U.S. Gold Cup Roster Announced (A closer look)

While the Confederations Cup still has one more game to play, the U.S. national team will begin play in the CONCACAF Gold Cup very soon. Now we know who will be on that roster.

Charlie Davies, Freddy Adu, Kenny Cooper, Steve Cherundolo and Jimmy Conrad are five of the players chosen for the U.S. Gold Cup team, which begins play on July 4th vs. Grenada.

Here is the roster:

GOALKEEPERS– Jon Busch (Chicago Fire), Troy Perkins (Valarenga), Luis Robles (FC Kaiserslautern)

DEFENDERS– Steve Cherundolo (Hannover 96), Jimmy Conrad (Kansas City Wizards), Clarence Goodson (IK Start), Jay Heaps (New England Revolution), Chad Marshall (Columbus Crew), Michael Parkhurst (FC Nordsjaellands), Heath Pearce (Hansa Rostock)

MIDFIELDERS– Davy Arnaud (Kansas City Wizards), Kyle Beckerman (Real Salt Lake), Colin Clark (Colorado Rapids), Sam Cronin (Toronto FC), Brad Evans (Seattle Sounders), Stuart Holden (Houston Dynamo), Logan Pause (Chicago Fire), Robbie Rogers (Columbus Crew)

FORWARDS– Freddy Adu (AS Monaco), Brian Ching (Houston Dynamo), Kenny Cooper (FC Dallas), Charlie Davies (Hammarby IF), Santino Quaranta (D.C. United)

Surprises? There are plenty.

Charlie Davies is a surprise considering how much he has played in the Confederations Cup, but his inclusion here makes it clear that he has no intention of returning to Hammarby. Veteran defender Jay Heaps has to be considered a surprise, while Jimmy Conrad's return to the national team fold might put to rest some of the conspiracy theories about his lengthy absence. Logan Pause might be a surprise pick for some, but he has quietly enjoyed a very strong season for Chicago.

(So why Heaps? it boils down to this. The team needs a back-up left back to Heath Pearce. How many American left back options are there exactly? Not many.)

Surprising absences? D.C. United rookie Chris Pontius seemed like a good bet to make the squad. Houston winger Brad Davis has enjoyed a good year, but there have long been questions about his work rate on the international level. Jose Francisco Torres seemed like a good bet for this tournament, but you wonder if Pachuca wanted him participating in two tournaments this summer. Houston defender Geoff Cameron, arguably the best defender in MLS right now, is a disappointing exclusion but Houston has Stuart Holden and Brian Ching on the roster so you have to think Bob Bradley didn't want to take three of Houston's best players at the same time.

What might the starting lineup be when the United States takes on Grenada? Here's a possible starting lineup:







What do you think of the roster? What do you think about this starting lineup? What player's inclusion surprised you the most? Who's absence surprised you the most?

Share your thoughts below.

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158 Responses to U.S. Gold Cup Roster Announced (A closer look)

  1. smits says:

    no Geoff Cameron? shame on Bradley.

  2. Alex says:

    WOuld this be considered a B team or a C team? …

  3. Oranjebleeder says:

    Still mystified as to why no Torres. He’s rested..

  4. Kent says:

    No Torres? This worries me a bit…

  5. Joe says:

    Heaps, and not Namoff. That’s a crime.
    And this lineup completely guts my Fantasy midfield, espeically if Honduras calls up Guevara also. Grrrrrr.

  6. mb says:

    WOW. no Torres. i hope he doesn’t take advantage of the new FIFA rule. what is the deal here?

    would like to have seen Pontius on this roster. strength, speed, skill, heart, and lots of confidence- sounds like Donovan/Beasley in 2002 (except for the strength). he should be given a look.

    i don’t like the Beckerman inclusion or Pause for that matter.

    would like to have seen Cameron also.

  7. Steve says:

    No Torres? When is he going to get a fair shake?

    As a Fire fan all I’ve got to say is OH SH*T!!! Pause and Busch gone for most of July (on top of Segares) – its going to eb a long month…….

  8. mb says:

    excuse the Goff remark Ives.

  9. Mark says:

    Color me surprised. I thought Torres, Altidore, Guzan, Feilhabre and Demerit would all be part of the team.

    Roster is good enough to advance from the group, but this is most definitely a B team.

  10. JD says:

    Some odd selections/omissions. I’m surprised Jozy’s missing, as it seems he could use more PT. Maybe BB wants to focus on looking at Adu/Cooper/Quaranta in the forward roles.

    I guess BB wants Ching to get some USMNT time before Azteca. Other than that, I can’t see why he’s on the roster.

  11. Jason says:

    Worried about Torres, too. But Mexican preseason coming up soon. Better for him to stay in Pachuca’s lineup, then play in a fewmeaningless games for the US

  12. ELAC says:

    Wheres Torres? Too tired? Pissed at US Soccer?
    Orozco? One gaffe and he’s an outsider, now?

    Jemal Johnson? Marcus Tracy?

    Same mistakes for US Soccer and selections. Gulati will never learn.

    BTW, the MLS suffers because of this roster.

  13. Jacob A. says:

    Jason raises a fair point…

  14. THE Nick says:

    Where’s Clint Mathis? Come on Bradley!

  15. EDB says:

    Good on pause for the call up. I don’t see why they have Ching in there, hes already proven internationally. To me this seems like some players they want to look at or need some time.

  16. cas says:

    I think I’m happy that I didn’t buy tickets for the final at Giants Stadium right away.

  17. Oranjebleeder says:

    Torres cant switch at this point since appeared in a WC qualifier for USA.

  18. Chris says:

    Who the heck is Logan Pause? What is the point of even calling in Jay Heaps?

  19. Charlie Fiction says:

    Heaps? Pause?

    The roster looks okay, but they’ll need some of those listed as Forwards (Adu, Quaranta) to drop back and help us in the midfield.

    Also, if you bring in Cronin, why not other MLS rookies (Pontius, for example)?

  20. Randomhero says:

    What about Jeremiah White? The only other person missing for me is Orozco, but maybe his team wanted him for preseason.

    Very surprised to see Heaps get a call in before some other players

  21. guillermo says:

    Logan Pause is mediocre at best….and I’m a Fire fan.

  22. Trent says:

    Given the chance, Chad Marshall and Robbie Rogers will shine.

  23. shantz says:

    eddie johnson

  24. DC96 says:

    Jimmy Freakin Conrad!!!! Always loved this guy when he suited up!

  25. David says:

    Suprised Guzan is not part of the team. I guess he must have No. 2 locked and Bradley is just looking for his No. 3 now.

    Looks like anyone who has been a regular in the Confeds cup roster who might have preseason club obligations has been omitted. Suppose that is good. Let them rest for Mexico in August.

  26. Jose A. V. says:

    I like the previous list better than this one.

  27. Ja Ja James says:

    Why is Torres still getting snubbed? Doesn’t make sense.

  28. DC96 says:

    wouldve brought in Beasley to get his confidence back up and since he’s not really on the club scene don’t see why it would’ve been a problem

  29. Michael says:

    Well, it looks like Freddy Adu will have no trouble finding playing time with this lot…

  30. WiscoDan says:

    jimmy conrad = ageless

  31. mnmike says:

    Ives, you have better insight on a Davies move, but I wonder if his 5 game suspension also plays a factor in his inclusion?

  32. Steve C. says:

    No Beasley?!

  33. BFBS says:

    I don’t have any specific objection to this roster. (I suspect Jeremiah White is unavailable due to injury.) I just don’t understand the logic behind the selections. Looks like one of the major considerations was not to take away too much talent from any one team (although, if that’s the case then Chicago may have some quibbles). The Jay Heaps selection is interesting. On the one hand, it might be just a career achievement award. On the other, Bradley may think that with Cherundolo, Hejduk, and Spector collectively somewhat prone to injury and Wynne unconvincing, he needs a gritty defender option at right back ready to step in (who can also pitch in at center and even left back).

  34. Brian says:

    Would like to have seen Jeremiah White on the team. I would start Beckerman in the holding midfield role over Pause…

  35. Murphy says:

    Why Heaps? He has no shot at the national team next summer. Shouldn’t this tourny be used to evaluate guys who may round out the roster next summer?

    Adu better start every match. Also Robles. I like Busch and Perkins, but I don’t think they should be in the picture for the 3rd keeper spot.

    Maybe Torres is a known quantity and Bradley is trying to evaluate other guys. But then why bring in Heaps?

    Should be an interesting tournament anyways, just to see how these guys do…

  36. Nick says:

    Hopefully Cooper gets a fair shot to impress Bradley here. I definitely want to see him as 3rd forward for the world cup.

  37. JohnC says:

    I think the starting 11 are all players that I want to see get more looks but the last 5 or 6 guys on the bench seem like a waste of space. Really Jay Heaps? I’m a rev fan who supports Heaps but national team call up, how about Jeremy Hall? I like that they are bringing in Cronin. I think Quaranta and Colin Clarke need to get into that starting eleven. I prey that Holden will finally play in a match and not surprisingly get hurt again the day before the start of the gold cup. Would have liked to seen two guys from the under-20 team get taken on this team to gain experience from the practices.

  38. The Gentleman Masher says:

    I imagine this has to do mostly with tournament fatigue. I was hoping for alot more young guys – but it’s understandable.

    Glad that Adu will probably be getting alot of time. Would like to see Tino in the midfield as well…

  39. PetedeLA says:

    Does Davies have any offers? He’s fast, and he’s confident, but I’ve yet to see any real skill from him. Don’t think he’s good enough for the top 4 or 5 leagues. Maybe Scotland would be a good move. But I’m sure the girls in Sweden are just a tad bit prettier.

  40. BigTex says:

    Why no Torres? Is there some Pachuca conflict?

  41. brad says:

    i agree…and wanted to see Torres for an extended period in this Tournament.

    So pumped from yesterday, and I signed up for USSOCCERSC…go USA

  42. Jack K. - SBI Mafia Original says:

    Why is Dolo in this list? He should be with his team trying to get his rhythm and spot back.

  43. Turtle says:

    I think EJ should be on this list. Very glad to see Quaranta included.

    —–ching — Davies——




    Beckerman would drop back and Adu and Holden could interchange.

    I would want to give time to Quaranta during this tournament and Cooper as well. I don’t see anybody else besides these 13 having a possibility fo making the WC roster so let’s give them their shot to shine. It’s a big test for Cooper especially. (I would have rather had Wynne here than in SA by the way).

  44. MensreaJim says:

    Orozco…any word on him, Ives? Red card and out forever? Seems odd.

    Good to see cap’n Jimmy back in the fold. I hope JFT is out for club reasons. No need to ostracize very skilled young guys con corazon y cajones.

    Lots of young Europe-based guys not on the roster, but I’d say that makes sense. Let them stay in camp and acclimate.

  45. PetedeLA says:

    Dolo wants to play. He’s said it in interviews.

  46. Jose A. V. says:

    Where is:





    Jeremia white

    Jamal Johnson

    Eddie Johnson





  47. OYE says:

    I think this a great line-up. These guys are proven MLS players who deserve call-ups. Let them have some experience, those that float will be part of WC qualifiers those the fail lose out. Its a great way to find new talent that are ready to preform. I would bring in a couple Rookies like Alston from NE, Wallace (who I believe should be a Left Middy) and Pont. from DC and perhaps Harrington from KC instead of Conrad (age), Cherundolo (already had chances), and Parkhurst.

  48. Johnny G says:

    This really does throw a big, wet blanket on MLS, doesn’t it?

  49. Josh says:

    My guess is Torres is better off going back to Pachuca. First off, Torres needs to get some rest before preparing for a long league season, and the Mexican league is probably better than the competition he would have faced in the Gold Cup. Second, he’s a known quantity, unlike many of the names on this roster.

    Ching is probably there to provide leadership for a young group, but frankly, Cooper should get the start as a target forward. In MLS Cooper tries to dribble all day long as if he’s not the tallest man on the pitch by far, but IF Cooper has a role with the national team, it’s as a target striker. He’s simply too slow to play with the ball at his feet on this level. He needs to start up top and show that he can battle and win those 50-50 balls and hold up play for his team to advance, and if he can’t do that, then he has no future with the national team.

    I hope to hell Adu learns something from watching Bradley and Donovan’s (and even Dempsey’s) performance at the Confed Cup. If he can track back and be disruptive–and help start counters, since that’s the style we’ll be playing against WC opposition anyway–then he’ll go a long way toward securing a national team spot AND becoming the type of player his club will have no choice but to start.

    No complaints about this roster. It’s a mix of some veteran leaders who’ve performed on a bigger stage than this, and young guns who need an extended look. There’s very little at stake in this tournament (GC ’11 will matter more), so use it to do a diagnostic for our B team and see what the younger guys need to do improve and to merit future callups.

  50. Turtle says:

    This is such a great summer! So much USA soccer has me in heaven.

    Steve C – don’t know if you were joking but I think it might have been a good tournament to try to help Beas get his feet back under him. The question is at who’s expense. The development of Rogers is pretty important. Are we giving up on Beas? Do we just let his club team (whoever thatmay be) deal with his form?

    It’s a tough question for me. I’m a fan of his and I’m bummed by this stretch he’s on. I keep thinking back to his CL game against Barca and how great he was that night only to blow out his knee shortly thereafter. It’s a shame….

  51. JK says:

    I am little surpised to not see Jeremiah White, but that is my only quibble with the roster, as I am pretty happy. I hope this Copa Oro can maybe dig up someone who might be able to contribute to the national team in the future.

  52. kswiss says:

    I would have liked Feilhaber to get a few more well deserved starts, and Torres to see more of what he can do. But I agree that both exclusions are probably a matter of wanting to get them back to their clubs, to fight for and keep regular starting roles.

    I do like the idea of including Beasley to help get him back on track, like I hope Pearce does. You can’t deny that Rogers deserves a look on the left side, though. I have a feeling Beasley will be motivated this year to turn things around. At least, I hope so, because we’re going to need that depth on the wings next year.

  53. matt says:

    Really would have liked to see Whitbread, Torres, and Pontius.

  54. Chase says:

    Frankly, I am baffled with the inclusion of Heaps and Conrad, both of whom are 32 and really have no chance of contributining in South Africa next year. I suppose they are being brought in as veteran leadership and as some sort of token life-time achievement recognition thing.

    Positives: No Mastroeni, Adu should get plenty of PT, Cooper, Holden, Rogers, Marshall, Parkhurst all get a big opportunity to prove they deserve a place in the “A” team.

    Negatives: no Torres, Orozco, Cameron, Pontius, or Whitbread. Also, was curious to see how good this Lichaj guy is.

    Hopefully these guys can put on a good show. As long as they make it out of our weak group and don’t lose to Canada, I’ll be fine.

  55. timpramas says:

    Heaps can play all four positions along the back line and gives the US versatility in the case of injuries during the tournament (injured players can’t be replaced on the roster once the tournament starts). He laos has significant experience playing in a three or four defender formation. Carrying only seven defenders with a compact tournament schedule and some defenders returning from recent injuries requires a team to carry someone with this versatility. Heaps is also good at winning balls in the air which makes him a dnagerous offensive option on US set pieces. He is also playing well right now for the Revolution.

    White is recovering from injury. If healthy, I imagine he would have been selected.

    Torres and Orozco risk losing their starting spots on their respective Mexican league teams if they miss out on preseason training to play in the Gold Cup. Orozco was benched for over a month after returning from last summer’s Olympics. Pachuca’s coach disuaded Torres from accepting an Olympic spot. You have to assume US Soccer spoke with the club coaches before selecting the roster, so other posters talking about “snubs” are off the mark.

    Given that Ching is a known quantity, I might have preferred selcction of another Dynamo player in lieu of him.

    I alos might have preferred other goalkeeping choices given current form, perhaps Colorado’s keeper (Pickens) instead of Chicago’s.

    Overall though, it is a good roster and affords the US an opportunity to see a good group of players for an extended period of time and determine who might help the team in the future (near and distant).

  56. ukraine says:


  57. ukraine says:

    I second EJ

  58. Trent says:

    I wonder if Bob Bradley will have an assistant coach this tournament since he isn’t having his son play.

  59. I am really surprised that Tim Ward is not on this roster. He has had a very good year.

  60. bill ding says:

    I hope Busch and Pause throw it.


  61. ukraine says:

    well put timpramas

  62. Jose A. V. says:

    BRIAN CHING???? Why? Is it because he still needs to prove himself?

  63. Tim says:

    Im happy to have Wynne back to TFC, but sad now that Cronin will be gone. But good for him!

  64. madmax says:

    I can’t believe that Gringo Torres was not selected. Is Bob Bradley still angry that Torres helped expose his favorite son Beasley at LB? And no Michael Orozco. I hope Bradley hasn’t gone Rongen on players with mixed nationalities.

    Note: Rongen insults dual nationalities players by imposing loyalty oaths at 17.

  65. Freddy says:

    It looks like Bobbo has lost all faith in Pablo!

    (hey that rhymes!)

  66. Jason says:

    Cameron is the biggest exclusion for me, and EJ.

    I’ll also say our roster has all of three outside backs on it (Dolo, Pearce, Heaps). Which seems awfully thin. If we get an injuryi + a suspension, we are screwed.

    Look, I know everyone is on the BB bandwagon right now, but he always seems to manage to have an unbalanced lineup. At CC, we only have 2 DM’s. Here, we only have 3 outside backs. Tim Ward?

  67. Texas 1836 says:

    Pardon the potentially ignorant question…

    What on earth has happened to Chris Seitz?

    Has he suffered some horrible injury? Is he sucking eggs in MLS?

    He seemed to be on the fast-track, and now he’s not even on a C-team roster?

    Any info here would be much appreciated.

  68. Adam R. says:

    Haha, nepotism!


  69. EA says:

    The good:

    – Cherundolo back in the fold. Interesting battle looming between a healthy Dolo and a healthy Spector.

    – Conrad and Quaranta back with the team. I still think Jimmy could push Califf for the “reserve CB” spot on next year’s team. Quaranta can bring true winger skills as a late game sub.

    – The forward group. The internet may explode, between hatred of Brian Ching and fandom of Cooper and Adu. Especially when Bob trots out Davies and Ching for the first game. I could only imagine if EJ got the call as well…

    The bad:

    – There’s not a whole lot to inspire me in that midfield group, apart from Rogers and Holden. I suppose Bob is going to get a close look at these guys, and this may be the last look a few of them get.

    – Same with the GK group. I’d be AFRAID to see any one of those 3 in a qualifier. I guess Hahnemann is out of the picture entirely. I’m sure he wants to settle in with Wolves. I think he is still a better option than those 3, and on even footing with Guzan. I suspect we’ll see a different keeper in each 1st round match, and then go from there. I still also firmly believe that if something were to happen to Tim Howard, either Keller and/or Friedel’s phone would ring, international retirement be damned.

    The ugly:

    – Jay Heaps

    – Logan Pause

    – Exclusion of Pontius and Cameron

    – Not knowing Clint Mathis announced his international retirement last year.

  70. Jose A. V. says:

    My Ideal lineup:






    GO USA!!!!!!

  71. beckster says:

    No Marcus Hahnemann? So we have an American EPL goalie that consistently gets ignored by Bradley?

    We knew about Quaranta a few days ago and that is great news. He really deserves a look.

    Would have liked to see McBride!

  72. ga-gone says:

    Ching is a strange selection. Would have liked to have seen Rolfe in there.

  73. Travers says:







  74. mb says:

    would like to have seen Wynne get more playing time.

  75. DC Josh says:

    I’m not a Eurosnob, I love the MLS, but why so many MLS players???

    I’d love to see Whitbread, Zizzo, Szetela, Arguez, Tracy, Jemal and Eddie Johnson, etc. But I’m assuming training camp opens shortly in Europe considering the first round of fixtures are in the middle of August.

    I’m a tad bit worried about this squad.

  76. goalscorer24 says:

    I agree why no Torres?

  77. Armando says:

    I guess the Tico’s are now heavy favorites to capture the Gold Cup. With the USA fielding a “C” team at best and Mexico sending a “B” team should be an easy path for CR. With CR, they always send their best players whether its the national team or one of their league teams.

  78. DC Josh says:

    I forgot to mention Tino Quaranta making it back into the Nat’s camp. What a rollercoaster of 12 months he has had, beating a severe pain-killer addiction, fighting to make it back into the MLS, earning a starting spot on DC United, get married, having his first baby, and now making it back onto the men’s national team.

    Ives, have you been considering an article on his story? It is a fascinating story, a couple news pieces have been done on him around the DC area. I’d love to get your take on it.

  79. Ryan Hunter says:

    I notice Brad Evans is listed in the numerical roster listing on ussoccer.com, but not in the “Roster by Position”.

  80. Isaac says:





    Cooper in for Ching (57th)

    Evans in for Rogers(70th; slide Davies up top next to Cooper, Adu over to the right, Holden to the left and Evans where Holden was)

    Cronin in for Adu(85th)

    seems fine to me….

  81. T says:

    Heaps goodson and Conrad selections are ridiculous. Drew moor is getting screwed. I don’t know what else he can do to get picked. He leads defenders in scoring and has played every defensive position for fcd this year.
    Also busch is a horrible keeper. Probably in the bottom half of the mls

  82. ac says:

    Real awesome to see Quaranta back on the squad. He’s really turned his life and career around. I hope he’ll get some minutes. You can never have too much depth or options.

  83. Army of Dad says:

    Should have called in Alvarez and capped him in an official competition to keep him from the El Sals-though he might not even be returning calls from the USMNT right now.

    The GK selections seem a bit curious as well.

  84. goalscorer24 says:

    Well at least no Klejstan, and no Beasley. Yeah!

  85. Angel says:

    Ohhh Well here we go again. I guess Latinos are not welcome in this National Team. Orozco and Torres a taken off the list and I know both need to go to their club but Bob Bradley keep pushing the bottom until either Orozco or Torres would like to come back to the USNMT. I’m sad cause if he didn’t want this player on his roster should let them go and play for Mexico. I’m not Mexican but I I hate this Favoritism from Bradley to his player that he feel Comfortable and what ever happen to the First Roster that Ives gave us for the Gold Cup. This totally different, Anyway I just going to enjoy the Victory against spain and than after Put all this Sh*t to Bob Bradley. FcK him!!!!

  86. Kevin says:

    Doesnt Perkins play with Valeranga?

  87. MVK says:

    Could it be that USSF is letting the those MLS rookies continue to establish playing time for thier clubs since its not like any of them are going to be part of the world cup squad?

  88. Isaac says:





    So many possibilities…..

  89. Joosepi says:

    Beckerman needs to start with Holden (with the No. 10 shirt no less) in midfield.

    I can see Adu playing right wing.

    Whitbread would have been a better left back option than Heaps (yes, I know he normally plays centrally, but he’s played plenty of left back in his career).

    Orozco and Torres should have been on this roster. Both would have been starters, in my opinion.

    Good to see Jimmy back. Hope he captains the team through the tournament.

    Love that Clark and Cronin are getting a look.

    Hope to see:

    Davies, Ching
    Rogers, Beckerman, Holden, Adu
    Pearce, Conrad, Parkhurst, Cherundolo

  90. mb says:

    Regarding Torres. I thought Pachuca is starting this season with a new coach? He may need to be there for pre-season due to that change. New coach assessment, new tactics, etc.

  91. Barega says:

    Based on Bradley’s MO, I’d say we’ll likely see a lot of the following:





  92. Tim F. says:

    Does Jeremiah White have games this summer? I cannot understand how he didn’t get on this roster. Insane.

    Also, I’m glad Adu gets to go in and start with all the scrubs. Then when that team fails horribly everyone will point to Adu and call him washed up.

  93. dave says:

    a good mix, although Whitbread, Tracy, Zizzo and Szetela deserve looks at some point.

  94. socrates says:


    GK: Yes, Seitz is injured. Curious to see how Robles does. Not interested in Busch or Perkins at all. Wish Hahnemann and Robles could split the games.

    LB: Pearce may be down to #3, even with DMB looking crappy, now that BB has moved ‘Los to LB and clearly has chosen Bornstein over Pearce. Plus his Heath’s club situation sucks, so stay in US and try all you can do to impress Bob and a potential new club with GC play. He can also play in MF if needed.

    CB: There is a least one WC2010 CB spot still up for grabs, with Gooch for sure, Boca likely, unless the move to LB sticks, and DeMerit now very likely too. So, hopefully gC is chance to evaluate how would get that last spot. Califf has been up and down. I personallylike Conrad, Parkhurst, and Orozco. Wish all 3 were in for GC, but will settle for two. Goodson has excelled for club. Marshall was awesome last year. Justified.

    RB: Dolo now has a fight on his hands, given how good Spector has looked. Even Frankie impressed. He could have skipped GC if he wanted to, but I’m glad he wants to suit up.

    Heaps? As explained above, he’s a utility guy that can play all 3 spots and has been solid for the past 2+ years.

    Wish we had:

    Possible choices over heaps:
    Tim Ward
    Drew Moor
    Anthony Wallace (R. Wallace not eligible)
    Chris Wingert
    Marco Vidal
    Edgar Castillo (if he wants to switch)
    Eric Lichaj (BB just had him in camp)
    Kevin Goldthwaite
    Kevin Alston

  95. bubba says:

    I was looking forward to seeing Torres included in Gold Cup, but it makes a lot of sense that he heads back to Pachuca for preseason. JFT and Pachuca have a new coach and if he wants to play and play regularly, he definitely needs to be there from the start of preseason competing with the rest of his teammates.
    I am really hoping this is the only reason he is being excluded from Gold Cup.

  96. ben says:

    Texas 1836,

    Seitz is hurt, but looked to be showing some improvement before the injury. I’d imagine he’ll be back in the mix again sooner rather than later.

  97. MVK says:

    “Rookies like Alston from NE, Wallace (who I believe should be a Left Middy) and Pont. from DC and perhaps Harrington from KC instead of Conrad (age)”

    Harrington doesnt even start, rookie Matt Besler took his LB spot because Harrington was injuried early and Harrington will not get it back; reports months ago were that Besler might be called in; his exclusion coupled with other rookies exclusions only leads you to think that the USSF wants them to continue to establish themselve with thier clubs.

  98. No Torres, Pontius? says:

    Really surprised by some of the selections. I for one was hoping to see a lot of Torres this tournament. Same goes for Pontius. Have Cronin and Rogers really had a better year than Pontius?

    Santino Quaranta is a surprise, I think Robbie Findley would be a more interesting option.

    As far as outside backs, Robbie Russell is much better than Jay Heaps in my opinion. He plays on the right more often than the left though, so that was probably Bradley’s thinking there. Still, Russell should be on the radar. He’s physically dominating, competent on the ball, gets forward and is a good crosser of the ball.

  99. Hopper says:

    Brad Evans! Woot! SOUNDERS!

  100. japan says:

    Do we have to win this gold cup to be in confederations cup in 2013? or is there another gold cup in 2 years that decides who goes

  101. EA says:

    Other than his Joel Osteen mullet, I’ve never seen anything from Clarence Goodson I didn’t like.

    I think a back four of Pearce-Conrad and/or Marshall and/or Goodson-Cherundolo will be a tough nut for the CONCACAF teams to crack.

  102. japan says:

    do we have to win this gold cup to be in confederation cup 2013? or is there another gold cup in 2 years which decides who goes?

  103. ds says:

    I think the key to how we are going to play is that we will run out one of the two formations we usually use the 4-2-3-1 or the 4-4-2 with two defensive central midfielders and advanced wings. Only if we do that can we see how these guys will fit in with the A team.


    Ching Davies

    Adu Holden

    Pause Beckman

    Pearce Parkhurst Conrad Dolo

  104. John says:

    So much goes into selection for non WCQ games. In this case taking into account Euro and Mexican preseasons, injuries (that we might not know about), wishes of club coaches both in MLS and abroad, balancing the pain that MLS teams feel from the scheduling crunch, etc. You can’t read anything into these. Does anyone remember Herculez Gomes playing in the Copa America two years ago (geez – this is much better than that).

    I like most of the selctions in the top 11 given the selection circumstances and the back half of the roster can be ignored a bit. None of the older guys have a shot at playing meaningful games in the future and are there because they were available and will provide balance and cover.

    It’s pretty obvious that Torres and Orozco were left off the roster so they could join preseason with their Mexican teams to ensure they had the best chance of winning starting jobs.

    The players enjoy playing for the US for obvious competitive and presige reasons. But many of them also make a lot more money playing for the US than their MLS contracts (especially for the younger guys.

    As a Revs fan, I’m happy for Heaps although he’ll never play for the US again after this tournament. But the team is so injured and crippled, his absence will be huge. They only dressed 5 subs for the game last night – the rest of them are injured.

  105. Alex G says:

    Where is Torres, I can’t believe BB doesn’t get a better look at this guy, it’s frustrating…

  106. deuce says:

    I really really like the call ins. It will be good to see players that i haven’t seen much in a USMNT jersey lately (or ever) making the case for World Cup 2010. Disapointed not to see Torres, I would like to see him get some starts in the USMNT so he can make the case for himself. That is a disappointment. I hope that the young guns and old returners do well! I’m glad not to see Califf, Kljestan, or Beasley. It looks like their back up spots are up for grabs by the likes of these guys. Seriously too bad about Torres, though I’m willing not to blame the coach, but to blame Pachuca. Bad Pachuca! Bad Bad Pachuca! Torres really needed this opportunity to break into the team, and after this I don’t know when he’ll get another chance before the World Cup!
    I really love the fact that there is no hanheman, guzan, or howard. Coach Bradley is really opening up the depth there and giving newbies a shot. I like this move. It will be interesting to see these games without any of the current regular starters, and all of them will be playing 100% for a chance to get to the world cup in 2010. This group could win it.

  107. Chris says:

    Where is Pontius!??!?!?

  108. deuce says:

    I take it back, Davies is a current in form starter. It will be great to see Ching and Davies pairing because that is a pair we could see next year. We’ll see now if Dolo will be better than Spector. etc. etc. etc. I am wondering why no Torres or Feilhaber, I guess they have solidified their spots already? Didn’t want to play them? And I wish Edu was healed up. My my we have a lot of choices to make in the midfield. Coach Bradley has to weed out a lot of players for the top 4 spots.

  109. deuce says:

    oh, and add jones to the mix. sheesh.
    Lets all try to rank the order of starting center mids:

  110. unknown says:

    I bought tickets for the Grenda match and am really disapointed. It’s not that I wanted all the big names. Actually, I was hoping for the young guys who will, you know, be part of the top squad in the future. Just a glorified MLS All star squad… if that.

  111. chris dykstra says:

    I take it Jermain Jones is ineligible for the Gold Cup? I thought there was an outside chance he would suit up this summer. I can’t wait to see him play for the Nats.

  112. MAES says:

    Would have liked to see the Mexican based players, Vidal and Orozco, and also Padilla and Castillo should have been invited to see where their hearts were (USA or Mexico). Also some young European based talent who we don’t see or hear much from, e.g. Szetela, Zizzo, EJ and Arguez. Nonetheless, Looking forward to seeing what we have for Wing Midfield options (an obvious weakness right now) Rogers, Clark, Davis, and even Holden, who’s more central but an intriguing talent. Lastly please play Kenny Cooper up front with Adu or Cooper together with Ching/Davies and Adu in a supporting role. Cooper and Adu need a serious look for WC roster considerations.

  113. MAchine says:

    why no altidore it’s not like he’s gonna get lot of playin time at villa?

  114. deuce says:

    okay, i do agree with that! Definitely OROZCO. We need a left back to back up bornstein??? why not give orozco another look to compete with pearce. He really really deserves it.

  115. Supsam says:

    For those who are wondering, Mexican preseason is already underway so the mexican clubs would prefer if their players were present (Torres and Orozco). Iwouldnt be too worried for all those of think Torres is getting snubbed. Alot of players who got called for Confederation Cup arent on the Gold Cup roster.

  116. zongzap says:

    As a NE fan, Heaps is not a backup to Pierce, he’s better. Maybe Pierce can back Jay up

    He’s solid, durable and can really get up for head balls. Nice inclusion

  117. Drew_ROC says:

    I really hope Pachuca IS the reason Torres is not on this roster…

  118. sonicdeathmonkey says:

    So hopefully noone will mention the new FIFA rule again, Torres has played in a WCQ, and therefore NOT eligible to switch. Please don’t bring it up again. Some of you make my head hurt, I swear. As for the roster, as soon as I saw Jay Heaps listed, I knew Bradley wasn’t really taking this seriously, so neither shall I.

  119. John D says:

    The roster seems to be underwhelming. I would have liked to see more young players who have the potential to make an impact in 2014 like Marcus Tracy and Sal Zizzo instead of players who probably won’t make an impact at the international level ever. This is a blown opportunity like the 2007 Copa America was

  120. Jeremy says:

    Logan Pause will fit into Bradley’s tactics very well, and he’s probably the best holding mid no one’s heard of. Great to see him get playing time for the MNT.

  121. what2 says:

    Yeah Heaps is solid, ppl are overreacting to his selection.

    Torres would have been nice. Was really hope to see what he could do with the national team sometime over the summer.

  122. Steve says:

    I’d go a different route with my disappointment in this roster. Sure I’d like to see Orozco and especially Torres, but I can live without either.

    The guys I’d like to see on this roster are Feilheiber, Altidore, and Beasley. Why? Because none of them have been playing regularly, and they can all use this tourney to get in game shape. I would expect Feilheiber & Jozy to be big players in Azteca in Aug, and so they need the time. And while I’ve never been a big Beasley fan, and am pretty sure his best days are behind him – do we really just want to toss him away at this point? Why not play him a few games in a meaningless Gold Cup and see if he can salvage something?? I just don’t get why these three players aren’t on this team…

  123. rg says:

    This is the exact type of lineup I expected…think about it:

    All the Confeds Cup players are already going to miss the start of their clubs’ preseasons…by the time they take their 2-week vacation the start of the season will be right around the corner… the exceptions being Davies and Adu. Davies is playing for a new club/transfer (as Ives mentioned) and Adu is hopefully auditioning for anyone who may be watching.

    Jeremiah White’s Club asked that he not be called up. Same with Feilhaber.

    Bob has been with the current players for a couple months now. He may know what to expect from Torres, not to mention he’s been away from his club for over a month with no time off (PT or not).

    Jones is ineligable until after 2 August (as is Castillo, if he’s even interested).

    Marcus Tracy is auditioning for a starting Job and has EUROPA CUP matchs, I believe, in late July.

    My only question marks:

    Why Ching? Had he not been injured this situation would be reversed between him and Casey

    Where’s EJ? He needs a club audition badly. Maybe he’s trying to stick it out in pre-season w/ Fulham

    Adu? I wish he would go prove himself in Benfica’s pre-season. Apparently the new manager does want a look at him.

    Orozco is the only snub I don’t understand.

  124. primoone says:

    I cant even imaging what went on in Bradley’s mind when he decided to exile Torres from the field. But yet, continue to play that mess of a player beasley…

    (shakes his head)

  125. Rory Miller says:

    I would like to see a final goodbye for McBride, Mastroeni and Mathis.

    Also, I would like to see what Conor Casey could do in a game when he’s not on for 8 minutes to simply hold the ball.

    And I would like to have seen a call up given to some of our players who could still play for another national team. We could spare one spot to wrap up someone other then Robles.

  126. JK says:


    This Copa Oro does NOT ensure qualification into the 2013 Confederations Cup. The winner of the 2011 edition of this tourney gets the nod to go to the Confed Cup in 2013. Because of this, the Copa Oro this year is taken less seriously than the one in two years.

    The teams in WCQ like ourselves, Mexico, and Honduras are not sending their best squads to next month, but rather some younger players to get them experience. The teams in CONCACAF that are not in WCQ will send their best squad to bring some pride back to their country and try to win the entire thing(Jamaica for example is sending in my eyes is their A team).

    However, expect each team in two years to send their best squad so they can get into the Confederations Cup. Hope this helps.

  127. Mike says:

    It is pretty clear that no MLS player that was on the Confederations Cup squad was going to be picked for the Gold Cup. Bradley does not want to take the best players from club teams for 6 weeks. It is also clear that many of the top European players would not be picked because of fatigue. And it is pretty clear from the choices that the only non-MLS players that he chose are those that are looking for either a new job or a better position in the European market. Players like Torres do not need to play in the Gold Cup when they are starters for their club teams. As for the rest of the European-based players, a job with a marginal club in Europe does not automatically mean that you should get the call-up over MLS players.

    So that leaves Adu (Benfica trying to transfer him), Pearce (demoted to reserve team at Hansa Rostock), Cherundolo (recovering from season long injury and likely in a position battle), Davies (no way he is staying at Hammarby), and Parkhurst (who is playing in east-BFE Denmark).

    As for the MLS players, well, it’s a question of balancing the team out, getting enough backups, and not taking too many players from one team (notice that there are no more than two players taken from one MLS team). Really, the only problems I have here are with Heaps (why bother?) and the exclusion of Pontius.

  128. Supsam says:

    Im sure the lineup Ives put up would be Bradley’s but based on this roster, i would have this formation:


    few notes:
    -Surprisingly, this roster is more deep than i thought
    -We have alot of fast and mobile midfielders/forwards
    -I have Beckerman as holding mid since he can defend and can shoot from distance
    -The hardest for me was Colin Clarke since i do not know how he plays on the international level but his club form is impressive. I also dont have a problem inserting Santino Quaranta in Clarke’s position as well as im sure he played that position a few times with DC United in the past.
    -Im a ching fan but with Altidore not playing, i dont see anyone that can complement Ching’s holding ability (Cooper maybe) so i just went for speed and versatility that would complement Adu’s creativity in Cooper and Davies.
    -We wont be going against any world class strikers so i have no problem with alot of overlapping runs from Pearce and Cherundolo since i would press the midfielders and forwards to play a high pressure possession style anyways. Anybody that does get through and does take advantage of the space left by either fullback, i trust Conrad to captain the remaining 3 man backline and for them to deal with it.

  129. Roman says:

    To Fire Fans:

    Busch is on the roster as emergency keeper. It says in the US Soccer press release that he will stay with the Fire unless injuries or suspensions require him to join the team. So breath more easily knowing we won’t have to rely on Andrew Dykstra.

  130. JonnyG says:

    No John Wolyniec??

  131. Al says:

    No Lee Nguyen?

    Seriously..where’s is Orozco? My only explanation is just liek the other posters; the Mexican league is in pre-season mode. Also, he has a new coach that he needs to win over. So, hopefully, those are the reasons.

    Didn’t Robles just got married? With all these duties (and accepting them), he better buy a comfy couch.

  132. ELAC says:

    Well said, Angel.

    Im glad many of you appreciate the variables and talents of Mexican-based players.

    Im sure that there are man reasons for their absence, but by the same token we shouls acknowledge the inclusion of Luis Robles at goalkeeper.

    Since the early years of my supporting the USMNT, my Mexican friends have always told me that the future of US soccer lies with the inclusion of more technical-based players combined with superior athleticism. If we could get the right mix of players and a coach who can mix all those ingredients, we’d be a contender.

    Right now, Im high off the Spain win, but am still concerned for these players that I see everyday in my barrio. They deserve a fair chance just like everyone else. If they feel like they are not accepted by US soccer or Bradenton, then Im afraid we’ll see more Rossi like players choose the country of their parents birth rather than make this great country of ours a chance.

    Sunil, can you feel me?

  133. japan says:

    thanks JK

  134. Kevin says:

    I wouldn’t mind seeing Nate Jaqua on this roster.

    Otherwise, I like it.

  135. John says:

    Wow, a Santino Quaranta sighting? How long has it been since he’s pulled on a US shirt?

    No Torres? Would like to see Jozy too, just to get him some games.

  136. Jon Jon says:

    BRAD EVANS — C’mon You SOunders!!!

  137. Arcticrules says:

    As a Sounders fan I’m surprised at Evans inclusion. He’s been solid for the Sounders but I do not think ofhim as intl caliber. But perhaps he will grow into one. Here’s hoping.

  138. Spencerto says:

    Where is Zak Whitbread, Jemal Johnson, Frank Simek, and what about giving Eddie Johnson another chance. Plus when is the Jermain Jones thing gonna be a done deal so he can play?

  139. Robert says:

    This is a C-B team. I would have like to see Torres in there. Oh well.

  140. Bryan says:

    this is why i don’t like Bob Bradley. There is no reason Torres, Whitbread, Zizzo, Zimmerman, Ferrari, Orozco, Feilhaber, Wynne, etc. should not be in this lineup. Makes no sense.

  141. Dan Gleesack says:

    Scott Palguta should be there based on the majority of the other selections

  142. Dominghosa says:

    Like most of the roster though I was hoping Orozco would ge the call. And maybe Torres but I bet US Soccer had a deal with Pachuca about calling in Torres.
    Then there’s Whitbread and maybe Zizzo?

  143. tim says:

    Cameron and Davis deserve to be there but that would make 5 starters missing for Houston (with Ching/Holden and Hainult for Canada)

  144. Squard says:

    I can’t believe that Bradley chose that junkie from DC

  145. mike ruze says:

    This roster sucks more like a d team than A.

    Were going to get smoked.

  146. Brant says:

    I think we sent Heaps just in case someone needs to dish out a hit to Carlos Ruiz.

  147. Matt D says:

    I kind of like the squad in a way. It doesn’t take the Confederations Cup players away for too long, and other than Davies, none of the holdovers have really played for their clubs or in the tournament. I’m glad to see Conrad and Quaranta back in the fold and I’d like to see if Rogers can be a possible winger in the “A” team. Also, I hope Freddy gets the keys to the castle. He hasn’t had many games, but I think taking the senior team on his back will be exciting. Ives, I think you’re right that Pachuca likely doesn’t want Torres for two tournaments. Better to keep him fresh for the rest of the qualifiers and such. Looking forward to the tournament…but not before the Confed Cup Final Sunday! U-S-A! U-S-A!

  148. Dan Menges says:

    Beasley should never step foot on a pitch again!!!!! the man is horrible. where is Frank Simek?

  149. Barksdale says:

    Glad Jay Heaps is getting a call. I don’t think he’s a threat to stick with the USMNT, but I believe I read he’s logged the most appearances in MLS to not be capped in international play.

    Good for him. He played hoops for Duke, too!

  150. Rich says:

    – Cooper Davies –

    – Adu –

    Clark/Davis Berkerman/Pause Holden

    Pearce Parkhurst Marshall Cherundolo

    – Robles –

  151. Kevin says:

    WE WANT TINO!!!!!!!

  152. Pablo P says:

    Good call. Someone finally mentioned Robbie Findlay. young with nice upside. Possible winger or forward.

    Also bemoan the exclusions of Pontius, Cameron. Whitebread deserved a shot as well. Danny Szetela always impressed me as tenacious and versatile in the midfield.

    Happy to see JC back in the fold. Maybe 32 but still in great form and would be an excellent insurance choice for WC with his experience.

  153. Riotsquad! says:

    Where’s EJ?

  154. Leonardo says:

    wow. i don’t know 90% of the names.

    welcome y’all! play your hearts out and you’ll win!

  155. Clint Dempsey says:


  156. Jacopo Belbo says:

    I am most surprised not to see Brad Guzan get to take the reins for an entire tournament to get the much needed experience. Also where are Torres, Orozco, B. Davis, Wynne, Pontius, Gaven (instead of his teammate Rogers)? You know guys with an actual future for the USMNT.

    I am vey glad to see Stuart Holden and Davy Arnaud.

    I also wonder if Aaron Holbein of KC is eligible for the US? He seems to be one of the best defenders in the MLS and he is young and has a better USMNT future than that relic J. Conrad? Why are we dragging out these old guys (Conrad, Heaps, Cherundolo) who have no future with the USMNT when we need to be giving starts/experience to younger guys with an eye towards 2010 and 2014. But I guess we need these B-Team geezers to get us a win in the Gold Cup and a spot at the next Confed Cup.

  157. Fredzed says:

    Looking at this roster makes me happy that I decided to not hold off on buying tickets. I’ll save my cash. If the US can’t even take this cup serious enough to bring the B team, then they don’t deserve my support in these games. This MLS-heavy bunch of bland workers will offer little of interest and have little chance of winning the cup. Bradley is so lucky that Spain laid an egg because the man is clearly not going to progress the national team. This roster is all compromise and will do next to nothing to enhance the US’s odds in future competitions.