substitution made by Bob Bradley.

  277. Angelo says:

    AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU HEAR THE SORROW in the Egyptian commentators’ voices….BELIEVE !!!!

  278. jh says:

    Ummmmmmmm….speachless. Absolutely speachless!!!!

  279. Joe B says:

    clint! he’s sucked for 250+ minutes

    but clinnnt!

  280. Charles says:


    3-0 NATS!

  281. Fulham Pete says:

    Bring on ESPAÑA!!

  282. utePhan says:

    I hate to say it, but we probably scored too fast. Now we will go into a shell and give up a goal. Sorry for the pessimism, but I have no faith in the guys right now.

  283. Paul says:


  284. michael says:

    we need to keep bringing it to them

  285. ac says:

    somebody explain to me what’s going on!!!!! can the usa still qualify for the semi-finals if they win 3-0 and brazil holds on 3-0?!?!?!?!

  286. GL says:

    I was just about to complain about Dempsey, let get one more just incase Italy scores one.

    Bob still needs to get fired!

  287. Paul says:

    Guzan whiff.

  288. michael says:

    AC yes!!!!!! we’re in if all scores stand

  289. Striking21 says:

    wow bradley made us all look dumb with that dempsey goal. but I dont even think Bradley saw that coming

  290. baconboy says:

    We have to keep attacking in case Italy scores.

    Great cross by Spector on the goal, by the way.

  291. Fulham Pete says:

    Oh, and, no one has mentioned it recently…Guzan with a STRONG game.

  292. Joe B. NYC says:

    No goals! DEFENSE! And it’s Spain here we come!

  293. roche says:

    As an Ajax supporter who has seen Italian teams do it time and agian, I can say, Italy will score a goal. Most likely in added time. They have a talent for ripping people’s heart’s out.

  294. B.A. says:

    So… Let’s keep attacking?

  295. Forrest says:

    I don’t care if BB got lucky that Dempsey scored that was still a dumb move to make. I fully expect us to go into a defensive shell now.

  296. Mike says:

    I thought Brazil had to win by 4-0 for us to go through and we had to win 3-0. What the heck is it??????

  297. young says:

    This does not keep BOB’s job fire his ass and still sub Dempsey . not to take anything away from him but anybody could have finished that.

  298. jh says:

    I wonder if BB wishes he had put Timmy in there now. I sure do.

  299. Timmy H. says:

    See Guzan *miss* that cross?

    Nuff said.

  300. RealPSL says:

    Benny has improved significantly defensively.

  301. CaliNick says:


    Yeah, I dont understand does the USA qualify or what do we need?

    Please qualify USA? Pleae

  302. Kev G says:

    Everyone’s going to remember Dempsey scoring, but Spector’s cross was absolute money. Miraculous. We need another for insurance!

  303. baconboy says:

    Now Egypt really has to open up, so we’ll have some chances to hit them on the break. Donovan usually does well with this kind of extra space.

  304. Mike says:


  305. David says:

    Why would you take a forward off that created the first goal and is wearing out their center back?

    Feilhaber for Clark, not Altidore.

  306. Joe B says:

    prefer guzan to timmy in the nets right now

    need MORE goals

  307. ThaDeuce says:

    I really think we should move Dempsey up top permanently and move Donovan back to a midfield wing position permanently. So our striker pecking order would be:
    not a bad crew.
    For the Azteca I’d like to see:
    —-Altidore(Ching if healed)—Dempsey

    Of course our top subs in the midfield are Clark and Adu, and I wouldn’t mind if Clark started.
    Not a bad crew at all!
    Add jones in August and……..

  308. Joe B. NYC says:

    I’m An Ajax supporter too Roche. I know exactly what you’re talking about and I hope it doesn’t happen…

  309. Mike says:

    So we go through if scores hold?????

  310. ac says:

    where the heck has this team been? please hold on and go brazil!!!!

  311. Timmy H. says:

    See Guzan flap at the corner?

    Is the kid a shot stopper? It seems he can’t handle positioning when the ball is in the air.

  312. Guzan flaps at too many crosses & corners for my liking. still, he’s looking more confident than recent games.

  313. Kris says:

    Basically as it stands now:

    4-1 BRA, 3-0 USA we’re out
    4-0 BRA 3-1 USA we’re in
    3-0 BRA, 3-0 USA we’re in
    3-0 BRA, 3-1 USA we’re out
    3-1 BRA, 3-0 USA we’re out
    3-1 BRA, 4-0 USA we’re in

  314. AdamTheRed says:

    Conor Casey… WHAT THE F–K!

  315. Isaac says:

    I think that Bob Bradley has actually made the right decisions. He’s putting in players with good stamina and fight(Feilhaber). would be a great time to bring in Torres…..and they bring in Casey….

  316. victor says:

    ohh….brazil JUST missed a goal off a deflection

  317. Barry Jive and His Uptown Five says:

    Kaka just missed making it 4-0. Brazil is still playing. :-)

  318. GL says:

    What the hell Casey Again!!!????

  319. Fulham Pete says:

    WOW what a terrible sub. We NEED one more goal. We must assume ITA will score. Casey ain’t gonna do it.

  320. Jonathan says:

    Dempsey just got busted doing his best El Salvadorean impression.

    It’s also not the worst thing in the world if Guzan has to time waste and then gets carded…

  321. Havin' A Party When Bradley's Gone says:

    The man we have all been waiting for! Conor Casey!

    Bob Bradley for life!

  322. Joe B says:

    torres for rico long time ago would’ve been nice

  323. victor says:

    lucio down for some reason, just one minute left

  324. andrew in tampa says:

    Conor Casey. the answer.

  325. GL says:

    Casey looks like he belongs in my beer belly league. Cooper should have been on this team.

  326. baconboy says:

    It sure is a lot easier to defend with 11 players on the field instead of 10.

  327. victor says:

    de rossi shot wide, 3 minutes stoppage time

  328. Barry Jive and His Uptown Five says:

    It’s stoppage time for Italy and Brazil.

  329. Joe B says:

    funny how anguished egyptian fans look .. then they realize they’re on tv and its all smiles

  330. ricecloudnine says:

    Last US game this intense?

    Perhaps the end of the US-Portugal game in the ’02 World Cup?

  331. victor says:

    90 seconds left…brazil/italy

  332. Havin' A Party When Bradley's Gone says:

    Conor “velvet touch” Casey.

    Watch him caresses the ball. Out of play.

  333. victor says:

    brazil still attachking…

  334. victor says:

    shot wide from italy…that should be it

  335. young says:

    F*&&k you Rossi you b****h you are out we are in LOL .

  336. victor says:

    that’s it…do your thing, usa…and you’re in

  337. Joe B says:

    substitute to kill the damn clock

  338. Barry Jive and His Uptown Five says:

    Brazil wins 3-0!

    Come on USA!

  339. brian says:

    i actully went to work today

    cause i couldnt bare to watch this

    at least i tivoed it

  340. Isaac says:

    Casey is doing his job; we’ve played passes into his feet, and he’s soaked up pressure, as well as time.

  341. victor says:

    dammit, will the US please d up?!

  342. Joe B says:

    great flop by landon

  343. Jonathan says:

    Casey looks suspiciously like Matt Damon as the lead singer in Eurotrip

  344. Forrest says:

    Remind me again why BB put Casey in again? He just stood there and watched the Egypt player win the ball and then had it stripped away too easily when it came back to him.

  345. Chg says:

    Suck it Rossi.

  346. young says:

    Bloow the Whistle, I’m laughing at Rossi righ now LOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLL

  347. HokieFutbol says:


  348. Jacob A. says:

    We did it?

  349. Bohris says:


  350. baconboy says:

    Great pair of results. Too bad we have to play Spain next!!

  351. michael says:

    we get the last laugh Judas!!!!
    Did that really just happen?

  352. Fulham Pete says:

    WOW. Wow.

    USA 2-1 ESP

    :D. Heh heh.

  353. Ian says:

    “And the United States moves on… *yawwwwwn…*”

    -JP Dellacamera

  354. pooperscooper says:

    USA! USA! USA!

  355. Patrick says:

    fire bradley

  356. Dave says:

    famous victory, I’m still very down on Bradley, but he got what he needed out of the guys today, well done.

  357. ChrisLA says:

    Who’s laughing now Giuseppe?!?!?! 😉

  358. Isaac says:

    YES! ITS OVER!!!!

    no third sub….again……could have wasted time…..but an absolutely AMAZING story….go USA!

  359. Ian says:

    …oh yeah, and SUCK ON THAT, ROSSI!

  360. Paul says:

    This is unbelievable.

  361. kawa says:

    agree with Young, Kiss my @SS Guissepi Rossi you traitor bastard we dont need your punk ass.

  362. Harry says:

    Adu shoudl ahve came on instead of Casey..Casey asusual cant hold onto the ball unlike Adu. Also since we are playing Spain in the Semi-Finals…………..this is Adu’s game. Spain could not handle Adu and hsi style of play. I expect Adu to play vs Spain..if Adu does not and some body like Casey gets a call EPIC FAIL by Bob.

  363. Erik Abarca says:

    Casey is way too slow. He’s good in the box and all. But you need more speed than that on the next level.

  364. Chris says:

    YEAH!!!!!!! Way to go USA!!!! I wonder if Rossi wants to switch teams :) jk, I know it’s his dream to play for Italy.

  365. Joe B. NYC says:

    This Joe B. think Clark needs to get some credit for this victory. We ain’t beating Spain but we got out of the group!

  366. Blokhin says:

    Fire Bradley- with Adu or Torres we would have won 5-0… and where’s Kenny Cooper?!?!?!

  367. Conor Casey played well off the bench. His first touch is still poor, but he’s a big body that is decent at holding the ball late in games to kill clock. Also cleared a corner kick late.

  368. ThaDeuce says:


  369. Jags98 says:

    BB just got a life line.

  370. Fulham Pete says:

    And I wanna look like Gooch when I grow up…

  371. lprevolution says:

    Felheiber sub shows it.

    Fire Bradley.

  372. johnny fc says:


  373. MensreaJim says:

    LOL, I just got back from church and saw the results…that’s a hell of a father’s day present.

  374. Adam says:

    USA showed the character and composure today that they were lacking against Italy and Brazil. Hopefully today is the type of effort we will see against Spain.

  375. wykell says:


    Take that, Judas Rossi!

  376. ac says:

    oh my freakin gosh!!! the miracle has happened!

  377. understood says:

    post game check in…famous win for the US…

    positives: donovan, davies, gooch, bradley, demerit

    negatives: he scored a great important goal…but other than that spectacular moment poor game from dempsey…maybe he should play up front or not at all until he can get some rest; bradleys subs: casey did nothing in this game and is not intl caliber…dempsey shouldve come off at some point

    anonymous: clark…had some decent defensive plays here and there…but didnt really do enough to keep torres on the bench IMO

  378. kermie says:

    Win one for the lovers, the dreamers and me.

    Suck it to all the doubters and haters.

    You too Rossi: you gave the turnover that lead to the OG that put US in the semis!

    How ’bout them apples?!?

  379. Tom says:

    Is Bob Bradley becoming the Wayne Fontes of soccer? Lousy game in Costa Rica, but getting a needed win against Honduras. Outmatched, paired with stupid play and some listlessness, against Italy and Brazil, behind the 8-ball in terms of advancing, they get some help, yes, but come out with a 3-nil win they absolutely had to have. Of course, as with those Lions, when they come out and play the big boy in the elimination games, getting a result probably won’t happen.

  380. Gene_SF says:

    I would have never in the million years they’d go through. Great game by U.S.!!! Also, I think Egypt just took them way too easy.

    To me, it also showed how important it is for them to (1) not get scored on early, and (2) play 11-vs-11. They actually played well enough in the 1st half against Italy, so had that stayed even in terms of # players, who knows, they might have picked up at least 1 point.

  381. La Muela says:

    Holly Cow!!

  382. Kevin says:

    Where are the fair weather haters that didn’t watch this game?

  383. Sam says:

    This is the best ive felt since the 2002 WORLD CUP. BRING ON SPAIN. VAMOS ESTADOS UNIDOS!!!!!

  384. ko'd says:


    Go U.S.A.

    That’s all I got for you.

  385. hc says:

    A banquet of crow for everyone who writes on this blog!!! (I’ve got dibs on a wing.)

  386. JGIB says:

    good thing we have an idiot coach who put out an idiot lineup and there was no way we could advance through our group we would go 3 and out and leave with our tails between our legs………………….. USA BABY doing what everyone said they couldnt

  387. becker614 says:

    dempsey was getting owned by the announcers all day and deserved it. ya he scored the final goal but we need to put someone else out there and make dempsey show that he deserves that spot

  388. Jags98 says:

    We got lucky, still have those major problems. They will only resurface again.

  389. JK says:

    USA USA USA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I can not believe this. We are now guaranteed at least two more games. This is unbelievable!

  390. Kyle from TX says:


  391. Krista says:

    Thank you boys for showing us what it is to be a team. I cannot believe it. So proud of every one of you. Truly an amazing effort.

  392. Matt in Oakland says:

    The Davies + Donovan combo is awesome (i know they’re both not at forward)… I mean, having them both on the field. They pay the exact same style, and having two players making fast, darting runs in the offensive half totally changes the US style of play, making it quicker and more dangerous. Keep Davies in the line up.

  393. smokedgouda says:

    Unbelievable. They played well today. They don’t deserve to advance – and BB still should be fired, but good for the US. Landon was fired up. Dempsey resurrected a bad showing with another million $ goal. Gooch was amazing. Guzan played well.

    Now they need to bring it against Spain. No more F-ing excuses. No more F-ing lazy play.

    That said, Clark? Are you kidding BB? He, Beasley, and Sacha shouldn’t play this tourney again. You squeaked past by the skin of your teeth. If all the commentators hadn’t said there was zero chance of you being fired I would have wished for us to lose today.

  394. AltiCooper says:

    Hey Rossi, hope you enjoy eating your calzones at home while were taking on the best team in the world… bummer

  395. JGIB says:

    gotta love the haters out all ready clearly not really fans cause if you were a REAL USA fan u would be celebrating not bashing

  396. michael says:

    MensreaJim, you missed this game to go to church!? what are you religious!

  397. Leonardo says:

    i knew it was worth wearing my jersey in public every day for the past 3 days! yesss!!!

  398. The Ghost of Josimar says:

    Magnificent fight! Hats off to the team!

    They were never as bad as the last matches suggested.

    Bob Bradley may see this as vindication. But the bigger picture has not changed. He are not going anywhere if we play a 4-4-2 with Clark and Bradley Jr as our central midfielders.

    If — as he should — Jermaine Jones displaces Clark, we are still left with a problem. Mikey Bradley is a hard working box-to-box player. But he is not the sort of player you can run the offense through. He is just not that technical and he just does not have the vision as a passer.

    I say this as a big fan of Mikey.

    Bradley Sr? I think his appointment was a massive mistake.

  399. RLW2020 says:

    YES!!! bring on Spain.

  400. madmax says:

    Great game by USA, tremendous effort. Shout-out to all of the USA supporters for demanding Beasley, and Kljestan be removed from the pitch. Thanks Bob for listening. Harkes is correct, Dempsey much better higher up the pitch. Gooch was a monster again. One finger salute to ESPN and the Tommy Smyth gang.

    I hope US can force Spain wide, that seem to be the only successful tactic for their opponents.

  401. Jammer says:

    OMG They won by 3 goals and advance!
    They had so many other chances too they totally dominated. I never gave up on Dempsey – you don’t take out your second best offensive player, you make changes so he can play better. He played lazy/tired as hell but still.

    I always thought Donovan’s better at wing than F. And thank God Davies finally got in.

    I did not think this was possible. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!

  402. fd says:

    OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!…How did this happen : 0…I seriously can’t believe what just happened…This is why soccer is the best sport in the world…


  403. Gene_SF says:

    P.S. Still think we need a foreign coach in the long run. Still think we need to let Adu & Torres try. But I am proud to be a U.S. fan today.

  404. DefensorForSure says:

    Best Father’s Day ever.

  405. Rastafari says:

    I take it all back.. all of those horrible things I’ve said about Deuce.

    I’m sorry deucie… score another on thursday

    pretty please

  406. andy says:

    who made the (somewhat witty) comment about the pharaohs “no miracles this time”? haha glad they were wrong

  407. FireBobBradley says:

    Congrats to the USMNT for squeaking into the semis by the skin of their teeth. Nice effort and a little luck – Gooch was a monster at the back in the air and he may have just punched himself a ticket into the EPL.

    Bradley still needs to go, it just won’t happen until after the next World Cup, unfortunately. He bought himself another year with this performance.

  408. cevlrocks says:

    Not to take anything away from the win but advancing was due to a scenario that was 1 in a million. BB put the team in a hole due to bad coaching and knew that they could not dig out on their own. To me it looked liked the USMNT was out there trying to prove that they were not a bad team. Egypt went out to relaxed as if they already advanced. What confuses me are BB tactics. He basically went with the same players with the exception of a goalie and a striker and played the same tactics as the previous two games. It appears that he is a one hit wonder who does not prepare his team for each game but rather plays the same way against all teams and just hope it works out. This won’t cut it, and from the expressions on BB face it appeared that he was nervous about losing his job. Luckily we won and so did brazil 3-0. I’ve seen little difference in this game from the previous 6 or 7, only a change in heart ie Davies determination to score. Though as a coach part of your job is to be a motivational speaker. If you cant motivate your players every game and make the right decisions you have no right to coach. There is no room for error in WCQ and the WC FIRE Bob Bradley.

  409. understood says:


    really great effort on the pitch out there today…congrat…oh whats that…you werent out there…just sitting on your couch just like the rest of us giving our opinions…oh alright

  410. Kutama Nenty says:

    This is the best father’s gift i have ever had in my life……First my wife bought me a suit….then, Brazil then beat Italy, then US beat Egypt, then lastly we stick it up to that traitor, Giuseppe Rossi, which will lead me to say

    I DEDICATED THIS TO ITALY (even though i do not have any relatives there)

  411. Bob Bradley says:

    WTF is BB thinking? You pull your best forward when you need a goal and move an out of form Dempsey up top. BB has completely lost the plot!

    Posted by: Forrest | June 21, 2009 at 04:00 PM

    Suck it bitch.

  412. jonathan says:

    Live by the Bradley Die by the Bradley… Wow!!! Eat me Rossi… Eat Me!!!

  413. John says:

    Come Home Bob Bradley, all is forgiven.
    I admit I jumped on the “Sack Bradley” band wagon.
    Maybe, just maybe, we ARE as close as we thought we were and have just been in a slump. Not artful, but as courageous a display as I’ve ever seen. We could have scored 5!! Whoda thunk it?

  414. brenzenb says:

    Ives, can you tell one of your buddies at ESPN about Independent Component Analysis (ICA)? It’s an AI algorithm that can separate individual audio sources from each other in a group recording. It’s easy and can be done in near real-time to do things like separate guitar and drum beats from a song. It can remove the awful vuvuzelas/horns from the South African broadcasts. I’ll do it for them if I have to.

  415. cevlrocks says:

    The Ghost of Josimar

    I agree with you 100% about MB. I’ve been saying the same thing for the longest time. He is a good player with great work ethic but he lacks the skill and creativity to play in that position at the international level. When playing better teams he will simply be outclassed. He evens looks outclassed in WCQ he takes to many touches and time to make his decisions.

  416. HokieFutbol says:

    What is with all the negatives you guys? Enjoy. I was skeptical that the US would get results in this tournament, but they played great (Italy should have been a better result if Clark isn’t sent off), but we didn’t look nearly as good against Brazil. Then we show up and play very well against Egypt. Stop crying. BB made necessary changes to get the right result.

  417. Kutama Nenty says:

    I still think US Dept. of State should rescind Giuseppe Rossi’s citizenship and declare him an Enemy of State

  418. God says:

    What the hell is wrong with Bob Bradley’s idiot brain? How are Dempsey and Bornstein out there? How is it that neither Adu nor Torres is out there when both should be? Bob Bradley is not smart.

    Posted by: kpugs | June 21, 2009 at 02:36 PM


    lets be honest the tournament ends here for the US so this will be a great opportunity to see some new faces and try some new tactics. Instead Bradley sticks with the same off form performers (Dempsey and Clark) instead of fresh creative talent (torres and Adu). How does he get away with this? Why is the media not eating him alive. In two games we have produced just one goal and that came off a of a penalty and yet we still dont put in attacking players. Why have a defensive player like clark get the start if we need to make up for a massive goal differential. Is bradley completely oblivious? FIRE THE BUM NOW!

    There are plenty more where that came from…

  419. Yossarian says:

    Unbelievable result!! I was totally wrong about Lando, as he put in a masterful effort in the 2nd half. Brilliant 2d goal give and go bit of skill by him and Bradley.

    Hey! What a difference when the referee doesn’t COMPLETELY rig the outcome with terrible early calls.

    Kudos to BB for putting out his best lineup to start instead of just experimenting.

    Poor job with subs, again, though. The team was clearly gassed and needed fresh legs yet he again waited forever to use his bench and foolishly left a sub unused. We got awfully lucky that last header didn’t go in, b/c BB completely shut down the possession game and put the team into kickball mode, just hoping that Egypt didn’t have the skill to make a play and praying that Italy didn’t score one. Hoping and praying are not good tactics, Bob. Nevertheles, not the time for too much criticism. He and the team deserved loads of credit for scoring three in the run of play against a very good team. kudos

  420. jpc says:

    Very nice job today,

    – Donovan- I think he finally has settled into the outside, and it shows. he’s been our best by far
    – Bradley- truly a box to box player that is dangerous on both ends. some bad tackles again, but he is getting better at that. Nice goal w/ Donovan
    – Demerit/Oneywu- this is a better pairing than Boca/Oneywu. They have both been very good the entire tourney. Boca should move on the left, b/c Bornstein just isn’t careful enough w/ the ball or good enough at getting into position (even though he’s probably a better one on one defender than Boca)
    – Altidore/Davies- some good and bad moments for both, all together good though, and just shows how much we need to play w/ two forwards
    – spector- consistent and strong going forward once again, nice cross on Dempsey’s goal
    – Dempsey- his goal masks what was otherwise a terrible performance. I still think he needs time on the bench
    – Clark- I still want Torres or Felhaber w/ Bradley in the middle, but Clark has been very solid in my opinion, other than his brash tackles, which he has not improved unfortunately
    – Guzan- looked better than Howard, and Howard played pretty good for his standards
    – Feilhaber- again solid on the ball at all times, great vision.
    – Bob Bradley- I’m again startled at no playing time for Torres/Adu, and little PT for Feilhaber. But you can’t argue w/ the result, right? I was furious when Altidore was taken our rather than Dempsey, but Dempsey played better when he went up front. I’m still not happy w/ him overall

  421. Leonardo says:

    EVERYONE who was critical needs to give credit where it’s due.

    4 People I wanna highlight:
    1) Coach Bradley – believed in his players, you can feel it, right before the game, he was pumped! Great starting lineup (yes I wanted to see Torres, but that’s for another day). I think the key here was that the players knew he counted on them, that he believed in them. I couldnt help but think of him as a martyr; sacrificing himself (job/reputation) cuz of his belief in his players. (again, maybe someone else for 2010 but that’s for another day). I applaud you Bradley!
    2) Tha Deuce produced! “moments of brilliance” indeed! FINALLY!
    3) Donovan is still the best on the field. played with *heart* a true captain!
    4) Gooch – indomitable, insurmountable.

    All Debbie-Downers can take the day off – it’s time to *CELEBRATE*!

  422. Kevin says:

    Best Father’s Day ever!!!!

  423. Jess says:

    madmax, the biggest one finger salute to Alexi!

  424. Avid US fan says:

    Gotta admit we saw a miracle, most likely brought on because there was no pressure on them at the start of the match. I still think BB is over his head, although his sub pattern really worked out for him today. At least his son loves him on father’s day.

    But regardless, I was proud of HOW they played. I suspect we all learned something today, hopefully BB the most. Hopefully we’ll come out with as much heart against Spain. A new tournament has just started. Forget all that has happened because none of it carries over. Who, what team will we see on Wednesday? That is the question. Oh, and mathematical chances do count for something.

  425. clint dempsey says:

    alot of idiots being exposed today. man up

  426. SR says:

    JK– you got it! We are guaranteed two more games…two more games vs opposition that will only make us better and more prepared vs Mexico later this summer. Let’s go USA! Take advantage of this tourney and show the world how we bounce back US style!

  427. AdamTheRed says:

    As a debbie downer post Brasil all I can say is…


  428. LA NORTE says:



  429. JustinV says:

    Fantastic effort by the boys. They made their own luck today as mush as anything.

    Still think B Bradley is limiting the level this team could rise to, but since it was unlikely he would get fired with a loss it was great to see the team rally for him.

    Hope the team can play loose and care free (but with all out effort) against Spain. Crazier things have happened, like today for example.

  430. ko'd says:


    haha. I am chuckling while I sit on my couch. You BET I am on my couch. So were you. The difference? I supported the team no matter what criticism I had of tactics and performance. I bet you were hoping they would lose, weren’t you?

    Your comment meant absolutely nothing. Pure transparency like everything else you have said about my comments. You still just don’t get it, do you? Well, English is a tough language, I guess.

    As I said a week ago, 4 days ago, and yesterday…

    GO U.S.A.!

  431. chupacabra says:

    Haha! I’m on my way to Clifton to drive up and down the street in front of Fernando Rossi’s house, wearing my US jersey and flying the red, white and blue! Happy father’s day, sucker!

  432. Josh says:

    Great game from the US. They showed tons of heart, and except for Donovan’s curious decision to lay the ball off for Jozy early on, good attacking mentality, which is what you should have when you control the run of play.

    I thought Guzan, Gooch, Demerit, and Donovan had particularly strong games today. Our CBs were just dominant, breaking up everything that came into the center. Donovan may not have scored, but he did A LOT of work, esp. tracking back and out wide. Bornstein was too tentative and didn’t take away the outside for Egypt, but whenever he tucked in too much, Donovan was there to take away their width.

    Clark was quiet, but the fact that Egypt didn’t advance the ball through the center of the pitch is telling. And as Harkes noted, Clark had to cover a lot of ground out wide when Dempsey was slow getting back. Late in the game, after we were up 3-0, great effort by Clark and Bradley.

    We’re probably cannon-fodder for Spain, and really, who isn’t right now? But that’s great–we get one more game against THE top team at the moment. We’ll have played four teams that are far better than any CONCACAF opponent, and some of our players may have just earned themselves a nice payday with a club in one of the big leagues. They learned a HUGE lesson about attacking with confidence instead of desperation, about playing until the whistle blows, and they were rewarded with a semifinal berth. You gotta be proud of the way they played today.

  433. Brant says:


    I just finished watching it all on TiVo (we were out when it started and I wanted to see it all and NOT read it ahead on SBI).

    F’IN’ AWESOME! U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A!

  434. Yossarian says:

    It will just be a fantastic experience for the U.S. to be able to play the best team in the world in a meaningful game.

    btw, I noticed all the Dempsey haters stfu after his goal. I noticed about a hundred hateful comments and maybe 2 apologies (and i think one of them was half-assed at best). If you can’t admit when you’re wrong, you’re just an ignorant wuss. Suck it up, hater wussies. Admit you were wrong.

  435. understood says:


    thumbs up…you the man…

  436. Snuffer says:

    Bornstein needs to pressure quicker to the outside and stay out of the middle if we are to have any chance against Spain


  437. T says:

    Get some rossi.

  438. MiamiAl says:

    Bob Bradley gets a reprieve on Father’s Day! His job is safe now until at least the Mexico game…DAMMIT!

    Awesome win! It just goes to show that the US problem is not a physical one, its mental and emotional. And it helps that we finally got to play a complete game with 11 men…

  439. hernandez says:

    Congrats to the USMNT…….you have left the critics and haters speechless!!!!!

  440. AdamTheRed says:

    Practice Monday / Tues… ALL FINISHING ALL THE TIME!

    In all honesty it should be 4-0 with that bloody handball!

  441. Wally says:

    Go USA. Wow never thought this would even be close to happening, after the first 2 games.

    Guess when its 11vs11 and the refs dont screw you ever anything is possible. I take back what i said about Dempsey, what a goal, but i still want to see better and less laziness.

    Also hopefully people will really shut up about Michael Bradley, face it hes the US’s best player after Donovan. He was a beast and never really gets his props. So suck on that MB haters!

    And best part we will at least(hopefully) finish in 3rd place,(We get another game even if we lose)Yes!!!! Go USA

  442. ag nigrin says:

    Holy Shite!!!!!!!!!!!!! Woohooooooooooooooo! Now that is my USMNT. Congrats guys…now on
    to the Semis vs. Spain!

  443. Nick says:

    Gooch played out of his skin, he was an absolute unstoppable force on the field today!

  444. Carl says:

    I dont understand the hate for michael bradley. He is easily the most composed player on the ball when he receives it in the midfield. He made some bad passes early but I think for the most part he distributed the ball when under pressure really well today.
    As for his creativity, it was his pace that led to his goal. He ran hard at the defense, laid an easy ball off to Landon and made a tremendous finish in traffic. That goal was all due to his ability to create.
    Lastly, he has been incredibly consistent while players like Dempsey and Donovan have been inconsistent and invisible at times.

    Today’s performance I think is a result of way more heart and motivation from the entire team. It seemed like everybody wanted it more today than against Italy and Brazil. Our defense showed a lot more heart in clearing set pieces and crosses, the midfield ran at players with pace and looked intent on attacking and I think the strikers did a better job of making diagonal runs and chasing the ball when the defense was playing the ball out of the back.
    Lets see more of this kind of effort.

  445. FireBobBradley says:

    I wouldn’t overplay this one in a million scenario as some form of “I told you so,” because while the USMNT deserved the win today they did not deserve to go through based on their overall performance. Often it’s the other way around for the US – played their hearts out and get their hearts gutted in the end.

    But isn’t it amazing that Beasley and Sacha see nothing of the pitch and they finally put something together? It only took Bradley three months to realized that both players are a liability. Good for Landy Cakes, Davies, Spector, Michael Bradley, Jozy and Gooch – they gave it their all today.

  446. Jose A. V. says:

    I was more frustated with this game than with the losses. Poor finishes by the U.S.A bad subbing bad game management. We could have won 6-0 and not rely on so much on Brazil. After Bradley got a yellow card all he did was just jogging up and down the field without fighting for a ball, there we should have used Benny. Than take charlie out for Casey. Than when time was running out, you had an extra sub, to make time, but no, Bob didnt even used it.

  447. Jose A. V. says:

    The USA is too green. They need more “Colmiyo” as they say in latin America. We play like this again, we lose 4-0 against Spain.

  448. dave says:

    people need to realize, that Bradley, while not tremendous, has lead us to one good performance (Italy), one where we failed to really test one of the best teams in the world (Brazil), and one where we played with tremendous heart, aggression and desire.

    All in all, i accept those results and play and mantain support for Bradley. The time to experiment is definately the Gold Cup, and we get two more games against world cup-bound opponents.

    Great day!

  449. jpc says:

    Haha! I’m on my way to Clifton to drive up and down the street in front of Fernando Rossi’s house, wearing my US jersey and flying the red, white and blue! Happy father’s day, sucker!

    Posted by: chupacabra | June 21, 2009 at 04:58 PM


    almost pissed myself. If I still lived in Jersey I’d meet you there.

  450. FireBobBradley says:

    There’s something rather perverse about seeing hot Brazilian girls holding up glittery signs that say: “I KAKA!”

  451. Kutama Nenty says:


    Italy is going home and your country, the USA is advancing…..hehehehehe. I’m sure you are regretting playing for Italy instead of the US

  452. clint dempsey says:

    the hate comes from ignorance. BB pisses out more football knowledge than a majority of his haters ever had or could ever attain. young bradley is a young der kaiser…. ok that’s a little gratuitous

  453. Dennis Mueller says:

    The soccer geniuses calling for B. Bradley’s sacking and benching Dempsey and variously calling for M. Bradley and Clark to be replaced must be wondering how they will now justify those rants. Really, no one doubts that Adu, Torres, Feilhaber will get mucho time in the Gold Cup and we all hope that one or more of them will stand out in that tourney, but for the next game or two that matters, do not expect to see Adu palying with the big boys, or Torres getting a lot of time. feilhaber will get more. In this tournament, Beasley has pretty much played himself out of it, no matter where, Spector has shown the kind of concentration needed from defenders and will see more time. Demerrit seems a bit slow for an international center back, but so is Bocenegra and any other likely suspect (Jimmy Connor, who else? Maybe Cory Gibbs will finally get healthy). It will be interesting to see what happens to Altidores club fortunes if he has a good game against Spain. In any case, the US looked a lot better playing with 11 men rather than 10!

  454. Matt D. says:

    I can’t believe this! The only thing better would be if this was the World Cup, where the non-soccer fans might take notice. I thought the Bradley-Clark combination in midfield was excellent, and, yes, Egypt allowed the USA to play, but the USA still took advantage. As the second half concluded I was thinking, “If Italy manage to score and we’re out, well, it was still a positive end to a tournament.” Now that we’re in the semifinals against Spain…let’s go all out, take it to them and see what they got. Can’t wait for Wednesday. Go USA!!! That’s the spirit we’ve been wanting!!

  455. Elliott says:

    Davies really complements Jozy well – he has blazing pace, hangs off the last defender’s shoulder, and applies pressure well.

    Also, Bob Bradley is smarter than all of us. Kudos to the US for never giving up and Bradley for not caving in to play Freddy Bench Boy Adu

  456. Rageman says:

    This team should never employ a lone striker ever again. They were MICH more dangerous and fluid with two side by side strikers. Davies was constantly pressuring the backline when they were passing the ball around. Altidore and Ching can’t do that because they are always all alone up top.

    Enough with this 4-4-1-1 or 4-5-1 bull sch!@tt. If Bradley stays with the two striker lineup, I’ll back off calling for his firing.

  457. Rekro HATES Rossi says:

    Rossi wins the fight

    WE win the War…..

  458. ThaDeuce says:


  459. mb says:

    great win but i still have to question Bradley’s decision not to use the 3rd sub. Could have used it in injury time to kill even more time. could have put in Wynne to run around like a track star on PCP for Dempsey up top.

  460. FireBobBradley says:

    Rossi wins the fight
    WE win the War…..

    Posted by: Rekro HATES Rossi | June 21, 2009 at 05:14 PM

    Smarter heads would say this is just round two. Want to lay your house payment that Rossi gets a World Cup someday? Then, we can talk about who won the war. Mission NOT YET Accomplished.

  461. Marvin says:

    Impossible is nothing? aint that right Jozy?


    We did it. Its our time.

    The yankees came and conquered. Our boys left everything on the pitch they were world class today. An amazing performance by the boys.

    This is the the best footballing day in my life since Beating Mexico in WC 2002.

    DONT TREAD ON US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  462. KCB says:


  463. Leonardo says:

    Jose A.V.,

    In South America they also say:
    “Al caballo regalado no se mire el colmillo.”

    “if someone gives you a free horse, you don’t check its teeth.”

    Jose, this means if you get a gift, you don’t criticize or complain.

  464. d23man says:

    I’m proud but still just don’t understand coaching decisions. Conor Casey seriously!? We can’t rely on someone like that.

  465. ac says:

    I was supposed to be writing a masters thesis today, but when I saw the USA score 2, there was no way I was going to miss the rest of the game….Well worth having to stay up all night to write my thesis cause Yanks all the way!

  466. Mark says:

    A fantastic father’s day gift from the Nats and our Brazilian friends. I’m an admitted Bradley apologist, so skimming through the commments after the game was a treat. All the “experts” on this site were killing him, but his faith in his players paid off today. As badly as things went wrong against Brazil(and losing badly to Brazil doesn’t look quite as bad after the drubbing Itally received), he made all the right moves today.

    At least guys like Kpugs stand up and admit they were wrong unlike the rest.

    The team really benefits getting another meaningful game against a team like Spain. We’ll likely get beat, but to have something to play for is exciting.

    Viva Bob Bradley!!!

  467. Kutama Nenty says:

    You know what…..when we were heading into the match against Eqypt, i had no faith whatsoever in our team, I actually though that Eqypt was gonna win and that if we escaped with a draw, at least we stabilized the sinking ship (our US soccer team salvaging a point at least)…..NEVER, i mean, NEVER did i think that we would make it to the semifinal just because

    (1)i thought Italy would at least tie Brazil or at least lost by a low margin

    (2) the statement about Eqypt beating us or least drawing/tie

    (3) Even if we beat Eqypt, for the stars to align to our favor…..via numbers of goals we beat Eqypt with combined with Italy’s heavy loss to Brazil

    … brings me to my next point. I know Spain will beat us in the semis, but again….think about it, soccer is a game of skills, team unity, highest level played…AND LUCK….and what if our luck hasn’t ran out yet, we could be lucky against spain,


  468. FCB says:

    Don’t get too carried away everyone. We played this game like we could and should have played the entire tournament so far, despite the really bad tactics by the coach.
    Yeah, Dempsey stepped up and converted his chance nicely, but wandered around the pitch for long periods not involving himself. Bradley played hard and produced a very good touch from Donovan who did an excellent job of looking for him and otherwise had a very solid game. Clarke, well the only thing I remember about him is the poor first touch. The back line did a solid job, but holy sweat, Spector is slow. Davies = Speed = What-We-Need.
    The more we attacked, the less Egypt had the ball and hence control. These players are capable of good play if only the coach would put them in a position to be able to do so.
    Yet, at NO point in time was the chance of progressing in our hands (the ENTIRE and ONLY purpose for competing in this event). Not even close. If we had attempted to play hard and be more aggressive on the wings I am convinced we would have a very good idea for what the team could be expected to do next year and then build on that.
    The US has to be able to exploit weaknesses of other teams to improve on the world stage. It’s the coach’s job to do that. I am convinced that the current management staff does not have that capability.
    I still feel after this game that the US clearly failed to take advantage of this tournament to build for next year. If we play well against Spain maybe the usual cycle of starting well and finishing poorly will be history. We’ll see after “la Furia Roja” moves on through.

    PS Italy Sucks. 4th ranked my *ss.

  469. mb says:

    it will be interesting to see the FIFA rankings after the tourney.

  470. mb says:

    for goodness sake, can someone design a shoe for Bornstein that will keep him from slipping on every play? is he wearing samba’s out there?

  471. Nicholas says:

    i am shocked by the result. bradley breathes but i can not believe how poor egypt were. The U.S. could have won by five. I think putting two players with pace up top makes a difference, also I have no idea what has gotten into Donovan but he looks wholly transformed, brilliant display

  472. d23man says:

    and we did this without Jones, hopefully he saw the result can’t wait for him and bradley in the mid together

  473. FCB says:

    “i am shocked by the result. bradley breathes but i can not believe how poor egypt were”

    Nicholas, how right you are. Even with all the favors Brazil was doing for us, had Egypt converted ONE of their chances, the tone of this board would be MASSIVELY different.

  474. d23man says:

    yes, we made it to the semis. It was ugly as heck though, still not convinced with this team unless they can somehow beat Spain my thoughts might change.

  475. metrostar 4 life says:

    unbelievable. Rossi how does it feel to be out of the semi-finals? Big mistake. amazing USA-true heart and class today. Brilliant, why we couldn’t done this earlier, making this much easier, is beside me. But whatever great game. No Casey, No Beasely=No Problem

  476. Kutama Nenty says:

    The best revenge is sticking it to Guiseppe Rossi, we advance to the semifinals and he goes home……but there seems to be a problems there

    which home are we talking about, Italy or New Jersey….LMAO (the sweetest and bestest revenge ever, now the US Dept. of State don’t have to rescind his citizenship and declare him Enemy of State anymore……laugh at his azz for italy being knocked out of the tournament and US advancing)

  477. FireBobBradley says:

    it will be interesting to see the FIFA rankings after the tourney.

    Posted by: mb | June 21, 2009 at 05:38 PM

    Does anybody actually think the FIFA ratings are anything but a flavor of the month contest? Sure, their formula has improved over time, but it means nothing in the larger scheme of things.

  478. Carl says:


  479. yourmom says:

    Anyone who said Bradley needed to go can suck his effing co*k. Fu*k you, enjoy the win and who knows can happen next year.

  480. mb says:

    it will also be interesting to see the Elo ratings.

  481. Jim P says:

    The US deserved what they got today. Bradley could have emptied the bench but he played like there was a chance to advance. This mentality (typically US) is what convinced his team to play hard. Kudos to Bradley for one of the best wins in US history.

    I can see playing Torres in this game, but Adu? This guy has a few ball tricks thirty yards from goal that amount to nothing. Has he ever pleased any coach that sees him play day in an day out? When I think of the number of defensive plays that our midfielders are asked to make in our own 18 yard box, and the complete inability for Adu to defend I really believe this guy is a big defensive liability. I would consider using Adu as a late sub, if the other team packed it in, and we needed to break them down with short passing. Otherwise, I really don’t see what even gives him a seat on the Nats bench.

    For those fans who remember when Carlos B. played left back I will remind you it was a disaster. He does not have the speed.

    One last thought, if Spector can play that good then I would like to see Frankie take the right outside half spot and Dempsey moved to forward. Dempsey can beat people in small spaces like a forward and we saw today that he is a beast in the air. Push him forward.

    Jim P

  482. Paul R says:

    Reading this thread after knowing the result is high comedy.

    Haters need to get a grip. Bradley’s not going anywhere and if they lost 3-0 he wasn’t going anywhere. This is our team, he’s our coach, deal with it.

    Yeah, it’ll be a miracle if we advance in 2010, but our group probably won’t be as tough as the one we were in for this tournament, and look where we are.

  483. Memrook says:

    Can someone please break it down for me how USA advances? I’m not being ironic or sarcastic or an ass. I honestly don’t understand. We have the same exact goal difference and point totals as Italy, and we lost the head-to-head with Italy. Thanks for a serious response.

  484. Johnny Boy says:

    “Spain could not handle Adu and hsi style of play. I expect Adu to play vs Spain..if Adu does not and some body like Casey gets a call EPIC FAIL by Bob.

    Posted by: Harry”



    So the best team in the world right now cannot handle some unproven guy who can’t get a game with Benfica or Monaco? On an individual basis, everyone on Spain’s freaking squad is better than Adu. Hell, the guys Spain cut from the team and left at home are better than Freddy. Hell, most of the Egyptians are better than Freddy.

    Dude, he can’t get a game with anyone, except maybe your pub team; Benny Feilhaber, who has played like 5 games this entire year, is hurt all the time and has a ‘tude, is picked over Freddy.

    Why should the current best team in the world be afraid of him????

    It is too early in the day to be drinking or smoking so much Harry. Just be greatful you have something to cheer about. Casey held the ball up and ate up time, which was exactly what he was supposed to do. And Benny took care of the ball and even had a shot or two (which I’ve never seen Torres do) and allowed Dempsey to push up. So he basicaly did what everyone wanted Torres on to do.

  485. AdamTheRed says:

    Its based on TOTAL goals scored in group.

  486. Memrook says:

    @at AdamTheRed:

    so you’re saying we go through based on the fact that we scored 1 more total goal than Italy? If so, I get it. I can’t believe head-to-head’s not a factor, but maybe that would make it too convoluted to try and figure out. I guess total goals substantially more objective.

  487. gabe says:

    I am overjoyed. Obviously, we still have some concerns, but if this team comes out and plays hard like this against spain, we’ll give them a hell of a game.

  488. Memrook says:

    Don’t get me wrong, I am ESTATIC. I just couldn’t believe what I was seeing lol. Yes, I was one of the angry fans that called for BB’s head, and I admit maybe a bit prematurely.

    I guess we should just go ahead and win this whole tournament. Why not?

    Go USA!

  489. Andrew says:

    Unbelievable effort. We get another game against a top flight opponent. Brilliant.

  490. Mark says:


    Head to head probably is a factor, but with three teams at 1-2, it went to the next tie breaker. Italy beat us, we beat Egypt, and Egypt beat Italy.

  491. Ryan says:

    Great win for the US — I love it when our guys play to win. We definitely benefited from the Brazil intimidation factor today, though.
    I really admire Brazil’s skill, but it was obvious Italy didn’t think they could win the game. Brazil is beatable — their opponents just need to believe it, and play with less awe for the yellow jerseys. Same goes for the referees. Nearly every time I see a Brazil match, the officiating is extremely one-sided in their favor. The refs seem to think Brazilian players can’t be called for fouls. There were numerous instances of this in the first half. For example, check out the tackle Kaka made on Rossi, that led directly to the third goal. Reverse roles, and Kaka automatically gets a free kick in a dangerous position, no question about it. Biased officiating like that just spoils the sport for me.

    I’m not making excuses for the Italians — Iaquinta and Toni were awful, DeRossi absolutely blew it on the second goal, Dossena’s angle on the own goal was all wrong, and collectively they showed very little imagination. But I think we’d see much better matches if teams and refs stopped giving Brazil’s players too much respect.

  492. Tom P says:

    I am very happy and shocked!

    but for the long term progress of this program was this a good or bad thing?

    Take a deep breath before going nuts and try to answer that rationally.

    PS -Gooch has done well for his barginning position and I could not be more happy for him. He is such a class guy. Donovan as well has been full of effort and purpose.

    Happy Fathers day and I look forward to your answers to the above question.

  493. Rageman says:

    Advancing rules:

    Then, if tied, tiebreakers are:
    Goal differential
    Total goals
    Then head to head

    Teams are rewarded for supplying offense. Italy only scored in one game. USA scored in two

  494. ko'd says:

    I might be over-thinking this, but will we see Howard in goal on Wednesday? I mean, I get that he is our #1, but Guzan played well today. Does BB keep “resting” Howard for Spain? I actually don’t think he will, but I am just throwing it out there.

    Go USA!

  495. mb says:

    i like guzan better than howard. howard nevers comes off his line it seems. guzan is bigger also.

  496. Gary says:

    Against spain — need speed on the field:

    Altidore – Davies


    Dempsey – Bradley – Donovan

    Bornstein – Demerit – Gooch – Spector


  497. Johnny Boy says:

    “- Dempsey- his goal masks what was otherwise a terrible performance. I still think he needs time on the bench

    – Clark- I still want Torres or Felhaber w/ Bradley in the middle, but Clark has been very solid in my opinion, other than his brash tackles, which he has not improved unfortunately

    …. startled at no playing time for Torres/Adu, and little PT for Feilhaber. … I was furious when Altidore was taken our rather than Dempsey, but Dempsey played better when he went up front. I’m still not happy w/ him overall




    To paraphrase what Bradley was quoted after the game as saying, Dempsey is in there because he can conjure up something out of nothing. He is probably the only US player who can do that on any kind of regular basis. When you have a player like that it doesn’t matter what he does the rest of the game if he scores (see Gerd Muller, Michael Owen, Jimmy Greaves, etc). Unfortunately, they need him at attacking mid and he is playing too deep so his occasional loss of possession and occasional disappearances have more dire consequences than they would if he was further up the field where he should be an all out striker.

    As for Clark and his brash tackles, when Michael Bradley first started playing for the USMNT, every single game he would go to the ground with the sort of tackle that would have gotten him a red in this tournament or the WC. After a year in Germany, he has gotten a lot better about that. Clark and Sacha need to play abroad,if anyone will have them, to get some experience.

    I’ve already commented on Torres and Adu. As for Benny, he’s still not fit enough for 90 full minutes.

  498. FCB says:

    People, we beat the 40th ranked team in the world which had just come off 2 very hard games against Brazil and Italy in quick succession. As nice as this win is (ain’t it always), it happened against an obviously very tired Egypt squad.
    The score-line most definitely flatters us. Just as the poor performances demand accountability, the good ones should be shown the respect of a realistic assesment. That’s the nature of this beast. Given the run-up to now, this result in no way merits a looking at through rose-colored glasses.
    I still haven’t seen us play a well devised, solidly executed game against a higher-ranked opponent since the last time we played Spain.

  499. Rudy says:

    Great win, but Bradley still needs to be fired.

  500. Mark says:

    Tom, I think you’re inferring that this victory means Bradley will keep his job, which will stunt the growth of players moving forward. I’m a Bradley supporter, so I’d disagree, but beyond that, most of the guys on the field today have a good chance of playing in 2010 and playing a role in qualification for 2014 or in the World Cup itself. Lots of young guys, and getting a meaningful win can only benefit them. I think the oldest guy on the field today was 27-28, so this can only help these players. Playing all these teams, including Spain is invaluable, regardless of results.

  501. jpc says:

    johnny boy,

    Dempsey does have that ability for moments of brilliance, but they are too far in between for Bradley to allow him to suck up and down the field for all but one play in the game.

    He’s shown the ability to play great for 90 minutes at Fulham, why he has never done that for the US is a mystery to me, and he needs to do better. He needs to be benched, I just hope it works to light a fire under him

  502. Mark says:


    You could also choose to look at the game in this way. The US came off two tough games against Italy and Brazil. However improbable, the team had something to play for and went out and held up their end of the bargain rather than mailing it in. To me, that’s executing the game plan. If you read the quotes from Donovan and Bradley pre-game, they prepared to win this game and tried and get the goals needed to do their part. Brazil certainly helped out by thumping Italy, but we executed our gameplan.

    I’d also argue, that we were doing quite well against Italy before the red card. Quite the opposite against Brazil, as they jumped on us quickly and the game was over within 20 minutes.

  503. Potato says:

    Thought I’d never say it, but.. God is Great!!

    Allāhu Akbar, الله أكبر.

  504. Jeff says:

    I can’t believe the negativity here. If you can’t thoroughly enjoy our win and our incredible luck today, then you need to find another hobby. As an old medical school professor of mine liked to say, “Don’t bother questioning something if it works.”

    I was a US expat living in Spain for awhile, and I usually route for the Spaniards when the US isn’t involved, but I hope to God we break their hearts on Wednesday. 1-1 tie, we win in a shootout when David Villa clanks a must-have off the crossbar. Really, our advancing to even play Spain was more unlikely than that acutally happening, right?

  505. How good were our CB’s today? Wow. Davies was great. And big ups to TOM for the Wayne Fontes comparison hahaha…

  506. Derek says:

    I can’t believe we’re through!!!


  507. plug 713 says:

    Anybody interested in contributing to a fund to buy two tickets for the semi-final match so Giuseppe Rossi and his Dad can WATCH the USMNT play Spain?

  508. ds says:

    Given how good Dempsey looked at forward (and how bad he looked in the midfield), and how much we are going to need in the engine room against Spain, I like a:

    Altidore Dempsey
    Clark Bradley Feilhaber
    B’stein Gooch Demerit Spector

    Leaves a lot of space on the wings, but I’m more worried about teh spanish dancing through the center of midfield.

  509. Supsam says:

    Hey does anyone remember that “Kiv” guy who told that Egypt would destroy us when Ives posted up the article showing Egypt’s roster? The self proclaimed “student of the game” said it was only a matter of time. Where are you now Kiv?

  510. Danny says:

    We only lost 1-0 in Spain against what really amounts to their current squad. We could upset. We could beat their streak. We could do it.

    In the words of G:


    P.S. F**k you Rossi. You’re NOT welcome back in “our” country. Stay in Italy.

  511. pathfinder says:

    AWESOME result!!!

  512. Johnny Boy says:

    People, we beat the 40th ranked team in the world which had just come off 2 very hard games against Brazil and Italy in quick succession. ……………….

    I still haven’t seen us play a well devised, solidly executed game against a higher-ranked opponent since the last time we played Spain.




    FIFA rankings mean nothing. The US also played the same two teams that Egypt just played in the same amount of time. Egypt played and looked a lot better than the USMNT did against those two teams.

    So in real time terms, that makes Egypt a “better” or “higher ranked” team in my book.

    If that logic means nothing to you then wait until Wednesday; you will have plenty to either bitch about or… to bitch about since the USMNT can do no right in your book.

  513. Mario in SJ says:

    WOW, never in a million years!!!

    Congratulations USA. The guys player with heart and desire…well, except for Duece at times.

    Gooch has really punched himself a nice ticket in the EPL. Specter is quality.

    Donovan was a CAPTAIN today. Kudos to all.

    Its days like this that reinforces my belief that we will be a world power in the coming years. Great day for all USA fans.

  514. kevin says:

    Have a little to everyone who wanted Bradley fired…They sound like a bunch of Red Bull fans…

  515. Casey C. says:

    Honestly, ya’ll are hilarious. BB just gets the team to the semi’s, and you’re still attacking him. Cry all you want, but his subs got a 3-0 result. You should read back to all the bitching about Dempsey, and then the goal. Pretty funny stuff.

    Bradley got it done, even though you might disagree with how he got it done.

  516. Chris says:

    Still need to fire BB

  517. Tom P says:

    Mark- Thanks for the well thought out and rational response. I am not a Bradley fan but it has more to do with the USSF as a whole then Bradley individually.

    That being said all your other points are correct and valid.They do need this exposure vs. top flight comp. regarless of the results.

    I also forgot to mention above that Guzan looked excellent today . But as to starting him in front of Howard……..I don’t see any of the goals vs. Brazil and Italy being his fault so why would you keep him on the bench.

    To ALL- for one day it is better to a U.S. fan then a Italian one. If my italian was a little better I would love to read their newspapers tomorrow. It should be harsh and ugly.

  518. Plinio says:


    100% agreed!!!

  519. everton blue says:

    Hey Everyone,

    I think it has been nearly half an hour so let me make sure we hold true to Our quota:

    Enjoy your summer, Rossi…. D*ckhead.

  520. chg says:

    FCB, how does the scoreline flatter us? The US was denied a PK after an obvious Egyptian handball on the line. Given the great opportunities we were generating 11 v 11, a neutral observer would suspect we’d win by a greater margin if the ref did his job and RC’ed the Egyptian player.

    Aside from that, the US still dominated the game. Had Egypt converted their one good chance on the header over the bar in the 90th minute, the margin would not have reflected the US dominance today. Egypt sucked, but lets give some credit to the US for making them look so bad. Italy and Brazil couldn’t do it.

    We played Italy and Brazil in the same time frame, and we did it a man down for over half the games.

    Italy scored zero goals in 11 v 11 play. Maybe Rossi should be glad his adopted side drew one of the weakest qualifying groups in UEFA.

  521. Tolik says:

    Guys deserve all the praises in the world and huge thanks to Brazil.

    Still: BB should go. Our guys’ success today does not cancel tactical and personnel mistakes. Italy’s lousy form doesn’t absolve our mistakes.

    Italy, fire Lippi – we’ll take him!

  522. USA says:

    Michael Bradley gets the dumbass quote of the day “All of the critics in America who said we were no good after losing to Italy and Brazil, let’s see what they say now,”

    I’ll tell you what I say, you sucked for two games and embarassed yourselves and got lucky that brazil destroyed italy. You still sucked, and im afraid that will be evident against Spain.

  523. This Guy says:


    10 days ago I would have thought that lineup would be retarded. But, I looked at it and think it would bring speed, excitement and the X-Factor we tend to need to win these matches.

  524. Josh says:

    I still think Dempsey should sit–he’s just physically burned out right now. He converted that goal b/c Spector’s service was a thing of beauty.

    That said, shrewd move by Bradley subbing Feilhaber in for Altidore and moving Dempsey up top.

    Can’t say I was impressed by Colin Clarke. He’s just too slow at this level, and couldn’t hold possession as a result. I understand that he’s a big target, but he’s not gonna make anybody forget Ching. Neither Clarke nor Frankencooper is fast enough to play at this level.

  525. Rudy says:

    What’s hilarious is all these people coming out of the woodwork talking like Bradley is some kind of genius because we fluked our way into the semis. Not trying to take anything away from the guys on the field, they played with great heart and determination. But suddenly Bradley’s a genius because Brazil put the wood to Italy and his lineup was able to beat an Egypt team sans their best player?

  526. primoone says:

    Rico was motivated today because______

    a. Bradley lit a fire under his ass

    b. Is afraid of losing PT to J. Jones

    c. Is afraid of Losing PT to J. Jones

    d. B and C

    Sorry…you can shine a pretty old penny to new condition but the value of the penny remain.

    Great inspired ball by the U.S. And with respect to Bradley…even a blind squirrel gets a nut. This guy is here to uphold the status quo. He makes ill-advised lineup changes and does not know how to use his player pool efectively in the same process destroying losing the confidence of his own players. He has been embarassing the past 2 months.

    I dont like to see people lose thier jobs…but lets face it people dont get fired…they fire themselves.

  527. Patrick says:

    If you’re interested in an in-depth look at the U.S’s performance against Egypt, check out my Web site:

  528. CoachK says:

    Hahaha I am really getting a good laugh at all you doom and gloomers and BB haters. How ironic that it was none other than the tied washed up “exhausted” Dempsey that scores the winner and actually pushed the USA through to meet Spain??? Granted I too wanted to see Demsey rested when I saw Feilhaber coming in.but BB realized Dempsey up front just may provide the spark we needed and Feilhaber WILL track back and play D something we all know Dempsey was not doing. Turns out to be a brilliant move or I guess you are going to say lucky..? Bottom line BB is the coach get used to it,he’s not perfect but he knows his limitations.So playing the speedy Charlie Davies was the correct move. . Look at Italy’s about problems? True I too wanted to see both Adu and Torres play for their creativity BUT I also believe in “Different horses for Different Courses” and Egypt was a tough strong physical team so we needed a horse like Rico or Jermain Jones (later in 09 hopefully?) in the mid field NOT a small Torres or Adu. My guess the Gold Cup will be their turn to shine?

    So on we go no doubt will come undone by Spain but at least we can now hold our head up a little?

    Coach K

  529. slymer says:

    Michael Bradley said. “All the f—— experts in America, everybody who thinks they know about soccer, they can all look at the score tonight and let’s see what they have to say now. Nobody has any respect for what we do, for what goes on on the inside, so let them all talk now.”

    I say “enough with the armchair coaching”. Go back to your plumbing jobs. Thank you!

  530. goalscorer24 says:

    All I want to see with the USA against Spain is that we make a game of it, and play well. That is all I have wanted to see this whole tournament, and we finally got some of that today against Egypt. The 1st two games were still bad. So which US team will we see on Wednesday? Will Torres or Adu get a chance?

  531. the Yin Yang Man says:

    Just finished watching the game…..

    Incredible :)

  532. john says:


    wow didnt think we had a chance

  533. Rocco says:

    Just finally got a chance to watch the game after full media blackout…



  534. JP says:

    Today was a wonderful day for a dual-citizenship Brazilian-American like me! :-)

  535. HomeyBoehme says:

    still pinching myself…can’t wait for Spain…and a little ha ha to Giussepi Rossi…celebrating against the nation of your birth can get you in the end.

  536. Gary says:

    All I want to see is Spain absolutely CRUSH us. I want us to be exposed for what we really are: posers who have no idea how to play this game and occasionally get lucky with good results.

    Until we can consistently be competitive with the world class teams, we suck.

    People, it’s the only way we can make progress here! We need to completely rethink our approach to the game, and begin to select the talented players. And this all begins at the youth levels. We need foreigners at the highest levels of US soccer making decisions and putting us on the right path. Right now we have clueless american donkeys!

    Please Spain … please beat the living crap out of us!!!

  537. NYRB fan says:

    Ricardo Clark is a quality player that made one lapse in my opinion he is a strong midfielder who just needs to work on his touch to become a little more controlled in the midfield..

    Squad that started this match should start vs Spain cept for Guzan who is replaced by Howard

  538. Run Up The Score says:

    Oooooh, naughty, naughty Egyptians!

  539. Run Up The Score says:

    Aww, no hyperlinks?

    link to

  540. Isaac says:

    I don’t know why but I kinda wanna see this:







  541. Memrook says:

    I don’t understand all this talk about how (and I paraphrase), “We’re not really that good” or “I hope Spain exposes us for what we really are: crap.”

    Do you or do you not support the United States? If so, aren’t you happy to get results? Oh yes, I totally get it, you want the whole program to improve, and play at level “X” the same as team “Y” blah blah blah. But isn’t real time results against tough opponents equally important?

    This result is AWESOME. Period. Did we limp into the semis? Hell yes we did! We “limped” in because we played decently against Italy but not great, and absolute crap against Brazil. But we played GREAT today against Egypt (still a very quality side in my opinion, better than Costa Rica, Honduras etc. in my opinion). We showed character and determination, something I honestly thought we didn’t have in us.

    What’s my point? We’re advancing in an international tournament to play Spain, the best team in the world. How freaking awesome is that?!???! Come USA supporters. Recognize this for what it is. A lucky fluke maybe, but definitely an awesome achievement for us regardless! And we get to play the best team in the world on the international stage with everyone watching, and I hope we show up and play well. Why? ‘Cause that’s what you DO at tournaments, or should do, and that’s what it’s about.

    Do I care if we’re at X or Y level yet? Hell no, if we’re testing ourselves and playing with heart and passion and getting RESULTS like todays, then I’m the happiest for the team I have ever been. COME ON YOU NATS!

  542. slymer says:

    Hey Gary! Yes lets get crushed by Spain so everyone can come in here and bash Bob Bradley and call Kliestjan and Beasley garbage. Life will be normal once again…..

    USA 1 Spain 0 Count it!

  543. soutine says:

    Great game

  544. madmax says:

    slymer, “Hey Gary! Yes lets get crushed by Spain so everyone can come in here and bash Bob Bradley and call Kliestjan and Beasley garbage.”

    The removal of Beasley and Kljestan had a bigger impact on today’s result and the team’s play than any other factor. It was a huge unnecessary weight removed from their shoulders.

  545. rickr says:

    I jumped up and down and screamed when we won. Right on!!!!

  546. DaveW says:

    So we beat our record of getting out of group play with 4 points and got out of group play with 3 points and suddenly all our problems are solved?

    We did improve on concentration in the early moments and not give up a goal, a good thing. Also showed more heart, and played with more confidence(perhaps because we had little to lose).

    Still Demps gave up the ball in bad positions too much, and that can cost us.

    The pairing of Altidore and Davies looked OK in this game, but Altidore still looks out of shape and gives away balls he should hold onto(1st touch).

    Yes, I’m happy we won and get to play another game that should help us, if only by giving us at least one more game at the European speed of play. Then everybody can go back to their club seasons/preseason training/Gold Cup and see what happens when we go to Azteca.

    But remember that qualifying is a long process, and many things can happen. Injuries, cards, problems at the club level, fatigue from so many games, and even fortunate early goals or referee decisions either way can change things for good or bad.

    For example, think what an injury to Donovan, or a double yellow for complaining, could do to this team.

    Of course, I thought Boca’s injury was going to hurt worse, but Demerit has played pretty well overall.

    Oh, and off the subject a bit “colmillo” in Spanish can mean cunning or cleverness. As in dropping a throwin off to 3 different players to waste time, diving convincingly(US players, please don’t) faking injury to throw the other teams rhythm off, that sort of thing.

  547. Patrick Marshall says:

    Bob Bradley does not deserve to be fired. I do not agree with all of the players he selects but he has done a good job through qualifying. Dempsey did not defend today but had a great goal and played some nice balls in. Davies hustled well, great effort on the goal but has trouble holding the ball up and the decision to shoot from a hard angle when Josy was wide open in front of the goal shows he has a long way to go. Donovon played well but did not pull the trigger a couple of times. On his pass to noone in front of the goal, Josy was not at fault for holding the run. We should all know that you do not pass if a player is not asking for the ball with his run. Guzan, Spector, Demerit and Gooch had good games. Borenstein OK I guess just not as good as the rest. Bradley, and Clarke played well, with a lot of grit and determination. I would like to Torres and Adu get more minutes, nad I think the gold cup is where it should start. I do not begrudge Bradley for not playing Adu because he is not getting minutes with his club and he is immature in his play yet. He does possess abilities that we need in our squad but he has to prove himself in club and hopefully in the gold cup. Torres is playing for his club and I can see more of an argument for him getting time. I hope he will have the chance to prove himself in the gold cup. Bob Bradley, like him or not just got us through one tough group to the semi-finals of the Confederations cup. A great accomplishment if you ask me.

  548. slymer says:


    You can say that for every match for every squad in the world. Are you telling me no one on Brazil turned the ball over or was lazy on defense.

    As for Beasley and Kleistjan. They are out of form, but are good players They may work their way back on to the Nats. I just think it classless to bash these guys. Short memory I guess.

  549. FCB says:

    “FCB, how does the scoreline flatter us?”

    chg, the egyptians were clearly tired from their first 2 matches becaused they actually played football. I’m still not sure what we were doing.

  550. r.benjamin says:

    Amazing result.

    Italy is a mess. Even their victory over the US was a mess. And Egypt literally fell to pieces (injury).

    The US played better no doubt. But I am still not sold on Bradley. Dempsey did redeem by being on the end of a great cross (ie he better not miss a sitter like that) but he really had no business being on the field after min 60. And Casey? That sub was typical bob bradley. Worthless. Yes, he held the ball 2x and cleared one header. His touch is a nightmare and he’s lazy.

    Why does it take BB at least 3 games after most people have clearly seen the writing on the wall to try it. Spector, DMB, Sascha, Demerit, Davies, (Torres and/or Adu?)

  551. madmax says:

    slymer, I disagree. Some may agree with you that Beasley and Kljestan are just out of form and will be back. I hope to heavens they don’t return. Professional sports are not popularity contests, ‘short memories’ are necessary to succeed. I feel Beasley is finished from international play (many reasons). And Kljestan just doesn’t have enough speed for WC play.

  552. madmax says:

    Here is Luis bueno of SI saying Mexico is in a bad patch, but they don’t stink up tournaments like the USA.
    “Mexico might be struggling, with four managers since March ’08 and possibly not even reaching the World Cup in South Africa next summer. And let’s be fair: El Tri’s days of dominating the region are long over. But at least Mexico shows up in tournaments. And that’s a gigantic accomplishment.”

    Mexico didn’t qualify for Con Feds Cup, Olympics, and U-20 WC. Oh that’s right Luis, they weren’t trying. Luis, you are pathetic, mate.

  553. USNAT says:

    I’d stil love to see Torres play. No more Casey.

  554. GO USA says:

    Man Landon has been playing fantastic in these games. If he doesn’t get some offers from Europe im going to be really pissed. This guy has been all heart, he hustles, creates chances, and is pretty much faster than anybody on the field. I think that he has shown enough to get some offers at least.

  555. Positive thinker says:

    Here is Luis bueno of SI saying Mexico is in a bad patch, but they don’t stink up tournaments like the USA.
    “Mexico might be struggling, with four managers since March ’08 and possibly not even reaching the World Cup in South Africa next summer. And let’s be fair: El Tri’s days of dominating the region are long over. But at least Mexico shows up in tournaments. And that’s a gigantic accomplishment.”

    Mexico didn’t qualify for Con Feds Cup, Olympics, and U-20 WC. Oh that’s right Luis, they weren’t trying. Luis, you are pathetic, mate.

    Posted by: madmax | June 21, 2009 at 11:56 PM

    Haha awesome post. I also hate when Mexico fans, media, and players talk crap when they clearly ARE crap. I remember when they were gonna play El Salvador in the qualifiers the idiots over on the ESPN Deportes/Futbol Picante were already claiming victory over the Salvadorans before they even played the game. Boy did the Salvadorans make the idiot Mexican talkers choke on their words. I hope that Mexico does not qualify for the World Cup and that Honduras qualifies with the US because both of our countries hate their teams cockiness(not sure how since they suck) and sore loser attitude.

  556. FCB says:

    Any and all claims that the result today is a measure of some kind of greatness certainly don’t resonate very far. The US squad has played many times before against strong opponents in Europe (Sweden, Spain, Germany, etc.) and usually has brought a very respectable game. Not great, just a very respectable game that was worth watching. There has been very little, if any, respectable game in the last 4 matches.
    I agree that today was certainly a feel-good day. It’s great to win under these circumstances and I think the players certainly stepped up for the full 90, relative to how they’ve been playing and in spite of the coach. It was also nice to field a full squad (no Beasley, ever, please) and not have anyone red-carded. It feels especially good to have luck on our side for a change and advance to the next stage. But that’s ALL it is, luck. We can magically believe that this squad is ready for the World Cup based on today’s result and blindly put the recent past out of our minds or we can continue to hold the management and team accountable as is our own obligation to them. Just like supporters of every World Cup winner have done for their teams, whatever it takes.
    Which one of those do you think is more likely to produce results?