What change would you make to the SBI MLS All-Star Ballot?

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The media ballot for the 2009 MLS All-Star Game has finally made its way to my inbox, which means its time to seriously consider which eleven players will be getting votes.

Selecting this year's group isn't easy, nor it should be. There are several worthy candidates in the pool, with only a few positions easy to call.

So what can you do? I am going to list my current ballot and I want each SBI reader to submit the one player they would change and who that replacement would be. Think I have the wrong forward or defender on my ballot? Let me know. Let me state clearly that this ballot is my CURRENT ballot. I will submit a final ballot just before the July 6 deadline.

Here is the SBI MLS All-Star Ballot:

SBI MLS All-Star Ballot

FORWARDS- Conor Casey and Landon Donovan. Yes, Fredy Montero has had a good year, but he went cold for almost two months so he doesn't get the nod. Brian McBride was a lock a month ago, but has also gone cold. Donovan was having a great year before national team duty, as was Casey.

MIDFIELDERS- Guillermo Barros Schelotto, Shalrie Joseph, Brad Davis, Amado Guevara and Paulo Nagamura. Plenty of ways you can go here, but I can't see how anybody can argue against the top three. Guevara has enjoyed a very strong season for TFC and edges out Santino Quaranta, who ha has been the key spark for D.C. United this year, though Chris Pontius merits his share of consideration. Nagamura has been a bulldog in midfield, but has also provided clutch goals. He gets the call ahead of teammate Jesse Marsch and Seattle's Osvaldo Alonso.

DEFENDERS- Geoff Cameron, Jhon Kennedy Hurtado, Brian Namoff. Cameron has pulled away at the mid-way point for Defender of the Year, while Hurtado is still in the conversation. Namoff has been a rock in the back and D.C. United's steadiest defender, playing every minute of the season. Wilman Conde was on this list before being sidelined recently with an injury.

GOALKEEPER- Zach Thornton. Seattle fans will clamor for Kasey Keller but Thornton has more saves, shutouts and victories. He's made more tough saves than any other goalkeeper as well. Pat Onstad is putting up insane numbers, but faces much fewer shots.

Here is the lineup:






That is eleven players representing nine teams. Only Houston and Chivas USA have multiple selections. No surprise they are currently the top two teams in MLS.

Now it is your turn. I'm NOT asking you to give me your All-Star Ballot. I want to know which one player on my ballot you think should come off, and what player you would replace him with.

Share your suggestions below.

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117 Responses to What change would you make to the SBI MLS All-Star Ballot?

  1. Wally says:

    Montero has to start, hes like 30 times better than casey, no way casey goes ahead.

    What do you guys think of Marco Pappa getting the nod, he has play brilliantly.

  2. MZ says:

    Ives, I think Quaranta deserves a shout on the right. He has been sensational this year, both at forward and on the right wing. He and Pontius are the big reason DC is in first place.

  3. patrick says:

    id switch davis for holden. I don’t think he’s more deserving, but if the aim is to attack, and put on a show, then holden’s a better fit for my fit.

    Freddy Montero for casey, but thats because im bitter that he got called into usmnt ahead of others

  4. TommyH says:

    RedBull fan… sooo I have nothing to add.

  5. Ne-Dub says:

    I think that Joseph has had a little bit of a down year and that Davy Arnaud deserves a nod. As much as I want to give it to Arturo Alvarez, Arnaud is having a great year.

    Go Quakes!

  6. Joe says:

    Good pick with Joseph holding in a midfield with GBS, I guess Casey and others are deserved based on this MLS season…but if I was picking a team of 11 from the MLS that would give me the best chance to kill Everton- it wouldn’t include many of these players

  7. Ives says:

    MZ, I actually had Quaranta on the ballot, but then replaced him with Guevara because Guevara has had a monster season so far. I could go either way there.

    As for Montero over Casey, the ballot isn’t the eleven most talented players, it’s the eleven players who deserve the all-star nod based on their play so far this year. I’d take Montero if I were starting a team, but I think Casey has clearly had the better season overall up to now.

    As for Davis/Holden, Davis has had the better year and even if this were a pick a lineup game instead of a pick the ballot exercise, you already have Schelotto creating in the middle and Davis is clearly the better fit on the left than Holden.

  8. Ives says:

    Joe, the all-star ballot should be based on performance. We can leave it up to Dom Kinnear to pick the right Starting XI to face Everton once he has the full squad chosen.

    Let’s stay on topic folks. Make ONE change to the above ballot.

  9. Brant says:

    According to Columbus, GBS lines up at forward (MFs are Gaven, Carroll, Rogers, Ekpo). Does that affect the All-Star balloting at all?

  10. Eazy says:

    Pappa for Guevara, but you could make an argument for either.

  11. acj says:

    I’d stick Alonso in at defensive midfield. My case would be that if you compare the team’s play with and without him you’ll see a much more aggressive team when he’s in. His ability to cover back when one of hte sounders fullback wins the ball in a good position to go forward makes montero and le toux much more dangerous.

    That said this is my first year watching more than a couple MLS games so I’m not all that informed about the competition.

  12. Rastafari says:

    Take Hurtado off so no Sounder has a game that -rest- weekend

  13. Tay says:


  14. Geoff says:

    Donovan out, Brian McBride in.

  15. AdamTheRed says:

    I would throw Soumare (sp) in the back line.

  16. Stephen says:

    Montero for Casey

  17. DC96 says:

    Anyone besides me not drooling over Zach Thornton– To me its much more Chivas’ defending than his goalkeeping–much like I didn’t think Jon Busch was that stellar this time last year but Chicago’s defense was performing much better this time last year, making Busch look great. I think they’re both in top 5 keeprs in the league, but I think past Keller and LA’s Ricketts, the dropoff is tall and steep.

  18. DC96 says:

    Meaning, haha, I would pick Keller.

  19. dave says:

    Quaranta in for Guevara

  20. AlexS says:

    I’d switch Pablo Nagamura for Bobby Boswell and play in a 4-4-2 (which is Dom’s favorite formation). I know Geoff Cameron is getting the credit, after all he’s got the tools to be a very special player as he’s been learning the position, but Bobby Boswell has been just as tremendous for the Dynamo this season. He’s taken very good forwards and made them non-factors.

    I’d also advocate Hainault, but he doesn’t have enough games this season to qualify as an all-star. You’ll be recognising his contributions by the end of the season.

  21. Ives says:

    Brant, Schelotto is listed as a midfielder on the ballot.

  22. huricano says:

    I think Casey deserves it. Maybe Montero for Donovan.

  23. Thomas513 says:

    This ballot learly shows that Ives hates Seattle and wants to ignore how great we are. Just kidding. I would put Montero in but I cannot argue too much with Landon and CC.

  24. doug says:

    the two biggest stars in the league are missing from your all-star list – angel and ljungberg.

  25. AlexS says:

    On second thought, four centerbacks does not a good backline make.

    I have trouble thinking of a leftback or rightback (aside from Hainault, who hasn’t played enough) who would displace on of the listed four centerbacks.

    In that case, I’d switch “Snack” Zack Thornton with Pat Onstad, who’s been consistently in the top 3-ish keepers since 2006.

  26. alffy says:

    Casey should be swapped for Montero.

    Casey has 8 goals on the season (in only 10 games, admittedly), but look deeper at the numbers He scored a hat-trick against the Gals in LA’s 4th game, right in the middle of their opening stretch of 7 matches where they went 0-1-6 (not exactly a stellar start).

    2 of his other goals came in one game against NYRB, enough said.

    That’s 5 of his 8 in two games against weak competition, the other 3 goals came in his other 8 matches.

    Freddy has been on fire with the exception of the cold spell you mentioned. That cold spell was a by-product of off-field conditions. When he hasn’t had to deal with those issues he has been dynamite.

    Not to mention Freddy’s doing all this as a 21 yo in his first season in a new league and country.

  27. Tay says:


  28. Drew says:

    Conde por favor

  29. RLW2020 says:

    Landon is kind of a automatic for this game..but there are others that might deserve it more like Cooper, Montero and Pontius

  30. RLW2020 says:

    add McBride to that list

  31. lakaix15 says:

    MAC KANDJI IS A ALL STAR!!!! and posibly Goldie and Cepero is a reserve

  32. cwa20 says:

    Why not Joseph at striker too?

  33. beckster says:

    Since you have already addressed Quaranta for Guerva than I have to go for huckerby over Davis. He has been injured a bit buy his left wing play is fantastic. Wish he were American!

  34. Turtle says:

    Ives, I’m with your picks. Don’t change a thing.

  35. ando says:

    @alffy, monetero has 3 of his 7 goals against the red bulls, not exactly stellar competetion either. However, freddy also has 4 assists against Casey’s 1, so I might still go w/ montero. Maybe this weekend should decide it, sounders play the rapids…

  36. madmax says:

    Ljungberg for Casey

  37. AlexS says:


    Huckerby over Davis? Not even close. Huckerby might be a good player, but he hasn’t played nearly as well as Davis has for the first half of the season.

  38. tom says:

    “Pat Onstad is putting up insane numbers, but faces much fewer shots.”

    So you’re going to punish Pat because while he’s “insanely” good, the defense in front of him is equally as good?

    I throw the BS flag – if he’s got insanely good numbers, he’s the man between the pipes, end of discussion.

    Onstad on, Thornton, Keller and the rest of them ride the bench.

  39. Reality says:

    Conor Velvet Toes Casey is a joke.

    Montero instead.

  40. CZCH says:

    I choose Wilman Conde in for either Namoff or Cameron–I’m leaning towards taking out Namoff. You have to consider Conde, one of the least talked about but most comprehensive defenders in MLS.

  41. madmax says:

    Holden or Alonso for Nagamura

  42. Jose A. V. says:

    Holden in for Guevara

  43. Jose A. V. says:

    Casey deserves it!! Who else scored more goals than him the same number game span. He would be leading the league if it wasnt for the callup.

  44. SayervilleFC says:

    If I had one change, it’d be Alonso for Guevara.

    Alonso has been a revelation in central midfield for Seattle and while Guevara has better offensive numbers, Alonso has been a rock and has been a big reason Seattle is doing so well, including better than Toronto.

    If I had a second change I’d replace Namoff with Tim Ward.

    Otherwise, agree with the other nine.

  45. Dave Clark says:

    Zakuani over Davis actually.

    That way the two ROY candidates can each play the wings.

  46. Ives says:

    Tom, it’s not about punishing Onstad, it is about rewarding the keeper who has had to do more to record the stats he has.

    And Alffy, your argument against Casey is weak considering that of Montero’s seven goals and four assists, four goals and two assists have come against the Red Bulls and Earthquakes. So, in essence, your case against Casey is the same case that can be made against Montero. What’s funny is I would have had McBride as an absolute lock before the past few weeks. His game has fallen off quite a bit the past few weeks.

    As for Conde, I give Conde more props than anybody, and he was my Defender of the Year up until a month ago. He can still work his way back in, but right now the three defenders are the three I feel have had the best seasons. Part of that equation is not missing games.

    Oh, and the mention of Angel and Ljungberg was interesting. Angel has been well below par and Ljungberg hasn’t exactly torn the league up. That said, I can see them getting Commissioner’s Picks. Going to be some interesting Commish Pick decisions to make. Lot’s of big-name players not getting in on their own.

    Stuart Holden is getting love here but I think people are forgetting how slow he started. He’s been great in June but the All-Star nod should be based on your entire year to date.

    I also don’t get how people are arguing against Donovan. He carried LA to most of the points it got through the first two months. He’s a lock.

    There are still a few weeks to go before the ballot is due. I’m still waiting for a bunch of good suggestions. So far I’ve only heard a few legit ones.

  47. cl says:

    Obviously none of you have seen Casey play a game. He is one of the most dominant players in the league. Montero, Quaranta, Colin Clark, Omar Cummings, and Kyle Beckerman all deserve consideration, but I think Keller in for Thornton is the call.

  48. Greg says:

    Onstad for Thornton

  49. Jeff says:

    Conde looked plenty healthy tonight vs Chivas



    LA COL






















  51. Kent says:

    Onstad for Thornton.

    I agree with Ives about Holden. As an avid Dynamo fan, I was extremely worried about Holden toward the beginning of the season. Thank goodness he finally came into his own. That said, if I were basing this on current form, I’d definitely say he deserves the call.

  52. Dexter says:


    I think you should consider Donovan Ricketts in goal. He’s kept the Galaxy in a lot of games they didn’t deserve to be close in, and is probably singlehqandedly responsible for at least four of their teis.

  53. Never First says:

    Holden for Davis. I’m not super high on him, but he has 3 game winning goals and two game winning assists. That means he has been part of the GWG for more than half of their wins. Not bad.

  54. Nick says:

    Conde for namoff

  55. AlexS says:


    Onstad hasn’t had to work as hard for his numbers. That’s true. But every save he does make is a CLUTCH save. There have been a lot of games where the Dynamo’s opponents gets two shots on goal, and Onstad makes great saves on both that give the Dynamo 2 points. Can you say the same about Thornton? Not as often as you can about Onstad. You’re rewarding Thornton for making more saves, not because he’s been the better keeper.

  56. AlexS says:

    ^^ “… give the Dynamo 2 points…” means 2 MORE points than they would have had with a draw.

  57. Original Aaron says:

    Ives- I’d definitely look for a way to get Osvaldo Alonso in there. Before the season he was just another “one of those cuban deserter guys” who sadly tried to follow in Galindo’s footsteps but wasn’t good enough to make an MLS roster… now, we’re far more convinced than ever that MLS does a terrible job of recognizing talent. He controls the midfield like no other player in MLS- well, besides Joseph, but he’s playing up top a lot these days. I hate to do it, b/c he’s had an incredible season as well, but I think Alonso should take Nagamura’s spot. Reason being that Preki has shown a propensity for putting Chivas in a position to grind out results no matter who is on the field. So it is somewhat of an extrapolation, but I’m going to say that Nagamura may be more a product of the system, whereas with Osvaldo Alonso, it is simply proof that the cream will always eventually rise to the top.

  58. Tim says:

    I say conor casey should be replaced by quaranta and quaranta should move to midfield with joseph playing forward. haha

    In all seriousness I haven’t seen guevara play much as he was out against DCU and im a DCU supporter. Quaranta has been a monster, and his volley to set up emilio against the Red Bulls was just beast.

  59. Kevin says:

    Jakovic has been better than Namoff in the back for DCU. But that’s not to underscore Namoff’s play; he’s been spectacular as well.

  60. Wispy says:

    Ives — I agree about Donovan’s MVP-like performance early in the season — I’m actually one of the (few) Landon fans in the SBI Mafia. The only change I would make to your lineup is Keller for Thornton. Thornton made a few gaffes in weeks 1 and 2, and Keller has been steady from Day 1.

  61. Alex says:

    i think Mr.Beckham will feel offended..

  62. Bill says:

    I am a Sounder’s fan. I voted Casey Connor over Montero and Ljungberg is great but slow rounding into form. The one Sounder who is truly a game changer is Alonso and if he is not on the allstar team, it is a sham.

  63. T says:

    Drew moor has been consitent all year but bc he plays in Dallas he gets no love. Holden should be in there. As far as Alonso goes last year I went and watched him play for charlston against fcd and it was clear by far that he was the best player on the pitch. Good ole mls scouting.

  64. Bonji says:

    Exchange Nagamura for Mastroeni. Pablo is showing his leadership and hasn’t lost a step. He’s one of the major reasons the Rapids are surging into July as opposed to limping. He has been dominant. Not to be a Rapids homer, but I think you’re missing him.

  65. Rudy says:

    Keller, Ricketts over Thornton.

  66. Onion Bag says:

    Alonso has to get the nod. He’s the best defensive mid in MLS, in my opinion.

  67. nonya says:

    Beckerman, no freaking way. he has cost RSL more points this season than any other player on the squad.

    I do think Clint Mathis should be considered, he has 5 assists and has been the creative force for RSL as Morales has been taken out of matches by opposing defenses.

    Findley is hurt but if he is healthy, his speed would be a great assest against Everton. Umm for Bonji, Pablo has been gone for most of the last month with the national team, and will spend most of july at the Gold cup.

  68. KJK says:

    1. Casey out, Montero in (much better skill and finisher)
    2. Scheloto out, Pontius in (best rookie in the league bar-none)
    3. Guevara out, Quaranta in

    *DC is atop the East and doesn’t have any offensive players????

  69. DS says:

    DeRo any day over Nagamura.
    Seattle’s Montero over Casey.
    San Jose’s Ryan Johnson over Donovan. The kid’s been scoring important goals consistently. As much as I like Donovan, not one of his best seasons, take away the PKs, and his output is questionable.

    And you actually considered Jesse Marsch, I mean, Jesse Marsch? He is an absolutely talentless hack, and personifies everything that is wrong with the MLS and American soccer.

  70. Jason says:

    Take all the TFC players out….. we need them for CCL!

    so take out Guevara and put whoever else in… cause we need EL LOBO!

  71. Andrew says:

    What a boring team this year.

  72. Justin says:

    Actually I’m a Sounders fan, and I’d take Thorton. Hell, up until about a month ago, he’d have been my league MVP.

    What about Ward for Chicago (instead of Namoff)? I haven’t seen him play over the last several weeks, but he looked good early on.

  73. AG says:

    No love for Carl Robinson after three years of brilliance at holding midfield for TFC? Flashy? No. Rock solid? Absolutely. However, if you aren’t going to take Robbo, Alonso over Nagamura.

  74. nico says:

    Osvaldo Alonso should have made it, despite missing a couple games with injury.

  75. Jason says:

    No big issues.

    Seattle leaks too many goals for Hurtado to make it. I’d go with Talley. Or Marshall

    And Nagamura is a hack. I’d go with Alonso.

  76. kevin says:

    Conde should definitely be on it. I could name other changes but that is the biggest one.

  77. Leonardo says:

    Montero for Casey.

  78. Leonardo says:

    and props to putting *Hurtado* in there, as he is the best CB in the league. can take any striker out of the game.

  79. socrates says:

    PAT ONSTAD over Thornton

    True, it’s hard to know whether to give credit to a GK to overall team defense, and Zach has some numbers in his favor (shots faced, total saves) but some numbers favor Pat:

    Goals Allowed (Avg)
    PO: .60
    ZT: .80

    Shutouts:Games Played
    PO: 7:14
    ZT: 7:15

    Losses:Games Played
    PO: 2:14
    ZT: 4:15

    PO: No
    ZT: Yes

  80. socrates says:

    As noted by others, good arguments can be made for Tino and Alonso.

    Some longer shots:

    1. How about CHRIS LEITCH or DREW MOOR over Namoff?

    Leitch leads all defenders with 5 assists. True, MLS “assists” are often fishy… but maybe they still deserve some credit. Plus Leitch has been a steady player on a defensive unit that has seen its fair share of upheaval — the CB situation has been one of the most muddled in the league (along with NYRB and FCD).

    Like Leitch, Moor is on a bad team, but he has performed well and been a leader at times while being shuffled from CB to RB. Plus he has three goals (most among defenders).

    2. How about OMAR CUMMINGS over Conor Casey?

    Omar has stepped up while CC was away. His 6 assists are second only to Brad Davis and he has looked good scoring 5 times, too. And he’s started every match so far for Colorado (granted, CO has had very little fwd depth after Conor and Omar).

  81. K1p says:

    Onstad is the best keeper in the MLS and should be included in your line up.

  82. mark says:

    Other than the Red Bulls, I haven’t seen any other team play more than 3-4 times.So I’m fine with Ives choices. Alonso did look good the couple times I’ve seen him, so maybe him for Nagamura, though I’ve only seem Nagamura play 1-2 times.

    While not deserving an all-star nod, I’ll give a shout out to Kevin Goldthwaite who has been great for a terrible Red Bull team.

  83. tom says:

    “Tom, it’s not about punishing Onstad, it is about rewarding the keeper who has had to do more to record the stats he has.”

    So by that logic, we find the keeper that has the weakest defense in front of him, but still manages to put up “respectable numbers” and call him an all star. Do I need to list the candidates?

    Or what about this – find the striker that has the most woeful team behind him, but still manages respectable numbers and nominate him (well, I guess that gets you Landon, but you get my point).

    Whatever happened to heaping kudo’s on the keeper that can maintain focus for 90 minutes despite not having to flail all over the place because the ‘backs in front of him are questionable?

    As others have pointed out Onstad’s saves have been clutch and his numbers are better than Thornton’s. If the All Star nod is to reward performance, then Pat’s the man between the pipes.

    Bottom line – its a travesty that Pat keeps getting passed over for recognition simply because the team around him is strong. They are strong precisely because he’s the best in MLS.

  84. tom says:

    Let me clarify the above – Landon deserves to be on the all star team. My point about strikers is that we don’t discount strikers simply because they are on a good team, so why do we discount keepers?

  85. Rossi is Judas says:

    Forwards: McBride, Cooper

    Midfield: Schelotto, Davis, LeToux, Joseph, Nagamura

    Defense: Heaps, Marshall (Chad), Bornstein

    Goalie: Keller

    Bench: Thornton, Donovan, Montero, Holden, Wynne, Thorington, Mastroeni, Casey, Conde, Marshall (Tyrone), Clark (Ricardo), Hurtado

    On a side note, the Gold Cup roster has been posted:

    link to concacaf.com

  86. George says:


    I think your inclusion of Shalrie Joseph really comes at the expense of Osvaldo Alonso. While I appreciate Joseph’s efforts helping out the team by playing up top as a striker at times, I don’t think the Revolution’s form this season merits Joseph’s inclusion. Granted the Rev’s dip in form isn’t all on Joseph, it still has to weigh in against him. New England is second from BOTTOM in the East at 16 pts.

    Let’s not get up in the mystique that a player carries, especially Joseph who has always been a great player in MLS. I just don’t appreciate players getting into the all-star team based on their stature, results should matter more in MLS.

    Keep up the great work IVES, I love the site!

  87. Collin Brueggeman says:

    Omar Cummings???

  88. Russ says:

    Chad Marshall for Bryan Namoff.

  89. MVK says:

    extremely underrated–>ARNAUD for Davis<–overrated

  90. beef0 says:

    I’d put De Rosario in for Davis and Arnaud in for Joseph.

    But TFC has a CCL qualifier that day in Toronto so I don’t think anyone from the squad will be there.

  91. Bill says:

    By George (comment 3 above), you are retarded. Osvaldo over Joseph…you are nuts…the Revs would have 2 points without Joseph…This year SJ has 5 goals and 4 assists in 12 games…playing anywhere the Revs need- None of these goals by penalty…he has been a beast…Osvaldo (1g, 3A)in 13 games…If anything Joseph has increased his “MYSTIQUE” … I think this might be his best season ever- and maybe he can finally go over the Europe soon and then I think a lot of these fans would realize his true value…

    I mean its like he has to do a give and go by himself on the Revs

  92. Scott C from Buff says:

    I agree Alonso has to be on the team; not sure for Joseph however. It depends on your criteria; Joseph is obviously, at this point, a better player. A rock in the middle, with great vision and passing as well. Alonso is probably having the better season, and is on track to be a star in this league.

    So, maybe Joseph and Nagamura to start, Alonso on in the 2nd half?

  93. Tim says:

    Anyone suggesting to switch out namoff clearly hasn’t seen him play. Namoff has been a monster. Almost every game he has been up there to be named man of the match. He hasn’t made a major mistake all year and his distribution’s been solid. He hasn’t made the runs going forward as a ward because he is playing in a 3-5-2.

  94. Will says:

    Those are great picks. DeRo has had a great year. I think he’s been more consistent then Guevara.

  95. madmax says:

    Alonso to replace any mid-fielder

  96. Arcticrules says:

    If you think only one seattle player should get the nod, it should be alonso. Hurtado deserves it too but alonso gets more credit for seattle success this far.

  97. Mattoomba says:

    Great picks Ives. My one change:

    DeRo in Guevara out.

  98. El Naranja says:


    Two weeks ago I would have said that Dave van den Berg deserved to be given a hard look. He’s done everything possible to try to get Dallas some wins. He’s crossing the ball well, tracking back on D, and hustling up the flanks. Not his fault no one on his team can score at all.

    I have to jump into the Pat Onstad wagon, though. Early on Thorton was a beast (and still is, despite the small slump Chivas is in). Pat has been a rock and kept his players in line. His numbers are superhuman.

    Montero may be flashy, but Conor was been the better, consistent, forward all season long.

    Glad to see Hurtado rewarded. If anyone in Seattle deserves the nod, it’s him.

  99. TheKingofNorway says:

    Alonso to replace Nagamura. As a Sounders fan, I’d love to make the case for Keller and Montero … but Alonso is really the secret sauce in this team.

  100. jleppig says:

    Too bad Tim Ward isn’t on this list. Ward for Hurtado. Gino Padula for Namoff.

  101. George says:

    @ Bill, calm the F$$K down!! There is no need to call people names and please grow up. Using terms like retarded to make fun of someone is an elementary school level joke and is insensitive. I wouldn’t be surprised if elementary school was your highest level of education.

    Furthermore, I gave respect to Joesph so re-read the post!

    I did not knock him at all, you unintellegant mug!

    Keep hiding behind your computer screen and don’t come out to Gillette Stadium because true DIE HARD Fans will be waiting !!

  102. Dustin says:

    Seems like a very formidable starting 11- I see nothing wrong with it.

    Anybody who does not agree with Cameron starting must have been living under a rock for the past few months. He has been playing out of his mind and deserves that spot more than anyone else out there….well, maybe not Schelotto.

  103. Man fan says:

    Wilman Conde and Gonzalo Segares are the best at their positions in MLS. They both are good on the ball, can counterattack and do not panic.

  104. Chris May says:

    I think it’s criminal that Conde isn’t on this list. I think he’s the best defender in the league.

    Speaking of great defenders, Segares is the best left back in MLS. He deserves recognition but I don’t konw where he’d fit in your line up with 3 defenders as a LWB.

    I’m obviously a Fire fan, but with the roster changing over this coming year, I have to tell you, I would rather lose any players on the team, including Blanco, Rolfe, Mapp and McBride, rather than lose those 2 guys.

  105. Chris May says:

    And I fogot anothing thing… it’s not really fair to blame Conde for missing 2 games b/c he was fouled in the penalty area and hurt his shoulder (resulting in a converted PK that ended up in a fire win). Especially if you are not going to mark down Casey for missing tons of time due to Conf Cup. Casey hasn’t been on the field for MLS for a lot longer than Conde was out.

    And Conde put in 180 minutes this week in 2 Fire Superlega wins. As usual, he dominated everyone.

  106. Bill says:

    Why do people think Joseph is having a bad year- the REVS are 500…they are only near the bottom of the East because they have played 12 matches (16 points)–Seattle has played 12 and only has 22 points…if you took the REVS and simulated the 3 games they have in hand assuming there current 500 pace- they would have almost the same amount of points as the Sounders…

    The lack of education for these fans is absurb…

    look at the REV roster for the bulk of the year…

    Alston- Rookie
    Reis- injured off and on- not a stellar year
    Barnes- not high draft pick- and a rookie
    Tierney- one of the worst players to every wear an MLS uniform
    Heaps- surprising having one of his best MLS campaigns
    Igwe- young player
    Osei- just came from Africa and is missing most of his brain
    Thompson- an out of control player who should never still be in the league
    Larentowitz- a glorified role player who gets way more created than he desreves
    Ralston- A classy player- but who at this point in his career can not handle the demands of playing in the center of the field
    Phelan- A Player TFC practically payed the REVS to remove from their roster
    Nyassi- an inexperienced young player
    Mansally- also a young inexperienced player- who for the most of the year was the laziest player ever- doing better as of late
    Dube- a talented player who has yet to return to his rookie form
    Twellmen- when he plays he has been good- I wonder if he will ever be healthy

    then Shalrie- who has played ever position, leads the team in goals and points, none of which has come from penalty, and has had to try to pull his awful roster together and has a 500 record

    look at seattle
    Montero- Spanish clubs are chasing him
    Jaqua- been in league for a long time, won MLS cup, and has played in Europe
    Evans- won an MLS cup in Columbus
    Ljunberg- DP player- played for Arsenal- I think that speaks for it self
    Zakuani- the #1 overall pick
    Hurtado- was on trial with AC Milan last year
    Keller- A DP player who has played for the US and in the EPL
    Le Toux- an ok player- but an experienced one being named a former USL MVP
    Marshall- experienced- but overated player- that has won MLS cups
    then an assortment of other players that would be consider an upgrade over many of the REVS

    Then Alonso- a nice complementary role player- but to compare to Joseph is comical–

    To say that Joseph is only getting picked because of his reputation is ludacris- THIS IS HIS BEST SEASON YET

  107. John Glosson says:

    Quaranta in for Guevara. He is on fire right now and deserves a spot on the team.

  108. Bohris says:

    Keller for Thornton. I will be at the game and that is who I would like to see. By the way, I am an RSL fan, not a Seattle fan.

  109. John Glosson says:

    “i think Mr.Beckham will feel offended..”

    I think Mr. Beckham can suck it and f*ck off back to Europe on the first plane out of LAX. He left the MLS for AC Milan and hasn’t played at all this season. Just being David Beckham doesn’t earn him a spot on the team as far as I’m concerned. It’s not like he was helping LA get a bunch of wins last season either.

  110. Nick says:

    As a dc fan, I am neutral on the Goalkeeping issue. However, from what I have watched of both Seattle and Chicago via the Direct Kick package it seem to me that Keller is far more valuable to Seattle, than Thornton is to Chicago.

    Stats are one thing but command presence is another. The difference in Seattle with Keller betweent he pipes is palpable even over TV. You just don’t get that from Thorton. I see a very, very good team in front of Thorton that has made is job relatively easy compared to Keller.

  111. Los says:

    Montero for Casey

  112. Johnny G says:

    “The lack of education for these fans is absurb…”

    I must be ignorant because I have no idea wtf absurb means.

  113. Matthew Shaddock says:

    Insert Stuart Holden for Brad Davis or Nagamura.

  114. Drew says:

    I know you said to pick only 3 but there seem to be a few that could change so in descending order:

    1) I’d seriously question the Guevara selection. He seems to have had as much of a cold spell as anyone you mention previously with 4 of his 5 goals coming in only 2 games and only 4 assists total. Obviously in soccer it isnt all about the numbers, but Toronto’s offense has been pretty unimpressive lately. Both Colin Clark and Santino Quaranta are more deserving than Guevara. I know you are leaning to Tino, but its hard to ignore just how good Clark and Colorado have been lately (and his 3g 5a compare pretty favorably to Tino’s).

    2) Alonso deserves the nod over both Joseph and Nagamura in my book. As for which he should replace, Joseph got forced out of position (actually playing up top) quite a bit and is clearly a better player than Nagmura so I’d say your best bet is a Joseph/Alonso pairing.

    3) I dont really get the Namoff nod. He has been solid, and it is really hard to value defenders other than just by watching them. In that vein I completely agree with Hurtado and Cameron. However, Namoff hasn’t looked to be in their class and DC’s total team defense this year is pretty bad. I’d argue Shavar Thomas has looked better… but he isnt alone.

    Honorable mention: Casey. he has had a pretty good season without a doubt. However, I am not even convinced he has had the best season of strikers on his team. 8 goals and 1 assist in 10 games is nice, but is it nicer than 5 and 6 in 12. I’m not sure.


  115. Donjuego says:

    Thornton off, Onstadt on. Your selection makes it seem like you are not paying attention. This is a no-brainer.

  116. HM says:

    Yawn. The league office always rigs this thing to fit their marketing strategy, so it doesn’t really matter.

  117. ALEX says:

    MAC KANDJI should be there!