European Ticker: Man. City lands Lescott, Fabregas hurt and more

Joleon Lescott 1 (Getty Images)



The battle for defender Joleon Lescott has come to a close, and Manchester City is claimining victory.

Lescott is close to finalizing a deal from Everton to Manchester City, a deal worth a reported £24 million ($34.3 million). The move ends weeks of turmoil in which Lescott was holding out from Everton so that a deal between the two clubs could be met.

Despite agreeing to sell Lescott, Everton manager David Moyes has criticized the Citizens for taking so long to meet the club's transfer demand, stating that finding a replacement will be difficult this late into the transfer window.

Here are some more stories from Monday:

Fabregas set to miss Man. United match

Arsenal captain Cesc Fabregas is doubtful for the club's gigantic weekend match-up against Manchester United.

Fabregas came out at half-time in Arsenal's 4-1 triumph over Portsmouth on Saturday, and it now appears that the hamstring injury could sideline him for up to three weeks.

The Spanish international has enjoyed a superb start to the season, showing off excellent form including a two-goal performance in the season opener against Everton.

Man. City signs Sylvinho

Manchester City's spending does not stop.

On the same day that the club is finalizing terms to sign defender Joleon Lescott, Manchester City has agreed to a one-year deal with defender Sylvinho. The 35-year-old Brazilian defender is expected to compete with Wayne Bridge for a starting spot.

Sylvinho joins the club after being released from Barcelona. He started in their 2-0 victory over Manchester United in last season's Champions League final.


What do you think of Manchester City landing Lescott? How severely will Arsenal miss Fabregas if he can't play this weekend? Think Sylvinho will find a starting role at Man. City?

Share your thoughts below.

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33 Responses to European Ticker: Man. City lands Lescott, Fabregas hurt and more

  1. Jameson says:

    i’m just glad we get to stop hearing about lescott. it was bordering on brett favre-like coverage with all the transfer talk.

  2. Rossi is Judas says:

    Glad the Lescott drama is over because he was really starting to sound like a whiney little punk.

    I predict Man City will finish in a Europa League spot.

  3. Jorge says:


    And Cooper scores again…

  4. Jorge says:

    Kenny Cooper, that is.

  5. allan says:

    Wow, Cooper’s better in Europe then he was in the MLS.


  6. JMC says:

    NICE COOPER!! Glad to see the FCD lineage on wonderful display.

  7. Jorge says:

    And Aston Villa is kicking Liverpol (3-1) you know where… :-)

  8. c says:

    I think Sylvinho has been signed as cover for Wayne Bridge – he should get some time though. finally lescott deal done… lets put that one to bed.

    (SBI-Ultimately, Sylvinho is being brought in as a locker room leader, someone with the experience with handling difference personalities and serving as a link between players and coaches. I’ve heard some great stories about what he’s meant to Barcelona in that very roll recently. He was actually Lionel Messi’s biggest mentor.)

  9. Leonardo says:

    Liverpool got owned

  10. JB says:

    Now, if only the transfer saga can be completed with Jay DeMerit moving to Everton to replace Lescott.

  11. jamin barnes says:

    I agree, with JB, DeMerit to Everton!!!!!!!

  12. JP says:

    Sylvinho is still a very worthwhile addition for what he does on and off the field.

    Manchester City is slowly building a good squad…

  13. K Bone says:

    I hardly think City has been “slowly” building a good squad when they’ve bought Tevez, Lescott, De Jong, Kompany, Barry, Bridge, Sylvinho (for free), Toure, Adebayor, Bellamy, Given and Roque Santa Cruz since the January transfer window. That’s an entire starting line-up with a sub. Give me a break…

  14. nico says:

    Lescott is good but hardly worth that type of $.

  15. Sushant says:

    I do wonder who Everton can get to replace Lescot. It’s pretty close to desperation time. I hope Demerit gets a look though

  16. Alex says:

    Cooper getting it done

  17. Jorge says:

    Too bad 1860 lost.

  18. tj says:

    anyone have Cooper highlights?

  19. Marc says:

    $30 something million for lescott is a joke. if he was american, he would have cost around $6mm

  20. cbr says:

    when you factor in skill and all that good stuff…is Lescot really worth 15x more money than Samoure?

  21. Biggy says:

    anyone else super impressed with Villa’s defense? good old Brad is still a monster.

  22. This Guy says:

    City is going to single handedly bring about a salary cap in the EPL.

  23. japan says:

    Fridel is better than Howard.

  24. japan says:


  25. Jamie says:

    Fridel Castro? Anyone else think Lescott has the ugliest hair line of all time?

    (SBI-I asked Tim Howard about Lescott’s hairline once and he told me it was due to a bad car accident, so it’s tough to make fun of that.)

  26. Jorge says:


    Not that you mention car accident, it is like Franck Ribéry. It is my understanding that he too was in a real bad one. Is that correct?

  27. Jameson says:

    link to

    1860 munich highlights from today.

  28. Leonardo says:

    typical Fabregas – injury-prone

  29. AdamTheRed says:

    Looking at the ESPN2 Chelsea v Burnley ad…

    I love how the Burnley crest looks like it was made by an artistic 5th grader in windows paint.

  30. Dominghosa says:

    Even before losing Lescott, Everton needs defensive cover. NOW. and in bunches.

  31. Q says:

    When we had the Q & A with Tim Howard, I suggested that Everton pick Gooch up. That question wasn’t posed to him (which is fine). The reason that I was hoping to have it answered was for this very reason. Lescott is a solid defender and any football fan with half a brain had to know that the bigger clubs would come calling. If Onyewu had gotten a look by the Toffees, they would not be in a bind. I know that Everton is usually cheap and probably wouldn’t have had the money to sign Gooch, but I feel like they should’ve tried.

    Plus, even if Lescott didn’t leave, think of that defense! Now they will have to turn to DeMerit. Not even close skill-wise. There was also talk of other potential moves but they are running short on time. Let’s go Toffees!

  32. AdamTheRed says:

    ” I know that Everton is usually cheap and probably wouldn’t have had the money to sign Gooch, but I feel like they should’ve tried.”

    Gooch was on a free transfer.

  33. roysterer says:

    I don’t think I have ever seen a central defender more dominant in the air than Lescott. I think he will dramatically improve Man City, and Everton will have a hard time replacing him. Once Jagielka gets back he and Yobo should be able to serve, but it’s a serious downgrade.