USA 3, Egypt 0: The Highlights

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In case you haven't seen them yet, here are the highlights of the U.S. national team's three goals in its 3-0 victory against Egpyt, a win that helped the United States qualify for the semifinals of the Confederations Cup.

Charlie Davies, Michael Bradley and Clint Dempsey scored the goals that helped the Americans pull off what seemed impossible when the day began.


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  1. Andy in Atlanta says:

    Now official…the likelyhood is very small. 3-0 for US over Egypt and 3-0 for Brazil over Italy puts us in by goals scored since Egypt will be -3 and US and Italy -2 but US scoring 4 goals to Italy’s 3…head to head means nothing in 3 team tiebreaker…

    Anybody want to take bets on Brazil playing its trainers?

    Posted by: Andy in Atlanta | June 18, 2009 at 04:29 PM

    Just thought I would post the above for those that feel USMNT fans have not faith….We played well against Italy until Rico and the Ref…. Brazil showed they are another class so who cares… the point is we were not as bad as people wanted to make us out to be and that showed today. Well done boys, I believed in you…

  2. Harry says:

    Now that we are playing Spain….the same exact team that Adu was our best player by far and he was the only US player to be able to figure them out………….lets see Adu get the start against Sapin. It probally wont happen but he shoudl at least be a 60′ minuter sub. man, the way Adu was corkscrewing Puyol,Sergio ramos and Alonso last year was sweet.

  3. Andy in Atlanta says:

    Harry, I agree that Adu needs to be a super sub…Altidore can play 65 mins then have Dempsey go up top for him and let Adu fill in the attacking mid role… Donovan needs to keep up the attacking so that they cant focus on either one. Spain showed against Iraq that they are not like Brazil…they are very good but still beatable… not sure that Brazil is beatable at the moment so 3-0 does not look so bad now.

  4. HomeyBoehme says:

    first goal went in, I was like “wow…thank goodness for a goal from open play”. Then as the game wore on and it was suddenly 2 and then 3-0 to Brazil, and I was like, “no way…Brazil’s done the work, but we need 2 more goals. Goal #2 for the USA then involves me flipping incessantly back and forth from the Italy/Brazil and USA/Egypt games (because I did not feel the the ESPN broadcasters would keep me up to date enough on the situation). Goal # 3 from Dempsey involved me jumping from the bed spilling water all over the floor and dancing around like an idiot. Then another tense channel flipping escapade for the final minutes of the game. At the final whistle I was just exhausted. I could not believe that after 2 terrible red cards, uncalled handballs in the box (Germany, you know I’m talking to you too), that the soccer gods would actually bless the USMNT.

    Just a great day to be a fan.

  5. Harry says:

    I just hope Bob wakes up in the tactical area…………




    And then Davies as the supersub with his speed.


    What a miracle! Gotta love US soccer. Still in disbelief, wow.

    Don’t Tread on Me. USA BABY!!!

  7. Bottlcaps says:

    The real miracle here is that the U.S. finally played and finished with 11 men!! It makes the game so much easier. Clark send-off against the Azurri took a little wind out of the sails but the U.S. played well enough for a tie. I think the sub for Altidore was a mistake even though the youngster was clearly gassed. Did you see how he stretched out the Italian defense 3-4 players on him most of the time. That was 3 players who coul;d not attack. US lost Beasley in another stupid call and had to play Brazil shorthanded, although not as long as the Italian game.

    Get all the players to stay on the field and goog things can happen like today.

    Coach Bradley cannot be faulted for his choices and rotation of his players. The fitness of the US team was evident in all three games. The technical skill by the US opponents and costly US mistakes in the Italy and Brazil match were somewhat offset by the US’s fitness.

    The Spain game may be interesting, but I think the US will be playing in the 3rd place match on Sunday. But you never know…..

  8. Erik says:

    I love the Galavision announcer. What is his name? His Happy Birthday goal call a few weeks ago was classic.

  9. D-Real says:

    I don’t actually hate him or call him a traitor… but for me the only way this could have been sweeter is if that own goal in the Brazil game was off of Rossi. No hard feelings for his choice to play with Italy (mostly because we just stole Jermaine Jones), but I would have fallen to the floor laughing if the tale had twisted that way.

    F’in right doggie, that’s good cake.

  10. Memrook says:

    lol Harry, I posted a comment ABOUT your video, not a post of a video, and it got deleted. I think if you type the word video or youtube it gets deleted several minutes later lol.

  11. Memrook says:

    It’s kind of nice to know there aren’t really any set rules about commenting here (none that i’ve seen anyway) and our valuably-time spent (ha) posts are getting deleted. What? My voice ain’t important like everyone else’s? j/k Ives, still love the site.

  12. Tony in Quakeland says:

    You know what folks? We are what we are – a good team, behind the rank of the top teams, but on any given day capable of beating anyone.

    I pointed out a couple days ago that if you change two plays in the first two games, the Clark red card and the Beasley short corner disaster, and we’re having a different conversation. Now we’re in the second round and Gusippe Rossi are going home. We showed heart, character and answered a million critics. Bradley made changes and showed faith in guys he believed in. And it paid off.

    Great day to be a Nats fan. We’re not suddenly in the top tier, however, just like we were not plummeting out of the top 100 like some would have us believe a couple days ago. We are still the same team we were heading into the Confederations CUp…and we can be proud of that.

  13. Allegre says:

    A great victory for the USMNT and a reversal of fortune from the previous games. I know that Egypt may have been fatigued from its earlier matches but so could have the US team been tired (they did play half of their previous games a man down). What was beautiful was the touches they made. They seemed much more relaxed. This series should serve them well as they build to the World Cup. Let’s see if they can keep their composure vs. Spain.

  14. Olli says:

    Yeah, it’s good to automatically get two more games that really count for something out of this. Spain and then South Africa. We could actually take 3rd! That’d be great considering how we started.

  15. Carlos says:

    4-4-2. Keep it simple. 4-4-1 if someone gets red carded.

  16. Ives says:

    Harry, I’m done with you trying to turn every comments section into a Freddy Adu love-fest. Freddy Adu has NOTHING to do with this post. You’re getting very close to having all your comments blocked so keep that in mind going forward.

  17. CaliNick23 says:




    Spain will likely dominate possesion, but this lineup creates speed on the wings(Donovan,Spector,Davis, Crossing will cause problems for Spain)

    Bradley and Clark will stop (hopefully) everthing through the center.

    Subs:Adu or Torres even both,Feilhaber, other as seen as necessary.

  18. J says:

    We won this game in spite of bradley, not because of him. Didn’t we only use two subs?

    Why didn’t we sub dempsey for Torres after his goal?

    Why put in Conner Casey?

    Why didn’t we start Adu or Torres and let Dempsey be the supersub?

    Anyway, I am happy for use, but Bradley still has suspect judgement

  19. Trav says:

    I’m still stunned. The best part about this? We get yet another top 5 team. We really got our money’s worth out of this tournament. I said it before and I’ll say it again, it was a great call to take the A-team to the Gold Cup instead of Copa America.

  20. Tim F. says:

    I love how Bob Bradley Mr Magoo’d his way into the semifinal and all of the sudden he is this brilliant tactician.

  21. Josh says:

    Spain’s a class above EVERYBODY right now, but if the nats play a smart and assertive game, avoiding cardable challenges, they can give Spain a match.

    Donovan showed again that he’s not ready or willing to be the go-to guy for the US, but his effort all over the field today was crucial. As long as you don’t put the game on his shoulders, he’s a more-than-capable two-way player.

    As much credit goes to Dempsey for a well-taken goal, he’s gassed and needs to sit. I say put Feilhaber in, keep Rico, Donovan, and Bradley in midfield. Rico covers far more ground than anybody but Donovan, and we’ll need it against Spain. Their speed of play will mean he’s late to a challenge or two, so he needs to keep his head and not put himself at the ref’s mercy.

    If Boca’s ready to play, put him out wide and start Gooch and Demerit as CBs. Jozy and Davies (who hopefully got a great shot of confidence, which is so essential for a striker) up top. If/when Spain takes a lead, Adu and Torres are the first two subs off the bench.

  22. Sunil For Life says:

    Flat out amazing. Flat out wonderful.

    We were always better than our last, woeful performances.

    There was so much to be pleased with today.

    The sad fact is, Bob Bradley is still completely inadequate.

  23. EA says:

    As I said after the Costa Rica “debacle.” All of the hate can come out, and lots of “fans” can give up on what they call “their” team.

    And I’ll still believe in MY team. Believe that in any and every game, a moment like those conjured up by Caligiuri, Stewart, Jones, Mathis and Feilhaber can occur.

    This game was one of those games. Today was one of those days.

    Kudos to the boys, to Bob, to US Soccer. Results from Brazil and Italy notwithstanding, the team provided what we needed, when we needed it.

    We’ll see Spain on Wednesday. I hope they’re ready… (And I’m sure they are…)

    Because the Yanks are comin’!

  24. BFBS says:

    Spain only beat Iraq 1-0 when it still counted. Just saying.

  25. Isaac says:

    I think that Ricardo Clark should go to Europe. He needs help with his touch and passing so he doesn’t give away the ball in deep positions like I’ve seen him do sometimes. He needs to be able to have a higher success rate with his tackling and control his temper as well. If he wants to be a big part of the MNT he needs to go to Europe, that’s the only place he’ll truly develop.

  26. Camjam says:

    I was more or less indifferent on Bradley as a coach, but i think he deserves credit today. I thought the US was(finally) in a more attacking mindset. He played with more offensive firepower, had a good plan and it paid off. I truly think that this was what the majority of USMNT fans wanted from him.

  27. Harry says:

    It was a nice goal by dempsey but he was a liabilty the whole game.

  28. Memrook says:

    You know what I think? Spector is really impressing. Has he made mistakes? Yeah, but I’m happy with his performances on both sides of the ball. I am looking forward to his continued play for the Nats and hoping his progress continues. I think Spector is a notch on the Pro side for BB’s decision making (though he has had several Con notches as of late too).

  29. Carlos says:

    We are going to need skill on the ball & a tough middle.




  30. Neumannator says:

    The haters are pretty ticked off right now. Let it go and enjoy! Sure I want to see Torres but I never would have predicted advancing before the tourney so I’m lovin this.

  31. Jeff says:

    I’m trying not to get TOO caught up in the moment (so as not to set myself up for disappointment on Wednesday), but don’t our boys seem to have a bit of “Team of Destiny” aura about them after the good play and even better luck of today?

  32. Paulo says:

    I’m psyched about Spain … I think we can play a good, competitive match. Will we win? Not so sure. We’re still a notch below the Spain and Brazil’s of the world in terms of skill … and in the knockout stages of these world-level tournaments, skill makes the difference.

    Saying that, the only way teams like the U.S. (that have B-level skill) win against “better” competition is through organization and attention to detail … as well as self-belief.

    Sit back on Wednesday and we get destroyed, plain and simple. Like Lil’ Wayne says “Just let it rock” … attack those AVE-riding, tapas-eating fools:)

  33. LJ says:

    We can beat Spain. We match up well against smaller teams that play that style (Mexico, Argentina).

    It will not be easy, but we can put the pressure on them. EVERY player must play well though, they better GET UP for this game.

  34. Never First says:

    What a difference two hours can make! A national soccer writer said a couple days ago that the USMNT is not in the top 50 in the world. Now, everyone is back on the bandwagon.

    I sent an e-mail to US soccer this morning that Bradley should be fired. I stand by that statement. This is the problem with rush judgements about one or two matches. I contend that the match against Spain is the most important match in US soccer history (up to this point). The US is a second-tier team so far incapable of beating anyone in the first tier. This is the time to break through that barrier.

  35. Ulrich says:

    You are all delusional. The US may have won the game, but it was because Egypt was suffering from hangover shock after beating Italy. Our first goal was an opportunistic fluke – great hustle by Davies, but nothing to write home about. The second goal was classy, but would it have happened if Egypt wasn’t suffering from so many injured players – not so sure about that. The third goal was just luck. Dempsey does nothing all game, loses the ball quite a bit, doesn’t hustle, and he scores this goal…. good for him. While I won’t take anything away from his goal, the fact is that Bradley should have taken him out of the game due to his ineffective play. The ONLY reason he was still on the field was because Bradley is too stubborn to know when a player needs to be subbed – look, every dog has his day, and today was Dempsey’s, but the fact is the US has no business being in the semi-final after the way they played the first two games…..

    Had the USA lost this game, Bradley would have been gone, but now we’re going to suffer for the next year because of this win. Mark my words, DMB will find his way back onto the team, so will Sacha, and neither will deserve their place. A lucky game and we’re now stuck with the coach.

  36. dc spur says:

    Bradley has gotten a lot of flack – some fair some unfair – but what was clear today is that the team went after it.

    What I find striking it is the third game in a row we have gotten screwed. The handball on the goal line was a penalty and perhaps a redcard – yes that would have been harsh but the officiating just doesn’t even out if you are American. Yet we won in spite of it.

    Overall we have looked like a very capable team that if I were a top side would not want to play in the world cup. The Italy game we looked fantastic until the ref went overboard – and the Brazil game could have been closer if the red wasnt given and if we had had clark and not Beasley on the field.

  37. Never First says:

    Italy has no business being in the next round after the way they played the last two matches. Egypt has no business being in the next round after the way they played the match today. Get over it!

  38. Paulo says:

    I am VERY interested to see how we play against Spain … I don’t even care about the score, just the way we play …

    Hopefully we don’t bush-league it.

  39. TJPierce says:

    Congrats to Mr. BB and the boys! This victory was huge. I definitely am having an extra helping of humble pie tonight (and loving it! USA USA!!!)

    Does anyone else think Donovan is averse to shooting these days? Am I going crazy or does he almost always lay off a pass near the goal? Someone please explain.

  40. adam says:

    Ulrich, who did deserve to go through then?

  41. Paulo says:

    Ps. I don’t want to start up the whole Rossi thing again, but I think some here should hear my perspective:

    – I was born in Brazil and moved here when I was 8. Until an injury knocked me out, I was a very good player (not saying Rossi-level, but still pretty damn good). I can honestly tell you, that no matter how good I would have become, I wouldn’t have thought twice about playing for any other team than the U.S. I believe that there are others like me (and with significantly better skill) in this country … we just have to catch a break and the superstar will come soon enough.

  42. Paulo says:

    Ps2. And my parents, unlike Rossi’s, would have kicked my a$$ had I thought about playing for any other team.

    My father came when he was 37 year of age and he is the biggest US Soccer fan I have ever come across …

    True story: the ONLY time I have ever seen tears in his eyes was when Germany beat the U.S. in 2002.

    My family is the perfect example of an immigrant family that roots for the U.S. with abandon. There are more of us out there.

  43. Tim says:

    “At the end of the night you walk into the locker room and to be able experience the feeling you have with your teammates, your coaches, with the trainers, that’s why you play,” Michael Bradley said. “To do something special like that, where everything is against you, everybody wants to say how bad you are, everybody wants to write you off, to leave all that bull s— outside the locker room and just be committed to the team, to leave everything on the field, to run for each other, to fight for each other, that’s what we did.”

    I thought this after the Olympics and I think this now. This guy should/will be captain, and really is becoming the leader of this team.

  44. Wispy says:

    Great game for the USA — doesn’t mean we’re a top-tier team, but it certainly means we have the cojones to survive a group of death. That could come in handy next year.

    BTW, where’s Kizz?

  45. huricano says:

    I don’t think Dempsy was bad. Who on the bench is better? Adu?????? He has promise, but at present he can’t play at club level. We need some size and some players who are good in the air and can pound with tackles to have any chance against Spain. I might go with this same lineup.

  46. Tim says:

    Wow an even better quote from Michael Bradley.

    “We played with 11 guys for 90 minutes,” Michael Bradley said. “All the f—— experts in America, everybody who thinks they know about soccer, they can all look at the score tonight and let’s see what they have to say now. Nobody has any respect for what we do, for what goes on on the inside, so let them all talk now.”

  47. Tim says:

    yeah should’ve done this orginally, but heres the link to the story: link to

  48. Paulo says:

    wow good quotes from Bradley Jr …

    but, still, this is one win, let’s see how we do against Spain …

    back ’em words up, Bradley, back ’em up on Wed

  49. Never First says:

    Paulo, excellent post. I believe a truly world class player will come at some point. As young immigrants grow up watching the US do well in tournaments, they will dream of playing for the US. That’s why anyone who is cheering for the US to lose so Bradley will get fired is idiotic beyond belief.

    Tim, Michael Bradley will one day thank all the “f—- experts in America.” That was the only thing that motivated this team. Finally, the team is starting to be held acccountable when they play like crap.

  50. dena says:

    Quotes from a future captain.

  51. Yossarian says:


    “The third goal was just luck”??????

    Either you’re completely delusional and clueless or you’re a troll. Go trolling somewhere else. We’re overrun here, already.

    Great cross by Spector and phenomenal strength and body control to fend of the defender by Demps. People knock the first goal, but it was one hell of a turn by Jozy, which is an underrated (if inconsistent) part of his game. As streaky as his hold-up play has been this tournament, he has flashed a lot more than he ever has before. We know he has the strength. Now he’s showing that he has the skills to play that role. He just has to demonstrate more consistency.

    There were definitely several moments where he should have boxed out his defender to possess the ball but he did not. If he could add hold up skills to his turns, his developing long range shooting, his ability to run at defenders, and his strength on the ball, he could be a world class beast to defend against. Keep working on that first touch as well, Jozy (still streaky). Love that kid.

    You’ve got to figure BB will go with exactly the same lineup unless Boca is 100%. Does anyone know if Spector can cross as well from the left? We may want to move him over there when Cherondolo comes back, no?

  52. Brett says:

    Not enough is being made of Jonathan Spector, both today and ever since he was given a shot at the RB job. I’m not entirely sure Cherundolo just walks back into the starting role at this point. That cross was perfect. That’s why West Ham want him on the pitch. At the very worst it puts an end to the Hejduk love-fest, or so I can only hope.

  53. Tim says:

    Spector is a beast. His crossing albeit inconsistent at times is probably the best on the team. There is a reason West Ham haven’t resigned Lucas Neil yet. They now spector can play and that Neil isn’t worth the money he is asking.

    BTW: Never First, It isn’t necessarily the points that Michael Bradley are making that make these quotes important. It is the way he is defending his team.

  54. Modibo says:

    I just explained to my wife that when we need to block out time on Weds to watch the US lose to Spain between 2:30 and 4:30. The game will NOT go into extra time bc we have to get to an apartment viewing apppointment at 5:30.

    Please no Beasley, and no Dempsey in midfield.

  55. Paulo says:

    Never First, thanks.

    I agree with you … the more successful we are, the greater the number of immigrants will say “hey, I want to play for THAT TEAM!”

    And the same goes for families following U.S. soccer. I think my family is a bit of an outlier in that both my parents are beyond passionate about U.S. soccer and really apathetic about the Brazilian team. Most parents I’d say root for their home countries and teach their kids to do the same so that the “culture’ is kept alive. That’s fine, I don’t blame them … what does REALLY PISS ME OFF is that the parents/kids also root against the U.S. when they play any team from a similar region.

    Another true story: I actually broke up with a casual gf because I couldn’t stand the fact that she’d root for any Latin America team when they played against the U.S. For goodness sakes, go take a hike I told her, why the F are you rooting for Guatemala when they play against us if your parents are from Costa Rica. Needless to say, she was good in bed, but not the brightest:)

    Anyhow, back on point, I think at some point kids won’t care who their parents root for and go for the winning team. After all, who’s going to win a World Cup first: USA or Guatemala?

  56. Jacob A. says:

    You’re my boy Paulo!

  57. Gabe says:

    Ulrich, talk about a downer. You obviously don’t know much about football. The US has injuries as well, and the fatigue would effect them greater as they played 2 games with 10 men.


    I know Spain is amazing. They are the world’s numero uno. However, they are mortal after all. We’ve played them well before, and that was with Heath Pierce and Eddie Lewis in the line up (no offense to them, just not our best players currently) How do you think the USA needs to attack the spaniards, how do you defend them, and if the US fights like they did today, what are the chances we win?

    (yeah guys, I said it. I’m a fan after all, I want to see our boys actually WIN, not just bicker about how much better they’d be if I was a manager *hint hint*)

  58. Doug says:

    I am shocked by how many are STILL unwilling to give Bob any credit after pulling off what has, arguably (noting the 2002 world cup achievement) been one of the biggest accomplishments in US Soccer to date. We just came out of a group with Italy, Brazil and Egypt after beating Egypt 3-0 and playing the equivalent of a full game down a man. If that does not make you feel any love for Bradley, then you either 1) just love to criticize or 2) are too blinded by the fact that he doesn’t play [insert your favorite player — probably Adu or Torres]. And as long as we are on Torres, he ain’t playing in part because he is brand spanking new to the national team and has yet to gel. He’ll get his chances during the Gold Cup I expect.

  59. Scott A says:

    That video was beautiful. Beautiful. I’m sad I had to work today and missed the game, but so happy at the result

  60. Kung Fu Kangaroos says:

    Great game! I was losing faith that the US knew how to score during the run of play. If Donovan and Davies did the exact opposite of what they did, it might have been two more goals. Donovan should have been more greedy and shot the ball instead of passing to the back post. Davies should have passed to a wide open Altidore on the back post instead of shooting it.

    I’ve never been a Bornstein fan, but he’s a good bandage solution right now. Once Dolo is back, then the strongest backline is:

    Spector, Boca, Gooch, and Dolo

    I believe Spector has and does play both RB and LB for West Ham?

    Bob is doing a competent job and will get the US to qualify. This tournament is a terrifict “test run” as it shows the team that you’re never ever out until the fat lady sings. This was an even worse “group of death” than 2006!

    I do think that we need a coach like Klinsmann than can bring a bit more sophistication and attaching soccer to the USA team, esp for 2014. In the run up to World Cup 2006, Germany was not a very strong team, esp on offense. But Klinsmann was able to bring a confident and attacking style and get Germany has carried it over afer he left.

  61. RichBull NJNY says:

    Bradley would be a complete idiot if he did not start the EXACT SAME TEAM against Spain. Except sub in Adu early, that’s it. No Beasley (brings nothing to the offensive table..nothing) and no Clark(mistakes outweigh benefits). Without a doubt, Davies aggressiveness was HUGE against Egypt, and will be sorely needed against Spain.

  62. Leonardo says:

    YES! I enjoyed seeing those highlights again (and again, and again…)
    woo hoo! USA!

    so proud of y’all!

    deep down we are a country of a fighting underdog spirit; now that we are #1 in just about everything except soccer.

    Now’s the time!

  63. Leonardo says:

    “It’s like that quote from ‘Dumb and Dumber': ‘So you’re telling me there is a chance.’ That’s what we kept saying,” defender Jonathan Bornstein said.

    ahaaa quoting a fine movie

    (see SoccerNet’s match report)

  64. Youngee8 says:

    I’m just as relieved as the rest of our fans. We all collectively agree:

    1 No more DMB, Casey or Shasha. Thanks for your service to your country but you are DONE. Demps…love ya man but you got to step up your game b/c you have sucked for the past 10 games or so (BTW- nice finish but we need your sorry A_ _ for the full 90).

    2 BB made some bad judgement calls. In World Soccer you don’t have “ENTITLEMENT” and apparently BB Does.

    3. Great call on getting Brad G. some PT on a big stage but it was so obvious.

    4. Spector’s No. 1 in all of our hearts now. What a stud. Demerit is a nice surprise.

    5. Landon has the heart but needs to be more selfish in the box.

    6. Jozy needs development as he’s only 19 so why not on this stage.

    Here’s what’s up for debate.

    1 Benny F. or Clark. Both are doing well? I actually agree putting Clark in first. Covers a lot of ground and shuts down attacks. Benny F. solid play. Either way you can’t go wrong with the two.

    2. Do we play Demps or not? We’re left no other choice. Davies did a nice job up front but he’s not ready.

    3. None of us know what goes on in camp as we’d all like to see Torres but it’ll have to wait for the Gold Cup. Adu the same.

    4. Donovan has to be on the flanks just like our boy Earnie Stewart.

    5. Bornstein’s not to bad at the moment but won’t see the Cup in 2010.

    6. Demerit should see more game time on this stage and must start ahead of Boca after coming off an injury.

    Altidore Demps (who else?)

    Donovan Clark Bradely Benny F.

    Bornstein Gooch Demerit Spector

    Brad G. (Need PT and’s not bad)


  65. RPH says:

    Fire Bradley!!!!!!!


  66. Tolik says:

    to Youngee8: good analysis. Very much agree.

    I was calling for BB to be fired. I still do. Nothing changed much.

    Our guys deserved the luck by playing valiantly against Egypt. But it still dumb luck. We got it and I am happy for it. But we got lucky.

    BB made a good number of bad calls. We have advanced despite them, not thanks them.

  67. siff says:


    Love the comments…I’m not an immigrant, nor the child of immigrants, but can tell you that the vision I have of your father tearing up over a US match is one that I hope, one day, will become the norm, not the exception. The son of a family friend – he was born in Costa Rica – roots for the US at all times, save when the Ticos play the Americans…and he’s the kind of kid whom I can see playing for the Stars and Stripes one day (and he’s admitted as much). We’re making progress!

    Yesterday afternoon’s match reminded me that one ought not get too high, nor too low, during any particular stretch. We showed what we’re capable of yesterday; when we become more consistent in our form, we’ll be dangerous. For the Bradley haters out there, I’ll make this observation: he sure has them fit, doesn’t he? Back to back matches against world powers, both of which were played, for much of the time, a man down…yet, we come in with the deck stacked against us and perform as we did yesterday.

    Well done, men!

  68. Youngee8 says:

    Thanks Tolik.

    My only problem is you would think a country with 300 Million and our resources we’d come up with more Strikers.

    Boy do I miss McBride. Heart, Passion, Technically Sound.

  69. Aquaman says:

    That sure was one hell of a cross from Spector on that last goal.

  70. Joe B. NYC says:

    People should give Ricardo Clark some credit. He wasn’t perfect, but he did a good job of allowing Bradley to go forward and kept getting and passing the ball so that Donovan didn’t have to go and dig for it as much. Maybe it’s possible that he learned his lesson from the Italy game. Maybe Sascha will too. Maybe even the coach learned a couple of things too…

    I do think though for the Spain game someone else (who? I’m not sure— but a certain young player who looked good against Spain & Argentina last year— I don’t want to incur the wrath from Ives) should get a shot in place of Dempsey if he’s still acting like a sourpuss…

  71. Aquaman says:

    I also remember one tackle from Demerit near the sidelines towards the end of the game. He got all ball but took the player out with him, got up and was like “Come get him” because he knew he had just completely owned that guy. Demerit is pretty hardcore back there.

  72. d-man says:

    Can someone please explain to me why Conor Casey is getting on the pitch when there is far superior talent than him? So he’s leading the MLS in scoring…..I don’t see Scholetto getting the call up in Argentina. I can’t wait for Chingy to get back.

  73. d-man says:

    Also, as much as I’m not sure he’ll get any more calls up. I feel Frankie Heydude’s passion and fire would have been a large boost during this tourney. I hope he gets the call for that reason in WC ’10, guy brings passion to this team which has seen to be missing since his last game with the USMNT.

  74. Mario in SJ says:

    I said it before and I’ll say it again, it was a great call to take the A-team to the Gold Cup instead of Copa America.

    Posted by: Trav | June 21, 2009 at 11:16 PM


    Trav, I’m with you. That decision brought us here. We can look forward to Copa America in the future, I doubt they’ll ignore the gringos for too long.

  75. t.z0n3 says:

    I thought we were out. I knew we had the slimmest of chances, but I didn’t think we could pull it off.

    Soccer’s a funny game.

    I wish we played like that all the time. Great game, great effort, great goals. And now as a reward, a game against Spain. Can we do it again?

    I’ll be watching anyway. :)

  76. KCB says:

    What happened yesterday? Still can’t believe it. Just WOW!

  77. Elliott says:

    I love how people still call for Bradley to be fired, Dempsey to be benched, and Adu and Torres to start.

    You can’t argue with the result: a 3-0 win and advancement. Would you have preferred a 4-0 win?

  78. JoeW says:

    1. Paulo–great posts. Just great.

    2. Things were not as bad as they seemed a couple of days ago nor are they as good as they seem today:
    –Bob Bradley isn’t inept and has strengths. But as David Mosse at ESPN pointed out, the USA and Kuwait (and now an aging Italy) are the only 3 teams that have made Dunga’s Brazil look impressive. They concede space in midfield and are weak on the left side yet we did nothing with that. The USA (until Egypt) was consistently giving up early goals (a sign of a poorly coached team) and gave up the initial goal to Brazil on a restart (to that point, Brazil’s last 4 goals had come off of dead balls)–that’s also a coaching issue.
    –I never interpreted it as the USA had quit (though that’s what Lalas and Harkes tend to see when we lose badly–but I think that’s a reflection on how Bora taught a bunch of underskilled Americans how to stay in the game). Being down a man with your gameplan out the window against a technically superior team has you chasing the ball and often indecisive.
    –I think it’s wishful thinking to believe that 2 referee calls cost us those first 2 matches. Yeah, they might have made a difference. And we might still have lost by the same margin.
    –We did not see the same Egypt that beat Italy and nearly beat Brasil. They were missing key attackers, gave us too much space in midfield and were lacking energy.
    –That said, most other sides would have folded their tents and just shown up on Sunday. The USA refused to quit and took what the Egyptians gave us (space and time on the ball) and our boys made their fortune. That speaks well of them.

    3. I love the one lonely comment praising the decision to send the “A” team to the Confed Cup (and “B” team to the Copa). This tournament (ConfedCup) has never been about winning it or getting great results against teams. It’s nice if we do. What (in my mind) it’s really about:
    –learning how to play tactically with the “big boys.” We don’t get that in MLS or Concacaf.
    –forcing our boys to learn to play in tighter space and with less time on the ball (which is in theory what players get when they play in the top leagues in Europe–if they get playing time).
    –learning to play tight, error-free defense so we don’t gift teams goals and force them to win the game (rather than hand it over on a platter).
    –learning to score in the run of play rather than rely on restarts and PKs for our goals.

    Mexico has gotten some great results in ConfedCup play. And big f’ing deal. Getting a little trophy from an official senior FIFA men’s tournament is nice. But setting us up to do better at the WC–showing our players and coaches where they need to be, what they need to work on, what we can realistically improve on–that’s better than any trophy.

  79. not a girly girl says:

    In order to play well against Spain, we have to do a flawless job tactically and this is where I question Bob Bradley. How did Iraq play them to a 0-1 defeat — through good tactics and packing their entire team in the defensive third. We are better than Iraq and can probably afford to play a bit more out of our own third, but to start two forwards is delusional against one of the best teams in the world. Altidore should be the lone striker, period.

    In addition, I have to question whether Spain is really the world number 1 team after seeing Brazil play in this tournament. One should not assume that just because Spain is the best team in Europe that they automatically become number one in the world. I think CONMEBOL might have something to say about that!

  80. Zidan says:

    This is what i wrote two days ago under: Italy vs. Egypt (Your Running Commentary):

    “Are you guys kidding? We lost Zidane, Shawky is injured, Fathy is injured!!!!!!! Sayed is injured…we need a miracle to make it. The United States is not as bad as some of their fans think. You played against the two greatest champions of the game, what did you expect? Of course you look bad, now they have a chance to erase that picture against Egypt.

    I will be very thankful of we can win 1-0″

    Simply, we ran out of gas after facing the 2 world champions…no…i am not giving execuses…you outplayed us as we outplayed Italy and Brazil(2nd half).

    Congratulations, This is football.

    Good Luck in the next game.

  81. Alien says:

    I agree with the poster that questioned Spain as no 1. Yes, they are consistently playing well since their Euro-2008 win, but Brazil progressed a lot in the last WC Qualifying round. Yesterday, just needed one half to finish Italy. 6th win in a row, and facing much stronger opponents than Spain (4-0 vs Uruguay and 2-1 vs Paraguay in CONMEBOL Qualifying, and I’ll pick USA or Egypt vs New Zealand or Iraq anytime).

    Anyway, I expect the semis to be really tough both to Brazil and Spain.

    Brazil always struggles more with African teams than they do with european sides, but are clear favs. I think the US will pose a much bigger threat to Spain given how motivated they are after the near-miracle they pulled. Just hope they don’t give up before the match even starts, like they did against Brazil.

  82. Kung Fu Kangaroos says:

    The USA still should have sent a B+ team to Copa, not the B- / C+ team

    Dempsey may be “tired”, but still, he needs to show the same hustle that he has when with Fulham. If we need a “moment of brillance”, bring him in as a super sub in the 65th minute.

    Benny is really good, however, he needs to work on his hustle and defense. He’s like Dempsey right now … loses the ball and just sulks instead of tracking back and making life difficult for the guy who dispossed ’em.