USA vs. Costa Rica: Match Night Commentary

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The top two teams in CONCACAF World Cup qualifying square off tonight at Estadio Saprissa as the U.S. national team visits Costa Rica.

You know all the background by now. The Americans have never won at Saprissa. Costa Rica is very strong at Saprissa and a win for either team tonight would go a long way toward helping that team qualify for the 2010 World Cup.

Early word around San Jose is that tonight's atmosphere won't be as rabid at Saprissa as in year's past. There will be no alcohol sold and no coins allowed at the stadium. Any coins brought in by fans will be taken away and donated to charity. Souvenirs and food bought in the stadium must be paid for with paper money and no coin change will be given. Also, battery-operated radios won't be allowed (so there won't be any battery tossing.

Those restrictions aren't likely to stop Costa Rica's fans from making it an intimidating place to play tonight. The key will be the Americans keeping things from getting out of hand early on. In fact, you shouldn't be surprised to see the U.S. team on the attack with an offensive-minded lineup.

I will be providing commentary throughout the evening so please feel free to follow the match here. As always, you are welcome to share your own thoughts and opinions on tonight's match in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action (some interesting lineup tibits after the jump):


FINAL– Now the U.S. team finds itself in second place in qualifying and must now take on a tough Honduras team without Michael Bradley or Sacha Kljestan. It isn't going to be easy.

 That's all for now from me. PLease share your post-game thoughts in the comments section below (And PLEASE keep it clean.).


FINAL- Costa Rica 3, USA 1. The Costa Ricans dominated this one from start to finishing, proving that speed kills. The Americans couldn't handle the speed on the flanks, or anywhere else for that matter, while some new U.S. players failed in their attempts to earn more playing time.


90th minute– GOAL USA!!! And it's Landon DOnovan. Just two more goals away (Kidding).


90th minute– PENALTY. Onyewu is fouled in the area.


88th minute– SAVE HOWARD on a Centeno free kick.


87th minute– Adu with a weak effort from distance.


86th minute– There is Burgos again. He's quietly had a great game, not even counting the goal.


83rd minute– Adu found out pretty quickly that he can't spend all dayon the ball.


82nd minute– Jeez Charlie, I was kidding.


81st minute– Watch those elbows Charlie.


80th minute– Charlie Davies in for Clint Dempsey, who was invisible today.


79th minute- Dangerous USA free kick opportunity. AND it's wasted. YUCK.


78th minute– Costa Rica fans are now chanting "Bring on Mexico." Can't say I blame them. Playing like this they can beat anybody in CONCACAF. 


77th minute– Donovan hits a 25-yard shot a yard over, took a nice pass from Adu. No need for the rushed shot.

Alvaro Saborio is out, Carlos Hernandez is in. 


75th minute– Costa Rica with the Oles now. This is getting embarrassing. 


73rd minute– Marvell Wynne is going to have nightmares about Esteban Sirias when he goes to bed tonight.


72nd minute– Here's a question. Who will start in central midfield vs. Honduras? Will we see Benny Feilhaber and Torres? 


71st minute– Where in the world was Beasley?


69th minute- GOAL COSTA RICA!!!!!!!!!!! Put this one in the books. Pablo Herrera just torched the U.S. defense and beat Tim Howard to make it 3-0 Costa Rica.


68th minute– Pin-point long pass from Bradley to the flank. The talk about his turnovers is tired because he's bound to have some turnovers considering how much of the ball he gets.


67th minute– Kljestan's yellow means he will also be out vs. Honduras.


66th minute– Donovan draws a foul and free kick. Donovan hits the wall with the free kick.


65th minute– Kljestan with a cynical foul on Ruiz, draws a yellow. Costa Rica's combination play is KILLING the U.S. team today.


64th minute– A Bradley-Kljestan-Adu midfield now. Will be an interesting 25 minutes.


63rd minute– Freddy Adu is coming on for Pablo Mastroeni. Who would have thought we'd see Adu tonight? Can he make something happen?


60th minute–  Wow, Wynne with an awful turnover. Bradley sets him up with a great pass and he botches it.


56th minute– Lots of good performances from Costa Rica today but I have to praise Celso Burgos. The kid has a great future ahead of him and could be the next CONCACAF star.


55th minute– Harold Wallace is coming out, Pablo Herrera is in.


55th minute– Bradley gets a yellow card, not sure about that call. Now Bradley will miss the Honduras match. Harsh call considering Bradley hadn't committed many fouls at all.


54th minute– Better stuff from the U.S., a nice passing sequence leads to a corner.


53rd minute– Rough night for Altidore, who has been starved for service tonight. He's tried to make things happen, but just can't do it alone.


52nd minute– Costa Rica comes close yet again.


49th minute- Klestan is a better two-way player than Torres, but he hasn't exactly been on form in MLS and Torres was passing the ball and keeping the ball well after a shaky first 10 minutes. 


47th minute– We're back and Costa Rica hasn't lost any energy. Still trying to figure out the Torres sub. Is he hurt? Was he gassed?


HALFTIME– Sacha Kljestan will be coming in for Torres. Not sure about that sub. Mastroeni has been awful.


HALFTIME– Costa Rica 2, USA 0. The Costa Ricans came out flying while the Americans looked completely disjointed. Bradley will have to consider a change or two at halftime. Marvell Wynne looks like a lost cause out there, but then again, Beasley hasn't had a great game either. Bradley might want to yank Wynne or Mastroeni. 


45th minute– One minute of stoppage.


43rd minute– Just took a peak at the comments. Anybody saying Bradley is having a bad game is nuts. He's been one of the best Americans, if not the best, on the field.

Costa Rica is knocking it around right now, but finally turn it over.


40th minute– The Diaz-Sirias combo on the left flank has been fun to watch tonight, well, unless yo're a U.S. fan.


38th minute– Saborio just barely missed a side volley from close. WOW


38th minute– Lots of miscommunication in the back, due mainly to the deafening noise here.


36th minute– Mastroeni can't keep up with the pace of the Costa Rica midfield. There's no other way to say it.


34th minute– Did I mention that I've liked what I've seen from Torres tonight?


32nd minute– Marvell Wynne is having a rough day. Sirias is burning him and even when he gets on the overlap, he can't beat Junior Diaz.


30th minute– Freddy Fernandez with the foul on Altidore and he gets a yellow. He will miss Costa Rica's next qualifier, vs. Trinidad & Tobago.


29th minute– Great play by Ruiz to track back and break up a U.S. attack. He's a quality player who will be moving to a bigger club this summer.


28th minute– You can definitely tell that some American players are having trouble measuring their passes on this turf.


26th minute– Dempsey completed shanked the free kick. Awful.


26th minute– I will say that Torres has settled down and is playing much better now. USA free kick.


24th minute– Better sequence from the Americans but Altidore can't make the final pass. The Costa Ricans are leaving themselves exposed on the counter but the U.S. team has failed on two occasions to capitalize.


23rd minute– Donovan has a one-on-one against Michael Umana and he can't beat his former Galaxy teammate. He's got to do better there.


22nd minute– Beasley got caught badly on the counterattack. He needs to time his runs better and be more aware because Andy Herron looks like a man possessed tonight.


21st minute– Good long throw from Onyewu but Navas gets to it. The Americans need to get the ball and keep it for a bit.


19th minute– I questioned Kenton's decision to start Herron, but his move to play Herron on the right flank and have Ruiz up top with Saborio has paid off handsomely.


18th minute– Costa Ricans are ALL OVER the USA. It's pretty stunning. Shows what team play can do. Americans are not playing like a team right now. Some players look ready, some absolutely don't.


16th minute– Bradley forces a good turnover but Donovan shanks the subsequent shot.


15th minute– Mastroeni, Wynne and Torres look awful early on here.


14th minute– That play just showed that you can have al the speed in the world but if you're positioning is suspect it will cost you.


 12th minute– The Americans haven't done it yet, but when they string passes together they can unlock the Costa Rican defense. They just need to find the final pass. 


11th minute– Mastroeni with a professional foul on Burgos, who is one to watch in this game.


9th minute– Michael Bradley has been one of the few composed players early on. Herron and Beasley clash a bit. A little former Fire on former Fire battle there.


7th minute- Costa Rica putting serious pressure on the ball and the Americans look shaky right now.


6th minute– Jose Torres not off to the best start tonight.


5th minute– Americans have settled down and have begun knocking it around.



3rd minute- GOAL COSTA RICA!!! Alvaro Saborio with a left-footed blast into the far corner. What a start for the Costa Ricans. 


PRE-GAME– It's time to try and save some battery power until this issue is resolved so I'll be back just before kickoff.


PRE-GAME– In an interview this week, Andy Herron said the key to beating the U.S. defense was getting balls into space and beating them with pace. Was it just me or did Herron looked pretty darn slow with Chicago last year?


PRE-GAME– The teams are leaving the field and we are about 20 minutes from kickoff.

Someone just kicked tried kicking in one of the doorknobs on the locked power room and succeeded. Unfortunately the door is still locked. I won't say who it was but I'm pretty sure he was Peruvian.


PRE-GAME– So here's to the hazards of press boxes/tribunes in foreign countries. There is no power for the media because the room with the power is locked. Steve Goff and I have tried getting the door open and failed miserably. The one trip I don't bring my burglar tools.


PRE-GAME- Now, on to Costa Rica. With Herron and Saborio at forwards I think it's safe to say we'll see their standard 4-4-2, with Ruiz on the right and Sirias on the left. If Rodrigo Kenton decided to try and play a 4-3-3 as well, with Ruiz up top, that could make for some great action, but I have a feeling Ruiz will come in from the flanks.  


PRE-GAME– Back to the surprising surprises (yes, I did laugh at some of the sarcasm), it isn't a coincidence that the two surprise absences were an older player with issues playing on turf and another player who has had injury woes the past two years. I think it's safe to say you will see Ching and Spector starting in Chicago against Honduras.

So who plays right back if Wynne happens to get hurt? It wouldn't shock me if Beasley switched sides and Bornstein moved in at left back in that circumstance.


PRE-GAME– It may not sound like I'm giving Costa Rica a chance here but it needs to be pointed out that the Tico midfield is VERY good and if the Costa Ricans can get their fast possession game going early, it can keep the Americans on their heels. the key once again will be dealing with Centeno and Ruiz.


PRE-GAME– Why the decision to attack? Costa Rica's defense is vulnerable, and having to deal with Donovan, Altidore and Dempsey will be very tough.


PRE-GAME– I've just been told the formation will be more of a 4-3-3 than a 4-3-2-1. Something like this:






PRE-GAME– If that's the formation, then the Americans are coming here to attack and make a statement, something that has to be exciting to U.S. fans. Don't let the three midfielders in front of the back four fool you. If that's the formation they use, you will see torres and Bradley float into the attack, while also overing for Beasley and Wynne when they get forward on the overlap.

How will the Americans deal with Ruiz? Donovan, Torres, and Beasley will be on that side of the field, so Ruiz will have plenty of company over there. As for Walter Centeno, Costa Rica's playmaker? Mastroeni's task will be to stick to him all match.


PRE-GAME- It just dawned on me that we might see the 4-3-2-1 formation I've mentioned in the past as a possibility for the United States, the same one Bradley deployed against Cuba in the second half of a qualifier last year:






Interesting indeed. The U.S. team certainly has the speed on the flanks to make this work.


PRE-GAME– I tell you what folks, we are in for an exciting game if these lineups are any indication.


PRE-GAME– Here is the Costa Rica lineup:







BENCH- Gonzalez, Alonso, Furtado, Herrera, Hernandez, Segares, Bolanos

I got 10 of 11 starters from my projected Costa Rica squad, with the missing one being Andy Herron for Cristian Bolanos.


PRE-GAME- Here is the formation:






Very athletic lineup tonight.

So why no Ching. It's probably the one move we should have seen coming. Ching is known for struggling on turf because of the wear it puts on his body. He has sat for Houston against teams on turf, and sitting him tonight should allow him to start vs. Honduras.

Whether the US deploys a 4-5-1 or 4-4-2, U.S. fans will be loving the sight of Altidore and Torres in the lineup.


PRE-GAME– Here is the USA lineup:

 1-Tim Howard; 6-Marvell Wynne, 5-Oguchi Onyewu, 3-Carlos Bocanegra, 7-DaMarcus Beasley; 4-Pablo Mastroeni, 12-Michael Bradley, 9-Jose Francisco Torres; 8-Clint Dempsey, 10-Landon Donovan, 17-Jozy Altidore

Subs: 18-Brad Guzan, 2-Ricardo Clark, 11-Freddy Adu, 13-Jonathan Bornstein, 14-Jay DeMerit, 15-Charlie Davies, 16-Sacha Kljestan

Yep, surprises.


PRE-GAME- So why might Spector not be dressing? Good question, but I'm wondering whether Bob Bradley is choosing to go with Marvell Wynne's speed at right back to neutralize the speed Costa Rica could have on that flank, particularly if Ruiz is deployed as a left winger. There is also the turf factor. Spector has a history of injury issues and could be vulnerable playing on the awful turf here, while Marvell Wynne plays on turf for Toronto FC. Just a thought.


PRE-GAME– I have actually seen quite a few U.S. fans in the past few minutes. A decent number, but a group that will still be drowned out by the Costa Rican fans.



I'd rate the atmosphere here as more of a party atmosphere than an intimidating cauldron (at least for now).

Oh no, the main Costa Rica section is deliver loud chants using Thunder Stix of all things. Corny, but effective.


PRE-GAME– So is the "surprising lineup moves" buzz legit or just a smokescreen? We will be finding out in a few minutes.


PRE-GAME– The announcer here just introduced the U.S. team and a loud chorus of whistled rained down. The crowd here is ready to make some noise tonight.

It must be said that for as downtrodden as this stadium is, the atmosphere is great. Ultimately, it's the fans who make a stadium, not the concrete and steel.


PRE-GAME– The team has arrived at the stadium and I have to say it was one of the more tame motorcades I've been a part of. No word on the U.S. lineup yet.

We are less than 90 minutes from kick and the crowd is filling in nicely. The ends are more full than the lower tiers on the wider sides of the field. Looks like the people with more expensive tickets are taking their time to get here. I've seen a few American fans sprinkled in, but the similarity in colors between the teams will make spotting them pretty tough. Then again you can still spot the clusters of American flags.


PRE-GAME– The bus is set to depart from the team hotel. It should be an interesting ride to Saprissa. I'll provide some details of the ride once we arrive.


PRE-GAME– The buzz I'm hearing is that the U.S. lineup tonight will be a surprising one with some unexpected selections. Just what those surprise are remains to be seen. If I were guessing I'd say that we might se Jozy Altidore and/or Jose Francisco Torres.

A source has told me that defender Jonathan Spector is not dressing for this match (not sure why). If this is true then Marvell Wynne should get the nod at right back. I just saw Spector and he didn't appear injured. I'll look to get confirmation of this ASAP.


PRE-GAME– We are just over two hours to kickoff and the weather is still beautiful. Here's hoping it stays that way.

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  1. JB says:

    Feilhaber to start would be a huge surprise.

  2. Jamie Z. says:

    No Spector — assuming he’s healthy — is a huge surprise.

  3. Adam says:

    PRE-GAME- The buzz I’m hearing is that the U.S. lineup tonight will be a surprising one with some surprises


    I’m surprised at this surprising news.

    Please be Torres.

  4. MZ says:

    JB, i think it is safe to say there could be a multitude of surprises. It’s really anybody’s guess.

  5. hank says:

    There are at least 5-6 guys that shouldn’t have been called in so starting any of them would be a huge surprise. Perhaps BB will look at this as a throw away game and keep his best for Chicago where we MUST take three points.

  6. 4now says:

    thanks for the up-to-the minute coverage Ives!

  7. ThaDeuce says:

    are you riding with the team, or following in a taxi??

  8. ThaDeuce says:

    spector not dressing? very strange development.

  9. Brett says:

    Surprises? Benny and Torres pairing up in MF perhaps? I think that’s our best pair in terms of vision and technique.

  10. Beckster says:

    Spector not dressing is a huge disappointment.

  11. Joe in Florida says:

    Im starting to get nervous already. No Spector? Are we gonna have 3 in the back?Does Pablo play RB?

  12. Jose A. V. says:

    Marvell will step it up, if called

  13. PervertedByLanguage says:

    Maybe the “surprise” is Rico Clark starting? Remember the Dynamo played at Saprissa last year in the Champions League (and also in Guatemala and Mexico), so he’s probably more ready for the hostile environment (and turf bounces) than others. Would love to see Torres, though.

  14. MiamiAl says:

    No Spector? Does anyone have David Regis number?

  15. Freddy says:

    The surprise is John O’Brien ending his retirement and suiting up for the Nats!

  16. Jamie Z. says:

    Freddy’s most recent Twitter post is “I love the fans mannnnn. Especially those of you who have always supported me no matter what. ill make you guys proud i promise.” A start for Freddy would be a surprise.

  17. MZ says:

    Freddy has been saying how he’s now stronger since he’s been lifting weights, and that has made him a much better player. Maybe he’s impressed.

  18. ThaDeuce says:

    whoa….freddy starting! holy moli

  19. ThaDeuce says:

    whatever happens, i can’t wait for this game.

  20. NewGuy says:

    I would doubt any MAJOR surprises…but I could be wrong.

  21. adam says:

    Eric Lichaj STARTS…


  22. MZ says:

    Maybe Luis Robles is flying in after getting married to take the starting spot from Timmy.

  23. K1p says:


  24. adam says:

    Mickel Diskerud flew in from Norway…OR…Maurice Edu and Rangers FC punk’d all of us!

  25. PS says:

    Maybe Bob will go with a maximum carpet team so which players are or were with teams that play on turf?

    Adu? Wasn’t RSL playing on bad turf when Freddy was there?
    Anyone else?

  26. Jacob A. says:

    PS, I called Adu getting the start after Hejduk told Goff that turf was comparable to that of Rice-Eccles stadium in a thread monday night. I meant it as a joke, I swear.

  27. MZ says:

    Where is Ives when you need him to tell you the lineup.

    I’m really itching to know.

  28. Nicholas says:

    Spector not dressing is already a shocker. How is he not even a sub option? But whatever.

    How about a Feilhaber start? That would surprise. Torres wouldn’t be much of a surprise.

    Maybe a Donovan/Altidore pairing up top? I can’t wait to find out.

  29. Frank says:

    I feel like this is all hype and I will unfortunately have to watch Mastreoni and Ching running around all night.

  30. Katatonia says:

    “The buzz I’m hearing is that the U.S. lineup tonight will be a surprising one with some surprises.”

    its suprising to hear of a suprising lineup that features some surprises

  31. If Spector doesn’t dress, then let the conspiracy theories begin.

  32. Joe in Florida says:

    Get me that lineup Ives. Lets go

  33. Jacob A. says:

    The lineup will be posted on the MNT blog in the next 10 minutes.

  34. cbr says:

    jozy as target forward with Adu in support would be a nice suprise






    i called it

  35. JSpizzle says:

    Or WHINE’Alda and McBride, anyone????????

  36. Chuck says:

    ADU IS STARTING………a hunch

  37. adam says:


    I am just extremely startled.

  38. Frank C (Philly) says:

    Jozy’s not ready to be a target striker yet.

  39. Jerry_PR says:

    Finally! Jozy In! Ching Out!

  40. Katatonia says:

    #USMNT lineup: Howard; Wynne, Onyewu, Bocanegra, Beasley; Mastroeni, Bradley, Torres; Dempsey, Donovan, Altidore.

    from mnt blog

  41. Jerry_PR says:

    From US Soccer Blog:

    #USMNT lineup: Howard; Wynne, Onyewu, Bocanegra, Beasley; Mastroeni, Bradley, Torres; Dempsey, Donovan, Altidore.

  42. Chuck says:

    #USMNT lineup: Howard; Wynne, Onyewu, Bocanegra, Beasley; Mastroeni, Bradley, Torres; Dempsey, Donovan, Altidore. What do you think?

  43. Smacking says:

    Interesting line-up. I’m surprised Wynne is getting the go over Spector. Something has to be up.

  44. Jamie Z. says:

    Mikey likes it!

  45. Chuck says:

    speed speed speed…. I love this lineup. Finally a coach who gets it

  46. Nicholas says:

    LOL Adam. Yes, I’m so startled as well.

    Long live Randy Marsh.

  47. Tommy says:


  48. Joe in Florida says:

    We are dead Wynne and Beasley in the back. Pablo should be listed has a defender and stay back. I do like Torres and Altidore starting

  49. BillOhio says:

    subs: Adu, Bornstein, Clark, Davies, DeMerit, Guzan, Kljestan

  50. Bill says:

    Given the semicolon breaks in the lineup announcement – are they seriously playing a 4-3-3?

  51. Yinka Double Dare says:

    Interesting — so how is this formation going to shape up, Torres on the left and Donovan up front with Jozy presumably? I can’t see any way this is a 4-5-1, Jozy’s not really a target striker.

  52. JSpizzle says:

    This is not very BB. Hmmmmm.

  53. me says:

    This channel is providing pregame commentaries and live shots.

    In Spanish, though.


    link to

  54. Yinka Double Dare says:

    Holy crap, it’s a 4-3-3? Wow. Never thought I’d see that. The question is whether it’s a true 4-3-3 or whether they’re playing more of a 4-3-2-1 with Dempsey and Donovan playing behind Altidore.

    Still, this is not at all what I expected to see.

  55. Sean says:

    Heres the lineup on

    U.S. Lineup is In





  56. Alex says:

    does everyone who loves the lineup now promise not to lambast BB if we get beaten tonight?

  57. MiamiAl says:

    I think Dempsey is going to have to show what he learned this year, and track back and play defense. We need a full 90 mins out of Deuce…If Wynne gets the start, he will need help on that side.

    The first 10 mins of this game is KEY! The US needs to bunker down and and not let nerves get them and cough up a cheap early goal…The pressure is on the Ticos…We don’t need the three points. One point would be huge in its own right…

  58. Matt says:

    Only one defender on the bench? I guess Pearce must have looked sub-par in camp.

  59. Andrew says:

    I like it!! only criticism is PM.. would have loved to see EDU :(

  60. Dannyc58 says:

    Probably saving Spector to start in his hometown of Chicago.

  61. Turtle says:

    I’m not sure about this line up. I like the conservative apporach better. NERVOUS now. I will be ecstatic if this works though!

  62. Matt says:

    Sorry, I missed Bornstein.

  63. Mr. Fish says:

    Hopefully Wynne won’t freak out with the Saprissa crowd on top of him.

    Tonight’s all’s about Jozy, the King of New York and Jersey!

  64. Jose A. V. says:

    I like it, I Like it.

  65. Ryan says:

    Hopefully this signals the end of the Ching era. We’re a better team with him on the bench.

    Now if only we could get Edu in for Mastro and Spector in for Beasley….

  66. KP says:

    Im fine with this line-up but have concerns over Wynne (im a big fan of Spector and think he might eventually be the best defender the country ever produced). My concern is that if Wynne (a VERY untested player, especially in this type of environment) plays horrible, there’s no one on the bench to really sub that spot. Kljestan should have been left off for support of spector, leaving Adu and Davies to fill attacking roles if needed. Thoughts????

  67. Alex says:

    I think the formation ives put up is most likely what we will see but i’d love to see something like Barca puts out:








  68. PanchoMiguelMoralesdeConejo says:

    wow, I would never have conceived this lineup. OK soccer fans you’ve got your wish with Bob flipping the lineup

  69. Andrew says:

    it certainly is an attack minded formation. I must admit, I know that playing “away” is never certain, and I am aware of our record in Costa Rica, but come. If we really deserve our #15 FIFA ranking?!?!, then we should be able to dispense of Costa Rica

  70. Turtle says:

    Ruiz v Beasley is the match up to watch. I’d prefer Dempsey on the same side as Ruiz for defensive help. I guess that switch can be made if Torres is having a hard time.

    I really hope this works….

  71. Alex says:

    Hey andrew, by that logic, argentina should have demolished bolivia. but instead were demolished by bolivia. even the #1 team in the world will still have to show up and play well on the night.

  72. Juan from L.A. says:

    Ives this is awesome thanks for the continued updates!!! Enjoy and stay safe!!!

  73. RK says:

    Man, I love Torres, but he is so much better in the middle.

    LD is going to be working a lot; Bradley has a tough assignment.

    Mastro better hold off and not get his card until late.

    And Jozy…I love him, but this is a tough, tough assignment for him. It is essential that he doesn’t disappear tonight.

  74. RK says:

    Yeah, if we lose, I expect BB to say

    “Told ya so” :)

  75. Juan from L.A. says:

    Ohhh holy crap the CHRISTMAS TREE!!! Ohhh my they better pull it off…I think this is the ideal formation…technically its a 4-5-1 which guarantees not to be humiliated. It demands or emphasizes that you control the midfield and possession the key is the transition to offense and defense.

  76. Joe in Florida says:

    SOunds like the US is getting cheers as they run onto the field for warmups. But the volume sucks on my feed from justintv

  77. Badger says:

    Who is the RB if Wynne goes down or is carded out?

    DeMerit? (Other options would be Bornstein, Clark, DMD (Bornestein to LB), others?

  78. Nicholas says:

    Thanks Ives. 4-3-3….very interesting.

    Can anyone think of an attack oriented lineup or formation? I can’t…Not in the arsenal of US soccer, anyway…

  79. Nicholas says:

    Thanks Ives. 4-3-3….very interesting.

    Can anyone think of a *more* attack oriented lineup or formation? I can’t…Not in the arsenal of US soccer, anyway…

  80. Beckster says:

    I know that we always complain about Bradley not mixing it up enough but I’m concerned that line-up is composed of a lot of guys who are really tired and played last weekend or some who haven’t played at all. We’ll see.

  81. RK says:

    Carded or carted out?

  82. CapeCodFutbol says:

    What a lineup!

  83. Krista says:

    Anyone watching on espn360? Do we not get the pre game? All I’m seeing is a live shot.

  84. Joamiq says:

    LOVE the lineup. This is going to be fun to watch.

  85. Nobody has been harder on Bunker Bob Bradley than I, but very encouraging to see him open it up. Torres in the starting lineup behind Altidore is a tremendous move.

  86. A. Ruiz says:

    LOL, I just saw their coach praising Andy Herron. HAHAHAHAHA If they start Herron CR is in bigger trouble that I thought.

  87. NewGuy says:

    We’ll see how this works out. I like Ching, but resting him on turf is just fine with me.

  88. Joamiq says:

    Krista, you’re not missing anything. It’s the Tim Howard thing we’ve probably all already seen, and Alexi Lalas enjoying hearing himself talk, as usual.

  89. Beckster says:

    Ives…LOL…well you and Goff looked like you got some rest during the press conference so should have been in good shape to do battle with the power room door.

  90. Joamiq says:

    Ives – NEVER leave home without those burglar tools!

  91. chili says:

    I wish the match was on ESPN still, every little bit like that helps elevate soccer’s profile in the US, and ESPN is the ultimate credibility, but the Sox-Tigers game is still in the bottom of the 8th, so the move to ESPN2 might be for the best.

  92. AltiCooper says:

    Krista, you’re not missing anything. It’s the Tim Howard thing we’ve probably all already seen, and Alexi Lalas enjoying hearing himself talk, as usual.

    Posted by: Joamiq | June 03, 2009 at 09:45 PM

    Haha oh how true this is

  93. Jacob A. says:

    Now you’re missing a LIVE interview with captain Carlos Bocanegra… (?) Odd, but cool.

  94. Andrew says:

    Alex: I agree, I am a big believer in the “any given day philosophy, but I am just saying….. lol
    GO USA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  95. Jags98 says:

    Somebody please hire Lalas overseas, I cant take him anymore.

  96. Juan from L.A. says:

    God Lalas is so annoying. I rather hear Dick Cheney talk. That’s how bad Lalas annoys me.

  97. NewGuy says:

    Pretty jacked for this game…LETS GO!

  98. Krista says:

    thanks Joamiq. I figured red was talking but wanted to see interviews if there were any. Oh well. Let’s go booooooooys!

  99. RK says:

    Damn Peruvians! :)

    I hope you brought a few extra laptop batteries….

  100. Carlo says:

    HELLLLLLLL YEAH.4-3-3. That is so damn awesome. I really hope this works out. Mabey Bob Bradley has been emphasizing possession so much for the last 3 years is because he eventually wanted to try this formation. Mabey he has been watching a lot of Barca games. HAHAHAHA. This should be fun. I’M PUMPED!!!!!!

  101. marksonm says:

    what were the costa rica fans shouting after every name of the usa starting lineup was announced?

    sounded like they were all saying “PERRA”


  102. Scott A says:

    Kudos to Costa Rica for making the atmosphere safer. I admire the real passion, but these were good steps.
    P.S. 3-2 USA

  103. SSReporters says:

    JP Dellacamera and John Harkes are commentating off a monitor me thinks. Didn’t show them in the booth.

  104. Joamiq says:

    There was an interview with Bocanegra, mostly generic, a little bit about his confidence in Marvelle. He talked about these settings making players nervous but he himself seemed as cool as the other side of the pillow

  105. sup says:

    why are they wearing the charcoal socks with the home kit. I cantwait for the world cup kit to be released!

  106. brad says:

    so pumped…its crazy

  107. Joamiq says:

    The soundsystem in the stadium sounds like a set of 20 year old computer speakers amplified

  108. gmen04 says:

    cant even show respect during the nationa; anthem……..

  109. NewGuy says:

    That turf looks like it was taken from the Vet. Wow.

  110. Gary says:


    — I’m serious. see all the caps.

  111. Jacob A. says:

    They are in Bristol so that they can be in DC tomorrow night and Chicago Saturday.

  112. SSReporters says:

    gmen04 we boo the national anthem of Canada during the playoffs many times. So think about that statement.

  113. Jack of Hearts says:


  114. rednow.red4ever says:

    Andy “Cake” Herron is starting? We might finally get a win tonight.

  115. Mark says:

    Should be a good one. Lots of posters are getting what they wanted with this lineup.

    We’re all surprised, so I’m sure Costa Rica will be surprised. Hopefully it works.

  116. NewGuy says:


  117. Raghu says:

    Holy Smokes. Never in a million years did I think we’d see this line-up.


    Buckle up folks – This is gonna be more open than I thought!!!


  118. Peter says:

    o christmas tree, o christmas tree… come on you yanks.

  119. Turtle says:

    Let’s get this party started!!! C’mon boys!!!!

  120. Justice says:

    like this line up… come on you yanks!

  121. AltiCooper says:


  122. Justice says:

    jesus… not a great start.

  123. Mark says:

    Torres really sh*t the bed there…

  124. Joe in Florida says:

    damn beasely i wish i was wrong

  125. Beckster says:

    What the heck happened there

  126. zack says:

    goal costa rica, wow!

  127. Jamie Z. says:


  128. socrates says:

    what the f

  129. RK says:

    Why was Mastro back there?

  130. Krista says:

    What the hell???? I walk away for a min and they’ve scored already!!!

    Not a good start. Damn.

  131. AltiCooper says:

    Good job Pablo…

  132. Joamiq says:

    Terrible. Hey Pablo, try not tripping over your own feet as you tackle.

  133. Scott A says:

    beasley did not look like a left back there

  134. Jim says:

    Great strike, though. I feel sick 4 minutes in.

  135. JM says:

    Nice goal, but Pablo and Torres looked foolish on defense.

  136. Justice says:

    still not worried. we’ll settle right in and continue to push.

  137. Joe in Florida says:

    we are so F*&$ed now everyone is going to panic

  138. royce says:

    yo, you have got to be kidding me… can someone tell bocanegra and beasley to wake up?? that has got to be the worst possible type of goal we could have given

  139. Mike in Baltimore says:

    What a terrible attempt at defending by Torres and Pablo. Unacceptable! And Timmy was out of position to handle that shot. What a rubbish start. My prediction: CR 2-0 over the US.

  140. gmen04 says:

    how many more fa cup comparisons are we gonna hear

  141. ed says:

    not just his fault but mastro got left in his undies

  142. Scott A says:

    Don’t worry guys, a very early goal just means we have plenty of time to get the lead back :)
    Is it just me or does Bradley look huge out there? He’s a big guy

  143. Neumannator says:

    game is being played way too fast for the U.S. right now

  144. AltiCooper says:

    Relax… these guys are professionals. That was just an early wakeup

  145. Justice says:

    this is better. getting position. moving it around. the ball is taking some off the chain bounces… this turf is absolute crap. no excuses though

  146. Joe in Florida says:

    why do they keep talking about altidore and leave out the fact the beasley has not played. And he is playing out of position

  147. rhybread says:

    The US really has no one else to fill those spots, though you could definitely argue Ching should be in instead of Jozy.

  148. DaveH says:

    Ives, would it be possible to host a CoverItLive Liveblog on game nights? The comments section is really active, but having to refresh every few minutes isn’t the best way to carry on a conversation.

  149. RealPSL says:

    Look at the body language and who keeps their composure!

  150. Beckster says:

    Beasley’s throw in was the first time he moved the ball forward.

  151. DaveH says:

    Beasley looks incompetent out there. Trying to get around the defender by kicking the ball through his shins=FAIL.

  152. ed says:

    rhybread – ching is injured.

  153. Justice says:


  154. gmen04 says:

    you have to be joking///////

  155. ed says:

    ouch..this is painful

  156. NewGuy says:

    This is embarrassing. The defense is lost.

  157. dave says:

    omg, its like El Salvador x2

  158. Joe in Florida says:

    thank God we play on sat so i can get tihs taste out of my mouth

  159. Beckster says:

    Well Wynne was to blame on that one. They just zipped right on by him. He may be fast but he doesn’t have the skill.

  160. Krista says:

    this is sickening.

  161. nyc says:

    One terrible play by DMB. One terrible play by Wynne. 2:0

    Actually, bunch of terrible plays by both outside backs.

  162. AltiCooper says:

    Yikes… Defense looks awful

  163. socrates says:

    um, this suxorz

  164. Joamiq says:

    Every man on the back line looked foolish there. Terrible.

  165. Mike in Baltimore says:

    Wow….pathetic. We are completely outclassed so far. We don’t even look like we got off the bus. 2-0 already? This could get ugly….

  166. royce says:

    marvell wynne gets exposed…. it might be 6 if us doesn’t start playing ball down the back

  167. JM says:

    well i would like to believe it can only get better from this point.

  168. Jack of Hearts says:

    wow terrible dfending… mastroeni is a joke

  169. Justice says:

    defensively we’re not cutting it obviously. we’re getting out worked. waaaaay too much space for the costa rican attack

  170. quakes fan says:

    This is what happens when you have players that don’t play for the club teams, are not game fit, and then start in WC qualifiers.
    Beasley at left back? Please…

  171. Nick says:

    Spector seriously needs to play. Wynne isn’t a soccer player, and everybody here knows it. How come BB doesn’t?

  172. Mike in Baltimore says:

    Let’s get some drinking games going…any suggestions??? If not, I’m ready to trn this off already.

  173. Joe in Florida says:

    i said it. i dont like wynne and beasley. just make me the coach. just jokin everone relax

  174. kriz says:

    how about everytime costa rica makes usa look like crap you drink….

  175. Ksosez says:

    Drinking game…Everytime Beasley gets burned?

    Hmm might have a hospital visit

  176. Mike in Baltimore says:

    Drink every time BB grabs his chin and stares stoically at the field….

  177. Beckster says:

    All you Wynne supporters, can we make a pact that you will never call for him to start again?

  178. Joe in Florida says:

    every time beasley has a bad touch… drink

  179. DaveH says:

    Jesus, nobody was covering 9 on that cross. Looked like Wynne’s job.

  180. Mike in Baltimore says:

    Drink every time Beasly DOESN’T go out and close down a player.

  181. gmen04 says:

    this is disgraceful

  182. kriz says:

    have we actually been on their side of the field yet?

  183. Beckster says:

    If this was supposed to be an attacking formation, I don’t think it is working.

    Drink everytime Beasley sends a pass back!

  184. Mike in Baltimore says:

    Demps looks like the only American willing to make something happen. Beasley is playing terribly. And Donovan is doing his usual disappearing act against good teams. Shoot me now….

  185. gmen04 says:

    blinking screen has to stop

  186. Joe in Florida says:

    OK im saying it first. WHat is Klinsman doin?

  187. Scott A says:

    It’s always darkest before the dawn. I have hope we’ll pull something out. Halftime subs baby

  188. Sean says:

    Those 2 goals were not Tim Howard’s fault. They were perfectly struck balls that should have been closed out by the midfield/defense in the first place

  189. Mark says:

    I hope US Soccer has the half time speech taped. Bradley is going to go crazy.

  190. Michael says:

    As much as Beasley and Wynne suck, Torres looks lost out there.

  191. Mike in Baltimore says:

    SHOCKER! Wynne was 15 yards from his man while the cross gets driven over his head to the man. Man he sucks. I never thought I’d say this, but I miss Frankie! I <3 Frankie!

  192. Rudy says:

    Maybe Davies’ speed and familiarity with artificial surfaces can make a 2nd half impact.

  193. gmen04 says:

    why is wynne giving so much ground?

  194. adiddy says:

    At least Michael Bradley decided to show up …

  195. Jags98 says:


    4-4-2 Please…

  196. Joe in Florida says:

    The whole team is lost and it is the Coach’s fault.

  197. kriz says:

    this is what happens when players dont play for their club teams

  198. Tyler says:

    I’m not opposed to subbing Wynne in the 25th minute. Absolutely awful…

  199. Hood_Rich says:

    All you Beasley supporters need to GTFO. Told you he’s friggin useless. Now you see the guy can’t play defense either. CR don’t send balls to their wings, thus Beas can’t shut them down with his speed. They pass the ball inside and make quick turns and shoot. Beas is useless in this type of game

  200. kaijitang says:

    I understand allowing poorer countries to play on “FIELD TURF”, but this is straight up old-school style ASTROTURF. What the heck is FIFA thinking?

  201. Mike in Baltimore says:

    So, will we see the same flopping, diving, and rolling around time-wasting tactics by CR in the 2nd half as we saw in the last qualifier? If so, I may throw a brick through my flat screen!

  202. Beckster says:

    Drink as Beas passes back again

  203. Mark says:

    The good news is that this game could be Freddy Adu’s moment to be the hero.

  204. AltiCooper says:

    Beasley looks awful… This left back experiment needs to end

  205. Joe in Florida says:

    wtf was that? Does dempsey think he turned into Ronaldo over night

  206. kofix5 says:


  207. TR says:

    Torres is starting to turn it around, but Beasley still looks lost.

  208. Mike in Baltimore says:

    Wonder who Rodney Wallace is going to choose after this debacle?

  209. Jags98 says:

    Nice job Bob, what to have the guys fired up. They look flat just like you on the bench. Lost in the clouds. Enjoy the show. Hopefully you get some freq flyer miles, cause you are not giving us anything.

  210. Mike in Baltimore says:

    OMG! Beas played a semi-forward ball! But don’t worry, Torres promptly wasted it!

  211. DaveH says:

    Looking a bit better on the passing, but that last pass from Torres was a bit timid and could have led to a good chance. Probably comes from trying to underhit passes due to the surface.

  212. Mark says:

    The coach isn’t playing. Blame the players, they’re making the mistakes.

  213. Joe in Florida says:

    As negative as I am about the play of the USA.. This turf is horrible

  214. Mike in Baltimore says:

    Drink every time the US plays a ball to an area with no player within 10 yards….actually don’t. I can’t be held responsible for the high number of hospital admissions that are sure to follow.

  215. TR says:

    It could take the whole first half for US to get a proper feel for this turf.

  216. OgreDave says:


  217. gmen04 says:

    mastro is a complete negative so far

  218. Jags98 says:

    Then why have a coach? I guess you dont need a manager to keep you in at work either. It makes or breaks you.

  219. Joe in Florida says:

    The job of the national team coach is the get right mix of players to play well and be prepared for the game. Last 2 away games we have looked awful to start. I blame the coach. Im failing to mention the lineup he choose too

  220. kaijitang says:

    JURGEN is available.

  221. SuperChivo says:

    So far the only players that look even close to good are the two youngest, Jozy and Paco. “Veterans” Mastroeni, Beasley, Donovan, not so much.

  222. Never First says:

    I don’t believe real football can be played on this surface. That said, US looks terrible.

  223. ed says:

    torres looking good. let’s get one before the half

  224. jduck says:

    I hate having to read this from work because you posters give such mixed reviews. The one thing I have noticed is everyone thinks both Fullbacks suck and the midfield sounds pretty terrible as well.

  225. Mike in Baltimore says:

    CR doesn’t seem to be having problems with the turf! Excuses are the tools of the incompetent. Stop making excuses for our boys- they just haven’t shown up tonight!

  226. rhybread says:

    US is starting to pick things a bit. They were on the backfoot for the first 15 minutes or so but they’ve acclimated. Now they need to raise their game and start creating chances.

  227. Max says:

    Michael Bradley is a turnover machine in the middle of the park.

  228. Joamiq says:

    Pablo is about three steps too slow

  229. SuperChivo says:

    Hear, hear, Mike. We are not losing because the turf, we are losing because we are defending like crap.

  230. Steve says:

    Mastroeni is a train wreck tonight. Both goals were caused by half tackles where he didn’t step in strong. Beasley needs to get forward, torres is basically playing as a central mid.

  231. Mark says:

    There is a reason Costa Rica hasn’t lost on this field in 11 games. It has little to do with the coach, and everything to do with a huge home field advantage with that garbage turf and frankly, some talented players.

    Get a clue…

  232. Mike in Baltimore says:

    We haven’t strung together any sort of decent amount of passes/possesion. We have wasted every freekick. And we have given CR too much time and space in the midfield. They are totally taking it too us and are playing with an intensity and passion we just don’t seem to have an answer for. Jozy has barley had a sniff. Bradley is having to cover too much for Pablo and Torres. Wynne and Beas are terrible (to be kind).

  233. gmen04 says:

    pub league defending and communication right now

  234. TR says:

    Max, Bradley has been one of the strongest players for US this game. He and Torres are the only ones really moving the ball forward.

  235. Tyler says:

    Do you think we need to add another midfielder? It doesn’t seem like the midfield is playing wide enough to help the backs.

  236. kaijitang says:

    Wynne needs to come out.

  237. dave says:

    um no, Torres is definately not looking good

    i completely agree though, Bob Bradley cannot shoulder the blame for the crap thats on display tonight

    gotta hope for the 2-2 draw

  238. TR says:

    Torres’ defense hasn’t been strong but he has been one of the best passers.

  239. Army of Dad says:

    Mastro is horrible. He looks like he is done at this level.

  240. DaveH says:

    I haven’t really watched Wynne play before, but like others have said, it’s really obvious that he’s not a soccer player. The way he lunges for the ball and goes into tackles off-balance, he looks just like those kids you used to play with at recess who were really good athletes but hadn’t spent much time actually playing.

  241. kaijitang says:

    I’m assuming that was for me regarding BB. Costa Rica has a great homefield advantage against CONCACAF, lets call it like it is. This is the worst association, of any with automatic bids for the WC. The USA should be cleaning up on these teams, or at least not playing such uninspired ball, home and away. I mean did you see the game against El Salvador?

  242. dave says:

    granted torres can pass the ball well, but he’s leaving gaps and not closing anyone down, also I have overlooked his passing and movement to a degree because the ball is immediately bouncing away

  243. ed says:

    agreed TR

  244. Xander Crews says:

    I’m noticing a common theme here… for the most part, the players who look awful (Wynne, Mastroeni) or invisible (Donovan) are MLS players or guys who are bound to return to MLS in the near future (Beasley).

    Wynne is hopelessly outclassed. Beasley looks like he hasn’t played since the last qualifier. And Landycakes, well, he gets the ball 40 yards from goal and he’s launching a hopeless shot well over the bar.

    And for anyone saying Bradley is immune from criticism, consider that it’s his job to make sure that he (A) puts the best possible lineup on the field, and I think everyone can agree this isn’t it, and (B) makes sure that lineup is properly prepared for the game, and I think everyone can agree they aren’t.

  245. ed says:

    Donovan’s pic to be placed on milk carton at halftime

  246. Mike in Baltimore says:

    Mark-you’re an idiot. The turf and fans are part of the game. the field hasn’t always been turf- and we didn’t get results either. nor have we always played them in this stadium- and we haven’t gotten results. These guys are pros and should be able to tune that stuff out and play their game. We have been terrible with our defending and marking. We have been careless in our possesion. Gety a clue yourself- maybe you should know something about the game before making idiotic comments like that.

  247. nyc says:

    Torres and Mastro are spending time covering for DMB.

    Guchi is spending too much time out right covering for Wynne.

    I think this line-up would rule with solid and experienced outside backs.

  248. nyc says:

    Torres just hit a really good free kick. Jozy almost got too it.

    Jozzy, Torres, Bradley and Boca have done very well.

  249. gmen04 says:

    well at least its over

  250. Mike in Baltimore says:

    Maybe I was harsh- Mark I apoligize for the tirade. I should have said you are completely misinformed and out of touch- but not an idiot. my bad….

  251. dave says:

    Bradley has been very good, best American on the field for me

  252. Spike says:

    Torres is aweful you blind people.

  253. kpugs says:

    This is one effing good Costa Rica squad.

    I actually loved the U.S. lineup pre-game. I like the youth, the wingbacks being able to convert it to a 2-5-3 and back, etc. Given where they are playing though, maybe we shouldn’t have gone with such a young lineup. Torres looks real good.

  254. Erik Abarca says:

    Torres has been the best on the pitch for US so far.

  255. Never First says:

    It’s not about making experiences, but let’s be realistic. Neither team is exactly playing beautiful football. The ball moves across the turf at such a fast pace that some players are having a difficult time connecting on passes and even trapping the ball.

    This looks more like a high school game.

  256. Mike in Baltimore says:

    Mark-I apoligize for my tirade. I shouldn’t have called you an idiot. I should have just said you are misinformed and out of touch with reality. My apoligies.

  257. NewGuy says:

    Torres, Bradley, Jozy…That’s about it.

  258. CD says:


  259. Beckster says:

    Well Bradley is stuck with Wynne since he didn’t let Spector dress. Could put Bornstein in for Beas. I don’t think Clark is going to add anything by replacing Pablo and Sacha is a mess…I think we are screwed.

  260. Mark says:


    Actually wasn’t at you. But I do disagree with you regarding the US cleaning up teams like this. I think the US has improved tremendously the past 3-4 World Cup cycles as they’ve been able to grind out some results, but we’re not good enough to come in and dominate. We’re just not. We’re getting there, but it’s going to be a while.

    It is time for Bradley to earn his money with his best halftime speech, scream fest to wake these guys up. They look terrible, so hopefully Bradley takes a chance and stick Adu on the field.

  261. Xander Crews says:

    No complaints with Michael Bradley or Torres, or for that matter, Howard (had no chance on either goal). The other eight guys need to pull their heads out of their balloon knots.

  262. Jags98 says:

    Yes he puts the best 11 on the field, but not the best 11 for those positions. Or making them play some bs formation just to get people on the field.

  263. ChiTownFireFan says:

    This is going to make Saturday night’s game a must win for the US. You cannot get one or zero points from these two games. A minimum of three is needed. This is making the Confederations Cup look even more scary.

  264. Turtle says:

    My thoughts:

    4-3-3 no

    Wynne no no no

    Torres yes

    DMB now a sub at LW

    Come back out with this line up:



    Deuce-MB-Torres – LD

    –JOzy – Davies

    Deuce and LD are better at tracking back to help and can get forward. Torres is cool as the other side of the pillow. We don’t have any other options at FB – maybe Bornstien. Don’t know what we are going to do about Wynne. He’s way out of his league (USL?).

  265. TR says:

    I basically agree with nyc’s comment on Torres and Mastro, but I’d add Bradley, who is doing a ton of running. There are huge gaps these guys are trying to cover.

    I won’t agree with the poster who commented Mastro is done. One game doesn’t kill a player’s Nats career, or most of the players wouldn’t be on the field right now. Though a few more like this and I will agree.

  266. BCC says:

    Awful defense by the USMNT. Awful.

    And why in the world do people talk about Bob Bradley, of all things? What does he have to do with the fact that individuals are playing like amateurs? This is not a coaching issue.

    But I think they can come back. CRC is giving them some space if the midfield can work some decent balls into the forwards.

  267. Mike in Baltimore says:

    It isn’t the turf people!!!! Wake up! Finally, Alexi Lalas says something I agree with! We aren’t closing down or tackling. How does the turf cause that? How does the turf prevent you from following your man, communicating, marking, closing down, etc? We are playing poorly! It isn’t the turf, the manager, the ball, the stadium, or the fans! Wake up people!

  268. Dave says:

    first half observations.

    BEASLEY-I have said from day 1 that #1 he shouldn’t be on the field at ANY position, and #2 that putting him at left back was suicide. Well-I suppose the proof is in the pudding.

    MASTROENI-Simply past it-not even running for the ball-embarrassing himself tonight. Bradley and Torres are actually doing a decent job and Mastro is KILLING us, undermining all of their work in the middle of the pitch.

    I don’t even know what to say about the tactics-We just need to play MORE directly-this field sucks too much for the intricate passing in the final third-every time Dempsey or Landon or Jozy get the ball in a good attacking position, they either try to make TOO sweet of a pass or touch and it runs away.

    0 SHOTS on Goal. Unacceptable, we need to dig in and get this thing back on track-I’ll give Costa Rica some credit-they’ve taken their chances brilliantly-but they don’t seem to be looking to pack it in-so we should get some opportunities in the second half.

    I’d like to see Freddy Adu come on for Mastroeni, move MB and Torres into the middle, push Dempsey and Donovan to the wings, Adu in behind Altidore (who unfortunately also looks gassed)

  269. KevNYC says:

    -noone knows what happened to spector. injury i guess? the kid is fragile it seems.

    -wynne not good

    -beasley worse

    -i am a pablo fan in general but he has been bad.

    -dempsey, when does he play well for the us? not alot of touches, ok, but he tries to do too much.

    -finally, donovan service on free kicks: poor.

  270. Beckster says:

    Torres started out shakey but turned around quickly and has had good feet on the ball. He has moved the ball forward and I like what I’m seeing from him.

  271. Dan Karell says:

    this is pretty gross right now…both wing backs not impressing at all….Marvall Wynne is just some fast dude with mediocre soccer skills, and Beasley is a shell of his former self :(
    COME ON USA! turn it around please!!

  272. kpugs says:

    For the guys saying we’re stuck with Wynne, we’re not. Torres can play anywhere in the midfield or in defence. :)

    Of course we can’t read Bob Bradley’s mind.

  273. anthony says:

    why would BB start torres I’ll never know

  274. Nick says:

    You seriously think the important sub to make is LD out? How many live games have you actually seen Davies in?

    Yeah, LD has been invisible, but the US probably can’t come back from a 2-0 deficit without him.

  275. Dave says:

    For me, Torres was the best player on the pitch for the US in the first half

  276. Hector says:


    Now imagine Xavi, Iniesta, Cesc, Xabi Alonso, Fernando Torres, David Villa….

    or maybe

    Kaka, Robinho, Luis Fabiano, Hernanes, Dani Alves….

    instead of Sirias, Ruiz, Borges, and Navas.

    OUCHIES! That spells rape.

  277. marksonm says:

    donovan completely nonexistant in the first half, seems to have lost his ability to accelerate past defenders in a 1 on 1.

    jose torres awesome how composed he is and how he holds on to the ball when under pressure.

    donovan, dempsey, and beasley need to get more involved in the attack.

    ball possession of the team is good but the final third attack looks so weak right now.

  278. Dave says:

    sad but true Hector.

    We are showing how weak we are tonight.

  279. Mike in Baltimore says:

    Yeah I’m sure a half time shouting session will wake them up Mark. How about Bradley just shouts at the turf and stadium since they are really the problems with the US tonight.

  280. Dave says:

    Can anyone enlighten me as to why COSTA RICA-a tropical nation, does not have a natural pitch?

  281. madmax says:

    John Harkes on 360 has blamed the field 3 times in the first half for poor USA performance, how sad. Ticos simply out-hustling and out-playing Yanks. To me the Brit Trio of Howard, Beasley, and Dempsey are the worst of the lot. The midfield seems out of sorts with pressure and recovery very uneven, not in sync.
    Two questions have been answered, Beasley cannot play LB, and not playing regularly, is bad for performance.

  282. andrew in tampa says:

    it’s amazing some of the comments. Torres is having a strong game. Dempsey is having a shocker. If he plays in the EPL he needs to show why. Part of the problem on the right is because Dempsey is playing inside and leaving Wynne facing 2 v 1. But Wynne not ready for prime time. Pablo’s legs are done. Beaseley dont have what it takes. we have no wing play. everything coming down the middle. Adu can come in for Dempsey. Donovan need to justify his position on the field. We need to at least get something on the board. Benny anyone?

  283. Erik Abarca says:

    WTF was BB thinking when he started Wynne? DMB looks rusty and Mastro looks sluggish out there.

  284. gmen04 says:

    confed cup is looking like its going to be real enjoyable

  285. Mark says:

    Mike, I can dig it, no worries. It’s a game of passion, you have it, and our team has shown little today.

    It rankles me when I hear a lot of people on this site think we can waltz in and dominate these teams. These teams are better than people think, and we’re no where near as good as people want to believe. We’re good, don’t get me wrong, but people want us to play like Spain when they’re the Faroe Islands, and we don’t have that talent.

  286. kofix5 says:

    Torres was handling the ball very well. Yea he screwed the pooch on the first goal but as far as playing possession midfield he’s been solid.

  287. Turtle says:

    Hector – put them in this game on this field with this crowd and things might even out a bit. I’ve really come to understand the value of the pitch. This game and the Houston/NY playoff game (the pitch on that day was like concrete palying into the Redbulls hands) has convinced me.

    that said…WAY TOO MUCH SPACE for Costa Rica. The 4-3-3 has failed!!! The players don’t know their roles. They are lost and leaving WAY to much room. Way too much room.

  288. Dave says:

    Can’t blame Howard for either of the goals.

    Wynne is an OUTSTANDING on-the-ball defender, the problem is his positioning is equally HORRENDOUS.

    And Dempsey has been fine, just trying to do too much, especially given the pitch.


  289. Pretty interesting first half – once again Bunker Bob gets it wrong after taking a look at that – ahem – turf! If that’s what you want to call it. Beasley has been nothing more than shocking.

    The Confederation Cup is going to be one heck of an eye-opener for the US. How does Bunker Bob survive that fiasco? This is Costa Rica .. not Brazil, Italy and Egypt. God Forbid they run into Spain in a knockout round.

  290. John says:

    we look like crap, the ball is bouncing on the pitch like a basketball on a court, and beasley needs to get off the field.

  291. kpugs says:

    I think saying Howard is amongst the worst is a stretch. He had one miscommunication due to crowd noise. The two goals can be blamed on the defense, had Howard made either of those saves you’d be praising him as a god amongst men. But he could do nothing about either one, and somehow that makes him the worst despite having a pretty solid half. Well said.

  292. The Athority says:

    To all the guys on here calling for Wynne……licking his nuts, becuase he’s FAST!!!!! There you go.

    His first touch is a flat out embarrassment at this level. And twice on one/two’s he was spun like a top and left in the dust.

    This is what happens when a guy has a soccer IQ of 70.

    But none of that matters, because he’s FAST AND ATHLETIC. Get him in there!

    Whoo hoo!

  293. gmen04 says:

    Gotta love espn staying on top of things, shows a NYRB preview with Van Der Bergh in it, good work

  294. JR says:

    Horrible 1st half. The back line needs to do a better job of communicating in the second half.

    Curious to see who comes in for the second half as a sub. Davies for Jozy? Adu for Torres/Dempsey?

  295. Joamiq says:

    Torres started slow, but has been assertive since then. He’s fine. Bradley is playing well. Jozy looks like he wants to make something happen. Wynne and Mastro look absolutely terrible. Beasley looks bad too, but I think he’s just not in form. Obviously we know he can play at this level. Wynne doesn’t look like he can, and Mastro doesn’t look like he can anymore either.

  296. Dave says:

    I wouldn’t take Dempsey off, I’d take Pablo off

  297. Smacking says:

    I’m going to say it…I think we are missing Ching’s presence up front. Demps and LD have no one to run off of. I like what Jozy has to offer, but that doesn’t diminish the contributions Ching makes in drawing defenders and dishing the ball off.

  298. pissed off says:

    WTF ESPN? I tivo’d the game…finally got home and sat down about 25 after and what do I see…not what the program guide says!!!!

  299. dbag says:

    Dempsey is playing like ass. Get him out and bring in Freddy. Sub awful Pablo out for Sascha. 2-2 Final. Boom.

  300. Jags98 says:

    Not bad Turtle, I can live with that.

    Should have done that from the start.

  301. Geoff S. says:

    CR isnt even playing great. we get burned on two of their chances. at least we’re holding the ball in midfield. get pablo out. put sasha in and try and create some opportunities. dempsey looks bad too . . .Adu anyone?

  302. JB says:

    Adu for Donovan would be a brilliant sub. Bradley should send a message that you can’t play like this and feel your spot on the team is secure. And what better way to do that then take out one of your best players, who is having an pathetic game by the way. Donovan has an ego, let him be pissed, and show it in Chicago.

  303. DJ says:

    I’m gonna go eat my sorrows away… *sniff*

  304. Beckster says:

    Worldfootball, I wouldn’t worry about the US getting out of group and playing Spain. Not gonna happen. They’ll be lucky to get a point in group play.

  305. kpugs says:

    @The Athority

    You spelled your name wrong. Gives lots of credence to your stupid opinion.

  306. Turtle says:

    Smacking = correct

  307. kebzach says:

    WTF ESPN? I tivo’d the game…finally got home and sat down about 25 after and what do I see…not what the program guide says!!!!

    Posted by: pissed off | June 03, 2009 at 11:07 PM


    Game got moved to ESPN2 24 hours ago. US Soccer sent out an e-mail. I received word from no less than 15 different people telling me that the game got moved.

    Where were you at all day?

  308. KevNYC says:

    yeah, hector, we’re in trouble for the confec cup. italy, brazil and egypt, who are no slouches. they’ve won the african nations cup the last two times.

  309. kofix5 says:

    Sascha — oh ok

  310. Mikeype says:

    I am sorry to say, but Bob Bradley “what are you doing?” Wynne (MLS) over Spector (English Premiership)? I don’t care if Spector is not playing right now, neither is Beasley! Spector must start over Wynne on Saturday!

  311. dave says:

    Sacha? On this pitch?

    Hopefully this works out

  312. Beckster says:

    Oh pleez…Sacha coming in – another one who can’t play at this pace and lousy first touch. Perfect.

  313. JB says:

    I wish I had missed the first 25 minutes too.

  314. Dave says:

    Klejstan for Torres? ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!?!???

  315. Jags98 says:

    R U KIDDING ME, Torres?

  316. jpc says:

    2nd half need to look like this

    same in back

  317. Joamiq says:

    Torres out?????

  318. Tyler says:

    Sasha for Torres may have killed the comeback chance. We need possession.

  319. Worldfootball, I wouldn’t worry about the US getting out of group and playing Spain. Not gonna happen. They’ll be lucky to get a point in group play.

    Posted by: Beckster | June 03, 2009 at 11:08 PM

    Hey, I’m trying to be positive tonite, hehehe. They are so bad in Costa Rica that being hypercritical would be akin to taking a retarded kid’s lunch money – way too easy.

  320. Yossarian says:

    The US clearly has no idea how to play this formation defensively – The ticos just plain have waaaay too much space. The US shape is all off

  321. kpugs says:

    What Dave said. Unbelievable.

    The most out of form player on this roster just came in for the best player of the first half. Yay.

  322. elmatador says:

    we’re getting burn on the left…..Bornstein!!!!

  323. Dave says:


  324. Max J. says:

    Wait, CR 2-0 USA…where did that second goal come from? Typo? Some of us don’t have TV access.

  325. gmen04 says:

    is BB even waqtching the saem game why, taking out Torres? i guess he is playing not to be embaressed further not to win

  326. Joe in Florida says:

    Say it again Where is Klinsmann?

  327. Turtle says:

    I am soooo shockedTorres is out….

  328. Dave says:

    14th minute, 1-2 down the line, smoked Gooch and Wynne, cross, easy finish wide open in front of goal

  329. Jags98 says:

    At least we can all agree on coaching mistake #2

  330. gmen04 says:

    maybe Nowak really wasnt that important member of the staff

  331. Smacking says:

    I thought it looked like Torres and Mastro were trying to play the same position. I think taking one of them off was probably a good idea. Who Bob chose, is open for debate.

  332. elmatador says:

    Torres out!! Fire BB now!!! Confederations cup 3 and out!!!

  333. ac says:

    what the heck with torres coming out?!?! mastroeni and beasley were terrible in the first half!! torres was probably the best player on the field!

  334. gmen04 says:

    meant was an important member

  335. Beckster says:

    Bradley needs to take a lesson from the England coach. If a player isn’t playing then he doesn’t make the national team. Of course for Capello, if a player plays in MLS, they can’t play for England which might not be a bad idea either’

  336. The Athority says:


    Spelled incorrect on purpose.

    Don’t you have 9th grade class tomorrow? Go to bed.

    Don’t be jealous b/c I’m right on the money with my assessment of Wynne all day long and you’ve been proven to know nothing about this sport.

  337. Steve says:

    WTF is Bradley trying to make every possible wrong call in this one. TOrres was the lone bright spot in that half (minus the anti tackle in minute 1).

  338. Jags98 says:

    Torres looked to good, LD was jealous. It is officially a soup opera.

  339. US fan says:

    why is gooch defending so far out? who is he covering for???

  340. Spike says:

    You guys are crazy. Torres was horrible. Watch the tape and you will see!

  341. kpugs says:

    @The Athority

    It doesn’t count when it’s only in your own mind, dummy. That’s called delusions of grandeur.

  342. Mike in Baltimore says:

    Nice. Beas lets another player get goalside of him and the result is another near goal for CR. To say Beas is having a nightmare would be an understatement.

  343. JRB says:

    I don’t care what people say…Bradley is not the man to coach this team…we are not England it isn’t necessary for us to have an American coach…we need a European coach who actually knows how to select an XI

  344. Tyler says:

    It doesn’t look like Wynne knows what position he’s playing. Bradley needs to make a switch soon if he even wants a chance at a point.

  345. DJ says:


  346. gmen04 says:

    how is that a yellow

  347. Jags98 says:

    Alright F It! Put in Freddy, the poor guy hasnt played in forever.

    Nice Yellow MB, how didnt have their money on that one.

  348. Bunker Bob has clearly succeeded in one area: making Costa Rica look like the 1970 Brazilian squad. I don’t think a team has seen this much space since that Rugby team crashed in the Andes.

  349. dave says:

    our best player just got taken out of the honduras match

  350. Mike in Baltimore says:

    What a shite yellow card for Michael B to pick up there. Terrible decision by the ref.

  351. elmatador says:

    No Bradley for Honduras…Great!!!where is Adu????

  352. Mark says:

    Weak yellow

  353. kpugs says:

    Trademark Michael Bradley. Awesome player, too many unnecessary yellow cards.

  354. Forrest says:

    Why do you take Torres out, who is your most comfortable player with the ball at his feet out? He was one of the few USA players who actually passed the ball to other players on his own team. Why is Pablo still on the field much less Wynne who has been useless as a defender? Beasley has been much better than his RB counterpart at actually playing defense.

  355. Mike in Baltimore says:

    Terrible decision by the ref on the yellow to michael B. shocking. Foul? Yes. Yellow? No.

  356. elmatador says:

    Knowing Bob he will wait ’till the 80th minute to make the next subs

  357. Just won my bet .. Michael Bradley got his yellow card. Going 2 to 1 on Altidore picking up his next.

  358. dena says:

    Bradley out for Saturday, fantastic.

  359. julio says:

    Bradley made a huge mistake by taking out Torres, he should have taken out Mastreoni, who has been terrible.

  360. Steve says:

    Get Dempsey out. All we need is him to get a yellow tonight so we can pick upa second loss on saturday.

  361. Tyler says:


    How much do you think the USA misses Ching right now? I know he doesn’t get a lot of credit from the fans, but he does hold the ball nicely.

  362. gmen04 says:

    another awful long throw into the box, waste of possession

  363. julio says:

    Will someone please tell Donovan to show up for any Qualifier this year.

  364. How much do you think the USA misses Ching right now?

    *** crickets ***

  365. Steve says:

    Nice shot Pablo. Retire. You suck.

  366. Bill says:

    Unless Ching suddenly became a world-class outside back, I don’t think missing him is the reason the US has been crap today.

  367. elmatador says:

    make the subs right now!!!!!

  368. gmen04 says:

    mastro actually won a tackle wow

  369. ThaDeuce says:

    is ching injured?

  370. TR says:

    Dempsey is doing worse than LD, and is following a poor game against Everton two Sundays ago.

  371. julio says:

    Mastreno horrible..

    HEY IVES!!!!

    Make this Blog post from recent to old. This is horrible clicking on all these pages to see the most recent post. Get it with it my friend.

  372. RealPSL says:

    Some people are giving away there places even for Gold Cup tonight!

  373. elmatador says:

    this is so painful to watch…and you wonder why we didn’t get the invite to the next copa America?

  374. Beckster says:

    usfan, gooch is covering for wynne

  375. Dave says:

    freddy adu comin on thank god

  376. GunneRR says:

    As a Red Bulls fan, I thought I’d get one night off from disgust. Wrong. Time to get some sleep.

  377. socrates says:

    oh lord wynne. not helping yerself.

  378. julio says:

    I think if you put Mastreoni, Ching and Wynne you won’t make one full player, they suck!!!

  379. Steve says:

    Here’s Feddy it better be fr Clint…….

  380. ed says:

    yes – ching with hammy problem

  381. wykell says:

    Our only hope right now on this turf? John Wolyniec.

  382. Here we go. Freddie Adu hasn’t seen a football pitch since Bush was in office – he must be our savior!

    This is mind-numbing!

  383. Dave says:

    i just don’t get it, WHY take Torres off?

  384. nyc says:

    We do NOT miss Brian Ching right now.

    Adu, let’s see.

  385. ThaDeuce says:

    maybe bobo is just giving up on this game……….wtf would he take out the only player who is controlled on the ball???

  386. Mike in Baltimore says:

    OMG…what a dreadful clearance by Wynne. He’s just kicking the ball to kick it now. He has no clue.

    And here’s something I never thought I’d write: Thank goodness BB took Pablo off for Adu. Really? Did I just say that?

  387. Dave says:

    AWFUL set pieces, WTF!

  388. gmen04 says:

    “gotta find landon” haha he is invisible like usual, what a suprise

  389. TR says:

    Bob B could have saved a sub by bringing kljestan in for Mastro instead of the double sub. This would have kept Torres on for the ball control.

  390. Jags98 says:

    LD best player off the field (media’s choice), LD best actor on the field (people’s choice).

  391. julio says:

    It’s not the end of the world, Argentina lost to Bolivia….$hit happens.

  392. dave says:

    i’d like to see Davies get shot, at least see some pace and energy

  393. socrates says:

    lets see @FreddyAdu11 with a freekick goal.

  394. dave says:

    i meant i’d like to see Davies get A shot

  395. elmatador says:

    I never though I’d get to see this day gain. this kind of display, we looks like the USA of the 70s/80s

  396. Dave says:

    another WEAK yellow card

  397. The Athority says:


    I feel bad for you dude. Wynne is a farce at ths level right now. People on these boards were hollaring to take him out in the 25th minute.

    If you had 2 eyes you would see it. Sorry that you are disabled.

  398. Mike in Baltimore says:

    Sorry, I think torres was less then spectacular tonight. Was he as bad as Beas, Wynne, Donovan, or Pablo? No. But he’s been like the smartest kid in the special ed class……all 11 tonight who started should apoligize to the fans for their performance.

  399. Steve says:

    Well there’s the first positive for the night. Sacha can’t play Saturday.

    See its not all bad.

  400. Dave says:


  401. gmen04 says:

    cant even clear the wall, this is just embaressing

  402. Dave says:

    Bob Bradley sucks

  403. Pick your poison: watching this debacle or Newcastle getting relegated?

  404. kofix5 says:

    wow kpugs has only 1 eye?

  405. dave says:

    so Torres and Clark or Mastro in the center against Honduras?

  406. ed says:

    f***ing a

  407. john fish says:

    IVES, I love your blog. But if you don’t ask bob…i mean really pester him and challenge him as to why he subbed Torres at half, then you lose your journalistic cred….seriously.

  408. DaveH says:

    Bradley’s gotta be super tired, b/c he just let that guy walk right around him. That was awful.

  409. AltiCooper says:

    That was just sad

  410. dave says:


  411. gmen04 says:

    yup goodnight

  412. Jags98 says:

    Bradley, just take a picture. That was horrible, did he think it was the county fair?

  413. JL says:

    they gave up that third goal!!!!

  414. socrates says:

    usa looking like tools. nice hustle sacha. wtf.

  415. FCSuffield says:

    klejstans hould retire internationally

  416. Tyler says:

    There are people on the field right now that I do not want to see in a USA jersey for a long time.

    The most embarrassing loss in a long time.

  417. AltiCooper says:

    Kljestan are Fing kidding me… I said it before ill say it again, this guy useless

  418. Dave says:


  419. The Athority says:

    We’re getting worked. This is an embarressment.

  420. Mark says:

    Lazy defending by Bradley and Sascha and Boca. Just atrocious. The team is stinking up the field.

  421. HomeyBoehme says:


  422. Ben says:

    Our defending has been horrible but Howard has been shocking in goal as well – he’s been out of position on all three goals.

  423. adam b says:

    worst game ive watched in awhile for the usa.

  424. Steve says:

    Good night folks.

    Saturday is absolutely CRITICAL now.

  425. ThaDeuce says:

    torres for sacha has made me question b0b for the first time since he took over. just awful. sacha????he sucks!!!

  426. ed says:

    conan voice

    —-in the year 2000—–

  427. Eric Mason says:

    beasley is way outta position the whole time.bradley was still mad about that yellow card when the 3rd goal was scored. adu and wynne are too inexperienced. the rest are doing fine though

  428. elmatador says:

    ole, ole, ole that’s what they’re chanting I want to cry!!

  429. Never First says:

    Not a single player on the field today deserves to play on Saturday.

  430. RealPSL says:

    While Bradley was holding the player up Beasley had to get back and give help.

  431. Dave says:

    Losing a lot of respect for several US players tonight-they’ve given up…….unacceptable at this level. You put on the jersey, you DIE for it.

  432. Mark says:

    Ben, it hasn’t been Howard’s best game, but he’s gotten no help from his defense. I don’t think you can put much blame on him.

  433. John says:

    I have never been one of those Bob Bradley sucks and we should fire him guys. That being said, this was far and away the most pitiful display I can remember a US team putting forward in at least 10 years, and possibly even earlier than that. The formation and tactics were terrible. The team selection was terrible. He has basically made no adjustments that I have been able to notice. Granted, I am not even going to begin to act like I know as much soccer as Bob Bradley does, because I don’t, but we are terrible tonight. Take nothing away from Costa Rica, they have played well, but we just haven’t even given them much of a game. I am embarrassed and I hope that the team is too. Cause we’ve been terrible tonight. Absolutely terrible.

  434. JRB says:

    This game has really shed some light on some of our players who Bob favors in his lineups…we knew this wouldn’t be easy and we haven’t won there ever, but this is just simply pathetic…Mastroeni,Klestjan,Wynne should never put on a US shirt again…and shame on Bradley for subbing out Torres, one of the only bright spots last half.

  435. Ja Ja James says:

    Are you kidding Torres is out? SK has done nothing!!!!

  436. Angel says:

    what the F B. Bradley is a Joke, why did he took out El Gringo Torres, He is an Idiot, Instead fixing the Defend, I see Sasha and Adu Lost.

  437. Carlos says:

    Hey Ives, reading all your other posts in the last few days I don’t see the rain; the US brought their A team (vs the 2005 already qualified team); anyone suspended?

    Anymore excuses. CR might not be that good but the US has made them look very good.

  438. socrates says:

    Complete domination by Ticos. Let’s give them some credit. They’ve looked aggressive, sharp, composed, inventive — a big discrepancy between the amount of threatening chances for the 2 teams.

    Let’s just hope we can bounce back for the Honduras match.

  439. elmatador says:

    Freddy who??

  440. Juan from L.A. says:

    Damn what a lame ass game…can you guys imagine when we go play in Honduras and Azteca…no chance…if we don’t get the win on Saturday we are in deep serious trouble…

  441. Sacha Kljestan just flushed Europe down the drain. At least until he learns to defend without getting a yellow card or leaking a goal.

  442. KC says:

    No excuse for this effort, not the venue, crowd, field etc. They’ve just been taken to school. It would be nice to actually make the Costa Rican GK work at some point.

    Oh and maybe Donovan shouldn’t be taking every set piece.

  443. JRB says:

    BTW just saw Klestjan is out for the Honduras game…blessing because Bradley would have definitely played the hack.

  444. Beckster says:

    Ives, good question about who we will see in central midfield on Saturday. Bob has a big problem doesnt he. He should go for Torres but I think he’ll go with Sacha or Clark neither of whom will work out well.

  445. Eric Mason says:

    next game’s starters:
    df-bornstein onyewu bocanegra spector
    mf-dempsey torres clark donovan
    fw-altidore ching

  446. Dave says:

    bradley is gassed…unacceptable

  447. Angel says:

    well Freaking Landon got upset cause Torres took a Free kick, Propably that is why Torres went out,

  448. Forrest says:

    Who do we still have on the field in yellow card jeopardy that we can’t afford to loose for the next game, Dempsey and Donovan? One of them needs to be taken off now especially, since we have to win the next game.

  449. socrates says:

    cmon guys have some pride. want to see usa playing all out for pride’s sake. lets get 1 back. doom and gloom now.

  450. timmyg says:

    I wonder if anyone is phoning Klinsmann right now….

  451. Jay_Goppingen says:

    I am available. Sunil, give me a call tomorrow.


  452. wykell says:

    I feel like this comes down to the decision to play Beasely AND Wynne. and then to keep them in. It was a very attack-minded lineup, a gamble that didn’t work. Right now I think we CAN blame Bob Bradley, but only for being brave enough to try that lineup in a stadium that plays like a futsal arena. Hopefully the boys will take this lesson with them for Saturday and just waste Honduras. I guarantee the USA will defeat CR by at least this much when they play on actual grass.

    FIFA/CONCACAF should never have certified this pitch for international play. Not to make excuses, but I have been surprised to NOT see a blown MCL out there tonight.

    My 2 cents.

  453. ed says:

    good sub as at least we know dempsey won’t be lost for saturday

  454. Xander Crews says:

    Alright, now that it’s 3-0, I’m officially moving on to Saturday…

    – None of the goals were Howard’s fault. He’s been officially hung out to dry. If I’m Timmy, I’m thinking there’s 4-5 guys who I’m going to absolutely rip into on the plane home.

    – Harkes made the comment that too many guys look gassed – and there should be no excuse for that. There’s been far too much jogging from the US players.

    – In hindsight, it might not have been the worst thing to take Torres off at half. After a rough start, he was one of the few players to settle down quickly, and he was one of the better players in the first half. Now, with Bradley out for Honduras, you’ll need someone who can keep possession in the midfield. Today’s been more an exercise of who can’t play in the center of the park than who can play alongside Baby Bradley. Torres should be fresh enough to go a full 90 on Saturday now.

    – Altidore looks good. Unfortunately, he’s got no help. Assuming he can eventually get a midfield that can get him the ball, he should be a solid striker for the next 10-12 years.

    – I’ll say it again: Papa Bradley failed on two counts tonight: this team is not the best 11 we could have put out on the field tonight, and the 11 that he did put out there aren’t fully prepared for this match.

    – I realize ESPN is trying to “sell” MLS to help themselves, but we’ve got to stop this whole reliance on MLS players. They’re simply not good enough or ready for the international level. Let’s call it what it is: a developmental league, a place for players to get noticed and then get picked up in Europe where they should ultimately develop to their full potential. I would imagine if we fielded a team of all foreign-based players against a team of MLS guys, the foreign side would win, and probably by 4-5 goals.

    There’s a lot to change, and not nearly enough time to change it all. I’m not optimistic at all for Saturday’s game.

  455. dave says:

    at least Davies made a genuine run upfield

  456. TR says:

    Come on. None of them has run more than Bradley. The guys gassed in the first half were unacceptable.

  457. Angel says:

    I think is exposed how bad Bradley is in coaching and doing the right changes on the field. Imagine how bad are we are going to get killed by Italy, Brazil and even Egipt

  458. Dave says:


    Before it’s too late for the love of god

  459. Artman says:

    I’m watching taped just after half, but first time I seriously question Bradleys tactics. End th Beasley expt. In fact I am not sure he deserves a spot in midfield. There is a reason he sits on Rangers bench. Torres out? Huhhh? Also the US will never amount to anything unless they get rid of the psyche factor. This game has Cech 2006 all over it…can’t handle the pressure and the media drama on an important intl stage. Azteca???? They already are hoping just not to get embarrassed due to the history and media coverage.

  460. Jags98 says:

    two players who will never sit no matter the attitude or performance? LD & Bradley, go figure.

    Someone who will never feel any pressure or threat to job? BB

  461. Tyler says:

    Every pass the United States misses in slowly giving me cancer. All the hard work put in during the T&T game is gone (Goal diff. wise).

    That said i got
    Bornstein Gooch Boca Spector
    Dempsey Torres Clark Donovan
    Altidore Ching/Davies

  462. KC says:

    We are gonna get crushed in the Confed Cup if we can’t play better than this.

  463. JL says:

    The problem is the amount of playing time a lot of the US players have. Not only that, some of the best players in the US who should get playing time, are not getting any at their clubs. Very sad.

    Makes me think, should the US team be made by MLS players? Or should US talent come back to the US to get some playing time?

  464. kaijitang says:

    BB better hope they WIN on saturday in Chicago

  465. Mark says:

    ha, we could have used a few more of those tonight

  466. Hopper says:

    Terrible performance by the USA.

    I hope Marvell Wynne doesn’t play again for the Nats for a long time. His first touch is terrible and mostly looks lost on the field.

    Beasley looked bad as well. I did like Torres and Adu though. They showed they deserve to be playing.

  467. Xander Crews says:

    Gee, another meaningless goal for Landycakes to pad his career stats….

  468. socrates says:

    whoop di freakin doo

  469. Carlos says:

    Charlie Davis doesn’t get a red but the ref gives a gift penalty. Damn you Jack Warner.

  470. Tyler says:

    Its up to the coach and the players to be ready for the game. They all belong to clubs with training grounds, there is no excuse. MLS players don’t play in the winter and early spring, should we not play any of those players in the spring?

    The players and Bradley need to shoulder the burden on this and realize that they didn’t put in a winning effort. Both before and during the game.

  471. oh danny boy says:

    This is a joke. Best player on the field in Torres, gets subbed at half. Horrible display US.

  472. Ja Ja James says:

    We all have one of these games. I am not freaking, but I really have no idea what happened to our tenacity.

    For those who thought we would get out of the 1st round of the Confederations…

  473. Mark says:

    As bad as the US was, Costa Rica played great. Congrats to them.

    I guess my head was right with my prediction, though I do think we’ll beat Honduras soundly on Saturday night.

  474. Ben says:

    Are Beasley’s feet actually made out of stone? He has no first touch at all.

  475. Jason says:

    What a waste of jet fuel….

    and does Bob float home on a raft???

  476. BillOhio says:

    Ives, what’s up with you and Adu? Read your comments then think about the question.

  477. Mark says:

    Great stuff as always Ives. I’ll definitely be looking forward to hearing how the team responds to the shellacking they just received.

  478. Hopper says:

    Send Pablo back to Colorado so he can be invisible for the Rapids.

    Send Marvell back to Toronto so he can run like a chicken with his head cut off for TFC.

    Start Torres and Adu, and put in Bornstein for Beasley Saturday against Honduras.

  479. TR says:

    Xander Crews, I’m not arguing LD had a great game, but what is the point of criticizing him for making a penalty? Really. A lot of those guys would have blown that shot.

  480. JL says:

    Lalas just gave hats off to Davies. Why?

  481. and does Bob float home on a raft???

    Posted by: Jason | June 04, 2009 at 12:02 AM

    I hear he’s defecting TO CUBA. But Raul Castro couldn’t find him a footballing gig of note.

  482. Dave says:

    Final Comments:

    Howard-6-not to blame on any of the goals-might have liked to see him make a great save on the third and keep us in it-but certainly can’t be faulted.

    Gooch-6-not bad, but not great either-definetly could have done better on the US’s second goal-uncomfortable w/ Wynne on the outside and did not get the service to do damage on set pieces.

    Boca-6-same as Gooch, maybe a bit better, still, under the scheme-gave Ticos strikers WAYYY too much space-have to wonder if that was his fault or BB’s

    Wynne-4.5-work in progress-definetly would have liked to have seen Spector in his place tonight-positionally, he’s not ready for this level.

    Beasley-2-one word-awful

    Mastro-2-see Beasley

    Bradley-4-gave up towards the end-unacceptable. You put on the US shirt, you have to die for it, I don’t care how gassed you are-really left a lot to be desired in the second half.

    Torres-6.5-best player for the US in the first half-quick feet, composure, accurate passes-inexplicably subbed off for klejstan, lol

    Donovan-5-another subpar peformance for lando-has to assert himself in these games, adds another penalty to his tally

    Dempsey-4-off form-field didn’t help his game

    Altidore-5-worked hard-drew fouls, thought he was going to score towards the end there, didn’t get enough service where he can be dangerous.


    Klejstan-2-no words

    Adu-6-worked hard-what’s he going to do coming on at that stage of the game?

    Davies-6-impressive, still too inconsistent for me though.

    BOB BRADLEY-0-if we are serious about the WC next year, as in we hope to get out of the Group, we need to fire him as soon as possible, that’s really all there is to it.

  483. Charley says:

    this game was bad. awful. but really it’s okay. this crap happens. a wake up call that will hopefully be what the team needed to realize they aren’t the best in the world. they aren’t the worst (even if this performance looked like it) and they will come back.

    it’s going to be okay. don’t overreact.

  484. red bull fan says:

    bob bradley has to better… he should of used different players like spector… also i dont think a 4 3 3 to start the match is smart playing on the road… second half tactics could have been a lot better… taking off the best player torres in the first half instead of pablo im still trying to figure out

  485. Carlos says:

    Lalas gave hats off to Davis, a dirty player congratulating another dirty player

  486. Xander Crews says:

    TR —

    I’m not criticizing him for making the penalty kick. You’re right, a lot of guys would have missed that. That wasn’t my intent.

    My point is that of his US-record goal total, most are meaningless goals against crap opponents, goals when the game is out of reach, or penalty kicks (or some combination of those three). Why not be a leader and say to someone who DID have a good game, “hey, this is your reward, you take it.”?

    My criticism is that he’s the spoiled little punk on the playground who has to do everything, take every kick, and always needs the ball in order to be happy, even when he doesn’t deserve it.

  487. Cosmos Forever says:

    The problem was that we had too many past MetroBulls playing and coaching tonight!

  488. HomeyBoehme says:

    what a disappointing night for USMNT fans…credit to Costa Rica who just played us off the pitch tonight. Have to wonder what Bob’s gameplan is for Honduras after this nightmare. Confidence has to be low in the USMNT camp.

  489. Never First says:

    The team will not lose this badly to Italy and Brazil. No need to jump off a bridge or anything. Fans climb on the bandwagon and say US should beat everyone, and then with one bad loss, they jump off. Remember Brazil lost 6-1 to Bolivia. It happens.

  490. JB says:


    I have to take issue with your “speed kills” conclusion at the end of the commentary. You had it right earlier when you said it was the combination play of Costa Rica that ruined us. We have plenty of speed, but we attack like a college team – no shape, poor off the ball movement, and sub-par passing.

  491. aristotle says:


    Could it be that people are finally waking up and turning against the false hero that is Bob Bradley? There is absolutely no chance of this team doing anything other than embarrassing itself under this coach.

    This team isn’t even in the same class as the so called “disaster” team from the last world cup.

  492. Never First says:

    Argentina* sorry

  493. Trex says:

    Well, I think we learned alot tonight. Unfortunately most of it was bad:

    Wynne… is not ready.
    Adu……. is not ready.
    Demps… is not focused.
    Beasley.. may not be quite the lock at LB that we thought. He was horrible.
    Donovan… still sucks, and I mean 2006 WC sucks.
    Bob Bradley… made a huge mistake taking Torres out.
    Mastro… is a decent MLS player, nothing else.
    M. Bradley… is still our rock.
    Davies… looks like he could be a good sub at forward.
    Altidore… looked comfortable up top, he tried and did set up alot of set pieces, unfortunately most of the plays were screwed up by Donovan or Demps.

    I feel sick about 2010. If we can’t deal with teams like Costa Rica, we will have NO shot against the big dogs in WC play. 2006 will not be an anomaly. What happened to the US team that played against England, Spain, and Argentina in ’08?

    Good night.

  494. BigTexSoccer says:

    That was pathetic. Like watching the 80s and early 90 teams that were completely out of their depth. They just got worked, and the way it happened — combined with the way the looked in El Salvador — doesn’t leave much confidence for the upcoming Conf Cup. I’m sure they’ll look better Sat b/c they are at home, but that ain’t going to get it done if the US actually wants to show internationally.

    Also, what the hell is Bradley pulling Torres out for Klejstian? mind boggling. Guess Bradley didn’t want too much skill on the pitch, he just wanted to go w/ the normal American clubbed foot player. (if you can’t get consistent play for an MLS team you shouldn’t be subbing in for a major component of one the top clubs in the world, and someone that showed in the 1st half of this game — period.) And Lando, he’s back to his fade in, fade out, invisible, pad the sats w/ PKs play (started a few games ago).

    Well, good recognition that the USA ain’t the big dcks in CONCACAF that they thought they were. Totally owned.

  495. Chris says:

    LOL at the USA. All of that chest thumping after you keep beating Mexico on your, I repeat your home soil and one would think the USA is on the verge of greatness. Guess again guys. Beat a quality team, even a regional team at their house and then we can talk. I am not a big fan of the Tico’s but it was oh so nice to see the great USA get their ass handed to them tonight. LOL

  496. andy says:

    I’m happy we will be without Bradley, he doesn’t look bad out there but something is not right.

    Coach Bradley took a chance this game with the lineup and it cost him big time. He proves once again he’s not ready.

  497. geoffersen says:

    As much as Beasley and Wynne suck, Torres looks lost out there.

    Posted by: Michael | June 03, 2009 at 10:30 PM

    Michael, do you have some kind of mental handicap?

  498. Brett says:

    Bob Bradley takes it on the chin for this one. Don’t blame the surface either, because our more skilled players had no problem with it.

    Fail #1 – Starting Wynne. He was poor all night and was in some way to blame for all 3 goals.

    Fail #2 – Starting Mastroeni. He was directly responsible for the first goal. That ball should have been easily won and cleared. Not only did he fail to win the ball, but he cut off his own player who was applying pressure by flopping to the ground. Other than that, he was pretty horrible.

    Fail #3 – Removing Torres. I saw no reason to replace him. He was the best player by miles in the first half, he just couldn’t quite get the dagger passes through because Costa Rica was very well organized.

    Fail #4 – Kljestan. Directly responsible for the 3rd goal. Very poor pressure and then a lazy jog as he watches the player take the ball straight to the box for a clear shot. That is unacceptable. Preki had the balls to bench him, Bradley must do the same.

    I’m almost hoping that we get embarrassed badly at the Confederations Cup to facilitate Bradley’s being replaced. I usually support him and his choices but I can’t ignore such disconnection from the game when he removes the most effective player on the pitch at half-time and replaces him with the worst player on the bench.

    I did like the fact that Adu got minutes in and I thought he was very good. Davies was much better than the last time he got steady action.

    Altidore did nothing to move ahead of Ching. His bad touch was magnified by the surface.

  499. Chef John says:

    I am from N.J. I want BB to succeed. But, I am worried about his judgement. He may be in over his head. This was a big time environment and this team was not prepared.

  500. Angel says:

    I take back about Adu, after few minutes in he got in to the groove, Charlies Davis Came in with a awsome attitude and played well, Sasha no where to be found. And all those Idiots that wanted Wynne to be on the field please second gol came on his behalf, Third gol on where Beasley, Bradley, Sasha and Bocanegra was just looking the guy get set up and shoot. WOW the most effective defend got their ass kick. Please why are u putting a Player that hasn’t played in a long time to play defend are you out of you mind Mr. Bob Bradley, or you really are like Hugo Sanchez that need his assistant to make the right tactics on the field and the right movement. WOW never thought I was going to say this but BOB BRADLEY is lost without NOWAK

  501. Dylan says:

    Torres played Sunday in Pachuca, 40-some minutes.

    Getting back in the game at halftime was a longshot, as painful as it is to say. Honduras at that point had to be the focus.

    Subbing him keeps him a lot more fresh for Saturday.

    The real question is if it was a mistake to not sub Bradley. Maybe it’s not good from a pride standpoint to concede at halftime, but it may have been from a practical one.

  502. geoffersen says:

    Michael Bradley is a turnover machine in the middle of the park.

    Posted by: Max | June 03, 2009 at 10:42 PM

    Focus on the reality of the situation. You’re totally lost if that’s your evaluation.

  503. Smacking says:

    I said it once and I will say it again, the US missed Ching tonight. Compare what he does with the ball to what Jozy did and the gap is glaring. Ching draws the same fouls, but also holds up and distributes the ball well. We created zero quality chances up front and not having a target was a major reason.

  504. EA says:

    I like how people are surprised about how Wynne played.

    Have you not seen FOR YEARS that he is a less skilled, but more physically gifted player than Frankie Hejduk? (And that’s not even saying anything about Steve Cherundolo.)

    Bob tried to get cute with the lineup, and it bit him in the ass.

    You can bet your arse you’ll see a straight 4-4-2 in Chicago, with Ching and Altidore up top, Dempsey and Donovan on the wings, and two guys in the bucket.

    One word sums up tonight…


  505. Erik Abarca says:

    BB really messed this one up tonight.

  506. geoffersen says:

    Torres is aweful you blind people.

    Posted by: Spike | June 03, 2009 at 10:55 PM

    Your spelling and grammar are awful, Spike. Plus, you’re even more ignorant if you think Torres played poorly.

  507. madmax says:

    In spite of this performance, there will still be those fantasists who claim sitting on the bench in Europe is great for development. They will never go away.

  508. Mighty says:

    What a bad night…. This is a a first… i think we might need a coach…. another one… there is no way that a team comes back from the locker room and not be motivated!!!!!

    Sorry but Torres should of continue playing… Mastroeni should of come out..!!

    Worst game i seen US play ….

  509. andrew in tampa says:

    the goals that were scored tonight look very familiar. you see the play developing and you see the goal coming just like against El Salvador. I think to many mainstays o f this team just didnt show up. Donovan’s ball striking is terrible and getting worse. If he’s the best we’ve got then we are in more trouble than we know.
    I dont think Dempsey should be an automatic starter. Since the competition stepped up in WQ he has not really contributed much to the team. His turn over rate was way too high. I also love how misguided folks think Ching would have made a difference. This game was about coaching. Bob got outcoached and he didn’t put his players in position to even walk away with a point. On a positive note, I liked what I saw from Adu and Davies. Charlie looked threatening. We didnt get one decent cross until he came on the field.

  510. Michael F. - SBI MAFIA ORIGINAL says:

    Some observations:
    Mastroeni is over.
    Donovan needs to put his stamp on big games. He was invisible.
    Torres was playing well. Why take him out?
    We need depth at central mid.
    Adu looked promising.
    Jozy made progress but had no support.
    Onyewu…stop thinking about your next team and focus on this one.
    BMB – not our left back. Please.

  511. BMW says:

    As bad as Beasley and Wynne were, Boca and Gooch weren’t much better. One of them needs to go. The experiment of playing two guys who play exactly the same didn’t work…especially when they both continue to make the same mistakes they did 3 years ago. And moving Boca out to the left is not the answer.

  512. socrates says:

    so, for Honduras,

    – MB out on cards – that hurts.
    – SK out on cards – less of a problem.
    – is Frankie an option?
    – if Torres was pulled for injury and can’t go Saturday, midfield is scary (no Bradley, Torres, Edu, Kljestan)
    – Wynne, Beas and Mastro need to sit

    Jozy – Ching

    Donovan – Torres – Clark – Dempsey

    Spector – Boca – Gooch – Hejduk


    possible variations:

    – start Adu?
    – give Feilhaber a shot?

  513. Bobby says:

    adu and torres played well tonight. Wondering if they will see more time on the field at Chicago.

  514. soutine says:

    People, people, let’s settle down. To begin, Pablo looked complete and utterly outclassed. There were balls bouncing all around him and he looked like he could barely move. He should not start another game for the U.S. unless there is a serious injury crisis. I would say that goes double for Beasley, except the left back position is already a disaster. Bradley, Torres, and Jozy were the only players who looked like they were ever a threat at anytime during this game. Where the hell was Clint? He was invisible and if that continues to happen, there will not be many wins for this team. Wynne is also obviously not a player at this level. Also, just for everyone out there, Pablo got embarrassed on the first goal, which was 75% his fault and 25% Torres. Basically, we need Chingy. Him and Jozy need to be upfront and the Torres Bradley combo is, I think, definately the best central option, with Donovan and Clint on the outside. Leftback and Rightback and open for the taking.

  515. mcjones says:

    Personally, I’m just wondering what we could do if we had a more high profile, better coach.

  516. 4now says:


    1. Marvell Wynne does not (and will not acquire anytime soon) a soccer brain.

    2. Pablo is done, and has been, for a very long time.

  517. adam says:

    We will lose Saturday. We got killed with speed and Honduras has the motherload.

  518. Angel says:

    Howard 5.0 = not his fault

    Whynne 2.0 = not for the A team maybe the B team horrible game.

    Ouchie = 5.0 did a good job even tho he has to get out of position to help Whynne.

    Bocanegra 4.0 = played good but make couples of error that turn into gol. but it came from Sasha and Beasley fault.

    Beasley 2.0 = horrible not his fault cause he is not a LB *Coach idea* make some mistake and was out his place all the time.

    Bradley 4.0 = he played well but one mistake and a yellow card did not help.

    Mastroeni 2.0 = a Veteran to really control the game and the mid field was lost and the error on the first gol and was out of rythem.

    Torres 5.0 = started slow and then got control of the game one mistake and one gol even tho he just got hit on the face by Beasley crazy kick on the ball.

    Dempsey 2.0 = look like he want to be the hero of the game, becoming to European snob, think is better (Even tho he is) but need to be more unselfish, was lost and look like he was tired and not wanted to be there.

    Donovan 5.0 = have to be more unselfish with his free kick and let other to the kicking, got covarage pretty good by C.R and need to be leader not some who yell.

    Altidore 4.0 = once again it look like a lone striker the formant was 4 3 3 and noone playing next to him, he did hasle but no company. Need COOPER, Oconner or Charlie Davis.

    Sasha 2.0 not the right call he got lost and got a yellow card, on the third goal he was slow to get back to cover Beasley that was out position.

    Adu 4.0 = started slow and the got into the game, for the short time he was in there.

    Charlies Davis 4.0 = same as Adu, brougt in a good attitude.

    Coach Bob Bradley 2.0 = The offensive format of 4 3 3 was daring but wrong players to play the defend. make the wrong sub on torres instead getting out, Beasley Mastroeni or Whynne. Look like he is lost without Nowak.

  519. pansk8pd says:


    see ya’ll at d azteca. USA will be dominated just like they always are outside the US.

    funny how all u US fans thought the us was gonna steam roll through CR. reality check!

    go ahead and hate on me now. hahahaha. I wanna read all your pissed-off comments. hahahahahaha.

  520. r.benjamin says:


    Torres – Could have tackled harder first 4 mins, but he was by far best on the ball in 1st half. Him being sub is incredible. He was 3rd worst midfield.

    Bradley – Played ok.

    Mastro – Got schooled on 1st goal. Didnt bull dog at all.. which is why he’s there.

    Wynne – Didn’t play as bad as many here want to say. He actually seemed to have some fire others didnt.

    Dempsey – wtf. Whats the diff between Fulham and USMNT. Bradley needs to figure that out.

    Adu and Davies – Played well. Showed why they are the future that needs to start now.

    Spector – Not on the 18? wtf. My bradley should go.. initiation on that alone.

  521. geoffersen says:

    Not a single player on the field today deserves to play on Saturday.

    Posted by: Never First | June 03, 2009 at 11:38 PM

    That’s a moronic thing to say. It’s not funny and it makes no sense, so I’m still trying to figure out how it made sense at all. Thanks, Never First. Nice post.

  522. Casey says:

    landycakes once again shows the world how overrated he is. there’s a reason why no one in europe wants a guy who can’t strike the ball from anywhere other than the spot.

    i’m not saying that the loss is entirely his fault, but he ruined the few set pieces the USA had.

    beasley was abysmal.

  523. Chris says:

    USA, what a joke away from home. Where is all the chest thumping tonight guys? I was lead to believe you were great because you can beat Mexico at home over and over again. LOL, maybe the Tico’s can beat you at home over and over again. Does that make them great? USA supporters are something else. It was nice to see them get their shite packed tonight, that’s for sure.

  524. Striking21 says:

    All I have to say is Beasley better never play LB again. NEVER EVER EVER.

    And I try not to be rash or exaggerate, but pulling out Torres for Sacha was one of the most inexplicable revealing decisions Bradley has made in a long time

  525. Never First says:

    geofferson, keep working on it. You’ll figure it out.

  526. go troll somewhere else, Chris. thanks for reading.

  527. DaveW says:

    Gonna expose my soccer ignorance, but looking past the two fullbacks who had bad games, would the starters have done better in a 4-5-1, with Demps and Donovan on the wings and tracking back, and Torres ahead of Mastro and Bradley to link up possession from defenders to attack? Paco doesn’t go hard into the tackle, but he is composed on the ball and finds players. I know Demps and LD have a tendency to pinch in, but we didn’t have much width. Especially the defensive help on the wings could help.

    Beyond that, I think DMB has suffered too many injuries and too little playing time to be in the starting lineup nowadays.

    Again, exposing my ignorance, I think we have a long way to go before we develop a soccer culture in the US that has kids growing up innately aware of positioning, when and where to make runs off the ball, when to give a hard foul, when to negotiate a corner or throw in. And maybe aspiring to be good at crosses and direct free kicks.

    This sort of innate+handed down knowledge and instinct comes with the culture for kids who play basketball, football, or baseball, but I don’t think soccer is pervasive enough in the US for that. Sometimes even National team players seem to lack a little of it.

    I grew up playing basketball(badly) by the way. Somebody took me to a college soccer match and that hooked me on the game.

  528. TimN says:

    Simply awful…not much else to say. BTW, Beasley was a HUGE mistake, and I knew he would be.

  529. Sad in Salt Lake says:

    a couple of quick thoughts after watching it in the bar:
    1. I like Torres, he passes to US players and seems to be able to turn out of trouble.
    2. Wow..our 3 choice left and right backs…no good at all.
    3. For all the knocks on Ching at least he can hold the ball in the final 3rd.
    4. Sasha has lost his mojo
    5. It was nice to see Adu looking like he cared.
    6. Where was Donovan, Dempsey?
    7.I might become a referee

  530. John says:

    The U.S, played terrible. The worst defending I have seen in a while by them. B.B. took a gamble with this line-up and it did not work. Honduras will be hungry for a win, but the U.S. should win at home. Just because the U.S. lost in Saprissa does not mean they are done.

  531. geoffersen says:

    I’m happy we will be without Bradley, he doesn’t look bad out there but something is not right.

    Coach Bradley took a chance this game with the lineup and it cost him big time. He proves once again he’s not ready.

    Posted by: andy | June 04, 2009 at 12:13 AM

    You’re happy we’ll be without Bradley? Really? Who improves the team by replacing him? What part of his play tonight did you not approve of? Come on, Andy…

  532. KireDCU says:

    Well, now I know what its like to be effed in the a–. That hurt.

    We’ll be missing Bradley sorely I predict. Will be in Chicago for the game.

  533. geoffersen says:

    geofferson, keep working on it. You’ll figure it out.

    Posted by: Never First | June 04, 2009 at 12:48 AM

    Touche, Never First. I was lashing out and you got caught in it.

  534. MiamiAl says:

    If we lose against Honduras, Bradley is done…He clearly is not a tactician. Beasley should not be on the team, much less starting. Again, Bradley is done. Kilnsman, Scolari, Preki are all out there…

  535. Never First says:

    Fair enough. My point was just that no one really went out and earned a spot today. I’m sure you’d agree. If you went to any player on the team and said this is your one and only chance to earn a spot on the national team, I don’t think anyone really passed the test. About four players, including Bradley, simply observed the third goal. There was almost no attempt at defense. Even Howard was caught a little flat-footed.

    I’ve said in other posts that the U.S. will rebound and play better than this against Italy and Brazil. I’m not worried, but let’s call it like it is. This was awful in all regards.

  536. sucram89 says:

    NOW WE KNOW, Beasley is not a defensive option. In fact i think Beasley should be benched next game.

    Wynne is nowhere near ready.

    We would’ve been better off if we played Demerit in the middle, moved Boca out left, and played Spector on the right. or
    played Spector out right and Bornstein out left.

    I know I’m beating a dead horse but, taking Torres out of the match at half was probably the most ridiculous decisions of the night.

  537. TJ says:

    Did anyone else think that Bradley seemed to not be trying after his yellow? He just watched number 2 turn him around and roll it past howard. Bradley just seemed like a gutless, heartless coach’s son. O wait he is the coach’s son.

  538. Never First says:

    I never understood why Ives pushed for Beasley at LB so much. I agree with him on most things, but Beasley is not a defender.

  539. ok... says:

    Anyone know what Klinsmann is up to?

  540. goalscorer24 says:

    Wow. That was ugly. One of the worst games I have seen from the US since the 80’s. The Beasley expirement at left back is over. As a matter of fact Beasley should not start in any position. He looked like a player that has not played, and did not care. His first touches were awful. Having said that, some of the players I wanted to see start the game did, such as Torres. (Why he was subbed, I don’t know) But the US looked completely out of sync, and unprepared. Some of the factors I think that contributed to that were the turf, and that several of the players just flew in. The way the ball was bouncing around, was very unpredicable unless you have played on that field before. So Saturday night becomes a huge game, and that game will really tell us whether Bob Bradley needs to go, as that will be on our field, no screwy conditions.

  541. Mike Caramba says:

    glad we had Mastroeni’s experience on the field tonight…

  542. sucram89 says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more. Mastro’s experience was so valuable tonight. *sarcasm*

  543. adam says: Man of the Match:

    ‘Nuff Said

  544. goalscorer24 says:

    The problem with Wynne is he gives the offensive player so much room because he is afraid he is going to get smoked. But you can’t do that because that allows them to send the ball in unimpeded.

  545. Yinka Double Dare says:

    Bradley out for Saturday hurts, I think he’s proven to be our best central midfielder. Sasha hasn’t done jack other than bad things lately, I don’t think he’ll be missed that much. If anything, the two mids out means Torres almost has to start.

    Ambitious plan by Bradley (and considering our record at Saprissa ambition was called for), but our defense obviously just isn’t good enough to play a 4-3-3. Gooch was way out of position on the second goal, which might be because he was trying to cover for Wynne, who clearly isn’t ready for prime time. I’m sure we’ll see a 4-4-2 on Saturday with Spector on the right if Heydude isn’t ready, Donovan and Demps on the wings with Torres and Mastro in the middle (or maybe Rico in the middle instead of Mastro), and Ching and Jozy up front. Ching might not be able to score worth crap, but he works his butt off up there and does a lot of dirty work that our other guys in the attack just won’t do, and that work often eventually pays off in a goal for one of the other attackers.

    CRC’s first goal was a beautiful shot though. Defensive lapse, but a perfect shot, a thing of beauty. The other two goals were just awful defensive play.

    God, I hope this is better on Saturday, actually attending a losing home qualifier would just destroy my weekend.

  546. Mike Caramba says:


    1. 2-0.

    2. 4th place

    3. Nice result against Honduras.

  547. Yinka Double Dare says:

    Also, that field is just unfathomably bad. How artificial turf could be that uneven is just absurd — the ball shouldn’t be rolling along and then suddenly take a random bounce. No wonder the Ticos never lose there, they probably know all the effed up spots on the field like the Celtics knew all the dead spots in the floor at the Boston Garden.

    Our guys clearly can’t play on that kind of field. There’s a reason fake fields aren’t allowed in the World Cup.

  548. adam says:


    COME off it! Get over the pitch. WE SUCKED.

  549. Mike Caramba says:

    It was ugly, yes. End of the world? No. Keep in mind, we traditionally trade results with Costa Rica and Mexico (win/draw at home, draw/lose on the road). Of course I’d like to see more from our boys, but I think more than a few people are too quick to yell “the sky is falling!”

    This 4-3-3 business is bogus. It’s the same stunt Rongen pulled in the last U-20 WC. Let’s call it what it is: 4-5-1. It’s unlikely that Ching would have significantly altered the result, but I think combining him with Altidore at the top would have helped out some. Wynne obviously didn’t work out at RB. Should have been Spector.

    It’s difficult to get road results in any competition, in any sport…especially when you’re playing on a uniquely quick surface like the Nats did tonight. But it’d be nice to see the US control the ball a little better…to defend more effectively…to rely less heavily on the long ball over the top (which very rarely seems to work). Imposing our will on the road will always be hard to do, but showing a little more control and composure is a must.

    One more note: There are a lot of times we have time on the ball and we’re unwilling to take it. We have opportunities to hold possession and distribute more effectively, but we throw those away in favor of the long ball. Composure, composure, composure!

  550. jason says:

    How does Adu not start on this team…..just watching how he shifted to the middle was calm with his passes started opening up the play for us, made a few World Class passes…and was very active and was very creative(like always) and you can see just how much better we are everytime Adu is in the match, not to mention his nice move he did that allowed him to take that shot from distance……..will be shocked if Adu does not start at Supporting Striker vs Honduras.

  551. Joamiq says:

    The DMB hate is hilarious. Hey idiots, he hasn’t played a game in months, and this was what, his second game at LB? You can’t reach any conclusions about an experiment based on such a small sample. Bease should absolutely get more opportunities at LB.

    Mastro and Wynne are another story. Mastro is simply not quick enough to make the tackles at the international level anymore, and Wynne clearly isn’t ready yet.

    Donovan and Dempsey need to do much, much more. Together, they should be able to create chances against any CONCACAF competition. Donovan should be spearheading the attack, and Dempsey should be more assertive as well.

  552. JBeto says:

    ¨Reasons why the U.S. lost¨

    1. The turf

    2. Stadium looks like a prison.

    3. The fans

    4. The Ref

    5. Color of socks of USMNT

    Keep it coming guys, this is really hilarious stuff for us ticos to read.

  553. Tyler says:

    I swear some of you are so enamored with the name of a player. I say we are missing Ching (granted I admit that we need Frankie back more) and everyone laughs. Then Adu comes in and everyone rates him high? What game is everyone watching?

    Altidore, Bradley, and Torres were the only decent players in this game.

    Ditch the 4-3-3, I never want to see it again.

  554. Chase says:

    What a joke…we looked awful at our worst and disinterested in the proceedings at our best.

    This team has some severe problems, most notably at LB. I know Ives is a big proponents of Beasley at LB, but tonights game was a pretty damning indictment against this continued experiment.

    And can we pretty much close the book on Wynne being anywhere close to international ready…

    I really hope they can pick themselves up, because the game in Chicago has huge ramifications now.

  555. DC Josh says:

    Wow, over 500 comments. Thank you to everyone for making me laugh at 6:30 in the morning at all of the hilarious comments.

    I am embarrassed to be an American soccer fan today. I think the best SBI mafia XI could have played better than that.

    They showed no heart out there.

    I am very disappointed.

    I feel like I just walked in on my wife with another man.

    I feel like my balls have been cut off and fed to a rabbit.

    Boss Bradley shouldn’t take blame for that performance, that was solely on the shoulders of the players. If the coach has to get the players pumped up for a game like this then the players shouldn’t be on the team.

    Concrete turf should have never been allowed by FIFA. It looked exactly like Giants stadium.

    There were times when the US moved the ball extremely well, but their biggest problem was applying pressure, and getting the final pass behind the back line.

  556. LittleRockAnt says:

    Speed isn’t what won this game for Costa Rica. I’m not sure what you guys were seeing. It was a lack of marking and tacking. The first goal was a lack of tackling by Mastroeni. The second and third goals were a matter of sub par marking.

  557. DC Josh says:

    Let’s not jump to conclusions here.

    Calling for Bradley’s head is very easy to do after an embarrassment like last night. But the players couldn’t match Costa Rica’s energy. Some games are certainly the coach’s fault, and some are the players. I’d put the blame on this loss at 70% on the players, and 30% on the coaching staff.

    After South Africa, I think it’s time the U.S. feds look at possibly hiring a coaching import. We need to try something different.

    But I think Boss Bradley put the players in a position to succeed. The problem is depth and the turf. Spector not in the 18 was shocking, but I’m assuming they didn’t want to risk ANOTHER injury. Who else do they start beside Bradley? Rico Clark? *vomits in mouth* Anyone would assume Wynne could match their pace, and use his experience on turf, but looked horrible. He was caught more than a dozen times, allowing too many balls behind him.

    Bradley played a 4-5-1, don’t know why they showed it as a 4-3-3. A 4-5-1 is a defensive formation, which easily changes to a 4-3-3 offensively.

    In a perfect world I would start Ching and Jozy up top with Torres behind them. Duece and Donovan on the flanks with Bradley holding the midfield. Spector on the left, Gooch and Boca in the middle, with Hedjuk on the right.

    Also, our defense is in danger of collapsing for good. We have SERIOUS issues back there.

    If the players play like that in the Confed. Cup we are going to get shutout every game, and Timmy will be facing a shooting gallery.

    Chicago couldn’t come any sooner.

  558. sg says:

    I was never one to blame the coach, but I think Bradley has taken this team as far as he can.

    His choices are really poor and he clearly has not prepped the team.

    Beasley should not play, period.

    Sacha is a lazy player who is not ready for clutch games like this.

    Wynne is probably the worst choice of the night.

    Donovan needs to be replaced as the best US player, soon. He cannot move the team forward it seems, just like the LA Galaxy.

    Torres was very good, as many have mentioned.

    I feel for Howard – his defense let him down.

    Abysmal effort. Embarrassing. Bob Bradley needs to go.

  559. EA says:

    People will disagree, but I think subbing Torres WAS the right play.

    Kljestan offers more going forward (though less holding the ball in the midfield) and I think he showed more in the final third than Torres was.

    What I don’t understand, is why down 2-0, Bob doesn’t make the obvious offense/defense move with Adu for Mastroeni first, then make the more subtle change of Kljestan for Torres.

    Seems like a better linking/holding midfielder would have been of benefit to the offense earlier in the second half.

  560. Greg Ginn says:

    Is Bob gone? That has to be the worst US game, I’ve seen in a long time. No passion, no heart, and just crap. Pulled Torres out? WTF? kept Beasley in? WTF? We are going to get killed this summer, Italy and Brasil.

    Thanks Bob!


  561. KCB says:


  562. MVK says:

    4-3-3 was simply stupid, and on top of that the wrong players were in the wrong spots for the 4-3-3…. STUPID STUPID STUPID, THIS WAS THE WORST MOVE BOB HAS EVER MADE

  563. Greg Ginn says:

    Is Bob gone??????? Jürgen Klinsmann is free, it’s not too late. José Pekerman is looking for a new job!!! F*CK!!! make a change now!

  564. KCB says:

    Alright, my thoughts.

    Forget Costa Rica, the asphalt pitch, “The Cauldron of Doom” and all that stuff. Why did the US loss so badly?

    The US Nats HAVE NO CHARACTER! Flat, boring, uninspiring football, er… soccer. This has marred the Bob Bradley era. We have 10 robots on the field every match (not counting Howard). The organization and positioning are decent, but outside of Freddy Adu and Charlie Davies last night, the Nats are anti-creative, predictable, and slow.

    I sum it up in this quote I once heard (loosely translated) “When the US learns that we’re playing football here, not soccer, then they will become a true World Cup contender.”

    Last night was the first time the US were truly exposed for this fact. We beat Mexico on a set piece and a goalkeeping gaf, we scrapped by El Salvador on a couple crosses, and trounced T&T because of their worthless defense an Jozy’s effort and well timed runs. But Costa Rica exposed the US Nats lack of character, something the US needs to find in South Africa this summer or the return trip in Summer of 2010 will be one to forget.

  565. Nats says:

    I think this shows that for all the talk of our team becoming better, it really isn’t.

  566. BrianK says:

    “IVES, I love your blog. But if you don’t ask bob…i mean really pester him and challenge him as to why he subbed Torres at half, then you lose your journalistic cred….seriously.” – John Fish

    Ives,…I second that thought! Some journo has got to pin BB down on this move. Mastroeni was abysmal,…Michael Bradley was looking sluggish and BB takes Torres out? Something stinks. To echo the sentiments of another person on this board,…I am beginning to have my doubts about BB. Someone get Klinsman number for Sunil.

  567. TimN. says:

    I had a bad feeling about this game going in. It was confirmed when I saw Wynne and Beasley starting at the outside backs…HORRIBLE decision. I’m not even sure why Beasley is getting call-ups any more. He’s been playing little, if any, with Rangers, and his last few outings with the MNT have been poor.

    Having said that, I think if we get the win at home against Honduras we’ll be just fine. I hate that Bradley picked up a weak yellow and will have to sit out.

    I think a 4-4-2 with Spector, Bocanegra, Oneywu, and DeMerit (Hejduk if he’s healthy) across the back, Torres, Dempsey, Donovan, and Mastroeni in the middle, and Ching (if he’s healthy) and Altidore up top might be the way to go. PLEASE BB, NO MORE BEASLEY!!! If Ching can’t go, maybe Davies or Adu up top with Jozy. We’ll see…

  568. mike ruze says:

    Bradley should be fired. He benches the the only guy moving the ball offensively. Then leaves in his son KNOWING that he is a yellow card away from missing a match and everyone KNOWING that if Bradley cant plays 90 without getting a card, Which he did.
    Then he puts in Sacha knowing he also is 1 away from missing a match with the game out of reach and presto!!! he also gets it. So now Bradley and Sacha are out as is Edu in a must win game sat.

    Marvell Wynne absolutely sucks at this level. He runs like Devin Hester…but plays soccer like him to. The man has NO touch and NO ball skills how can you call someone up who cant play soccer?

    Beasley still gets preferential treatment like he did under Arena out of form…no porblem not only will you start youll play a position youve never play (how did you like that Beasley at left back idea you pinned for Ives?)

    Bradley improved but too much of an idiot and cant avoid cards.

    Maestroni sucks his time is passed.

    Gooch and Boca slow all day..imagine how slow they ll be Sat with jet lag and 3 days rest.

    Dempsey played? Really didnt see him.

    Donvan, another big game another game he fails to step up except to take the PK someonelse earned.

    Without a win Sat Bradley should be on the chopping block. Hey isnt Hiddink avail?

  569. Jose A. V. says:

    CHARLIE DAVIES if you are going to sub him in, put him in earlier please. Every time they put him in is with 5 to 10 minutes left, and he still makes an impact. Wake up BB.

  570. Andy says:

    You people talk about certain players “not showing anything in the final third.” I blame not one person but the entire damn team for this loss sans Tim Howard.

    There is almost never anybody moving off the ball every time I watch the US play. I just don’t understand it. There was no hustle on offense. There was no hustle on defense. Costa Rica was allowed to play the ball all over the place and then when we finally got a touch, we were smothered by opposing players.

    The reason why nothing works in the attacking third is because NOBODY IS EVER OPEN.

    Why is nobody ever open? Because nobody tries to get open. Everyone just stands next to a ****ing defender waiting for a ball to get chipped to them. (And most of the time that is chipped over their heads.)

    The United States will never be anything special until players learn how to get open and receive a god damn pass in open space.

  571. Kizz says:

    Hello football fans,

    How do you say USA demolished in Costa Rica in Spanish? LMAO. Once again I’ve come to bring reality to the US fans, your team is ordinary and it was shown with their abysmal performance against Costa Rica who is sitting top of Concacrap right now, lol.

  572. ThaDeuce says:

    if you thought this was embarassing, can you spell confederations cup? although at least then we have an excuse, and i expect to be hearing it, oh they were sooo much better. no excuses in costa rica.

  573. ThaDeuce says:

    I said it once and I will say it again, the US missed Ching tonight. Compare what he does with the ball to what Jozy did and the gap is glaring. Ching draws the same fouls, but also holds up and distributes the ball well. We created zero quality chances up front and not having a target was a major reason.

    Posted by: Smacking | June 04, 2009 at 12:18 AM


    we also missed hejduk’s drive and commitment in the face of adversity

    gooch and boca sucked a big one too last night, i think saturday demerit aught to get a shot at center, put boca on the left.

    i’ve said it before and i’ll say it again, no more pablo

    keep torres in the whole game, he plays well

    if you are going to have beasley on the field, at least have him in a position next to donovan so they can overlap….. otherwise no point

  574. ThaDeuce says:

    and i agree for all who have said the following, (and my old coach for that matter) THERE IS NEVER ANY EXCUSE FOR GETTING BEAT TO THE BALL!!!!!! they may be faster or better or whatever, but getting beat to the ball is a lack of hustle and you should be subbed out every time.

  575. ThaDeuce says:

    and they need to learn to make runs into open space…again, no hustle…

    Who i’d like to see start in midfield since bradley is out and so is sacha (thank goodness) is torres (no duh) and adu (why not?)
    nothing else is working anyway.

  576. kevin solano says:

    im costa rican but live in the us my name is kevin david solano we killed us im a great soccer player n if i become pro i have the chance to play either with costa rica or united states of america i really didnt know who but after us got beat 3-1 no doubt about who im choosing{costa rica} soy de cartago