Torres or Adu: Who will get the call vs. Egypt?

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The U.S. men's national team has been missing plenty during the Confederations Cup, but one of the most glaring problems is a lack of attacking creativity. The poor form of Clint Dempsey and DaMarcus Beasley has left the U.S. midfield sorely lacking the necessary creativity to help spark the U.S. attack.

Enter young midfielders Jose Francisco Torres and Freddy Adu. Neither has seen a minute of playing time in the Confederations Cup, but now with the U.S. team all but eliminated heading into the group stage finale vs. Egypt on Sunday, U.S. coach Bob Bradley will be hard-pressed not to include one of these skillful midfielders.

Could Bradley leave both on the bench yet again? It's plausible, especially if he trots out the out-of-form Clint Dempsey again, but with the United States playing on short rest, it is tough to imagine Bradley not starting one of them.

So which of these left-footed skill players should get the call?

Adu has more caps, and has played in bigger national team games in his young career, but Torres has played more club soccer over the past year, emerging as a key player for Pachuca and playing well enough to start drawing interest from Europe. He also showed some impressive flashes in his start vs. Costa Rica earlier this month.

So why is it an either/or situation instead of both players playing? The fact is that neither Torres or Adu brings much to the table defensively and both bring similar traits to the table. A team can pick up the slack for one of them being in the lineup, but having Adu and Torres on the field together would require the U.S. team to have an all-world defensive midfielder (or two) playing behind them (perhaps we can see that when Jermaine Jones comes aboard).

So here' is the question. Which of these players would you insert into the starting lineup vs. Egypt on Sunday. Cast your vote below:

Who is my pick? I think Torres is the better option, but I also think the Gold Cup will tell us a lot more about where they both stand heading into the next stretch of World Cup qualifiers. Whether it is Adu or Torres, one of them needs to get the start vs. Egypt so we can see how they perform in a pressure match. We have seen enough in this tournament from veterans Dempsey and Feilhaber.

Who did you vote for? Why? Hoping both get to start? Would you rather see them getting steady starts in the Gold Cup to see how they do on that level, or do you want to see them against Egypt in a match with more pressure?

Share your thoughts below.

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165 Responses to Torres or Adu: Who will get the call vs. Egypt?

  1. soccerroo says:

    I said play both. you can not do any worse than the team did against Brazil. bench Dempsy push Donovan up top and let Torres and Adu play with Bradley and Clark behind them.

  2. milkshake of despair says:

    Would like to see both. Will probably only see one start and the other as a sub.

  3. JohnC says:

    Baxter you know I dont speak Spanish. So what does that link say about Torres?

  4. Joe Quake says:

    Dempsey has been getting a free ride because some of the other players have been so bad, but you are absolutely right Ives – Deuce is out of form. Since Bradley couldn’t see that Beasley and Sacha are out of form and started them anyways, I doubt he’ll bench Deuce.

  5. understood says:

    BOTH!!! the answer is so obvious that prolly neither will start…in fact…bradley should completely throw caution to the wind and start:




    we all know thats not gonna happen however…in trying to think along with the demented mind of bob bradley…i can see him trotting out something like this:



    hopefully both adu and torres will at least see the field

  6. Harry says:

    Yea play Both Ives………whats the point of starting Dempsey and others if they are under-performing…..

    Adu was our best player vs Spain and Argentina…..And Torres showed his worth in the first half vs CR.





  7. patrick says:

    ideally, you start one, play it by ear and if he isn’t cutting it, then sub in the other. If you’re going to do this however, you need to make it clear the situation. If you start adu or torres tell them he’s starting and may or may not finish depending on his form. That gives him an extra kick, and the other ones knows hes got to be ready to impress if called upon. If everyone understands the situation then it shouldnt lead to any hard feelings.

  8. Johnny Boy says:

    Both guys suffer from a syndrome plaguing the USMNT “NO CLUB PT syndrome”. Except for Howard no one from this roster starts for Italy or Brazil or even makes the squad.

    It’s a good idea to keep that in mind when asking for Bradley’s head. Sunil is sending him to a gunfight armed with a baseball bat. He might survive but he had better be very good or very lucky.

    And Egypt, who just beat Italy is no pushover. This team has played poorly for the last four games. I can’t believe how much they miss Frankie. Get well soon Frankie! And don’t forget to bring Jermaine Jones with you when you get back. I defy anyone to say Jones wouldn’t be welcomed with open arms, at least by the fans.

    I get the feeling neither one would have tolerated this limp surrender, red cards or no.

  9. Harry says:

    I just think based on USA performnces Adu gets the nod by far………..but Bob likes Club-playing players haeavy…so bob goes with Torres but they both shoudl be on the field together.

  10. Decatur Soccer Guy says:

    Play them both. Put Donovan (since he just has to play) up top with Jozy and also start Feilhaber. Let’s see if we can put pressure on Egypt as opposed to always approaching matches from a defensive perspective.

  11. CrispyST3 says:

    I would say play both, with a barca kind of style,






    might as well right? see what happens

    if not, then i’d give both a half, have torres play first half, then Adu come in second half, or vice versa

  12. beckster says:

    I’d play both. Use Bradley as the one holding mid; Benny as attacking mid; put Torres out to left wing and Freddy on the right. Couldn’t be worse than what we had today .

  13. metrostar 4 life says:

    as long as casey out and Adu in, I’ll be very happy. I would also love to see Torres on the Flank

    Midfield like: Adu-Bradley-Clark-Donovan

    and definitely get Torres in there

  14. chris says:

    Knowing Bradley, he’ll start Clark and Dempsey with Donovan and his son.

  15. patrick says:

    oh also ives, could you, or another spanish speaker help us out with the translation of the torresarticel? I google translated it and it seems like arrsenal is interested in some guy, then pachuca is trying to include torres in a trade to another mexican team? I’m sure I’m way off, so if anyone could clarify, it would be great.

  16. Angel says:

    I think is time to get everyone involved and give a chance to a young team with more technical, that can hold the ball and faster and accurate on their passes. This is why should it be the new lineup against Egypt.







  17. ZdBrown says:

    I agree that Bradley will play it conservative again, unless he starts thinking his job is on the line. He has always been keen on the defensive midfielder, but considering we’re giving up goals left and right, seems like we should think up something new. I’d like to see, just once, how we do with an attacking minded line up





    Who know’s? We might still lose, but I’d rather lose 4-3 to Brazil than 3-0…

  18. Johnny says:








  19. Robert says:

    Both… please. We know our midfield doesn’t work right now besides LD and Bradley. With Clark back (no reds, please) I wouldn’t mind taking Deuce out. He’s tired from a long season with Fulham. That might be his problem right now… and maybe Howard too. We need an all out attack with Bradley and Clark as buffers in the middle. LD and Altidore/Davies/Casey up top or a 4-2-3-1.

  20. New yorker says:

    I think that Bradley should just play both, we have nothing left to lose now. One more loss and we’re out. It’s a shame that DaMarcus Beasley has lost his form, he used to be a valuable contributor to the USMNT. I guess he’s been f**king around with Eddie Johnson too much.

    Truth be told I wasn’t that impressed with this US roster. It’s mainly the same old players from Europe–like Beasley who have been given more than enough chances or inexperienced players like Conor Casey. Coach Bradley please for the sake of this team give some of the younger players chances like Robbie Rogers, Chad Marshall, Kenny Cooper, ANYONE! Like I said, we have nothing to lose.

    Lastly and most importantly I agree with Ives that the USMNT has the ability to show heart on the field although they didn’t do that against Brazil. The USMNT also is capable of surpises such as when they drew Argentina last year @ Giants Stadium or when they lost 1-0 to Spain. Those kind of games saw an improvement in the players I think but it seems those players have forgotten the experiences and lessons they learned then. The USMNT also played fairly well against Brazil in 2007 despite losing 4-2. In 1995 the USMNT even finished 4th in the Copa sudamerica.

  21. soccer2184 says:

    I”m a pretty big dempsey fan, and oridinarily I defend him, but I no longer can. He’s just gassed. He played just about 2600 minutes this year in the EPL alone, and played virtually every game for the US since last summer. He had no break after the season ended and I think its showing. I think we need to bench him for the egypt game and give him a rest until mexico in august. I think he’ll look at it as a challenge and come out swinging in mexico and the lead up to it.

  22. beckster says:

    Soccer 2184 – totally agree. Give the guy a rest.

  23. Jay says:

    I still feel sick from this morning… that said Ives, i’m not sure why you feel so confident that we’re going to see these guys play. It seems so logical and rational that we would’ve seen at least one of them by now, but we haven’t. We’re talking about a coach that just started Beasley and Klestjan today…enough said!

    How can we try to even guess he’d do something as sensible as playing 2 of our more creative players on the roster? I’ve been a stout BB defender for the last couple of years, but today broke me. We need change while there’s still time.

    However, to answer the question, I’d like to see a 4-2-3-1 with:

    —————-Altidore —————
    Torres———- Donovan ————Adu
    ———Feilhaber ——- Bradley ——–
    Bocanegra –Demerit—–Onyewu—–Spector
    —————- Howard —————-

  24. BossTweed says:

    I have been very aware of Dempsey’s recent lapse in form, but it has really, really been overstated. His is underperforming, yes, but he is certainly not playing awful enough to deserve the widespread criticism he is getting. In this morning’s game, he got back on defense solidly, and made some nice passes that went unnoticed because that’s what we expect of him. Fans hated, absolutely hated, seeing him “showboat” toward the end, but I think that this feeling was unwarranted. None of his “tricks” ever put the US in bad position; he actually beat a defender once and earned a penalty on another occasion. Furthermore, as US fans we are always crying out for creativity; but with riskier play we have to expect failure some of the time. I mean, search youtube for Cristiano Ronaldo blooper clips; there are tons of them. Obviously this is an extreme example as Dempsey isn’t even in the same hemisphere as Ronaldo, but I think the point still holds. Dempsey remains one of our top midfield options. You can decide to bench him in order that he regain some stamina, but don’t claim he isn’t still a top midfield option.

  25. Avid US fan says:

    The situation is this, if the US beats Egypt 5-0 and Brazil beats Italy 1-0, then in spite of this horrid showing, the US will advance to the semis. If Brazil beats Italy by more goals, that just lowers the number of goals that the US has to beat Egypt by. Unlikely? Probably. But there still is something to play for. If you were Bradley, would you throw all caution to the wind? In his case, that might be the best thing to do, because obviously he hasn’t been able to prepare the team otherwise to play the powers.

    I have one observation, why is it that teams ranked lower than the US in the FIFA standings can play the top powers and not look complete whipped? Teams like Chile, Peru, Ecuador, etc play Brazil and Argentina on a regular basis in WC qualifying and get results. It’s not that we lost, it’s how we lost that’s demoralizing.

  26. BossTweed says:

    Peru doesn’t get results, haha.

  27. brian says:

    50 bucs that we clark back in

    instead of either of those guys

  28. Barksdale says:

    Thanks for the Spanish news article, Ives! I think it’s Arsenal looking at Torres? I’m bad at Spanish. Can you please help?

  29. BossTweed says:

    Yeah, I imagine we will see Clark again. Don’t forget that Clark was a monster recently prior to his red card; he had been in form. Sure it was a lapse in judgement, but it’s a quick fix.

  30. CapeCodFutbol says:


    Either way though: this will be a good opportunity to play against a team at a similar level to the USMNT that will be very motivated.

  31. DCUfanTX says:

    neither one will play. They are both in BB’s dog house

  32. utePhan says:

    BossTweed = Bob Bradley ??

    Are you going to also tell us that Beasley is a top midfield option? Klejstan too?? Just curious

  33. Kevin says:

    Reality check: Bradley is going to field the same lineup he did against Italy. But, rather than start Feilhaber, he’ll put Beasley in once more.

    I mean, c’mon, the guy only blew about 15 chances so far. He’ll get it right THIS time! Don’t you worry!

    FIRE BOB!!!! NOW!!!!!!! I would rather bring back Arena than deal with Bradley.

  34. CaliNick23 says:

    Look at all games where Torres has played he is not a defense of liability. Sure he has made mistakes, but he defends very hard.

    Torres defends very hard. He is a defensive midfielder in Pachuca.

    With The USA he appears offensive becasue very few players on the are offensive.

  35. Bobby says:

    I say that wee trot out this line up.






    This would give us a boat load of creativity in the Mid with Torres, Adu, AND Donovan all together. This line-up will never be played by Bradley, because of how young everybody is, but this is the best team we can throw out right now. There is no Beasley, Dempsey, or Kljestan in this and everybody is a threat when they touch the ball. With torres, donovan, adu, or bradley keeping control of the ball there is bound to be spaces in the Egypt defense that will give us opportunities to score. We then have Davies up top with the speed that he possesses. We are bound to score a goal with this line-up.

  36. AdamTheRed says:

    Both! Start them both!


  37. BossTweed says:

    Barksdale: not Arsenal; Deportivo la Coruna in La Liga

  38. Ives says:

    It is Deportivo La Coruna that is interested in Torres and the story said Torres could head to Deportivo in a deal that would send Omar Bravo to Pachuca.

    Felipe Melo is the guy Arsenal is after.

  39. BossTweed says:

    utePhan: I wish I was Bob Bradley, then I could make some real changes. I am fully in agreement, and have been well prior to today’s game, that Beasley was not deserving to see the field, and I was never a fan of Kljestan; I have always rated Feilhaber and Torres higher.

    There is a difference between Kljestan getting a red card and Ricardo Clark getting one. Kljestan was invisible throughout the whole game until he made the huge blunder of losing the ball that was at his feet. Furthermore, his tackle was deserving of a red card. In contrast, Clark has played very, very solid defense recently and his red card was obviously extremely harsh (I think we are all in agreement). I would like to see Adu and Torres both get a shot, but I don’t think it’s a terrible decision to start Clark if we are actually trying to win the game. He takes up space in front of the defense that has been so vacant the last one and a half games.

  40. tonytdc says:

    for the next game –

    it makes terrible sense based on the players and positioning, but i think it would be aggressive, energetic, offensive, and fun to watch. granted egypt may score 4, but maybe we’ll be entertained.

  41. Peter says:

    I’m a Dempsey fan, so take it with a grain of whatever you’d like, but I’m with Tweed. He’s gassed, yes. Hasn’t been at his best, sure. Deserves a seat on the bench, OK. But he’s not been awful and has played much better than has been made out the last coupla weeks, both here and elsewhere.

    Also, my Spanish is awful and Google Translator’s doesn’t seem a whole lot better, but it seems to me that Pachuca wants Omar Bravo from Depor, which wants Torres as a make-weight in return. If I’ve understood it correctly and this is anything other than idle speculation.

  42. BossTweed says:

    “granted egypt may score 4, but maybe we’ll be entertained”

    That’s the problem with all these “dream” lineups that include davies, altidore, torres and adu. We may put two in the back of the net, but Egypt WILL score four. It’s a question of whether you’d like to see offense for the sake of seeing offense or whether you’d like to see the US play a good game.

  43. Rekro hates Rossi says:

    Both…….dempsey sits this 1 out.

  44. Hunter says:

    this is how we should start against Egypt






  45. Ives says:

    Tweed, I never said Dempsey is no longer one of the top USA options, but it is clear he is out of gas after a long EPL season. He’s out of form and has not been dangerous in any of the team’s past four matches. The fact that he wasn’t subbed today makes me believe he won’t play on Sunday. He had a few moments today but also disappeared for stretches while Donovan was much, much more involved (and has been in every game in comparison to Donovan).

    I do agree with you about the “Dream lineups” and people wanting every young attacking player on the field together. Bradley may shake things up and surprise us, but I still see him playing Bradley and Clark vs. Egypt. The rest is up in the air and depends on whether he decides to sit Dempsey and whether he has enough confidence in Adu or Torres to give them the start.

  46. James says:

    Play both. The key to good defense is holding possession among the team by passing successfully.

  47. Felix says:

    I understand the frustration right now, but we have to keep our senses. The only way you could play them both is if you play Torres as a #10 and Adu as a withdrawn forward with Donovan and Dempsey (I know I know) on the wings. Even then, this is a very offensive lineup, and we would probably get torn up by a strong side like Eygpt.

    I’m fine with Torres going to the Gold Cup, but not Adu. Freddy needs to get his club situation sorted out and the Gold Cup will interfere with the European pre-season. It’s not as pressing for Torres since most of the best Mexican players will be missing theirs as well.

    As for Ives’ question – I’d go with Torres and Adu as one of the first subs off the bench.

  48. Jose A. V. says:

    Dempsey should go to the bench, and if used, only as a sub, thats about it. I cant remember when he had a good game.

  49. Jose A. V. says:

    NO MORE: Mastroeni, Beasley, Sacha, and Dempsey to the bench

  50. Leonardo says:

    Start Torres, then sub Adu at the half for whomever is lolly-gagging (Deuce) or just plain weak (Feilhaber)

  51. brian says:

    can we please stop using defensive liabilities as an excuse
    if they are that bad why is bradley even bothering calling them up

  52. Harry says:

    CaliNick. I agree Torres is not a defensive liabilty…as he does play DM alot and also Adu in the last year even when playing our creative SS has come back on defense alot and either intercept some passes or hustled back..this our best chance…






    Ives what do you think of that lineup………i thinks its perfect.

  53. huricano says:

    Any of our under inspiring strikers.


    Our big guys just are’nt getting it done.

    But we could try ticky tacka, and play all are midget midfielders: torres, failhaber, adu, donovan, and one striker. Plus Bradley sitting behind them.

  54. CrispyST3 says:

    Put howard up top and Guzan in goal,

    maybe Howard can show our strikers how to score a goal, i’m sure he’s fed up with getting scored on

  55. nyc says:


    Adu – Donovan

    Torres – Bradley – Sacha

    Bornstein – Boca – Guch – Spector

  56. Time For A New Coach says:

    If it is one player, it is Torres hands down.

    Torres is getting a bum rap. He can and does play defense. Watch him for Pachuca sometime.

    Torres got burned against El Salvador. Yes. But Freddy Adu is a much more one-sided player.

    That said Freddy deserves minutes.

    We want all these guys to get minutes with their clubs. But coach Bradley has played Jozy and DaMarcus (recently) and Mikey (a while ago) when none of them were seeing much of the field for their clubs.

    Meanwhile Torres plays at a high level all the time. And he sits.

  57. Barry U says:

    We get scored on with the d-mids anyway so why not get some offensive minded guys to maybe get some goals. I say play Both.

    Ives – I can’t see the anything in that article that links Torres to europe. Sounds like the interest was swapping him for Omar Bravo. Anyone else read that ;ike i did?

  58. Time For A New Coach says:

    Correction above: burned against Costa Rica.

  59. Harry says:

    The way Egypt beat Italy and almost beat brazil was by playing attacking football with Flair…..something we from Adu and what we can see form Torres they should be on the field starting.

  60. t.z0n3 says:

    BOTH. Screw this defensive crap. Come out and stun Egypt to send them creeping into the semis. That’s what I want. I want this team to come out in a big way. No more defensive crap.

  61. CaliNick23 says:

    Harry your line-up is offensive and creative and can work.

    Adu and Torres can play on the field at the same time lets not pretend.

    Torres is a defensive midfielder in Pachuca.

    Nothing to lose, lets try “young” “new” players.






  62. Barry U says:

    OK my bad on Torres. Depor is in La Liga. My spanish from Cuba does not mesh with Mexican spanish for some reason. I get it now.

  63. Harry says:

    i guess i see why a little bit more people would want Torres in head of Adu.if we had to choose….as We US fans are kind of attractive/horny(lol) to the players who get more playing time with their clubs…..but if this based on USA performences as a basis….shouldent it be Adu first…..But screw it They BOTH should be on the field.. Its time to dominate with Flair and possesion!

  64. Misha K. says:

    I like Dempsey, but I think he plays better with better players around him (see Fulham). I just don’t think he performs well for the national team. Maybe an interesting hypothetical, would Fulham beat USMNT?

    Beasley needs to be removed from the roster. He has done a fair amount for us in the past, but he is done.

    As for the lineup against Egypt…I like the 4-1-3-2. I don’t think Altidore should ever be put up there alone.


  65. Misha K. says:

    Botch, not clark for the 4-1-3-2

  66. kpugs says:

    Play both for sure, Bradley has crapped the bed at a level I have not seen in years from a coach.

  67. Andrew says:

    It would make too much sense to play one of these guys. So let’s assume it won’t happen.

  68. michael F. says:

    Ives, funny you said “…neither Torres or Adu brings much to the table defensively…” I follow Adu on Twitter. Yesterday he said: “why do people think i cant defend? thats one of the areas ive improved the most.We talking bout 14yr old freddy or 20yr old freddy???”

    I have to agree with him.

  69. japan says:

    For those of you that have Torres and Adu out on the wing: Torres cannot play on the wing and Adu can only play on the right or the center. He will be lost on the left.

  70. Harry says:

    Adu as the SS and Torres as one of the CM’s both starting together if not…………..i dont know what i will do as a US fan.

  71. japan says:

    and michael f, he can’t defend. That is why he does not get playing time for monaco.

  72. Adam R. says:

    Full on crisis mode for the national team after losing to Brazil and Italy. No wonder US fans get labeled as spazzes.

    Beasley certainly will get dropped, but those screaming that he got 15 odd chances have short memories. He was quite good against Mexico a few months ago.

    Dempsey needs a rest. He was not with it mentally out there today.

    Considering Egypt’s inability to defend set pieces, you’re kidding yourselves if you don’t think Conor Casey will be in the lineup. I think either Adu or Torres will get the start, but probably not both.

    This is how I think it will shake out:


  73. Dave in San Francisco says:

    Davies Casey

    Torres, Clark, Failhaber, Adu,

    Pearce, Boca, Califf, Wynn


    The way we’ve played the last two games, ALL THE STARTERS NEED TO “HAVE SOME PINE MEAT!!!” Let them know that the way they played is not acceptable if they want to keep getting caps.

  74. AdamTheRed says:

    In all honesty I dont think it matters, Egypt will eat us alive!

  75. FlapJack says:

    I agree that Dempsey looks gassed and I think it’s hard for him to get motivated when he’s not getting the service or the calls he wants.

    Strategically the US should attack – it’s there only hope of advancing – we should be trying to go all out an win by 3 or 4.

    I also think this is still most important as an opportunity to prepare for WC. SO I’d give Clark (cover a lot of ground) and Feilhaber both another chance, as well as bring in the other untested guys.

    Of course you want to put Donovan and Bradely who have looked good out there again, but I wonder how much they have left in the tank.

  76. JoeW says:

    Folks, be realistic here–whichever outside left back we start is going to be helping out Bornstein–alot! To say “start both Adu and Torres” is like saying “in order to get Guzan some minutes, let’s start him at left back!”

    Our left outside midfielder is either going to be doing a lot of defending. Or he’s going to be very lonesome and not see much of the ball.

    People think “okay, we may give up 4 goals but we’ll score and be entertaining.” Not so. We may give up 4 goals and have a couple of guys standing alone up top counting blades of grass. I wish Adu and Torres were more complete players. As it is, given our defensive struggles I don’t think we can afford to start more than one. And that’s because otherwise (without ballwinners and good defensive players in midfield) neither Torres or Adu would see much of the ball.

    Think of it this way–what have we seen of Beasley? Of Dempsey? If we’re not winning the ball, not making stops defensively than our outside attackers don’t see much of the ball (and Dempsey is arguably more talented and in better form than Torres or especially Adu).

    I personally would like to see Adu get the start because (a) Torres played in the WCQ and (b) you know Adu doesn’t have the conditioning to go 90 so you sub in Torres to replace him anyway.

  77. Tom P says:

    who cares? They are a heartless, spinless bunch who will cave at the 1st sign of adversity.

    Give everyone a chance who has not played but leave Gooch-he needs to impress for contract and has so far in my book, Spector,Demerit and Donovan out there. Those four plus M. Bradley are the only ones who came to play but frankly Bradley looks gassed.

    Look- i don’t care that we don’t have the talent but the total lack of heart and determanation by a bunch who have so much to prove is just depressing.

    What we need is to spend big bucks on a guru like Hiddik and give him complete and total control for 4 years to fix the system that produces players and not worry about results for a while because we don’t have the goods to get the important ones anyway.

  78. KCB says:

    As long as Dempsey and Beasley aren’t on the field, I’ll be happy… maybe.

  79. jacobi millionaire says:


    And Jermaine Jones is not an “all-world” midfielder. He’s good, but it’s not like he’s Mascherano or Essien. Easy on the hyperbole.

  80. ThaDeuce says:

    Play them both!!!!

  81. ThaDeuce says:

    Davies, Bornstein as super subs

  82. Jacob A. says:





  83. Jacob A. says:

    Whoops, my b.

    No Clark.

    Don’t know what I was thinking.

  84. dieterhansi says:

    DMB, thank you for your service as a national team player. Sux I know. I got fired once. With time you will gain perspective.

    Kindest personal regards


  85. dieterhansi says:

    And another thing. While it wasnt surprising to see the incredulous posts re: Klestian and DMB starting (before the game started) they were nonetheless totally on the mark. Smart peeps you SBI posters!

  86. Abel Chapin says:

    The USMNT is playing without any energy!!! There are players on the field that do not deserve to be playing at all. We seem to do a good job at making sure that international games/competitions are the least of our concern. Do we show up to play? Or do we just go and show up cause we have to? Bradley needs to grow some and start playing attacking soccer. The best defense is a good offense. We need to be able to hold the ball and nit chase after! I’m sorry who am I kidding, we don’t even do that. Yes we will be @ the 2010 WC but we will gain respect from the rest of the world?

  87. Harry says:

    To japan: You said Adu is not getting playing time becuase of defense? Thats odd i watched the monaco games and Adu came back on defense Alot. He also helped out and created Alot. I just dont understand why Ricardo did not play him…….To me it was because Ricardo was going to be shown up by Freddy. For Example, Freddy’s last ever minutes for Monaco was that excellent game he had vs Juventes where he was the MVP for Monaco and drew that PK by dribbling by 3 Juve defenders in a row. That was the last time Adu played under Ricardo….so its like i thought your supposed to get more minutes when you do that..but with Ricardo that was the last time freddy ever played. seems to me like Ricardo was afraid of being shown up again by Freddy. So he never played him again.

  88. '06 all over again... says:

    I say play both, bench Beasley and Dempsey.

    Put Bradley in the holding spot and SIT him in front of the two center backs!!! It’s not that hard, he cleans up anything that comes in the middle. This allows at least three midfielders to go up with the two forwards, along with the two outside backs, with Bradley supporting. We need more players in attacking roles. We can’t have 5 midfielders sitting in front of the backline, this doesn’t allow any space to develop.

  89. david says:

    the only way we’re going to advance is if we short a crap load of goals. who cares about defense now, it’s too late for that. goals are what we need. i say let them both play. this isn’t a game where we try to be defensive and not allow goals, this is a game where we must score every chance we get.

  90. Blokhin says:

    who cares, this competition is over for us, who’s on the Gold Cup roster?

    I’m hoping that Bradley gets all his favorites in the line-up at once:

    Eddie Johnson-Ching

  91. Isaac says:






    Ives said once during a Q&A that if Torres WAS gonna play as a left midfielder he’d like him in this formation. That way he and Feilhaber are able to take up positions alongside Bradley for defensive purposes and play out wide if the situation suits them. Plus, the combination of Donovan and Adu really looks intimidating.

    Of course, for this to work our outside backs have to prove themselves. Spector has already done so, while Bornstein has been above average but not outstanding like Spector.

  92. Neuwerld says:

    Both. I just want to see some passing soccer played by the team. I’d rather lose 4-3 or 4-2 than 3-0.

  93. stever says:

    I have just watched the game (tapped) and I am just dumb founded. I think as Bob Bradley’s final act he should play Beasley in goal on Sunday. Its time for quantum change or we will barely get to South Africa next year. Enough is enough – we collectively deserve, and expect, and can do better.

  94. SuperChivo says:

    I don’t know how people got the idea that Torres is a defensive liability… because of the half he played against Costa Rica? With Pachuca the guy isn’t a Ricardo Clark type that lunges into tackles but he positions himself well to break up plays in pick off the ball. I give him the edge over Freddy but I would like to see them both play. I could see them complementing each other well. The good thing is that so many of the players are young and we still have a year to go before it really counts.

  95. federico says:

    Torres is my pick. i think he played against some of these players in the club world cup.

    but i think Bradley has a grudge against Torres.

  96. alexarmac says:

    Stever is right on. I don’t dislike Bradley. I am not against his choices of players, tactics ,formations etc. I am for playing well and results. We are not playing well and we certainly are not getting results. We have not been prepared, cohesive or committed the last four games.Plus we were very lucky to tie El Salvador. We need to calmly select a new coach.

  97. primoone says:

    I stopped watching at the half and went golfing…

    Bradley needs to come out and say that he wasnt trying to win any of those games if he wants to save his job. Personally I dont know who would buy that load but we deserve an explenation. Having said that, as I posted in other threads…


    Josy =Tired

    Beasley=unfit and god-awful






    Get these kids some experience now…and Rest some of those regulars for pete’s sake. Boob.

  98. ThaDeuce says:

    Also Ives, I agree with SuperChivo, Torres has played hard and tenacious defense every game I’ve seen him in! He even covered back for Beasley when he was supposed to be a left back a few games ago. Adu is another story. I always see Torres hustling back and winning tackles. And his best two attributes? Composure on the ball and he never loses possession!

  99. Tim F. says:

    Who are you guys kidding. Robob is not going to play Adu or Torres. In fact, he might start Conor Casey at attacking midfield before he starts them.

  100. understood says:

    everybody bashing torres on his defense must either be a)regurgitating what they hear in the press or b)holding the one mistake in CR (which by the way was equally DMBs and even more so mastros fault) against him….and even if you truly do believe hes a defensive liability…then what explains klejstans start today…are we to believe klejstan is a better defensive player…thats ludicwisp…

    one thing some american fans…and sadly some of the coaching staff…dont realize is part of playing good defense in soccer is maintaining possession…simple concept that all the best club and national teams seem to grasp but we cant for some reason: if you have the ball the other team doesnt have it…and when they dont have the ball…they cant score…unless of course you play a short corner to beas…then they can score at will

  101. Federico says:

    Maybe Bob believes that all good players are at least 6ft, except Lando.

  102. understood says:

    ^if you say ludicwisp in Mike Tyson’s voice it makes more sense

  103. Alex says:

    “Someone needs to light a fire under these guys or show pictures of the opposing raping their mothers/ kicking their dogs. To say “ho hum we couldn’t beat goliath” or “we needed to play a perfect game” is utter Bee Ess. These guys are supposed to be professional and they are nervous and tentative? Come on man, I’ve been defending you and this is all you’ve got to say. Play with some sense of urgency and leave your heart on the field, not in the locker room.”

  104. Joseph D'Hippopotamus says:

    Altidore is out of form and out of shape. He shoudl have been replaced a long time ago.

  105. Joseph D'Hippopotamus says:

    Casey and Torres should be on the field at all times. Adu should get much more time. Feilsaber is awful.

  106. mcjones says:

    I don’t really consider Dempsey out of form. Sure, he has played horribly the past couple games, I admit that. Yet, I would like to explore the possibility that it could be because of a coach that he lacks respect for and at the same time one that doesn’t possess the ability to motivate him. Dempsey fights tooth and nail for coaches he respects (Hodgson).

  107. Rossi says:

    mcjones, if that’s the case then I don’t want Dempsey on the team. He’s playing for the United States of America and should take pride in that. I was pissed when he was show boating out there today with ten minutes left and we’re down 3-0. Bench him. Why is it okay for a player to play like **** because he doesn’t like a coach. That’s unacceptable.

  108. Matt says:

    How is it possible that Sasha starts over Torres. Torres gets pt with one of the best clubs in the Americas(Pachuca)…Sasha is in mediocre form for an MLS club? Does Bob just take Sasha because he coached him in LA?

  109. primoone says:

    -First of all. No one player is going to make the team play better (my apologies to the Adu Jock-strap riders fan club).

    The only thing that will improve the team is a proven manager at the helm.

    If I was an owner of a company (USSF) I would want a proven, accomplished and inspirational leader to get sh-t done and reproduce that same success with my organization. My friends, Bradley aint done jack. From a players perspective, In my personal opinion, playing for someone that has not accomplished anything on the international level is not the same as playing for a legend. Yes there are exceptions to any rule (Ruhd Gullit <—-Sp) But I think we are all in agreement that he is bonkerz. My point being, is this. If you put a bonafied futbal head in charge of that team. Players will be more attentive more agressive and will have intensified that hunger to prove to that coach that they can play the game. They will be seeking that coachs’ approval. In addition to that, the players will have to compete for their position. They will be competeing not only during USMNT camp but with their clubs. You don’t play for club, you dont play for the Nat. and ultimately those that do play will be held accountable for their performance. This is the fundamental basis for highering a proven manager. Bob Bradley, bless his soul, is just a bit in over his head. He is a good coach, but until he can find a way to motivate these players, light a fire under there rears and implement some accountability, Bob will always be your average guy you bring in to uphold the status quo.

  110. Harry says:

    hey guys now do you see the lame excuses of lack of defense against Freddy the last year in regards to he USMNT when video clealry shows Adu hustles back alot and intercepts some passes. The same lame excuses are now being said about Torres. Adu and Torres are now best friends!!!!!!

  111. jpc says:

    I don’t buy that these guys hurt our defense, in fact I think they make it stronger.

    This is b/c all the goals we have given up were from stupid turnovers in our half by Beasley, Kljestan, Feilhaber, etc. Or as a result of stupid red cards (albeit undeserved) from Clark and Kljestan.

    These two don’t make stupid turnovers like most of our midfielders, which allows the rest of our team to be in proper shape when on defense.

    This isn’t Football, offense and defense are completely intertwined w/ one another, and any player who can’t play offense is by default terrible at defense in my opinion (Beasley, Kljestan, Mastroeni I’m looking at you guys)

  112. GO USA says:

    Anyone with an answer is free to answer my question.
    Does anyone know where I might be able to watch a replay of the argentina and spain matches that we played last year. I remember watching them live but its been a while and I would like to re watch how Adu played. If anybody could let me know if it is possible or not I would be grateful.

  113. madmax says:

    If Egypt win by 3 that eliminates Italy no matter what the Azurri do, I believe.

    So start Beasley, Wynne, Califf, Pearce, and sneak in Kjlestan with another jersey.

  114. jpc says:

    GO USA,

    No, but here are Adu’s highlights from Spain and Argentina matches

    link to

  115. USNAT says:

    I think it’s time to bench Dempsey. I’ve been a big supporter of him in the past, but I’m getting fed up with his antics. He constantly holds on to the ball too much, when he gets hit he stays on the ground as if taking a bullet in the head instead of trying to win the ball back, and his bunny hop attempt, etc at the end of the Brazil game drive me crazy. I can’t believe those who say it’s okay if he’s underachieving because he doesn’t respect Bradley. That’s ridiculous. He should be proud to play for the USMNT.

  116. jpc says:

    What’s interesting about ADU watching those highlights is that he draws red cards from the other team, rather than receives them… Maybe that’s why he never plays

  117. Goalscorer24 says:

    Nobody’s position should be safe! So why not play both if other players are under performing? Two red cards in two consecutive games, that is the coaches fault. The first half of play from the US against Brazil was embarassing. Why does he keep playing Beasely? Bradley should be fired!

  118. Bravo says:

    If Bradley starts Beasely, so help me God…

  119. Positive thinker says:


    thanks for the highlight clips. I remember that Adu was fearless in his attack and that he was not gonna let the big teams intimidate him. I also remember him playing very well with Donovan in the Argentina game so why can’t it work now. (Man I wish that Donovan was available during that Spain match) Basically I think that Adu is a way better option than most of the players that Bradley has been givin time to. He actually takes players on and is not afraid of tough competition. He needs to play or im gonna really pissed off.

  120. Mike says:

    from left to right play Donovan, Adu, Torres, Dempsey in the midfield with Bradly playing behind them.

    with Jones becoming available play he and Bradley behind Donovan, Adu/Torres and Dempsey.

    Something has to be done to take control of the midfield.

  121. Ben says:

    If the US wants to try to advance, they have to score 4 or more goals, and Bradley should put in all his offensive options. Its more likely Egypt would be scoring a lot, but you would give him credit for trying.

    I’d like to see Bobby’s line up with Dempsey instead of Altidore. Then sub Alty in for him (at 20-25′) if he’s not performing. Maybe with a new lineup he would try harder, if he thinks people are going to help pick up the slack offensively and not just turn it over. Donovan does very well to stay so motivated. Bradley should also sub the least active player at half. He doesn’t have to wait until the US is down 2 goals to use a sub!

    Unfortunately, Bradley will never risk losing face and putting out too many new faces together. It’s all wishful thinking.

  122. understood says:

    someone above just made a great point…if klejstan got benched by his MLS club…if hes not even good enough to start in MLS…why in the world is he getting PT over torres…a dude who plays most games for a team that is one of the best in the region

  123. MiamiAl says:

    I think its high time we see the three man backline with Beasley at LB…

  124. kofix5 says:

    As far as Bradley losing face goes…Too late!
    2 red cards in 2 games. Clark maybe should have been out there against Italy. But Sacha no. Not ready for Brazil.

    My pick for Egypt. Lets see the kids play.


    Sub Casey when Alti gets tired and bring in Deuce when either wing gets tired. He’ll have something to prove. If he’s into it

  125. Tom P says:








    Posted by: Johnny

    Johnny- after looking at your post I believe that is actually our best line up at this given time. I love the midfield and especially putting Boca out on the left. Good one man. It would actually be fun to watch. Defend with 5 or 6(Torres) and attack!

    They ought to put out that line up just so the fans would have something to sit up and watch.

  126. td says:

    anybody watch that highlight reel from spain and arg…its gotta be adu…thanks jpc i had forgot how pumped i was about freddy at the time

  127. bubba says:

    I know this is a LOT to ask for but I hope Bob Bradley gives some of these less experienced guys a look. I would hope Torres and Adu both get some time on the field and see what they can do in this type of environment. It’s a toss up for me but I am going to go with Torres on this one. Torres is good on the ball and is not as much as a liability as many think he is. He has more of a defensive midfield role given all the attacking options they have at Pachuca.

    I really hope that Adu has been working on his defense, and whatever else is keeping him off the pitch. I hope Adu and Davies get some time on the pitch and see if they can give us a different look.

  128. Jacob A. says:

    I remember Puyol having to kick Adu constantly.

    I remember Gago dissing him, and them “having words” after the final words.

    You guys, he can play. He should play. We need goals, he’ll help us do that. If you’re worried about his defense, play him up top with Jozy or Casey.

  129. Iammetro says:

    Damn, I just noticed that Landon has 2 more WCs to prove that he is a respectable player. Bocanegra, this will probably be his last WC, same with Demerit. Being in your mid-30’s at a WC is not the smartest of moves by any coach.

    Someone here said that players from MLS shouldn’t even be on the roster? Well there are only 6. And only 2 have been on really at a time. Landon being the constant. While Kjestan and Clark being the ones that got ejected are the two that have started. Casey has come in as a sub.

    For the GC there is no reason why Adu, Torres, Davies, shouldn’t be starting. There is too much to fix with the Federation/MLS’s approach to developing players. Some stuff seems to be changing, but it will be a few years before we can see the change on the Senior team.

    Lastly, let me just question our youth development. Why is a player like Adu even told to learn how to defend? He has always been known as an attacker. Ronaldinho I am sure was never told to defend. But then again, Brazil knows how to develop players to the point that its one of their top exports. If you know someone like Adu exist within the system, why would you hold him back and not just allow his attack prowess to grow and sharpen even more. At this point, I honestly believe that the number 10 spot should be divided between Donovan and Adu. Once Donovan hits his mid-30’s Adu can get the keys and hopefully we can have either Renken or whoever seems like that new 10 to be his apprentice. Donovan won’t be around the US national team for nomore than 6 years. Thats this cycle and the next. I would hope that developing Adu or someone else as our future playmker would be priority?

  130. Harry says:

    I kept saying how those Adu games are no fluke and that he is a big-game player…anybody remember against Argentina at the end when Donovan got floored to ground cheaply…a just-turned 19-year old Adu got into all these 28 year old Argentine player faces and stood up For Donovan. Adu is a born leader our True #10 in the making.

  131. ThaDeuce says:

    “If Egypt win by 3 that eliminates Italy no matter what the Azurri do, I believe.

    So start Beasley, Wynne, Califf, Pearce, and sneak in Kjlestan with another jersey.

    Posted by: madmax | June 18, 2009 at 11:11 PM

    hahaha, awesome, but don’t forget Casey and Dempsey!

  132. ThaDeuce says:

    “hey guys now do you see the lame excuses of lack of defense against Freddy the last year in regards to he USMNT when video clealry shows Adu hustles back alot and intercepts some passes. The same lame excuses are now being said about Torres. Adu and Torres are now best friends!!!!!!

    Posted by: Harry | June 18, 2009 at 11:02 PM

    you MUST be the guy Ives was talking about “Harry,”
    or shall I say, Adu’s agent?

  133. ThaDeuce says:

    Holy Schnikes! That guy completely took over the thread!

  134. Fan Futbol says:

    Both Torres and Adu should start.

    Torres isn’t a defensive liability; I don’t know where that came from beyond the CR gaffe (for which he was only partially at fault).

    As for Adu — those of us who support him hear a lot of guff that we’re delusional or whatever. All I know is I’ve never seen a US team get worse when Adu comes on, or get better when he goes off. The guy has real skill — as anyone who actually watched the 07 u20 WC or the Spain and Argentina friendlies knows. Let him deploy it.


  135. Mingjai says:


    Can we also have a poll about who we think will get the red card in the Egypt match? Please?

    While the trend would indicate a midfielder will step it up and draw a red, I’m not so sure.

    Here’s my reasoning:

    Kljestan’s out with a suspension, so not him. That leaves Bradley, Donovan, Dempsey, Feilhaber, Clark, Torres, Beasley, and Adu. While Clark would probably the favorite among those listed to be sent off, since he already has one this tournament, he’ll be extra careful if he even reaches the pitch. Of course, when Michael Bradley was younger, he too was good for a card a match, but playing in Holland and Germany seems to have done wonders for him in that aspect.

    Donovan, Dempsey, Feilhaber, and Torres don’t tackle hard enough to draw red. Adu doesn’t tackle at all. I guess there’s always Beasley, and if he is in the starting lineup for the next game, I’d be hoping for him to get sent off.

    I don’t see any of the defenders picking up a red, especially since Onyewu is trying to land a team in the EPL for next season.

    That leaves the forwards, Altidore, Casey, and Davies. I’ll going to go out on a limb and say Davies. He’s young and aggressive. It wouldn’t be out of character for him to pick up a card on a rash challenge.

  136. chg says:

    As some have already pointed out, we need to acknowledge our slim chance of advancing.

    With that in mind, we should play the lineup that gives us the greater likelihood of a multi-goal victory, even if that lineup decreases the overall odds for a result.

  137. Jacob A. says:

    link to

    Never forget this, and then adjust what you’d like to see accordingly.

    Or at the very least show it in the locker room sunday.

  138. goalscorer24 says:

    Blokhin -Funny! They way coach Bradley keeps playing the same players (like he did with Johnson, and now with Beasley) over and over again, after they completely fail is mind-numbing. It makes me think if you put a round shaped hole infront of him and you gave him a square block, and a round ball he would spend weeks trying to put the square through the round hole.

  139. DaveW says:

    Sorry for putting my 2 cents in, my Spanish isn’t great(although if I get to talk soccer in my small town it is in Spanish) but the skinny is that lots of Mexican sides want Omar Bravo, and Pachuca is willing to toss Paco to Deportivo la Coruña to get him.

    Depor owns Bravo but owes money to Atlas(Guadalajara side) for Guardado and another player, so are paying that off with Bravo.

    Some of you who follow Mexico more closely can add more details to the soap opera.

    It would seem to mean Pachuca doesn’t feel they need Torres all that badly, giving him up to get a forward.

  140. DaveW says:

    By the way, I’ve bashed Freddy for selfishness and praised JFT’s spirit in the El Salvador game.

    As many have pointed out, both have some qualities not seen much in our side, the ability to pass accurately, position themselves to be passed to, stay calm on the ball and, surprisingly, since neither is a winger, the ability to hit a cross.

    Still neither has the physical presence the US prefers and even needs in midfield, and I think both have skill sets that say midfield. JFT may fit current plans a little better.

    Also, even at DC United Nowak let Freddy hit free kicks, and our current free kick taker is a bit inconsistent. Paco I haven’t seen take them(don’t follow Pachuca so much) although he did hit at least one corner in Mexican league final.

    All that said, I think for now those are guys who come in as subs, especially for a team whose whole tactical plan is to boot it forward and pray.

    If you saw the LD interview after the Costa Rica game, he mentioned the first goal as someone making the mistake of playing a short ball out of the back. The way he said made me think it was against coach’s orders to build from the back, and US play since then seems to confirm that.

    Finally, I feel a bit sorry for Orozco and Torres that they’re cap tied. Especially Michael, because it appears there were never any real plans to use him.

    As for the red card in the Olympics, after Robbie Rogers hanging him out to dry for two whole games, I don’t blame him(more seriously, he usually plays centrally, and probably now is smart enough to get his licks in where the ref, 4th official and linesman aren’t all on top of him)

  141. Indigo Montoya says:

    Stop putting Torres on the wing in the fantasy lineups! He’s a CM. Dempsey needs a rest – that’s it. Plus, he responds well to challenges, just ask Roy H.

    Blood all of the youngsters. Guzan included. If Bob is trying to ‘ascertain the squad’ then he sure as hell better play others than the same retreads…or it should be his head.

    Play with some heart fellas, and I don’t care about the result.

  142. Dempsey hasn’t been as bad as everyone says. Get him the ball in dangerous spots and he’ll do the business. He’s been better than Josey and Casey. And Beasley has been 10x worse than Deuce.

    Torres, maybe. Adu. No more than 10 minutes at the end, though I think Davies is better.

  143. timmy says:

    just got done watching the italy v. egypt game. doesn’t matter who we put on the field, if egypt comes out with that intensity they’ll destroy us. wish we played like that.

  144. jmadsen says:

    play both of them a half.

    I haven’t seen Adu play in so long, I can’t recommend him – he may be completely out of form, for all anyone knows.

    Egypt is some solid competition to test them against,so give each of them enough time to show what they can do.

  145. not a girlie girl says:

    I would play Adu over Torres, although both are excellent options.

    Adu has played in World Youth Championships (U-17’s, U-20’s, Olympics) and against high level teams in friendlies. He has the ability to make that magical play with great vision and footballing sense that none of the other players on the US team have. I have to say that he was one of the best players in the U-20 FIFA World Championship in Canada two years ago and the magic that he created for the winning goal against the Brazil U-20’s was something I’ll never forget. We need to give him the chance with the Nat Team and he needs to be playing in some league somewhere. I hope his attitude doesn’t kill his chances in Europe & with the Nats and I equally hope he learns how to track back on defense like Landon.

    Torres is fantastic with the ball at his feet, has a good first touch, and can dribble out of pressure. He’s another one who definitely needs a chance and needs to gain more confidence. However, he has not been tested at this high of a level before and I fear he might be a bit out of his element. He still needs to adapt to the US system which is vastly different than the slow tempo of the Mexican League (this is not a criticism — just a comment on the difference of styles between the US and Mexico. Sometimes I actually wish the US would slow the tempo down). I have no doubts that he will adapt and be a key player for us with the right coach. He should come on as a substitute and is definitely one to watch for the future.

  146. Pepe says:

    The amazing thing is that after nearly 1500 votes, Play Neither has yet to get a vote. Yet I see a 50/50 chance of that happening. Sad, but true.

  147. SRose13 says:

    Play Harkes and Lalas. According to their commentary, they are unbeatable! Plus if they were in the game we wouldn’t have to listen to them!

  148. poppin tags says:

    I picked play both. I hope the overwhelming majority that agrees with me is not looked upon as an overreaction by fans. the bottom line is we have to play to make progress no matter what. either we have to try to advance miraculously in this tournament by winning by a huge margin (which the current lineup has no chance of achieving unless they win about 40 corner/direct free kicks), or we have to look for players that can help us in the future by throwing them into a serious international competition. either way both of these guys perfectly fit the bill. In reality I predict one will start, with the other (likely adu, given bradleys seemingly low opinion of him) coming on as a late sub.

    as a side note, if beasley starts (or even subs at this point in front of some of our other players that should get a shot) in this game, well I just wont know how to feel about the current direction we’re heading.

  149. JK says:

    After watching the youtube video, it needs to be Adu. Yes, he got not PT at Monaco, but he needs to get some PT so he is not horribly out of form. Ideally, I think both need to play at some point on Sunday.

  150. fs says:

    US MNT needs to go with both Torres and Adu. Recently, they both have shown heart and creativity and deserve a chance. Into the Gold Cup & beyond, BB should also give opportunities to Pontius, Quaranta, and Davies up top. They’re playing, Altidore isn’t. He should get Jermaine Jones playing as soon as he can, and find a LB that can stand up to international play – I say Bocanegra, with Demerit in the center with Gooch!

  151. jack says:

    bob will never put in torres against these teams because with his skill he would get looked a real good clubs and bobs son will lose his spot on the team but he will play adu because he hasn’t play one real game with his club

  152. meadowlands mel says:

    i have been around soccer for 50 years so let me add some wisdom to these boards.

    1. did we play lousy…yes

    2. did the red cards hurt us…yes

    3. did missing cherundolo, hedjuk, bocanegra, ching, clark. edu, and mashcionni hurt us….yes

    4.has twillman, conner casey, or cooper helped us when brought up…no

    5. has adu proven to any coach in the last two years that he is the answer….no

    6. have we found out that beasley and klejian are not the answer….yes

    7.are we hurt by having the team together before these games for such a short time…yes

    8. has anyone that has been tearing up the mls helped when called in…no

    9. lets just wait until we get healthly and

    add jones to the mix before we panic.

    i hope i have offered some advice to the fans that panic over everything and think they have all the answers…………

  153. rocky says:

    BOTH… This team is a complete mess. FIRE BRADLEY!!!!

  154. lil jack says:

    With the first goal, after the cheap dive. Maicon placed the ball 8 yards ahead of where the foul was committed.
    Other games Donovan would have got the ref or linesman to replace the ball, he would have complained about the call, and the committement for game in early minutes was not in the right place.
    They knew the call was bogus, they knew his freekick close to almost inside 18 yards of the endline and they would have in any other situation been on that. In that game they needed to be on that, they needed to be on everything. But they were not.
    That was just the first impression of the whole game I had.

  155. stephen says:

    I was all for standing behind Bradley until this tournament.


    Saying its not his fault because we don’t have the players is wrong. If we don’t have the players, the coach is at least responsible to put forth tactics to get results … just as coaches in the past have done.

    Against Brazil we should have sat all behind the ball and counter-attacked.

    Away game in Costa Rica, we should have had more conservative tactics.

    This team has not had the correct mental mindset and determination. That is largely part of the coach to drill that into them.

  156. mike says:

    Yes, the odds of us getting out of the group are insane but if we even want a shot at it, we have to win by at least 3 goals so we must go offensive. I say cap them both and see what happens.

  157. BellusLudas says:

    If they both don’t play the pressure to FIRE BOB NOW will make the little trouble in Iran look tame :-)

  158. TimN says:

    I don’t think Torres or Adu playing will make a huge difference in and of itself. Our main problem in this tourney is injuries at multiple, key positions, namely Cherundolo, Hejduk, Ching, and Edu. With those guys in the mix, we are an entirely different team. Anyone who thinks Adu or Torres will be the “magic bullet” isn’t really paying attention to the multitude of poor play all over the field. THE TEAM has to play better as a whole. That means creativity on and off the ball, discipline and timing on defensive challenges (ie: no high, late tackles that earn reds), finishing chances, etc., etc., etc.

  159. Mike Caramba says:

    We don’t need defense. We need a 5-goal win. Probably not going to happen, but there’s absolutely no reason to do anything but an all-out attack in this situation.

  160. JD says:

    IMO the missing players aren’t the problem. There has been progressive degradation of the on-field form. Watch the first half of the Brasil game again. There were far too many unforced giveaways – that’s amateur stuff. How many “passes” went to no one? The hopeful longballs to the lone striker marked by multiple defenders is not going to result in consistent success.

    Where the hell is that terrier Cobi Jones when you need him?

  161. Xander Crews says:

    A little off-topic, but I’m starting to wonder… Bob Bradley’s the worst coach the US has had in some time – arguably worse than Steve Sampson? If he truly does fall below Sampson in the pecking order, you’re looking at him being the worst coach in more than 25 years…. Quite the dubious distinction…

  162. Rossi is Judas says:

    Never though I would say this, but I think that Heath Pearce and Dan Califf deserve some time on the field.

  163. Bryan says:

    I went with Torres. I would be just fine seeing them both come on. But if I had to choose, I would go with Torres.

    Once we have Jones, I would like to see something like this:

    GK: Howard

    LB: Boca
    CB: Gooch
    RB: Spector

    CDM: Jones
    CDM: Bradley
    LW: Adu
    RW: LD
    CAM: Dempsey

    ST: Altidore
    ST: Davies

    Possible Subs: Torres, Edu, Feilhaber, DeMerit, Davies, etc.


    GK: Howard

    LB: Boca
    CB: Gooch
    CB: DeMerit
    RB: Spector

    CDM: Jones
    LM: Torres
    RM: Dempsey
    CM: LD (Bradley?)

    ST: Altidore

    Possible Subs: Edu, Adu, (Bradley?), Feilhaber, Davies, etc.

  164. Doug Dearien says:

    PLAY BOTH!!!!!!! You hit the nail on the head! Torres and Adu in the middle with Jermaine Johnson backing the up. Holy ****! That would be amazing! I know Johnson is not there yet, which is why I voted screw the defense. Until you get someone to replace Onyewu and Bornstein, nothing is going to change there any way! Onyewu is pitifully out of position far too much and why is going all the way forward to handle a throw in only to get caught chasing the play back? It’s a throw in! When was the last time they actually got a shot on goal with that play much less scored? And, Bornstein! God love you, brother, but you are a boy among men and not even close to ready to play at that level. Whose butt did you kiss to make this squad or the player pool for that matter? You play like a deer in headlights and have been burned so many times you are starting to resemble and smell like burnt toast!!! Besides that, if we have to look at the sour puss faces of Dempsey and Donovan any longer, you can feel the fan base shrinking all across the country. (Actually told my boys to find another team internationally with players who play together with confidence to emulate. i.e. Spain, Italy, Brazil and how about even Egypt and Iraq holding their own?!) Our MNT, literally, WALKS around the pitch as if something is owed them and it’s embarassing, LITERALLY! I think we are only team in the world that actually plays the ball backwards and goes into defensive mode when we get behind in a game!!! How does that happen, COACH?!! Just a suggestion. But, why not let Dempsey go practice his juggling and stroke himself somewhere else, ANYWHERE ELSE, than on this squad/team? And, maybe it would make sense to let Donovan go back up front and use his speed to get behind the defense? Maybe then he can earn his OWN penalty kicks, Right?!! Hell, he doesn’t work on defense, anyway, or challenge a ball. But, I bet he still remembers how to work into space, play a ball across or maybe, just maybe TAKE A SHOT!!!! And, last but not least, could we please see someone put free kick on frame? All it takes is practice!! You guys haven’t challenged a keeper, yet. And, I’m amazed at our bland commentators who have to talk about set pieces from players years past because there hasn’t been a whole lot to talk about in the recent (fast becoming distant) past!! Fix your defense coach, let Adu, Torres and soon to be Johnson OWN THE MIDDLE, and let let Altidore and Donovan put some balls in the back of the net!!!! Then you’ll get my attention back and I’m sure millions of quiet fans out there who would love to scream and shout “Go USA!” But, quite frankly, are too embarassed to open their mouths! And, who can blame them? As our younger players and leagues around the country are becoming more and more influenced with international coaches and players, your poor decision making becomes more blatantly obvious with every CAP. We’re tired of apologizing for you and trying to explain some of your moves when these ‘kids’ are pointing out YOUR and your staff’s mistakes which rears it’s ugly head the moment a lineup is announced and the scared play begins after the whistle is blown. Have you ever thought of having all your players watch ‘Learn how to play like a Brazilian’ on Youtube? It couldn’t hurt. Seems like our U-23’s, U-20’s and other younger teams did quite well as they played/play around the world. What happened? Oh yeah, Adu was on the field along with Szetela and others. And, that weren’t afraid of ANYBODY! Time to grow some gnads, coach and replace the old guard with some fresh talent. It’s gonna happen, anyway, and should be your decision! Your choice, HERO or zero. Me, for one, I’ve seen enough zeros from this team already. Take a look at Confederation’s Cup standings. Whoa. Embarassing. go usa! (spoken quietly)