Plenty of fireworks as U.S. thrashes Grenada


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SEATTLE — The United States National Team did something on Saturday night that it failed to do a week ago in South Africa — protect a two-goal halftime lead.

Of course, there's about 80 places in the FIFA rankings between Brazil, which scored three second-half goals to win the Confederations Cup, and Grenada, which conceded two more goals after halftime in a 4-0 thumping in both team's CONCACAF Gold Cup opening game at Qwest Field.

But the victory was impressive, nonetheless.

"We said at halftime there's a professional way to finish that game," U.S. National Team coach Bob Bradley said. "That involves having discipline, knowing how to respect the opponent, but at the same time making sure that in a good, smart, mature way you know how to finish the game."

The U.S. certainly accomplished that goal in front of 15,387 fans on the Fourth of July as Robbie Rogers and Charlie Davies scored eight minutes apart in the second half to sink the Spice Boyz.

"Last time I played here, I think it was 30,000 people, all Sounders fans, unfortunately," Rogers said. "To come out here and see all the American fans, it was a great experience."

Rogers was named man of the match after terrorizing Grenada down the left flank. He set up Freddy Adu for the Americans first goal and sent a cross to the far post that Stuart Holden headed into the net fo the Houston Dynamo midfielder's first international goal on his national team debut.

"I was kind of overwhelmed when I scored," Holden said. "To score on my first cap, the whole experience and to get the victory first off was important to us."

The U.S. temporarily move in front of Group B on goal differential, after Honduras needed a 76th-minute Carlos Costly header to beat Haiti, 1-0, in the opening game of the doubleheader. The two favorites to advance out of Group B will meet at RFK Stadium in Washington on Wednesday.

"The result is what we wanted," said defender Steve Cherundolo, who played in his first match since March 12 after successful hip surgery. "Can we play better? Yes. Do we need to play better? Yes. Honduras is going to bring a very good team on Wednesday and we need to be ready for them and improve on a few things from tonight."

What did you think of the U.S. victory? Impressed in its comprehensiveness or aprehensive because of the quality of opponent? Who stood out for you? Let us know.

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72 Responses to Plenty of fireworks as U.S. thrashes Grenada

  1. Sean says:

    Sadly, there’s just very little to learn from this opponent.

  2. William says:

    Right. The only real value (besides the 3 pts) is what Bradley is able to see in the newbies. And Davey Arnaud? Is this the type of player we want anywhere near the national team pool?

  3. tdjakes says:

    Rogers man of the match is a good call, but I agree with Sean that everyone’s performance needs to be taken with a grain of salt. Not really a fan of Beckerman after watching him tonight.

    I thought Arnaud did pretty well in his sub minutes. Really active – made good runs, pressured Grenada, and put a decent shot on target.

  4. Ross says:

    Arnaud has had a couple of good seasons in KC and has shown the ability to make things happen when the team needs it. The US could use a few savvy veterans who can play smart in certain situations. Arnaud and a few others could possibly bring that to this team. We’ve seen that there are a good amount of talented youngsters in our pool, but they don’t always make the best decisions in intense games.

  5. Adam M. says:

    Rogers and Beckerman were noticeably good, but except for his positioning on his goal, Adu looked terrible. He made a poor decision or first touch nearly every time he was played the ball, a particularly bad problem given the opponent. I had high hopes coming into this tournament for him, but I think this game only provides for doubt.

  6. cj says:

    I agree on Adu, good goal but not a great performance. Maybe this is what BB sees in training all the time.

    I really liked Rogers during this game. His service was very good. Hopefully we will see a true test later but good performance against an inferior side.

  7. rocky says:

    Stuart Holden for me looks like a future bright spot for this team. He really has a good understanding of how to play. I thought Adu looked a step slow, hopefully he is just shaking off all that rust

  8. machine gooner funk says:

    the weak opponent aside rogers was a revelation last night. to have a pure left-footed winger with good vision, quality service, make good/smart runs, and a willingness to shoot (and shoot from distance) was very comforting and hopeful. we (BB in particular) need to focus on further developing him b/c he can be a valuable asset for usmnt for years to come. also very impressive were stuart holden (makes good runs, good passing ability, finishes well) he just always seems to have a knack to be in the right place at the right time very often. as well charlie davies continues to just terrorize whatever defense we come up against. grenada’s inability to mark him had them running around like chickens sans heads at the back and it really opened up the game and made it easy for us. i bet his swedish club is a little scared they’re gonna lose him this summer, as well as he’s played it’d be utterly surprising if other teams haven’t taken notice of this speedy, poised on the ball, and his finishing is slowly becoming clinical. i’m really excited about having davies up top for usmnt for the coming years maybe even possessing the ability to become better than jozy. i thought dulo looked good for his first game since surgery but taking the rb slot from spector at this point would be asinine and downright criminal. i think we definitely have the best “b” team in the region

  9. Hush says:

    Everyone looked great. Rogers had a great game leading the ball. Beckerman look good fighting the balls in midfield and distributing. Adu look fantastic considering he hasn’t had playing time. His first touch of the dribble was great, something the U.S needs more of. He also put a few money passes that I thought were excellent, and the corner & free kick were great too. Considering this kid had been on the bench for a while, I say it was a great game for him. I expect him to be on the W.C 2010 roster, he is a must.

  10. Kutama Nenty says:

    It is a good win for us, the US team….but ask yourselves this question, how would we fare (with this squad) against the same Brazilian team that we played in the Confederations Cup (forget if this is not our 1st team or brazil’s 1st team or whatnot), i think Robbie wouldn’t have been able to do the things he did against the Grenada team….or probably Adu would have put on a better performance just like what he did against the Spaniard team in Barcelona (when they beat us 1-0 in a friendly last year)…. or we wouldn’t have been given lots of space as we had against Grenada cos those Brazilian would have closed down on us like crazy and we would have resorted in playing defence……what I’m trying to say, we play with relatively ease when we play with the minnows but when it comes to a top team – a team that is superior than us in terms of skills and tactical arrangement – we tend to withdraw in our defensive shell and wait for that counter attack (not all the time but most of the time, i guess)……I may be wrong but that is what I have seen since when I became a US supporter………if I am wrong , pls comment….thanks

  11. Kutama Nenty says:

    The comments does not involve teams that are on par with us when we play them such as Mexico etc,

  12. Kutama Nenty says:

    For all of those that will start self-anoint Robbie Rogers to take over our left side midfield/attack, he is ok but no better than D’Bealsey, i’d rather take D’Beasley (younger version though) cos he could take opponent one-on-one (though no step overs dribbles – yet to see any american do that yet (except Jeremiah White or some U-17 kid that i heard of)). R’Rogers could give us the perfect cross in + his speed is pretty impressive but he should learn and incorporate the step over dribble in his arsenal….he’d be unstoppable (all the Brazilian players have this but of course we are talking Brazil here…) but i’m not taking anything away from him….he was the man of the match in the Granada match but with a stronger opponent, he would have been ok – to – close to invisible (prime example, the Olympics)

  13. Mark says:

    The opponent wasn’t the best, but it was a good win for a young squad.

    Definitely want to see Holden and Rogers play as much as possible as these guys could potentially see significant time with the A team. Great to see Dolo back on the field as well.

    Adu didn’t look great, but I’ll give him a pass since it’s his first game in months. I’d like to see him moved back to midfield so he’s forced to play more defense.

    Team should move into the knock-out round which should provide some more answers against more difficult competition.

  14. baloosh13 says:

    what does kenny cooper have to do to get a minute on the field for bradley? serious… i mean he put in arnaud before him… ARNAURD…

  15. TommyH says:

    tdjakes, What bothered you about Beckerman? I thought he did well, looked calm on the ball and well positioned defensively and as an outlet. Just curious, not busting your chops.

  16. FIXXXER says:

    I didn’t take much from this game in all honesty. Everyone had so much time on the ball and so much space – just a bad game to evaluate players and how they will play next summer. Best case is that the better performers earned a run out against Honduras and that will be a better test. I do like the fact that a lot of players are getting a chance, but I’m not going to get overly exited about any peformances vs Grenada, Haiti, etc – we’ve all been down that road before and those players that became “the next best thing” now get crucified on the boards….

  17. casadelqueso says:

    Wait, seriously, the Spice Boyz? I think I found Beckham’s new team.

  18. Never First says:

    Everyone who is talking about how great Rogers is needs to start watching Crew games. He has really struggled this year. Last year, I thought he was well on his way to taking over the LM spot for the national team, but he has gone AWOL this year.

    Maybe this will boost his confidence. He certainly has the talent, but his decision-making is lacking at times.

  19. Joe B says:

    glad arnaud got his shot – he’s deserved it after these past few years in kc

    don’t get that negative spin on adu’s play at all ..

    does anyone think davies played a better game than adu?

    excited about davies emergence in general — but on a scale of 1-10 how high does his touch and decision making rank??

    and really impressed by beckerman .. sure the opponent wasn’t much to deal with … but liked the attitude he brings

    liked bob’s lineup (and subs) too

  20. Nicole says:

    There can be no excuses for any of these players. You can only play what you’re dealt and can’t control your competition. If any of these guys want to make the World Cup team, they have to sieze their moment.

    Rogers siezed the moment and put in a good performance. Beckerman siezed his moment and put in a solid performance. Adu did not sieze his moment. Charlie Davis is most definitely making a case for South Africa 2010..he just has to improve on his decision-making with the ball.

  21. Kyle says:

    I love Davies but think he has so much farther to go in his development. That’s the crazy thing about this guy. He has so much raw skill and athleticism and with more skill on the ball and better decision making he might be our best striker someday. He reminds me of Marvell Wynne. Wynne gets a lot of s**t because he makes mistakes and being a defender mistakes are magnified greater than anywhere else on the field.

  22. Scott in Houston says:

    Robbie Rogers made me miserable during the Olympics. He was a turnover-machine during that competition, and last night I was prepared to pick up complaining about him where I left off last summer.

    But last night, Robbie was a highlight-machine instead, playing in a position where the national team is weak. If BB decides to play a flat-four or diamond midfield, who is a TRUE left wing?

    I thought Stuart Holden looked great, very poised and always looking to attack, and always aware of Cherundolo’s overlapping runs. I’m biased in his favor, but I thought he looked much more dangerous than Adu. Comparing those two, maybe playing time and club coaching and confidence make a key difference.

    Logan Pause’s through ball to Charlie Davies was sublime — perfectly weighted pass. But I’m just wondering, what more do we need to learn about Davies? Should some of the other forwards to get more time on the field?

  23. Jacob A. says:

    I’m thinking guys like Arnaud and Evans got minutes because they’re likely not to wednesday.

    I was very impressed with Beckerman (he was what I expected him to be), Logan Pause never made a single tackle, because “the hippie” was making every single one.

    I’m pretty sure I could have done Clarence Goodson’s job last night. Not a knock on him, just my way of saying “weak opponent”.

  24. Scott in Houston says:

    * correction, the through ball was to Robbie Rogers in the 60th minute.

  25. Kevin says:


  26. Kevin says:

    That got messed up somehow. It should read

    “Arnaud<<<< Quaranta”

  27. AaronF says:

    Lets not mistake Arnaud playing against Grenada as someone who has the ability to play against any nation with a national team in the top 50. By the time he entered the US already had one foot on the bus and Grenada was thinking about what to eat for dinner. Beckerman wasnt that impressive either. He was caught in possesion on several occassions, and was only luckly enough to be playing Grenada who never wanted to attack. These guys should be happy for the opportunity, honestly most should be buying there own plane ticket to South Africa.

  28. tres says:

    “For all of those that will start self-anoint Robbie Rogers to take over our left side”

    Um, Robbie Rogers is the only one who can self-annoint Robbie Rogers…

  29. tres says:

    Like many of you, I’m a Davies fan. But last night he definitely played like someone who was hyper-conscious that the scouts were watching.

  30. Tobin says:

    I was at the game yesterday and one of the problems was they handed out programs with a roster on them, but the roster did not include number. Half of the game was spent trying to figure out who was who outside of Adu, Davies and Perkins.

    Rogers was noticeably excellent almost the entire game. The man of the match award was much deserved.

    Adu was horrible. Where the kid that terrorized the U-17 world cup has gone is anyone’s guess. But he looked hesitant on every first touch and out of his element. Adu needs to find a club where he will play every week. It’s apparent that his lack of matches was showing.

    It’s hard to take anything from a 4-0 drubbing of a country with a population of 90,000 but it was a fun night in a sparsely packed Qwest field.

  31. Jimmygreaves says:

    tres,Aaron F etc.

    It is true that Grenada were not great opposition.

    However, it is also true that all these games are auditions for the World Cup squad (and the pro scouts). Everyone out there was on trial and knew it. If they can’t get motivated by that and show well then why should anyone expect them to show well under even greater World Cup pressure?

    If a player screwed up and did not play well against Grenada, why should anyone think they will play well against Brazil? If someone loses the ball to a Grenadian tackle or can’t make a good pass against their defense, why should anyone think they can do those things against Spain’s players or defense?

    The value in these games is they can be used to determine who won’t play in WC 2010.

  32. SeattleStan says:

    I wasn’t a huge fan of what I saw with Beckerman. A lot of his challenges were pretty lazy and late, there were so many times he got away with getting all leg instead of ball on challenges. He made some pretty poor passes that given a better opponent would have been taken advantage of. (The same could be said of Evans first touch at RB as well). Sure, I prefer him over Mastroeni, but I wish we had a defensive midfielder that isn’t just good for fouls and poor passes.

  33. Katatonia says:

    glad Arnaud got in.

  34. harry says:

    “Adu was Horrible”……….umm considering this was his first 90 minute game in over a year and he was rusty as hell……… he still did some great passes and was perfect on his Set-pieces and contolled the middle in a good manner. And im not talking about the flashes either…for example his 25 yard chip at a side angle that curled and hit the vertex part of the bar in the upper corner. Ives response in his play-by-play commenting…….”WOW”…………….if only that went in!

  35. JakeO says:

    I’d like to have seen Holden and Adu switch positions so Freddy can spend some time on the flank and Holden can play a more central position like he does with Houston. I was very impressed with Rodgers, who probably is the best crosser of the ball in the national team pool right now. Perhaps Cooper or Ching could benefit from his service against Honduras on Wednesday night.

  36. Rich says:



    Or were we really playing a 4-3-3?

    Davies as the lone guy up top is nto the way to go. Maybe in the next game we will see the 2 forward set.

    I loved some of the passes Pause made. Especially on the Rogers goal.

    But how bad was the middle of the Grenada defense! I also felt sad for the Grenada goalie, who cannot kick the ball worth a dang. He can stop shots but does not punt or kick very well.

    Liked Holden early, but he disappeared a bit in the second half.

    I thought Goodsen and Marshall were good in the middle (except for the one where Marshall fell down and we almost gave up a goal). Their passing was nice and strong.

    Beckerman was pretty good.

    Adu is going to have to get better if he wants to be in SA next summer.

    I was expecting 4 and it could of/should of been more.

    Not a bad minnow smack down. But the next game is the one where we learn something.

  37. Justin says:

    Harry, give it a rest man. You’re embarrassing yourself. NOBODY else here even cares about Freddy Adu but you talk him up like he’s the savior. NOBODY CARES. Freddy has some skill and is a decent prospect, but the notion that he’s special is dead. You’re constant revisionist history (Adu dominating Spain and Argentina? Stop smoking crack) combined with your excuse-making diminishes everything you say about Freddy.

    I just hope your actually related to Freddy because if you’re just some fan (or worse yet, his agent or a “friend”) then all your constant “Freddy is great” talk is pretty sad.

  38. harry says:

    also i notice Adu shows up much more vs Better teams and imporant games. For example he plays ok/average vs Barbados and Grenada……….but then is our best player vs the World Class teams(Spain,England,Argentina)………….wierd…..but then again alot of players are like this. I think Adu combined with his rust knew this game was easy, i think hes gonna explode vs Honduras a “better team”.

  39. Tom R says:

    Lets hope Bradley continues to mentor Rogers and bring him along:

  40. Isaac says:

    I don’t think the central midfield pair of Pause and Beckerman was bad but it wasn’t great. They needed to bring a bit more of a destroyer presence in the midfield, but it almost seemed like the physical play from Grenada was too much to handle, and that scares me considering they didn’t even have Shalrie Joseph. Once they have a better defensive game earlier on, it will settle their nerves earlier and they can better distribution from the center of the park, like on Rogers goal.

    I posted this last night but I felt no one was really listening.

  41. harry says:

    Well you see Justin thats the problem…………….only on these boards do you get “Nobody Cares about Freddy” so it just shows where you stand as well. Also lets look at the double standard….even with Ives a little….Freddy goal..”was an easy finish”….but Cahrlie Davies in the same situation Ives writes……”Nice save by the keeper”….Just a little side note.

    Or Justin maybe we should revisit the Kjlestan love fest………..where he proved once again he cant connect a single pass and was being benched in MLS..even in-form.

  42. KenC says:

    Not much can be learned against an opponent like that. A win is a win is all I take from it.

    About Davies, sure he’s got a way to go before he’s a finished product but what I like is that he creates a ton of chances and though he messes up a bunch, he only needs to convert one to be successful. I’d rather a player convert 2 of 20 chances, a 5% success rate, than one that converted 1 of 1 chances, a 100% rate. 2 is always better than 1, even if the conversion rate is low. Charlie creates so much havoc, that we benefit in ways that aren’t always measurable.

  43. Isaac says:

    I think that the critics of Adu are right and wrong. They’re right that Freddy didn’t show what he should have and was a bit underwhelming last night. He didn’t take the leadership role that he should have yesterday(thank God for Robbie Rogers).

    However, while Adu is a very naturally talented player, he hasn’t gotten significant, consistent playing time within recent memory for club or country. That’s partially his fault, but I think for us to expect him to walk in and dominate all over the attack, even against Grenada, is a bit much. Lets give him a bit of time to get his motor going. Adu may have a different attitude, but his body still works the same as every other player on that roster.

  44. LA NORTE says:

    why are we all hating on Grenada?? i kow its a weak opponent but man we make it seem like its 3rd graders, look at honduras struggling against haiti, or do we not recall how mexico (a better version of them) struggled against guadeloupe? the point is yes the US had a weak team but its still a team that plays futbol. we could have barely won just 1-0 and squaked by, but we came to play no matter who was in front of us.

  45. FDV says:

    Rogers is so fast. Even if he isn’t scoring goals he is at least getting fouls called on defenders who can’t keep up. Hopefully he can turn into a great asset for the U.S. team in the world cup.

  46. alex says:

    Rogers, Holden in Kljestian and Bease out. Having better players to bring in would have helped vs Brazil. Without Bradley we ad to go with Benny who would have been the first sub, that made s go deeper into the bench which we are gonna have to do so we need players who can run, who get stuck in and who are offensive minded, and thats these two. Plus I think Califf is done I’d rather see chad marshall his passing out of the back was spot on something demerit and onyewu could learn.

  47. CrispyST3 says:

    Guys, let me try to explain wat is happening to Adu in my perspective. I will use myself as an example, Sophomore year in high school, 2 years ago, i played Varsity for my High School team, played the whole season, during the beginning i was getting subbed in, and later on when league came i became a regular starter, Im gonna be a senior now, but what i did wrong was after that succesful sophomore soccer season, i didnt touch the ball once for atleast 4 months and during the summer i went to play pick up game with the family, and i honestly could not do anything! I was terrible, even tho it was pickup, i was getting stripped, culdnt pass the ball, didnt have my quick feet, i was horrible, i then later joined a league team and i regained my skill and quick feet, Adu just needs time to regain his skill, i think Honduras we’ll see a different Adu

  48. TR says:

    Adu’s goal was due more to Rogers than Adu. I was disappointed by his performance because he was far overshadowed by many guys with less national experience. Let’s see if he progresses during the tournament.

    But harry does need to let go of the Adu-love-fest. His club contributions have been no greater than any other American on that field. His MLS time was more hype than productivity. He was supposed to star at RSL in a central attacking role, but he was pushed out to the wing pretty quickly at a time when RSL was very, very bad. I hope he does very well because I am a US fan.

  49. Jackie says:


    American Pele scores as USA B Team wins by 4

  50. kpugs says:

    I don’t care if Sacha plays more defense, Freddy Adu > Sacha.

    So painfully obvious to all of us, going back to CONCACAF matches, it took Freddy about 3 minutes to prove it. Sacha needs to go–not forever–but until he proves in weak a$$ MLS that he’s back to his old self. Until then Bradley needs to keep his hands off.

    What bothers me the most is how ridiculously simple this seems to me, and yet I know Bradley is probably going to stick with Sacha because he has no concept of players being in or out of form.

  51. Jackie says:

    what does kenny cooper have to do to get a minute on the field for bradley? serious… i mean he put in arnaud before him… ARNAURD…

    Posted by: baloosh13 | July 05, 2009 at 09:04 AM


    Date his daughter or niece

  52. Jackie says:

    The fastest growing popluation in the USA is Hispanic, but there was not even 1 Hispanic player that played for the USA yesderday.

  53. tdjakes says:

    Tommy – Beckerman didn’t have a bad game, but he doesn’t seem quite as technical as other CM options we have. Little bits of sloppiness getting the ball settled and away on simple passes that could be a problem against better teams.

    I do agree that he has a great attitude and work rate. I probably shouldn’t have singled him out as I don’t place much value on this game for evaluation purposes.

  54. Dan Roudebush says:

    Beckerman lookedOK posession wise.

    BUT… there were two-three occassions he could have been stripped of the ball (almost was) by a more skilled opposition. And a free run on our goal.

    The guy put himself in that situation by hanging onto the ball too long.

    That fault worked on the attack too where more one touching could have cracked Granada earier and often.

  55. EDB says:

    Coope fanboys kill me… He is just not that great for the way the us plays. He’s not fast, and he doesn’t hold the ball well. he drops back to much often as well.

    Yes he has a good nose for the goal but other then that i don’t think he is a good fit..

  56. Mike says:

    Rich, it wasn’t a 4-5-1. Adu was basically another forward. If you watched the game you’d realize that. If anything, it was a 4-4-1-1. If is was a 4-5-1 then Adu did a terrible job of tracking back.

  57. EDB says:

    i was at the game looked more like a 4 2 3 1

    the wingers where pushed up far on the pitch .. many times they played as high as davies.

  58. Champe says:

    Beckerman is a very aerage player — probably 7th on the list of defensive midfield prospects behind Clark, Jones, Feilhaber, Edu, Mastroeni, Holden, and Pause. I know this list can be quibbled with, but the point is that Beckerman needs a haircut and to focus on MLS. He’s not an international-caliber player.

    Good — Holden and Rodgers giving us some depth on the wings — where I’d love to see Torres play some too. I also thought Pause was very good and Davies was a handful. Davies is a very exciting forward and should see a lot of time next year.

    Bad — Not too much to say, but Adu looked very rusty and had a few times when he decided not to go 1 v 1, when he would have been. He’s just not ever shown much, in my opinion. And the finish — it was, frankly, poor. A world-class keeper stops that side-foot pass rather than merely touching it. Hardly an emphatic goal.

    This was clearly the B team, most of the possession passing was neutral or backwards, and we got most of our cutting edge outside or on long balls. The long balls won’t be there against good teams, but the outside will be.

  59. George says:

    Freddy Adu’s twitter:
    “rustyy.Thanks for all the messages.Game sharpness is not there.felt slow due to heavy legs.legs wouldnt do what i wanted.Good win.important”

    link to

  60. harry says:

    Well Adu’s twitter explains what we all saw……..But even when hes not anywere near game sharp you can see the Flashes of Brilliance…Freddy get Club playing time NOW.

  61. Grenada was woeful, I am sorry to say; I don’t think it was stiff enough opposition to provide insight into how the US roster would play against the kind of team we will struggle with. Brazil, Italy, Egypt, Mexico, Costa Rica…. etc etc

    Rogers was good. I’d like to see how he would fare against a better team.

    I thought the Adu and Holden goals were “gimmes” – the assists were the tough part, though Freddy and Stuart did put themselves in the right spot to finish.

    The Grenada gentlemen sure liked to give the US players a lot of space to work with. I wish we could tell the better teams – “Hey, back off, you need to stay at least 2 yards away from the man with the ball!” 😉

  62. Kung Fu Kangaroos says:

    A little off topic, but was wondering, why is the Gold Cup always played in the US (since 1990)? I think it would be good if the Gold Cup was hosted in different countries as well … even if one country is too small, it can be a two country host. It would be good for their economy and it would also toughen up the US.

    If they have to do in the US … perhaps focus on a part of the country so the games aren’t all over the place. It would be a local boon to the economy of that region, advertising / marketing can be concentrated, probably get more attendance and excitment than having the games essentially being one-offs all over the US.

  63. DC Josh says:

    I was too drunk last night to remember the game, I only watched the last 30 minutes. I’ll be at RFK wednesday though, sober.

    Happy Independence Day Will Smith.

  64. EA says:

    “These guys should be happy for the opportunity, honestly most should be buying there own plane ticket to South Africa.”

    Other then the obvious their/there question… This brought to mind a question that maybe Ives can answer. Or maybe I should save it for the question and answer…

    Ives, what does USSF do for players that are part of the player pool, but not part of the team? Are they offered access to an allotment of player/staff tickets? If the team travels via charter, are they allowed to come along? Or is it truly, the “only way they’ll get to the World Cup is to buy a ticket?”

  65. goalscorer24 says:

    Beckerman looked real good. I wonder if that is because he is use to playing on turf. Adu looked shakey. I didn’t know if it was the turf, or rust. I also wonder if the coach has been telling Adu don’t dribble the ball, just pass it. I watched part of the El Salvador vs Costa Rica game, and they way they were playing they would shred this US team apart. Hopefully our energy will raise up against a better opponent like Honduras.

  66. goalscorer24 says:

    Everyone dises Adu, that he has never shown anything, but we have never had a player do what Adu did at the U20’s world cup. I know it was only the U20 world cup, but still, we have never had another player put on that kind of display against good teams at that level, or also in the olympics against Holland. So Adu has something, whether it can translate to the senior team, that is the big question.

  67. zongzap says:

    Lets hope Bradley continues to mentor Rogers and bring him along:

    Posted by: Tom R | July 05, 2009 at 12:58 PM

    I hope Bradley leaves him alone … he’s doing fine by himself

  68. Rich says:


    All I could see was that Davies was alone up top. He is nto cut out for that.

    We know what Ching can do, so I would have really like to see Cooper and Davies up top with Adu underneath.

    Not sure why BB thought he needed 2 DMs against Grenada.

  69. Isaac says:






    Our central midfield tandem last night had no chemistry whatsoever and barely any bite. Clark and Holden play in central midfield for Houston and they were really on a roll this season so I think this makes a lot of sense. I think Davies speed and skill will, along with Rogers’, stretch the defense. Cooper should bring some hold up play while maintaining the nose for goal. I think everyone was getting fit on Sunday and now that we’ve got momentum we can face Honduras.

  70. libero says:

    The degree of Adu hating on this blog is unbelievable. Moreoever, there is very little, if any, true fan support of any American player on this blog. Like the average American male sports fan in any sport, the dominant theme is to trash anyone who has achieved a higher level. Sorry your playing days ended in HS or club boys.

    Is it any surprise why Michael Bradley was so emphatic in his comments about American fans after the Spain win? If American soccer “sucks” then it is because the American soccer fan sucks.

    Look at a re-play of the game focusing only on Adu and you will see that his play does not deserve the level of criticism on this blog. He does look like he had “heavy legs” but his set pieces were solid and his run of play balls out wide were very nice, although we did not have the speed to get to all of them.

    Americans always want the superhero athlete who will save the day RIGHT NOW – it ain’t Freddy or any soccer player for some time. Fact is Freddy should have gone to Europe before he was 15 – he would be a better player now. But he is STILL a player who can contribute on the national team – if BB didn’t think so he would NOT be on the roster, right??

    On the bright side, more US kids under 18 are going to Europe – at all levels of play. If the USSF can just figure out how to cut the political BS about how they pick kids and get the best players on the pitch, we’ll see a US team that can consistently perform at the top international levels. They have a start with the academy program, but that is no where near the final answer.

    So, c’mon let’s just leave Adu alone. God knows we all agree he has not played enough this past year.

  71. Raghu says:

    Nice post Libero, I agree.

    I don’t subscribe to Henry school of Adu lovefest – but to other posters, the kid wasn’t that bad. He unselfishly moved the ball and kept possession, and he showed a couple of flashes. His set pieces were well taken.

    It was nice to see the B team dominate, but I wonder if the winner of last years top whistle league in the DC area could give the Spice Boys a run.

    Very hard to take much from this game. In context – everyone looked great.

    I’m more curious to see what BB does with line-ups the rest of the tournament. I don’t get much time to follow MLS. So, seeing Pause, Arnaud, Beckerman, Evans etc. was cool.

  72. Hush says:

    HAHAHAHA I can’t believe the ADU hate on this blog!!lol Anyone who knows anything about futbol should know that this kid playe great condidering he hadn’t played in a game for 90minutes in sometime now. Adu had good possesion, passed well, and almost scored a brilliant goal from outside the key!.. I don’t see any U.S player to have first touch skill like Adu’s when hitting a rainbow shot over the goalkeeper. Casey & Cooper in those situations would just choke. Adu’s first goal was put in the corner by his thinking. Cooper or Casey would have just shot the ball down the middle without thinking like a skilled futbolero! That’s the difference between Adu and the some of our overated players in our team. Adu in those situations hardly ever misses. Anyone here watched Dos santos play yesterday?? This kid has been playing frequently for the mex team, yet he can’t finish or play great for 90mins against a weaker team like Trust me wen I say this, Adu is the only player we have that could change the way a game is played.

    Rogers & Holden are just average. We have younger players in Europe with no playing time who can perform better than these two guys who play frequently. Pure fact.