Costa Rica 3, USA 1: The Day After

Tim Howard 1 (Reuters) 

It was ugly as it was thorough.

The U.S. men's national team was absolutely dominated on Wednesday night, losing to Costa Rica, 3-1, in a result that could have been even worse. Costa Rica did everything the United States was supposed to do, passing the ball well, moving well as a group, dominating with speed and sound defending.

Here is my story on the match for

Here is what today's newspapers in San Jose look like:




I will look to offer some more observations on the match later today if I can do it before flying back home. For now, please feel free to share your thoughts about Wednesday night's match in the comments section below.

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230 Responses to Costa Rica 3, USA 1: The Day After

  1. Matt says:

    3-2 Ives? Did I miss something?

  2. tedhill says:

    Just reinforces the fact that we need to get all 15 points from home. Another point or two on the road would be nice, though.

  3. Angel says:

    Howard 5.0 = not his fault

    Whynne 2.0 = not for the A team maybe the B team horrible game.

    Ouchie = 5.0 did a good job even tho he has to get out of position to help Whynne.

    Bocanegra 4.0 = played good but make couples of error that turn into gol. but it came from Sasha and Beasley fault.

    Beasley 2.0 = horrible not his fault cause he is not a LB *Coach idea* make some mistake and was out his place all the time.

    Bradley 4.0 = he played well but one mistake and a yellow card did not help.

    Mastroeni 2.0 = a Veteran to really control the game and the mid field was lost and the error on the first gol and was out of rythem.

    Torres 5.0 = started slow and then got control of the game one mistake and one gol even tho he just got hit on the face by Beasley crazy kick on the ball.

    Dempsey 2.0 = look like he want to be the hero of the game, becoming to European snob, think is better (Even tho he is) but need to be more unselfish, was lost and look like he was tired and not wanted to be there.

    Donovan 5.0 = have to be more unselfish with his free kick and let other to the kicking, got covarage pretty good by C.R and need to be leader not some who yell.

    Altidore 4.0 = once again it look like a lone striker the formant was 4 3 3 and noone playing next to him, he did hasle but no company. Need COOPER, Oconner or Charlie Davis.

    Sasha 2.0 not the right call he got lost and got a yellow card, on the third goal he was slow to get back to cover Beasley that was out position.

    Adu 4.0 = started slow and the got into the game, for the short time he was in there.

    Charlies Davis 4.0 = same as Adu, brougt in a good attitude.

    Coach Bob Bradley 2.0 = The offensive format of 4 3 3 was daring but wrong players to play the defend. make the wrong sub on torres instead getting out, Beasley Mastroeni or Whynne. Look like he is lost without Nowak.

  4. Matt says:


    I wonder about your ranking Donovan a 5 in your ESPN article. I guess he would’ve been in the 4.5-5 range if you only count what he did while the ball was in play. But I think that somewhere the load of blown free kicks should start to count against him and thus bring down his ranking. It just seems to me that in these post-game-day rankings (which I know aren’t important, etc., etc.), people never mark somebody down for taking poor free kicks all night.

  5. mike ruze says:

    Fire Bradley he made all the wrong moves and left Sacha an Bradley in to get cards and miss the next game. Also Put in Wynne instead of Spector.

  6. Ed says:

    lol gringoleados, that’s pretty witty.

  7. Willardo DuPont says:

    I don’t know how you gave Bradley a 6 on your ESPN article considering how badly he was beaten on the third goal. He was wearing cement shoes on that one.

    Mastroeni and Beasley were absolutely awful. Taking out Torres just didn’t seem to make any sense to me. Was his defensive positioning any worse than the rest of the team’s? I mostly fault (coach) Bradley for this game.

  8. Turtle says:

    After having slept on it. I have decided not to pass judgement on this game. i don’t want to make excuses but…i will make an excuse. It’s the excuse of a field in which that game was played. i can’t believe that FIFA has said that’s ok to play on. I would be willing to bet that Costa Rica won’t be consistanatly the 3rd best CONCACAF team after they move to a new stadium – provided that turf doesn’t go with it.

    I have nothing bad to say about our team, the coaching or the tactics. I will reserve all judgement until after Honduras.

  9. Angel says:

    I just wait to see what Sunil would do if the USA played that way against Honduras and at the Concacaf. Bradley was exposed on how bad he was on his tactics. But the players too have a lot of fault on this. So what’s next and how long we going to wait for Bob Bradley to get this team on the wrong path. Don’t get me wrong Bob is a good Coach but maybe MLS level.

  10. chupacabra says:

    Why does Dempsey always looked heavily stoned every time he plays for the USMNT? And he plays that way too. Does someone need to send him a gift basket from Harrod’s full of strong English tea before every USMNT match?

  11. MikeD says:

    Beasley looked the same as he did against T&T, the only difference was he didn’t have Carlos Edwards and their weak attack to let him off the hook. Hopefully that experiment is over. Wynne and Beasley really hung the CBs out to dry numerous times.

  12. David B says:

    Marvell Wynne has no business wearing the US jersey.

    Ives, did you ask Bob Bradley in the press conference why he didn’t even put Spector in the 18?

  13. EA says:

    Time to pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, and get back after it.

    It’s trite and cliche, but it’s the American way.

    I wonder how much of that “American Spirit” is left in our country, anyway. But that’s another story for another day.

    If you’re within 1/2 day’s drive of Chicago, and you don’t have tickets for the game yet, or aren’t trying to get them today…. Shame on you.

  14. Scott in Houston says:

    I’m hoping for at least four changes by Saturday. Obviously Bradley and Sacha can’t play due to yellow card accumulation, but we need to clear out Beasley, Mastroeni, and Wynne. How’s this for a back line:

    Bocanegra at left back, Demerit and Gooch at center back, Spector at right back.

    IMO, the drop from Bocanegra to Demerit at center back is smaller than the drop to Bornstein at left back.

    Let’s assume that we’re going with Bradley’s empty bucket midfield. So, we’ve got to choose two central mids from Torres, Clark, and Feilhaber.

    It would be nice to add Ching to the lineup, playing up top WITH Altidore. Neither Dempsey or Donovan impressed, but they’re automatic choices under Bradley.

  15. frank from sf says:

    to me mastroeni lost it bad. no bite , no hussle, didn’t do jack Sh!t and what does bob do , take out torres. we lost the game on the midfield no control whatsoever.

  16. William the Terror says:

    This was a shameful performance that comes down to bad coaching. The starting lineup and formation ws a joke. After watching this miserable game, I keep thinking of that scene in Wall Street where Bud Fox gets arrested for insider trading and his boss gives him the lecture:

    “Man looks into the abyss. There’s nothing staring back at him. At that moment man finds his character. And that is what keeps him out of the abyss.”

    Folks, we are looking into the abyss. Saturday night against Honduras and no Michael Bradley. We have to find our character, because a tie is not good enough.

    If we lose Saturday, there needs to be a coaching change ASAP. Bob Bradley. Last night’s game looks like it was conceived by Milton Bradley.

  17. Turtle says:

    Angel – so now we know how our players and coaches rate on “turf”.

    Someone said last night about how bad we will fair againt the Confederation Cup teams. i’d like to see how they would fair in Saprissa on that turf. A team like Spain that passes well and plays beautiful soccer would be lost to find the correct weight of passes. A team like Italy would be short players by the end of the game. Not because of cards but because of foolishly believing they could defend intheir usual manor – which would result in a mash unit in that “war camp” of a stadium. Imagine Gattuso attempting to play his game there. Even pablo wouldn’t go to the ground. And Iniesta and Xavi ‘s pases would find the same results as Adu’s and Torres’ – out of bounds.

  18. it is in the game says:

    shame on you ea

  19. Andy says:

    I wrote this in the game thread but I’m going to copy and paste it here:

    You people talk about certain players “not showing anything in the final third.” I blame not one person but the entire damn team for this loss sans Tim Howard.

    There is almost never anybody moving off the ball every time I watch the US play. I just don’t understand it. There was no hustle on offense. There was no hustle on defense. Costa Rica was allowed to play the ball all over the place and then when we finally got a touch, we were smothered by opposing players.

    The reason why nothing works in the attacking third is because NOBODY IS EVER OPEN.

    Why is nobody ever open? Because nobody tries to get open. Everyone just stands next to a ****ing defender waiting for a ball to get chipped to them. (And most of the time that is chipped over their heads.)

    The United States will never be anything special until players learn how to get open and receive a god damn pass in open space.

  20. allie says:

    Wynne was horrible. He isn’t ready for the national team. He’s a good player but he just isn’t ready for the A team. Spector should have started!

  21. buzz says:

    The fact that people are blaming the coach is just laughable. The players were terrible and there was nobody on the bench or at home who would have made a difference. These are the same people that were ripping Arena, screaming that Michael Bradley was playing only becase of nepotism (those people or quiet now) or that Robbie Rogers should play or that…blah blah blah Everyone has a “better” lineup or a “better” sub and it is all BS. Guess what, you don’t know better than the coach, no matter how much time you spend on BigSoccer. If the players on the field play like crap…you generally lose. This is not on Bradley.

  22. K1p says:

    That was as complete a domination that I have seen on the pitch this year, and I coach a team of U-6’s!

    Even ignoring the slow start, the US could not get anything going much more than a few feeble runs. I too thought Torres settled down after a shaky start and I would have liked to have seen Mastroeni benched instead. I give BB credit for trying to shake things up.

    I hope Ching can go on Saturday. I think the US missed his “blue collar” work ethic up top. That is, assuming the midfield could hold the ball long enough to pass it up to him. Any word on Ching’s health?

    I also noted that DMB’s first touches were horrible. At first I blamed it on the turf, but as the night wore on, I began to see it was more or less just him. Rusty indeed.

  23. martha c says:

    Ives, any truth to the rumour that Jermaine Jones is again eligible for the USMNT due to a change made FIFA on players capped under 21 switching sides?

    Sure could use him…

    …and a real coach

  24. LolQue? says:


  25. Beto says:

    Hi guys , I saw the match and I can say that Bradley sucks , He must keep his son in the bench !! in the other hand , maybe for next saturday Honduras can get a tie from Chicago … or maybe the victory …

  26. Alex G says:

    If the Nats play like this on saturday, expect another loss, it’s a real shame to be outplayed by Costa Rica, i really can not believe it!!!, frustrating…

  27. Turtle says:

    Turf turf turf turf turf turf turf turf turf turf turf turf turf turf turf turf turf turf turf turf turf turf turf turf

    it’s not the end of the world. None of our guys are as bad as the looked last night (probably not even Wynne). there is nothing to be gained from analysing this game.

  28. Paul says:

    The outside backs were awful, forcing Boca and Gooch to scramble. Our central midfield got overwhelmed; Mastroeni played his worst MNT game in a long time. If ever this team needed someone to show some leadership, it was last night. But Donovan did little but waste free kicks and corners. And Coach Bradley, after gambling with his starting lineup, made the wrong substitution when he lifted Torres, who was arguably his best MF in the first half. Wynne is gone for now; the Beasley experiment is over until he has played some competitive games. Expect to see Hejduk and Spector on Saturday.

  29. MikeD says:

    It’s funny because I was reading BigSoccer when the lineup was announced and nearly everyone loved it. Then after the game Bradley was an idiot that got it all wrong. I didn’t mind the aggressive lineup, I justt didn’t like the fullbacks he picked.

  30. Greg Ginn says:

    Hopefully, they left Bob in Costa Rica. Awful game. Torres out? Beasley LB? full 90? WTF are you doing, BOB! idot!

    man, I thought Sampson was bad.

  31. K1p says:

    I hope you are right Turtle.

  32. mike ruze says:

    worst coached game since Arena coached the US VS. the Czech Republic in the last WC

  33. Steve says:

    Can we please stop annointing a best team in CONCACAF after every home victory amongst the big three clubs?

    US beat Mexicao so they’re best but…..

    Costa Rica beat US so they’re best but wait….

    Costa Rica lost to Mexico so…..


    Besides the name of the trophy is least likely to go three and out in the groups stage at the World Cup. Who cares?

  34. Paul from the AZ says:

    Bottom line they played scared little girls last night. There was no urgency to their play, they were caught ball watching on all 3 goals, and lacked the winning attitude it takes in pressure situations. Why did Bradley take out Torres? Yes he started poorly but the game was coming to him and he looked the most likely to influence. I do not think Wynne won one ball in the air, and Beasley tackles about as good as my 6 year old son. It takes heart to win games, and we simply did not have any last night. Okay I feel better now. We are set-up for a huge game Saturday night, let’s hope we show up.

  35. Dannyc58 says:

    We’ll never be a threat until we can win on the road. This isn’t just about Costa Rica, US Nats are pathetic on the road.

    So depressing.

  36. bud says:

    This team does not deserve a place in the World Cup finals next year. It just doesn’t.

    For a country of our size, with our resources, we should be fielding teams that are at least competitive.

    Enough of the excuses and politics, this team is hardly the 54th best team, let alone 14th (according to FIFA rankings).

  37. Al17 says:

    Table the Beasley LB experiment til the Confederations Cup.

    I’d like to see more of Torres. He was one of the few bright spots when he was in.

    Those of you screaming for Wynn in the past now understand why he didn’t get those call ups earlier. He’s far from ready.

    Mastroeni was pathetic, it’s that simple.

    Bocanegra and Onyewu were solid despite having to cover for damn nearly everyone else in the back.

    Howard wasn’t at fault on the first goal but he damn well should have done better on goals 2 & 3. Go back and look at the replays.

    I have a hard slamming the forwards considering how poorly our midfield performed. Stunned at how poorly they performed.

    Don’t blame the surface. We were pathetic.

    I’ll credit Bob with trying to make a positive change in bringing Sasha but taking Torres off was a mistake. I don’t fault Bob for the performance. The performance falls squarely on the 11 we had on the field.

    Come to think of it, last night’s match was between Costa Rica and a team of imposters called the USA.

  38. A.S. says:

    We all know why Ives gave Michael Bradley a 6: Ives is about the biggest Mikey fanboy out there. The sun shines out of Mikey’s behind, you know?

    Michael Bradley was horrific, as was the rest of the USA midfield. The fact that he wasn’t beaten (like Mastroeni on the ifrst 2 goals) was because Michael *didn’t put in any work*. At least Mastroeni was all over the field, even if he sucked (he was beaten on the left side for the first goal and on the right side for the second goal – that should tell you something). Michael Bradley did no work at all. And, as is typical for him, his passes presented no danger to the opponent whatsoever.

  39. JeffM says:

    I don’t understand why everyone is so down on Wynne. The fault on the right side of the defense lies with Dempsey, not Wynne; Costa Rica was overloading that side, and Dempsey was nowhere to be found the entire night. The second goal was just a nice combination play from Costa Rica – not much Wynne could do there.

    I’ve got no reason to make excuses for Wynne – I’m not a TFC fan or anything. But I thought he was fine, and actually defended 1 v 1 pretty well. He also did a decent job getting forward. My only compliant is that he let guys sneak in behind him on crosses too many times, but that didn’t lead to any goals.

    I also don’t understand this board’s continued love affair with Torres. He’s okay; he had some good touches, but he had some bad ones, too. I think that Americans’ love of Torres might have more about our soccer inferiority complex (we love him becuase he chose us over Mexico) and less about anything he’s done on the field to this point.

  40. Daniel says:

    As horrible as the lineup seems in hindsight, let’s admit that it sounded like an awesome idea at the time.

    I’m faulting the players for this one, not Bradley.

  41. kire says:

    spanish speakers: los gringoleados, what does it mean?

    fire bob

  42. This Guy says:


    Take a shower and cool off.

  43. brant says:

    So I’m curious where all the Marvell Wynne fanboys are today. All we heard for 3 months was “Frankie can’t play; he’s too old; he can’t cross the ball; play Wynne b/c he’s the future”

    That team needed the grit and pride that Frankie brings to the field. They might not have won with him out there, but they’d have been less embarrassing.

  44. BrewDogg says:

    The best thing that happened for the US last night is that Michael Bradley will be suspended from the next game. Am I the only one that sees he has a major case of “coach’s son lazies”? He played lazy, off his mark, never really challenged, and screwed up plenty of opportunities. As usual. The team could use a removal of all Bradley’s.
    When will Americans (MLS included) stop shooting every ball over the net. Not acceptable in international play.
    And somebody pull the trigger! Challenge one-on-one, shoot the ball, go for a 50-50. Anything!
    Not what I expect from USMNT. Something needs to change.

  45. Turtle says:

    We haven’t lost to Costa Rica in the US in WCQ since:


    In that time – including the loss – we’ve given up 2 goals. now juxtapose that with our record in CR. I once again say that “turf” is the reason for our 0-7-1 record there. Stop with the hysterics!!!!

  46. A.S. says:

    Finally, that’s the end of the 3-man midfield, right? Let’s hope.

    USA’s play rises and sinks with the play of the midfield. We need the midfield to play well defensively and to control the ball. And the 3-man midfield wasn’t getting it done. Back to 4-4-2, please!

  47. stephen says:

    Two things that jump out at me:

    This game was played in a uniquely (to most of the world) hostile environment and bad pitch.

    I think many teams throughout the world would have struggled as the US did last night, thought not as badly.

    THAT being said, and knowing it beforehand, I was HORRIFIED by the line-up Bradley threw out there. We should have been happy for, and playing for, a tie. At first I was hoping it would turn into a 4-5-1 with Donovan and Dempsey sitting back, but NO, it was a three forward strategy.

    And Wynn over Spector? Unless Spector was dinged up, can ANYONE defend that choice in any way? Especially when most would agree we should have erred on the side of conservative selections in an away game against a good team???

    While not overly enthused about Bob Bradley previously, I thought him competent. This was the first time I really thought he was in over his head, complete lack of good judgement.

    I think we will see a completely different performance from this team on Saturday, though. Home sweet Home.

  48. Steve says:

    OK everyone step away from the edge.

    The expected result should ahve always been a loss last night. Everyone got a little over optimistic yesterday.

    Saturday is a huge game becasue w/o a win your are staring three straight losses in the face. The team has a history of regrouping after road losses but they need to be careful.

    No more experimenting on the backline. Spector(if healthy he wasn’t in 18 last night), Gooch, Boca and Demerit or Bornstein has to be the call there.

    Midfield has to be Rico over Mastro, Torres, Donvan and Beasley.

    Up front pick three Jozy, Clint, Chinger.

    The biggest thing I saw last night is that the US team can ABSOLUTELY use Torres in its starting 11. Now if only Bob could see it…..

  49. Mike Caramba says:

    I have a hard time calling this formation 4-3-3. It’s a 4-5-1, in my book…the same “4-3-3″ Rongen played in the last U-20 WC. Put Ching up top, take Mastroeni out…that 4-4-2 is more of an attacking formation than this “adventurous” 4-5-1…probably would have been slightly more effective, too.

  50. Ed says:

    “spanish speakers: los gringoleados, what does it mean?

    fire bob

    Posted by: kire | June 04, 2009 at 10:35 AM”

    It’s a play on words, they added two of them together:

    gringo = white guy +
    goleados = goal fest

  51. N-Whit says:

    As much as it pains me to say, Beasley was awful. Didn’t the U.S. learn its lesson when we experimented with Eddie Lewis at left back? Wynne wasn’t much better. And why was Spector left off the roster? Why was Torres taken out at half? Some of Coach Bradley’s choices seem to defy logic.

  52. Mike Caramba says:

    *Note – I’m obviously not saying Ching could have started…just saying that I don’t think this was truly a super-attacking formation…and that it was less offensive than a standard 4-4-2.

  53. Pumas Fan says:

    Why do we train at sea level for games at altitude? Did any U.S. player even attempt a sliding tackle on that rock hard turf? I don’t blame them, turf burn is nasty stuff. I think the early goal got them shell shocked and the bad turf made them play less aggressive defensively (ie., no sliding tackles). Let’s see if they can play cohesively against Honduras – if not, coaching change. Bring up Conor Casey for some more physical attack and Zak Whitbread for some extra D.

  54. The one and only Mighty says:

    Bottom line is that after last night game… i am a firm believer that we need another coach.

    NO way in the world you go out at half time and not come back motivated to play…

    This dudes came back flat!!!!!

    Everyone was bad….. They didn’t show heart… i mean Altidore showed some heart… Davids also did.. but the rest… it was like they left their hearts away… Costa Rica didn’t beat us… they rocked us… and im not sure the US can beat Honduras on Saturday…. that’s bottom line… we need a coach.

    And you think we getting out of the group and our next tournament. (confederation cup) No wayyy not with this team .

  55. Nicholas says:

    One thing I notice is that we don’t advance the ball through the midfield. We clear to the forwards and then it’s up to them to make a great play until they get help.

  56. Mike Caramba says:

    One positive:

    I’m really pleased that people aren’t relying on the old extreme-difficulty-of-CONCACAF-World-Cup-Qualifiers crutch. It’s a road game. Obviously it’s harder than home. But it doesn’t excuse poor play. Hopefully we can learn and rebound from this.

  57. MikeD says:

    Bradley wasn’t great, but I thought his passing in the attacking end was one of the few bright spots of the game. He found Wynne in space a few times and almost sent him through on goal with a nice lofted pass over the defense. He was the only one willing to at least try something more than the basic pass. He did give the ball away cheaply a few times and did not defend as well as normal, but there are probably 5 or 6 others that I’d look to blame before him, but he’s the coach’s son, which will enrage people until Bradley Sr is gone. Bradley Sr. will eventually be gone and Michael will still be playing every game because he’s the best all-around midfielder we have. I would like to see a midfield of Torres/Edu/Bradley when everyone is healthy.

  58. Turtle says:

    Turf turf turf turf turf turf turf turf turf

    USA v CR in the US = 8-0-1 since 1985 (last time the beat us here). And weren’t we great back in ’85? That’s also the year we last beat them in CR. Oh and they played on “grass” back then.

  59. Jack of Hearts says:

    Torres was clearly the best player on the pitch last night and bradley takes him out, wynne did look lost but this shouldnt be the end for him, this is how you learn. Mastroeni was an absolute joke, and people who are rico clark haters at least have to admit he will run hard all night and definatly get stuck in unlike the pathetic pablo. And bradley has to find a way to get the fulham form out of dempsey because he is a completely diff player for fulham than the US.

  60. Turtle says:

    oops…we tied them not beat them.

  61. HIncha Tim says:


    I think you overrated Bradley, Mastroeni and Donovan a bit. Donovan did nothing and as you pointed out blew prime chances on free kicks, which should rate him lower and Bradley provided nothing in the midfield. Mastroeni was truly awful, he got his pants handed to him on that first goal.

    Torres was by far the best player in the first half and I think you underrated him a bit. He showed some real poise and flair. I couldn’t believe it when Bradley took him out. I would like to see him in the central-playmaking role.

  62. tough loss. we should’ve played better. lets make it up saturday. enough said.

  63. JD says:

    Anyone have thoughts on Davies? I liked his fire, speed, and control under pressure. However, his elbows are flying all over the place and he seems to have a mean streak that would result in cards in a tightly officiated game.

  64. BellusLudas says:

    This result lays squarely on Bob Bradley’s shoulders but everyone should take a breath and try to figure out what he was thinking. Bob is a SMART guy and a good coach. I for one believe that Bob knew that he had two very difficult games nearly back to back and felt he had to pick one to win as our player pool still isn’t deep enough. He chose to win at home and experiment away. Yes, the experiment got ugly, but at least he got answers. Beas and Wynne should be done! More Freddy, Torres & Davies!

  65. John says:

    It was certainly embarassing, but everything that could have gone wrong went wrong last night. They let in an early goal and that was all she wrote.

    It will not be time to panic unless the US lays an egg and doesn’t beat Honduras. I’m not saying that I’m not nervous about Saturday, but there will be no excuses then if they get beaten at home. I don’t care who doesn’t play and I don’t care who what the crowd mix is. I don’t care that Honduras is rested adn the US is not. If you can’t beat Hondurus at home, you suck, plain and simple.

  66. Dennis says:

    I thought that Freddy Adu looked better that Ives is giving him credit for. I thought that the team looked more dangerous with him out there. Considering how unimaginative and toothless the team looked for most of the game, I think that the attributes that Adu can provide (attacking skill and creativity) are in high demand.

    He should see more playing time.

  67. Adam M. says:

    First, let’s all take a deep breath and remember that even Brazil and Argentina have had recent trouble winning on the road against the weakest nations in their region. Then we can all lament the obvious fact that the U.S. simply doesn’t have the talent — any talent, including at manager — that can be considered world class outside of Tim Howard, so results like these shouldn’t be a surprise. We looked bad because we aren’t that good and we were on the road in a place where we never win. Has the U.S. progressed? Yes, but not materially and not consistently.

  68. chan says:

    I agree with Andy. I was yelling at the TV for CR’s third goal. Why did the defence just stand around and look at a guy running in the box? The US looked out of it; they have to be able to bounce back after an early goal (or even two). Honduras is a must-win on Saturday.

  69. John L says:

    Horrific performance by the U.S. but Costa Rica did not play that much better when they played in Mexico. For Costa Rica to be considered the best in CONCAFAC, they really have to do much more than just beat the U.S. in their home park. They need to win games on the road as well. Right now there is no King. Let’s see how the Ticos do against T&T. Wynne, Beasley and Mastroeni were simply terrible. Right now, the U.S. has some issues, but should get a result in Chicago. If they do not, B.B. should be given the pink slip after the Confederations Cup or Gold Cup. B.B.’s substitution choices and how he manages time seem to be always in question.I agree with John 100%

  70. Rastafari says:

    goleados = conedrill

  71. Ja Ja James says:

    I’m still upset with the match results, but…

    1.Do think Torres regrets not deciding to play for Mexico? It seems he is the only American player with the ability to hold and distribute the ball. Not fancy, but efficient. His defense can be improved, but once he calmed down, his skill was evident. Each time I see him play, I am more impressed. Apparently silent Bob is seeing something different.

    2.DMB-I am one of many that believed moving DMB to left back would be a great idea. My only question is, was his performance due to a lack of playing time with his club or is it just part of his continued decline?

    3.I give silent Bob credit for being aggressive with his line-up. To borrow a football term, it is easy to “Monday Morning Quarterback” his line-up and formation decision. But as a coach you have got to believe in your players and yesterday the players did not believe in themselves. With that said, silent Bob has to be more critical of his players and look at players who are in-form and playing with their club despite their past WC inexperience. IMHO, the US has very few automatics.

    4.As ugly as this was, this was a good thing. This reaffirmed a few things in my mind. The US plays better with a chip on its shoulder. We are not good enough to yet to play toe-to-toe against teams with true skill thus the need to play more defensively against these types of teams. We have some players who have the ability and desire, but they need to be given the chance (Torres, Davies, Altidore).

    5.Lastly, in the excuse department, I will ignore the pitch issues. Instead, we need to cut the team and silent Bob a little slack and look at the lack of team cohesion being a result of players arriving late to camp (although I’m sure the Tico’s had the same issue). With only three or four days with his players, all the coach can do is stress some fundamental tactics and ideas and select the line-up. We all know the US is capable of playing much better, but we are not Spain, and will not be for quite a few years.

    Apologies for the long post. I do however, feel much better now. 😉

  72. Fulham Pete says:

    I think this game needs to be broken down three ways, with a preface…

    I don’t think the lineup was the issue. Bradley put the best talent on the field, in the positions he thought they would best help the team. As a coach of a different, but similarly intricate sport, I get that. Keep in mind, the players NOT available for this match: Edu, Cherundolo, Hey Dude, Ching, Spector. So, who ELSE are we going to put on the field? DeMerit? Adu? Kljestan? Any of the other ghosts on the bench? (Recalling the ESPN shot of the bench…only recognized Adu…and I’ve been paying attention.) I don’t think so.

    1. The field was made of plastic and rubber. Anytime a soccer ball has spin and then bounces on that pitiful excuse for a carpet it will grip the ground more with more friction than grass, and will react VERY differently than a player growing up on natural turf would expect. I saw that result on about 80% of our long passes to the front.

    2. The last time the US played a 4-3-3…? I haven’t been following THAT long, but I think it was before Jozy was born. No practice with that formation led to the devastating first 15 minutes. My feeling that Torres was the most damaging player on the turf for US is based in those 15 minutes. BOTH early goals were a result of players dealing with covering for a confused Torres.

    3. The US players looked afraid to get rug burns, or play in any kind of physical manner. And when they did start to get physical, they still refused to go to ground, and couldn’t deal with the tackiness of the field, so they got yellowed.

    Anyway, my $0.02 worth.

    Be Champions…particularly on Saturday.

  73. g-loff says:

    There were a ton of negatives last night, so instead of dwelling on them, I wanted to point out a few positive things I saw.

    M. Bradley: I personally thought he was the best player out there over the course of the game. His passing has gotten much better, as has his composure on the ball. He sent in several quick, splitting through balls, and had some nice combinations with Wynne and Jozy. Yes, he made a few bad turnovers, but he usually won the ball right back afterward.

    Torres: Slow start, but he picked it up. He is definitely not a very physical defender, and playing on the same side as Run DMB hurt him. He did show good composure on the ball and nice vision later in the first half.

    Jozy: I thought he did a pretty good job of taking the ball out of the air and either trying to flick it on if someone was running through, or turn (had a couple of real nice turns) and take the ball to the corner of the 18 if no one was with him. He did a good job of drawing fouls by making the defender have to go through him to get the ball.

    Again, plenty of negatives to talk about, but these were a few good things I saw.

  74. TimN. says:

    As an aside, I wish people would preview and edit their posts BEFORE posting…some of the comments here aren’t even understandable.

    Moving along…Beasley was a poor, poor, really incomprehensible decision. Why are we starting a guy that has seen little to no action with his club, and who has had recent poor MNT performances??!

    Why pull Torres, arguably the one midfielder who was actually being productive? The only thing I can think is that BB was viewing last night’s result as a foregone conclusion, and was resting Torres for Saturday’s game.

    Marvelle Wynne…why?????

    I won’t fault the 4-3-3 formation. It was a bit of a gamble, but I certainly do not think it had much to do with our loss. We marked poorly in the defense, which would have four guys across the back anyway in our more traditional 4-4-2 or 4-5-1 sets.

    Field conditions were obviously poor. That surface should not be allowed by FIFA, and I think in the future the US and other CONCACAF teams should raise that issue with them.

    At this juncture, the team needs to simply put that abysmal performance behind them and re-group for what is now a crucial match with Honduras. We need to get the 3 points at home.

  75. Ives says:

    Folks, I’ll be the first to admit that I hate doing grades on a match I haven’t watched at least once on TV (watching live is actually tougher because of everything that can go on with being at a live game). That said, here’s something that might help people understand ome of the grades.

    The amount of time played is factored into a player grade, which explains why Torres didn’t get a higher grade. He played 45 minutes. Same would apply to someone like Adu, who played less than 30 minutes.

    As for my grades for last night, I probably should have given Michael Bradley a 5.5 because of his hand in the third goal, but the fact remains Beasley was once-again caught out of position, leaving Bradley and Co. to deal with a speedy attacker coming down the flank. Torres looked good for the final 20-25 minutes of the first half, but he struggled badly before that. That, and his short appearance, is why I gave him the grade I did.

  76. lprevolution says:

    Turf. Bad tackling. Why? FIFA why?

    MW just looks too awkward. The dude needs some yoga to balance himself out so that he can utilize his core strength more. He’s all shoulders and quads.

    PM should have been taken outafter 25 for RC, DB put at the LH, and CB at the LB, LD at RH and CD to the DBF behind JA. Subbing for FT with SK was a bad idea due to confidence especially if it was BB idea to put in another skill player like FA who plays a lot like FT.

    I want JK in the USA even if he wants control of the youth program. By-by BB!

    BB coaches like an AH and F SG

  77. yankiboy says:

    This team does not deserve a place in the World Cup finals next year. It just doesn’t.

    For a country of our size, with our resources, we should be fielding teams that are at least competitive.

    Enough of the excuses and politics, this team is hardly the 54th best team, let alone 14th (according to FIFA rankings).

    Posted by: bud


    The FIFA ranking is a joke. I agree with you on that one.

    I completely disagree with you on “we don’t deserve to qualify. The qualification process wasn’t set up by us. it was set by FIFA. If we qualify then we “deserve” go there and get bounced from the group stage like we did last time.

    Unless we freaking improve.

  78. John says:

    i hate how they can call us “gringos” with no problem, but if we call them “spics” it’s racist.

  79. Matt says:

    Bradley should be fired for his team selection alone. He is just another Arena, no idea how to play in tough games or what players to put out on the field. That line-up was the worst in many years. Wynne, Mastroeni, Altidore shouldn’t be out there. Altidore hasn’t played in two months…come on! Mastroeni just flat out blows for USMNT and MLS. Spector should have started at right back. 4-4-2 is the better set-up for this group of guys. Bring on Klinsmann now!

  80. The one and only Mighty says:

    John YOu Racist dude!!!!!!

  81. Eric says:

    I’d say that the game was pretty amazing. Man, Costa Rica played beautifully. I for one am so glad that other CONCACAF teams are stepping it up. We need it. It was frustrating and hard to watch our team’s tactics, but man…OUCH!!

    With the crowd, the pitch, and the early goal, only a few players looked like they had the mentality to win. Torres, Bradley, and Altidore.

    Our tactics failed. Overlapping runs from our outside backs, Donovan and Dempsey pinching in, conservative movement in the midfield…

    With Saprissa’s football educated crowd pouncing on every mistake and pinpointing shaky or unaware players, I’m glad we took one on the chin…they need to step it up.

  82. yankiboy says:

    “spanish speakers: los gringoleados, what does it mean?

    Posted by: kire


    What Ed said except that a gringo doesn’t necessarily have to be a white guy; in a lot of countries it means any Yank, US citizen.

    “Goleando” is a form of “golear”. It is slang for getting lit up, scored on a lot, routed. Abused. You get the picture.

    Personally, I don’t think that it was “witty”; I think that it was pretty stupid–beyond corny and God knows that we couldn’t do the equivalent here trying to be clever, incorporating their nationality in the byline–at least not in any respectable sort of press; too many people would be complaining about it being “racist”.

    They kicked our @@@. To the victor go the spoils. Still think the last byline was beyond an embarrsment.

    Much respect to the Ticos. They were clearly the better side last night.

  83. wally says:

    usnmt played with no organization or understanding, while CR played great team soccer. the first goal looked like a result of miscommunication btw torres, beasly and mastro, who perhaps were on the field together for the first time.

    wynn and dempsey had NO understanding on the right- their spacing was terrible and were often were standing next to each other high up on the field. The back line was not in the shape of a line and only gooch (our best player of the night I thought) covering so much ground prevented a 5-1 result.

    Perhpas it was a one game saprissa anomoly, or perhaps we need ROY HODGSON for USMNT Coach!!!!!!

  84. Xander Crews says:

    If I see or hear one more person blaming the result of yeserday’s game on the turf, I’ll reach through my computer screen and rip that person’s fingers off. It wasn’t the fact that we were playing on turf that caused us to lose, it was because we were TOTALLY unprepared to play under those conditions. And that’s on the coach for not giving his team the best tools to do the job.

    Once again, Bradley failed on two counts: not putting the proper 11 out there, and not having adequately prepared the guys he did have on the field. Let’s face it: Bradley’s an MLS coach. Can we please stop pretending and get a coach with international experience in here?

  85. yankiboy says:

    i hate how they can call us “gringos” with no problem, but if we call them “spics” it’s racist.

    Posted by: John


    I understand your point but “gringo” is not ALWAYS perjorative. The “s” word is always an insult.

    I hear what you are saying and I feel you on a double standard but the two terms are not equal.

    It’s like being called a Yank. Or a Yankee.

    We refer to ourselves as Yanks but if someone see somefone from the US while they are abroad and says “Yankee go ****** home”. Like when Northerners in this country are down South. They will refer to the Northerners as Yankees but it is not ALWAYS with venom.

    I get what you are saying loud and clear. I already wrote about the issue that i took with the byline but the example that you gave is not exactly equal. it may be similar but there is venom that comes with the “s” word.

  86. Kizz says:

    Your friendly reality check is back in the building. Excuses galore from all you US fans as always and no credit to Costa Rica for playing better. No class, give credit when it is due.
    Oh it was the turf, oh it was the coaching, oh it was the WHATEVER!
    YOU GOT SMASHED, OUTPLAYED and OUTCLASSED and now you are second in Concacrap. Live with it and stop this delusion that your team is something they are not.
    Confederations Cup; your boys are 0-3! lol

  87. Joe B. says:

    I wouldn’t be so harsh on Wynne, I thought he was aiight for the way how the game was going. I think he didn’t do worse than any of his more senior teammates in defense. Personally I think he and Torres were two of maybe four players who looked like they wanted to do something out there. What I hope to hear from Ives, Chang etc., is that they need to re-evaluate this idea that a player who doesn’t even make the game-day squad on his team–in a different position–in Europe can play left back, but guys who play left back as starters week in and week out in MLS would be a little risky. I thought it would be tough to win this game, but this was USA vs. Czech Republic in 2006 all over again. Mainly because of that really bad choice to put Beasley in the Back, we were down 2-0 in 15 minutes, and had to chase the game. If it didn’t work with Lewis–and he was playing–why do it with Beas? Hey, I credit Beasley, the coach called on him and he gave it his best, but Beasley is an attacker who tracks back better than anyone else, not a defender. Period. Also, what, really, what is wrong with putting Marshall, Parkhurst, or others in CD with Onyewu and slotting Bocanegra in the LB position, WHERE HE BELONGS? All other talk about midfield this, passing this or attacking third that is moot until we take care of this problem!

    And I like BB, but he got it wrong. If SAF can get it wrong last week with Barca, the talking heads out there need to hit it home that Bob screwed up majorly!

  88. CSD says:

    Rank the players how ever you want it is your blog. It is our job to give you crap. Would it really be enjoyable for anyone involved if you ranked the players and we all said “awesome you are exactly right”?


    We always lose to Costa Rica in Costa Rica. Playing on green concrete poses some unique challenges, that would be hard for any country to over come. We will still qualify I don’t care all that much that we lost last night.

    If you have a problem with the FIFA rankings go to FIFA web site and figure out where they are derived from instead of just babbling on like an ill informed ignorant ESPN sportscaster trying to kill time.

  89. CSD says:

    “Can we please stop pretending and get a coach with international experience in here?”

    I heard Sven was available.

  90. Jose A. V. says:

    GRINGOLEADOS We will see when they come to the U.S. Hopefully USMNT takes this picture and post it on their lockerooms.

  91. KCB says:

    Because I selfishly feel this is worth posting again:

    Alright, my thoughts.

    Forget Costa Rica, the asphalt pitch, “The Cauldron of Doom” and all that stuff. Why did the US loss so badly?

    The US Nats HAVE NO CHARACTER! Flat, boring, uninspiring football, er… soccer. This has marred the Bob Bradley era. We have 10 robots on the field every match (not counting Howard). The organization and positioning are decent, but outside of Freddy Adu and Charlie Davies last night, the Nats were anti-creative, predictable, and slow.

    I sum it up in this quote I once heard (loosely translated) “When the US learns that we’re playing football here, not soccer, then they will become a true World Cup contender.”

    Last night was the first time the US were truly exposed for this fact. We beat Mexico on a set piece and a goalkeeping gaf, we scrapped by El Salvador on a couple crosses, and trounced T&T because of their worthless defense an Jozy’s effort and well timed runs. But Costa Rica exposed the US Nats lack of character, something the US needs to find in South Africa this summer or the return trip in Summer of 2010 will be one to forget.

  92. Angelo says:

    i was surprised by Altidore, Michael Bradley, Wynn hurt the team, and so did Beasley in the defense which was disastrous. Not enough touches for Donovan to control the attack…

    But Charlie Davies and Altidore i thought has the most potential and were the best of the night. Where was Maurice Edu btw ?
    Someone tell me why wasn’t a 4-4-2 used ? its the best formation in the game…especially for defense which was needed in Costa Rica. After this game, i hate costa rican fans with a passion…Lets just forget this and get a win in the Chi.

  93. green says:

    So let’s see. . .

    Donovon up top in the center.

    Jozy and Clint up top as wingers = no defensive cover.

    Three CMs trying to cover the width of the midfield — the best of which removed at the half — leaving our backs completely exposed.

    Spector not dressing, but a technically weak and unproven guy gets the start.

    DMB at LB = fail. Glad we found out now at least.

    I don’t know how I can blame the players that much here. Bob set this team up to fail before the whistle blew. More of the square pegs, round holes analogy here. Why is he playing guys out of position, and setting them up for failure, without the time to work on such a system? He had how many days with the whole team? 3? Seems like he had no idea what to do once Ching was out.

    It should be an interesting four games coming up. I can’t wait to see what Bob is going to do facing this run.

  94. Nelson Mandela says:

    USA did not play a 4-3-3. I agree with other posters, it was more 4-5-1. Altidore was up front on an island all evening. Never once did Dempsey or Landy make runs for Jozy when he was able to get the ball.

    Also, I agree the back 4 should be Gooch, Boca, Spector and DeMerit. Let the runs come from the middies and leave the defense organized.

    USA misses a Claudio Reyna-type player. No one organizes the midfield and/or controls the tempo of the game like he did. Landy would be much more valuable to the MNT if he could learn this role.

    Both Bradleys are crap…

  95. nyc says:

    It strikes me that there are two kinds of workrate, offensive and defensive.

    Mastroeni (or a better example, Mascherano) works hard to break up plays and be in the right place for plays to never develop. In doing a solid job, these guys disappear from
    our TV screens.

    What we saw last night is that DMB works hard to get into positions to receive the ball (odd, I know, for someone with his first touch) which gets him on TV a lot. But all game, especially on the 3rd goal, it put him out of position to play solid defensively.

  96. Jose A. V. says:

    Will have some TICOLEADOS when they come en play us here.

  97. Nate says:

    As a Wynne detractor, he exceeded my expectations last night (admittedly very low). His one on one play was better than I expected. It was his positioning off the ball and immediately after his mark passed the ball that could really use some work. It left his man open time and time again. I don’t expect that type of mistake so frequently at this level.

    Also, Torres substitution was a bit odd. On a field where there was such a need for more off the ball running, he stood out for seeking the ball. JeffM – the attraction of Torres is that there is a potential for a possession player with a bit of incisiveness to his distribution (something Sacha was supposed to provide). It’s still only a promise but looks good so far.

  98. Mike Caramba says:

    @Kizz. I would say 95% of the posts are about how terribly we played. We aren’t accusing anyone of cheating. We aren’t blaming the refs. We’re being honest in saying, “we can’t expect to be a winning team if we continue to play like this.” Nothing wrong with that. No shame.

    It’s funny that I keep reading about the USA falling from the top spot in CONCACAF. Really? One bad road game does this? I think until Costa Rica wins in Mexico and the US, the US wins in Costa Rica and Mexico, or Mexico wins in the US and Costa Rica, no team can truly claim to be the power of CONCACAF.

    And another thing. I may not be able to take pride in my team being the best in the world, but I am able to take pride in being a real fan. I don’t turn my nose up at the US’/MLS’ less-than-glorious brands of soccer. The US is my time. The MLS is my league. Spain will never be that for me; nor will the English Premier League. Have fun being a “real” Man U fan and following “your” Brazilian National Team.

  99. EA says:


    While I normally don’t feed the trolls….

    What are Costa Rica’s plans for the Confederations Cup?

    Are there bars that will show all of their games?

    How do they project against Italy or Brazil?

    What’s that? They didn’t even get out of the quarterfinals of the last Gold Cup, and have to watch THE USA on TV?


    Hope you enjoy it.

    Good luck in finishing 3rd or 4th in the region like always.

    Let us know when there’s another actual accomplishment, other than beating the US in a burned out warehouse that doubles as a soccer stadium.

  100. Art says:

    Several factors:

    1) Playing on a pitch that FIFA probably “approved” just to have a game going. This pitch was the worst ever. Seeing that ball bounce while rolling and getting away from players really played to Costa Rica’s advantage. I’ll bet even a strong European team would’ve struggled here. Bring on the game on USA soil where a real pitch can be used!

    2) Bradley’s weird/horrible/what is he thinking decisions…I understand giving youth and different formations a chance, but in an environment where the USA has never won?! Wynne at rightback instead of the more experienced Spector who plays in the PREMIER LEAGUE! Beasley at leftback instead of Bornstein who has less experience but is ACTUALLY HAD PLAYING TIME during the past months! What’s next? Oh yeah, Sasha for Torres, who was probably the most COMPOSED PLAYER ON THE FIELD! I know Bradley wanted to shake it up but common sense tells you that you do not take out players who are playing well. Mastroeni should’ve been out a long time before that. His experience can no longer make up for his bad decisions. He should be a benchplayer now. Hmmmm, let me see, why was Clark not in there, or why was Feilhaber not on the squad? Feilhaber has played himself back into contention lately. I hope Bradley knows what he is doing because this is international soccer, not club soccer!

    3) Davies should’ve been put into the game sooner. His speed and pace may have helped alot more if given more time.

    4)Michael Bradley should’ve been taken out. He looked tired late in the game when beaten for that 3rd goal. Daddy Bradley needs to pay attention more. I know he probably trusts his son who is a good talent, but hey, the guy was simply tired and was forced to hustle longer then he should have.

    5) Costa Rica simply wanted it more and took advantage of the nasty, crappy field conditions. The USA still can get back in the driver’s seat but needs to work on these slow starts where they have to recompose to quickly. The Mexico game was a good example of what they can do when their heads are fully in the game and they are ready.

  101. Mike Caramba says:

    Edit: “…my *team”

  102. Erik says:

    It was a terrible night for the USA Team but why is it all doom and gloom? They lost by the same score last time and not many teams win in Costa Rica anyway. What did everyone expect?

    Beasley is NOT a left back. We had how many players on the field who hadn’t played for months? This is why we lost. Donovan should have been up front on his own and Altidore, the hero, should have been sitting on his can on the bench. He wasn’t match ready and there’s a reason he hasn’t played any games this season. HE’S LAZY. Look how damn slow he is to get to anything, how he never wins a ball in the air…

    I am sure we will beat Honduras easily and when Costa Rica comes back through the States we destroy them like we usually do. No big deal last night, just a bad game.

  103. hdtv says:

    i question bradley even more now. first – spector not playing? does he need to start for manchester united or real madrid before he’ll get a look from the US? if you get any PT on any EPL team you pretty much should be guaranteed a starting spot on the US squad, especially when it’s a top 10 team, you play regularly, and your manager just extended your contract because of your talent.
    bradley basically disguised a 4-4-2 on paper by saying it was a 4-3-3. he probably just wanted to give off the vibe that he was trying to play more attacking football, but it just morphed into a 4-3-3 as torres slid to LM and dempsey to RM. 1 – torres is not an outside midfielder, feilhaber struggled the same way when bradley tried to play him out there. 2 – though bradley has improved a lot he still is more of a defender and needs to be partnered with a ball control player (torres, donova, feil, etc.), not a destroyer like mastro because we can’t hold possession like that. here’s the lineup i’d like to see

    altidore – davies (perfect combo of size and speed, and davies is the most in form forward we have and played well last night)
    dempsey – torres – bradley (i know he’s out so replace with mastro/edu/rico) – donovan
    spector/pearce/boca – boca/demerit – gooch – spector/wynne

    basically a 4-1-3-2 with bradley playing the mascherano role – break up the other team but still link well with the offense.

  104. yankiboy says:

    No class, give credit when it is due.

    Oh it was the turf, oh it was the coaching, oh it was the WHATEVER!

    YOU GOT SMASHED, OUTPLAYED and OUTCLASSED and now you are second in Concacrap. Live with it and stop this delusion that your team is something they are not.

    Confederations Cup; your boys are 0-3! lol

    Posted by: Kizz

    Uh, Kizz–you must have missed my post or were your gloating so much that you just ignored it and want to run some smack?

    What part of the following comments made just 11 or so minutes before yours did you not understand???

    “They kicked our @@@. To the victor go the spoils.

    Much respect to the Ticos. They were clearly the better side last night”

    How much more did I need to break it down???

    Just curious, Bro.

  105. HokieFutbol says:

    Hey guys,

    I know that this may be a bit of stretch considering everyone else was gassed at this point, but I thought that Davies brought some real imagination to the attack. What about this lineup for Saturday considering these guys are all healthy enough to go?






    I think we all agree that Wynne and DMB looked terrible. I don’t care what anyone says about the other players being beaten on the first goal. DMB was 100% to blame with his turnover which led to a fast attack. That’s why I started from scratch on fullbacks. I’m not sure about Edu’s availability, but Pablo was AWFUL last night, and I never want to see him on the USMNT starting line-up again. I will chalk Donovan’s TERRIBLE free kicks to just a bad night or trying to do too much. Also, I thought Altidore played in sort of a Ching mold as he was often able to hold the ball up or draw fouls. He also added some limited imaginative play that I think Davies could play well off of. I might be reaching with this line-up, but that effort last night made me vomit. What do you guys think? Also, if Hedjuk’s injury is ok put him in instead.

  106. adam says:

    We need a coach that can get 110% out of each player in the correct position.

    Sadly, Bob Bradley is no the man.

  107. sam says:

    anyone think Torres was rocked/concussed from that ball in the face from Bease?

  108. Danny says:

    I knew the U.S were going to play bad against Costa Rica…I mean all their WC Qual. road games were so ugly to watch, and to be fair they only picked up points because the other teams were worse then the U.S…As Qual. goes on the U.S were going to face some real top competition on the road and yesterday they finally got it…We were so bad and it’s sad to say that our first shot on goal was in the 86min…Hopefully the boys rebound on Saturday against Honduras

  109. yankiboy says:

    “It was a terrible night for the USA Team but why is it all doom and gloom? They lost by the same score last time and not many teams win in Costa Rica anyway. What did everyone expect?”



    Bro, I didn’t expect a butt whooping, a subpar performance. I didn’t expect to get routed after taking the “A” side.

    As you might recall, the last time, we had already secured a World Cup spot and we sent a “B” team. I didn’t like it, but I understood it. Last night was a debacle.

    A lot of people have a lot of questions after thar performance and rightly so.

    If they win on Saturday, then there will still be questions to be answered but that was the worst US Sr. MNT performance that I have had the misfortune to watch in about 12 years or so.

  110. A.S. says:

    I find all of the Torres love here ridiculous. He is composed on the ball and makes nice passes sometimes, but he is not a good defensive player. Especially in the beginning of the game, he looked like he didn’t know what he was doing out there defensively. On the first goal, while I was shocked the Mastroeni was beaten, at least he was there (on the left side of the field, even though he was playing on the right) and made the effort. Torres was simply standing there watching Mastroeni after Torres was beaten. Not good. To me, that was the reason he was taken out of the game at half.

    As I said above, all of the midfielders had shocking games. None played well defensively. At least Mastroeni seemed to know what he was doing and was working – even if he played like crap. The other two midfielders… not so much.

  111. yankiboy says:


    Worst Sr. US MNT WCQ performance in the last 12 years–I wasn’t referring to France 98 or the US-Czech Republic group stage match in 06 (sorry for having to pick that scab again).

  112. Andy says:

    So can anyone explain to me why the US can never move off the ball in any way whatsoever? I just see a stagnant play with no life, no movement, nothing. Nobody ever getting open to receive a pass.

    Some of you complain about “horrible passing” from some players. While yes, it is there. It would help if said players ever had anyone to pass to besides back to a defender or back to Tim Howard just so he can kick it long, and then we lose the ball.

  113. nico says:

    I agree with turtle, the US is at a huge disadvantage playing on an artificial surface 😉

  114. Isaac says:






    More midfield = more possession = more chances for our creative players.






    Im not sure on the status of Hejduk , but, if he’s not good to go, Spector could play, which I’ve wanted to see for a while now. With this we develop a bit more of a destroyer presence out wide, and while Bocanegra and Spector are somewhat stay-at-home full backs( although Spector seems to be able to play both types of full back) The distribution and crispness of passing out of the back will be great.

    For either formation we could see Mastroeni or Edu in place of Clark, but I’d much rather see Rico get a chance; we’re missing a central midfielder (other than Bradley) with his energy, soccer IQ, and athleticism.

  115. Pat says:

    This match was lost when BB decided on a 4-3-3 and this lineup that included two guys who haven’t played a meaningful match in months, a guy who makes Frankie Hejduk look like a lockdown defender, and basically had one midfielder defending (who was awful).

    I’m not saying they should have won the game at all, especially in Saprissa, but BB gave them no chance.

  116. Javier says:

    The U.S. played terrible, absolutely terrible. If the U.S. can’t win games in Saprissa, or Azteca, or El Salvador then how can they possibly expect to win games in Europe or elsewhere against true world class opponents. It’s time to stop making excuses for this team. The pitch is the pitch and the Costa Rican’s had to play on the same field. The U.S. sucked and the players and coach must each share the blame.

    Marvell Wynne is awful. He has speed but he has no ball handling skills. He makes bad decisions and keeps giving up the ball.

    Beasley, a midfielder, is played at left back and he sucked at it. He hasn’t been playing for Rangers so Bradley put’s him as a left back for a game the U.S. needs at least a tie. WTF?

    Altidore, who has not been playing, starts at forward, and kept putting his head down on 50-50 balls. At times he looked lost, just plain lost. I’m a big supporter of this kid but he was bad and I want the best for him. I think he may end up a great forward some day, but last night he was terrible.

    I came into this game 30 minutes into it and was surprised to hear they were playing with 3 forwards because I could only see Altidore playing forward.

    There was no creativity, no hustle, no good ball movement, no passing, nothing from the players. They were “the best” we had and last night I think a bottom level USL team could have beat them (no offense to the USL).

    Bob Bradley, it’s time to go. He made absolutely terrible coaching decisions. He starts two players in Altidore and Beasley that are getting no playing time with their teams. He starts a right back with no skills, Wynne. He starts a mediocre midfielder on the downside of his career, Mastroeni. He starts a midfielder at left back, Beasley, when he has a true defender and left back sitting on the bench. He takes off one of the few players that is playing well at halftime, Torres. He brings on a player at halftime that isn’t playing for his club team, Adu. I’ve been a supporter of Bob Bradley for a long time even if my support has been wavering since Copa America. Now I think it’s time for him to go. A new coach has to be brought in that is going to light a fire under these guys and has a better eye for talent, and that can make better coaching decisions. Bradly clearly isn’t cutting it and last night he showed all his weaknesses as a coach. He is a mediocre coach, coaching a mediocre team.

    I can’t believe the players I saw on the field last night were the best this nation has. If this is the best we have be prepared to be blown out of the confederations and world cup. Because the U.S. team sucked last night.

    The U.S.National Team is a mediocre team at best. Being on top of CONCACAF,as were until last night, is nothing but bragging rights. Last night we showed we can win on the road in CONCACAF. Before we have aspirations of advancing in a World Cup let alone winning one, we need to start beating teams like Costa Rica in Saprissa, Mexico in Azteca, and South American teams like Argentina, and Brazil. The U.S. isn’t there yet. The players, at least the one that played last night, and the coach aren’t the ones that are going to take us there.

  117. jspot says:

    wipe dirt off, stand up, play saturday.

    That said, if we lose to Hondorus… HIRE KLINSMAN!

  118. TimN. says:


    I love guys like you who come on these boards and troll…Let me guess, your a Brazil fan for international play and Man U is your club team, or is Barcelona, or is it Inter Milan?? Gee, that takes a lot of “daring.” People like you are a complete joke!

  119. dantheblue says:

    I am ready to VOMIT. They, my boys, make me SICK. I normally don’t attack the coach because it is the responsibility of the players to execute the game plan (which they DID NOT). But BB’s decision to pull TORRES, the best freaking player on the pitch for the US is unbelievably UNACCEPTABLE. Putting Beasley at LB is not a good option and Wynne should have LYOSE on his jersey as he was WAY overmatched.

    I was SERIOUSLY mulling over a roadie to Estadio Azteca in August but now I think i’ll spend my 800 duckets somewhere else and TRY to bear that ass whooping we’re gonna take there on the tube. How can I count it as a loss already? Did you WATCH that B#@$S&^* of a travesty last night?

    Hold on, gotta clean up the mess i just made all over myself. I’m SO DEPRESSED….

  120. Steve says:

    How does a coach at this level even need a game like to decide that the Beas at the LB would not work? Seriously, and be honest, how many people on here knew this was a bad idea even before the T&T game? I cringed when I saw Wynne out there… He does well in the MLS, but so do many other players who should not be in a US jersey.

    ANYONE ELSE TIRED OF THE “TOO YOUNG/NEW FOR A QUALIFIER” ARGUMENT? Pabs was tired all night, Beas needs to be option off the bench, Sach is a replacement for someone like a Bradley, not someone to pair up with him.. put your best and most composed on the ball players on the field..Freedy torres, Jozy and even Davies need more time on the field to try to CREATE!


  121. Derek says:

    Well, I didn’t expect win this one, and was hoping for a tie, but there weren’t too many bright spots.

    I’m even a bit worried about qualifying now, since our defense was horrible.

  122. Jags98 says:

    The guys play on this game shows through their leadership. LD is not the captain, he is in hiding everytime we have a big game.

    BB inspires the players to play with the same passion he gives with his attitude on the bench, coaching sessions, and press conferences. Boring, no blue collar work ethic. Which after last nights came shows its the only thing we have if it is used. The field was bad, but the skills CR had didnt seem to bother them in playing. We have none.

  123. dantheblue says:

    Now that I’ve posted my original feelings of disgust and have actually read other posts I have one thing to say to all of you who are excusing the team for that crap I watched last night.


    What part of that statement does ANYBODY not understand? I don’t buy the “jet lag” theory, the “they played three days ago” theory, the “bad pitch” theory, or any of the OTHER BAD theories. THEY ARE PAID TO PLAY A GAME.

    Stop whining, stop making excuses, act like a freaking professional or GET OFF THE PITCH.

    The headline should have read gringoMALeados… cause they were BAD.

  124. Kizz says:

    @ folks who commented on my post,

    Your team was pathetic last night, deal with it and most posts here crack me up. I don’t care if Costa Rica didn’t even qualify for Gold crap; the most unless regional football competition. Once again 0-for-3 in Confederations Cup, its not in your backyard so look for excuses like Africa has bad water or the players had sun burn that’s why we lost to Egypt, Italy and Brazil, lol.

  125. Fred says:

    Ives, your ESPN piece was spot-on. The best post-mortem I’ve read. Questions:

    Why did Bradley choose Wynne over Spector, and why wasn’t Spector even in the 18?

    Should Bornstein start at left back on Sat, or should Demerit should come in at center and Boca move over?

    Is Ching healthy enough to start on Sat?

  126. sonicdeathmonkey says:

    I find it rather funny that when the starting lineup came out last night, folks here were praising BB and how he finally “gets it”, and yet today he’s being drilled for it. Truth is, even if it was the right formation (which it wasn’t) he didn’t have the personnel to pull it off. As we saw, Wynne was a bit out of his depth on the right, although he was still waaay better than DMB. It’s kinda sad to see how far Beasley has fallen. Harkes made a great observation last night about how all his touches were negative (i.e. backpasses). He has no confidence or creativity these days. As for the middle, I’m not a coach, but if you are going to run that kind of formation, don’t you need a creative type midfielder in the middle to run it? Bradley is great, but he’s not that kind of player. I don’t put all of it on BB. The players played with no heart or passion and were done before kickoff. But Bradley’s tatical ineptitude and curious sub of Torres certainly don’t help his reputation as a guy who is probably in over his head.

  127. Carl says:

    why were we taking short corners? havent we typically been most dangerous on set pieces?

  128. AltiCooper says:

    Assuming ching and Heydude cant play this is what I would want to see







    Dempsey has been awful the last 4 or 5 games. I think putting him in his prefered CF position could spark him. I never want to see Beas at LB again but still think he deserves a shot at LM and slide Lando over to RM. On defense we have to go more conventional with Spector and Born at the backs. Its a bummer not having Bradley but THANK GOD Klejstan is out. Holden should of gotten the call of that waste of space.

  129. Isaac says:

    Can we please stop with the “Fire Bradley/BB and MB gotta go” remarks? First of all, the U.S. has never won on Costa Rican turf. We couldn’t do it with Brian McBride, Earnie Stewart, Eric Wynalda, John Harkes, Joe-Max Moore, Alexi Lalas, or Claudio Reyna, and we weren’t going to do it with Jozy Altidore, Landon Donovan, Freddy Adu, Jonathan Spector, Jay DeMerit, Charlie Davies, or Jose Francisco Torres. It’s reality; accept it. Almost every player that was out there deserved to be out there. Wynne was chosen for his experience with artificial turf, and Pablo Mastroeni and DaMarcus Beasley were chosen because of their veteran presence. These were all decisions with tactical reasoning behind them. What more do you want BB to do? He can’t go out there and play for the players. It’s easy for Charlie Davies and Freddy Adu to come on and look good because:

    A) the rest of the team was lackluster
    B) they’ve only been out for 18 minutes, see what happens over 90
    C) Costa Rica let off the offensive pressure to handle some of the offensive players that were coming on. AND THEY STILL SCORED A THIRD! OFF A PLAYER WHO GOT HIS TENTH CAP AND HIS FIRST GOAL THAT NIGHT!

    So all this crap about Charlie Davies being in form because he scored goals in Sweden and Freddy Adu being so skilled needs to stop. BB put out the squad that would on paper be able to handle that squad. You want to know what happened? Here’s what happened: THEY LET US DOWN. You can’t always see it coming! Eto’o’s goal in the Champions league final was unexpected as was the result. Its sports; learn to go with it. This is why American fans need to learn to commit to something rather than turn your back on it.

  130. Joe B. says:

    I wonder how much tears Kizz had to hold back as he typed in that post?

    I don’t think anyone here felt that Costa Rica didn’t deserve credit for their great performance but since this is a USA-centered site, we’re basically going to be discussing the USA’s shortcomings in the aforementioned match.

    There there kizz, feel better now?

  131. D says:

    Torres was average at best on offense, and definitely poor on defense. His composure looks good, but achieved nothing. Not a shot on goal, a save, or even a corner kick.

    His contribution was to hold the ball up, and dribble out of some tight spots far from goal. The U.S. needs that sometimes, but the Ticos weren’t under any pressure from it.

    The US had more control, chances, and were quicker in the second half.

  132. Kizz says:

    @ Tim,

    You are the JOKE!!!! lol and so is your team and Concacrap.
    Please don’t insult me; can’t stand United and Inter. I watch good football (not soccer) and your team does not play any of that at home or away. When you start playing, maybe then we can talk. I don’t support Brazil or Barcelona either, obviously they play better football than your team and I will watch them.
    Once again 0-for-3 in Confederations Cup and start putting together the excuses for the 3 L’s in South Africa. lol

  133. Mcjones says:

    I just wish the US soccer federation had enough guts to stop hiring MLS caliber coaches….

  134. WSFM says:

    “spanish speakers: los gringoleados, what does it mean?

    fire bob

    Posted by: kire | June 04, 2009 at 10:35 AM”

    It’s a play on words, they added two of them together:

    gringo = white guy +
    goleados = goal fest

    Nope, “gringo” basically refers to people from the US. And you got it on “goleados”

    @Turtle: yeah, only the US played in that pitch. Tico teams have played in worse pitches in the US for CONCACAF games, plus the MLS uses Giants stadium (talk about a horrific pitch). Just admit that the Nats got outplayed. They have a lot of things to correct for when they play Honduras.

  135. Xander Crews says:


    I’m not knocking on Baby Bradley. He played well until he tired. Fine, it happens. But it’s up to the coach to see that and get him off the field.

    It’s the elder Bradley’s constant insistence to do the same things over and over that needs to change. With no adequate left back in the pool, why does he continue to resist putting Bocanegra out wide, where he plays throughout the year for his club team? We have more, if not necessarily better, options in the center back slots. Why does he start an untested, unskilled, raw athlete in Wynne at right back, when he has a Premier League regular NOT EVEN DRESSED for the match?

    I almost get the feeling like Bradley was using last night’s match as a big “F— YOU” to the American fans clamoring for change. Knowing we weren’t likely to win under the best of circumstances, he made some changes up top, but at the same time set the team up to fail by his poor selections on the flanks. Now he can say, “see? playing with more strikers doesn’t work, let’s got back to a single striker!”

    Just once, though, I’d love to see us field a team completely devoid of MLS crap (and yes, that includes Landycakes). People have brought up the question if sitting the bench in Europe is better for a player than playing regularly in MLS, and I think over the course of the last couple of qualifiers, that has been answered as an emphatic YES.

  136. Juan says:

    I gave the condition of the field a poor 1 out of 10, the ball bounce worse than a Californian earthquake on crack.

  137. Kevin says:

    Gooch sucks, Wynne is even worse. Get DeMerit and Spector in there, for the love of god.

  138. yankiboy says:


    Costa Rica is given props. People express anger over the US being thoroughly beaten and a por perfomance. But you ignore all of that.

    So who is lecturing who about “class” and “giving no credit where it is due”? We ovsiously went to two very different schools of sportmanship. If you don’t show any, maybe you shouldn’t be lecturing.

    Have a great day and congratulations.

    Good luck to whatever club(s) you support.


  139. dagger says:

    One good thing about the Chicago game is that I won’t have to hear John Harkes blame the pitch for every US turnover. I’m surprised Bradley didn’t drop Dempsey and Bradley back to cover for Beasley and Wynne when he saw they couldn’t cover. It was insane to allow his CB’s to go out so far on the flanks.

    Will the Europe fantasists finally be silenced about what a great experience it is sitting on the bench at ……..(name the European Club). Not playing is only not playing as every athlete surely understands.

    Can Bradley stop three straight losses, who knows?

  140. madmax says:

    If Bradley loses next two is he done? are the USA?

  141. Rekro says:

    10 Things we learned last night:

    1) Beasley is NOT!!!!! a left back.
    2) Klejstan hasn’t gotten any better since the El Salvador game.
    3) Wynne is still “raw”, not yet starting material.
    4) Torres can actually hold his own against a tough opponent, in a tough environment. Expect him to be on the starting XI on Saturday.
    5) Mastroeni looked Ollllllld, and Sllllllllooooooowwwww. Especially in that turf.
    6) The game against Honduras is now a ” must win”.
    7) We NEED Ching…….
    8) That 4-3-3 looked more like a 2-7-1.
    9) Costa Rica played, and WAS the better team.
    10) We Are Not Invincible, We will lose again, We just have to pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, and play our a$$3$ off on Saturday.
    We Are Americans, It’s What We Do……

  142. JustinG says:

    Pathetic. Just Sad. The effort of the U.S. last night made me automatically think we shouldn’t even make the World Cup; I don’t want to watch another USA-Czech Republic type game like in ’06, and after last night that is what it looks like it may be.

    Bob Bradley made some poor decisions in picking his squad and subs. Spector should’ve started in lieu of Wynne. You don’t start Wynne against one of the best teams in the region at their home which they have dominated in, especially since it was his first. Not to mention, Spector didn’t even make the bench. Ridiculous.

    Pablo should’ve been pulled at halftime, not Torres. Torres started off shaky, but by the end of the first was looking pretty good on the ball. Pablo was making mistake after mistake. I blame that first goal solely on Pably getting stood up and burnt by the Costa Rica player.

    Other players that have been ethed in as starters forever need to start getting benched because of their bad games (i.e. Dempsey, Beasley). This isn’t club football, it’s internationals. You gotta earn your spot not only by practicing well but by playing well in games. Those two just mentioned played like garbage (well everyone did last night). And they haven’t played well in a while.

    Never again with the 3-3-4. We struggle to play with 2 forwards up top, why try it with 3? It sucks Ching was hurt. From what I saw of Davies, he should start up top with Altidore if Ching is still unable to go Saturday. Otherwise, put him at the wing and start Ching up top.

    With Ching…





    Without Ching…





    Now, to all the lovers of Wynne and his speed, look how good it did him last night. He is not faster than a pass, and that is all they did to him last night, 1-2 passes to get right around him. He isn’t ready to be a starter on the US team yet, maybe in time. He has to learn how to cut off some angles first.

    Bob Bradley better right this ship, because it has been pretty shaky as of late. No to mention Klinsmann is now unemployed.

  143. Nats says:

    The next time we beat a team from south of the border, can our newspapers write “Spic-tacular?”

  144. bphs says:

    The fundamental problem with Beas’ performance was that he was out of position 80% of the time. His lack of experience in the position showed.

    I suspect if you put Bocanegra on he left he’s going to do better than Beasley but still struggle with position.

    Pearce needs another look (as does Gibbs). Pearce is a natural left back. While he has touch and speed issues, he plays the position better than the alternatives.

    B. Bradely would be wise to call Pearce into this weekend’s 18 and ensure Gibbs gets a call for the Gold Cup. We need at least three decent options or we are going to get rocked at SA2010.

  145. Kyle says:

    I love how when Cooper wasn’t getting capped around this time last year, half of the American fans were calling for Ching’s head. Now coupled with Cooper’s return to the “FC Frisco” level of play and the terrible output at the forward spot from the Landycakes, Duece, and Jozy tandem in one game without Ching, any American fan with half a brain is hoping he’s able to go against Honduras. Funny how things change like that.

  146. mcjones says:

    Good question madmax.
    I wish we could get a coach with good international experience, but I’m afraid the US federation won’t do it. That, and it is probably too close to the WC. I would love to hear Ives’ take on it.

  147. Alex G says:

    I don’t get it, why was Torres sub?, hes a great player, he has a great first touch and creates spaces for everyone else in the US National, BB SUCKS

  148. EA says:

    Looking at the bigger picture…

    We had a chance to seize qualification by the short and curlies last night… and we dropped the ball.

    Costa Rica took advantage of a perfect storm of injuries, lackluster play by the US, shaky coaching decisions, a horrible field, strong crowd, and good play to thump us.

    The “now-feared” group leaders, Costa Rica, still has two games against Mexico, one against Honduras, and has to travel to Jack Warner-stan this weekend. If you don’t think ANY TEAM can drop points at T&T, you must have never heard of Mr. Warner.

    Mexico WILL rebound, as will we. We MUST have 3 points versus Honduras, and we must learn from Confed. Cup and Gold Cup, in order to finish qualification strong.

    The team played well after the England, Spain and Argentina games, and I think we’ll do the same after this summer.

    We can still qualify at the top of our group, and I believe that we will.

  149. brian says:

    i think its only 1 game against mexico

    didnt they already lose at mexico

  150. KevNYC says:

    Still no decent explanation about Spector. If he was injured, OK, I accept it. Otherwise, atrocious decision.

  151. yankiboy says:

    don’t get it, why was Torres sub?, hes a great player, he has a great first touch and creates spaces for everyone else in the US National, BB SUCKS

    Posted by: Alex G


    I figured that he was in the plans for Saturday and that Bradley and everyone else knew that last night’s game was lost so it made sense to sit him to rest.

    A friend on another blog pointed out to me that Torres went hard on Sunday.

  152. jmac says:

    I do think the formation was in part to blame, unlike some other posters. If we had another player in a more defensive position, instead of up top being ineffective, it would certainly have been helpful.

    Also, I am beginning to think we need a tactical change. BB needs to stop thinking our FBs should be used as attacking players. They simply aren’t that good. Beasley’s touch is too horrible for a FB. This is especially true for tough matches. (i.e. away games in CONCACAF against Mexico, Costa Rica, and Honduras + World Cup + Confed Cup). Rely on Bradley, Torres, and maybe Donovan to advance hte ball through midfield.

  153. Joe B. says:

    Notice how Kizz goes out of his way to HIDE the National team that he supports…

    What Class…

    But hey, he obviously supports US Soccer because he contributes to this site heavily!

    Way to go Kizz!

    But seriously folks, like I said before this game seemed a lot like USA vs. Czech, down two goals before we can even figure out what was going on. We need to stop the idea that guys who play in Europe will always be a better option to those who don’t——Maybe when it comes to striker, but that’s it.

    1) Beasley needs to get a club, and pay as a strike/winger.

    2) Marshall, or Spector needs to get in the backline as a central defender.

    3) Solve the LB issue once and for all and put Boca there, end of story.

    Hopefully Bob will see his mistakes and so something close to this. But to think we’re somehow finished because of this game is beyond a joke.

  154. ETJ says:

    This game was very very depressing. I’d rather have seen anyone than Beasley at LB. I understand why Wynne was put in RB, but it ultimately didn’t work, WE NEED DOLO. Also, Dempsey needs to play where he does for Fulham. Spector should have at least been on the bench. Torres shouldn’t have been taken out. At least we learned all these lessons in a game we were probly going to lose no matter what

  155. adam says:


    Great article from Trekker…

    link to

  156. What’s with the Michael Bradley love fest? He was not that great. He got caught out of position a lot. The last goal in particular. The guy just walked around him with the ball and Harkes blames Bocanegra.

    He get’s the best rating? Please. Is this how everyone gets access to Bob?

    What’s all the hating on Beasely? He was in the game and made some runs. He did not get beat that often.

    No one touches Landon Donovan who sucked and shows that:

    1. He is not Bayern quality
    2. He can’t play on short fields and in tight spaces.
    3. He is a good MLS player

    Once again, Freddy Adu actually showed some great technical ability in tight spaces. That was a great ball he passed to Donovan that did nothing with the service.

    Why did Bob Bradley sub Torres? Because Sacha is his boy, plain and simple. Sacha is not even in form with his team. Torres did not look uncomfortable with the ball at all. He looked like he belonged there.

    Boo to Bob for the change..

    Has the US ever played a 4-3-3? Our version of attacking football is a 4-4-2. We had way too many holes in the midfield with the 4-3-3. Besides, the 4-3-3 requires more direct balls on the flanks with players on the run.

    On a field-turf field, it is hard to execute as the ball runs way too fast.

    I put this loss squarely on the shoulders of Bob Bradley. We should fire Bradley and hire the Costa Rican coach. He obviously found the flaws in our game and exploited them.

    Let’s hope the coaching staff figures out how to fix our problems.

  157. adam says:

    Kizz is an @ss. Just because he is always pessimistic does not make him sagacious, as he would like to believe.

  158. jmac says:

    It’s very likely Torres was taken out to save him for Saturday, and even it was an error to take him out last night, it was a blessing becasue with Bradley and Klejstan now out, its good that Torres will have fresher legs.

    I can also respect BB for not starting Ching and Spector on the turf at Saprissa. Both have injury histories, and BB had to have known his chance of getting 3 points on Sunday with both players is better than even getting a draw in Cost Rica.

  159. Andrew says:

    I don’t understand the Marvell Wynne knocking. He did not look fantastic, but as someone else pointed out, at least he showed something resembling desire. He will be a key contributor in the coming years. This was a good learning experience for him, and hopefully the Gold Cup provides him with more opportunities (although I suppose we could be taking him to the Confederations Cup if Cherundulo and Hejduk are still having injury problems). Eventually his soccer IQ will be more proportional to his speed and athletic gifts and we will have a dangerous player on our hands. People seem to be forgetting how good he looked in the Olympics.

    The Bob Bradley knocking also gets old. If he had fielded a conservative lineup and come away with a point, we would be hearing the same “Well, a point is good and all, but I would have liked to see (insert player names here) because they are better than (insert veteran names here).” He can do no right. Yes, the Torres decision was questionable. But the incredibly poor effort of most of our starting lineup had nothing to do with him. He has consistently gotten us points, called a wide variety of players into the national team picture, and put together teams that deliver strong performances against the Spains and Argentinas of the world. The development of American coaches is important to our development on the world stage as a whole.

    I think the Bradley-hating comes from wanting validation from the international footballing community and the feeling that if we hired a Klinsmann or Special One, we would suddenly be legitimate in their eyes. As Sven proved with Mexico, hiring a high-profile coach does not guarantee success.

    I think we will respond quite well in Chicago on Saturday. Someone mentioned how we play best when there is a chip on our shoulder and I agree. I’m looking forward to a much better performance. We will soldier on (no pun intended).

  160. jmac says:

    What is the chance Sunil fires BB if we dont get a win on Saturday? what if just a point? Either way, we will be sitting in 4th place after 1/2 of the hex, with 3 away matches left (Mexico, Honduras, and T&T). Our away form has been horrible under BB and we will need results in those away matches to avoid being the 4th place team and the resulting playoff. Isn’t Sunil forced into making a change of leadership?

  161. Turtle says:

    turf turf turf turf turf

    WSFM – the Ticos record away from Saprissa speaks for itself.

    Since 1990 Costa Rica ranks behind ALL of the following teams in getting RESULTS away from home:

    Mexico 80%

    Honduras 63%

    USA 57%

    El Salvador 46%

    Guatamala 42%

    COSTA RICA 29%

    Yes, Costa Rica get a result away from their “home turf” only 29% of the time. Don’t you think that field has something to do with it? This defnitely underscores the importance of winning at home. What’s the difference between them and Honduras, Guatamala and El Salvador? They win at home. Why? I’ll believe it’s more than the fan support. Honduras has that and so does Guatamala.

    C’mon, we got beat by turf. It’s as simple as that. Let Bob keep his job until Sunday. Let’s not throw Wynne under the bus (yet). Let’s not regress to the nepotism argument about Michael Bradley or the LD disappears in big games discussion. Let’s save our thoughts for a game in which we can more acurately guage how our guys actually play. Last i heard the WC is played on a natural surface not carpet on top of concrete.

  162. DaveW says:

    Those you who say this was a 4-5-1 might want to explain why LD and Demps never tracked back to defend on the wings. The lack of true (2-way) wingers and fullbacks sems to hurt us a lot. (MLS and Gold Cup players at those positons, work hard, play both ways, learn to move/position yourselves without the ball, and maybe…)

    We’re cobbling together a lineup of players not playing in thier best position as a way to get the best players on the field, that’s causing problems.

    And give credit to the Ticos, they have a good tradition, they played well last night, and had a good tactical plan.

    And those of you think Honduras might be easy are in for a surprise.

  163. Brett says:

    I just can’t bring myself to blame the surface.

    Costa Rica may not travel well, they may not play with the same intensity and enthusiasm on the road as they do at home. But both teams have to play on the turf and both teams know far ahead of time what the conditions will be like. Any advantage Costa Rica has in terms of familiarity could easily be wiped away by organized, tenacious defending and a composite understanding of the pitch and how the ball moves on it.

    This loss falls down to lack of preparation and effort, plain and simple. Bradley did not do enough to refine the tactics to compensate for the surface and Bradley did not make proper and effective substitutions while the game was still there to be won. What’s worse is that our players looked AFRAID to get stuck in and make tackles. On all 3 goals several defenders had clear chances to win the ball or disrupt the play and they all failed.

  164. SG says:

    This team is going Nowhere fast. They will get their 3 games in South Africa and be out. Looks like 1998 all over again people.

  165. Sean Monaghan says:

    Thoughts on the game:

    1. Bradley should have took off Mastreoni, not Torres (one of the bright spots)

    2. Dempsey did NOTHING

    3. Wynne actually had a decent game….where were the center mids on the second goal?

    4. The third goal scared me bigtime….Bradley and Kljestan both gave up going for the guy (im guessing they thought the other was going for him). Don’t take any risks, you both should be going for him.

    5. Charlie Davies actually looked god coming off the bench, he played like he was ready to fight a war, which is what you need to CONCACAF away WCQ

    6. LD should not be taking free kicks until he can get it over the first man

  166. Chris says:

    1. Kizz is a troll. Ignore.

    2. BB shouldn’t be blamed for the personnel as much as the formation. He was hard up for outside backs and had to make a chancy decision no matter which way he went. But playing a 4-3-3 put too much pressure on the backs.

    3. LD was good during the run of play. It was his free kicks that were horrid.

    4. All 3 CR goals were nice goals. Give them some credit.

  167. Spike says:

    “I also don’t understand this board’s continued love affair with Torres. ”

    You are not alone. It clearly has nothing to do with his playing ability. He was horrible last night and yet Ives has him as the second best player. Where is his defense? Name one great play he made last night. Anyone could connect the handful of pass he made and anyone could turn the ball over as often as he did. At least Coach saw the same thing and yanked him at the half.

  168. dagger says:

    Bradley needed to make some adjustments on the fly, like pulling Duece and MB back to help the FB’s, and he failed.

  169. arena futbol says:

    1. Not Bob’s Fault

    We complain about the empty bucket, the conservative tactics, the refusal to try anything new, and when he does something new we say “this is not the time to try new things.” It is really just this: we want our team to win. If they don’t, we blame Bob because we’ve never liked him in the first place.

    About his choice of players — chill out. People are saying “why play DMB and Jozy when they haven’t played for club?” Do you realize that we can’t field 11 who play regularly for top clubs? We are not there yet as a soccer nation.

    2. It Takes Time

    Turning some decent players into a decent TEAM takes time — the group has to play together, learn together, develop as a unit. There is no short cut to this. You can’t just plug guys in and expect them to perform in the same way they do with the club they play regularly for. It takes reps.

    So, as for DMB at LB — he didn’t look good, but it’s far too early to say “never again” to that idea. First off, what is the better option? BB tried Bornstein. He tried Pearce.

    We all thought those options weren’t good enough. BB agreed. SBI mafia posted 10000 comments calling for DMB to be tried at LB. Now Bob is trying DMB. This was only the second game. DMB needs time to play that role, and the team needs time to adjust to him there. Yanking him out and starting another new experiment (eg Boca switch to LB) will not necessarily help.

    Same goes for RB. This was new for Wynne, and for the team. It was always Dolo. When he went down, Bob rolled the dice of Hejduk and that worked out ok (although some still blasted Frankie as not good enough, as if we had 5 other better options).

    When Frankie went down there was no avoiding the fact that the team had no other RB with significant MNT experience. It was going to be a learning experience for Wynne, Spector, Lichaj, Simek, or whoever else was chosen.

    If we are lucky, Frankie can return for Saturday. If not, we need to give Wynne or Spector — and the team — some patience as they adjust and adapt.

    3. Where Was the Offense?

    Given the sentiments expressed above, I am willing to cut the team some slack despite their poor defensive showing. But it is less clear what the problem is with the team’s ability to attack.

    By USMNT standards, Dempsey, Donovan, and Altidore is pretty much the best we can do for the foreseeable future in attack. And that trio fell very flat. Yeah, Jozy hasn’t played much, but that’s been true since he left MLS. Was his fitness farther off then we were told?

    Sadly, the cupboard is pretty bare for us in attack. We can’t just bench these guys because who else is there? Does anyone really think that the likes of Davies, Adu, Cooper, Rolfe, Eddie Johnson etc. are going to do any better?

  170. Turtle says:

    I don’t blame our players for not wanting to risk their careers (i.e. go all out) on that surface. This game was throw away game. We have never needed it to qualify in the past.

    I think that could be why we saw the line up we did. In the past we’ve seen BB experiment on one position at a time. He threw the whole thing out the window this time.

  171. fig says:

    Let me ask you to do a bit of research. Tell me: when was turf installed at Saprissa?

  172. g says:

    Bob needs a “breather”. Time to see what Klinsman is doing. USSF needs to allow him whatever team he wants to field. This can only be good for competition at every position on and off the pitch, and especially this close to the cup. It seems there are too many issues that can’t be resolved by minor player rotation. This has to happen. Otherwise we may be out of a second straight World Cup in the group stages. I am counting on the US being wedged into another group of death in SA. With Bradley at the helm, the teams swagger has a hidden crutch. This kizz character has no clue what it is yapping about. I would’nt be suprised to hear it is a transplant living in the US, who likes to watch how easy we lose our tempers. Concacaf surely isn’t the premier region in fifa. It isn’t as evenly matched as europe or south america, though it is certainly underestimated, mostly by its own teams.

  173. lprevolution says:

    Let’s not forget that Wynne was benched at TFC because of the consecutive handballs in the box.

    So that makes Altidore, Beasley, Adu, and Wynne as the players a little out of favor representing our country.

    Vamos United

  174. Gerard says:

    Why can’t we just play Carlos out left and bring in Jay DeMerit in Center to pair with Gooch?

  175. WSFM says:

    US has a ton of fields with turf where soccer is practiced. Both teams played on the same turf. Plus, like fig sayed, it’s been a factor only for the last 2 games. Dude, the US makes CONCACAF teams play in NFL and MLB patched up turfs. 95% of Costa Rican fields are grass, but some teams are now installing artificial bc of weather (rains 8 months out of the year).
    You can put CR behind Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala, but this team has gone to the last 2 WCs, and 3 out of the past 5. Plus, they’re regulars in U20 and U18 WCs.
    Remember that for the 2002 WC, CR ended in 1st place; it was for the 2006 WC that they ended up 3rd.
    Isn’t it much better to concentrate on what the Nats should focus on to improve and beat Honduras in Chicago. Honduras is bigger and stronger than the ticos, and they are one tough and rough bunch. US clearly needs a stronger mid that can hold the ball better and regulate the game’s timing. Attackers weren’t fed anything during the whole game, plus Donovan really sucked on set pieces.
    I’m at peace now. Go KC!

  176. TimN. says:

    Back @Kizz,

    You’re a totally classless LOSER, and still a JOKE!! You have no concept of sportsmanship or respect. You’re just a windbag that’s “all tough” with the insults behind a firewall and a computer mouse. Nobody here gives a @%*# about whatever club or national side you support. If you don’t care for US soccer, then why are you even here?? It just proves the point that you’re here for nothing other than to troll…

  177. yankiboy says:

    “I don’t blame our players for not wanting to risk their careers (i.e. go all out) on that surface. This game was throw away game. We have never needed it to qualify in the past.”



    Bro, please tell me that you are just trying to give the thread a boost:

    If you are a player in the NT pool and you are sincerely concerned about the surface then just say “Thanks, but no thanks”.

    We’ll find someone else who does share that concern so profoundly. There are a bunch of guys who might not be as good. Heck, they might be playing in the USL or the Swedish 2nd. I don’t care. Just give us all that you’ve got when you wear the Jersey.

    I think that when you and Trekker infer that they were not giving their all–it makes me see red. More importantly, “uninspired” doesn’t necessarily mean “don’t care”.

  178. Tim says:

    So Costa Rica has won 3 home games (which they always do) and we are ready to name them the class of Concacaf? I completely agree with Steve. Why the rush to annoint the best team in Concacaf based on limited results?

  179. Wispy says:

    You know, the ONLY good thing about the US team playing poorly is that (like clockwork) Kizz comes on here, acts like a complete buffoon, and we can all make fun of him lol.

    P.S. That completely unnecessary and annoying “lol” was for you, Kizz.

  180. Mike Arias says:


  181. Mike Arias says:

    Ed!!! GrinGo ,,, is how in most latinamericans countries called to US Citizen.

    Gol is the spanish translation for goal…

    Goleados means that you have received lots of goals.

    So GrinGOLEADOS… Its a game of words mixing both terms… And what it means is

    That US players received lots of goals!!!

  182. John says:

    I completely agree with the 4-5-1 comment. And with all those US lads in the middle of the field … the Ticos still had all kinds of room to run.

    The US looked sloooooow, confused, and disinterested.

    You can complain all you want about the turf, but the truth is, the US has no top-flight outside fullbacks. And good central defenders are completely neutralized if they have to cover for shoddy defending on the outside.

    In a word: yuck.

  183. yankiboy says:

    @Mike: ¡Felicidades! Very strong performance. Hopefully we will play better when we face you guys here. Maybe we meet in the Gold Cup Final and we can redeem ourselves a little bit.

    Mucho Respeto Tico.

  184. Nelson Mandela says:


    Bradley is lame. We need a real coach.

  185. Mike Arias says:

    We will have to wait some games more to see the Team on top of the list… the only game Costa Rica could lost from now on,,, is to US in your field. We will win the left games at least keep the results tide. I JUST KNOW THIS!

  186. First, the turf looked horrible and the Costa Rica team knew how to play on it. Second, I’ve never like the idea of Beasley at leftback, but he didn’t completely fail – his pace wasn’t bad, but his passing wasn’t good. Third, Bradley SHOULD have subbed out Wynne at half as well as left Torres in. Fourth, after Bradley started to play the players more and the ball less he should have been subbed out. Fifth, Dempsey, Donovan, and Altidore did not look convincing, especially Dempsey and Altidore. Though Altidore is young he should have been subbed out. Sixth, this was my first look at Davies and I liked it!

  187. jpc says:

    At least we learned a lot last night

    1) Jose F. Torres is a central midfielder, and Pablo Mastroeni shouldn’t be on the national team any more

    2) Marvelle Wynne played bad, but that is all the more reason for him to play every minute of the gold cup, in order to learn to play at this level

    3) Clint dempsey is not good as a wing player. The reason he plays well at Fulham in my opinion is b/c playing on the left forces him into a central position basically every time he goes forward. Bradley either needs to play him on the left, or as the Attacking midfielder/Withdrawn forward

    4) Charlie Davies looked very good in limited minutes

    5) I also thought that again (like always), in limited minutes Adu is always looking to attack when he has the ball, and if he gets an inch of space within 30 yards he’s ripping shots, he needs to play

  188. Napoleon says:

    Typical display

    I have been waiting 35 years for a good national team.

    I have been promised and promised and these are the same results that happened in 1975, 1985, 1995, 2005.

    this team cannot be counted on, just like their ancestors.


  189. g says:

    Also.. If Bradley doesn’t take Costa RIca seriousley, how would we expect to sucessfully complete a World Cup? Claiming turf as a reason to not give it your all is just as bad as not playing 100 percent because the other team is too good. Costa Rica is now the team to beat. Congrats to Costa Rica and cheers to new light for the US.

  190. g says:

    Also.. If Bradley doesn’t take Costa RIca seriousley, how would we expect to sucessfully complete a World Cup? Claiming turf as a reason to not give it your all is just as bad as not playing 100 percent because the other team is too good. Costa Rica is now the team to beat. Congrats to Costa Rica and cheers to new light for the US.

  191. yankiboy says:

    @Mike: Kenton is doing a very good job so far. We’ll see how things play out. Both teams are expected to qualify. It should be an interesting process as usual.

  192. Xander Crews says:

    The more I think about it, the more I’m convinced a major shakeup is in order. Right now, there’s one player who can sleep well at night, knowing as long as he wants to play, he’s got a spot on the roster: Tim Howard. Everyone else is in training camp, day one (and that includes Bob Bradley): earn your spot on this team by your actions on the field.

    Unfortunately, that isn’t going to happen, and we know that. The only way any type of radical change might take place is if the US loses (and loses badly and looks awful in the process) to Honduras on Saturday. Knowing that’s what’s best for the long-term success of the country, I’m almost contemplating wanting that to happen.

  193. Gabe says:

    “his team does not deserve a place in the World Cup finals next year. It just doesn’t.

    For a country of our size, with our resources, we should be fielding teams that are at least competitive.”

    This is one of the most idiotic thing that I have heard. Based upon one match, you have deduced that multiple victories over Mexico, a draw with Argentina, victories vrs. Sweden, Poland, and a well-fought game against Spain have no meaning. There are many issues this team needs to address, starting with the state of our flankers, but please…save this garbage for some sort of fan forum run by old USL fans that think Eric Wynalda is the best footballer the world has ever seen. That’s where comments like this belong. Don’t taint Ives’ great blog with your stupidity.

  194. Scott A says:

    I would like to declare my increasing romantic interest in Kizz. I seriously love him. After a tough loss, only people like him can unite the people who think Bradley should be fired, Beasley should be off the field, Dempsey is lazy, Altidore should always be on the field, or any other opinions. Those so outside the realm of reason unite the rest of us who support the team. Marry me

  195. Kizz says:

    @ Joe B,

    I reject the thought that I support US; crap! I am allergic to horrible football; coaches and players alike. I feel insulted by such an assumption.

    @ Tim and Adam,

    Somebody give these dudes some wipes so they can stop crying, lol

    @everyone else,

    The only reason I’m here is to be that wakeup call, the reality check, lol, to US fans. Your team still has a LONG WAY to go. And the joke is not on me, its on YOU all, 0-3 in Confederations Cup.
    Are we really talking about USA as some real opposition in football outside of Concacrap? lol at those who think they are making fun of me, that was great comedy, change your professions.

  196. yankiboy says:

    save this garbage for some sort of fan forum run by old USL fans that think Eric Wynalda is the best footballer the world has ever seen. That’s where comments like this belong. Don’t taint Ives’ great blog with your stupidity.

    Posted by: Gabe


    Hey Gabe, thanks for taking the gratuitous swipe at us old USL fans while you were otherwise making a great point.

    Always nice to be a part of the US Soccer fraternity.

    So much for a blog being a place to exchange ideas…

  197. Isaac says:

    Scott A,

    I’ll pay for the ring bro. 😉

  198. Mike Caramba says:

    @Kizz. Real fans don’t have to pretend that their team is world class when it is actually mediocre. Real fans don’t ditch their teams in favor of the “pretty” ones.

    What kills me about people like this is:

    -They’ll never go on an Italian blog and tell them to start calling the sport “futbol” instead of calcio, but they tell us not to call the game soccer.

    -They’ll never go onto an Austrian or Salvadoran board and tell their fans to stop following their countries’ teams because they’re mediocre, yet they’ll do that to us.

    -They’ll never go to a St. Pauli blog or a Rapid Wien blog and tell them their teams suck–start following Man U!–but they’ll make fun of our teams.

    It’s pathetic. These people may understand the nuance of the game–the intricacies of skill and tactic–but they’ll never understand what it really means to be a fan. It’s sad. They’re missing out on the best part of the game…

  199. Brett says:

    Why are so many people being so rough on Torres and his performance?

    He can’t make runs off the ball for himself to deliver passes to and Beasley couldn’t seem to figure out how to interplay with him. Paco was brilliant going toward the center and his technique was great. While the rest of his team was struggling with a bouncing ball on carpet he was playing with it as if it was tied to his boot.

    His pace isn’t tops but he sees passes early and doesn’t give the ball away whenever someone gets close to him. There were at least a dozen times in the first 30 minutes that he made plays to keep possession after Pablo, Beas, or Bradley made a mistake.

  200. Bryan says:

    embarrassing performance.

  201. Jags98 says:

    So for everyone being tough on Torres and would have sat him also. Would you have sat MB, Donovan, DMB? Of course not. They need to be sat more than any other. They are our so called Leaders with Experience and they did nothing.

    MB will be great, but better as the Def Mid or equal share holder in the middle. He has good distribution and vision at times, but you can see the difference in his vision and Torres’s. MB has vision of moving straight forward and attack. Torres gives you composure and variance. They could be great together if Daddy would get out of the way. There is a reason companies dont let you manage or work with family members. It causes unproductive issues inside and out. It could led to MB having a breakout in his career.

    BB needs to stick with the 4-4-2 and decide who gets to start on ability for the position that fits them best. If you have 6 forwards that happen to be your 6 best players, dont put them on all out of position. As we saw last night, it will kill you. It was some of the top players we have, but all out of position. What did we think would happen.

    Turf- Yes the play on the field is bad and FIFA should make a ruling on Arti-Turf. But, it certainly showed our skill sets. Touch is awful, its a basic skill. Didnt seem to bother CR. Its not bc they play on that all the time, its bc they have touch/skills. Thanks to Harkes for pointing out DMB’s touch, but if you didnt know that by now have your wife slap you upside your head.

  202. antnee7898 says:

    I had this game as a loss at the start of this hexagonal. It always happens and now was no differant. Costa Rica, USA, and Mexico in the top three and Honduras to play the S American team.

  203. Johnny Boy says:

    Costa Rica got the early goal….. without that this game is probably very different.

    They made the most of their home advantage; I don’t think most teams would have fared well against them last night, give them credit.

    All the USMNT players were tentative as hell, which is what a crappy surface and an early goal will do to you. It is way too early yet to panic though so those of you who want to kill yourselves or lynch Bradley might want to take a moment; this is one of those games you kind of have to throw out from the grading curve.

    Nevertheless, why does no one on the USMNT except perhaps Torres have a professional level first touch? No one can kill a ball with their chest. And that has nothing to do with the turf. Passes to USMNT players bounce off them like they were concrete walls. Pathetic.

  204. jpc says:


    You are the biggest loser on earth. You are constantly on this site proclaiming how bad the US is and how much you are not a fan of their; YET, you are always talking about them. WHY? That’s a rhetorical answer in case you were thinking about posting some nerd ass response filled with clever sayings like “concacrap” and “gold crap”, which are both inventive and hilarious.

    Are you 11 years old? if the answer is no, then you are most likely just some middle aged virgin who has nothing better to do then post on the internet about a team you don’t like. If yes, then you are probably doing this b/c you have no friends who actually want to hang out w/ you, so you act out in the toughest way you know possible, on the internet. Either way, your life probably sucks

    have being a minor annoyance on the internet rather than living an actual life

  205. Mike from Baltimore says:


    You are using a convienent excuse of turf as the reason we lose in CR- it may be a small factor, but it’s not THE reason. Sine WCQ we have also played CR in other stadiums in CR and fared poorly. Also, the field at that stadium has not ALWAYS been turf, yet we still lost there when it was grass. Get your facts straight!

    Bottom line, turf doesn’t cause guys to lose marks. Turf doesn’t cause guys to make poor decisions. Turf doesn’t cause guys to go in half-hearted on tackles. Stop blaming the turf and start accepting that it’s a tough place to play because of a multitude of factors and that we just have problems showing up there. These guys are professional players and must adapt to the conditions. Many of the CR players don’t play on that field very often either- and they dealt with the turf just fine.

    Wake up folks- it’s the players NOT THE TURF!

  206. Isaac says:






    Clark seems a bit better equipped to handle a style like the one Honduras uses. He covers a lot of ground and isn’t just dead weight going forward. However, I’d like to see Benny Feilhaber also get a look. Both Benny and Torres bring that settling effect on the team and they seem like the same kind of player.

  207. jason says:

    This was bad ratings by ives………….

    He gave a kjlestan a 5??? he was horrid and did notbhing this game.

    He gave Adu a 4.5??? Huh, are we that blind of fans that we cant see how well Adu stepped in created chances,slowed the game down for us, and was much better with him. Not to mention our only chance yesterday came when Adu did that nice explosiove move to blow by his defender and shot the 30-yard attempt that was low and his foot caught the crap turf too but it was still on target for a possibl rebound…….

    i dont understand how Adu has yet to be giving a starting chance, sicne he was the only player worthy to play and outclass Spain and Argentina.

  208. Mike Arias says:


    Costa Rican team is working hard to get a place to the WC. Right now the competition is so good. I personally think CR,USA,MEXICO are the best in CONCACAF,although HONDURAS have a good team too but they need to grow up with experience.

    US beats Mex, UNFORTUNATELY for costa ricans like myself CR lost to Mex, And Well CR beats US… THIS IS SO INTERESTING…. what could be good in a qualification where there is this hole mighty team who beats everyone and take easy the first place,,,COMPETITION IS HEALTHY!!! Very good games are yet to come. Best team wins! KIND REGARDS TO YOU US FANS!

  209. Jags98 says:

    Johnny boy & Jason

    Thier touch was as hard as the field last night, awful.

    Hopefully BB throws Age & Experience out the window and picks people based on who wants to play.

    I know some of those guys are good, but so is the bench. The shoe-ins need to learn a lesson on work. Look what it did for clint at Fulham.

    Its sad that we are a year away and no position/player looks like a lock except on paper to all of us.

  210. Patrick Marshall says:

    No one played well! First touches made the US look like a high school team. CR’s first touch was incredible compared to ours. Attribute some of it to the surface, but that level of player should have a better first touch if they were playing in a fire pit. Since no one is saying it, Gooch was horrible. positioning, got beat easily, slow and stiff with the ball. Bocanegra was beaten easily on some key plays. Bradley should have been taken off. He was standing in mudd on the last goal. Torres, while good on the ball lacked fight-just look at his effort on the first goal. Mastroeni fell short, as did the outside backs, but they were no worse than the center backs, maybe even a little less worse. The rest of the team stunk as well but without a cohesive backfield and Strong central midfield, the rest does’nt really matter anyway. –poor touches. Costa Rico was very good.

  211. Carlos says:


    Stop blaming the turf. The installed it in 2004. The only other loss on the “turf” was in 2005. So the other 5 losses I guess you’ll be saying Grass, Grass , Grass!

    Shut up. I was at Miami and the team practiced on natural grass instead of turf; kind of hard to get used to turf if you don’t practice on it; even MLS teams know better and will squeeze a practice or 2 on turf before going up to BMO.

    We got outplayed and that’s it. It happens

  212. Scott A says:

    I wanted to say this. I am a massive US supporter but I just want to give points to Costa Rica for doing less play acting/poor sportsmanship than I’ve become accustomed to in qualifiers. I’m not saying there wasn’t any–such as the Davies incident (and Altidore’s ‘falls’ basically evened it out anyway)– and part of it was that they led early and didn’t need to mess around, but I still thought they deserved some acclaim. In general…way to play the game the right way

  213. Ron says:

    I’ve been saying this since the end of 2006….the USMNT will always be crap as long as Gulati and his puppet Bradley hold the reins…..little, egomaniacal, small-minded dimwit must go – fire Gulati and Bradley and let’s build a real National team program…NOW!

  214. Rainier says:

    Hire Klinsman!!!!!

  215. papa bear says:

    I thought 0-0 would be the final and would have been very happy with that. I didn’t think we had a great shot at winning but man what a horrid performance by all.

    Landon Donovan was SHAMEFUL out there. He provided ZERO service from the run of play or from set pieces. I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone hit free kicks directly into the wall as much as he did. You seriously would be hard pressed to find a U-10 AYSO game these days with as bad a performance on set pieces as Landon had.

    He should get 0.5 pts for finding the team bus and 1 pt for not completing his horrendous night by pushing the PK wide. Final rating: 1.5 at best. If you don’t allow for half pts then we will round DOWN to 1 pt. He was really that bad. (I’m not a Landon hater either which is even sadder for him)

    The calls for Ching I hope never come true. He stinks and was the sole reason we had no shot at beating El Salvador until Altidore came in.

    Wynne also deserves special notice for just an awful, awful display; DMB as well. How can anyone rate Deuce? Did anyone even notice him out there? I’ve rarely seen an attacking player leave less of a mark on a game than him.

    Ugh…awful all around.

    Time to forget it and focus on beating Hondouras in Chicago. They won’t be a pushover but they should be beatable.

  216. papa bear says:

    @Posted by: Steve | June 04, 2009 at 10:39 AM

    Ya know, I don’t think people are mad that we lost. (I know I knew it was a distinct possibility. Costa Rica is a very tough team and a very tough place to play) It’s just that we looked so lifeless. I think that is what has people rankled.

    Oh and congrats to Mastroeni on inventing the role of ‘non-ball winning D-mid’ did he make a single challenge last night? He was a swinging doorway for the Ticos to rip through. The fact that Torres came out rather than him was a JOKE.

  217. DaveW says:

    @Mike Arias

    Classy post.

    6 games to go and we’ll see if El Salvador and Trinidad can pull off any upsets too.

    Oh, and I’ll pull for all the Concacaf teams in the WC.

    Like many, if not most, here I love my US team, but also respect the others.

  218. stever says:

    I will go back to my previous soap box. The US team has increasing potential largely due to players coming in with the experience of major European,and now Mexican, league clubs. In order to harness this and put the USA in a serious position in world football (soccer) then it is necessary to strengthen the management structure. Yesterday was aweful, no excuses, aweful. The tactics, preparation and team selection were unacceptable. Suggest they immediately invest in a manager with existing experience at the international level to not only manage the national team but put in place a structure to support for the long term. End of story.

  219. ken berry says:

    How many shots on goal last night?…0 from Donovan; and, half of his free kicks, or corners didn’t make it over the first line of defense. Charlie Davies needs to see more time than the last 10 minutes.

  220. Blokhin says:

    all this talk about turf being the reason we lost, or the crowd is B.S. If anything it seemed to become a self-fulfilling prophecy last night…The desire was definitely not there….Both teams played on the same field, the difference being that our pampered lads were psyched out by the turf and were scared to go to the ground to make tackles- hence the first goal, and the third…

    I recall Mastroeni being the first to even attempt a slide tackle, already 30 or 40 minutes into the game.

    People play football on all kinds of surfaces around the world, dirt, asphalt, whatever- just because these players are playing on finely manicured lawns every weekend should not prevent them from giving an all out effort for their country, scrapes and bruises be damned… However, these guys just mailed it in and got destroyed- which is what happens when you play like you don’t want to be there or afraid to get hurt… bottom line…

  221. royce says:

    i think the only problem with last night’s match was the bad start from the wing backs and the defensive midfield. beasley and wynne were pretty bad. when hejduk and cherudolo are healthy we’ll be straight down the back [even though i still think bocanegra is pretty shaky for a captain], but we have some issues with our backup wing fullbacks. as we all witnessed last night, and for some time now, the wing backs are just a nightmare after we pass our first choice backs… as far as i’m concerned, only hejduk has been consistent enough for me [steve’s been injured] to always wear a shirt.

    i’m surprised no one is commenting on how absent from the match donovan was. i guess from his absence, this showed how important ching is. furthermore, i think altidore’s performance [i shut off the game at 50 mins] was under-rated.

    the thing that made me finally turn the game off, though, was the removal of torres from the field. from what i saw, only torres and altidore made even an adequate contribution… and he’s removed??

    other than that, i was amused by bradley’s choices, and probably would have put almost exactly the same lineup given our deplorable wing back pool.

  222. NickCali23 says:

    To bad for Edu and his chance with the MNT.




    I think this is likely v. Honduras

    I would like to see this assuming one day if healthy. offensive










  223. Gabe says:

    Yanki boy, sorry about the USL swipe. I think you got my point though.

    The rest of you guys who are producing these gems…

    “little, egomaniacal, small-minded dimwit must go – fire Gulati and Bradley and let’s build a real National team program…NOW!”

    No words really. Just hilarious to read.

    “i dont understand how Adu has yet to be giving a starting chance, sicne he was the only player worthy to play and outclass Spain and Argentina.”

    Only player worthy to play…huh. Seemed like the defensive effort and class of the ENTIRE SQUAD played a role. Maybe it was Adu marking 10 men and passing every ball while receiving and shooting at the same time…

    “Since no one is saying it, Gooch was horrible. positioning, got beat easily, slow and stiff with the ball.”

    You’d be slow too if you were chasing all the marks that our mids and beasley lost…nevermind the “positioning” of Beasley that led to almost every goal.

    “I hope the calls for Ching I hope never come true. He stinks and was the sole reason we had no shot at beating El Salvador until Altidore came in.”

    Do you people WATCH the games???

    “He provided ZERO service from the run of play or from set pieces” (of Dovonan)

    Hard to serve the ball in WHEN YOU DON’T HAVE IT!!!!

    For those of you who credit the Costa Rican team, blame our defensive marking, critique our effort, and maybe even blast our tactics…kudos. To those responsible for the idiocy above, this is why Europeans think Americans don’t know anything about the game. You nit wits are the loudest of the bunch, and frankly, have no idea what the hell you’re talking about.

  224. primoone says:

    DMB has no business being in the defense. You are born a defender…you just can’t force someone to be. Speed will not be enough. DMB will mess up and Bob’s world will come crashing down on him…My two cents.

    Primoone 6-3-09

    Soo is this experiment over yet BOB’O??

    What a Dumb-A** that DMB move had FAIL written all over it…even in that T&T game. That fooker was all over the place. Dont know if you guys noticed this..but i started wondering why Torres was winded…well i replayed the game and saw that torres had to drop deep and cover quite a bit for DMB’s poor play. The only reason you saw torres gain more composure is because he said…To hell with it and worried about playing well as opposed to wiping DMB’s ass for him. Anyways, i hope Bob’O pulled torres so that he can go the full 90 on Sat.

    Conspiracy theory of the day( Beaz tanked that game so that he will not be placed there ever again…eva, eva eva again…if hes gonna continue sucking, it could be at his natural position)

  225. hartman says:

    i wonder if having so many guys in europe now is a double edged sword? i don’t remember the last time dempsey looked like he actually wanted to play for the usmnt.

  226. yankiboy says:

    @Gabe, Thanks Bro on behalf of all of your US soccer supporting brethren who have a lot of love for the one piece of the puzzle known as the USL. But don’t expect a Christmas card from EW this year. He probably got salty when he read that. lol

  227. Mike Caramba says:

    I’m not going to say that no one could have/did predict the failure of DMB at left back. But the overwhelming sentiment BEFORE the game was that it was the right move. Go back and look at people’s projected lineups. It’s just funny how quick most people are to claim Beasley at LB was an “obvious mistake,” despite calling for the move only days earlier.

    I’ll start:

    Based on our last qualifier and the speed of CR’s attack, I thought DMB was a good choice for LB. He played a terrible game. I was wrong.


  228. Nats says:

    It’s clear we need a new coach. Can someone please teach us how to play?

  229. mario says:

    Being at home plays a big part in Costa Rica Beating USA. Almost every one wins at home. The most important thing here is who is winning away.

  230. Johnny Boy says:


    It’s hard to blame Donovan for disappearing when clearly no one on the US team was passing the ball to him. How many half way decent passes did you see get sent to any of the attacking players?

    I can only think of about two or three all game.

    Other than taking penalties, Donovan should be prohibited from taking any free kicks. What’s the first rule? Get it over the first defender, something Donovan has been terminally incapable of doing for some time now(not just this game).

    However, to be fair, he can’t do anything unless the US has other players who can trap a ball (didn’t see any, except Torres who couldn’t tackle the captain of your local high school team) and then pass it to another USMNT player(they seemed to be looking to give the ball away) in any kind of decent postion. On the evidence of this game, most of those guys can’t.

    Did this team practice for this game? It sure didn’t look like it. However let’s see how Honduras works out before sending them all to play on your local rec team.