USA stuns top-ranked Spain, 2-0

Jozy Altidore 8 ( 

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Spain hadn't lost in 35 games, and had only tasted victory for 15 straight matches. Considered the unquestioned best team in the world, the Spanish national team was supposed to steamroll a U.S. team that barely reached the Confederations Cup semifinal.

Nobody told the United States.

The Americans delivered one of the best, most complete and gutsiest performance in American soccer history, scoring goals in each half to upset Spain, 2-0, to earn an improbable place in the Confederations Cup final.

Jozy Altidore scored in the 27th minute off a pass from Clint Dempsey, who wrapped up the victory with a 74th minute finish to send the United States to the final and drop Spain into the tournament's third-place match.

Yes, you just read all that, and no, it's not April Fool's Day.

Combining timely finishing and composed and tough defending, the Americans frustrated the normally dazzling Spain, which had no answers in suffering its first loss since 2006.

The U.S. team put together one of the best defensive performances in national team history, with Tim Howard making clutch saves, Oguchi Onyewu winning everything in the air and Jay DeMerit keeping pressure on the nine-figure strike force of David Villa and Fernando Torres.

U.S. coach Bob Bradley started Howard in goal and Carlos Bocanegra at left back, but the rest of the team is the same squad that beat Egypt. They delivered yet another strong showing, repaying their coach's confidence.

U.S. stars Landon Donovan joined Dempsey in delivering a top-class performance, providing help defensively as well as pressuring Spain's defense.

Now the U.S. national team will play in the Confederations Cup final on Sunday against the winner of South Africa-Brazil.

What did you think of today's victory? What players impressed you the most? Are you still in shock? Think the Americans will bring home the trophy?

Share your thoughts below.

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261 Responses to USA stuns top-ranked Spain, 2-0

  1. r.benjamin says:


  2. new kid says:

    Time for the US to win a World Cup now.

  3. Jacob A. says:

    I don’t have thoughts yet. Just emotions.

  4. thedoc says:

    usa did the impossible.

    jozy starting at fulham sounds like it could happen after this performance.

  5. SuperChivo says:

    Can any of you in any way substantiate the rumors that agents of the Mexican Football Association have infiltrated U.S. based fan web sites and are seeking to sabotage the U.S. Men’s Soccer program? There are claims on the web that saboteurs, suspected of being funded by Galavision, the Michoacan Cartel, and the Tigres del Norte are fearful of suffering an Aztecazo at the hands of the ‘Nats and have a top-secret operation to sow mistrust, disunity, and idiocy amongst gringo supporters by starting a Mexicanization program against the US Soccer Federation and its leaders, Sunil Gulati and Bob Bradley, with the aim of manipulating U.S. media and thereby overthrowing the head coach so as to leave the program leaderless and rudderless in the final, crucial year of qualifying and preparing for South Africa 2010.

    link to

  6. Raghu says:

    Unbelievable. Landon delivered a world class performance today. Kudos to our Yanks. I’m stoked. Can’t believe it!!!!!!


  7. Joosepi says:

    Amazing. I’m shaking at work.

    Thanks for the live blog.

  8. Jamie Z. says:

    Well called, Jacob. Tomorrow, I’ll think. Today, I’m just going to enjoy it.

  9. Chris says:

    Great job, USA!!!

  10. SuperChivo says:

    I bet Spain never bothered to scout the Costa Rica match.

  11. irishapple21 says:

    The US shocked the world today. I’m ecstatic right now. Just ecstatic. Anything more will be gravy. USA! USA! They have made their country proud.

  12. shs says:

    I expected to be coming back to my desk at work, having to try and think of positives to take from our loss. Low and behold, I get to come back and have to search for negatives after our 2-0 Victory! However, I can think of one; another BS red card against the US, and our best midfielder missing the finals. Oh well, slide Feilhaber into his position, and keep the rest of the line-up the same.

  13. whb says:

    Yet another terrible red card call against the US (not to mention the horrible offside call a minute before)… When did FIFA genetically create Howard Webb clones that hate the US.

    Otherwise, this was a delight. I apologize to Bradley for my doubts. I still wish we played a wider game, but apparently, I know nothing.

  14. Steve says:

    I was watching by myself in a bar by the office screaming my head off while everyone around me looked at me like i had three heads. I was trembling with excitement!!!!

    GREAT JOB BOYS!!!!!!! Maybe we should all get on your case more often if this is how you’re going to respond!!!!

  15. Len says:

    First time I cried in a very long time. Gooch, you are my hero.

  16. JMart says:

    Awesome and gutsy performance by the U.S. The red card (undeserved of course) was the only damper on the occassion.

    So what could get the U.S. a #1 slot in the W.C.? Win the Confed Cup, win the Gold Cup, and win the W.C. qualifying cup…it’s a long shot, but I guess we have the comeback kids on our hands!

  17. briank says:

    Amazing performance. Top class.

    MOTM – Ricardo Clark. He covered a lot of ground and was composed on the ball. Tremendous match.

    Donovan played very well. I wasn’t wild about Bob Bradley’s moves at the end of the game,…but he just beat the #1 team in the world. Who am I to question. Congrats Bob!

    Another straight red card. I have my doubts about these referees and their mandate.

    Donovan, Clark, Demerit and Altidore will be making some nice moves on the club front shortly.

  18. Kevin says:

    DeMerit, IMO, has earned a regular spot on the Nats A team.
    Howard is a top-flight goalkeeper in the world.
    Onyewu should get a look from some very good EPL teams.
    Beasley, Casey should never sniff the field for the Americans.
    Bob Bradley has proven that when he takes the time to game plan, we can do great things.
    If we play like that in 2010, we’ll be a force to be reckoned with.
    That being said, we looked tired throughout much of the second half, and Jozy still isn’t in good form.

  19. JGIB says:

    On both goals I think I celebrated more then the player… GREATEST MOMENT OF MY LIFE

  20. BD says:

    Fire Bradley!

    Kidding. Well done boys!

  21. angler23 says:

    How on earth can I be expected to work now? I long for the day where everyone empties into the streets on a day like today and parties until sunrise. What a complete performance, man I’m proud to be a Yank today. USAAAAAAA!!!!!!

  22. Sushant Rao says:

    Amazing! I watched the whoel thing and I couldn’t believe it as I was watching it! We’ll have to talk about the US’ habit of playing 10v11, but that’s for another day. Let’s all enjoy the team’s performance. This probably ranks up there with the 1-0 win against England in the 50s.

    My only regret is that I really wanted to see Spain play Brazil. Maybe they can do that in the 3rd place game :-)

  23. Rich says:

    I take back everything I said after the Brazil game!!!

    Ok, I don’t really.

    The traditional 4-4-2 has worked where the 4-5-1 did not. If it weren’t for the fans screaming, I do not think BB would have changed. Thank goodness for us.

    What a win. Just goes to show that you have to have 100% perfect strikes of the ball to score goals like the one from Rossi. Spain hit some good shots but they were at Timmy and he will always make those saves!!

    What a win!! Very nerve racking defending so far back ans so far in the middle. Is it just not possible to defend closer to the wings where you know the ball is going?! Maybe not. maybe you have to clog the middle. But boy is it exicting.

    What work from Demerit, Gooch, and Spector. For me they are the men of the match. everyone else was good, but they were great.

    Will Brazil lose to set up the big match with Spain, or they go for the pride of winning the tournament? If they play the way they did against the US and Italy, I do not see us beating them. But what the heck anything is possible.

  24. Yusef says:

    What impact, if any, will Altidore’s goal have on Villareal’s plans for him in the upcoming season? He needs games in the World Cup year.

  25. Leonardo says:


    Jacob said it best. only emotions now. no thinking!


  26. Brett says:

    I don’t care if both goals were “lucky”, we shocked the world today.

    Congrats to all the players.

    Now we are on to hoping that South Africa can upset Brazil, and if not, that we can show Brazil we are better than we showed last week.

    Do suspensions carry to the final? If so, I’m afraid to see who Bradley starts in CM for Mikey.

  27. Modibo says:

    Hollering. Jumping up and down. High fives. And later, drinking.

  28. Matt Mathai says:

    Great, great result. Wonder what all the haters will say now.

    Very dodgy red card, and it’ll cost us. Hope the Bradley replacement can step up.

    @SuperChivo, STFU

  29. gj says:

    I am so glad i skipped out of work early to watch this game, even though they caught me and suspended me for 3 days with out pay.
    Screw you work.
    go…….. USA

  30. JAT says:

    Wow, just … wow. That was the gutsiest backline performance I’ve ever seen from a US squad.

  31. g says:

    That’s the US team I have been looking for. I only caught the tail end because I’m at work. The 20 some minutes I saw was a brilliant. I know Jozy is glowing after giving Spain a taste of what Villareal is missing.

  32. ETJ says:


  33. toreadore says:

    What a great win!!! Harkes better performance. Bradley well done!!

  34. Tom says:

    WOW!! Great Job!! Shocked!!

  35. Nicole says:

    I am so proud of these guys, I’m crying!!

    Feeling similar to WC ’02.

    Right now, I don’t care what happens in the final.

    This team has heart.

  36. kingdomsa says:

    I’m and American in Saudi Arabia and just watched the match with my saudi buddies. We were blown away. Once in a lifetime experience…we saw history…yelling and screaming from everybody. USA soccer just got respect from the world. This kind of event can change the path of this sport in the USA.

  37. Looking forward to 2018 says:


  38. Johnny G says:

    I’ve never enjoyed eating crow this much! Now bring on Brazil!

  39. Fouge says:

    Jozy getting sold to Spain could happen after this performance.

  40. brian says:

    dempsey played his best game for the nats

  41. Clueless Coaching says:

    Nice use of subs Bob? They won inspite of the moron on the sideline, gee my son did not look gassed, along with Clark and Dempsey. Not their fault but use your skillful subs that were available earlier and smarter. He subs for Benny and hangs him wide? At least MB subbed himself for the final. Who thought he could go all tourny without a red…..nice. Do not get me wrong I love our team I just want more, especially when it is sitting on our bench.

  42. Youngee8 says:

    Great Game.

    BB has finally learned from all of us:

    NO Beasley, No Shasha, No Casey for the most part he still can’t hold the ball.

    FANTASTIC DEFENSE: How about our defensive cover with strong back.

    No one on the US w/the exception of Casey received an 8 or below. Benny F great first sub by BB

    Go USA

  43. lprevolution says:

    Why did it take Bradley so long to sub? I couldn’t even tell if he was warming anybody up before the 55th minute.

    Well… right now, who friggin cares.

    I can’t believe that I just witnessed that. Awesome.

  44. Peter says:

    Bob Bradley learned something in this tournament. I was afraid he’d put in Klesjan instead of Feilhaber. I guess the fans just need to complain a little to get the team’s attention.

    Donovan has really looked good lately, and has extricated himself from my feces roster, which is hard to do.

    I hope USSF submits a formal protest of Michael Bradley’s red card. Ives, that card was not a joke, but smacked of criminality.

  45. Speedball says:

    Spector — Demerit — Gooch — Bocanegra

    If that doesn’t become the regular starting back line, then Bradley really does need to be fired.

    America, F*ck Yeah!!

  46. Matt D says:

    I’m floored…I was able to corral about 5 other people at work to watch it around my computer on…this is the type of gutsy, hard-working performance the USA can produce. Yes, Spain are more talented individually, but spirit and desire can overcome individual brilliance on any given day.

    On an analytical note, I think Bradley prepared this team just like the USA was playing Mexico (though Mexico is no Spain). The idea of staying defensively disciplined, don’t go chasing the ball, and capitalize on the counterattacks. If anything, the USA has the mindset to play Spain, it’s just that Spain are so talented they usually find a way to win at some point. Man, I’m so excited. Great job guys! U-S-A! U-S-A!

  47. Holy Bananas Batman! says:

    It’s really inspiring to see 11 (or 10) guys working that hard for each other. Proud to be a USMNT supporter.

  48. Mikeype says:

    As far as I am concerned, we found our back-line for the World Cup.

    LB – Bocanegra
    CB – DeMerit
    CB – Onyewu
    RB – Spector

  49. gmen04 says:

    still cannot comprehend what just happened…

  50. TheUltra says:

    Do you believe in Miracles?!!!

    That was amazing, The USA shocks the world!

  51. rikki says:

    The goals were way more fluky than vs. Egypt, but we’ll take them!

    Giant Kudos to the Nats for hanging on in a game where their chances must have been outweighed tenfold by Spain.

    This game had to have done wonders for everyone’s stock.

  52. JaG says:

    Michael Bradley doesnt seem to be getting a lot of attention right now…but i think he was absolutely huge in the middle on defense. He kept everything under control and was always there for a tackle.

    Amazing win.

  53. Stephen says:

    AMEN! This is the type of performance we have been waiting for. Inspirational.

    Bob Bradley is the man. I am sorry I ever doubted you.

    This is why I am a U.S. Soccer Fan.


  54. jtk says:

    check out the google translation of el mundo:

    link to

    “US demolishes the legend of Spain” heh

  55. Crazy Steve says:


    Its redemption time against Brazil. They will be looking at a whole new team.

    Assuming Brazil beats South Africa.

  56. Dudinho says:

    im eating crow wow i feel great lol

    best win ever

  57. chupacabra says:

    If I may paraphrase the Special One:

    SHUT UP HATERS!!!!!!

  58. casadelqueso says:

    Every question answered. Can the US stack up with the best in the world? Yes. Can Bob Bradley make this team world class? Yes. Does this team have grit, heart, and skill? Yes, yes, and yes.

    Moreover, you’ve seen the American starting lineup for WC2010. There might be some questions when players like Edu and Cherundolo return from injury, but now we know we can field eleven players who can take on anybody.

  59. JK says:

    Rich- I am pretty sure Brazil is here to win the entire thing as well. Oh, and I think Dunga would want to keep his job. Brazil is not just going to flop for the super match-up. Still, if we do face them, anything is possible. Many “experts” did not think we would have a chance to beat Spain, but we did. So anything can happen on Sunday.

  60. JaG says:

    Also, Landon Donovan was everywhere and did everything for the US.

  61. PDXDawg says:

    What an incredible performance from Donovan today. I’ve always been a fan, but for the first time in his career, I saw him play in game that mattered and for 90 minutes show he’s world class. His best game ever.

    I’ll be surprised if we don’t take Brazil to the wire on Sunday.

  62. Steve says:

    Throw this one in there with T&T in ’90, Portugal and Mexico in the ’02 Cup, and Colombia in ’94 for best gaems in my lifetime. ADn when you weight the opponent more than teh competition it could be the biggest.

    I guess Charlie Davies has answered the question of who striker number 2 is for this team. Cahrlie you just booked yourself a starting spot in the Azteca come August! FEAR US MEXICO!!!!! We’re coming at you in a month and a half!!!!!!!

  63. R W says:

    They have done the impossible, and that makes them mighty…

  64. Memrook says:

    MOTM: SBI Mafia. For lighting a fire under the USMNT to play inspired against Egypt and then today’s glorious victory over Spain. WE KNEW YOU COULD DO IT!!!!

    P.S. Who is loving TWO goals from the run of play against the no.1 team in the world! Goals. From the run of play. TWO of them. Not PKs or Boca headers on corners. COME ON YOU NATS!

  65. Seisco says:

    Absolutely inspiring performance by our boys today. Every player contributed and played their heart out. We defended with courage and vigor. We we blocking shots and winning tackles, doin the dirty work.

    And finally a game against a top-notch opponent where the US didn’t squander and chances! We finished our best chances and made Spain pay the price.


  66. beto says:

    Unbelievable. Everyone played their balls off. Just an incredible group effort. I have to say that I thought Landycakes and DeMerit were the men of the match but Howard? Gooch? Man, everyone really played hard and pulled their weight.

  67. CapeCodFutbol says:


  68. Korey Sutton says:

    One of the best games I have ever seen from a US team. Just wish Bradley could play in the final.

  69. K1p says:

    I should be studying for the CCNA exam, BUT I CAN”T! WOOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOO! USA!USA!USA!

  70. Adam M. says:

    Deserved Kudos to Bob Bradley for learning from his recent mistakes. The U.S. attacked (whenever they could at least) and they have continuously looked their best attacking. He also made the right subs today at the right times. DeMerit, Altidore, and Bradley all stepped up their games and deserve whatever windfalls they should absolutely get. Donovan wore his heart on his sleeve. And Dempsey, I hope, will be seen as the obvious striker pair to Altidore having scored two goals within minutes of moving up to that position. Benny Feilheiber also lived his promise and deserves the starting home moving CD up would bring. Clark remains the only question mark, but Jones will answer that in August.

    All in all, the U.S. shut up a lot of naysayers this past few days, including myself, and our only hope is that they continue to grow into the promise wins like this bring.

  71. MensreaJim says:

    Pretty ecstatic, obviously. How lonely is it to be a soccer fan? I want someone to hug and yell with, but now I need to turn back to the briefs.

    I have gotten pretty sick of the negativity on the internet the past few weeks. CR was bad, the Brazil lineup was bad, yes. But we are in the CC finals and we are going to win our region in qualifying. Mr. Donovan (to you) has been terrific, we had some young guys emerge, Benny is back, and we showed what l’Equip and the rest of Europe’s media refers to (in other sports, of course) as the American warrior spirit.


    Give Bob a raise.

  72. G in Humboldt says:

    Hey, Where’s Kpugs?? What can he find in this win to trash Bob Bradley with?

    To all of the Bradley haters out there, the USA just beat Spain, suckers. This was supposed to be a tune up for the USA (coaching included) looking ahead to next year.

    I think Coach Bradley deserves appologies from the wankers in the back. Eh?? Speak up! We know you’re out there.

  73. Adam M. says:

    But someone needs to tell FIFA to stop giving us red cards for normal tackles that carry no intent. THAT is absurd.

  74. Angel says:

    I so Happy happy for my Country and my Team is about time people notice that we can too be on the big stage. This will give a Jail free card for a moment to Bob Bradley. Still not buying it he need to learn more to manage the time and the game. But this time around he knew how to make the Subtitution at the right moment. His Statics paid off this time. WOW WOW what can I say I love USA and this what I wanted to see two team given us a good show and our Team USA give us that and more. they give all they had and play with heart. Now lets not get our head so big and play one game at a time. But is time to make another history and that at the Azteca Stadium and upset Mexico at home…. YAHOOOOOOO VIVA USA,

  75. Wispy says:

    Unbelievable — so happy. During the game, I nervously drank, like, 11 Cokes at the ESPN Zone across the street from my office and now I too geeked up on caffeine to work.

    Anyone else notice that Mikey Bradley really didn’t protest his ridiculous red all that much? Two reasons: (1) I think we’ve come to just expect that call from Larrionda, and (2) I think after the last 6 games MB is so friggin’ tired he just wanted to go sit down.

    Very proud of the Nats today — Go USA.

  76. sublicon says:

    Jozy will not, under any circumstances, start at Fulham. Not happening. Sorry.

    In other news, U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A!

  77. Mastro says:


  78. CPTKevin says:

    Sweet! :-)

  79. Jacob A. says:

    Angel, I friggin love you man!

  80. Rudy says:

    Crow tastes delicious, thanks bob.

  81. ag nigrin says:

    Why does espn suck so bad??? I mean come on screw the NBA draft…this is huge news… where is the coverage… geez… like another poster said…I long for the days when everyone will watch and flood the streets after a victory like this…

  82. ERic says:

    I’m concerned that we’ve peaked too early.


  83. Zidan says:

    This is what i wrote before Egypt game and Before Spain game:)

    You are not as bad as you think you are. Stop looking at the empty half all the time :)

    Amazing results!!

    Enjoy and …. Think positive :)

    Congratulations from Michigan

  84. Doug says:

    I’m so proud. Where is Al Michaels when you need him

  85. Jacob A. says:

    They said that due to the time differences and start time, ATH won’t talk about the game, PTI probably will, and they said Sportscenter was gonna open with it.

  86. CadeLBB says:

    I just went outside and set my kid’s playset on fire!!!

  87. Jeff says:

    Rich, do you really think BB is listening to you? Or any fan? I would hope not.

  88. mnmike says:

    The back four + Howard were outstanding. I heart Jay Demerit.

    @Rich-If Bob Bradley makes decisions based on the fans’ screaming, then we’re in serious trouble.

    Bradley’s red was harsh, but even a yellow would have kept him out for Sunday.

    I thought Spain looked indifferent about the game. Villa and Torres both looked subpar. Overconfidence?

    That was unreal. I love working from home.

  89. John Godfrey says:

    Unbelievable stuff.

    Extremely happy.

    Hoping the haters crawl back down the Turnpike.

    But I still wish the USA players would chill out on the slide tackles. It’s like begging for a red, and we haven’t learned that lesson yet.

  90. Jay Goppingen says:

    No hookers tonight, boys. One more game left!

  91. Jamie Z. says:

    I wonder if Giuseppe was watching…

  92. Bram says:

    Demirit,Onyewu,Rico, Donavan, dempsey and Felhalber all desereve a bigger salary from they’re clubs. Speaking of money what he prize money for raising this cup anyway?

    GO USA!!!!!!!!!!!

  93. Leonardo says:

    [time to quote the news]
    from bbc:
    What was starkly apparent on the Free State Stadium pitch, was the superior athleticism of the Americans.

    On occasions during the opening 45 minutes, they had as many people in their attacking third as they did in their own box.

  94. kpugs says:

    I must be blind because ESPN’s match report said Bradley got a red card for a late tackle.

    I honestly thought it was not only NOT late, but clean (if hard). Am I completely wrong?

  95. Cindy says:

    i was literally shaking from the tension/excitement then sheer ecstasy! that was freaking amazing!!!!

  96. Hopper says:

    I’m stunned. I can’t believe what I just watched. Has to be the gutsiest performance by a USA team since the 1950 World Cup. Everyone on the pitch was a hero.

    Now that I’m back at work, I can’t concentrate at all. I just keep thinking about that game.

    Well done, guys. Keep it up for the final. It won’t be easy.

  97. Drew says:

    Not much to add, but I will agree with the poster who said that was our starting 4 on defense. I agree. Boca doesn’t help much with the attack down the left side, but we play pretty skinny anyway.

  98. DS says:

    you guys should all read BBC’s “as it happened” version of the game… they were effusively praising our Nats, with special kudos to DeMerit (and Onyewu, Dempsey, Donovan, Howard)… unlike fans on this blog, the BBC writer didn’t seem to think the red card was unwarraned…

    I am curious and mildly excited to see the Feilhaber-Clark combo in midfield – hopefully Ricardo will play the whole 90 without a red card.

  99. Clueless Coaching says:

    35-37 degress and nobody is warming up at 60′ or 65’…….Bob……your son is gassed among others(nobodys fault just use a sub(s) earlier). This is how you can lose during a great performance. Do not overlook BB’s incompetence and nepotism. His son may make an open line-up, just do not pencil him in every game. He is out for the final so Benny will get the start, thankfully. Four defenders and two defensive mids???? Come on we are good enough to play and not sit back like the first half. Lots of creative competent players watching this tourny (Torres, Adu, Benny) and no the line-up is not set now that we won a big one. What about Cherundolo and Edu upon return, and please do not say what about Ching, good guy not as dangerouds as others though, realistically.

  100. Steve says:

    Hey, they speak Spanish in Spain right?

    DOS A ZERO!!!!

  101. USA says:

    I don’t think yellows that were picked during group play carry over to knockout rounds. If I am right about this (unless FIFA changed their rules again, I am) then I hope we can appeal this and if we can’t then that’s very unjust.

  102. G says:

    Ricardo Clark was my favorite…he was everywhere

  103. Hopper says:

    Also, I have to add, Bradley’s red card was a complete joke. I can see maybe a yellow, but a red? That’s three of the four games in this tournament we’ve finished with 10 men. Now we won’t have him for the final. Thanks ref. You’re a piece of garbage.

  104. USA says:

    picked up***

  105. Zidan says:

    @Jay Goppingen,

    link to

    Sorry hun.


  106. Lot 8 says:

    So happy I have ESPN360 at work. Celebrating by throwing my hands up but keeping my mouth shut is an awkward experience. Wow what a match. . .I have a thousand things to say but cant form words.

  107. MiamiAl says:

    It is a good win because we are advancing to the finals of a big tournament…But beating Spain I think is really no big deal…As I have said in earlier posts, Spain always seems to play down to their opposition. They always choke (with the one exception at Euro)…Their history is made up of always having great players, but always somehow collapsing and giving games away…Spain will NOT win the World Cup…

    Great win for Bob Bradley…But He needs to be motivated like the rest of the team, which is why I will keep criticizing him and the team when I see something that can be improved…Notice how no Beasely and Sacha and we got two wins in a row?

    The most important game is still to come- AZTECA!

  108. Andre says:

    What a lesson in humility for Spain. Brazilian press has been saying this for days now: Spain is only thinking of Brazil, while Brazil is only thinking of South Africa. They just assumed they would win. So much for the “clash of the titans” in the final.

    Congratulations USA, see you Sunday. :)

  109. Mike says:

    Amazing game.

    Still not sure what Casey gives you while protecting a lead, but who cares today? We won, against the best team in football today.

    No reason to be negative.

  110. Barry U says:

    WOW!!!!! Sunday just got a little more interesting.

    The players on that field should be very proud of themselves. They showed alot of character today. SA or Brazil i really do not care which we face but I just want another performance like today. Grit and Steel all over the park. Win or Lose don’t care.

    WELL DONE!!!!

  111. Andrew says:

    Hey Ives,

    Can US Soccer appeal the suspension of Michael Bradley for the next game? It’d be a shame if that call keeps him out of the final.

  112. Gregg says:

    Question –

    Will Landon get a transfer offer during this window with his play in this tournament? If so, what leagues do you see him going?

  113. chupacabra says:

    Spain = EuroMexico

    dos a cero! Works every time.

  114. Mark says:

    Giuseppe doesn’t care…he’d still rather play for the yankees. Do you think Arod wished he was on the Tampa Rays after last season?

  115. Christian says:

    Congratulations USA.

    As a Mexico fan, I’m not at all surprised that you “upset” Spain.

    Good job, guys.

  116. danger says:

    Wow is all I can say… I skipped out of work to watch this and I must say it was a great decision. Gooch and Demerit @ CB for the world cup… they played in credible.

  117. sonicdeathmonkey says:

    I’m thinking about heading down to the Georgia Dome for tonights Mexico-Venezuela match wearing my Nats shirt and chanting “USA USA” in the crowd all night. But perhaps thats not the smartest thing to do. 😉

  118. Tolik says:

    just finished watching my DVRed game.


    congratulation guys! well fought

    Landon, Howard, Demsey deserve 10 for today.

    Everybody else no less than 8.

    If Landon can’t get a good club after this, I don’t know what are they thinking.


  119. brandon says:

    red cards CAN BE APPEALLED! the egyptians appealled a red card in their game against brazil.

    link to

  120. Johnny G says:

    I have to come here to share my sheer joy with people who understand. If I’m telling people at work it takes too much explanation and they still don’t give a sh*t about soccer. I’m SO proud of the effort our guys put in today. Every single one of them went out there to win. It’s a quality that Americans have more than any other nation. We might not be the most skilled but we certainly have the potential to play with more heart than anyone.
    That red card against Jr. was complete BS, but given the ref’s reputation, we knew that he would send someone off before the 90 minutes were up.

  121. Jacob A. says:

    DS, you got a link?

  122. WK says:

    The USA bails out the globe again from domination by one country’s two year ‘reign of terror’. you’re welcome.

  123. JP says:

    The only thing wrong with the MB tackle was the cleats up aspect.

  124. giggsylou says:

    Any chance the red is appealed and reversed? Bradley didn’t deserve it, and certainly doesn’t deserve to miss the final.

  125. Rastafari says:

    C’mon Bafana Bafana

  126. Roberto says:

    Time to get drunk.. Time to get waysted.
    Made my day
    GRANDE USA!!!!

  127. Derek says:


    No one can say we can’t play soccer again!!!!

  128. jayr5 says:

    Demerit was fantastic, and how Watford’s phone isn’t ringing I’ll never know. Donovan, Onyewu, Davies, Altidore, all great. Tim Howard was back to form, although looking back, his series of point-blank saves against Italy and Brazil look even bigger now. Even Ricardo Clark had a pretty great game. Aside from Jones for Clark, (maybe) how is this not the lineup next summer? Maybe shift some things, bring Davies off the bench, move Dempsey up top (where he’s been far more dangerous) and start Feilhaber, (maybe, just rambling here) but really, isn’t this the group? Just count me among those who are so glad Bradley finally recognized that Demerit is better than Danny Califf. That took some time.

  129. John Godfrey says:

    Dear Clueless Coaching:

    Just go away.

  130. Len says:

    Birmingham is probably kicking themselves right now for not snatching up gooch.

  131. KungFuSoccer says:

    All I wanted was effort worthy of respect. Even if we lost. Unbelievable game to watch. We won and DESERVED to win. We won even though we got the always predictable bogus red. Always loved Demerit and his story. But didn’t know if he really had it. He does.

    Only disappointment for me was the Donovan Flop at the end of the game. Otherwise beautiful.

    OK soccer nerds, will this result put a WC seeding within any possible reach now? Bonus points for doing some math.

  132. Jk3 says:


  133. whatagame says:

    Just to mess with you Clueless…I think Ching would have done a better job of holding the ball than Davies, Casey or even Altidore late in the game…so there…I mentioned Ching!

    Way to guys! Keep it iup for the final!

  134. Yossarian says:

    Clueless Coaching should change his name to just Clueless.

    BTW, if the haters had their way, the following player (who they all clamored for lifetime bans with rabid fury in the last year) would not have been on the pitch today:

    Michael Bradley
    Conor Casey (not sure I can argue with that one, though :-))

    I would simply urge you haters to have a little patience, a little perspective and look a little closer. Hey, we’re still not a top ten team in the world – we simply don’t produce those kind of players yet, but we play with heart, we defend our butts off, and we have some guys who can be dangerous if given half a chance.

    We’ve definitely improved our talent pool. No, we’re not an elite soccer nation yet, but we ARE improving. Take notice. Take joy from the occasions when everything comes together and the team plays the beautiful game to the absolute best of their talent. It won’t happen every single time – there’s another team playing against you (with a referee on their side), trying to stymie your efforts. That doesn’t necessarily mean that all the players suck, the coach is awful and all the bench players are suddenly brilliant.

    Remember this day, next time you feel the urge to write, “Dempsey is garbage – get him off the field!!” He’s actually not garbage. He’s actually one of the best players our country has ever produced.

    Remember this day, and take solace that, for one day, your team played like champions.

  135. Kurt says:

    Clueless coaching should take his short bus home. We’re all glad that he added ‘nepotism’ to his limited vocabulary, but the adults would like a chance to discuss the game.

  136. mike says:

    How long to all the Spanish fans who were talking smack ahead of the game start saying this tournament is worthless?

    USA did it all, even when they were running on fumes. Jorge Larrionda gives the USA another crap red card. I guess we have a new chant when refs make BS calls against the nats: “Worse then Jorge!”

    Donovan is finally showing. Dempsey is making the case for being pushed up top. Gooch is UNBELIEVABLE! DeMerit, Bocanegra and Spector are fantastic. Howard is boss!

    GO USA!

  137. Danny says:

    @ All the “Fire Bradley Now” Haters-

    Go to Italy. We don’t want you.

  138. primoone says:

    Say what you will about criticising the coach and the players…but make no mistake, They do hear it loud and clear as evident with the bradley Junior post game quotes and the emotion on seniors face when they won the egypt game.Today they showed some fortitude and responded tremendously to that criticisim.

    From the coaching staff to the players to the trainers…believe you me, They got the message and they responded.

    Great result.

  139. Angel says:


    you people stop jumping into Bob Bradley Badwagon now every body are call haters, Praising Bob as the best coach in the world. Please lets be happy that our team won and keep one day at a time.

  140. ETJ says:

    The appeal in the Egypt-Brazil game was because the ref may have looked at video evidence, its a different situation.


    Can the USSF appeal to have the red taken away

  141. CO_Soccer_FAN says:

    Like everyone else in this blog. I’m stunned, full of emotions running through my head and extremely stoked about this huge USMNT win against Spain.

    I don’t care how good you’re on paper, the game still has to be played on the field where anything can happen. USA just proved that today. GO USA!

  142. Mark says:

    I still think Bradley makes bad tactical decisions. I really think he hunkered us down waaaay too early in this one. It’s like the prevent defense in American football…the only thing it prevents is winning.

  143. Carl says:

    Can we appeal Bradley’s red card and suspension? He won the ball, and shouldnt have been called for a foul. The card should be revoked but I dont know the rules on this type of thing

  144. primoone says:

    @ Danny…if that is what it takes to get these fookers playing under the gun then hell yeah…fire bradley ALL DAY.

    From a coaching perspective your job is to get results. When you dont get results and exibit poor Futbol decisions…why on earth would that person be criticized?

    Every other coach in the world gets it ten times as hard as bradley did. What makes Bradley untouchable? Cuz…i cant think of one reason.

  145. CT says:

    You turds calling for BB’s firing, Dempsey’s demotion, and Adu’s elevation to the starting 11 SIT DOWN AND SHUT THE F*** UP. We don’t want to hear from you until the next World Cup cycle. We’ve got our 2010 team and you should get on the bandwagon and enjoy the ride.

    Viva USA!!

  146. Tim Skinner says:

    Congratulations from your neighbours to the North! Well played friends.

  147. GO USA says:

    I dont even know what to say other than i am so happy for our country on this day. However those fag referees keep on giving us those fake arse red cards. When i saw the red i was flippin out. My first thought was that the refs knew Spain was losing and they somehow needed to do something to get them a goal. I am officially convinced there is something going on in FIFA against USA. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind there is something there. Bradley did not commit anything near a red card. Now that I think of it i think the refs were also looking forward to the final. This is what the ref was thinking, “if the US still beats Spain I’ll give a red to one of their best midfielders so he doesn’t play in the finals and makes it harder for them to win.” IVES can you please look into this or do a article on the horrible and almost blatant bias officiating against the USA. This is why alot of Americans cant get into soccer because of stupid crap like that. It almost seems like they are fixing the games against us. —- Rant over.

    Okay back to the positives and it is that USA’s defense outplayed and out hustled Spain’s offense. Demerit,Onyewu,Boca, and Spector deserve so much credit for this win. Donovan was all over the field. And i believe that Clark had the game of his life. He was tenacious at closing down those gaps. He and Bradley looked phenomenal together. Altidore and Dempsey showed all heart on those two goals. Especially Altidore doing it against his Villareal team mate. I was jumping up and down with my brother, what a beautiful day to be a fan of soccer and US mens soccer.

  148. John Godfrey says:

    Dear MiamiAl:

    When you say things like this:

    “Great win for Bob Bradley…But He needs to be motivated like the rest of the team, which is why I will keep criticizing him and the team when I see something that can be improved”

    ….it makes the rest of us wonder about the meds you’re taking. Bob Bradley doesn’t care what you think, doesn’t read what you have to say, won’t ever respond to your criticism. Your comments mean nothing to him. What you say here is for other fanboys. Please remember that. You are not even a piece of gum on the bottom of his shoe, so don’t delude yourself into thinking you have influence. You don’t.

  149. Tolik says:

    Criticizing a coach is a national pass-time in the football countries. BB is not criticized nationally. Just in some places like here. It means that we are on our way to be a soccer nation.

    No criticism from me today though. I’ll wait until tomorrow.

    What other guys said: All we wanted is a spirited fight even if we lose. We got it today with some extra bonus of beating Spain.


  150. Courtney says:

    Whose watching where in NYC on Sunday? I know Nevada Smith’s is always good, but any other USMNT supporters bars worth checking out?

  151. papa bear says:

    @Posted by: G in Humboldt | June 24, 2009 at 05:12 PM

    Wow, really? I’m as excited for this great win as anyone but you are making it sound like Bob pulled all the right strings at the right time and I think MOST would agree that his substitution pattern left a bit to be desired once again. Still he obviously had them motivated for this match up which is great but it still doesn’t completely exonerate him or the team for their complete and utter lack of heart and motivation the first two games…yet.
    We’ll see how they play against Brazil/South Africa. If they come out and bust their asses again then it’ll be a positive sign of progress even if they end up losing. If they play Brazil like they did the first time then this match can hardly be viewed as anything more than a single ‘shot in the dark’ performance.

  152. chupacabra says:

    Reading the BBC website, you’d think that it was England who just beat Spain: “Fulham’s Clint Dempsey,” “Watford’s Jay DeMerit,” “. . . a one-two between Carlos Bocanegra and club team-mate Dempsey,” (Okay, if you count the 07-08 EPL season and not the most recent season) “Everton number one Howard” etc. The only Spanish player who was identified by his English club association was Torres, even though Fabregas plays for Arsenal and Alonso plays for Liverpool. Hmmmm.

  153. Positive thinker says:

    Oh my God how could i forget to mention HOWARD in my post. Howard was unfreakinbelievable. He was stopping everything. He is World Class no doubts.

    Man Mexico should be very scared right now after seeing the gusty/all heart performance by the USA.

  154. patriot71 says:

    I can’t even begin to express how proud I am of our boys and I hope they get all the props that they definitely deserve!

    Honestly, I think this was one of our best played matches since we lost 0-1 to Germany in the 2002 WC.

    Go Nats!!!!!!

  155. joel says:

    great result… we are a different team

    the hunger is there….thats what we the supporters of the national team want to see, each and every game.

    eye of the tiger!

  156. DS says:

    @Jacob A. the link for BBC’s “As it happened” commentary is this: link to

    see also their match report – at link to
    and BBC fans comments at
    link to

    like i said, the majority of BBC’s fans liked the solid defense of the USA – many did not like Donovan’s foul in the box and his diving! Not surprisingly, Dempsey and Howard were highly spoken of by Fulham and Everton fans, I guess…

  157. John says:

    WOW! I didn’t believe that this team had it in them. How do they go from the debacle against Brasil to today’s performance in such a short time? It seems like a whole different feeling out on the field. Could Bocanegra really be that much of an X factor?

    Crazy! I’m so impressed. Landon showed up big in a big game. Ricardo Clark was amazing. Spector looked like one of the top right backs in the world. Jozy’s goal was world-class. Dempsey played with scrapiness, intensity, and flair. And Howard’s saves? Crazy good!

  158. Doug says:

    just wow. Good for the boys. They really played lights out today.

    The red card was complete BS.

  159. Texas 1836 says:


    Overwhelmed with positive emotions.

    Just in shock.

    Thank you, US Nats. Thank you.

  160. ciscokid says:

    Talk about horrible scheduling. My Sounders home match is this Sunday instead of the usual Saturday and at 1pm pacific, which is about the 60th minute of the Final.

    Just Brilliant…

    Still, thrilled I have that conflict to deal with.

  161. Chase says:

    Would Alexi Lalas STFU about Jozy taking off his shirt!!!

    Still amazing to see soccer lead Sportscenter! USA USA USA

  162. Mark says:

    Can we please get on an International schedule Don?!?!?!

  163. ETJ says:

    I don’t know what to do with myself. I’m only 17 so i can’t get hammered… legally. I can’t even buy a celebratory cigar God this blows, and I’m in Montana so literally no one within a 500 mile radius actually gives a f*&^ I’ve never been a prouder fan of anything in my life

  164. Mark says:

    ETJ…time to move out of the sticks, bro.

  165. MiamiAl says:

    You’re wrong John Godfrey…Because the players discussed after the Egypt game that they heard the criticism from the fans and the media, even though they disagreed with their assessment…Even you have to agree that BB’s tactical decisions with regards to Beasley in the lineup were dead wrong. He deserved to be criticized for his poor tacticianing…

  166. cj says:

    What incredible “fight” this team put up and this is why teams don’t like to play us. Of course the players on the field play the game but I truly believe the MVP’s of this tournament are the bloggers and fans who criticized this team after their showings to Brazil and Italy.

    After seeing Michael Bradley’s quote, the US team was brought together for one cause and that one cause was to prove all the naysayers wrong that they were had heart and could play with some of the best teams in the world.

    The difference between the first two games and the last two games were night and day. The effort and the heart got them through both.

    I would have loved to see some more compactness and giving up less space. I would have also liked for us to possess the ball a little bit better but this definitely ranks up there in US wins.

    The world definitely noticed and the one extra day of recovery will definitely help against Brazil.

  167. Mario in SJ says:

    OMG!! Fantastic win. I think the world will take notice a little more. Great game by our men.

    The coach is now a friggin genious, two games in a row he moves a player who is out of gas from the midfield to stiker position and the player scores on each occasion. WOW! WOW!

    In a perfect world we would all be outside blowing horns and celebrating. Oh well, cant have it all.

  168. Ryan says:

    Great all around play by the back 4, and Donovan was spectacular. To borrow from MLB, Dempsey is a terrific closer….

  169. Youngee8 says:

    I know how much the USSF gets for US making the finals.

    BUT- what are our Bonuses for the players??? Any one knows.

    Since we got out of group play no one is in yellow card jeopardy. BS call on Bradley’s Red we HAVE TO APPEAL.

    Go Bafana Banfana!

  170. Oranjebleeder says:

    Too funny ETJ.

    Helluva win.

    Spain reverts back to the gaggers they are.

  171. Derek says:

    Wow, nothing but classy quotes from the Spaniards. What a difference compared to our usual “Latino” opponents:

    link to

  172. Isaac says:

    I don’t think anyone can say anything about firing Bradley now. If beating the numero uno team in the world, and European champions, doesn’t make the Bradley haters shut up I don’t know what will….

    Well actually *distinctive click*…..

  173. FK PIRIN says:

    This is to the people who keep second guessing Bob Bradley’s tactics and coaching ability.

    What makes you think that you are correct? You all speak very confidently about your opinions. Do any of you have professional experience in soccer? Have any of you coached soccer professionally? I am amazed at your hubris.

    I am not suggesting that Bob Bradley is the best tactician in the world or the best coach, but he seems to have accomplished a great deal with the US national team. Success is generally what counts in my book as the best indicator of ability.

    I am ok with people simply sharing an opinion; however, an opinion should be expressed in a guarded manner unless you have a good reason to act as though your opinion is worthy of serious consideration.

    For instance you might say, “I think the tactics didn’t make sense for (this reason), but I am no expert,” rather than saying “Bob Bradley is a terrible coach and he should have done this because (this is what I think is best).”

    It is really annoying to see opinions from people who are so confident without any evidence of that confidence being appropriate based on life experience or indicators of soccer intelligence.

    The USA played a great game today and at least part of that had to be due to Bob Bradley’s coaching. Under Bob Bradley I don’t always expect to win, but I always feel like we can win. I am impressed and I am not sure anyone with a strong soccer resume shares the opinion that he is a poor coach.

    4estito Amerika, Go USA

  174. Nussdorfer AC says:

    Such a great game. Well worth taking the time off of work. I’ll have to figure another way to pay the mortgage. Either way, I will never forget this game.

  175. turnerxce says:

    Bradley’s red was no red if it was in CONCACAF. However, this is a FIFA international event with a CONMEBOL ref, any rash challenge with studs up is going to be a straight red. Whether this was mentioned to the team beforehand and Bradley made an ill-chosen tackle out of fatigue, who knows. But the team should’ve been aware of the refereeing circumstances.

  176. dave says:

    Thought I would prepare a post for all the Bradley haters, so we can get most of the nonsense out of the way:

    1. US was lucky

    2. Spain was a tired team (this was their 36th game)

    3. We won in spite of the coach

    4. If Dempsey had been benched we would have won 4-0

    5. Even though we made it to the final, if we lose to Brazil (or Mexico in Azteca, or ….), Bradley must go

    6. His son is an idiot who keeps getting sent off

    7. We won by defending, but to be really satisfied and successful we have to be able to take it to teams like Spain and dominate – so lets change manager

    8. He did not play Adu or Torres – he has to go.

    Maybe we should just say well done to the coach and the team, and what a difference a week makes!

  177. matt says:

    Loved the tenacity we brought. Anyone is beatable when we play with that much heart. Bring on Brazil. America, F*ck Yeah!

  178. FK PIRIN says:


    This referee has a reputation and FIFA likes him because he is such a strict disciplinarian on tackles.

  179. Danny says:

    @ All Haters Out There:

    STFU. Move to Italy. If I hear one more “Spain would win 9 out of 10″ or “U.S.A. got lucky” one more time I’ll blow. You’re NOT fans. You’re not wanted. You’re NOT welcome here. Move to Italy. We don’t want you.

  180. Ben says:

    Was just reading the BBC boards and couldn’t help but be touched by all the good will we are receiving.

    Could this be the back four that starts a year from now? I wouldn’t be surprised if DeMerit got a top-flight contract out of this game and maybe Bob is now confident with Blackmouth on the left.

  181. Sutehoot says:

    Unbelievable. Sure we got a little lucky on our second goal (okay, really lucky), but we played with more heart than I’ve seen from an American team in years. Landon was all over the place, and our back line was phenomenal. Hopefully it’s the one we see from now on. Still feel like we need to find better central midfielders (although I’d like to see how Feilhaber does for an entire match), as we gave up way too many balls and way too much space in the midfield. Hoping our guts hold up until 2010, Go USA!!!!

  182. Freddy says:

    I LITERALLY cried when it was over. I’m so proud of our boys. They did us proud.

  183. Derek says:

    We have arrived!

  184. Gary says:

    Start that back 4 as much as you can — they were awesome.

  185. matt says:

    Howard – 9
    Boca – 7
    DeMerit – 8
    Gooch – 9
    Spector – 8
    Donovan – 8
    Bradley – 8
    Clark – 7
    Dempsey – 8
    Jozy – 8
    Davies – 7
    Fielhaber – 8
    Casey – incomplete

  186. metrostar 4 life says:

    MOTM-Jay Demerit + Rico Clark

    Ives, can we appeal the BS red card to Bradley? Obviously his dad is gonna do something about it right?

  187. SBI Mafia informant says:

    What is this $hit, a flip-flop? Surely not. Oh the emotions of it all.

    New Coach=2010 WC Semis

    Same ol’ same ol’ =Well at least we got the Confeds, so did Mexico back in the 90s.

    p.s. Don’t mind me–enjoy it boys, you guys deserve it.

  188. Johnny G says:

    I hope that we can take the momentum from this tournament home with us and all the way to Azteca. Even if we lose to Brazil, I hope they realize what they can do when they work as a team and play with that much heart. I’m feeling like we can march into Azteca this year and come out with a win. I would advise taking extra security with the team just in case!

  189. Peter Bering says:

    Great game USA! I have been saying that Spain was due for a loss, having become too lethargic and on autopilot after all the victories. I believe they would have lost clearly against Brazil this time, and I still believe Brazil will win the final(?…!)

  190. Wispy says:

    ETJ — I’m just glad to know there is a 17-yr-old out there who cares about ANYTHING as much as you seem to care about the USMNT. I hope you make Montana a soccer state some day.

  191. CA GK 22 says:

    I just have one question…who are the people doing the play-by-play on ESPN? Absolute crap. It’s either one liners or down-playing the US. Ives, can YOU start doing those for USMNT games?

  192. Wally says:

    Will the US appeal the red card, what are the chances it get overturned??

  193. Fire BB says:

    Still need to fire BB

    Oh yea, and great win!

  194. Matt in Oakland says:

    Spain would have broken Brazils record of 35 consecutive wins by defeating the US, so you know they came to play. GO NATS!

  195. Turtle says:

    I just finished the watching the game on ESPN360. I have one word:


    That was one hell of a performance. I love our back 4 exactly like this! Demeritt is a beast. Spector – dude, is quality. He actually clears the ball TO ONE OF OUR PLAYERS! Gooch is IMMENSE (clearances…well…) and Boca looked totally fine out on the left.

    I’ve was a BB supporter until Brasil…I lost the faith. Please forgive me. I will write Sunil and recant my earlier e-mail. BB, you know more than us, that is clear.

    In Bob I trust!

  196. matt says:

    Bob’s Army T-shirt, On Sale Now!!!

    link to

  197. Yossarian says:

    MiamiAl – what color is the sky in your world? MB was responding to critical comments by announcers, writers, and pundits, not by you tools. Believe me, NO one cares what you think. Talk about delusions of grandeur. Look, we all get superstitious at some point and toy with the notion that something we’re doing actually has an effect on the outcome of the game (I can’t move from this position because they’re winning) but no one rationally actually believes it (except for you apparently). Let me get this straight – you actually think that your baby whining actually got read by players and coaches and it wound up motivating them? Do you realize how dumb that sounds? Babies think that they’re the center of the universe, so you just proved my theory that the haters are all just a bunch of whiny babies.

    Go USA!

  198. Snuffer says:

    What a defensive effort on all grounds..with that being said there were still a ton of defensive errors made but Spain did not capitalize..the center mids were giving too much space between themselves and the back line (but against Xavi, Alonso, Fabregas who can blame them)..true quality of our team..shows what the USA is capable of once they play as a unit and hustle for one another..amazing team effort out there guys

  199. JK says:

    Johnny G- Completely agreed. I hope this great momentum can not only carry to Azteca, but to the rest of CONCACAF qualifying. I hope we can use this experience to crush Honduras when we go there in October, to crush T&T and El Salvador, and then to SA 2010.

    This is random, but what if El Tri lost their friendly to Venezuela tonight? Best day as a USMNT fan ever?

  200. Clueless Coaching says:

    Thanks for knocking some sense into me guys (for the fellow fans who lit me up). You are right today is not the day for that kind of stuff, my timing was poor. I was happy (jumping around happy) with everyone on the field but why not use allowable subs to make winning easier if they are available? As far as my BB disparagements, he did start DMB and SK a week ago while Torres, Freddy and Benny sat on the bench healthy? I just want the best for our team and country and he put it at risk by not using subs timely and intelligently, be honest it is a problem. I want the best for the team, but BB needs to be scrutinized since the USSF doesn’t do that sort of thing. How about someone to simply evaluate talent without prior connections to players, paternal or otherwise.

  201. Turtle says:

    This is also a result of US Soccer scheduling more challenging friendlies. The experience we got out of our friendlies last summer. The oft criticized Copa America.

    The following players were all on the Copa roster:

    DAVIES Charlie



    CLARK Ricardo

    BORNSTEIN Jonathan

    CALIFF Danny

    PEARCE Heath

    KLJESTAN Sacha

    WYNNE Marvell

    GUZAN Brad

    Maybe getting them that experience wasn’t such a bad decision after all.

    What do the haters say to that?!

  202. slymer says:

    Hey Clueless Coaching. You really are clueless.

    Bob Bradley has proven time and time again that he is the man for the job. He gets results, he beats Spain. I’m happy with the line-up he’s chosen. I wouldn’t mind seeing Torres or Adu come on late in games once in a while though.

  203. Absolutely says:

    8 cards in 4 matches (3 of which are red)…I see a sportsmanship award coming our way. I like the physicality, however FIFA doesn’t look like they are going to put up with it, bummer.

    If Davies had converted that bike, I might have blacked out.

    Bradley secrures his job for next year’s World Cup. Not many alternatives though.

  204. Leonardo says:

    wow. still reeling from this. i love it.

    team has so much heart. dempsey got Bud’s MOTM, but heaven knows how you could argue for others too. so many were fantastic out there, that this is the best kind of debate to have, of the best, who was bestest? yes!!!


  205. MZ says:

    LMFAO said it best

  206. M.Verde says:

    John Godfrey-

    Fantastic comment!

    I’m a Mexican futbol fan, but I’m a SMART Mexican futbol fan, believe me there are far more where I came from. Only an idiot, and God knows there are plenty South of the Border would have wanted Spain to win! They are big headed, hard headed and lately altogether unbearable!!!
    Why would anyone that is a fan of a CONCACAF team withdraw their support for another CONCACAF team (even if you have to swallow your pride!) in international competition is beyond me.
    The US victory is the best thing that could have happened to Mexico since, well, the last time Mexico beat the US!

    Now the rest of the world understands WHY and HOW the USMNT does it!

    Thanks and congratulations!

  207. Derek says:

    Wow, and even classy comments from Mexico fans!

  208. ko'd says:


    I am guessing that you changed your commenter name about 5 minutes after the second goal today, huh?

    As I said after Italy, Brazil, Egypt, and now Spain…

    Go U.S.A.!

  209. Sean says:

    Most Impressive Performances in the Confederations Cup for the US team so far:

    Jonathan Spector
    Landon Donovan
    Oguchi Onyewu
    Jay DeMerit

    Breakthrough Performances for Cusp Players:

    Jonathan Spector
    Jay DeMerit
    Charlie Davies
    Jozy Altidore

    I think Spector and DeMerit have likely solidified their place in the US Starting 11. Charlie Davies also showed his value to the US cause. Dempsey seems to be better up top than on the wing, though this game he defended well and gave 100% for 70 minutes. He did start to walk instead of run and was wisely subbed out. He was exhausted and in pain.

  210. Johny Boy says:

    Great game. A tremendous credit to both teams.

    In case bradley haters think Spain took us too lightly, it’s obvious that Spain came out hard and fast looking to finish off the US early.

    As the game wore on I expected Spain to score and when they didn’t, I thought they would start to get frustrated but they did not really. They just kept coming and with a lot of imagination but,give the US credit,they simply defended about as well as is possible. This is how Italy usually wins games.

    In the last 25-20 minutes it became obvious that Spain was getting tired. Everyone on the US side simply played their best game.

  211. Joe D'Hippopotamus says:

    At least he finished one, but Altidore still looks rusty. Bocanegra must become more effective on offense if he stays on the flank. There is still lack of offfensive production in the middle….Torres and Adu still should get more time.

  212. jim b says:

    Ricardo Clark’s phone is gonna be ringing off the hook after this game. Sure, he’s no Patrick Viera, but he’s proven himself to be an excellent DMF. Good for him!

  213. socrates says:

    Lineup for the final





    If Feilhaber is still not 90-minutes fit, then sub choices:

    – TORRES
    – Adu
    – Kljestan (if we need to pick up a red)

    Also: good article on Brazil and how their formation actually works: link to

  214. bondopher says:

    I hear Madrid is putting in a bid for Donovan

  215. Mike Caramba says:

    I’d just like to respond to M Bradley’s comments after the Egypt game.

    After your team’s performance against Brazil, fans had every right to be critical. And if that’s what motivated you guys to turn things around, then good. I’m glad.

    Congrats on the big win. This is awesome.

  216. mexicanbluefish says:

    Where the fark are we going to put Jermaine… and Mo….?? Great problem.

  217. Tony in Ninerland says:

    My mouth hurts from smiling…

    Couple thoughts:

    If Bradley got a yellow – an not unreasonable decison, even if he could have gotten nothing – he would still miss the final through yellow card accumulation.

    I thought Clark did well, but I still think he was our weakest player out there today. I think if you put Jones in front of that back four we saw today, our defense is very, very solid.

    Benny to start in Bradley’s spot? Id say so.

    Notice how almost nothing critics say about Bob Bradley is actually true? As the Cup progressed, he’s replaced “his guys” Beasley and Bornstein. He’s supposedly dedicated to two defensive mids (as if Baby Bradley’s a defensive mid) but who has be been subbing in late – the offensive minded Benny Fielhaber. He’s not supposed to be tactical, but pushing Landon out wide to the left has invigorated our entire attack. And so on…

  218. BlueWhiteLion says:

    I must be blind because ESPN’s match report said Bradley got a red card for a late tackle.

    I honestly thought it was not only NOT late, but clean (if hard). Am I completely wrong?

    Posted by: kpugs

    You are right. hardly late at all. Maybe they meant he was booked late (in the game) for a tackle.

    He did have studs up a bit, but, holy crap, hardly a redcard. I don’t care WHAT the BBC guy said.

  219. ko'd says:


    You’re wrong. Yellow cards from group round do not carry over.

  220. wally says:

    Bob Bradley needs to be given a TON of credit for the heart and effort this team showed today and against Egypt. The organized defensive play, the way the midfield both tracked back and played great direct attacking soccer, the effort and grit of our forwards to hold the ball up, defend and link with the mid-field– this all comes back to Bob Bradley the tactician and motivator.

    If this quality of play continues, we all need to re-evaluate Bob, and maybe, dare I say, consider him a “Great” coach.

  221. socrates says:

    Rough version of updated depth chart — based on how BB might see things now:

    gk: Howard >> Guzan >> Hahnemann/Robles

    lb: Bocanegra >> Bornstein >> Pearce
    cb: Onyewu >> Califf >> Goodson/Whitbread
    cb: DeMerit >> Parkhurst >> Cameron/Orozco
    rb: Spector >> Cherundolo >> Hejduk >> Wynne/Simek

    lm: Donovan >> Kljestan >> Beasley
    cm: Bradley >> Edu >> Torres
    cm: [Jones] >> Clark >> Mastroeni
    rm: Dempsey >> Feilhaber >> Adu

    f: Altidore >> Davies >> Flavor of the month
    f: Ching >> Cooper >> Casey

  222. patrick says:

    is everyone ignoring that the second goal was ALL FEILHABER. he dribbled through 2 or 3 guys, and laid a great ball to donovan. That alone makes bradleys substitutions today PERFECT. That game is entirely different if were only up 1 with 20 min left. I liked the feilhaber move, and i also don’t think bradley should have been subbed. He may have been gassed, but bornstein had already come in and we needed some BITE, someone to stick tackles, and thats his MO. Sure, maybe you can question why Casey and not Torres or someone else, but Casey can, and did hold the ball up at the end.

    FOr those claiming bradley should have been taken out, who would you put in? Sasha Kljestan, torres? A gassed bradley is better defensively than any of those, and we were still getting the ball and moving forward, if we had put in a defender we would have had to weather even more pressure than we already did. Bob was spot on in this case.

  223. DC Josh says:

    I don’t think anyone knows how huge this victory really was. It’s the top story on all major sports networks across the globe. Every time I think about it, it hits me more and more what our boys did.

    I can’t put my emotions into words, and I haven’t even begun to think about it. This is undoubtedly the best day in my life, soccer related. I’m speechless.

  224. BlueWhiteLion says:

    Wow, I was screaming (all alone) and was shaking. Awesome game.

    That said, I wonder what needs to be done for our passing game to get better, more consistent. A few too many long balls, misfires, etc. That could kill us. Just not today.

    Spain did not lay down. Man, those guys are fantastic to watch. But this day, we were MORE fantastic!

    Heart. That’s where it starts.

  225. Tony in Quakeland says:

    ko’d: Thanks. Now I’m really uspet with that card.

    (Use my wrong nom de plume above.)

  226. Turtle says:

    I won’t accomplish anything tonight.

  227. Whoopie says:

    A great result. Demerit and Gooch are measts. Spector also played well. Why he doesn’t automatically start at RB is beyond me. Boca was a liability at LB but then again it was his first game back from injury. He’s still insanely slow and almost let up a goal in the 1st half.

    The midfield was generally solid. Landycakes is finally developing into a quality player. He still disappears from time to time but, overall, he’s much better. Bradley had another solid match. The kid works like no one else. The crap red is a true disgrace, but what else do you expect from a ref with such a poor record? Clark held his own and provided timely cover when needed. He still leaves far too many spaces open behind him, but he’ll develop. Dempsey is good. Period… but as a forward.

    Jozy scored, so what can you really say about his showing today. Davies also did well to annoy the Spanish backs, although he really needs to work on the small things and learn how to hold the ball without squandering possession.

    Benny had a great showing. His vision is quite good and warrants further consideration as a starting option (he’ll start in place of Bradley in the final). Borny did well to ensure the final result in his few minutes. Casey…. well, he’s awful. I wish someone could tell me why he’s even on the squad. The kid comes in with just under 20 minutes to go and proceeds to jog around the field. WHAT?!?! Hey fatty, learn how to apply pressure and disrupt passing lanes. That’s your job as a forward, especially in the final minutes of a game where you’re leading.

    Bob still needs to be fired. The guy still isn’t a quality head coach. I’d be all for keeping him on the staff, but only as an assistant.

  228. Youngee8 says:

    Not to be nosy but does anyone know what our Players are getting for bonuses for reaching the finals?

    Great game!

  229. Think before you type Rich says:

    Long time reader…never commented. Amazing day, but after reading these comments, I have only one thing to say. Rich is a complete and total clown. His post above is just about the most ignorant thing I have ever read.

  230. Turtle says:

    Spain’s coach Del Bosque or whatever:

    “We were surprised by their play as a team. We tried to go down the wings because it was too tough for us through the middle.”

  231. John says:

    Crow never tasted so good, please pass me another wing. Any sauce? Mmmmmmm…

  232. CT says:


    You saying that BB still needs to be fired is like Queen Isabella saying, “I don’t care what you discovered Christopher, I still think the earth is flat!”

    Hey, dumbbell simply admit you’re wrong and sit down and shut up until this World Cup cycle is over. Like it or not BB is our coach for the 2010 WC. Get on the bandwagon and enjoy the ride.

  233. Andy in Atlanta says:

    VERY SIMPLE BOYS AND GIRLS….Swelling with Pride

    link to

    “America..the world no longer looks forward to playing you”

  234. CrispyST3 says:

    Steve i like that Dos a Zero!! HAHA

    well, my experience was great, i was in summer school, and, my class ended at 12:45, but my old football coach told me to come down to his room so we can watch it online, cuz he’s also a geometry teacher, we turn it on, and we see 1-0, and we’re like, WAT! OMG YES, then his 3rd period class starts, which are filled with incoming freshmen, (ima be a senior by the way) and they see this game on the screen, my coach and i are going crazy because of all the chances Spain was getting, as i ask him, “So what do u think will happen first, Spain ties is, or USA scores the second”, his answer, “Man, i dont no, thats tough” and just as he says that, Clint Dempsey scores, and me and him go absolutely wild, the little 8th graders were looking at us if we were on sumthing, it was priceless

  235. t.z0n3 says:

    My parents have always watched soccer with me, though not with my gusto. They always whined that the US just gets cards because the world hates us. I always shrugged that off, ignoring it, because I’d like to think that FIFA referees could be a bit better than that. But you know, with all this stuff, 3 reds in 4 games, I’m really getting tired of it. I have to wonder. -_- Especially this one. I can see Clark’s, maybe even the other two, but BRADLEY’S? That was pathetic.

    Anyway, that game was amazing! Such effort! If we played like that every single game, then we WOULD be as good as the US media makes us out to be. On to the Championship match!

  236. rickr says:

    Maybe some of the idiot Americans that cheer for other countries will finally come around and support their own country.

  237. Scott says:

    Where can I buy my red white and blue vuvuzela?

    Up the Yanks!!!! Win it all!!!

  238. john godfrey says:

    Dear CJ and MiamiAl.

    You’re right. I’m wrong.

    Thanks SO MUCH for winning the game for us today via your blog commentaries. YOU GUYS made the difference. That’s why we won.

    It’s all about YOU.

  239. Rastafari says:

    Gotta spark a bowl for my NATS!!


  240. BlueWhiteLion says:

    Where can I buy my red white and blue vuvuzela?

    Posted by: Scott

    lol, another great little post. heck yeah, where ARE them things? Maybe we can form a partnership and market them . . .

  241. BlueWhiteLion says:

    VUVUZELA> one word that did not exist in my vocabulary just 7 days ago.

    Watch soccer: enrich your word power. :)

  242. MAchine says:

    Sitting at work today and was reading the match reports I got so excited I almost puked twice! Wow what a day!!!

  243. USA all the Way says:

    Who is watching the replay while celebrating their asses off?

  244. nik says:

    absolutely incredible!!!! One week ago, not even the bluntest optimists among us had imagined a scenario involving the US in the semifinale and advancing, and not against any team in the world but the best of all!! I can’t believe it. This is history!!!

  245. Dominghosa says:


  246. Carlo says:

    This is awesome. I’m happy Bob has stuck with his Young guns. He has done a great job with the national team so far. He has my respect as a damn good coach, I don’t care what people say. Now we must keep on going. Let’s not get to excited about going forward, because we must be cautious and learn from this great summer of games. We still havent qualified for the World Cup. We can sniff it, but we still have work to do. But for sure. If our defense is that stingy in every game, we will see more and more fun games like this. Who cares what happens Sunday! This is awesome, and we should all be proud of our National Team, every single part of it, from the Towel guy all the way to Sunil! OLE OLE OLE OLE GRINGOS GRINGOS!!!

  247. NOLA soccerfan says:

    Wow…just wow.

    if there was ever anything this team could rally around its this. that fire, determination, and grit that has come about after the egypt game gives us all hope for this team.

    Do us a favor and dont slack off in the concaaf qualifying. Make mexico pay aug 12. lets do something special the next 2 years

  248. Brad says:

    This is finally the kind of game that we knew this team was (or at least should be) capable of. Here’s hoping this was the start of a new era where we know we belong with the big boys.

  249. Moe says:

    I don’t have the time to read all of this, but that win was one of the greatest things I have ever seen. This is the kind of thing that makes you love sports. Thank you to the team and the coaching staff for providing a great win, and a hope of greater things to come for the fans.

  250. Jammer says:

    For people holding out hope that the red card can be appealed, here is an article about how FIFA will not only refuse appeals, they crack down on any leagues that allow them. So no, it’s not happening.
    link to

    But I think it’s time for Bradley to make some noise about the red cards the US always gets. It will bring some publicity and some pressure on the referees and ref’s will stop thinking they can so easily nail the US with cheap red’s. France did it in ’06. We don’t have the voice, Bradley or Gulati need to be making the noise.

    There is an obvious anti-US bias in every game, I don’t even need to cite examples at this point..

  251. Tony in Quakeland says:

    Watched it again.
    Almost passed out again.

  252. camiller000 says:

    What can be said about this that hasn’t already been said? Simply a great result. And…we get to face Brazil again. You can’t buy experience like these games is giving the boys.

    BTW ‘Clueless’ did BB pick on you in school or something? Give it up and move on. Your comments show no class on a day like today.

  253. Michael Cuello says:

    I told my wife, “just wait and see the referee give an American an idiotic red card before the game ends” and bang, two minutes later. Doesn’t it trouble anyone that besides being a team that plays hard referees are just way too hard on the team? I mean just look at every important game we play in big tournaments!

  254. Dmeyer2007 says:

    I just finishing watching the replay becuase I had to go into work a couple minutes into the second half. Even with phone calls and texts telling me the score and what happened I was still shocked that Spain did not score a least once. What a game.

  255. nirwin says:

    Well, if it somehow was a Mexican conspiracy, I’m pretty sure it was just thwarted.

  256. Mark says:

    Fantastic performance. I had to watch the game on DVR after a very long day at work. I’m really proud of the team. Just amazing stuff. Nice thing is Howard is the oldest guy starting at 30. Young team, so this experience is invaluable. I’d also like to think this team learned something about confidence. They looked like they thought they could win, so I hope they can bottle this for the game at Azteca and beyond.

    Not surprised that most of the Bradley haters haven’t chimed in.

    I’m not one to pick on people, but those who think Bradley, his coaching staff or his players take these boards seriously and actually get ideas on formations, tactics or who to start really don’t understand sports. I’m glad you guys feel like you made a difference, but if Bradley too cues from us, the team would be a hot mess.

  257. diro says:

    Stoked for the win. Gritty performance, tough defense, and a shocking win.

    That said, I STILL have some tactical complaints with Bradley and the coaching staff:

    A. When our team was severely dragging in terms of fitness level starting around the 55th-60th minute, why did it take so long to put in the first sub?

    B. Conor Casey should not have come on.

    C. Why didn’t we make a sub at 1/2time and put Dempsey up top immediately? It is also CLEAR that Dempsey can’t last longer than 75 minutes.

    D. I’m a proponent of rewarding the guys on the bench, even if that means putting them in with minutes to go. I was disappointed we didn’t use all our subs even in games where the outcome was well decided in advance (our 2 losses). Reward these guys; give them something to tell their grandchildren.

    Props to the staff for finding the new starting back 4: Gooch, Spector, DeMerit, and Carlos the Captain.

  258. inkedAG says:

    Like others, I am eating plenty of crow and a slice of Humble Pie.

  259. brad says:

    i cried a little…

  260. John says:

    What’s up with deleting my comments? Did I say something wrong? I don’t get it.

  261. Definitely liked the effort our boys showed! Dempsey continues to pull Aces from his sleeves!