Altidore headed to Hull City on loan

Jozy Altidore 8 ( 

Jozy Altidore is heading to Hull City.

Altidore has confirmed the one-year loan move, offering this nugget on his Twitter feed: "First match is against chelsea subject to a work permit."

Yes, Hull City plays Chelsea in its season opener on Aug. 15th. As for the work permit, Altidore does not automatically qualify for a UK work permit based on his current percentage of matches played, but considering the number of U.S. national team games he has played in his appeal should stand a good chance of being accepted.

Hull is preparing to introduce two new signings on Thursday, just a day after Altidore visited Hull City to negotiate a one-year loan deal. Altidore noted that a press conference was scheduled to announce his signing on Thursday.

Altidore will look to fill the void at striker left by Hull's failed bid to sign Fulham striker Bobby Zamora.

What do you think of Altidore joining Hull? Worried about him joining a team in danger of relegation, or do you think it's more important that he gets playing time and gains experience ahead of the 2010 World Cup?

Share your thoughts below.

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125 Responses to Altidore headed to Hull City on loan

  1. Frank says:

    The good news is it’s very possible he’ll start right away.

    The bad news is it’s very possible Hull City is the worst team in the Premiership, and facing almost even odds for relegation.

  2. 49ers says:

    i’m excited and hull fans are excited. he’s going to the best league in the world.

  3. Tom From Syracuse says:

    Look at our players who have made leaps and bounds getting PT for a relegation-threatened side… Dempsey and Bradley have both hugely grown as players in short periods of time with their clubs. I think being in a must-win situation builds character in the players, especially younger players… this is why I love this move (given he gets PT.)

  4. Hush says:

    Great. I love this move because it will get him more PT. I’m wondering if Villareal wants to hang on to him and not sell. I thought he was going to be sold to a team not a loan.

  5. cb says:

    no shot hull is the worst team in the league. they will be top ten this year plus Jozy will get signifigant time. and plus if its a one year loan who cares if they go down? indeed a regulation battle will have all the intensity of a fight for first and be a good experience for him

  6. Isaac says:

    Even if Hull does go down, all Altidore has to do is have a good season with the Tigers and he could find him self elsewhere in the Premier League. I know that sounds like Hull is a stepping stone to something better but to be honest I can’t view them as much else. No offense to any Orange and Black fans.

  7. John in FL says:

    Thank God it’s only 1 year and it’s a loan. I wish he’d stay and play for Vilareal B in the segunda, I think his technical ability would be more improved in the Segunda then they will in EPL.

  8. George says:

    GOD NO!!!!!

    I hate Phil Brown with a passion. That man is so ridiculous I hope he chokes on his Janet Jackson head piece this season.

  9. Rossi is Judas says:

    Tom From Syracuse said it perfectly. He’ll have a tremendous opportunity to grow as a player. Let’s just hope it does not turn into another Eddie Johnson type of situation.

  10. George says:

    It’s a Rhythm Nation mate!! Glorious!

  11. Isaac says:

    Altidore in my opinion doesn’t need to learn how to go at players because from what I’ve seen he’s pretty good at it and going at EPL defenders could only make him better. Other than that he needs to learn to play with his back to goal, lay off passes, simple stuff the strikers like Brian McBride did. The EPL will teach him discipline, and the relegation battle will harden him.

  12. Martin Blank says:

    From a purely red-white-and-blue perspective, playing time for Jozy in any top league is a win. He will at least be match fit for the World Cup, and hopefully will do a great deal of learning while playing in the Premiership. Hull’s in a position where they have to play him, and if he scores 7 or 8 goals this year, it will be a major success.

  13. Lee says:

    As long as he plays, I think its a good move. And its only 1 year, so no matter how Hull are, its practically a no lose situation for Jozy. I hope.

  14. OmarVizquel says:

    Good, Jozy will get first-hand experience with some of the most detestable individuals in professional sports: Premiership managers. Specimen number one: Phil Brown.

    Bob Bradley and his utterly boring public visage is certainly a breath of fresh air compared to the Fergusons/Browns/Allardyces of the world.

    I wish Jozy well, though. A relegation battle and a thin Hull strike force are the best things for him right now. I’d be pleased with 7 goals.

  15. rickr says:

    As long as he plays I am happy. He needs to play before the WC.

  16. Dominghosa says:

    I’m on the wagon that thinks he should stay in Spain even if he plays in the Segunda. He needs to work on his technical ability and touch. But in the EPL, he’ll at least maximize his power.
    Hope he gets some major PT.
    Here’s hoping Geovanni stays healthy and on form or Hull will definitely struggle.

  17. gmonsoon43 says:

    @John in FL
    I understand your point about technical ability, however I would say going into a world cup, EPL playing time is better than Spanish 2nd division.

    I think its a good sign for Altidore that its a loan, IMO that means Villareal still have long-term interest in Jozy.

  18. KCB says:

    Repeat of Lee. He has to start matches and play regularly. Starting against clubs like Chelsea and Man City won’t hurt either.

  19. David says:

    If Jimmy Bullard comes back from injury again maybe Jozy might get some decent service. Could be a good move. Hull obviously showed a lot of potential before a complete meltdown in the second half last year. If they can actually get some reinforments they could find themselves back in the Prem again next year. Jozy will see time. They are desperate for strikers. I mean come on, they wanted Zamora, who I do like as a Fulham fan, but if he is an upgrade for your front line then Jozy will definitely get opportunities.

  20. Mcjones says:

    Excited to watch jozy play.

  21. Jeff M in Houston says:

    To be WC-ready, Jozy needs to play wherever he is. At his age and what I see as desire & capacity to learn & develop, there is little downside to him being in EPL to learn the skills he needs to be effective here: back-to-goal, aerial, others???. Also the dogfight that is the EPL is a huge factor in his development. Everything, everyday, for 9 + months will be football, especially in small town Hull. He will be all in. Sorry, I dunno much about ESP Segunda but there is no better hothouse to test, stretch, & develop Jozy’s mental side.

  22. Chad says:

    Jozy to Hull according to his Twitter. Press conf. tomorrow.

  23. Danny says:

    I don’t care if Villareal have a long-term interest in him. I don’t care as long as he’s playing in a top 4 league, and getting major PT. IF he starts every week for Hull then this season is a success. He’s only 19-20 years old. He won’t even be hitting his prime for another 4-5 years. ANY team in the top 4 leagues is a good move at this point in his career as long as he’s hungry and playing.

  24. Al17 says:

    i’m excited and hull fans are excited. he’s going to the best league in the world.

    Posted by: 49ers | August 05, 2009 at 12:46 PM

    Ummm…mmm no he just left the best league in the World. Thank goodness it’s only a season loan and hopefully he’s back in La Liga next year in a starting role.

    no shot hull is the worst team in the league. they will be top ten this year plus Jozy will get signifigant time. and plus if its a one year loan who cares if they go down? indeed a regulation battle will have all the intensity of a fight for first and be a good experience for him

    Posted by: cb | August 05, 2009 at 12:49 PM

    Come back from Fanatasy World. They were horrible last season and will start this season as one of the worst in their league. They’ll be lucky to stay up this year.

  25. fireman451 says:

    hull City is a great move. I hope he plays well and Villa sells him permanently to a lower end EPL team.

    Playing time in a great league is the big picture for Jozy. Good move.

  26. Rob Usry says:

    JozyAltidore17 First match is against chelsea subject to a work permit *wink* *wink* lol thanks for the support and love keep it coming.

  27. George says:

    On a more serious note. I wish Jozy had moved to another club in Spain. While it is great that he will likely get playing time, I am concerned about his development.

    I didn’t watch every Hull game last season, but aside from the miracle blasts from Giovanni, Hull’s ball movement and build in the final third wasn’t much to brag about. My concern is that Jozy isn’t the final product yet and being on team that emphasizes “Route One Football” won’t help polish his foot work and first touch, two aspects of his game that need work.

    People celebrate McBride and with all do respect he did score goals, but playing with your back to goal and wining headers isn’t the only way to be an effective striker.

    Maybe it’s Jozy’s strong muscle build that makes people want to emphasize his “Target Man” status, but I would prefer that we push him to develop like the Torres, Henry’s, and Silva’s of the world. These guys are Strikers that don’t need to muscle their way through the box, but who rely on deft touches, bursts of speed, and top-class finishing. Maybe it’s too late to develop Jozy into one of those strikers, but I just don’t think Hull will be the place to help Jozy develop into one of the game’s best.

    But what do I know, I’m just an arm chair Center-Back.

  28. CapeCodFutbol says:

    Tear ’em up Jozy!

  29. Blake says:

    I think it’s great. Hull could very well go down but it’s a loan so no worries there. Our country’s best striker should be playing in a top league, so I much prefer him facing John Terry and Rio Ferdinand week in and week out than whoever is in Segunda Liga.

  30. RK says:

    Only one American left for me to follow in La Liga. Sigh.

  31. Craig says:

    My initial thought is that I like this move a lot. Jozy should get playing time in one of the world’s top leagues. He’s also going to have to learn how to score against defenders he can’t just out-muscle. I also like that it is a loan move, as in Villareal still has him in their future plans.

    I just hope he does actually get the playing time.

  32. josh says:

    It is a loan, people. Who cares where Hull plays next season?

  33. MVK says:

    heres to hoping FSC shows more Hull City games

  34. Andrew says:

    Im confused, someone help—– I thought previouis articles stated they were offereing around 11 million dollars for altidore, so how is that a “one year loan”? is money exchanged for a loan, ir was this information just erroneous. I assume if we are talking about money, than it is a permanenet move right>?


  35. RK says:

    Andrew: no one really knows for sure.

  36. Robert says:

    This is excellent news if true. Jozy can be their franchise player if he plays well. Good things have happened with Villarreal players heading out of the team…
    Antonio Valencia from Ecuador went from Villarreal, loan to Recreativo Huelva, loan and then bought by Wigan where he became one of their franchise players, and now a Man U player hoping to fill part of the CR7 void.

  37. Jason Tyson says:

    its a loan, thats what the espn article took

  38. Robert says:

    Even if relegation-bound… more impetus for the team, more playing time, more experience for South Africa… just plain more competitive.

  39. Michael F. SBI Mafia Original "Hi, my name is Michael. And I'm an SBI-Aholic." says:

    It’s a one year loan so who cares if Hull gets demoted? All he needs to do is score 10 goals this year and 2 in the WC and Villa Real will have to play him next year! Nice.

  40. gmonsoon43 says:

    There was talk of a permanent deal with Hull, but now it seems to just be a one year loan. With a loan there still is a payment of some money, so Hull will pay Villareal, but the amount of money is much less than that of a permanent transfer.

  41. David says:

    If anything it is a reason to watch a Hull game when FSC gets stuck with them.

  42. Danny says:

    For all the Hull City fans (those in the know)-

    What are the REAL possibilities that Jozy starts for this squad? Does Giovanni play forward? Does he start over Daniel Cousin or Caleb Folan? Where is he realistically on the depth chart? What kind of time is he REALLY looking at?

  43. CPTKevin says:

    can’t wait to put jozy on my epl fantasy team!

  44. Rocco says:

    I agree with Lee. It’s a win/win. It’s one year in the one of the best leagues in the world, if they relegate, he goes somewhere else, if they stay up, he could still go somewhere else. As far as his development is concerned, let’s not forget, the kid is 20. When it’s over he comes out a 21 year old with lot’s of playing time in the EPL. Good luck Jozy.

  45. RedLine55 says:

    I’m sure he’ll love the beautiful Hull weather. I’m not too worried about Hull being “relegation-prone”… they were the same way last year, and the Cola-ship is still better and more competitive than many other Euro top leagues

  46. m says:

    Congrats Jozy. I’m excited about the move. Hull isn’t great, but a relegation battle should be good for Jozy. He should be able to get some decent service from Bullard and Giovanni, and hopefully some goals.

  47. Fulham Pete says:

    Just checked a Hull site. Those fans are GEEKED over Jozy.

    This should be a good move for him.

  48. Danny says:

    as for the $11 million figure for Jozy, that would almost double their previous record transfer (Jimmy Bullard last year at 5 million pounds). What is the likelyhood that Hull is willing to do that right now? What are the chances they splash that much cash for someone that is “unproven” at this point? I understand they might look at it like an investment (selling if they are relegated), but it just seems like too much for them for pay right now for Jozy. I don’t think Hull can/would be able to buy Jozy from Villareal.

  49. Derek says:

    I will add my “as long as he plays.”

    We get to watch him on TV now.

  50. Fulham Pete says:


    That kind of money also means he’s expected to play (and perform) from the moment his toe touches a blade of grass.

  51. DC Josh says:

    Danny – dollars are worth around double what a pound is worth. So 5 million pounds is a little under $10 million. Although, $11 million is a lot of money for a one year loan. I hope Hull attempts to buy him, as the EPL will develop his game more than La Liga.

    Ives, where does Jozy rank among the top forwards in the world under 20 years of age? Top ten?

    This was the move I hoped for, and I can’t wait to see him in those bumble-bee kits.

  52. DingDong says:

    Ives – could you ever do a post on the UK, Spanish, Italian, German, French, Swedish work permit rules? I’ve never understood how it works.

  53. James Thurber says:

    This is a great move for Jozy. Even if Hull do go down, it’s only a one year loan, and this season he’ll gain top-level experience…something he was unable to do at Villareal. I love to see so many Americans playing in the EPL!

    Best of luck to Jozy!

  54. Tony in Quakeland says:

    Glad it’s a loan and not a sale. I’d rather he play in Spain….

    That said, I think he will make the most of it and I’m going with a dozen goals.

  55. Jose A. V. says:

    He better Sign and comeback start training for the Azteca game.

  56. Paul says:

    The move offers tremendous benefits (likely playing time, good competition, every game is crucial). The relegation risk is there, but mostly irrelevant because it’s a one-year loan. They are a weak squad, but face it: he’s not likely to play very much on a strong EPL team, and even if his teammates would have been better at Fulham or Everton, there’s only so mucu learning you can do in training. The only real downside risk is a disastrous start for the club accompanied by panic by management, changes in the manager slot, etc. If the club implodes and has, say, one win its its first twelve EPL matches, all bets are off.

  57. sublicon says:

    Why is it that nobody can spell Geovanni’s name properly? Can someone help me out here? Jesus.

    Jozy is in the EPL on a squad that doesn’t have 10 strikers….verdict: GOOD!

    He’ll most likely be smack in the middle of the pecking order, if not further up. Enough nay-saying, enough over-analysis, enough wishes that he was somewhere else…the kid is where he needs to be right now, let’s get it on.

  58. Jozy,

    Work hard. Learn. Score goals.

  59. Mig says:

    They were a weak squad at the end but their attack was rather potent in the first 1/3 of the season. Injuries and EPL defenses caught up to them later.

    Geovanni is a middie btw.

  60. soutine says:

    dollars are worth half

  61. 505anthony says:

    If he doesn’t get playing time I’m going to light a match and throw it in the general direction of Phil Brown’s soppy, greased mop of hair.

    Here’s hoping he doesn’t come back wearing plaid hats and jumpers.

  62. Well don Jozy says:

    It is a good move. Technical ability will come along as he plays against the best defenders in the best league in the world. The key of course is that he plays.

  63. Marc says:

    For a loan it’s a good move; a transfer it would have been bad…work permit will take a few weeks to a month…which is why I love having an English mom…no visa for me…:)

    He will be in Miami on Sunday…Hull City will even agree that it;s a good game to play in…besides probally won’t have a work permit by then anyway…

  64. HokieFutbol says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong…doesn’t Man United play Chelsea for the community shield Sunday.Jozy for the Red Devils!!!!…just saying.

    I am totally kidding

  65. Matt_Mu says:

    Why is everyone talking about Hull going down? As I remember Newcastle and Middlebrough went down last year. that means two more shite teams get to stay up this year.

  66. Mentz says:

    Well he gets his chance to play in the premiership. Lets see if they can get him the ball now…

  67. Felix says:

    I’m afraid this is Feilhaber part 2. A good young Yank leaving a good, ambitious club in search of playing time and ends up going to a bad club who will soon find itself in the relegation trouble. The manager who brought him in will get fired and developing and playing “kids” will get tossed to the side in order to bring in “battle-tested veterans” to get them out of the drop zone.
    That and the fact that despite Jozy’s promise, size and technical ability, he doesn’t have the work rate of a McBride, and we all know how much the English, especially the types of managers who coach sides like Hull, love their players with “industry” and “endeavor”.

  68. japan says:

    whether hull goes down or not is not the problem. The fact that Giovanni is the only player capable of providing him the ball and Phil Brown is the manager are the problems. This is terrible for his development. Yes there is also Bullard but he is just as injury prone as Rocisky. Giovanni will get shut down just like the second half of last season and Altidore will be isolated up front and that is definitley not the situation you want a 19 year old to be.

  69. ThaDeuce says:

    yay for jozy!

  70. Hood Rich says:

    This is their 2nd season and all of the established teams already know how to deal with Hull. All they have is a bunch of over-achievers who play with alot of passion and intensity. Unfortunately to get 3 pts, you need more quality than just hustle and non-stop running. I forsee them getting no more than 15 pts by end of December, and thats with max points from teams like Bolton, Wolves, B’ham, Pompey & Burnley.

  71. ga-gone says:

    playing time was essential. good move. He’ll also probably pick up a lot of experience playing in a lot of high-stress games where they are trying to grind out a point.

  72. Danny says:

    For the record:

    $11 million = almost 6.5 million GBP.

    While I did say “almost double” their record signing (which was not correct) the point was valid. They offered 5 million GBP for Zamora. Are they in a position to spend 6.5 million GBP on Altidore? He’s worth it, but I’m not sold on him being sold at that price, nor am I sold on Hull spending it on him.

    I misspoke about the numbers conversion, but my point remains. We’ll see tomorrow at the presser if it’s a loan or purchase. I strongly doubt Hull have splashed that cash, or that Villareal really want to sell him at this point.

  73. Blake says:


    The difference between this and the Feilhaber nightmare is that, at 6.5M rated, Jozy comes in as Hull’s most expensive player. Feilhaber was nothing more than a project for Derby while Hull will be looking to Jozy to be a star.

  74. Kenobi says:

    So, it’s a one year loan, and they’re in the Premiership this year, so what does it matter if they get relegated? Jozy still gets a ton of experience in a top flight league regardless of how the season goes for Hull.

  75. ThaDeuce says:

    i think the most important thing is how jozy feels, according to his twitter account, he is pumped. congratus jozy and best of luck!

  76. Barry U says:

    I like it! Language is not a factor. The teamsheet is not full of internationals that are going to get in his way or have some sort of favor with the manager (I think). the KC stadium is a great venue. If Bullard and Geovani are on the pitch with Jozy he will get chances to score in my opinion. And i think that a relegation battle would be great for his mental make up becuase even if they go down he will know what it feels like when games mean more than just a win. If they stay up then you have one of those experiences that you can look to when things are going tough. If they can hoover above the the drop zone a year in the EPL is just so valuable. A win/win for a young man.

    BUT for all that to be good he must get PT. Super sub at first and starter by Boxing Day is a good goal I think. If he plays on a regular basis 8 to 12 goals are possible.

  77. ThaDeuce says:

    When will Bob call in the team! one week till Azteca, i may pee myself

  78. JakeO says:

    Hull struggled and nearly fell apart last year after an impressive start. I don’t rate Phil Brown as a manager and rumor has it players hate playing for him. I’d have liked to see Jozy at Fulham or Everton. He’d play less, but he’d be around top quality players and respected managers in a stable environment.

  79. threej says:

    Go Jozy! You are a beast and will light up the premeirship!

  80. JIM P says:

    I expect that Jozy won’t start right away but will eventually work himself into the starting lineup. Jozy seems to be a guy or scores big goals with every new challenge. He tore up the MLS immediately, then he scored big goals for the US Nats quickly after being added to the roster, then again at Confed. Cup against Spain. He fortunately seems to ignore the reality of the situation. He also is always just one burst away from a goal and over 90 min of regular play I thing we can expectt 5 – 10 goals from Jozy.

    On another note, I would suspect that playing in England for Hull is better prep for playing for the US Nats because in both situations he will get very little service and be asked to contribute in ways other than scoring.

  81. Mike says:

    It’s a loan. It’s the last year before the WC. He’ll play day in and day out against better opposition, and he’ll learn how to adjust to make his game better. Jozy’s going to have to work hard every game, and it’ll be good for him. And playing on Hull, he’s not going to be able to rely on his or his teammate’s talent.

    Personally, I kind of think there is an elitist approach to club teams. It’s almost as if people think that players are incapable of becoming better if they don’t play for a G-14 club, or that it’s automatically better to be on a team with a better reputation, even if you don’t get on the field. Fact is, he spent a year on the bench at Xerez. He’s looking for playing time and match fitness.

    He’ll probably be back at Villareal next season, but at least this move gets him ready for the World Cup.

  82. Jorge says:

    Why is everyone even talking about Hull being relegated? If I remember correctly, Fulham almost got relegated two years in a row.

  83. Mark Blafkin says:

    Slightly off topic, but has anyone else seen this?

    link to

    I had no idea the legend of Brian McBride is so large @ Fulham, enough to immortalize an American player with his own restaurant.

  84. nate says:

    Anyone care to have a looksie at how many points Hull earned in the second half of last season? And what transfers have they brought in? Same coach out of his depth?


  85. RK says:

    Hull’s Bull!

  86. JB says:

    Hull’s midfield is rather good and they create quite a few scoring chances. The perception of them being the worst team in the league is incorrect, a large part of their problems last year were the inability to finish chances created by their midfield. You all don’t think Jozy Altidore will play a major role in turning that futility in finishing around? He’s a forward, yes?

  87. Cenote says:

    This makes a lot of sense, although Hull are not a very good side. He will play, it will toughen him up, and the speed of play will be good for him — as far as I’m concerned there is no downside to this move. Let’s see if he can PLAY in a good league. He is not a high workrate striker, but he is a poacher and he plays in bursts. That’s fine with Hull, where he’ll rarely get service anyway. This will make him better in the air and a better finisher.

  88. Jake says:

    If it’s a one year deal why would we be worried that he’s joining a team in danger of relegation?

  89. Jorge says:

    Why is everyone even talking about Hull being relegated? Fulham almost got relegated two years in a row– back to back.

  90. nate says:

    If Hull are at the foot of the table just wait and see how many fans and pundits blame Jozy for the lack of goals. Just wait.

  91. EA says:

    Wasn’t Hull entertaining to watch and somewhat competitive last year or was that Stoke that that I’m thinking of?

  92. mike ruze says:

    Sucks hes going to HACKmirship where hell get hacked often.

    would have been better if he could have stayed in Spain

  93. cjbrown says:

    I didn’t see a lot of them last season. Looking at their roster seems Hull have a lot of guys who are old or injured. I thought Bullard was fantastic with Fulham, especially late in the season before last, but wonder if he is ready to start this season. Their goalie, the American-born Welsh international Boaz Myhill, is rated pretty highly. Isn’t the Brazilian Geovanni pretty good also?

  94. socrates says:

    Last year Jozy barely played for Villareal and played zero for Xerez and still looked great for the USA. This year the number one concern is going to a team that will give him some minutes so that he can keep his fitness up and be in shape come WC 2010.

    Concerns about playing style, manager’s personality, quality of the team, quality of the league, even Jozy’s ability to develop are all secondary. Hopefully this move takes care of the primary concern and works out ok on some of the secondary factors.

  95. Dave says:

    Fulham V. Hull Monday Oct 19, ROAD TRIP

  96. toreadore says:

    Even though I’m happy for Jozy and I think anywhere he goes he’s going to only get better, I wouldn’t think the English premier league was the best fit for him. I would have liked to see him go to another team in Spain where he will learn the game more, or see him go to the Dutch league to get plenty of scoring and games under his belt. I know some of you are saying I must be crazy but lets remember that Ronaldo first started in the Dutch league before going on to be the best player in the world at Barcelona!!

    Hull?? What is Hull??

  97. Bottlcaps says:

    I think it is , generally, a good move. Villareal still looks to keep him, which is good as making THAT team is a real fight and has a surplus of strikers. Hull has not had the luck of finding the amount of quality players it will need to stay up.

    The situation in Hull means he will probably get A LOT of playing time, but not a lot of wins and likely relegation. Still, if he scores 7 or more goals in the Premier League, look to him coming back to Villareal or being sold in excess of the $10 mil the spanish side paid for him. It is a smart move for Villareal. I am sure they placed him in a club that will struggle but will afford a significant amount of playing time as opposed to the Xerxes fiasco. If he does well his value goes up, if not, his potential and youth will afford him more “loan” spells.

    At 19 you can still presume he is in his “apprenticeship” years and doing your apprenticeship in the Premier League can only be good for the future!

  98. r.benjamin says:

    Best case scenario. Altidore needs to learn and improve on what Hull will offer.

    Increased work rate and endeavor. And use of strength and speed to get on the end of passes and finnish.. become a scrapper with skill. In La Liga he’d stand around more and work on his back heel passes.

  99. Chris says:

    1) This is a totally awesome move. Everton and Fulham would both have been much harder to get playing time for Jozy.

    2) EPL is not the best league? You must be joking. Spain has 2 great teams… try putting number 3-10 against the same EPL squads and they are going to get their ass handed to them. Same down the line. It’s the same deal with Italy and Germany/France don’t even rate.

    3) Why does everyone seem to hate Phil Brown?

  100. Scott in Houston says:

    There is absolutely, positively no downside to this move. We need Jozy to be in shape and tough next summer. There’s no better way to get in shape than to play week after week (which he’s almost sure to do, given the paucity of Hull strikers) in the fastest and most physical league (which the Premiership assuredly is).

    A lot of people have commented on style of play, and whether Jozy would develop his skills better in Spain, with some even lauding the segunda (how did that work out last season???).

    In my opinion, the best teams in the Prem have moved away from having target-man type center forwards. Van Nistelrooy is long gone from Old Trafford, Crouchie is long gone from Anfield, etc. If we’re lucky, Jozy will develop into a player like Drogba (without the constant whining and crying), who can play the entire attacking half, not just the penalty box. Jozy can learn to attack at speed with the ball at his feet.

    Jozy, we’re psyched for you!

  101. Jeff M in Houston says:

    Daniel Cousin and the other guy are crap. Cousin has fluffed his lines from every angle for a good while now and he’s 32. The key for Jozy is playing as many competitive games at the highest possible level, no matter the league/liga. And I think it strange that someone would knock the kid’s (soon to be dude) work ethic. he is 19, nineteen. He chose to leave NYRB ASAP, he’s wanting more, and appears to be growing by proving to his boss that he dserves more…

  102. RLW2020 says:

    so jozy next games: Chelsea and Mexico …damn get ready for the big time!

  103. alex says:

    it’s perfect! he’ll get plenty of playing time in one of the two best leagues in the world!

  104. paul says:

    Portsmouth is the worst team in the EPL, by miles.

  105. Teddie Boy Eddie says:


    I don’t think the comparison with Feilhaber is a good one. Benny is a headcase, while by all accounts Jozy is a smart kid who is willing to learn. All of his comments point to how humble he is as well.

    I like this move for him. Playing time is most important for Jozy right now, and I can’t see why he won’t get that at Hull.

    @ea, Hull were very good the first half of last year. The Phil Brown decided to scold his team on the pitch at halftime of a match. After that, they went into a tailspin.

  106. petaluman says:

    Now there is a reason to tune in to the Hull matches on FSC.

  107. jpc says:

    This could be a great move OR disaster depending on the manager…

    I think back to Feilhaber at Derby. He was clearly good enough to play, and showed it when he got on the field. But the coach either didn’t recruit him, or got nervous in a relegation battle and only wanted to play veteran players that he was more familiar with.

    hopefully Jozy can get in there and establish himself immediately

  108. Kev says:

    baaahahah so true on Pompey, Paul. I’m a supporter of theirs and i’m embarassed by the side they are getting ready to put out on the field this season. By far the worst team in EPL.

    great move for Jozy all around, anxious to see him play

  109. Brett says:

    I just hope FSC continues to show too many Hull City matches like they did last year.

    I was hoping for Fulham, so that he could get that added experience playing with Dempsey, but it’s hard to be upset about a move to a Prem team that will probably have to play him a lot.

    I think he would have broken through at Fulham pretty easily with the number of competitions they’ll be in this year.

  110. Goalscorer24 says:

    Well he still has to get his UK work permit. Americans have been re-buffed on the permit issue before. So hopefully he gets past that and then gets playing time!

  111. CA_sweeper says:

    Josy’s speed of play will have to increase and his first touch under pressure get a lot softer to be successful in the EPL. I think he’ll get there but it will take him a year to acclimate. I’m also concerned that the skills he develops at Hull won’t translate that well to Villareal, which plays a very controlled, accurate, passing game. Still, much better than sitting on the bench in Spain!

  112. papa bear says:

    @Posted by: Frank | August 05, 2009 at 12:44 PM

    Who cares if Hull is dissolved and wiped from the face of the earth next season? It’s a 1 year loan. They could win the Prem (theoretically) and it wouldn’t mean he’d be around next year.

    I like that he won’t be riding the bench. However, Hull play atrocious football and he really isn’t going to learn anything there. I would have preferred he end up in a low table La Liga or a top La Liga 2 side. Hull is just gonna use him as a bruising dope with his back to goal all day and do nothing to help him develop technique of any sort.

    @Posted by: Chris | August 05, 2009 at 03:53 PM

    You are absolutely high. The 3-10 teams in La Liga are beating EPL teams more often than not. UEFA Cup has shown us this for years now. The EPL is a very top heavy league and technique-wise EPL is like watching a child try to fit a square peg into a round whole and La Liga is like watching Van Gogh create a masterpiece painting.

  113. Fulham Pete says:

    Americans rebuffed on UK permits has happened…but with someone of Jozy’s stature? I don’t think so. His goal against Spain pretty much exhibited his class as far as the FA would be concerned. He’ll be a Tiger against Chelsea, no doubt.

  114. TheAtomizer says:

    If Hull gets relegated, Jozy goes back to Villareal. Even if he were sold to Hull and they were relegated, he’d be sold as an expensive asset they can’t afford to hold onto, or — heavens to betsy — he’d play in the Championship. Big deal. The relegation issue is a non-issue.

    My friend in Hull says he’s likely to be a starter. So if he’s right, Jozy will get significant time lining up against defenders and holding mids for teams like Liverpool and Chelsea. That’s going to be a great experience for him, especially in the run up to the World Cup.

    Finally, whoever said “at least there won’t be a language issue” has never been to East Yorkshire. He’s gonna have a hell of a time understanding that twang!

  115. TheAtomizer says:

    One last thing…everyone is so sure Hull is relegation bound. They were at the start of last season as well. The ball hasn’t even been kicked yet. Give it a rest.

  116. Jorge says:


    Move has been confirmed by Villareal.

    link to

  117. Rocco says:

    Funny but I can’t help but be kinda proud that Andrew Hush said almost the exact same thing I said earlier.

    link to

    Of course I was echoing Lee so we could consider it trickle down (or up) wisdom.

  118. madmax says:

    Hull is lucky that the deal for Bobby Zamora fell apart. Zamora was terrible at Fulham.

  119. Korey Sutton says:

    I worry about this move. Feilhaber had a good summer tournament for the us and then left a big club for a small one in england. So i am worried the same thing could happen with jozy. He had a great tournament and now he will have a good bit of pressure on his back. I not always up for players moving to new clubs the year before a world cup. You need to be playing as much as possible but I hope he can get some games in england. France might have been a better place to go. THe same goes for Davies. I wish he would have moved after the world cup was over. If you are gaining interest now then after the world cup, if you play well you will only gain more interest. just a thought.

  120. 123 says:

    PT is always better then none.

  121. Humphrey says:

    Hull stinks. Another blow to the US team. Jozy Out-the-door will not improve with this awful side.

    Red Bulls suck, but at least he had a competent partner in Angel.

  122. Alex G says:

    Good for Altidore, if he gets playing time its a possitive move and I think this was a previous agreement… so, good for him

  123. anotherbodymurdered says:


  124. Gerald Peterson says:

    I predict young Dozy will learn a lot this season . . . mainly that he is not EPL caliber. Won’t be long before he’ll be back playing 2nd or 3rd tier where he belongs.