Bradley calls on Confed Cup vets to fill out Gold Cup roster

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Jozy Altidore leads the group of seven American players added to the U.S. men's national team roster for the CONCACAF Gold Cup. U.S. head coach Bob Bradley called on seven players from his Confederations Cup squad to fill out the 30-man roster after CONCACAF granted the United States seven extra roster spots due to the U.S. team's participation in the Confederations Cup.

Here is the list:

  • Jozy Altidore

  • Jonathan Bornstein

  • Conor Casey

  • Ricardo Clark

  • Benny Feilhaber

  • Brad Guzan

  • Sacha Kljestan

These eight players will not be traveling with the 23-man U.S. Gold Cup squad, but will join the team for specific games during the tournament.

What do you think of the list? Share your thoughts below.

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132 Responses to Bradley calls on Confed Cup vets to fill out Gold Cup roster

  1. c.k. says:

    Bornstein, Kljestan, and Casey????


    What a waste of the spots.

  2. William the Terror says:

    conspicuously absennt is the name of Michael Bradley, who SHOULD BE on the roster just in case of an additional suspension by FIFA. this is a huge error.

  3. Yossarian says:

    I like the idea of Benny and Jozy getting more time, since they did not get much run with their clubs this year. They both looked completely gassed against Brazil, though Benny held up well in the first half. Jozy looked dead tired – he needs pt with his club this year – ditto for Adu.

  4. Boguslaw Joganauvski says:

    I’m not sure why Casey is on that list. It was pretty evident by his performance in South Africa that he really has no business on the U.S. roster. Ditto for Klejstan.

  5. Jimmy Bobo says:

    A thirty-man roster for the Gold Cup is just ridiculous. How will it benefit Jozy to play against Grenada and Haiti? By the way, if he scores against Haiti do you think he will celebrate (a la Rossi)? I still don’t understand why CONCACAF essentially ordered us to call up more players. Pure and utter rubbish.

  6. Piney O says:

    Casey??? maybe they should have just stuck with the players called and told CONCACAF thanks but no thanks on the extra roster spots…… could have added Torres and brought him in down the road, the whole McBride angle if they make it to Chicago….. despite the succesful finish in Confed Cup sometimes you have to question Bradleys selections and loyalty to players or maybe its a fear to say “I picked XXXXX and he didn’t measure up”

  7. beckster says:

    Agree with William – why isn’t Bradley there?

    Sorry not to see Brian McBride – would have been so great to see him play in Chicago.

    Guess this means that there was no one else in MLS that Bradley thought was worth a shot.

  8. unknown says:

    Do we have any indication of which games they may be joining the squad for?

  9. ELAC says:

    SACHA KJELSTAN? Really? Is that a joke? Is he really going to play any better than he already has?

    He needs to stay with ChivasUSA and learn how to be a better, productive teammate.

  10. mb says:

    pontius, chad marshall, geoff cameron

  11. Patrick says:

    where the hell is Torres????

  12. Tim says:

    @Jimmy Bobo he hasn’t played many games over the past year while most people play at least 30 the extra practice is critical. Klejestan and casey are mind-boggling. I would complain about not having Torres, but he has said so himself that he needs the rest. The problem i see with it is that even if he was tired i know the bob bradley would preferably play klejestan or Bornstein in the midfield.

  13. SR says:

    William, good point. That would be devastating if he was banned for the MEX game next month. With Bradley and Jones out, well…

  14. chris says:

    well at least we’ll have depth and playmakers to bring off the bench this tournament hehehehe

  15. Ben says:

    looking at the schedule I’d be willing to bet these…

    Altidore, Guzan, Feilhaber for the group stages, then off to preseason.

    And Bornstein and Kljestan will be there for the Grenada game for sure. CHivas doesn’t play this week

  16. baloosh13 says:

    where is WHITBREAD!!!!

  17. gmen04 says:

    More things change the more they stay the same…

  18. Dwayne says:

    Bradley isn’t there b/c he has nothing to prove on the nation team level. He’ll probably do better with the rest seeing that he has full club schedule coming up plus next year’s world cup. I get the feeling that the ‘attack’ story was blown way out of proportion.

  19. euroman says:

    The two weak areas of the GC squad were GK & MF and BB fixed both with these selections and made the forward line that much stronger. These guys won’t be used until the knock out stage but it’s nice to know that this help is available to ensure we get the GOLD!

  20. dman23 says:

    I really hope BB dosen’t intend on sending Conor Casey in 2010….Guy is 27 has 14 caps (most as a sub) and doesn’t bring anything terrific to the table. Save his spot for someone that needs it.

    Honestly I would have like to see Beasley on the roster as horrible as he is, he needs some sort of confidence builder or his career might be on the brinks (or back to the MLS)

  21. Rudy says:

    Kljestan has become the new Eddie Johnson.

  22. Gilby says:

    I was hoping they would add Jaqua he’s looked decent as of late and would be a nice spot addition for the Seattle game.

  23. Boguslaw Joganauvski says:

    Casey plays like a 37 year-old beer leaguer.

  24. MikeD says:

    Kljestan has had a nightmare season all around. He needs to concentrate on Chivas and try to find the form that had Celtic interested. If he can start playing well again, then he should be considered.

  25. patrick says:

    seeing klestjan get a spot is dissapointing to say the least. He’s shown nothing on any level since the sweden game. He needs to get back to chivas and get his head out of his ass.

    The jozy move I’m indifferent on. If he had a loan sorted out and a team to go to, then I would be annoyed that we’re keeping him from potentially scorign a starting spot, or impressing the staff of his new team. With no loans on the horizon, I like the call. If he continues to play the way he did in confed (probably better given the competition) than maybe this will spur a couple teams to pick him up.

    Conor casey….. I don’t care at this point. He was far outclassed in confeds, but i think this tournament is much more his level and he may play well.

    I think no Bradley means there will be no suspension. Methinks the USSF knows more than us.

    I like the benny choice. He’s playing well and shouldn’t be run down given his lack of PT abroad, so anything we can do to keep him in form should be done. Good to see clark, particularly with transfer rumors abound.

  26. konoha7 says:

    i would have liked to see pontius, cameron and torres, but i respect bradley’s decision.

  27. KCB says:

    MORE MLS players? Really Bradley? That’s one way to dilute the talent pool. (For MLS, not USMNT)

  28. Brent says:

    Casey and Sasha??? Come on Bob. They were awful. Give McBride the farewell he deserves and get Torres back in the lineup.

  29. Fan Futbol says:

    Unreal. Way to look at some new guys with potential, Bob.



  30. Turtle says:

    Do any of the above posters think that the point of the USA to get more spots was soley to include some CC players on it – thereby bringing more attention to the tournament? Clearly that was the case.

    Of the players to choose from these players seem to be big enough names, fit enough and expendable enough by their club teams.

    Re: MB, you would think that US Soccer would have a handle on if he’s in danger of being suspended or not. C’mon guys…

  31. Aquaman says:

    I KNEW we’d see Kljestan. I knew we’d see other terrible choices too, I just picked players other than Casey and Bornstein.

  32. patrick says:

    has anyone thought that when Mcbride retired from national duty, he actually meant it? Maybe he doesn’t want to play? He certainly wouldn’t be doing the team, or Bob any favors, its not like they need him. Maybe he’s happy to finish a club player without all the hoopla

  33. tedmonds says:

    Boguslaw Joganauvski … as a 35 year old beer leaguer, i find your comparison insulting. we move much faster than casey.

  34. Cindy says:

    i’ll give Kljestan a pass but Casey is whaaaaack.

  35. dman23 says:

    whats all the hating on Bornstein for? He hasn’t done that horrible.

  36. Aquaman says:

    Though, if we see a lineup that somehow puts holden, clark, adu, feilhaber altidore and davies all on the field at the same time to try and gel with each other, all might be forgiven.

  37. kpugs says:

    I hope Sacha, Bornstein, and Casey play a ton of minutes. They really earned it with their amazing performances for the national team lately.

  38. kpugs says:

    Yes, that was complete sarcasm and I can’t think of three more undeserving players (right now, of course).

  39. christian Navarro says:

    Guess those of you asking where Torres is I have an answer for you. There seems to be a fall out with BB. I ask Jen Chang about what was happening and BB stated that he would “not comment” on the matter that it was a “Locker room thing”. Things that make you go Hmm….

  40. Boguslaw Joganauvski says:

    Boguslaw Joganauvski … as a 35 year old beer leaguer, i find your comparison insulting. we move much faster than casey.

    That was partly my point. Casey would be lucky to hold his own in my beer league, and I’m 32. His first touch is perhaps the worst touch I’ve seen from any international player, and my guess is that if he gets the start against Grenada, he will get worked. Poor skills a given, his attitude and workrate are even worse. To top it off, he looks like a meathead.

  41. aatabak says:

    I just BB would have gotten his marching papers at confed cup, not a clue, Confed Cup was all the players doing then his tacticul acumen.

  42. Nico says:

    What happened to earning one’s place based on merit? klestjan? Bob, why not go for the triumvirate and add DMB and Mastreoni while you are @ it.

  43. Pappajohn says:

    If Torres and BB had a “falling out” over some “locker room thing”, they both should make an effort to work it out, because the US team is missing out on some good young talent by ignoring Torres.

  44. Andy in Atlanta says:

    Ok with Bornstein and can deal with Sacha but Casye is laughable… EJ would have been a smarter add than him…

  45. john in atl says:

    Boy, judging by the comments above, all the heightened awareness and good feelings generated by the last 3 USMNT games ain’t worth anything now.

    Looks like the glass is still half-empty when it comes to Bob Bradley.

    I too am surprised by some of the familiar names and thought some of the uncapped and untested Yanks Abroad contingent might appear, but oh well.

    We could lose before the Gold Cup Final. Is it a big deal? Probably not. US vs Mexico in August is a big deal.

  46. Yossarian says:

    Agree with Aquaman. It would be a lot of fun to see if holden, clark, adu, feilhaber altidore and davies can possess the ball, knock it around for a bit and build an attack from the midfield.

  47. Turtle says:

    People – clearly there was a stipulation by CONCACAF that BB had to bring 7 of the Confed Cup players. Please stop with the whining and crying and moaning and beeatching and negativity. Sheesh…

    These are the guys from the CC who are fit and recognizable enough and can be missed by their clubs for a game if need be.

  48. Pappajohn says:

    Funny. Not one comment on Beasley (or the lack thereof). Has everyone, including BB, written him off the US Team entirely?

  49. Boguslaw Joganauvski says:

    With Altidore, Ching, and Davies, that means Conor Casey is the #4 forward on the Gold Cup team. If he sees the field for any reason, Bradley should be fired.

    With Adu, Feilhaber, Clark, Holden, and Rogers, that means that Klejstan is the #5 midfielder. If he sees the field for any reason, Bradley should be fired.

  50. Yossarian says:

    BTW, what’s with all the haters acting like the Confed Cup run never happened? Get a clue, people, realize when you’re wrong.

  51. Boguslaw Joganauvski says:

    The Confed Cup run did happen, despite the efforts of Casey and Klejstan. Had those two seen more of the field against Egypt, Bradley would be out of a job right now. That’s why I don’t understand why he went and named them to the Gold Cup roster.

    You got your answer with those two Bob: they are not qualified to represent the US at any level, and every second they are out there is taking away valuable development minutes for guys like Holden, Rogers, Adu, Davies, etc.

  52. Turtle says:

    Yossarian – great post. Thank you :)

  53. Turtle says:

    Bogus… ” Had those two seen more of the field against Egypt, Bradley would be out of a job right now.”

    They didn’t and he isn’t. Capiche?

  54. Boguslaw Joganauvski says:

    “They didn’t and he isn’t. Capiche?”

    So what makes it any more appropriate to play those guys now, after they have already proven they don’t belong? Do you honestly think that a good showing by Casey or Klejstan against Grenada or Haiti means they will be good enough to play against Brazil or Italy next time around? I think it would be optimistic to expect anything other than mediocre, MLS-level play from those two for the rest of their careers. Casey and Klejstan had a fair shot at the Confederations Cup, and they blew it, plain and simple. Next guys in.

  55. ko'd says:

    Thanks for working the shift for me, Yossarian.

    My favorite post on this thread:

    conspicuously absennt is the name of Michael Bradley, who SHOULD BE on the roster just in case of an additional suspension by FIFA. this is a huge error.

    Posted by: William the Terror | July 02, 2009 at 11:58 AM

    William the Terror…please direct me to the rules on suspensions that say, in part, that someone must be NAMED to a team in order to serve a match/time-period suspension.

    Do you know WHY you can’t find such a rule? Because there is NO such rule. It would be ridiculous to require a player to be named to a national team roster (thereby taking up a roster spot) in order for him to serve a suspension. As crazy as FIFA can be, they don’t require that.

    Moreover, you can quibble with the Coach’s decisions, but to suggest that he would be that stupid (if there were such a rule) goes beyond the pale.

  56. Turtle says:

    Bogus –

    Which other players FROM THE CONFED CUP ROSTER – becasue that’s the pool these 7 were required to come from – would have chosen. Keep in mind they need to be fit, allowed by their club team and recognizable enough to help sell tickets.

  57. kswiss says:

    Can’t really be upset about BB using the spots exactly like they were intended. It would have been nice to see a few younger players who were left off, as well as McBride, if the recent news of his interest in playing for the Nats again was true. However, extra playing time for Jozy, Benny, Clark, and, yes, Bornstein can only be a positive.

    The ability to bring in Guzan if others are struggling is also a plus.

  58. dman23 says:

    Can we get a story on the Torres and Bobby B saga….PLEASSSSE

  59. Boguslaw Joganauvski says:


    Torres for Klejstan

    A bag of balls and a couple of cones for Casey.

  60. Al17 says:

    Sighs. I really wish some of you posting would actually think before sharing your knowledge with everyone.

    The people he’s added to the roster are just that additions. It doesn’t mean that they’ll see the light of day in this tournament. They’re on hand just in case they’re needed. Heck most likely, these are the guys who didn’t head off for holiday immediately after the Confed’s Cup otherwise I would expect that Torres would have been named to this group. CONCACAF isn’t forcing us to add Confed’s Cup players.

    Secondly, I’m pretty damn sure that Bob Bradley and US Soccer looked at whether or not Michael Bradley would be suspended before finalizing the roster. I’m sure they’ve learned his being suspended won’t happen, hence he’s not added to this roster.

    As Ives pointed out many of the guys whom Bob called in for the Copa America were apart of this year’s Confed’s Cup team and performed well. I’m pretty damn sure he knows what he’s doing. So give the BullSh..t a rest and give credit because it’s DUE!!!


  61. Joe B. NYC says:

    So Ives,

    DID Bob Bradley and Torres have a falling out? A ‘hairdryer treatment’ moment? Please enlighten us, please…

  62. Turtle says:

    Torres is tired (by his own admission)and US Soccer made an agreement with Pachuca to take him only for the CC anyways. Get over it please.

  63. goalscorer24 says:

    These additional seven spots are a joke. I have no understanding of why Bradley chooses certain players. Klejstan and Casey? Why? Why not some other players from Europe that we have not seen like Whitebread or Tracy? Clueless.

  64. Joe B. NYC says:

    Get over what? Of course he’s going to say ‘he’s tired.’ He’s not going to say he had a tizz with the coach. That’s what were asking these media type who are in the know. Are you his personal assistant? Come on now…

  65. Joe B. NYC says:

    I meant to type ‘types’…

    Anyway I’m sure Altidore is pretty tired as well, having actually played in the tournament. But he’s here now so what up?

  66. Tony in Quakeland says:

    Jeez, can people stop whinning? The orginal pool is at least 20 deep in guys brought in for a fresh look. It’s clear that Bradley is looking for depth options here and there is no reason to think that won’t be his focus.

    As for guys he did call in – Josy and Benny need games, so if they get some action – great. As for Sasha – may I remind people of Dempsey’s poor form when he first tried, and failed, to get to Europe? He was flat, at best. Sasha is in the exact position – the Celtic move fell through and he wound up back with Chivas. He has an obvious upside and is too young to write off like some people want to. He may not rebound enough for this cycle, but I think two or three years out, he may be one of our best players. And even if I am wrong about that it makes sense for Bradley to want to look at him again. Maybe a game against Grenada rather than Brazil can help him get his confidence back.

  67. Not great says:

    Klejstan has had some really good games with the U.S. Having said that, he has not been in form this season.

    Casey should transfer to a pub league in Britain where his casual jogging will be the norm. His job was to run hard, win balls, hold up play, and pressure the defenders. I don’t think he sprinted the entire tournament.

  68. AdamTheRed says:

    What the f–k Bob!

  69. Jose A. V. says:

    I like the move.

  70. mwc says:

    I love the rampant unsupported statements about Torres’ situation or Bradley’s motives being made in these posts. Without any link to a source to support statements, there is no reason to believe them. The only statement I have seen from Torres on this situation was that he welcomes the rest. link to This statement does not answer the question, though, of whether he was offered a Gold Cup spot or not. It also does not address why he has not played since Costa Rica. I hope that someone in the soccer media is trying to get to the bottom of this as it is obviously a topic of interest to the fans. — mwc

  71. ChicaGo Blue says:

    I know it is the popular thing to criticize every decision Bob Bradley makes, but I am still shocked at the level of vitriol caused by these picks.

    First, even if FIFA did not officially require the picks to be CC roster guys, I’m sure it was at least a “Gentleman’s Agreement” (wink, wink) sort of thing.

    Second, while Sacha is clearly in terrible form right now, let’s not forget that 5 or 6 months ago we were all excited about this kid’s future with the MNT. Things have clearly gone very wrong since then, but I don’t think you throw away this kid forever at his age due to a stretch of bad form. Why not give him more time in camp to work on some things and maybe some playing time against lesser competition to get some confidence back?

  72. JGIB says:

    good to see know one read the whole artical on Torres excited to get some rest after basicly playing for a year straight…………… also good interview with torres on soccer 365 doesn’t sound like there is a fall out

  73. tgrex123 says:

    You know I don’t get this… Bornstein, Kljestan, Casey??? What’s the deal with coach Bradley & Torres? He should have been called up.

    If I were Torres I would switch over to the Mexician NT… as a good “F” you Coach Bradley!!!

  74. Adam R. says:

    If a player is not injured, not named to the Confederations Cup roster, and not named to the Gold Cup roster in the year before the World Cup…guess what? He’s not going to make the team.

    Michael Bradley’s possible suspension will not be affected by him not being on the Gold Cup roster.

    Any calls that Torres is being “ignored” by Bob Bradley conveniently ignore the fact that he started a recent World Cup Qualifier, and was brought to South Africa with the team. He’s 21 years old people, relax.

    I understand the passion people have for the National Team, but it seems like what people really have a passion for is complaining no matter what happens.

  75. JC says:

    What in the hell did Conor Casey provide? he’s worthless.


  76. Derek says:

    No Torres?

  77. CapeCodFutbol says:

    Whatever, it’s clear that Bobbo thinks you need to earn your way into the USMNT, but once in you have a grace period if you stink the place up. I have no problem with that. (high barrier to entry; high threshold to get tossed to the curb once you’re in, IMO)

  78. ko'd says:

    Torres–great touch, seems confident on the ball.

    But you should all go check out his performance against Costa Rica on the first goal (youtube, U.S. Soccer Channel, U.S. v. Costa Rica highlights). Pay attention to the events leading up to the first goal: first, Beasley gives the ball away (ok, most of us can agree on Beasley), but Torres provided a bad angle. Torres is checking to the ball, but needs to be checking into the space in between Costa Rican defenders. But then watch the poor tactical decision by Torres in chasing the play. A step-in, and a weak one at that. He backs off, and next thing you know, he starts WATCHING the Costa Rican forward take a shot.

    Tactically, his positioning from a perspective of chasing a man was atrocious, given Mastroeni’s position (and Mastroeni deserves blame here, too, for the overcommitment). I am not saying that is enough to keep Torres out–I like him and would like to see him more. But maybe that play evidences that he lacks the tactical awareness right now to fit into the MNT defensive scheme.

  79. Chris says:

    How is Casey worthless based on this tournament? He played the last 5 to 10 mins of each game, most of which the team was either up or down by 3 goals. I can’t understand why so many readers think Casey sucks and that Adu should start. Its amazing how few of you actually watch MLS soccer and instead act like you are expert b/c you follow blog postings about European players sitting on the bench.

  80. ko'd says:

    Oh, and on the second goal? That was Torres’s man that was wide open. Torres got caught ball-watching when the OTHER team had possession.

    That’s why he was subbed at the half.

  81. julio says:

    What is the deal, why no “Gringo” TOrres? WHat has the poor guy done wrong, he gives a chance to Sacha but not Gringo?

  82. MVK says:

    wouldn’t u know, a USMNT post full of complaints …

  83. Turtle says:

    This is how CONCACAF anounced the additional spots:

    “In light of the consecutive competitions, the Confederations Cup and the Gold Cup, with the objective of providing the best performance possible for the public, and in recognition that the back-to-back tournaments strain players and their clubs, CONCACAF will give permission to any team who also is participating in the Confederations Cup in the same year to enlarge their roster to 30 from the 23 already permitted,” CONCACAF General Secretary Chuck Blazer said.

    Ok so if one looks particularly at this part:

    “with the objective of providing the best performance possible for the public”

    One can only conclude the additional players selected are to be from the CC roster. It’s already known that US Soccer had a deal with Pachuca to take him only for the CC. It’s also known that his is tired.

  84. Tim R says:

    C’mon aren’t cries of “not these same old guys” a little extreme for a bunch of players under or around 23 years old?

  85. Jamie Z. says:

    People need to read (and think) before they post. There’s obviously something more going on with Torres than we know about, and I severely doubt it’s a simple matter of “Bob doesn’t like him.” If Bob didn’t like him, he would not have called him into the Confederations Cup squad. Let’s let it play its course. I think we’ll be seeing more of him when he’s rested (recovered?) and ready.

    My only concern for the Gold Cup is that the arrival of Kljestan and Feilhaber doesn’t deprive Adu of some much-needed playing time. I think that boy needs to see the field and needs to be given the chance to perform. He knows how to ride the pine like a consummate professional. I think it’s time for someone (anyone) to take a chance on the kid and give him a run out.

  86. Jones says:


  87. gmen04 says:

    C’mon aren’t cries of “not these same old guys” a little extreme for a bunch of players under or around 23 years old?

    Posted by: Tim R | July 02, 2009 at 02:22 PM

    Not saying this has occurred for anyone in particular for example but at what point do we have to realize that no matter their relative youth, that players simply may not have what it takes. They have the potential but having potential and fulfilling it are two different things. Maybe we have seen the best from some of these guys already and should recognize that. Myabe this post is useless and im just pissed at being the only person still on my floor of 200 people

  88. Drew_ROC says:

    What did Torres do?

  89. Derek says:

    Wow Jaime,

    You’re giving everyone here WAY too much credit! Why bother thinking when you can just fire off your rant by pushing a button?

  90. christian Navarro says:

    ok some dumbass wantted evidence here it goes… this is the email from the soccer reporter from ESPN named Jen Chang and I have not edited anything ion the email.


    We ask Bradley the questions – he declines to answer questions about individual players and answers “no comment.” Some coaches do this (Dunga is another example) – the media can’t force someone to answer the questions. Carlisle asked him about Torres, several times in succession at the Honduras game in Chicago and got zero response.


    On Wed, Jul 1, 2009 at 9:19 PM, christian navarro wrote:

    Mr. Jen Chang:

    As of the World Cup 94 at the tender age of 15, I was hooked by soccer. All I ever knew was football and the NFL. I have been a fan of soccer ever since and I enjoy your articles. I always look forward to reading them on Mondays, but enough of me I have a couple of questions I want to ask you.

    A lot of American Mexicans, I call myself this since I am an American first and foremost, are asking questions as to why our Jose Francisco Torres has not played. Ever since 94, more and more American Mexicans have begun to follow the Nats, but recently ever since the game in Costa Rica a lot of us have been asking questions if there is a problem with another player or Bob Bradley. He has all the right tools to start, yet he hasn’t had any playing time. I have read the majority of your articles and from what I can tell is that you offer an objective view of the reality as far as our national team is concerned.

    Why is it that as reporters you guys don’t second guess or even question Bob directly about tactics and as to why certain players don’t play. I feel that the majority of Soccer Lovers such as myself are asking these types of questions on various blogs. We even started a page on Face book to get rid of BOB Bradley. He is inept, and lacks the leadership needed to direct this program. I feel that we should be like other countries and light a fire under his rear. As far as I have observed, it is the players making him look good, so I disagree with you that he deserves any type of praise.

    A coach is only as good as his players and to be quite honest we do have good players, but they don’t perform on a regular basis. That my friend is the coach’s fault, for I know that first hand since I myself am an Athletic Director at a high school in Texas. I would have been fired for the horrible games the guys have had lately. I always like to coach and follow my own motto, “If you are not coaching it, you are accepting it”, and “if you don’t demand it, they won’t do it”! There is no sense of urgency sometimes and I feel bob is to blame.

    Is there any way we can stop the bleeding? The Confederations Cup was a good showing, but I think as a team we are still lacking. Bornstein, Sasha and Beasley are horrible at best, yet we still fail to play those that have starting minutes with quality teams such as the Mexican contingent of Torres, Castillo and Orozco. All of who start regularly with their teams and are quality players and according to BB those are requirements to play with the Nats. Many on the boards are calling BB racist, and a prejudiced coach. Can you shed some light on these topics?

    Thank you for your time,

    Christian Navarro

  91. William the Terror says:

    @ ko’d

    very harsh. first, i obviously don’t know if the FIFA rules require someone to be on the roster before they can serve a suspension. I have a job, thus limiting my time and ability to pore over excruciating minutae like the FIFA rules governing suspensions. My comment was only in the nature of a generic “better safe than sorry.” this issue has been discussed on ESPN Soccernet, Fox Soccer and all the blogs. Nobody seems to have a definitive answer except for you. Thus, I hereby appoint you as Sepp Blatter’s successor. Pat yourself on the back, you’re doing a great job, little Sepp.

    Finally, I LIKE BB. I wasn’t calling him stupid. just saying “better safe than sorry.” I like BB. I like MB better.

    to quote seargent hulka, “lighten up, Francis.”

  92. Jones says:

    “BTW, what’s with all the haters acting like the Confed Cup run never happened? Get a clue, people, realize when you’re wrong.

    Posted by: Yossarian | July 02, 2009 at 01:06 PM”
    That run had nothing to do with Kljestan, or everything NOT to do with Kljestan. We can still harp on that!!!

  93. christian Navarro says:

    I feel the reason Torres doesn’t say much is because he is a classy guy . He doesn’t air out the problems but it is obvious there is one.

  94. Michael Vann says:

    Seriously 75% of these posts are irrational and are sounding like nothing more than people being sourpusses. Do some people bitch and moan about anything and everything? It really gets tiresome and ridiculous.

    This current roster favors the inexperienced and is it such a bad thing to name 7 guys who were part of the Confederation Cup run? Isn’t that the smart and reasonable thing to do? instead people are calling for the 7 names to be some untried, uncapable players. Before you say it, yes I know some of the 7 aren’t fan favorites. But at least these guys do bring some form of backbone if they are called upon.

    Oh yes, for those who think Torres and Bob have had a falling out don’t flatter yourselves. Nothing is going on. There was reports of a possible concussion that led to his exit at Costa Rica and the travels to South Africa may have caused his symptoms to flare up. Plus the kid has played non-stop for the last year and a half. He may be young but the kid needs a break. Your body can only take so much. The worst thing Torres could do is try to fight through it which could harm his form for club and country. People make mountains out of molehills around here. Just stop while you are ahead.

  95. christian Navarro says:

    Micheal it seems that you know more than the reporters that were interviewing BB after the game in Costa Rica. I’m sorry for ever believing him, you are the all mighty Messiah of USMNT SOCCER

  96. ko'd says:


    Harsh? Maybe. Accurate and appropriate? Absolutely. You made the assertion, without qualification, that “this is a huge error.” I don’t expect you to know the rules. I WOULD expect, however, that you not spout off as though you KNEW what the rules were and that Bradley had automatically made a huge “error.” You had no basis for your criticism, and now you claim ignorance. Next time, if you don’t know the rules, try this: don’t say anything.

  97. Turtle says:

    Christian – read this following response you got from Jen Chang:

    “We ask Bradley the questions – he declines to answer questions about individual players and answers “no comment.” Some coaches do this (Dunga is another example) – the media can’t force someone to answer the questions. Carlisle asked him about Torres, several times in succession at the Honduras game in Chicago and got zero response.”

    Where does it state there is some sort of problem between him and the coach?????? he’s done this when asked about Adu as well.

  98. Jones says:

    Bob Bradley is my hero.

  99. christian Navarro says:

    I guess i like to read between the lines dude!

  100. baquito alyeska says:

    Wow, look at all the QQ in these posts. MB will play against MEX, plus I’m sure his club team requires his presence. Torres reasons for not being selected are well known by anyone that actually keeps up with USMNT news (rest/Pachuca), but congrats to those spreading unfounded rumours. Pure class that.

    Sacha played fairly poorly in the CC, but he still has potential. Considering the pool that these players were obviously drawn from (“lower tier” CC attendees), there’s nothing controversial about him being on this list.

  101. Supsam says:

    okay i would like to state several things:

    1) The next person who says “Where is Torres?” needs to be shot! Joking aside, Pachuca wants Torres back for preseason and Torres even admits he is dead tired. So please stop asking!

    2) You guys have got to give Bob Bradley and the USSF more credit. Im pretty darn sure that Michael Bradley wont be suspended and Bob Bradley and Sunil Gulati made sure of that so they didnt call him up.

    3) As for Casey, you guys are just judging from only one perspective. Casey only played like ten minutes or less a game and for all of you who expect him to have an impact in such a little amount of time are probably the same dull minded people who wanted Bradley fired for concentrating on the Gold Cup instead of Copa America (look how we did in Confed cup) and the same people who wanted Adu to unjustifiably start every game simply because he was freddy adu.

    4) one last thing, im not a bob bradley fan nor am i a bob bradley hater. I criticize him when he needs to be criticized and i praise him when he deserves praise. But rarely does Bradley ever get any respect. It was genius of Bradley to keep playing Dempsey when everyone wanted him benched. He found the most optimal position to use Donovan (who else thought left attacking midfield would work for Donovan?. He outclassed Del Bosque in terms of tactics and shut the down Spain (who thought that was possible?). Sure Bradley should be criticized for not changing his formation in the second half against Brazil even though everyone know Brazil was going to be way more attack minded. In fact alot of people did. Yet rarely does anyone give Bradley respect where it is due. Right now Bob Bradley does not deserve to get fired and is doing a decent job with the talent he does possess (his best players are a MLS star and a bench player from Villareal)

    Bottom line, dont be so one-sided cuz that is just plain ignorant

  102. AltiCooper says:

    everytime i see Kljestan’s name i throw up in my mouth alil

  103. zongzap says:

    I don’t want to see any of them in any games. This is a chance to try other players, looking for people to fill out the roster. What will we learn by watching these guys again.

    Will Casey get faster, will Sasha stop making bad passes, will Bornstein finally find a level he can play at, We know what the others bring.

    The fact that every player added was at the Confed confirms that the only reason we were allowed to add more players was so that we’d add some more familiar names and sell tickets. At least BB resisted adding the biggest names.

    Finally, this must really hurt the morale of the group that was first named and that’s not fair to them. Those guys all deserve a shot at the brass ring. Mexico is sending a “B” team, why aren’t they being pressured to add more 1’st tier people. Lets hope BB resists actually fielding any of them and where the Hell is Torres?

  104. Isaac says:

    Navarro, he’s not telling us anything we didn’t know or couldn’t piece together with pure common sense.

    Kljestan’s had a slump in form everyone knows that but we know what he can do. It’s just a matter of regaining that form we saw in January and this tournament wouldn’t be a bad place to start. It really seems like the whole reason Sacha’s not enjoying his football is because Chivas screwed up his transfer to Celtic and he’s not happy with the coaching staff, MLS, or anyone else in the transfer department.

  105. christian Navarro says:


    Please for those of you who do not read Spanish so you know “Gringo” means white bread, honkie, any bad term for Caucasians and please lets refrain from Calling our boys that. There was an idiot,beto, that is calling all Mexican American Players traitors for playing in Mexico and representing the US of A which I for one find idiotic and offensive. Torres, Orozco and Castillo are not traitors since they were born here in this great country! I as a Meican American can say that the ret of you idiots that love your Mexican team should stop yelling “VIVA MEXICo” and should really think about what you say because some of you idiots have your hearts in mexico but your STOMACHs here in the USA. FOODSTAMP ABUSING HATErs!!!! iF SOME OF YOU ARE WONDERING wtf check the post from an idiot named beto on the torres article sorry peeps

  106. Tony in Quakeland says:

    You know what folks? I like Torres. I thinkhe has some interesting skills and vision, and he may develop into a very good player. It is not popular to say this, but, current form excepted, Kljesten is a better player. That may change, but right now, he is.

  107. Turtle says:

    Christian – it’s really cool to get an e-mail back from a reporter, blogger, or even the president or US soccer. Just because you get a response doesn’t mean they agree with you. There were no lines to read between in his response. If you see them, you made them yourself.

    Zongzap – I was thinking the same thing about the origional list of players. This adding players was certainly a $ thing. I posted the official CONCACAF statement earlier. If you read between the lines (lol) they pretty much say that.

    I do hope to see a lot of the fringe guys – Holden, Cooper, Rogers, etc. I think our B squad should get us through the group (Honduras will be tough) then maybe we’ll see the other guys in spots.

  108. DC Josh says:

    These eight players will not be traveling with the 23-man U.S. Gold Cup squad, but will join the team for specific games during the tournament.

    So Ives, this means the players won’t travel, but just show up for the local games? I’m very confused about this situation.

    I thought Jozy should have been on the team from the beginning, he’s so out of form. Also there is no leadership on the current roster, who will be the captain, Dolo, Conrad? Ay yay yay…

  109. Isaac says:

    I don’t want to see any of them in any games. This is a chance to try other players, looking for people to fill out the roster. What will we learn by watching these guys again.

    Will Casey get faster, will Sasha stop making bad passes, will Bornstein finally find a level he can play at, We know what the others bring.

    The fact that every player added was at the Confed confirms that the only reason we were allowed to add more players was so that we’d add some more familiar names and sell tickets. At least BB resisted adding the biggest names.

    Finally, this must really hurt the morale of the group that was first named and that’s not fair to them. Those guys all deserve a shot at the brass ring. Mexico is sending a “B” team, why aren’t they being pressured to add more 1’st tier people. Lets hope BB resists actually fielding any of them and where the Hell is Torres?

    Posted by: zongzap | July 02, 2009 at 03:24 PM

    Dude read the article. It states that they’ll only be there for specific games, most likely the final. Apart from that, no one said they were going to PLAY it just stated that would be there; most likely for injury support.

  110. RapidsMan says:

    You guys just don’t get it do you? Casey was running and sprinting all over the place in South Africa!

    He gave his heart, his soul, and his all last week.

    BB is lucky to have a player with Casey’s abilities.

    He is so much better and faster than Altidore or Davies! He has scored 8…count them 8 goals in the MLS! That is not a small feat in this difficult league.

    We are lucky to have him playing here, because I heard Real Madrid offered 42.5 mil for his services and the MLS turned it down.

    Give thanks to BB and our new saviour on the field!

  111. Raoul Duke says:

    Actually I like the selection. The only person that perhaps also should have been included was Torres, but he’s been pretty clear that he needs a rest.

    I agree that Casey, Kljestan and Bornstein were not equipped to play at the Confed level, but that certainly doesn’t mean they can’t play at the Gold Cup to try and get to WC-qualifying level.

    Altidore, Guzan and Feilhaber all can use more playing time as well.

    No complaints.

  112. Brian says:

    Ives, why is Torres so deep in Bradley’s doghouse, (bad teamate, poor worker, lack of defense)?? Torres has publicy stated that he wants to play in the Gold Cup…I can’t understand why he would not be included in the 30 man roster, (unless Pachuca discouraged it…which doesn’t make sense to me given his lack of playing time at the Confederations Cup). Give the kid a chance!

  113. euroman says:

    The only position BB didn’t try to improve with these selections was CB; he must be pretty happy with Goodson, Parky, Marshall & Conrad. He’s likely looking for his 3rd & 4th options at that position for SA 2010. Califf is dropping and Boca is likely to move to LB with DeMerit & Gooch as the new starting pair.

  114. Yank in the UK says:

    I thought the MLS all-star game was a few weeks off?! Why do we not get a look at Whitbread, Lichaj, Simek, Szetela, Zizzo, etc. while we have a chance? I’m not a eurosnob, but a little balance would be nice.

  115. Isaac says:

    I kind of want to see Bobby Convey as a left back or our right midfielder. We’re missing a true outside midfielder like Convey that can give us penetration down that right side and service. The thought of Convey and Donovan marauding the flanks ( at full form) just sounds like a good idea. Something like this:






    Of course that’s only if Brian Ching is hurt or if Convey makes an appearance off the bench. Either way, it would have been worth a shot.

  116. Ken says:

    I really don’t like this 30 man roster rule. Now people like Klejstan and Casey who shouldn’t be called up anymore are going to take playing time away from Cooper and others who deserve a chance to show what they can do. I also don’t think Clark, Altidore, and Feilhaber should be there because they have already proven themselves to be worthy of a World Cup roster spot. I hope they don’t take playing time away from Holden, Adu, and Rogers.

  117. Adam M. says:

    Very good if Jozy and Feilheiber get substantial time with Davies and especially Adu, and I’d maybe add Clark to that also. Bottom line is that these guys need as much playing time together and individualy in competitive matches as possible, particularly to find out what Adu adds to the parts of the equation that already seem in place. Guzan is a good addition also. I suspect that we will only see the others as subs if we are in danger of losing an important match.

  118. Everybody says:






  119. Grant.Alpaugh says:

    Michael Bradley doesn’t have to be on the roster to serve any additional suspension. You don’t have to call a player into a roster and then bench them for a suspension to be served. All that has to happen is for you to miss (i.e. not play in) the next however many competitive matches (if the suspension was given in relation to a competitive tournament). Therefore the Gold Cup is huge because it keeps Bradley from missing Mexico.

  120. Jeff G. says:

    The poster named “Boguslaw Jaganauvski” cannot be serious.

  121. Shitsky D'Crapopotamus says:

    Where in the crap is Torres and Hejduk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  122. Shitsky D'Crapopotamus says:

    Bradley’s conservative crap caught up with him against Brazil. Playing with two defensive midfielders will not work in the long run! Torres or Adu should be starting at central midfield or there is no chance in the World Cup!

    This is like Arena all over again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Boring US Soccer!!!!!!!

  123. mwc says:

    My point has been proven. I am puzzled as to how wanting to see some backup to support a factual assertion makes someone a “dumbass.” I think it is just the opposite. In fact, if you look at the “evidence” that was used by the poster who called me a “dumbass” to support the assertion that there was a “Locker room thing” between Bradley and Torres, you will see that it says nothing like that at all. Indeed, after this was pointed out by someone else, the poster admits he was “reading between the lines” to come to that conclusion. And I’m the dumbass?? Opinions are great, that’s the basis for these sites and one reason why I read them, but don’t tell us you have some kind of inside factual information when all you actually are doing is giving your opinion like everyone else. — dumbass

  124. ToasT says:

    why Casey… why oh why Casey….

  125. Tony in Quakeland says:

    Bradley today on Torres:

    “Jose has had a very busy schedule with his club team and in discussions we felt that it was important that he have a little bit of a break before things start up again. When we look at all the different factors, certainly the idea that next summer players will be coming right from their clubs into the training camp that leads into the World Cup, you have to make very difficult decisions about if players can go a couple years without a break or if a player needs a little bit of a break right now.”

    Note the remark about next year’s cup – Torres is clearly on his cup short list.

    Sorry consipracy theorists. There’s nothing to see here…just move along

  126. primoone says:

    Is it far-fetched to think that McBride will be called again for the WC?

    I mean Conor Casey? Brian Ching?


    This guy was starting for Fulham at the biginning of 2008- and has practically played every game for the Fire. This guy can come in at the 70th minute and spell iether davies or altidore.

    I know he is retired but am I crazy here?

  127. harry says:

    Kjlestan is very close to Bob personally,thats all……………No other reason for give-away kjlestan to get minutes as that sub vs Brazil when we needed somebody like Adu who actually completes all of his passes. Casey is only their to protect the worth of MLS…..As the top American Scorer in MLS must be a international scorer too!!!!!!! Bornstein is ok. But how the hell does Jeremiah White,Jemal Johnson and Zak Whitbread not make this roster. My guess is that Bradley si tryig to protect the worth of MLS again by saying that playing in MLS is a better league than England League 1………….which we have no idea…And Jeremiah White who is a starter on benny’s new team..gets shafted makes no sense either.

  128. Sandro says:

    Ives, I second the person who suggest Bradley be on the roster. Mostly to be covered for any possible suspension. Also Torres would have been a nice addition.

  129. SG says:

    What’s the deal with Casey??

    Why is he even allowed on the field? He is so friggin awful its ridiculous. Bradley still has no clue.

  130. Mr. Roboto says:

    Summon John Harkes and Alexi Lalas from the Ham and Cheese Bar in Bristol. That is all.

  131. machine gooner funk says:

    jesus tapdancing christ this is becoming tiresome. please BB for the love of everything holy NO MORE KLEJSTAN, NO MORE CASEY, NO MORE LOYALTY TO THESE PISPOOR (and that’s being kind) PLAYERS! does sacha have incriminating photos of bradley or something? his inclusion is indefensible. bornstein played well in SA and so did benny so im happy to see them get some burn but to stick with these two underperforming players who have squandered chance after chance is downright infuriating. bradley needs to use this tournament mainly to develop and assess players like adu, rogers, holden, and cooper. jaqua wouldve been a nice addition but he was charged with sexual assault today so that may be why he’s out. wouldve been nice to see jemal but BB has proven to me he’s not the right man for the job and our success in SA was great but it tragically makes BB bulletproof as our coach and he needs to go and that wont happen now until after the WC in 2010. its truly sad that a teams’ success ends up punishing them b/c they remain stuck with bob the “special” needs coach. the master of terrible substitutions. the guy who took way too long than any rational coach wouldve to realize the potential and benefits of starting davies and jozy together. awesome.

  132. Joe clark says:

    Seriously Bob. Bornstein, Casey and Sacha. Those are the three that came on against Brazil and lost us the game. Once again Horrible coaching by Bradley that might cause us the Gold Cup. We could of brought in the Likes of Donovan, Dempsey and Gooch instead of those three mediocre MLS pets of Bradley.