Americans Abroad: Europa League Preview



Bummed that the Champions League isn't on today? The newly renamed UEFA Cup takes place today, and will have to fill the void left by a otherwise sparse European schedule. A number of Americans could be in action as they take part in the Europe League.

Today is a chance to get a look at Norwegian-American midfielder Mikkel Diskerud. His club, Staebek IF, faces a difficult challenge in today's playoff round as they take on La Liga side Valencia. Diskerud, who was born in Norway but spent time growing up in Arizona, has recently come on the U.S. men's youth national team radar. The 18-year-old's playing time has steadily increased in the Norwegian top flight, and Thomas Rongen has taken notice.

Diskerud made an appearance for the U.S. U-20 side in a friendly against Egypt in June, scoring a goal  and has a chance to represent the U.S. in the U-20 World Cup in late September. He's also played for the Norwegian national team youth side, and has indicated that he'll play for the first nation to call him up.

Here's a look at the rest of the Americans in action today:

  • Eddie Johnson and Clint Dempsey face Amkar Perm (Russia)
  • Brad Friedel, Brad Guzan, Eric Lichaj and Aston Villa face Rapid Wien (Austria)
  • Tim Howard and Everton face Sigma Olomouc (Czech Republic)

Games are only available to watch streaming online, as FSC appears to have dropped coverage now that they have the rights to the CL broadcast.


Will you be watching the Europa League? Think Diskerud should get a call up from Bob Bradley? How will the other Americans Abroad fare? Share your thoughts below.

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48 Responses to Americans Abroad: Europa League Preview

  1. mike ruze says:

    I thought Diskerud committed to the US.

    Another flipflopper?

    cap him against El Salvador

  2. martha c says:

    Is he a D mid? thats the only way hed be called up by Bradley.

    Otherwise hed get capped and bench like other offensive minded hlding Mids like Torres

  3. Adam in Irvine says:

    Diskerud said he’ll commit to whichever country offers to cap him first.

  4. travis says:

    Hard to know if he’s committed or not, even if he says he is. If he wants to play for the U.S. and they decide not to call him up, Norway could swoop.

  5. ThDUTCH says:

    Let’s talk about Charlie Davies. The world’s best kept secret.

  6. Waterlewd says:

    Guzan started the Villa game. Lichaj did not make the bench. 1-0 right now to Rapid — Rapid Vienna scored in the first 20 seconds while Villa defense was loafing.

  7. NATO says:

    What are the links to these games? isn;t working

  8. ISAF says:

    Anyone know if Alvaro Negredo is playing for the Spanish NT? Brillant striker and only 24. He should be considered. They have Villa/Torres and Guiza, Llorente as subs. Replace Guiza with Negredo is all i’m saying.

  9. I'mFromLouisana says:

    link to

    His surname sounds Swedish. How many players do we have like him? From either Scandinavia or Germany or England or Mexico or even Africa that would play for us if only USSF contacted them. We need these youth players to function early on and proper. Get them ready to field out 2014 and 2018 rosters.

  10. I’ll be streaming online.

  11. milkshake of despair says:

    where can i get the Aston Villa stream? Tried Justin TV, but the links are showing other stuff.

  12. I'mFromLouisana says:

    AV might take a tumble this year. They have crappy offense and defense isn’t terribly strong. I can see them dropping to 8th or 9th with teams like Tottenham and Wigan battling for Europe.

  13. Leonardo says:

    milkshake of despair
    link to is by far the best (read: most reliable) site for games

  14. CDeeps says:

    Don’t forget about American Ryan Guy for St. Patrick’s Athletic. They’re currently tied 0 – 0 at the half with Steaeu Bucharest

    (SBI-You know, I actually thought about him. He’ll be included going forward in Europa updates.)

  15. bigvic says:

    i like the way the announcers on univision/telemundo refer to charlie davies as charlie “chili” davies. thats not really his nickname, is it?

    ps. stop using ftw…its a stupid expression

  16. Brett says:

    I hope Mix Diskerud gets a call up for the U-20 cup and can eventually get a look from Bradley. The former is quite possible but the latter probably won’t happen.

  17. einar says:

    i forgot about ryan guy

  18. guy says:

    Mix in on the bench for Staebek.

  19. Andy in Atlanta says:

    Eddie Johnson is on the bench and Dempsey starts

  20. milkshake of despair says:

    Did Rapid Vienna got to the CONCAcrap school of time wasting or what?

  21. Tomas says:

    Maybe the announcers are baseball fans, and are confusing Charlie with Chilli Davis the baseball player? lol

    I love that nickname. Can we start calling Charlie “Chillie.” That’s awesome.

  22. milkshake of despair says:

    Andy, do you have a streaming link to Fullham?

  23. David says:

    That article reveals that Diskerud is an unbelievable person, not just a player. This is a bit over the top, but with intelligence and maturity like that, I see him as future captain!!!

  24. ILovesoccershirts says:

    A former student of mine lives near Stabaek, he says Mixie (his nickname) is a great player and a cool guy too.

    I wish we’d hurry and get qualified for the World Cup so we could call in some fringe players for the last qualifier and lock down some of these players for America instead of any other country.

  25. dbex says:

    Just read the YA interview with Diskerrud. Good lord, does anyone actually talk like that? Let alone an 18 year old? The guy certainly sounds intelligent and worldly, which is great, but he also sounds a little like he’s running for class president…..

  26. Biggy says:

    anyone have a feed for the fulham game? i tried the valencia feed from but it is password protected and i see no pass

  27. kptx says:

    Dempsey goal!!! Right-footed shot from 25 yards. Couldn’t see it, just listening to the audio feed on Fulham’s web site. The announcer said it was a beautiful shot.

    2-0 Fulham

  28. mcell says:

    Dempsey scores..2-0 Fulham

  29. Andy in Atlanta says:

    Clint Dempsey with a “stunning strike from 25 yards out” according to Fulham radio commentator 2-0 to the Fulham

  30. Brett says:

    Apparently there is no live broadcast of the Fulham game. I don’t know if that’s true or not, but someone said it in the chat and that the news came from Fulham’s radio announcer.

  31. loosek says:

    Goal Dempsey in the 50-something minute makes it 2-0 Fulham. Andrew Johnson scored in minute 4.

  32. JD says:

    Congrats to Dempsey. I’d like to see guys like Dempsey hit a few more of these long range goals while playing for the MNT. Seems on national team duty these shots are absent or frequently off-target. I’d like to see EJ get a few minutes…

  33. Dane says:

    All the Dempsey haters won’t believe it without any cameras there!

  34. Richard says:

    In a podcast, some guy from GolTV said they were gonna announce a “league that only plays during the week” to show on their network… They’ve already got a bunch of national cup competitions (Coppa Italia, German, Spanish?), so I’m assuming they’ll show games in the group stage and on of the EL.

  35. Brett says:


    50:14 mins: Goal – Goal by Clinton Dempsey(Fulham) drilled right-footed (top-left of goal) from right channel (30 yards).Fulham 2-0 Amkar Perm.

    Man, I’d like to see this. Right foot from right side to top-left from 30 yards out! Hopefully a video will surface.

  36. gerard says:

    some of these posts about Diskerud are remarkable…have any of you seen him play recently? Cap him against El Salvador? The kids 18 tiny and not very quick…you will not see him in a full team uniform i’d bet my small paycheck on it!

  37. Brett says:

    Well, being 18, he has a frame with plenty of room to build on.

    Your comment also points out one of the biggest problems with the US program. Too much emphasis on size and speed and not enough on skill and touch (which Mix has).

  38. Blokhin says:

    yes, but people always prefer players not on the team to the ones who are already playing…it’s always that next guy who is gonna be really awesome.. just the way soccer works- not sure if other countries’ fans act the same way or not…

  39. Isaac says:

    Blohkin’s got it right. Everyone’s always wants it out with the old in with the new. I’d like to see Diskerud but lets be smart about it. I doubt he’ll get a cap until after the World Cup, and I’m speaking for both countries, unless of course Norway don’t qualify.

  40. Juan-John says:

    I guess the only video will be tonight on Fox Soccer Report (unless it’s a truly spectacular one that gets onto SportsCenter’s Top 10 Plays)…

  41. mwc says:

    In my opinions, Dempsey consistently plays better for Fulham than the USMNT. I think it’s because he has a better surrounding cast, a better coach, a better team shape, and he knows his role at Fulham.

  42. mwc says:

    “Opinions?” — sweet credibility. hahaha

  43. Gene_SF says:

    I agree with MWC. Dempsey’s role with Fulham is quite different than with the national team. He does a lot of “dirty” work in the middle, sets up forwards with passes, etc. He does scores some goals, but he is not expected to be a star striker.

  44. Adam in Irvine says:

    I agree with the belief that Konchesky’s ability to make runs helps create space for Dempsey, thus allowing him more freedom. We need a creative fullback to play behind Demps.

  45. Isaac says:

    The “Konchesky theory” makes sense. Spector was behind Dempsey the whole of the Confederations Cup and we saw it pay dividends. The only reason it came so late in the tourney was probably the two trying to get used to eachother. However, we can’t be too hard on Stevie C because he’s good as a right back as well and anyone, even Spector, would have had a tough time in Mexico. It’s tough game for some one to come back into, especially considering he was just injured for most of the year. Lets see how Dolo does against El Salvador then we can pass some judgement. BTW, doesn’t Spector play right midfield for his club sometimes?

  46. papa bear says:

    @Posted by: gerard | August 20, 2009 at 04:32 PM

    he’s about 6 foot 1 inch…that’s not big for a midfielder? He’d TOWER over Donovan and several other regulars. I wouldn’t worry about his size. I mean with that mentality you’d pass on Lionel Messi because he is TINY. I mean really TINY in height and frame.
    All I care about is if the kid is good on the ball and has a decent foot to rip a shot with from distance. He has good passing vision which is more than I can say about a lot of our mids.

  47. mwc says:

    As to Dempsey, I think a different fullback would be useful, however, I think it is more important that the USMNT has a defined style of play and keeps its shape. Dempsey would know his role and where the other midfielders are and the one touch style he plays under Hodgson would be more effective. With the USMNT, I see Dempsey’s one touch passing not connecting and he then falls into holding the ball too long and dribbling into trouble — the traits that did not endear him to Hodgson — because there is no one else around him to work with.