New York Red Bulls at Toronto FC: Match Night Commentary


The New York Red Bulls are in Toronto (again) to take on Toronto FC and will be looking to finally put a halt to a winless streak that has turned the 2009 season into a complete nightmare.

TFC, riding high from its Canadian Championship victory last week, will look to make up some ground in the Eastern Conference playoff race with another win against the struggling Red Bulls.

I will be providing commentary throughout the match so please feel free to follow along here. As always, you are welcome to share your own thoughts and opinions below.

Enjoy the action.


FINAL– Toronto FC 2, Red Bulls 0. Another loss for New York, another win for the Canadians.

A struggling Red Bulls team continues to slide while an improving Toronto FC team on the rebound looks to be heading in the opposite direction.

That's all for me. Feel free to share your thoughts on the match below.


90th minute– This one is almost over. Red Bulls scraping for a final chance.


87th minute– DeRosario goes off to a rousing applause. Marco Velez is in.


84th minute– SAVE CEPERO. Stops a dangerous DeRosario shot.


82nd minute– Khano Smith is in for Jorge Rojas. Now YOU KNOW Juan Carlos Osorio has given up on this match.


81st minute– Hall with a decent cross in but Wolyniec's header is wide.


80th minute– SAVE CEPERO!!! Great diving save on a Cronin shot.


78th minute– TFC players were giving Richards crap for what they considered a late challenge on Frei. Garcia, DeRosario and Serioux all gave Richards stick. Yellow for Serioux.


77th minute– Serioux and Richards get into a tussle. Shoving match, just handbags really.


76th minute– Richards with a weak pass. Anybody else think it's a coincidence that he signs a new six-figure deal and then lays a complete egg of a season?


75th minute– Fuad "The Artist Formerly Known as Abdus" Ibrahim is in for Vitti.


72nd minute– MSG just laid it out: Red Bulls have to win 10 of 13 to have a realistic chance of of making the playoffs.

Listen folks, the playoffs aren't happening. Period. Red Bulls have only the CONCACAF Champions League to play for.


71st minute– Red Bulls with a nice sequence in the area, but the final play is a Rojas shot well wide.


70th minute– Color me still surprised that Toronto traded for and is starting Nick Garcia. He was awful in San Jose. Could a change of scenary be enough to turn things around for him?


68th minute– One thing I think is a good bet is that after Saturday's Columbus game you will see a new starting goalkeeper. That player? Bouna Coundoul. That's assuming he signs. I also think it's a safe bet to see Jon Conway waived.


67th minute– I know I've said repeatedly that this year's Red Bulls aren't as bad as the 99 MetroStars, but right now, with no Angel, Kandji, Celades, Goldthwaite or Petke, the team on the field is definitely 99 MetroStars-esque.


65th minute– Ubiparipovic has come in for Mendes, who had an injury. Now if he's out for Columbus I'm not sure who New York will play in central defense vs. Columbus on Saturday.


64th minute– Stammler just made a great run into the area, beating two defenders, looks to be taken down but NO call. When you have no luck, you have no luck.

Dichio in for Barrett.


63rd minute– Dichio is coming in.


62nd minute– Interesting to see O'Brien White in uniform. He was easily one of the best attacking players in college soccer and has come back from knee surgery. He could be an impact player for TFC late in the year.

Red Bulls come close, but no chance.


60th minute– Stammler heads a corner at goal but it's saved easily. Toronto FC 2, Red Bulls 0. Another loss on the way for NY.


59th minute- GOAL TORONTO FC. And it's DeRosario with the finish. Great ball in, great chip by DeRosario. Mendes is too late.


57th minute– Hall with a decent cross in but Wolyniec's header is wide.


56th minute– Okay, here's a drinking game. If the Red Bulls string three passes together we drink. 


55th minute– Toronto FC is showing some flashes but not putting it together. They've been playing below their capabilities in recent weeks. I still rate them as a playoff team and a potential noise-maker in the post-season.


52nd minute– TFC goal waived off for offside. Barrett was definitely offside. Good call.


50th minute– Pacheco with a great cross in but nobody is there.

The Wolyniec-Richards forward line isn't what you're looking for to produce goals, but stranger things have happened.


50th minute– Zimmerman is the only player showing anything.

Ref makes a terrible call that went in New York's favor. I know, really.


48th minute– Dane Richards has come in for Juan Pablo Angel, who left the match with a hamstring injury. To be honest it's not a big loss because he was invisible out there. At least Richards has some speed to make some things happen.


48th minute– Red Bulls with a free kick earned by zimmerman.


47th minute– Whoa, Zimmerman just too a shot from distance that missed just high. Kid has loads of potential.


46th minute– No subs for either team. We're back.


HALFTIME– We're about to start the second half.


HALFTIME– I'm also keeping the commentary going for AG Nigrin. Little known fact but Ag Nigrin left the very first comment on the very first post of the original SBI. Yes, an SBI original.


HALFTIME– Okay, I'll keep the commentary going for those of you who are far from home and have no other way to follow the match (and not for the clown who called me a quitter.)


HALFTIME– Toronto FC 1, Red Bulls 0.


45th minute– ONe minute of stoppage time.


45th minute- TFC shot cleared off the line. DeRosario with the shot. 


39th minute– We need some drinking games to get through this game.


36th minute– Toronto goal waived off because the ball had gone out of bounds.


35th minute– Guevara nearly volleys home a goal but Cepero gets to it. TFC is knocking on the door for a second.


32nd minute– I'm very close to pulling the plug on my commentary for this match. If you are following along please let me know.


31st minute– This game feels like it is already over for New York, doesn't it?


28th minute- GOAL TORONTO FC. Pablo Vitti with a header. Danny Cepero misplays a ball in, it bounces in the area, Vitti heads it over Cepero. Terrible play.

Bouna Coundoul, pick up the white courtesy phone. 


24th minute– No Danny Dichio tonight for TFC in the starting lineup. Makes sense since he's the one forward who Boyens could hope to have a decent match-up against.


23rd minute– Kandji is in uniform for this match and NY needs him. They look lifeless tonight. More lifeless than usual that is.


20th minute– Interested to see how Sassano does tonight. He showed so much promise last year but this year has been a sort of lost season for him.


16th minute– I think the touch too far away camera distance on this game is making it tough to watch as well.


13th minute– I hate to say it but watching this is painful. Reminds me of how I felt when I covered my first high school match after the 2002 World Cup. Okay, maybe not that bad, but close.


12th minute– Considering the LA Galaxy won at BMO Field recently I suppose a Red Bulls win wouldn't be that crazy tonight. So far we've gotten a flat game.


10th minute– Kandji's out with a hamstring injury.

TFC with another corner.


8th minute– Toronto is sporting some pink uniforms tonight.


7th minute– Guevara with a left-footed shot wide.


4th minute– No Kandji and no Celades for the Red Bulls, while TFC has all its heavy hitters. Any reason we should expect a win from New York? Not really, but this could be Miracle Day considering the USA's win vs. Spain.


2nd minute– Toronto FC already with a shot on goal and a corner kick.


1st minute– We're underway 


PRE-GAME– Here is the Red Bulls lineup:






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53 Responses to New York Red Bulls at Toronto FC: Match Night Commentary

  1. kahlva says:

    Wow. That is a thin Red Bulls line-up.

    This is a team that just can’t cut a break this year, don’t you think? From visa issues to injuries to weird red cards to last-minute mistakes… a plague of a season so far.

  2. Metro boy till da day I die says:

    What happen to kandji

  3. Rekro HATES Rossi says:

    What’s the story behind TFC’s pink uniforms???

  4. Metro boy till da day I die says:

    LOL I love how the rojas has the ballls to critize Zimmerman when zimboy is clearly our best mid

  5. Gregg says:

    This match seems so pathetic compared to what we just witnessed.

  6. Metro boy till da day I die says:

    Thanks for the update about kandji cuz I was gonna get pissed if osorio decided to rest him instead of angel who really does need a games rest already. N this would have been perfect foe him to rest n see if kandji/woly duet is decent .

  7. Metro boy till da day I die says:

    Can’t blv I have to miss the galaxy game at giants stadium!!! It be packed when galaxy ccome (with beckham) if he doesn’t show then our regular 12-14 is there but with him we get way more attendance which is good. N yes this game is turning into a bed time story

  8. Metro boy till da day I die says:

    Well good thing I’m at the hospital with nothing else to do lol I was shocked when I saw they had MSG here. Btw hackencsack university medical center Is really amazing n I recommend it to anyone who plans or knows someone who will undergo surgery.

  9. kpugs says:

    Haha, here we go.

  10. Metro boy till da day I die says:

    LOL cepero def looked in experimced there. What’s the point of coming out if u plan on just standing there. He needed to stay back in. Net n let one of defenders pick him up. Not a good goal just a lack of experince of cepero. Mark it an own goal

  11. tonytdc says:

    so ives, how about that south african defender booth for the toros?

  12. teddo1 says:

    There are a few of us following along Ives! Gotta kill time at work somehow.

  13. ag nigrin says:

    Hope you are ok Metro boy… boy the Bulls need a shrink!

  14. ag nigrin says:

    I am here Ives…don’t pull the Bulls or we are really doomed!

  15. ag nigrin says:

    I know how you feel Ives but I remember how the USMNT looked so forlorn the first two games f the Confed. Cup.. Anything is possible
    for the Bulls!

  16. gas huffer says:

    ag… pass the pipe.

  17. b good says:

    didn’t know you were a quitter Ives

  18. Len says:

    After games like today, it’s near impossible to watch the mls. Ugh, nite.

  19. Chris says:

    The only thing RBNY has going for it is the new stadium. For all the years we complained at too much turnover, this team needs to make some serious changes this summer to keep the dwindling fanbase interested.

  20. Drew says:

    wow you know it’s getting bad in ny when ives abandons the in game commentary. don’t blame you ives, shouldn’t have to subject yourself to terrible soccer on such an amazing day for soccer.

  21. Zach Shevich says:

    Hey Ives,

    Please keep the commentary going. I’m in Hong Kong and the stream is average at best (not to mention the annoyingly far BMO camera) so your commentary is my only hope of following this match.

  22. H Drem says:

    Pink jerseys are to bring attention to and generate $$$ for breast cancer.

  23. H Drem says:

    TFC playing without Wynne. He’s at Confed. Cup.

  24. tonytdc says:

    i like the pink kits a la palermo. can’t be worse than having an energy drink on your chest, right?

  25. USA! says:

    USA! USA! USA!

  26. Bob Dobalina says:

    I like the pink uniforms. They look almost exactly like Palermo’s.

    link to

  27. tonytdc says:

    ives, how about a drinking game? every time boyens f*cks up or a former red bull is mentioned or every time dane goes down in a pathetic manner or…

  28. Stef says:

    Yo ives,

    The warm-up suit ain’t cutting it either.

  29. H Drem says:

    Speaking of Boyens. Ranked as the worst player at the Confederations Cup.

    link to

  30. Zach Shevich says:

    I hate

    if anything for the chat room it supplies. While that would be cool if it were full of SBI readers, the fact is half the comments are like:

    “Barrett is a noooob :)”
    “GREY hair who is that wol- sometin”
    “woliniek is him, he’s always had grey hair”
    “DeRo natura hatrick!!”

  31. Ives says:

    Hey folks, I’m back doing the commentary so follow above.

  32. Zach Shevich says:

    Should it just be considered a coincidence that both goals against the Bulls have gone over Cepero’s head?

    Ives, what the hell can Red Bulls do?! They look helpless…

  33. Livin the Dream says:

    Ah…logged on to MLSnet and the goal goes in, thought it was a replay, it wasnt…

  34. ThaDeuce says:

    No offense, but seriously, who the Hell is watching redbulls and toronto tonight?

  35. Cathy says:

    regardless of the goals…red bulls have absolutely no play maker

  36. tonytdc says:

    ives, if we wait for rbny to complete 3 passes in a row, just say no drinking game tonite. it’s ok. apparently i have these things called books that i hear people occasionally read. nice shot rojas.

  37. Tony in Quakeland says:

    I feel sorry for Red Bulls fans. I mean, you must be feeling so good about the Nats today, and then…this game must feel like someone opened a bag of poop at the party.

  38. amar says:

    “I’m very close to pulling the plug on my commentary for this match. If you are following along please let me know.”

    Ives your coverage of the red bulls recently has been dissappointing. I know you’re expanding to other things, but we still remember you as the New York soccer beat reporter. We’d love to pull the plug on this entire season, but we can’t. Supporters have to sit through it and if you want to continue to be our beat reporter, you hang with us.

    If I wanted to be a front runner, I would just read the new york times whenever there’s any really worthy soccer coverage in the new york area. Jack Bell is a much better writer than you.

    But I’m still here cause I support my local team and local soccer. You should be too.

  39. Barry Jive and His Uptown Five says:

    The Red Bulls would be better off playing with 10 men then bringing on Khano Smith.

  40. Robo says:

    Khano Smith instead of Mbuta? Why??? Khano is dead f****ing weight, at least Mbuta would be auditioning to keep his spot on this team. Yea he’s raw, yea he’s young, but at least he’s hungry. Anyone else remember him and Kandji linking up for that goal last year that Mbuta thumped into the net on a volley? Osorio is absolutely deluded. Bringing in Sinisa who hasn’t provided anything in the midfield, and then Khano. I want some of whatever JCO is smoking when he trains this team and coaches them on match days.

  41. Haig says:

    Ives gives it up for AG Nigrin, who I want to show respect to as well– guy is a 96er if I recall, and keeps a positive attitude about the dreck that us our team. We deserve better.

  42. Philip Sells says:

    Ives, I do actually take some pleasure in following your NYRB play-by-plays, admittedly a little sadistically, being a DCU fan. But I do watch them.

  43. miller says:

    we are the big looser

  44. miller says:

    khano stith, jorje rojas are very bad we need the new team and nwe coach NOW PLEASE.

  45. Brad Minter says:

    How do they not fire this guy and let Richie Williams captain the ship for the remainder of the season? Even Woly and Stam who seem to play hard every game look like they have lost interest. That game tongiht was a disgrace. All NY fans were probably smiling ear to ear after the US win and then were subjected to that disgrace?

  46. JoeW says:

    1. Khano Smith over Mbuta? Makes no sense unless there is some feeble hope that by playing Khano Smith you might encourage someone to want to trade for him (don’t know who).

    2. It boggles my mind that with so many consecutive road losses, the regular season of the this year and last that JCO still has a job. That is a terrible indictment of the RBNY braintrust.

    3. I sat through a couple of really bad years with DC United where we were dreck–just the worst team in the league that season or close to it. I know that NY/NJ-DC are supposed to be a big rivalry, we’re supposed to call each other names and glory when the other side loses (no-matter to whom). But it’s bad for MLS when a side is consistently bad (not just bad on the field, but a terrible experience for the fans and supporters). Especially when the NY/NJ area should be the kind of place that should have a large cadre of energized, soccer-savvy supporters. But the consistent dreck of a team and terrible fan experience has driven away so many of those people. This kind of train-wreck of a team is bad for MLS.

  47. miller says:

    NYR is a team like to said in colombia una gonorrea de equipo is very bad team

  48. Ted says:

    You know something is wrong with your team when Pablo Vitti scores against you.

  49. front row says:


  50. Mastro says:

    Well another loss…….

  51. Leonardo says:

    forgot there was an MLS game tonight til i saw the score pop up on the ticker

    yup, i was watching the USA upset all over again!!!!

  52. Chris says:

    I was so happy about the USA game, and had such low expectations for RBNY, I wasn’t even upset when they lost.

    I have a feeling we would do better with the players who were in Chinatown than the ones on the field.

  53. gas huffer says:

    How does Osorio STILL have his job today?!