Where will you be watching USA vs. Brazil?


After a bumpy start to their Confederations Cup campaign, the U.S. men's national team has reached the tournament's final after two unlikely results, including a 2-0 blanking over #1 ranked Spain. The U.S. will play Brazil on Sunday (2:30 pm ET, ESPN) and are one more surprising victory away from lifting the cup.

Will you be watching at an official U.S. Soccer bar, or will you be in the comforts of your own home watching with friends and family? Wherever you may be we are sure it will be fulfilling to see the U.S. play in its first ever final in a major FIFA competition.

If for some reason you can't watch the game live (and you better have a good excuse if you can't), you can follow along here on SBI via the Gameday Commentary. Tomorrow could really be the day where we have our first thousand-comment post so feel free to follow along here.

So, where will you be watching the final? Let us know in the comments section below. And if you're not superstitious, throw out a prediction or two.

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128 Responses to Where will you be watching USA vs. Brazil?

  1. Danny says:

    With the boys. Big screen, HD, BBQ, beer. No better way to watch the U.S. make history. It’ll be our first major title.


  2. Tom the Yank says:

    DeMillo’s Bayside in Portland, ME was a good luck charm vs Spain so, we’ll be there in numbers, again. RiRa, also in Portland, will be full of US soccer supporters, as well.

  3. Paul says:

    I was considering watching it at my place with some friends, but someone told me they’re trying to start an AO chapter, I might have to watch it at the bar with them. Can’t wait

  4. RLW2020 says:

    pickled onion beverly, ma

  5. ciscokid says:

    Interestingly, I’ll be at the Sounders game, which starts at around the 75th min of the confed cup final.

    Big Props to the Sounders FO. They’ve announced they will open gates early and show 1st half on stadium screen. Then they’ll impose a news blackout without any mention or highlights of the 2nd half.

    Following the game against Rapids, fans can stay and watch video replay of 2nd half in stadium.

    In an age of Blackberries it might be hard to keep people from knowing the score but hopefully those who know will remain silent and allow the rest of us to anticipate the 2nd half.

    More creative thinking by Sounders FO.

  6. odsum25 says:

    Fado Austin

  7. Robert says:

    @ home in Raleigh with the wife. I’m so lucky she likes soccer!

  8. Terry says:

    We will be watching at Qwest Field. The first half will be shown live and the second half will be shown after the Sounders-Rapids game on delay. I hope we have a full house to watch the USA game. That will be fun to watch with 30,000 others. Go USA!

  9. vivavilla says:

    where can i find a list of “official usa soccer bars” any in the bay area?

  10. jmac says:

    Lucky’s Sports Bar, Houston, TX

  11. AdamTheRed says:

    Captain Jacks in Lincoln, NE with the American Outlaws!

  12. spiny norman says:

    at gillette stadium with a $10 harpoon ipa or three.

  13. K1p says:

    ciscokid, I think no news in this case will be bad news. If you figure out the score by judging the crowd’s reaction, the US lost. If a small murmur starts in several spots within Qwest and grows to incredible proportions, then we won!

  14. AltiCooper says:

    Off topic: Villareal sells striket Nihat… maybe Altidore wont leave after all

  15. tommymcb says:

    Seaside Tavern–Stamford CT

  16. luis says:

    at home.. bbq with the boys…GO USA!!!!!

  17. BlueWhiteLion says:

    sigh. at home. packing for camping at the same time. (yeah!)

    Need to plan for these and gather some area (Monroe Mi) fans for bash!

  18. EC says:

    At one of the many soccer pubs in NYC.

    Also for those who want to relive Spain vs US.

    Here are two great videos of the US goals with different calls from different countries over them:

    link to youtube.com

    link to youtube.com

  19. Andrew says:

    I was scheduled to work over a month ago, so I will be watching the game via ESPN 360 from inside the Oakland A’s out-of-town scoreboard.

  20. ThaDeuce says:

    Going to the beach with girlfriend’s family so Nearest Bar to Dauphin Island Alabama. If anyone is down there, just let me know where to go to watch! Otherwise I’m going to cruise the strip. I’m making them leave at 6 a m so I can find a spot!

  21. Rastafari says:


    Qwest field, Seattle

  22. Casey says:

    I’ll probably watch it at home. I was thinking about going to The Graduate in Davis, CA, but there will probably be too many annoying bandwagon USA families with their snotty nosed kids running around.

  23. Peter says:

    flat on my back in my breakfast room watching on HD – recovering from hernia surgery courtesy of cutting too hard in tight space playing 5 a side last winter GO USA!!!!!!!!!

  24. Nathan says:

    At CBS Scene directly outside Gillette Stadium with American Outlaws Boston, Providence, and New Hampshire chapters.

  25. Isaac says:

    At home in Apex NC on the couch.

  26. B-Hags says:

    Brits Pub in MPLS!

  27. Derek says:


  28. FK PIRIN says:

    At “700”, bar in Philadelphia

  29. Chris H says:

    The Bull and Bear, Houston, TX – West side. Go USA!

  30. sasoccerfan says:

    Lion & Rose Pub @ 410/Blanco – San Antonio TX

  31. matt says:

    Unless somebody knows of somewhere good to watch in East Lansing, I will be watching from my couch.

  32. Jacob A. says:

    Likely at home with friends over, maybe a local establishment depending on the demographic of the crowd around 2.

  33. quen47 says:

    @ Taylor’s Bar and Grille in Eugene, OR next to the Univ. of Oregon campus

  34. Tony says:

    With my dad, my cousin and our wives on 46″ of HD goodness. Man, I can’t wait!!

  35. Greg says:

    Since for some reason this country that I live in (Argentina) shuts down all of the bars on election days, I’ll be stuck watching from home.

  36. soccerroo says:

    Lochrann’s Irish Pub in Frisco, TX. Having some fish and chips.

  37. I will be at the Crown and Anchor Tropicana in Las Vegas NV. Let’s go you Yanks.

  38. Jacob A. says:

    Off topic, but marca.com expects Conor Casey to start in Michael Bradley’s spot. Like, in central midfield and everything.

  39. Alex says:

    watching at home on my 57 inch HDTV and I hope I don’t get any interuptions. Man I hope my 2 year old doesn’t wake up from his nap….

  40. Don Miguel says:

    Vila do Bispo, Portugal with my Brit friends. This tournament has raised some eyebrows over here.

    USA 2 Brazil 1!!!

  41. jozabar says:

    We are headed to Paris for the first time and looking for a good soccer bar. Anybody have any good ideas?

  42. DJ says:

    Brazil will display nearly perfect attacking soccer but will be unable to put the ball in the net. After 120 minutes of scoreless soccer, howard will block three straight penalty kicks giving the US the victory.

  43. Tom P says:

    At home alone.

    They never win when I go out or invite company over.(Very Superstious I know) Plus in most bars in South Florida everyone is rooting for whom ever we are playing and it makes me feel very anti-imigration even though I am a 1st generation american and most of my friends were born outside the U.S.

    I work outside the U.S., while based here in Miami, and have for 20 years and I still can never get over the level anti americanism when it comes to the U.S. national team.

    I hate Lou Dobbs with a passion but he and his cronies would have a field day down here on a U.S. National game day.

  44. Ryan N says:

    RLW2020, i live up in beverly for most of the year and have a small group of friends that go out for the games. we should all get together sometime for a match once i’m back in the area

  45. montanamatt says:

    Either at lucky bar in DC or in my living room. Still not sure which one though.

  46. Chris Camera says:

    Brewhouse in Atlanta! Hope I can sleep tonight. Good luck boys, bring it home!

  47. gaucho says:

    The first 15 mins of the game in the terminal at JFK–then I have to get on a plane :-(

    The only time I will be rooting for a two hour delay.

  48. Modibo says:

    Like gaucho I have travel plans – trying to change a dc to chicago flight to get to the globe pub in time for the game!

  49. CSD says:

    In Atlanta at my house, not at the Brewhouse. That place is crap.

  50. Ben says:

    At the same house i watched the Spain game, have to go with the superstitious good luck 😉

    So expecting another 2-0 victory, Brazil doesn’t know whats comin for ’em

  51. RK says:

    MAD DOG IN THE FOG in San Francisco!

  52. Jack says:

    On the big screen at the National Soccer Hall of Fame in Oneonta! Where else?

  53. Göteborg Matt says:

    At home, listening to the Swedish commentators begrudgingly admit that the US isn’t as crap as they’ve said all along. The only thing better than watching the US win, is hearing all the European experts backtrack after a US win.

  54. RHB says:

    At the Hooters across the street from the C.A.B. before the Wizards game, let’s go Yanks!!

  55. Chris F says:

    I’m going to be in NYC tomorrow… where’s a good place to watch the game around midtown?

  56. Tom in GA says:

    Will be in Birmingham, AL on Sunday afternoon. Any SBI fans in the area that can recommend a place for my 13 year old son and I to watch the game?

  57. nando says:

    watching the game with the family…… usa wins 2-1!

  58. Jamie Z. says:

    I’m trying to find a pub showing it in Buffalo. Anyone know of such a place?

    I’ve got a good feeling about the match. I’m always prepared to come away disappointed, but I believe in our guys. If we can put in a strong showing without Bradley (and Jones), I think it’ll show we’ve got a lot going for us going forward.

  59. leftcoastmetro says:

    Anyone know a good place in the East Bay (Berkeley/Oakland area?) Otherwise, it’s The Mad Dog in SF for me too!

  60. Steven says:

    CBS Scene in Foxboro with the local AO’s

  61. Jonathan says:

    Barrister’s St.Louis Mo (clayton)

  62. the Yin Yang Man says:

    Fitz and Franz’ Coral Gables, FL :)

  63. Ryan says:

    Anyone have suggestions for a good soccer bar in the Dallas-Forth Worth area? I’ve heard some good things about the Londoner but have never been. Thanks!!

  64. Djep says:

    … in my small and quiet (until kickoff) apartment in Seoul … Live at 3.25am, MONday .

    I’ll have about an hour to sleep, unless the game goes long, before I need to head out to work .

  65. Matt says:

    At a large pub in Downtown Seattle with 30,000 friends and neighbors :)

  66. Jacob A. says:

    Anybody have any good places in Atlanta not named Brewhouse? Any ideas where the Atlanta chapter of the Outlaws will be watching?

  67. Jacob A. says:

    Never mind that last comment.

  68. Barry U says:

    Lucky Strike bowling alley Charlotte NC.

  69. BlueWhiteLion says:

    okay, Ives, where is this “Feilhaber could play a vital role” story? I see the link, but it links to a blank page. And it is not present on the home page! Taunting us!

  70. DallasFan says:

    fyi, the ao dallas chapter is having a huge all day watching party at trinity hall irish pub off of mockingbird. big turnout expected as the spain-south africa match will be screened in addition to usa- brazil. link below:

    link to trinityhall.tv

  71. Doug says:

    Quigley’s Irish Pub, Naperville, IL

  72. brian says:

    at a bar in pittsburgh with other members of the AO chapter that just started

  73. El Naranja says:

    Mezzanine Lounge, Houston Texas!

    Leave right from work to the bar to down many a brewskie watching the USA win, and then some MLS action against LA.

  74. BK says:

    As cliche as it is, at Buffalo Wild Wings in Newport News, VA. Hopefully, with half of my kickball league and my entire family.

  75. Thomas513 says:

    Elyisan Fields, Seattle and then straight to the SSFC match. Yanks and Sounders, come on boys!

  76. Uncle Ed says:

    In Miami go to Fritz & Franz in Coral Gables!

    The Miami Ultras (Miami FC) will be on Univision at their studio before, during and after the game. We will also appear on Republica Deportiva!
    Go USA! Vamos Miami FC!

  77. DingDong says:

    Where can you watch in San Francisco? I’m new to town…

  78. Barksdale says:

    At soccer camp in a theatre on the campus of Furman University with 200 campers and coaches!!! GO Clint and Ricardo and the rest of Team USA!

  79. Wgoood2 says:

    Nevada smiths NYC!!

  80. me says:

    At The Thirsty Lion in Portland, Oregon

    Join us!

  81. ThaDeuce says:

    Tom, try Buffalo WIld Wings. They have huge HD TV Screens and stuff, but its not completely a bar. He can get in without an ID, and if he likes wings, they are the best! You can drink the adult beverages, they have self serve fountain drinks for your boy. He should be happy there, and so should you.

    There are other sports bars, like” On Tap,” but those are all about the drinking, and you may have to be 21 to enter.

    Good Luck!

    I’ll be in Dauphin Island, still hoping someone on here can help me find a place there!

  82. ThaDeuce says:

    Barksdale, that is awesome. That camp was the best soccer camp i ever went to when I was younger. Doug Allison is the man! Go Deuce!!!

  83. jjf3 says:

    bull & bear, west side of houston, tx

  84. ross says:

    let me know where In columbus to watch the game.. not sure if ruby’s is gonna be open like they were for the spain game

  85. Brock says:

    I am going to the claddaghs in the brewery district (downtown columbus) it is a great place to watch a game

  86. USA 2-1 says:

    Tom P – Go to Fritz n’ Franz in the Gables…. I dont know ya but you wont regret being around a bunch of crazy USA fans who remember Paul Caliguri’s miracle goal of 1990! Tomorrow is our day bro!!

  87. Jim says:

    At Mulligan’s in Hoboken. C’MON US!!!!

  88. chris says:

    LeftCoastMetro, The Englander in San Leandro is a good option in the East Bay. They show all the US games and get good crowds. It is three or four blocks from the San Leandro BART Station.

  89. Jules says:

    At the Fox n’ Hounds in Studio City. Everyone is your friend there.

  90. Joe says:

    Bedford, MA. Big screen theater in my new apartment.

    Lets go get e’m boys!!

  91. BarçaGirl says:

    At home! Brooklyn, New York!!!!!! US Flag with me for all of tonight and match day!!!!!!!

    Would be awesome to be at Nevada Smiths but I’m too young and nobody will take me xD

    COME ON BOYS!!!!!!!!

  92. AJF says:

    Brouges bar in Lake Worth Florida with friends.

  93. Yossarian says:

    Chris F.,

    Bakers Street is supposed to be decent and I once caught a game at Tonic and it was a surprisingly good atmo for a Times Square bar, but for a real footie experience, you have to head down to Nevada Smiths, that’s where I’m going. It’s gonna be a madhouse!!!

  94. FIXXXER says:

    Fado Irish Pub in Atlanta, GA. If you are local stop in – bringing a bunch of people myself so it will certainly be a good crowd. I was at the Brewhouse for the South Africa v Brazil game – I think Fado will be a much better spot

  95. Hopper says:

    Qwest Field’s Jumbotron!

  96. Gerald says:

    Mulligan’s in Hoboken NJ

  97. fieldsy says:

    watching the game at home with family. there is a good article on american expats watching the game in south africa on si.com.

  98. julio says:

    Seventh Heaven….still on Cloud 9…..

  99. Penny says:

    My son’s high school graduation is at 2:00! We will watch the DVR recording later after the graduation.

  100. Ian says:

    Gillette Stadium jumbotron, before the Revs’ SuperLiga game.

  101. g says:

    In my living room so we don’t disturb the nascar and baseball fanatics here in central virginia. My neighbors think I’m nuts. I’m probably usually cheering during nascar cautions or pit stops.

  102. The Globe Pub in Chicago. GET SOME.

  103. JR says:

    …will ESPN be rebroadcasting the game at night like they have the other games? I’ll be on a boat, unfortunately.

  104. Josh says:

    Harp Inn – Costa Mesa

  105. Danny says:

    At home in Chicago

  106. Tom the Yank says:

    In Paris, you can try “The Auld Alliance” in the Marais District – the 4th arrondisement, not far from Notre Dame.

  107. Brian says:

    At the Fox N Hound in Carmel/Westfield Indiana. We have a room reserved and there will be 15-20 people with us. Anyone that sees this is invited as well! Go USA and hopefully we will win our first FIFA trophy since 1913!!!!! Go YANKS!

  108. JRCIII says:

    having a boozy brunch with some babes then hitting Nevada Smith’s in the east village, new york city

  109. CJ says:

    Mad Dog in the Fog, SF

  110. Gene_SF says:

    Either St. Daine’s in Houston, TX, or at our rented condo by myself.

  111. Rob C says:

    Would not be anywhere else on the planet (other than at the game) other than NEVADA SMITH’S!

  112. jjraines says:

    I’ll be watching just how I always like to: at home alone, in front of a 70″ screen in all its HD glory.

  113. Leonardo says:

    The Best Way: @Mi Casa with the Familia, BBQ, Beers (i’m sick can’t have any), and yes, the USA WILL WIN!!!


    like in the Tyson movie, his trainer as he was a kid told him ‘YOU’RE A CHAMPION, YOU’RE A CHAMPION’

    cuz you gotta believe it first.

    and i BELIEVE

  114. Justin O says:

    A crappy Internet feed at a crappy Internet club in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan from 12:30-2:30 AM local time.

  115. david says:

    at a bar on the beach in tel aviv masbye mikes place ben watching every usa WCQ and confed cup game from israel and wouldn’t miss this one for the world.

    meet some other usa fans so anyone in israel message me to come down and watch.


  116. kingdomsa says:

    Watchin in the kingdom of saudi arabia – at my friend Hamad’s house – drinking sidiqi. It’ll be strange, watching the game with a bunch of arabs – all rooting for the USA to win.

  117. Dominghosa says:

    At home with the 52 with my Mexican friend who can play the game but doesn’t watch it. Guess it’s just in his blood. …

  118. Michael S. says:

    At some cafe in Tunis, Tunisia. I’m here on business and many cafes are packed for all of the games. Chances are they will be showing the Arabic commentators, but it is also televised with Italian commentators.

  119. Moneyball says:

    Anyone else in Rome? I wanna go somewhere that isn’t the Abbey Theatre.

  120. A. Roach says:

    Normally at Jackalope Jacks in Charlotte, but today I’m watching it at home with my son. Come on you Yanks!

  121. bmvaughn says:

    I won’t watch the first half, but the second half will be on the Jumbotron in Qwest.

  122. Kurt-O says:

    Wolff’s Biergarten in Albany, NY. Great new soccer bar in the Capital District.

  123. sw7104 says:

    Molly Malone’s in Louisville, KY. It will be rockin’!!

  124. Neal says:

    at work and can’t get ESPN 360, any other internet links?

  125. Joey says:

    Fox & Hound – Omaha, NE

  126. Cabrito says:

    At home with the AC blasting. It will be 105 in Sacramento today.

  127. BidEdsBlog says:

    USA vs Brazil?

    The only way I’d watch is if it were a bathing suit competition.

    Check out my take on soccer and stick around for more good content.

    link to libertarianhumor.com