MLS Ticker: Gerba signs with TFC, Petke suspension extended and more

Toronto FC has completed the signing of Canadian national team striker Ali Gerba, the club announced on Monday. Gerba joins TFC after parting ways with English club MK Dons.

Toronto acquired Gerba's rights in a deal with San Jose earlier this month that also brought veteran defender Nick Garcia to Toronto. Gerba is expected to challenge for a starting forward role in a crowded group that already includes Danny Dichio, Chad Barrett, Pablo Vitti and Fuad Ibrahim.

Gerba, 26, will be eligible to play for Toronto FC once the transfer window opens on July 15.

Petke suspended two more games

New York Red Bulls defender Mike Petke has had his red card suspension for an altercation with a match official following the Red Bulls loss to Toronto FC on June 13. He was also fined an additional $500.

Petke's suspension, coupled with Kevin Goldthwaite's suspension for yellow card accumulation, could mean the Red Bulls are forced to start Carlos Mendes and Andrew Boyens in central defense vs. Toronto FC on Wednesday night. Boyens is back from the Confederations Cup and traveling to Toronto.

Cummings named MLS Player of the Week

Colorado Rapids striker Omar Cummings was named MLS Player of the Week following his two goal-one assist performance in the Rapids 3-0 thrashing of D.C. United on Saturday.


What do you think of Gerba joining TFC? See him as the answer to Toronto's lack of forward production? Think the Red Bulls can win without their starting centerbacks? Think Cummings was deserving of Player of the Week honors?

Share your thoughts below.

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25 Responses to MLS Ticker: Gerba signs with TFC, Petke suspension extended and more

  1. Ed says:

    Don’t forget O’Brian White, Ives, he should be getting healthy soon as well.

  2. dbm20th says:

    I think we can be fairly certain the results should be about the same for the Red Bulls regardless of who the center backs are.

  3. kahlva says:

    Petke got 2 extra games for “dissent”??

    Didn’t Rojas only get 1 game for elbowing a guy in the head??

    What did Petke say? What’s the deal?

  4. seven says:

    I hope Gerba does well, but Toronto needs quality & not quantity at the forward spot.

  5. Will says:

    I wonder why Gerba was released from MK Dons. He had 10 goals in 24 games. That’s not bad.

  6. Joosepi says:

    So what is this, Gerba’s 14th different team in nine years (if you count the two stints each at Montreal and the Toronto Lynx)?

    Clearly a locker room guy.

  7. joey says:

    ya Ives, with Gerba it’s “crowded” up front.. but so far most of the goals are coming from the midfield.. Guevara and De Ro.

    Barrett and Vitti have been pathetic in their finishing. Fuad doesn’t play much. Dichio is reliable but doesn’t create many chances and is retiring after this season. Gerba and O’Brien White are the only summer hopes for goals from forwards.

  8. tonytdc says:

    it’s not like the bulls were winning with their starting center backs in there, right?

    ives, what is the possiblity/cost of bringing in booth, the south african defender? he is tall, agile, aware, good in the air, and not andrew boyens. he has looked good in the confed cup to me. he may be 32 or so, but seriously, rbny need someone with those abilities. plus, who wouldn’t want to open the new stadium with a central defender who looks like the lead singer of midnight oil?

  9. jloome says:

    Gerba’s the ultimate journeyman poacher. He could score 15 in MLS, or four. It’ll depend on the chances given, as he doesn’t create his own.

    Fortunately for TFC, they’ve outchanced almost everyone they’ve played this year, and just can’t finish. So he could do well. It’ll be interesting. He’s like Conor Casey in that regard, only Casey’s better with his head and Gerba’s better with his feet. Strong kid, though.

  10. sonicdeathmonkey says:

    I suspect Vitti’s time is drawing to an end with TFC. Looks like Toronto is good to go in the future with young guys like White, Barrett, Cronin, Frei, Ibrahim and Wynne. I’ve cracked on Mo in the past, but I have to give him credit for building up a solid base. Now if only some of his forwards could start putting the ball in the net…….

  11. smorebs says:

    Ives, can you find out the jist of what Petke Said to Jiar? It better have been worth 2 games. Then again, I wouldn’t be surprised if Jiar made something up just to get him suspended for more games. Though Knowing Petke, he just didn’t stop.

  12. jloome says:

    You might be right about Vitti, but a lot of us are hoping they’ll move him to the hole/midfield permanently, as he’s quite the ball wiz, holds onto it beautifully, passes well into space, etc.

    He just can’t finish (although even that has more to do with not really trying to find chances. He seems mentally blocked about scoring and only has about a dozen shots this year, total.)

  13. Laurie says:

    Josh Wicks mooned the Seattle crowd last week. Why no post-game review and suspension for him?

  14. seth|NYC says:

    Because his face is more offensive than his ass?

  15. Chris says:

    I hope Gerba can bring that final bit of quality at the striker postion. As for the Red Bulls. TFC seems primed to take this one. What happened to NY? They have been brutal.

  16. KyleFeller says:

    I like how TFC is stockpiling the Canadian National Team players.

  17. chupacabra says:

    When Vitti was born the “s” and the “h” keys on the hospital typewriter used to complete birth certificates were broken.

  18. Ossington Mental Youth says:

    hope that Gerba plays as well as we need, want and even expect him too.
    Im a little worried too considering his past with clubs. I would expect that he will start. Also theres a rumor from a very good source that Cummins has already asked for Vitti’s loan to be cancelled. I think he offers alot but not for his price tag. If you chopped it in half i think he’d be a great player to have. Itll be curious to see if a) hes dropped or b) he resigns at a lower rate seeing as he too has seen alot of benches at clubs.

  19. KCB says:

    You know New Zealand is bad when Boyens is there starting central defender, I guy who can’t even start for NY except when there are suspensions. So who’s the lucky club that gets to play NY next?

  20. 505anthony says:

    Ives, is this make or break time for Osorio or what?

  21. joe k says:

    what exactly did petke do / say?

  22. nm says:

    505anthony: I think the break time was 3 games ago for Osorio.

  23. Mikemike says:

    Midnight Oil is an awesome band.

  24. GE says:

    Was Petke given a straight red? If he was, it’s not uncommon for MLS to slap a player with an extra game suspension.

  25. Danny says:

    Oh no, Boyens is going to play tomorrow :o…Get ready to see a lot of Toronto goals tomorrow then…

    Boyens= Worst defender in soccer history