Arbeloa nears Real Madrid move

Alvaro Arbeloa 1 (Reuters)

Liverpool defender Alvaro Arbeloa could become the newest Galactico.

Arbeloa says he has nearly completed a move to Real Madrid, and that all parties involved will benefit from his transfer. Arbeloa has also insisted that he has the most desire to complete the move.

The Spanish defender, who played with Spain in the Confederations Cup, started 29 games for Liverpool last season, helping the club reach a second place finish in the English Premier League.

What do you think of Arbeloa possibly joining Real Madrid? Will he help shore up Madrid's back-line? How much do you think Madrid is going to overpay for him?

Share your thoughts below.

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31 Responses to Arbeloa nears Real Madrid move

  1. thedoc says:

    if madrid doesnt take home a few trophies this year, it will be devastating to the club.

  2. Franky says:

    And people get mad at CEO compensation in the US. Geez, these guys are throwing money around like Scrooge McDuck.

  3. Andy says:

    Yeah what’s worse is everyone talks about Man United just throwing money around. I rarely hear people get bitchy about Real Madrid.

    I hope they fall flat on their asses.

  4. CACuzcatlan says:

    Andy, have you been paying attention in the last month? Everyone who is not a Madrid fan (and some who are) have been talking about how Real is ruining football.

  5. JFC says:

    superstars dont make the team, the team makes them. they wont win a thing this year.

  6. Pico says:

    I wonder how come all these players are trying hard to move to the Spanish league. The next one in line is probably Xabi Alonso. Cesc Fabregas didn’t make it but he was not hiding his desire to go back to Barcelona.

    I only hope ESPN Deportes shows as many La Liga games as possible.


  7. skb says:

    He must have become tired of playing all those matches for Liverpool so he wants to go back up Sergio Ramos.

  8. Scott A says:

    I have to say, I hope they win nothing this year. I know that money insanity is well-entrenched in world soccer by now, but this looks like another level. Massive loan taken from a bank while millions of normal Spaniards couldn’t get a tiny loan from the same banks. Just ramming a rod up the backside of soccer

  9. Tim says:

    Whatever real madrid pay for him is overpayment.

  10. japan says:

    off topic but Benfica loaned Keirrison from Barcelona. Another competition for Adu.

  11. Randomhero says:

    @Pico, alot of these players want to go back to Spain because they are either Spanish(Alonso, Arbeola, Cesc) and they do not get taxed as much as they do in England.

  12. Jorge says:


    I came across an interesting article on why some top players are moving to Spain:

    link to

  13. thedoc says:

    @Pico: the main reason players are leaving england for spain is becasue of tax money. the get way more money in pocket playing in spain then they do in england.

  14. man says:


    Cool name.

  15. thedoc says:

    @jorge @randomhero: i like the fact we all replied to pico in a 3 min span

  16. Jorge says:


    we are efficient, effective and are on top of our game… :-)

  17. Kevin says:

    The fee is going to be 4.5M Euro because Arbeloa is on the last year of his contract. As much as I despise Real Madrid for what they did this summer, I actually think this could be a good move for them. Arbeloa is everything they need in a fullback…someone who is solid defensively, not flashy, can get forward some, reads the game well.

    Unfortunatly for Arby, because Real wants to be the Galacticos he will sit on the bench because he is not adventerous enough and is not a big enough name.

  18. JGIB says:

    Is it bad i wanna punch jamie trecker in the face

  19. Sean says:

    Apart from being able to hit a free kick, this guy is a scrub.

  20. Jdavids says:

    Madrid and Citeh are ruining football. What the F is Arsenal gonna do? Liverpool?

    Money ruins. Money makes.

  21. Teddie Boy Eddie says:

    Goodbye, Alvaro. Your suspect defensive abilities will not be missed at Anfield. (Can you bring Lucas with you?)

  22. Mark H says:

    I think it is a bad piece of business for Liverpool. While Arbeloa isn’t the best player in the world he would’ve provided solid cover for the upcoming season.

    Liverpool probably won’t find a comparable player for 3.5 million pound in the market.

  23. Mike says:

    Off topic – Can we ban the putzes who always try to be the first commenter? The highlight of my day is always when someone says “first!!” only to be second or third.

  24. Jeff Cooper says:

    Arbeloa was in his last year of contract, wanted to go to Spain, and would only have been a backup at Liverpool thanks to the Johnson signing. The move hurts Liverpool a bit by depriving them of some depth, and maybe helps Madrid a bit, but it’s not a big deal either way.

  25. Teddie Boy Eddie says:

    Agreed, Jeff.

    Steve Finnan is available. Why not bring him back for cover?

  26. japan says:

    Steve Finnan is not available. He signed for Pompy.

  27. RK says:

    3 reasons to leave England for Spain:

    Food, weather, women.

    Hay mas?

  28. colin says:

    @teddy boy

    you no nothing arbeloa has been our most consistant defender the past few you even remember his first game where he shut down messi himself. Excelent defender and versitile, will be missed at liverpool good luc arby.

    and as for your lucas comment, please dont embaress liverpool supporters by counting yourself amongst us. go support chelsea with there plastic fans.

  29. Teddie Boy Eddie says:

    Hey Colin,

    You know (that’s know not no) nothing about me other than the fact I don’t care for Arbeloa and Lucas, so you’ve got no right to call me plastic. What exactly are your credentials, big mouth?

    Plenty of Liverpool supporters don’t like either player. I can’t count how many times a bar full of Pool supporters groaned at the site of Lucas’ name among the starting eleven. He’s had, I recall, one good game.

    Arbeloa as Liverpool’s most consistent defender? What the f*ck have you been smoking, son? He’s good at getting forward, and has the ocassional decent game defending. But he frequently gets lost when the ball is in the air. Do you remember Carragher at the end of last season actually shoving him and yelling in his face? Why? Because he’s not particularly good. And if he was Rafa wouldn’t be unloading him in favor of Johnson, would he?

    No, I certainly don’t speak for all Liverpool supporters, but neither do you. So, why don’t you f*ck off and go support Real Madrid, where your buddy is moving.

  30. Jeff Cooper says:

    @RK: Taxes. Much lower for top wage earners in Spain than in England. Especially so for non-Spaniards coming into the country, but I think Arbeloa will benefit as well.