Mexico announces roster for qualifier vs. USA

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Fresh from its triumph in the CONCACAF Gold Cup final, the Mexican national team has announced its roster for the upcoming World Cup qualifier against the United States on Aug. 12 in Mexico City.

The group contains several of the team's top Gold Cup performers, as well as most of Mexico's premier European-based players. Here is the group:

GOALKEEPERS: Guillermo Ochoa (América), José de Jesús Corona (Cruz Azul).

DEFENDERS: Efraín Juárez (Pumas), José Antonio Castro (Tigres), Ricardo Osorio (Stuttgart, Alemania), Carlos Salcido (PSV Eindhoven, Holanda), Oscar Rojas (América), Rafael Márquez (Barcelona, España), Jonny Magallón (Chivas), Aarón Galindo (Chivas).

MIDFIELDERS: Israel Castro (Pumas), Gerardo Torrado (Cruz Azul), Cuauhtémoc Blanco (Chicago Fire), Andrés Guardado (Deportivo La Coruña, España), Alberto Medina (Chivas).

FORWARDS: Miguel Sabah (Morelia), Giovani Dos Santos (Ipswich, Inglaterra), Carlos Vela (Arsenal, Inglaterra), Guillermo Franco (sin equipo), Nery Castillo (Shakhtar Donetsk).

So just how seriously is Mexico taking this match?

Mexican national team manager Javier Aguirre is going so far as to bring in this entire group a week before the Aug. 12 match, including the European-based players.

The Mexican squad includes Chicago Fire star Cuauhtemoc Blanco, but not long-time Mexican national team leader Pavel Pardo, who has never been a favorite of Aguirre's.

So when will we see the U.S. team's roster? Don't hold your breath. U.S. head coach Bob Bradley always waits until the last possible moment to release his rosters so we may not know the group the U.S. team is sending until the Friday before or even as late as the Sunday before the match.

What do you think of this Mexico group? Are you worried for the United States, or do you like the U.S. team's chances on August 12th? Who would you like to see Bradley call up for the qualifier?

Share your thoughts below.

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168 Responses to Mexico announces roster for qualifier vs. USA

  1. Wispy says:

    OK — so we can continue this discussion on the proper thread…

    How many will Bob call up? Angel put together a 23-man list but this is a single qualifier, not a two game grouping. Mexico called in 20, so i expect we won’t call in more than that, and maybe only 18.

  2. mcjones says:

    Sorry if this is off topic, but just wondering if anyone else is watching this AC Milan vs. Bayern game. Onyewu came in around the 65th, with Milan down 1-0. Game ends 4-1, with Milan getting a lucky goal off a horrible piece of goalkeeping by the Bayern keeper. Onyewu looked horrible, by my judgment and I would be surprised if he gets any time in Serie A. Doesn’t look good.

  3. Dman says:

    Bob better get his stuff together cause Aguirre is going for the jugular. I have faith in the boys though, esp. since they had to dwell watching this past weekend with us fans.

  4. Supsam says:

    7-8 of those players played in the Gold Cup and they are riding high in confidence. Get ready boys cuz its going to be tough! Go USA!

  5. ELAC says:

    If we can’t beat this very offensive team, then we will not be beating them in the years to come.

    There are multiple generations of players on this team, with many more newer, younger players.

    We must have the absoultely BEST team possible.

  6. Michael Cuello says:

    Oh man they ARE serious! I’ll tell you this now, the result of this match was decided last Sunday; the momentum this team carries is unbelievable; and what will the score be? 2-0; no way this Mexican team will lose to the US at Azteca; We’re still in good shape as long as we win our home games.

  7. Tim says:

    “So just how seriously is Mexico taking this match?”

    Umm, this is an important qualifier for the World Cup against your arch nemesis… why would they commitment to this match even be questioned?

  8. Lieutenant in Sam's Army says:

    If I was Bob Bradley, I would keep the lineup as close as possible to the one that performed so well at the Confed Cup. Altidore and Davies up top, Dempsey and Donovan on the wings, Bradley and Clark in the middle. I leave out Feilhaber as he seems to be more of a supersub right now and I’d want him fresh at the end of the game if it is close. Boca on the left in the back, Onyewu and DeMerit in the middle and Spector or Frankie on the right. Now that Frankie is healthy it will be a tough decision for Bradley. And of course, Timmy Howard in the net.

  9. Johnny says:


  10. Dman says:

    soooo 13 played in the gold cup HA!

    US will maybe have 1 or 2

  11. Pooky says:

    I count 12 gold cup members on that roster.

  12. Dan says:


    Forget about the Gold Cup. The Beauty of Soccer is that anything happen. And I am sure we all know that from the Confed Cup. Sometimes the team with the best players does not win, but the one lucky enough that day.

  13. Dman says:

    I’m just laughing cause most people were saying 5 or 6 would be on the roster

  14. ThaDeuce says:

    so they really will fly in the day before. no camp.
    aye yay yay.

  15. Frank says:

    This Mexican team is vastly improved over the one Sven took to Columbus in February.

    First Aguirre > Sven

    Memo Ochoa > Sanchez

    Guardado and Vela will be available for this match not like in February.

    Blanco will be there.

    Riding the confidence of the Gold Cup and at Azteca I say the US is a 2-1 underdogs but anything can happen. If the US gets an early goal and play the bunker / counter they are good at this could be the year.

  16. Yinka Double Dare says:

    Aguirre obviously has to take this incredibly seriously — none of the US, Honduras or CRC have dropped any points at home yet. If Mexico wants to avoid the playoff spot, they can’t afford to drop any at home either. A draw makes things interesting for them. A loss is disastrous.

  17. ThaDeuce says:

    From earlier today: Mexico’s roster Overlap between Gold Cup and Aug. 12 vs. Projected U.S.A. overlap.
    1.. Francisco Guillermo Ochoa CHECK
2. José de Jesús Corona 
    3. Efraín Juárez 
    4. José Antonio Castro CHECK

    6. José Jonny Magallón CHECK

10. Oscar Rojas 
    11. Gerardo Torrado CHECK
12. Israel Castro

    15. Alberto Medina
    16. Giovani Dos Santos

18. Carlos Vela
    19. Miguel Sabah CHECK
20. Guillermo Franco CHECK

    I count 13 Mexican “A” teamers- players called in to the big games, no wasted roster spots….


    Brian Ching

    I call the Gold Cup a Mexican “A-” team, not a “B” team that played in the Gold Cup final. But go ahead and enjoy your fun Mexican fans. The Yanks are Coming.

    Really only missing three main players: Nery Castillo, Blanco, & Marquez.

    I can’t wait for the US camp… When is our roster announced and when do they begin camp Ives??

    Posted by: ThaDeuce | July 29, 2009 at 02:43 PM


    And missing Guardado. By the way, it seems that Rafa Marquez may not play at all because he still is out injured.

  18. A. Ruiz says:

    I would dump Torrado way, way way way way before I would get rid of Pardo.

  19. ag nigrin says:

    I’m just laughing cause most people were saying 5 or 6 would be on the roster

    Posted by: Dman | July 29, 2009 at 04:53 PM

    I am laughing too… So many Mexico supporters were saying it was their B team that played in the Gold Cup…looks like it was very close to their A team that beat The USA C team!

  20. Angel says:

    Here what I post it on the other blog early

    I think Mexico will use this lineup a 4-4-2 and I think Aguirre is going to use the same game plan he did against the B team in the gold cup and that is wait until the 2nd half to send the big guns like Vela, Franco and Blanco. so USA have to put all the ball in the net if they get the chances and not waste them.

    Guardado——————Dos Santos


    very similar to the one he used against Spain, Egypt and Brazil.

  21. CapeCodFutbol says:

    Basically the entire Gold Cup attack is back for this. Let’s see how our 1st choice defense fares against them.

  22. Dan says:


    That strategy make sense. It all depends on how the altitude and pollution affect the USNT. If they are not affected then the familiar 2-0 is likely to repeat…

  23. BCC says:

    Confidence? What confidence? They have been terrible in qualifying. The US team they will face is completely different from what they thrashed the other day.

    After the Spain game, I don’t think there are any foregone conclusions to be drawn about any game the USMNT plays.

    @mcjones — these preseason games mean nothing. And I have a hard time believing that Onyewu would be personally responsible for three goals in 25 minutes. Last time I checked, AC Milan is an old team that just sold its best player. Gonna take a while. Relax.

  24. RM07 says:

    It seems like more then half this roster is from the gold cup.The same gold cup team that was dreadful against Costa Rica and awful against The USA’s ‘C’ team full of twenty year olds for 56 minutes.

    They were terrible throughout the Gold cup….When I was watching at home I was convinced this was their ‘B’ team,since I’m not American or Mexican I don’t know much about their national team.

    It’s unbelievable that these losers play for the actual first team.

    I’m a little surprised by some of the comments here.Do you Americans actually respect this team?

    I mean in World Cup history since 1930 they’ve never even won one knockout stage game….even while hosting two world cups.

  25. soccerroo says:

    Good to get started back up about qualifiers. I hope we do not get to booged down by Sunday’s results as i think it was never a good situation for USMNT because had they won and went in over confident that would be bad. Having lost so badly gives Mexico confidence.

    I know we can win down there after how we played at the confederation cup so now it is just going and doing it. It will stink having to wait for our roster but I know most of the roster will not change from the Confd Cup maybe Holden for Torres.

  26. Dan says:


    They did win a knockout stage I am just not sure when. But it was while hosting.

  27. ThaDeuce says:

    My projected U.S. Roster:




    However, we all know that We are really bringing 3 forwards and 7 midfielders, because Donovan plays in the midfield….but when we sub Feilhaber for Altidore in the 60th minute, we all know that Dempsey moves up top so we are bringing 4 forwards and 6 midfielders again. aye yay yay, we are so versatile!

    Starting U.S. Line-up and tactics = same as the end of the confederations Cup.


    Davies for Altidore in the 60th minute
    Feilhaber for Clark in the 70th minute
    Holden for Ching in the 85th minute, move Dempsey up top and Holden out wide.

    So glad that we have learned SO MUCH THIS SUMMER!
    two months ago beasley and kljestan were starting and adu was on the bench. jejeje!

  28. ThaDeuce says:

    “Starting U.S. Line-up and tactics = same as the end of the confederations Cup.” = same as the end of the confederations Cup + Ching and Dolo instead of Conor Casey and Heath Pearce

    and lewis over beasley
    and holden over kljestan or adu

  29. Jamie Z. says:

    No Sanchez. That’s too bad. I rather like Ochoa.

  30. Berlin says:

    Heavy on defense.

  31. Angel says:

    Like the way you think, is like we are twin huh….lmao

  32. Frank says:

    Aguirre has learned not to make Sven’s mistakes like all the centers they tried in February. He learned that the US backline (A and B teams) is very good in the air but not very mobile against speedy forwards keeping it on the ground. Dos Santos, Vela, and Castillo will run circles around Gooch and Bocanegra. Mexico finally found a formula to beat the US.

  33. Jorge says:


    I don’t want to rain on anybody’s parade. But according to Gulati, Jones and Castillo may not be available for selection until October 2.

  34. RM07 says:


    That’s right they beat Bulgaria I forgot.

    But still pretty pathetic for a history that leads all the way back to the first world cup don’t you think?

    I mean thats one win in 80 years.

    The USA is a great country, your standards should be set much higher then this.

  35. CT says:

    Memo Ochoa, Efraín Juárez, José Antonio Castro, Oscar Rojas, Jonny Magallón, Israel Castro, Gerardo Torrado, Alberto Medina. Miguel Sabah, Giovani Dos Santos, Carlos Vela, Guillermo Franco (12) were on the Mexico Gold Cup roster and 10 (Ochoa, José Antonio Castro, Magallón, Israel Castro, Torrado, Medina. Sabah, Dos Santos, Vela, Franco) actually played against the US in NYC.

  36. Simon09 says:

    Obviously NOW Aguirre is going to use many of the B team players, because they where the ones that have worked the longest in assimilating his tactical ideas, took those ideas to fruition and only a fool would change that with only two weeks til SHOWTIME!

    Marquez and Cuau are basically brought in for motivation and experience, Guardado has been excellent in pre-season with Depor!

    Why no Sinha and Hector Moreno of AZ Alkmaar…only Aguirre knows!

    Here the key word is Aguirre (did he finally find the key?) and 115,000 green and white shirts in the stands!

    some people mention how terrible Mexico has been in qualifying! That was before Aguirre! MEXICO HAS LOST ONLY ONE GAME with him at the helm!

  37. ThaDeuce says:

    We will see Frank.
    “I count 13 Mexican “A” teamers- players called in to the big games, no wasted roster spots….


    Brian Ching

    I call the Gold Cup a Mexican “A-” team, not a “B” team that played in the Gold Cup final. But go ahead and enjoy your fun Mexican fans. The Yanks are Coming.”
    I like our chances. They sure looked like they could run circles around our C defense, but I don’t think they will look so thrilled against Onyewu, Demeritt, Bocanegra, Spector, Howard, Bradley, Clark, Dempsey, Donovan, Ching, and Altidore.


  38. Paul says:

    So much for the A/B/C team debate. Mexico brought most of its “A” roster to the Gold Cup, and then walloped an American squad that had, at most, one guy who might start for them (Ching) and, at most, three others (Holden, Marshall, Pearce) who might see playing time in the foreseeable future. A U.S. win at the Azteca would pop that bubble of Mexican confidence pretty dramatically, don’t you think?

  39. Beto says:

    the line up will be :







    the substitutions will be:







    so, it will be very hard to the USNT beside the weather and the altitud of the city …..

  40. Toumba says:

    If Mexico wins on August 12th…it is just part of the script for both the US and Mexico. When both teams started qualifying they just hope to get points at home from the other powers. It is only considered a failure in the two game series to drop points at home. This way you stay even with the other power and take your chances against the weaker teams. (3rd power being Costa Rica) Since 3 teams qualify you only have to be good against the bottom 3. The reason Mexico is in trouble is that they have lost the plot with the other teams. Now they have put themselves in a must win situation with us. (not to mention the added pressure of them having to go to Costa Rica next. Not an easy place to get points when you need them.) We already took care of our business with Mexico at home. We just need to take our points from Costa Rica at home and avoid any blips against the weaklings. While August 12th is huge in the rivalry, it is not that huge in the grand scheme of qualifying for the US. It is only now for Mexico because of their past transgressions. Their lifeline is that 4th place spot. But I feel sorry for the team that gets that one. And Mexico does not want to face that reality.

  41. Michoacano says:

    The MNT that got beat by the US in Ohio in February only had 7 of these players on the roster. ONLY 2 actually played. So you cannot say that Mexico had half of the A team out there in the Gold Cup.

    Now that the Gold CUp was won by these players, they are getting a call-up to the WCQ, they deserve it for their hard work.

    Two things came out of the Gold Cup:

    1. 13 players deserved to get called up for this WCQ for Mexico.

    2. No one in the USNT Gold CUp roster should even be considered by BOB for any future WCQ.

    I know that it will be a whole different roster for the USNT. I am happy that Mexico won the Gold CUp, but it is different situation all together. Good Luck!

    P.S. A loss is a loss and a win is a win, no excuses.

  42. ThaDeuce says:

    @ Paul,
    Yes I Do.

  43. Toumba says:

    To amend my earlier post…the US v Costa Rica game in the US is not that important….since it is the last game….both of us will likely be safe by then…so it wont be “must need” for either team.

  44. Sushant Rao says:

    So, if Mexico is bringing their “A” team, let’s see how strong their Gold Cup Final team was.

    Here’s the lineup for the Gold Cup (with Vela coming in as a sub)

    Miguel-Sabah–Gio Dos Santos

    Alberto Medina–Gerardo Torrado–Jose Castro–Efrain Juarez

    Fausto Pinto–JC Valenzuela–Jonny Magallon-Israel Castro

    So that means Guillermo Ochoa (América), Efraín Juárez (Pumas), José Antonio Castro (Tigres), Jonny Magallón (Chivas), Israel Castro (Pumas), Gerardo Torrado (Cruz Azul), Alberto Medina (Chivas), Miguel Sabah (Morelia), Giovani Dos Santos (Ipswich, Inglaterra) and Carlos Vela (Arsenal, Inglaterra) all made the team. That’s 10 players from the Gold Cup Final lineup (players that actually played, not just on the roster).

    How many of the players from the USMNT Gold Cup Final team will be on the roster against Mexico? I can think of only 1 definite (Brian Ching) and 3 possibles (Chad Marshall, Clarence Goodson and Stuart Holden).

    For those of you bashing the US, let’s face facts. We clearly had a B / C team out there while Mexico had their A / B team.

    5-0 is bad, but I’m much more optimistic of our A team versus their A team.

  45. Angel says:

    I like ur lineup, I used Pardo but I saw he is not on the list of Mexico players. I think Magallon will play for Marquez. I think he is still not 100%.

  46. ThaDeuce says:

    Ummm, Michoacano,
    1.. Francisco Guillermo Ochoa CHECK
2. José de Jesús Corona 
    3. Efraín Juárez 
    4. José Antonio Castro CHECK
    5. José Jonny Magallón CHECK
    6. Oscar Rojas 
    7. Gerardo Torrado CHECK
8. Israel Castro
    9. Alberto Medina
    10. Giovani Dos Santos
    11. Carlos Vela
    12. Miguel Sabah CHECK
13. Guillermo Franco CHECK
    With many having playing time.


    Brian Ching.

  47. joe k says:

    marquez always plays poorly against the USA. let’s hope he starts.

  48. Blokhin says:

    If Mexico can ever figure out how to get Vela, Joe Two Saints, Unibrow Castillo and Sideshow Bob Guardado on the field at the same time, I would seriously fear for our defense… each of these guys has taken turns carving up our defense in the past and I hope that they never put it together, for U.S. sake…

  49. Frank says:

    People (ThaDeuce) quit bringing up the past Gold Cup final and comparing rosters. You guys look like sore losing Mexicans more everyday. It was what it was and that game will not influence this upcoming game more than the US win over Spain. WCQ at Azteca does not need motivation or confidence of form. Mexico will hold serve and the US will still be in better position because of its tie in El Salvador.

  50. wjmooner says:


    It isn’t our fault that your other players suck. Sorry, but your alleged B team is actually your best squad. Sorry it took you three coaches to figure out that the kid who played on Barcelona and the kid who plays on Arsenal might be your best players. So yes, actually, half of your A team was out there during the Gold Cup.

    You can be certain that even if the USA had won the Gold Cup nobody but maybe Ching and Holden would have received any playing time in Mexico City.

  51. ThaDeuce says:

    2 words:
    Landon Donovan

    2 words:
    Dos – Cero

    2 words:
    El Chupacabra

  52. ThaDeuce says:

    One wonders if the SBI Mafia poster will make an appearance….


  53. Goalscorer24 says:

    The big question for me is can our defense keep up with the speed of Mexico’s younger forwards, Dos Santos and Vela? On the other end Mexico has never faced up against speed like Davies. It should be interesting. I hope we come to play!

  54. Michoacano says:

    Tha Deuce, please read my whole post. I mentioned the match in February when we got beat in Ohio. How many of the players on that roster were in the Gold Cup roster? 7. How many actually saw the pitch? 2. That is why our Gold Cup roster was not our A team either. These guys have EARNED their call-up for August 12. No one in the USNT Gold Cup roster EARNED another call-up ever again.

  55. ELAC says:

    Can we get Franck Ribery a green card or something for this game?

    Seriously, the US better be ready to WIN.


  56. Jorge says:

    It appears that Freddy Adu might be going to Holland.

  57. ThaDeuce says:

    I bring it up because during the game all the Mexican fans said only 2, and all the American experts said 6….double that number and add 1. Now, today, when they released the roster, I can correct that misinformation and take enjoyment from that!




  58. Frank says:

    ThaDeuce, you seriously think the US is going to win 2-0? I made a chunk of change betting my co-workers on the GC final. I will give you the option to funnel all your confidence and enthusiasm in a friendly wager that the US does not even win this upcoming game let alone 2-0. $200.

  59. Angel says:

    Please it took a while for Brazil to break our defense with KAKA, Robinhio, Fabiano and not talking about the ex number one team Spain with Niño Torres, Xavi Hernandez, David Villa, Xabi Alonso. How can you compare this guy with the likes of Vela, Joe Two Saints, Unibrow Castillo and Sideshow Bob Guardado that is an insult. USA have to play a very smart, Tuft Defense. And the guys at front have to make goal and not loose any chances.

  60. ThaDeuce says:

    Okay with your first point,
    but with your 2nd point I greatly disagree:
    Holden, Ching, Quaranta, Perkins, Beckerman, Marshall, and Cherundolo.

  61. mexpex says:

    Most of these guys where not “A” team players BEFORE the Gold Cup, but NOW they’ve earned it!

    It don’t matter!!!

    Mexico’s A/B 5-0 USA B/C in NYC U.S.A.

    Mexico’s A+ 3-1 USA A+ in Mexico City, Mexico!!!

  62. ThaDeuce says:

    I’d rather bet a 6 pack of your favorite beer and make you watch me drink it afterwards while I celebrate.

  63. Jorge says:

    Can someone please contact President Obama and ask him to assign secret service protection to our guys? If they win down in Mexico, it will not be pretty.

  64. Frank says:

    Angel, that game was at friendly South Africa and not at Azteca. The thing is that Brazil and Spain did not know the US very well and especially Spain kept trying for centers. Aguirre knows exactly where the US backline and coaching vulnerabilities lie. Remember that Mexico has beaten Brazil lately more often than not but it has not mattered in the grand scheme of things. The US beating Spain in a friendly tournament is a fluke and we will find out on August 12th. I am actually surprised all these US fans are setting this summer to be a failure by putting so much emphasis on this game. If Mexico wins then it makes the win over Spain a fluke.

  65. Beto says:

    @ Angel …

    Marquez will play for sure together with Magallon , in central defense , Pardo is so slow , is better Torrado and I. Castro

  66. ThaDeuce says:

    link to

  67. Jorge says:


    I’ve heard on the radio that Rafa Marquez might not play. If he does, it will just be like the last 15 minutes.

  68. ThaDeuce says:

    link to

    I must say that the first link is the best… LOL

    I didn’t make these FYI

  69. mwc says:

    Tim: Completely agree. Of course, Mexico is taking the game seriously. The US should too. I see a lot of people feeling overly confident about the US’ chances. While I agree the US played well at the Confed Cup, it is not going to be a walk in the park down there. It is a rival, on their home field, in their national sport, in a qualifier that Mexico needs, and we have not won there in forever. I just hope Bradley plays a consistent formation and attacks from the opening whistle so that the US has its best chance.

    mc jones: Agree it is not starting well for Gooch. I think he has given up a goal in each game for AC Milan so far. Ouch. I hope he gets his game going very soon as there is not much patience over there.

  70. ThaDeuce says:

    although the 2nd one is pretty scary…he looks like a voldemort.

  71. Beto says:

    @ Jorge

    Marquez said to the Mexico networks that he is ready for the minutes that Aguirre wants him on the field …. for sure it will be the entire match on the field , no doubt !!!

  72. Jorge says:


    That might be true but issue, as I understand, is that Rafa is nursing an injury.

  73. Brett says:

    No surprises for me other than Marquez. I wasn’t sure he was healthy yet.

    We always knew this was going to be a tough game in Mexico City. If Mexico wins, I won’t cry about it or scream for Bradley’s head on a stick. I think our Confederations Cup run has made this a very winnable game, but we will be facing a Mexican team that, for better or worse, will be feeling confident about their chances.

    They’ve called in all of their World Cup hopefuls and those looking for us to repeat the result at Columbus better wake up and see that this is a different Mexico than we faced with Sven running the show. Looking forward to an exciting match!

  74. WK says:

    “I would dump Torrado way, way way way way before I would get rid of Pardo.”

    Posted by: A. Ruiz

    I can understand Aguierre on this matter- though Klijstan didn’t play all that well, pardo was over-matched by bradley and our other MF’s the last time. don’t think torrado will do much better since bradley and rico/benny will run through, around, or over.

  75. Jack K. - SBI MAFIA ORIGINAL says:

    Most of you are so pathetic it’s sad, y’all keep trying to convince yourselves about how we lost to the Mexican A team with our Kindergarten team. Get over it, it’s in the past, if you need to go and talk to your mommies about it to make you feel batter.

    @RM07 – It’s true that Mexico play some really bad games, honestly the whole Gold Cup level was bad to terrible. I will correct you on something thought. our average age was actually 27 with some players around 30 so this so called “Kindergarten” team might of been older than the Mexican side.

  76. Angel says:

    The USA is not making this all about the August 12th game. Please we have more game coming up after Mexico that we can win a get the points and qualify. But Mexico need this game more than the USA. Reason some fan are putting much emphasis on this game is cause we are tired of Mexican fan thinking only cause they won the Gold Cup they already back to be the Gigante. Please (Por favor). Yeah Mexico is really hard to beat in the Azteca, Remember it took almost a decade for Mexico to beat the USA in the US soil. What makes you think that maybe this time the USA goes and change history in the Azteca and come back with a win. Remember what happen with Costa Rica in the 2002 world cup qualifying, Mexico got beat 3-1 and then like a sore looser they were. They got Medford out the Necaxa and kick out of Mexico only cause he made the third goal and celebrated. UMMMM Sore looser Que no!!!

  77. ThaDeuce says:


  78. Toumba says:

    To the guy saying Gooch looked bad….here are the highlights…please tell me an AC Milan player that looked good….this is BRUTAL…especially the Schweinstiger goal. I would not put much of this on Gooch. AC Milan is playing a typical Italian preseason…..half speed.

    link to

  79. Pumas Fan says:

    The Pressure is all on El Tri. If the U.S. loses it’s no big deal b/c no one wins at Azteca. However, if El Tri loses at home, their streak is broken against the U.S. AND they fall even further behind in WC qualifying. El Tri has their backs against the wall here and if the U.S. scores first, it could be a huge gripper of a match for the Tricolor.

  80. Beto says:

    Jorge ,

    the injury of Rafa is not anymore … in fact now he is training at the same with the other players of Barcelona !! …. maybe for precaucion Rafa will be replaced in second time … but believe me , with Gio , Blanco , Vela and Castillo you will have a serious nightmare !!!

  81. Fulham Pete says:

    @ThaDeuce — Holy S4!7!!! That IS Landon. Nice pick. Did you get that after the LAGals team dinner?

    I can’t wait to see Clark and Rafa Marquez get mutual red cards. THAT could be fun.

    USA 2-1 MEX…Feilhaber with a nasty strike from 25 in the 80th minute.

    Re: Gooch vs. Bayern — He did *look* horrible, but that’s just because he was trying to cover for everyone else’s mistakes. F’rinstance, that last goal…he was meters away from the shooter, because he was busy trying to cover the three guys the DMFs and FBs ignored on the counter attack. Defense, SO much more than offense, relies on a team effort. Gooch will dominate in Serie A when they find their shape, so the centerback can do what he’s supposed to do…clear crosses, establish air superiority, and make opposing defenses soil their shorts on corners and FKs.

  82. not a moron says:

    please in the name of all that is holy, let that useless waste of space by the name of Ching see nothing even close to resembling playing time in this game. Altidore and Davies again please…

  83. Caasi says:

    Bob Bradley will come out with a 4-4-2, sit and wait to counterattack Mexico. Aguirre will take the ball,and wait until the US starts opening up, while picking at the outside backs looking to expose them. If that doesn’t get through, it will force the double-holding midfield to stretch out and open up space for balls played through the middle. Mexico should keep the ball in the ground with 1-2 passes, rather than the silly “lets try to challenge Onyewu in the air” tactic. Slowly, the US will begin to lose their form, especially if they’re looking for anything other than a draw and Mexico will get the looks. The question is: Can they capitalize early on, or will they start missing chances and start heaving the pressure onto themselves? That, is your key to the match.

  84. A.S. says:

    0-21-1 is the US record against Mexico in Mexico!

    Whatever makes US fans think that that will change, because the US beat the “cabezadura” Spaniards in the Confederations is beyond me!

  85. DMan says:

    Joe two saints, I actually laughed outloud for that one.

    reminds me of Joe Table(jose mesa pitcher in MLB)

  86. Angel says:

    for who is the key here to win the match. be more specific because the pressure here is for Mexico to win the match and the really need the points. USA with a draw is all good. So I think Mexico will start opening much more than the USA and if the USA score and early goal ummm Mexico will become like the USA was in the Gold Cup and that is excited out control to draw or win the game.

  87. Jorge says:


    I agree with you that the pressure is on Mexico. A loss or even a draw on their soil would put a serious hamper on their efforts to qualify for 2010.

  88. JohnV. says:

    Maybe Marquez will play a few minutes against the L.A. Galaxy, but he will definately reappear against Chivas!

    More importantly… YOU WILL SEE, JONATHAN DOS SANTOS, and get a taste of things to come!!!

  89. Dave says:

    How the hell is Mexico confident? It takes 20 seconds of simple logic to determine that:

    1. They beat the non-USA A team 5-0.
    2. The last time the USA A team played together they beat the No. 1 team in the world and nearly beat Brazil.
    3. The USA A team is the one coming to Azteca.

  90. oscar_in_fw says:

    0-21-1 with most of the 21 during an era when the USA did not even have a professional league.

    Now the USA team has achieved dominance against Mexico the past 10 years in matches played outside Mexico. More recently, the USA has established they have the playmakers to score goals against the best teams in the World.

    When else has Mexico resorted to “gamesmanship” (e.g. reschedule for a 3pm start) playing the USA ? They are starting to show serious respect for the Gringos.

    I expect a USA loss but their chances this game will be the best they’ve ever had; they’ve arguably matched Mexico’s technical skill and continue to overmatch them in athleticism/speed. And anything can happen in Soccer.

  91. dolan says:

    @Pumas Fan

    Totally agree. The U.S. will come out pissed off and play their asses off. I hope they can play with controlled emotion. We cannot afford to take anymore red cards. At the end of the day, Mexico needs this victory more than the U.S. We’re still in very good shape to qualify even if we lose. Mexico on the other hand….

  92. Angel says:

    0-21-1 is the US record against Mexico in Mexico!

    Whatever makes US fans think that that will change, because the US beat the “cabezadura” Spaniards in the Confederations is beyond me!

    Posted by: A.S. | July 29, 2009 at 06:14 PM

    ok like I said before USA doesn’t need to win at the Azteca but it can. the 0-21-1 in the Azteca is not forever. Costa Rica won there already what makes you think that USA can’t win. Plus the pressure in on Mexico to win this game not for the USA. Have that point to qualify plus we have El Salvador Next at home, T & B away and after we have Costa Rica at home. Do the Math. if we draw in Mexico that 1 point. or if we loose is no big deal. E>S. that could be 3points and T&B another 3Points. Costa Rica maybe 1 or 3 points to the math ummm first 1-3-3-1 = 8points or if loos in Mexico n win against C.R 0-3-3-3 = 9 points or if we win in Mexico 3-3-3-3 = 12 points and we are in the world Cup. Now Mexico ummm have to play USA, Costa Rica, Honduras, El Salvador if loose u against USA 0 – draw in C.R. 1 Win Honduras 3 and win ES 3 0-1-3-3=9points or maybe a draw 1usa loose CR 0 draw Hondura 1 and win ES 3 1-0-1-3 = 5point not so good for Mexico

  93. Dan says:

    I don’t understand why the the A/B/C debate keeps going on. I mean even if Mexico A beat the USNT C team is all irrelevant. Mexico trash them as we would expect an A team to trash a C team.

    Anyways, i think this will be a very good game. As I said before it all depends on how Americans handle altitude and smog.

  94. toreadore says:

    First of all a couple things I’ve been meaning to write about.

    People mention how the Mexicans fans acted in NY that was horrible. “Hey people its a rivalry game” if you want to have a good time, rent a movie and stay home. Have you ever been to a Roma vs. Lazio game, you’ll be lucky to walk out w/out a flare being thrown at you. Or a Pumas vs. America game, there is a riot squad because its just crazy. Or Corinthians vs. Flamengo, Macarana is one crazy zoo that day.

    Americans and I consider myself an American have really no clue when it comes to passion and craziness that fanatical fans have at games around the world.

    Some of you mention A team vs. B team, well hey it read, “US National Team vs. Mexican National Team” So drop the A and B.

    Some of you comment about the players Aguirre is bringing up for the qualifier, shoot shouldn’t players be rewarded if they are playing good together. Come on if we wanted to see the same Mexican team we would have stayed with Hugo Sanchez and the Swede, nothing changed in there tenor. So I’m glad to see Aguirre have confidence in the younger players. Remember, Mexico and the US are going to qualify for the World Cup ,its just who is going to be playing well at that time of the Cup that matters.

    Mexico will win in the Azteca, if you’ve never been there. You don’t know what to expect. Samantha’s Army should just stay home because I guarantee a hostile environment.

    Also how said is it that being an American, we played an away game in NY to Mexico. Next thing we’re going to have to build a stadium in North Dakota just to get home field advantage because we seen plenty of Mexicans in Columbus this last time around.

  95. wally says:

    The argument that we should beat Mexico because spain is better than Mexico and we got one win against spain doesn’t really work. The boys played great against Spain, but, realistically, we lose that game against Spain 8 out of 10 times. Spain created lots more chances than us, we just finished ours that day. The same fans that tend to blow out of proportion every loss, might be doing the same re the Spain victory.

    Either way, it should be a great battle.

  96. jamin barnes says:

    So if we win or draw, it should be pretty hard for Mexico to qualify for the World Cup. Right?

  97. SG says:

    Why would anyone start Ching against Mexico?

    US has to avoid letting Mexico get on the board early. If so then it still no wins in Mexico City.

  98. BK says:

    Can someone explain to me why Bob Bradley & the FSC announcers are so enamored with Brian Ching? In my opinion, Ching is slow, has no creativity, and lacks the skills necessary to win at the top level – flat out – he’s not an offensive threat. He constantly makes runs into defenders, turns the ball over in the zone, and makes back passes when a turn could allow a run on goal. Add the fact that he lacks heart – he walks around a lot instead of applying pressure up top – and says things like this after the Gold Cup loss : “I said to the guys, don’t let up another goal, but I guess they didn’t get the message.” Give me a break. Bradley has given Ching enough chances to prove himself, and in my eyes, he hasn’t performed. I don’t think he deserves another cap or a chance to represent my team.

  99. Colin says:



  100. Toumba says:


    I don’t know about the rest of your points…but Ching does not walk around a lot…nor does he neglect to apply pressure to defenders….if you think he does…then what do you think of Jozy Altidore’s effort level on defense? Comatose? Dead?

  101. freddie footballer says:

    they seem pretty thin at midfield. Only five players listed?

  102. nico says:

    I thought clubs weren’t required to release a player until 5 days before a qualifying match. If this is the case, with travel from Europe etc., a Aguirre does not have any significant advantage over US. Will Bradley not call his European-based players in 5 days before? If he doesn’t, it seems odd to me.

  103. Martin says:

    Excellent all around Toreadore- I’ve been trying to explain the passionate fan thing, in many ways, many times, to NO AVAIL!

    This game could either be explosive and open, which I think is Mexico’s best bet, or closed and opportunistic, which is probably what the US will try for. I think the first half is crucial!!!

    And it’s AMAZING to read how so many here want the ELIMINATION of Mexico from the WC! One thing is me wanting my team to win the Gold Cup, the other is having a perverse desire to end the opposing teams chances for WC qualifying!

    Secondly, if for some unforseen catastrophe it does not, it will not be the US who will decide, it will probably be Argentina!

  104. SG says:

    Yea Ching is a waste of minutes. He’s not and will never be ready for the real deal.

  105. Paramo says:

    How a VERY lucky performance at the Confederations Cup by the USMT, which by the way, all the hardcore US fans where dismissing months before as an “unimportant” tourney, became the reason why U.S. fans think this is a team transformed! Maybe so, but so is Mexico!

    Because if memory serves me well, isn’t this the same US team that struggled mightily to get a tie against El Salvador in qualifiers? I’ll tell you something, if the US loses against Mexico, I wouldn’t be so sure that the rest of the road is going to be as peachy as you think! I actually think the tables may turn!
    This game is JUST AS IMPORTANT for the US as it is for Mexico!!!

  106. Joamiq says:

    I’m glad the people who hate Ching identify themselves so easily. It lets me quickly figure out which comments I should ignore.

  107. Adam M. says:

    If Bob Bradley is sane, he will start the same side he started against Spain. Spector and Boca won’t let Vela and Dos Santos run free the way Heaps and Pearce did and Mexico always has trouble scoring against the U.S. The may be the first time where the U.S. will be more talented as a whole than Mexico and although Mexico needs the win more, the U.S. has a huge opportunity to check another major problem off its list this year. My prediction: U.S. 3 – Mexico 1. Donovan with a big game.

  108. toreadore says:

    You knuckleheads talk about Ching like he’s not any good. Excuse me, but besides McBride, what other big forward does the US have. Come on Jozy can’t hold a defender off like Ching, Johnson can’t finish like Ching in the air. Davis had a good tournament in SA but hey that is history. Ching is the big man we need to win balls in the air, play short passes back to our speedy midfielders through, i.e. Donovan.

    Come people Ching is starting, get over it. I’ll take side bets with the clowns that think other wise.

    What has captured me, is how a player like Dos Santos which can be compared to our Freddy Adunothing is able to get plenty of minutes for a guy that doesn’t play defense. I think right here is where Bradley needs some more coaching experience. Aguirre finds a system that works for his best players to be apart of and i don’t think Bradley has reached that capacity. Doesn’t mean he isn’t a good coach, he just doesn’t try that approach. I think an American coach that would do that could be Dominic Kinnear. Sigi maybe!! Rongen not even if i say all my Hail Mary’s tonight!!!

  109. JCC says:

    How the hell is Mexico confident? It takes 20 seconds of simple logic to determine that:

    1. They beat the non-USA A team 5-0.
    2. The last time the USA A team played together they beat the No. 1 team in the world and nearly beat Brazil.
    3. The USA A team is the one coming to Azteca.

    Posted by: Dave | July 29, 2009 at 06:28 PM

    Big deal. Nearly beating Brazil isn’t actually beating Brazil. Which Mexico has done several times. I think both teams are riding a good momentum right now. But I find it hard to imagine the US will come in just a couple of days before the game and become acclimated to the altitude and smog and come out guns blazing. That would just be stupid. We’d be gassed by half-time.

  110. Wes says:

    I believe Jermaine Jones is available for the U.S. so he could be an impact player to bring in as a sub. Dos Santos is going to get shutdown by Gooch. just like Borgetti got shutdown in 2005

  111. japan says:

    Wes, Borgetti and Dos Santos are completely different type of players. Goochi is more suited to defend Borgetti type rather than quick Dos Santos type.

    Can someone tell me how many of the Mexican players that also played in the Gold Cup are going to actually play on the 12th?

  112. Jamie Z. says:

    Wes, Jones is recovering from an injury. He will not be playing. We will not see him before October.

  113. manuel says:


    You mean like when Mexico beat Brazil in both Confederations Cups they’ve participated in, including the one in 1999, where in the final against them, Mexico actually WON IT!

  114. Dan says:

    Soccer is not math.

    if a > b and b > c then a > c does not apply.

    History does not really matters.

  115. Gene_SF says:

    I think it is going to be a great and tough game. In the last few years, when we beat Mexico, we did it b/c while our players aren’t necessarily more individually talented, our current group has several very good players as well and U.S. usually plays a far more disciplined game than Mexico.

    In the final last Sunday, the talent gap was wider (we do not have players of the caliber of Dos Santos and Vela) and Mexico played a disciplined game from start to finish. I think the game on the 12th is going to be close. The longer we do not give up the 1st goal, the better our chances to grind out a narrow victory.

    I wonder if McBride could be coaxed out of retirement for this one. I’d still take his aerial game over Brian Ching’s. Ching is not really an offensive threat on the international level beyond mediocre CONCAAF teams.

  116. Kenneth89 says:

    Can someone clear up the Jones situation, Fist I hear he is available after Aug 2 and now i hear Oct 2? Which one is it. there is a lot of news on both dates.

  117. JCC says:

    I’m just actually surprised a lot of US fans are overlooking Mexico. A bunch of you guys sound like fans of Euro and South American teams when the US beats them and we get “it was just our bench players big deal.” Ironically, US fans are now doing the exact same thing, except against a team that has only recently fallen on hard times. Mexico had a great Gold Cup, no other way to say it. They are a dangerous team right now and the fact that Aguirre was able to turn his B team into the base of the A team speaks volumes of his coaching abilities.

  118. United says:

    I think you mean Joe of the Saints on account of his surname being Portuguese.

  119. patrick says:

    jermaine jones is A) not available until october, read the aarticle from earlier today and B) is recovering from a fracture in his leg/ankle, so even if he were eligible (which he isnt) he would not be available.

  120. The Athority says:

    I’m old enough to have watched many, many US v. Mexico games in Mexico City. No one on these boards have brought up the single biggest factors in this game:



    Every time we play there, USA players after the game say they can’t breathe after 10 minutes and can’t catch their breath the rest of the game.

  121. ThaDeuce says:

    “ob Bradley will come out with a 4-4-2″
    That is all I can accurately quote from you. The rest is crap. I believe that Dempsey, Donovan, Altidore, Davies, Bradley, & Ching are going to be the ones exposing a weak Mexican defense and working the flanks, opening up the middle, and scoring goals. Every time Dos Santos and Vella get the ball they will be smothered by our back line and Bradley/Clark. THey will not have the time to create, they will play scared and cheap as that is their only option. They will probably try diving in the box, like they got their first goal last game, to even things up.

  122. ThaDeuce says:

    1. tell me once when Ives, myself, or any other “serious soccer fan” dismissed the confederations cup before it happened. From what I read and said on this board, it was all we looked forward to for 6 months as a real test for the USMNT a year before the world cup. I like what I saw.
    2. This isn’t the same team that struggled against El Salvador. After a major tournament like the confederations cup where we found our role and desire and worked out the kinks (Kljestan, Beasley) this is a completely different team. Chemistry is 25% better too.
    3. You are a Mexico fan, easy to tell by your lack of USMNT knowledge though you try to pass it off.

  123. ThaDeuce says:

    “I’m glad the people who hate Ching identify themselves so easily. It lets me quickly figure out which comments I should ignore.”

    Posted by: Joamiq | July 29, 2009 at 07:44 PM


  124. ThaDeuce says:

    @: toreadore ,
    I’ll say it loud and clear once tonight:
    Thank you,
    ; )

  125. ThaDeuce says:

    1.. Francisco Guillermo Ochoa CHECK
2. José de Jesús Corona 
    3. Efraín Juárez 
    4. José Antonio Castro CHECK
    5. José Jonny Magallón CHECK
    6. Oscar Rojas 
    7. Gerardo Torrado CHECK
8. Israel Castro
    9. Alberto Medina
    10. Giovani Dos Santos
    11. Carlos Vela
    12. Miguel Sabah CHECK
13. Guillermo Franco CHECK
    With many having playing time.

  126. ThaDeuce says:




    link to

  127. Joe Mama says:

    I wonder what division “sin equipo” is in? Perhaps it’s a “strip club team” as opposed to a “pub team.” ;D

  128. manuel says:

    The Authority-

    It’s rain season in Mexico. Somedays Mexico City is as clear as a bell, with absolutely NO SMOG! You can see EVERYTHING sorrounding the City including the imposing mountains, and sometimes the volcanoes!
    Also, with all do respect, you’re playing at the only stadium that has hosted two WC finals! Never heard either the winners or the losers complain about the altitude! And what about Marquez, Osorio, Salcido, Blanco, Guardado, Dos Santos, Vela,Castillo and all the players that don’t play with teams based in Mexico City? Aren’t they facing the same problem as the USMT!

  129. Mike W. says:

    Now, I know they came off a 5-0 win and all, but it’s pretty daring of Aguirre to commit this far in advance to 12 GC players. It’s an overwhelming vote of confidence compared to the normal “A” squad. Not that he did not also call up several regulars that did not play in the GC, but still.

    But really, this is just gamesmanship. Committing to a roster this early is just a way of Aguirre telling his players, “I believe in you, you’re not going to lose, no matter who you play.” But it’s hard to think that there won’t be at least 2 scratches from this line-up, considering Marquez’s uncertain health in preparation for Barcelona and the regular give and take of injuries on the practice field.

    Fact is, Aguirre has played his hand early. One might think it foolish, but Aguirre is right in one respect, they are daring us to beat them. So the USMNT better be ready to stand up and take the challenge head-on because while it may have been 10 years since MEX won on US soil prior to the last game, the US has never had the pleasure.

  130. Mark Slayman says:

    Rafael Marquez is good for a red card, for starters. The rest of the Mexican team is average, at best. So, they beat part of an MLS all star, after the Americans fell apart following a questionable penalty call and an obvious offsides that was not called.

    The Americans are coming with the Confederations Cup team, who certainly is just as inspired, if not more so, than the Mexican team that just beat the US C- team, in New York.

  131. Mike W. says:

    Does anyone know when/where Bradley is having his training camp for the game? He’s going to have a difficult choice with clubs still in pre-season training.

  132. ThaDeuce says:


  133. ThaDeuce says:

    Mike W, from what I’ve read, he will announce the roster 3 days before, with players flying in after that. I hope that good enough for our boys to play their hearts out!

  134. ThaDeuce says:

    El Chupacabra is in the all-star game. Beware green white and red.

  135. ThaDeuce says:

    link to
    link to
    link to

    (personally, I think the new biggest villain is whichever Mexican player dove in the box to earn the penalty, I also think the El Chupacabra Banner is much more fitting this time around)… Ives?
    El Chupacabra (by Matthew Brock)

  136. ThaDeuce says:

    just a throwback to 6 months ago….
    Please bring back Matthew Brock’s El Chupacabra, or at least post it on the forum in the run up to the Azteca (I’m not demanding you print it and bring it to the game, I just want to see it in the forum again).

  137. JoeMama says:

    vuelve para sangre Mexicana” translates to “returns for Mexican blood”

  138. ThaDeuce says:

    Wake Up People!

    Just a thought,
    it seems like we were all way more pumped for the Columbus game than the Azteca game…maybe we hadn’t played any big games recently back then and were more starved.

  139. jpc says:

    2 points
    1) I’m not expecting us to win at Azteca. It’s such a tough environment that Mexico simply never loses their, even to the likes of Brazil

    2) I think our team is head and shoulders better than theirs. This Mexican team they just put out has Nine guys that played against us in the GC final… Those guys had a very difficult time for 55 minutes – until we gave up – playing against a bunch of US national team wannabes to be blunt.

    Again, I’m not expecting us to win this game; however, i am expecting us to be the better team on the night

  140. Jdavids says:

    Did “ThaDeuce” really say “Lewis” would get called into camp earlier in the blog?


  141. eboe says:

    Michoacano – apparently you just glossed over the whole team from the Gold Cup and did not notice some of the strong play from some of the individual players who were not responsible for the breakdowns. Chad Marshall proved his worth and will hopefully continue to get call-ups and perhaps get starts with the A-team. If the team can work him into set pieces he can be very dangerous.

    And despite your team tearing into our team in that last game, in which something just happened to our team (probably after they saw the ref give you guys the penalty on that bulls**t call, and then let you score the second goal right after your player strong-armed one of our players to take the ball) , Troy Perkins has proven himself to be a much better backup candidate, IMHO, than Brad Guzan. I have seen Guzan play against my MLS side, and make some hideous mistakes. I saw us score a goal where the ball went right through his hands. He is a liability for the USMNT. Perkins is the future backup candidate for Timmeh. Nuff said.

  142. Johnny G says:

    August 12th 2009
    3 USA 2 MEX
    The Mexican fans in the Azteca are so upset that all suffer hysterical blindness and can’t find their way out of the stadium for 3 days.

  143. Cosmos Forever says:

    Regardless of the lineup, the US needs to keep its composure, and play a possession style game, for the first 15 minutes or so. We can’t sit back and absorb pressure from the get go. You can bet that Aguirre will put out a semi-smurf team of forwards out there to attack our flanks. We have to remain calm and keep some possession, or else we’ll be down 2-0 before you know it.

  144. Lord Goldenballs says:

    Davies, or a comparably skilled player, is needed in the starting lineup. His speed up top and his ability to apply pressure on offense and defense is a difference maker.
    The US can’t play that old school lob and hope crap and expect to get a positive result.

    Ching is not Brian McBride, and even if he was that wouldn’t be enough. I like Ching for his work ethic, but think he’s a tread water type of player. There isn’t a single forward still playing in the MLS that can help the USMNT move beyond mediocrity.

  145. EA says:

    The US was “lucky” to hang three on the African champs, 2 on the European champs, and take a 2-0 lead on the South American champs in ONE WEEK STRETCH?



    Lucky to get through to the knockout stage? Perhaps.

    Lucky to beat those teams? Not hardly. And we didn’t do it to fourth and fifth choice players, either. These were the best these CHAMPIONS had to offer.

    While we were doing that, Mexico was busy losing to El Salvador, and squeaking past Trinidad & Tobago.

    But you guys are right. El Salvador, Spain, Brazil, T&T.

    It’s all the same, right?

    You guys stick with it, though, and you’ll pass Honduras in no time.

  146. More SBI ORIGINAL THAN JACK K says:

    “Did “ThaDeuce” really say “Lewis” would get called into camp earlier in the blog?


    Posted by: Jdavids | July 30, 2009 at 04:09 AM”

    What is wrong with Lewis? Would you rather have Beasley as the on the bench left winger? I’d put Lewis even in front of Robbie Rogers at this point.

  147. cero a cinco says:

    Mexico 3-0. Aguirre will prove to be the superior strategist to Bradley

  148. Dman says:

    simulated in fifa 09 with same projected mex lineup vs us confed line up in Azteca mid of day.

    mexico won 3-1…..just a video game though what does a video game know.

  149. ThaDeuce says:

    & Dman,
    The video did not take into account the El Chupacabra factor.
    link to

  150. manuel says:

    Don’t know why some USMT fans keep on saying that The US has more stamina and/or better conditioning than Mexico! The Mexican team is known the world over precisely for it’s terrific conditioning and the capacity to outlast it’s rivals. How easy everyone forgets that Mexico played extra-time against Costa Rica, went to penalties three hours after the US had finished their game, and still went on to score five times in the second half on Sunday!!!
    I NEVER saw a hint of exhaustion in that Mexican team!

  151. Artes says:

    Mexico did not bring the “A” team to the Gold Cup (Compared to what he had used previously). However he did find a few “A” teamers. This whole team had underperformed even against lousy teams, he now has a few confident forwards which is where they needed the most help. Bradley wasted a golden chance to find out a little about his young players (Torres, Adu, etc..). Adu was training in Florida until a couple of days ago,it was a perfect time to see how he would do with some consistent playing time.

  152. Jones says:

    Why isn’t this blog located in MEXICO?
    All of its readership is from there.

  153. Dan says:


    Where do you live that you don’t see Mexicans around?

  154. jimmygreaves says:

    “What has captured me, is how a player like Dos Santos which can be compared to our Freddy Adu nothing is able to get plenty of minutes for a guy that doesn’t play defense. !!!toreadore ”



    Please name me a coach, anywhere, who gets plenty of minutes for Freddy Adu. Since 2007, Adu’s first year playing for Real Salt Lake, Adu has 38 appearances (not games) at the professional club level. That means a number of coaches, besides Bradley have been unable to find minutes for Freddy.

    When does it stop being the fault of the stupid coaches and start being the fault of the player?

  155. almazan says:


    Well what a coup for Ives, his website truly crosses frontiers!

    Having said that, Mexico fans mostly opine when it’s a story regarding the MNT!

  156. John K says:


    Ching is the best at what he does, and that is being a target forward who holds the ball with the back to the goal. He does that pretty well in my opinion. Also, Bradley’s 2 forward system requires a forward like him, which opens up the game for the forward along his side, and wingers like Donovan (Remember the Trinidad qualifier, where Ching did that job pretty damn well and helped set up Jozy for 3 goals? Remember the Donovan’s hat trick against Ecuador? Remember the 2007 Gold Cup Final???)

    He’s not the most aesthetically pleasing forward in the world, but he is worth a lot to us. Please do not bring up Sunday’s game, because everyone played absolutely horrible. A forward can only thrive so much without proper service.

    Please do not question his workrate as well. Did you not notice him tracking back and making tackles that are not his responsibility???? But, were all watching the game on TV and can catch different things, so fair enough. Ching is widely known as hardworking forward.

    For the game at the Azteca, I would be ok with Ching playing alongside Davies or Altidore, or seeing the same Altidore Davies forward tandem. I do think Ching is in better game shape than either of Jozy or Charlie, so IMO i would go with Ching up top with one of the others.

  157. ThaDeuce says:

    Just curious, where are all the USMNT fans on this blog? Where is the hype in America??? I don’t understand.


    Game day less than 2 weeks away, THE YANKS ARE COMING.

  158. BK says:

    You’re a fool if you think Ching opens up the attack more than Jozy or Davies. He’s great if you want to hold up the ball, or break up the offensive flow, or give it back to the other team, but as far as being a scoring threat during the run of play, I’ll gladly take Jozy or Davies any day of the week. Their speed draws double teams (that’s what opens up all the space for balls into the box), and instead of falling down or turning it over like Ching does, Jozy and Davies have the strength to muscle their way to get a shot on goal. Not Ching. He DOES NOT make a turn and shoot, he DOES NOT continue the flow and play through balls.

    Yes, Ching might be very good in the air, but that’s mostly only good on free kicks and corners. The US MUST be able to score via the run of play to be successful at the highest level. We CANNOT make a run in South Africa scoring only from set pieces. When we had our greatest success as a team (Confederations Cup) we were scoring and maintaining a constant offensive threat through the run of plays, with runs and diagonals and through balls. Not from corners and free kicks. How many scoring opportunities do Jozy and Davies create versus Ching? It’s not even close. The create many more. How many scoring opportunities does Ching stagnate? Many more than Jozy or Davies.

    Ching doesn’t walk? Go back and watch the tape of the Mexico match. There’s a guy walking all over the field. It’s Ching. When he does “apply pressure” he looks more like a puppy chasing its tail than a counter attack about to happen. I can recount several times during the ConfedCup that Jozy created turnovers that led to offensive runs. After Jozy and Davies, I’d rather have Cooper or Casey (although Casey’s the worst walker).

    But please don’t tell me Ching is the best striker the U.S. has, because he’s well down the list…

  159. ThaDeuce says:

    Ching is the best U.S. striker.

  160. ThaDeuce says:

    (besides Donovan and Dempsey, who are so good they can play other positions very well that we need)
    Ching is the best United States striker that provides what our team needs the the most from a striker.

  161. MC says:

    Ok they are strikers right? What so then we’ll judge a striker by their STRIKE RATE.

    Brian Ching

    10 international goals from 41 matches.

    Teams that he’s scored against: Jamaica, T&T, 2 vs Barbados (in the 8 nil blow out), El Salvador (home), Guatemala, Cuba, Honduras.

    Jozy Altidore

    7 international goals in 16 appearances

    Teams he’s scored against: Mexico, Spain, T&T, El Salvador (WCQ away), Cuba

    I’m sorry, Jozy’s only was capped at the end of 07 and he has already almost as many goals as ching, in a bigger spot light, with more at stake.

    I think the biggest argument i have though against Ching is the first game in the world cup this year against honduras. Ching gets the start, even stays in after they make the subs. What happens? Feilhaber, to Davies, brilliant hold up, great turn and pass. Goal. Ching was on the field the whole time…

    Does anyone think Ching makes either of the plays Davies makes in the CC? Either the hustle goal against Egypt or the great run and pass to Donovan? No way. Listen, this isn’t 2005 anymore, the US game has advanced (thank God) and Brian Ching isn’t the answer anymore. Sure, he still could be effective against Concacaf minnows, but there is no way he matches what Altidore (and i’m sure davies will show it too in the next couple of years) can do on an international stage.

  162. ThaDeuce says:

    “but there is no way he matches what Altidore (and i’m sure davies will show it too in the next couple of years) can do on an international stage.”
    That is exactly right, as soon as Altidore and Davies start getting regular playing time, right now Davies is looking like he may get that before Altidore, they will probably surpass Ching in their usefulness. Hopefully it won’t take two years like you said.

    However, once Ching is gone, you may then realize what he brought to the game. Often times you will find that if Ching didn’t get the assist, then he either drew the foul, made the pass before the assist, or made a play that opened up the game. Not to mention his hardcore work rate in team defense and pressure and in making runs into the open space to open the game up.

  163. ThaDeuce says:

    “Ching might be very good in the air, but that’s mostly only good on free kicks and corners. The US MUST be able to score via the run of play to be successful at the highest level.”
    Dude, even though Ching is tall he is not dominant in the air. However, he plays a part in TONS of goals during the run of play, he just usually isn’t the last touch on them.

  164. David says:


    most of usa’s “B”and”C” team are pretty young right? supposedly that’s why they lost. mexico’s supposedly “A” team that played usa for the gold cup most were about 21 and younger except 2 of them torrado and franco. so it was pretty much a fair match its not mexico’s fault they have better younger players than usa.
    checked mexico’s old roster they’re still more than 4 players for their next game.

    Greetings from SPAIN.

  165. rafa says:

    for those that say the US – Spain game in the Confederations was a friendly, and that the win was a fluke, I’d like to remind you that Spain was going for a record of no losses, so a loss was not in their plans, no matter whether it was a tournament or an exhibition game.

  166. helio says:

    well let’s make it interesting,mexico wins by 2, any takers.