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David Beckham faced the New York (and some international) media on Wednesday. He got some softball questions, but also some tough questions, including one from Grant Wahl, author of the controversial book "The Beckham Experiment."

Here is the video from today's press conference, and it begins with Beckham's answer to Wahl's question:

What did you think of Beckham's answers? Could you hear him sounding a bit shaky as he answered Wahl's question? Are you planning to go to the Red Bulls/Galaxy game?

Share your thoughts below.

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101 Responses to Beckham Speaks

  1. Johnny says:

    Wow! Beckham’s reaction to Wahl’s question is chilly indeed! I don’t think Grant will be getting the all access from Beckham’s people anymore. Good for grant in continuing to ask the tough questions.

    I just got the book in the mail today and I am already on chapter 5. There aren’t many american soccer books out there and so far this ranks as one of if not the best that I’ve read.

  2. luis says:

    it sounds like Grant is trying to expose becks lack of commitment..

  3. beckster says:

    Ives, were you there? Any questions for Bruce? How was his body language?

    Becks definately seem taken aback by the Wahl question. It also sounded to me like he needs to play European football and will in order to play for England. It will be very interesting to see how it plays out.

  4. johnny fc says:

    ill be there tomorrow for the red bulls not for beckham

  5. mb says:

    beckham is digging himself further in. there is no escape.

  6. Kris says:

    It’s easy for us as Americans to jab, but I’ll always respect the man and his ambitions.

    I really think it’d be a different story if the Galaxy were better, but since they are not, for some reason the press and the fans equate it to Beckham’s apparent attitude and lack of commitment and what not. I, for one, disagree and will always give the guy the benefit of the doubt.

  7. nico says:

    He is like a politician…never quite answering the questions. Just giving rehearsed statements…can’t blame him though.

  8. DC Josh says:

    This is great for the MLS. As a MLS fan, it’s exciting to watch drama unfold.

    From a soccer fan viewpoint, I’m looking forward to seeing an in-form Beckham feeding precision passes to an in-form Donovan.

  9. dealer2 says:

    I’m happy that America soccer has progressed enough to question one of the biggest stars in the world, as if we don’t need him.

    And we probably don’t, but I’m a little sick of the “commitment” question. BFD if he wants to play for Milan or an EPL club – stop whining about where his loyalties lie, just enjoy it while he’s here.

  10. psych101 says:

    His resume spiel in every interview shows his lack of confidence at the moment.

  11. Steve says:

    I have to disagree Nico. I’m sure Beckham has thought of all the reasons he’s not going to let his professionalism be questioned, but I think he was being sincere and did not sound rehearsed. You have to give it to him for confronting the heat, and who can argue with “I’d regret it for the rest of my life if I didn’t do everything I could do represent my country”?

    Still, I think Landon is having to eat too much crow on this for saying what needed to be said. Its wierd…Beckham will be booed everywhere in America and Landon will be the scapegoat. Hopefully the animosity won’t get in the way of how great this could be for the game in the USA. Strange days ahead.

  12. Matt D. says:

    Beckham seems like a different person answering these questions than before he went to AC Milan on loan…less jovial, more direct, a bit defensive…as if he once more has to prove himself and once more has a chip on his shoulder. That may be good for MLS and the Galaxy if his energy and drive can compliment Donovan and the rest of the team to success.

  13. EDB says:

    so what he is saying is until the world cup he will stay “contracted” to LA but not really commit until he can’t okay national team football anymore

  14. DCUfanTX says:

    i agree with Kris. This is a non-story were the Galaxy a better team. but anyway, i respect DB for his answers. I don’t think he is digging himself a hole like others have suggested. If anything, now having heard his side and what appears to be his frank answers (you gotta give it to him, he is a good spin-master) i cannot blame him for wanting to finish the season and wanting to play in Europe next year.

    For those of you who cannot understand, put yourself in his shoes: your coach tells you to play in Europe so that you may be considered being included in the WC squad. And, you are 34 y/o. And, the WC only comes around every 4 years. Plus all the pundits are giving England as one of the favorites to win the WC for the first time in 30 years with all the talent and the best coach they have had in a long long time… To me, it is a no-brainer.

  15. Jeff Darling says:

    First and foremost, it is obvious the man is committed to playing for his country. He said that right from the very beginning of this “experiment.” So in reality, he has remained true to what he has said. Good teams in the world don’t cave whenever one player is not available. That is the bigger issue. He simply cannot play for England if he does’nt play some in Europe. That is where his priority is. I’m not sure we should fault a guy for wanting to play for his country above all else.

  16. SombraAla says:

    I can’t believe he said “the MLS”, I’ve lost all respect for the man.

  17. madmax says:

    Beckham seemed to be quite clear, his main objective is to make England WC squad for 2010, and that means club football in Europe, his words. That said, Galaxy and MLS are secondary, something they hate to admit.

  18. angler23 says:

    Kris, why this ridiculous deference to an athlete? “I’ll always respect the man…. [I] will always give the guy the benefit of the doubt.” Why? Are you old school mates? Is there no wrong that he could ever do that would cause him to lose your respect? Respect Mother Terresa or Martin Luther King, but David F’ing Beckham hardly warrants anyone’s undying devotion short of his own family and business partners.

    So now that the Galaxy sucks, its okay for him to start mailing it in even though he’s paid 1000 times what most of his teammates are making? Even though it was his people that performed a behind the scenes coup of the Galaxy organization that could be considered a major cause of their sucking.

    Why people feel the need to defend this guy who obviously gave up on the team for which he was the captain is astounding to me. I would suggest you go read the book before proclaiming your undying love for the man.

  19. Ted says:

    @Johnny If you go read the interview with Wahl at This Is American Soccer, you will see that Wahl didn’t much special access to Beckham beyond his normal duties for SI or regular media access at games.

    Beckham’s handlers wanted Wahl to pay Beckham to participate in this book, and Wahl obviously said no. Hence Beckham’s “next unoffical book” comment.

  20. kpugs says:

    I don’t necessarily have a problem with Beckham putting England ahead of L.A. Having said that, you can’t be completely committed to club if you’re willing to miss part of the season in order to secure your spot with England.

    It’s as simple as that.

  21. Aaron says:

    How much is Becks getting paid to be the voice of the Geico gecko?

  22. Goalscorer24 says:

    He says he is committed but then his first priorities are to play with a bigger team (like AC Milan), and to play for his national team. I wonder if he has the same type of “commitment” with Posh.

  23. angler23 says:

    Aaron – good stuff. Lets see who can get him to say “fancy a crisp?”

  24. Adam M. says:

    Beckham badly misjudged the state of his club and country career when he decided to leave Madrid for LA and the truth is that we will never know how much his wife influenced his decision to move to LA. But everything he said today is undeniably true. He remains unbelievably devoted to England. His family has remained in LA despite his Milan loan. Any player not on a peer side would gladly play for Milan if given the chance (ask Gooch) and he still had to prove his worth on the field to earn continued consideration there. He has returned to LA in shape, ready to play, and probably in better form than when he left. His decision to come here in the first place deserves some deference, and he has earned a second first impression in my view. Now all he has to do is score a lot of goals and watch how everyone forgives his tresspasses, real or perceived.

  25. HM says:

    If Beckham and 19 Entertainment have any sense of American pop culture, they will enhance Beckham’s new image as the Bad Guy. Bad Guys drive the media coverage, gates and television ratings in American sport.

    NFL = TO

    NASCAR = Kyle Busch

    NBA = Kobe

    MLB = ARod

    You can make your arguments for the so-called Good Guys, but the ratings for sports programming (game and non-game) clearly show these four guys drive their leagues/series.

    MLS will take the next half-step if Beckham embraces being the Bad Guy.

  26. CSD says:

    So after Wahl makes a ton of money from this book and he goes out to dinner with some MLS players does he pick up the bill?

  27. BlueWhiteLion says:

    DCUfanTX–it is pretty hard to be both “frank” and a good spin-meister at the same time.

    David’s response style was much more natural with the subsequent questions, he was fitting into a more deeply believed groove. But he is halting in his first answer. He never did directly answer it. It quickly morphs into “my country” and “who wouldn’t want to play . . .

    Okay, but then, you are NOT committed to the Galaxy, at least in the way a US fan of MLS sees it (who gives a crap if he says “THE MLS” for goodness’ sake. I do to.) He MIGHT see himself committed, in the sense that he hasn’t completely bailed, and MAYBE he plans on a commitment beyond his playing years, (maybe even playing after ’10, but I doubt it). But as a player, as a pioneer, his “commitment” is clearly on the lower rungs of his personal commitment ladder. If so, then say it, David. You will have more credibility in the long rung. oops. run.

  28. Josh says:

    Beckham handled the question well enough, EXCEPT for the snide comment at the beginning. He’s either in a bubble or too uninformed about American sports journalism. AFAIK, Wahl didn’t make up the stuff in the book, so Becks shouldn’t be complaining about the “unofficial” stuff that his teammates offered up freely to Wahl.

    But whatever. He’s got a black eye over this for the time being, and he’ll have to give his formulaic answers (like any American athlete) until it all blows over.

    As for the rest of the questions, he’s honest enough. The CNN question was honest enough, and Becks probably is spreading himself too thin, but he seems to believe what he says. Now he needs to show it on the pitch.

  29. Greg says:

    What exactly is an ‘official’ book? So just because Beckham didn’t have control over what came out it’s not official? Does that mean all the history books I read as a kid weren’t official because each person depicted didn’t get to tell the story their way? BS!

    Wahl spoke with almost everyone involved (minus Team Beckham) and does an excellent job of capturing the environment and not just latching onto what one player may have felt.

    Hear it here straight from a Galaxy fan, Buck Fecks. I’ll be happy when he’s gone.

  30. TheUltra says:

    He’s a slippery little brit, I still can’t wait until they make their stop in Columbus. I can hear the “cheapskate” chants already!

  31. jmadsen says:

    He managed to say he’s committed to his contract, and is committed to his country.

    Nothing wrong there, but obviously not the same as “I’m committed to the LA Galaxy”.

    Wahl should have answered, “It’s for the magazine, but keep giving us material and we’ll see what happens…”

  32. siv says:

    i hope the galaxy win the league this year then everyone shuts up.

    but even if not, in 10 years everyone will look back and appreciate the fact beckham came to play in the US. He didn’t have to do it, and he either helped the country grow up or coincided with it growing up- either is noteworthy.

  33. Aljarov says:

    I find questioning his sincerity or his professionalism after all he has achieved in the game to be laughable.

    I don’t think he sounded shaky at all, I think he was looking for a witty quip (and let’s face it, Becks isn’t the sharpest tool in the box) and it wasn’t clinical. Still, the guy has to be pissed at Wahl for stirring things up at his team with his teammates. Becks is bigger than Wahl, Donovan and even MLS, yet he seemed composed and on the money to me.

  34. Hopper says:

    Props to Wahl for writing a great book. Becks is trying to discredit the book as “unofficial” because Team Beckham had no control over the content, but that’s not how we do journalism in America.

    I just bought the book today, and I’m already halfway through it. It’s impossible to put down. I’m firmly in Wahl’s camp on this one.

  35. evegoe says:

    Not sure if Wahl is going to make a ton of money on this book–it’s not stocked at the Barnes and Noble I stopped at today. Maybe Simon Fuller has something to do with that? Although with luck Stephen Colbert/Jon Stewart will have Wahl on their shows to boost sales.

    The TAIS interview is a must read–really revealing stuff about the process of writing the book–and I think it’ll be interesting to see how everything pans out.

    I wonder what kind of answer Beckham would’ve given at the presser if Wahl asked the question, heard the answer, and then slapped a Franklin on the table and asked, “Now what’s your real answer?”

  36. LauvSS says:

    Most of Beck’s comments and passion was directed toward playing for England. All else is a means to that end.

    Does LA want to be an afterthought – especially when contributions are half-hearted?

    Alex Ferguson was spot-on when he ‘let him go’ from Man U to Madrid – Beck’s has always been about himself. The rest is just not-so-clever act!

  37. smokedgouda says:

    There is nothing more humiliating to the league than to have its “ambassador” do everything he can to not play here.

    They say there is no bad PR, but I just don’t see how you can spin such patronizing words.

    Thanks a lot Beckham. Go the F back to England.

  38. Neumannator says:

    The extreme man-love for David Beckham (with a few exceptions) is making me choke on my beer. This guy is a corporate whore who thought he could take his show to America and make even more money. He realized along the way that he screwed his chances for the English team and jumped ship, only to be denied (well, partially denied). Now he squirms back in the LA uni, dreaming of getting out of here. He can’t leave too soon. Go home, whore.

  39. mike says:

    What is the attendance going to look like at the Red Bull Galaxy game tomorrow night?

    I get the feeling that most people don’t even know he is making his season debut tomorrow

  40. angler23 says:

    Aljarov, you are actually blaming Wahl for “stirring things up at his team with his teammates.” Wow! Talk about shooting the messenger. Here’s an idea, go read the book, the excerpts or the Grant Wahl interview on This Is American Soccer. Wahl was just doing his job as a journalist by retelling the facts, and from all accounts did a damn fine job of it. He made no secret of what he was doing with Beckham’s people who insisted on getting paid to provide him with one-on-one access.

    The facts in the book, as stated by numerous sources, provide plenty of foundation for all of us to question both his sincerity and his professionalism. Being a great footballer and ex-England captain does not place him beyond reproach. Any Galaxy fan can tell you, second half of last season, he just gave up on the team. In my book, that is unprofessional, regardless of who you are.

  41. eric says:

    By his answer to the question “how are you being committed to the galaxy” he’s obviously committed to England and Milan. Still never really answered how he was staying loyal to the galaxy. He’s a joker. I’m tired of people saying “put yourself in his place”. Than he should just go and not return. Do us all a favor. He’s not helping the galaxy, he’s hurting us. I’m ready for the whole Beckham experiment to be over.

  42. JeffM says:

    What a prickly beginning to Beckham’s response! So, the book only becomes “official” if Wahl pays Beckham’s stated 1 million (plus) fee for his side of the story? Ridiculous. It is possible for journalism to be both fair AND critical – Beckham and Sarah Palin need to learn this.

  43. D-Real says:

    I guess you can say that Frank Yallop jumped ship at the right time, though, so fair play to him.

    I don’t doubt the guy’s genuine desire to grow the game, or to play for his country as long as possible. I can say that, in my mind anyway, it reflects poorly on him when no one from 19 or Simon Fuller’s camp comes forward to address this speculation. Management sounds like they’re throwing him under the bus… or the limo… whatever. It’s one thing to want to come here and raise the level of play, but it’s something completely different to have your manager attempt a hostel takeover of a club while you just sit back and watch chaos insue. Now it sort of looks like 19 did all this damage and is leaving him to address the media.

    Isn’t his best friend supposed to be in charge at 19? Where I come from, you don’t let your boy go down like that.

    I want to hear from Terry Byrne.

  44. Isaac says:

    I think we should just get off David’s nuts and play the freaking game already. If Beckham coming to America was a mistake, then it was because something like this was undoubtedly going to happen.

  45. Dave says:

    I think Beckham is an excellent player on the pitch, but calling him an “Ambassador” for MSL is a joke. I work overseas and I have never heard of an Ambassador openly doing everything he can to go somewhere else. It is a shame that he does not really want to play in LA, but if that is the case, let him out of his expensive contract and let him go back across the pond. MSL will continue just fine.

  46. aristotle says:

    Some of the comments here are a little disturbing. Some people seem to be of the mind that Beckham is above being questioned on his professionalism and loyalty. Sadly, Beckham himself seems to echo the same sentiments.

    This is what I heard listening to Beckham:

    “If dis is for your book Grant, I want some cash right here and right now. Also, I don’t appreciate your stupid bloody question in the first place mate.”

    “I’ve been a loyal and professional person all me bleedin’ life, if you don’t believe me ask Roy Keane. This is really gettin’ irritatin’. I’m so much better than any of you twits, that it’s a joke.”


    “I’ll be so glad when this rubbish is over with, I came here to be worshiped not to have people suggest I’m not perfect, ’cause I am. I’ll be glad when I’m back in Europe and can say what I really want to say about you imbeciles. I’m an honest person I am. If you don’t believe me you can ask me. I’ll tell you that I’m an honest person. It’s who I am. I’m so bloody honest it’s scary. So if you want to question my honesty you can all piss off.”

    David Beckham is definitely not who I thought he was. It seems like even he has fallen for his own hype. I’m not saying Beckham is a bad person at all, but I definitely don’t think he deserves this elevated status as a person as well as a player. He’s clearly quite human.

  47. evegoe says:

    I don’t really think that Becks is committed to AC… he’s solely trying to keep his WC 2010 hopes alive… and the way to keep his ticket to SA is by playing in Europe. Fabio just doesn’t respect MLS, maybe England and the USA can get drawn into the same group–if the Three Kitties make it.

  48. ComoPark says:

    I thought Grant should have answered “It depends on the quality of your answer.”

  49. lt says:

    Galaxy plays AC Milan on Sunday?

    That should be amusing.

  50. Kung Fu Kangaroos says:

    Action speaks louder than words. Let’s see what Beckham does at the end of the season and his “out clause” can be used.

    For Galaxy fans out there, I wouldn’t be too worried about Becks mailing it in this season. He still has to continue to play well to get called up.

  51. Scott A says:

    I’d rather read an “unofficial”–what does that even mean–book by Wahl than an official one by the semi-literate Beckham

  52. Scott A says:

    And I don’t even hate the guy, but it’s funny how he keeps repeating the point that nobody in his entire career has questioned his professionalism or commitment…except for the several players on the Galaxy who did…

  53. aristotle says:


    That’s a good point Scott. I thinks he doth protest too much.

  54. cbr says:

    i am actually concerened with the drama on the field. The galaxy have held the fort and are still in the playoff hunt with beckham missing for the first half of the season and Donovan missing A LOT of time with the NT.

    With all their pieces back they are now sporting IMO the best starting 11 in MLS and actually have some depth this year. not many teams can bring klien and kovelenko off the bench

  55. Modibo says:

    I have to agree that the treatment Beckham is getting shows a certain growth in American soccer. Can we really compare this situation to anything that happened in the NASL? With the Cosmos? I don’t think so… but I stand to be corrected. It seems like even though the NASL was huge for a while, there was no real critical mass of quality American soccer players to compare foreign stars to, and no one to call out half-committed Euro stars like DB.

    Is he committed to MLS? Obviously not on the field. He said he wants to be an ambassador, and to be involved, but he didn’t make it clear that he wants to actually PLAY in MLS… certainly not leading up to SA 2010. Being an ambassador and being involved could mean just cooking up advertising campaigns and ponying up money for a Miami franchise (for example).

    Pele did a lot for American soccer after he left the pitch, but he also played with the Cosmos in some horrible conditions early (and later) on, and didn’t go running back off to Brazil. Not that he was operating under the same conditions, but I really question whether Beckham will be willing to front for MLS in the future.

  56. ga-gone says:

    My feelings towards him have largely been mirrored by the media the past few years… it’s just turned into too big a joke to not be questioned outright. He clearly has no committment to MLS, or at least doesn’t actually know what the word means. He will do anything and everything to play in WC 2010, and then if there is room for MLS, he’ll do that too.

    Can’t wait to boo you in person tomorrow, Becks.

  57. wweweewew says:

    Why on earth is there a scientology ad on the front page? Can someone do something about this?

  58. td says:

    give the guy a break he wants to play for his country and england is at the level that doesn’t find mls players useful…except maybe at keeper

  59. Mason says:

    Hey Becks!

    I’ve got a AA with your name on it, ya wanker! The field is easily within range of the front sections at RFK. See you in a few weeks!

  60. Joe Quake says:

    I read the book, and for me the more interesting parts had to do with how he didn’t integrate with the team well for various reasons. If you look at the situation from DB’s perspective, he is committed, but on his own terms, and he has the clout to control the terms. You won’t convince me that he is really committed to US soccer though – if he ends up buying a team, maybe I will think differently. Just because he thinks he is committed does not make it a reality.

    I hope he plays well the rest of the season along with Landon.

  61. Zack says:

    Sell him while you can! The Galaxy are fine without him. Now that Seattle is in the league, we don’t need a freakshow on tour.

  62. Gene_SF says:

    His answer sound rather phony. From the standpoint of the game, I questioned the wisdom of this deal from the get-go, but always thought of Beckham as a good guy; heck, I played pick-up soccer in the guy’s jersey. But this latest ordeal showed me his lack of character and duplicity — he cannot even admit that he simply wants out. His answers did nothing to change my negative perception. I think the Galaxy should sell him ASAP, if they can.

  63. Eric in Baltimore says:

    Cockney d-bag.

  64. dantheblue says:

    CUT HIM.

  65. US Soccer says:

    I know this is off topic…but I would love to know how much Beckham has made since beginning his ‘stint’ with the galaxy, and how much a player like Bryan Jordan, Omar Gonzalez, or just say the lowest paid player on the LA roster.

    Could you find that out Ives?

    I think there would be some questioning of Beck’s dedication in the back of my mind if I made $35,000 a year compared to his $3-5 million. Plus–plus who ‘buy’s the captaincy of a soccer team, what a tool.

  66. Isaac says:

    With how much the MLS has bloomed because of DP’s, I really don’t see anymore good ones coming just because of this.

  67. cbr says:

    was this press conference held at the W hotel in hoboken? i cant think of any other hotels worthy of Beckham in NJ

  68. peteo says:

    Without reading through the entire comments list, I’m tending to agree with Kris and DCUfanTX. Dude is taking on a lot; playing professionally, getting to WC2010, helping the England MNT, getting into said team, growing U.S. soccer, growing MLS…

  69. Jason says:

    Everyone who defends Beckham because “you can’t blame him for wanting to represent his country in 2010″ misses the point entirely. The damning part of Wahl’s book is that Beckham checked out on the Galaxy for the entire second half of the season.

    This is an organization to which he was contractually obligated and a team from which he—sub rosa—finagled the captaincy. Whether the organization in question was Manchester United or the Portland Timbers, that contract was valid, that arm band meant something (especially since he “asked” for it), and he had an obligation to be a professional and to assume the mantle of leadership associated with being team captain. He failed on both counts and neither he nor any of his Galaxy teammates have refuted Landon Donovan or Grant Wahl on that point.

    It’s a totally false dichotomy to suggest that he couldn’t have had his people work on the Milan loan while still behaving professionally and leading his team on the field and in the locker room. Or, you know, showing up to big games even when injured. Because that would be way too much to ask of a captain, right?

  70. Metro boy till da day I die says:

    Lol get off da man nuts. When he plays the number of attendance grows increidbly , n really that’s the reason y they wanted him anyways, for more fans. The only thing that sucks that the american people will pack a stadium for becham a english wank but they won’t to support our own American league. I blame all these fake fans who only show up when known players come. If u wanna see some top players come into the league than start supporting the league n spend the 35-40 $ to purchase a ticket. I really dnt care bout the whole beckham situation cuz it’s kinda dumb, he was told AFTER his commitment statement to the MLS that if he wanted a chance in the WC2010 that he would have to habr playing time in Europe. And like he said, he will do anything to get a chance to play for his country in 2010, n honestly who wouldn’t? I’m pretty syed landycakes would do the same. I don’t think beckham would have said his fully commitment statement knowing that England manager would have told him that his only chance to play in WC is to play in Europe. Only thing is that he won’t admit that, no one will! If u wanna lie n say he has to man up n say the truth ….PLEASE!!! Lmao like u knew what it would b like to be in
    His shoes. Let the man breathe, get off his nutsack, if he leaves be leaves, if he stays ,he stays…acting like complete fools over 1 player lol it’s so sad. N btw I’m not a beckham fan at all, I could care less bout him n his commitment. My commitment is to the newyork new jersey red bulls!

  71. Aquaman says:

    If I was Grant I would have given him another shot. No one needs his authorization to write a book. It’s not a biography and the subject of the book is not how does Beckham feel about Beckham. He doesn’t need permission to ask other people how they feel Beckham has been so far in America. Secondly, no matter what the question is for, it’s a legitimate question, answer it.

    Aside from that, after Beckham’s first month in Milan (where his form prompted Milan to extend his Loan) I feel he kind of did the same thing to Milan that he did to LA: He faded down the stretch. I know that he’s been getting calls into national team camps, but I don’t think it’s a far stretch to think he won’t make the England Cup team. He’ll be 35, there’s younger midfield option, and he seems to fade out after more than a handful of games. It would be very amusing for Capello to use him to help qualify for the World Cup, but then call in someone else who can handle the struggles of more than 2 games in a row (like on normal international dates)

  72. Fnarf says:

    It must be fun to be lectured on professionalism by the only Captain of England to get sent off. That was very professional of you to kick Diego Simeone while he was lying on the ground.

    David Beckham is and always will be a petulant little boy. Just because he’s a billionaire now people treat him like an oracle.

  73. mike from linden says:

    Its just seems he is reiterating himself in every interview he does. I WANT HIM OUT! I would rather deal with a player like Ronaldinho, a player with actual skill but, also a guy that likes to party. Beckham is just a PR move, not a soccer move.

  74. Kingsnake says:

    I think Beckham might be mentally ill. Seriously.

  75. KCB says:

    So where do I sign up for the Grant Wahl fan club?

  76. Tony in Quakeland says:

    It’s a relief to be able to go back to disliking this guy….

  77. Jammer says:

    “Is this for a second unofficial book?” Sorry Beck’s, it’s a free country and people get to write what they want, whether you approve or are getting paid. You had your chance to get your side out, and instead you asked Grant for money just to talk, as if you didn’t have enough already. Even his desire to play in the WC is part of his PR and money calculations more than patriotism. If he’s not on the team he will become old news fast.

    If England is #1, and you have to play in Europe to be on the team… Then why did you sign a huge $$$ contract to play in the US? And only now remember that you wanted to play for England, after the checks cleared?

  78. BlueWhiteLion says:

    watching tonight, you bet. “Go Becks!”, but don’t tell me you are “really” committed to MLS.

  79. green says:

    Just go away, already!

  80. madmax says:

    MLS and Galaxy can spin this till everyone is dizzy, but Becks said he wants out, ASAP, to play in Europe and for England.

  81. Self serving says:

    Grant Wahl has turned me into a Beckham supporter.

  82. inkedAG says:

    Neumannator said it best. Becks=Corporate whore

  83. wjmooner says:

    David Beckham is a petty petty man. Here in the USA the most widely-mocked books are “official” ones. Sorry Wahl’s “journalistic integrity” gets in the way of you making more money, Becks.

  84. Oy ve says:

    Classic example of the downside of soccer becoming more mainstream. Endless stories about ‘who said what to whom’, and off the field whining.

    That’s all ESPN and SI does anymore. It’s ‘People’ magazine geared to athletes (mostly – poker?) So tiresome.

  85. chupacabra says:

    Plus all the pundits are giving England as one of the favorites to win the WC for the first time in 30 years with all the talent and the best coach they have had in a long long time… To me, it is a no-brainer.

    Posted by: DCUfanTX | July 15, 2009 at 08:03 PM

    This is by far the funniest thing I’ve read in a long, long time! England winning the 2010 World Cup? Ha! There is no future in England’s dreaming!!!!!

    Olde Beckham should step aside and make way for the younger players who will play his position so they can get valuable match experience.

  86. chupacabra says:

    give the guy a break he wants to play for his country and england is at the level that doesn’t find mls players useful…except maybe at keeper

    Posted by: td | July 16, 2009 at 12:33 AM

    If by “England” you mean the EPL/BPL, well, they don’t exactly find many English players all that useful either these days (nor does the rest of Europe).

  87. luckyleftside says:

    Becks sure seemed to fit in that he is SUPER professional into every question he answered…..sure sounds like someone is a little worried about making sure everyone thinks he is a professional…….
    ha ha ha ha

  88. lolz says:

    “Plus all the pundits are giving England as one of the favorites to win the WC for the first time in 30 years with all the talent and the best coach they have had in a long long time… To me, it is a no-brainer.”


  89. Laurie says:

    What blows me away about this interview is how he seems to truly believe that HE’S the one who’s been slighted and deserves an apology. He doesn’t feel he owes anyone an apology, yet it’s important that “Landon has apologized” with no mention of his own flaws and faults and role in the turmoil? Please.

    Beckham, you owe Landon and all your teammmates and every single Galaxy fan an apology for allowing your people to foist Ruud Gullit on the Galaxy, and for phoning it in last year when your best buddy got ousted from his secret paid consulting job with the team, and then for deciding to play again the second you hit Milan.

    But most of all you owe an apology for allowing yourself to be bullied into coming back when the league is better off without your “commitment.”

  90. Derek says:

    I don’t think anyone was prepared for what having him play here was going to be like.

    He is going to do whatever it takes to get a shot to play in the World Cup. He received an offer to play for AC Milan, which NO ONE would refuse.

    I believe that he will be in MLS for a long time, and all of this Hubbub is good for the league. People are paying attention.

  91. Aaron says:

    Maybe Becks would’ve been ok with the book if Wahl had included the word “SHOCK” in the title. Brits love to throw that in with any soccer/football related news.

  92. Joseph D'Hippolito says:

    If Beckham said that Landon had apologized, then Beckham is two-faced about not wanting to talk about his controversy w/Donovan. I was at the Monday training session. A reporter asked Beckham twice if Donovan had apologized. Beckham responded that the incident is over and that he doesn’t want to talk about it. When the reporter asked if Beckham had asked Donovan to apologize, Beckham turned from the reporter, smiled that pursed smile of his and asked, “Anyone else?”

    Beckham and his representatives are all about control and, as it turns out, misleading those who want real answers.

  93. k says:

    would LA have given him that contract if they knew his commitment priorities were:

    1. England national team

    2. any other european team

    3. any other team eastern hemisphere

    4. any south american team

    5. LA

    6. Canada

  94. madmax says:

    MLS and Galaxy have promoted a part time, guest player for dollars. They have reaped what they have sown, more dollars crappy football. MLS, Mickey Mouse Soccer League.

  95. KingSnake says:

    td said: “give the guy a break …”

    Yes. Yes, please do. That is exactly what he needs. Preferably compound, and of the fibula and tibia both.

  96. KingSnake says:

    madmax: No, MLS stands for, in Paul Gardner’s words, “MLs (Marketers, Lawyers & soccer)” … with the s in soccer being lower case because it less important than the first two words.

  97. Fnarf says:

    I hope England does win the World Cup — with Beckham out of the squad. He doesn’t deserve to be there; he’s not good enough anymore.

  98. Laurie says:

    td said: “give the guy a break …”

    Yes. Yes, please do. That is exactly what he needs. Preferably compound, and of the fibula and tibia both.

    Posted by: KingSnake | July 16, 2009 at 02:23 PM

    I just snorted out Diet Coke all over my keyboard.

  99. madmax says:

    Beckham wants out. He says he wants out. MLS insists he play as part time guest. What sporting team would promote this absurdity, or allow it. Mickey Mouse MLS.

  100. Mason says:

    madmax: No, MLS stands for, in Paul Gardner’s words, “MLs (Marketers, Lawyers & soccer)” … with the s in soccer being lower case because it less important than the first two words.


    Aww… Is someone a NY Pink Cows fan?

  101. zongzap says:

    I’m committed but when I got the chance to play for a big club, who wouldn’t want to do that? How the Hell is that committed? Sounds like he’s committed to his own best interests then the Galaxy… if nothing better comes along

    I wish MLS would just sell him. He’s simply not worth the money anymore and is becoming a distraction. I’m with Donovan on this one (even though he tried to hook up with a big club too)