Gold Cup Final: USA vs. Mexico (Matchday Commentary)

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The USA-Mexico rivalry is ready to resume today as the the U.S. national team takes on 'El Tri' in the CONCACAF Gold Cup final at Giants Stadium today (3pm, Fox Soccer Channel/Univision).

The Americans are looking to win a third straight Gold Cup while Mexico is looking to win its first match vs. the USA on American soil in almost a decade.

I will be providing commentary throughout the day so please feel free to follow the match here. As always, you are welcome to share your own thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action (USA lineup after the jump):


FINAL- That's all for me. Please feel free to share your post-game thoughts on this debacle in the comments section below (And yes, I'm banning and deleting as we speak since things have turned a bit crazy).


FINAL– Mexican fans break out a "Yes we could!" chant. They're loving this trophy presentation.


FINAL– In the end, Mexico brought a better team to the Gold Cup and the Americans ultimately wound up paying the price for keeping and fielding such a young and understrength squad this far into the tournament.

If Bob Bradley's ultimate goal was to really test this young group of players to see who could handle the rigors of more important games, then he certainly learned plenty in this tournament. If Bradley's ultimate goal was to win a trophy, he has only himself to blame for this result.


FINAL– Giovani Dos Santos is chosen as game MVP. Jay Heaps finished second in the voting. 


FINAL– Mexico 5, USA 0.


90th Minute– This is actually not the worst loss to Mexico ever. here are some worse ones:

1957- Mexico 6, USA 0

1949- Mexico 6, USA 0

This IS the worst loss to Mexico on American soil in U.S. national team history.


90th Minute– The last time Mexico scored five vs. the USA? A 5-1 drubbing in 1980 in Mexico City.


90th Minute– 79,156 is the attendance. Lots of witnesses to this slaughter.


88th Minute– GOAL MEXICO!!!! Guille Franco buries one from 20 yards out. Mexico 5, USA 0.


87th Minute– Heaps with a second yellow card for a clumsy challenge.


84th Minute– It's as if the American defenders have never seen a team switch fields with long passes.


82nd Minute– For those wondering, Castro did a Michael Jackson tribute with a crotch grab.


81st Minute– Sam Cronin is coming into the match. Kyle Beckerman exits. One of the few players to keep it together even during this late meltdown.


80th Minute– Jose Antonio Castro with the fourth goal, off another pass from Castro.


79th Minute– GOAL MEXICO!!!! 4-0. Wow, this is ugly.


74th Minute– Dos Santos misses wide with a dangerous shot.


72nd Minute– So how many of these U.S. players will start on Aug. 12 in the World Cup qualifier? Aside from Brian Ching, I doubt any of the eleven have a legitimate chance of starting. How many of the Mexican players could start? Ochoa, Magallon, Torrado, Vela and Dos Santos are all good bets.


71st Minute– Mexico is having fun now, though not as much as Javier Aguirre, who delivered some lively fist pumps after the third goal. He's enjoying this one. Doing slightly better than the last time he coached against the United States.


69th Minute– The crowd is going nuts here. The American defense was just completely overwhelmed by Mexico's speed.


67th Minute– GOAL MEXICO!!! Carlos Vela finishes a great run and pass by Dos Santos. They've shredded the USA defense in the past 10 minutes. Mexico 3, USA 0.


66th Minute– Holden with another turnover. The Americans are showing their inexperience today.


64th Minute– As bad as the PK call was, there's no excuse for the defensive breakdowns here.


63rd Minute– Cooper and Quaranta are in, Pause and Arnaud are out.


62nd Minute- GOAL MEXICO!!!! Dos Santos with the finish. Another Mexico breakaway. Holden with the turnover, and Mexico makes them pay. Mexico 2, USA 0.


60th Minute– SAVE PERKINS!!!! Vela on the breakaway but Perkins makes a clutch kick save. WOW.


59th Minute– PERKINS SAVE!!! TWICE. What is going on with the USA defense?  Mexico is finding tons of space.


57th Minute– Should be interesting to see how this changes the game. Will Mexico keep attacking? Will Bob Bradley make an attacking sub (Kenny Cooper)? Will the ref provide a make-up call for that tragic decision?


56th MinuteGOAL MEXICO. Torrado finishes the penalty.

Dos Santos elbowed Heaps in the face, Heaps goes down in a heap, and the ref awards Mexico a penalty. Shocking.


55th Minute– PENALTY!!! Ref awards Mexico a penalty. Dos Santos looks to have taken a dive there.


54th Minute– Dos Santos gets by Marshall on the right flank but his cross finds nobody. Mexico is working the wings well. Aguirre has identified the weak spots in the back for the USA.


52nd Minute– Torrado passes it off the ref, leading to a USA breakaway. Had some flashbacks to the USA win in Glendale, Arizona when a Mexico pass off the ref led to Landon Donovan's breakaway goal.


50th Minute– Heaps just got skinned.

Rogers with a shot right at Ochoa, needs a much better shot to beat the Mexican keeper.


50th Minute– Mexico corner kick.

They're assaulting the wings early on. It's clear what the instructions were.


49th Minute– Rogers with a nice tackle on Dos Santos in the area. Dos Santos is working the right flank now.


48th Minute– Rogers HIGH. A good look from 12 yards out goes over by a foot.


47th Minute– Vela's inclusion means Dos Santos can slide over to the wing, with Vela joining Sabah up top. Medina had been awful.


46th Minute– Carlos Vela has come into the match.


HALFTIME– USA 0, Mexico 0. Pretty even game. Both teams have had chances, but neither has really taken a hold of this game. Who will step up in the second half? 


45th Minute– Mexico on the counter again. But no, Alberto Medina sends another shot wide.

That's where Dos Santos wants to be, in space with the ball, running at the USA attack. He's so good but his teammates aren't stepping up.


44th Minute– Marshall CLUTCH with a defensive intervention on a Mexico breakaway. Goodson nearly let Mexico in for a goal with a poorly-timed slide tackle that opened up a Mexico counter.


42nd Minute– Mexico struggling to create in the final third. They need a more creative player in central midfield since Dos Santos seems to be parked higher up the field (where Marshall has done a good job on him).


40th Minute– Pause with the turnover on the long pass attempt. Mexico hasn't found much in the middle of the field so it hasn't bee a totally bad game for Pause but he's on a yellow and has had some nervy moments.


36th Minute– Neither team has really put a stamp on the game yet. Mexico has looked deadly on the counter, while the USA has had a few nice sequences.


34th Minute– Beckerman goes wide with a shot from the arc. Definitely had a Panama flashback there, but it wasn't to be.


33rd Minute– USA corner off a bad mexico header. This Mexican defense is definitely vulnerable.


32nd Minute– Guillermo Ochoa has enjoyed a strong tournament for Mexico and isn't going to be easy to beat today.


31th Minute– Sabah header wide.


30th Minute– Mexico corner kick.


28th Minute– HOLDEN WIDE!!!!!! He had a clear look from distance and sends it wide. Great sequence.


27th Minute– Ching is ruled offside on a sequence and Pause gets a yellow for shooting into the goal after the whistle. Not sure how he would have heard that whistle, but it was pretty late.


24th Minute– Heaps with a yellow card for a hard foul.

USA doing well to shadow Dos Santos.


23rd Minute– Americans started out well, but they need to be careful not to let Mexico start finding its rhythm.


21st Minute– Beckerman with an unforced turnover. Americans need to do much better with the ball.


20th Minute– Mexico with a good stretch of possession. USA looking a bit nervous in that sequence. Beckerman and Pause need to slow things down.


18th Minute– Logan Pause looking shaky early on.


17th Minute– Goodson is back on the field.


17th Minute– USA is playing a man down right now.


16th Minute– Looks like Goodson caught a head to the face ala Jimmy Conrad vs. Panama.


14th Minute– USA with a chance on the corner but Ching's shot is blocked. Goodson is down on the ground.


13th Minute– USA with another corner off a long free kick.


12th Minute– The field definitely looks to be playing slow, which is to be expected from two-day-old grass.


11th Minute– USA is holding its own early with some useful possession. No real chances yet though.


9th Minute– USA wins a corner. Holden's hit a few good ones.


8th Minute– Dos Santos sent the springing pass on that chance. He's so hard to defend because he floats all over.


6th Minute– Chad Marshall is paying extra attention to Gio Dos Santos today, as he should considering Dos Santos is far and away Mexico's most dangerous player.

DANGEROUS Mexico cross finds nobody.


4th Minute– This is a bit of a defensive-minded Mexico lineup, with Aguirre looking like he's emphasizing possession early.

USA on the move but can't break down Mexico's back-line.


2nd Minute– Mexicans start out with some possession. They're looking like they're going to start the match slowly. Makes sense considering they just went to PKs on Thursday night.


1st Minute– We're underway.


PRE-GAME– It's a sellout crowd tonight and I'd say it's at least 80 percent Mexican. Sam's Army/American Outlaws are filling out 101 nicely though.


PRE-GAME– The anthems have been played and we're getting close to kickoff.


PRE-GAME– No Carlos Vela in the starting lineup for Mexico. He's still working his way back from an injury suffered earlier in the tournament. He's a safe bet to be a second-half substitute.


PRE-GAME– Here is Mexico's lineup:

————-Miguel-Sabah——-Gio Dos Santos————–

Alberto Medina———————————-Efrain Juarez

———–Gerardo Torrado——-Jose Castro—————–

Fausto Pinto————————————–Israel Castro

————-JC Valenzuela———–Jonny Magallon———–


BENCH– Jose Corona, Ismael Rodriguez, Guillermo Franco, Carlos Vela, Pablo Barrera, Carlos Esquivel, Luis Miguel Noriega


PRE-GAME– ESPN2 is airing a one-hour pre-game show previewing today's Gold Cup final. The show started at 2pm for those of you watching at home.


PRE-GAME- Bob Bradley sticks with the same lineup from the semifinal. Not that surprising considering how well they played vs. Honduras, but I was wondering if the short turnaround would play a role in choosing the lineup. 


PRE-GAME– Here's the USA bench:

Jon Busch, Brad Evans, Kenny Cooper, Santino Quaranta, Colin Clark, Sam Cronin, Michael Parkhurst


PRE-GAME– Here is the USA lineup:






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605 Responses to Gold Cup Final: USA vs. Mexico (Matchday Commentary)

  1. FIXXXER says:


  2. Never First says:

    This could go either way, but Mexico has to be slightly favored here despite their recent struggles.

  3. Excited for the game. First Gold Cup game I will be able to watch. ESPN2 has some pregame coverage right now. Didn’t realize Jonaz played for USA.

  4. Tim says:


  5. alexarmac says:

    Bettors have US a slight favor. This one could go either way.Their speed and skill up front is main concern

  6. Sitting here watching USA v Spain to warm up. Loving every minute of it. U.S. 2, Mexico 0.

  7. milkshake of despair says:

    Guesses at how many red cards? I say 2

  8. Joe Jack Johnson says:

    I’ll go with 1, but there should have been 4…

  9. David W says:

    I wonder what time Busch got to NJ after the game in Seattle yesterday. It would have been easier to call in Guzan from England.

  10. JDizzle says:

    I am going all out here. Holden gets a hat trick today and we win 4-1. Mexicos solo goal comes courtesy of jay heaps own goal on a goal kick. Doh!

  11. Why are we calling this our B Team? It is really more our C Team.

  12. fenel says:

    Why is cooper not starting? He’s the only forward with 2 goals and yet he’s on the bench.

  13. @ fenel Cooper – Ching isn’t ideal.

  14. Toumba says:

    If you don’t see Ching’s value then you don’t know much about football.

    I would also like to say that Jay Heaps has been solid ever since the crazy mistakes he made a few games ago.

    I hope we don’t get caught up in the Mexican mind games and just play. Let them worry about the ref and looking tough. We just need to ball. Beckerman and Pause need to avoid any cheap yellows.

    Troy Perkins is a stud. Holden in the best player in the tournament. GO USA!

  15. Ives and everyone – Say Holden scores a few goals today and considering how he has played this tournament, do you think he will draw any interest from Europe?

  16. Well said Toumba. Ching may not be the fashiest player, but there are so many games that we lost without him (think the last Gold Cup).

  17. fenel says:

    Cooper and Ching can play together. They’re both big/strong (which would be good against the small mexican defenders), good in the air, and Cooper is good with the ball at his feet and can shoot from distance.

  18. Cenote says:

    Well, here we go — I hope we aren’t 2 goals down before Holden starts ranging inside to give us some possession and offense. The Pause-Beckerman combo doesn’t exactly inspire offense.

    This is as worried as I’ve been going into one of these games. Ching is a must with this line-up, as our goals are coming on set pieces and crosses if they come at all.

  19. John says:

    ESPN doing a pre game show OF A GAME THEY’RE NOT EVEN SHOWING? Somebody’s taking notice in Bristol. Maybe they’re stepping up their bid for the Azteca game?

  20. bigdeadbat says:

    holden with a hat trick? i dunno, i think this is going to be a really tough game.

  21. Chas says:

    Stu is gone soon. I only hope he stays MLS until he gets a good opertunity with a good club. His game gets better every time he plays and there is no reason to expect that will change. He has a chance to be a great one.

  22. Chas says:

    I have got to learn to proof read!!!!

  23. Brent McD. says:

    Tenemos que ganar! Vamos Perros Yanquis! Vamos USA!!!

  24. blag says:

    ESPN messed up the starting 11
    They had Holden at forward, Arnaud on the left MF and Rogers on the Right MF.

  25. Kingsnake says:

    Predicting scores, or who will score, is silly. Just win …

  26. DJ says:

    anyone got a feed?

  27. Cenote says:

    I hope we watched the Panama-Mexico game closely. These little skill players do not like a big forearm in the back and hard tackling. That could be key early.

    Arnaud seems a poor match-up for us, but we are limited with personnel. I wish Cooper played his size rather than 5’9″ like he does.

  28. Kingsnake says:

    Kuban Krasnodar vs Terek Groznyi is also on …

  29. fenel says:

  30. blag says:

    Even though with that mess up I just mentioned, I am extremely impressed with ESPN right now. They are doing a pre-game show of USA vs Mexico and it is not being shown on ESPN today. They are also doing a pregame for USA vs Mexico on Aug 12 as well as a postgame. That game they are also not showing. They finally see the value (most likely money wise) with team USA (at least versus mexico)

  31. Kingsnake says:

    For those of you who do not enjoy Max’s dulcet tones, there is also a Setanta feed. (I thought they went bankrupt?)

  32. Kingsnake says:

    I had to turn off last night’s MLS game because Rob ‘My Teeth Are Shiny!’ Stone was getting on my nerves too much. Awful …

  33. Brian says:

    AIM Chat:


  34. Win says:

    So, was that American girl really just scratching or was she about to put her hand over her heart for the Mexican national anthem?

  35. Kingsnake says:

    Setanta is also showing the Star Spangled Banner, unlike FSC …

  36. blag says:

    Anyone worried about Dos Santos being in the front? He is by far their most dangerous player and he is fast. This is going to be a tough game. I can only hope this USA squad holds together and prove to us their value.

  37. Cenote says:

    Where is everyone today? Hardly any game-related chatter. Is everyone else just nervous?

  38. Cenote says:

    We want dos santos up front — he’s like Landon, better with the ball at his feet running at your defense. Upfront limts that some.

  39. froboy says: best website to link to pretty much any game

  40. Nick says:

    I think we’ll do fine with the speed.

  41. Kingsnake says:

    I have not heard a Setanta announcer yet — which is a relief. Nothing but football …

  42. Metro Boy says:

    Dos Santos compadre!! La conchA te tu madre!! Vamos USA!

  43. Steve W says:

    Mex looked good against a good CR team. Tough match. Slight favorite to MEX.

  44. Brent McD. says:

    Ives, can you estimate the fan composition. From the TV, looks like at least 70/30 for Mexico

  45. blag says:

    Cenote, I understand that, but our backline isn’t particularly fast, which is the concern I had and I saw some of the Mexico games, they can play fast with some fast one touch play.

  46. Cenote says:

    decent ball by holden.

  47. Cenote says:

    Blag —

    True, but he is too fast for Beckerman too.

    Choppy start — we aren’t doing too well with their pressure.

  48. Alf says:

    Good start for Mexico. They’re not giving up much space right now.

  49. Cenote says:

    That would have been a shot on goal with Davies instead of Ching

  50. Panos says:

    Why is this thing consistently held in the US, look at the stadium, 80% Mexican in NY, where is the love US fans??

  51. Cenote says:

    It’s apparent we are playing old school English football. Hoofing it up to Ching and trying to play off the knock down.

  52. Adrian says:

    um that should be a yellow for dangerous play

  53. Kingsnake says:

    First Mexican attempted decapitation of the match …

  54. blag says:

    I am not sold on Davies yet. By 2010, I hopefully will be. The thing with Davies is he gets the fast break, but I see him also waste those chances a lot or not know what exactly to do up top once he gets those break aways.

  55. Cenote says:

    First dive, courtesy of Sabah.

    Followed by first Beckerman closed eyes missed tackle.

    This doesn’t look promising.

  56. Brent McD. says:

    turf looks really slow. balls are just dying out there

  57. Kingsnake says:

    Why make a cross to no one?

  58. Brent McD. says:

    would rather see Rogers take corners from the left….

  59. Cenote says:


    Agreed on Davies, although I think he’s worth the chance. He gets shots and puts them on frame. I prefer Ching, barely, in this match. Rather Davies than Arnaud, course, but what can we do?

  60. Kingsnake says:

    Nice shot … *eye roll*

  61. Cenote says:

    I don’t get this whole “Beckerman” thing.

  62. blag says:

    O do not get me wrong, Davies looks to be our future. If he can find his way on those break aways with his speed, the USA team will be a force to be reckoned with. I would like Davies in this match as well, but we will have to wait and see how he develops further.

  63. Cenote says:

    Need better service there.

  64. slymer says:

    What’s not to get about Beckerman? He’s played really well.

  65. Mike says:

    Sooo close!!!!

  66. Kingsnake says:

    Speaking of Mexican dives, Blanco was in fine form last night …

  67. blag says:

    Ching had his chance there, he should have tried a chip it up toward a corner. It is early, hopefully he finishes the next one

  68. Adrian says:

    how did the ref not see that


  69. Mike says:

    What do you guys say is the fan percentage in the stadium? Ives had 80% Mexican and I’m leaning more towards 85-90.

  70. Brent McD. says:

    Really hope Clarence can continue. Parkhurst has been a bit shaky this tournament

  71. Alf says:

    Mexico got away there. That was a clear penalty on Goodson.

  72. Cenote says:

    That was a penalty. Not sure how you miss the jersey pull.

    Goodson can’t make that space with his elbow when his jersey is pulled.

  73. froboy says:

    watching it on tv in Mexico, their commentators even said it was a clear penalty and how lucky mexico was

  74. Cenote says:

    Beckerman. Well, he is predicatble. Poor in the tackle, slow, not comfortable on the ball. I don’t think he’s played poorly, I just don’t think he has the ability to play internationally. That was a nice shot, but he was as surprised as anyone I suspect.

  75. Kingsnake says:

    If football were a hair vs. hair match, Beckerman would be footballer of the year …

  76. froboy says:

    have to say i’m impressed with the way the US team is playing, keeping possession pretty well

  77. Cenote says:

    Nice mis-use of “ubiquitous” by Bretos.

  78. Brent McD. says:

    Pearce and Rogers need to stay wider. They’re both cheating in towards the middle….

  79. American’s seem so calm through all this Mexico possession.

  80. Cenote says:

    Umm, that was Beckerman losing that header at our penalty spot. Hair or not.

  81. Cenote says:

    Oooh. Heaps. Damn you.

  82. slymer says:

    C’mon blue shoes!

  83. Kingsnake says:

    Setanta finally found its sound … and … It’s Max!!!

  84. Cenote says:

    Should be a yellow card.

    That was an off the ball trip.

  85. Brent McD. says:

    Heaps got ball there!

  86. Cenote says:

    Nice tackle by Heaps.

  87. Adrian says:

    how is that a yellow

  88. Jonathan says:

    I think that was a revenge tackle from Heaps.

  89. jh says:

    New drinking game…# of shots/drinks = the # of rolls by a flopping green-shirt

  90. Cenote says:

    Hand ball by Gio.

    Ref is not calling their dives, which is good.

  91. Cenote says:

    Stupid decision by Pause.

  92. Adrian says:

    wow this is crooked


  93. slymer says:

    lame call by the ref

  94. Kingsnake says:

    Holden is a stud

  95. slymer says:

    Holden is a stud. He’s all over the field today.

  96. patagonia says:

    This ref is garbage – he’s calling everything against us.

  97. froboy says:

    wish Adu were paying like Dos Santos, he’s going to be Mexico’s best player once Blanco decides to stop playing

  98. fenel says:

    Arnaud looks lost on the field. That’s one thing i don’t get. Cooper had one bad game in this tournament, everyone called for his head. Arnaud had one good game and everyone thinks he’s the deserving starter over cooper.

  99. Cenote says:

    Theoretically Arnaud is fast. Cooper doesn’t give you that.

  100. Cenote says:

    Rogers has a very low field IQ it seems.

  101. Win says:

    How on earth can you shoot the ball so poorly

  102. Alf says:

    I think the U.S. just sent the first soccer ball to the Moon with that last shot.

  103. froboy says:

    if ching had a little bit more speed he would be a heck of a player, as it is he is still a solid role player for the US team

  104. Cenote says:

    How about Quaranta for Arnaud, Slide Holden into the withdrawn forward, pure attcking central midfielder?

  105. Adrian says:

    rogers needs to go

  106. Cenote says:

    Ching plays hard.

    Beckerman is terrible.

  107. slymer says:

    Wish Arnaud would have shot that

  108. froboy says:

    beckerman loves to shoot from any where and every where, he’s gotta learn to select his shots better

  109. froboy says:

    beckerman isn’t terrible, on this team he is a solid player, definitely deserves to play, but he doesn’t offer much to the full national team

  110. Cenote says:

    Beckerman is a HOLDING midfielder. Not an attacking midfielder. That is why his shots, and shot selection, are bad.

  111. Brent McD. says:

    Once again, our width is crap. Either Pierce and Heaps or Holden and Rogers need to stay wide. That width provides passing options

  112. Forrest says:

    How many more shots are we going to put over the goal? The USA is getting good looks, but they’re not making Ochoa worry at all with these shots.

  113. Cenote says:


    He is not terrible. He is terrible in the role we are placing him right now. Holden, on the other hand, would be brilliant in that role.

  114. Kingsnake says:

    Nice gut punch opn Ching

  115. Jonathan says:

    Was that a knee to the groin on Ching?!

  116. froboy says:

    again even the mexican guys call that a red card, i can’t stand torrado, he moves up high on the list of most hated players for me

  117. Cenote says:

    Bad giveaway by Pause. I just hate this central midfield.

  118. Alf says:

    Torrado got away with that elbow to Ching’s face.

    Right now I’d say Mexico is the more dangerous team, especially whenever Dos Santos touches the ball. He’s been able to take on three U.S. players. The U.S. has got determination but they’re throwing some weak shots.

  119. Cenote says:

    Marquez will forever and always be most hated for me.

  120. Andres Iniesta says:

    Do i see a bus being parked by the US of A?

  121. froboy says:

    i said he isn’t terrible if you read my comment, i said he was a good role player

  122. Brent McD. says:

    and a cloud plunges the stadium into shadow….

  123. Cenote says:

    Someone needs to lift Dos Santos into the air a couple of feet on a challenge. That will completely turn the game for us.

  124. Cenote says:

    froboy —

    I was just explaining myself. He has some value when used properly (in the MLS due to his complete lack of speed.

    Well done by Marshall!!!

  125. patagonia says:

    no yellow for that dive?

  126. Brent McD. says:

    Chad Marshall — a brick wall! — saving our bacon

  127. Kingsnake says:

    Another Mexican dive in the area, but only 0.4 on the Blanco Scale

  128. Jonathan says:

    sweet flop by medina

  129. Win says:

    wow Marshall would’ve fouled that guy if he didn’t flop.

  130. Leon says:

    I think Brian Ching is an extremely talented soccer player. I also think he’s not good enough for international soccer, even B sides. Sorry. Too slow, too little imagination, no movement towards goal.

  131. Alf says:

    Medina has blown it way too many times now. That’s another great ball he’s ruined by not passing.

    And the dive. At least he got the yellow.

  132. Cenote says:

    Glad to see that yellow.

  133. Cenote says:

    Beckerman needs to light Dos Santos up on a tackle. We can’t give him space.

  134. Alf says:

    And again. Medina has got to go for the second half.

  135. Jonathan says:

    This added time is clearly excessive.

  136. Nick says:

    Tino comes in and has an assist and a goal to win the game…

  137. Cenote says:

    BB needs to make some subs.

    Quaranta for Arnaud.

    Holden into the middle. Lets Beckerman and Pause defend a little more. Ching plays target, force Rogers to get some white on his boots. That’s how it needs to be.

    Cooper in for Ching at 75 minutes. Chiung is looking a little gassed.

  138. Jacob A. says:

    Quaranta in for Pause, squeeze Holden into the middle, Quaranta out wide. Pause hasn’t done anything but pick up an yellow, and Quaranta as a more pure winger will help our width, and crossing from that wing would be a welcome addition.

  139. Cenote says:

    I think we need two holding midfielders. Stop Dos Santos and Medina, stop Mexico. They have nothing else until Vela comes in. Arnaud has been invisibile and ineffective.

  140. fenel says:

    Arnaud sucks!….bad. Put cooper in.

  141. Kevin says:

    If Beckerman could get his heads out of the clouds with the long, hopeful shots and dreads, he might be a good player. He certainly has imagination, I’ll give him that.

    We need to find some offense somewhere out there. Ching probably isn’t the answer, here.

    Goodson’s head has been on every ball in the air into the 18.

  142. Tomson says:

    Tight match. I tend to think the slow field has a lot to do with this. USA will probably win this on a set play.

  143. TJ says:

    Our right wing isn’t actually doing any winging anyways,he’s already pinched way in–go ahead and toss Pause out, bring Tino in on the wing, slide Holden in officially.

    There’s not enough going on with the forwards. Ching’s off tonight, or only good enough to take on the Hondos–bring in Coop. Arnaud’s also off, so… jeez, I don’t know. Leave him in, take Brian out, I guess. Arnaud’s just going to have to get something going.

  144. jjraines says:

    Ching and Arnoud are so worthless.

  145. Goalscorer24 says:

    Not bad play from the US, but our shots have to be on target. At the half I would put in Cooper, Arnaud is not doing much. Cooper gives you height and goal scoring potential.

  146. jpc says:

    I hope Bretos/Sullivan get a chance to do some WC games, they are by far the best team in the US…

    Both are extremely knowledgeable. I know Bretos is kind of quirky, and people don’t like him b/c of it (and b/c he doesn’t speak w/ a cultured English accent), but very few commentators have as much knowledge of soccer around the world as he does. And ditto for Sullivan

  147. TJ says:

    Hell, bring in Clark for Rogers, if he can’t get it done. But first make that speedy mofo RUN the Tri guys on his side a few miles. Pronto.

  148. Cenote says:

    See, I think Ching has been good. His movement’s been smart and he’s made himself available. Arnaud hasn’t done anything really.

  149. madmax says:

    Turning point in first half was no call on the USA corner kick in minute 15. Mexican defender has Goodson’s shirt pulled out three feet. Mr. Magoo could have seen it. Then he head butts Goodson after ball is away. No penalty, no foul, no card, unbelievable.
    Ching is playing very well unfortunately Arnuad is a disaster, who gives up very easily.
    Marshall and Goodson very strong in middle. Mexico will probably need to go wide, perhaps at Heaps who likes to defend high. Rogers giving the team nothing, and Beckerman way too many wild shots. Yet USA is clearly better so far.

  150. BCC says:

    Arnaud is terrible. He is Eddie Johnson without the athleticism. Awful.

  151. Cenote says:

    I don’t think Cooper and Ching are ever on the field at the same time. Just my hunch.

  152. Cenote says:

    BCC —

    Athleticism is all Eddie Johnson has! Ergo, Arnaud is nothing.

  153. Alf says:

    USA needs to shut down Gio if they want to breathe easier. Also, they’ve got to make better use of the free kicks and corners they’ve been getting. Calming down on the wild shots would help too.

    Mexico needs to take out Medina, who’s been ruining some potentially good plays, and put in Vela to join Dos Santos. They also need to keep the US from getting too much space.

    At this rate I’m thinking extra time after 1-1.

  154. it is in the game says:

    bretos/sullivan are terrible.

  155. TJ says:

    3:1 they do take out Medina and put in Vela.

  156. Kingsnake says:

    jpc with the obvious flamebait …

  157. Cenote says:

    Let’s make these MExico fans throw things!!!

    C’mon USA. (think Hacksaw Jim Duggan)

  158. Cenote says:

    Good call Alf. Vela for Medina.

  159. Alf says:

    Called it. Medina out, Vela in.

  160. Cenote says:

    BB should have made changes too. He doesn’t like to sub at the half.

  161. SuperChivo says:

    Shaky defending to start. But USA has only looked vulnerable on the counterattack.

  162. SuperChivo says:

    Ohh how could he not put that on frame!

  163. Cenote says:

    Credit where it’s due: great turn by the Phish fan.

    Rodgers almost buries it!

  164. Panos says:

    Watching this game in Dubai with Arabic commentary is absolutely phenomenal, poor guy is butchering the names of all the players on both teams.

  165. Alf says:

    Why, hello there Rogers.

  166. Jonathan says:

    What a great chance for Rogers, but if he put it any lower it was getting saved

  167. Cenote says:

    Should be a yellow on Sabah

  168. jpc says:

    “jpc with the obvious flamebait …”

    No clue what that means

  169. Cenote says:

    Chinga Chingy.

  170. Kingsnake says:

    Get Ching out …

  171. Adrian says:

    clear hand ball

  172. Cenote says:

    Terrible by Perkins.

  173. Cenote says:

    Progress — Arnaud puts it on frame!

  174. John says:

    Heaps gets turned inside out AGAIN!!!!

  175. slymer says:

    People either love or hate Bretos/Sullivan

  176. fenel says:

    yep. here goes arnaud. wow. what a waste.

  177. Alf says:

    Haha the ref was almost the MVP for the US

  178. Cenote says:

    Yeah, Vela is going to skin Heaps everytime.

  179. Cenote says:

    Probably going to be forced to take Ching out for Cooper. Ching looks tired.

  180. Kingsnake says:

    Some people also love being whipped by a guy in a leather mask …

  181. Cenote says:

    We could sure have used Dolo today.

  182. it is in the game says:

    people should realize bretos/sullivan are bad

  183. Kingsnake says:

    Bring out the Bretos.

    Bretos is asleep.

    Well, I guess you’re just to have to wake him up now, won’t you?

  184. Adrian says:


  185. Cenote says:

    Heaps closes his eyes and falls. comes up with it!

    That is not a penalty.

  186. Adrian says:



  187. Cenote says:

    Heaps is not very good.

  188. Kingsnake says:

    cheat to win

  189. Gene_SF says:

    terrible penalty call.

  190. Tony in Quakeland says:

    Mexico has to cheat to get a goal. What a load of crap that was.

  191. Jacob A. says:


  192. patagonia says:

    terrible call. this ref is a disgrace.

  193. Army of Dad says:

    I thought it was Pearce that got beat on our left side..oh what a SH!t PK call.

  194. Roy Wegerle says:

    A joke of a penalty. Goodson has been terrible in this tournament.

  195. Jonathan says:

    How is that a penalty?!

  196. Kevin says:

    how does the defender get a penalty called on him when he’s the one who was elbowed in the face?

  197. Cenote says:

    Well, it happened because Heaps let it. It was CLOSE to a penalty, but it’s the kind of positioning that yields a penalty.

  198. Leon says:

    Bretos is horrible, but not as horrible as that call

  199. Alf says:

    The shirt pull was there, but that’s got to be rough after seeing a call like that go the other way earlier against the U.S. offense.

  200. it is in the game says:

    there was a pull on the shirt and then the dos santos elbow.

  201. jh says:

    Well, if the flopping was bad before, it’s going to get absolutely ridiculous now. Let the stalling begin. :(

  202. Cenote says:

    It’s not an awful call. It’s bad positioning by Heaps.

  203. Roy Wegerle says:

    Bob needs to go to the bench NOW!!!

  204. Alf says:

    I don’t think Castro knew he was onsides there.

  205. Cenote says:

    Will Bradley make a change? This game is completely getting away from us. And its really on our midfield.

  206. Adrian says:


    that was an absolutely horrible call

  207. RLW2020 says:

    perkins is a wall! STEP IT UP US

  208. Jonathan says:

    Quaranta coming on

  209. TJ says:

    Yeah you know, when you _lay down_ on someone, it does look like a foul. Isn’t necessarily one, but it suure looks like one.

    Also has the better of the US for the last 10 minutes. By a fair bit. Looks like they figured out they could break US down by a big flurry.

    Looks like they’re right–with a bit of help.

  210. Metro Boy says:

    Goalazooooooooo!!!! What a shot!!! Great dive!! USA getting spanked!!!

  211. Drew33 says:

    us doing it all. sloppy passing, wild shots, etc. ugly ugly ugly…

  212. Andres Iniesta says:

    Take off the goggles people there was a shirt pull although the US got robbed in the first half the same way.

  213. it is in the game says:

    guess what, calls go for you and against you. ie the goal brazil scored against us that wasn’t called

  214. Jonathan says:

    Quaranta and Cooper apparently?

  215. Cenote says:

    Adrian —

    Heaps got on Gio’s outside hip and then pulled his jersey to try and square up. When thatb happend Gio leaned back and Heaps decided to fall. It was a stupid play by Heaps and looked close enough.

  216. Alf says:

    WTF this US defense just gave up.

  217. Joe B says:

    omg what a collapse ugh

  218. Adrian says:

    bob bradley should lose his job for this

  219. Kingsnake says:

    Too many people walking led to that goal, from the forwards on back

  220. Cenote says:

    Godawful from Pause and Beckerman. Embarrasing play from our midfield.

  221. it is in the game says:

    mexico is far more talented going forward than we are

  222. Joe B says:

    rogers has been invisible (as expected?)

  223. Roy Wegerle says:

    Again, Bob way too slow to go to the bench!!!!!!

  224. Kingsnake says:

    The only think getting spanked Metro Boy is your monkey …

  225. Jonathan says:

    That no offside, also a terrible call, when the backline is stretched like that he is IN THE PLAY

  226. TJ says:

    Yuck. Whatever. Game is over.

  227. roysterer says:

    This is just disgusting. The penalty seems to have just destroyed the US defense.

  228. Cenote says:

    BB is kind of an ass. Holden should have gone to the middle 35 minutes ago.

    Pause sucks. so does Heaps. So does Arnaud. This team, with these players, is kind of a joke.

  229. Forrest says:

    BB waited 5 minutes too long to make his subs and now the game is probably over! That decision sure takes away some of the points he earned in South Africa.

  230. TJ says:

    And the US midfield.

  231. craig says:

    cant blame bradley for his team getting tired, but damn does he ever make a change not on schedule – too late. we will never be better than this as long he is the coach

  232. CrispyST3 says:

    So why didnt we bring Altidore? Mexico brought Vela and Gio…….so why wuld we not bring Altidore?

  233. Alf says:

    Back to that penalty, I’m saying it was a penalty due to the shirt pull which came before the elbow from Gio once they were already falling on each other. What seems sketchy is that a much more blatant shirt pull against the US in the box was blown earlier in the game.

  234. Cenote says:

    Not all BB’s fault. This is a shockingly untalented squad on the field!

  235. Adrian says:



  236. DJ says:

    Aside from Perkins, none of these alleged defenders should ever get a National Team callup again. A disgrace.

  237. Leon says:

    Please put in Freddie Adu?

  238. Moroco Topo says:


  239. Tony in Quakeland says:

    Horrible refereeing BUT we have done nothing all second half but knock long balls down the field. Pathetic.

  240. Joe B says:

    lookit. bradley is definitely the best man to coach this team.

    bradley is great.. good person. smart. gets alot out of his players/has their respect etc

    but ugh. always too late with the adjustments


    too many. no he shouldnt be fired. thats silly. no he’s not a bad coach. he is most likely best for job etc

    but damnit he’s always slow to adjsut

  241. Cenote says:

    DJ —

    The problem is the midfield. Not the defenders.

  242. SuperChivo says:

    Black day for the US, we can only wait for Aug. 12th to put things right. Reg is crap, two horrible calls, but without doubt Mexico is getting the best of us.

  243. Chase says:

    Disgraceful collapse from the defense, though anyone calling for BB’s job are delusional…

  244. Brent McD. says:

    incredible goal by Dos Santos to Vela. wow

  245. Alf says:

    tres a cero? cuatro a cero?

  246. it is in the game says:

    brestos just said, “messi passing..” in reference to mexico’s great passing. I just about had to punch myself in the head.

  247. Kingsnake says:

    beaten 1 on 4 …

  248. jh says:

    I’m going to reverse my last post. Mexico won’t start more diving and delaying; I think they smell blood and want more.

    Just as I say that, goal Mexico.

  249. Moroco Topo says:

    GIO!!!!!!! the best player in the tourney…. no question….

  250. Adrian says:

    what an embarrassment of a team

    good job bob bradley, horrid coach

  251. Jackie says:

    GIO and VELA are owning the US team

  252. SuperChivo says:

    Gio’s a stud, no bad call on the last play.

  253. NIck says:

    If I make the same mistake over and over and over and over…I get fired. Think about it. After a few times he should learn from his mistakes…he hasn’t

  254. MiamiAl says:

    I hope we never see Heaps again…Rogers Sucks. So does Holden. They give the ball away way too much…Fire Bob Bradley. He has no idea how to make proper mid game substitutions.

  255. Johnny says:

    Max suck ass Bretos and the other douche bag are all over Mexico’s dong and it’s really getting annoying.

  256. ross says:

    wow. cant blame bradley when he makes the subs but the team give up and shows no heart. pretty dissapointed by holden’s lack of effort

  257. Kingsnake says:

    Well, I’m going to go take a dump …

  258. Cenote says:

    Man. See why I said Beckerman was terrible. This is as embarrased as I’ve been as a USMNT fan.

    Well, this shows you why this is our C team.

  259. Joe B says:

    sad way to end this tourney … lets get goals and end on high note

  260. it is in the game says:

    congrats to mexico for coming out in the second half and dominating the game.

  261. Alf says:

    Somebody needs to tell the US defenders we’re still playing a soccer game here. I was about to give the defenders some kudos for shutting down Mexico for so long, but after that penalty they just gave up.

  262. Drew33 says:

    Bradley is getting what he deserves putting out this dime bag mls squad against mexico.

  263. Moroco Topo says:

    ay, ay ay ay

    canta y no llores

    porque cantando se alegran

    cielito lindo los corazones

  264. andy says:


  265. Adrian says:

    sure you can blame bradley

  266. RichBull NJNY says:

    Doesn’t matter, once again Bradley failed to adjust to whats happening in the game, and made the same-ole-changes way too late. This is embarrasing. And what’s Demarcus Beasley doing reffing this game anyway???

  267. it is in the game says:

    jozy is good, but vela is better

  268. SuperChivo says:

    Take Chingy out so we don’t risk a card on him.

  269. jig says:

    bretos should be giving the mexicans credit. they are much better than we are.

  270. Cenote says:


    Please remember that almost none of these guys will even make our WC squad. If we’re honest, most them wouldn’t make a second squad of 18. We have done better than expected, but, c’mon. This team wouldn’t even win the MLS!

    Gio is not that good. We just haven’t gotten stuck into him. In a real match — you blow his little ass up 5 minutes in. Which is why Gio sucks in England.

  271. Roy Wegerle says:

    They have Vela on the bench, we have Kenny Cooper. Nuff said.

  272. NIck says:

    So i guess that its good we expect to win with our C- team against the B+ mexico team.

  273. Forrest says:

    As bad as the USA has been playing this half Campbell is calling a horrible game. On that last goal Beckerman got elbowed in the head which is why Mexico has so much space in midfield. I’m pretty sure it was Torrado again. How the h*ll he doesn’t have a yellow card is beyond me. I don’t like loosing to Mexico, but I really hate loosing to Mexico when two of their goals are the result of bad fouls the ref doesn’t call!

  274. Alf says:

    I don’t know how much you can blame BB for this. The US collapse was just so… sudden.

  275. madmax says:

    Jay Heaps completely disappeares on defense. Bob Bradley lets him go forward? Rogers scared to receive ball.

    Keep these three home for SA 2010.

  276. Galaxian says:

    Wow i expected a Mexico win but not 3-0. Cmon boys show some pride.

  277. Adam says:

    You all need to calm down. We are playing with a bunch of guys who didnt even make the MLS all star team. Give it a break guys. Mexico has at least 5 or 6 guys out there who will be starting on the 12th in Azteca. Whoopie the Mexicans beat our C team. OK So maybe Bob should have called in Donovan and used a few other experienced guys. He decided to stick with his young guys and give them a chance. They failed. Holden has been great all tournament, just because he is having to cover 90 yards of field because the D disappeared, dont jump down his throat. Keep fighting yanks, true fans will still support you.

  278. jp2 says:

    Ching gets an A+ for getting hit and falling. Fail for all other categories.

  279. Cenote says:


  280. it is in the game says:

    wow that could have been 4

  281. Adrian says:


  282. A.S. says:

    THAT was a penalty.

  283. jmac says:

    Robbie Rogers last defender!

  284. SuperChivo says:

    No way vela is better than Jozy. Don’t forget this some of the best Mexico has and only Chingy will be and deserves to be at El Azteca.

  285. Alf says:

    Now THAT was a penalty.

  286. Brent McD. says:

    sheesh, that was more a penalty than the one they called. how is mexico getting this much room to operate??!?

  287. Leon says:

    No blame for BB. These players aren’t good. Come on you’ll all love him when we win A v. A in a couple weeks.

  288. Roy Wegerle says:

    Whose playing left defender?

  289. Cenote says:

    God. This team is awful. And Rogers has completely stopped playing. He should be dropped from the pool.

  290. SuperChivo says:

    Do we even have a shot after the “pk”

  291. Chase says:

    What the he’ll is Pearce doing on the left?!

  292. Tony in Quakeland says:

    I guess we’ll be firing Bob in the morning…

  293. Addam says:

    Is that all you guys do is burn the US team instead of giving the MX credit? They’ve been owning the defense the entire game.

    Have you even been watching the entire game MiamiAI? Holden Sucks? are you joking? He’s had a great first touch every time hes touched it, he’s done fine set pieces, corners, tackles… He’s going to get on the WC roster i’m pretty sure of that.

    This is a team game. No one has 100% good balls, just judge the overall play of the team, the US defense is getting BURNED.

  294. Joe B says:

    wow that should have been a penalty on rogers

    am glad that bob played these guys and didnt call in the a-teamers .. this was good run for us … shame for it to collapse and to give the mexicans the pyschological boost they sorely needed

  295. Adrian says:

    who is the left defender

    i mean seriously who is it

    i haven’t seen them in 30 minutes

  296. Tony in Quakeland says:

    This is going to make winning in Azteca so much sweeter…

  297. SuperChivo says:

    I agree about Rogers, sad to say but no heart from him.

  298. Cenote says:

    Vela has turned this game.

    If you’re honest, however, you need to admit how badly Beckerman has been exposed in this game. He is not even close to an international player.

  299. jjraines says:

    This is what happens when you bring your scrubs. They’re all worthless, with the exceptions of Holden and Perkins. I don’t want to see anyone else in a USMNT jersey ever again in a game that matters.

  300. Onoda says:

    This announcer is really bothering me. Does he know anything about soccer?

  301. NIck says:

    LD, and the other A teamers are puking at home about now!

  302. Johnny says:

    Is it time to start beating the fire Bob drums again? Not just yet, let’s see how they do on the 12th. Thank god I didn’t waste my time driving up to Giants staduim for this crap.

  303. it is in the game says:

    vela has actually performed for his club team, not a lot, but much more than jozy. Saying all that though, it is early in their development

  304. jp2 says:

    Weird that we have no defense AND no one in the box…

  305. Roy Wegerle says:

    Dos Santos > Holden

  306. DJ says:

    The midfield, as opposed to the defense? Was it not Pearce who was utterly lost on the back, and allowed the Mexican attack to flow right past him to set up the second goal?

    If you want to exile the nitwit midfield from the National Team, feel free. I’d agree. The defenders have to go first.

  307. bg says:

    Wow. US side has palpably capitulated after that penalty. No heart. No poise. No class. What in the mother-loving name of god is going on on the left defensive flank?

  308. LCS says:


    Please remember that almost none of these guys will even make our WC squad. If we’re honest, most them wouldn’t make a second squad of 18. We have done better than expected, but, c’mon. This team wouldn’t even win the MLS!

    Gio is not that good. We just haven’t gotten stuck into him. In a real match — you blow his little ass up 5 minutes in. Which is why Gio sucks in England.

    Posted by: Cenote | July 26, 2009 at 04:41 PM

    So true

  309. Rastafari says:

    USA longball sadness

  310. Army of Dad says:

    Addam MX gets no credit for being gifted the lead on a bogus PK dive effort, turned the whole match.

  311. Brent McD. says:

    brutal. painful to watch this

  312. Cenote says:

    Holden is the only player here who should definitely make the WC roster. Otherwise we’ve learnede that 26 year old career MLSers don’t make real international players. Remember, these guys aren’t even young.

    BB will be fine.

    Unreal. This is horrible.

  313. jp2 says:

    Didn’t think Beckerman was that bad today – who is he going to pass to? Ching would just fall over and Arnoud would just mishit it.

  314. Steve W says:

    MEX B team beats USA C team — whatever.

    Lando & Jose & Gooch will roll over these chumps.

  315. A.S. says:

    Ugh. This is an utter embarrassment.

  316. Leon says:

    Troy Perkins is so much better than this. Sorry dude.

  317. Joe B says:

    make it stop

  318. MensreaJim says:

    Well, hats off to Mexico. This tourney was exactly what they needed. Barring a miracle that gives them two strong wins in a row over a pretty good CR team and now us.

    No excuses, no whining, please. Let’s go Nats in 2 weeks!

  319. Alf says:

    Cinco a cero? Even for a C team this is pathetic.

    Also, this isn’t necessarily the best of Mexico. They’ve just had such inconsistent play the past few months that no one knows what the best team looks like. If anything, this tournament has guaranteed a spot for a few Mexican players on Aug. 12. Can’t say the same for the US.

    That being said, Aug. 12 is going to be a hell of a fight. Dempsey is worth more than this entire defense.

  320. Bryan says:

    haha 4-0…jesus christ. just awful. congrats to mexico.

  321. jh says:

    Yeah, I’m with those giving BB a slight pass on this one. This was an issue of talent versus, well, substantially less talent.

    Contrary to what this deuche bag FSN announcer thinks, this gives no indication of how the match at Azteca will play out.

    I fully expected our boys to kick some Mexican ass at Azteca before this game, and nothing about this game changes that opinion. Why? I can think of only one player from today’s starting XI (Ching) that will even make the roster for that game. ONE!!

  322. asdf says:

    What was up with that celebration by Castro?

  323. Roy Wegerle says:

    This reminds me of the first time the Mighty Ducks played the Hawks in Mighty Ducks I. Remember what happened the second time!!!

  324. RichBull NJNY says:

    Nice job. I mean it’s only the GOLD CUP. AT HOME. I don’t wanna hear about more Mexi fans than US fans. THat’s just a sorry excuse, just like Jay Heaps and Brian Ching’s performances.

  325. DJ says:

    How many of these guys would start????? The question is how many would even make the 18-man squad. I could problably use one hand, and have several fingers to spare.

  326. it is in the game says:

    all this, “we will stomp them on aug 12th” comes off as stupid when we are getting destroyed by 4-0

  327. I’m so upset when my boss came up to me just now to ask me how is everything going, the only thing i could say was, “I QUIT!”

  328. SuperChivo says:

    Give Mexico credit for not getting up one or two and diving, hacking, and stalling their way through the match. I wish the US would keep up the pressure after getting ahead. First pk was shite, though.

  329. Cenote says:

    I thought we’d lose. Not like this though.

    DJ — our midfield has completely failed to track back, leaving our defenders to deal with forwards and people running at them. Couple that with Jay Heaps, and you’re down by 4.

    I disagree completely about Beckerman. He does NOTHING well. He doesn’t tackle, he’s slow, he can’t dribble, he can’t pass, he’s a poor finisher, and he doesn’t position himself well. He is a giant gap in the middle, made wider by the presence of Pause.

  330. Tom Kite says:

    Am I the only one that’s noticed all 3 of the last goals were set up by offside passes?

  331. Brent McD. says:

    None of these US players should start in Azteca. Only Holden and maybe Ching maybe Marshall should even make the team

  332. Mario in SJ says:


    “The US was in 2 finals and comes out empty handed.” This guy is an incredible moron who just bables anything. Does he have a brain?

  333. NIck says:

    After the Confed Cup I had guys a work actually watching games on their own…But now I have a feeling I’m going to get the eye roll, and the “we suck” again…

  334. Brian says:

    Shame. Shame. Shame. August 12th better be a different story than this game. Last thing we needed to give the Mexicans is confidence and a psychological advantage. I’m never watching a game in Spanish again. Bad luck

  335. Metro Boy says:

    Lmfao the red bulls Back 4 look better than these scrubs right now lol

  336. Jonathan says:

    To me the most remarkable thing is how much the back line just had the wind taken out of their sails by the penalty. Forget the skill gap, that’s what started the bleeding. Players who can compete for us on the international level would, you hope, respond better than that.

  337. TJ says:

    he can’t pass

    You’re just wrong about that. He’s passed pretty well all tournament.

    He’s certainly slow, though.

  338. A.S. says:

    Yeah, agree that the issue here is talent. Vela and do Santos are by FAR better than any US field player, and the rest of the Mexican side is also of higher talent.

  339. DJ says:


    Posted by: Cenote | July 26, 2009 at 04:42 PM

    You’re funny.

  340. Chase says:

    Based on the way he has given up in this game, Pearce should never wear a US shirt again…

  341. Brian says:

    Make it stop. Make it stop. Ahhhhhh

  342. Jorge says:

    This is result is just horrible– to be kind.

  343. Cenote says:

    TJ —

    He has no left foot, at all, and never propoerly weights his passes. He has no range on his passes. He is simply not very good.

  344. Leon says:

    Another phenomenal half-second of possession by Ching followed by him turning the ball over. Why does anyone think he’s good enough for a national team shirt? Please take his away.

  345. jh says:

    “when you don’t have oxygen in your body and in your brain…” Did Chris Sullivan really just say that?

    I hate the fact that FSN got Champions League rights.

  346. Never First says:

    Bob Bradley made the decision to give experience to a group of guys who have no chance of ever playing on the regular national team rather than bring in reinforcements for the finals. This should not come as a surprise. Bradley basically conceded the tournament, and we were very fortunate to make it this far. Congrats to Mexico.

  347. Brian says:

    Just when I though Pearce might have a chance of getting his starting left back spot back….today happens

  348. Army of Dad says:

    Chase: Is Pearce still on the field, I am not ripping on you (but I am ripping Pearce), but I haven’t seen the dude since before the PK.

  349. jp2 says:

    Never understood why Ching played. Especially dismal today.

  350. RichBull NJNY says:

    Beasley sux as ref! Perkins and the D shows the MLS true colors here. Weak. C team for the Gold Cup finals, pathetic.

  351. NIck says:

    At least there is no confed cup berth at stake.

  352. mike says:

    Now they’re saying we might not even qualify for the world cup… These announcers are a joke.. seriously!

  353. Joe B says:

    chase —

    seems to me rogers hung pearce out to dry … and its on rr for our weakness on the left / too harsh to blame pearce

    that just me or others agree??

  354. Jonathan says:

    This can go one of two ways — either Mexico will be confident (dangerous) or overconfident (fine with me)

    heyyy, there’s the offside flag

  355. Roy Wegerle says:

    If this were a fight they’d stop it.

  356. Brian says:

    I hope to God, Brian Ching will not be starting August 12th. Jozy and Davies please.

  357. Rastafari says:

    Teach them through humiliation BB

  358. Alf says:

    God at least start caring about the shirt you’re representing. Way to go Heaps.

  359. Cenote says:

    Congrats to Mexico. Your A minus team is better than our C+ team.

    Pearce has had a shocker.

    But we haven’t been good anywhere.

    The ref has also had a shocker.

    Best thing the ref has done all day: get Heaps off the pitch.

  360. Brent McD. says:

    Heaps and Pierce have been dismal today

  361. ras says:

    Yes, thanks for that explanation of the physiology of being “gassed”. That definitely helped my understanding of what’s going on here.

  362. Joe B says:

    sucky way for heaps to end his usmnt career

    will he ever see the field for us again?

  363. Brian says:

    How is that a yellow card? If anything it looked like a foul on Mexico

  364. it is in the game says:

    tom kite, you are denial if you think the last three goals were offside.

  365. Jonathan says:

    Haha, if ever there was a mercy killing of a defender, thank you ref for that

  366. NIck says:

    the ref saw something BB didn’t Heaps didn’t belong on the pitch today

  367. Win says:

    We can’t have any more games in Giants Stadium. Obviously the place is bad for the home team

  368. DJ says:

    One hopes that FSC will use the SkySports announcers in their Champions League coverage. Otherwise, use that mute button.

  369. Cenote says:

    Worst today, in no real order:







  370. Brian says:

    5-0. Just wow. Wow.

  371. JL says:

    woooooooowwwwwwww, this is bad

  372. NIck says:

    At least Luis Bueno will have a happy story for MX…sad

  373. mardijo says:

    Pearce—–Marshall——Goodson———Heaps I hope to never see these four in a US jersey ever again!

  374. Cenote says:

    Ok. Now I kind of want to fire BB too.

  375. Fnarf says:

    USA Sucks! USA Sucks! USA Sucks!

    Is this the last time I have to look at Beckerman’s stupid hair for the national team? Please say yes.

    Congratulations Mexico. You deserve it.

  376. Leon says:

    i don’t give up at 4, i do give up at 5.

  377. madmax says:

    Heaps smiles as he goes off not realizing how he stunk up the pitch. Who could get a lower rating? Bob Bradley that’s who. His adjustment down 1-0 was another tactical disaster.

  378. Joe B says:

    omg enough

  379. Justin says:


  380. Bryan says:

    Marshall just gave ZERO effort on the 5th goal…this is a joke…look like semi-pros at best

  381. bigdeadbat says:

    oh man. gooch is going to bite someone’s head off come the 12th.

  382. MiamiAl says:

    Absolutely no excuse to lose to Mexico 5-0. Bob Bradley should have brought a few players that could have maintained the honor of the United States, it program and its fans.. Instead, now we go into Mexico with the enemy having the mental advantage. BOB BRADLEY MUST BE FIRED! FIRE BOB BRADLEY! THE HORROR!…THE HORROR…

  383. Metro Boy says:

    Lmfao 5-0!! No excuse this team sucks. Now none of these guys will get a call to WC lmao gotta love it!

  384. Brian says:

    Can’t wait until Ives’ game ratings or ESPN’s. 1’s across the board

  385. RLW2020 says:

    NY/NJ you disappointed me. bad game. im going to watch gooch and AC

  386. NIck says:

    what will this say internationally?

  387. A.S. says:

    Pearce has been absent defensively IN PART because he was upfield playing left midfield. But he was also bad when he was back.

  388. Jonathan says:

    For a moment, I thought Pearce was going to leave the field with the ball instead of taking the throw-in, and I wouldn’t have blamed him

  389. Alf says:

    4 more minutes of this??!? Even Guantanamo Bay isn’t this bad…

  390. Never First says:

    I’m not surprised at all to lose, but the way these players gave up is shocking. Some (most) of these players do not deserve to ever wear the uniform again.

  391. Goalscorer24 says:

    Embarassing! Embarassing! This was the one thing, that we could not let happen. We have now boosted the Mexican’s confidence for the game in August! And again within the first 5 minutes of the second half you could see it coming. Our players looked listless. Again Bradley waited to sub until after Mexico scored. And then it was a complete meltdown.

  392. Jorge says:

    5-0? WTF??

  393. Cenote says:

    Got to say. You lose 2-0, so be it. Weak team. You lose 5-0, complete failure of leadership. COMPLETE. And those extra 3 goals are on BB.

    Why haven’t we crushed anyone in a tackle yet? Do we have no heart? They are shooting from 30 with a 4 goal lead. Break someone’s leg.

  394. Rekro says:

    Congrats mexicans…

    August 12, Landon, Charlie, Gooch, they’ll bring you back to reality.

  395. JL says:

    mexico brings their A team against US’s C team… I’m really not impressed.

  396. madmax says:

    Addam, “Is that all you guys do is burn the US team instead of giving the MX credit? They’ve been owning the defense the entire game.”

    100% false US back line dominated the first half. Heaps and Bradley at 0-1 turned the game into a disaster.

  397. usa says:

    Fire Bradley, at no point should the US be losing 5-0 to a crappy mexican team. This is ridicolous, way to give mexico a huge psychological advantage. It was his fault the US lost to brazil, they got lucky against spain, and the only win to his credit recently is against egypt, and now he forms this crap team, its entirely his fault for not preparing the team to be competetive, mexico hasnt beaten any other team 5-0 in the whole tournament!!!!

  398. Joe says:

    I understand this is our C team, put there are 11 guys out there with their tail between their legs! How disgusting!

  399. Truth says:

    I think this embarrassment is exactly what we need to go into the aztec game. You know our A-B team right now is watching this in disgust.

  400. DC Josh says:

    This has to go down as the biggest US soccer meltdown. I can’t believe what I just witnessed.

    Bob Bradley did well with the youngsters getting to the final, but the youth showed today. They looked ab-so-lutely famished in the second half. Dos Santos and Vela running a counter torched the backline of USA.

    I don’t know what to say, besides none of these players, besides Ching and Holden, will be on the Azteca 23 man roster. Revenge will be sweet.

  401. Brian says:

    Just end it please. Blow the goddamn whistle

  402. Jonathan says:

    How are those 3 goals on BB?! All FOUR are on a backline that rolled over and died collectively

  403. Chg says:

    Someone explain again why we didn’t call in regulars for this match?
    It took years to build that streak and the psychological edge that went with it. It only took 35 minutes to destroy it.

  404. jh says:

    Let’s hope the Americans show more class than Mexico usually does and shakes their hands.

  405. patrick says:

    a thorough, complete ass whooping, no 2 ways about it. Defense finally looked out of sync and lost. I’ll give credit to them, it took an entire tournament and a good team to do it.

  406. DJ says:

    C+ team or no, any real football nation who suffered such a humiliation would be looking for a new national coach before the match ended. Bradley, though, is safe.

  407. DC Josh says:

    Give them the Gold Cup.

    We’ll take South Africa.

  408. Addam says:

    I guess that Vela sub was the game changer, and that PK…

    this would feel like a devastating loss but I can take it, these are games for the unproven players repping the USMNT to show their effort in high/mid level adversity, it is a team game but the entire team got burned and broke down.

  409. Cenote says:

    Why are we heartless? Why didn’t someone, anyone, get a yellow or red for an effort tackle? I don’t understand. How can you l,ose on your nhome soil and not destroy someone on the way down.

  410. MiamiAl says:

    F. You Mexico!

  411. Tom says:

    A thoroughly depressing performance by a US squad that was, really, outmatched, especially after the introduction of Vela. At least Ching got in a nice “excuse me” knockdown of Torrado right before it became 5-0.

  412. SuperChivo says:

    It’s not really that big of deal. Mexico brought a better team and it shows. The US is that much better than Mexico that it can send players who are not even subs for big matches and expect them to take everything. In the end, this was not a priority for Bob this summer, like it or not, he focused on the Confeds and on letting the Europe guys get back to their teams.

  413. Cenote says:

    Yeah, but to lose by 5. That’s humiliating.

    It’s not on the ref. It’s not really on BB (other than for selection — really — Pause and Heaps????). It’s on a complete lack of a spine. Anyone remember any one tackle by a US player this whole tourney???

  414. fenel says:

    shame of a nation…

  415. A.S. says:

    Ching should not be axplaining what happened. He should be abjectly apologizing to his country for this embarrassment.

  416. NIck says:

    Think if we had brought our B team. different story…

  417. Never First says:

    This debacle falls completely on Bob Bradley’s shoulders. He selected the team. We hadn’t lost to Mexico at home in a decade. Now that streak is gone and all that matters is we lost this one 5-0. Bradley didn’t put a team on the field that had the courage to fight through one bad call. In any other country, he would be fired immediately. In this country, we will give him a pass.

  418. bigdeadbat says:

    well at least ching looks pissed

  419. Johnny G says:

    This will make the win at Azteca all the sweeter.

  420. MikeInNashville says:

    As a US fan, I am utterly embarassed.

    As a gooner, I am utterly excited to see Carlos Vela play some more now that Ade is gone. He terrorized our A team on the left wing last time he played us.

    I feel bad for Brian Ching for having to be a part of this.

  421. Tim Pramas says:

    A little unfair to Heaps, plenty of blame to go around.

  422. NIck says:

    I think that there has to be a statement made by the USSF…If not then there is a huge lack or respect that the fed gives us fans

  423. mike says:

    SOme good news? Gooch gets the start for Milan

  424. jh says:

    What B team??? Seriously, what is our B team???

    I think we have an A team, and then a D- team!!!

    While I think our A team is better than their A team, when it comes to depth of talent, Mexico wins.

  425. Never First says:

    Some of you may say that this is our C team, but do you really think anyone in Mexico cares? Do you think anyone else in the world cares?

  426. RichBull NJNY says:

    YEah cannot blame the ref, or his country, for the horror show Bradley put on display today. Most of this team should never get called for National duty EVER again. Heaps was the worst, and he was bad every single game. BTW, who was that sexy woman that escorted Heaps off the pitch??

  427. Adam says:

    i think if torres and adu were playing we would have come back 6-5!

  428. Gene_SF says:

    Congrats to Mexico, well played game.

    I think the U.S. team just ran out of gas. They had to spend a lot of energy, may be too much energy, pressuring Mexico all over the field in the 1st half. When they did not put away the chances (however few) they had, that sealed their faith. The PK was pure crap, but Mexico was starting to roll anyway.

    As a U.S. fan, I am hugely disappointed – I expected a loss, but not by that many. Got to regroup before the 12th. Hopefully, this result serves to prevent any complacency on our side of things.

    P.S. The 2 announcers on FSC made me miss Lalas, and that is frightening.

  429. erik says:

    the bradley criticism is kind of ridiculous. i didn’t even think this team would make the finals. 5-0 is an embarrassment sure, but getting your ass whipped every now and again can be a great motivator.

  430. Pause says:

    Y’all should be embarrased resorting to racism against jamaicans and mexicans. usa lost 5-0, both teams had their benches playing, so quit complaining and lets keep our faces up. Blurting racist remarks just makes this more humiliating.

  431. Mario in SJ says:

    The game changer was that Penalty awarded for a DIVE. Look at the replay, Heaps did not pull shorty down, he DOVE!

  432. Cenote says:

    Well, the trolls are out! Which is fine. Mexico just stomped a team wearing USA jerseys. Thankfully, that wasn’t the USMNT. It was a bizarre team of lifetime MLSers, most of them old, who got a courtesy run out. If we hadn’t made the confed finals then we would have seen more regulars.

    Let me ask you something — so you think Rico Clark and Gooch would have let that stuff happen?

    Someone needs to shave Holden’s head and send him to an English side.

  433. Goalscorer24 says:

    Losing 1-0, ok, 2-0 ok, 3-0 is bad, 4-0 is embarassing, 5-0 is a total embarassment! Talk about completely folding. Now the Mexican’s will be all pumped up for the game in Azteca.

  434. Adrian says:

    fire bradley

    he didn’t earn that streak, but he destroyed it with his ignorance


  435. A.S. says:

    To add insult to injury, Gooch just got torched for another goal in the Inter-Milan game.

  436. Truth says:

    And gooch just got burned for a goal.. bad day for US soccer..

  437. Dman says:

    As I said before this game could significantly impact aug12

  438. Brent McD. says:

    doh! Onyewu just got turned burned and scored on in the Milan derby in Boston

  439. hc says:

    Earth to USSF: welcome home.

  440. MiamiAl says:

    If Heaps were living in Bogota, he would get a nice Colombian Necktie as a present…

  441. Cenote says:

    Somebody kick Julio off. We don’t need a bunch of racist morons on here.

  442. Adrian says:

    that was not even close to gooch’s fault, he pushed him to the end line

    how the hell does the keeper get beat near post from the end line

  443. Derek says:

    Wow what an ugly game. That turned sour as soon as the ref gifted Mexico the PK but you could see this game was close to being broke open.

    Our defense: good in the air but not so quick. Goodson looked ok. rest of em? ufta.

    Robbie Rogers? I have no clue how this guy got the start over Quaranta. No soccer sense whatsover. He was just a turnover machine this game. He has speed, but doesn’t help much if you don’t know where to put the ball.

    Beckerman? Shaky game. Tried to hard early and kept shanking it. Never got into a rhythm or settled down.

    Holden looked solid, as always, but the rest of the midfield disappeared.

    Ching? Not much energy today. Didn’t make anything happen.

    All in all, nobody stepped up. They played shaky but still made some chances happen in the 1st half. One bad call by the ref and the wheels absolutely fell off. Not the response you like to see after a play like that.

    The most laughable thing about this game? The blatant non-call on Rogers in the 2nd half that SHOULD have been a Mexico PK. Most obvious make-up call EVER.


  444. Kosh says:

    The ref can stop by to pick up his pay check and Max Bretos can take the Mexican member out of his mouth now. That pair have worked very hard today.

  445. Brett says:

    Never First: Bradley should be immediately fired after getting us to the final of a competition people actually care about because he lost a meaningless regional title that is being held during what is supposed to be the offseason/training season in the world of relevant football?

    This falls on the team. Beckerman, Pause, Pearce, Marshall, Heaps… All these guys basically lit their chances of playing in meaningful international competition on fire. There’s still hope for Rogers, but he isn’t even in the top 8 options for midfield at this point. Arnaud isn’t to this quality. Ching continues to prove he can only be successful when he is the worst player on the field.

    Yeah, we lost. We are not better than Mexico’s B team. We will get over it and get back to business when the games actually mean something. 5-0 hurts but if we ever thought we needed motivation for revenge at Azteca, we’ve got it now. Guys like Landon, Clint, Mikey, Bocanegra, Gooch… They’ll all be out to prove that the USA is better than a 5-0 thrashing.

    The Mexican trolls can have their day in the sun for all I care. We are still world cup bound. This changes nothing.

  446. jameson says:

    thank you bradley for throwing the young ones to the wolves.

    thank you referee for completely ruining a great game with an absolutely SHOCKING and terrible PK call. if anything, should have been a yellow on dos santos.

  447. Juan says:

    Enough with the fire Bob sentiments. We aren’t Mexicans (thank God!) who fire every coach after a lose. Maybe we should have called reinforcements, but I like the trust Bob had on his team. It didn’t work out…so what, move on. This isn’t our main squad, this aren’t even our subs. They are our subs subs. Everybody relax and just wait till August when another streak comes tumbling down.

  448. jpc says:

    playing w/ 6 or 7 of their WC players, 5-0 against our C/D team? thanks for the extra motivation… Congratulations Mexico, see you in Azteca w/ Donovan, Dempsey, Altidore, Bradley, Spector, Oneywu, Howard, Feilhaber, etc, etc, etc. Good Luck

  449. Jao says:

    I don’t care who the US had out there. Allowing 5 goals in one half is an embarrassment.

  450. jpc says:

    I agree w/ Wally, Jesus Julio. That was a rant Pat Buchanan would be proud of

  451. Willardo DuPont says:

    Does anybody have a towel for Max Bretos and Christopher Sullivan? I think they need to whipe some of that stuff off their face. They have been tight on Mexico all day long.

  452. Jorge says:


    And possibly Jones…

  453. NIck says:

    The only consolation I have is that I couldn’t watch this game. Only had the updates from ya’ll

  454. Xavier says:

    To all US fans, don’t get all bent out of shape! FUTBOL is like that!
    Juat like Mexico won today, you will probably win at Azteca!
    You have a very good soccer team, talented players, and the will to learn!!!

  455. AdamTheRed says:


    What the f–k?

  456. Alf says:

    Well this game has certainly brought out a deluge of analysis.

    Look, quit saying it “was only a C team.” I had a suspicion some of you would turn into sore losers and find every excuse in the book. Even lowly Champions League clubs don’t lose by this much unless they play high-caliber clubs. Mexico played well today. Very well. Their offense was aggressive from the start.

    Looking at the different possible results for this match, this has the biggest implications for the Aug. 12 match. A U.S. win would have just been a victory by a bunch of guys who wouldn’t even start. A Mexico win, especially of this magnitude, gives Mexico a giant confidence boost and, most importantly, a better sense of what their top team looks like. Now we know we’ll be seeing Vela and Gio again and Ochoa is surely Mexico’s starter for GK.

    I’ve always thought that Mexico’s problem wasn’t an issue of finding talent but of finding their team. I think they’ve got some more missing parts now. This is going to be a great match in el Azteca.

  457. Hapgrass says:

    I’m not sure why everyone thinks the sky is falling. I tend to think US fans are bipolar,one day we think we have arrived as a top power in the world (Confed Cup) and today with a team consisting of MLS and a couple lower tier Euro players we get smoked by a better team and believe we cant compete. While no one can be happy with todays performance, lets put this game/tourney in perspective. We ran through CONCACAF with a very thin line-up and ran out of gas. The one thing we could not allow today was space in the midfield and have Mex’s faster players run at our defense and thats what happened. I look forward to a properly fielded and motivated US team taking the field on Aug. 12 and winning at Azteca

  458. AC says:

    I’m calling it since this was a wacky game and Mexico finally beat the USA on USA soil. USA WILL WIN IN AZTECA!!!!! Props to Mexico for this game though. But some of those players are first squad players for Mexico. ALMOST ALL OF THE USA PLAYERS WERE “C” TEAM outside of Ching. I think people forget that several “B” team players were sent home or were not here at all. So do not panic!

  459. MiamiAl says:

    How can anyone with the name JULIO be a racist? Just ask Professor Gates in Cambridge, MA…

  460. NIck says:

    But it was our C team. I mean none of these players are the top guy on their Club teams…In think calling the C team is even a stretch

  461. chris says:

    Jay Heaps turned in quite possibly the worst ever international performance by an American soccer player

  462. jameson says:

    and i totally agree… august 12 cant come soon enough.

  463. Doug says:

    That second half was the most depressing play of American soccer ever. But I think those that are blaying it on this being our second string are being too easy on the guys that played. These same players played well in many games this tourney and were as good if not better than Mexico for the first 40 minutes. Not sure what happened — we just did not react well to being down. Our defense was beat by through balls time and time again. Before the first Mexico goal, Mexico has 0 break aways. After, they had countless. The best I can come up with is a lack of leadership and experience being behind in a big game. It’s too bad because the timing could not be worse. While we didn’t have many players in that game that will play at Azteca, Mexico did and you can bet they will believe in themselves come Aug. 12. I am worried.

  464. Scott says:

    Hey Xavier – you can take your pity and shove it up your ass!!!

  465. Paul says:

    why the hell would we wanna give that DECADE-earned mental advantage on US soil back to Mexico?! I DON’T CARE IF THIS IS A C TEAM. Idiots! I’m so pissed right now. Gio, Vela, and Castro are only going to build on this for the next generation young stars. This will produce a decade of negative consequences to the USMNT. Idiots.

  466. Bryan says:

    because losing 5-0 to Mexico’s B+ team is BAD! no ifs, and or buts about it. losing 2-1, 2-0, 3-1 would be fine…losing 5-0 and showing no heart is A JOKE.

  467. Juan says:

    All Bob did was prioritize. In 2007 he knew that the Gold Cup was important cause it sent the winner to the Confed. So he used the main squad and sent a B/C team to Copa America where we got crushed. Fast forward 2009 and Bob does it again. Knows that the Gold Cup is useless this year and prefer using inexperienced players to test them and see where our depth lies.

  468. Cholo says:


    Five goals better, that is… FIVE!!!

    You are a pain in the @ss!

  469. BlueWhiteLion says:

    no one saw 5-0.

    before that, i wasn’t too upset, even when we lost. it gives us great experience and GC means little this year.

    5-0 changes that a bit.

    But fire Bradley? Nuts.

  470. JIM P says:

    I don’t understand how Bob Bradley gets a pass on this one. You can’t blame the players when Bradley is the one who picked the players. BB is going to have to answer for this one because he (1) lost to Mexico on American soil for the first time in 12 years, (2) encouraged a program that was down and out, (3)suffered the worse loss by Mexico in America on US soil and (4) gave the Mexican fans even more reason to be rowdy on the 12 of Aug. (5) Lost the cup, it was ours now it is Mexico’s. Where’s the pride?

    Nothing is more infuriating than listening to the players complain that that the U.S. fans don’t attend these games. I will buy tickets to a WC qualifier but never to a tournament where BB throws out the C team. How enjoyable would it have been to throw down money to watch todays game in front of 50,000 screaming Mexicans when my coach is “experimenting with depth”.

  471. YL says:

    The credit is AGUIRRES!!!

    A far superior coach now in 2009, then Bradley…PERIOD!

  472. Bobby says:

    heaps was terrible today he had gtten skinned a couple times then he fully pulled down dos santos then mexico keeps going down his side line and he is no where to be found on the second or third goal, both of which were on his side and then he just keeps getting beat. He had a terrible game and showed that he is not anywhere close to the top of the depth chart.

  473. RugbyPlayer says:

    i think its safe to say there goes our fifa #12 ranking

  474. Jacob A. says:

    Scott, that wan’t pity, it was encouragement, and I’ll take it.

  475. jpc says:


    Yes. Jones, Clark, Castillo, Boca, Davies, Torres, Demerit, Guzan, Cherundolo, Bornstein, Wynne, Edu, Donovan, Dempsey, Oneywu, Howard, Altidore, Feilhaber, Spector…

    The truth is that our player pool is much deeper than theirs, and our guys at the top are better…

    People are acting like this meant something today, but it didn’t, other than the fact that guys w/ chips on their shoulder against Mexico (esp. Donovan, Oneywu) are extra motivated after this result. And guys w/ futures on the NT like Holden and possibly Rogers have just learned the most valuable lesson a young player can get, how to get your ass whooped.

  476. Adrian says:

    Jim P is on the money

    fire this idiot

    he put the players on the field that couldn’t compete

  477. Johnny says:


  478. Jonathan says:

    What did you want BB to do, call in all the regulars AGAIN after all the Confed Cup and WCQ time they’ve taken off from their clubs? I’d rather have my A team training against the likes of Brazil and Italy and BB not straining relationships with clubs or getting players fatigued, thanks.

  479. says:

    The first half the U.S., in my opinion, played better than Mexico. However, in the second half, after that terrible penalty call, the U.S. showed their inexperience and was also gassed. It was just a total melt down after that. This inexperienced side just panicked after the penalty.

    Despite the U.S. playing their C team, they should have played much better. Winning this tournament would have been just icing on the cake, though. With a U.S. C team,one man down, against a Mexican B+/A- team, and 80% Mexicans in the stands, I would not get too happy if I were Mexico. I rather lose this Gold Cup with our C team and win on August 12 with our A team. Mexico better enjoy their Gold Cup win, because I have a feeling that the U.S. might be enjoying a much more important victory on August 12. This is the reason why BB brought these guys- to see who can handle the pressure. I remember Mexico betting Paraguay 6-0 but also losing to them 1-0 in Azteca. This score has no bearing of what will take place on August 12.

  480. Juan says:

    Jim P .. Bob used the same lineup as the semis, the lineup that showed heart and passion when they were down in that game. The players just gave up in this one and even failed performing offside traps. Bob even went aggressive and sent everyone forward which is why the other 4 goals were scored. I don’t blame him for other, unlike the Confed final where he waited to long to react. This time he though what the hell and sent his entire arsenal. The boys just didn’t respond.

  481. At least we have some good tape to prepare for Azteca.

  482. bigdeadbat says:

    okay, so i didn’t think it was that big of a deal, but after some reflection maybe it is. harkes sure isn’t happy. i still think all will be forgiven if the win on the 12th.

  483. Texar says:

    You guys say a lot that it’s our C team.. but then.. which is our B team? Cause I thought this was our B team.

  484. Andy in Atlanta says:

    First off… I will start off by saying who cares (at least when those in the know see the scoreline) that being said… you built all this momentum with the Confed (and I mean momentum with the mainstream media) and with 35 mins of horror from guys that have no business even wearing a USA shirt you have given what was a building fire a swift bucket of water…

    Logan Pause, Kyle Beckerman, Jay Heaps… none of these kids ever deserve to put on a US shirt…not even close to being good enough…I have been Bob’s biggest supporter and I know what his intentions were but there were several players left off that did not see time in S.A. that could have helped a lot… Marvell Wynn, Rico Clark…help even Pablo would have been an upgrade. Holde probably should have been in the middle the whole time with Beckerman… Logan had no biz being out there and Jay Heaps was a deer in headlights which is trange coming from a guy that knows a thing or two about rivalries… (need I mention Duke v UNC basketball)

    It is just sad that some of you people still want to slober all over Brian Chings knob… he is a below average Brian McBride wannabe and we have so many better options out there…. Hell Eddie Johnson IMHO would have been an upgrade up front but I respect Bob’s decision to let the kids play… Just gonna piss me off to see Ching in Azteca because he is not good enough (that all being said the poor offsides trap had nothing to do with him)

    Bob better have something up his sleeve for Azteca cause we need a result now to get some more kerosene on the US Soccer fire that had finally started to burn with ESPN and the rest…

    Oh…and if Jim Rome bothers to mention this game tomorrow… I swear on my mothers grave I will find some way to absolutely ruin his life and his career…

  485. Tim says:

    Man I cannot believe i missed the racist rant. :( would’ve cheered me up to see something ridiculous. Hopefully it was such a slaughter that the USA team will think of the 5-0 scoreline and avenge it.

  486. wally says:

    The sky is not falling, this was a C team, it’s one game, they were gassed, and all of that. This one game is very disappointing but is simply not a disaster for the USMNT.

    BUT, the mexicans, particularly dos santos and vela, played without fear, and their talent showed through. The young Mexican guns gained confidence, and I think we see a much better Mexico squad going forward in the qualifiers. Ultimately, a better Mexico makes a better rivalry makes a for a stronger US team. The stage is set for Azteca…

  487. Thomas says:

    Nothing galvanizes you for an important game against a rival like them beating your ass in a meaningless game a few weeks in advance.

    I hope anyway.

  488. camiller000 says:

    Let’s get a reality check..this game was meaningful to only the Mexicans and only if you stretch really hard. Sure, south of the border it will be spun and twisted to exaggerated levels. However, if their players and coaches really think this means anything in regards to the upcoming game in Azteca they are seriously deluded. I can’t imagine professionals being that out of touch. If anything, they will be guarded about being overly optimistic based on beating a team they know is not close to the real thing. But hey, if they get over confident based on beating our C team then thats a good thing. From the USMNT stand point, does anyone really believe this will have any negative impact on Landon, Dempsey, Jozy, etc.? The answer is simple: NO! If anything, it will be a motivator. An embarrassing loss sure…but the BB and the real team aren’t gonna loose any sleep about it.

  489. Hapgrass says:

    Jim P- While I understand the emotion of the moment, I fail to understand why so many people have lost perspective. While I am not happy with the list you have provided and not pleased with the result, what is more important: winning a worthless (this time around) tourney or resting our best players for the club season and beating Mex. on Aug 12? I tend to think our team will come out more motivated to win at Azteca to show how much today’s game was a fluke.

  490. Davison says:

    I do not agree with anyone that this is Mexico’s A- team…it;s not. There is NO ONE on defense that plays for the A team. Enough said!

    Also NO ONE told the US not to bring their A+++++ team!

  491. TimmyCh says:

    Also, this game is completely different with the class of Felihaber and Davies. How much better would the team have been if Ching is partnering with Davies and Beckerman is partnering wit Felhaber. He could’ve even called in rico clark to partner wit Felihaber.

  492. J says:

    Here is a question. I think we lost both tournaments because we were gassed. Bradley needs to realize that in a tournament, you must rotate players. He could have started Cronin for Pause. He could have brought in Quaranta for Rogers.

    We needed some variety and we really had none. That is the biggest reason we went down so hard

    We easily could have given up 5 against Brazil in the second half of that game

  493. Mig says:

    wow, you guys sound like somebody just took your favorite toy away. Sounds just like when the US got beat in Costa Rica and many were calling for the coach’s head, saying we might not qualify for the WC, blaming this or that player.

    Then, we went through the same thing in the Confed Cup…until they started winning.

    Now it’s the same thing again.

    It’s one game in a forgettable tourney. Get the fk over it.

    The game in Azteca, the home game vs. CRC, and the road game in Honduras are what matters. This was a side show.

  494. Marc says:

    This game meant nothing today in the scheme of things. Bottom line is forging ahead to the 2010 World Cup and last I looked we are in GREAT shape and Mexico is struggling to qualify. A win in Azteca on 12 August will be a nail in their coffin and knowing their fan base, and media, this game will be forgotten in a nano-second after we win. I also think it was classless that they ran the score up and their coach thought it was funny at the end. Trust me our team will be SUPER motivated on 12 August and we will see how how funny they think it is when we win. As for the fire Bob Bradley talk, gimmie a break. He is building a team for 2010 and despite the loss today we came out of this competition with three or four new faces to add ot the dpeth: Holden, Marshall, Perkins and Beckerman. we need to stop feeling sorry for ourselves and kee pour eyes on the prize. It is that simple.

  495. gigi says:

    SO much for ordering my Heaps USA Jersey. : 0

    But anyways- worst 45 ive seen by the national team- ….as a red bull fan i wonder….who would have won. The USA team in the second half or the Red Bulls…


  496. All is not lost, but there are trends we see in Bradley. He is not mixing his roster up.

    Our conditioning gets us to the final, but we run out of gas the last game.

    We play a good 45, but in the 2nd half we fall apart.

    He did it in the Confed Cup too. Another strike for BB.

  497. Marc says:

    Forgot to say:

    CONCACAF has got to do something with the officiating. It is horrendous at best and shocking at worst.

    FSC can do better than Max Bretos calling it’s games to if it wants to be considered serious in the growth of football in this country.

  498. Alf says:

    If you really want a better look at Mexico against better competition, I’d look at their semifinal against Costa Rica. At worst that was a B team from Costa Rica.

    Looking back at that game, Mexico’s concern should be breakaways and anything that might cut up their defense like Costa Rica’s late goal; a shot that got past a lazy defense from a very long ball. Costa Rica’s aggressive start also shook Mexico up, which is something the US should note for the Aug. 12 match.

    Today, the US had none of the above. The game started off slow to the benefit of Mexico’s experience. And I don’t think Ochoa was ever really challenged except for a few moments in the beginning of the second half. Donovan’s going to need a big game in the midfield, like the one against Spain when he immediately got in people’s faces and was all over the field.

  499. Bearusky says:


  500. Tomson says:

    Rogers was the only player that continued to battle untilt the end today. Was very dangerous the first half (If Holden had only scored that goal), was forced to defend the second because Pearce ran out of gas.

  501. vasco says:

    this is sad. so much for beating spain and showing well against brazil

    this is sad

  502. T says:

    Embarrassing. Absolutely no defensive help from the midfielders. No heart.

  503. TheTruth says:


    What do you know about Mexico’s player pool? Obviously NOTHING!

    Have you seen JONATHAN DOS SANTOS? Gio’s younger brother!

    He is BETTER than Giovani!!! Someone who works for Barca Atletic told me that Pep Guardiola thinks he’s equal to Messi!

    And AZ Alkmaar’s Hector Moreno? He just won the Dutch supercup yesterday, and is in my eyes the best of all Mexican defenders!

    Then there’s Araujo, Villaluz, Barrera, ‘Guty’ Estrada, Hernandez, and on and on!

    You have NO IDEA!

  504. Marc says:

    Our “A” team is faster, bigger, more athletic and plays better tactical football than Mexico…is there anyone on here theat actually believes that Mexico could beat Spain right now? Or score twice against Brazil? I didn’t think so. As for firing Bradley, it’s not going to happen folks and there is no reason for it to happen. Suspect you will all feel much better about all of this on the night of 12 August.

  505. Gene_SF says:

    some of the “no heart” comments are hillarious. Heart is a must, but it will only take you so far. Heart must also come in with knowing how to manage the game and how not to fall apart after a bad call. I don’t think the U.S. tema lacked heart today, particularly not in the 1st hald. I do think they were naive in terms of how much energy they spent in the 1st half and how easily they squandered their chances. If they scored 1st, this game might have turned out differently.

  506. JOHNJOHN says:

    I tend to agree with Tomson on Robbie Rogers. Had many sweet touches and tried to get things going. Almost got Holden and goal and one for himself. Really he was the only offense. Problem I saw was he had to track back on defense way too much the second half after Pearce lost his wind.

    Very disappointed in Holden today and the defensive back line-mainly the central defenders. Looks like they just quit.

  507. jmac says:

    I think people are right that we need to get some perspective. First, we really couldn’t have brought our first team to this tournament, and many of the guys ranked about 12-23 on the roster were at the Confed Cup. This was all about testing unproven guys like Holden, Adu, Rogers, Goodson, Marshall, Quaranta. I was surprised we even made it to the finals, but CONCACAF is bad. Yes, it is embarassing we got drilled so bad. And its odd because we did outplay them the first half, but then totally collapsed. The team spacing was dreadful. But at least we know more about the guys ranked 23-30 on the the depth chart. Vela and Dos Santos are pretty nice players, it should be remembered, and better than anyone we brought outside of (maybe) Holden.

    I don’t put a lot of stock into the the losing the 10 year edge thing. If we beat — or even draw– Mexico in the Azteca that will send the Mexican fans and media into a tizzy.

  508. Marc says:

    The Truth

    You also have no idea what is going to happen to Mexico on August 12. Our “A” team is going to have one hell of chip on it’s shoulder. I woul dnot want to be wearing a green jersey that day! Just one more nail in Mexico’s coffin as far as qualifying for South Africa 2010.

  509. Brigadier1 says:


    The only troll is YOU!

  510. BlueWhiteLion says:

    All is not lost, but there are trends we see in Bradley. He is not mixing his roster up.

    Our conditioning gets us to the final, but we run out of gas the last game.

    We play a good 45, but in the 2nd half we fall apart.

    He did it in the Confed Cup too. Another strike for BB.

    Posted by: Paul Lorinczi

    what do you mean by “not mixing up roster.” You mean WITHIN the tournament? Because in general more people have been put thru the system than in a long time. This tournament is a great example of that.

  511. Dan says:

    Stay classy people… accept the the lost and move on.

  512. Marc says:

    jmac….Yeah the Mexican fans and media will have a melt down when we win on 12 August and as I said our guys will have one hell of a chip on their shoulder for that match.

    Need to keep our eyes on the prize…South Africa 2010…

  513. JL says:

    so how’s the gooch???? well, it seems as if he came in a bit too weak on that Milito goal. I guess it’s a learning process, he needs to get his pace up.

  514. sg says:

    My lord that was the most pathetic soccer I’ve seen since, well, the Confed. Cup games against Italy and Brazil (1st).

    Just when you thought the US turned a corner, back to reality! Pathetic. Embarrassing.

  515. Jake says:

    This is not Mexico’s “A” team nor “B+” team.

    Not ONE player from this squad is a sure fire starter on the 12th, not ONE.

    Secondly, if Magallon AND Torrado start on the 12th Mexico is in trouble. I think Torrado will probably start though.

    Gio needs to start, but he may not. Vela will probably NOT start. Ochoa NEEDS to start, but probably won’t.

    Mexico won with a few A team bench players, and b squad players. Yes they were more talented than the US team, by quite a bit. But to be sarcastic and say “congrats mexico for beating our crappy team with your best team” is a sore losers mentality.

    The US quit after the first goal. That WON’T happen on the 12th. These teams are still too even. The US isn’t much better than Mexico at this point, they are in a better cycle (in terms of experience/talent). The US MUST do well in the 2010 world cup because that is the best they will do in the next 2-3 World Cups.

    Mexico’s WORST world cup will be this upcoming one (if they even make it).
    After that 2014 looks REALLY good and 2018 does as well (That U-17 team that won the world cup will all be 25 in 2014 and 29 in 2018).

  516. JL says:

    the thing is they didn’t have a guy like Landon. Don’t know what kind of attitude Landon has on the pitch with his team mates, but he probably does light up a fire under their ass. What about Bocanegra? Someone with attitude was missing in that field, and Ching wasn’t it either.

  517. Marc says:


    From all I have read and heard Gooch is a real firey player both in practice and on the field. Trust me, there is going to be a real chip on every American’s shoulder who steps on that pitch on 12 August….which will be Mexico’s worst nightmare as they are struggling to qualify for 2010 as it is…running up that socre maybe the worst decison they made all day. We win in Azeteca and the Mexican fans and media go crazy.

  518. jig says:

    can we end the A-b-c team crap? look, they beat us with the players they had. we didn’t play well enough. get over it. you people are pathetic with all the overreaction. take some time and actually learn about the game–obviously 99% of you never played it–and stop making generalizations on players and tactics based on the latest US national team game. Seriously. You are all jokers.

  519. kpugs says:

    Don’t try to explain B+ Mexico squad vs. C USA squad to any Mexicans, lesson learned from today.

    Having said that, and despite it–I am completely embarrassed.

  520. jig says:

    jake, really? Mexico is due for a great world cup in 2018? You can really see that far down the line? Take a minute and research how many great u-17 players do the same for the senior side.

  521. Cenote says:

    It’s funny how the same Mexico fans change their handles and post different ever more bizarre rants. Sure, you won. Our team was an absolute joke — we were lucky to beat Panama and drew with Haiti! The funny thing about this is that Bradley didn’t even play young players. That woulod have been acceptable. By international standards 24 – 27 is not young. That’s prime time. This was absolutely a C team, as the only potential starters were guys working back from injuries.

    As to the Mexican team, say what you want, but Vela, Dos Santos, Ochoa, Torrado, and a few others are the very best Mexico has to offer. Now that doesn’t mean they play Aug 12 — I hope Mexico rolls out the same old tired Mexican league regulars they usually roll out rather than these interesting new players.

    BB really needs to think about the selections he made in this tourney. This was about trying to see if there are any older players who might be able to stand-in next summer as reserves, rather than turning over stones to find good, young talent. I hope we don’t regret buringing a tourney for the former rather than the latter.

  522. Cenote says:

    Oh yeah, and remember a couple of things:


    basketball; and


    Those are the three most popular sports in the US. In Mexico it is only futbol. And this is the first time in 11 tries they mustered a win against us here? That’s funny.

  523. TheTruth says:


    It’s OK if you win at Azteca…no really!

    You would still have to win fifteen more matches to tie the statistics!

  524. GunneRR says:

    Just back from the Mexican cauldron that was Giants Stadium. It was not a feel-good atmosphere; in fact, it was a little scary down in Section 135.

    As for the result, sure it’s disappointing. But USA could have easily been knocked out in the quarters or semis. This is not our real USMNT, and I give Bradley credit for giving the B/C team a chance to compete.

    Someone earlier summed it up: Bradley had to prioritize. The A team at Confed, the B/C team for the Gold. And the B/C team ran out of gas after the PK.

    Overall, I’m proud of the boys. 4-0-1 and some gritty soccer before today’s debacle. And I gladly would take a loss today in exchange for a win or draw on Aug. 12.

  525. Jake says:

    I don’t have to. The bulk of the u-17 team has ALREADY played for the senior side. Maybe not in serious competitions but they already have debuted. they are also doing well where they are playing. Obviously things can change but in terms of talent+age, Mexico’s future lies in the 14 and 18 world cups. I’m not saying they will do well, i’m saying they will/should field more talented sides.

    Similarly, the US’s most talented sides should be the next two world cups. The 2010 team should/will be the best team in the history of the US in terms of quality on the pitch.

    Go look at the IMG soccer academy players for the US from 1999-2003. It forms the majority of the US’s senior squad. 6-10 years later.

    Mexico’s U-17 squad is in year 3-4.

    That’s why I say their best world cup team will be 2014 and why the best US one will be in 2010. It’s a projection and like any project obviously things can change.

  526. jtk says:

    the most dramatic and complete defensive breakdown i can remember from the US. got our asses kicked … on to azteca with better players

  527. Jake says:

    cenote, torrado is 30. He’s past his prime. He played in spain 5 years ago. He’s not near the player he was.

    I agree that the future for mexico and the best talent wise is Vela, Gio and Ochoa.

    Which is where the big talent advantage was.

    US did fine until mexico put Vela in. THat changed the game.

    It makes sense. You’re talking about a goalie that has been rumored to head to Europe, and two kids (20 year olds) that play for Arsenal and Tottenham. Of course they are better than anything the US had to offer at the gold cup. They have a chance to be one of the best tandems in mexican history.

    I’m not saying the teams were even, I’m merely saying that the US didn’t get crushed because of lack of talent, but because they QUIT.

  528. DJ says:

    GunneRR, anyone who has any pride in that team after that disgraceful performance needs their head examined. That team quit.

  529. Scott A says:

    I was at the game. Congratulations to Mexico. We’ll get you next time

  530. DJ says:

    Truthie, it may take fifteen more wins at Azteca to level the standings, but all it takes is one US win in August, and Mexico won’t make the Finals.

  531. Leon says:

    I’ve accepted the loss, congratulated my Mexican friends without making any excuse or jibe, forgiven Bob Bradley for the scoreline and made peace with his decision to punt this tournament, but the one thing I cannot understand is this continued idea from some that Brian Ching is an international player. Slow, unimaginative, doesn’t maintain possession, he’s a paltry shadow of the skills Brian McBride possessed 20 times over. I don’t mind him being in this tourney because we didn’t waste good players on it, but why do people think he’s good?????

  532. aristotle says:

    What a surprise!

    I asked earlier in the tournament if it wasn’t pretty stupid to just give the Gold Cup Championship away, and an overwhelming majority said no, and that this tournament didn’t matter.

    Looking at the posts here, it seems to matter. Did people actually believe this team would beat Mexico? I was rooting for the U.S. to lose against Honduras to avoid just what happened today.

    This loss DOES matter. A win today would have finally given us the lead in Gold Cup wins over Mexico. The loss ended a LONG streak on home turf. The loss gave an enormous lift to to a demoralized Mexico and will make it MUCH HARDER for us to beat Mexico in world cup qualifying. If all of that isn’t bad enough, we will have to listen to Mexican fans trash talk for some time about how they destroyed us. Sigh.

    Finally, the reality wasn’t that we had a “C” team that could play at the top level. It was that we had a group of players that managed to pull off a couple of wins and then went on a fairy tale streak. I think if this team had lost a game earlier we would have seen the reality of just how bad this team is.

  533. BlueWhiteLion

    We have witnessed 2 tournaments where the US gets to the final and we run out of gas.

    BB plays the same 11 through all the knock out stages, when he could have alternated some players like Cooper and Arnaud or Quaranta and Rogers, as examples.

    He seems to make his subs too late in games to make a difference.

    I think it was Bobby McMahon that says, “first go the legs, then goes the brain.”

    BB has not figured that out in two tournaments.

  534. M.Verde says:

    As a Mexican I’m very happy for the moral boost this victory gives Mexico, but I think there is still a lot of work to be done. Having said that, Mexico hasn’t fielded an A team since Copa America becuse it DOES NOT HAVE AN A TEAM AS WE SPEAK, The team is in transition!
    MARC I absolutely agree with you that the US team is better tactically than Mexico. But I think everybody knows that! But with all do respect whenever Mexico plays tournaments against top competition it does extremely well! Brazil right now? I don’t know! But tell you what, I will take Spain over the US any day of the week, twice on Sundays!
    The US-A team is very, very strong! But if Ochoa, Dos Santos, Vela and Pablo Barrera came into their own in this cup (and it seems they did) with the incorporation of Marquez, Guardado, and Salcido plus the way Moreno, Sinha, and Franco are playing I think regardless of Azteca Mexico has a strong team.
    Plus Aguirre is a proud man, as was very clearly proven today!
    Anyway, say NO to Trolls on either side, and looking forward to a great game at Azteca.

  535. JIM P says:

    It’s interesting how tournaments only take on importance when our team wins. As far as I am concerned the Confederation Cup was a legitimate tournament, some will say Europe doesn’t care and that is why the US won. (I say they are cowards) Again with the Gold Cup. The United States is desperately trying to get credibility with the rest of the world, this is a noble goal and will speed the process of our Nat team and MLS. Why do we treat our own tournamet like a friendly. Why don’t we just say that a tournament is a tournament. A tournament is not a friendly, it is not a time to experiment, it is not a time to bring your lesser team. Those times are called friendlies. If we don’t take CONCACAF seriously who will? Let’s compete in our own tournament and not make it a joke. For those who argue that the Confed. Cup players were tired ask yourselves why they were put on the Gold CUp roster at all. My understanding was that they would be ready for the semi and finals and no one can argue that bringing in 5 – 6 players from even the MLS like Landon, Clark etc . . would have ruined them and we probably would have won. I think BB got arrogant and tried to show everyone what a great coach he was with a poor team and just made an *** out of the US Nats and the Gold Cup. Was Blatter there to see this?

  536. Chris Camera says:

    Bretos and Sullivan were killing me at the end of the game-this result will have nothing to do with Aug 12!!! The US team AVERAGED 8 caps per player-the more experienced team won. Stop talking about the “home” soil winning streak-we have more home fans at matches about as often as the world cup comes around. Mexico had a better team on paper and it showed on the pitch-congrats to Mexico. I don’t blame BB for resting the players that played in Europe all year and then spent a month in South Africa. Ching may be on the bench on Aug 12-the rest of this team (except Holden maybe) won’t even be called into camp in Aug.

  537. The Atomizer says:

    All honors to Mexico…they opened us up and played with skill and excitement. They came to play. We did not.

    This tournament was still a positive experience. Bradley knows this is a “look see” period in the run up to the World Cup. What he learned may more than compensate for this drubbing.

  538. aristotle says:


    It’s the same reason Claudio Reyna was so good when he was with the NYRB, Ching does the little things well! What amazes me about Ching is that he has gone so far backwards. Now he doesn’t even seem to head the ball very well anymore! It just shows you how hard pressed we are for forwards. His main contribution now is that he can stand up with multiple players pulling on him and hold the ball or draw the foul. He’s made some big contributions but there has to be more to a player than that. He’s a forward who is unlikely to score! He was even on Houston’s bench for while even though he was healthy.

  539. doug says:

    Heartbreaking for us US fans, however, A, B, C, or D teams, who by the way, are all paid professionals losing 5-0 in an international match is INEXCUSABLE unless you are New Zealand. I wonder how the NATS regulars were feeling while watching this game. I suspect we’ll find out on the 12th of August

    Full credit to Mexico who truly earned the victory. Where is the US’s version of a Vela-Gio duo? I think the tournament provided the answers to the questions i had going into this tournament regarding players competing for 3 spots

    1. Rogers v Beasley–Rogers is ready to be part of the squad(non starter). I just think anytime you have an attacking left footed player w/ confidence its an easy choice, because as confident as rogers is, beasley is not

    2. Holden v Klejstan–clearly Holden has won this in everyones eyes except Bob Bradley. Klejstan’s peak happened with that hattrick against a, say it with me, SWEDISH B-TEAM. While Holden exhibited good to great performances against CONCACAFs “A” teams. So much so, Mexico had to gameplan for him.

    3. The RB spot–While Spector seemed to be the consensus coming out of S.Africa, he is a centre back by trade. Dolo had a couple games to try to restamp his place. Unfortunate for him to have to head back to Hannover. Which brings me to this question. After Steve Churundolo who seems to be the 1 person of 350 million americans who can play right back, who next. If you ask me, the answer is Marvell Wynne. Not saying he’s starter material, far from it in fact. Just saying, after the WC 2010, given the performance of Heaps and lack of options in general in that spot, its Wynne’s job to lose for the next decade. 2010 is too soon for him, but for me he came out a big winner in this tournament. BB’s RB selections alone clearly shows that. Anyone have any opinions on this i’d love to hear it

  540. patagonia says:

    Criticizing BB is ridiculous. The point of the tournament was to figure out who can play in high pressure games against good squads and who cannot.

    He saw guys give up and now we know those individuals are not ready to move up the ladder of the USMNT. I’d rather learn that now in a meaningless tournament rather than a WCQ.

  541. John says:

    In a way this is good for our chances at Azteca because Mexico will be over confident. Kind of like Spain basketball in the Beijing summer olympics.

  542. MensreaJim says:

    M. Verde–

    Well said. A rival is a rival is a rival, but I hope Mexico’s rising crop comes through. They are good and classy and pretty young.

    Congrats again to Mexico. Here’s to a hell of a game in two weeks.

  543. doug says:

    totally agree with the poster above who said Mexico will regret running up the score. We maybe not beat them 5 rock in Azteca, but you can bet your bottom dollar the NATS will be 100 percent mentally focused and ready to leave it all on the field come August 12th. That was the best thing to come out of this game

  544. Oranje Mike says:

    Yikes. At least I can rest my head knowing this was a C squad at best. Still don’t want to lose to El Tri though. Oh well. We’ll win in Azteca and continue to dominate Mexico in any game that matters.

  545. doug says:

    this game was the equvalent of someone kicking me in my groin continously for 45 minutes. But you take the good with the bad. In the span of a month we have had our highest high and lowest low. its important we end up somewhere in the middle. If anyone didnt think football was a crazy sport, the last month is eveidence enough

  546. cj says:

    I was one of the first ones to say Bob Bradley should be fired when they did not perform at the first of Confed Cup but this one is with the B/C US team on the field. We got jobbed on the PK and then it all went downhill when things started to open up.

    I know this sounds crazy but I believe it might have been good if we lost this one to have a real chance in Mexico. Mexico will be overconfident and our first team players will be looking for revenge.

    I cannot wait for Mexico City.

  547. C.Tejo says:

    There are idiots the world over! But believe me I will not be bragging about how a more talented Mexican team with several more experienced players than a very young inexperienced American team destroyed you! But regardless of what many are posting, IT IS IMPORTANT!

    Two things: VELA/DOS SANTOS…two kids that couldn’t care less about the past and showed it!
    If what they have is contagious then the U.S will NOT be winning every single game at home!


    I think the US wins at Azteca!!! I’m almost sure! And then it will be a much more healthy back and forth between the two countries, sort of like Brazil/Argentina!

    If I’m wrong (and I have been wrong, as in yesterday!) and the US losses at Azteca, then I think the hex will be broken forever, and Mexico will win more games in the US!

  548. Brooklyn Dave says:

    Why is everyone so hysterical? Fire Bradley? Because he treated the Gold Cup as a tryout for Spot #23 on the world cup roster?

    Look, it’s humiliating getting beat 5-0, but let’s keep some perspective.

    Having said that, I am grateful that the Jay Heaps era is over. Why did BB insist on playing him ahead of the far better Brad Evans? That one puzzles me. I figured he put Heaps on the roster as a kind of payoff for time served in MLS, but he didn’t actually have to PLAY him.

    I think we’ve learned quite a bit about the US player pool in this tournament. Holden, Perkins, Chad Marshall and possibly Rogers have a future with the USMNT. Ching is still around, and has chance at a WC roster spot, but isn’t a shoo-in by any means. Beckerman can play well against weak Concacaf comp, but is out of his league against true internationals, and is way below Edu/Clark/Bradley (and probably Jones) in the defensive mid depth chart. Didn’t see enough of Cronin in this tourney, wish he had started aside Beckerman rather than the eminently mediocre Logan Pause.

  549. Frank says:

    First of all Mexico will not be overconfident on the 12th. And this tournament does matter. In 5 years are people going to remember that this was a B team? Also the US might as well kiss the WC seeding away as they will drop in the FIFA rankings and they are already behind Mexico in the seeding.

  550. GWBush says:

    Holden = Malfoy

  551. Marc says:


    How is the USA behind Mexico in the seeding? The seeding has not even been done. As far as kissing the WC seedign away once we beat Mexicon 12 August and finish off the rest of CONCACAF we will be fine. Last I looked the USA is ranked 12 by FIFA and Mexico 33. The USA will just fine thank you very much.

    Running the score up as Mexico did today (don’t tell me they didn’t do that) was a huge mistake too…just fired up the USA even more.

    Mexico doesn’t need to be over confident because they won’t win regardless. The USA will come in with a chip on their shoulder and revenge on their mind. I for one am going to enjoy every moment of beating Mexico at home and putting another nail in their coffin for qualifying in 2010. That in itself will make it sweet…:)

  552. mike ruze says:

    Holden only bright spot.

    Arnaud, Heaps, Marshall, Goodson, Pause and Perkins should never ever ever be called up again.

    Robbie Rogers a bust most of the tournament. He needs to go abroad to get ral coaching. Hes nothing sort of the player his fans think he is.

    crappy team who sucked it up.

    Barely beat Panama and Haiti what did u expect?

  553. doug says:

    @mike ruze

    kinda agree with about rogers. his stature increases buy default because who else is even worthy of consideration at a left wing spot. thats why Landon played it in South Africa. But he’s young and you can see the potential. a move to Holland or perhaps France would benefit him

  554. Rastafari says:

    This makes Azteca so much more of a prize. “In 5 years are people going to remember?”

  555. kpugs says:

    DJ…well effing said my friend. Great effing point. We have the chance of keeping Mexico out of the World Cup, and if (IF, a big IF, I know) we do that Mexico should just quit the sport.

    M Verde…another good point. This is a great result but perhaps we should all realize the trouble Mexico is in at this point. For the first time EVER, Mexican fans today (not the majority) showed me their playful, friendly side in my interactions. I saw some little kids with parents, plenty of Americans and Mexicans posing for joking pictures with fists raised, etc.

    For those Mexican fans I consider “normal” (I don’t mean to be judgemental, but I’ve had some bad run-ins over the years), I hope they get it together. I can appreciate the true fans.

    BUT…I’m still me. And I hope we knock them out of the World Cup finals in the hope that I don’t have to put up with the stereotypical Mexican arrogance.

    And M Verde, again great post. Don’t take this personally.

  556. brad says:


    I was one of those USA fans that showed up today at Giants Stadium. How about an article about how USA fans need to step up.

    80,000 mexican fans, 10,000 USA fans… disappointing at best..

  557. Keith G. says:

    I just got home from the game, and let me tell you it was the worse game I have ever seen them play. Like I have said before Pause and Rogers where horrible. Arnaud did nothing all game. After the 2nd goal you could see them team go from giving 100% to giving about 75%. I guess, Bradley should have called in Davies, Altidore, and Feilhaber. I truley think with these 3 in the starting roster, we would have beat them 2 or 3-0.

    After that performance, all I can say now is I hope that our first team gets pay back in Mexico in the up and coming WC qualifier.

  558. Chan says:

    I just got back from the game. From our seats on the lower level, we were the targets of a lot of beer and plastic bottles. The guy next to me was hit on the head by a plastic beer bottle after the second goal! The Mex fan on the other side of me had beer spray in his eyes (he turned around like the rest of us did to yell at the upper deck crowd after the third goal). We left after the third goal to get my 11 yr old son to safety. It was atrocious behavior on top of a total collapse by the Yanks. August 12th cannot get here soon enough!

  559. Chan says:

    BTW what was up with that fan that the police gangtackled on the field? Also, take the train next time there is a big game at Giants Stadium. It works great.

  560. John says:

    I don’t care about the result because we had our C team. What bothered me the most was how Max Bretos was talking during the telecast. He is a moron!! He made it seem like Mexico is back and surging in Concacef. I wanted more goals just to piss off our A team even more for the Aug 12th qualifier. They broke our streak here now we can go break the winless streak at Azteca and knock them out of the WC.

  561. mike says:

    John- I know man Bretos and that other d-bag were talking about how we are now in trouble of qualifying for the WC… Seriously!? seriously?

  562. mike says:

    “Also the US might as well kiss the WC seeding away as they will drop in the FIFA rankings and they are already behind Mexico in the seeding.”

    Frank, you do realize that neither Mexico nor the US have ANY chance of being seeded right? Mexico is one spot ahead of the US in the seeding rank but neither have the chance of catching up to the top 7…

  563. jpc says:

    The Truth,

    I didn’t even insult the Mexican team, but your taking my comment as some affront shows the insecurity of not only yourself, but most mexican fans, players and coaches have towards the USNT these days… And for good reason I suppose.

    All I did was state the already obvious, the US’s player pool is superior to Mexico’s. We are producing better players than Mexico, and our program both professionally and at the youth ranks is getting better and better every day, While Mexico’s system is the same as its always been.

  564. Seth D. says:

    Some people are RETARDED! Mexico now, IS a different Mexico!!!
    How so? Since Aguirre took over, they’ve only lost the first game with him as coach against El Salvador, with two days preparation…THEY HAVE NOT LOST AGAIN! Most people don’t know anything about soccer…PERIOD!
    Everyone was saying how they where going to lose against, Guadaloupe, Haiti, Costa Rica, and obviously US!!! DId they?
    To say that the NATS are all hot and bothered about this loss is an understatement. But to think that Mexico is not incredibly fired up and less willing than ever to lose to the “gringos” again, is also an understatement!
    The magic word here is AGUIRRE! Weather you like it or not he CHANGED the team! HE said when he took over,’ Mexico has to win something…fast! And he certainly delivered! He gives me the creeps!!!

  565. Marc says:

    Seth D me thinks you are a Mexican fan…:)

    Something to keep in mind…in this round of WC qualifying:

    USA 3-1-1

    Mexico 2-3-0

    ‘Nuff said….

  566. americanexpat says:

    America!! The Land of excuses and moral victories!! HAHA!

  567. mike ruze says:

    Everyone getting their hopes up against Mexico but realisticaly,

    Its more than likely Mexico will get two wins against the US in a row.

    and while we realize that the team that won today contained at least 9 pre gold cup regular players VS 2 for the US. …

    and that the US will lose to the pollution heat and altitude rather than anything Mex can throw at our a team…

    the fact is back to back wins against the US will give the Mexicans a huge pyschological boost that might resonate for years to come.

  568. beanbagsarefun says:

    Aguirre had amazing vision this tournament. Getting tossed out for 3 games was all part of the master plan.. genius.

  569. Alf says:

    Back to WC Qualifying, Mexico is still very much in it and will likely get a top three spot. They won’t finish worse than 4th. That loss against El Salvador was a fluke and this tournament only confirmed it.

    CONCACAF Qualifying has always been about homefield advantage. Mexico has five matches left, three of them home matches. Even if they lose to the US and Costa Rica they can’t be anything but favorites to get 9 points at home against El Salvador and Honduras and @ T&T. That’s 15 points.

    Costa Rica and the US are pretty much sure locks. Barring a total collapse from those two, the third automatic spot is going to be between Mexico and Honduras, and I suspect Honduras will slip against Costa Rica or at El Salvador. With that situation, they’re still both alive with that playoff against CONMEBOL.

    That being said, the other big match on Aug 12 is Honduras v. Costa Rica. Even if Mexico wins against the US, an Honduras win will still keep them in 3rd place.

  570. DJ says:

    The point I was making was that Mexico needs to win their home matches. As the FMF themselves said when they gave Sven the sack “we cannot qualify just by winning our home matches.” Now suppose an enraged US team goes down there, and gets a 1-0 win. Where is Mexico going to recover those lost points?

    And just for the record, I think Mexico wins at the Azteca, and the US still qualifies with some ease.

  571. EA says:

    Oh noes…. a group of MLS and Scandanavian hacks lost to a some of Mexico’s starters.

    Oh… The horror!!!

    Please. Argentina lost A WORLD CUP QUALIFIER to Bolivia, 6-1.

    Bad losses happen.

    Reality check:

    The only players that are higher than third-choice at their position are:
    1. Brian Ching
    2. Heath Pearce
    Aaaaaaaand we’re done.

    I’ll pick a true second string, for argument’s sake:
    M-Kljestan (or Holden, if you prefer)-Clark-Feilhaber (or maybe Edu-Torres???)-Beasley
    F-Davies-Eddie Johnson (or Cooper/Adu?)

    Look at the 15 or so players I have listed. Not one is a full time starter. In fact. Once Jones is added to the team, none really have any claim to a starting position. Yet, none of those players were on the field today.

    Do you really think THAT team would have a problem with the Mexico team we saw today?

    Yes, losing 5-0 sucks. Losing 5-0 to a rival sucks even more.

    But save the drama and hyperbole, folks.

    Wake me up when Mexico drops 5 on Timmy, Deuce, Landon and Gooch.

  572. madmax says:

    The fact that Bradley said at his press conference, that he doesn’t know what went wrong, can’t explain why there were so few defenders, clearly shows he must be fired.
    Isn’t he the bloody coach? He played two at the back for the last half hour. Both fullbacks went missing for nearly 30 minutes, and Bradley can’t figure it out. After the game, both Marshall and Goodson should have beat the p.$$ out of them and the coach. USMNT, not to late to remove this fool.

  573. sup says:

    Another question that should be asked is why werent more european based fringe players invited? Whitbread, Eddie Johnson, J.White, Danny Szetela, Frankie Simek etc…would all have been upgrades over the MLSers that Bradley threw out there. Jay Heaps is not a international level player.
    And…lets not forget the US run to the finals of the confed cup was a fluke. If Bradley hadnt thrown a makeshift lineup vs Egypt we would have never seen Davies up top. If he thought we had a chance you better believe it would have been Casey. Fire Bradley.

  574. MiamiAl says:

    I disagree with Ives comments in his article with the player ratings…”GK, Troy Perkins, 5.5 — Saved the U.S. team repeatedly but he had no chance of stopping the onslaught. Definitely did well enough in the Gold Cup to lock up the No. 3 U.S. goalkeeper slot.”

    I do not think Troy Perkins has locked up anything as the No. 3 US goalkeeper…I would rather have a Marcus Hanneman who might be starting in the EPL than Troy Perkins possibly slipping back into his final year at DC United form….

  575. Mike says:

    If it makes you guys fell better, i know it made me feel better.. I just beat Mexico 8-0 in FIFA and ADU scored a hat trick…

  576. SuperChivo says:

    Well said, MadMax, losing 5-0 sucks but lets keep perspective. At most 3 of the players on the field ever have a chance at being in a match that matters, Chingy, Holden, Marshall, Pearce. And all but Chingy are distant prospects at the time.

  577. SuperChivo says:

    Ask yourselves this question, would you trade coaches or teams with Mexico right now?

  578. Anthony says:

    Should we really call it a debacle? We knew it was a young, untested team that went into this tournament that wasn’t going to be the best.

  579. Kevin F says:

    Not a single player in the US backline should be invited to wear the US shirt again. Pathetic.

  580. Magpie says:

    As a Fire fan I have watched Blanco closely for the last couple of years. I never liked his antics with the ref and I agree he can’t run or jump. He does get fouled more than any other player in the league because he holds the ball at his feet. But it amazes me that a player who is reaching the end of his career can be one of the most effective offensive players in the league. His field vision and passes (with either foot) are second to none. His free kicks and PK’s are the best–just watch Reis with his hands in the air not making a move in the Super Liga semis. In the following game, his left footed curling assist to McBride while surrounded by 3 players and his chip of the keeper in the 90th minute were worth the price of admission. Either you hate or love the man. I dislike his antics but cannot help but admire what he can do with a soccer ball.

  581. madmax says:

    “What could Bob Bradley do” someone wrote. You tell your fullbacks and DM to stay home 0-1 is not the end of the world. I’m not disappointed that the SBI commentator didn’t know, but when Bob Bradley says at his post game he doesn’t know, then the USA is in deep dooddoo.

    Two at the back generally looses games regardless of who’s playing.

  582. Bearusky says:

    FIRE BB he blows write sunil till he gets the point that we will not take these crappy results. we deserve better. what a disgrace!

  583. FIXXXER says:

    doug- Wynne is the future right back for the US??? No chance, no way, no how. Tremendously gifted athlete, extremely average MLS player.

  584. GO USA says:

    DCreel12 (7/26/2009 at 10:53 PM)
    Report Violation
    to all mecican soccer fans: its been a long time since you have beaten a usa team. so i want to congratulate all of mexico for the victory you have all been waiting for. you dominated our team in the 2nd half and that is something to be proud of. on a related note i played my 5 year old cousin in a backyard soccer gaame today and beat him 26 – 0. i am throwing a party for myself right now because i realize no matter the apponent a win is a win. if anyone wants to come to my victory parade tommorow you are welcome.
    Saw this on the ESPN board and felt like I should post it here because it’s funny and true.

  585. Dan says:

    People here worry so much about Mexico; but what has not been mentioned enough is about the US melt down on two consecutive finals. I just think its unbelievable that it happen to American players.

  586. marksonm says:

    arnaud was fail

  587. FIXXXER says:

    Fire Bradley, fire Bradley, fire Bradley… you guys are a broken record. He won’t be fired before next July so just get over it. Or maybe we should fire Bradley, get rid of Sunil, dissolve USSF, and just forget about ever trying to grow as a nation in this sport. If we were trying to win the Gold Cup we would have fielded a different team. It’s FAR MORE IMPORTANT to have our guys playing for their Euro clubs than playing in this final… you people have completely lost the plot.

  588. DingDong says:

    There’s a lot blame being placed on Bradley & USSF for bringing a C-squad. They do deserve it — they owe some respect to the fans and they should not make us suffer through this kind of humiliation and let Mexico get over their mental block to winning in US and could easily have called Ricardo Clarke, Altidore’s not in Greece yet so far as I know and there a few others that could have been called.

    However, how about blaming CONCACAF for making us play in this dumb tournament every 2 years? On the one hand, it’s great to grow soccer in CONCACAF region. On the other hand, it’s a real strain and waste of time for top players to have come play against Grenada, Haiti, Panama etc. So, I can understand USSF’s decision not to bring A team. I’m not sure how to 1) encourage CONCACAF development while simultaneously 2) not wasting USA and Mexico’s time.

  589. sup says:

    I dont think we have lost the plot, i just think the US Soccer fans deserve a better showing. Like i said in my earlier post players such as whitbread, zizzo, white and johnson have no chance to make the starting 11 in SA but could have helped this team out a great deal.

  590. ThaDeuce says:

    Motivation for Azteca. I enjoyed the way they celebrated. I watched every moment, and enjoyed it, because I know what is coming.

  591. ThaDeuce says:

    “DCreel12 (7/26/2009 at 10:53 PM)
    Report Violation
    to all mecican soccer fans: its been a long time since you have beaten a usa team. so i want to congratulate all of mexico for the victory you have all been waiting for. you dominated our team in the 2nd half and that is something to be proud of. on a related note i played my 5 year old cousin in a backyard soccer gaame today and beat him 26 – 0. i am throwing a party for myself right now because i realize no matter the apponent a win is a win. if anyone wants to come to my victory parade tommorow you are welcome.
    Saw this on the ESPN board and felt like I should post it here because it’s funny and true.

    Posted by: GO USA | July 27, 2009 at 12:05 AM”

  592. ThaDeuce says:

    “Oh noes…. a group of MLS and Scandanavian hacks lost to a some of Mexico’s starters.

    Oh… The horror!!!

    Please. Argentina lost A WORLD CUP QUALIFIER to Bolivia, 6-1.

    Bad losses happen.

    Reality check:

    The only players that are higher than third-choice at their position are:
    1. Brian Ching
    2. Heath Pearce
    Aaaaaaaand we’re done.

    I’ll pick a true second string, for argument’s sake:
    M-Kljestan (or Holden, if you prefer)-Clark-Feilhaber (or maybe Edu-Torres???)-Beasley
    F-Davies-Eddie Johnson (or Cooper/Adu?)

    Look at the 15 or so players I have listed. Not one is a full time starter. In fact. Once Jones is added to the team, none really have any claim to a starting position. Yet, none of those players were on the field today.

    Do you really think THAT team would have a problem with the Mexico team we saw today?

    Yes, losing 5-0 sucks. Losing 5-0 to a rival sucks even more.

    But save the drama and hyperbole, folks.

    Wake me up when Mexico drops 5 on Timmy, Deuce, Landon and Gooch.”

  593. says:

    pueden decir lo que quieran pero no la pelan

  594. cero a cinco says:

    Why even play the Gold Cup if we don’t send a team that can win it? Blame USSF, Gunil or Bradley but someone better take some blame for this disaster. All the whining about the first pk is just that. Even an 11 year old can tell you not to grab the guys shirt when he has possession in the box. Good for Mexico! Ochoa who has probably been their best goalkeeper all along is now firmly entrenched and with Vela and Santos improving this should be a fun group to cheer for in the coming WC.

  595. biggy says:

    hmmmm. gold cup was about learning, sticking with some guys and testing them. yep, the us lost. bummer. did you guys see the game in dc when charlie davies and benny came on and dominated for twenty mins? there was a lesson in that, that our A players can connect with those on the fringe and dominate. the us was super short sided. i mean really, jay heaps started today. i like jay heaps, i’m sure he’s dandy, but will never start in a us jersey again. what did we learn? the us has some solid depth. playing all the depth by themselves however, there are cracks. it happens. congrats mexico, you won the most irrelevant game that the two teams have played in the past ten years. oh well. azteca is the real test. and lets not talk about teams squeaking through. mexico luckboxed their way past costa rica. the roster was there for a reason, just like the COPA AMERICA two summers ago where everyone bitched about the roster. that worked out reeeaallllll niiiiice. so chill, enjoy a lovely summer day tomorrow, and get ready for the game that’s been circled on my calendar since the schedule came out. also, if those two announce champions league, i’m gonna cry. and apply for a job with fsc.

  596. John says:

    All of you saying Bradley should be fired are crazy. Is the Confed Cup lost in your memory? That was the practice run for the World Cup. Those games were against the Spain’s and Brazil’s of the world. This tournament was about expanding the player pool and seeing who can fill out the rest of the roster. You should be thankful that Bradley is striving for bigger and better things.

  597. JGIB says:

    Frankie says RELAX the gold cup served its purpose to get some younger guys a run in front of the coaching staff against real oppents did we get hammered absolutly but RELAX Aug 12th is when it matters

  598. Johnny says:

    Still absolutely brutal! #600!

  599. Chan says:

    Remember that the Gold Cup is a regional tourny and that CONCACAF chooses stadiums for maximal payoff. Just as it pisses me off that I was there representing with less than 20% of the attendance, I realize that the real game is played in Columbus for a reason.

  600. brad says:

    The Mexican fans were terrible in section 122… We were also the target of bottles being thrown, and beer spraying…

    I was certainly the only one paying taxes in the section…LOL

    It really opened up my eyes to the amount of illegals we have in this country..

    They live in this country, and have no respect for america or americans…

  601. FIXXXER says:

    sup – then place some of the blame on the players. Everyone always want to blame the manager for every single thing, but if the players are pro’s, then the blame needs to be laid at their feet as well. We dropped our heads and ran out of gas. Do I like the result? Absolutely not, but to call for the managers head EVERY SINGLE TIME EVERY LITTLE THING doesn’t go our way is stupid and ignorant. Yes, you’ve lost the plot. What a wonderful idea you guys seem to want – replace manager everytime we don’ play well so we will be in a CONSTANT state of turnover. Brilliant.

    Bradley accomplished in this tournament what he set out to accomplish. Do you follow our national team?? When this initial line-up was announced, I had no illusions of winning the final, if we even made it that far. From here out, you will see our full teams and I’d be willing to wager with you that we don’t lose 5-0 & qualify for the World Cup – which is all that matters.

  602. dman23 says:

    Being as there is 600+ comments now, I doubt too many people will continue to post but love the quote from Brian Ching:

    “I’m pissed. If you’re an American and you’re not pissed then there’s something wrong with you. We’ve just got to channel this anger, use it, and bring it with us on Aug. 12.”

  603. Texas 1836 says:

    Breaking news… Mexico’s B team is 5 goals better than our C/D team. Big whoop.

    People need to quit calling this our B team, though. Our B team is listed below. How many of these guys were out there yesterday?





    Sour grapes my ass. Facts are facts.