Four U.S. players named to Gold Cup All-Tournament team

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The 2009 Gold Cup is in the books, and while no American fan wants to remember how poorly the tournament ended for the U.S. national team, there were still some great performances to draw from it.

CONCACAF acknowledged this as it named four U.S. players to the 18-man Gold Cup All-Tournament team. Stuart Holden, Kenny Cooper, Clarence Goodson and Chad Marshall received those honors, while the U.S. also received the tournament's Fair Play Award.

The complete All-Tournament team is listed under the jump:

2009 Gold Cup All-Tournament team

Goalkeepers – Keilor Navas (CRC), Guillermo Ochoa (MEX)

Defenders – Mike Klukowski (CAN), Freddy Fernandez (CRC), Fausto Pinto (MEX), Luis Moreno (PAN), Clarence Goodson (USA), Chad Marshall (USA)

Midfielders – Julian de Guzman (CAN), Celso Borges (CRC), Stephane Auvray (GLP), Gerardo Torrado (MEX), Giovani dos Santos (MEX), Stuart Holden (USA)

Forwards – Alvaro Saborio (CRC), Walter Martinez (HON), Miguel Sabah (MEX), Kenny Cooper (USA)

While the inclusion of the four Americans is a strong indicator of the United States' overall depth, one has to wonder how and why Kyle Beckerman was left off this team.

While Beckerman did not leave an impression on the CONCACAF officials (at least the ones who named this team) he surely has to have left an impression on U.S. head coach Bob Bradley, who must have turned his attention to the Aug. 12 World Cup qualifier against Mexico in Estadio Azteca.

For Americans everywhere, that game can't come soon enough.


What do you think of the four U.S. players named to the Gold Cup All-Tournament team? Is someone on there that shouldn't be? Wondering where Beckerman is on this team? Did any of your favorite CONCACAF players get snubbed?

Share your thoughts below.

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71 Responses to Four U.S. players named to Gold Cup All-Tournament team

  1. Goalscorer24 says:

    I hope we win in Azteca! When will the US announce their roster, and when will camp start?

  2. Evan says:

    How did Kenny Cooper make this team? The others US players all make sense. Perkins should have been considered too.

  3. bryan says:

    im not sure the cooper inclusion is fair. i would say vela deserves it more. and am i the only one who wasnt that impressed with beckerman?

  4. Ewe RS Tupid says:

    Cooper earned it with 2 critical goals.

  5. Mentz says:

    Cooper? Eww

  6. mwc says:

    Evan — agree about Cooper. He was in for about a minute, so I do not see how he makes it.

    Ives — As for Beckerman, I just do not see the fascination with him. I also do not see why he would get any consideration for the USMNT WC roster given who is available in the midfield.

  7. TJ says:

    Get some Ching. Cooper actually scores goals.

  8. Tommy H says:

    Who named the team? CONCACAF officials? Cooper is an odd choice, must be stats only.

  9. Caldwell says:

    What’s with a “Best XVIII?” It kind of cheapens the award a bit to me.

    I though Benny Feilhaber was our best player in the tournament, if only for a handful of games. Holden was mostly great, Goodson impressed me, Cooper should have started every game, and as a Sounders fan I wanted to see more of Brad Evans.

  10. Tommy H says:

    Until the Mex. game Beckerman played well. Held the ball, passed well and most importantly made himself available for outlet passes. Been missing that since Reyna. Although US does play a faster attacking style now. The question is can he play like that at a higher level, I’m afraid, probably not.

  11. JoeW says:

    Cooper on this is based on his goals scores/highlight film, not a careful analysis of his overall play. Holden and Marshall very deserving. Goodson–hmm…not so sure, definitely an alternate in my mind not the overall body of work of Marshall and in my mind not as good as the play that Dejan Jakovic provided for Canada. I thought Perkins deserved to be considered and should have been at least #3 if not #2.

    Finally, it’s a sad commentary that on this team, it’s basically Mexico, USA, Costa Rica and a few Hondurans and Canadians. One player from Panama and that’s it for the rest of the region.

  12. John Godfrey says:

    Cooper does not deserve praise, certainly, but neither does Beckerman. He is slow and has a poor first touch and — great goal aside — lacks any sort of vision. He can tackle a bit, however. He is, in short, Dema Kovalenko with a tragic hairdo.

  13. joe k says:

    goodson? seriously? he led the charge down to shitshow central for the american side. i won’t let that game take away from everyone’s performance, but he completely ball-watched for that second goal. unacceptable!

  14. henry says:

    if u think about any of the goals in the finals then no one on the us should have made it, but if u think about all their other games they deserve it.

  15. Joe B says:

    don’t they realize how much of a waste of size cooper is?

  16. u.s. fan says:

    cooper was a good sub, but he is not thaat good! hee should not have made the team!

  17. Doncabb says:

    Kyle Beckerman is to slow and lazy and inconsistent with his passing.

  18. Katatonia says:


  19. u.s. fan says:

    he isnt slow and lazy. the u.s. needed him and he probably should have made it!!!!!!

  20. fischy says:

    I think the forward selections are a sad commentary on the state of CONCACAF. Sabah missed a crucial penalty kick, and wasn’t all that impressive. Martinez showed he could pressure defenses with his speed, but had a bit of trouble making that count. Cooper barely even saw the pitch. I wasn’t incredibly impressed with Saborio, either.

    I really wasn’t impressed with Beckerman’s efforts against the better teams. I would be far more surprised to see him on the list than I am to learn that he is not. Hard to reconcile Goodson and Marshall’s selection with their performance against Mexico, but up to that last game, they did look good.

  21. u.s. fan says:

    beckerman should have made it,

  22. Jack K. - SBI MAFIA ORIGINAL says:

    Old news…

  23. HM says:

    Who cares about Beckerman? He has no shot at South Africa…

    Bradley, Jones, Feilhaber, Clark, Edu, Torres and Klejstan are the guys in discussion for the 4 central midfielder spots.

  24. Bill says:

    The defining moment in Kenny Cooper’s footballing career: being named to the Gold Cup All-Tournament team, despite being the 6th or 7th option at forward in any meaningful competition.

  25. femexfut says:

    The Mexico Roster

    No. Nombre Posición Club

    1. Francisco Guillermo Ochoa Magaña Portero América

    2. José de Jesús Corona Rodríguez Portero Cruz Azul

    3. Efraín Juárez Valdez Defensa UNAM

    4. José Antonio Castro González Defensa Tigres

    5. Rafael Márquez Álvarez Defensa Barcelona

    6. José Jonny Magallón Oliva Defensa Guadalajara

    7. Ricardo Osorio Mendoza Defensa Stuttgart

    8. Aarón Galindo Rubio Defensa Guadalajara

    9. Carlos Arnoldo Salcido Flores Defensa PSV Eindhoven

    10. Oscar Adrián Rojas Castillon Defensa América

    11. Gerardo Torrado Diez de Bonilla Medio Cruz Azul

    12. Israel Castro Macías Medio UNAM

    13. José Andrés Guardado Hernández

    Medio La Coruña

    14. Cuauhtémoc Blanco Bravo Medio Chicago Fire

    15. Alberto Medina Briseño Delantero Guadalajara

    16. Giovani Dos Santos Ramírez Delantero Tottenham

    17. Nery Alberto Castillo Confalonieri Delantero Shakhtar

    18. Carlos Alberto Vela Garrido Delantero Arsenal

    19. Miguel Sabah Rodríguez Delantero Monarcas

    20. Guillermo Luis Franco Farcuason Delantero

  26. Angel says:

    Fair play award my ass, That is why we get kill all the time. We need someone who play defense with a lots of guts(Huevos)and show their presence. someone like Gatusso, Canavaro, D. Alvez, Terry, Lampard, Pujol, etc. those guy won’t let you come in with the ball on your feet and do all this movement. They will tackle you hard and show you that you not coming in playing just like that. That’s what happen with the USA team. we play too much the fair play game and we are not tuft on defense. Look what Gio Dos Santos did he was showing the ball to our defense and moving to the side with it and noone had the guts to play him hard. so F the fair play. I have that game record it and I saw many hard hit the Mexico did to our guys and we were like a good boyscout. Please USA I better not see this in the Azteca game cause if we do the same they will kill us and come back with another humiliated score..

  27. Angel says:

    About the guys that got selected ummm not fair. Holden did a better job than most of them. Goodson and Marshall had a nice tournament and should be look up for the A team. and I mean keep in mind even tho the last game the broke down and Cooper ummm he was ok on this game but I think Brian Ching deserve to be there on that list instead of Cooper, I not a fan of Ching but he did a better job at forward than any of forward guy even tho he is running out gas after the 40min. And whoever is thinking that Beckerman, Quaranta, Heap, Pearce, Roger should be consider to be on the A team are freaking out their mind. please that an insult. They had a little glance here and there but that is all. They are not ready to play in a top level. I rather look other player that are coming from the U20-U17 or are in the USL or maybe move to Europe like Whitebread, Jemel Johnson, Marcus Tracy and mamy more.

  28. Brett says:

    Playing that “tuft” defense is what got us 2 red cards in 2 games at the Confederations Cup.

    As for this team, LMAO @ Cooper being included. He can’t even break the starting 11 on his own side and he is in the “best of tournament” squad. His goals to minutes ratio (the highest in the tournament I would wager) is what got him the spot. Holden and Perkins were the only Americans worthy of spots.

  29. Addam says:

    Coopers PK was the direct result of Holden getting off some crazy ball to him while having a defender all over him.

    Coopers tap in goal was the direct result of Holden playing the ball back, getting a 2 touch back to him and then him feeding it to Cooper while keeping him onsides. And if Holden took that PK, he wouldve had a way better % chance of making it than cooper did. I’m just saying, cooper didnt create enough to be named to this team.

  30. tgrex123 says:

    Angel, I agree with you 100%, but the reality is that those guys you mention (for the most part -Gatusso???) know how to play hard without attracting the yellow cards. Our guys still have a hard time w/ tough play & not getting the yellow cards! This tourney was an attempt to clear that, but look where it got us. Total balance is very thing!

  31. The Atomizer says:

    Beckermann = strictly MLS.

  32. Angel says:

    That is the List of player from Mexico, the FMF already confirmed that will be playing against the USA at the Azteca. what you guys think?

    Francisco Guillermo Ochoa Magaña | América
    José de Jesús Corona Rodríguez | Cruz Azul

    Efraín Juárez Valdez | UNAM
    José Antonio Castro González | Tigres
    Rafael Márquez Álvarez | Barcelona
    José Jonny Magallón Oliva | Guadalajara
    Ricardo Osorio Mendoza | Stuttgart
    Aarón Galindo Rubio | Guadalajara
    Carlos Arnoldo Salcido Flores | PSV Eindhoven
    Oscar Adrián Rojas Castillon | América

    Gerardo Torrado Diez de Bonilla | Cruz
    Israel Castro Macías | UNAM
    José Andrés Guardado Hernández | La Coruña
    Cuauhtémoc Blanco Bravo | Chicago Fire
    Mexico List posted already

    Alberto Medina Briseño | Guadalajara
    Giovani Dos Santos Ramírez | Tottenham
    Nery Alberto Castillo Confalonieri | Shakhtar
    Carlos Alberto Vela Garrido | Arsenal
    Miguel Sabah Rodríguez | Monarcas
    Guillermo Luis Franco Farcuason

  33. EA says:

    “Fair play award my ass, That is why we get kill all the time. We need someone who play defense with a lots of guts(Huevos)and show their presence. someone like Gatusso, Canavaro, D. Alvez, Terry, Lampard, Pujol, etc. those guy won’t let you come in with the ball on your feet and do all this movement.”

    A. I don’t really think that Lampard and Dani Alves are really like the rest of those guys.

    B. We have those guys. Bradley, Clark, Mastroeni and Hejduk all play with that fire, and from what I’ve seen of DeMerit, so does he. Sadly, these guys don’t have/haven’t earned the respect of those listed above, and will earn yellows or reds for the same challenges that a Gattuso will make that won’t prompt the ref to blow the whistle.

  34. Wispy says:

    If the roster femexfut posted is truly Mexico’s roster for Aug 12, by my count that’s at least 7 players from their Gold Cup team. At most we’ll have Ching (and possibly Pearce and Holden) on ours.

  35. RedWhiteandWho says:

    Beckerman > Sacha

  36. Eric Griesheimer says:

    cooper scored off a penalty kick and a tap in. Did not merrit being on the all Gold Cup team.

  37. EA says:

    Beckerman=(different player than)Sacha

  38. Angel says:

    you are right about this guy haven’t earned the respect but sometime you have to give those hard foul even tho u get the yellow card. And that is what happen in the USA vs. Mexico game the defense was really soft. All I’m saying is you have to know where and when to make those fouls. And about D. Alves and Lampard and other guys is not they like gatusso and so for. but they are sneaky, tricky and you need that when you play soccer. Everything is fair when is in the field and you don’t get caught. BUt I’m with you AE

  39. jpc says:

    9 guys that played in NY are on the Mexico roster for Aug 12th. Mexico may be in for a rude awakening at Azteca.

  40. Wispy says:

    Actually, jpc, I now count 10, including the backup keeper. And I hope your “rude awkening” theory is correct.

  41. Wispy says:

    Oh, I see, 9 that actually played in NY. My bad, jpc.

  42. EA Scott says:

    Wow, you can’t praise Beckerman without everyone jumping all over him – “he’s not going to be there in 2010″ or “there’s so many players ahead of him”.

    Fact is he played a good tournament, much better than I or I think a lot of people thought he would. He held the ball well, defended very well, passed well and even got into the attack. He was definitely guilty of a few boneheaded passes, and his vision needs work, but overall we were much better with him on the the field.

    I don’t think you can count anyone out for 2010; chances are there will be some injuries on the A team, players losing form (eg Beasly, Klestjen), etc. The world cup is still a year away…

  43. dolan says:

    Beckerman is too laid back. No fire in his belly. Plus, white guys should NEVER wear dreadlocks.

  44. timpramas says:

    With the game at Azteca played at a high altitude, would that influence US team selection for players such as Beckerman who play their home games for club teams at a high altitude?

  45. ChelseaMatt says:

    After 5-nil I don’t think any of this squad should be named to the all-tourney team — pick 1/2 Costa Rica and 1/2 Mexico — they drew in the semi’s

  46. ThaDeuce says:

    . Francisco Guillermo Ochoa CHECK
2. José de Jesús Corona 
    3. Efraín Juárez 
    4. José Antonio Castro CHECK

    6. José Jonny Magallón CHECK

10. Oscar Rojas 
    11. Gerardo Torrado CHECK
12. Israel Castro

    15. Alberto Medina
    16. Giovani Dos Santos

18. Carlos Vela
    19. Miguel Sabah CHECK
20. Guillermo Franco CHECK

    I count 13 Mexican “A” teamers- players called in to the big games, no wasted roster spots….


    Brian Ching

    Posted by: ThaDeuce | July 29, 2009 at 02:35 PM

    I call it a Mexican “A-” team, not a “B” team that played in the Gold Cup final. But go ahead and enjoy your fun Mexican fans. The Yanks are Coming.

    Posted by: ThaDeuce | July 29, 2009 at 02:37 PM

    Really only missing three main players: Nery Castillo, Blanco, & Marquez.

    Posted by: ThaDeuce | July 29, 2009 at 02:39 PM

    I can’t wait for the US camp… When is our roster announced and when do they begin camp Ives??

    Posted by: ThaDeuce | July 29, 2009 at 02:43 PM


    And missing Guardado. By the way, it seems that Rafa Marquez may not play at all because he still is out injured.

    Posted by: Jorge | July 29, 2009 at 02:48 PM

    Where is everyone today? On vacation with Ives? And here I am trying to start a U.S.A. vs Mexico debate.

    Posted by: ThaDeuce | July 29, 2009 at 03:01 PM

  47. JT says:

    I don’t understand people sometimes. While I don’t agree that Cooper should have been included on the All Tournament Team, I don’t get the trashing he’s received. All he’s done is score in almost every National Team game he’s been a part of.

  48. ThaDeuce says:

    I posted on the wrong page apparently.

    so…anyone know when bob will announce the roster and when camp starts?

  49. nico says:

    Escober should have made it, Honduras keeper.

  50. Angel says:

    Like always Bob Bradley take his sweet ass time to give the list, like if its a secret. I hope we get couple of Surprises in that least one Edu, Jones, Castillo & Orozco.

  51. ThaDeuce says:

    Could Soccer By ives create a post on this please?

  52. Wispy says:

    @Angel — I’d love to see those guys, too, but we won’t, because:

    Edu — out injured until Sept

    Jones — out injured until late August

    Castillo — not eligible yet; in fact, I haven’t seen any reports that he has officially petitioned FIFA to change national teams

    Orozco — Bradley probably will stick to vets like Gooch, Demerit, and possible Marshall for central defense.

  53. Angel says:

    This is my prediction of who will be in the USNMT list Ithink Bob Bradley have to sacrified a Goal Keeper for this qualifying and add more defense and fowards.





    What you guys think give me your opinion?

  54. Angel says:

    you might be right but like I say I hope we get a surprised on the list. Anyway I post it a list of my own tell me what you think

  55. japan says:

    Angel, you got 24 players on there. Wispy is right. Those 4 won’t be there for the reasons he gave. I would replace them with another keeper, Cherundolo(sp??), and Califf. I really don’t want to see Holden or Cooper on there but we don’t really have much of a choice. We really don’t have as deep depth as people think.

  56. ThaDeuce says:

    Angel: I think these changes to your list
    yes to:

    no to:
    Castillo (hasn’t petitioned yet)
    Orozco (though I wouldn’t mind giving him a chance over pearce) ( i might be wrong on this one)
    Hejduk (dolo is above hejduk)
    Torres (out of form with club too)
    Edu (it would be cool if he were recoverd)
    Adu (no chance in hell…i might be wrong)
    Jones (not allowed yet, and injured)

  57. Angel says:

    is just a list I created is not an official maybe we get worst player in the offical list, knowing Mr. Bob Bradley for example : Sasha, Beasley, Quaranta, Beckerman just as sample only.

  58. Angel says:

    anyways I think Mexico will that with this lineup a 4-4-2 and I think Aguirre is going to use the same game plan he did against the B team in the gold cup and that is wait until the 2nd half to send the big guns like Vela, Franco and Blanco. so USA have to put all the ball in the net if they the chances and not waste them.
    Guardado——————Dos Santos


    very similar to the one he just against Spain, Egypt and Brazil.

  59. PanchoMiguelMoralesdeConejo says:


    Good list to start from. Jones wlll not be there, he’s hurt and out til around end of Sept/Oct. I don’t think Adu makes the roster for this trip.

    Castillo can not either, will not clear FIFA paperwork in time, (if he files, no official word on that yet).

    So dropping Jones, Adu, Castillo, plus (probably) Hejduk, Orozco, Torres and Cooper…I’m betting you’ve got 17 of them right. Dolo is the wildcard on the right flank.

  60. Wispy says:

    @ ThaDeuce — Lewis, huh? Interesting. He hasn’t played for the U.S. in a while (maybe since second round of WC quals?) but he is, after all, the last American to score at Azteca. Plus, he’s playing pretty well for LA. Might be a good veteran for the bench, or at least a good call-up to tell Azteca war-stories to the youngsters in camp.

  61. Angel says:

    es grande tu nombre eh. I think so too Jones, Castillo, Orozco, Edu are just there and I like to call them wild card too. But believe me Adu & Torres will be there and I think I put Cherundolo and Holden on my list. I think Marshall, Perking and Goodson have make the grade to be on the list. PLEASE NOT BECKERMAN he is a good player but I don’t see him on the A team. He was good when he used to play with Donovan in the U17 but thats all he got.

  62. japan says:

    Angel, I know its just a listed you created. I was just giving my opinion since you were asking what people’s opinions were. I also hope we won’t see any of those players you listed but I have a feeling we will.

    I also don’t think you will see Medina and Sabbath. I think it will be Castillo adn Dos Santos up top and somebody else on the right. I don’t know much about Mexico national team so you might be right.

  63. david says:

    i think cooper just exhausted his last chance he proved he can’t be a starting striker for the USA national team but i dont mind him as a super sub from here on out

  64. Wispy says:

    Hey guys — there’s a new posting on this topic. Let’s head over there.

  65. Angel says:

    about Mexico ummm I forgot about Castillo and maybe u are right. But who know I just playing Astrodamus here. lol but is true about castillo.

  66. zongzap says:

    Cooper? why? Guess they looked at the numbers and not the on field play. I don’t expect to see him with the “A” team again any time soon. If Bradley starts a halfback as a forward over a true forward, I think that says something about his future

  67. bleh says:

    Hey guys, why don’t ya’ll cry about Cooper being involved. That’s what I’d do if I was a US fan.

  68. Nicole says:

    Kenny Cooper? Are you kidding me?

  69. MiamiAl says:

    Mexico’s best player was Jay Heaps…

  70. Joamiq says:

    Cooper? What a joke. Kind of like Dempsey winning 3rd best at the Confed Cup over Donovan (or Gooch, DeMerit, or Spector). It’s clear that the people who choose these things don’t actually watch the games.

    zongzap: What halfback did Bradley start as a forward?

  71. Shitsky D'Hippopotamus says:

    Holding always looks like he just smelled hog poop. Peckerman is a man-child.