CONCACAF letting USMNT increase Gold Cup roster by seven slots

USA Crest

CONCACAF has ruled that the U.S. men's national team will be allowed seven extra roster slots for the Gold Cup because of the U.S. team's participation in the Confederations Cup. The ruling means the United States now has 30 roster spots.

So what seven players will be added? Those names haven't been revealed yet. We will post them as soon as they are made available.

Here is the initial 23-man USA roster:

  • GOALKEEPERS– Jon Busch (Chicago Fire), Troy Perkins (Valarenga), Luis Robles (FC Kaiserslautern)

  • DEFENDERS– Steve Cherundolo (Hannover 96), Jimmy Conrad (Kansas City Wizards), Clarence Goodson (IK Start), Jay Heaps (New England Revolution), Chad Marshall (Columbus Crew), Michael Parkhurst (FC Nordsjaellands), Heath Pearce (Hansa Rostock)

  • MIDFIELDERS– Davy Arnaud (Kansas City Wizards), Kyle Beckerman (Real Salt Lake), Colin Clark (Colorado Rapids), Sam Cronin (Toronto FC), Brad Evans (Seattle Sounders), Stuart Holden (Houston Dynamo), Logan Pause (Chicago Fire), Robbie Rogers (Columbus Crew)

  • FORWARDS– Freddy Adu (AS Monaco), Brian Ching (Houston Dynamo), Kenny Cooper (FC Dallas), Charlie Davies (Hammarby IF), Santino Quaranta (D.C. United)

So what seven players would you add to the roster? Here's a seven-man group to consider:

Jose Francisco Torres, Michael Orozco, Chris Pontius, Geoff Cameron, Robbie Findley, Jeremiah White, Kamani Hill

Okay, so maybe all those players aren't available for the Gold Cup, but these are players I would like to get a look in the near future.

What seven players would you like to see added to the U.S. Gold Cup roster? Share your own suggestions below.

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134 Responses to CONCACAF letting USMNT increase Gold Cup roster by seven slots

  1. Nick says:

    I’d love to see Pontius in the lineup. He’s an extremely creative player who is fun to watch and could provide an offensive spark for the USMNT.
    -Let’s go Bradley, sign him up!!!

  2. Gilby says:

    I know Altidore just played in the Confed cup but with having played in so few competitive matches this year it would be nice to see him get a little more game fit. Plus with Davies on the roster it gives those two more work together.

    Eddie Johnson is the other obvious pick. He seemed to play a little better for Cardiff late in the season and a game against Grenada may help boost his confidence going into the season.

  3. DCUfanTX says:

    ricardo clark

  4. M says:

    Ives, do you know what happened to Eric Lichaj from Villa? Wasn’t he on the original squad?

  5. gmen04 says:

    Sal Zizzo, Danny Szetla, and Lichaj

  6. gmen04 says:


  7. EDB says:

    Ild like to see jozy come, EJ maybe some other out of form regulars maybe even dmb

  8. milkshake of despair says:

    Two things concern me about the players called so far. One, lack of veteran leadership. I think a couple veterans are needed. Two, the lack of European players. Bob has more opportunities to see MLS players than Euro. I would think he would want to get Euros into camp to see them.

    Here’s a grocery list of players falling into either one of the concerns listed above. I admit to not knowing much of the Euros myself, but I would think some of them merit a look.

    Ferrari, Gabriel;

    Freeman, Hunter;

    Grella, Mike;

    Guy, Ryan;

    Johnson, Eddie; (see what he’s learned the past year)

    Parkhurst, Michael;

    Convey, Bobby;

    Tracy, Marcus;

    Twellman Taylor; (if healthy)

    Whitbread, Zak;

    Zizzo, Sal;

    Zimmerman, Preston

  9. milkshake of despair says:

    Who’s the captain of this team? Cherundolo or Ching?

  10. Metrostar 4 life says:

    Ives I really like the 7 you picked, but maybe EDgar CAstillo?

  11. Igor says:

    Jemal Johnson

  12. Sonicdeathmonkey says:

    Milkshake, Parkhurst is already on the squad. Unless you would like to have him cloned….which honestly, isn’t such a bad idea. 😉

  13. Isaac says:


    Oh trust me, I’ve tried…..

  14. Gilby says:

    metrostar I don’t think Edgar would be eligible to play for the U.S until August at least that was the case with Jones.

  15. Nick says:

    M of Despair-
    Twellman is on the injured reserve list so he isnt available for the tournament.

    Also, in response to your comment about needing veteran leadership I’d remind you that this is simply the Gold Cup. I’d much rather use this opportunity to try out a few new players and see how they can perform on a higher level of play (used loosely for some games). Plus, we still have Ching and Cherundolo in the lineup- each of whom have extensive experience with the National Team.

    I’d really like to see us try and find some more depth at the mid and defense positions going forward, so getting to see players like Stuart Holden and Colin Clark is exciting for me.

  16. milkshake of despair says:

    Nick, I’m all for trying new younger players. But I would still like a veteran on each line and it’s good to have veterans in the camp, not just the games, to show the young guys the ropes, etc.

  17. JoePDX says:


    J. White






  18. Jason says:

    My Question is Why was this ruling made? With the exception of Davies, none of the other Confed Cup players are tired. Could this be, so a player like Donovan can be called in for the semifinal or final, but left out of the group stage to recover and get a game with LA. I expect you will see “A” team type players added as the add’l 7.

  19. Nick says:

    M of Despair-
    Valid point, I can agree with that. It would definitely benefit them to have older guys to look up to and learn from. Maybe with these extra 7 spots we can bring in a couple vets, Guzan (who I’d like to see first look in Gold Cup as our #2 keep), and then 3-4 young bucks who might be able to provide some depth.

  20. Jason says:

    Dolo or Conrad will captain this team, IMO.

  21. Isaac says:

    Above anything I’d like to see Sal Zizzo; hopefully in a formation like this:






    The whole reason Adu looked as good as he did in the U20’s was because he had two true wingers who stretched the defense so well and loosened the marking. As opposed to the Olympics where Adu had Rogers and Holden. Holden is no winger and didn’t really stretch the defense or provide any kind of service. Adu couldn’t really do anything since Japan didn’t need to worry about the flank play and focused on Freddy. Its no coincidence that we scored once we finally got some width from a real wingback in Marvell Wynne.

  22. jcdunn says:

    I’d love to see Frank Simek and Bobby Convey brought in. Not sure Simek has the ceiling to be a first team guy, but he was one of the up-and-comers just a year or so ago.

  23. Nick says:

    Not sure I’d want to see Holden playing as a holding mid, he looked awful and lost in that “Ricardo Clark” type position for Houston on Sunday. He’s too creative and quick to not be used in more of an attacking mid role.

  24. Isaac says:

    I also think that Beasley should be on the roster. He needs playing time to get back some of his confidence and gain better form. Nobody here can deny that an on form Beasley is one of the best players on the team and if we have the chance to help him get his form back then I think we should take it.

  25. Steve says:

    I’d like to see the US focus on keeping a few veterans in camp as mentors, looking at as many young players as possible, and getting playing time for key players who might be out of shape. That being said, here are some guys I would like to see:

    Torres – It’s time to see what he can do

    Orozco – See Torres…plus, I don’t think he is cap-tied under the new rules (Ives, can you verify??)

    Jozy – I know it’s overkill, but he needs to get match fit before Azteca.

    Feilheiber – see Jozy

    Zizzo – we really need to be looking for wings right now

    Szetela – see Zizzo

    Earl Edwards

    I know the Edwards choice is nuts, but I’d like to have him see sit the bench in a crazy atmosphere. I think Edwards will be the heir apparent to Howard by the time Howard is done. Let’s start easing him in while we have roster spots to play with. Maybe even get him a few minutes if there is a blowout…

  26. Isaac says:

    Nick, Holden normally plays as a central midfielder alongside a more defensive one like Clark or Pause in this case and is usually given the freedom to get forward alot. Stuey actually brings fair amount of bite to the game and is a really good two way player. It was just a suggestion though.

  27. baloosh13 says:

    Whitbread, Jemal Johnson, Marcus Tracy, Lichaj, Eddie Johnson, Beasley, Kamani Hill, Bryan Arguez, Szetela, maybe a college player, the possibilities… but knowing bob, it’s gonna be 7 MLS players

  28. Isaac says:

    Ok guys lets clear the air here:

    Both Torres and Orozco CANNOT be snatched up by Mexico. Both have been capped in World Cup Qualifiers, which are official FIFA sponsored events. Therefore, under the new rules, Mexico still has no chance at them; you can all breath easier now.

  29. mikeype says:

    I agree with most of the selections above.

    I say give Eddie Johnson and DaMarcus Beasley one more chance. If they don’t impress during the Gold Cup, that should be it for both of them on the MNT for some time. They are quickly falling down the depth chart.

  30. Anon says:

    Mikkel Diskerud

  31. Nick says:

    I guess my wording was a little off, I agree with your thoughts though. I definitely concur with the belief that he performs the best with a more defensive central mid alongside him. Referring to him as an attacking center mid was a bit rash I guess (hah), I just meant he really brings a lot to the attacking game with his play. Looking back over your lineup, I can most definitely agree with it if you’re using Adu as more of a withdrawn forward – which i assume you were doing.

  32. Nick says:

    Seeing Adu right in between the two outside mids/wings just threw me off for a second, my mistake.

  33. Isaac says:

    Gotcha Nick. Either way, I don’t see how Holden doesn’t start, or at least appear in every match this Gold Cup.

  34. Nick says:

    I agree, he’s a quality player who could provide depth for our top squad’s midfield. I won’t lie, I’ve always been a Kljestan fan at Chivas- but his recent play just doesn’t justify his spot right now.

  35. Paul says:

    Torres, Jemal Johnson, Bryan Arguez, Eric Lichaj, Sal Zizzo, Danny Szetela, Eddie Johnson

    I’d like to see what these guys can do in a MNT uniform

  36. G in Humboldt says:

    “I also think that Beasley should be on the roster. He needs playing time to get back some of his confidence and gain better form. Nobody here can deny that an on form Beasley is one of the best players on the team”


    I disagree. I’ve been following US soccer a long time and have seen how good DMB was. Bob Bradley has given him more opportunities than he deserved the last year or so. DMB has been terrible.

    It’s on DMB to prove that he should get a call-up – on HIS time, not the MNTs. Until then, let’s move forward.

  37. Joe says:

    Chris Pontius

    Sal Zizzo

    Eric Lichaj

    Zack Whitbread

    Joe Torres

    Jeremiah White

    John Thorington

  38. morgan says:

    this look more like the “C” team.

  39. ChingAdore - Isaac says:

    I don’t know if you’ve noticed G but he’s not getting any “time”. At least not for his club. Which is why if he can be an asset to this team as well as ply his trade to go elsewhere in Europe then I’m all for it. He’s an improvement over Pearce anyways so I don’t see what the problem is.

  40. Aaron Phoenix Arizona says:

    Michael Bradley so he can serve his upcoming suspension before the US goes to Mexico.

  41. Jon Broxton says:

    For those suggesting Simek: he suffered a potentially career-threatening ankle injury playing for Sheffield Wednesday a year ago and spent almost all of last season recuperating. He’s not back to full fitness yet, so for the moment he’s a no-no.

  42. TheUltra says:


    that is all

  43. SAY says:


    He reminds me a lot of Charlie Davies and I think Ryan might be a little faster. He plays for one of the top 2 teams in Ireland and showed well in UEFA Cup last year

  44. DC Josh says:

    First teams have all ready reported in England, so probably other European clubs are calling in their first teamers. So this may have something to do with all of those Euros not getting a call-up.

    Bradley is HOPEFULLY thinking it’s more important for those players to compete for a starting spot at their club than to get a look at them now. Don’t forget, we still have the massive January camp coming up, and all of the friendlies leading up to the World Cup.

    None of the players who we are talking about getting a call-up are going to make an impact next year in the World Cup unless they have one of the most spectacular runs in sports history. At best, they would be a sub.

  45. Brian says:

    This move is pretty dumb and upsets me. Each team should play by the same rules. I hope we win the tournament, but I care even less about the Gold Cup now that we have special provisions made for us. I think CONCACAF just wants us to call up a better team so they can sell more tickets.

  46. JoeW says:

    1. I don’t think it should be an open list. A bunch of MLS teams have already been hit. So for instance, I can’t see taking anyone else from Houston (Boswell) or Columbus (Carroll). I also wouldn’t take guys who just finished the Confed Cup and played a full Euro season–let ’em rest so they’re not burned out for 2010 WC.

    2. I wouldn’t take Torres. As eager as people are to see him get minutes (count me in that group), it sounds like he’s burned out at the moment and needs a break.

    3. I would take Michael Bradley (just so he can serve his red card suspension–unless it was fulfilled by the ConfedCup final). List him in camp, put him on a game day roster that he has to sit out and then declare him injured for the rest of the Gold Cup.

    4. I imagine we can’t call in Edgar Castillo at this point–too bad.

    5. The priorities on my list would be Euro players who didn’t get a lot of minutes the past season. So I’d bring back Jozy Altidore and DeMarcus Beasley, I’d add Eddie Johnson (even though he’s had a gazillion chances already), I’d add Zac Whitbread and Jerimiah White, maybe Marcus Tracy just to observe him in camp. If Edu and Simek can start working out (even if they doesn’t have the clearance to play) I’d get them in camp for conditioning/monitoring/tactical/team building work.

    6. From the MLS guys….meh…maybe Pontius. DCU already is taking a Gold Cup hit (Johns, Jakovic and Quaranta) and it’s clear BB doesn’t see Pontius as legit right now. But….if he keeps improving that maybe he’d be a callup for January. In which case, if you bring him into camp now to acclimate him, he’s 2 steps ahead come January and IF he continues to make big steps, than he’s a valuable candidate for a 22nd roster spot in 2010 (because he’s a great teammate who can play any offensive position to some degree–so that gives you great depth).

    There are obviously other MLS guys you can take but you don’t want to rob teams or wear down players. So my emphasis is on guys who mostly didn’t play a lot in the past year.

  47. Djep says:

    Jose Francisco Torres,
    Michael Orozco,
    Eric Lichaj,
    Sal Zizzo,
    Danny Szetela,
    Zak Whitbread,
    Frank Simek

  48. Sg says:

    Beasley. So we can officially say he’s dunnzo.

  49. the Yin Yang Man says:

    Wouldn’t the point of giving us an extra 7 players be for us to call in 7 players from the Confed Cup roster. The assumption being that they would be fatigued but could add respectability and ticket sales to the tournament. I don’t see any other reason for giving us this opportunity. Just a thought.

  50. Beckster says:

    How Bobby Convey can be ignored given our problems at left wing eludes me.

    Would like Rodney Wallace to get a look along with Pontius. Both have such great potential.

  51. zongzap says:

    The only one I want to see called in is Torres. Since he didn’t play one minute in the Confed cup, he can’t exactly be tired

    This is obviously been done in hopes the USA will bring in some “A” players. Mexico is already sending a “B” team and there will be little interest by fans in seeing a “B” tournament.

    Lets hope BB can pull his head out long enough to realize that he knows what the “A” team brings, time look at others he hasn’t had much of a chance to see or that he chose not to use in the Confed tournament. If he does this, he might actually have a bench at the WC that he trusts enough to use and won’t burn out his short bench like he did in SA. It’s called team management, not his strongest asset

  52. zongzap says:

    Oh yeah, no Beasley. Do not wast one more minute on him, he’s done

  53. Dan Gleesack says:

    Scott Palguta

  54. soccerglue says:

    You guys that keep mentioning Torres need to read the article about him needing a break. Anyway, I would like to see Zizzo, Szetela and Whitbread at the least. Also, Jones cannot play for the US until after August 15 I thought I read somewhere.

  55. Aaron says:

    Only change I’d make might be Jemal Johnson for somebody (not Torres). Johnson deserves a chance even if he is only with MK Dons – the kid can fly.

  56. Drew_ROC says:

    I’d like to see Michael Bradley called as well, just to serve his suspension.

    What is up with Convey? Is he even playing well with San Jose? I guess I don’t catch enough Earthquakes games to know. I was thinking about him yesterday as his former teammate, Kevin Doyle was picked up by Wolves.

  57. afc says:

    Only change I’d make might be Jemal Johnson for somebody (not Torres). Johnson deserves a chance even if he is only with MK Dons – the kid can fly.

    JJ has left MK Dons.

    I’d love to see JJ, EJ (last chance or he is out IMO), Kamani Hill.

  58. Soccer_Intelligentsia says:

    For those that are asking for Beasley, why? The NT is not a charity squad and its purpose is not to rehab players or GIVE them playing time. They have to earn it. Beasley has done nothing to earn that spot given his situation at Rangers.

    My 7:

  59. fenel says:

    Chris Pontius, Sebastian Frei, anthony wallace are no brainers. I know Frei says switzerland is his first choice, but who knows he might be flattered and answer the call.

  60. Soccer_Intelligentsia says:

    Is Frei even a US citizen?

  61. KCB says:

    Just don’t take any more Wizards players (like Bradley would want to). We’re not deep enough to lose anymore players.

  62. Aquaman says:

    I would like to see:



    J. White



    Simek (if healthy)


    However, I will probably see at least one of the following:

    Drew Moor

    Sacha Kljestan

    Eddie Gaven

    Chris Rolfe

    John Thorrington

    Eddie Johnson

  63. Adam M. says:

    I would call Jozy and start him with Davies and Benny F.. Those three need as much playing time inidividually and together in competitive matches as possible. Adu should start also to see how he links up with the other three. Aside from that, I don’t really care who plays because I don’t see how anyone else we don’t already know about will crack the first team before the next WC given the additions of Jones and Edu and the possibility of Castillo. The ability to add these players is an absolute gift and the opporunity to give these guys a bunch more competitive, meaningful games in a short amount of time simply cannot afford to be wasted.

  64. JeffM says:

    Szetela. This team is soft at defensive mid. And I think that Chris Pontius is a no-brainer except that I’m a DC fan and I want him playing for us, not getting 10 mintues a game for the Nats.

  65. adny says:

    i thought rodney wallace couldn’t be called in now since he also has costa rican citizenship?

  66. m says:

    Torres! Torres! Torres!

  67. Marlon says:

    I’d like to second the Mikkel Diskerud call.

  68. Never First says:

    I think a couple of you get the point. CONCACAF doesn’t want us to call up a bunch of youngsters. What’s the point? They want us to call up guys like Donovan. During the last Gold Cup, Mexico only played Marquez the last two matches. I think Jason is correct when he says that USMNT could very well do that with Donovan. CONCACAF officials know this will be a dud of a tournament and want to spice it up.

  69. KingSnake says:

    The ones most likely to dick your fantasy team …

  70. fubar says:

    Here’s your 23 to South Africa (if BB was to pick today).























    Pick your poison

    So where does that leave all of the guys you all are talking about above.

    Also, Bradley served his suspension in the CC Final. So what planet are those who posted that he should be picked to play in the GC to serve his suspension living on?

    And I think it was Isaac that posted that Simek was out all last year with an ankle injury. Only partly true. He came back at the end of the season and then pulled a hamstring so that’s why he missed the last 5-10 games of the Championship.

    Looks like we are loaded down at right back with Wynne, Simek, Lichaj all waiting behind Spector, Dolo and Hedjuk. Could see Spector eventually moving to CB and teaming with Gooch in the 2014 WC.

  71. geoffersen says:

    “I don’t know if you’ve noticed G but he’s not getting any “time”. At least not for his club. Which is why if he can be an asset to this team as well as ply his trade to go elsewhere in Europe then I’m all for it. He’s an improvement over Pearce anyways so I don’t see what the problem is.

    Posted by: ChingAdore – Isaac | July 01, 2009 at 02:54 AM”

    I couldn’t disagree more with Isaac (and many others) or agree more with G in Humboldt. DMB needs to take responsibility for his own recent form and demonstrate, with solid play at a good club, that he deserves consideration again.

    The USMNT is not a skills academy, nor is it a cap factory. In-form players who can help us win are the only players who should ever wear the shirt. It’s a priviledge, not a right or a favor.

  72. Adam says:

    I’d like to see Brad Davis get a shot with the national team.

  73. euroman says:

    How do you manage a group of 30? BB is trying to build a team not have ODP try-outs. I don’t think he will add anyone unless he’s filling an injury.

  74. Pumas Fan says:

    Marcus Tracy and Zak Whitbread need a look.

  75. CapeCodFutbol says:

    With the exception of Tracy, and maybe EJ, I totally disagree with milkshake of despair’s selections. Ferrari?!? my word the hype is impressive.

  76. Kevin says:

    Not that I believe he should be called in, but did Michael Bradley somehow get more than the typical one game suspension for his red card? He’s already served it by missing the Confed Cup Final.

    Aside from that, no Torres, give him a holiday and let him get ready for the Mexican season. No Beasley either. He needs to find quality minutes at the club level before he gets another callup.

    Pontius, Hill, Jemal Johnson I’d like to see. I wouldn’t mind having Gabe Ferrari in to see how he’s been progressing.

  77. Ted says:

    People: Mikey doesn’t have to be on the GC roster to serve any additional suspension he might get. He already served the mandatory 1-game, and the Gold Cup will cover pretty much any suspension they throw at him.

  78. pat says:

    G. Rossi!!!!

  79. Ted says:

    Also, to the people saying this is unfair in favor of the US, read the article.

    Any team can add seven players, not just the US.

  80. wally says:

    Weird move by CONCACAF. If we’re getting 30 spots, every squad should get 30 spots. It creates an impression of unfairness, which I’m guessing we’ll hear about from other teams.

  81. Ted says:

    @Wally: Every squad does.

  82. Ted says:

    Seems I need to read. My statement about every squad being allowed is wrong.

  83. Aus says:

    I think jones has to wait because he doesn’t have full citizen of us and castillo does or something like that….anyways

    I am saying 9 and yall can figure it out……

    Edgar castillo if he can now,eddie Johnson,Jeremiah white,sal zizzo,dan szetela,marvel wynne,michael orozco,geoff cameron,jose torres

  84. Mike says:


    The planet that has newspapers and the internet. FIFA is currently looking in to accusations that Bradley verbally assaulted/went after the ref in the tunnel after the game. If it’s proved that he did, he would be suspended for 3 more matches. If he were added to the GC Roster, he could effectively serve out the suspension for games he wasn’t planning on playing anyway, thereby rendering him available for Mexico at the Azteca.

  85. isaac says:

    Who I would not like to see is Torres(let him get a rest) and Findley nor Pontius. Who I would like to see is Altidore, Geoff Cameron, Edu(if available), Chris Tierney, Fuad Ibrahim(yes get him his first cap), Joe Cannon(or Marcus Hahnemann or Danny Cepero) and Edson Buddle.

  86. fubar says:


    But that has not been decided. Mere speculation on everybody’s part until it actually happens…

    And do you think he had an actual gripe? The call was yellow at best.

    And there was also “talk” that he would have even the one game suspension overturned and that he “might” play in the GC final. Did that happen?

    So any talk about additional suspension time is premature at best. This is how rumors get started. Someone half-reads a post and takes it as fact. Lets wait and see.

  87. JustinG says:






    E. Johnson



  88. jon says:

    Does the Gold Cup get any TV love?

  89. dbex says:

    I say:









  90. Mike says:

    I didn’t half-read a post; I read this directly from the FIFA website, among other publications. As such, I’m not starting a rumor, since this story has been in circulation for a week. You’re not going to use all 7 players anyway (we know Bob’s substitution patterns), so why not erase all doubt, just in case? We do need Bradley for the Mexico game.

    And if the call was a yellow at best, and he got a red….well, you just answered your own question about whether or not he has a gripe, right?

  91. erik says:

    anyone know why torres wasn’t on the roster to begin with?

  92. Tim says:

    Drew Moor deserves a look as does Zizzo and Szetela. Even Dax should be in this squad. He’s been playing lights out football for the past 2 months.

  93. Jose A. V. says:







    N. JAQUA

  94. EA Scott says:

    Edgar castillo, Edgar castillo, Edgar castillo!!!

    Torres, Torres, Torres, Torres!!!

    And we need more defensive mid options, so Szetela as well.

    Then from Ives list: Michael Orozco, Chris Pontius, Geoff Cameron, Jeremiah White

    I like Kamani Hill, but he hasn’t had a lot of club time; probably better to let him settle in Portugal…

    This is potentially great news if some of these guys get callups….

  95. Domogoj Gotovac says:

    Damarcus Beasley

    Landon Donovan

    Kasey Keller

    Carlos Bocanegra

    Oguchi Onyewu

    Clint Dempsey

    Jay Demerit

    We need to improve our roster

  96. Christian says:

    Seems a bit unfair for the US to be able to add an extra seven players to their roster.

    Mexico wasn’t allowed this luxury four years ago.

  97. Sterlinho says:

    I don’t care who we bring in, but why is Jon Busch even on the roster? He’s old and short and will never have a legitimate shot at the national team. He seems like a total waste of a spot. If I was a Chicago Fire fan I would be pissed that he will most likely miss 4 MLS games.

    Oh, and don’t call in MLS guys…we don’t want them too tired before the All-Star game!

  98. green says:

    Chuck Blazer is a dirty cheating shmuck!

    Sorry, had to say it.

    Do we really need extra players when only one on the roster saw any minutes in SA? I say we laugh at this “special treatment” and take the cup with the original roster.

  99. madmax says:

    Ives, I like your picks but make two changes, brining in Castillo and Tracy.

    Jose Francisco Torres, Michael Orozco, Chris Pontius, Geoff Cameron, Marcus Tracy, Castillo, Kamani Hill

    Rumor has it that Coach Bradley will bring in
    Beasley, Kljestan, Casey, Reyna, Harkes, Lalas, and Preki.
    Note: Galaxy have refused to release Alan Gordon.

  100. 505anthony says:

    I think Shakes (Kevin Goldthwaite) has been excellent for NYRB this season and deserves a look, if only an invite to the training camp.

  101. Dave in San Francisco says:

    Only one person has mentioned Nate Jaqua…wow. I’m not a Seattle fan but I think this guy deserves a shot. My other six would be:







  102. teach says:

    time for more changes to my MLS fantasy team :-)

  103. Word is that Pachuca wanted Torres back for club committments and I think rightfully so.

    I would like to see

    Sal Zizzo

    Kamani Hill

    Chris Pontius

    Michael Bradley (if he can serve suspensions at CONCACAF competition)



    But really, given the B team status of most of the squad, does Bob Bradley really need to have a 30 man squad for the Gold Cup?

  104. Al says:

    What’s with the calling for Torres? He said it on record that he wants to have a vacation.

    I’d like to see Orozco, but I think with a new coach in San Luis, he’d be better staying put there. Especially, the fact that the coach is looking for more central defenders.

    Aside from your list, I’d like to see Anton Peterlin. Just to see why David Moyes impressed with the kid.

  105. EA says:

    Is this the part where we all spout some obscure player who’s in some far off league that will never get a chance to do anything other than get called in for the January camp/friendly?

    Ooooooh! Oooooh! Me first!

  106. fubar says:

    This is NOT even a B Team. This is a C Team at best.

  107. JGIB says:

    Yura Movssyian the guy has regain his form and is one of the most creative young striker in the pool

  108. WK says:

    more young players at each position– geoff cameron, orozco, or whitbread; lichaj, pontius, and zizzo; and white, tracy, or shea

  109. Keith G. says:

    Of the 7 players I would bring in the following:

    Marcus Hahnemann

    Zack Whitbread

    Michael Parkhurst

    Pablo Mastroeni

    Maurice Edu (if healthy, think i heard is hurt)

    Hunter Freeman

    Kamani Hill

    I think these are guys that should get an opportunity, plus most of them are abroad, and just had a months rest so should be good to go.

  110. Felix says:

    Leave Torres off, he’s gassed. I would add Jemal Johnson, Jeremiah White (for sure), Michael Orozco, and Marco Vidal. After that I don’t care.

  111. Hard to say says:

    Jose Torres
    Robbie Findley
    Chris Pontius
    Jeremiah White
    Geoff Cameron
    Robbie Russell
    Yura Movsysian (Streaky? Yes, but ask any coach in the league, his combination of strength, speed, and tenacity causes huge problems for any back four. Whether he scores or not he demands a lot of attention, and he’s getting better and better at holding the ball up and involving the rest of his team.)

    I wouldn’t want to see all 3 RSL players go, but a case could be made for any. Findley is the obvious choice, but he has been banged up. Russell has been rock solid all year.

  112. goalscorer24 says:

    Some European players please!

  113. Derek says:

    I think the over 40 population needs to be represented.

    I’m available.

  114. silent e says:

    Someone correct me if I am wrong, but I don’t believe Bradley has to be on the roster to serve his suspension. That would be ridiculous. MLS teams don’t usually bring suspended players to their away games.

  115. Adam R. says:

    Anybody that I’ve barely seen play that is playing in a 3rd division European league. :)

    There is really no need for a 30 man roster.

  116. keganator172 says:

    Would love to see any combination of these younger Euro guys get a chance to play together and shine:

    Arguez, Bryan.. Grella, Mike..
    Ferrari, Gabriel.. Goodson, Clarence..
    Freeman, Hunter.. Gibson, Grover..
    Szetela, Danny.. Hill, Kamani..
    Zizzo, Sal.. Johnson, Jemal..
    Zimmerman, Preston.. Orozco, Michael..
    White, Jeremiah.. Simek, Frank..
    Tracy, Marcus

  117. EA says:

    Now that I’ve posted my snarky comment…

    A lot of it depends on club situation for this players. Preseason training begins for these players in a couple of weeks. If they are fighting for a starting spot with thier non-MLS team, they need to be there, not here.

    That’s why we have Davies, Altidore and Adu here. They’re in never-never land, as far as club situations go.

    Same thing with MLS players. US Soccer has to be cognizant of how many players are taken from teams during thier season. I think this is why you’ll see Quaranta and not Pontius. Santino has a better chance to contribute immediately.

    With that in mind:

    – EJ. Unless he is going to be back with Cardiff and fighting for time. Would like to see if has made strides. He looked “better” the last time he was with the team.

    – Kamani Hill. Always showed a lot of versatility, and I haven’t seen a lot of negative when I’ve seen him play. Why not?

    – Sal Zizzo. Other than a decent showing in the U-20s, I haven’t seen that much to impress me. And apparently he’s gone from Hanover, according to his Wiki page. Ummmm….maybe not.

    – Eric Lichaj. He’s been around the program lately, so get him some game time.

    – Danny Szetela. Unless he’s battling for PT with Brescia.

    – Brek Shea. Good creativity. Don’t know how much room we’ve got for forwards with Cooper, Altidore, Davies and Adu.

  118. Joseph D'Hippolito says:

    Frankly, I would rather see the European-based players (including Beasley; sorry, guys) than those from MLS. The latter have enough to worry about w/league play, U.S. Open Cup and (in some cases) CONCACAF Champions League. Besides, Beasley needs to improve if he’s going to be a factor next year, and he can only improve by playing.

    BTW, this CONCACAF ruling is rather suspicious. You think CONCACAF *wants* the U.S. to win because the U.S. generates more money than Mexico or any other CONCACAF side? Just look at the 23-man roster; only Adu and Davies were on the Confederations Cup roster, and only Davies saw significant action. Why does the U.S. *need* seven more players? I want the U.S. to win just as much as any American but I know when something smells.

  119. tim says:

    Gulati wont let Bradley pick Cameron, dont want to piss off your next coach.

  120. CaliNick23 says:

    1.Fransico Torres 10.Zak Whitbread

    2.Edgar Castillo 11.Jemal Johnson

    3.Migiel Orozco 12.Eric Lichaj

    4.Danny Szetela 13. Chris Pontiaus

    5.Sal Zizzo 14.Frank Simek

    6.Geoff Cameron 15.Mikkel Diskerud

    7.Marcus Tracey

    8.Jermieah white

    9.Eddie Johnson

    Drop some of the older MLS players who have very little chance of ever appearing in a USMNT shirt and start to intdoduce the future.

  121. BrianK says:

    Folks,…being in or out of form is not the issue with Beasley. There is a reason he is not getting games with Rangers and the USMNT. There is a reason he looks like he is in a stupor when he is on the field.

  122. andrew in tampa says:

    would like to see EJ, Breck Shea, Sztela and Anthony Wallace.- Wallace is our future at left back. Many of these guys on the current squad have no hope of making it to WC2010. One thing for sure. We are going to be very unhappy with many of the BB team selections when the tournament starts.

  123. EA says:

    “We are going to be very unhappy with many of the BB team selections when the tournament starts.”


    A lineup of:

    ————–GK Du Jour————-


    Quaranta/Arnaud – Holden – Adu – Rogers


    Is good enough to get results against every team except Mexico, and even that’s a push. I think the seven spots is to allow the US to call in the Donovans, etc for the knockout rounds.

    And sell tickets, of course.

  124. Aquaman says:

    Oh, what about sweet, sweet Lee Nguyen. Whatever happened to Sammy Ochoa too? Quentin Westberg showed he was a really good young keeper at last year’s Toulon tournament, but isn’t getting much time with Troyes….Might be able to give him a shot.

    Another plausible selection may be Ellis McLaughlin or the young guys on FC Dallas who are really good but can’t seem to find a lot of playing time (Brek Shea, Anthony Wallace, Eric Avila, Peri Merosevic, Josh Lambo and Kyle Davies).

  125. Bryan Dunham says:






    J. Johnson

    E. Johnson










    Pick 7

  126. Bryan Dunham says:

    I would love to see Jones.

  127. KJK says:

    Pontius, Findley, Tracy, Orozco, Torres


  128. Steve says:

    Forgive possibly a dumb question and maybe bad spelling…but does Lee Ngyuen still play professionally? What is up with him and could he ever get a call up?

  129. oscar_in_fw says:

    I don’t know why anyone wants Beasley to play. He got injured with the Rangers and has not recovered ever since. He’s sitting on the bench with the Rangers and from all appearanecs with the National team, he’s lost the speed which gave him an edge on the field to overcome his ball handling deficiencies. If he can no longer fly by defenders to create scoring chances or track back on defense, he’s useless to the team.

    He needs to prove he can still play at the club level before we give him a chance to stink it up again with the National team.

  130. Youngee8 says:

    Why would we (all of our passionate fans) even think about Beasley, Shasha, or Connor Casey)?

    Thank you for your service guys but you are done. Conrad, great player but getting a bit too old for our nats.

    Sorry brothers!

  131. chris says:

    Edgar Castillo he could play left midfielder or left back with very fast speed coming up and down, a great offensive option.

  132. charlie says:

    what about jeremy hall? im am not positive but i think he has played international matches with the u16’s?

  133. Aquaman says:

    Lee Nguyen currently plays in the Vietnamese league. In a sort of related story, Denilson also played in the same league for one day and then retired.

  134. kswiss says:

    Brian McBride, anyone? Hasn’t he recently said he’d be interested in returning to the MNT? I would think the Gold Cup is the perfect time to bring him back in the fold.

    Other than that, I’d like to see Feilhaber get more time as a starter. I’d also like to see a couple of the young guys mentioned, like Zizzo, Szetela and White.

    MB, only if you have to be on the roster to serve suspension (I’m not sure of that ruling, either).

    Then let’s use the leftover spots for what they’re originally meant. A-team players like Donovan and Altidore, who can play in the semi’s and the final, if/when we get there.