Monday Morning Centerback: The Day After

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It is the day after one of the U.S. national team's most dramatic victories of the past decade and although a stiff test awaits on Wednesday in World No. 1 Spain, the Americans have earned the right to celebrate their great escape into the semifinals.

After all, two straight losses to Italy and Brazil had led to a mountain of criticism, some of it valid and some of it overboard, that made you wonder whether the Americans could realistically get up off the mat and play with the heart and fight and ability we have seen past U.S. teams show. The U.S. team did just that, winning a game it had to have, silencing critics and bolstering supporter's at the same time.

So when Michael Bradley dropped this gem after Sunday's 3-0 victory against Egypt, you could certainly understand where he was coming from:

"All the f—— experts in America, everybody who thinks they know about soccer, they can all look at the score tonight and let's see what they have to say now. Nobody has any respect for what we do, for what goes on on the inside, so let them all talk now."

Well said.

In case you missed it, here is my ESPN story recapping the Egypt win, including player ratings.

Are there still some critics who continue to find things to complain about, even after Sunday's dramatic victory and qualification for the semifinal? Of course, but most of the dissenting voices still questioning Bob Bradley as head coach are critics who were never fans of Bradley in the first place. While there have been moments in the past month that have left Bradley open for criticism, it is tough to argue against the notion that Bradley has helped a young and short-handed U.S. team come of age.

Yes, it is just one result, one win, but you could tell by the reaction of the U.S. players that it was much more than just a win. It was an affirmation of the work the team has done under Bradley, proof that the team's efforts are being rewarded.

Rather than looking for every excuse to not give the U.S. team credit for advancing to the semifinals of the Confederations Cup, shouldn't we be giving the team some credit for surviving a group tougher than any group the United States could possibly be drawn in for next summer's World Cup? Shouldn't we be singing Bob Bradley's praises for overcoming the absence of a handful of key veterans, such as Carlos Bocanegra, Brian Ching, Steve Cherundolo and Frankie Hejduk?

Consider how young the team was that defeated Egypt. Brad Guzan, Jonathan Spector, Michael Bradley, Charlie Davies, Jozy Altidore and Benny Feilhaber are all players who were age-eligible for the Olympics last summer and all six have gained priceless experience in this Confederations Cup, experience that now includes the thrill of delivering in a must-win game.

If Sunday's victory did anything, it helped restore some of the swagger the United States had lost after three losses in four matches. If you read Michael Bradley's statements you know that there is some attitude, some fire, some swagger, all things this team needs to keep playing like it did on Sunday. And if the Americans keep playing with that intensity, even the most die-hard critics will be forced to reconsider their views.

What did you think of Sunday's performance? Have you regained some lost faith in the U.S. national team? Are you still skeptical about the direction the team is heading? Where did Sunday's win rank on your favorite national team moments?

Share your thoughts below.

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301 Responses to Monday Morning Centerback: The Day After

  1. harry says:

    I still think Bob needs to go….. Taking Altidore out, when you need a goal and putting Benny in????? Worked out but that is not good coaching

  2. Felix says:

    I’m still in shock they did it.

    So it leads to the question, are things still as bad as everyone was making it sound after the loss to Brazil on Thursday or is everything rosy after Sunday’s win?

    Probably somewhere in between. The most heartening thing about yesterday’s win wasn’t just the fact they advanced out of that group, but the heart and spirit they fought with. They had every reason to hang their heads and let themselves get rolled by a strong Eygptian squad, but came out and fought and when they discovered that Brazil took care of their end of the deal, they came out and got the two goals they needed to advance.

  3. Alex says:

    This was truly a great performance, but I really hope he fact that BB needs to be fired doesnt get lost here. Sure, the US finally came through, bu as long as we have BB we will never be elite.

    Saying that, this fiasco has to go up near the top of the list for the national team… My personal top is the 2002 WOrld Cup, but this is truly a great accomplishmetn

  4. slymer says:

    It obviously was good coaching since we got the goal. He made the move and got the result. What else can you ask for?

  5. Marc says:

    I think some moderation is needed here. the sky wasn’t falling before, and we are not world cup champs now. yesterday proved how critical the first goal of a game is in soccer. our victory also obscures that we still had several careless turnovers in the midfield. brazil and italy punished us for them, but egypt was unable to. those are things we have to improve if we are going to get better.

    i don’t understand how people could complain that it was bradley’s fault we weren’t playing with heart. gimme a break! we were down two goals to brazil inthe first 15 minutes. if that isn’t disheartening, i don’t know what is.

  6. japan says:

    The game vs Egypt proved that we are capable of playing good soccer and can beat good teams. Now we have to play like that consistently which is going to be the biggest challenge for the US. I’m pleased with the win and there is good hope in the future but we have to realize we were very lucky to get out because 95% of the time, 3 pts with -2 goal difference will send you packing.

    Donovan is the closest field player to be considered as world class US has ever produced.

  7. Braden says:

    It’s been a tough week to be a Bob Bradley fan, but after seeing Sunday’s game I couldn’t say it better than Michael and Ives. With the exception of the Brazil match, we should be applauding our team for this performance. Having gone down a man against Italy in the 32nd minute, we held on to a miraculous lead for more than 20 minutes. The Egypt game was a thing of beauty. That’s the effort and heart that I’m used to seeing in every match.

    The fact that every armchair coach in America can see that we have problems isn’t a sign that Bradley is a bad coach. It means there aren’t any easy answers.

  8. fubar says:

    I like that Michael is so emotional, and that’s a good thing. But as he is young, I would like to remind him that there was a time when few, if any, people talked this passionately about American Soccer. It is a great thing that we are all out here sharing our opinions (stupid, uninformed, without merit, etc. or spot on, critical, timely, etc.) and showing such great interest in the game.

    I urge everyone to keep posting and sharing your thoughts/debating in a civil manner and generally letting yourselves be heard.

    It only goes to grow the game. Keep it up out there SBI Mafia!

    Oh and Michael, if you’re out there reading this, great game yesterday.

  9. Rafael says:


  10. JCC says:

    Ives you can be such a fanboy at times that you also seem to overlook the teams shortcomings more times than not. Their performance last night was great, but sorry one great performance doesn’t erase the horrible performances from the past. You also seem to ignore that a lot of things went our way last night outside of the game itself. So while credit can be given for their performance you can’t blame fans for expecting more out of the team in their recent outings. It’s one thing to be a supporter, but to be a blind cheerleader like yourself is another story.

  11. Steve C. says:

    Crossing my fingers that Bradley has the chutzpah to trot out Jozy & Charlie again on Wednesday. Doubt it though, he’ll start only 1 striker and play ultra defensive.

    As my friend said about the Bradley quote… its not that we don’t think you can play like that, its the fact that it comes so inconsistently.

  12. d-man says:

    Can someone please explain to me why Conor Casey is getting on the pitch when there is far superior talent than him? So he’s leading the MLS in scoring…..I don’t see Scholetto getting the call up in Argentina. I can’t wait for Chingy to get back.

    Also, as much as I’m not sure he’ll get any more calls up. I feel Frankie Heydude’s passion and fire would have been a large boost during this tourney. I hope he gets the call for that reason in WC ’10, guy brings passion to this team which has seen to be missing since his last game with the USMNT.

  13. USA says:

    First off, Ive never been one of the ppl calling for BB to be fired or any of the players to be banned from the USMNT, but come on! This is ridicolous by the way the US played they didnt deserve to go through to the semis. They got lucky that brazil destroyed italy, (without that theyd be home right now and we would just be saying that the US sucked for two games and beat a mediocore team at the end.) As far as I’m concerned Egypt which played well against both Italy and Brazil deserved to go through even though I’m a USA fan. Michael Bradley is a clown (albeit a decent player) and needs to keep his mouth shut.

  14. Mike says:

    What are we jumping up and down about this one? Didn’t Italy stomp all over the U.S., 3-1? If this were a legitimate event where head-to-head was the first tie-breaker, we’d be on the first prop plane out of Johannesburg.
    link to

  15. Memrook says:

    “Yes, it is just one result, one win, but you could tell by the reaction of the U.S. players that it was much more than just a win. It was an affirmation of the work the team has done under Bradley, proof that the team’s efforts are being rewarded.” – Ives.

    JCC, I think this statement by Ives mostly sums up what this post is about. I don’t think he’s being overly “Fanboy”ish. I think he’s just recognizing the team’s accomplishment, what it means to the whole entire squad, and reaffirming some fans that maybe things aren’t really as bad as it seemed. Blind cheerleader? That’s a little melodramatic and unfair I think.

  16. brant says:

    It just makes you wonder what might’ve happened in the Italy game if we don’t lose Rico to a BS red card.

    Tie 1-1? Hang on for a win?

    The Italians had circled that game for a long time, and their half-step up in desire, plus a man advantage, might’ve carried the day more than any inherent laying down on our part. And maybe Egypt were able to play Brazil so close b/c Brazil came in too casual and that game was the wake-up call they needed?

    Either way, we’re moving on and it feels good.

  17. Darth Scooter says:

    While I am happy the US advanced I think saying beating Egypt is one of the greatest wins ever is over stating things a little. After all this was an Egypt team with out their two top scorers.

    I thought Dempsey still looked bad. He scored the critical third goal, but really that is all he has done in three games other than make bad passes and lose the ball. It was nice to see the team play hard and fight. I didn’t expect us to advance out of the group. Losing to Brazil and Italy is nothing shameful. It was the way they played during those games that was shameful. As long as they go out and play hard versus Spain I will be happy. I still think Bradley is in over his head as coach, but as long as his teams play hard and look like they have some plan on offense besides kick it long and hope we can run it down the US will be okay.

  18. d-man says:

    The more I think about this tourney the more I’m getting excited for Azteca. They truly may have a chance, if there was any year this is it.

  19. Tony T says:

    Yeah JCC, Ives ripped the team after the Brazil game and he gives them props for the big win. If you have a problem with that then maybe it’s because you’re not really a USA fan at all.

  20. Mike says:

    Sorry Mike. One good performance in the last 5 games does not make daddy a world-beater, nor does it mean that the “experts” were wrong.

    You should beat Egpyt any day of the week. This win was nothing special.

    The lack of heart and determination your team showed against Brazil was disheartening. The early goals your team has given up the past couple of months is inexcusable. The lack of creativity in the middle of the park and the lack of goals from open play indicate poor cohesion and team understanding.

    We can still talk all we want, Mike. And we are still right.

  21. USA says:

    btw its ironic that Ives was the one armchair manager who was criticizing the team like no other after the first two games and now he is kissing M.Bradley ass

  22. Eric Griesheimer says:

    great performance. This team really needs to have a Ricardo clark, Jermain Jones, Edu…DM on the feild. It also helps when they have 11 men on the feild. Bradley and donavan ran so hard against Egypt, that can not be understated. I thought it was awesome to see Donavan dig in deep to help out on defence and then charge up the feild.

    Last…Ives is right, we could not be in a tougher group for the WC and we will most likely have more healthy players than we do now and I doubt they receive two red cards in group play…they have done well to come out of this group.

  23. matt C says:

    Junior’s comments show some level of immaturity. Does he think the US team did NOT deserve critism for their performances vs. Italy and Brazil?

    His comments aside, he has played very well in this tournament. Dad must be proud. Wonder when the nepotism crowd will finally go away?

  24. JCC says:

    Yeah JCC, Ives ripped the team after the Brazil game and he gives them props for the big win. If you have a problem with that then maybe it’s because you’re not really a USA fan at all.

    Posted by: Tony T | June 22, 2009 at 09:43 AM

    When did I say that you can’t give the US props for the win. I said that they played a great game. What bothers me is the fact that fans are being criticized for criticizing the US’ recent performances and I believe Bradley’s response was rather childish. And Ive’s entry seems to insinuate that we shouldn’t be harshly criticizing the team because they’re making “progress”. That’s a load of bull. If anything our criticism is what probably led them to play better. Just because one supports the US doesn’t mean you have to be a cheerleader every step of the way. Criticism is needed for improvement.

  25. matt says:

    Mikey B,

    Sorry for calling for your dad’s head. From the outside looking in, some of his personnel decisions have looked suspect (when Feilhaber replaced Jozy I was screaming at the TV) but you guys definitely showed up to play so I’ll shut up and stop waiving my torch and pitchfork.

    Thanks for the win and best of luck against spain,


  26. Luke in NC says:

    Okay i’ve certainly regained some respect for and faith in the team……but lets not go overboard in singing their and Bob Bradley’s praises. It’s one friggin game against a team missing their most dangerous player. Yes, we needed a break like that; but, no, it doesnt make the last four games forgettable just yet.

    I’m still hoping for some guys on the Gold Cup roster to play well and challenge for some PT on the full-strength squad.

  27. brokejumper says:

    FIRE BOB BRA….. what’s that? wait… we did what!??! oh, never mind.

  28. Pat says:

    It would have been nice to have all 11 players on the pitch for 90 minutes for the first two games to get an accurate gauge of where this team is at. That opportunity was lost, however.

    People have the right to question BB after the stretch the US went through. The results against Italy and Brazil were magnified because of the flat performances given in the two qualifying matches.

    There are still deficiencies, but now is not the time to talk about them. They’ve played 3 quality opponents and have Spain coming up, this tournament has served its purpose.

  29. Keep Bob Bradley says:

    Italy wouldn’t have beat us without the red card and Brazil is playing some of the best soccer around. We smoked Egypt, and who cares that they were missing players. SO WERE WE!!!!!

    People want to give Bob Bradley crap because we lost to Costa Rica? Guess what? No American coach has ever won there. Italy? If not for the red card who knows how things would have gone. Brazil? Bad game against a team playing very well.

    I say if you’re not supporting the team then go watch another sport.

  30. Jags98 says:

    MB has officially joined his Father as an idiot. I understand the attitude behind the statement, but you got lucky. Thank god for Brazil.

    Be happy you made it kid. Of course everyone was critical, even with eleven you looked awful.

    All the critics back home? The world is against you. No one thought what happened yesterday was going to happen.

    Its a testament to the game MB, not what you guys did yesterday.

  31. Trent says:

    Bradley can drop all the f-bombs he wants because his daddy wont bench him.

  32. Rastafari says:

    Would Jr’s remarks have made the interwebs if Italy or egypt had scored 1 goal?

    To me Bradley’s crew deserved the trash talk. In the end they did what they needed to do.. beat soundly a spent Egypt and hope for luck.

    IF being humbled by Brazil is what it took then we need to play Brazil twice next year

  33. Jose A. V. says:

    FRUSTRATION, FRUSTRATION, this what i think of the U.S. win. Bad offesively, specially finishing. Bad Subbing, After Michael Bradley, got the yellow card, he wasnt fighting for the ball. And Bob didnt take him ouf for Benny. Instead he takes out Jozy. Bad Game manangement, with an extra Substitution and not use it, to waist time at the end of the game. USA is too green.

  34. timmyg says:

    Not to take ANYTHING away from heart, hustle and composure of the USA, but…

    Why has everyone failed to mention that Egypt totally choked this one away?

  35. EA says:

    What did you think of Sunday’s performance?

    – I can’t believe Adu didn’t play! Just kidding…. I think everyone that played, played well, Conor Casey, and Clint Dempsey included. Guzan, Spector and Donovan were the real standouts for me. Gooch provided cover for the entire back third of the field, for the whole game. Gooch will get PAID for his play in this tournament.

    Have you regained some lost faith in the U.S. national team?

    – Who lost faith? I sure as hell didn’t. Please don’t forget to gather all your items from the bandwagon as you exit if you did.

    Are you still skeptical about the direction the team is heading? Not really. We aren’t as good as Brazil. Who knew? They outplayed Italy for stretches and beat Egypt like a drum, minus our top GK and team captain. There is work to be done, no doubt, and positions to be settled, but we are making progress. I think central midfield and right back will be interesting positions to watch in the next year. Great warm up for Azteca.

    Where did Sunday’s win rank on your favorite national team moments?

    1. 2002 vs. Portugal – “Mine eyes have seen the glory!”

    2. 2002 – Dos a cero, volume 1.

    3. 2007 – Benny’s Golazo.

    4. 2009 – Yesterday.

    5. 2004 – Cobi Jones’ stoppage time goal vs. Panama (?… The fifth one is a tough one.)

  36. Angel says:

    WOW thats all I need to say, But I’m still want Bob Bradley to go. I keep saying that he is a good Coach for MLS standard but international level he need a long to go. I keep saying why you have altidore as a lone stiker when you can have him pair with another player with speed or maybe bigger. Once againg why Adu and Torres out this is becoming a mistery…

  37. your mom says:

    Reading some of these comments makes me sick, since when did some soccer fans become complete dipsh*ts. Get over it, this tournament is what it is a chance to prove ourselves against the best. We are off to the semifinals now and no matter what your opinion of the team or coach is the results speak for themselves. People still talking like we don’t deserve it need to get a life.

  38. Chase says:

    Oh the internet, where any moron can spout ridiculous opinions with little or not consequence. The best: “You should beat Egpyt {I am purposefully leaving the misspelling in}any day of the week. This win was nothing special.”

    Despite being shorthanded, Egypt is a very good team and champions of CAF, easily the world’s third best confederation. Beating them in a legitimate international competition on African soil is an accomplishment. To say otherwise is to expose your own woeful ignorance about global football.

    Great points Ives. Ignore the dregs, real USMNT supporters are still reveling in this victory.

  39. Dannyc58 says:

    Michael Bradley needs to STFU. This is as much about Italy having a disaster of a tourney as the US playing strong in 1 game.

    Lipstick on a pig.

  40. Krysztof says:

    Michael Bradley,

    Relax. You beat one half-decent side, and got extremely lucky in the Brazil/Italy game. All the experts saw you get thrashed 3-0 in Costa Rica, go down at home to Honduras, and look lifeless against Brazil. You’re an awesome young player, but in more than one decent game before you go running your mouth.

    Bob Bradley,

    You STILL can’t leave soon enough.

  41. David says:

    Bradley kept his formation simple and the results speak for themselves. When he doesn’t over coach and try to change his team for his compitition these are the results he gets. I hope he goes 4-4-2 again against Spain. I think it might be worthwhile to start Dempsey up top instead of out wide. His game definitely changed once he was shifted up top. He held the ball up well and is one of the best on the team in the air. And despite all of Harkes critisism he made some of the best passes going forward in the first half. It was an infinitely better performance by the squad than against Brazil. It was exciting and fun to watch. I am looking forward to seeing them play the #1 team in the world. Hopefully no red cards…

  42. CSD says:

    “What are we jumping up and down about this one? Didn’t Italy stomp all over the U.S., 3-1? If this were a legitimate event where head-to-head was the first tie-breaker, we’d be on the first prop plane out of Johannesburg.”

    It was a three way tie for second. Italy beat USA, Egypt beat Italy, USA beat Italy. Mike, how in your imaginary tournament World would you work out that head-to-head tie-breaker?

  43. Dannyc58 says:

    I understand, its his dad, and he’s fired up.

    But that is an absolutely pathetic quote by Bradley. Honest to God. His dad had some stupid quote in the AP too. They talk like a HUGE bit of luck didn’t play a part in this.

    Win, advance with humility. Not “nanny nanny poo pooh” patheticness Bradleys.

  44. CSD says:

    correction USA beat Egypt. Still no damn way a head-to-head tie-breaker decides anything

  45. d-man says:

    Love the intensity he brings but still a young pup with a lot to learn. Remember the Hungary game flashing the 2-1, that comment really doesn’t suprise me.

  46. John Glosson says:

    The team played with all the heart that I’d be looking for since the first game. I think the officiating was much better yesterday though the non-call on the handball from Altidore’s shot was infuriating.
    I was calling for Bob’s head after the Brazil game, and I’m still not comfortable with his apparent dislike of some of our more talented players.
    I admit I don’t know what goes on behind the scenes. Maybe Torres and Adu show up to practice smoking crack pipes and take a dump in the 18 yard box if they don’t get their way…but I doubt it.
    I’ll always support this team but I’ll always yell at the television when I see our midfielders trying to do bunny hops or losing possession in our own half. It just frosts my balls to see that kind of laziness and showboating.
    Having said all that, I can’t WAIT to see the match on Wednesday. I don’t care if we lose, just so long as we show the heart and determination that we expect out of anyone representing the USA. Give ’em hell, boys!

  47. your mom says:

    I’d also like to know who people think should be the coach if not Bradley. Klinsmann? Schmidt? Erikson? If you think any of those 3 could do any better with this team then you clearly have no idea what you are talking about. The only coach who could probably come in a make a difference is Hiddink and he definitely isn’t coming to coach the USA anytime soon if ever.

  48. Mr. Goodbar says:

    What do I have to say? What happened against: Costa Rica, Italy, and Brazil? I think the US has a good team, but I don’t think that we have a consistent team. Your job is to play soccer.

  49. BossTweed says:

    For all those questioning Bradley inserting Feilhaber for Altidore:

    It seems your knowledge of soccer tactics don’t extend anywhere beyond “Strikers = goals; more strikers = more goals”. Let me hit you with some knowledge.

    At that point in the game, Altidore was gassed and not playing his best; I don’t think that’s negotiable. Even so, there wasn’t a forward left on the bench to would represent an upgrade; certainly not Conor Casey. But wait! There IS a player currently on the FIELD that would be an upgrade — Clint Dempsey. Criticism of him has been his laziness on defense, which isn’t such a liability at forward.

    So Bradley moves Dempsey to striker and inserts Feilhaber, a good passer who’s not afraid to take a shot from distance (in fact, he did), in the midfield. And the rest is history.

    Now, I don’t think this was the greatest tactical move of the century. But I do think it’s a move smart coaches make. Even if Dempsey hadn’t scored I still think it was our best chance of scoring a third goal. Good grief, Bob Bradley has his lapses but this wasn’t one of them.

  50. Mike says:

    “Oh the internet, where any moron can spout ridiculous opinions with little or not consequence. The best: “You should beat Egpyt {I am purposefully leaving the misspelling in}any day of the week. This win was nothing special.”

    Despite being shorthanded, Egypt is a very good team and champions of CAF, easily the world’s third best confederation. Beating them in a legitimate international competition on African soil is an accomplishment. To say otherwise is to expose your own woeful ignorance about global football.

    Great points Ives. Ignore the dregs, real USMNT supporters are still reveling in this victory.”

    So you highlight the misspelling but ignore all the other points I made about not showing any effort, a lack of team cohesion, and the propensity for early goals. Nice. Should I also mention the lack of discipline our players have in regard to the reckless yellows and reds? Beating Egpyt in South Africa is essentially neutral soil. You would understand this if you understood anything about Sub-Saharan African culture.

    Also, little or “not” consequence? I guess spell-check didn’t catch that one for you, huh?

  51. JB says:

    What would really shut the Bob Bradley detractors up? A win over Spain would do the trick.

  52. Tony in Quakeland says:

    Wow, some people still don’t get it, do they? With this incredible result, the team takes on fire and passion and confidence. Without it, who knows where the downward spiral could have led? This result may come to be seen as the spark for everything they will accomplish in the next year. A third failure would have been the beginning of the end for this cycle.

  53. Mikemike says:

    Of course, anyone has a right to question the team, and their dedication to getting to the next level of this tournament, but obviously, if you did, you were wrong.

    They did get to the next level.

  54. silent e says:

    harry, on the surface it might have seemed like a bad move, taking out a forward and putting a midfielder in when the US needed to score, but this was not a switch from 442 to 451 (although that can be an attacking move as well). Did you not notice that Dempsey became a forward at that point? Bradley took out a forward who was looking tired, and by moving Dempsey up top took out a midfielder who was struggling with his defensive responsibilities and replaced him with a hungry forward. And we got Benny Feilhaber, who not only handled the defensive duties better but brings the creative vision we were all screaming for. Bradley effectively achieved 2 substitutions for the cost of 1. That is a very smart coaching move, as much as all you BB haters won’t want to admit it.

    And to all those who say that this is a bad result for the US because now the Federation won’t realize Bradley needs to be fire I have this to say:

    1. Bob Bradley wasn’t going anywhere. I don’t believe the USSF would fire a coach for poor performance in the confederations cup. The only way I see them firing a coach a year out from the World Cup is if our qualification efforts are dead or almost dead.

    2. alex said “as long as we have BB we will never be elite.” I’m sorry, but the true fact of the matter is that as long as we have 0 players who play at the highest levels of the club game we will not be elite. I love the US team with all my heart but let’s face facts: a team with absolutely no players playing for the top 4 in England, or top 2 in Spain, Italy, Germany etc? It’s just not going to be elite no matter who is coaching. Those are just the facts.

    I hope all of you who have excoriated the team and coach over the last couple of months can look honestly at the situation. I don’t expect anyone to worship at the altar of BB but neither is he the devil incarnate. The facts of this tournament are this:

    1. We lost to an Italian team 3-1 after playing a man down for 60 minutes. We were so much in the game that the Italians had to resort to desperate subs to pull out a win (and yes, Rossi is not considered a starter for Italy yet–the coach couldn’t beat or even tie the US 11v10 with his starting lineup. That says something.)

    2. We played a lousy game against a top 2 team in the world.

    3. We played a good game against a team (Egypt) that is probably better than we are. (I doubt the US could win the African Cup of Nations, especially twice in a row).

    Yes we got lucky. We got lucky in WC2002, as well. If anyone hasn’t noticed we’ve gotten unlucky quite a bit in this tournament as well. The win was deserved. Get over it.

  55. Dannyc58 says:


    Showing up for 1 damn road game when you have nothing to lose doesn’t make up for Brazil, CR, El Salvador (til last 10 mins), etc.

  56. patriot71 says:

    You know, I was about to throw my remote at the t.v. when Altidore was subbed out instead of Dempsey…and then I watch Dempsey put in a perfect header to advance us through. Brilliant move or just dumb luck by BB…I don’t know. Anyways, huge props to the boys as they finally showed up and played with heart for 90 minutes.

    As far as the win goes, it could be huge or it could be a one hit wonder. I think the proof is going to be in how the US plays against Spain. I’m not saying they have to beat Spain, but can they bring in that same type of composure and heart agaisnt the #1 team in the world? To me, we’ll have a better read on this team after the next match. I for one will be cheering on the boys from start to finish. GO USA!!!!

  57. Stephen says:

    “Mike, how in your imaginary tournament World would you work out that head-to-head tie-breaker?”

    It’s pretty simple.

    A v B v C. All even on points, all having beaten each other on head-to-head. Fine.

    A GD -2
    B GD -3
    C GD -2

    So B is lowest. B is eliminated, leaving us with:

    A GD -2
    C GD -2

    So now rather than asking “who scored more goals” simply return to step one and ask “who won in a head-to-head game between these two”?

    How is that wrong / improper / what have you? It’s a simple sequence to do. Either you reach a stage in the original sequence where you eliminate two teams at once (EG, if C’s GD was -3, A would go through), or you simply start over again when it’s down to two teams.

    I forsee see a need for goals for to come into it – the “two ties and a loss to the #1 team” scenario – but if head to head records can be determinative, they SHOULD be determinative. Anything else is a failure of the system.

  58. DMEE says:

    it’s amazing how quickly people, including you ives, can go from being so down on BB to loving him. It is just one game. But I also think something changed between the brasil and egypt game. The squad attitude seemed to be better, lighter. You even saw BB smiling on the bench before the match. I loved the egypt performance and look forward to a similar one on wednesday, even if we don’t get the result.

    What I don’t like is how people are saying we did this without Bocanegra, Ching, Cherundolo, Hejduk. Boca is the only given, but at this point I think I’d like to see him out at left back rather than bornstein. And please oh please no more hejduk.

  59. Robert says:

    I find myself somewhere in between. Amazed but also watchful and respectful. We played two great games this time around, versus Italy and Egypt. Things may have been different with Clark on the field. Remember the tying and winning goals came from long shots where spaces opened up. Guess who may have stopped this? Defensive midfielders. Two good games is what you need in a tournament like the CC and WC.
    Getting rid of Bradley right now may only add insult to injury, even if the national team could do better without him. Starting a new system in the midst of qualifying is a death wish. Just look at Mexico.

  60. Army of Dad says:

    I am still not a Bob Bradley fan. He is still in over his head against the better coaches of the world. He doesn’t have the same talent playing for him as the top countries, but he doesn’t maximize his squad’s strengths and his substitution patterns are baffling. I am sure he is a nice guy and I like the fact that Michael is showing some fire, but we can and should do better.

  61. The one and only Mighty says:

    I have to admit i was one of the dudes that called for Bob to be Fire… but lets be honest.. it was us that put that fire on bob to wake up and finally show some emotions…… Bob was in tears in one of the goals… that’s the type of coach……….. i want the dude that celebrates each goal with Passion and Heart….

    What i Saw on Sunday was a team with Heart!!! That was all i was asking…. and it was us the Fans that Demand it… and they answer.So right now im very happy with my US team….

    ow show the same passion on Wednesday and even if we lose make me feel that we tried…… to fight for our colors.

  62. your mom says:

    Well said Silent E, you are spot on. Luck plays a part in any tournament but sometimes you make your own luck and we did that yesterday by playing one of the best games in the last 2 years of our program. Regardless of what anyone thinks, we are playing Spain on Wednesday and deserve our place in the semifinals.

  63. Xander Crews says:

    I’m glad that I’m not the only one who has yet to get caught up in the euphoria of beating an Egyptian side that was without its two main scoring threats. It seemed to me like the game plan on Sunday was to hack and hurt Egypt to knock even more players out of the match. The Americans played like thugs. When they were forced to use two of their three substitutions on injuries and have their goalkeeper receive stitches, it’s pretty clear to me what the American game plan was: if you can’t beat them, beat ’em.

    I respect Michael Bradley as a player. He’s shown well, and it can’t be held against him that his father refuses to field a team without him in the lineup at any point. However, another poster said it exactly right: that’s a very immature thing to do, to go spouting off to the very fan base that supports you. He should be happy that people are calling for his father to be fired – it means people actually pay attention to the team.

    Still… I can’t get excited about seeing this team in the World Cup as long as Bob Bradley is in charge. Bob Bradley seems to be able to win only when bounces go our way, while any good coach knows you need to create your own bounces. The team won not because of his coaching, but in spite of it. Even in the win yesterday, the team didn’t play exceptionally well.

    I’m one of the biggest supporters of the USMNT there is. I’ve gone to two qualifiers against Mexico at Crew Stadium, the first in 2001 when it was 25 degrees outside, shirtless with my chest painted with two other guys. If I can’t get to a game, I watch it on television religiously. But for me, Bob Bradley has sucked the life out of this program. I don’t care how many F-bombs his boy drops, there’s zero enthusiasm for watching this team play, and for that, I’m disappointed.

  64. Ryan says:

    This game definitely provides food for thought. With the benefit of this performance (and Brazil’s crushing defeat of Italy), it’s not that difficult to look back and say that the US may have beaten Italy at full strength. In fact, we almost got a point playing short-handed. As for the Brazil game, maybe Brazil is just that good (on the other hand, I think Italy actually was quite good in the second half once Lippi finally injected some youth into his squad). My real issue is that, given this dramatic turnaround, I don’t feel like we have any important answers — are we worse than expected or better than expected? As for smaller personnel matters, however, here are my key take-aways: (1) DeMerit is solid, and, frankly, I think his distribution is better than both Gooch’s and Bocanegra’s; (2) Bornstein worked hard, but he’s not big enough, or good enough, to hack it at this level; (3) Michael Bradley undoubtedly is one of the stand-out performers on this team; and perhaps the answer to our attacking problems is to push him forward a bit; (4) Jozy is developing, and has some flashes that merit his continued inclusion.

  65. CSD says:

    Michael Bradley,

    The USMNT has 1 win and 7 losses and 1 tie in the last 3 group stages of international tournaments not involving CONCACAF opposition that the USMNT has played in. By most peoples calculations that would pretty much be summed up as crap. Congratulations on victory number 1. After Wednesday the winning percentage will most likely be at %10. Sorry that some people in the US do not respect your lofty achievements.

  66. Tony in Quakeland says:

    “Junior’s comments show some level of immaturity. Does he think the US team did NOT deserve critism for their performances vs. Italy and Brazil”

    Nonsense. He’s showing passion and fire. And he’s not talking about criticism – he’s talking about the ridiculous garbage spewed by ‘experts’ who think they’re soccer geniuses because they own a Man U shirt spewing insults at a man who happens to be his father & knows more about soccer than nay hundred of us combined.

    “Why has everyone failed to mention that Egypt totally choked this one away”

    Egypt choked because are foot was on their throat.

  67. Dan Gleesack says:

    only one word to describe michael bradley: BADASS!… i think its generally accepted that nobody deserves to be out on that field more than him

  68. dan says:

    Hey Ives-

    You said that the US won despite missing some ‘key’ veterens. I say that, besides Boca, the US won because they were missing these ‘key’ players. Bob has been putting the same players on the field that underwhelmed in WC2002 and has expected different results. I think this win shows that he needs to trust or give a chance to some new faces.

  69. ko'd says:


    I tend to agree, although I admit the Monday morning haze is preventing me from going much further. I am also happy to say that I was at your games #’s 1-3 (2002 World Cup and the Gold Cup in Chicago) and agree completely with those. I agree that yesterday’s game should be number 4, in part because we did need a little help for the U.S. result to have practical consequences for the team.

    For Number 5, how about U.S. v. Colombia, World Cup 1994? Or Perhaps U.S. v. Mexico in Columbus 2005 to clinch qualification? (Goals by Ralston and DMB). I LOVE being able to have this conversation, after so many years of bleeding red, white, and blue (as I am sure so many of us are).

    Go U.S.A.

  70. jpc says:

    I was a fan of Bradley until recently, when he continues to not play Torres or Feilhaber in the middle, and instead play two non-technical midfielders (although Bradley has really developed into an all around good player). My frustration w/ this team is turnovers that lead to goals, which always seem to come from our careless midfielders that Bradley constantly plays (Beasley, Kljestan, etc).

    I will say in his defense that the pairing of Bradley and Clark has been very good against egypt and Italy before the red card. both are not really technical creative players, yet, they really don’t make crazy amounts of stupid turnovers.

    I want the team to succeed, so if they continue to play well w/ Clark and Bradley in the midfield and Torres and Feilhaber on the bench, then I’m happy. Results don’t concern me, I want to see them play the right way w/ the ball and w/out. I’d rather see us loose and play well then win and play ugly, b/c its about 2010 not 2009

  71. Mattoomba says:

    Boy Bradley better be glad for the effing soccer experts back in America, because without them there’d be no buzz about the team, no following for the team, and no TV coverage on ESPN. When he’s long gone from the world of soccer, the effing fans will still be there voicing their opinions and generating passion and giving life to the USMNT program.

    Obviously Boy Bradley is rankling at the criticism he, his mates, and his Paw are getting. It is unprofessional to not be able to withstand criticism, but there is a grain of truth in what he says: when the USMNT excels, they should be praised, just as when it stumbles, they have been castigated.

  72. your mom says:

    Xander Crews, I have news for you…if you really truly believe in what you posted then you need to go find another team to cheer for. Good for you that you were at Crew stadium in 2001, so was I. But no way in hell do I start talking about this team as if they don’t deserve what they earned yesterday. And it was an Egyptian player that kicked his goalkeeper in the head not the US. In fact we didn’t play dirty at all yesterday, just with more energy and passion. Get over it, Bradley isn’t going anywhere and shouldn’t be truly judged until next June.

  73. Rastafari says:

    @Quakeland put own the triple espresso

  74. Tony in Quakeland says:

    Danny58: If that’s all this was then we really have nothing to talk about.

    Nothing to lose? They had their pride to lose – does that count for something? Turns out they had a second round ticket to lose too. They were told during half time that Brazil was up by 3 and they needed to get two more goals and shut them down.

    They did it. They did it against a confederation champion on their home contitnent. And it was fricking huge, gutsy soccer.

  75. Isaac says:

    Some of you people are ridiculous. Look at all the losses the USA has suffered:

    Costa Rica: No American coach has ever won on their turf. We were also missing Brian Ching and Frankie Hejduk. Not to mention Steve Cherundolo

    Italy: The World Champions…do I really need to say more? We had a ridiculous red card in that game and did well to take the lead, especially AFTER the sending off. NO CAPTAIN!!!

    Brazil: Won more World Cups than any other team in the world and have been in great form. NO CAPTAIN!!!

    Bob Bradley is losing matches that are extremely difficult to win. He’s had to deal with injuries to his captain, his striker, his two starting right backs and even had to put up with his goalie and second best center back being out in the same game. Any coach would suffer under these conditions.

  76. John C. says:

    I guess the soccer that Bradley has been taught is to dig yourself an insurmountable whole and hope the defending World Cup Champs give you help by playing awful. I’ve been teaching the wrong thing I guess. I think that quote shows the pressure that he is feeling for his dad. This tourney shows the gap between CONCACAF and the rest of the world. We have the talent but aren’t prepared for the speed of play. Watch how quickly Spain and Brazil move the ball around.

  77. Wispy says:

    Not really sure why some of you posters are villifying BB for the Benny for Josy sub. We needed goals, but we also needed to not give any up. Feilhaber is the pefect compromise: he has some defensive bite but also has vision to make the great pass which might spring someone for a chance. That, to me, is a GREAT sub decision, not evidence that BB has no tactical coaching skill. BB’s made plenty of mistakes lately (especially against Cost Rica and Brazil) but this sub decision wasn’t one of them.

  78. Dannyc58 says:


    We’ll agree to disagree. The win was impressive and huge. To think it erases previous performances is silly, in my opinion.

    Glad we advanced, and have no doubt (if we keep 11 men) we’l play Spain tough.

  79. andy says:

    one of the things that annoyed me yesterday was a bradley quote in an espn article where he said “I’m set in my ways”. To be devoted to a system is a good thing..sometimes. But to repeatedly start players who just shouldn’t be in there (beasley, sasha, a clearly exhausted/disinterested dempsey) and give them chance after chance after chance over players who have much more to bring to the table – that just drives me nuts! no, i don’t want adu or torres to start every game and play every minute but bringing them on as subs is not to much to ask. instead we get treated w/ large spoonfuls of connor casey who the announcers (who are supposed to be bias but of course are not) called a lazy a$$ against brazil. y’know the great play by jonathan spector? we wouldn’t have seen any of it if cherundolo or hedjuk were available, even though spector clearly seems the best player of the 3 at the moment. so maybe bob shouldn’t go but he needs to do a heck of a better job w/ team selection and tactics and i just don’t think he’s capable of that

  80. Tony in Quakeland says:

    Rastafari – no coffee yet, but sounds like a good idea.

    Bottom line: criticism is one thing. On balance I like Bradley. He makes mistakes (like the line up against Costa Rica which was a game where, ironically, he needed his usual more ocnservative approach) and he can be loyal to a fault (Beasley anyone?). Criticsm, arguing, etc are what we as fans do and its what makes this site fun. But anyone who wanted us to lose yesterday is no fan of the Nats and I have nothing to say to them.

  81. Wispy says:

    And enough about Egypt missing its top two players; the US was missing three starters (Cherundolo, Ching, and Edu) and a back-up (Hejduk). Teams are sometimes without key players people for portions or all of tournaments, that’s just the way it goes. I highly doubt the Egyptian team is relying on missing Zidan et al. as an excuse, just like we couldn’t use missing the above four players as an excuse for the stinker we laid against Brazil.

  82. Angel says:

    I for once always said that Dempsey should play as a striker next to Altidore and for once Bob Bradley move him to the left striker. But here we are not saying that Bob Bradley is not a good Coach, it just that he need more time to be an elite coach. We were winning 1-0 against Italy and we were one guy down. Instead of making a change of a defend midfield he comes and bring Beasley and Sasha in WOW those are the problem with BB instead of Torres or Benny or maybe another Defender. those are the tactics that Bob bradley don’t have. Italy was 1-0 down and what lippi does the oppesite that Bob Bradley did. He brought in more offensive players and thats how the beat us..

  83. Xander Crews says:

    Yes, I do truly believe in what I posted. In 2002, I really liked our chances heading into the tournament. In spite of the tough draw in 2006, I liked our chances there as well. Not so much now. This is the first tournament since the “just happy to be here” of Italy ’90 that I’m looking forward to watching other teams play, and not the Americans.

    This team played like thugs yesterday, and I was embarrassed to support that team. Assuming we don’t bludgeon them to hell, Spain is probably licking their chops at running roughshod through the midfield. Odds of us finishing that game with 11 men are slim to none because of the lack of discipline this team has under Bradley.

  84. zongzap says:

    Total crapola Mikey. We win one game against a banged up, tired team and all is well? No it isn’t. Everything just fell right for us instead of against us like in other the other games. We still have major problems that will just resurface later. All this win has done is quiet the fire BB movement for now. Don’t overlook the past few games where we had even more of the “A” team and struggled. This win can’t erase the efforts against El Salvador, Honduras, CR, Italy & Brazil. It was just a good day in which everything went right, nothing more.

    Now if we beat Spain, then I will have to take it all back.

  85. Mikemike says:

    Xander Crews-

    The Egyptian GK was knocked by his own defender. US had nothing to do with it besides playing good offense. How about you watch the game before making comments? Also, half of the penalties against the US were obvious flopping.

    For all this talk of the Egyptians missing their best strikers, the US got three goals (during the run of play). People are saying they don’t like the game plan BB had, or the subs, but you can’t argue with 3-0. Quit being idiots.


  86. JL says:

    It’s great that they won and moved on, but baby Bradley needs to tap the breaks. Criticism is warranted with this team, and he is over reacting because there is so little media coverage and the ones who do cover it typically dont come down hard on the team. They beat an Egypt team that was missing their top scorer and had to make 3 injury subs. Did that sway the match? No. But the criticism was that the US doesn’t step up against top tier teams, and I don’t think Egypt qualifies. Let’s see how they play against Spain, where losing is ok but if they play like they did against Brazil, they deserve to be ripped.

  87. Xander Crews says:

    Wispy, Edu isn’t a starter for Bradley, and I think Spector has wrestled away the right back spot from the injury-prone Cherundolo.

    As far as Ching, you’re kidding, right? Please tell me you’re kidding.

    As long as Bob Bradley continues to put the wrong players in the lineup and those he does put in into the wrong places, I can’t get excited about this team. I’ll continue to watch, and continue to hope the team wins, but will expect to see more of the same.

  88. Tony in Quakeland says:

    Danny58 – it doesn’t erase anything nor did I suggest it did. But it was hardly lipstick on a pig like you wrote earlier. It was a gutsy response not only within the tournament, but a response directly against some of the issues people raised. For example – all three goals were from the run of play, defense was tough but disciplined, Bradley combined confidence in his choices (sticking with Dempsey who has been horrible, restoring Clark to the line up) while at the same time benching Beasley, making a sub (Benny in, Josy out and sliding Dempsey up top) that worked out perfectly in producing the winning goal. You asked questions. This game gave some answers

  89. Barry U says:

    OK so which way does US soccer want to go here. Do they want to be ignored or taken seriously? Becuase it seems MB wants it both ways but only when it suits him. Play like crap please disregard. Play well keep the love coming. I am surprised by this becuase he has played in Europe for three years now and we know those guys live and die on every kick.

    As for the game yesterday I watched the entire thing and it was great. What was the difference? A less talented opponent and alot more confidence and smarts from the US. What changed other than Egypt is an good team not great team? Rico did not kill someone with a tackle. We created chances and actually finished. No Beas or Sacha crap. Davies got a chance and made the best of it. Even BB taking out Jozy who was paying well to move Duece up top was questionable but it worked out.

    Do I stil think some smarts in Italy game and better player selection in the Brazil game make a difference.Not wins but a draw or some more goals to help get through YES!!!

    Now BB has 2 games that will help ALOT. We need to make good decisions and play the guys who have showed smarts and desire. I am ok with 3rd place as long as it comes with good performances.

    I think we all want the team to play well but the critics are part of the game and they should be happy that we care. Cuase 15 years ago this tourney would have never been on ESPN or even disscussed at all.

  90. jh says:

    Count me as part of the crowd that is extremely happy about the win, but wish that MB would just keep his trap shut with the postgame whining. Win with some class, dude!! There’s only one thing worse than a sore loser, and that’s a sore winner.

    Also, for those idiots who are downplaying the win over Egypt as having come against some supposedly 2nd tier side: have you not watched the international game lately? Egypt was the winner of last year’s Africa Nations Cup against the likes of Ghana, Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Nigeria, etc? Nothing to sneeze at.

    And to the “Egypt was tired” crowd, um, sorry to let facts get in the way of your argument, but the US did have to play a sizeable portion of its two previous games down a man. Egypt should have been no more tired than us.

    Trolls: Be Gone!!!

  91. AS says:

    One win against an inferior opponent in Egpyt, and a lot of help from Brazil and Italy, and all of a sudden we’re world beaters? Give me a break.

  92. jai_brooklyn says:

    Just the fact that there was so much criticism is fantastic! Shows there are fans now who live and die by the Nats performance. Lets celebrate the roots of an American soccer tradition here!!

    Now let’s admit the U.S got lucky. More luck than they’ll ever get in the future. But hey, we get to play Spain! How cool is that?!

    Btw, if Landycakes does not get a contract from at least a solid mid-tier european team, I’m getting on the ‘bias against U.S players’ bandwagon.

  93. Zidan says:

    This is what i wrote two days ago under: Italy vs. Egypt (Your Running Commentary):

    “Are you guys kidding? We lost Zidane, Shawky is injured, Fathy is injured!!!!!!! Sayed is injured…we need a miracle to make it. The United States is not as bad as some of their fans think. You played against the two greatest champions of the game, what did you expect? Of course you look bad, now they have a chance to erase that picture against Egypt.

    I will be very thankful of we can win 1-0″

    Simply, we ran out of gas after facing the 2 world champions…no…i am not giving execuses…you outplayed us as we outplayed Italy and Brazil(2nd half).

    Congratulations, This is football.

    Good Luck in the next game.

  94. nyc says:

    Watching Spector, Dempsey, Feilhaber, Bradley, Guch and Altidore play just shows me that we need to make sure our first 23 are mostly playing in Europe.

    Altidore (touch, composure) and Adu (whatever it is keeping him off the field) need to be playing club soccer, but Altidore is looking much more fluid in understanding the game.

    Watch the game again and see how often Rico Clark, Bornstein, and in previous game Sacha are out of position or out worked. That is the MLS influence on their games.

  95. Xander Crews says:

    Mike – I did watch the game, and yes, Davies did kick the Egyptain keeper, though it was his own player that opened the gash. But what of the other players that Egypt had to replace because of our thuggery?

    Don’t let being a fan of this team blind you to what’s actually happening out on the field. Yes, we got three goals during the run of play – when’s the last time we did that? Hell, it’s been since El Salvador that we even scored ONE. Show me this team can score once a game on average during the run of play over an extended period of time (and not against CONCACAF crap) and then I’ll be content.

  96. yankiboy says:

    Xander. I appreciate your take. I disagree, wholeheartedly with the “thugs” bit. I’ll leave it at that (sometimes humor fails via the internet).

    In one regard you are my type of fan. After so many losing seasons, I still support my Baltimore Orioles but I don’t expect much. Not even now, as they tempt me with what could be.

    So I feel you on that one.

  97. Javier says:

    I couldn’t be any happier for the U.S. team winning against Egypt. But I am not about to jump on the band wagon and praise them for being the great team they are not. Lest we all forget the U.S. team was completely dismantled by Brazil, and was also taken apart by Italy particularly in the second half of their game.

    Also before everyone sings the praises of how great a team the U.S. suddenly is by advancing to the semi-finals remember the U.S. IS PRIMARILY ADVANCING BECAUSE BRAZIL SCORED TWO GOALS AND ITALY SCORED AN OWN GOAL in the Brazil v. Italy game. Had Egypt scored on the U.S. or Italy scored a goal (other than an own goal) the U.S. would probably going home.

    So people need to quit jumping on the band wagon of how great a team the U.S. has suddenly become. Remember vs Italy the U.S. loss 3-1, vs Brazil they loss 3-0, vs Egypt they won 3-0 but the U.S. was on their heels the last 10-15 minutes or so.

    All the above said, I will agree the U.S. played a very good game against Egypt. I wish they had been playing like that to begin with. It was great to see LD running at the defense. He needs to be more selfish and take more shots himself rather than passing off the ball. You could clearly see his frustration when he went to pass the ball to Altidore and Altidore cut inside his man and all but stopped his run. That seemed to fire up Donovan and caused him to run more at the defense and take on the keeper 1v1. Although he lost the ball taking on the keeper I’d much rather seem him make those runs than pass the ball to players that aren’t on the same page as he is.

    Altidore did good although he did nothing particularly good. The Egyptian had a tough time containing him. I’m a big fan of him and I believe he will be a great player if he can ever get some consistent playing time with club.

    Davis for the most part did nothing other than score the goal. Yes his srappiness or fight was great at winning the ball and scoring. I thoroughly enjoyed watching him fight for the ball that scored the goal. And I liked that he started with Altidore. It was good BB gave him a chance and it didn’t hurt, but what did he really do in the game. He wasn’t very effective. I’m not saying he needs to be replaced yet. At this time he may just not be the answer to pair with Altidore. He might be in the future. I do believe he should have been subbed out rather than Altidore.

    Dempsey, he still sucks. Yes he scored a nice goal, but he still sucks. He didn’t do anything meaningful through most of the game. He kept making bad passes and giving up the ball. He also gave up the ball in the middle of the field and almost cost the U.S. a goal.

    Casey is not ready for the international game. That man seems to move in two speeds: slow and walking. There has to be someone else that can be brought in rather than him.

    BB I still don’t think he’s the coach to take the U.S. to the next level. He managed one good game out of three. He lucked out because the U.S. seemed to fall into a defensive roll the last 15 or so minutes of the game. That could just as easily led to an Egypt score. Remember Egypt is the team that scored 3 on Brazil and 1 on Italy. I’m still not entirely thrilled with the way he managed this game. I was a big time supporter of his but after watching this team and his management of it against El Salvador, Costa Rica, Italy, and Brazil I have to question his management of the U.S. National team. I don’t think he’s the man that’s going to lead this team into a world cup semi or quarter-final if that’s the next step in this teams progression. Or is the next step beating European and strong South American teams in meaningful games.

    The U.S. is going to play the #1 team in the world when it takes on Spain. A victory would great, but I’m not realistically expecting it. What I’m wondering is which shows up the team that fought hard for 90+ minutes and beat Egypt or the team that committed stupid fouls and caved in to a humiliating defeat verses Italy and Egypt. I hope it’s the team that showed up verses Egypt. I want them to win. I’m going to support the U.S. team regardless, but if they do loose I want them to walk off that field as a respected opponent that fought hard,scored goals, and didn’t give up for 90+ minutes.

  98. CapeCodFutbol says:

    +1 for jh. Comments are almost making my eyes bleed. I wonder when I missed this amazing team / superstar coach that some ‘fans’ apparently expect this team to live up to.

    We have two more games to enjoy now. I am looking forward to them.

  99. whatagame says:


    What are you talking about? Only three guys from the 2002 squad have a chance of making this team (Donovan being one of them – Beasley and Hejduk being the others) and the 2002 squad was not underwhelming!

    If you meant to refer to 2006, then you can add in Cherundholo, Onyewu, Bocanegra and Howard and I don’t think you’d want to leave any of those guys at home this time around.

    Bradley has opened up the player pool more than any other USMNT coach to date and we have more options at most positions (left back being a glaring exception)than we ever had in the past. In fact, I would argue that is why most people get pissed at him these days — he’s developed a player pool where guys who are pretty good get left on the bench and everybody gets to argue who they think is better — and most of the guys were not around in 2002 and 2006.

  100. MasterShake says:

    so 1 game out of 4 where they showed a little bit of heart and determination and finally played for the shirt and now everything is forgiven??

    NO. they played well and they deserved the win, but lets not forget that they BARELY made it and only because Brazil was able to obliterate Italy.

    If the guys played with heart for the other 2 games then USA would not be on the wire like it was and frankly its not good enough if you want to be a real world power.

    so yeah they played well and they moved through the semi-finals, but 1 good game does not mean we should all forget about how truly vulnerable our team is.

  101. KCB says:

    Yo Michael, F—— BEAT SPAIN!

  102. Stephen says:

    I will admit I called for BB to be canned, and I am not sure we are out of the woods yet.

    The performance yesterday was fantastic, but if we choke vs. Spain then it doesn’t really matter. If BB can somehow manage to a high caliber performance out of our boys this week he deserves to stay (a close match would suffice).

    In terms of the subbing, we have to trust him. He has way, way more information than we do. Casey was put into to kill the clock(which he did). Dempsey is a great player, and I think yesterday just shows that he needs to be attacking, and not worried about going up and down. He needs space. Let’s be honest, we can’t afford not to have him on the field. Plus, that goal yesterday was SICK.

  103. Mikemike says:

    Xander Crews,

    I have absolutely no idea what you are talking about with “thugs.” Did you really watch the game? You can be honest with us.

    Also, yes, Ching is currently the top forward option next to Altidore. That is obviously assuming LD and Dempsey are in the midfield. Who would you put above him? Eddie Johnson?


  104. ko'd says:


    Can you confirm or deny that a three-year deal is in place between Gooch and Fenerbahce?

  105. Freddie Footballer says:

    Yes, it’s just one win. The question is whether this team can be consistent now with these kind of efforts, because they were consistently bad for a little while there.

    Also, I wonder how much the criticism and pressure fired up guys like Mike Bradley and Dempsey. do they need that kind of pressure, chip on their shoulder to deliver this kind of performance? makes you wonder.

  106. yankiboy says:

    @JL. My man, in my opinion, Egypt are the CAF champs. You can only play the guys that the other team fields. Injuries and other factors like weather are just part of the hand that you are dealt.

    The US beat a class opponent. I’m not saying that they are Italy or Spain but they are a talented side. They are an opponent that gave Italy and Brazil and hard way to go.

    My only dis of Egypt is that some of delegation started crying about the tournament shcedule and how hard it was. Everybody knew the deal before going in. You lost. You shouldn’t have (according to most people who would offer their two cents). That is the way that it goes sometimes…

  107. TimN says:

    Improbable and awesome! I’m very excited for our guys, and hope we perform well against Spain on Wednesday. We did much yesterday to save face and play with pride.

    Having said this, I still think that in the coming months we need to seriously look at tactics and personnel. Michael Bradley can say what he will about “f—— American soccer experts,” but remember that he is speaking with emotion after a big win, and probably also trying to defend his dad on some level. Anybody would agree that the continued use of an out-of-form Demarcus Beasley, the continued non-use of Adu and Torres, and things like leaving a sub on the bench in the Brazil game warrant scrutiny. Yes, let’s enjoy the win, and the miracle advancement to the semis, but temper it with reality and prudence moving forward.

  108. Al17 says:


    Posters continue to amaze me when it comes to our national team. Damned when we do and damned when we don’t. I have no issues with criticism and I enjoy a lot of the insight gained when I’ve read many responses but to not give credit when it’s due is just pathetic.

    Couple of things

    Bob’s not getting fire nor should he be fired. We lost matches to Brazil and Italy and we were short handed. The list of teams on planet earth that could beat those two teams with 11 on the field, let alone 10 is extremely short. We took advantage of the situation against Egypt, finish in a 3 way tie and move on. What’s the problem? We’re in the semi-finals from being in the group of death.

    Playing badly doesn’t mean you didn’t play with heart and I’m sick and damned tired of posters and the two idiots from ESPN questioning this team’s heart. Harkes and Lalas are the last two people whom should make such comments. Our performance in France 98 is all we need to look at if we wanna play the “you played lousy, so you’re heart must not be into it” game.

    Michael Bradley’s comments are all good with me. What gives? One minute many of you are questioning this team’s heart and complaining how vocal you’d like for us to be and when someone expresses himself, you’ve got an issue with it? There is a lot more important things to bitch about and that’s not on the list.

    Yesterday, we played the way I hoped we would the entire tournament. We’re headed back in the right direction and with two more games left, I expect us to continue playing this way.

    I’m looking forward to Tapas on Wednesday


  109. Xander Crews says:

    Outstanding… one win and all of a sudden we’re talking trash…

    link to

  110. Chase says:

    “Beating Egpyt in South Africa is essentially neutral soil. You would understand this if you understood anything about Sub-Saharan African culture.”

    There were a heck of a lot more Egyptian supporters in attendance than US ones. Also, Egypt has far more experience in playing in Sub-Saharan Africa (WCQ, ACN, etc) than the USMNT does. Regardless of the OBVIOUS cultural difference between Egypt and South Africa, those two things alone gave the Egyptians an advantage.

    I didn’t comment on your other points because they patently ignored yesterday’s game as if it didn’t happen, while focusing completely on the poor performance against Brazil.

    What about the heart and determination they showed yesterday? What about the defense that didn’t concede an early goal yesterday? What about the THREE goals created from open play yesterday?

    It’s impossible to have a legitimate discussion with you, as you refuse to acknowledge yesterday’s game as if it didn’t happen.

    And all of the sudden it’s “OUR” team?

    Oh and you misspelled EGYPT again.

  111. ThaDeuce says:

    I have regained my confidence in my team. What they lacked was fire. That was my criticism. No heart, and starting Beasley and Klejestan. Well, maybe Bob is a slow learner, but he finally got it together. No Beasley, No Klejestan, lots of fire, lots of heart. I support the team and Bob Bradley as long as they keep playing like that!

  112. cammiev says:

    Sometimes the soccer gods are kind. After the first 2 games, I think everyone was depressed, frustrated, and mad as hell, and the reaction to the Egypt game is the exact opposite. The US played a good game, and won big. Was it perfect?…of course not, but I thought that was the purpose of playing this tournament: seeing where the team really stands one year away from the World Cup. Bob Bradley has his moments, both good and bad, but who, realistically, should replace him?

  113. yankiboy says:

    @nyc: How many times have we seen our Euro based guys lay an egg and not do jack?!? C’mon, man. MLS is what it is. But even our Euro based players disappear or play like busters sometimes. Do I think that playing in most European leagues is of benefit to a player and the program–sure. But I don’t think that it is a lock that a player will improve or won’t have a bad game. Sometimes, I think that the Europe thing can be as overvalued as the MLS thing can be undervalued. Just my take.

  114. Ryan S. says:

    Bob still needs to go. It obvious that he has done all he can with this team. If we are to get out of the group stages next year we need a coach who has the experience and tactical know how to. Bob makes far to many poor choices with regards to tactics and his sub’s. Jozy out? No Torres? Come on!

  115. SR says:

    Yes, luck did play a huge part in our advancing, but I hate to repeat the words of John Harkes on this one… “If its not meant to be, its not meant to be”. Egypt showed up strong the first two games and Italy is the defending world champion. We played with 10 men vs two top five international selections and got beat. Any bum could have predicted that one. We would have taken points from the Italy match had Rico not been sent off. Probably 3 the way we were playing. But when you lose a heart breaker like that in your first match then turn around and play Brasil, who have looked unbeatable as of late, its going to be near impossible to bounce back and take points…oh, especially if you decide to play a man down once again.

    Bottom line is, there was a lot of luck involved but we had just as much a chance to be in the semi finals as any other team int his tournament, and the odds were definitely against us the whole time. Its a great week for US soccer, let’s enjoy it and rally behind our squad. I don’t think for a second we can compare much of this to what the WC will bring us a year from now. No matter who is continually screwing us over in FIFA, they can’t be that asinine as to put us in a group even remotely similar to this one.

    Let’s go out and show Spain and the world what we’re all about.

  116. Willardo DuPont says:

    I could care less about Bob Bradley. I just root for the US. Michael Bradley’s comments remind me of the Mexican team as they are under attack from the Mexican media. It doesn’t reflect well on him.

    Outside of a few soccer soccer blogs that .001 percent of America doesn’t read there is no significant clamoring for Bob Bradley to lose his job.

    If the players really want the game to elevate in the US they are going to have to get used to the concepts of pressure and scrutiny. You can’t have it both ways. If Bob Bradley wants a pressure-free job he’s in a better position than most top level American football, baseball, basketball and hockey coaches. Michael should consider himself and his Dad lucky.

  117. Chase says:

    Now the US played like thugs?!?!?!? You people are unreal…

  118. ko'd says:

    Ryan S.,

    Jozy out? YEP. And then Dempsey scored the third goal while playing up top, didn’t he? No Torres? YEP. And we won the game 3-0, with Bradley doing an amazing job creating opportunities for the entire team.

    You can disagree with the tactical decisions in this game, but the result (in THIS game) doesn’t support your argument that BB needs to go.

  119. MensreaJim says:

    People seem incapable of perspective.

    After the Italy game no one was justly complaining about Bradley–it was a good showing from us. “3-1! 3-1!” Yes we know. Did you watch the game?

    We lost to Brazil 0-3, ok. Man, what an embarrassment. In all honesty though, Bradley earned the criticism he took for this game, not for the score but for the horrible lineup.

    We thumped a good team when we needed to. I don’t want to hear about who they were missing. The same people saying that now were saying we’d lose 0-2 in this game Sunday morning.

    And now we fall ass-backwards into the semis. Nothing to get excited about, no sir. Not like 2002, the pinnacle of…oh yeah, that’s right.

  120. Colin Ferguson says:

    It seems like a stirring victory seems to bring out the c*nt in you people more than our losses.

    We deserve everything Mike Bradley said. The guy is a 21 year old athlete and we’ve been absolutely bashing his coach and father. You call for professionalism, but he already plays like a pro on the field and everyone can see that passion he has. Composure at the press conference is my absolute last concern with our players, especially when he’s saying something that’s only going to bring this team closer together.

    Those of you personally addressing his comment like you’ve been sitting in your basement waiting to be referred to as “f—ing experts” need to take your protective helmets off and go play in the freeway.

  121. jpc says:

    yesterday was definitely up there, along w/ the 2007 gold cup final, 2002 win over portugal, last years game against Argentina (only b/c I attended), and a few others.

    Bradley should get credit for yesterday, b/c he has been making changes here and there, not all that we/I would like, but taking out Beasley (for good hopefully) is a giant step in the right direction

    heres hoping he will remedy Dempsey’s play somehow, and find more PT for Torres and Feilhaber somewhere

  122. yankiboy says:

    @Zidan: “Class”, my Brother. Maximum respect. Egypt opened some eyes to those whoe don’t follow African football. They are a quality team, with quality talent. Yesterday wasn’t the Pharoahs’ day but like you said: That is football. Somedays the results are disappointing.

  123. Tolik says:

    How about the saying that “you create your own luck”.

    Our guys played quite well against Egypt AND we got lucky. I am happy. BUT it’s still luck.

    I love Mike’s passion. And I never criticize the footballers for the loss. What makes difference for me is HOW they lost. If they fought but were outplayed by a classier team, I have no problem with that and praise them anyway. If they shown no spirit – that’s another story. I have not watched Brazil-Italy, but there is a big difference between how Egypt approached the game with Brazil and how US played Brazil.

    Now, the criticism of BB is still valid. His decisions were baffling. I don’t want to repeat, they were listed by you guys many times and well. Our win over Egypt masks the urgency, and I am sure now that nothing will change until the end of WC2010. I wish our guys all the best. And still hope the powers at the top of our system will have enough wisdom to understand that we need higher caliber coach to make a next step.

  124. chg says:

    Xander, it was particularly crafty for the US to trick the Egyptian defender into kicking his own GK. Egypt was also the team swinging elbows on the field.

    Even if we had wanted to play rough, we wouldn’t have been able to. The Egyptians dove before we could get close enough to actually touch them. Apparently, some home viewers are as gullible as some international refs.

  125. RedStateJim says:

    I have been a BB fan, but still think he needs to go. We need a tactician that can take our various parts and create a team that will compete against the worlds best on a regular basis. BB has done some good things and MB’s reaction can be understood because it is his father that we are talking about.

    I still contend that the early goals we have given up show a lack of preparation on the squad.

  126. Al17 says:

    MensreaJim, Colin Ferguson and jpc –


  127. Xander Crews says:

    Yes, I watched the match, Mike. And yes, I thought we played like a bunch of goons. I stand by that, regardless of the score.

    Reasons why Bobbo should get fired:
    – Why were we shorthanded against Italy and Brazil? Because of a lack of discipline on the field. Cry all you want about the severity of the call against Italy, but the fact of the matter remains that that was an MLS-quality challenge that is unacceptable on the world stage.
    – Questionable (at best) roster selections in general. You pick a team like this with NO reserve defensive midfielder? He’s been pinning his hopes on Ricardo Clark, which is great if you’re running an MLS side, but a death knell if you’re running a national team.
    – Inane lineup selections. Has he watched his team play lately? If so, he’d realize that Beasley and Klejstan had no business even being on the continent against Brazil, let alone in the starting lineup.
    – Ridiculous substitution patterns. Do we really even need to go over this?
    – Double standards. Publicly making comments that players need to play regularly for their club as an excuse why Adu isn’t playing. Okay, fine, I get that, if that’s the policy you want to use. But then why is Altidore out there, why is Beasley out there – hell, if you want to get really technical, why was Guzan out there on Sunday? Yet players like Torres continue to sit the pine – WHY? If his rationale for sitting some players is club playing time, then that needs to apply to everyone, and in theory, that would make Casey your starting striker (and why is he even on this team? He looks like a neanderthal) over Altidore, wouldn’t it?
    – His insistence of being “set in his ways.” A good coach needs to be able to adapt to the situation. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. That’s Bobbo to a “T”. Sadly, Al17, if you expect us to continue to play this way, you’re going to be disappointed against Spain.

    Michael Bradley’s comments are the typical American arrogance that people railed against our former president for. We beat a banged-up Egyptian team and act like we just knocked off Barcelona. Baby Bradley, act like you’ve been there before, mmmkay?

    Whatever… I’ve said my piece. I’ll cheer for the USA, but will expect to be disappointed for the duration of Bobbo’s tenure.

  128. primoone says:

    First of all, the US played with conviction, passion and tenacity. For the US at this moment…Inspiring play is always a positive, win or lose.

    Charlie Davies is a beast. Casey should not see the pitch until 20-15 min near the end of regulation. He just does not have the stamina to defend and then be an efficient striker.

    In the grand scheme of things, with regard to this tourny, this particular end-result is fools gold. Its great to win and advance but given the unlikely scenario again, chances of producing that result is probably less than a 1%. The fact of the matter is that for the last couple of months leading up to this, the team has not been performing well. Bradley could not find the way to motivate his players. Bradley made some pretty dumb substitutions as well as continued to play kids that just were not playing regularly for their clubs. The same players that you could blame for the run of bad luck. Frankly im surprised Bradley wasnt canned. If this happened anywhere else in the soccer world, the coach would have been shown the door. Make no mistake about it, the look on Bob’s face after pulling off the victory and knowing that they advanced was a look of great relief. You see, Bradley realized that he dropped the ball this quarter with the other matches prior to the win. He had no answers what-so-ever on how to get a result. Im sure Bob is a great guy. He is a good coach but I think his best work is done in our domestic league.

    Again, im not one that enjoy seeing someone lose their job but people don’t get fired…they fire themselves.

  129. Matt Gabriele says:

    So, if I’m to understand Michael Bradley, Ives, et al. here, 1 good performance makes up for the fact that they’ve (overall) played poorly in 5 of the last 7 matches (going back to El Salvador)? They played a very good game. Let’s not pretend it’s more than it is.

  130. jai_brooklyn says:

    Outstanding… one win and all of a sudden we’re talking trash…

    link to

    Posted by: Xander Crews

    C’mon it was just a text message sent to a teammate in good fun. Jozy did not say anything to the media. It was Capdevila who actually brought it up with the media.

  131. yankiboy says:

    We won. Still enjoying it. Wonderful moment. I still know who and what we are.

    The team should some of us what we were looking for. Determination. Grit. A reason to hope that things can progress in someway (because I think that a lot of us would agree that it has regressed since the success of WC ’02).

    It’s just nice to have something to celebrate after the debacles that were the first two matches in group play and the last WC. Enjoying the moment. Not drinking the Kool-Aid… I am well aware that we have been “exposed” and there have been some more “reality checks”. But I’m pleased to see something positive after a match with a non-CONCACAF opponent. An opponent that is an elite one of a continent that a lot of people sleep on when it comes to talent, especially if that talent doesn’t happen to be Nigeria or Camerun.

    What more can I tell ya?

  132. KlinsiGrinsi says:

    I liked Bradley when he came on, but in the last month came to believe he needs to go. This match does not change my mind. Egypt played poorly, and inexplicably did not pressure the US in midfield, where we had been getting beaten soundly by anyone with a team and a plan. They let us hold the ball without pressure, there was oodles of space, and to our credit we took advantage of it. The Egypt that played Brazil would have beaten us – we were very fortunate to find them off their game.

    The point of everyone after Bradley is not because he’s a bad coach, its because he isn’t good enough to get us to where we want to be. I’ve seen nothing to lead me to believe that he can lead us win anything outside of Concacaf. Having said that, he got a massive break Sunday after having many breaks go against him the previous two games – lets see what we does with it.

  133. cj says:

    I actually believe the Egypt game gave Bob a lifeline and I truly believe the Spain game is Bob Bradley’s most important game he has ever coached in his young career as the USMNT coach.

    He was hamstrung with 2 games at 10 men and performed with 11. I still don’t think Egypt was a very good team in that they gave up 4 goals against Brazil. If we don’t even compete in the Spain game, I think we should consider another coach who has coached against world class players and teams.

    It will be interesting to see if this team has anything in the tank emotionally after Egypt. This will be a very good test for this coach and team.

  134. BossTweed says:

    Xander Crews:

    I made a post about this on another topic but I guess you missed it. Check the article concerning Freddy Adu not playing because he’s not playing for his club. Nowhere did it quote Bradley saying any such thing. If anything, it was a quote by Donovan suggesting that Adu should get some more time with his club. Please, stop bringing this up as a point of hypocrisy against Bradley. It never happened!

  135. EDB says:

    Really, the Americans had one bad game against Brazil. One decent game against Italy, the 3-1 score flattered Italy and they only were dangerous when we went down to 10. Then the US had one exceptional game.

    I think overall its been an ok performance from the US. I think up top it should be Demps and Josie.. Josie still can’t post and hold up play where I think demps can do that for us.

  136. BossTweed says:

    Xander Crews:

    Here’s the link to the AP story in USAToday. It’s the same story that was on ESPN, CNNSI, Goal, etc.

    link to

  137. Chris says:

    I don’t agree with your ratings Ives. I can’t see how Davies warrants a rating equivalent to Donnovan or Gooch. I admit he did a lot of running, but he did nothing with the ball and his goal wasn’t even on target from feet away before it hit off the keeper’s face. I also think having Davies play, forces Altidore to be a target forward, which is not what he should be doing. He should be getting the balls that Davies will suck up. He’s comparably fast and does not get knocked off the ball like Davies. I also thought Dempsey was terrible until he moved to forward and doesn’t deserve the same score Guzan earned.

  138. JB says:

    A win over Egypt doesn’t prove anybody wrong. We won because of talent not coaching. Not to mention Egypt had players going down to injury the whole game.

    It took Coach Bradley over 2 1/2 games to realize he needed to put Dempsy up top as the second striker. And even then, he took out Altidore to do so. Would we be singing his praises if Guzan had let a goal in? We would all be wondering why the hell Howard wasn’t in the game.

    Luckily it looks like we have found a solid line up to use, provided Bradley doesn’t do any more tinkering

  139. Peen Us says:

    After Bradley’s comment, there is no doubt that he read Wynalda’s comments on Facebook. Thanks, Eric.

  140. kpugs says:

    The most extreme haters probably do need to take a step back, but we don’t need to flip flop and worship these guys because they beat Egypt and Brazil gave them a gift.

    This team still has problems and Bob Bradley still made awful decisions yesterday, it’s definitely great that they won big in spite of said awful decisions.

    But let’s not kid ourselves, they got absolutely murdered by Brazil and Italy while playing awful, and Egypt played terribly yesterday.

    I am extremely happy they advanced, but I’m also not blind.

  141. KlinsiGrinsi says:


    TOTALLY agree with your comment about Torres/Feilhaber in the morning. I hate the dual defensive midfielder deployment in the middle of the park. Does anyone watch Barcelona? Does anyone remember Obrien/Reyna of 2002? No real team had two defensive oriented mids. The problem is the Paw Bradley fancies his boy is more a Xavi type than a Marcos Senna. We need Feilhaber or Torres in that role.

  142. ba says:

    they freaking beat egypt… that doesnt exactly warrant that quote

  143. jonathan says:

    Umm beating an undermanned Egyptian side in no way shape or form negates the sorry ass team we have been in the past 4 matches. Costa Rica was flat out embarrassing, Honduras was also embarrassing despite the win,and the first two games of the tournament were laughable… Being down a man, doesn’t automatically mean that you lose the match- it will mean that you’ll lose the match if an incompetent coach neglects to make any changes and or substitutions for 40 some odd minutes after you go a man down… That’s the problem here people. If Charlie Davies put a goal in from the run of play in the first 20 minutes of yesterday’s game, then why hasn’t Charlie davies started any of the past 4 games before? None of which we had scored a goal from the run of play? This Is why BB has to go? If you can’t see it, you shouldn’t be watching soccer

  144. stephen says:

    I couldn’t make it through these comments; you people are ridiculous.

    I have become wary of BB given the past few games, he is due just reward for this victory. No question, it was a win against a very good team in a pressure situation. There is no way to criticize this game.

    There are going to be ups and downs, its up to the the coaches and players to repeat this performance, have more ups than downs … or be subject to skepticism yet again. I will give them the benefit of the doubt, lets see how they do the next few games.

  145. MasterShake says:

    Outstanding… one win and all of a sudden we’re talking trash…

    link to

    Posted by: Xander Crews | June 22, 2009 at 10:55 AM

    @Xander, they are friends and Jozy sent him a cheeky text message as all friends would. It’s not trash talking, its just being friends. Dont take things out of context.

    In fact Capdevila’s response could be taken as a joke comeback as well, saying that Jozy’s spanish isn’t so good so he probably made a mistake…meaning that Spain should not be careful against US…as a joke of course.

  146. Aquaman says:

    I will say it again, that was one hell of a cross Spector sent in on that final goal. Should have easily been 4-0….even if the ball played into his hand, his hand prevented an obvious goal.

  147. Peter Bering says:

    Spain is due for a loss, and I will be a bit surprised if they beat Brazil. On a very bad day they could also lose to the US. Every team stalls now and then.

  148. Beto says:

    JUST LOOK , USNT has not good soccer

  149. No <3 For Paw Bradley says:

    Amazing win.

    This quote from Mikey Bradley? Whatever. He is venting. Apparently he follows the internet chatter.

    Bob Bradley is still a third-rate manager. Conservative to a fault is a generous way to put it.

    I am rather disappointed that Ives is so circumspect in his criticism of Bob Bradley.

    In my view, our manager should be world class. Always.

    And if he is not, the supporters have every right to be riled up and dissatisfied.

    Please, less Conor Velvet Feet Casey and more Jose Francisco Torres.

  150. Jose A. V. says:


    U.S.A. is up 3-0 and then they pull back? Like if it all depended on that result. Come on Bob Bradley, you were too conservative yesterday and could have screwed it even more. but Thanks Brazil for helping us out.

  151. Adam says:

    Does making it out of group stage get us closer to be seeded in 2010?

  152. Dante says:

    To the people saying subbing Jozy off was a bad move,

    You do realize that meant Dempsey was moved to forward … and he scored. Right? That’s bad coaching?

  153. Xander Crews says:

    BossTweed – you don’t suppose that’s indirectly coming from Bradley? And didn’t he complain just a month ago about players not being in form, and how they should find playing time somewhere? That’s not just a comment that applies to Adu (and I don’t particularly care for Adu – my point is that he’s a hypocrite with double standards that don’t apply to his “pet” players).

  154. KungFuKantona says:

    why is Casey involved with this team at all? the man is a complete waste of space on the field. no vision. no speed. no touch. no nothing.

    which begs the question of who it is that picks him to be part of the squad: Bob Bradley. he’s made other egregious errors of judgment in the past. Hejduk. Beasley. the list is a long one. sure, he’s got a pretty thin pool to use, but i guarantee you that there are more technically gifted players available than some that are consistently given starting positions over the Bradley era.

    my belief is that, as a country, we have enough talent right now to be competitive against any team in the world. i don’t mean that we can or should be beating Brazil, but we should not look so far out of our depth like we did last week. the fact that our performances rarely meet that expectation is down to coaching.

    watching some of the tactical decisions made on the field and off is vexing for those who know football. Casey? ever? please. it’s a simple game. trap and move. triangles. commitment!

    we showed some of this against Egypt. we need to start showing it regularly against better opposition. Bradley is not the one to make that happen.

  155. Aquaman says:

    I agree with everyone else, the Egyptian keeper was definitely hit by his own defenders….twice. If you watch the slow motion replay (after the initial defender kicks his keeper), you can see Davies jump out of the way so he doesn’t hit the keeper, then the defender knees him in the head it looks like and then ball squirts out from between them. Davies found it and played it through the tiny angle he had. Unfortunately, it might have played off his face, but I think as a keeper you know you’re going to get a couple shots to the face during your career. The fact is, Davies knew where he was and the situation he was in and was doing everything he could to NOT make contact with the keeper. The Egyptians, unfortunately, could never fully gain control of the ball and after it squirts out when the final defender runs into his keeper, Davies made the most of it. I don’t see anything thugish in that situation at all. The US Center backs were very strong in their defending, but I saw no tackles that I would consider cheap shots. There were definitely strong tackles that took out ball and player, but it’s a contact sport.

  156. ko'd says:

    Some of the commenters here blow my mind. In fact, I think I will stop reading the blogs…

    “U.S.A. is up 3-0 and then they pull back? Like if it all depended on that result. Come on Bob Bradley, you were too conservative yesterday and could have screwed it even more. but Thanks Brazil for helping us out.”

    Posted by: Jose A. V. | June 22, 2009 at 11:36 AM

    I don’t even have the patience to answer that. In fact, the sheer ignorance is pathetic. Please, someone else take the time to set him straight.

  157. golfstrom says:

    I love it. Even when we win 3-0 the morons come out: Should’ve won by more; bad subs by Bradley, even though one directly led to the crucial goal and the other did well to kill the game. Go back to bigsoccer.

    I love MB’s comments. He’s fired up (and he always is). You wanted passion, fire, heart? Oh, just not when it’s calling you out.

  158. sg says:

    Ives – your stance on ‘where we are now’ is way too nicey-nicey for the team and coach. Michael Bradley’s comments, while fiery and showing enthusiasm, fail to point out the real bozos: themselves and his dad.

    Until they get that it’s not “stupid fans back home” who are playing dispassionately they are not going to progress. Until BB realizes that he needs to make changes to his style, he and the team will not progress.

    While I am glad to see them win, and a well-deserved win at that, they don’t seem to have the right perspective on where they are and where they’re going. I hope I’m wrong.

  159. nando says:

    couple quick points, yes we got very lucky yesterday but we also got unlucky with some questionable red cards, the non handball yesterday, and beasley’s awful mistake. Luck is part of the game, so to say we got lucky to have brazil beat italy and is not considering how unlucky we got. Second, why are people getting all stirred up about Adu. I wanna see the kid on the field too but not in these games. The kid has not played a competitive soccer game in a long time. He lacks match fitness and at best could be a late sub. I could understand the chants for some playing time for Torres cause he’s fit and has been playing consistently.

  160. KungFuKantona says:

    also: defensively we looked very good for the most part. Bornstein’s probably not the long-term answer, though. and Guzan was dangerously out of position several times, didn’t come out when he should have to clear a few, and swung and missed on at least one cross. not good. Howard is much, much better than him.

    Gooch is going places. good on him.

  161. Avid US fan says:

    Excellent posts here, great passion. But Ives, and I respect the hell out you as the premier soccer blogger in the US, I’ve got disagree with your assessment of the team and the Bradleys. Michael went over the top in his comments for someone paid to perform. The truth is they’ve had one good game as the loose team with nothing to lose and all to gain. But most importantly BB has not known how to prepare the team for an international tournament. The fact that we beat Egypt by 3 is a shock and in a normal Italy world, we’d still be going home in spite of such a remarkable result. The “f—– experts” are simple noting the obvious, that we need to show much better and play much smarter–why did we have to have a -5 GD going into the last game? Until the US team can show this on a regular basis, I remain skeptical of BB leading the ship.

    MB is defending his dad on father’s day. I will excuse a young man’s emotions for that. But it doesn’t mean he’s right.

  162. jpc says:

    Xander Crews,

    You make a few good points, especially on the double standard for Adu, and some of his continuous choices for these squads (beasley, kljestan, Casey, even Dempsey now)… However,

    – “we played like a bunch of goons”??? really, how so? the only goon I saw on the field was # 20 on Egypt who was constantly cheap shotting our players. It wasn’t perfect, and I think Bornstein and Dempsey were atrocious on the ball, but two of the goals were very nice, and there was quality attacking play from Donovan, Bradley, Altidore and even Davies at times. I still want to see Torres, Feilhaber and Adu more, but we were far from goons yesterday

    – Also, “Michael Bradley’s comments are the typical American arrogance that people railed against our former president for.”

    What the hell are you talking about. I’m no Bush fan, but don’t ever compare a soccer player standing up for his teammates and coach w/ any president. This is professional soccer, but its still a game dude, its not war… And I’m not sure what, “typical American Arrogance,” is either. calling something typical american arrogance sounds like a pretty arrogant statement in and of itelf, as if Americans are arrogant in a way that no other people are or ever could be. Typical hater speech to me

  163. Pat says:

    God forbid Michael Bradley has a passionate opinion about his team, right or wrong. Some people will complain about anything.

  164. Dennis says:

    Honestly, I hate comments like the one by Michael Bradley, and I think they are a sign of simplistic thinking.

    The USMNT has deserved heaps of criticism for their play over the past month or so. In my opinion, the match vs. Egypt was the first match in the last five (at least) where they have exceeded expectations.

    When teams play as the USMNT have played over the past month or so, they will get criticism, and they deserve it. The USMNT has to earn praise and earn respect, it is not handed on a silver platter.

    The USMNT deserves praise and respect for their performance against Egypt. They also deserved and earned every bit of criticism and disrespect that they received after the last game.

    The criticism has, as a whole, not been unfair, and Baby Bradley doesn’t seem to understand that. To speak defiantly after the first positive performance in five games is short sighted. Play well on a more consistent basis, and Bradley may receive that level of respect and adulation that he so obviously wants.

  165. DC Josh says:

    I never lost faith in the team, just lost faith in their drive to succeed. Whatever they did, whoever got them fired up, needs to happen every game. They are a very good team when they are at their best, and have SO much improvement left, in particular finishing.

    I still am hesitant to praise Bradley and support him 100% after his decision making, especially not bringing on a sub in extra time to kill a minute.

    But, when I yelled at the TV when he took Davies off, Benny sparkled, when I yelled at the TV when he took Jozy off, Dempsey piledrives a world-class pass from Spector into the back of the net. It just goes to show myself that no matter how much I think I know about soccer, the coaching staff is the coaching staff, and I’m a fan, for a reason.

    Go f–ing USA.

  166. jai_brooklyn says:

    There’s so much coverage of the U.S team on Spanish media, it’s not even funny. There’s even the Dempsey music video on Marca.

    link to

  167. Isaac says:

    Hey here’s a question out of curiousity:

    When was the last time the USA played Egypt?

    Whats the head-to-head record of USA and Egypt?

  168. BossTweed says:


    The “Adu not playing because of lack of playing time with his club team” is not a good point. Please, please search this page for my above post on this subject. Bradley said no such thing. I can’t educated people enough about this.

  169. Turtle says:

    Give MB the armband. That’s the kind of statement that needs to be coming from our captain. I love it.

  170. Legitimate says:

    “Didn’t Italy stomp all over the U.S., 3-1? If this were a legitimate event where head-to-head was the first tie-breaker, we’d be on the first prop plane out of Johannesburg.”

    This is a mute argument. Italy beat the U.S., Egypt beat Italy, and the U.S. Beat Egypt. The only “legitimate” and fair system is in place. Head to head doesn’t work in a round robin because of situations like this. Why would Italy deserve to go through when they have an identical record to Egypt and the U.S. and lost to Egypt?

  171. Xander Crews says:

    BossTweed – it is a good point. Did Bradley not lament his players prior to the two qualifiers for them not being in form for their club season? Does that not apply to ALL players, Beasley and Adu included? Then how does one earn regular time repeatedly and one rides the pine – while at the same time, one who plays regularly with his club continues to rot on the bench?

  172. Colin Ferguson says:

    I think Xander Crews is secretly Skip Bayless. He’s just here to provide inflammatory remarks and stir up controversy by arguing against commonly accepted beliefs (read: true things). Next thing you know he’ll be saying Jozy has no potential and that Howard isn’t even a top 50 keeper.

  173. Babieca says:

    This was a great win against a good team and the MNT deserves credit for it, but criticism of the performance in the tournament, (and against CR) is totally valid.

    It doesn’t take a “f—-ing expert” to know if you’re counting on someone else in your group to win by 3 goals, it means you didn’t do what you needed to the previous two games. Even with losses, playing your ass off and losing by 1 goal to Brasil and Italy means you write your own ticket against Egypt. Advancing with 3 points and 0 or +1 GD means you worked hard in a tough group. Going through with 3 points and a -2 GD means you had one good game and a whole lot of help.

    For those who say we don’t know how the team would have performed with 11 players. Yes we do. They started each match with 11. They made bad decisions, committed fouls, and let the refs decide if they got to keep playing or not. That is exactly how the team played with 11 players.

    There’s no shame in loosing to Brasil or Italy or CR in San Jose. There is shame in rolling over and playing without heart for any team or making stupid mistakes and demonstrably poor personnel decisions (is anyone surprised that we won without DMB?).

    I’ve been on the fire BB train and I’m not ready to get off quite yet, but he’s earned another day. If the team plays well against Spain and Mexico, not necessarily wins, but plays well and if he can manage to keep liabilities like Beasley off the pitch, then I’d be glad to have him stay. I hope he and the team learned from this tournament and have turned a corner. We’ll know by the end of the summer.

  174. Nelson Mandela says:

    Great performance, FINALLY!!!! Everyone stepped up and played with their hearts.

    Michael Fvcking Bradley- Your dad still sucks and needs to go.

    Go US!! Play like that against Spain and make us all proud!!!

  175. Alex says:

    Do they have 2 more games? Spain followed by the 3rd place game?

  176. Xander Crews says:

    I’ve got to agree with the grades from Ives being far too generous. Guzan looks shaky coming out for crosses, not confident. Bornstein gets torched on a regular basis. Casey is a stiff who’s way in over his head. The midfield was okay – not the outstanding marks that Ives has given.

    And regarding my thought that we played like goons: I’ve always been a believer that you must respect the game and respect your opponent. And I didn’t feel like the US did that yesterday. For the fans who complained about Rossi’s celebration against the US, how was that any different that the American celebrations yesterday? Did anyone bother to check to see if the Egyptian goalkeeper was fine when he was getting his head stitched?

    If you think that I’m wanting it both ways, that I’m not happy win or lose, turn that around on yourself – if you’re happy with our celebration, then you’d better shut up about Rossi’s.

  177. brad says:

    TO ALL:

    Look at it this way, we would have been happy with a victory against Egypt.. the fact that we get another shot at Spain is iceing on the cake…

  178. Xander Crews says:

    What “commonly accepted belief” am I arguing against? I’ve said before that I think Altidore will grow into being the best striker that the US has ever had, and I love Howard – I was pissed when Guzan got the start yesterday. So try again, moron.

  179. Josh says:

    I was never a critic of bob before but there are still many coaching decisions that dont seem to make any sense and the team doesnt have that light of fire under their feet for continued periods of time. Did anyone count how many times we tried to slide tackle in the Egypt game? Typically that means you are out of position in marking your man or you are tired. I still think the defense was out of position and Altidore needs to push himself alot more. Davies is the man and he has earned a place until someone else shows some work effort. Casey is not international material.

  180. Logic says:

    “Shouldn’t we be singing Bob Bradley’s praises for overcoming the absence of a handful of key veterans, such as Carlos Bocanegra, Brian Ching, Steve Cherundolo and Frankie Hejduk?”

    No, absolutely not. Of the players mentioned only Cherundolo is of any quality. And, with respect to Steve, his absence was easily compensated by other backs who, for some reason don’t get much pt for the national team despite displaying high form for their clubs (ie Spector et al).

    Don’t get me wrong, the team did well to advance but the task was made infinetly more difficult by the many errors of BB. Fire him.

  181. The frustrating part of watching Dempsey.

    If he played that like at Fulham, Hodgesn would bench him. He has to track back on defense for Fulham. Why is he not doing it for the US?

    Part of the problem is the US does not keep its shape like Fulham seem to do under Hodgsen.

    Look, the US got lucky. Yes, they took advantage of the situation. Good for them. Point is, in the WC, is BB going to be able to prepare his teams over the 3 games.

    Does anyone really think that Italy would allow itself to not get to the 2nd round in the WC? Lippi said before the tournament his goal was not to win, but tinker with his line ups.

    History shows that minnows who beat giants always have a let down their next game. Egypt was flat. It was not because the US were better, they were due for a let down after 2 highly emotional games against Brazil and Italy where they did well.

    Good the US took advantage of it. We did not control our destiny throughout the tournament. Divine intervention from our friends in Brazil and Lippi’s experiment also helped.

    There are still questions.

    MB needs to STFU. He is young and still has a lot to learn. He is making progress, but he is not there yet. The US media needs to realize this. Soccer players mature at about 25. Keep working MB, but be mindful that you are not there yet.

    It’s good that fans are putting pressure on the team to perform.

    As my old boss Bob Crandall used to tell us, “Perception is reality.” BB, we are your customers, your supporters. There is some truth in what everyone is saying – good or bad.

  182. jpc says:


    I read your post, but the point is still made. Bradley has said on a number of occassions – maybe not specifically about Adu – that regular playing time at a players club is very important to him. he has always held this view. Yet players like Beasley, Edu (before recently), and Altidore are getting a lot of playing time.

    If Adu’s lack of playing time isn’t b/c of club playing time, what is it? I have never seen him come into a US game (or club for that matter) and play poorly. Maybe he hasn’t always set the field on fire, but he’s always shown well. And in big games like Spain and Argentina he was one of the best players on the field for us when he came in. It is just not clear why this kid doesn’t even get a shot. I’m not asking for him to be a permanant starter, I’m just asking for a shot. and he hasn’t gotten it yet.

  183. Scott C from Buff says:

    I think Micheal Bradley just called me a F—-er :)

    Well, I for one am going to give credit where it id due – we deserved to win that game and played with a lot of heart. Should have been 4-0. Also, Bradley’s subs proved to be the right ones – Dempsey is our best attacking player; good move to keep him on the field. (Being the armchair coach I am, I’m thinking he should have done the same with the last sub – put Torres on for Davies and move Donovan forward).

    Great game, but we’ve got to put a few more of these together. I’m still not a fan of the defensive tactics. I would like to see us move to a more creative, technical midfield.

  184. beckster says:

    Bob Bradley picked the right team for the game and clearly gets credit for that and the motivation the team displayed.

    But that being said, the same issues that people focused on before the game are still there and will be as we move forward:

    – Bob plays guys that aren’t playing for their club teams and he shouldn’t – Beasley. It should be noted that Beasly wasn’t good enough to start in the 2006 world up – Convey did.

    – While he has opened the player pool, he still needs to be dragged kicking and screaming towards playing certain players – exemple – Jon Spector – he was personna non grata around the MNT until the injuries and Marvel Wynne’s debacle against Costa Rica. Jay DeMerit is another one. Torres may be in that group as well.

    For Bradley, experience in camp seems to be more important than Club play and ability. Let’s see how quickly he integrates Jermaine Jones into the lineup.

    Egypt didn’t have a great day and we played better against them. What happens against a team having a good day or a top team. The midfield continues to be an issue as well as attacking formations.

    Finally – Dempsey – several games and 70 minutes of crappy play – then a goal. Is that gamble worth it? Was yesterday but wasn’t for the other games. Figure out how to rest him next summer.

  185. Al17 says:


    it’s a good idea to actually present available options. Try it. You didn’t do it earlier.

    So, because we had players sent off in two games due to some of the worst calls made in recent memory, it’s the coache’s fault? Amazing. I guess friends of mine from other countries whom watched the matches have no clue what they’re talking about. Friends whom are from places like England, Ireland, Brazil and France that follow the game have no clue about what a Red card foul is. Please!!! Don’t set a double standard for your own team. Those red cards against us were an embarrassment for all FIFA refs.

    A reserve defensive midfielder?

    What in the hell are you talking about? No, I’m serious what in the hell are you talking about.

    In regards to Michael Bradley’s comments, as another person said earlier, please don’t ever compare what he says to anything Bush. He should have said more in my opinion. Who in the hell are you and others to act as though he needs to keep his mouth shut when many of you have questioned this team’s heart? They may have played bad but that doesn’t mean they didn’t try hard. You know teams have those moments despite playing hard.

    Finally getting back to Bob. Those of you stating he’s a 3rd tier manager. What constitutes a 1st tier manager? Who are these people? What credentials do you have that give you the insight into what makes up a top coach? Why is is that people outside of the US tend to give more praise and respect to the US Nats than many Americans? It’s absolutely pathetic. Criticism is fine but can we not do it with this double standard against our own.

  186. FCB says:

    We beat Egypt, folks. Egypt. Anybody read Bradley’s comments after the match on espn:

    link to

    “What major changes did he make after a difficult 3-1 loss to Italy where they controlled the match for the first 55 minutes, and a 3-0 drubbing against Brazil where they controlled the match for zero seconds. “There was nothing different,” said Landon Donovan.

    “My ways of doing things are set,” Bradley said.

    He tells his players there will always be things “flying around on the outside.” His approach? Ignore it. Keep it “on the inside.” And, as he put it, “Put a hard shell on it.””

    There you go folks, nothing different. From the mouth of Bob himself. Let’s just see how much far “nothing different” will go to improve the team.
    Go right ahead and keep trumpeting how great this result was. And please, please, don’t run and hide when we do the exact same thing against Spain and get absolutely demolished. In the meantime I will continue to write it as I see it and keep the team in the crosshairs, because as of now there’s nothing they deserve more than that.

    P.S. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a forward with a touch like Luis Fabiano’s? What a touch from a hard shot by Maicon on Brazil’s first goal and then to turn and shoot! A thing of beauty.

  187. lumpy says:

    I think FIFA is shall we say “USA friendly” in it’s rankings of the US and perhaps in even more ways. Frankly, I think they are good businessmen, running FIFA like a business, and just want the US dollar. We’re not as good as they hype us up to be. We’re probably comparable to, say, S Korea, but, not better than Poland. I’m a big US fan and so proud of our guys, they’re giving it their all. We keep getting better but today more than ever I think a fan needs to be realistic not believe all the hype.

  188. madmax says:

    The removal of Beasley and Kljestan is not given enough credit for the Egypt success. Not having to cover for nonperforming players is a tremendous lift in team sports. Dempsey was a temporary albatross with all the turnovers but miraculously redeemed himself at striker.

    One hopes that Bradley now understands the importance of not selecting out of form players.
    Let them regain form somewhere else.

  189. goalscorer24 says:

    Ives what are you talking about? That is the whole point, as fans, we have been screaming for the inclusion of players like Spector, Demerit, Altidore, and Davies. We don’t want to see these players that are past their prime, or no longer in from like Beasely. But Bob Bradley has repeatedly used these same out of sync players, and now is using these younger players only because his hand has been forced to because of injuries!

  190. BK says:

    Donovan is the closest field player to be considered as world class US has ever produced.

    Posted by: japan | June 22, 2009 at 09:32 AM

    This is sad if true. Have you already forgotten his botched breakaway yesterday? And this coming from our all-time leading goal scorer?

    Since McBride retired we no longer have a forward with a nose for the goal. Not Donovan. No Dempsey. And the Jozy love fest needs to stop as well. He’s a great talent but until he starts creating goals as opposed to converting just a few of the ones created for him, he will never be world class either.

  191. WK says:

    Michael Bradley for Captain!!

  192. holycalamity says:

    “I still think Bob needs to go….. Taking Altidore out, when you need a goal and putting Benny in????? Worked out but that is not good coaching”

    You do realize that move pushed Dempsey to forward, and produced the third goal? If a move that “worked out” is “not good coaching”, then what is? You also realize that Altidore isn’t match fit, but Dempsey is?

    “Didn’t Italy stomp all over the U.S., 3-1?”

    Uh, no. Italy needed a cracker from Rossi to tie the game and the third goal came in stoppage time when Pirlo and Rossi took advantage of a gassed US defense. You couldn’t have asked more from an undermanned US team.

    Michael Bradley is right. You people are idiots.

  193. sg says:

    It would be great if the enthusiasm here was match by fannies in the seats at US games…USMNT AND MLS. Support your team! Support soccer in the USA!

  194. David says:

    No, it doesn’t change my opinion at all. I’ve always supported the players and their efforts, and have always criticized Bradley for being inept tactically.

    The players worked their a$$es off to beat Egypt. That doesn’t erase past performances that were not good. And we were extremely lucky that Brazil beat Italy.

    Ives says, and they did it without: Carlos Bocanegra, Brian Ching, Steve Cherundolo and Frankie Hejduk.

    Of course they did. Of those players, only Bocanegra and possibly Cherundolo should ever see the pitch again, although I put Spector against of Dolo.

    And then Ives mentions how we overcame Egypt in spite of our youth: Brad Guzan, Jonathan Spector, Michael Bradley, Charlie Davies, Jozy Altidore and Benny Feilhaber.

    It wasn’t in spite of our youth, it was BECAUSE of our youth.

    If injuries and reds hadn’t forced his hand, we would have seen a lot of Hejduk and Ching, and no Davies or Spector.

    I’ll give BBradly credit when credit is due, but its certainly not due now.

    Starting 2 defensive CMs in a game you need to win by multiple goals is stupid. Subbing the forward that set up the first goal to bring on another midfielder is stupid.

    As for the players, well done, you deserved it.

    As for BBradley, you were lucky, nothing more.

  195. yankiboy says:

    @A17: While I haven’t personally referred to BB as a “third tier coach”, are yous eriously asking for people to have credentials other than being fans to giva a take? Come on Bro. If you had to be credentialled to call out a coach, sportsbars, sportstalk radio and sportsblogs would all go out of business. Barbershops (at least in my hood) would become boring and might as well be the Hair Cuttery or something.

    Heck, right now, at this very monment, there is a probably a group of friends, killing of their lunch hour guys at a strip joint arguing about th US Open and Tiger, Left, Glover and Barnes who will never be under a 10 handicap or even drive past Bethpage Black.

    Sportsfans talk sports. They don’t need insights. It is why most people bother to watch. Entertainment and gives dudes something to chat about outside of our everyday lives.

    I do agree with you that we should be critical but still show our boys love and try to utilize something that resembles balance–at least from time. We aren’t the best but we aren’t scrubs, either. Even for people that support the team but take it to task, I have love for most of them even if I disagree with MANY of their opinions. Thanks God they care. Which is more than we can say for most of our country’s national teams outside of the Olympics.

  196. clint dempsey says:

    MB is spot on, a bunch of duck footed second string high school forwards who know all. Have any of you genius’ ever thought there might be some purpose behind starting players, who are not obvious inclusions? If i were king i’d let some of you wizards run the show for a day. as for not being better than poland, check the last match v poland we crushed them in poland with BB as coach?????????????????

  197. FCB says:

    “Michael Bradley is right. You people are idiots.”

    I propose that anyone who agrees with Michael Bradley is an idiot. They had ONE good game and they demand respect?? When they show up every game and play well they will earn respect. Until then, they have no one to fall back on except a minority of fans who like to call others idiots. Well done, sport.

  198. el terrible says:

    is it sad I’m hoping Spain thrashes us 5-0 so we can have some humble pie?

  199. yankiboy says:

    @lumpy: I disagree with you assertion that FIFA is trying to rank the US so high because of the dollar. The FIFA rankings are ajoke but they are also weighted by regional competitions. You can look at a lot of clubs rankings and question them because they look suspect.

    Having said that, I agree with you that some of have confused in the past and still continue to confuce where we realistically are with where we aspire to be one day in the not so distant future. WC 2002 played a big roll in that and even those results, while historic featured some conflicting player and coaching performances.

  200. FCB says:

    el terrible:

    “is it sad I’m hoping Spain thrashes us 5-0 so we can have some humble pie?”

    It’s making me hungry…

  201. BigTex says:

    Good win against Egypt, the US finally showed some heart. Of course it helped that Egypt’s top player didn’t play, along w/ two other top starters. Just like any good fan shouldn’t get down on a team after one BAD performance in a sea of good performances, we shouldn’t all be getting on the bandwagon and be anticipating an advance to the 2nd round of the WC next year b/c of one GOOD performance in a sea of bad performances. MB, like any good son, saw his daddy getting criticized by fans (American fans actually care about their team’s performance and effort, shocking) and lashed out at them after ONE good performance. Let’s see how they do against Spain and in the 3rd place match before we all get excited about them playing well in one game in an international competition.

    Ives and MB need to calm down…… Hopefully the Egypt game is a turning point, but I’m withholding judgment.

  202. el terrible says:


    it is a tasty treat

  203. Tim F. says:

    Brazil + Hookers = Lucked into the next round.

    Welcome back to reality on wednesday, fanboys.

  204. Jeff Darling says:

    I really dont understand that most posters on these sights think Conor Casey is garbage. Every time I see him come on he holds the ball well, makes intelligent runs off the ball, has an imposing presence, and has a quality touch. All these things make him mountains better of an option than Altidore….Please watch the game a little more closely

  205. BlueWhiteLion says:

    I missed the last two qualifiers (CR, Honduras), but in the last three games, it seems we really only had ONE bad game as a team. Italy had a boneheaded play (Rico), but though embittered by the loss, I felt good overall about the play. (yes, some offensive blunders, some tactical issues, and I wanted to see a couple other players play who didn’t). But I didn’t think the game was horrible. Brazil was. Egypt, for all the caveats (“star striker missing, etc”), it was a very good game and we did what we needed to do. I am not a Bradley fan boy, and I yell at him, but in the whole picture, he is not horrible.

    Wow, I wonder what these Fire Bradley/Hire a foreign coach guys would be saying about Lippi and the Italians right now. . .

  206. yankiboy says:

    @El terrible: Since you asked Bro–“Yes” it is really sad (no disrespect–you asked for feedback); Do you really think that getting waxed is going to be of any benefit? Do you really think that so many of the US supporters are drinking the Kool-Aid and are not able to gage where we really are? Hoping for us to lose in order to just be reminded of what level we are at seems very drastic and excessive.

  207. Aaron says:

    Where is the “fire” and “intensity” from the rest of the players in defense of Bradley? I’m sure it’s there and just not as vocal, but you have to take Michael Bradley’s words with a grain – more like a mountain – of salt since he’s defending his father. Most anybody would do the same in defense of their family, and I think he has gone a little overboard. You played well against Egypt and lucked out Italy came out flat. You still need to show up vs. Spain because you have not proved anything yet. We have not qualified for the WC yet and definitely have not proven that we are capable of sticking with the world’s best yet. The Egypt game was a great confidence boost though that I hope they can ride through the tournament and on into 2010.

  208. Xander Crews says:

    Did Ricardo Clark not go in late and with studs up, 65 yards from goal and in plain view of the referee? That’s a red card. Did Klejstan not go in ridiculously late? That’s a red card. That’s a discipline problem that’s plagued US Soccer for some time (late yellows for Adu and Bradley in the Olympics against the Netherlands, plus Orozco’s third-minute red). No other nation experiences these brain lapses as frequently as the US – WHY?

    And a reserve defensive midfielder… that’d be more than just one. Ricardo Clark is the only one on the roster, and when he went out with a stupid red, there was no option to play defense in the center of the park for the next game and a half. That’s akin to putting only one goalkeeper on the roster, because, well, only one can play at a time, so I don’t need more than one! And yes, since you seem to be incapable of simple reading comprehension, that’s sarcasm.

    Baby Bradley, again, needs to learn to act like he’s been there. This team has been coddled for far too long – you want to act like a world power, then you’re going to have to deal with the fact that people are going to hold you to higher expectations.

  209. THE Nick says:

    ok…the US whooped a hungover tired Egypt. Woo-f’ing-hooooo

  210. Yossarian says:


    the problem is that babies like you & the commenter USA just whine and complain when they don’t know what they’re talking about. It’s one thing to criticize with perspective like Ives and others do, and it’s quite another to have completely unrealistic expectations and just scream waaaaaaahhhh everytime the team doesn’t win 3-nil (and often when they do).

    USMNT has exactly zero players who have played at the highest level of club football (the Champions League). That is, unless you count Beasley, who played years ago and is currently in terrible form. Teams like Italy and Brazil are comprised almost exclusively of Champions League calibre players. So somehow you expect us to beat them when we’re playing a man down?? How asinine is that? Wake up. It’s so annoying listening to babies like you cry all day long. It’s like listening to a spoiled brat 5-year-old complaining about how hard his life is, and how he knows more than anyone else. Shut up. You can disagree with Ives, but show some respect, brat. Go to Big Soccer if you want to cry like a baby. Please ban this fool, Ives.

  211. japan says:

    BK, yes I remember the break away which he should have scored. But I also remember the play that led to the break away and the run he made right after Davies scored. No US player can do that. Please don’t compare Donovan to McBride. Donovan is not a striker. However, Donovan has proved in this tournament that every good attack goes through him. I will guarantee you Donovan will make the Best XI or team of the tournament or whatever you call it. If he doesn’t, you can come at me. I agree with you about Jozy.

  212. The Ghost of Josimar says:

    The team? Fantastic, gutsy performance.

    Bob Bradley? Inept and blinkered. The guy is nowhere near being a top manager.

    Shouldn’t we insist on a coach who is world class?

  213. Xander Crews says:

    Tim F. –

    Jeff Darling –
    Have you not seen Casey REPEATEDLY take a first touch at the top of the 18, only to see the ball go out for a goal kick without being touched again? He did that TWICE yesterday in the 10 minutes he was on the field. Is that what you call a “quality touch”?

    Lippi’s stated intention before the tournament was to get a look at players and options in advance of next year. Bobbo’s was to “see where we stand.” There’s different expectations there. One must agree that both managers succeeded in their pre-tournament goals: Lippi got a bunch of players time, while Bradley has seen where his team stands. That’s not, however, why Bradley should get canned. He’s repeatedly shown that he doesn’t prepare his team properly (as evidenced by early goals conceded in three of the last five matches) and has made questionable (at best) decisions regarding personnel.

  214. ETJ says:

    Reading the comments my favorite part is Mike telling someone that American fans don’t understand the Sub-Saharan African culture of Egypt. Sub-Saharan means below the Sahara Desert, you idiot.

  215. Derek says:

    Geez. I’ll admit that I was extremely disappointed from the first two games, especially the Italy game, but this tourney was about getting experience in a big setting against great teams. Our boys didn’t hang their heads after two bad performances, and got the result. This is EXACTLY the experience they needed to prepare them for NEXT summer.

    Now we get to play the BEST team under a bit of pressure, with some confidence from the Egypt game. Both teams will be tired, and whoever comes out with more guts might win.

    My only real complaints so far is that Torres hasn’t played. He’s looked promising. We’re going to need some fresh legs on Wednesday. Hopefully Bocanegra can play. Put him on the left, and leave DeMerit in.

    This tourney would have been easier with Ching, Boca and Frankie. Jozy isn’t quite ready to play Ching’s role yet.

    We’re going to have a really good chance in Azteca!!

  216. BossTweed says:

    @jpc and @xander crews:

    I’m not familiar with Bradley’s history of publicly chiding players for not getting time with their clubs. If this is the case, then yes, you do have the point. I was frustrated because all of this chatter came out in direct response to that AP article which said no such thing.


    With regards to USA’s FIFA ranking:

    It’s my opinion that roughly the top 10 teams in the world have significant differences and can be ranked accordingly. After that, however, the next 50 or so teams could beat any other on any given day. Egypt was ranked 40, but they would certainly beat Poland. I happen to think the US would also beat Poland, but anything could happen. Bottom line, the FIFA rankings, or any rankings for that matter, are meaningless after about the top 10 and you shouldn’t put any effort toward arguing them.

  217. Kris says:

    The haters are all idiots.

  218. ImaGoalMan says:

    Oh the @sshattery of it all…just look at the big picture….the sky isn’t falling and we are not world class.

    We beat #40 Egypt, lose to #5 Brazil, and #4 Greasy Floppers. Even had I not seen the games, that would put us, oh, somewhere in the 15-30 range. Which is about where we should be. FIFA has us slightly above that range (14), but isn’t that where we are supposed to be “more or less”? I’m fine with that(for now).

  219. Xander Crews says:

    BossTweed – after searching, I finally found the AP story that I saw that referenced this. As mentioned, it doesn’t single out Adu, but mentions a great deal of players who didn’t see regular club time. Also as I mentioned before, I could care less about Adu, but I think Torres has gotten a raw deal, while guys who have been Bradley’s favorites continue to get the benefit of the doubt.

    The story is at link to

    In the end, you still have to balance the variations in leagues. Is training every day and playing occasionally with an EPL team better than playing every match with an MLS side? I still say yes.

  220. FCB says:

    Xander Crews:

    “Baby Bradley, again, needs to learn to act like he’s been there. This team has been coddled for far too long – you want to act like a world power, then you’re going to have to deal with the fact that people are going to hold you to higher expectations.”

    Brilliantly said.

    Enough with the sensitivities of the players already. They have to go through the fire if they’re going to be hardened.
    Personally, I haven’t been able to put the US performances out of my mind for the last week and from what I’ve read here and elsewhere many of you haven’t either. Maybe that’s a sign we are truly starting to be a football(soccer) nation. We can only use more of this. Keep it up guys.

  221. wilbur06 says:

    i dont know what people expect, we played italy well till we went down a man, we got slaughtered by brazil (but so did italy), and then slaughtered the african nations cup holder. so far bradley has only made the mistake of playing beasley and kjlestan vs brazil. but it appears he learned from his mistake. i think bradley has done a great job with the talent at hand.

  222. Sean says:

    “All the f—— experts in America, everybody who thinks they know about soccer, they can all look at the score tonight and let’s see what they have to say now…”

    Your dad should still be fired

  223. clint dempsey says:

    the passion is wonderful, the thoughtless moaning is maddening

  224. Michael F. - SBI Mafia Original says:

    We played well. We earned it. Haven’t seen that kind of performance from our boys in a while. That said, Egypt is ranked about 40th, right? I just wish we could compete with the Italys and BRazils of the world more consistently. Don’t have to win, well, maybe once in a while. But 2-1 would be OK. Not 3-0.

    So how can we compete like that? I’m glad you asked. I think Bradley is a very good coach. He actually coached me in HS at a Rutgers Select Soccer Camp but I sucked so who knows. But He is not the answer. Bradley like Arena seem to often choose players that are close too over players who may actually be better players. See Beasley, and Dempsey. Yes he had “The” goal, but he didn’t earn being on the field. I believe Adu and Torres should be playing. A new coach with fresh eyes and no ties will choose players who earned it and not based if they played for him 7 years ago in Chicago.

  225. Jose A. V. says:

    Clint Dempsey needs to step it up or should be benched.

  226. Will says:

    1. Egypt is a quality side so we should not act as if this win was a gimme. I wish they would show the CAF Nations Cup over here so people could see how strong the game is in Africa.

    2. We played well yesterday, but I think it has more to do with the name on the front of the jersey. Our team tends to tighten up when facing a stronger opponent or playing in difficult environments. Until we can get past that we will remain a team that can’t get over the CONCACAF hump.

    3. I have never like BB as I think he plays too defensively and does not often make in-game adjustments that he should, but for the time being he is the coach.

    4. People cannot complain with people who criticize the coach or any other person with power. That is why we are in the USA. We have the freedom to voice our opinions freely.

  227. Burns says:

    I consider the US to have gotten extremely lucky, as I’m sure most of you guys do too. The win against Egypt was great, but we needed to get lucky with Brazil-Italy result. That being said, in going against Spain, I hope BB instills a similar mentality in his team to the one they had against Egypt. When you are attacking with purpose and passion, it keeps the other team from being comfortable in attacking without mercy. Going into a shell and counter attacking with Donovan is an effective tactic, but it is not the best one. Spain’s extremely talented midfield will be able to hold the ball far too long (see Barcelona-ManU) if our midfield drops off. I sincerely hope we come out with a 4-4-2 and aren’t afraid to bring the game to them.

  228. toreadore says:

    Well said Michael Bradley!!! Bob, you keep doing what you’re doing!! We lost in this tournament to the 2 of the top 5 teams in the world. Let’s remember that!! Brazil is Brasil and Italy will always be Italia!! Between them they have what 8-9 world cups!! Come on people!!

    What I’m really tired of hearing is John Harkes thinking he knows what’s best, that moran sat on the Red Bulls Bench and they sucked big time!! He didn’t help them, all he does is criticize Dempsey, yes, Clint can be lazy and doesn’t have the work rate of a Donovan, but how many players in this country do. Donovan is the man of the team. But Clint at any moment can show signs of brilliance and finishing an opportunity. Harkes please shut the hell up, don’t say what things were like back then when you were crying because Sampson booted you for undermining his authority and you couldn’t handle the bench roll you deserved. Players today are good because of what we the older generation have showed them, they are much better now then we were back then. Move on.

  229. socrates says:

    A great win. I think Ives, Tony, and others are right that this might be more than a simple win because it changes the story of the Confed Cup from frustrating (at times unlucky) failure to surprising (at times lucky) success. And that could have a positive impact on how the team views itself and how it actually performs come 2010.

    re: MB’s quote — no big thing. every athelte in the history of time has used the “nobody respects us” line for a little extra motivation. Even winning teams that ARE respected like to think this way sometimes to fire themselves up and bond together. Whatever works.

    Also, I don’t think the “experts” referred to are SBI readers posting comments (much as might like to think so!). It’s Trekker, Ives, Chang etc.

    Re: Xander et al’s “hypocrisy” claims for players not playing with their clubs — I don’t think there’s any REAL hypocrisy involved here. No US coah — BB included — has ever gone so far as to make a RULE of “no play for club = no play for country” because that would be stupid bc a lot of our best players go to eurpoe and have to ride the bench for long stretches while they prove themselves.

    Any coach is right to consider club form and club pt as a FACTOR is call-ups and caps given, but for USA and other similar countries, it simply can’t be a requirement.

    Because it is only a factor, it is open to being used as a cover for other reasons that are harder to discuss in the media. So, when not playing Adu bc (just to make up a reason) he doesn’t play enough D or acts like a punk off the field, BB or Donovan can tell the media that club playing time is one of the reasons and not mentioned the other factors.

    Likewise, a player’s past performance with the National Team and familiarity btwn coach and player are also rightly factors to be considered. Hopefully these factors do not frequently lead to better players being left off the field (Beasley over Torres?) but this might happen sometimes. The instances where a better player ends up sitting might mean that the coach is risk-averse, or is just a plain idiot (I don’t happen to think BB is an idiot), but it doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s a hypocrite.

  230. peter says:


    They played with the fire and determination that we’ve been clamoring for over the past few games, and they finally caught some breaks!


    Also Michael Bradley’s quote is awesome. I hope Jamie Trecker read it.

  231. JD says:

    To play Spain tough we are still going to need to work out the left back – outside (left) midfield coverages. Not enough defensive coverage from the outside midfield helping Bornstein. Way too much space out there, which Spain will take full advantage of…

    Go USA

  232. Xander Crews says:

    I don’t happen to think Bobbo is an idiot – quite the contrary, I think he believes he is smarter than everyone else, as typical of a Princeton graduate.

  233. Nick says:

    Put me in the camp that says just because you put toghether one game everything is on track and working. Come on.

    The US should not have been in that deep a hole to begin with. The win does not erase the absolute nightmare the first two games displayed, and the poor performances in the prior two qualifying games.

    Everyone gets lucky eventually.

  234. Rastafari says:

    Scoop!! EPL to ESPN

    link to

  235. lprevolution says:

    Dear Michael Bradley,

    I understand that you are very fired up. However, if you look at who is critizing your team and especially your father it is purely the soccer fans, via blogs, and the soccer media.

    Thank goodness that you have this or the fact is that you would have no home to come to (MLS) when your Europe career ends.

    And yes, many of us do not know soccer. But it is obvious that your father does not either.

  236. RK says:

    All the US showed yesterday is that we are not a bad team. What should not be lost here is that Egypt played a terrible game. They were coming off two great games, and were due for a poor showing. The US did not play well. We made several turnovers that Egypt did not make us pay for. And what’s more is that we made a mess of several good chances in the final third. Donovan has to shoot that ball, not pass. Davies had Altidore wide open on the back post, but elected to take a narrow shot. Good teams make the most of these chances, and we have failed to do so several times over the course of this tournament.

  237. Dave says:

    Great result yesterday and I was glad to see it, even though I still do not think much of Bradley (Sr.). If Michael Bradley plays better when he’s mad (which apparently he did yesterday), then I’am all for critisizing the team. It’s about time the National team was put the fire, it’s all part of soccer reality.

  238. andrew in tampa says:

    I am still euphoric over the win but I am trying to be realistic. The team won in spite of Bob Bradley. On the plus side I had the pleasure of belatedly listening to Steven Cohen on World Soccer Daily immediately after the Brazil game. He called out the US and said Egypt would beat us thoroughly. Can’t wait to hear him on itunes later today.
    Guys, we have some positives to come out of this tournament. For me, the biggest one is the DeMerit/Gooch tandem. think Jay has shown he deserves to be on the field. Boca could play out left. Boostein isnt up to WC caliber. I am disappointed with Dempsey’s contribution over the last five games. One goal doesn’t make up for all the others he has caused.
    We need to work on crossing the ball. Dempsey scored when Spector finally produced a decent cross. That is one decent ball in three games.
    I like Davies’ game but he needs to be looking to lay some of those balls off. Jozy was wide open and he’s shooting from an impossible angle.
    Casey Conor- he makes me long for Brian ching and I’m no Ching fan. He possess feet of stone.
    All in all an unexpected treat. bring on spain and South Africa. we should definitely see Torres and Spector by then.

  239. Dan Roudebush says:


    Nice point on the number of youth players on this team.

    BB has done a good job of rolling over Arena deadwood. Here’s hoping the youngsters mature more over the next12 months. This tournament is a big step to that end.

    I’m in total agreement with Mike’s statement.
    The guys upset about it are the ones that were throwing the most mud. Too bad they can’t take a dose of theirown medicine.

    There are no international top players (none of the Europe 14 for example) on the US squad. This is a blue collar team that has to work hard, and play their best to get a result against good teams. They can’t play every game at their best and are going to stumble.

    Blaming BB for the players lack of technique or mistakes which should basically be improved/corrected at the club level is just a sign of major ignorance by most posters.

  240. JDavids says:

    Ives, great points. I think this has been a wonderful learning experience. Especially considering all of the injuries and how young the squad is.
    It is true that we’re unlikely to draw a WC group as difficult as this, but I think the situation that worked to our benefit (Italy losing to Egypt and then losing 3-0) is highly unlikely to happen again.

    Some things still need to be worked out on Bradley’s end. A good showing vs. Spain will shut me up for awhile.

  241. Napoleon says:

    Let Michael and the lads beat Spain on wed….then he can make this comment.

    Folks, this is Egypt, not an Italy, Brazil, England, Holland, Germany, Argentina, Spain, France….all world powers in this sport.

    The USA has not been able to play on the same level of the aftermentioned world powers, and until they can, I would ask M Bradley to please refrain from making a fool out of himself with such comments.

    One good result vs a Egypt does not make up for a horrendous display vs a Costa Rica team in WC qualifying. Lets not get too excited about this win over a marginal oppenent, not noted for being a super power in the world football.

    The inconsistency of this 2008/2009 USNT is baffling and downright worriesome when thinking ahead to WC 2010.

  242. Scott says:

    Both us and Italy lost by identical 3-0 scores to Brazil. They were playing with their full squad and we were a man down. We also played Italy even so as far as I’m concerned we fully deserved to go through. Was the soccer great by us, no at times, but nobody gave us a chance to begin with. What a fantastic team effort! Also, I haven’t seen anyone praising this team for 3, yes 3, goals from the run of play. When was the last time that happened?

  243. TR says:

    Bradley’s job is to:

    Win Gold Cups (so far, so good)

    Get them into the World Cup (mostly there)

    Get them into the second round of the Confed Cup (done)

    Get them past group stage of World Cup (we’ll see)

    If Bradley gets the team into the World Cup and past the group stage, he’ll likely be kept on. This is regardless of whether the team has been authoritative or stylish.

    It seems as if some people want B Bradley to fail. If you think Bradley’s style is boring, you should have seen the US under Bora.

    The 2010 project’s problems aren’t with Bradley–the bigger problem is the pool of players. No one would have imagined four years ago that Beasley would have self-destructed. Convey used to be the great US hope after a great game against Brazil years ago. Eddie Johnson’s qualifying exploits made him the god for the flavor-of-the-day fans.

    A bigger problem for Bradley is admitting that some players do better without minutes than others. Frankie H could come in off-season and play, while Beasley can’t without regular minutes. Pearce can’t either.
    Reyna, under different leadership, used to be able to come in even during those times he wasn’t playing all of the time for a club. He has to do a quicker job of recognizing which players can handle it and which cannot.

  244. Scott says:

    We should all be gearing up for the semifinal against Spain. How about getting behind the team for once. I can’t believe supposed fans of our team want us to lose against Spain to “prove a point.” It doesn’t matter who, what, when, where, or how we just shocked a lot of people and advanced! Go USA!

  245. Zidan says:

    @yankiboy, Thanks bro. The US deserved that win. Some guys here are too harsh on their team though, it makes me wonder what should the Italians do to their team? Hang them?

    Sure, one should criticize himself to get better but don’t keep looking at the empty half all the time.

    You did win against Egypt, and you did qualified for the next round. This is an achievment and it will increase your points in FIFA’s NT ranking. Enjoy it and think positive.

    Thanks again and Good Luck :)

  246. sack says:

    What a bunch of pathetic losers posting in this blog entry. Seriously that was one of the finest hours we have had as a national team in years and no one here can stop whining like little shcool girls and enjoy it. what a pathetic life you all lead.

    Bradley and Co. are entitled to rub your faces in this a bit.

  247. one of your biggest fans says:

    So let me get this straight. (I wasn’t against Bradley at the beginning for the record)

    After getting pasted 3-1 and 3-0, and then quite possibly one of the luckiest outcomes, we advance and everyone moves along and forgets how God awful we were against Italy and Brazil?

    Come off it please. Davies goal was quite fluke (don’t get me wrong, they all count), Bradley’s was GREAT, and Dempsey’s was the first (literally) good thing he has done all tournament.

    Will all you suddenly converted BB fans be saying the same things after we get wrecked by Spain? No, you are going to fall right back on why he didn’t sub on Torres or even maybe Adu. We will still complain that he brings on Casey when there are better options?

    Most of all, will you idiots call this a success because we went 1-3 instead of 0-3? Shallow and shortminded Ives, I was actually impressed with your analysis of the first two games but this one you are way off.

    The story is not look at how all this hard work finally paid off. The story is, look at how a broke clock is right twice a day. The story is, look at how Egypt melted down and had their best players out with injury. Advancing on 1-2 in group play is never a success story, so gtfo with this look at their hard work. Instead write a story thanking Brazil for the gift of a chance to get worked by Spain.

  248. Anthony R. says:

    any chance guzan gets the nod vs. spain?

  249. KungFuKantona says:


    i could have told you about Beasley many years ago. he’s a perfect example of what’s wrong with Bradley, and the rest of the USMNT management. he had speed, and could run for days. that, apparently is more important than the ability to trap and pass, and READ a game. Hejduk’s another example.

    we already have the players capable of playing against world-class competition, but we are doing a couple of things terribly wrong. 1.) we’re selecting players for the wrong qualities. we go after size and speed rather than footballing brains. stupid. it’s endemic to the college game, and has poisoned the MLS so far. and guess where Bradley came from? 2.) our tactics and preparation are complete and total sh*t. step forward once again Mr. Bradley.

    Jeff Darling:

    “I really dont understand that most posters on these sights think Conor Casey is garbage. Every time I see him come on he holds the ball well, makes intelligent runs off the ball, has an imposing presence, and has a quality touch. All these things make him mountains better of an option than Altidore….Please watch the game a little more closely”

    oh lord, where to start with that comment. you’ve got to be Conor’s mommy. if not, please stop posting about something you obviously have absolutely no knowledge of. it’s embarrassing.

  250. RichBull NJNY says:

    Dude is right, this is happy time, not continued anger time. They played great, kicked a real team’s ass. Does that make us forget the bad line-ups and lack of changes that led to embarrassing butt kicking at the hands of a well-acting Brazil team and a obviously not so great Italy team? No. But I for one will give coach Bradley till Wednesday to see if he LEARNED anything from all this like the rest of us did. IF he doesn’t, and they fail miserably….well, that’s another post, isn’t it?

  251. EDB says:

    You people are drinking the Harkes kool-aide about Demps. Did you watch the game at all.. he had a number or nice passes that resulted or should have resulted in goal scoring opps. He has the pass to bradley, the pass to donovan.. He did a number of nice things on the pitch in the game.

    Also, maybe he was pitched in more as a tactic to force Egypt out wide and force the crosses where our defense is better in the air?

    Lastly we are not a top 10 soccer country. We don’t have the talent, and give credit to Bob for not playing an Iraq turtle game hoping to counter on brazil.

  252. aatabak says:

    Ives can be a huge fanboy and for some reasons does not call out BB like he should. They played a good game against a shorthanded Egypt (first in the last five, although we had injuries as well) , but BB made some foolish subs and tatical decisions once again. If you make enough of them you will come out looking golden on one of them (Law of Averages). BB has the tatical acumen of a bucket of paint.

  253. Ryan Gennuso says:


    Do you have a sound byte or video of this interview with Bradley??

  254. understood says:

    its funny that the pom pom wavers and the team itself are criticizing all the “know-nothing critics” after one win…yet they obviously saw some of the same things we did…they finally benched beasley and klejstan which us “know-nothings” were begging him to do…

    also you cant have your cake and eat it too…you want people to be passionate about the team and take soccer in america to the next level…you gotta take the good with the bad…theres gonna be criticism when the interest level rises and your performance stinks…

    also…dempsey STILL has not performed well despite the one moment of brilliance and adu should be seeing the field if even just for 20-30 mins at the end of the game…and torres STILL deserves to see the field over clark/klejstan/mastro…

    one last thing, sometimes the US benefits from our lack of respect worldwide…cause people who follow the team closely know that we dont do well against high pressure…when teams let us play in the midfield and try to spring the counter (which is Egypts natural style) we tend to look better as opposed to when faced against teams who either a) scout us well or b) play a high-pressure style regardless…for this reason we will probably have a decent showing against SPAIN since they dont chase the ball with high pressure…however, for our future development as a soccer nation we HAVE to play a more technical possesion oriented style (torres over clark)…maybe theyll realize it eventually and us “know-nothings” will finally know something

  255. understood says:

    also to people prasing conor casey…what were you watching…if you have 360 please watch the last ten minutes of the game again…EVERYtime…and i mean EVERY LAST single time he touched the ball in the corner he either dribbled it out of bounds or was dispossesed…thats not doing a good job of holding it up…that was actually quite the opposite…it was horrible…he never won a corner…he never held the ball for a good 10 15 seconds…he lost possession EVERY SINGLE TIME…the one good thing he did was make the header clearance on the Egpyt corner…but that was absolutely it as far as positives go

  256. Gachupin says:

    Joder tios , hostia os digo que en su puta vida nos van a ganar entiendan pedazos de mierda

  257. Dennis Mueller says:

    Going forward, (not next week, but in the long haul) the US needs strikers who can deliver. There are no experienced 28 year-olds who fit that description. Altidore has potential, Davies showed he has heart, Eddie Johnson whatever happened to you? Adu still looks and plays like a little boy, when he gets older lookout if he finds the toughness. Remember the Olympics, the US did OK, but hardly set the goal afire even with McBride helping Altidore and Adu (who played MF).
    Wide midfielders who play both ways are in short supply, Donavon and Dempsey both have good moments, but too often let the game get away from them. Torres looked to have good flashes, but to my mind has yet to mesh well with his teammates; in time he should. Beasley has looked dreadful for over 2 years, have the injuries over the years simply robbed him of his great quickness and speed? Another option would be great.
    Center mids, probably the greatest depth: Bradley, Felihaber, Edu, Clark, Kljestan, all young and perhaps Jermaine Jones could add some maturity to the group.
    Center backs: Gooch will be a fixture here for some time, Bocenegra is slow, so is Demerit and that has its shortcomings, I don’t see much alternative, maybe Gibbs will get healthy, I do not see much at that position in MLS, most of the prospects lack either speed or skill. Really in the next few years CB may be a glaring weakness (already we are one more injury from being in deep dodo).
    Outside backs, Specter has started to show the kind of concentration needed to match his physical skills, Frankie is getting long of tooth (I’m not sure skill, or the best soccer sense were his strong suits, but for non-stop work, for never quitting, and for enthusiasm he will be hard to replace). Bornstein is a bit on the light side and sometimes loses concentration, but he has skill and could eventually prove to be a lot better than some think he is. Wynne is athletic, but he needs a better touch and a whole lot more soccer sense before he is ready. Pierce can fill the spot for a while, but he has shown some mental lapses you just can’t have from an experienced player.
    Keeper: As Guzan just showed we have some depth there.
    In the next couple games we will see just how far some of these guys have come and how much further they have to go. At the Gold Cup, we will get to see some of the even younger/newer prospects, but Haiti is not Brazil, so it may be hard to learn much until/if they meet Costa Rica and Mexico and then only if those squads are at near full strength.
    Bob Bradley played a very young team, some of that is due to injuries, some of it is because the youngsters are better than some of the older guys. He is being faulted for not playing different, even younger players, give me a break!

  258. just give it a rest says:

    complain complain complain

  259. Jim says:

    Playing and coaching poorly justifiably leads to criticism.

    Doing so in several games means you get a LOT of criticism.

    Yesterday’s game was excellent, and tons of fun to watch. It deserves praise. But one game doesn’t mean your critics were wrong. You do that by playing well in MULTIPLE games.

  260. understood says:

    dennis mueller-

    you need to move torres off your winger list and put him on your central midfielder list…hes not a winger…does not have the speed nor the 1v1 beat a guy off the dribble and stick to the touchline mentality…he is however more talented than klejstan…and would provide balance to the jones/bradley/clark/edu type of midfielder that we love so much

  261. Derek says:

    EDB- on the boards, if you don’t score every game, you suck. Dempsey has given away a few bad balls, but I think he’s still solid.
    Besides, the entire team hasn’t scored much in the last 5 games.
    Give a bro a break.

    Let’s see what effort we bring on Wednesday!

  262. Brett says:

    Spirited as the win over Egypt was, it does little to repair Bob Bradley’s chances in my eyes of being a successful international coach.

    His teams do play hard, play for each other, and do seem to be motivated… but that is only a foundation. He still seems too indecisive tactically to lead a winning program. He’s also brainwashed by his MLS experience. Even players who play regularly in Europe are left on the bench or at home while he parades the likes of Conor Casey, Ricardo Clark, and Jonathan Bornstein on the biggest stages.

    His selections have always been my major concern, regarding both who he calls in and who he decides to put on the pitch.

    Hopefully he has finally woken up, but I’m not going to be the least bit surprised to see him re-insert Beasley into the starting 11 and make Sacha his #1 sub in the midfield for the next round.

    I was having a discussion with a friend yesterday about the USA and he was as puzzled as me to the Torres situation. How does a guy go from being one of our bright spots in the first half against Costa Rica to falling back to, seemingly, the bottom of the pile? He thinks that it has something to do with Mikey Bradley and I’m inclined to agree. Perhaps Bradley does not like the way Gringo positions himself and has pulled strings to get him taken out of the lineup. Just a musing, but it could have a ring of truth.

    One thing I will say that Bob has done right is his contiuing to play Jonathan Spector at RB. That spot is his as far as I’m concerned, even if Dolo returns. Does anyone else think Hejduk could provide service like that? I’d be surprised if anyone did.

  263. FCB says:

    @Dan Roudebush

    “Blaming BB for the players lack of technique or mistakes which should basically be improved/corrected at the club level is just a sign of major ignorance by most posters.”

    I’ve been through most of the posts this week and I don’t think there was one poster in all the thousands of them saying what you claim they say. You’re providing a fantasy conclusion for a statement that has no truth. A REALLY ignorant argument there.
    “Most posters” as you put them, are advocating a new coach for the team based on his OWN poor decision making and complete lack of leadership. I’m pretty sure that’s what I’ve been reading lately.

  264. FCB says:

    Here’s an example:
    Look at Mexico’s reaction to their play against T&T in their last WC qualifier. Despite having won the game against an inferior opponent at the Azteca, most Mexicans, INCLUDING THE FA, COACH AND PLAYERS are very concerned and critical about their level of play. They demand quality of themselves and each other. Too often the US rests on it’s questionable laurels.
    If we are going to do well in world tournaments that’s how we have to approach every game, always with an eye for improvement. Always with more quality.
    I’ll say it again, Bradley provides none. He must go.

  265. Johnny Boy says:

    “Sorry Mike. One good performance in the last 5 games does not make daddy a world-beater, nor does it mean that the “experts” were wrong.

    You should beat Egpyt any day of the week. This win was nothing special.

    The lack of heart and determination your team showed against Brazil was disheartening. The early goals your team has given up the past couple of months is inexcusable. The lack of creativity in the middle of the park and the lack of goals from open play indicate poor cohesion and team understanding.

    We can still talk all we want, Mike. And we are still right.

    Posted by: Mike” |



    You can talk all you want but talk is cheap.

    The last 5 games have included WC qualifiers and the Confederations Cup.

    The last time I checked the USMNT were still on track to qualify rather handily for the WC. Does anyone really think they won’t?

    The last time I checked the USMNT were still in the Confederations Cup and Italy and Egypt weren’t. If Egypt is so terrible how come they are African champs, and how did they beat Italy (and run Brazil pretty damm close)? Beating anyone 3-0 is pretty special. If you don’t think so, look up Tournament scores.

    Clearly you don’t understand football tournaments are not figure skating. There are no points awarded for style. Yes, the USMNT is mediocre and has looked miserable lately but they are still in the tournaments they need to be in. Teams like Italy can bring in people like Rossi off the bench while Bradley looks at the bench and sees…………..Adu? The guy who can’t get anyone to give him a game for the last three years? Califf? The Elvis impersonator? A bunch of guys who mostly can’t get a game at their clubs? Give me a break.

    I’m no Bradley fan but if you think you can find a better manager (Klinsman? HA! he didn’t want it the first time and now he has been exposed by his stint at Bayern) or you do it.

  266. Rocco says:

    Yes, they played badly v. Brazil. Yes they could have beat Italy but misfortune and mistakes kept them down. But this is international soccer and the ball bounces in funny ways that can leave even a team like Italy looking bad at times and there’s no reason to become chicken little every time we have a short, and this was short, string of bad games.

    We have a good team. We have a good coach. Are we the best? No. Are we as good as the 2002 team, I think so but I’d be willing to concede both sides of that argument. But the guys play well as a team and they, INCLUDING BOB BRADLEY, deserve our respect and most of all, our support. In the end, in this tournament, Bradley put together the team and the plan that got us past Italy in the group of death.

    So well said Michael, and well said Ives. As for those still calling for his termination, sit back and relax and enjoy your team’s victories and have their backs in their set backs.

  267. Matt says:

    Relax. You beat one half-decent side, and got extremely lucky in the Brazil/Italy game. All the experts saw you get thrashed 3-0 in Costa Rica, go down at home to Honduras, and look lifeless against Brazil. You’re an awesome young player, but in more than one decent game before you go running your mouth.

    Bob Bradley,

    You STILL can’t leave soon enough.

    Posted by: Krysztof | June 22, 2009 at 10:06 AM

    OK first, the USA beat Honduras and came back with a lot of heart to get a victory at a stadium where 4/5 of the fans were rooting for Honduras. Why don’t you shut your mouth and let Bradley do his job. Secondly, Bradley’s tactics against Egypt can’t be criticized. ‘nough said.

  268. Johnny Boy says:

    “you need to move torres off your winger list and put him on your central midfielder list…hes not a winger…does not have the speed nor the 1v1 beat a guy off the dribble and stick to the touchline mentality…he is however more talented than klejstan…and would provide balance to the jones/bradley/clark/edu type of midfielder that we love so much

    Posted by: understood



    I don’t understand the love for Torres based on 45 minutes of performance in one game. He has great ball control and keeps

    things humming in midfield but he doesn’t seem very dangerous going forward and apparently he has defensive issues. Like Adu he doesn’t seem very strong. Feilhaber looked a bit like him when he was going good except Benny seems to have tightened his defense and is certainly much more of a threat to score. And Benny is certainly more substantial, offensively or defensively, than Adu. I think Benny, not Michael Bradley, is the one taking PT away from Torres and Adu.

  269. FCB says:

    I have a 2 questions for those who support Bob Bradley and the work he’s doing:

    1) What you find most appealing about the style of play of the US team?

    2) Why do you think he’s capable of taking the team to the next level if, as he himself stated, he’s very set in his ways and “nothing changes”?

  270. Supsam says:

    Ives hit the spot and ive shared that same view for a long time. For all those saying that the USA will never be a powerhouse with Bob Bradley as coach are just flat out stupid. I dont mean to be so critical but they are asking for it if they are that critical of bradley. Coaching can only get a team so far. Coaching is one thing, but having world class players is another thing. This is someting we greatly lack to become a so called “elite”

  271. JD says:

    One of the posters asked about distance covered stats per player.

    1. M. Bradley; 2. C. Dempsey; 3. L. Donovan; 4. A. Pirlo

    link to

  272. LA NORTE says:

    Man I love that everyone is so passionate about the team, but like i always say..

    LOVE YOUR TEAM, THROUGH thick and thin. Egypt is so much better than Ghana, and Czech republic would get killed by brazil, and italy is the same italy. Yet we made it out of this group, while we were in last place in the world cup.

    We lost to costa rica just like we did in 2005, but we beat honduras, a similar team, and similar atmosphere like in 2001 at RFK, but we fought hard and got the win. There is nothing that shows that our team is becoming worse with Bradley. We have to remember we are not going to start beating teams like brazil and italy everyday (especially with 10 men), lets judge bradley after the world cup. THAT SIMPLe.

    Until then WEar your Red, White or BLue jerseys, sing your songs, enjoy your games, and be the loudest SOB for your team, your country and your home. Don’t act like ROSSI.

  273. KungFuKantona says:


    google euro ’04 and tell all of us stupid people who won it.

    for extra credit: tell all of us stupid people how many world class players were in the winning team’s squad.

    oh, the irony.

  274. Neuwerld says:

    I hear a lot of flip-flopping going on. A few days ago most people questioned the state of the national team, and now after a single win we’re all back to being A-OK. I’m sorry, it was a good performance against Egypt, but that does not erase the numerous poor performances of recent times. Even the Egypt game was shaky in the last 20 minutes, all because the team fell back into a shell and defended deep. Egypt had its best opportunities after the third goal because they were allowed to have more possession. A fourth goal would have put the US in a comfortable position, but instead they ground out a 20-minute defensive performance that could have been useless if Italy (or Egypt for that matter) had scored a single goal.

  275. KA says:

    I think Mikey Bradley is great. But it is not clear to me that he should be an automatic starter once Jermaine Jones enters the picture.

    Once Jermaine Jones enters the set-up, any reasonable manager immediately starts him.

    Which brings me to a question: Do we play two central midfielders who cover a lot of ground, have great passion, but do not orchestrate the offense?

    Imagine that a proper manager was in charge. For instance, Hiddink. He might consider exploring the following in 2010:


    Dempsey Torres Feilhaber Donovan

    Bocanegra Demerit Onyewu Spector


    With Dempsey sometimes pushed up under Altidore and a bit of assymetry in the midfield — Torres not being a proper winger the way Donovan is.

  276. USNAT says:

    I think with some of you, it doesn’t matter what Bob Bradley does or how this team performs. If the team plays well, people will say that Bradley got lucky. If the team loses and plays poorly, it’s Bradley’s fault. Get off his back.

  277. Suave says:

    Do we really think Hiddink is going to leave Russia before the 2010 World Cup to come to the US? I think not, especially after their success at Euro 2008.

  278. rickr says:

    They did play with heart against Italy. How can you not see that? They even went up a goal while down a man.

  279. babysteps says:

    “All the f—— experts in America, everybody who thinks they know about soccer, they can all look at the score tonight and let’s see what they have to say now. Nobody has any respect for what we do, for what goes on on the inside, so let them all talk now.”

    Talk this $hit after the 2010 World Cup, and then , and only then, will I become a believer not a supporter. But who cares though, I am outside looking in.

  280. Rocco says:

    I admit, I was one the people clamoring for Bob’s head. I guess I can eat my words now but I am stil not sure he is

    throwing out his best team.

    Rico Clark is killing me. I know he might cover a lot of ground but he loses a lot of balls and rarely demands the ball. His best move is the throw the shoulder one way and go the other way with the ball. If our center mids are not constantly demanding the ball what good are they.

    Also, not sure we have a set agenda in the attacking end and a lot of the guys seem to be trying to do different things. Target FWD bump it back vs. through diagonal balls. Build up vs. service from our wide backs. Way too many long balls over the top in my opinion, which are lost and then the opposition keeps attacking us.

    Maybe we just need more time with this group together.

    Oh, Bornstein a fav of Bradley is mediocre at best. Problem is he still might be our best option at this point.

    Just my thoughts. We need to stop getting Red Cards too. Studs up tackles in front of the ref will get you tossed anywhere. Why do it??

  281. SuperChivo says:

    Bob is going to be the head coach for the 2010 World Cup period. So quite whining, man up, and get behind the team!
    Go USA

  282. dave says:

    i love the ignorant fools who say we will never be an elite team under Bradley. Does anyone really think any coach could make this group of players elite? A top side internationally that is expected to make it to the quarters or semis in a WC. We just got through a tremendously difficult group, so please name a single coach who could turn this team into a “elite” team by 2010.

    Note: i’m not saying we cant get out of our group or farther next year. I think this proves we could. But to say Bradley is the reason we are not a top international side is rediculous.

  283. Raoul Duke says:

    The story references that Bradley succeeded by bringing youth into the roster and despite injuries. The other side is that the younger players would likely not have the opportunity to shine if Hejduk, et al had not been injured.

    Bradley has shown remarkable resistance to any sort of experimentation. I am not saying the answer is Torres or Adu, but you would think AT SOME POINT these guys can be thrown in there and given a chance.

    And it’s natural and admirable for M. Bradley to be fired up. If you saw thousands of comments calling for your father’s dismissal as coach you would want to hear the same from your son.

    But bottom line is that after a promising start in several exhibitions in the Bradley era, the U.S. has been very inconsistent the last five games that actually counted. Losing against better opposition is not a coaching issue, but inconsistency certainly is.

    These games are important as they will be the last meaningful matches against Top 10 opponents until WC2010. If they have a repeat of 2006, not only is it the coaches head, but more importantly it could be the loss of several sponsors for the MNT (who don’t need a reason to save a few $$$ right now). And the MNT’s success trickles down to the MLS, so it will be impacted as well.

    So Bradley and crew should be fired up. Only problem is they don’t seem to be fired up often enough.

  284. aatabak says:

    @Dave, Dont think BB lets us be the best team we can be, period. Doesnt have to do anything with being elite or not, BB gets the full potential out of the team.

  285. aatabak says:

    *doesnt get the full potential out of the team* comment above ^

  286. KungFuKantona says:

    please. no one that i’ve read on this page has said that we would be an ‘elite’ team if we fired Bradley. several HAVE said that we could be much better with someone with better international/WC experience.

    to become ‘elite’ we need a complete revamping of the entire US soccer set-up from youth to the full national team (file this under the ‘fire Gulati’ plan). under an ideal scenario i’d guess that would take a minimum of 10 years.

    ‘ignorant fools’? check the mirror.

  287. camiller000 says:

    US Fans should be extremely happy that the team gets another opportunity to compete against a legit WC contender. What more could you want? Sure you can wish Bradley had played so and so blah, blah, blah… The fact, the team (and players) won’t get any better playing the usual suspect we qualify against. It wasn’t so long ago that we’d never get the opportunity to even try to qualify for this kind of game.

    I’m stoked they get another game against a super power. They can only benefit from it regardless of the outcome.

  288. Scott says:

    Seeing all the negativity on this board after making it through to the semifinals in unbelievable. After reading through the post throughout the day I now know why our team almost never has home field advantage here in the U.S. We make it through a tough group and I bet 70% of the post are negative. So what if we don’t have the world class players. It sure didn’t help Italy this time! We continue to make strides and beating Egypt was a huge victory for our boys. I’ll be pulling for them on Wednesday. I hate to say it but a lot of people on here probably won’t thinking that a loss “will help” the team. What a bunch of crap. Keep it up Team USA!!

  289. dave says:

    This was truly a great performance, but I really hope he fact that BB needs to be fired doesnt get lost here. Sure, the US finally came through, bu as long as we have BB we will never be elite.

    Saying that, this fiasco has to go up near the top of the list for the national team… My personal top is the 2002 WOrld Cup, but this is truly a great accomplishmetn

    Posted by: Alex | June 22, 2009 at 09:30 AM

    literally the 3rd post

    and aatabak, to a degree i agree that he is not necessarily the best coach, i am simply saying that some of these critics seem to have the idea that the USA would become a top team all of a sudden. We have the talent, when combined with heart and good coaching to potentially make a run like in 2002, perhaps in to the semis. But to expect that we can re-create those performances on a regular basis, while a good goal, is ultimately rediculous when you can no longer recognize a good performance.

    I’m not saying we should not aspire to or aim for becoming a world-class team. I’m simply saying we should not treat Bradley like he has top-level talent at his disposal.

    I apologize if people took this as a comment to the majority of naysayers, this was meant to a much smaller portion of harsh critics

  290. Damien says:

    Hey, Michael Bradley, GROW UP! You won one freakin’ game against Egypt; it doesn’t erase how awful the team was against Hondo, CR, and Brazil over the past few months. You are vindicated of nothing in my eyes.

    That said, congrats. Good win; very happy for the team and for you.

  291. Joe B says:

    If Bradley’s Michael and Bob are getting motivated by the justified criticisms of the USMNT subpar performances the last month plus or so — then good, me and other Bob critics want to see the team win as much as anyone else.

    In general: I don’t get the expectations that Ives and others who support Bob set for our team — does the US team not deserve an elite coach? Do you all really believe Bob is an elite coach – that no one else could motivate the team like Bob does?’

    Bradley seems a quality coach and a swell guy. But can someone please explain what makes him an elite coach?

    One angle that I’d like Ives and the pro-Bob’s to address is: If Bob was a coaching free agent, right now, would any other national team in the world be interested in hiring him?

    I don’t just think that any foreign coach would be better; and while I wanted Klinsmann at the time, I was happy we selected Bob as our second choice. All that being said: while we can’t quite buy elite players to play for us; we can buy such coaches and staff —

    Whats the rationale for not doing so???????

  292. aristotle says:

    I was completely wrong on this game, but then I didn’t really see the game for what it was. An overconfident team thinking they were easily going to qualify, against a totally humiliated team that desperately needed to regain some respect.

    After seeing the U.S. against Italy and Brazil, not to mention recent embarrassments in W.C. qualifying, (Performance more than results) Egypt must have thought this game was a lock. Even a lot of American fans gave the U.S. no chance.

    All this game showed was that the U.S. which used to play with a lot more commitment and passion, can still respond and be a dangerous team after being humiliated, but that’s not enough, and doesn’t really change the overall situation much at all. Bradley still needs to go, and this team is going in the wrong direction. They are nowhere near good enough to advance out of round one in the world cup. Even though I’m sure they will have a much better draw and luck than they did in the last world cup. Michael Bradley’s comments were a little over the top in view of how this team has played.

  293. understood says:

    joe b…right on…dont hold your breath waiting for answers though because there really is no disputing any of what you said

  294. Wispy says:

    Joe — what makes a coach “elite”? A winning history? A WC, continental, or some club title(s)? Those types of coaches are rare and not available right now. Lots of international squads have made a nice run at the WC without an “elite” coach because the coach they did have was right for the team at that time. I, for one, recognize that BB made some really questionable decisions at Saprissa and against Brazil. I also recognize that he is not an “elite” coach and that few, if any, other national teams would want him if he was available. But what does that have to do with anything? All that matters is whether he is the right coach for THIS TEAM. And given the support he obviously has from his players (and the fact that his team has made some obvious improvements since 2006 despite the retirements of players like Pops, McBride, and Reyna) I think that BB right now IS the right coach for this team. He’s not perfect, by any stretch — let’s just hope he builds on the success of getting out of a very tough group, has a nice Gold Cup (and players like Adu and Torres gain some confidence), and wins at Azteca. If these things happen, all the naysayers will probably quiet down.

  295. Wispy says:

    @ aristotle — sorry to say, but your statement that the US cannot advance out of its group at the next WC is pretty illogical. They JUST DID advance out of a group that was undoubtedly tougher than any group they could be drawn into next year. And sure, they advanced with help from Lady Luck (and Brazil), but take away the questionable red card against Italy and we likely would have finished 1-1-1…maybe even 2-0-1. To me, all that is evidence that this team is EXACTLY good enough to advance out of its group next year.

  296. aristotle says:


    Before you call me illogical, perhaps you should find out what logic is. Your statement about my statement being illogical is illogical!

    I don’t want to sound like Spock here, but saying the results or performances in the Confederations Cup equate with what will happen in the World Cup is HIGHLY illogical.

    Teams that are amongst the top 5 in the world will never opt to not play in a WC as they do in the CC. You will NOT see Italy eliminated in the first round of the WC as you did in this CC. To imply that the CC is anywhere near as important as the WC, or that the teams in it take it anywhere near as seriously as they do the WC, to quote you, is illogical.

  297. papa bear says:

    I’m sorry Michael, if you were any kind of sportsman you would have come out with a bit more intensity like you guys did knowing you needed a ton to make it through. This has nothing to do with the previous matches.

    However, Egypt was without their best player (Zidan) and had to make 2 non-tactical subs due to injuries and were out of subs shortly after halftime.

    It’s a great win sure, but not much BB did was a ‘wow amazing, he really is shaping this team well’ Even subbing in Deuce. The Egyptian centerback was being abused the entire second half due to injuries and a goal on him was more inevitability than a ‘shock’ or something to that effect.

    Sorry, but the last 4 matches have been tactical nighmares for BB. Like real amateur hour and they have looked utterly unmotivated. (which certainly has to fall a bit on the Captains who need to do more to push their teammates)
    His constantly refusal to award spots based on current form is a joke as well.

    It may not sound like it, but I’m not in the ‘gotta fire BB no matter what’ camp, but I’m really not all that impressed with him and if he was fired, I wouldn’t be all that broken up. I think he is an excellent coach in MLS but he needs to be a bit more bold with his squad selections and stop clinging to the past.
    Playing the young guys on Sunday was the only smart thing he has done and isn’t bold at all as the young guys all have better skills than the 30+ crowd. The leap in skill between the old guard and the new kids is really noticeable and gets even more so the more you see the youth international teams. It really is time for a major youth push on the USMNT for the most part.

  298. Wispy says:

    OK, aristotle, point taken. Teams do play the WC much differently (and more seriously) than the CC. And I do not think Italy will not advance out its group at the WC — in fact, I still count Italy among the teams to beat. What I thought was “illogical” was you looking at the results thus far in the CC and coming to the conclusion that the US is “nowhere near good enough to advance out of round one in the world cup” (your words). I certainly didn’t mean to offend you and didn’t mean to imply that you cannot use logic. I merely think you didn’t when you typed that sentence.

  299. aristotle says:


    Now you’re just not telling the truth. I never said any such thing. You drew your own conclusion for some reason. This seems to be a common occurence on these boards. Someone makes a post after a game and it is automatically assumed that everything that they say is based on that one game. I have been saying the U.S. is not good enough, and won’t be under BB, for quite some time. It’s based on MANY games and a long period of time. I’m not sure why people feel the need to point out that it’s illogical or stupid to draw long term conclusions based on one game. You would think that everyone would realize that. Just like you would think that because someone makes comments after a game, it doesn’t mean that everything they say is based on that one event.

  300. Wispy says:

    OK, aristotle, fair enough. You started that paragraph in your post with “All this game showed…” so I took your comments to be based on that game. I read your post again just now and I got it wrong. If what you meant is that you’re looking at several games and concluding that the U.S. is not good enough to get out the first round at the WC2010, that’s a valid opinion and I see where you’re coming from. I happen to disagree with your opinion, though. In the last, for example, 5 games, we’ve had 2 crappy efforts (Saprissa and Brazil), 1 mediocre game against Honduras in front of a hostile crowd which resulted in a win, and 2 good efforts against Italy and Egypt, though one went against us. I look at all of that as evidence that we possibly CAN make it out of our group with this team and this coach. We can just agree to disagree on this, and you’re back on my “logical” list :)

  301. aristotle says:


    Thanks for the understanding. I was ready for the name calling to begin! It’s nice to see there are reasonable people still around on the boards. I think one of the reasons we disagree on the U.S. is that we’re looking at different criteria. I understand your view on how they have played in recent games, and making a judgment based on that. However, I am looking at it not just from the point of view of how they are playing in recent games, but also by evaluating the team’s players and how good they are.

    I think the level of quality of the individual players is going in the wrong direction. A lot of players are just not panning out the way most people figured they would. Freddy Adu, Jozy Altidore, Clint Dempsey, Taylor Twellman, Brian Ching, Sacha Klejstan, Damarcus Beasley, and more, all seem to be faltering to one degree or another. Even if they weren’t, it was always going to be a situation where the U.S. team would have to be really well coached and organized to beat teams with better players. I don’t see BB pulling that off at all. Bob is too laid back, and it’s starting to rub off on the team. He’s also no master tactician or strategist either. I REALLY would like to see a different coach for the U.S. before the World Cup, but it doesn’t look like it will happen. I think Arena will end up having the last laugh at the next world cup.