It’s Q&A Time

It is that time again, time for you to submit your soccer-related (and pop culture-related) questions to me and for me to provide my answers and opinions.

There has been a lot to discuss since the last Q&A, from the Confederations Cup, the Gold Cup, transfer deals galore to the on-going MLS season.

Send your questions my way and I will do my best to answer them. Please note that not all questions will be answered. Try to keep your questions relatively brief and try not to ask questions that have already been covered lately. Promotion/relegation, Jermaine Jones and national team/MLS/European-based player salaries are just some of the topics you should probably stay away from.

If you're wondering about the last batch of questions from the previous Q&A from June, I will be posting those later today.

For now, send your answers my way and I will look to answer them as quickly as possible.

Fire away. (NO MORE QUESTIONS. Thanks to all of you who took part.)

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200 Responses to It’s Q&A Time

  1. smorebs says:

    Thanks Ives.

    Who do you think will be in the management positions at RBNY next year? Also, what is Claudio up to these days.


  2. RK says:

    Hey Ives,

    Love the site. Keep up the good work!

    What would you say are the top three USMNT goals, going as far back as (and including) the 2002 WC. What are your top three in terms of pure quality on the pitch? And your top three pertaining to significance in the USMNT soccer movement?

    Thanks Ives!


  3. chyeah! says:

    whats the latest on some MLS future SSS’s?? Revs, Dynamo, KC, San Jose, DC

  4. D says:

    If you had been the manager of RBNY this past year, do you think their record would be better, the same or worse?

  5. joe k says:

    ives, two related questions:
    1) have you given any thought on providing more opinions on transfers? specifically easy ones, like when the red bulls got khano smith.
    2) was khano smith metrostars/red bulls worst signing ever? i know there have been alot, pick your top 3.

  6. Alex says:

    Thanks for the site Ives, check it multiple times a day.

    I want to know your opinion on what the best route is for a young soccer player in this country to take to be a professional player. Ideally, all the MLS clubs would have regional academies that kids would be involved in from young ages, but as that’s not the case yet, would it be better for a player to play through high school and go to college, play on high level youth select teams and hope for a spot on a youth national team or Bradenton, or try their hardest to get a trial with a foreign club and get involved in their academy? I know the last one is much easier said than done but ideally speaking, which do you think is the most practical way for a young American to achieve his dream?

  7. brian says:

    why does US Soccer never comment on the poor officiating of their games.

  8. Ed says:

    Is the Birmingham MLS interest legit, and could you see a team here being successful?

  9. Mike says:

    With the start of the regular season around the corner in Europe, is it safe to say we have seen the last of the transfers of the american players, i.e. Dempsey, Altidore, and Bradley?

  10. isaac says:

    should the league(MLS) lose the salary cap. we have seen european and mexican clubs come here and sell out stadiums. should a team (an example like the la galaxy ) and the league be penalized and made to lose out on money just cause the san jose earthquakes want the ability to pay players a little more than minimum wage. thank you for your time.

  11. Wally says:

    Hey Ives,

    Two ??s

    What do you think of Marco Pappa, what does the future have in store for him?

    And can you see donovan going to Valencia or sevilla. Also who has more european glamour: Michael Bradley or Clint Dempsey?

  12. nico says:

    I believe a large part of Seattle’s and Toronto’s attendance success can be attributed to stadiums located in urban/dense areas. Has the MLS/Garber acknowledge this characteristic for success? If so, has MLS done anything to try to push stadiums/teams into urban areas? What can be done to entice teams to play in walkable urban areas, where land is usually more expensive?
    Thanks again for your hard work.

  13. AdamTheRed says:

    Ives love your site!

    Looking into your crystal ball, what will be the biggest shock inclusion and omission in the WC 2010 roster???

  14. Bill says:

    Although it’s four months away, what current MLSers that might be available in the expansion draft would you take and what international player would you build the Philly team around? Do you think Philly will be able to replicate the off and on the field success of Seattle.

  15. BFBS says:

    Thanks for working so hard and providing such quality blogging.

    How does MLS ensure that going forward the burgeoning success of the Sounders as an MLS franchise is replicated? I am specifically interested in undestanding what steps MLS is or should be taking from marketing and other perspectives to be viewed as something hip, almost counter-culture rather than as a checkmark next to FIFA’s domestic league requirement for World Cup hosting. I just can’t help but seeing so many clubs in the MLS, like my hometown Revs, acquiring an almost stale quality: it’s almost like if I weren’t so much into soccer I wouldn’t care. When I think of the association I want “MLS” to conjure up, it’s with a tasty American microbrew, and now only Seattle and perhaps the new Philly franchise seem to do that. Of course, if having this hip element is not what’s best for the box office, please just let me know that and forego the whole marketing analysis :)

  16. Ryan says:

    Any news on the Supah Revs getting a soccer specific stadium? The Boston Globe reported a while back that the Kraft family was looking at space in Somerville, MA, but I haven’t heard anything. Gillette Stadium is great for big drawing games/teams, but it’s too far away from Boston for the casual fan to want to check out a game on a whim.

  17. Fulham Pete says:

    It seems like there’s a LOT of money being spent by City and RM, and not much of it is getting spent on replacements. I have a theory that a couple of those teams watched Landon torch Spain and Brazil, and don’t want to pay a mid-MLS transfer, but would shell out some of the earned transfer bucks in January.

    So, whaddaya think?
    Do you think Donovan’s going to get a serious look from a top team (read: CL top 8, e.g.) in the current or January transfer window? Is he going to find lesser glory with an Everton, Juventus, or Atletico…?

  18. Dman says:

    Love the site,it probably gets a ton of visitors. Is there going to be an update to it anytime soon or are there any further plans on it?

    US related.

    What is Charles Renken doing? When do you ever see him getting the call up to the USMNT (I’m saying # of years).

  19. Steffen says:

    If a well-regarded 18 year-old field player, whose central goal is to one day play for the USMNT, asked you whether he should go to a top college program, attempt to get a MLS contract, or attempt to establish himself in a lesser European league like the Swedish or Danish league,what would you advise him to do?

  20. Todd says:

    Why don’t you ever hold the USSF accountable for all of the problems that have befallen the Stars and Stripes. I think it would be awesome if you were able to have a sit down interview with Sunil Gulati and ask him all of the tough questions that the fans have been asking forever. Namely, the US jerseys (why we don’t wear red as our main color), youth development, the Jurgen Klinsman debacle, why there is no pressure on Bob Bradley, why the USSF does a poor job of marketing the Stars and Strips as well as the US Open Cup. That interview would guarantee a high traffic volume on your site for sure. Cheers!!!!

  21. Cyrus says:

    With Kenny Cooper’s move to 1860 Munich, what does this mean for U-20s Peri Marosevic and Brek Shea on FC Dallas? Will Dallas bring in another forward or are they content with Shea being the future starter at that position? I’d like to see them get a lot more playing time, especially considering Cunningham can’t have too much left in the tank. On the contrary, do you see Marosevic or Shea possibly making a move to Europe after the U-20 World Cup in the fall?

  22. Mikemike says:

    In your opinion, or based on word on the street, is Red Bull selling the team? Do you see this ever happening? If so, 5 years? 10 years? 50 years?

    Thanks alot!


  23. aggies4jerrygarcia says:

    Assuming Freddy went to Holland, is Freddy Adu able to go into a first division dutch team and start?

    Which league do you see him going to?

  24. Tony in Quakeland says:

    With the crowds that come out to see Barca, Chelsea, etc., is soccer at a tipping point in this country where MLS can substainital increase spending (if not quite to NASL levels) and tap in? Is the foundation and itnerest finally there to support higher level players who now go to Europe? If not – how soon?

  25. Peter says:


    Can you shed any light on the sponsorship deal that the National team has? Why did Mexico drop Nike or was it vice versa? Do Nike and Adidas “share” with one taking MLS and the other the National team? Has Underamour ever made an offer to sponsor our National team? Nike doesn’t seem to take sponsorhip or the USA side seriously.

  26. ThaDeuce says:

    Hey NostradamIves,
    Where will Landon Donovan be one year from now?

  27. gmonsoon43 says:


    What do you think benefits a national team more, having most of its players in the same league with all similar playing styles(England, Spain, Germany) or have players from various different leagues with different styles to bring to the team(Brazil, US)?

  28. Tedmonds says:

    Can you put captions on the photos you post? Sometimes it’s obvious who is in the picture, other times (for some of us) not so much.

  29. Roehl says:

    Hi Ives,

    First, can you post these Q&As at 3AM so those of us on the other side of the world can get in a question?

    Seriously, and since this is one of the few opportunities to ask a question, it might be the most slanted I’ll ask…

    Last week was a very entertaining set of MLS matches, and I think the action in the league and with the national team has been better this season than last, but I don’t see Eurosnobs coming over and supporting American soccer. Yet certain fans have tried to de-Americanize the sport in recent years. Are the league’s overtures about shifting the league calendar, and ESPN’s moves towards European commentators for the next World Cup really about getting “diehard” soccer fans, or is it just to appease the fans that American soccer already has?

  30. ricecloudnine says:

    How many more points do you think the USMNT needs to “ensure” WC qualification? After which game do you see them reaching that point?

  31. Rob says:

    Ives, I was at all the Confed Cup games this June and I feel like I will spend my whole life and not attend a more dramatic, stunning and exhilarating match than USA v Spain. Where do you rate the match in the all time greatest victories of all time?

    My take: It’s not our most important since that would be 1990 v T&T to qualify, and its not our biggest win in terms of quality that would be 1950 v England or 2002 Mexico, but I think it has to be the biggest shocker.

    If we pull off the win at Azteca, where would that rank for you?

    Love the site keep it going!

  32. Alex G says:

    Hey Ives,

    If we win at the Azteca, we are almost in South AFRICA??


  33. Some U.S. Open Cup questions:

    MLS Open Cup matches aren’t as popular as league matches, at least in terms of attendance and/or exposure, and teams will move games to other venues (Seattle to Starfire, DCU to Maryland Soccerplex, etc.) Why, then, do The Powers That Be insist on scheduling those matches with MLS as the home team? Having matches like this year’s Harrisburg City Islanders-New England Revolution played on City Island would likely be a better draw for local fans than having the Revs ship down to New Britain for essentially a reserve match. (In fact, Harrisburg hosted D.C. United in 2007 at Hempfield High School in order to hold the large crowds.)

    Secondly, what would it take to get the USOC a little more exposure? A major sponsor? More TV broadcasts (Revs and United, among others, air no Open Cup matches on TV)? All of the above?

  34. Reid says:

    on a scale of toes to eyes, how full of $hit do you think Sepp Blatter is?

  35. Eugene T says:

    Will Philadelphia’s stadium be open in time for the beginning of the 2010 season? Seems a little too optimistic to me.

  36. Caldwell says:

    Ives, do you foresee a time in the near future when MLS relaxes its hard-line tactics when negotiating transfer fees for players leaving the league? I remember a couple years ago Celtic was interested in Shalrie Joseph and MLS wouldn’t sell. It’s not as if casual fans in Dallas were like, “New England Revolution is in town! Let’s buy a ticket so we can see Shalrie Joseph in person!” It seems to me that a young, promising player might be reluctant to join a league in which he’d be handcuffed from upgrading clubs.

  37. Robert says:

    When will MLS teams start caring about the Concacaf Champions League and Libertadores entry, etc. SuperLiga would be nice as a starting point for qualification to Conmebol competition, right?

  38. Tim says:

    What is your take on tommy soehn as a manager and DCU’s outlook for the rest of the season?

  39. milkshake of despair says:

    Ives, this is more of a comment. All the questions I have will most likely be answered by the time you get around to it. But I still love the Q&A post and subsequent answers, even if delayed.

    Keep up the good work.

  40. Creige says:

    Call it a Donovan fixation but am I dreaming that he would be a great fit for Everton’s midfield especially with Arteta still in recovery? There are very few teams where I think he would be an instant fit but this is one of them.

  41. David says:

    Increasely it seems a prerequisite to becoming a consistant USMNT starter is playing in a European League (besides Donovan). How do you think this will effect the MLS as the best US players continue to defect from their domestic league or bypass it completely ala Charlie Davies? Can the league survive without homegrown talent in their prime playing in the league? I know many leagues around the world deal with a similar situation but those countries often have a long established love of the sprot where as in the US it is a growing sport. Can the MLS ever reach the sporting relevance of other sports leagues in this country without shifting from its current state as a development/retirement league?

  42. BJR says:

    In your time covering and/or following the usmnt, which coach was the best:

    a) at evaluating players
    b) tactically
    c) best overall

  43. EA says:


    Thanks for taking questions.

    Two part question.

    1) How (and how much) are US National Team members compensated? Are they paid per game appearance, per camp? Do thier club teams offer bonuses for getting called up? Besides complimentary US Soccer training gear, what other perks do they get?

    2) We’ve seen a few US performances that show that the only way that player is going to the World Cup is with a ticket. Let’s say a Jay Heaps (for example) DOES want to buy a ticket. Does US Soccer offer anything for those National Team members who don’t make the team, to travel with the team (if they’re out of season or whatever), provide match tickets, etc. to see the World Cup?

  44. Rob says:


    After the great run so far for the USMNT, some of my non-soccer buddies have taking a liking to the USMNT and MLS. They and I both wonder though what league MLS compares to over in Europe the best.

    I have followed MLS for a couple of years now, being a Red Bull supporter, and I think the talent and quality of play is slowly rising again as it did in the late 90’s. Some of the goals so far this year have been of great quality, with plenty of long range shots as well.

    So what does MLS compare to best over in Eurpoe, and what do you see it growing into on its current pace (talent wise)

    Thanks, Rob.

  45. ManicMessiah says:


    Love the site, you do a great job with it.

    Two questions:

    1. Have you paid any attention at all to Stephon Marbury webstreaming, and if so, what do you think about it?

    2. Is John Wolyniec to Celtic the most absurd rumor involving an MLS player, or can you think of ones to top it.

    Thanks as always for answering.

  46. Paul says:


    As always great job with the site. Are there any other soccer writers out there that you like to read?


  47. Art says:


    How would you compare the developmental curves of Landon Donovan and Freddy Adu? Donovan struggled in Germany as a teenager but had no problem in MLS as a 20-something and at 27 appears to finally be coming into his own on the international level. Adu started in MLS at an earlier age, jumped to Europe around the same age as Donovan, but is also struggling to get playing time. Is Freddy further along in his development or will we have to wait another seven years for him to reach his potential?

  48. Paul says:

    Any news on what the major talking points are for the new MLS CBA? And how that looks to be coming along?

  49. Jasen says:

    What’s up with Setanta U.S.? Is it worth it to order the channel now that Setanta UK has gone bankrupt?

  50. Chris says:


    What players do you think have the ability to play any outfield position? For instance, do you think someone like Gerrard can play anywhere on the defensive line, midfield or forward? Thanks.

  51. harry says:


    What can you tell us about the CBA negotiations? If nothing is happening, can you give the timeline — have negotiations started in earnest, when does the current BBA expire? I would think some teams may be pushing for a higher salary cap, while smaller clubs will push back — any word on the dynamics within the ownership?


  52. Raoul Duke says:


    Very well done. I hope that this leads to other opportunities with ESPN as you clearly can be that much-needed bridge between American soccer and world football.

    My questions:

    1) Wither Freddy Adu? My Portugese friend states what he reads in the Lisbon paper is that Benfica is not prepared to sell him at a loss or even loan him. So are they going to keep him on the bench? Can Adu force their hand?

    2) Champions League on Fox. We’re now less than three weeks away and I have not heard their broadcast plans in terms of announcers, future HDTV plans, etc?

    3) La Liga on ESPN. Am I correct that they have the rights to La Liga in the States? If so, same question on announcers, which matches, etc.

  53. freddy adu & anonymous says:

    1) Where can a brotha get some playing time?

    2) Why did houston get the 2010 AllStar game? Wouldnt it better to wait couple of year and have it at their new SSS?

  54. Ryan says:


    I realize Donovan probably won’t move until January, but what are the chances a deal gets announced before the MLS season is over? Any insider info on possible destinations (other than Livorno)?

  55. kspieles says:

    Two scheduling questions:

    Please tell me that CONCACAF might some time soon consider moving the Gold Cup to be played once every four years (like the Euro Cup). I’d rather it be more rare and always mean something to the top teams than have it be what we just had to watch.

    Is MLS seriously considering anytime soon generally conforming their schedule to the European season (and not playing during international fixture dates). There is such an illegitimacy to MLS when you consider how many players are missing during national team obligations. (And if they make that move, will they go to a single table, too?)

  56. luis says:

    1.) Why does bob bradley wait until the last minute to announce rosters?

    2.) What would be your letter grade for Bob Bradley (A,B,C,D,or F) and why?

    Thanks, and great website!

  57. Matt says:

    Hey Ives,
    I have asked this question before, but I figured I would ask again since I don’t think there was an answer. Any word on the documentary about Claudio Reyna: The Goal? Any release date or any other info about it that you are aware of?

    link to

  58. Texar says:

    Ives, i love your site, but we need some changes..

    When are we getting a better comment system? How about a place where we can chat? That would be awesome, specially during a match..

  59. Cindy says:


    Love you and your site, keep up the great work!

    Do you see USMNT coach in Dominic Kinnear’s future or do you think they would go with a foreign coach before looking domestic again? Are there other domestic coaches that would rank before DK and who?

  60. Katatonia says:

    Do you think RBNY will use their DP spot on John O’Brien? Also, why does Bob Bradley continue to overlook him?

  61. Hopper says:

    Hi Ives,

    Love the site. I check it three times a day. My big question: Why is the Gold Cup played every two years instead of every four like all the other major continental championships? It didn’t make any sense to me why it needed to be played this summer, with the Confederations Cup going on, and the Gold Cup winner not even playing for a spot in the next Confederations Cup. It was also a major distraction from the MLS regular season. Is there a movement to change the Gold Cup to every four years?


    Ben Hopper

  62. j1mbr0wn says:

    Who will replace Agoos & Osorio? (I’m hoping by asking this question, it’s a done deal when you get around to answering, and you can say “We already know…”)

    Followup – Any truth to the rumor (that I’m starting right here) that Kelly Lindsey left FC Sky Blue to take over as Red Bull’s Head Coach? Would she do better than Osorio (rhetorical question, my dead grandmother would do better.)


  63. Johnny says:

    What is going on with heath pearce? is he coming back to MLS? Is he going to find a club in Europe? He appears to be unattached on wikipedia. Whatever happened to his brilliant form of a year ago?

  64. WaitingforGuiteau says:

    David Beckham, then Freddie Ljungberg. I had heard rumors that Thierry Henry wanted to retire to Red Bull New York a few years ago, but somehow I think Barca’s recent success will put that on hold. Who do you think is the next big European star to close out their career in MLS? Also, of the US players currently still playing domestically, who do you think will be the next big export?

  65. steve says:

    How much are players typically paid in the Mexican league? Significantly more than MLS? What do you of payscales in other North and South American leagues?

  66. STL Soccer Fan says:

    With the MLS transfer window recently opening, do you see another Designated player being brought in by any teams? Who could you see coming in?

    On the other hand, which MLS stars appear on the way out as the Cooper news has just broken?

  67. DingDong says:

    What’s going on with then different US MNT supporter’s groups? Sam’s Army is I believe the original, but then American Outlaws broke off from them. Do you know why? Now USSF has its own “official” supporters’ group. Is this legitimate? Seems a bit like a company union to me. Isn’t it important to have an outside voice to put pressure on the federation? How does this work in other countries?

  68. Drew says:

    (Question that will no longer be relevant by the time the answer is posted)?

    Love the site, but this is a stupid feature.

  69. Laurie says:

    Ives, what do you see as the biggest issues that will come up in the Collective Bargaining Agreement negotiations? And has the success of Toronto and Seattle (proving that well-managed teams can be financially successful in MLS) changed the CBA landscape at all?

  70. Nick says:


    1.) Due to the huge success of the World Football CHallenge, do you think this will become an annual event? Do you think it would be expanded to more clubs?

    2.)How important is ESPN’s role to the growth of the sport in this country? It seems like if they keep shoving soccer to the masses, they’ll keep buying it. Whats your thoughts on (at least in my opinion) the most important factor of this sports popularity in this country?

  71. STL Soccer Fan says:

    Oops, i’ll post a different question so as not to ask the same thing.

    Have you heard any news about Eddie Johnson at Fulham? With their Europa Status this season it would seem as if there will be more opportunities to play than last year as Fulham will be looking for depth. It would be nice to see him getting some PT at Fulham.

  72. Minor Baker says:


    Love the site. Assuming that a USMNT player gets equal time, is it better for that player to be at a bottom of the table in top leagues such as the England or Spain, or is it better experience to play in a 2nd tier league (i.e. France, Portugal, Netherlands) but on teams that are in the Champion’s League?


  73. Amit says:

    Does it seem odd to you that a whole bunch of Colombian gems have been unearthed by MLS teams in recent years, while Juan Carlos Osorio has only ever gotten Conde?

  74. kptx says:


    Great work on the site, check it all the time.

    With Dolo back healthy and starting the season with Hannover and Spector with a great Confed Cup, who do you like as the first-choice right back going forward?

    I’ve always been a fan of both and would love to see them on the field at the same time (possibly with Spector at LB). How do you see the RB situation being sorted out through the rest of quailifying and into WC 2010?

  75. cbr says:

    Whats up with Beasley? Is he still under contract at Rangers? Is he comming back to MLS?

  76. Rebecca says:


    I’ve never heard a female commentator during a men’s soccer game (or during any men’s sporting event, for that matter). I know for a fact I could do better than some of the idiots doing commentary these days, but there just doesn’t seem to be a place for women in the commentator’s box. Do you think that women, whether now or in the future, will find themselves commentating on men’s soccer, and if that happens, will they be well-received by viewers no matter how knowledgable about the game they might be?

  77. DingDong says:


    Another fan-related question: is it odd that Mexico does not seem to have an organized supporters group, like other major soccer countries do? Mexican fans seem very North American (not much singing, music or organizing chanting etc.) and instead general rowdiness – like U.S. Americans at a football or hockey game.

  78. soccerplus 9 says:

    Do you think the Red Bulls will bring in a big named DP for the opening of Red Bull Arena, and if so, who, and will he be enough to turn the red bulls around?

  79. Brandon says:

    With Portland and Vancouver beginning play in 2011, MLS will have added seven new teams since RSL and Chivas joined in. Is there, or should there be, been any concern about the difficulty in building a team for the long term or developing talent when teams are continually giving away their 12th best player?

  80. jjfad13 says:

    There was a lot of talk about Damarcus Beasley moving to the Bundesliga at the end of last season. Has his terrible USMNT form quieted that? Does he still have a future at Rangers?

  81. smits says:


    Dynamo Assisstant John Spencer has come up as a Head Coaching candidate several times in the past. Which do you think is more likely he kicking himself for not taking the Chicago job when he had the chance or him scratching his head when he wasn’t automatically offered the Colorado job when it became available? Also where/when do you see him finally getting his chance to call the shots.

  82. Mentz says:

    Hey Ives,

    Should the MLS adopt a single table format for the playoffs next season with the number of teams increasing yet again (and there being more West teams than East)?

    Should they wait until we have closer to 20 in the country? Will they ever switch?! Thanks.

  83. Blake says:

    Hey Ives, lately I’ve been doing a lot of research concerning shirt sponsorship in MLS. Will New England, Colorado, Dallas and KC ever get sponsorship? Have you heard anything about potential interest?

  84. Paul says:

    Awesome site Ives,

    How much weight should we put on the 5-0 loss to Mexico? A part of me wants to dismiss it because of our second tier roster, but then a major part of me is angry that a decade of psychological domination was thrown away very cheaply.

    Lastly, player reactions:

    What are some of the reactions of the former, retired USMNT players to the beating? They put all that work into owning Mexico here in the States only to have it thrown in all our faces.

    What are the reactions of the current USMNT starters? Were they as mad as us fans? What have you heard?

    Paul @ Downey

  85. Digital Takawira says:

    You have the power to eliminate one element from the modern game, what do you choose?

    a) Exorbitant transfer prices

    b) Diving/play-acting

    c) Vuvuzelas

    d) Other (please specify)

    You have to power to add one element to the MLS, what do you choose?

    a) Larger salary caps and/or DP slots

    b) Designated away-supporter sections

    c) World-class referees

    d) Other (please specify)

  86. cfig says:

    Hey Ives, love the site.

    Who do you think will be the next young US stars to leave MLS to head overseas? My money is on Stuart Holden within 9 months.

    And, with the upcoming departure of Ricardo Clark and eventually Holden, what do the Dynamo do to stay at their fantastic level of play from this season?


  87. Manny says:

    Hi Ives,

    Great Site! Do you feel that the Bradenton Academy is sufficient to continue being the main developer of US soccer talent. Do you have any recomendations on how the system could be improved? The players that have come out of that system seem more robotic than players who find alternate routes to the MLS, e.g. Altidore vs Feilhaber.

  88. gaucho says:

    Can’t John O’Brien’s magic left foot just impose promotion/relegation and a single table on MLS?

    Seriously though, we’ve seen a lot of best of times/worst of times out of the US in the last few months. The good: US v. Egypt, US v. Spain, US v. Brazil final (at least the first half); The bad: US v. Brazil group stage, US v. Costa Rica, US v. Mexico (C Team, blah, blah, blah, even those guys had no business losing 5-0). What do you think accounts for the inconsistency and which team do you think will show up at Azteca and the rest of qualifying?

  89. John D says:

    Why haven’t world cup qualifiers been held at Giants Stadium. I understand its difficult to use the stadium during the fall but why not during summer/spring games?

  90. Herbie H. says:

    What is John O’Brien up to these days? And as a RBNY/Team USA supporter, would you like to see him work his way back into fitness and come to play for your teams?

  91. Alex says:

    Ives, This summer we have seen the US mens team excel, and part of that is we say we have players playin in the European Leauges. Recently the president of FIFA said MLS needs these players to get the leauge stronger? What can be done to ensure player AND leauge growth in the US?

  92. jjfad13 says:


    In your opinion who is the better player right now Mo Edu or Rico Clark? Higher ceiling? Do they both go to South Africa?

  93. John O'Brien says:

    what about John O’Brien!
    how long will we have to wait for the John O’Brien interview???

  94. Seisco says:

    1)Which US WC squad is stronger, the one from 2006, or the one we will see in 2010?

    2)Will Toronto FC ever convert BMO Field to grass? If Columbus’ climate can sustain grass I’m pretty sure Toronto’s could as well.

    3) Will Americans ever call soccer, “football”?

  95. Texas 1836 says:


    What’s going on with Chris Seitz?

    He performed quite well in the Youth World Cup in ’07. I’m surprised not to ever hear him mentioned in the Keeper depth chart for the MNT.

    Has he had some serious injury? Just not been playing well?

    Where does he stand in terms of an MNT future?

  96. ryan says:

    recently found your site. love it.

    can you tell us about any young (say under 20) americans heading abroad to play? also, are there any youth national teamers that looks like future stars?


  97. Gregg says:

    Are you moving to the PAC NW in 2011?

  98. Matt says:

    ninjas or pirates

  99. awood says:

    Why hasn’t Dwayne DeRosario ever made the move to Europe? It seems like he’d be a good fit in a number of systems.

    And what’s up with Shalrie Joseph? After MLS rejected the bid (or two bids) from Celtic, did he just give up on trying to get to Europe?

  100. Texas 1836 says:

    When will Nike unveil the MNT kits for World Cup ’10?

  101. Texas 1836 says:

    Who would make your All-Time US MNT roster?

    Who were the best US players historically at each position:


  102. Mentz says:

    Hey Ives,

    Rank the main Euro leagues from best to worst:

    England, France, Germany, Spain, Italy

  103. brant says:

    Are we ever going to get part IV of the last Q&A? :)

  104. SeaOtter says:

    Good afternoon Ives,

    As always, I really love your site. I enjoy the way you keep your articles spread througout the day. Keeps the hit count up I bet too. :)

    My question is (and I know its a bit premature):

    What do you see Mix Diskerud having to do to get a call into the senior team? And when do you see him getting cap-tied under the new rules? If he does get cap-tied to the US, do you think Bob will be the coach to do it?

    The reason I ask is that, if I’m not mistaken, he is the first(newest) dual national, since the FIFA rule change, who is living up to the standard (1st division football, getting 1st team minutes, performing) the USMNT coaches have stated publicly for getting call-ups.

    I know that he doesn’t have much of a track record so far. And, I don’t advocate capping players to keep other nations from them. His is just an interesting situation to me and I wanted to hear your opinion.

  105. Dan Gleesack says:


    1) Have you heard where the best atmosphere for college soccer games is in the US?

    2) And what would you consider to be Andy Bernard’s best musical performance?

  106. brant says:

    I didn’t see this answered last time, so plz forgive me for asking it again.
    Seeing the comments on J Jones being categorized as a sell-out or a mercenary who’s just trying to play for the US because he can’t crack the German team made me wonder about the following:

    How is someone like Edgar Castillo or Neven Subotic regarded in Mexico or Serbia when they spurn the US for the other national team? Is Subotic treated like an outsider b/c he came up thru the US system and was a US youth international? Are the Serbian soccerazzi saying that he only wanted to play for Serbia because he’s not good enough to break through the Onyewu-Bocanegra-(should be Chad Marshall)-Califf-Shea pecking order?

    What’s the reaction in the ‘other’ country when a player picks them over the US?
    Thanks. Love SBI!

  107. Ives,

    What team do you root for in the MLS?

  108. Brendan says:

    Hey Ives,
    I remember you reported that US Soccer planned to send a large number of supporters to the Confederations Cup. Did they end up meeting their goal?

  109. Andy says:


    Who has been the best DP signed by the MLS. I am personally surprised by Blanco…i thought he would be a train wreck.

    Will an American, not of Mexican or Hispanic descent ever play in the Mexican league again?

  110. Christian says:

    Jose has just announced his latest special signing…and it’s Ives Galarcep! You will be joining Sven and Wayne on Special 1 TV.

    What would you want to be your:

    1. Nickname (e.g. Special One, It, Potato, etc)

    2. Unique Saying (“Snared!,” “well-uh”, “be champions!”)

    3. Clothing (scarf, hoody)

    4. Puppet (like Rooney with Ronaldo)

    I don’t know about your nickname and saying, but I sugest you wear the SBI Mafia shirt and have an Amado Guevara puppet. Classic, that is.

  111. Crew Fan - Go Frankie! says:

    Why isn’t there more love for Frankie Hejduk among USMNT fans? You can’t find a harder worker who’s more dedicated to playing for his country. He hounds opposing players into dumb mistakes and rarely, if ever, gives up a stupid play to an opponent. He runs more than an Energizer battery, and has made some great plays over the past few years (@ El Salvador springs to mind) while playing through injuries and player turnover on his squad.

    After missing ’06 thru injury, I don’t see any way his *not* in South Africa in 2010, even if it’s just for locker room presence, but I really think he can challenge as a starter. Am I the only one? Are there any Frankie fans out there?

  112. sonicdeathmonkey says:


    1. I heard Sean Wheelock on BBC radio a few months ago say that everyone hes ever talked to associated with MLS (coaches, players, GM’s) have told him they don’t believe Adu is the age he claims to be. Have you gotten the same response?

    2. Is it possible for you to ban folks who ask JOB questions?

    3. What team thats currently out of the MLS playoffs right now do you think has a chance of making a run deep in the playoffs or maybe to the Cup final?

  113. SeaOtter says:


    Thanks again for the Q&A!

    Do you think that Mexico scoring that 5th goal in the Gold Cup was in any way a mistake?

    By that question, I mean: It’s hard to view that as anything but “rubbing it in”. And, to me, the only purpose that it served was giving The U.S. more motivation in Azteca.

    I know it’s not possible to tell a player in a position to score that he shouldn’t take the shot, but did that last shot potentially do more harm than good?

    Thanks again.

  114. brant says:

    D’oh! I’m a dork! I saw a new Q&A go up and asked about the last one before I saw your comment about posting the rest of it today. Sorry! I’ll go slink back into a corner now.

  115. Tyler says:

    Hey Ives,

    Besides qualifying for next summer, what should the primary short-term goal of the US MNT?

    Watching soccer in HD is fantastic. Any idea on if RBNY’s games will be broadcast in high def next year? What about FSC adding an HD channel (or if they already have one, TWC adding it to their lineup)

    Thanks, really enjoy your site.

  116. Aaron says:

    How’s Charlie Davies doing in France so far? Any way you could get an interview with him to see how he’s adapting? He could be a major cog next year in S. Africa

  117. Herbie H. says:

    Real question:

    I hear a lot of clamoring for things like single-table, no playoffs, promotion-relegation, no draft, no reliance on college, etc.–in short, people wanting to turn MLS into a European league (specifically, an English-style system). These things are obviously impractical at the moment–that is the argument against that I hear most often. But to me, even if some of those were do-able, I’d still prefer to keep the elements unique to the American game. For instance, while some might argue that the draft rewards poor play, I’d argue that it keeps the league from being dominated by 2, 3, or 4 monsters (I don’t see why so many think this is desirable). Furthermore, since we’ve seen a few dynasties emerge in MLS’ short existence, it’s fair to say that well-run clubs can still excel in spite of their draft positions.

    All that said, which European elements do you think would make good additions to the MLS (i.e. promotion/relegation, single-table, buy/sell as opposed to trade, etc.), and which American elements are must-keeps (i.e., playoffs, draft, college soccer, etc.)?


  118. Mark says:

    Ives, who do you think will win the election? Obama or McCain?

    Also, what is your take on the recent news that England will not be participating in Euro 2008? Surprise? Disappointment?

  119. C | 3 says:


    Ok. Seeing Charlie Davies move from Sweden to France’s Ligue 1, do you think Scandinavia could become a platform for young American players to get better development and exposure?

  120. Herbie H. says:

    @Seisco, I’ll stop calling it “soccer” when the Italians stop calling it “calcio”.

  121. Since the MLS reserve league is no more, would you guess that MLS will want their teams to maybe field USL PDL squads? I’ve heard that Philly Union will actually have a squad playing in the National Premier Soccer League (NPSL) next year. What can you tell us from your Philly sources?

  122. MZ says:

    How is US Soccer funded? Do they receive government money? Money from Fifa? Or, are they a self preserving business?

  123. freddie footballer says:

    If Brian McBride and Brad Friedel come out of national team retirement, do they make the 2010 squad?

  124. the fly says:

    Hey Ives,

    Great site!

    What do you think of Alexi Lalas in the announcer’s booth? It seems that everyone here either loves him or hates him.

  125. Joe Jack Johnson says:

    I just insulted you in the national press… we need to have a beer in my backyard… what will you have?

  126. MensreaJim says:

    Ives: Who do you rate as the best player in CONCACAF? Best field player? Best young player? Thanks.

  127. Mike Caramba says:

    Since my questions always seem to be outdated by the time they get answered…

    How about that USA win over Mexico? That was pretty exciting stuff. I used to think the US would NEVER win in Mexico City, but they went and did it! The Ching-Altidore tandem worked very well up top (obviously). Do you think this will be our go-to duo for 2010, or do you think Altidore and Davies will develop enough to make them our World Cup starters?

  128. Pablo Chicago says:

    Any truth to the rumor that Conde and Soumare will book one-way tickets to Europe come January?

  129. NicoMontrealer says:

    After the recent meeting of the MLS board of governors during the all-star week, do you know what’s the status of a possible Montreal expansion team?

  130. Wispy says:

    Ives, I think I spend about 20% of my waking hours on your site…

    OK, it’s September 2010 and the USMNT just won the World Cup (cue the laughter). Who would you cast to play the major roles in the movie made about the team? Matt Damon as Landon Donovan? Vin Diesel as Timmy Howard? Derek Luke (on someone’s shoulders) as Gooch?

  131. Kinsey says:

    Everyone has been anxiously awaiting the debut of Jermaine Jones, and its clear he will definitely bolster the U.S. midfield. With that said, how much of an improvement on a scale of 1-10 will Jones be over Ricardo Clark? Clark looked as though he was beginning to really elevate his game in the latter part of the Confed Cup. Any sort of improvement helps, but if you could give an idea on just how much of a boost to our midfield fans should expect with him in there instead of Clark, it would be appreciated.

  132. john godfrey says:

    What is Landon Donovan’s exact contract status?

  133. PJ says:

    hey Ives, thanks for these, and for all your work!

    i thought the Rapids cleared the words off the front of their kit at the beginning of the season to make way for a sponsor; any word (or even hints) on any deals shaping up there?

  134. Nick says:

    What do you think the odds are for an MLS team in San Diego?

  135. Gilbert (not Gil) says:

    Thanks for taking questions Ives!

    If FIFA called tomorrow and asked the US to host the 2010 WC, what 10 venues would you pick to host matches?

  136. Salvy Epps says:


    Just woundering who in your opinion is the best american soccer comentaitor? I always hear stick from peopel claiming how bad it is here, do you think we should stick with the fellow americans or let the prooven class of derrick rae and tommy smith comentate the us games?

  137. Jeff in Mississippi says:

    So I called my cable operator, Comcast, about offering the USA-Mexico game. They had no idea what I was talking about. The lady I was talking to said they don’t even offer Telemundo, let alone Mun2. I couldn’t get either of those channels even if I wanted to pay a thousand dollars to watch the game. When I asked about Mun2, the lady actaully laughed and said she nevver heard of it. Have the people at NBC-Universal woken up yet and decided to broadcast the game on a channel where more than 4 or 5 English speaking Americans will be able to watch it?

  138. nlawtrojan says:

    Any site redesign coming up?

  139. mnmike says:

    Should MLS be concerned about too much talent dilution by the time Vancouver and Portland enter the league in 2011? That’s quite a bit of expansion since 2007.

  140. MickND says:

    Ives, Pepsi or Coke?

  141. USA says:

    Ives what’s your top XI of all time?

  142. IFisher says:

    All right, question time!

    By the time 2011 comes around, we might have three teams coming into the league at the same time. I believe there is no way the league can keep the current stanadard of play if the league dillutes the talent pool by adding four teams in two years. There simply aren’t enough good American and Canadian players that would be willing to come back to the MLS given the current salary cap. What ideas are (hopefully) being tossed around to preserve the quality of play? More international player slots per team? Higher salary cap? What would you do?

  143. chg says:

    Assuming they had a true HFA and travel exhaustion was not an issue, how do you think an MLS All Star club would fare over a complete EPL season?

  144. Scott says:

    Hey Ives,

    I am definitely a SBI addict, you do a very nice job with the site.

    I was wondering what the pool of youth national players looks like. Who are the stars we should look for in the next four to five years?

  145. BP says:


    Eddie Johnson enjoyed some preseason playing time with Fulham and made the 18 for Fulham’s first Europa League game. Does E.J. have any chance of making the 2010 WC Sqaud?

  146. jpc says:


    What do the MLS’s powers that be see as its ideal end game in terms of what ideal player demographics would be; whether the team youth systems will eventually be take over for the Superdraft as the main feeder of young talent into MLS; And whether or not the league is OK w/ allowing its best young players to continue to travel to Europe (I mean specifically the cream of the crop, not players like Clarence Goodson or Yura Movsisyan)?

    Also, is there a specific timeline that the league is shooting for?

  147. J.Jones says:

    Ives, love the site very much (as you can obviously tell)
    1. Will El Chupacabra have eaten Dos Santos by the time you answer these questions?
    2. Why is there less publicity (banner contests, line-ups, news-not just your site, but everywhere) about this game vs Mexico than the first one in February?
    3. Any chance we will see a SBI Mafia Banner in 2 weeks (El Chupacabra fingers crossed)?

  148. Scott says:


    I have heard about sponsors not wanting Donovan to go to Livorno which really made me wonder how much control do sponsors have over players in terms of where and when they can transfer?

  149. Doug says:

    Ives. Longtime sbi Mafia member, before the t shirts. I want to be the liverpool sbi correspondent for the upcoming season. Is this still a feature you’re going to run? Also, I’m interested in writing for your site. How could I make this a reality, if at all? p.s. Was recently at Newark airport at 3am catching the red eye and saw Dave Chapelle, wearing a sbi Mafia t shirt, getting wanded by the TSA. Just thought that was epic.

    Thanks Doug

  150. ChelseaMatt says:

    What factor do you think wins out August 12th:

    A) Mexico rides their increased confidence level to a comfortable victory at home at the Azteca, or

    B) The USA first stringer’s channel their anger at watching the third stringers get pummeled into an historic triumph in a WCQ at the Azteca?

    And if the slaughter has veered the course from a certain American triumph in Mexico building on American confidence gained in the Confederations Cup semifinal and Mexico demoralization over a 10 year winning streak in the USA, what could have been done differently in the Gold Cup to avoid this:

    A) Fully use the 30 man roster?

    B) More effectively used the USA players brought into camp: i.e. player rotation such that legs weren’t shot in the second half?

    C) Better game management in the second half of the Gold Cup Final by Bob Bradley, or

    D) None of the above (please explain your answer in the space provided below)

  151. calijay says:

    looking around at club soccer, high school soccer, and other youth leagues in america, and hispanic players such as torres and orozco already in USMNT squads, how much time before the full mens side boasts a majority latino squad? are there racist attitudes towards that happening or could it be simply a matter of playing styles (hispanics play a more individual game where as the current U.S. style is more touch and go.)

  152. ManU Fan says:

    Hi Ives,

    Who exactly received the revenue from these summer exhibitions in the US (World Football challenge, etc.)? MLS? European teams? ESPN? FSC?

  153. Yo what up Ives, What is your take on some “American sports fans” being I guess in a way defensive when the topic of soccer comes up. On other sports websites some people seem to make it their duty to try and bash it for no particular reason. I honestly dont let it bother me at all but now I see it more and more simply because the interest of soccer seems to be rising. Why are some people so bias of soccer in America? We all know that soccer is not close or even going to be close to the top 3 sports in America. Yet it kind of seems like they feel threatned. I know some people will disagree but Im just pointing out what I encounter with people I know or what I see online.

  154. Thess says:

    Jamie Trecker over at Fox Soccer Channel has been critical of Bob Bradley’s tactics in both the Confed Cup and the Gold Cup, specifically the lack of a consistent gameplan. Do you think he lacks the tactical ability to coach at the national team level or is he just adapting to whatever group of players he has and the opponent he is facing? Love the site, keep up the good work.

  155. RedStateJim says:

    With Americans plying their craft in Europe and we always here how poor the MLS league is, can you rank all the major leagues and tell us where you think MLS stands? Does Cooper and other going to 2nd division European leagues provide them better competition than laying here?

  156. Ryan says:

    If you took the USA’s likely 23 man roster for next summer and Mexico’s, which would you consider stronger? Assume everyone is healthy and you’re just looking at which roster is better on paper, not which side would play better together, chemistry, etc.

  157. Warren says:

    1)Any new rumors about the Fire adding any new players? With the playoffs coming up I wouldn’t mind alittle bit more depth to our team. I’d think if Justin Mapp doesn’t do anything good in the next couple games, trade’em for some allocation money and get someone new.

    2) Not really a question but check out my new website for the Fire when you get the chance! link to

  158. baloosh13 says:

    People may clamor for a foreign coach but did you know that only managers leading their native country have won the world cup?

  159. werner says:

    Hey Ives,

    Two Random Questions!

    1. Who is the cutest WPS Player?

    2. Which active MLS play would make a great coach?

  160. BP says:

    Leonarda said in a press conference today, “Thiago Silva can be an added bonus for us going forward, particularly from set-pieces. The two goals he has scored in pre-season confirm that he is attack-minded. He really wants to learn and is improving all the time. I think he is going to do well for us.” Given Gooch likely has to beat out Silva for playing time, does this mean Gooch is going to be relegated to the Bench for the majority of the season?

  161. werner says:

    Hey Ives

    2 random questions

    1. Who is the cutest WPS player?

    2. Which active MLS player would make a great coach?

  162. Steve W says:

    Not to start a Blog War, but what did you think of Trecker’s blazing criticism of BB post Gold Cup?

    (link to

    I’ve been a BB supporter (and basher of the rippers), but I have to admit, Trecker makes some very good points.

  163. Do you think Bob Bradley is wrong for ignoring a player like Arturo Alvarez. Because Alvarez already said countless times publicly that he would love to play for the USMNT. We all know the kid has skills and seems to be more talented than the older players that play his position(Rolfe, Arnaud) that have been called up to the USMNT. He could of at least cup-tied him so he could have him as a option down the line. But it seems Bob Bradley is ignoring him on purpose, why?

  164. Mark says:

    How are the top contenders to be NYRB’s coach in 2010?

  165. Neil says:

    Do you think the US has a chance for one of the top eight seeds in the 2010 world cup? Was the confederations cup performance enough to get them seeded? Will the seeding committee look past the loss in the gold cup final since it was a b or c side? Do they need to qualify first out of concacaf to have a chance at a seed?

  166. Carl says:

    everytime my friends and I watch Forgetting Sarah Marshall, we always argue over the same question which I will now pose to you: who is hotter, kristen bell or mila kunis?

  167. socrates says:

    On the MLS front, you’ve done some nice coverage of the rookies – thanks. Can you give us your takes on some other categories of personnel moves. such as: Best/Worst New MLS Player Signings (Non-Draft), Best/Worst Returning MLS Signings, Best/Worst Trades, Player Who Left MLS And Is Most/Least Missed By Former MLS Team.

    Possible suggestions-

    best new signing: Keller, Ricketts, Huratdo, Jakovic, Alonso, Montero
    worst: Purdy, Bucknor, Garcia, Espindola, Campos

    best returning: Pickens
    worst: Convey

    best trade pickup: Pickens, Marshall, Dunivant, Van den Bergh, DeRosario, Esky
    worst: Cristman

    most missed:Parkhurst
    least missed: McManus

  168. Sushant Rao says:

    Hi Ives,

    I’m trying to understand the game better and wanted to learn more about formations (pros/cons of 442 vs 352 vs 451 etc). Any book or website that would help me understand the tactical side of the game?

    2nd question: Did BB screw up by taking Torres and Wynne to Confederations Cup (and not giving them any playing time) instead of saving them for the Gold Cup? When I look back over the summer, he should have saved Torres & Wynne for the Gold Cup (where they would have actually played) and taken 2 other players to Confed Cup (‘Dolo & ?). That’s the only complaint I have with his roster selections. What do you think?


  169. Makese says:

    Hi Ives,

    Great site. It’s a daily read for me when I wake up in the morning.

    I was wondering what you are hearing about the CBA negotiatians between MLS and the players. In your mind what could be some potential hiccups and do you honestly think we will see a signifigant change in the cap with a new agreement.

  170. TJ says:

    Any clubs interested in Holden?

  171. Bob says:


    What do you think of the people who write “first” in the comment sections. Also what do you think of those people who do write “first” but yet they are the second or third person to post?

    Thanks for all your hard work!!!! U DA MAN

  172. Mike S. says:

    Ives, in 2011, when MLS will have 18 teams, and presumably a 34 game schedule, do think that MLS would consider a split season type schedule where the season starts in August, has a winter break from mid December until March, and then finishes the season in June? This would make it easier to break for international breaks, and give the advantage of not having the marquee game, the MLS cup, competing with football for TV time.

  173. Jason says:


    1. With 16 teams and a 30 game schedule, will it be a straight home and home next year in MLS?

    2. Once the league expands to 18 teams, do you anticipate an expanded schedule (34 games) or will some teams only play each other once?


  174. DYCSoccer17 says:

    Biggest fall from grace:

    Bobby Convey or Eddie Johnson?

    Does either of these players have any sort of chance to earn any more caps? If so, who stands a better chance?

  175. shantz says:

    What team and league will Freddy adu got to?

  176. Mark says:


    With the depth at CM/CDM being by far the strongest part of the USMNT, do you think Bradley would ever think of fielding a 3-5-2?
    Would a backline of Cherundolo, Onyewu, and Bocanegra, be able to succeed with a tandem the likes of Bradley and Jones holding things down in front of them?

  177. Tony in Quakeland says:

    You are President of the USA for one week – enough time to invade and annex a small country and add it’s top player to the US Men’s National team. Which country do you invade and for what player?

    PS- Before the 2006 WC I would have invaded Grenda for Joseph and maybe Canada for DeRosario. Not so sure now…

  178. Dannyc58 says:

    Hey Ives,

    Blackberry or iPhone?

    Who stays for RBNY next year?

  179. matt says:

    hey love your site
    do you think it would be smart to install a soft cap so if teams want to pay they can and if they dont they dont have to the regular salary cap is 2,500,000 and the owners out of their own pockets can pay an additional 2,500,000 on salaries do you think this would make a top 3 or 4 i know the red bulls like this rule they need the money

  180. Ted says:

    Hiya Ives,

    How much impact does Stuart Holden have upon the USMNT in this World Cup (hopefully including South Africa) and where does he fit in the American team long term? Does he have a place?

  181. Brandinho says:

    Ives, How much further would United States soccer be (all things considered) if we would have received the 1986 FIFA World Cup, which perhaps could haved saved NASL, rather than the 1994 World Cup?

  182. arkjayback says:

    Ives, thanks for pimping my Spain vs. US video.

    Donovan and Holden possess great speed with the ball at the feet, but aren’t the best crossers. Dempsey isn’t as fast, but floats and hustles the same way. Ibrahim, Renken, and Gyau are also coming up through the ranks and could become wingers of the same mold as Donovan and Dempsey.

    So are we seeing the future of American wingers? And is that the position that Adu should be trying to learn to get back into the national picture sooner?

  183. Michael F. SBI Mafia Original says:

    Just curious, what percentage of your income comes from revenue generated from (You don’t have to go into income numbers.)Could a successful soccer blogger make a living on blogging alone?

  184. Evan says:

    Which players from the Gold Cup roster do you see (if any) making an impact in the qualifiers? the World Cup?

  185. J says:

    How does the mls allocation system work?

  186. DeliBelly says:

    Since the gung-ho US soccer fans wear read to the USA matches, why doesn’t Team USA design a red jersey that matches the fans color? Am I the only one who thinks its weird that the fans wear red while the team jerseys are this nondescript light bluish grey color?

  187. FK PIRIN says:

    Hello Ives,

    It appears that Freddy Adu did not go back to Benfica after leaving the Gold Cup. Apparently, he didn’t go back until July 30. It seems odd that Freddy would miss out on his chance to start for the US team to just hang out or take time off. Any idea what is going on?

  188. Annen_Berg says:

    Hey Ives,

    Any chance you might update the site any time soon with some more nerd forum features (e.g. profile pics next to user comments, reply-to buttons, etc…)? You got a great site and a critical mass of readers/contributors. I think a couple bells and whistles could do make things even cooler.

    Thanks for the site!

  189. Rubbers says:

    Ives, Thank you for all your hard work to make this site such a great resource to learn about what is happening in USA soccer. On July 23rd, you posted “One European club’s plan to mine for talent in America”. I am confused how this is possible because I was under the impression that for a man born in the USA from parents born in the USA that the only way he could play for a professional European club was to obtain a certain number (or percentage) of call-ups to the national team in order to qualify for a European work permit. Is this not true? Maybe I am all wrong in my thinking. Please provide any insight to help me understand what leagues Americans with American born parents can or can not move to if a club is interested.

  190. Lloyd Heilbrunn says:

    Is it true that MLS requires players to waive their 10% portion of transfer fees?

  191. Joseph D'Hipster says:

    Would Alan Gordon do well in Europe second divison?

  192. Steve W says:

    Great site Ives!

    My 2nd question — what on earth happened to Bobby Convey? Three years ago he was an up-and-comer on the highest scoring team in the history of the Championship (Reading) and now is…what?

  193. AllNats says:

    What’s more annoying: Hearing that horrible Champions League anthem 30 times per game (thank you Heiniken), or hearing Zidane talk about how Messi’s feet taste 30 times per game(thank you Adidas)?

  194. Paging Dr. Khumalo says:

    This is completely ridiculous, but…

    would you be willing to take a stab at 23 tickets to World Cup 2018? Or at the very least, a starting XI?

  195. Paging Dr. Khumalo says:

    And who is the worst player you’ve ever seen get consistent playing time in any top division (MLS included)

  196. Chris says:

    It seems like in MLS the refs allow more physical play (read: defenders can assault offensive players frequently without play being stopped) than almost any other league in the world (or maybe MLS is the top of the list).

    But is there any league in the world that needs scoring more than MLS?

    1) A 0-0 score in the USA is far more unacceptable than in other countries that “understand” a score-less draw can ben an exciting game.

    2) Current MLS stars (and potentional MLS imports) shouldn’t feel as though they are unable to display their ability in MLS because they are allowed to be knocked around (just watch Chris Rolfe try to recieve a pass with his back to goal).

    3) MLS doesn’t have enough offensive stars to consistently defeat a defense that can grab, kick, and push with impunity. There are no Drogbas in the league who can score 20 goals even with defenders grabbing a fist full of jersey all the time.

    4) Every other professional sports league in the USA has consistently and frequently created an environment to help increase scoring/offense (NBA: hand checks, zone defense, 3 pt play, NFL: 5 yr WR contact rule, QB protection rules, MLB: designated hitter, limiting time between pitches, allowing steriods (until recently))

    So, do you agree with me that MLS allows far more physical play than most leagues?

    If so, don’t you think it would be in the interest of MLS to protect its stars and encourage scoring?

    Does MLS have input to their refs about how they manage the games, and how tight or loose they are going to be with calling fouls?

    Thanks for the great site, I check it daily.

  197. Michael F. SBI Mafia Original says:

    OK, I’m very familiar with the EPL, La Lig and Bundesliga. But could you please rank the top 20 professional leagues in terms of quality of play? 1 being the best? I just have NO IDEA when the US Players are going to teams in Denmark and Sweden, etc., where these leagues rank VS. MLS as well as against other leagues.

    SBI is the best site ever. Thanks, Ives.

  198. AC says:

    Ives, whom in your eyes is the most valuable assistant coach at club or national level?


    After his strong Confederations Cup, have you heard anything from the Demerit camp about a possible transfer?

  200. michel black says:

    Hey Ives Love the site,
    My question is: What will it take to get an MLS entrant into the Copa Libertadores? and will we ever see it in our lifetime?