Beckham’s SuperClasico game-winner

David Beckham 12 (AP)

Remember that whole Galaxy fan grudge against David Beckham? A game-winning goal against Chivas USA may have been enough to erase any lingering resentment toward the English star as Beckham delivered an 80th minute goal to help LA knock off the Goats, 1-0, at Home Depot Center on Saturday night.

The goal, and win, moved LA to within two points of first place in the Western Conference and pushed Chivas USA into more troule as it tries to qualify for the post-season.

Here is Beckham's goal:

What did you think of Beckham's goal? Starting to believe LA as a serious title contender? If you were Beckham, would you be in a hurry to go back to AC Milan this winter?

Share your thoughts below.

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32 Responses to Beckham’s SuperClasico game-winner

  1. skatetyb says:

    beckham sucks man. he should run far away back to milan and open up some space for other players to make a decent salary. so overpaid.

  2. Riotsquad! says:

    He needs more of those goals and assists to erase my despise! I will not boo him anymore however.

  3. Ted Trad says:

    How is this a superclasico?

  4. Zero Cool says:

    …Whoever RiotSquad! is, you are breaking one of our rules. You do NOT represent LARS, you represent yourself. Stop being a dick and speaking on our behalf

  5. Soccrah says:

    I love comments like “this player sucks” after a video of them scoring. Genius!

  6. Brooklyn Dave says:

    A) Who cares what LARS rules are, folks should feel free to break them at will

    B) Great goal, very high class strike

  7. Jamie Z. says:

    I watched the match last night and you could see that goal coming even before Beckham was on frame. Nice shot, nice goal.

  8. Gene_SF says:

    Very good goal. I don’t know yet if it is enough to erase the bad taste from how the whole Milan loan situation played out. But you have to give the man credit, when due, good goal, game winner, 3 points for his team.

  9. Posh Spice says:

    Beckham has fantastic technique. On this occasion, however, the ball broke *very* kindly for him.

    Look at the replay. He struck it into the grass right at his feet. He connected sweetly but it was half mis-hit.

  10. Don says:

    I’ve been rooting all season for the Galaxy to qualify for the playoffs and make it to the final. Nothing would help the visibility of the league more than such a run. Note: I am not a Galaxy fan and LA is not a favorite town. Go, Timbers!

  11. Dave Clark says:

    I’d love to see LA come out of the West and Seattle out of the East to play the Final at Qwest.

    The multitude of storylines from that would get as much press as any MLS Cup Final ever has.

  12. SeattleStan says:

    Before Seattle have a chance at sniffing the playoffs Dave, they’ll need to have some kind of workshop on how to not shoot like they are making a back pass. Also, how not to run across the entire pitch to argue a call when they are at the limit of yellows. Or maybe just trick Le Toux into thinking he is playing in the Open Cup so he actually puts any sort of pace on shots.

  13. Enrico says:

    It’s a four year old derby. It’s not only a clasico, it’s a superclasico. The fake superclasico in Argentina has only been played since 1908, 323 times in total. The Mexican variant, a measly fake also, has been played only 204 times. One clasico of the regular kind is played in Spain, but it’s not worth mentioning because it’s not even super. And not sponsored by a Japanese car manucturer. This is the one match that sets the footballing world ablaze. The Honda SuperClasico.

  14. Mr. Roboto says:

    LA’s built from the back up – restoring the credibility of their defense while maintaining the passing and combination play that make them dangerous offensively.

    They’re definitely one of the MLS Cup favorites in my book (disclaimer: RSL Fan).

  15. A.S. says:

    LA is playing well right now – they probably have as good a chance as Houston, Cbus or Chicago to win the title. Beckham’s goal was class. I’m not an LA fan, but I think it would be good for the league if he and LA got to the final.

  16. RLW2020 says:

    all of these LA fans that boo backham are a bunch of fools. He is a great player that has done wonders for that team this year. His pace and ability on the field has led to a few victories and is strong midfielder to have around developing players. get over the fact that he went on loan to AC! if you want to be against someone curse out Capello for not respecting the level of play in MLS in regards to WC preparation.

  17. ELAC says:

    This Chivas USA fan applauds the members of Angle City Brigade and the Union Ultras for proving that not all LA supporters are “anti” or a “mob” like some other supporters.

    Real fans. Real passion. Real class.

    BTW, good game Galaxy, our team had more heart.

  18. Soccrah says:

    It’s alright guys, we lost, but we had more heart. We’re the real winners. =)

    I kid.

  19. ras says:

    Posh, give your man a little bit of credit. In the locker room interview floating around, he says he bounced it on purpose (while saying it was lucky and not the cleanest strike).

  20. Green76 says:

    Bruce Arena has built a quality team in a short time. Of course it helps that he had Donovan and Beckham but he has built a strong defense and some good support around the two stars.

    The Galaxy look to be turning into a real team that performs. While Areana, as manager, should get much of the credit, I think Donovan’s comments about Beckham helped clear the air so the team could move on. The four stages of team development are forming, storming, norming, and performing. The Galaxy have clearly moved through to the performing stage and I think they will hoist the MLS Cup this year.

  21. cbr says:

    i would not want to face LAG in the playoffs. Just wait till Buddle or Eski replace the worthless Magee. They’re only going to get better. If sean franklin comes back forget it

  22. harry says:

    the game was boring. I like Omar Gonzalez though…..only 20 and is the big star CB for the Galaxy………i expect him to be in europe by next year…

  23. Mike says:

    The Galaxy finally have a back line to go along with the great offense they’ve always had, that’s the major difference this year. Also, Bruce Arena was VERY SMART snapping up Ricketts who has been stellar this year.

    Beckham has been extremely classy and hardworking since his return from Italy which is good to see considering the backlash he faced when he returned. I saw the whole game last night and he was all over the place, running hard well into the final minutes. The LA Galaxy are very good and will be even better when Buddle returns.

    I’m a RBNY fan so dont have much to cheer for so I’d love to see the LA Galaxy make and win the MLS finals for the good of the league (a lot more media attention is always a plus!).

  24. Robert says:

    All clasicos must start somewhere.

  25. Joamiq says:

    I’m still trying to figure out how he hit that like he did. Superb

  26. HomeyBoehme says:

    Beckham needs to come back when he is more retired from European football, imo.

  27. Leonardo says:

    ya! what a goal! shoulda been at least 2-0 Donovan missed a great Bekcham back-heel

    wtf Donovan? coulda shared the spotlight. i’ve boo’ed Beckham, brought that book to a Quakes/DC game in San Jo and all, and i think it worked: it put his feet to the fire and now he’s performing. some people need that prodding.

    i hope galaxy goes deep and loses to Seattle with Montero scoring 3!

    Ljundberg vs. Beckham

  28. Enrico says:

    “All clasicos must start somewhere.

    Posted by: Robert”

    That is true, but can you call it a clasico after four years?

    I don’t know any Spanish, but wouldn’t it be very clever if they had named it LA Clasica? Maybe that’s just incorrect and nearly means a limping horse or something.

  29. Mario in SJ says:

    The Galaxy back line is pretty good and the holding mid Miglioranzi a revelation. all rookies and retreads.

    I thought Becks and Donovan had mediocre games (except the goal), Kirovsky is fair to bad and Magee has improved his passing. The defense aside this was a mediocre team that took three points. They do however seem to have a great upside with returning players.

    I agree, LA with Becks and Donovan in the MLS Cup will get MLS some exposure.

  30. bah galaxy says:

    One thing I noticed watching this game was Beckham’s work rate… he hustled for just about everything while some of his peers at least 10 years younger than him were just walking around…

    Also galaxy top third is simply awful.. they wouldn’t know how to score on a empty net..

  31. advocat says:

    becks has one of the best one touch technique in the world. i saw him at soldier field with real madrid when he made the most amazing pass i have ever seen: he was standing about 25 meters from the goal and

  32. Elison says:

    “Posh,” you would have had to hit that ball downward in order to control it because of how it was bouncing. Beckham had plenty of time to chose how to strike it. It was a hard shot and the fact that the strike worked is the part that was lucky.