2009 MLS All-Star Game: Your Running Commentary

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The 2009 MLS All-Stars take on English club Everton tonight in the 2009 MLS All-Star Game at Rio Tinto Stadium in Sandy, Utah (9:30pm, ESPN2).

The MLS All-Stars will look to improve to 6-0 against international competiton in the MLS vs. foreign club format, with Everton being the fifth English club to take up the challenge.

The MLS All-Stars are missing several stars, including league MVP Guillermo Barros Schelotto, Shalrie Joseph and Dwayne DeRosario while Landon Donovan is still a question mark to play.

If you will be watching tonight's match, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action.

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157 Responses to 2009 MLS All-Star Game: Your Running Commentary

  1. CACuzcatlan says:

    Everton are the 4th English club, 5th British club, to face MLS All-Stars.

  2. wendel says:

    no running commentary?

  3. Andy in Atlanta says:

    I know the English press always looks at preseason friendlies with a grain of salt… that being said I am tired of this league being referred to as Mickey Mouse and as much as I want the Americans on Everton to do well…. I kinda want to see a 3 or 4 nil win…

  4. Leonardo says:


    kyle beckerman… notsomuch!

    Freddy Monterooo! COLOMBIANO! estamos orgulloso de ti!

    first time i’m catching the all-star game after following MLS more than i have since i was in high school watching Season 1. this is emotional!!! wooo hooo

  5. Brent McD. says:

    I cannot stand Julie Foudy or Alexi Lalas. They suck!!!

  6. agdsh says:

    anyone have a streaming link to this, looks like since its on ESPN there is no mlslive.tv and i have to be stuck at work


  7. Jonathan says:

    Tim Howard v. Keller? my mind is blown

  8. agdsh says:

    found a link if anyone else is stuck at work and needs it

    link to justin.tv

  9. Leonardo says:

    Brent McD
    I second not Julie Foudy! ohhh noooo!
    but Lalas, although goofy, is likeable at times. like how he just went off on how the other sports’ All-Star games suck! “nba all about slam dunk… football moved the date… hockey sucks… (dunno what he said about baseball)”

  10. AdamTheRed says:

    A T&T as the kit sponsor!

    Def an upgrade over Sierra Mist

  11. Andy in Atlanta says:

    I really would prefer Beckerman to not be in playing in this game… he is just not that good… curious what the starting 11 will look like.

  12. Leonardo says:

    they say his feet tastes like timber in a crackling fire.

    (oh how i haven’t missed that commercial these past few weeks)

  13. CaliNick23 says:

    Viva MLS! Lets go!

    I also hope to see the all 3 americans on Everton get some playing time.

  14. JB says:

    Beckham isn’t even playing in the All-Star game, why can’t ESPN manage to have an All-Star pregame without a story about him when he isn’t even in the game? Its about the MLS All-Stars vs. Everton not about Beckham.

  15. MZ says:

    Arnoux and peterlin aren’t with the team.

  16. Brent McD. says:

    kinda funny how the all-stars are wearing a blue kit, forcing everton to wear white. i dig all the flags on the field. why does ESPN never show the national anthems?

  17. JB says:

    Have Keller and Howard ever played against each other before?

  18. Brent McD. says:

    Fellaini = the man

  19. Jonathan says:

    How many minutes of my life have I spent watching matches, MLS and other, reffed by Salazar…?

  20. Brent McD. says:

    that tackle from Brad Davis on Cahill was exactly what was missing from the second half against Mexico last Sunday :(

  21. joel says:

    Anyone see the starting line-up for MLS? I just tuned in.

  22. Aaron says:

    Hmm…Blanco, Ljunberg and Conor Casey in at the same time? Holden and Beckerman are going to be gassed after about 20 minutes with those guys.

    Saha looks like he’s fresh out of a 90’s movie with the ‘doo he’s sporting.

  23. Jonathan says:

    Beckerman hasn’t gotten any better since the weekend.

  24. Brent McD. says:

    MLS All-Stars
    G – Kasey Keller
    D – Geoff Cameron
    D – Wilman Conde
    D – Chad Marshall
    M – Kyle Beckerman
    M – Brad Davis
    M – Stuart Holden
    M – Freddie Ljungberg
    F – Cuauhtémoc Blanco
    F – Conor Casey
    F – Fredy Montero

  25. CaliNick23 says:

    Beckerman has way better hair then Fallini.

  26. Matt says:

    Beckerman needs to comb out the dreads and go fro vs fro

  27. Brent McD. says:

    ugh, terrible giveaway by Holden. Saha scores easily. no chance for Keller

  28. Leonardo says:

    Stu is overrated!!! rookie mistake. doesn’t belong on our MNT

  29. fenel says:

    that game is booooring!

  30. Jonathan says:

    WHAT was Holden thinking?! Ouch.

  31. mike says:

    LOL at Holden

  32. beckster says:

    Everton is completely outclassing the MLS guys. I’d be surprised if our winning streak remains intact!

  33. DJ says:

    Holden picks up where he left off on Sunday.

  34. fenel says:

    MLS allstars look lost on the field. none of them know where to place themselves.

  35. Andy in Atlanta says:

    Conor Casey may be slower than most D-Lineman in the NFL…lord does he lumber…

  36. Andy in Atlanta says:

    @ Fenel… I think playing 3 up front is stupod by Dom… we need a normal 442 or 4411… the boys look lost

  37. Leonardo says:

    Best play by All Stars so far was between Blanco->Montero. keep the ball on the right side

    put in Donovan, Conor Casey is overrated!

  38. Patrick says:

    why would you play a 3-4-3 with a team that has never played together before?

  39. Jonathan says:

    Please tell me why a slow midfield is paired with Conor Casey…

  40. Brent McD. says:

    Casey is a poor man’s Ching

  41. Andy in Atlanta says:

    Seriously… what can anyone ever see in Casey minus heading ability…worthless

  42. Jonathan says:

    Was that Matt Damon or Conor Casey in Eurotrip? link to z.about.com

  43. will m. says:

    while the was a terrible play by holden i dont see how that takes away from his gold cup which was definitely the stand out performace of the team. other than perkins maybe

  44. mike says:

    where is holden playing on the field?

  45. froboy says:

    way to zoom in on Tim Howard when he is swearing at his defence

  46. Andy in Atlanta says:

    I am 50 lbs over my college playing weight now and I am quite convinced that I can blow by Casey… yikes

  47. beckster says:

    Conde is dreadful. His passing is horrific and he gives it away when he gets it. How the heck did he get on this team?

  48. Jonathan says:


  49. Brent McD. says:

    goal Davis!!!

  50. nate says:

    congrats harkes…you were part of a zero-zero draw. fcukface.

  51. Andy in Atlanta says:

    now…thanks for the hard worl you bruiser Conor Casey…sorry I knocked your speed… :o)

  52. Fußballer says:

    Casey’s physical play pays off there.

  53. simms21 says:

    lol nate you hater…. but anyways where the hell was that in the confed cup casey!?

  54. Jonathan says:

    Casey just manhandled Baines…

  55. Brent McD. says:

    @Dave, I don’t really care about your radio show. Stop the spamming please

  56. CaliNick23 says:

    Conde is hurt dont know why he is playing

  57. Greg says:

    those all-star uniforms are incredibly ugly.

  58. Brent McD. says:

    Would like the All-Stars to score, but I don’t want Blanco to score on Howard…. ever!

  59. Addam says:

    Holden will make the WC team, promise you that, kid has sooo much room to grow though, but he has the natural vision and touches. He just needs a lot more experience. A lot of closeminded people post on this site I see. That or they never judge a players overall play during the entire game(s)

  60. Jonathan says:

    I’m not normally a Blanco fan but man… he and Ljungberg are so creative and confident compared to the rest of the team…

  61. fenel says:

    wilman conde is standing out from the allstars.

  62. Brent McD. says:

    @Addam, I’m with you on Holden. Like the kid alot, and he’s just gonna get better

  63. Addam says:

    Howard is taking this game serious as hell lol. Real emotional.

  64. Leonardo says:

    im liking Conor Casey more. he’s winning balls unlike in Confed Cup. sure he missed a goal, but it’s Freakin Timmy! timmy is so great

  65. Jonathan says:

    Addam — I’ll agree with you about his abilities, but it really is the little things, the fight when the team is down, not making dumb mistakes like a square ball in the back without looking — those will come with time, just as they do for a lot of young players. But he’s not there yet…

  66. SuperChivo says:

    Who comes in for Blanco?

  67. Annen_Berg says:

    Nice to see a close up of J Lescott cut straight to Fellaine, two of the most eccentric hairstyles in the EPL. Also, is it just me, or is it just extremely enjoyable to see Tim Howard screaming with authority and disgust at his English charges?

  68. nate says:

    If Holden is capable of a mistake like that I don’t want him anywhere near South Africa

  69. Andy in Atlanta says:

    BECKHAM THIS, BECKHAM THAT… seriously just go home punk…you are not that amazing and honestly a big old dope…

  70. Brent McD. says:

    props to Seattle. great franchise. great fans. great story

  71. KEVIN says:

    Don Garber sure moves his hands back and forth a lot when trying to avoid answering a question.

    He didnt answer questions about SSS.

    Are the Red Bulls gonna have their stadium ready for the 2010 season? Will Philly have a stadium for 2010 or 2011? Here’s hoping Portland and Vancouver have their own stadiums when they start in 2011

  72. Jonathan says:

    Alexi Lalas, you are not my bro

  73. Evan says:

    For all those complaining about the Holden give away, this game means next to nothing, and he wouldn’t do that in a real game. Stop over reacting. Geez

  74. KEVIN says:

    I’m pretty certain Holden is heading to the WC.

    Bradley, Edu, Clark, Feilhaber, Torres, Dempsey, Beasley and if Donovan is moved in up top than I can see Holden taking his place among the mid-fielders. I’m pretty sure Bradley is bringing Beasley. Hopefully he deserves the call-up. Either him or Adu.

  75. nate says:

    It must always be opposite day when ESPN does interviews for on air soccer personalities. They decide to take the absolute worst possible canidates.

  76. ISAF says:

    We packed in depth for defense and midfield, but what about strikers? What do we have?

    Altidore? Donovan? Davies? Ching? Cooper? EJ? Casey? Only need 4 of those. who would you have?

  77. PeterGriffinvsHomerSimpson says:

    We need to get some soccer celebrities. Like interview old NT stars, or former coaches of the NT or even interview A list celebrities who support MLS teams. We need to put the PR out there for the NT ahead of qualifying for the WC.

  78. patagonia says:

    You could install the Fire’s back line as the MLS starting back 4.

  79. Brent McD. says:

    Thornton for Keller
    Johnson for Beckerman
    Donovan for Montero
    Soumare for Marshall

  80. SuperChivo says:

    Fudgepackers, is Blanco still in?

  81. kriz says:

    i want grown ass man back

  82. nate says:

    Evan – maybe you just missed Holden’s awful decision to shoot from 30 yards out when he had both wings streaking unmarked? If he makes it he’s #23 and wont see the field.

  83. Brent McD. says:

    Thornton flailing badly at that first cross….

  84. Jacob A. says:

    If Thornton has to come out, does Keller get to come back in?

  85. Jonathan says:

    I hope that someone got a great photo of that Blanco chip in the first half with Howard wagging his finger at him…

  86. Brent McD. says:

    Conor Casey in goal

  87. Annen_Berg says:


    I agree, but can’t really think of any ‘soccer celebrities’ in the context of the US.

    Somebody should sign up Kim Kardashian to nuzzle up to soccer ball with her backside. She doesn’t even need to say anything. But it might make millions of people consider the game in a new light…

    Or get Snoop Dogg to do (high) color commentary on games. He’s an entrepreneur, right?

  88. Brent McD. says:

    Keller for Thornton(!)
    Arnaud for Blanco
    Morales for Holden

  89. SuperChivo says:

    Finally, Blanco out. This isn’t even close to being the lineup we would see if this game really mattered.

  90. SuperChivo says:

    Annen Berg, I’d go with Kim Kardashian as long as you could promise that she doesn’t say anything.

  91. Jonathan says:

    @ BrentMcD — your comment about Casey in goal made me LOL. Thank you.

  92. Casey says:

    Landon doesn’t look close to being 100% out there. No clue why he is even in the game. A risk to the USMNT.

  93. ThaDeuce says:


  94. Brent McD. says:

    missed one:
    Hurtado for Conde

  95. Leonardo says:

    Hurtado! Colombiano for Colombiano. awesome.

    i’m liking this Soumare fella too.

    Timmy is a beast as always. so fun to watch!

  96. SuperChivo says:

    Ouch, how did Lando miss that?

  97. Brent McD. says:

    not a fan of Casey, but he has not had a bad game at all. wow, Landon hits the post from point blank range!!

  98. Annen_Berg says:

    Note to ESPN: don’t talk about leukemia treatments during the game.

  99. SuperChivo says:

    C. Casey doesn’t suck, Davy Arnaud, maybe.

  100. Jonathan says:

    Geez, that kind of foul has no place in an exhibition

  101. SuperChivo says:

    What a hack! Doesn’t he know this is a friendly?

  102. Brent McD. says:

    not very impressed with Morales. another bad giveaway

  103. SuperChivo says:

    I’m really warming up to Connor Casey, I can see him being useful in Mexico and then in South Africa.

  104. Jonathan says:

    You know I don’t speak Spanish, Baxter!

  105. Brent McD. says:

    welllll…. PKs could be fun….. Keller and Howard in the nets

  106. fenel says:

    hey did you guys hear the news? ESPN UK will broadcast MLS in the UK starting august 7.

  107. nate says:

    I hate that JP gets so excited over “penalty kicks” Almost as if he thinks hes going to get some Hawaiian Punch or something.

    Dude, its called penalties

  108. froboy says:

    yeah, i’m all for PK’s be the most interesting thing in this game two of the three best US keepers, (Friedel being the other)

  109. ThaDeuce says:

    El Chupacabra, bring it back.
    and Annen Berg, I’m just glad the All stars didn’t score during the talk…that would have been awful.

  110. ThaDeuce says:


  111. Brent McD. says:

    Good sportsmanship from Everton to allow Keller to re-enter the match. Would have really liked to see Connor Casey in the nets though. Hehe

  112. froboy says:

    about the worst pk i have ever seen

  113. Annen_Berg says:

    wow. that was one of the worst PKs ever (Vaughn)

  114. ThaDeuce says:

    @SuperChivo, after watching this game, I completely agree…Conor Casey is looking very solid and in form….
    and Donovan just schooled his teamate.

  115. Jacob A. says:

    I thought Chad Barret already played tonight in Toronto…

    Good fun for Donovan. That’s worth a text or two later.

  116. will m. says:

    that was weird seeing landon shooting on howard

  117. roysterer says:

    That was a great save by Howard

  118. Brent McD. says:

    Howard is amazing!!!

  119. roysterer says:

    And another!

  120. ThaDeuce says:

    hey announcer guy, you are taping it!

  121. Jonathan says:

    This is pretty awesome.

  122. froboy says:

    love harkes, hope someone gets a video of this to put on youtube (so that ESPN can take it down for copyright infringement)

  123. Jacob A. says:

    This is too much fun, for all the right reasons.

  124. will m. says:

    ive never heard harkes get this excited before

  125. ThaDeuce says:

    I didn’t know he had it.
    wow. Today he has made me a believer. What a game by casey.

  126. Jonathan says:

    God I hope Kasey gets to take one

  127. ThaDeuce says:

    Well, props to Howard, that just gives the USMNT even more momentum going into the Azteca, Both Casey and Donovan Score and then Howard wins it. Yes.

  128. Brent McD. says:

    I’m just smiling at Tim Howard — great stuff from our #1

  129. Bryan says:

    omg timmy is a beast!!!

  130. roysterer says:

    I think it’s pretty funny that it took an American to end the streak.

  131. Luke in NC says:

    This is still fun….since Tim Howard basically got to win it….America still kinda wins.

  132. dena says:

    What a great way to end the game, it was almost like a 3 pt. shootout or a dunk contest soccer style. Keller was good and Howard was amazing, good way to finish it off.

  133. Annen_Berg says:

    Loved Keller’s comment about wanting to be around for when Portland and Vancouver come into the MSL. I’m a Timbers supporter, and I can’t wait for it. Good times to hear about Seattle-Portland on the big post game interview. A+++

  134. SuperChivo says:

    I was hoping that they’d let Timmy take a p.k., he did everything else for them, why not score?

  135. Hubcap says:

    Didn’t have a chance without Toja’s mullet.

  136. GO USA says:

    Was that Matt Damon or Conor Casey in Eurotrip? link to z.about.com

    Posted by: Jonathan | July 29, 2009 at 10:12 PM

    In other news Kristin Kruek is so hot!

  137. Leonardo says:

    why did Davis + Arnaud take a penalty? what clowns!

  138. Andy in Atlanta says:

    Landon was not 100% tonight and you could tell…that being said…anyone that thinks Landon could not hack in the Prem is just kidding themselves because he is world class in my opinion…Nothing flashy but so effective and scares the devil out of tired teams when the game opens up.

  139. jjraines says:

    Man Howard is sooo good. I love him, and so glad he’s between the posts for the Nats.

    MLS was BY FAR the best side though, and def should have won. I do wonder how many points in the table Howard single handedly wins for Everton — my guess is quite a few.

  140. BBB says:


  141. Berlin says:

    150 comments is great for an MLS All Star game. Holden is great and scary, just the kind of USA player I love to see.

  142. John says:

    Worst MLS All-Star game I have seen in a while. Too many rookies that shouldn’t have seen the field.

  143. GO USA says:


    Posted by: BBB | July 30, 2009 at 12:20 AM

    Haha definitely my favorite part in that movie.

    Well I think Howard completely showed why he’s one of the best Goalkeepers in the world. If not for him MLS All stars win easy by like 3 goals.
    Also an injured Donovan is still really good. I agree with Andy in Atlanta, I know he would do great in the top leagues. He really was playing great against a good EPL squad. He has the tools to be successful. He was making great plays tonight.

  144. ThaDeuce says:

    “Ives, you should’ve included the translation for the “el chupacabra” poster:

    El Chupacabra is like the Mexican version of big foot (i think known for eating/drinking blood of livestock?).

    “vuelve para sangre Mexicana” translates to “returns for Mexican blood” i think…”

    Posted by: Luke in NC | February 06, 2009 at 04:34 PM

  145. ThaDeuce says:

    “i like “chupacabra”. chupacabra is like the mexican boogey man. sucks people/things blood.

    it does mean “the chupacabra returns for Mexican blood.””

  146. Jack K. - SBI MAFIA ORIGINAL says:


    You’re so clueless, it’s funny.

  147. PeterGriffinvsHomerSimpson says:

    Eurotip is a perfect classic.

    Scotty doesn’t know 😛

  148. More SBI ORIGINAL THAN JACK K says:

    @ Jack K. eat Sh^t and Die

  149. zongzap says:

    Well that was a joke. An allstar team with just a few allstars and a lot of stiffs.

    Connor Casey STINKS. Why didnt’t Dominic give him the hook?

  150. aristotle says:

    This is getting old! First a C team for the Gold Cup, and now the worst all star team in MLS history! No wonder they lost. Then to make matters worse, when they finally use Donovan he misses a chance my grandmother could have put away with ease, and she is no longer living! I guess we don’t need to take the All Star game seriously either. I wonder if it will be worth our while to use a good team in W.C. qualifying?

  151. Evan says:

    Wow, apparently I am the only one who doesn’t take this game seriously.

  152. David says:

    Wow, people are getting really bend out of shape about this lose. Guess Everton is a better side than everyone seemed to give them credit for after being choosen.

    I thought it was an exciting game personally. The Allstars looked sharp at the end. I was suprised by how dangerous Conner Casey looked. Seriously if that guy could get into decent shape and get his pace up he would be a great player. Looked good on the ball when he could catch up to it. Strong enough to battle with Yobo and Lescott.

    I thought Donovan and Ljunberg had pretty good chemistry.

    The shoot out at the end was classic and as someone else said above I have never heard Harkes so excited. He was giddy when Keller and Howard were making saves. Clearly very proud of the American keepers.

    Maybe would have been more fun with a little more flair (not going to happen with everton) but I like the format. It is competitive and clear both sides wanted to win.

  153. EA says:

    Casey is what he is. He’s an Emile Heskey/John Carew type.

    Big, eats up space, and can muscle his way past defenders with ease. He isn’t pretty or graceful or fast and never will be.

    But guys like that DO have a place, and CAN produce in the right situation.

    What you saw from him last night is what a guy like that can bring. Take the ball of the chest, turn away from the defender (because you AREN’T getting around somebody that big) and take a crack. Put the headers on frame, etc.

    People gave him hell during the Confed Cup, because he wasn’t Landon Donovan or Charlie Davies.

    That’s because he’s not Landon Donovan or Charlie Davies.

    He’s an ogre, a bull. And if a guy like that manhandles your center backs early and gets in thier head, you’re in for a LONG night.

  154. Johnny G says:

    Man, that was a great game. I was disappointed with the outcome, but it was lots of fun to watch. Landon was unlucky to have that shot go off the post. I think Everton said they expected a competitive game, but didn’t really believe it until they got on the pitch. I think had MLS had not been missing some key players like DiRosario and Joseph, we might have really cleaned Everton’s clock.
    Tim Howard is an absolute beast and I love him. It was great to see it come to PKs and a kind of showdown between the old school and the new school USA keepers. I only wish ESPN would promote these kinds of games more to draw in some curious sports fans.

  155. cfig says:

    “Guess Everton is a better side than everyone seemed to give them credit for after being choosen.”

    You mean like a team that finished fifth in the Premiership last year? :)

    I find the random post-game criticisms a bit odd. We selected a pretty solid team, didn’t play badly at all and actually looked pretty dangerous for a lot of the second half, and took a very good team to penalties (albeit in their preseason).

    Yes, Holden had a big mistake, but if you watch much of him he’s generally very poised on the ball and rarely makes those sort of errors…I’d rather he do it in this match than anywhere else. I think he’s got a very good shot to make the WC roster, largely because he’s one of the few players we have that can play anywhere in the midfield, and I bet we’ll see him in Europe sooner than later.

  156. Shitsky D'Hippopotamus says:

    Excuses, excuses…What a crappy PK by Younberg