Who should the USMNT start vs. Egypt?


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The U.S. men's national team has one match remaining in the Confederations Cup, one last match for players to prove themselves, one last chance for Bob Bradley to test his squad against stiff international competition outside of World Cup qualifying.

While the United States is still technically alive for a place in the semifinals, for all practical purposes the Americans are playing for pride, which means Bradley just might be willing to give chances to some players who have yet to get them in this tournament.

With that in mind, here is a look at the starting lineup we could see for the USA on Sunday vs. Egypt (2:55pm, ESPN2):

Projected USA lineup vs. Egypt






As you can see, I'm convinced that Clint Dempsey won't play in this game. Now, if he does, you can slide him into Feilhaber's spot, leaving Feilhaber to compete with Clark for a spot alongside Michael Bradley. I am also convinced that Bradley will use either Torres or Adu in this game, with Torres getting the nod for me. Now, if Bob Bradley decides to leave Torres and Adu on the bench AGAIN, I would imagine that we will see Donovan and Dempsey in midfield with either Conor Casey or Charlie Davies up top alongside Altidore. Who won't we see? Beasley or Kljestan (who is out with a red card) (and if we do see Beasley, Bradley will have some serious explaining to do).

What starting lineup would I like to see vs. Egypt? Here's the squad:







Charlie Davies is probably the longest shot of these players to get a start, but I would like to see him paired up with Altidore. Donovan has been doing plenty of running as a second forward, but I would be interested to see him in a playmaking role with Davies up top to help create some space. I have Carlos Bocanegra at left back, but would just as soon welcome Bornstein at left back and Bocanegra in as a central defender. Having Bocanegra on the left here has more to do with wanting to see the Bocanegra-Onyewu-DeMerit trio together in a game than anything against Bornstein (who I have been higher on than most in this tournament). And for you "Feilhaber can't play the wing folks" this is a diamond midfield, which would havfe Feilhaber in a more central role than wing role. Yes, I know, Bradley hasn't really used the diamond but it's what I would like to see with the current group and against Egypt.

So what would a starting lineup with Torres AND Adu look like? Here's the lineup, which apparently 60 percent of SBI readers are hoping to see:






If you're saying "Bradley would never play this formation" that is not true. He used it vs. Cuba in last year's home qualifying win. While Altidore isn't the type of target striker you'd prefer in this formation, it does put Adu and Torres on the field together. Torres isn't nearly the defensive liablity that Adu is and actually looked sharp in this exact role vs. Cuba. Bradley could go with Ricardo Clark instead of Feilhaber to give the team more defensive bite, but I think Feilhaber showed enough late vs. Brazil to merit another look.

Now it's your turn. Which starting lineup would you like to see the U.S. national team use vs. Egypt? Which of the above lineups do you like the most? Are you hoping to see Torres play? Or would you prefer Adu?

Share your thoughts below.

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189 Responses to Who should the USMNT start vs. Egypt?

  1. fred mertz says:

    With the exception of Donovan, no MLS player should be anywhere near the USMNT. So please no Clark or Bornstein in the starting lineup. Save the MLS players for the annual January pity Caps.

  2. Scott says:

    I like your first line up here. I agree torres and adu together is not nearly enough defense.

  3. Sean says:

    Number 2 would do it for me. We need to attack, this tourney is a waste if we don’t try anything different. There was nothing to lose here in all three games, and BB should be fired for not going after these teams. You cannot win if you don’t attack.

  4. Free Freddy says:

    I don’t care so long as Beasley, Bornstein and Kljestan do not see the field. Those three are NOT at the national team level now!

  5. green says:

    Does it even matter at this point?
    Bradley has completely lost this team.
    What an embarrassment our program is.

    As a follow up, are all of us Bradley doubters still being “cancerous” to the discussions and fanbase? Some of us have been down on this guy for the last year/year and a half or more and gotten our fair share of crap piled on us for our “opinions.” Are we still being blind and unloyal fans by questioning Bobo’s ability to advance the team?

  6. Kent says:

    Got to go with that first line-up. Gives us a potential mix of attack and defense. And Torres can actually control the ball under pressure…

  7. D says:

    With this group I think the best they could put out there is:





    The lack of viable and seasoned wing midfielders is horrible. Honestly, Donovan is your only true option out right and Torres is better in the center of the field. Where are the Brad Davis (I love Brad as a Dynamo fan, not sure he shoud be on the national team though)types? Would be wonderful to see some quality service.

  8. mb says:

    why is bornstein always slipping and sliding around? can someone give him some cleats?

  9. joe says:


  10. Paul from the AZ says:

    we have seen no hunger or cohesion so far, and if Bradley actually does what I feel he should and that is start both Adu and Torres he could really shake up the mentality of this team which they need. At the end of the day they are not playing for each other like they should, and if you want to see a team that leaves evrything on the field just turn into the game on Sunday and watch Eygpt play. They have confidence on the ball and most importantly beleive they be long on this stage. The US has looked timid and foolish, and until we as a team beleive in ourselves and each other as a team we will continue to have these types of discussions.

    I expect to se a much better performance from the stars and stripes on Sunday but still believe we will lose, 2-1.

  11. a kavo ebet? says:

    ..Donovan shouldnt be anywhere near the nat. team either, atleast not in the starting line up untill he put his sh** together. He is good for scoring an occasional PK that about it.

    Also when we have atleast 3 guys starting or getting significant playing time who been riding the entire year on the benches in Europe…you can expect them them to have that sharp bite, talent alone doesnt get you far on international level if you not hungry for more….these guys are just hungry to be able to be on the field its already good enough to them.

  12. japan says:

    I’ll take any 3 of your line up

  13. Rossi is Judas says:






  14. AllNats says:

    I wouldn’t mind seeing the third lineup just to see how it does. This is the perfect time for experimentation. Let’s use this as an opportunity to see if Adu/Torres together will be a viable option for the future.

    If they don’t start, I would like each of them to at least see a half of PT. Other people have been given chances this tournament (and totally blown them, mind you), so why not these two?

  15. Paul from the AZ says:

    I have played more than Beasley this year maybe Bob will give me a start….

  16. Brian says:

    Adu Davies

    Torres Feilhaber Clark Donovan

    Pearce Bocenegra Califf Wynn


    Just throw caution to the wind and go out and try and score 4 goals, if we need subs at halftime then hopefully Bradley will make the right decisions for once in this tournament, but I see no reason to play Dempsey, Howard, Onyewu, Altidore and so on…its about experiences now and you never know what could happen when you put players on the field hungry to show they can play well.

  17. japan says:

    ok my english sucks

    what i mean to say was I’ll take any one of those 3 line ups

  18. Dmac says:







    Donovan might be the “most talented” U.S. player. But he is also soft, without fire, and disappears for huge portions of the game.

    Give up on the “heroes” of 2002 – Beasley and Donovan will not get us anywhere – we need to explore…

    I think that requires a few things

    1) New Coach – Bradley just isn’t good enough

    2) Give up the naivete that has led to our Red Cards – We are the U.S.A – we aren’t going to get calls – and if anything we are going to get screwed – the rest of the world isn’t the biggest fans of U.S.

    3) We need creativity in the midfield – Feilhaber, Torres, Adu

    Also, on a side note – John Harkes is the single worst soccer broadcaster in history – give me Tommy Smyth all day long instead of him droning on about when he was on the U.S. national team like they accomplished anything

  19. CSD says:

    I find it hard to get excited about a match that might show the World that our soccer program is behind Iraq and New Zealand’s.

    If I cared about this match. I would like the line up you like Ives. I have not decided yet if I will watch.

  20. Paul from the AZ says:

    The other thing that has really bothered me in our forwards at the Con Fed Cup has been their work ethic. Altidore and Casey both just jog around up top not really putting any pressure on the ball, and while I understand we have played more with 10 men than 11 I would like to see more hustle and desire up top. I guess Casey feels confident again that he is back in the MNT set-up after a 4-5 year hiatus that he does not have too work hard.

  21. Johnny says:

    Clark and Beasly need to be dropped.

    Every game we play we toy with different formations and personel. It’s like trying to plug a leaky dam. Plug up one hole and another leak appears. This team has no identity. Here is my formation that won’t happen.






    Coach-Anybody but Bob

    P.S. Ives how can you seriously think that Jonathan Bornstien has been good. He also needs to be dropped

  22. Dave says:

    I think Feilhaber deserves a start; he has made some key passes within the last two games, played solid defense, and showed a willingness to shoot at goal. I also believe Clark should be in the lineup to take up some room in front of the defense and allow Bradley to move forward. With that said, I like Ives’ projected lineup against Egypt though I prefer Adu to Torres.

    Here is what I would like to see and what gives us the best chance to win:






    I’m not as smitten with Demerit as others. I think he is a very hard worker, but I think he looked very overmatched against Italy and Brazil (hard to blame him) and Bocanegra gives a little bit more in the air on set pieces. Bornstein is adequate on the left.

  23. Mikeype says:

    It is about time to put some pressure on the “usual” starters for our team. Here is my lineup:

    Altidore Davies

    Torres Adu

    Bocanegra DeMerit Onyewu Spector

    Will this ever happen? No, since Bob Bradley is a more defensive coach but I would love to see more of our future (Torres, Adu, Bradley, Altidore, Davies, Spector) on the field.

  24. ryan says:

    Every lineup on this page has Jozy Altidore in it and I am wondering what this kid has done to earn a start for this team?

    He has been terrible in this tournement, strikers create oppurtunites and this kid just doent cut it.

  25. b-hags says:

    I’m in agreement on the first line up. I think playing with two defensive mids will just prep the team for Jones’ arrival! This team needs someone who’s not content to loose to soccer powerhouses.

  26. metrostar 4 life says:

    I like 3, but I’d rather have Rico Clark in for Feilhaber. Clark plays dirty defense, as we’ve seen the other day, almost too dirty.

  27. Paul from the AZ says:

    Bornstein is a good MLS defender, he is too small and spends way too much time playing chase when he is not on the ground. Also my 9 year old serves a better ball into the box as well. He is not international quality.

  28. Lot 8 says:

    Anyone but DMB

  29. milkshake of despair says:

    Why not give Guzan or Robles some time?

  30. Angel says:

    I think is time to get everyone involved and give a chance to a young team with more technical, that can hold the ball and faster and accurate on their passes. This is why should it be the new lineup against Egypt.







  31. Havin' A Party When Bradley's Gone says:

    You’ve had enough with Poppa Bradley?

    Go join the Facebook group:

    link to facebook.com

  32. The Gentleman Masher says:

    The people ripping Donovan are idiots – he’s one of the few bright spots this tournament.

    It’s not his fault we have zero set piece wizards on the field. Where have you gone, Eddie Lewis?

    I couldn’t believe the ridiculous long free kick attempt by Dempsey yesterday…

  33. The Gentleman Masher says:

    I agree with the caution to the wind strategy…we need alot of goals, so, let’s go with this:




    That’s right – 3-4-3 baby!!!

  34. Adam says:

    I’m amazed at people (including you, Ives) who put Feilhaber as an outside midfielder. He is nowhere near as effective there as he is in the middle of the field.

    If Beasley sees the field at all, even for garbage minutes, I will not watch another game Bradley coaches.

  35. AdamTheRed says:

    I usually look forward to USA games. I imagine the line-up in my head and the possible ways the US could advance across the field.

    Now, I just want this game to be over and this charade to end.

    Get better USSoccer.

    Sunil AND Bob need to go.

  36. Jared says:

    I have been saying BOB must go since he was hired. I knew he was horrible from the jump. How many managers in MLS would do better then BOB rite now? a ton

    Better “Soccer” Brains coaching in MLS then BOB Bradley. and I am not including the younger coaches i dont no much about






    There is 5 right there and I highly doubt anyone can really argue with that. That is in mls alone. it shows how bad and how off the point we have got with us soccer

    clint dempsey is soo bad and never was any good

  37. Paul from the AZ says:



    —Torres– —Donovan—

    —Bradley— —Feilhaber—



    I would like to see this line-up to see what it brings to the table. I also think that defensivily this is a huge gamble but would expect as professionals the players would step up. I think giving Guzan a start here is a good idea as well.

  38. Jacob A. says:







    Demerit if Boca still can’t go.

  39. rg says:







    At least this team was exciting to watch….and they beat Brazil…(well, their U-20 team anyway)

  40. Andrew Helms says:

    Test the players who haven’t been tested.

    Adu Donovan
    Torres Clark Bradley
    Pearce Onyewu Califf Wynne

    Feilhaber can sub in for Donovan or Bradley if one tires.

  41. frustrated fan says:


    Donovan Adu Torres

    Bradley Clark

    Bocanegra Onyewu Demerit Spector


    Let Donovan, Adu, Torres, and Altidore be creative, attack and do there thing. Bradley and Clark clean up for them and let’s see how Boca does at left back.

    We have to stop doing the same thing. Let these guys be aggressive!

  42. Jacob A. says:

    Also, a point about Adu: Even if it’s just for free kicks, it’s worth it, cause Donovan’s haven’t been getting it done for the last couple of weeks.

  43. Havin' A Party When Bradley's Gone says:

    First line up: the match against Egypt


    Second line up: The future


  44. jim b says:

    USMNT lost me from that last game….I’m going golfing with my dad instead of watching us get embarassed yet again. It is fathers day after all.

  45. milkshake of despair says:

    How about a post from Ives about what coaches are available out there and a probability we could actually sign them?

    I too am not looking forward to this game. Just want it to be over with. Did not even feel this way for game three of 2006 WC. Just depressing. What does it even matter what line up we put out there. I think moral is low and we will get spanked. Egypt will score in first 15 minutes and it will only go down hill from there. Just being realistic is all. Would love to be proved wrong, but I doubt it.

  46. John Glosson says:

    Play everyone who hasn’t played. Period. We have no stakes in the outcome of this game other than saving a little face. It would be a PERFECT opportunity to give the other guys a chance to show their stuff and hopefully earn a place in the starting 11. Rest the guys we’ll need in the Gold Cup too. Don’t play Donovan or Carlos. Let Adu, Davies and Altidore have a go up front. Give Guzan a run out also to keep him sharp. If they do this, I’ll definitely watch. If Bob goes with the same ol’ line up I won’t be interested. They’ve already proved they’re not hungry and not very interested in playing for team pride. I defended Casey after his first match, but now I say kick him to the curb. He’s lazy.

  47. milkshake of despair says:

    Someone else asked but I have not seen an answer. Who does Sunil answer to? Or rather who has the power to fire him?

  48. Oranje Mike says:

    This tournament is over for us. I don’t care about Egypt’s result against Italy. Bradley needs to find solutions. An unorthodox lineup is out best bet. Playing Adu and Torres won’t hurt anything and it will give them game time. Something they could both benefit from.

    The screws are turning on Bradley. Let’s see how he approaches the match.

  49. Joe B. says:

    Here’s my lineup:


    2nd choice:


    Yes, I put Wynne in there…

  50. Jose A. V. says:

    My line-up:





  51. milkshake of despair says:

    Too bad Ives did not go to Confed Cup. He could of gone to the press conference and asked the tough questions instead of the softball questions being asked/answered.

  52. Chillin says:

    Any of you who are actually bashing Donovan are complete idiots, especially after Donovan has proved to be far and away the best play on the field for the nats this entire tournament. He set up both Bradley and Altidore with golden opportunities to score in the first game against Italy only to see them blow it. Not to mention that Donovan and Bradley are the only two who have shown the work rate and passion that the US needs in the midfield. I also think that Landon is very underrated defensively and would like to see a 4-4-2 with him and Bradley in the middle, obviously with Bradley sitting a bit deeper. However, the line-up I would like to see for this game would be a 4-2-1-2-1

    Adu Donovan (with freedom to roam)
    Bradley Clark
    Boca Gooch Demerit Spector

  53. Joe B. says:

    My 2nd choice looks better than the first…

    I say we should just make Wynne into a pure right/wing attacker with Spector behind him. I want to see Adu & Torres play together, we went with more defensive lineups in the previous games and got blazed anyway, so why not?

  54. HokieFutbol says:

    what’s with everyone’s knocking bornstein? I feel like he has played well. I agree with Ives that I want to see the trio look with Boca Gooch Demerit and Spector, but bornstein has limited the effectiveness of some of the worlds best flankers. Cameronesi was largely ineffective (granted some of that was his own and had little to do with bornstein). I’m not sure who he matched up with against Brazil (Macion?) but he is world class and played extremely well. All that being said Spector is the RB regardless of when Hedjuk is healthy.

  55. Jose A. V. says:

    NO MORE, Beasley, Sacha, or Dempsey, give the other guys a chance and prove Bradley wrong.

  56. mexicanbluefish says:

    no one should start. ok, perhaps landon.

    if Beasley and Sacha can start against Brazil, there are no standards for selection other than some ridiculous emotional connection.

  57. Adam says:

    “Too bad Ives did not go to Confed Cup. He could of gone to the press conference and asked the tough questions instead of the softball questions being asked/answered.”

    lol, no offense to Ives – but it seems like the culture of the USSF doesn’t make it to easy to be a public voice of dissention and still be able to get inside access and information so I seriously doubt there would be anything different asked if Ives were there. Look what happened to Eric Wynalda… Harkes better tone his criticism down too, or he’ll end up the same way.

  58. McP says:

    Bradley needs to stop doing the 5 knuckle shuffle towards Beasley, Sascha, Dempsey (it pains me to say that), Bornstein and the rest of these broked*cks who can’t hang. Enough already.

    Let’s face it our play is terrible, we’ve lost 3 of the last 4 matches, all by a nice phat margin. I don’t care who we put in….Adu, Edu, U2…anything is better than what we’re doing now, it can’t get any worse.

  59. Greg Ginn says:

    Did Bob leave?? come on, tell me, Bob got on a plane back to the states. Please! he is not the man for the job.

    It’s time to give Torres a chance. I don’t think Bob will. Look for Beasley again and another 3-0 lost.

    Then we get to hear the USSF tell everyone “Bob is the man for the job”

  60. matt C says:

    Yes, i think we have larger problems, but can anyone give me a legitimate reason as to why Marcus H is not even being permitted to challenge for the number one spot? And Guzan seems to have the #2 spot locked up?

    That aside, i want Torres and Adu on the pitch at the same time. If you have Boca, Jay, Gooch and Spector at the back and you tell Junior to stay home a little more, i have confidence in that defense. (but should i?)

  61. Joe B. says:

    I think Bornstein looked pretty good. So yeah I’d put him on left back too…

  62. Andy says:

    Ricardo Clark should not play in this game.

    Clint Dempsey should not start in this game.

    Benny Feilhaber should not start in this game.

    Put both Adu and Torres out there and see what happens. Even if we look bad, there really is no difference between that and the first two games.

  63. Avid US fan says:

    Ives, I certainly love your blog and insightful reporting and commentary. BUT, at this juncture I think there’s some bigger fish to fry with the USNT than the lineup for Egypt. We have to win 5-0 and Italy lose 0-1 for us to move on. Somehow our USNT has completely lost sight of what it takes to move on in international tournament play. We have to go back to WC94 to see an example of working score lines and lineups to see the US through. In WC2002, even though that was our best touney, we were fortunate to get out of group play. Then we saw what can happen in knock-out rounds.

    WC90, WC98, WC06, Copa America, and now possibly this Confed Cup we end up dead last in the group. The smart teams select lineups to either win or minimize loses to be in positions to advance. Let’s say the US loses 1-2 to Italy, and 0-1 to Brazil. In other words doesn’t quit on the match, plays smart (keeping all 11 on the field), and keeps its defensive and midfield shape. We’d be looking at a 2-0 win over Egypt to advance along with a 0-1 loss by Italy. I’m sure that would change the lineup and dynamics of the game, even though we don’t have any points yet in group play.

    It’s time leading and esteemed blogs such as yourself and those of us commenting, begin to call the USSF to greater accountability in how the USMNT is run. I don’t agree, but at this point, based on results, our program looks like it has regressed rather that continued to develop.

    As for a lineup. All USNMT players must earn their playing time at the club level. Isn’t that why Beckham dissed the Galaxy for Europe again. Until we’re playing guys that are in a groove competing at their local clubs, we’re going to continue seeing these results (yet that doesn’t explain Dempsey’s poor showing). If the USNMT coach told these guys they have no chance of a call up if they are not starters at the club level, we’d see how much they really want to play for the USMNT and they would work harder to position themselves at a club where they could secure positions (Adu, Beasely, Jozy, Klestjan). Those who are injured would have to wait until they were back in top form to be called up as well.

    When I look at this team and see all our call ups, I can’t help but think if we had just sent the Houston Dynamo or DC United, etc and supplemented them with players for their interntionals, we would have made a better showing than this. Somewhere along the line the USSF has got to get a grip, and we as fans need to rise up and say we won’t stand for it any longer. We ARE better than this, and we CAN play better than this.

  64. jjfad13 says:

    I can’t beleive I’m saying this but I would actually like to see Pearce back out on the left if Boca can’t go. Ives, you really think we are going to see Clark again after he was sent off for that ridiculous challenge against Italy. Isn’t it obvious that he needs to tidy up his tackling before he sees the field for the Nats again?

  65. Freddy says:

    We need a full offensive onslaught:





    And yes, rest Bradley for this one.

  66. srfinger says:

    Not sure why people insist on “dream” lineups with Jozy by himself up top. He has proven over an over, he is not that kind of player. He is not good with his back to goal, and does not play physical enough in the middle of the park. Yes, you can play him the ball wide in space and he will hold it, but he cant get the job done in the middle against strong central defenders. His touch isnt good enough, and he doesnt like contact. To play that role you have to have the mindset of McBride, Ching or Alejandro Moreno. You cant be scared of getting nailed from behind and you have to be capable of bringing a ball down in traffic, holding it for two touches and then laying it off.

    Thats not his game.

  67. BellusLudas says:


  68. Tom P says:








    “Posted by: Johnny”

    I loved this post and think it’s well worth repeating.

  69. Pat says:

    “So please no Clark or Bornstein in the starting lineup. ”

    Yes, I’d much rather see a guy who can’t get a game in for his Bundesliga.2 club.

    Selfishly, I’d like to see Clark in there just to see if he could go 90 minutes without getting a red card.

  70. jai_brooklyn says:

    At least there seems to be a consensus here that Dempsey stays on the bench and Adu and Torres start…

  71. Anthony R. says:

    Isn’t the game on at 2.30 ET?

  72. Andy says:



    Posted by: Johnny

    I loved this post and think it’s well worth repeating.

    Posted by: Tom P | June 19, 2009 at 11:06 AM”

    Actually I have zero problems with that lineup and I’d LOVE to see it.

    We have nothing to lose now and everything to gain if we can score a lot.

    To do that, we have to go balls out into this game, and to me, that’s what that lineup is. I don’t care if it’s risky we have to WIN if we want to move on. And not by a score of 1-0.

  73. beckster says:

    Can’t believe Wynne even got two votes from you all….he, like Sacha and Clark should not ever be brought back for world cup type competition play.

    Would really love to see Bob put Bocca out left with gouch, demerit and spector as the rest of the back line. I would really like to see what happens with top competition. As for the rest, Torres, Adu and Benny should all see time.

  74. milkshake of despair says:

    USMNT blog says the team is on a bus to the next venue and watching the Champions League final. Perhaps they can learn something from it!

  75. Tom P says:

    no one should start. ok, perhaps landon.

    if Beasley and Sacha can start against Brazil, there are no standards for selection other than some ridiculous emotional connection.

    “Posted by: mexicanbluefish ”

    another good post worth repeating

  76. Mike says:

    In my view, Dempsey shouldn’t be anywhere near the national team until he gets rid of his “I play in the EPL, I piss ginger ale” attitude. Watching him lollygag around the field, try a few outrageous moves, and then collapse in a heap at the slightest hint of a foul is making me throw up in my mouth. What happened to the brash midfielder who loved proving that he was much better than you gave him credit for? With all “apologies” to Beasley, I don’t think a USMNT member’s star has fallen faster and farther than Dempsey.

    He hasn’t looked like he wanted to be on the pitch since the world cup. His attitude is rubbing off on other players. Please give me lesser players with heart than a technically gifted player whose head has gotten way too big for his own good.

  77. jai_brooklyn says:

    I’ll go with Johnny’s line up as well. Leave all you got on the ground and get out of there…

  78. madmax says:

    If Egypt win by 3 or more Italy will certainly be out no matter what they do, so start,

    Beasley, Califf, Wynne, and Borstein in the back, Clark in the middle and sneak Kjlestan in as attacking mid.

  79. Andy says:

    This is no time for trolling! :[

  80. Jeff says:

    I like the idea of either a 4-3-3 or the one post so bold as to suggest a 3-4-3. I’d like to see the team play to give itself a chance to advance, which means we need lots of goals. If we end up losing 4-2 because the game is wide open, I think that’s a better result than winning a tight 1-0 game.

    If Egypt scores in the first ten minutes, though, stick your head out the window and you may be able to hear me screaming.

  81. Robert says:

    No Beasley. He sucks right now. Same with Dempsey, although he may just be tired from a really long season. I still say we lose vs Egypt or get a tie at the most.

  82. Andy says:

    I would be happy if we scored 2 goals in this game. I would consider that a success.

  83. Austin says:

    ^ or one goal from open play

  84. timmyg says:

    The USA needs to clog the midfield in this match as Egypt is going to run the yanks off the field otherwise.

    Look at Ghana in 2006 and Nigeria in the ’08 Olympics — we simply couldn’t handle their speed.

  85. AaronF says:

    Donovan is the only MLS player with the class right now to play top international competition. Altidore needs a partner in attack, Davies would be my choice. Donovan, Torres, Adu, Bradley would be the midfield. Boca(if healthy) at LB, Gooch-DeMerit, and Spector. Start Howard but if were losing at half, Guzan should merit some time.

    -Sepp Blatter said recently, for the 1 millionth time, that MLS will only grow and compete internaitonally if it switches to the European schedule. Why dont they adopt a German schedule where they have a three-week break during the coldest part of winter. MLS needs to stop being ‘special’ and act like a soccer league

  86. timpramas says:

    Altidore and Davies up top, a midfield of Torres, Clark, Feilhaber and Adu (from left to right), a backline of Pearce, Califf, DeMerit and Wynne with Guzan in goal. This game should be used to evaluate players who haven’t played much yet in this tournament. I’d like to see Bornstein come in at the 65 minute mark at left mid, pushing Torres to a central role and Feilhaber removed (only because Feilhaber will have played in all three games and the purpose of the game should be to evaluate different players and look at different roles for players). Bornstein serves a good cross, shoots well with both feet and has nice pace. Long-term I see his value to the team as a wing attacking player and good late game sub when we need a goal and are playing against a tiring opponent. Defensively he fouls too often and does not tackle well or position himself in such a way as to prevent talented attacking players from beating him off the dribble.

  87. William the Terror says:

    is it too late to naturalize the Dutch Under 14 team?? they would get a better result.

  88. john in atl says:

    The stalwarts aren’t getting it done up top and in midfield, and need to be benched. Let’s check out our depth against a quality opponent. We already know what we’re going to get with Donovan, Dempsey, Bradley, Altidore, even Howard.


    Spector DeMerit Onyewu Bornstein

    Torres Feilhaber Clark Adu

    Casey Davies

    What the hell? Why not? Egypt is gonna test us for sure. Our best isn’t good enough, so let’s at least work towards the future. Further, let’s see a 75% different roster for the Gold Cup.

  89. ko'd says:

    First of all, Avid US Fan made a relevant comment. Second, as to this:

    “Does it even matter at this point?
    Bradley has completely lost this team.
    What an embarrassment our program is.

    As a follow up, are all of us Bradley doubters still being “cancerous” to the discussions and fanbase? Some of us have been down on this guy for the last year/year and a half or more and gotten our fair share of crap piled on us for our “opinions.” Are we still being blind and unloyal fans by questioning Bobo’s ability to advance the team?”

    Posted by: green | June 19, 2009 at 10:04 AM

    1) Yes it does matter. We still have a game left and can show that we ARE better than we have been playing. Wake-up call anyone? And, while we were fairly beat by two teams that are clearly more talented than us, I am worried about the previous games: El Salvador, Costa Rica, Honduras. Yikes. Those games, in conjunction with the Italy and Brazil games, make me very worried about progress.

    2) As to the question, “Are we still being blind and unloyal fans by questioning Bobo’s ability to advance the team?”

    No. But, of course, that question assumes that I, or anyone else, ever thought you were blind and [dis]loyal for questioning the coach. I am ready for a new coach, I think, depending on how Egypt and Mexico go. I really think that BB has become stale, and his tactics are, in my novice opinion, atrocious. The blind and disloyal fans are the ones who just said they were giving up. That they are done with the team.

    Trust me, my comments aren’t cryptic.

    Oh, and I like the second line-up, personally. Some fresh faces with the established performers.

  90. BossTweed says:

    AaronF: They are reluctant to adopt a “traditional” soccer schedule because that would force the MLS to compete with the NBA and NFL. Believe it or not, the MLS isn’t just thumbing their noses at FIFA; rather, they have reasons for scheduling their season during the summer. I very much doubt the MLS will consider changing their schedule until the league shows the ability to draw consistent crowds and has a sufficient fan base to maintain interest during the Fall/Winter season.

  91. Andy says:

    “-Sepp Blatter said recently, for the 1 millionth time, that MLS will only grow and compete internaitonally if it switches to the European schedule. Why dont they adopt a German schedule where they have a three-week break during the coldest part of winter. MLS needs to stop being ‘special’ and act like a soccer league

    Posted by: AaronF | June 19, 2009 at 11:25 AM”

    I don’t know how I can possibly agree with this and there are a couple points as to why I don’t think they can do that.

    Three weeks is not long enough of a break to get through the harsh winters in places like NE, Toronto, Chicago. And being from Chicago and having lived here for 25+ years, I should know.

    There is no way MLS can compete with both NBA and NFL when they are in season.

    It just doesn’t seem realistic to me. I strongly doubt Toyota Park would get any kinds of crowds in a typical Chicago winter.

  92. ussfboardofdirectors says:

    Who should the USMNT start vs Egypt game?

    My grandma, my aunt, and my sister. They always say offer solutions instead of criticism.

  93. Luke in NC says:

    For those bashing on Altidore….who the heck else do you want to put in there? Altidore has worked hard and created our only goal so far this tournament, while Conor Casey stood around like a lazy punk. Davies should gte some looks, but he’s proven a heck of a lot less than Jozy during his playing chances.

    For those hating on Donovan….he’s involved in almost EVERY goal-scoring opportunity we get. Yes he should do better, but he’s doing what almost no other players do.

  94. Marc says:

    get real. Adu doesn’t have the fitness level to play 90 minutes. let him come in the 60th minute. its impossible to know whether bradley is actually down on him, because the US has been shorthanded in each of the last two games, thus not presenting a good opportunity for Adu.

    its not bradley’s fault that spector lost his man on a set piece in the 8th minute (though it is bradley’s fault that he had beasley on the field). i don’t actually think bradley has lost this team. Howard’s post-game comments sounded very supportive of him.

  95. Chris says:

    Can someone please explain to me why people are concerned with a potential line up’s defensive characteristics? Last I checked we need to go out and smoke Egypt to even have a chance of advancing.

    Even if this wasn’t the case, what is the one thing the team really needs to improve? Offense. How do you improve? Practice. Why not cut your teeth in a (rather meaningless) game?

    Oh, and fire Bob. That’s all.

  96. Barrak says:

    Nobody. Don’t send anyone out. Egpyt plays against nobody. Result: Egypt 3 – 0 USA, and a player from MLS will be sent off with a straight red.

  97. Rastafari says:

    Whomever plays needs to be aggressive.

    Eat you Wheaties boys

  98. Eric Griesheimer says:

    I dont really understand why there is such a clamoring to get Adu on the feild. His lack of time at Benefica and Monaco speak volumes of his maturity and over all ability as a player. Thats not to say that he wont progress in the years to come, but I just dont see him a truly viable option. You could argue that getting him in a game like this helps him advance as a player but I would just assume weight for the Gold cup. I will say that I would like to see Torres get opportunities to see the feild. He plays regularly with Pachuca and seems to have more balance to his game the Adu.

    Over the last year or so, most rational fans have been slowly realizing how important brian ching is to this team. I dont think it could be more evident after the first two games of this tournament. One, Ching makes Jozie and Landon much more effective. Jozie in my opinion is much stronger when facing goal, and landon seems to run off of ching well and slides into the left wing spot much more easily. Ching also helps gather the ball when we play so many long balls to him out of the backfeild. I truly believe this team is much stronger with him in the lineup.

    I think this team when healthy is very capable of competing the WC. The formula seems to be, get a draw (maybe a win) against one of the European teams, play another close competive game against the other quality oppenent and then win your game against and African team, Asian team, second teir SA team.

    Should be fun to see this team progress over the next year. Getting healthy, and more players in form while at their clubs will be huge come WC 2010. GO USA

  99. BossTweed says:

    Chris: We have allowed 6 goals in the last 2 games. I’m confused as to why you think we are in a position to sacrifice defense for offense.

  100. Dave in San Francisco says:

    Casey Davies

    Torres, Clark, Failhaber, Adu

    Pearce, Boca, Califf, Wynne


    Let all the subs play together, as I’m sure they played together in training, maybe they’ll show more continuity than Beasly, Altidore, Donovan, Dempsey, and Bradley. Gooch, Demerit, and Howard are probably fried after all those shots from Italy and Brazil.

  101. Andy says:

    “get real. Adu doesn’t have the fitness level to play 90 minutes. let him come in the 60th minute. its impossible to know whether bradley is actually down on him, because the US has been shorthanded in each of the last two games, thus not presenting a good opportunity for Adu.

    Posted by: Marc”

    Enlighten me, please. Who is Adu coming on for in the 60th minute? Who do you have starting in his place? Please tell me.

  102. fred mertz says:

    I’m not trying to single out Ives here, but with the sorry state of the USMNT and calls for the heads of Bradley and the US Soccer heads, it’s laughable to post a blog about what should be our next starting lineup. Just like Grant Wahl on CNNSI posting yesterday several times and not even mentioning whether Bradley should be under fire. Sometimes I think the writers who depend on US Soccer for access have their heads so far up the asses of US Soccer they couldn’t….. whatever. What’s the next blog post going to be? who should we start in Gold Cup. It’s like an emergency room doctor asking a heart attack victim “when was your last visit to the dentist?”

  103. wjmooner says:






    Let’s not put out a defensive formation. All that has done is gotten us (admittedly harsh) red cards and 6 goals against in 2 games. They can’t score if we have the ball. Come on, let’s try to score in the run of play at least once this month.

  104. Army of Dad says:







    This woudl let Jozy run off of Dempsey part of the time and let jozy return the favor part of the time. Landon will help defend and Spector has done well anyway.

  105. RK says:

    If there was ever an opportunity to try a 3-5-2, this is it!







  106. Rastafari says:

    “I think this team when healthy is very capable of competing the WC.”

    Posted by: Eric Griesheimer | June 19, 2009 at 11:39 AM

    Physical and Mental healthy are two different things.. I see this team as mentally beat.

  107. JakeO says:

    It’s time Bradley settle on a system and instill some tactical discipline. Before every match we play the same guessing game. Not just who will start, but what formation we’re going to see. Personally, I like Ives’ last line up, the “Christmas Tree” formation that the Special One made all the rage at Chelsea. It allows us to fall into a more defensive formation against top teams, while also taking advantage of the fact that our two most gifted players (Donovan and Dempsey) are most comfortable playing as second forwards.

    I’d start Guzan in Goal, a back four of Bornstein, Boca, Gooch and Spector. Midfield trio of Clark, Bradley and Torres with Donovan and Adu supporting Jozy. Dempsey had a long season with Fulham and looks spent. Give him a rest and let him enjoy a summer holiday.

  108. RK says:

    Hey, get your own alias!

  109. Tom Gaffney says:

    If Bradley wasn’t willing to put in Torres or Adu in a 3-0 unwinnable romp, I doubt he’d put them BOTH in the starting lineup, but that’s what I’d like to see. I understand that it’s very hard for a Nat team coach to coach up defense in a player, but these minutes are so valuable that maybe he can used them as a carrot. Tell Adu, “I’m going to give you 45 minutes here, and I better see you busting your butt on defense the whole time. Defense is mainly about effort and awareness, after all.

    If we can coach up Freddie to the point where we can get him on the field, he’d be a big boost – partially because he’s clearly the only mnt player who can take a decent free kick. We score a huge percentage of our goals on set pieces and Landon just isn’t cutting it in that role. This seems like a perfect chance to experiment. It’s also a great chance for BB to get messages across to guys like Adu and Torres and reinforce them with a little pt.

  110. HokieFutbol says:

    Haven’t we been hearing about how quick to red MLS refs have been this year. WHAT ARE MLS PLAYERS DOING WITH THEIR LATE TACKLES? I still thought Clark was yellow and Klejstan was borderline but why put that to chance? ====> Vomit

  111. Aquaman says:


    Do you think that if the US could win over Castillo he would be an upgrade over the left sided options we have right now?

  112. HokieFutbol says:

    Also my prediction of 0 points and a -10 GD is within reach…ballacks

  113. FCB says:

    Simply picking Beasley for the squad should have gotten Bradley fired immediately.
    Most of the line-ups presented definitely show a more balanced approach than anything Bradley’s put out. With the US inability to attack through the middle against superior teams (maybe Egypt too), the wings are of high importance. It’s the only way Altidore will get service into the box.
    My question is: Do any of you really think that Bradley is going to change anything?

  114. frustrated says:

    3rd one please

  115. Alex G says:

    The slave becomes the master!!!, well BB really screw it up this time… I cant stand the USNT play, it is just lame,I remember when the other team respected us, we have no self respect for ourselves never mind thinking about the opponent respect… It’s really dissapointing and Im sick and tired of the mediocre level our National soccer team has.

  116. ko'd says:

    Casey Davies
    Torres, Clark, Failhaber, Adu
    Pearce, Boca, Califf, Wynne

    Let all the subs play together, as I’m sure they played together in training, maybe they’ll show more continuity than Beasly, Altidore, Donovan, Dempsey, and Bradley. Gooch, Demerit, and Howard are probably fried after all those shots from Italy and Brazil.

    Posted by: Dave in San Francisco | June 19, 2009 at 11:40 AM

    Really? Does this line-up look familiar?


    2-1 loss to Trinidad on October 15 of last year. Trotting out the young, inexperienced players doesn’t do much. By the way, Ives lambasted Klejstan’s play in that game, which is somewhat relevant to the present discussion. (I was hammered after playing the Klejstan-giveaway drinking game).

  117. Josh says:







  118. JustinG says:







    Jozy doesn’t need to start. He is tired, too many turnovers because of it. Same goes for Dempsey. In my opinion, Rico is done. Yeah, it was a bad call, but he should’ve never put himself and the team in that scenario in the first place. Time to give Adu some minutes. Same with Torres. Try playing Bocanegra where he is used to playing with his club team, wide left. After all, Demerit hasn’t done nearly as bad as Califf did.

    Here is what I would like to see sometime before the World Cup, hoping that we qualify.




    ———————–J. Jones———————–



  119. Rocco says:

    I like options two and three but the difference of midfield performance w/ Clark and w/o Clark in this tournament should not be ignored. Perhaps that analysis is a bit binary but it’s still worth another look.

  120. Scott C says:

    Agreed ko’d, you can’t just roll out the subs, Egypt is too good and will crush us. This is an important game because it’s a game against a high level opponent in a meaningful competition, and Egypt has it all to play for.

    But we need to mix it up a bit; I’d love to see both Torres and Adu on the field – linup 3. Enough with the 2 defensive mids formation. Bradley is our defensive minded midfielder. Torres and Feilhaber will help us keep the ball – like a real team. Do we think that we are that bad that we always need to play defensively? What other national team would roll out a formation with 2 defensive mids?

    But I’d take any of those 3 lineups…but I’m sure Bob will roll out the Italy lineup.

  121. MiamiAl says:

    Guzan in the first half, and if we are getting smoked, Robles in the second half…

  122. freddie footballer says:

    I agree that we need to mix things up. how are we developing these younger players if we don’t give them any PT now that we’re pretty much eliminated? And how can you light a fire under some guys (Dempsey, Beasley) unless you bench them? Look how DeMerit has played since he realizes the CB spot is not his, he’s playing hard.

  123. kebzach says:

    With the exception of Donovan, no MLS player should be anywhere near the USMNT. So please no Clark or Bornstein in the starting lineup. Save the MLS players for the annual January pity Caps.

    Posted by: fred mertz


    I agree. Let’s see more of lazy Clint Dempsey or DaMarcus “I can’t trap a simple pass” Beasley. Good idea!

  124. bondopher says:

    where is Frank simek? Is he fully fit yet?

  125. Chris says:

    Chris: We have allowed 6 goals in the last 2 games. I’m confused as to why you think we are in a position to sacrifice defense for offense.

    Posted by: BossTweed | June 19, 2009 at 11:40 AM

    Boss, we’ve also played 2 of the best teams in the world down a man. Against Italy it wasn’t until the second half when: 1) the team was tired; and 2) Italy started connecting on miracle shots that we gave up the goals. As for Brazil, well, it’s Brazil. And Brazil is hard enough to play with 11 men on the pitch.

    Given the facts at hand, we need to score a lot to win on Sunday. We won’t score goals by playing defensively, nor will be advance our overall skill set as a team (or lack thereof). That’s why I asked the initial question.

  126. Joseph says:

    Frankly the problem is Donovan as a midfielder, with the lack of a clark or mastroeni as a CDM.

    He just can’t defend. he stands there. All three goals against italy were because he didn’t pressure up top, and frankly that’s where the games are lost.

    I think Altidore is actually causing tons of problems and making great runs off the ball, proved by the fact that when he’s off, the us can’t put an attack together.

    Bornstein and Spector have done respectable jobs, while beasley should never see the USMNT roster again. Torres, Feilhaber, Kljestan and Adu are all better plauyers.

    I thought Davies was ok, and Casey was lackluster.

    Frankly Donovan is our equivalent of Riquelme, he’s good, but if you don’t build the entire team around him, he won’t perform.

    I wonder if the team would just be better off without him.

    I also feel that Coach Bradley should go. He simply doesn’t have the tactical ability to coach at the world level. The US needs a coach that knows tactics and can read a game. Bradley has shown time and time again that he fails to read a game.

    I would love to see:


    Altidore might not be the best target man yet, but frankly creates holes and openings in ways that probably only McBride was able to do. Of course McBride could finish…

  127. Alex says:

    I didn’t read through every comment so i don’t know if this line up has already been posted but I’d love to see this:







    I’d usually start Donovan over Davies but we know what Donovan has to offer (not bashing him, he’s actually been a bright spot this tourney), just saying that I don’t think Davies has been given a fair shake.

  128. Dave says:

    I just love how people say that Adu is a “huge” defensive liability still. Based off of what? His recent national team play? Oh wait. His recent club play with Monaco? Oh wait. Seeing him regularly play six years ago as a 14-year old? DING DING DING. It’s ridiculous.

  129. TimN says:





    Maybe we’ll get a little effort out of this group!!

  130. Strider says:

    Boy, the invective here is ubelievable. We certainly need to see some change, but not everything is BB’s fault. I was VERY disappointed with him starting Beasley and trust that won’t happen again soon. I am hoping he chooses to experiment some here and really am hoping to see Torres start. I like your second line-up with Donovan underneath Altidore & Davies. I am afraid that Clark will probably be back in the starting line-up since we have given up so many goals and need some defensive steel. To me, one of the biggest things we need to accomplish in this match is finishing with 11 players. The US appears to have a reputation for dirty play and seems to be punished severely for things that aren’t even called on other teams. WE lneed to adjust to this so that it goes away. Let’s hope the boys fight hard for this last match and can get a result. After Egypt’s win over Italy maybe people will realize that they are a quality team.

  131. John Glosson says:

    I’m just absolutely baffled at all of the Donovan haters on here. He might be a bit of a prick, but he’s the best out field player we have. Period. The work rate we’ve seen from him in this tournament has been head and shoulders above just about anyone else. He plays with heart and cares enough to go after the refs to get us some calls. The coach doesn’t even do that for his team.
    I’d love to see us go balls out against Egypt and just play with some heart, but I’m not overly optimistic at this point. I expect to see 2 changes and SSDD otherwise.

  132. Marc says:


    i think he could be a replacement for feilhaber or torres in the upcoming game. in the prior games, if the team had been full sided, i would have brought him on for dempsey in the 70th minute or so (or feilhaber in game 1).

  133. Rastafari says:

    I no longer care to hear s*it like this from Beasley, Sacha or… ESPN for that matter. ESPN is turning into a pack of pandering punks– especially after this DC Sounders TV fiasco.

    Who do these people think they are talking to?

    link to soccernet.espn.go.com

  134. Avid US fan says:

    I just read on another post that Brazil will beat Italy 4-0. I doubt it, but let’s say it happens. Now the US only has to win by 3 to advance. Would this change your lineup? A word to you who smell a conspiracy, if Egypt beats the US they go through with Brazil. So Italy must beat Brazil to be safe. If they beat Brazil by 2 they go to the top of the table and the second place team plays Spain.

  135. Javier says:

    I heard John Harkes say yesterday 80% of Donovan’s goals for the U.S. have come from PK’s. That tells me two things: (1) he’s not an outright forward, which I’m sure everyone knows, so he shouldn’t be up top as a forward, (2)he needs to attack the goal more and shoot more rather than dump off passes or feed other players. His preferred position is as a “withdrawn” forward sitting behind the forwards. So that could be good a place for him. He’s also showed he can play on the wings. He’s probably the best left midfield option we have which says how sorry our left midfielders are.

    Dempsey is not a forward. He doesn’t need to be up top and he doesn’t need to be on the field. I still think Steve Ralston is our best right wing option despite his age.

    I’m not a big fan of Adu starting yet, but what the hell, I’ll concede that it can’t hurt to give the kid a chance even if it’s bringing him off the bench. He can’t do any worse than the other players at this point.

    I like Torres. I think he’s shown he can play at this level. After all the chances DMB, Dempsey, and Eddie Johnson got why not allow Torres to play?

    I’m not down on Bornstein as much as other readers. I’m not a big fan of his, but he’s done alright against some of the top talent in the world in Italy and Brazil. Besides what are the options:Pearce,DMB? I like Bocanegra but I prefer him in the middle eventhough he plays on the left for Rennes. I think he’s too slow and gets beat too often on the left on the international level.

    I’ve read blogs where people are complaining about Demerit and I can’t figure out why. He’s played well. I don’t see him winning the spot from Bocanegra but he’s held his own against some top talent in Italy and Brazil. If anything I’d like to think his stock has gone up in England and hopefully a lower or mid-level Premiership club will pick him and get him out of the Championship.

    At this point whatever lineup BB uses everyone has to remember Egypt is not a pushover. They almost beat Brazil. The reason they didn’t was over a controversial call in which the 4th official may have looked at a replay on a sideline t.v. which gave Brazil a PK. Egypt also beat Italy 1-0 which is still a win. The U.S. has been outscored 6-1 in two games. I don’t know if New Zealand has lost that bad.

    My hope is the U.S. wins but I’m afraid that would give the U.S. and the die hard BB supporters ammunition for saying how the U.S. is still rebuilding. It’s been almost 3 years since the last world cup – this team should have been rebuilt. BB has had 2 1/2 years to evaluate players. Sunil Gulati has had the same to evaluate BB and the entire program. Maybe what the U.S. needs is another embarrassing defeat to really shake up this program and take it to the next level.

  136. Harry says:








    I like this Lineup…Although i would switch Donovan with Adu..put Adu as the SS and Donovan as the RM. Because as Ives pointed out for some reason..”Adu is a defensive liabilty” Although vs SPain he was our best Defense cuz he held the ball for us and created when he was on offense..(lOl).

  137. The Special 1 says:

    I’ll throw in my 2 cents





  138. Nick says:

    Frankly, it really doesn’t matter.

    BB should be fired and a rethink and retooling is in order if we hope to be in anyway competative with the major powers.

    The quality of play in CONCACAF is really far below UEFA and being a big fish in a small pond does us no favors. Tournaments like this expose just how far we have to go to really compet with the big boys.

    But we knew that already. What bothers me is that the effort and determination to win was absent. Even though we make not be as technical, we do have some excellent athletes who should be able to keep the game close and grind out some results.

    The current crop of players on the National Team have egos and not much else. Dempsey is a poster boy for someone who seems to believe he’s better than he is and that he doesn’t need to work to either get on the team or to start.

    Where is the fire, the passion and the grit on this team?

  139. Jeff says:

    Bradley takes a lot of heat, but it is possible that our players just don’t match up… regardless of who is coaching. It’s still a player’s game.

  140. CG says:

    I just love how people say that Adu is a “huge” defensive liability still. Based off of what? His recent national team play?

    Posted by: Dave | June 19, 2009 at 12:24 PM


    … and before I go all “Adu-hater” on you, I’d be OK with him seeing time in this game, as well as Torres. That’s a bit new for me. I think it’s crazy how much people have been clamoring for Adu (to borrow from you – based on what?). Four different professional coaches aren’t all wrong. Adu has a lot of work to do.

    Anyone who thinks the answer is throwing caution to the wind and going on an all-out attack is nuts. The Brazil game would feel like a bubble bath if we did that. Do the results of this tournament figure into the equation for seeding at future World Cups?

  141. Harry says:

    Eric Griesheimer, Who cares if Adu has not getten much playing time in the last 2 years………..To have some perspective at exactly this age just turning 20 years old..Freddy Adu and Micheal Bradley had about the same amount of League Appearences. Bradley 21 league appearences with a low Dutch leage team and Freddy with 20(or maybe more) league appearences with a Champions League team and Mid-table French Team…….But that did not stop Michael Braldey form getting callups and 90- minute starts in the early 2007 friendlies and 2007 Gold Cup..should we have not given MB those chances??? thats what your implying with your statement about Adu…being a reserve for a Champions League club is harder than a reserve for a low dutch team at 18-19 years old

    Perspective about Adu is Key.

  142. ThaDeuce says:

    I’d go with this one of Ives,






    With Adu first off the bench at half for any of the 5 attacking players that is lacking. he could fit in anywhere up there.

  143. fred mertz says:

    But Harry, Adu is 26 not 20 😉

  144. CrispyST3 says:

    Ummmm, for one, i think Bornstein did well against italy and brazil, although maybe he’s not quite ready for the big times, he did help alot and eased up our problem at LB a little bit, Bornstein did well and i think he should be our left back starting, during qualifying too

    If he can shut down Camoranesi, then he’s alright in my book

  145. KCB says:

    Like the idea of line up with players that are offensive minded. Might as well go for. A win and 3+ goals and who knows, the USA MIGHT make it to the Semi-final round against Spain.

  146. Harry says:


    and before I go all “Adu-hater” on you, I’d be OK with him seeing time in this game, as well as Torres. That’s a bit new for me. I think it’s crazy how much people have been clamoring for Adu (to borrow from you – based on what?). Four different professional coaches aren’t all wrong. Adu has a lot of work to do.

    Anyone who thinks the answer is throwing caution to the wind and going on an all-out attack is nuts. The Brazil game would feel like a bubble bath if we did that. Do the results of this tournament figure into the equation for seeding at future World Cups?

    Here is my take…..your full of it……..and you have no perspective….Adu was played by 2 and then not played by 2 in Europe(and lets not forget he was 18-19 years old.how many 18 year olds get minutes like he did for a Champions League club?)…….

    Also what you forget is the Coaches who did not play Adu…..GOT FIRED. So they were terrible with their role to begin with.

    Perspective with Adu is key.

  147. Fred says:

    We should put out the starting lineup for the New York Red Bulls. They’d have more spirit and focus than our current USMNT squad.

    Do I sound bitter? I am. If this keeps up, my wife is probably going to try to get me on prozac . . . .

  148. Artman says:

    The poll below says 59% say start Torres and Adu. I totally agree. The argument against is defensive liabilities???? We already have given up 6 goals in 2 games and actually I think our defense has been decent. Bornstein and Spector were given shots and I think they have been very good. Give Torres and Adu a chance maybe they can actually keep possession, push the offense, run and work hard and take the pressure off the backline. The sad thing is that if we do start a new lineup Sunday and they do well, even get a win, they won’t get the credit, because Bradley’s first 2 game lineups has made this basically a meaningless friendly.

  149. Seth says:

    When I look at this team and see all our call ups, I can’t help but think if we had just sent the Houston Dynamo or DC United, etc and supplemented them with players for their interntionals, we would have made a better showing than this.

    Posted by: Avid US fan

    ^^^^This gets a big thumbs up from me. At least we would be playing like a team.

  150. socrates says:

    No point to saying Player X sucks / he should never see USMNT again UNLESS THERE IS SOMEONE BETTER:

    Beasley has looked terrible — Torres (in limited time) has looked better. Easy call.

    Bornstein has been worlds better than the Beasley-at-LB debacle and has been a little better than Pearce. LB is not going to be a strength of this team anytime soon, but JB has won the spot for now.

    Really, line-up doesn’t matter so much. What is important:

    1. Stop giving up goals in first 10 minutes.

    2. Stop giving up goals off soft turnovers that give us no good opportunity to defend.

    3. Do not get red cards.

    4. Do not get out-worked.

    And for some bonus points:

    5. Have someone do well with free kick opportunities.

    6. Score from the run of play.

    If some of these things can be achieved — good news. If not — bad news. Regardless of which guys play.

  151. CG says:

    OK, Harry. I respect your opinion (maybe not your approach to stating it), but I disagree with it.

    Listen, I live in Central Illinois and here is what I know about Adu… next to nothing. I have never spent time in training with him, have never observed him in training, and have never had to get along with him as a teammate. All I have to go on is a fractured relationship with a tough-nosed coach that many on here are regretting has now left the USMNT program, and a lot of bench warming in Europe. I have seen him on TV numerous times and in those appearances, I don’t recall seeing him making a lot of tackles and winning a lot of balls. He’s creative and his potential is undeniable. There are definitely spots for players like that on the pitch, but he is weak on the defensive side of the ball as far as I’m concerned and needs cover when he’s out there. Again, he’s good. He’s consistently made the 23-man roster. Why the hell would Bob keep bringing him in if he weren’t in the plans? You guys and your conspiracy theories about grudges are grasping at straws. Kenny Cooper might have an argument there, but not Torres or Adu (and by the way, I’m also OK with Kenny Cooper hanging out in Dallas, my full-of-it-ness be damned). All I can go on is what I have seen on TV and the trust that I have that coaches who are far more knowledgeable than me know what they are doing.

    Regarding your other argument, Bradley was in the early rounds of kicking ass and taking names at Heerenveen when he started getting consistent minutes with the MNT. What is Adu doing right now at the club level – you know, at the same age as Bradley was when he had a similar number of league appearances? Crazy thought… maybe Bradley is better than Adu… (I better slow down here)

  152. Chad says:

    Why not try a 5-4-1? Egypt is going to be out for points, of course, so our only hope in beating a team which nearly beat 2 of the top teams in the world is to pray for a lucky counter.

    Honestly, Jozy hasn’t impressed me much in these games. He gives the ball away far too easily. But, he still may be our best option at striker. If he can focus more on the hold-up play that would help out A LOT.

    A 5-4-1 would maximize the use of our best players…defenders. Using Spector and Bornstein as wingbacks.






  153. GO USA says:

    The lineup with torres and adu on the field looks way more intimidating than the first one. Just saying that we should at least go out with a bang against a surprisingly good Egypt squad. If I were Egypt I would be way more worried at seeing adu then Feilhaber.

  154. Tony in Quakeland says:

    I guess I’m one of the few Nats fans not standing on the window ledge looking longingly on the traffic below. I see some positives – even positives from the negatives. Spector has all but sown up a job and DeMerit is now firmly in the picture. Add Jones once he is eligible and I’m actually comfortable with the defense (while still wanting to see left back firmed up, of course.)

    As for the positives out of negatives, well…Beasley. He has pretty clearly played himself off the team. And as someone who watched him come up since his teens, I’m shocked at how far he’s fallen. I can understand why Bradley wanted to be sure. I mean, this has been an extraordinary decline, well before the sell-by date. Now, recognizing that he is truly done, we can go on building a team without him. Does Bradley realize it? Unquestionably – you don’t replace a guy at the half unless you are sending him a message.

    And Dempsey, who I used to call Mr Teflon because no matter how lackluster his performances, blog land loved him. If anything is clear, he is not a guy you can build a team around and should no longer be guaranteed a spot.

    By next summer, assuming guys get playing time this coming seasons, we may see this:

    Ching – Altidore

    Donovan Torres Adu

    — Jones —

    Bocanegra – Gooch – DeMeritt – Spector

    I’m strangely comfortable with that. And yes, I left Michael off because I think he will be a situational player – in for Torres or Failhaber when we need more bite. If this disastrous experience leads to that, it will have been worth it.

  155. Tony in Quakeleand says:

    Kind of amazing to find people still bashing Donovan – just a few, but astonishing nonetheless. I can only guess they are infected with John harkes obvious dislike and constant criticism of LD. Tell you what Harkes, I saw you play many times – and Donovan is twice the player you were so just get over it.

    Some one above actually said Donovan plays no defense, when in fact he may play too much defense. He constantly makes plays in the defensive third. Remarks like that make me wish Ives had an ignore feature…

  156. Bob says:

    Two ideas:

    (1) Serious –






    (2) Not so serious, but at this point why the hell not –






  157. Bradley Sampson says:

    “””John Harkes is the single worst soccer broadcaster in history”””

    Man, agreed, I’m travelling and didn’t have Galavision so had to listen to Harkes. JP sounds like he’s bored with the whole thing, too.

    As to who we can start against Egypt, I was thinking Beckenbauer, Mathaus, Sammer, Kopke and Klinsmann. Are they available?

  158. MAES says:

    Probably seeing this:






    Would like to see guys who have not played yet:







  159. Javier says:

    Ives, what’s your persopective on the national team, it’s future, the future of some it’s players, players that might be brought in, and BB and his future?

  160. FCB says:

    “””John Harkes is the single worst soccer broadcaster in history”””

    …You *obviously* haven’t heard Marcelo Balboa.

  161. Harry says:

    link to youtube.com

    Here is freddy’s last ever play with monaco………In this video he takes the ball from the wing..dribbles by 3 Juventes players and then draws the game-tying PK(Freddy was also rusty coming this game). Freddy was rated highest monaco player and got much praise from the Juventes Coach. Thats why people believe Ricardo never played Freddy After this game because he was showing Ricardo up………

    So thatsd why i would loved to seen Adu vs Italy and Brazil..some of the players in that Video..Adu was corkscrewing are on the Italian National team.

  162. Joe clark says:

    Charlie Davies is not nearly qualified enough to see the field for the USA. Scoring goals in Sweden does not prove anything when at the international level you play against players that start for the top teams in europe. I doubt that the likes of Kaka and Pirlo get scared when they here that some USA kid that plays in Sweden is going to start. I Don’t expect to see Bornstein and Dempsey in this game and would just it is common sense to know not to play beasley in this game. That being said i think Torres and Adu will both play in this game.







    I think Torres will get in the game somewhere in the second half. If we are losing Dempsey will probably see the field otherwise he will not.

  163. Blooded Blue says:

    Now that I thought about it, I think I would like to see Charlie Davis in there with Altidore, Too bad Kenny Cooper didn’t take the trip to S. Africa. With that in mind, Dempsey & Beasley should definatly NOT start, Dempsey always gets caught dribbling into trouble. Example: dribbling the ball in center midfield against Hondurus which led to a goal for Hondurus. Beasley has alot of self-doubt, never commiting, very undecisive. Beasley does these half passes that are always picked off, a good example of Besleys indecivness would be when he took the short corner kick vs Brazil, the ball was left hanging, it was niether a pass or dribble and it was imediatly picked off leading to the goal by Rohbinho. Therefor

  164. elmatador says:

    I don’t really care….0-3 at the WC in 06′, 0-3 at copa America, 0-3 at confederations cup…Bob needs to go…We need Bora back…

  165. jpc says:


    – I prefer playing w/ two forwards, but to begin w/ I would play this way, maybe playing freddy so far up as to be a second forward, OR even switching him and donovan, and allowing donovan and Altidore to play forward

  166. JL says:

    Defensive liability that ADU is? What games have you been watching? U do now that he was a teenager playing against grown men right? his ability to possess the ball is a better defense then anything the USMNT have put out there recently. and btw what did adu do to your family that you have such hatred for him?

  167. CG says:

    No offense, Harry, but I probably won’t watch your 10-second video for fear that it might change my opinion.

    @Tony in Quakeland

    Agree 100% on your comments with regard to both Beasely and Donovan. I have a few good English friends who went through a similar affair with Michael Owen a few years ago. Hoping against hope that a promising young star would regain a form that seemed to be robbed far too quickly by injuries and time off the field. Some still have that hope, but most (including the national team coach) realize that the window is all but closed.

  168. CG says:

    Probably be the last time I post on this, but let the record reflect that I’m OK with Adu getting on the field on Sunday. I don’t hate Freddy Adu, and would venture a guess that most everyone on here who has at one time or another criticized Adu would say they don’t hate him either, so there’s no need to be so defensive (pun fully intended).

    If having reservations about a player based on the experiences of an 18-year-old kid is biased, then I suppose so is trumping his inclusion based on the over-hyped promise of a 14-year-old media darling (and a few YouTube clips).

    This kid is an American on the USMNT. If you think for one second that I’m actually rooting against him, then I can’t help you. I would absolutely love it if Adu leads us to the promised land someday. I just don’t think right now that he “deserves” what others think he does in terms of time on the field. That’s all. Nothing more, nothing less.

  169. socrates says:

    “Charlie Davies is not nearly qualified enough to see the field for the USA. Scoring goals in Sweden does not prove anything when at the international level you play against players that start for the top teams in europe. I doubt that the likes of Kaka and Pirlo get scared when they here that some USA kid that plays in Sweden is going to start. ”

    Davies’s club level and performance is NOT a valid reason to keep him off the field. Which of the following options WOULD scare Kaka and Pirlo?

    a) player scores goals in Sweden
    b) player scores goals in MLS
    c) player rides the bench in Spanish 2nd Division

    Hmmmmmm so maybe the demand that we use players who excel at top clubs and scare Kaka is just a tad off base for the good ol’ USA at this point in time.

  170. Didier Drogba says:






  171. Kevin says:

    Spector-Gooch-Boca? (if not healthy, DeMerit obviously)-Wynne

    Feilhaber for Bradley, 75 (Mike has played every game and worked his ass off. I say give him a rest)
    Davies for Casey, 65
    Clark for Bradley 80 (give him another shot; he looked good for 32 minutes against Italy. After that though…yea not so much)

    I put Wynne at LB because his crosses are terrible enough at RB, so I don’t see a difference in that department. I am convinced that his performance vs. CR (or lack thereof) was a fluke. I say give him a shot to be out LB. If Boca is healthy, he should get the start at CB, and start him at LB in Azteca (unless the WYnne experiment is a massive success). I put in Casey simply because we need a striker who can hold it, something neither Altidore nor Davies can do. I don’t really think Casey is anything but a backup to Ching, but we don’t have Ching right now, and we clearly need a holding striker.

    Screw defense, we need to score at LEAST 3 goals (assuming Brazil beats Italy by 2 or more, which most likely won’t happen). I might actually want to see a 3-4-3, with Wynne being replaced by Feilhaber and Donovan moving up top to the right of Altidore. and Adu staying as the CAM. Donovan can be the withdrawn striker, so it’s really kind of like this:






    Hooray for innovation! The USSF should hire ME!!

  172. JSM says:






    Why do we have to have a big guy up top. Why can’t we try to out pace them for a little while. Egypt plays very fast. I think Davies and Donovan have a chance to play off each other.

  173. Raghu says:

    So, I’m pretty disappointed in how the US has shown this month. I feel like the squad has regressed from last summer.

    I’ve not been a big BB hater. And have actually been a fan of DMB and a defender of his on this blog in the past (I’m ready to admit that his first touch has actually gotten worse and he needs club time before coming back to the Nats).

    After seeing the positive performance of our back 4 and the fact that Jones is joining this team, I’m frustrated that BB wouldn’t consider a 3 Back line with 2 holding mids in front of him. I think Holland played it in the Euro last year.

    Whomever our best 5 attackers end up being in front of
    Bradley/Edu – Jones (assuming he’s as good as advertised)
    Boca – Gooch – Spector

    This lineup sets up Demerit and maybe a Parkhurst as backups and gives BB the flexibility to play Edu in the back or bradley in a more attacking position.

    What kills me about this though – is that DMB would have been great (the old DMB) on the left wing. I don’t know who’s fast enough to handle the outsides of this.

  174. Supsam says:

    Never play Pearce ever again. Bornstein is way better upgrade.

  175. RLW2020 says:

    davies! adu! torres! some young blood please…

  176. Carlos says:

    stick to a 4-4-2 and quit playing people out of position just to get them on the field. Let everyone play the position they are comfortable with & if they cant win a spot then so be it.

    Altidore up top with Davies

    Donovan as the #10 AMid

    Bradley as the DMid

    2 OMids Dempsey & someone else besides Beasley.

    Bocanegra at LBack

    Demerit & Onyewu in the Middle

    Spector out Right

  177. TR says:

    Let’s try to avoid using the phrase or similar ones to “never again” because these that’s just stupid. Wynne should “never” play for the Nats again? Even if he became the best RB in the world, he shouldn’t be called up because of how he played in 2009? While I doubt he will be that great, I’d like to see what he can do in 3-5 years. I don’t think Beasley should be called up until he gets in quality time and returns to his old form, but I won’t say never. See if it happens. If hit does, call him up. If not, don’t call up.

  178. madmax says:

    “Bradley takes a lot of heat, but it is possible that our players just don’t match up… regardless of who is coaching. It’s still a player’s game.”
    Posted by: Jeff

    Jeff everything you said would be correct if You picked the team and the tactics and the training. Since you don’t, you’re completely wrong.

  179. Freddie says:

    Altidore — Donovan


    Torres Dempsey


    Pearce Gooch Boca Spector

    Thats what i’d like to see but i don think it’ll happen

  180. joel says:

    i dont think it matters who we start, the results and the effort remains the same.

    Bradley has to go! The players also have to look in the mirror.

  181. Tom P says:

    “””John Harkes is the single worst soccer broadcaster in history”””

    …You *obviously* haven’t heard Marcelo Balboa.

    Posted by: FCB ”

    Amen to that FCB

  182. Tom P says:

    My pre Confederations Cup prediction on this blog was 0-3-0 with a minus 10 goal differential. I mentioned we might get an own goal. (Didn’t mention a PK- my bad) No one really on the board got pi**ed and said I was overly negative, a hater, a jerk etc.

    Honestly we loyal followers sensed this going back to Cuba in the rain, Guatemala on the road where we dominated for the most part and got lucky and the El Salvador miracle choke job by the home team who just plain collapsed in the last 20 minutes after schooling us for the 1st 70 minutes.

    My Point? – all realistic fans saw this one coming. I guess we all just hope what we know in our gut is wrong. This team has been going in the wrong direction for some time now and the lack of heart and determination has been the hardest part to tolerate.

    For those who don’t think BB should be fired……would any manager in a real soccer country survive our performance over the last 4, soon to be 5, matches? (Throw out Trinidad at home and you could much further back then that and don’t mention the Mexican win because i watched that in Germany with some friends and even they were shocked at how unglued the Mexican program had become)

    I think we know the answer to that and that is why we aren’t a serious soccer nation among other reasons.

    And yet I will turn on my TV a 2 pm Sunday and once again hope against hope………….. as will most of this on this board. We either are, masochists, incredibly naïve or we just plain love train wrecks because this U.S. man’ national team has clearly come completely off the rails.

    The worst thing that could happen Sunday for the long term prospects for the program? We win in a minimally impressive fashion and Suni and the bed wetter’s boys club that is the USSF sweep this fiasco under the rug with another master spin job in the void of real criticism since the mainstream sports press does not give a damm about soccer and would prefer that it continued to fail at the highest level so they in turn can continue to ridicule it. And yet as a fan a big part of will be rooting for this to happen because I am that desperate a case when it comes to U.S. Soccer.

  183. Youngee8 says:

    Thank you for your service but Demarcus, Shasha- you done! Dempsey- you need to step it up…we have a mutual friend but your performance is not your old self. You are suspended for 4 months until you want to come back.

    Jozy’s not our guy now but will be soon so I have no problem developing him in the Confed. Davies let’s give him a shot and see for a tourny that does not mean anything at this point but pride. BTW- let’s bring McBride back????

    Altidore Davies

    Torres Feilhaber Bradley Donovan

    Bornstein Gooch Boca Spector


    Jay- you’ve done we’ll and proved you are a capable central back but I want to get Bornstein another look. Timmy H. ditto but want to get your back up some experience on a big stage.

    Go USA!

  184. Ben says:

    Altidore . . . Davies

    Donovan . Torres . Adu


    Bornstein . Demerit . Gooch . Spector


    Speed, speed, speed! Let Torres spring Adu, Donovan, and Davies, and let’s at least see some excitement.

  185. John C. says:






    Let the experience of Boca, Bradley, and Gooch cover the space left behind a more attacking left wing. The 2 holding mids should give a good shield to the back four. Ask the right wing to be a box to box mid if balance is needed. It should also free space for them to run at defenders wide right.

  186. noMoreDMB says:

    Would like to see Boca at LB if he can go, Torres, Adu, and Davies involved.

    Why anyone would ever want to see Wynne again or rip Donovan when he has been the best player on this team in this tournament is beyond me.

  187. Bryan says:







    Altidore can’t be alone up top, so either Adu or Donovan up top with him.

  188. sean says:

    We should play Adu in this game so we can actually see what he is capable of. If he is a complete defensive liability then he will be exposed and we will know that going forward. Why not use this game to experiment? Put Feilhaber, Torres and Adu on the field at the same time. See what happens. I think that if our midfield can actually posses the ball and maintain composure in tight spaces this will HELP our defense. Our only chance of advancing is if we score at least 3 goals. So why not take a chance and field a lineup that is capable of more creative play?

  189. Otis clemons says:

    The 2 one is best we do need alil more d support but yes donoven should play more central