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When the U.S. national team closed out its historic run in the Confederations Cup on Sunday, one got the sense that it would only be a matter of time before European suitors came calling for some of the team's key contributors.

It only took one day.

Midfielder Ricardo Clark and forward Charlie Davies, two of the U.S. team's standout players in the tournament, received interest from European clubs almost immediately following the conclusion of the Confederations Cup final, where the U.S. fought valiantly before giving up a two goal lead and falling, 3-2, to five-time world champions Brazil.

Clark, who enjoyed a stellar tournament despite missing one game to suspension, is being linked with Rennes. The Houston Dynamo midfielder's agent revealed that the French club has inquired about Clark.

Although negotiations are probably in the early stages, if Clark does depart from MLS to Rennes, he would join U.S. captain Carlos Bocanegra, who signed with the club last summer.

While Clark is trying to latch onto his first European club, Davies is attempting to make the jump to a bigger one. Davies, who currently plies his trade in Sweden with Hammarby IF, scored the opener in the United States' 3-0 victory over Egypt, and was a starter for the remainder of the tournament. Davies' speed and nose for goal have reportedly drawn interest from clubs in Germany, Holland and France.

What do you think of the European interest? Would you like to see Clark join Bocanegra at Rennes? What league/team would be an ideal move for Davies?

Share your thoughts below.

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75 Responses to European clubs eyeing Clark and Davies

  1. Isaac says:

    I have to say either Holland or France would be good for Davies, with the preference for Holland. Davies would be a good winging forward for the USA and either of the two could help him develop into that. Then again, if he truly wants to become a second striker for the MNT then I think Germany would be a nice fit for him.

    It’s about time Clark also got a club. He needs some help with touch and passing so he doesn’t give the ball away in advanced positions. It’d be nice to see how he’d do in France.

  2. TimN says:

    Well, I’m a little leary. They’re getting playing time where they are, and are also performing well for us. I don’t want them to go to some “higher profile” European club, ride pine, and turn into another Beasley or Adu. I think they should both weigh these moves very carefully and inquire very directly as to what these club’s plans are with them. They’re not desparate.

  3. goalscorer24 says:

    That is great news for both players. If Clark can play in Europe, and the key word is “play”, not be on the bench that could really help his game. As would Davies playing for a somewhat higher profile European team.

  4. nico says:

    Cool. I would like to see Davies in Germany, would be a nice fit. I am a bit surprised about Clark, not sure he is ready for a top European league…I’d think the Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, or similar would be better fits for him.

  5. gmen04 says:

    I would love to see Davies in the Eredivisie, the attacking style played is a breeding ground for top Strikers, ROnaldo (#9), Ibrahimovic are two examples (well above Davies obviously)who started there before moving on to bigger things. Best option for him for me

  6. Jack K. - SBI MAFIA ORIGINAL says:

    Davies to the Netherlands (Holland?), he can develop his technique and make a jump to one of the the Big 3 leagues.

  7. RLW2020 says:

    what about Jay Demeritt.. i keep hearing about a EPL move.

    both would do great in continental clubs. wish i knew more about clubs there to id where they should go, but playing in Rennes with Boca would be make a switch much easier.

  8. Gregg says:

    If Donovan doesn’t get a look, I’ll be VERY disappointed. He was magic in this tournament….and I was a a hater before. Well done son…

  9. Turtle says:

    I agree that the most important thing, as Davies says in the link, is “time on the pitch”.

    Of these two I think it’s more improtant for Davies to get quality time with his new squad. Our midfield is pretty deep so he can take a little time to settle in with his new club. Our forward position isn’t quite so deep. I’m ok with a Ching/Altidore pairing but prefer Altidore and Davies (I’d still like to see how a Adu/Altidore pairing would do – maybe after we are qualified or in preWC build up match).

  10. Pat says:

    Great for these guys and they need to go out and get what they can, there’s no certainty that there will be offers later on.

    However, as it relates to the national team, it could affect their club playing time less than a year away from the World Cup.

  11. Fire BB says:

    Training with a team in Europe is far better than playing in MLS. Get out as fast as possible.

  12. EA says:

    It’s a tough thing… What’s best for the team is that the boys ALL play first team football, wherever they can.

    However, for them, they can make way more money and get better training, even if they’re on the bench somewhere, and is that not better for them (the individual) in the long run.

    Think of it in our non professional soccer terms. You can be a high ranking manager with a small and/or crappy company, and “make do” or you can accept a lower “titled” position with a MUCH larger company that can pay more and give better benefits. There are advantages and disadvantages to each.

    Hopefully, any one that makes a move, as well as the Beasleys, Adus, and Altidores of the team can find some first team football this fall.

  13. Felix says:

    It doesn’t surprise me. It was obvious that these guys can play. I’m curious about the kind of offers that are going to come Onyewu, DeMerit, and Donovan’s way as well.

  14. primoone says:

    You have to understand that most of these teams make money doing this sort of thing. They buy the talent then loan them out. At the end of the contract they end up making money. Most of these teams have no interest in making them 1st team starters. If the prospective player ends up making a splash with the team he is loaned to…then guess what. The Team holding the contract makes a bigger profit by having the new team buy out the contract of course the product is now worth20-30% more.

    Its a business.

  15. madmax says:

    What league/team would be an ideal move for Davies?

    Villarreal or Monaco.

  16. ag nigrin says:

    If they play then it is great if they sit on the bench or get loaned out…no thanks!

  17. Jk3 says:

    I’m all for it if they can get some playing time.

  18. primoone says:

    my point being…these kids need to stay with teams that can actually use their services. At least they will get playing time where they are.

  19. Josh says:

    I’d like to see both players move to Holland. Ligue 1 is a step up from MLS, no doubt, but with Clark’s range and workrate, his game would develop much better with the inventors of “total football.” His technical game will get better, and playing against more tactically aware players will help him improve his in-game I.Q., leading to fewer reckless challenges down the road.

    And since the Eredivise and Ligue 1 have turned into the top feeder leagues for the big four countries, either league is a great place to make a start, develop, play hard, and earn their way into one of the top leagues. Davies is in a fairly good situation already with Hammarby, but Clark can’t develop any more in MLS; he needs to move across the pond ASAP.

  20. Pat says:

    Remember after Feilhaber had his breakthrough in the 07 Gold Cup, the move to the bigger club in the bigger league he got from it ended up setting his career back 2 years, so I’m all for guys moving on to better things but I dont want people, Davies especially, riding the pine in the Bundesliga from now til the 2010 WC.

  21. BFBS says:

    I see Clark as unequivocally good enough to play in Ligue 1. A Rennes move would be beneficial for both team and player. I hope it, or something like it, materializes.

    The fewest goals of any major European league are scored in Ligue 1. Clark fits in well with that ethic. He’s a dynamic defensive midfielder with good pace and touch.

  22. Tay says:

    Davies really impressed me this tournament, he’s starting to become one of my favorite players. He SHOULD be at a good club in Europe, that would be good for him. He can easily become one of the greats.

  23. understood says:

    while clark can improve tactically and maybe his range of passing can improve slightly playing on a bigger stage…soccer players usually dont make big strides technically into their mid to late 20s…by that age you pretty much are what you are technique wise…so kudos to him if he can get consistent playing time and play against better competition…but i wouldnt expect him to get that much better…bradley…edu…hopefully jones eventually…we have that position covered…clark is a good 4th string option if everyones healthy

  24. Aaron says:

    @Nico –

    What good would a Scandinavian move do for Clark? Are those leagues honestly a step up (if at all) from MLS? I see no point, as these leagues are not big launch pads to the bigger leagues. France and Holland are both solid leagues, but definitely not on par with England, Spain, Italy and Germany. Rennes would be a good chance for young Clark to possibly move on after the WC to a bigger club. Going to Scandinavia is just as obscure and long shot as MLS.

  25. KCB says:

    Great news for both.

  26. teach says:

    Great news, only improves the US MNT and their own careers. Hope it happens and I agree with previous posters, lets hope they get playing time and don’t ride the pine.

  27. DC Josh says:

    Good news. I knew it was a matter of time before they drew interst from Europe. I hope Clark goes to Rennes and Davies wherever he ends up.

    But the bottom line is they HAVE to play. If they are going to sign a big deal and sit on the bench, then it will be a huge waste. This season is the most important season for the players. They need to stay healthy and stay on the pitch.

  28. ELAC says:

    Big deal.

    They both need to start and play regularly in Europe for it to really matter. They can only improve if they are playing at a high level. (see Dempsey/Edu)

  29. nico says:

    fair enough. your entitled to your opinion.
    I just don’t think he would see much success in Ligue 1. I don’t think Scandinavian leagues are a huge step up, but if he is dying to go to Europe I think he’d benefit from a slow adjustment into European football. Bigger team is not always a recipe for personal success. Of course, I am just speculating. I don’t pretend to have the crystal ball that others on the blog do 😉
    I wish him the best if he does leave for France…or elsewhere.

  30. Jason says:

    As a USMNT fan, that is great news for both.

    Though a bit disappointing that clubs willing to sign Americans seem to still be limited to teams with productive American’s already on the roster (Everton, Fulham, Rennes, Reading, etc).

    Still, good news for both.

    And as a Crew fan, Clark leaving Houston would be great.

  31. MensreaJim says:

    Great news for Clark. I think he HAS to move now. He needs to get paid, and his reward for his great play this week could very possibly be playing Pikachu on the bench with Adu and Torres. I can’t imagine he competes for PT with MBJr, Edu, and Jones while playing for Houston.

    Davies is trickier because, as everyone has mentioned, he has to play wherever he goes. Exciting, though.

    I look forward to these rumors for the rest of the summer. Anyone have any updates on Gooch’s fake/real contract? Is Watford going to cash in? And also, when does the Jay Demerit movie come out?

  32. fireman451 says:

    Those two guys played well, especially Davies. A little surprised like others about Clark, but he has talent.

    For me though, Landon Donovan is our best US player and proved it again this tourney.

    Donovan is the MLS’ star player and out of anyone on our USNT, Landon is the one who needs a look from a decent EPL, La Liga, Bundesliga or Serie A club above all others IMHO.

  33. afc says:

    Hammarby are looking at other strikers. They brought in some brazilian guys on trial and are looking at a young forward. I think CD is gone. He’s done well in Sweden and its been a good move for him but its time to move on.

  34. Boguslaw Joganauvski says:

    Clark could stay or go, not really sure it matters as his ceiling isn’t that high anyway. He’s maybe a #3 or #4 defensive midfielder when everyone is healthy and I don’t think much will be asked of him next summer other than “give us 10-15 minutes and don’t make any mistakes.” The defensive midfielder position is the least of my concerns as it happens to be a position where the U.S. is quite deep and getting deeper all the time.

    As for Davies, I believe the Bundesliga would be the best fit for him as the offensive pace is high in that league and it’s not overly physical like the EPL or Serie A.

  35. Johnny G says:

    If you’re getting excited about this, just look at what has happened to Adu. Signs with a great team and is farmed out to a lower division and rides the bench. This has done him NO good. He’d have been better off staying with DC United IMO. Is it better to sit on a European bench or play in the MLS? There’s no simple answer, but as far as match fitness goes, certainly it’s better to be playing regularly. I’d love to see these guys sign with a Championship club like Reading or the like. It’s certainly better quality than MLS and they’d most likely get playing time on a regular basis. I don’t rate the Dutch league that much higher than the MLS tbh. I hope Jozy gets his move to Fulham and I hope Adu can find a good club to make sure of his untapped potential.

  36. Johnny G says:

    *make USE of his untapped potential.

  37. wyo fan says:

    Obviously for national team development, going somewhere they can play and develop as players is best.

    But, these guys have a limited time to maximize their earning potential. From what I understand, they can make more moving to Scandinavia over MLS, regardless of the quality of the play. Look at JOB, he was toast before he was 30.

  38. I like Charlie Davies staying at least one more year in Sweden to prove that it’s not a fluke season, that he is good and should move on. As for Clark, I’ve been a big fan but think he should ease in to Europe, such as the Nordic leagues or the Netherlands.

  39. Josh says:


    You’re right, but we need all our players to improve as much as possible between now and WC10. Clark may drop on the depth chart when/if Jones’ paperwork goes through, but right now he’s our best DM since Bradley has moved up the pitch. And if he’s our second string, that’s a good sign for the USMNT’s depth, which got badly exposed against Brazil.

    It’s too bad he’s only getting interest now, but I think he can still benefit from a move overseas. Better late than never!

  40. brad says:

    SICK!!!! Go get em boys!!

  41. brad says:

    Wheres Donovan going???

  42. afc says:

    Hammarby want 6 million euros for Charlie according to the Swedish press. But its probably more like 3-4, the swedish press always inflate fees. Even Hammarby fans think 6 million is too high.

  43. SonicDeathMonkey says:


    Just for the record, Derby is NOT a bigger club than Hamburg. Just sayin’.

  44. oranjepalooza says:

    Davies needs to spend a season in the Holland and I guaranty he will get noticed by a team of significance. Please, don’t sign for some team because they are a ‘large’ club and then sit on the bench not getting minutes. We have enough players currently that are in that situation and are going nowhere career wise…….

  45. Davies to Holland would be a very smart move for him. Davies has the raw talent, a pretty good first touch and some solid instincts. A good polishing with a Dutch club for a couple of years would mean that Davies could really solidify his place in the National Team.

    I know there are a lot of Clark haters out there, mostly remembering his reckless challenge in the Italy match. But in the Egypt, Spain and Brazil games, Clark was a beast. He made a few sloppy challenges and needs some work on his first touch, but he could do well going to Europe. Rennes in particular would a solid choice because Bocanegra can really help steer him along in the right direction. Even if Clark spends the first couple of months with the Rennes reserves, he will benefit greatly. At this point he needs to take the next step to develop or crash.

  46. Supsam says:

    Im actually agsinst all these US players going to different clubs right now unless your situation is currently dire (Beasley, Adu). World Cup is in one year and we need our players in form! Now is not the time to fight for your place in a starting 11 with no guarantee you will even start ever. Shoot! I would even favor a move where Adu, Beasley, etc go on loan to MLS clubs for a season until the world cup. Playing in MLS is much more beneficial than riding the bench.

  47. Colin says:

    I don’t care where any of these guys go, as long as they get solid playing time. If that means the MLS, then so be it!

    In other news… I wonder if ManU is regretting treating the best goalkeeper in the Confeds Cup, Tim Howard, so poorly.

  48. TR says:

    “Training with a team in Europe is far better than playing in MLS. Get out as fast as possible.

    Posted by: Fire BB”

    Tell that to Beasley, Fire BB. Beasley played better for the US when he was with the Fire than time at both Man City and Rangers, where he hasn’t gotten regular time.

    I bet Clark is seen as a bargain, which is why he has gotten attention compared to Gooch, DeMerit, and Donovan.

  49. BrianK says:

    For me Ricardo Clark was the revelation of the tournament. He seems to have ‘exorcised the demons’ and is demonstrating why he should be in the USA line-up when healthy. I realize most will not agree but I thought he turned in a MOTM performance against Spain and had it not been for his work against Brazil,…we would have been completely overrun in the midfield. He showed a lot more composure on the ball during the tournamnent. I think he can step into a number of 1st division teams in Europe and start,…besides,….he is 27 and his developmental period should be over.


    I don’t think it is fair to say that ManU. treated Timmy poorly. On the contrary, it valted him to the top of one of the best leagues (if not the best) in the world. ManU needed a more seasoned GK and EVDS was the answer at the time. No shame in that. Along the way, Tim has developed nicely, signed a great contract and is considered one of the best GKs in the world. Who knows,…a return to ManU. may be in the works after his latest performance.

  50. Brett says:

    Ricardo Clark is average, and I don’t expect he’ll become anything more than that. He’s already surpassed in our pool of midfielders by Bradley, Edu, and Feilhaber, with Torres in the discussion. He’s good depth, and proved why he is miles ahead of Kljestan and Mastroeni, but I’m stopping short of anointing him as any solution.

    Davies reminds me more of Eddie Johnson than I think anyone would want to admit. He’s still struggling with his touch and doesn’t make decisions quickly enough. But, our system being what it is, we are in love with his pace and his work rate. Hopefully he ends up at a club that can refine his technique and sharpen his football brain.

  51. Danny says:

    This is great news, but the main question is will they get minutes…I don’t want to see our American players sitting on the benchs or stands like most of them are doing right now

  52. JB says:

    Clark, Torres, and the other central midfielders can do the math. There are likely only going to be 5 central midfielders going to the World Cup. The ones that make quality moves to Europe this transfer window will have greatly enhanced their chances of being one of those 5.

  53. gel65 says:

    Ives,I have heard many rumors concerning many of our players but not a one for Landon.Have you heard anything on a possible offer or destination for him.It almost seems like hes being black balled because of his failed experiences in Germany.Any info?I hope MLS will be reasonable with his transfer fee after all hes done for them and USA Soccer,

  54. Chase says:


    Your EJ to Davies comparison is miles off and is without basis after his Confed Cup performances. That is why no one other than you has made this comparison…

    To me, the kid exhibited sufficient tactical acumen and skill when he worked the counter with Donovan that gave us the 2-0 lead. That was a play EJ would have never been able to executem against a CONCACAF opponent, let alone Brazil.

    Stuff your pessimism…

  55. TR says:

    There might be a number of midfielders but they must do different things. Clark is not competing against Torres–they have different roles. Clark is competing against guys like Edu. This is a prime time for Clark to impress with Edu’s injury and Mastroeni’s decline.

    For those of us who remember, we probably miss the Mastroeni of 2001-2005. While I think he is out of the picture, let’s be polite in comparing Clark to Mastroeni. In terms of what they have given the national team over the years, it is Mastroeni who is miles ahead of Clark. Let’s see if Clark can close the gap.

  56. BossTweed says:


    I also think the EJ comparison is a little off, but I think it’s silly to use his one assist as evidence to the contrary. Davies’ first touch is terrible; probably the worst on the field the last two games save Clark. The pass to Donovan was absolutely perfect and could not have been in a better spot by an inch, but he had many more opportunities to do that in that game and failed in all of them. For the record, I like Davies and think if he develops a better first touch he will be a very good contributor for us up top. His speed is at least as good as EJ’s and his confidence to shoot on goal is already miles ahead of where EJ ever was. Nevertheless, I don’t think it’s off base to be skeptical of his prospects from what we’ve seen.

  57. BrianK says:


    Way off on Davies and EJ comparison. Don’t see it at all.

    Clark, IMHO, is better than average. Bradley, Torres and Feilhaber do not have his range and against teams that can push the ball around (Spain, Brazil, Italy, etc.) you need a player who can pound blades of grass. I have not been able to watch all that much of Edu at this level to know where he fits in,…but that remains to be determined.

  58. Jim says:

    Pretty strong rumors out there that David Moyes is trying to sign Michael Bradley for Everton.

  59. BossTweed says:


    Source? Or, at least, where did you hear this from? Thanks.

  60. Sushant Rao says:

    Here’s my wish list for destinations:

    Gooch: Arsenal – they suck in the air, especially defending against set pieces. I can’t remember if it was Hull or Stoke City that beat them early in the EPL 1-0, but it was Arsenal’s weakness in the air that did them in. Plus he’s shown that he can defend Torres :-)

    DeMerit: Everton – he know Timmy and I believe Man City has put out a bid for Lescott. So, there’s a spot open for him

    Davies: Hoeffenheim in Bundesliga. The coach there play an attacking style with lots of passing and pressing of the other team. Sounds like the right philosophy for Davies
    link to

    Landon: I think La Liga would be the best bet but where? I think a team with 2 good forwards and is looking for someone to set them up might be a good option. Atletico Madrid might be a good fit.

    Clark: I have no clue where he’s be a good fit.

  61. Freddy says:

    Go to Deutchland Charlie! Rico, here’s hoping you join Carlos soon!

  62. Erik, NYC says:

    USMNT will not get beyond the scrappy/hard-working/underdog level, until it’s players start playing in the world’s best leagues (La Liga, Premiership, Serie A). This is the case for most/all of Top-10 FIFA teams. A smaller team in these leagues should be the goal for our guys, so that they can play/compete/practice with the best players in the world.

  63. Hi,
    I am an Italian boy and I wanted to make my compliments to the U.S. National Team.

    I am a fan of Fiorentina (Serie A – the team of Felipe Melo, Adrian Mutu, Alberto Gilardino, Riccardo Montolivo, Seba Frey)

    I think that some players could play in Europe
    perhaps in teams that disputed Europa League (formerly the UEFA CUP)
    France, Scotland, Ireland, England championships could be more suitable.

    Sorry for my little english 😉

  64. K1p says:

    As a Dynamo supporter, I’ve watched Clarke mature into the player everyone saw in SA. I would hate to see him leave Houston for a team where he would get no pt. It would be better to stay for awhile and show the world what kind of player he is in the qualifiers ahead and next year in SA. He is quickly becoming the best defender on the USMNT.

  65. papa bear says:

    Great news if they both move.

    Clark is a very good d-mid, very underrated. We’ve played our best matches when he is out there. I’m actually kinda surprised there isn’t some Bundesliga interest in him as he has the kinda tenacity a lower table club could use.

    Davies should absolutely go to Bundesliga or Holland. (preferably Bundesliga–Wolfsburg is gonna be looking for strikers soon and it’s not like they are stacked with talent like a Bayern, Hamburg, Dortmund or Schalke are gonna be, he’d actually get a better chance to play.)
    I like him paired up with Altidore FAR more than Ching. Davies actually does this thing called ‘attacking’ every now and then which Ching completely ignores.
    Davies still needs some work on passing and decision making but those are things that could be polished up well in Bundesliga as he will learn to pass quickly and smartly or he’ll learn his physical therapist’s life story quick as he’ll be on his table everyday as he will get absolutely murdered if he doesn’t in BL.1)

  66. PetedeLA says:

    I’ve watched the Bundesliga consistently for the past 9 years. I don’t think Davies is good enough. When compared to the Brazilians or Eastern Europeans or Africans, his lack of true skill will show. He’s better off in Holland, Scotland, or maybe Denmark.

  67. RLW2020 says:

    @Sushant Roe
    i like Davies at Hoffenheim. i have only heard little about the style of play there but it did sound like a good fit for davies. not that this is really related but they made Vedad (from STL) Ibisevic a star quickly.

    as far as Gooch and Demeritt at Arsenal and Everton… ya that would be sick.

  68. Scott A says:

    Hi Francesco, thanks for the support. Now that the US isn’t playing Italy I can also wish the best of luck to the Azzurri 😉
    It’s trust…most of our players are at the level where getting consistent playing time at non-Champions League clubs would be better.
    Perhaps we’ll see Onyewu at your team

  69. Paul, North Jersey says:

    Well, I’m a little leary. They’re getting playing time where they are, and are also performing well for us. I don’t want them to go to some “higher profile” European club, ride pine, and turn into another Beasley or Adu. I think they should both weigh these moves very carefully and inquire very directly as to what these club’s plans are with them. They’re not desparate.

    Posted by: TimN | June 29, 2009 at 12:28 PM

    Werd. World cup is next year. Stay where you can get playing time.

  70. Keith G. says:

    With Clark I think him going to Rennes would be a great move for him. Go to a team in a top notch league, on a team that finished 7th, and with some new additions could be a team qualifying for the Europa League for 2010-2011 season. Plus it would be easier for him to fit in with fellow American Bocanegra who is a great leader, has a the experience and could really help Clark become a great player.

    As for Davies I think if he could he should choose to go to the Bundesliga. I would love to see him go to one of three teams… Monchengladbach (to team with Bradley), Werder Bremen (a great team that finished poorly and develop him the best) and lastly would be Stuttgart, a team that lost their top striker in Mario Gomez, and need a striker, and is also looking at the Champions League. I also think that maybe Hoffenhheim could be a good team to go to and become a leader for. Who ever he goes to though would be a step up from Sweeden, and would make him an even better player.

  71. @Scott A.

    You are right.
    Some newspapers have reported that Fiorentina was interested in Onyewu.

    I think that some U.S. players can play in Europe, it is important to make experience. But it is pointless to go to a team like Barcelona and maybe watch a lot of matches from the gallery. Better to play for a team that dispute the Europa League as the holder.

  72. Gino says:

    What I have read above and what we all agree on is that our players need playing time but they are caught in a tough position. If they are not getting the technical training they need but are getting the playing time, should they risk going to a better club where they SHOULD get what they lack but possibly not get the playing time to practice their skills?

    It is an interesting problem that our players face. Adu, Altidore as well as some others who have gone are having this problem. Yes, our players get plenty of playing time in the MLS but they need better training. Our league is getting better every year but our players cannot wait.

    What leagues are the best for our players? Gooch, well he has definately gotten better and needs to move to a top notch team. His height and physical build would be great in Germany or England. He is still a good buy.

    Beasley, well I believe we have gotten all that we can. I am no longer impressed nor have been for a long time.

    Clark, has room to grow and has grown. He needs a strong physical league to booster where he lacks, physical strength.

    Donovan, well England would do him good for the same reason but I wonder, is he shown as being as good since he plays in the MLS and on the MNT where the talent is not quite as good? Is that why he just does not do as well in Europe? He is a great player but maybe just not THAT great.

    Our players need playing time and great coaches. If they can get that, then sacrifice the pay for 2-3 years to obtain their next level. The doors will open wide afterwards.

  73. MarcoSRFC says:


    I am a supporter of Rennes.
    When Carlos Bocanegra arrived last year, we had doubts about him, because he is quite slow, but after a few games he got better and better and showed he had skills other than speed that justified he started and played every game in le last season :
    link to
    I don’t know if Clark and or Davies will rejoin Carlos in Rennes, but if they do, they will find an ambitious club with an ambitious coach, Frédéric Antonetti, the new coach of Rennes, who loves “nice game”, with “one touch passes”(I hope you understand what I mean, I don’t know the english technical vocabular) and “placed attacks”.
    Anyway, the more american players will go to Europe, the more US soccer will gain benefit.
    I think that you have in mind “bad examples”, like Edu in Monaco, because there are not yet so many american players in Europe, but the more there will be, the better it will be.
    Years ago it was the same in France when the best french players started to go to Italy, England, Germany and Spain.
    Some “burned their wings” because of bad choices, but I think France wouldn’t have been world champion in 1998 otherwise.
    See how many played abroad : link to

    Congratulations to your national team and happy holidays to Carlos !

    Greetings from Rennes.

  74. beronica says:

    I think the best move for Davies is Germany and France because of his speed and scoring goals and if theirs any chance for him moving to a English club it would be better

  75. Mike says:

    Players should go to leagues that fit their playing styles and would help them get playing time. Clark’s defensive capabilities make him a good fit for Ligue 1 at Rennes, but not Davies. The French Ligue is where offensive players go to die. It’s also why Adu was a horrible fit at Monaco (because while he was sent there to develop his defense, it was perceived that he was still not strong enough to play). Maybe Adu is a better defensive player now, but I wouldn’t know because he’s not on the field.

    If you’re going to send Davies anywhere, send him to Holland. The Dutch game is wide open and he will get ample opportunities to prove himself. If Michael Bradley can score 16 goals in one season as a midfielder in the Eredivisie, then Davies should be fine.

    If U.S. fans want to see Americans play in Europe (and developing their game), send them to a place where their game fits the style of play. Clark will undoubtedly develop at Rennes as would Davies in Holland. If they play well after a couple of years, there will be plenty of teams in Europe that will come calling, just as they did after the Confed Cup.