Report: Onyewu to Fenerbahce

Oguchi Onyewu (Reuters)

Oguchi Onyewu went into this summer a free agent and hoped to put together a strong Confederations Cup performance to draw some potential suitors for his services. It appears he has found a taker, though not one from the leagues we might have expected him to go to.

According to Sky Sports, Onyewu has signed a three-year deal with Turkish club Fenerbahce, choosing to pass on the possibility of signing with Birmingham City after talks stalled with the English club.

Fenerbahce finished in fourth place in the Turkish League last season, qualifying for the Europa League in the process. The Turkish club has been known for its free-spending ways, having landed the likes of Dani Guiza, Robert Carlos and Stephen Appiah in recent years. The club boasts several of the top players from Turkey's impressive Euro 2008 run, including Semih Senturk, Kazim Kazim and Volkan Demiral.

The club, coached by recently-hired German Christoph Daum, has been very active in this summer's transfer market as it attempts to return to the heights it reached when it made an improbable run to the UEFA Champions League quarterfinals just two years ago. Last season was a disappointing one that saw Fenerbahce finish fourth in Turkey and winless in the Champions League group stage.

What's my take on the move? If true, Onyewu is heading to an underrated Turkish League that doesn't boast the strength of Europe's top leagues but is very competitive at the top. He will also get to play in the Europa League with a team very capable of making a deep run in the tournament. Some will question why he didn't just stay with Champions League-bound Standard Liege. It is a safe bet that Onyewu's salary with Fenerbahce will be significantly higher than his salary with Standard.

What do you think of Onyewu going to Fenerbahce? Disappointed he won't be going to a bigger league? Just want him to play regularly heading into the 2010 World Cup?

Share your thoughts below.


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103 Responses to Report: Onyewu to Fenerbahce

  1. baloosh13 says:

    Turkey? well gobble gobble gobble then

  2. brad says:

    Hell yeah.. As long as he is starting and playing, it can only be good news!!

  3. The Gentleman Masher says:

    Surprising – but, if like you say…they are splashing the cash, it might have been hard to walk away from.

    Still – would’ve liked to see him wait until after the tourney to make this decision. I think he’s played well, and would get some higher caliber offers in places like England and Germany…

  4. beckster says:

    Not disappointed in his not going to the EPL where he may have struggled but would have thought he might have done better than Turkey – as you say, could have stayed in Belgium and been able to play in Champions League….

    But…he will play and get good money so good for him…

  5. Tim says:

    I’m hoping that this is just a false rumor spread by his agent in hopes of getting a better deal in one of the top leagues. I would’ve rather had him to go to gladbach. Europa league is good experience, but would’ve much rather him had gotten the experience of playing a 38 game season where every game is a challenge.

  6. Tim says:

    But this report seems credible enough.

  7. matt C says:

    Bummed. Wanted to see him in a league that was strong beyond the top 4 teams.

  8. wally says:

    Very disappointed I won’t be able to watch him on TV. Was really looking forward to seeing Gooch go up the best in the prem. And I thought he was going to do well there this time – his game is looking so sharp right now.

    That said, Fenerbache’s a good club and a big player in the euro-leagues. Hopefully he starts, gets a lot of games in the Europa league is ready to go come 2010.

  9. jmac says:

    can’t fault a man for taking the cash. gooch is getting up in the years and likely needs a few more big paydays

  10. JeffM says:

    This is not good news. I was hoping Gooch would go to a league where he’d be playing top-flight competition every week. Now, he’ll only be playing top-flight competition in the Europa League and when they play Galatasary and a couple other clubs. This won’t help him develop at hte rate that he might in a top-tier league. This is a major disappointment.

    Also, how am I supposed to follow him when he’s playing in Turkey? I was hoping I’d be able to see him on TV sometimes.

  11. CACuzcatlan says:

    The Rising Sun Over Europe! I never watch Turkish football outside of the Champions League, but I decided a while ago that Fenerbahce is my team in Turkey because of their awesome fan display in their CL quarter final match against Chelsea two seasons ago.

    Here’s a pic of what I’m talking about:
    link to

  12. DC Josh says:

    I am excited for him signing with a bigger club in Europe, although he could play anywhere after his performance so far in the Confederations Cup.

    I just want him playing all season long, avoiding injury, and picking up experience along the way. I don’t need him playing for a popular league just to say he plays there.

  13. John Glosson says:

    I was hoping he’d sign with Wolves.

  14. Mike says:

    CACuzcatlan: Southeast Europe (Turkey and Greece specifically) has some of the best fan displays in the world. Too bad they can’t compete with the big money leagues.

  15. LC says:

    Under-rated league as Ives mentioned. Even though he may be playing Europa this season, they will most likely qualify for Champions the following season and they will have a better run than Standard ever will. If he went to Gladbach, he will never see any europa or Champions game while there.
    Oh yeah, I will have access to the turkcell super lig. hehe.

  16. kpugs says:

    Took the words right out of my mouth Ives. Fenerbahce is a decently sized club on the whole but isn’t really a big step up from Standard Liege, unfortunately.

    I’m glad he’s making more money, but at the same time this was hyped up to be a big time move to a big time league, and it simply isn’t. Very anti-climactic.

  17. nate says:

    I’d rather have him stay with Standard over this move. 6 CL group stage matches and already a place in the squad.

  18. Mike says:

    As for the transfer, either club would have been a good move for Gooch. They should make the champions league next year anyway.

  19. Å vejk says:

    Onyewu’s choice probably came down to the money, and to Fenerbahce wanting him more. It’s good to go where you are most wanted, and where you have a strong chance of locking down a starting XI spot. Still, the Turkish league is only a modest improvement over Belgium in terms of quality of play. However, I actually think that in the long run, Gooch has a better chance of consistently getting into the Champions League group stage with Fenerbahce than he does with Standard Liege, if recent (5-year) history is any indication.

  20. Michael F. - SBI Mafia Original says:

    Very disappointing.

  21. BlueWhiteLion says:


  22. Pat says:

    Better move for him than going to a bottom of the table EPL club. I don’t know what other options he had, but I think this is a solid move if he gets the playing time.

  23. Tim F. says:

    Once again he will play for a team where we will never get to see him play. Congrats.

  24. mb says:

    Loooonnnnnnnnnnnngggggggggggggg flight home for US games.

  25. BFBS says:

    Even though Sky Sports is generally credible, I refuse to buy this until I see confirmation on Fener’s website or from Gooch himself. I understand that Guiza could have played on any but the very top European teams and yet chose Fener. The difference though is that he was following the coach with whom he just won Euro 2008. Gooch on the other hand has no particular reason other than perhaps a bigger paycheck to make this unorthodox, unexpected move. I was hoping Roma would come out of nowhere and grab him: they finished in the Europa League places while conceding many more goals than teams around them in the standings.

  26. Chad says:

    Seeing a lot of comments about going to a deep league with significant competition beyond the top4 but, does the EPL count? I mean really, when was the last time a non-top4 team really challenged for the title? Bundesliga seems to be the league with the most parity at the moment. Who could have predicted Wolfsburg’s championship run?

    Playing time is obviously what matters and if Gooch is one of the 2 starting centerbacks then great!

  27. Dave says:

    Yeah, I’m disappointed that he didn’t made his career decision based on soccer game viewership in the US.

    Come on, this is great for him: consistent playing time, consistent Champions League/Europa League play, dynamic style of play, and a top caliber team in its league. How was Wolves or Birmingham or a mid-table German team going to provide any of this except the playing time?

  28. MikeD says:

    I don’t like it. He could’ve re-signed with Standard and played in the Champions League. I wouldn’t be surprised if Sky Sports jumped the gun on this one. We have a big game on Wednesday and Gooch probably doesn’t want any distractions.

  29. Johnny says:

    I don’t like this b/c I will never get to see him play. Is this really the best he can get?

  30. JB says:

    Most of Turkey’s national team plays in their home league, and they are a better national team than the United States. If it hasn’t hurt them, then why is this bad for Onyewu or the U.S.?

  31. CapeCodFutbol says:

    May he continue his Confed Cup play with whatever club he signs with. He has been massive, the best I have ever seen him play. I would say Fenerbahce is a big step up from Liege, though obviously not as big a step as the other leagues with which he had been linked.

  32. nico says:

    i like this move. they are a good team.

  33. patrick says:

    You all are ridiculous. This is a step up, not only in league, but in teams as well. His training with Bahce will be of a higher quality than with standard, that is certain. Furthermore, you’d rather him to go a just promoted team in england rather than a better team in Europa, just so you can see him play? If gooch has come this far just at Standard, I can’t wait to see how much he improves at a better club like fenerbahce. Sure, its not la liga, or serie A, but did any of you stop and think that perhaps he was not guaranteed playing time in any of those leagues? I’d rather him go to fenerbahce and get consistent time and training, and play in Europa than have him struggling like heath pearce, freddy adu, beasley etc.

  34. Mark says:

    Sounds to me like he took the most money.

  35. Tony in Quakeland says:

    Interesting. A better league then some might think.

  36. ETJ says:

    I had a turkish exchange student and the passion for soccer there is unmatched anywhere in the world. The Galatasary- Fenerbache rivalry has been rated the biggest and most dangerous in the world. Turkey is a step up from the Belgian league but i don’t think this report is necessarily accurate when one considers that Onyewu probably wouldn’t want to decide until after the tourny is over, no distractions, etc.

  37. Robert says:

    I think it’s good stuff. Fenerbahce is a great team with loads of history and light years beyond Standard Lieje.

  38. fubar says:

    IF IT IS TRUE (Remember, just a rumor at this point)then it is a “show me the money!” play. From a sporting point of view, it really does bite the big one.

    Let’s hope it turns out to be false. Can’t see why they would agree prior to finishing the CC. Sounds fishy to me…

  39. Win says:

    Gooch is going to have to fight for playing time if he wants to start. I’d rank him higher than most of Fener’s centerback options, but there is some serious talent there. Edu has been capped by Brazil. Lugano and Gokul could easily play in a “big” league, and Vederson and Bilica add some serious depth. I wonder if any of these guys are leaving?

    Not that it matters. I am a Besiktas fan and my Screaming Eagles love to eat Yellow Canaries for breakfast.

  40. Tomasz says:

    Good luck at Fenerbahce. But don’t trust the Turkish taxi drivers.

  41. JoeW says:

    Amazing posts by some of the Euro-posers…

    1. Turkey is a strong league.

    2. He goes to a club which is a contender for CL spots every year. That’s better than what he would have seen at Birmingham City or some of the other clubs he was initially rumored to be going to (Borussia Moenchenbladbach?).

    3. It’s possible that there may not be a more intense superclassico than the 3 top Istanbul clubs (Gala, Fener and Besiktas) in terms of fan intensity and pressure. I say that recognizing that stuff like the Old Firm or some of the Premiership battles are amazing stuff. But the absolutely most impressive fan display I ever saw was a Euro Championship match with Turkey–the fans were….beyond what I’d ever seen with any other club or nation. And Brad Friedel pretty much said the same thing after his season with Galatasary–tremendous pressure to perform and excel.

    4. The Turkish league plays a stylish, technical mix of play that will challenge Gooch. Playing with a weaker premiership or Bundesliga side, the physical style of play would have tolerated his putting hands on bodies and muscling people. Turkey isn’t a soft league by any means but a Gooch who starts a season in Turkey will return to the NT as a guy more comfortable with tricky, technical players. Think of it as if Gooch had signed with Boca Juniors but had a chance for Euro competition as well. And yes, their league is a significant step up from Belgium.

  42. JoeW says:

    BTW, one edit…I meant to say “there may not be a more intense EURO superclassico…”. I’d still put the Boca-River superclassico up at the top of the list. But for Europe, it’s possible that the Istanbul troika of Besiktas, Gala and Fener may be the most intense of them all.

  43. mikebsiu says:

    The Turkish league is a step up from the Jupiler League but not all that much. And for those of you saying Fener is alot better than Standard, thats not really the case. Fener had a disapointing finish in the league, and is traditionally not the top club in Istanbul.

  44. Jose A. V. says:

    Wanted him to play for English team so we can see him on TV.

  45. Andre says:

    Horrible move. He’s reaching his prime, so he goes to a league that is on par, maybe a slight step above the Belgian League.

    Seems like a bad career choice.

    Just Like Dani Guiza’s choice.

    And Stephen Appiah’s.

  46. Andre says:

    And to the guy who claimed that Turkey has a better National team than the U.S….. That’s up for debate. The Turks are good, but I won’t give them that much credibility at all. I’m not saying they’re worse by a long shot, but to say hands down the Turks are stronger is more ignorance than anything.

  47. Gilby says:

    I can’t blame Gooch for taking the money I imagine they were the top bidders, and this is most likely his last big contract. Having said that I was hoping he would land in a league where he would be challenged a little bit more. After the top four the Turkish league really drops off. I can understand not wanting to go to a newly promoted team like Wolverhampton but you think a mid level team in Germany or a higher level team in France would have been a better option from a skills development standpoint.

  48. MVK says:

    selfishly we will only get to watch him on the computer, but professionally it seems like a good move for him. congrads

  49. Dave SF says:

    As a Wolves supporter, I am disappointed we didn’t get him…He should of went to a league that is shown on American TV, not one so obscure…oh well.

  50. AJ says:

    I think this is a good move. More depth in the league as a whole. I’d rather him go to a club that is regularly in Champions League and Europa League, than play punt and chase football for a lower-table side in England.

    I’d still sort of hope that this isn’t true and that he’d go to Spain, particularly with ESPN picking up those rights.

  51. zongzap says:

    I would take somewhat less money to not play in Turkey. I simply would not want to live or even visit there. Don’t believe for a minute that it’s a safe place

  52. KyleFeller says:

    Great move for Gooch.

    He’ll get some very good coaching and will be surrounded by better talent than he’s had at Liege. Not to mention his bank account gets fatter, so he’s closer to making that big move to MLS to finish his career.

  53. Oguchi Onyewu says:

    Champions League, European Cup, and playing along side R. Carlos and some of the worlds best players. dont forget the Galatasaray rivalry, along with Besiktas. These are actually teams i heard of, instead of some team associated with “Standard Liege”. This will put me in a bigger and better spotlight.

    Why are people complaining over an UPGRADE ?

  54. Victor says:

    the Turkcell SuperLig is HIGHLY underrated. However I hate this move because I am a Galatasaray fan and I won’t know what to think if I see my USMNT’s center ROCK defending for a bitter rival…
    outside of team affiliation, I think if Onyewu is a starter, than this will be a great move with great experience in hand.

  55. cbr says:

    as long as he starts and plays as a regular in the back line….say what you want but Turkey is on the same level as Scotland (and i dont see anyone complaining about Edu) Actually they may be better than scotland since the turish league has been feeding the Bundesliga (and now the epl and la liga)talent for some time now

    and to the person saying turkey isnt safe?? what exactly are you basing your BS on?

    i agree with what someone else said…many of turkey’s players play in that league and they do very very well in international compeitions.

    Fenerbache doesnt just take anyone on their team. Good job Gooch.get that chedda. Now only if Adu and Feilhaber can get their careers on track

  56. Brett says:

    Good move. I was worried he’d get buried on the bench after he expressed desire to return to the UK. He should both play and improve playing in Turkey. He will also get to taste one of the unsung rivalries in world football when they take on Galatasaray.

  57. Fireball says:

    What happened to OM?

    Not a bad move, though I am disappointed. He’ll get first team responsibilities in a world cup year against tough opponents.

    Also, I don’t believe a word of it yet. The Sky Sports report said it he’s ‘believed to agree to a deal.’ Sounds like agent-speak, so who knows. Why wouldn’t he wait until Confed Cup was over when he’s playing like a monster?

  58. inkedAG says:

    I like the first comment on this post. :)

  59. Chef Raw Head says:

    Awesome choice! Fener is an awesome team with access to a lot of resources. Anyone who thinks that the Super Lig is even on par with Jupilar is crazy.

    Fan participation is beyond compare. Learning to have composure while Ultras are throwing Flares would make the atmosphere of Azteca seem like the Masters.

    Training with the likes of Carlos, Guiza, Alex and Emre, and with the leadership of Volkan will be awesome.

    Nice strong move. Let’s not forget that Ribery was at Galatasaray not too long ago.

  60. Texas 1836 says:

    Pardon the ignorant question…

    What is the Europa League? Is that something replacing the UEFA Cup?

    And if so, what are the different qualification standards?

  61. Nick says:

    Anybody who thinks Standard Liege is as good as Fenerbahce doesn’t know what they’re talking about.

    How many other clubs that regularly compete in the UEFA CL would he have a shot at?

  62. Joseph says:

    Let’s not forget that Ribery had a horrible time at Galatasaray and had to sue them to be able to use his escape clause.

    And did he get the memo that Luis Aragones is no longer the manager?

    Anyways, I kid, I kid. The superliga is a good league, and a good challenge for Gooch. Much better than languishing in Belgium, and gives him a chance at the Europa League which may have stronger competition this year, with the changes to the qualification in the CL.

    Birmingham might have been a safer choice, but turkey’s a good launching pad to spain or italy.

    Could he have had some political motive? An american playing for Fenerbahçe could actually help ties with turkey.

  63. TimN says:

    This is a good move. Fenerbahce is a solid team, and why people are disappointed with this is a little baffling. There are plenty of high profile, quality players that do and have played in that league. Ribery at Galatasaray comes to mind.

    Everyone seems to be so hot to get our guys on EPL and La Liga teams where they often ride pine or get loaned out. Outside of goal keepers, Dempsey is the only guy getting real PT that I can think of in the EPL. Spector was injured most of this season, so we’ll just have to see what plays out at West Ham for him.

    I’d much rather see Gooch getting PT and being game fit…we don’t need any more Beasley, Altidore, and Adu situations.

  64. matt says:

    another good factor to consider is that the new coach at fener, christoph daum, has been after gooch for a while now. he wanted to bring him to cologne last year but couldn’t put the money together. daum said he made his his decision to move to istanbul in part so that he could go after a better, more expensive, class of player who belongs in european competition. that fact that gooch now fits into this category is a good thing.

  65. Chef Raw Head says:

    “Let’s not forget that Ribery had a horrible time at Galatasaray and had to sue them to be able to use his escape clause.”

    Posted by: Joseph | June 22, 2009 at 03:09 PM

    I wouldn’t sell a virus to that mob 😉

  66. Leonardo says:

    #19 World’s Richest Soccer Clubs: Fenerbahce, Turkey – BusinessWeek link to

    you know what this means: they’ll buy some other big players too, maybe a Brazilian here and there. this team will get better!

    i’ll have to dig a bit more to see him play; on some live streaming site of course

    proud of you Gooch!

  67. Felix says:

    The Turkish League is a good league, and even though Fener isn’t going to the CL this year, they generally are in the CL group stage, it is also a “big” club.

    I’m disappointed from the aspect I still won’t be able to watch him play week in and week out in a more higher-profile league (in terms of TV coverage in the US). I’m sure he’s being paid very well.

    If they were in the CL this year, I’d be more excited, but I guess this is a good move for him.

  68. Tom P says:

    If they paid Gooch the most then good for him!!

  69. mert says:

    Hey, I am a Fenerbahce SK fan, Onyewu rumours are very likely to be true. We could not come to an contract extension agreement with Uruguay Captain Diego Lugano. He is linked with quite big clubs in Spain and Italy. It is expected that he will sign Lazio.

    But do not underestimate Fenerbahce. Our league is not one of the top leagues among Europe, but Fenerbahce is a far greater team than most of the teams in Premier league.

    Roberto Carlos, Nicolas Anelka, Ariel Ortega, JayJay Okocha, Mateja Kezman, Alex de Souza and so much other world class players played for this team and if Onyewu will succeed, he will have the chance to take a step to a top European team just like Lugano is about to do this summer.

  70. Bottlcaps says:

    Good choice for Gooch. The money’s better than St. L. Going to the Premier League might look good, but riding the pine is more likely to happen, and considering the average lifespan of a PL manager…..
    The other plus is that Turkey has a warmer mediterranean climate. This is important in avoiding injuries a lot od players get when playing in the winter frigid zones of England and Germany. This is important for the US in a WC year

  71. b-hags says:

    Great move for Goouch. Great example to other nats that getting PT is more important than the size of the club.

  72. mert says:

    And for those of you who want to follow Onyewu in Turkish League, offers a lot of options, just google it and you will see. The hour difference will make problems probably though.

  73. euroman says:

    Looks like a lateral move to me, maybe more money but it’s not really a step that tests him to step be great. Actually this looks like career suicide now that I think about it. Gooch don’t do!!!!!!!

  74. TimN says:

    Exactly b-hags. Let’s ask Adu how his time at Monaco has been, or Altidore at Villareal, I mean Xerez…whatever…I mean the bench. I know Beasley enjoyed this past season at Rangers (insert sarcasm here).

  75. js says:

    Having had the pleasure of seeing Fener play live a few years ago, I concur with those who acknowledge the strength of the top teams and the intensity of the fans and rivalries.

    I have to say, though, that this would surprise me given Gooch’s reaction to the recent racist incident in Belgium, as Turkey in my experience can be a pretty racist place (notwithstanding that other quality footballers of color have succeeded there).

  76. mert says:

    js, I wonder why how you got that racism idea without any reliable info about Turkey.

    There has never been a single racism incident in Turkish football. I cannot count the number of colored players in Turkcell league.

    This is the banner of Besiktas fans right after the Zaragoza fans behaviour against Barcelona Striker Samuel Eto’o.

    It says “we are all eto’o”
    And this reply is coming from the very far side of europe.

    link to

  77. nonamedisk says:

    one of the best defenders in europe captain of uruguay nt. Lugano is playing for Fener, IMHO this american dude is nowhere near the quality of lugano, Legendary left back Roberto Carlos is also a part of Fener. He should consider himself lucky if he gets a contract from Fenerbahce he will be playing with a legend and one of the best defenders, it may not be a big jump coming from belgium league to Turkish league but Fenerbahce has 10x potential than any team in belgium.Forgot to add Former brazilian NT. member Alex, Europes best nt Spains reserve forward Dani Guiza is also a part of Fener. gladbach or a premier leageue team playing for relegation better than Fener squad? Oh yes no. Turkish league is not good but Fenerbahce is great.

  78. ko'd says:

    Fireball–OM and Ligue 1 are not particularly well known for their tolerance (read: there is rampant racism in the French leagues, sadly). I wonder if that could have played a role in Gooch’s (dis)interest (but I have not facts to back that up).

    Mert…last I checked, “colored” is not really an ok term to use. Just throwing that out there as an FYI.

  79. mert says:

    ko’d thanks for the correction.

  80. Yossarian says:

    This is his best chance to make some real money with his soccer career, so he almost has to take the best offer. By the time his next contract rolls around, he’ll be past prime. I hope he gets some CL action next year, though. I don’t know much about the Turkish league but I’d assume it can’t compare with a top 4 league. Is it as good as Ligue 1?

  81. Richard says:

    Wow at the ignorance around here. Fenerbahce would contend for Europe (finish in the top half) in any of the top 4 leagues.

  82. nirwin says:

    For God’s sake, people. Fenerbahce is a serious step up from Standard Liege. It’s not like he’s going to any Turkish Super League club. He’s going to one of the two most prestigious. I don’t hear any complaints about Edu and Beasley at Rangers, and the Scottish League sucks. It would not shock me if the Turkish league was actually better. Also, anyone who would rather be on Birmingham City or Wolverhampton is a little bit nuts, as well. Fenerbahce is a far more prestigious club and it would be kind of shocking if one of Birmingham and Wolves didn’t get relegated. Yeesh…he doesn’t have to go to one of the three leagues you know something about. I dare say Fenerbahce is a far better team than at least half of the teams in England, Spain and Italy, and if they actually wanted him, he would be nuts to not take the chance and instead go to some crappy EPL bottom-feeder who didn’t really want him anyway just to say that he was in the EPL. Who gives a crap?

  83. mikebsiu says:

    The thing is the top four or five in the league are good, because theyre situated in big cities, Istanbul, Ankara, Trabzon, but the rest of the league is not that great. I watch games on TRT Int. and i am not impressed. He should have gone to Ligue 1 where he would test himself against better opposition.

  84. Elliott says:

    I’m happy to see him move to a more competitive domestic league where he will also get consistent playing time.

  85. nirwin says:

    It’s not just about the league. It’s about the club. He will get far batter practicing with Fenerbahce and playing in the Turkish league than he would practicing with Birmingham and playing in the EPL.

  86. WonsanUnited says:

    It’s a challenege to play in Turkey. The play has improved greatly over the past decade there, and the fans, oh boy. You can’t compare the muted crowd at St. Andrew’s to any Turkish crowd. Fenerbahce’s ultras are out of their minds. This is a great move. He’ll be seeing lot’s of European action and play in some pretty tough environments (Istanbul derbies anyone?).

  87. Mikemike says:

    Regarding Gooch being sensitive to racism, I just don’t see it.

    If someone lets racist chants or slurs get to them, they turn inward because they can’t cope with the warrantless hatred.

    If someone is strong and confident, they do what they can to stop the situation. In this case, Gooch sued. He’s not doing it for himself, but for future minority soccer players.

    Someone who was sensitive would just keep silent and take the abuse.

    Just saying.


  88. SonicDeathMonkey says:

    Texas, Europa League = UEFA Cup. Just changed the name.

  89. Derek says:

    His agent says not a done deal.
    link to

    I hope he goes to England.

  90. Oranje Mike says:

    Welcome to Hell, Gooch! Ha ha.

    I’ve always wanted to visit Istanbul. Now I have no excuse.

    Kebabs and Turkish football action. What could be better?

  91. OÄŸuzhan says:

    Hi fellas.

    I’m a Fenerbahçe and living is Ä°stanbul. Watching every game at our stadium and sometimes going to see the team at away games in cities like Bursa, Kocaeli and Trabzon.

    Turkish League equals to Portugal and France leagues, far better than Belgium, Holland and Scottish leagues. I’m not saying that because of i’m a Fenerbahçe fan, just saying because of watching all of those leagues and have some comparison talent. Turkish league is very very underrated, you should know that. A big competition, enough technical games, full stadiums and killer fans of course.

    I don’t konw much about Onyewu, just watched some of confederation cup games and he seemed a player to me with lack of pace. If he signs with Fenerbahçe, he will replace Diego Lugano and that will be tough because Fenerbahçe fans are crazy for the guy. Onyewu’s job will not be easy.

    Is he really worth signing for a team which is playing in Europe and Champions league consistently? Be objective. I don’t have a clear idea about Onyewu, just tryin’ to learn.

  92. jai_brooklyn says:

    His agent says not a done deal.
    link to

    I hope he goes to England.

    Posted by: Derek

    Hope he goes to Spain! Donovan too…

  93. Brett says:

    OÄŸuzhan – Onyewu is a rock, positions well, has a great step-in tackle, and is very skilled at aerial defending. You might be right about his lacking pace, but it should rarely cost goals because he is smart about his challenges. He also has a dangerous throw in in the attacking third and can score on set plays. His long passes aren’t great but they do the job if you need it.

    If your bosses sign him, he is worth it. He might be a ‘bargain’ type player in your eyes, effective but not dominant, and I think that would be fair.

  94. Yossarian says:


    Because of excellent athleticism, he actually had good straight line pace for such a huge man, but anyone that big is liable to getting turned by a small, quick forward.

    That being said, when he’s on, he completely shuts down any attack through the air by the opposition. He owns the air and has frustrated giants like Ibrahimovich and Toni in the past. He is also very effective on the ends of set pieces.

  95. Mitch says:

    “Also, how am I supposed to follow him when he’s playing in Turkey? I was hoping I’d be able to see him on TV sometimes.”

    I have seen the Turkish league streaming on before a good site if your looking to see free soccer not broadcasted on cable here.

  96. Kippo says:

    And there’s more excitement in Turkish league next season as Galatasaray hired Rijkard. Rumors are taking some high profile Dutch players there. We’ll see.

    Alex and Deidvid are quite brilliant. (remember this? link to

  97. Chicho says:

    I think it’s a good move. I’d rather see our yanks playing for teams that are competing for titles and champions league spots than battling relegation in a bigger league.

  98. Ali Ugurlu says:

    This is definitely a good career move for him. It is called the Republic of Fenerbahce. 25 million fans worldwide and growing as we speak. Turkish Super League is much tougher than the Belgian league. And plus, Turkish national team is in fact better than the United States national team. Lets not get bias here guys.

  99. Goktu says:

    FenerBahce is the best team in Turkey and money is no problem for Fenerbahce.Onyewu has signed for 3 years with Fener due to Turkish press.Hope to see Fenerbahce in final of champions league in 3 years ,keep goin’ to watc FenerBahce

  100. Chris says:

    Fenerbahce is a great team with 30 mil fans. Can u guys believe how much financial power they have. When i was in istanbul it was fun to go their games. I like Fenerbahce and i guess i am a fan. They are best of Turkish league

  101. Hurol says:

    Guys, Turkey is on the 12th place at FIFA Ranking. USA is 14th (big surprise) and Belgium is 63rd!!

    link to

    Fenerbahce is on 32nd place in Europe Ranking whereas Standard Liege is 89th!!

    link to

    Don’t even compare them please..

  102. Hurol says:

    Ooppps. Forgot to say, Turkey was ranked as 3rd at EURO 2008. Where was Belgium??

    Final positions
    Champions Spain
    Runner-up Germany
    Third place Russia- Turkey

    link to


  103. George Best says:

    I will be very happy if Onyewu comes to Fenerbahce. The best club in Turkey with millions of fans. I hope that this rumour is real.