Confederations Cup: USA vs. Spain (Matchday Commentary)

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The U.S. men's national team will look to shock the world today as it takes on world No. 1 Spain (2:25pm, ESPN). The Spanish have been on a roll over the past two years, winning the European championships and establishing themselves as the best team on the planet.

The Americans will be hoping to end Spain's unbeaten streak as well as their own winless streaks against No. 1 ranked teams. They will be trying to ride the momentum of the unforgettable 3-0 win vs. Egypt on Sunday.

I will be providing commentary throughout the match so please feel free to follow along here, and as always, you are welcome to share your thoughts and opinions on the match in the comments section below.

Enjoy the match.


FINAL- That's all for me folks. Thanks to all of you who followed along. As always, be sure to check out SBI's coverage of the U.S. national team.


FINAL- Now the AMericans reach the Confederations Cup final, where they will face the winner of Brazil-South Africa (Wednesday, 2:25pm). They will go in tired, but filled with confidence. What won't they believe after this?


FINAL- It's time for U.S. fans to celebrate, but how terrible was the red card on Michael Bradley? Jorge Larrionda should be embarrassed.


FINAL- Spain came into this match unbeaten in 35, and winners of 15 straight. Those streaks are OVER.

Did I say WOW?


FINAL- USA 2, Spain 0. Another American win, Another Miracle. WOW.


93rd minute- Seconds remaining. Spain is shooting, USA blocking everything.


92nd minute- One minute left.


91st minute- Three minutes of stoppage time.


90th minute- Conor Casey holding the ball up. If he scored vs. Spain so many heads would explode it would be ugly.


89th minute- Donovan with a pretty bad dive, Pique gets the yellow for dissent.


89th minute- Bornstein is in for Dempsey, who is gassed.


88th minute- Onyewu is winning EVERYTHING in the air.


88th minute- Spain is pushing hard, and now has more space with the man advantage.


87th minute- Bradley gets a red card. He went in hard but got the ball. No matter, Larrionda gives another American a red card. A joke.


86th minute- Four minutes left.


85th minute– Casey blocks a cross, Spain keeps possession. They're still looking.


85th minute- Dangerous cross headed away by Onyewu. Spain corner kick.


84th minute- Conor Casey for Altidore.

Some folks will complain but Casey can hold the ball up and is a handful.


83rd minute- Dempsey has a case as well.

Seven minutes.


82nd minute- Donovan has been the best player on the field today. There, I said it.


82nd minute- Eight more minutes.


81st minute- SAVE Howard, stops an Alonso shot from distance.


80th minute- Spain can't find any answers. They've got ten minutes to score two goals.


79th minute- Villa gets it through the wall but not hard enough to trouble Howard.


79th minute- Spain with a dangerous free kick, Feilhaber fouled Cazorla.


78th minute- Spain is knocking on the door. Mata is in for Riera.


76th minute- USA 2, Spain 0.

No, seriously.


75th minute- Feilhaber with some magic on the ball, springs DOnovan on the wing, Donovan centers it, then it gets to Dempsey, who finishes. WOW. USA 2, Spain 0.


73rd minute- DeMerit stops Torres. Tell you what, how are low-level EPL teams not on the phone after watching him in this tournament?


72nd minute- USA have been better the past few minutes, but now a turnover.


71st minute– Donovan with an ugly cross from the right side.

Donovan is on the right wing, Feilhaber is on the left.


70th minute- Dempsey moves up top and now the USA has an extra guy who can keep the ball.


68th minute- Cazorla comes in for Fabregas. A more natural winger on the right for SPain.

Benny Feilhaber comes in for Charlie Davies. Why not Altidore, because Altidore has been better today.


67th minute- Feilhaber should be the next sub. When will he come in? Soon I think.


66th minute- The USA needs to find Donovan when they have the ball. Some terrible decisions not to find him.


65th minute- Donovan starts a counter, Davies gets it and runs, but can't find a shot.

Spain comes back, but USA slows Torres down.

Another USA turnover, Ramos shot blocked by Clark.


64th minute– SAVE HOWARD on a shot from distance.

aNOTHER SAVE from Howard. Wow.


63rd minute- DeMerit has been everywhere today.


62nd minute- Donovan has played a great match today.


61st minute- Altidore looking for a foul in the penalty area on Puyol. He's not getting that call.


59th minute- Donovan does well to pick off a Spain pass and start a counter.


58th minute- Clark hits a shot way high after the ball is initially cleared.

Here comes Spain.


57th minute– altidore earns a corner kick.


56th minute– Howard smothers a Villa shot.


55th minute- Riera misses wide after beating Spector in the area.

Anybody want to keep the ball for the USA?


54th minute- Clark with a great run forward, but his final pass doesn't find the mark.


52nd minute- Howard saves a weak Villa shot. Who will keep the ball for the USA? Benny Feilhaber needs to warm up.


51st minute- U.S. team just isn't getting possession. Spain is going to make them pay with this much time on the ball.

Spain corner.


50th minute- DeMerit with a good intervention, but Spain comes back and Bocanegra heads a cross away.


49th minute- You have to admire Pique's ability to collect the ball and make sharp passes from the back. U.S. defenders could take some notes.


48th minute– Spain has come out in another gear.


46th minute- Dempsey's header is high.

Here comes Spain. SaVE HOWARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


46th minute- Donovan with a dangerous cross, knocked out for a corner.


46th minute- And we're back.


HALFTIME- Note to Jozy Altidore: If, by some miracle, you score again, DO NOT take off your jersey again.

Seriously though, how has Altidore wound up matched up with Capdevila on repeated occasions? Where were Pique and Puyol on those plays?


HALFTIME– U.S. subs? No need for any yet. Everyone is doing the job. Bocanegra looked slow on a few plays but I think those had as much to do with Spain's players as it did with Bocanega being slow.

One thing is certain, if the Americans don't start keeping the ball they are going to tire and give up a goal. The same thing happened a year ago when these teams met.


HALFTIME– Americans CANNOT try and sit on this lead. They need to get the ball to Dempsey and Donovan and Davies and put pressure on Spain's back-line. 


HALFTIME– Americans were very effective for the first 30-35 minutes, finding chances, staying disciplined defensively, but late in the first half they stopped trying to keep the ball and kept giving Spain repeated chances to come right at them.

What will Spain do at halftime? I have to believe Capdevila gets the hook. He was terrible in the first half. Riera has been largely ineffective as well. David Silva should get a look in the second half.


HALFTIME- USA 1, SPAIN 0. Jozy Altidore's goal has the Americans leading Spain, which hasn't lost since 2006 and hadn't surrendered a goal in more than 450 minutes before today. What a solid first-half performance by the United States. 


45th minute– WOW, Spain comes close, but can't put one on frame. Torres just torched Bocanegra, but Howard makes a kick save on his shot. NICE SAVE.


44th minute– WOW, Onyewu just hit a one-legged scorpion kick clearance to prevent a free header from Villa from close range. That play was insane.


43rd minute– DeMerit with a great play on that sequence to block a Ramos shot.


42nd minute- Spain corner, Altidore bad turnover to lead to a dangerous Spain sequence.


42nd minute– Donovan takes a dive, looking for a call on Villa. Spain with a dangerous free kick right side of the area.


40th minute– Altidore gets fouled by Alonso. He's still down. Now he's up.


39th minute– Donovan called offside on a well-timed ball in.


38th minute– SPAIN is very CLOSE, Onyewu clears.


38th minute– The U.S. centerbacks just need to do better with the ball.


37th minute– Spector does VERY well to race back and strip Riera.


36th minute– USA free kick from 40. Finds Dempsey, but he can't get his header on frame. If he leaves it Bocanegra has a header on goal.


36th minute– Altidore draws a yellow card on Capdevila, who is hating his teammate right now.


34th minute– Spector and Dempsey need to close down the service from their wing, Spain's finding room on that side quite a bit. Looks to be more Spector than Dempsey giving up that space.


33rd minute– Torres called offside for what seems like the fifth time this game.


31st minute– Spain corner. Well played.

Spain gets a

VILLA MISS from CLOSE. Wow. What a bad no-call by the ref before that.


31st minute– And no, Altidore's t-shirt did not say "Suck it Xerez" in Spanish.

Villa shot blocked by Spector. Nice play.


30th minute– Spain will come, that you can bet the house on. The question is how will the U.S. defense respond when the Spanish start clicking.


29th minute– USA 1, Spain 0. Take in that scoreline for a minute.


28th minute– That was a Dempsey pass in to Altidore, takes a slight deflection, Altidore just shakes Villarreal teammate Joan Capdevila off his back and turns on goal. I guess his pre-game chatting with Capdevila wasn't so bad after all.


27th minute– Spain receives a ball, shields the defender, turns and has Casillas all alone, beating him to the left. WOW.


27th minute- GOAL USA!!!!!!!!!!! ANd it's ALTIDORE. WOW. GREat TURN AND FINISH


26th minute– Davies gets fouled by Puyol. That might seem like a physical mis-match but don't let Davies fool you. He was a high school state wrestling champion, and we all know what he can do with an elbow.


25th minute– Onyewu heads the corner away.

Another SPain corner.


25th minute– Spain with a corner.


23rd minute– DeMerit clears and it goes right to Spain. Good work by the USA midfield there.


22nd minute– Spain starting to find some rhythm. U.S. is getting to some balls, but need to be better with the ball when they intercept it.


21st minute– Donovan misses wide on a great counterattack chance. He shoots from 25 and goes wide.


20th minute– Clark showing more confidence on the ball today.

Here comes Spain.


18th minute– You saw right there how quickly Spain can unlock a defense. They need to stay organized.


18th minute– Some good possession by the USA, but no chance, here comes Spain.

Torres called offside on a dangerous sequence, but Howard saved it anyway.


17th minute– Lots of empty seats at this game. Pretty disappointing.


15th minute– Clark with a smooth tackle and turn. Nice play at the top of the box.


14th minute– Spain off to a slow start by its standards while the Americans have put more pressure on early. You wonder if Spain's weak group will make them need some time early to adjust to the U.S. team.


13th minute– Donovan is working very hard in midfield to help deal with Spain's playmakers.


11th minute– Spain with the first chance, but Torres sends his chance wide. USA leaving too much space on the ball.


11th minute– If you're wondering why Onyewu is wearing gloves, it is very cold at the game. Okay, so maybe it still looks funny, but that's why.


9th minute– Dempsey comes oh so CLOSE with a shot from 20.


8th minute– Davies with a glancing header across goal, but it's wide. Good ball from Bocanegra there.

This is the best start to a game for the U.S. team in months.


7th minute– altidore and Dempsey combined well before that cross, but Altidore's touch let him down in the area.


7th minute– WHOA, Davies tries a bicycle kick and sends it wide. Nice ball in from Dempsey. Great effort.


5th minute– Landon Donovan gets a very early yellow for a foul on Alonso. Not sure about that call at all.


4th minute– Donovan with his best corner in some time, a hard and driven ball, but nobody can get to it.


3rd minute– U.S. needs to keep some possession. The more Spain has the ball, the faster the U.S. defense will get tired.

USA corner kick.


2nd minute– Ref with a shaky call for a foul on Donovan.


2nd minute– Spain moving the ball well early, Capdevila sends a ball in but Onyewu clears it out.


1st minute– We're underway.


PRE-GAME– The teams are posing together in front of a Say No To Racism banner. Pretty friendly vibe before the game.


PRE-GAME– It's 37 degrees at the game. Brrrr


PRE-GAME– Anthems being played. The gamefaces are on. Onyewu, Dempsey, Bradley, DeMerit, Davies, Donovan, Spector, Howard and Bocanegra all look pretty stoic. Ricardo Clark had a half-smile and actually looked at the camera. They look ready.


PRE-GAME– Team captains are giving anti-racism speeches before the match. First Iker Casillas, then Carlos Bocanegra.


PRE-GAME– Will fatigue be an issue today? Spain has spread its minutes out much more than the United States has.

Nice to see altidore chatting with Villarreal teammate Joan Capdevila. Altidore looks pretty relaxed considering the match. I think he's going to have a good game today.


PRE-GAME– The game is about to come on. We're getting close.


PRE-GAME– The Americans need to remember two words today, "Treasure Possession." Why? If they lose the ball cheaply Spain will punish the Americans by keeping it for a long time and creating good chances with that possession. The U.S. team has committed far too many cheap turnovers in possession and the passing needs to be much sharper today. They will have more time on the ball than in past games, and need to make the most of that time by being smart about their passes.


PRE-GAME– It will be interesting to see how much Michael Bradley can get forward into the attack considering the defensive responsibilities he will have trying to help slow down Xavi and Fabregas.

Count me as very intrigued by the Altidore-Davies vs. Pique-Puyol match-up. Altidore held his own against Giorgio Chiellini, and his size and strength will also cause problems for the Spanish tandem. Davies may be the more troublesome of the two U.S. forwards for Spain because he's got good speed and neither Pique or Puyol is known for their pace.


PRE-GAME- Thinking back to last year's meeting between these teams it should be noted that Torres played but Villa didn't, and Spain played in a 4-2-3-1, with Bocanegra spending most of the time on Torres before Torres left the match.

Today, Onyewu and DeMerit get their toughest test of the tournament. Onyewu has been great this tournament but he will now face Torres, who he went up against in last year's Champions League play-in round. The reports at the time suggested that he did a very good job on Torres.

Now DeMerit must match up with Villa, who is on a roll these days. If he can limit Villa's space and time in the area, the U.S. defense just might be able to contain that terrifying forward tandem.


PRE-GAME– Felt obligated to run a video clip to get USA fans pumped up after posting the Spain Euro video. Hope that helps get you all in the right frame of mind. 


PRE-GAME- I know USA fans are pretty nervous about today's match, and how the United Stats will measure up. I'll say they should think back to the 2002 World Cup, when the United States wasn't expected to do much. We know how that turned out:


PRE-GAME– Can Spector and Dempsey win the battle on the right vs. Riera and Capdevila? Can Bradley and Clark cope with Xavi and Fabregas?


PRE-GAME– Spain doesn't really use a right winger here, Fabregas will be more central, with Sergio Ramos having the run of the right flank. Bocanegra vs. Ramos should be a good battle.


PRE-GAME– Spain is coming out in a 4-4-2:







PRE-GAME- Bob Bradley goes with the back four that makes the most sense. Jonathan Bornstein hasn't done terribly, but the back four of Bocanegra-Onyewu-DeMerit-Spector is pretty rock solid.


PRE-GAME- Here is the USA lineup:







PRE-GAME– Today's referee is Jorge Larrionda. Name sound familiar? He's the same referee who issued red cards to Pablo Mastroeni and Eddie Pope in the U.S. team's 1-1 World Cup draw vs. Italy. No, I'm not making that up.


PRE-GAME– We are an hour away. 

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    God Bless America

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    God Bless Spain!

  5. cbr says:

    no fear

  6. Jacob Noffke says:

    im watching here until I hear the lineups and then all browsers and phones will be cut off until I can get home to watch it.


  7. ko'd says:

    Socrates–wrong blog. You need to be at

  8. Blustar says:

    God Bless Peru!

  9. Jeremy says: Howard, Boca, Onyewu, Dempsey, Davies, Donovan, Bradley, Clark, DeMerit, Altidore, Spector.

  10. Smacking says:

    U.S. Soccer Twitter:

    * USA XI: Howard; Spector, Onyewu, DeMerit, Bocanegra; Donovan, Clark, Bradley, Dempsey; Davies, Altidore – 4-4-2 with Los at left back about a minute ago

  11. Nutmegger says:

    link to for streams

  12. matt says:

    that’s an extremely slow back four

  13. jimbo says:

    Boca on the left – LOVE IT

    been waiting for that to happen

  14. KyleFeller says:

    Solid lineup…….we’re going to see a lot of heart and guts today.

  15. Kevin says:

    ya matt lets put Wynn and bornstein back in there, maybe Beas as the CB.

  16. St. Addi says:

    Hey Donovan,

    Please I implore you, if you find yourself inside the box or even close-SHOOT THE BALL!!

  17. Chase says:

    Wow, so we finally get to see Boca at LB. Gutsy call from BB…

  18. Jacob Noffke says:

    i agree…donovan shoot! I like that Demerit stays!

  19. ETJ says:

    yes its slow but thats a solid back four, SWEEEEEEETT, GO USA USA USA USA USA

  20. beckster says:

    Boca on the left – Fantastic!!! I never thought he’d do it. This is great!

  21. Jose A. V. says:

    I like the lineup, God Bless the USA

  22. Marty says:

    USA USA USA….this is about as close to my ideal line-up as possible. If we had Edu for Clark it would be the best we have

  23. primoone says:

    Your looking at the World cup starters. Of course with the exception of Ricos spot. Feel free to insert Jermaine in Rico’s spot.

    Ive been waiting to see those 4 defenders on the pitch at the same time.

  24. Rocco says:

    That’s the best lineup we’ve put out there thus far. I think we are going to surprise Spain a bit. I hope we don’t give away a stupid goal in the fist 10 minutes though.

  25. Joe in Florida says:

    Damn Im getting really pumped for this and Im stuck at work.

  26. John Godfrey says:

    No country, it seems, slide tackles as often as the USA. Maybe BB mentioned this in his pre-game chat, and will encourage Ricardo, Michael and the rest to stay on their feet because A) it’s better and B) you probably won’t get red carded if you stay in control of your body.

  27. US Soccer says:

    This line-up is a breath of fresh air…or as fresh as the air gets when you play the best team in the world.

  28. Casey says:

    GO USA!!! I’ll be supporting you from my cubicle at work. Hopefully I don’t get caught shouting at my computer screen again.

  29. michael says:

    DeMerit earned the right to play in today’s game. Good for him. You have the best defenders in the back today, and hopefully they come through.

    On Boca’s past defensive slips it looked like he was veering to where he played on the left at Rennes anyways. I like this move. Clark has to be mentally prepared for this. Most of the other guys have seen something like this, but Rico hasn’t.

    Let’s hope there aren’t any stupid fouls.

  30. Michael F. - SBI Mafia Original says:

    Boca is too slow to play outside. He did it at Fulham and failed miserably. I predict he gets burnt like a bad piece of toast.

    The rest of it looks OK as long as Beasley doesn’t see the field!

  31. mike says:

    just watched some youtube clips to pump myself up. estados unidos!

  32. Murphy says:

    wow boca on the left? i can’t believe bob did that. lineup looks as good as it can get to start today. i’m excited! they have to lose at some point!

  33. primoone says:

    Who thinks Beaz will see 2nd half time?


  34. Leonardo says:


    i like the line-up! i dont give a flyin’ f*** let’s get the show on the road! get ’em boys!

    btw our team logo is waaay better than espana’s scribbled scrabble. oh ya the smack talkin has begun! casillas is gonna get slammed!

  35. Joosetiger says:

    We Are Up For It! We can take this challenge and this opportunity and perform. The stage is set, its time for the US to make a positive statement and PROVE that we belong in the semis. The proof will be on the field, can’t wait, so Excited!

  36. cwa20 says:


  37. Wispy says:

    I REALLY like the U.S. lineup — keep ’em at nil-nil until 60 mins and then substitute Benny, Freddy, or Paco for Clark to get creative and put a goal in.

    Oh, wishful thinking is fun…

  38. timpramas says:

    Spain’s scouting report probably emphasized trying to isolate a player against Bornstein, so this is a good tactical move to insert Bocanegra there, assuming he is OK physically and recovered from the hamstring injury.

  39. nate says:

    Freddy for Jozy in mid-second half…move Demps up top again (one of Bob’s best tactical moves of his tenure against Egypt).

  40. Joe Blow says:

    Where are Sanna and Iniesta?

  41. beckster says:

    Spector is used to Reira. I think Demps and Spector have a better shot than Bradley and Clark

  42. Wispy says:

    Joe Blow — Senna and Iniesta are both hurt.

  43. Ben says:

    Watch for U.S. set pieces into the box. Gooch, Demerit, Boca, Altidore, and Dempsey can all cause havoc in the air, and Davies and Bradley have shown they have good instincts near the goal and can clean up messes.

  44. goalscorer24 says:

    Boca on the left could be good. I hope that works! No red cards please. take it to them, go USA!

  45. Leonardo says:

    i agree with pushing Demps up in the 60th minute.

    i also like Feilhaber coming in for Clark

    take down the Armada!

  46. Dan says:

    I like the lineup, too. These are the guys who will play without any fear. I like it.

  47. KungFuSoccer says:

    Spain has such an amazing lineup. Is it it bad that I would be satisfied with a defeat that is honorable.

    And please can they give Pique a nickname or something. Everytime they call his name I hear “PK” and expect a penalty shot.

  48. Ben says:

    Donovan, Altidore, and Davies can hopefully draw some fouls near the box. I think we can potentially have some success on set pieces today.

  49. JustinG says:

    FINALLY! I have been waiting for the day Bradley put Boca out wide left. I just hope he is 100% and doesn’t hurt himself more if he isn’t. I think that is the best back 4 combo we will have, granted they are all healthy. D@mn work! I wanna make up some stupid excuse to go home now.

  50. David says:

    On the national team blog it say Donavan is captain today. Why not Boca? Has he lost the armband for good?

  51. sonicdeathmonkey says:

    Joe Blow, you haven’t been paying attention, have you? They aren’t there.

  52. Wispy says:

    @JustinG. You should just go home sick. If you’re anywhere as nervous as I am, you’re on the verge of throwing up, anyway.

  53. Friend of AR says:

    Strange. has Carlos Bocanegra as captain.

  54. MVK says:

    well im cutting off my internet usuage at work the rest of the day, I cant wait to get home

  55. r.benjamin says:

    This is the US’ current strongest lineup. Way to go BB.

    Los has way better chance of holding up S.Ramos than wee Jonathan.

    Adu as a sub.

  56. Jacob A. says:

    Dude, Claudio Reyna is one ugly dude.

  57. garthd says:

    Looking forward to a romp by Spain over a very poor American side and one that certainly doesn’t belong anywhere near a semi-final. Lets be charitable and say 3-1 Spain.


  58. MAES says:

    Arghh I’m with the other stuck at work people. Granted I can close my office door and pretend like I’m on an important phone call, but I can scream and yell like I typically do in front of the tube. Love the back four as well, its a great test to see if this is our best back four. I still think Spector should be on the left when Dolo comes back and Demerit can be the 3rd CB off the bench. Would love to see Adu in the 2nd half as well with Demps moving up to partner Davies or Jozy. I’m anxious for this match to begin!

  59. Leonardo says:

    i really like it when they show the pre-game stuff. the players marching out of the tunnel, shaking hands, walking with the lil kids. and especially the national anthem! to miss this would be to miss a huge build-up.

    c’mon espn don’t fail me now… and dont cut to commercials during the anthem!

  60. Freddie Footballer says:

    if we don’t see Adu and/or Torres at some point, I will rip my hair out.

  61. J says:

    is my best option for watching online? if not, any better suggestions?

  62. ag nigrin says:

    Go USA! Good line-up but everything depends on our energy/desire and not committing any stupid fouls to give Larrionda the Douche a chance to toss one our boys out again. Go USA!

  63. Dominick says:

    Let’s go get ’em Boys!! Nothing to lose–play with no fear!


  64. Roman says:

    Despite everyone’s praise for the “rock solid” DeMerit and Onyewu, the last couple of games and the terrible clearances have seemed like foreshadowing for a catastrophic mistake. One of those two will clear a ball to the top of the box for easy Xavi put away. I hope Bradley is shouting “high and wide” into their ears right now.

  65. Murphy says:

    good point ives–davies speed could cause problems for pique and puyol…

  66. MiamiAl says:

    God Bless DC United…And the USA!

    USA 2-1 over Spain, shocking the world!

  67. Radi0head says:

    anyone have any good online options for watching the game? at work and wanna sneak in a few glances!

  68. Yossarian says:

    Larrionda!!?? You’ve got to be #@$@#$ing kidding me!! How is this a-hole still officiating games, let alone games of major international tournaments? I hope BB trained the USMNT to hold their breath for 90 minutes b/c they won’t be allowed to breathe on Spanish players without receiving a ridiculous straight red card. What joke this guy is. What a joke FIFA is that they hire him to ref their games.

    Go USA!

  69. Radi0head says:

    also, i hope jozy can get a score in, if for nothing else than to show himself off a little for potential loaners

  70. garthd says:

    CBC Bold is carrying it live in Canada so if you are near the border (or get it on satellite), then maybe that’s an option…

  71. beckster says:

    Can’t get espn 360 at work – anyone got another live stream?

  72. Isaac says:


    Puyol has AMAZING speed. He was in a footrace with Eddie Johnson and nearly won.

    He’s also a good right back sometimes.

  73. Haig says:

    “God Bless DC United…”

    They’re not playing, jacknuts.

  74. he says:

    Any streams other than adthe? I can’t get to that at work.


  75. Dominghosa says:

    Hmmm, if this was a Saturday, this post will definitely hit 1,000. Not sure if it will hit that mark on a Wednesday. It’ll hit 1,000 though if Spain kills, like 7-0.

  76. Erik Abarca says:

    Lets shock the world, lets go USA!!!

  77. Jose A. V. says:

    Getting Nervous

  78. thomas says:

    I was hoping that Bradley would deploy Feilhaber on the right wing and have Dempsey sit just above Feilhaber as a righ-sided withdrawn forward. But I’m excited to see how Bocanegra does on the left.

  79. matt says:

    Like the line up. Hope the boys play their hearts out!

  80. Aaron says:

    From Jen Chang’s pregame blog: As for McBride, the word is that he’s recently indicated that he is open to returning to the U.S. national team if the coaches want him. This of course is a huge debate for another day, but off the top of my head, I’d say bringing him back into the fold would be a good move. After all, who would you rather see coming on as a sub — Conor Casey or McBride?

    wow. Think there’s any truth to that? McBride the super sub . . .

  81. Kevin says:

    Its not nice to see Jozy chatting it up with the other team. If you watch him closely, when he’s pissed off, He playes much, much better

  82. Marty says:

    down with Spain

  83. Dominghosa says:

    Go human race! Racism blows.

  84. Turtle says:

    Just saw the Admire Spain post and video. They had a real easy road to winning that tourney – Russia 2 times, Sweden, Greece and Italy. We could have won that tournament with that schedule (assuming no red card against Italy).

    We can compete with these guys – they are gods…

  85. J says:

    I like the lineup a lot. The only thing I may have considered is Dempsey with/behind Jozy, and Feilhaber playing where Dempsey is currently listed. I don’t have a big problem with BB going with Davies instead though.

  86. J M says:

    go usa!!!!!!!!!

  87. jspot says:

    boca’s anti racism speech: Don’t call my center back a monkey!

  88. Marc says:

    First comment on gamecast:

    0’Hello and welcome to Spain’s thrashing of the US. Teams to follow in a moment.

    Seems a bit harsh…the game hasn’t even started yet

  89. Galaxian says:

    GET EM BOYS!!!!!!!

  90. CaliNick23 says:


    I think you can chech the game on

    Or just try univison in spanish if you have only local channels.

    Dont miss the game.

    Viva USA! Viva USA! Vamos!

  91. Turtle says:

    Weather is in our favor…

  92. Marty says:

    for any EPL fans the fact the Mikel Arteta hasnt even come close to a cap for Spain’s full team is pretty scary…the playmaker on a top 5 English team

  93. Turtle says:

    Let the Harkes rampage on Dempsey begin….

  94. EC says:

    Online place to watch it:

    link to

  95. Galaxian says:

    did i just see Oguchi wearing Gloves?

  96. froboy says:

    tim howard is a beast

  97. Whipsmart says:

    Is the game on the internet?

  98. Jonathan says:

    Jozy looked good going at Puyol

  99. brian says:


    if another spain player goes down

    its gonna be a red

  100. ManicMessiah says:

    That yellow card is a terrible sign for the rest of the match.

  101. Radi0head says:

    yellow already? ugh…

  102. understood says:

    we are chasing the ball way to aggresively right now…we need to sit back more and absorb pressure…its brave and i respect it…but were gonna be tired before halftime if we keep playing like this

  103. brian says:

    great chance

  104. dave says:

    Davies looking good running in behind, just need to connect on one of these.

    whoa nice try at a bicycle from Davies

  105. MensreaJim says:

    I don’t give a damn, we look great so far.

  106. froboy says:

    wow! almost a golazo from Davies

  107. Leon says:

    Excellent cross and bike attempt by Davies, USA playing with excellent purpose

  108. kawa says:

    these guys are not lying down , i love this keep it up boyz.

  109. Murphy says:

    altidore needs to pick up the pace–too much walking

  110. Dominghosa says:

    wow, for USA team, that’s impressive stuff so far on offense

  111. froboy says:

    do i dare say the US is the better team so far

  112. garthd says:

    Nice early pressure from the States…wow.

  113. Weems says:

    Donovan’s intensity and pressure are bearing fruit.

    Also, when he gets fouled, I’m proud that he doesn’t writhe around like a baby.

  114. Jonathan says:

    Intensity is great so far. Man, Dempsey misses. Keep at em!!

  115. dave says:

    is it just me or are we looking more dangerous than spain?

  116. Angelo says:

    USA !!!!

  117. Dominghosa says:

    Dempsey! so close! better, better stuff here. he should have scored i think there. wow. what a chance.

  118. CaliNick23 says: watch the game. watch the game.

  119. deuce says:

    IVES, did you or anyone see this in the 0′ minute of the ESPN GAME CAST’S LIVE COMMENTARY:

    ” Hello and welcome to Spain’s thrashing of the US. Teams to follow in a moment.”

    Talk about bias!!

  120. J M says:

    come on usa, playing good the first few minutes

  121. Tom says:

    Really soft yellow on Donovan. If Charlie Davies was a great finisher, he could have two goals between the bicycle and the header. Like Sanneh’s’s header late against Germany, I thought Dempsey’s shot was in and not wide, though I can and will blame that on the stream. VERY nice first ten minutes.

  122. Radi0head says:


  123. froboy says:

    we cannot afford to give up the first goal if we wanna win this game

  124. Radi0head says:

    agreed froboy, im afriad a first goal by spain may kill our intensity

  125. dave says:

    this is really encouraging, the pressure, agression, and intensity we’re playing with

  126. Ted says:

    They have done a great job of limiting Spain’s chances today so far.

  127. Jonathan says:

    where was this for Italy and Brasil??

  128. MensreaJim says:

    I would argue that it was there for the Italy match when we had 11 men.

  129. froboy says:

    its all about confidence, we’re playing with it today, if we get the first goal and avoid red cards i think we an win this one

  130. Weems says:

    Holy crap, Clark looks great on the ball!

  131. Jonathan says:

    glad the shots are coming.

    Agreed, MenreaJim

  132. ManicMessiah says:

    I don’t care if that missed, it’s great to see Donovan go for it there.

  133. froboy says:

    clark needs to move to Europe, he actually looks good today and needs the challenge of Europe to get better, and that was the worst throw in by a professional i have ever seen from bocanegra

  134. Marc says:


    16’There’s more horn in this ground than in a teenage’s bedroom. The resultant noise really is unfeasibly annoying.

  135. dave says:

    great tackle from Bradley

  136. kawa says:

    Ricardo Clark has been very good defensively this game .

  137. Jdavids says:

    It gets me so pumped seeing our Nats playin’ with some confidence. Please, oh please god, let them bring this confidence to the world cup!
    Edu is going to replace Clark nicely.

  138. froboy says:


  139. ManicMessiah says:


  140. dave says:


  141. Jonathan says:


  142. Jim says:


  143. Krysztof says:


  144. Jdavids says:




  145. rollo tomasi says:


  146. ManicMessiah says:

    Still, taking a yellow there is stupid no matter what.

  147. Andy says:


  148. Jonathan says:


  149. Angelo says:

    THE YANKSARE COMING !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  150. froboy says:

    no red cards please

  151. Jacob A. says:


  152. Justin says:


  153. Memrook says:

    GREAT GOAL!!!!!!!!! Stupid yellow card lol.

  154. Gene_SF says:

    Great Goal!!! And Harks should really lay off Dempsey.

  155. jason says:

    as soon as i put my flag up we scored…
    coincidence? probably…

    but… USA USA USA!!!!!!

  156. Dominghosa says:

    GOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOLAZO!

  157. Jonathan says:

    the US has used their bodies well in defense

  158. Andy says:

    I am seriously nearly in tears just because we SCORED in OPEN PLAY against SPAIN!!

  159. J M says:


  160. Radi0head says:

    YEAH JOZY!!!!!!!!!! USA USA USA!!!!

  161. Galaxian says:


  162. John in FL says:


  163. Weems says:

    A little adrenalin in that cross by Spector

  164. Blondie says:

    Goal !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Loan me where you bitches!

  165. John in FL says:

    link to

    No downloads needed

  166. BrooklynFC says:

    I need a live feed

  167. Lot 8 says:


  168. Marty says:

    no F***in way…beasted!

  169. Jonathan says:

    where’s the foul??

  170. beckster says:


  171. mwc says:

    Hilarious 31st minute comment by Ives.

  172. Weems says:

    I forgot how terrible this ref was from the last WC. Totally inconsistent.

  173. t.z0n3 says:

    Do either of our cards count toward accumulation? Will they be suspended?

  174. Blondie says:

    Ok someone just got mugged by a spaniard i can see where the referee is leaning already! Lucky villa missed!

  175. coachie says:

    what a strike! insane skill from jozy!

  176. Jonathan says:

    Get a boot on it Landy!

  177. Blondie says:

    Jozy is working the spanish D and uping his price tag!

  178. dave says:

    wow, good delivery from LD

  179. Matt says:

    hey how bout some positive praise for donovan on his free kick service, excellent ball in dempsey shouldnta gone for it

  180. Keep running at ’em lads! Gotta stay in Spain’s face, if you give Spain time and space you are toast.

  181. Radi0head says:


  182. dave says:

    donovan and bradley are really running hard, great work rate

  183. Blondie says:

    I’m liking Jozy and Davies , size and speed combo!

  184. What can I say? I am loving the effort so far, even if I have been on the phone for most of the first half.

  185. John says:

    USA better finish these racist fuggers. I don’t hear their fans making any monkey noises, now.

  186. dave says:

    wow, very close on the offside call

  187. FCB says:

    How F*CKING AWESOME are the guys playing today!!!

  188. soccerroo says:

    Glad we got an early goal. Sounds like we are still pushing the attack. Hope that does not cost us later on.

  189. Lou says:

    US is playing with gusto, I like that.

    Donovan’s flop right then was really embarrassing.

  190. Have I mentioned that I don’t like short corners?

    Good defensive effort by the back four.

  191. Gene_SF says:

    They should try to get the ball back ASAP and run it right back at Ramos, who has gone forward.

  192. Weems says:

    Spain is looking VERY likely to score unless we possess the ball a bit more.

  193. froboy says:

    ridiculous play by onyewu

  194. Weems says:

    On my old Nintendo wrestling game, that defensive play by Gooch was called a “back brain kick”

  195. coachie says:

    onyewu is playing out of his mind!

  196. Jonathan says:

    they keep giving balls away

  197. Blondie says:

    Weather the storm boys!

  198. ArmenoRican says:

    US living dangerously, but Gooch and DeMerit are playing fantastic. How about Gooch’s backheel block of that cross?!

  199. MensreaJim says:

    Oh man let’s get to the half.

  200. froboy says:

    i hope gooch hasn’t signed on the dotted line yet, he needs to not play in Turkey

  201. FCB says:

    Now it’s clear why we were pissed that they didn’t show up for the first 2 matches!!
    They are ABSOLUTELY capable of playing against the big guys!!
    GO US!!

    P.S. Charlie Davies should start EVERY match!

  202. d23man says:


  203. Jonathan says:

    1st half down – need to possess the ball more and keep the intensity.

    I don’t wanna hear anything from Lalas!!

  204. jleppig says:

    Balls to the wall, boys. Balls to the wall!

  205. Pilgrims says:

    hitting the bully in the mouth is the best defense.

    take it to ’em boys!

  206. John in FL says:

    link to

    another site, a bit choppy but no need for any downloads.

  207. fubar says:

    1-0 WOW!

  208. Blondie says:

    Ok where done 1-0 USA game over, Next! Oh crap it’s only the half!

  209. understood says:

    very brave first half by the US…chasing the ball all over the pitch…they got a little tired towards the end…and theyve got to try to scratch out a little more possession if they want to hang on…but cant fault the effort…lets hope jozys goal stands up

  210. Pat Pug says:

    Best single piece of commentary you’ve every done Ives:

    44th minute- WOW, Onyewu just hit a one-legged scorpion kick clearance to prevent a free header from Villa from close range. That play was insane.

  211. Jonathan says:

    US needs to keep possession.

    I don’t wanna hear anything from Lalas!

  212. soccerroo says:

    Is Boca going to get burned and cost us a goal? Or is he hanging in okay?

  213. Memrook says:

    Now THAT’S what I call a half! Great showing by the USA. Not just the goal, obviously, but the mentality! Attack and then defend like there’s no tomorrow and then attack immediately. I love it. This is exciting. Not close to over, but I am really enjoying our performance. Brazil game what????

  214. MensreaJim says:

    haha Blondie exactly, that’s why you love sports: I felt like crying with joy at 27′ but now I am a wreck

  215. J M says:

    didn’t think the U.S.A. would be winning at the half, go usa

  216. Carlo says:

    You can see it on ESPN and also on

  217. madmax says:

    Gooch and Landon have been terrific. Bocanegra is a liability right now, but perhaps he can recover for the second half. USA will need another goal to win.

  218. Marty says:

    hhaha with that assist Dempsey going to be voted Fifa Castrol Rankings Player of the year

  219. andrew in tampa says:

    Great first half. Best in a long time. We need some more possession though. Biggest concern. Boca. MB covering for him pretty good. Clark and MB doing solid defensive job in the middle. We need to create at least two good chances early and go up two zip. OK based on this performance BB. definitely redeems himself. Now lets see how he handles his substittions.

  220. Pilgrims says:

    To hell with the “bend, don’t break” crap, we just need to handle our bizness, and that starts with taking the game to them for the second 45. Look for a second and then a third goal, and keep spain on their heels.

    can’t wait to get home and see it on dvr.

  221. Jay says:

    The game is on at as well.

  222. Barcus says:

    Bradley needs to come out at the half. He’s not having a good game. His passing has been sloppy, and while he’s come up with the ball on defense about 8 times, 6 times he’s given possession right back, and at least 4 of those times has lead to Spain getting an opportunity on offense.

  223. Blondie says:

    Bradley needs to start remembering who got him to this point and let these starters gel together over the next year!

  224. Jonny says:

    I don’t know Pat, I liked this one more:

    31st minute- And no, Altidore’s t-shirt did not say “Suck it Xerez” in Spanish.

  225. Radi0head says:

    link to

    very good stream of the game

  226. Memrook says:

    Barcus you’re insane. Bradley relieved so much pressure those first 40 minutes; the entire USA team started to look kinda spent the last 10 minutes, but Bradley is playing great. Several times did I see him recieve the ball, feel pressure from Spain and turn out of pressure.

  227. Leonardo says:

    yaaaa! what now! all them *redcoats* are beeyotches! “spain this… spain that” eat a FAT one!

    best performance in a long time, my USA! I love it! keep it up, we can do this, we can win the World cup! woo hooo!

  228. Martin Blank says:

    Why has it taken bradley so long to get this back four on the field together? Did someone finally clarify to him that outside backs don’t have to be under 5’8″?

  229. Al17 says:

    Smiling like a Cheshire Cat at Half-Time!

    Finish the deal boys!!!

    Go USA!!!!!

    Woo Hooo

  230. CaliNick23 says:

    I like Boca,but on the left he looks really slow, there probably gonna attack through his side in the 2nd half.

  231. Memrook says:

    If the USA tries to defend this lead, it will be disasterous; I know it will be. We need to play EXACTLY the same way we did in the first; attack quickly and then contain Spain in the midfield until we have coverage in our half, and then defend as one mind, as a unit to relieve the pressure. COME ON YOU NATS!

  232. Jonny says:

    Barcus, I think you’re confusing Bradley with Jay DeMerit. Bradley has not had many turnovers today.

  233. FCB says:

    The boys definitely have it today! They brought their game and they’re making “the house” theirs.
    Zero complaints. The passing and the touches are FINALLY at the level most of us knew these guys were capable of producing.
    I’ve seen NO PANIC in ANY of their play. Very Confident. So far I think this is the best half of football from any US squad EVER. Bordering on outstanding considering the opponent!

    Excellent chances created and with just a little bit more definition we are up 2-0.

    If they continue to play at this level in the 2nd half, I bet Charlie Davies scores the second and we counter-attack a possible third.

    Godd*mn about time!

    To all the pedestrian fans: See, We CAN bring it!!

  234. Orale says:

    Put torres in now. possesion is pachuca’s game and he knows how to handle the ball.

  235. dave says:

    i agree Memrook, Bradley has been playing pretty well, especiall given spains quality

  236. Brett says:

    Just imagine Jermaine Jones in there instead of Ricardo Clark.

    I’m liking this back 4 too.

    Brian Ching, Conor Casey, Kenny Cooper, et al, don’t score that goal and you all know it. That is why Villarreal thought highly enough of him to sign and dress for their first team.

    Davies is doing big things for his stock. With that suspension, maybe another team is gonna see a good chance to snatch him up.

  237. Bradley has played well. I like the Gooch/DeMerit pairing. Boca on the left hasn’t been good, but I wonder if that’s still because of his injury/recovery. I like the idea of him on the left, honestly. I think it has been a scrappy effort in the back.

    Donovan and Altidore are doing well with their first touches today.

    I’m loving Dempsey always looking to get open and looking to shoot.

    Question (And I know it’s not the time for this): Where was this team’s effort for the first two games? How do you get this team to always put forth this effort?

  238. Danny says:

    Team America, **** YEAH!

  239. Jacob A. says:

    I don’t care how they keep this up, I just care that they do.

  240. Mark says:

    Bradley tried to many deep through balls. He’s need to maintain possession when they don’t pressure them immediately.

  241. Barcus says:

    Memrook, you’re right. He has relieved pressure a few times, dribbled away from two players. The problem is, he then makes a sloppy pass or has gotten dispossessed, and in the US half.

    If this was a match against Egypt, I’d say leave him in in hopes that he has a better second half, but this is against the top team in the world, I think he’s not playing well enough to leave him in.

  242. Jay says:

    gotta find some possession early in the half… cmon boys!!! we can win this!!

  243. socrates says:

    holy shnikies.
    usa 1 – 0 espana.
    can it be?

    those last 10-ish min of 1st half were nerve-wracking though. wave after wave of attacks.

  244. froboy says:

    good start to the half

  245. Jdavids says:

    How you guys feel about Boca at left back?

  246. Gene_SF says:

    Altidore’s 1st touch still needs work. And we’re giving away the ball too cheaply. I think it may be time for a sub or two very soon – it took the team a lot of energy to stay competitive in the 1st half.

  247. froboy says:

    onyewu is the best player on the pitch today and howard is a beast

  248. jleppig says:

    My nerves are shot watching this stupid ESPN Gamecast. Damn bandwith limits at work!

  249. Memrook says:

    Donovan is the best player on the pitch today. Onyewu is doing well, but he’s been lucky several times too. Donovan is playing better on both sides of the ball.

  250. Weems says:

    Spain goal is coming SOON if we don’t hold the ball. Donovan needs to take the ball and orchestrate some possession.

  251. CaliNick23 says:

    Boca is very slow i dont know if this is going to work as much as i like him.

  252. Jdavids says:

    Donovan got a yellow, but Xabi’s foul on dempsey wasn’t the same thing?????

    Shoddy refin’ on a few plays.

  253. froboy says:

    desperate need for possession

  254. I do want to see Torres come in.

  255. Marty says:

    please can we just hold ballllllllll

  256. Blondie says:

    Gotta Love Half Court Soccer lol!

  257. slymer says:

    Boca looked plenty fast there

  258. Slymer, I think it’s a part of Boca’s recovery/need for match fitness. I like the thinking that put him on the left, honestly.

  259. froboy says:

    we need some fresh legs off the bench

  260. dave says:

    i’d rather feilhaber than Torres

  261. Orale says:

    feilhaber = dempsey + errant passing

  262. Yinka Double Dare says:

    I think we see Feilhaber for Altidore in the not too distant future, with Demps moving up front.

  263. slymer says:

    Torres for Bradley

  264. Pilgrims says:

    Never been an outright Donovan fan, but hafta say that since he came back from Bayern, he seems to have a no-BS attitude. To his credit, that seems to come in the form of trying to outwork every other player on the field. Good for him.

  265. Blondie says:

    Puyol is Gassed!

  266. Weems says:

    FANTASTIC play by Demerit. And AGAIN, as I typed this!!!!

  267. Elmer says:

    Thank god for Tim Howard!

  268. Pilgrims says:

    At least 30 minutes of overall game time left. This isn’t over.

    Get stuck in boys, close this thing out.

    Take what’s yours.

  269. froboy says:

    looks like a hockey game they way they are blocking shots with their bodies

  270. dave says:

    donovan has made sine great rybs and needs to be found, GREAT BLOCK BY CLARK!

  271. Gene_SF says:

    Why isn’t Bradley subbing people?????

  272. ManicMessiah says:

    They’re like hockey players getting on the ground to block these shots.

  273. kpugs says:

    Enough with the turnovers, better to get stripped than to keep handing the ball back, nervous as heck right now.

  274. Matt in Oakland says:

    Speed kills!

    Donovan looks like a monster out there with Davies on the field with him, for the second game straight. Davies + LD have an identical playing style and the combination of their fast, darting runs quickens the pace of the US attack…bringing LD to life.

    This Davies-Altidore tandem could be the beginning of a beautiful relationship

    GO NATS!!!!!!!!!!!

  275. NJRB Fan says:

    That is why Howard is our #1!

  276. Jdavids says:

    cold sweat nervous panic

  277. madmax says:

    Davies and Bocanegra should come out.

  278. dave says:

    hmmm, good play form Davies, i may have kept him on and pulled Jozy. good call to get Feilhaber in there.

  279. Brandon says:

    It seems Dempsys taken over lead dive responsiblilities

  280. Orale says:




    ———Human Abyss———–

  281. Kevin says:

    DeMerit was passed on by all MLS teams … dumb, dumb, dumb.

  282. dave says:


  283. froboy says:


  284. ManicMessiah says:


  285. Jonathan says:


  286. Weems says:


  287. mesnreaJim says:

    oh heavens

  288. socrates says:

    FEILHABER IS THE MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  289. Djep says:

    HELL YAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  290. Marty says:

    goooooooooooooooooallllllll….i think my whole neighborhood knows….let it be heard!

  291. Dominghosa says:


  292. dave says:

    Awesome play from Feilhaber

  293. jleppig says:



  294. Leon says:


  295. Angelo says:

    USAAAAAAAAAAAAA !!!!!!!!!!!

  296. Weems says:

    Good words Harkes–Benny was magnificent on that play.

  297. Jacob A. says:


  298. GLS says:


  299. ag nigrin says:

    Wooooooooooooooooooooooohoooooooooooo! WOW!

  300. Dominghosa says:

    OH MY GOODNESS! OH MY GOODNESS! What a pass Benny! Good keepig it alove Deuce!

  301. John Glosson says:

    I apologize to Bob Bradley. I like my crow fried or in a stew, please.

  302. Wow. Talk about a scrappy goal. I was thinking Donovan should have shot, but then Clint recovered and I JUMPED OUT OF MY SEAT!

  303. MAES says:

    I’m about to get fired cause I just screamed on that second goal! But I don;t care! GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!!!!!!!!! USA 2 Espana 0!

  304. Stephen says:

    Harkes just doesn’t want to say anything good about Dempsey.

  305. jleppig says:


    Posted by: GLS | June 24, 2009 at 04:02 PM

    For the win!

  306. MensreaJim says:

    Get Al Michaels on the phone

  307. socrates says:

    77′ still a lot of work to do against best team in the world.

  308. John in FL says:

    WOW DEMPSEY FIFA player of the year I guess!!!

  309. Orale says:

    I stand corrected.

    feilhaber = missing piece

  310. Memrook says:

    GLS, that reminds me!

    link to

  311. Marty says:

    Feilhaber was maestro on that goal…

  312. Weems says:

    Jay Demerit is a BEAST.

  313. Blondie says:

    I think Bradley made a good move, he’s getting better this is unbielievable!

  314. sasoccerfan says:


    Ives, your game-casting has been amazing. toggling between you and FIFA….unreal!!!!!!!!!!

  315. Galaxian says:

    OMG I CANT BELIEVE IT!!!!!!! I CANT BELIEVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! USA!!!!!!! USA!~!!!

  316. Radi0head says:

    this is unreal!!!!!!!!

  317. *waits for Rod Serling to announce that we’ve been transported into The Twilight Zone*

  318. NJRB Fan says:

    Feilhaber = SUPER SUB!!

  319. Jonathan says:

    hold the line

  320. Pilgrims says:

    2-nil is the most dangerous score in soccer.

    go for the kill, boys.

    slam the door.

  321. Blondie says:

    Can this be compared to USA vs Russia 1980 Olympics? Will it be ?

  322. I am loving how Howard is playing. Just loving it.

  323. socrates says:

    BBC announcers are doing a fantastic job on this one. They’ve slowly come around to outright rooting for USA now.

  324. froboy says:

    once again tim howard is a monster

  325. Marty says:

    when was the last time you saw the US this defensively committed? challenges flying in to block shots…this is US soccer as it should be played

  326. Matt in Oakland says:

    God damn this is exciting. What a game!

  327. socrates says:

    “USA courage has been splendid. The commitment cannot be questioned.” -BBC dude

  328. Blondie says:

    Is this the game that makes us a soccer country Finally!

  329. MAES says:

    Stiffen up the “D” Get Bornstein on the left, BOCA can’t go 90. And get Torres on for Demps or Jozy to get another player in the midfield who can control possession. Make it happen BB!

  330. froboy says:

    not offsides

  331. socrates says:

    83′ BBC agrees with me – Jozy was onsides there.

  332. Dominghosa says:

    WHat a turn Benny! OK, one thign I would like to say is that LEAVE Benny on the bench. He is the SUPER SUB. For 90 mintues, he’s eh with some flashes but in 30 minutes, especially the last 30 minutes, he’s Magic.

  333. Kevin says:


  334. froboy says:

    why bring in casey?

  335. MAES says:

    NOOOOOO not Casey, I hate this bum!

  336. kpugs says:

    It’s a completely new Dempsey, I’m impressed.

  337. Jonathan says:

    Blondie . . . i say no, but it sure does get people talking and will bring out more soccer lovers closer we get to WC.

  338. Marty says:

    6+ mins…..

  339. Orale says:

    MEXICO, I hope you’re watching this. First South Africa, next, your house

  340. Elmer says:

    Good sub taking Jozy off, he was tired.

  341. Xander Crews says:

    Regardless of the outcome, I’m still going to say it: Bradley must go.

    Why? Because if the team can play like this today, why can’t he get them playing like this ALL THE TIME? Why do we look like dog crap against Honduras at home? And why is it that he’s gotten into the 80 minutes and STILL only made one sub? You’ve got to get some fresh legs out there, but he doesn’t have a clue how to manage his roster. Then, he brings in freakin’ Conor Casey yet again… the guy has the touch of a rhino….

    I’m happy the US is up, but it’s more in spite of Bobbo than because of him. I mean, for how many MONTHS have we been saying this is the back line he should play, with Bocanegra on the left?

  342. froboy says:

    watching the game in Mexico and even their commentators who confuse all our non white players and mix first and last names are kinda rooting for the US now

  343. socrates says:

    BBC gives “full credit to [Bob] Bradley” but also wondering why he put on casey over a MF.

  344. MAES says:

    Torres for Dempsey, hes not running hard anymore

  345. Weems says:

    AWFUL offside call. Clearly on.

  346. MensreaJim says:

    Rubbish call

  347. dave says:


  348. socrates says:

    BBC “No no no no no. He was on by 2 yards.” re: Casey break from Benny at 85′

  349. froboy says:

    no!!!!!! couldn’t go without a red

  350. brian says:

    that was the harshest

    red card ever

  351. John in FL says:

    blind linesman with the silly offsides?

  352. Marty says:

    noooooooooo…..THIS REF!!!!

  353. Weems says:


  354. Kevin says:

    oh my efffffing god!

  355. dave says:


  356. Jdavids says:

    Casey? Beer belly league guy?

    red?????? ahhhhhh??? noooo!

    I said shoddy refin’!

  357. Gene_SF says:

    How in the world is that a red card??????

  358. I can’t believe that was a red card. Bradley’s legs GOT THE BALL FIRST.

  359. socrates says:


  360. Elmer says:

    What a BS red card!

  361. Weems says:

    10 on 12 with this dreadful referee. DIG DEEP BOYS!!!!!

  362. MensreaJim says:

    Gooch–out of his f’ing mind

  363. ManicMessiah says:

    If that was a red card, I’ll admit to having no idea what a red card deserving foul looks like.

  364. kpugs says:

    Is this guy effing kidding?

  365. dave says:

    can that be appealed before the final?

  366. froboy says:

    fifa doesn’t want the US to win this thing so they take bradley from the final

  367. MAES says:

    WHAT THE F*** I hate these refs! Those conspiracy theories seem to make sense now, this can not be right 3 in 4 games! Come on FIFA. Get some real refs!

  368. Jdavids says:

    You know, I feel fanatical right now. Fanatical in the sense that I’M CALLING FOR THIS REFS HEAD

  369. socrates says:

    BBC overflowing with praise for Onyewu and Demerit.

  370. ManicMessiah says:

    can you appeal a card in this?

  371. Yossarian says:

    Larrionda sucks – worst ref ever. Does he get commissions for straight reds or something?

  372. Luke in NC says:

    We can appeal that BS redcard cant we???? We need Bradley next game!

  373. Marc says:

    88’I don’t think I’ve eaten my words yet so I’ll do so now – the US boys have made me look very silly.

  374. Marty says:

    @Jdavids…i was just thinking Casey looks like a Sunday pub leaguer

  375. socrates says:

    Landycakes crazy terrible dive. But it worked.

  376. Al17 says:

    Yep the card can be appealed.

    Let’s juts finish this and get the hell outta there.

    We need to keep kool and don’t lose our Sh..t!!!

    The whole world saw what went down and I’m sure many of them are as pissed as we are.

  377. Jonathan says:

    Getting chippy

  378. Elmer says:

    Solid decision to sub Bornstein in for Dempsey given the loss of Bradley.

  379. Blondie says:

    That ref is getting paid in Euros, fing prick!

  380. Weems says:

    Great comment on the Live Commentary on — the guy who said we were going to get thrashed:

    “I don’t think I’ve eaten my words yet so I’ll do so now – the US boys have made me look very silly.”

  381. Mikebsiu says:


  382. kpugs says:

    Gotta tip my cap to Bob Bradley. I have torched him lately, and I think he did an impressive job today.

  383. FCB says:

    But, son of a bitch, now the the whole F*CKING world can now SEE, we CAN win big games!! We CAN withstand pressure. We CAN counter. We CAN bring it.

    We CAN win a BIG game!

    Now bring on Brazil and let’s kick their asses!

  384. socrates says:

    attaboy tim

  385. Weems says:


  386. socrates says:

    Casey, please run at full speed

  387. Tom says:


  388. Jonathan says:

    Can’t wait till I get to Spain next week!

  389. Matt in Oakland says:

    Is it me, or did Bob Bradley look teary eyed?!

  390. dave says:

    USA! USA! USA!

  391. MAES says:

    Torres or Adu have to start or least see time off the bench in the Finals without Bradley, no? Or, does Feilhaber get 90?

  392. socrates says:

    30 seconds to go

  393. Djep says:

    PROUD !!!

  394. Josh says:


    Sadly, Casey is running at full speed.

  395. Orale says:

    What a confidence boost, beating the world’s best team, snapping their streak and doing it on the world’s second biggest stage. Good job guys!

  396. Marty says:


  397. FCB says:


  398. t-riggy says:

    i’m hitting refresh like a crack addickted monkey looking for another hit. UPDATE FASTER! IT’S BEEN A MINUTE HASN’T IT?

  399. Weems says:


  400. socrates says:


  401. Jonathan says:

    What dreams are made of boys!

  402. americanexpat says:

    Ives – I have no frickin’ clue what you are talking about!! Casey is the laziest sunday league player I have ever seen. You said he can hold the ball, but he never gets it! The kid does not belong anywhere near the field!

  403. Andy says:


  404. Chase says:


    Where are all the idiots calling for Bob Bradley’s head now?!?!

  405. Fire BB says:

    Great win.

    Still need to fire BB!

  406. Ha ha! We did it! To the finals, boys! Make us proud!

  407. slymer says:

    Landon Donovan is the new Half Man/Half Amazing

  408. Radi0head says:


  409. MensreaJim says:

    Bob to internet: STFU

  410. Leonardo says:



  411. matt says:


  412. DL says:

    Demerit = MOTM

  413. Scott says:

    Take that all you USA haters, or so-called fans, this past week! USA advances and whether you like their style of play or not they just beat the unbeatable! Go USA!!

  414. Justin says:

    Greatest U.S. game I have ever seen!!!!!!!!

  415. understood says:

    ill have the crow with a side of my left foot…wow…brave effort from the US…shades of 1980…having bradley off will hurt for the next game…but on the bright side benny will probably get the start…have to see that play again but although it was a two-footed challenge…didnt look like a red card to me

  416. clint dempsey says:

    fire bradley, that benny sub, and duece poition change didn’t work twice hahahaha…morons the lot of you

  417. TimN says:

    F—— unbelievable…Hate that the win is dampened by the ridiculous, late red card on Bradley. Hard challenge, but he got all ball. Anyhow, I’m going to enjoy this one for a while!!!

  418. Orale says:

    Eat it “el nino”. Gooch sends his regards

  419. Pilgrims says:




    #14 takes out #1.


  420. Weems says:

    England 1950.
    T&T 1989.
    Columbia 1994
    Mexico 2002
    Spain 2009.

    Maybe the biggest US win since the 1950

  421. Mike Caramba says:

    aneifmp faoifpueoiar epwoir98p2u4-98 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  422. smokedgouda says:


    I have never been so happy with US soccer in my life!


    That’s what crow tastes like!

  423. DC Josh says:


  424. Leon says:

    So ecstatic I’m not even focused on the blown red card

  425. Scott says:

    Thats the grit and resolve I have come to love from our team. Make no mistake we won and are going to the finals. That is what I’m talking about. Yeaaaaaaaa!!

  426. Josh says:

    I’m flipping out, but first a calm, rational post. Bob Bradley did a tremendous job today, putting the right lineup out there to absorb pressure and take their chances, and unlike his time with the MetroStars, his subs were timely and right. The anti-Bradley crowd will undoubtedly have stuff to say, but he picked the best possible lineup to give us a chance against the #1 team in the world, and his tactics and lineup paid off better than I could have hoped.

    Great job, Bob.

  427. fifawitz1313 says:

    NEVER BEEN SO PROUD OF OUR BOYZ. I have tears in my eyes.

  428. Mighty says:

    Dude we Just beat Spain…. OMG!!!!!! Love my team USA!!!

    Thank you Guys.

  429. madmax says:

    Coach Bradley will need to replace Michael and Boca to beat Brazil. Who will they be? Spain made a mistake attacking Spector/Donovan side of field, huge mistake, as both of them hustled liked crazy.

  430. socrates says:

    Marcel Desailly giving USA props now. Says it’s amazing that USA did not make a mistake that allowed Spain to score. Rightly blames Ramos for 2nd goal. Says USA back 4 played “very, very well.”

  431. Memrook says:

    I’ve never been more proud to be an American and an USMNT supporter!!!!!!!! AMAZING WIN! I was born in Madrid (military brat) and have dual citizenship but Spain and anyone who questioned us can SUCK IT! lol. Seriously though! Amazing!! OLE OLE OLE OLE USA USA!

  432. I think I’m going to pass out from excitement.


  433. Chg says:

    Xander, come out and play-ayyyy!

  434. Scott says:

    How about those subs. Dempsey twice after the sub. Whose questioning BB now? 5 goals from the run of play from the last 2 games. Yes! How about that back 4. I know what our starting back 4 should be from now on!

  435. DC96 says:

    Im gunna cry

  436. kpugs says:

    Maybe I missed something but it looked like a hard tackle that was all ball. But last I checked you don’t get red carded for those.

    Maybe Bradley has a little reputation at this point, he does get a ton of cards.

  437. kyle says:


  438. Dear Boss,

    You’re going to let me off work early Sunday, right? RIGHT!?

  439. M.Verde says:

    As a Mexican I congratulate the USMNT!!! Now when the Eurosnobs ask me, ‘How can Mexico lose against the Americans’…They will understand!!!

  440. Bill says:

    What are the chances of USA appealing the red card and Bradley playing?

  441. Memrook says:

    Look, most of us have to back off of BB now and the US team. BUT, NONE of us should apologize for our harsh criticism the first two games (including some concacaf games too); their performances HAD been absolute shyte and fans KNEW we could do better. Do I completely support BB and the team? HELL YES! But I am in no way sorry for my criticism before. Today proves EXACTLY why all of us were so pissed before. GO NATS!

  442. Drew says:

    donavan was awesome today. wow.

  443. JK says:

    Josh- You nailed it. There should be no complaining about Bradley, the team performance whatsoever! USA! USA! USA! USA!

  444. Djep says:

    OMFG …

    … is this real life ???!!!???


  445. DC Josh says:

    Who can beat the USA when they play like this?????

    USA is the new soup nazi…


    Going to enjoy these next 4 days. This is the second greatest day of my life, without a doubt.

  446. Yossarian says:

    Wow is right, Ives. Too bad we won’t have MB for Brazil, but only a small bitter taste to go with the sweet dessert. Brilliant first 35, then we lost our nerve for the next 20 or so in the face of the Spanish barrage, and finished strong.

    This will be invaluable experience and a confidence booster of the highest order. Jozy’s transfer fee just went up. Lucky our C-Mid pool is deep. We should see Benny start, though he’s been brilliant in substitution. He really settled everything down as soon as he came in. Maybe we’ll see Torres or Adu off the pine as well. It would sure be nice to see them blooded in a game like this. Wow! What a victory! I wonder what the haters will say after this?

  447. FCB says:

    Now let’s kick the ASS of every little piece of sh*t country in Concacaf and pick up this story next year!
    I am SO F*CKING proud of how well the guys played I can even write good.

    How INCREDIBLE were Gooch and DeMerit and god-bless-him Clarke today?!

  448. gmen04 says:

    Great performance, wow simply great

  449. Leonardo says:

    all you hacks, fair-weather fans can *suck* it!

    villareal, eat a fat one! barca’s pique got worked by jozy on that goal, and you won’t start him? eat it.


  450. Aaron says:

    DOS a CERO! DOS a CERO!!

  451. verbalocity says:

    Only thing that would make this win even better – go ahead and fire Bradley now! :)

  452. Aguinaga says:

    SHOCK THE WORLD!!!! Howard, Bradely, and Jozy especially, you’ll always be Metro!!

  453. socrates says:

    BBC studio host said USA canNOT appeal the straight red to Bradley. Don’t know if they are right, but that is what was said.

  454. Russ says:

    F*cking brilliant. Ranks up there with the wins over England and Portugal. Here’s to playing like that in Azteca!

  455. scott says:

    i cant wait for all the spanish speakers on this site to translate spains newspapers for us

  456. Mikeype says:

    Is it possible for us to appeal the red card on Bradley? That was just shocking!

  457. Orale says:

    THE FUTURE HAS ARRIVED!!! we all knew you had it in you!

  458. hc says:

    God must be an American. Wow.

  459. FCB says:

    Everybody working together for 90 minutes today! Let there be no doubt, they STEPPED UP and shut up EVERYONE today with the performance. OUTSTANDING.
    That’s where they need to do their talking, on the field. MAJOR PROPS!

  460. royce says:

    that red card was inexplicable… straight red, at that.

    great win. can’t be too upset about spending work time to watch the match. somehow bradley got his team to turn it around. [somehow, i think he reads the soccer blogs…]

  461. slymer says:

    What a match! So happy for Bob Bradley and the boys. All the clueless internet whiners can go back to their 7th grade classrooms or plumbing jobs.

  462. Dennis Mueller says:

    To all the Bob Bradley haters out there: Take that!

    M. Bradley is a big kid and he gets his share of cards. I do not think this one was deserved.

    Still, the US must do better keeping possession. There is no way any team can play that much defense and not suffer break-downs over the long haul, they simply must get better at keeping the ball.

    Nice flashes when going forward, but a bit more patience would serve them well, it would give the US defense a chance to catch their breath and it would serve to keep the opponents from attacking with 9 players.

  463. BlueWhiteLion says:

    Fire Bob Bradley.


  464. LC says:

    Man, missed the Dempsey goal… gotta go to youtube and see that.

  465. Eric says:

    Even if we appeal the red and it gets dropped down to a yellow he still would miss the next match. Cause he got a yellow against Egypt

  466. Orale says:

    Spain Newspaper El Pais: “Spain crashed into a brick wall. Solid defensive and goals by dempsey and Jozy boot Del Bosque’s team”

  467. metro_4_eva says:

    yes! America **** Yeah!!!!!!!! 6 new drinking buddies after taht game, what a country what a sport….being back in the cubicle sucks

  468. MAES says:

    Calm down with the BB is a coach comments. Bob Bradley did one thing well. That was starting Davies again and giving Boca a whirl. We shut them out but Boca looked shaky. Davies was great though. Second comment, Feilhaber coming on after the 60 minute mark can be considered standard now, not innovative. Just, keep doing it BB. Lastly, the Casey sub is terrible, leave Jozy in the game he was running fine, and has more ability at 80 mins than Casey does ever. Also, Torres needed to see the field at the end there for Dempsey way earlier in the game. Demps can not be depeneded on to defend. BB did not mess up, and his team played amazingly, but please don;t give him too much credit. In the last 180 minutes Landon Donovan has put this team on his back and has finally becoming the leader to match his physical playing ability. Landycakes and the back four deserve all the credit not BB. BB still needs to be fired for a coach who has better tactical sense. Congrat Nats, I’m beaming with American Soccer pride!

  469. Memrook says:

    To all you “all you BB haters out there” posters: I’m in no way a hater of BB (but I sure did criticize him and the team recently), and I don’t think many of us were. I think we were haters of sh*tty, weak sauce performances from players we know can do better, like, erm, you know, TODAY!

    Thank you USMNT and thank you BB! You really stepped up and cleaned the hate slate! AMAZING!

  470. Al says:

    The US has just repaid its debt to Brazil by stopping Spain’s winning streak. AWESOME!!!

  471. JT says:

    Ives, can you tell Collin Cowherd to STFU. He spent the hour before the game talking about how the US would be down 4 – o after the 1st 15 minutes.

  472. Sean says:

    Even if he got a yellow he would be gone for the next game due to accumulation.

  473. Mikeype says:

    Thanks Eric, but I thought that the yellows reset once they entered the semifinals.

  474. wykell says:

    I’m not even gonna read all the comments, but I’m sure there are a few that have said it so far. Anyone who said “Fire Bob Bradley” should probably let me know how that crow their munching on tastes like.

  475. Alex says:

    Hey Spain tell me how my ass tastes!!!!!

  476. larry says:

    Unbelievable! What was the stat last game Ives? 6 starters were able to play in last years olympics? Look at the future this team has! And the pool just keeps getting deeper! Win a big one like this and everyone wants to play for you! USA Soccer just stepped into the big leagues for good!

  477. Memrook says:

    sean and Mikeype, the cards from the group stage did not carry over to the semi’s and final.

  478. Javier says:

    Time for me to eat some crow. I have been critical of the U.S. team and BB on this website and I believe justifiably so for the way they’ve playing going back to El Salvador match in San Salvador.

    However; the play of this team over the last two games has been exceptional. I don’t know if I was wrong about this team, but they certainly deserve praise for their outstanding performance. I couldn’t be any prouder as an American fan of U.S. Soccer of the way this team played today.

    Congratulations on a truly well earned win.

  479. Kent says:


  480. ag nigrin says:

    I told you Ives, Larrionda is a Doucheb-g! Congrats to the USA! I am so very proud of your performance and 2-0 victory over #1 Spain. If you guys play like this all the time
    you will be tough to beat. Props to Bob Bradley too and can they idiots who were asking for his head please eat some massive amounts of dung and crow asap!

  481. Matt in Oakland says:

    And Jim Rome just started off his show, which followed ESPN’s coverage of the match, with “Soccer Rules. Don’t say I didn’t tell ya”. This is indeed the Twilight Zone.

  482. Rocco says:


    Accept appeal.

  483. wykell says:


  484. MiamiAl says:

    2 Wins = 2 games without Beasley and Klijstean.

  485. KevNYC says:

    OLE OLE OLE OLE, USA, USA, OLE OLE OLE OLE USA USA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  486. Josh says:

    Again, casey is not an international, I am tired of seeing our players sliding instead of being in position in the first place and bob is still not a good tactical coach. His son was obviously tired and he should have pulled him before the card. Altidore was waaaaay more tired than Davies and should have been subbed. I love that we won and the defense was all about the heart, but with a loss bradley would be out and we could get a better coach.

  487. Josh says:

    Tears running down face. I haven’t cried like this over a sporting event since Kerry Strug landed that vault in ’96.

    The US has had important victories before (Portugal in ’02) and outplayed world powers before (Germany in ’02 as well). This doesn’t mean we’re about to become a world power, but it DOES mean that if they play intelligently AND intensely, with confidence to boot, that they can hang with and beat ANYBODY on any given day. The BBC guys were right–this performance is courageous and inspiring.

    Unbe-frickin’-lievable. Unbelievable. Unbelievable.

  488. Jim Rome can bite me.

  489. Warren says:

    One Question: Is it possible for the US to appeal the red card in time for the final? I saw it, and it was by no means a red. Please say we can at least appeal it… and send in footage of the US-Italy game from 2006. It’s like the ref can’t stand to see us win.

  490. MiamiAl says:

    I thought yellow cards did not carry over from the last round?

  491. Holy Bananas Batman! says:

    USA out worked and frustrated Spain to no end!

    The 2-0 score line is spot on, because the game reminded me exactly of a 2-0 US v. Mexico match.

    Bradley’s red card was the worst call I’ve seen in years, and I follow MLS! There really does seem to be a bias towards American players.

    How about a red for Villa’s elbow to Donovan’s face off the ball for one?

    Go USA! I hope the US can appeal that red card suspension. It would suck to take on Brazil without Bradley in the middle.

  492. simms21 says:

    Jim Rome that hypocrite piece of crap, he should be sanctioned for saying that after all the bs he has said about soccer!

  493. Bohris says:


  494. Orale says:

    El Mundo Spain Newspaper: “US Eradicates the Legend of Spain” “end of la roja record” “FORUM: “do you consider this a failure?”

  495. scott says:

    Awesome game, what an effort. This type of game justifies all the criticism recently. That might seem strange but this effort shows what the US is capable of and why we have every right to be pissed when we get the weak efforts that we got vs CR and Brasil specifically and shaky efforts vs HON and ITA.

    Great job US, bring it consistently!

  496. FCB says:

    The difference in the game today was they they started off really STRONG and played that way for the first 20 minutes. They dictated play and now probably have Brazil second guessing their game against SA.
    Way to go! Superb job!

  497. Rapido says:

    @Holy Bananas…

    Landon flopped on that. I’m actually sick of Landon’s antics

    But yeah, no way Bradley deserved a red there.

  498. brandon says:

    I BELIEVE we can do the job in the final, yes we can!!! COME ON YOU YANKS!!

  499. Josh says:

    Um, Jim Rome DIDN’T tell us… >:(

  500. jai_brooklyn says:

    Real Madrid makes 50m offer to Jay Demerit.

  501. dave says:

    hey, we made it to the sky sports home page top story

  502. Gregg says:

    US Soccer’s website has crashed….that’s awesome!

  503. Joe says:


  504. Murphy says:

    great win!

  505. madmax says:

    Joan, there is room on my couch to watch the final, Giuseppe.

  506. soccerroo says:

    Wow i can not believe it. A miracle on Sunday and this well played game today. Bob has my vote of Confidence for a while and guys you played great. GO USA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  507. Leonardo says:

    ESPN posts poll asking if you care about the USMNT beating Spain today. Show them: link to

    80% say YES!

  508. Mike says:

    Bite me, Jamie Trecker.

  509. jai_brooklyn says:

    I’m so proud of the boys. After all these years of taking crap from the idiotic U.S sports press and the world at large.

    FOOTBALL has arrived in the U.S!!

  510. simms21 says:

    We still have a right to be pissed about past games, Compare the line ups which are drastically different? No Mastroeni, no Beasley, no Hedjuk (even though he does play with enough heart for 3 players), no Ching. Infuse some youth and hunger and we get some hard earned wins , simple as that.

  511. vik says:

    I love this country

  512. Russ says:

    Don’t know if you can appeal the red, but those saying that even if it was changed to a yellow, he’s out–take a look at’s pre-game report. It said that yellows don’t carry over from the group stage.

  513. jpc says:

    Bradley and Clark are a good team in the middle, Bob Bradley was right, and myself and others of similar mind were wrong… We need to give credit where credit is due…

    Bocanegra at left back, beasley out, dempsey moving to forward late in games, davies as a starter w/ altidore. These are all Bradley moves that have been very effective…


    Michael Bradley’s card was complete bull$h!t, AGAIN, these refs have been crap all tourney

  514. Danny says:


    Finally our players show some heart and really battled hard out there…Amazing performance against the best NT in the world…Wow can’t believe we made the final : 0


  515. Seisco says:

    Absolutely inspiring performance by our boys today. Every player contributed and played their heart out. We defended with courage and vigor. We we blocking shots and winning tackles, doin the dirty work.

    And finally a game against a top-notch opponent where the US didn’t squander and chances! We finished our best chances and made Spain pay the price.


  516. KyleFeller says:

    Are you Mexico in disguise???!!!! :)

  517. gel65 says:

    Like a few have already said,the Davies insertion to the lineup has changed everything.He has a direct effect on Jozy and Landons game thats better for the whole squad.If europe doesnt come callin for a few of our guys now,especially Landon,then they never will………I also believe we have found our starting back 4,something we all have clamored for,for sometime with Boca on the left.He will get better as he gets game fit again.

  518. FCB says:

    To Jozy, Charlie, Clint, Landon, Michael, Ricardo, Oguchi, Carlos, Jay, Jonathan and Tim:


  519. ChiTownFireFan says:

    I will be vacationing in Barcelona next week proudly wearing my USA jersey

    GO USA!

  520. silent e says:

    Between all the (justified) gushing about the US’s victory I would like to point out one thing: this is one of the most exciting national team games I’ve watched in a while, and not just because I was rooting for the US.

    Why? Because, unlike what a couple of posters claimed, Spain was not like Mexico. Spain was all class. Classy skillful play, and so little fouling from either side. No diving, no whining, no BS from anybody (OK, a little. But very little.) And after the game? Respect. What can I say? Thank you US for the amazing win. Thank you Spain for being classy in defeat. Thank you both for giving me 2 hours of absolutely amazing entertainment.

  521. Casey says:

    Can’t wait to watch this on DVR when I get home. Even my Portuguese wife is thrilled, since they have no love for the Spaniards.

  522. FCB says:

    From Marca:

    “Dempsey, elegido mejor jugador del partido”

    link to

    Dempsey selected “player of the match”.

  523. Fulham Pete says:

    Real Madrid needs to sign that mountain of a man that just shut down their National Team. I hear that they’re all offense and no defense…I think I’ve found a solution to that.

    With this match, Gooch shows that he’s ABSOLUTELY WORLD-CLASS. He could win a La Liga title if Real woke up and signed him.

    And I can’t stand Real…it’d just be a good move…and I’d love to watch Gooch on ESPN next year.

    Oh yeah, one other thing…

    Larrionda can suck my big monkey ****. I’ve never seen a more crooked ref at such a high level of competition.

  524. Yossarian says:


    Yes, because Bradley INNOVATED IT!! Duh. You only get credit for smart and effective substitutions if you’ve never made that sub before?? How dumb is that. You win by making smart decisions, not by making new decisions.

    Smart move putting Boca on the left. Smart move Putting Davies up top with Jozy. Smart move making the Benny sub and putting Deuce up top. Smart to keep door open for Benny at all, when most of you declared him done and dusted.

    BTW, how fit is Lando? Kid was running by people with burst in the 90th minute.

  525. Yinka Double Dare says:

    Fantastic play from pretty much everyone in the US starting lineup as well as Feilhaber once he came in.

    FIFA should never assign Larrionda to another USA match ever again. That red was, quite simply, unfathomably bad, and just plain wrong. At WORST it was a plain old foul. I don’t even think it deserves a yellow. A straight red is an absolute joke.

  526. brandon says:

    red cards CAN BE APPEALLED.. like in the egypt v brazil game.

    link to

  527. SG says:

    Great Game Plan today. ATTACK!

  528. FCB says:

    Unquestionably an incorrect red card against Bradley. Larrionda didn’t even consult the linesmen. Don’t know what he was looking at but it wasn’t red. Definitely by far the worst call of the 3 red cards so far. Maybe yellow, but barely at that.

  529. PTI starts with U.S.-Spain, too.


  530. Steve says:

    You gotta think that a bunch of the US players helped their club careers with last 2 performances:

    DeMerit – moving to an EPL side for sure.
    Donovan – moving to mid to high-table team in EPL or Germany.
    Feilheiber – getting back on radar of teams in top 4 Euro leagues.
    Onyewu – added $1M+ to his contract with new team. High to mid-table EPL teams now interested.
    Davies – move to EPL or Germany.
    Altidore – Villareal finally secures loan deal that guarantees more PT.

  531. FCB says:

    Form Marca:

    “Onyewu y Demerit, dos frontones.Los centrales de Estados Unidos completaron un partido perfecto”

    Onyewu and DeMerit, two defensive frontmen, Central defenders of the US, completed a perfect match.

  532. FCB says:

    Sorry, I forget the page link (in Spanish) from Marca:

    link to

  533. FCB says:

    God Bless you Tim Howard (on ESPN SportsCenter):

    “It’s a proud moment for us as a country, as a team and we’re just happy that we’re the 25 guys who are representing the USA”


  534. jai_brooklyn says:

    A win for all the fans who have lived and died with the Nats for years.

    I’m gonna mosey up to bar for a cold one while all the moronic sports commentators and assorted idiots who hate this sport in this country can belch on the luck warm coffee..


  535. ThaDeuce says:


  536. matt says:

    New Bob’s Army T-shirt – Limited Edition

    link to

  537. Jai, Jai. The only good beers Brooklyn makes are the Pennant Ale and the Chocolate Stout.


  538. Bryan says:



  539. Jon says:

    I have to say, for all those who called for Bob Bradley’s head, you have to put a foot in your mouth. Who would’ve ever thought that we’d been in the final of this tourney.

  540. FCB says:

    It wasn’t Bob Bradley that won the game for the US it was the players. He did the EXACT same substitutions at the same time he did them agaisnt Egypt!
    Despite that hollowness, THE PLAYERS stepped up and delivered. Bravo!

  541. goalscorer24 says:

    Awesome win! Some hilarious comments by everybody.

  542. inkedAG says:

    This game was certainly a miracle result! You said it best Ives…WOW!