Evening Ticker: Altidore heading to England, Arnoux signs one-year deal with Everton and more

Jozy Altidore 7 (ISIphotos.com) 

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Jozy Altidore looks like he will be playing in England this upcoming European season, just where remains to be seen.

Altidore revealed his plans to head to England on Wednesday to finalize a move via Twitter, stating "England early in the morning so im going to get some sleep."

So where is he headed? Hull City's desire to buy Altidore from Villarreal was revealed this week, while Everton and Fulham have expressed interest in loan deals. It appears we will find out on Wednesday. What has been established is that Altidore will not be with Villarreal this coming year.

Hull City won an SBI reader poll on where would be Altidore's best destination, garnering 29 percent of the vote. Fulham (24 percent) edged out Everton (23 percent) for second.

Here are some other stories from Tuesday:

Arnoux signs one-year deal with Everton

Wake Forest product Cody Arnoux has signed a one-year deal with Everton and will battle on the club's reserve team, where he will look to impress enough to score a bigger deal next summer.

Arnoux was an NCAA All-American last season and was projected to be a Top Three pick in the 2010 MLS Draft if he had finished his final season at Wake Forest and declared for the MLS draft, but Arnoux chose to follow the example of his former Demon Deacons strike partner Marcus Tracy, who bypassed MLS for a European contract.

UEFA Champions League third round begins

A Peter Wisgerhof own-goal in the 90th-minute helped Sporting Lisbon score a 1-1 tie in its second leg Champions League qualifying match vs. Dutch club Twente Enschede, a result that eliminated Twente.

Maccabi Haifa rallied from a 3-0 deficit to pull off a 4-3 victory that clinched its series vs. Aktobe Lento.

Here are the scores from the second day of third round action (winning teams in bold):

  • Maccabi Haifa 4, Aktobe Lento 3

  • Sivasspor 3, Anderlecht 1

  • SV Salsburg 2, Dinamo Zagreb 1

  • Panathanaikos 3, Sparta Prague 1

  • Sporting Lisbon 1, Twente Enschede 1

Celtic and Olympiakos are among the teams that will take part in third-round action on Wednesday.


What do you think of these stories? Excited about the idea of Altidore playing in the EPL? Think Arnoux can turn his one-year contract into a long European career? Surprised to see UEFA Champions League already underway?

Share your thoughts below.

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58 Responses to Evening Ticker: Altidore heading to England, Arnoux signs one-year deal with Everton and more

  1. Fulham Pete says:

    Drum roll please…

  2. afc says:

    I hope it works out for Jozy, he needs some PT.

  3. christian says:

    Hope he doesn’t go to Fulham as they’re interested in taking Carlos Vela on a season long loan.

    Eddie Johnson will also be back at Fulham and it’ll be tough for Jozy to find minutes.

    Everton seems much of the same and Hull just seems like a bad option overall.

    Not really liking this move (England) for the kid

  4. afc says:

    Good deal for Arnoux IMO. While it may be reserves its still a good chance to develop. Look at Grella, he is settling in nicely and fully deserves an contract extension. The fans love him at Leeds. I’d say reserves for a year, maybe some FA and CC action depending on the draw.

    Arnoux has a passport, you can’t blame him for trying.

  5. cb says:

    jozy at either of those clubs is perfect for him, i feel lie he’d be better off in spain, as he already has the so called english qualities in abundence (pace, strength and stamina) and needs to refine his technical game. However this could be perfect for him because he will get playing time and with playing time comes confidence, so important for a goal scorer.

  6. EDB says:

    I would want to see the contract but i think anytime you can get into a quality squad like everton it is worth the risk. I find it different then the folks who go to lower leagues..

  7. Michael Vann says:

    I’m thinking Hull might be te destination. Phil Brown is a respectable manager who’s assembled a decent core group of players.
    They’ve had some unluck trying to sign a striker so Jozy is their guy now. I can’t see Everton simply because Lescott looks to be on the way out and they will make finding his replacement a top priority. E
    Fulham has any strikers on the books and have been linked with guys who have a little more on the resume than Jozy.

  8. Raghu says:

    I think it’s great for Arnoux. And he’s still a young guy. I’m sure he’ll benefit for a year with the reserves and then hopefully a loan spell with a championship team.

    As for Jozy, I just hope its with a team where he’ll get some PT. Not sure if that’s Fulham. I think he actually may have a better shot with Everton (Did they move Jo?). If he gets the opportunity to maybe take Zaki’ s spot on Hull, than that might not be bad.

    He just needs to see the pitch! I would have thought starting in a smaller team or league might have made sense. But what do I know. The kid can play.

  9. understood says:

    and the winner of the 2009 scripps national spelling bee is…JR!

  10. Jay says:

    I really hope this works out and he gets PT, regardless of the team. I am excited we’ll get to see him on TV as well. Now… can we please get some teams making a move for Landon?! I mean, other than Livorno!!!

  11. NateinSF says:

    I’m hoping for Everton, Jo is overrated and I feel like Altidore could easily move above him. However, I believe Yakubu is coming back from injury shortly…

    Everton and Fulham offer European football as well, and will need larger squads for all the competitions.

  12. Jay in Charlotte says:

    Oh yeah, I forgot to say i hope it’s with Everton or Fulham. I don’t like what some of you have been saying about the Manager at Hull City. Jozy NEEDS TO DEVELOP!! Having a good manager is part and parcel to that process!!

  13. Andrew says:

    Stay out of the EPL. You need playing time.

  14. irishapple21 says:

    I would bet dollars to donuts that Jozy is heading to Hull City. Not my first choice, but he would definitely see the field, so it could be a great chance for him to develop against some excellent competition. The Premiership has better middle and lower competition than other big Euro leagues.

  15. al17 says:

    Everton is the best place for him. He’ll play and develop into a better striker.

  16. fenel says:

    The EPL fits Altidore’s style of play. I hope he goes to Hull City where he’ll greater of first team action.

  17. BCC says:

    Man, I wish it was Arsenal or Man U, the former being preferable. No way he is not better than that stiff Bendtner. To think what Wenger or Fergie could teach Jozy . . . wow.

    Out of the three options he has, however, I would like to see him working with Moyes.

    cb was right about Spain being the better place for him, but it looks like Villareal has lost interest in him.

  18. Tony in Quakeland says:

    “The Premiership has better middle and lower competition than other big Euro leagues.”

    I’d disagree. Certainly in comparison to Spain, it doesn’t.

  19. whatagame says:


    It would be interesting to look at the Arnoux transfer in a broader context. With Everton by passing MLS to sign its second player from the lower leagues and Cooper exposing how tough it is to deal with MLS regarding the transfer of American players (not to mention Livorno’s problems finalizing deals for Clark and Donovan); might European Clubs be looking to by pass MLS more and more by taking their chances on players who have not yet signed up with the league? Could merit a story.

  20. understood says:


    as far as englang goes…the only people that fit that profile are ones with EU passports

  21. Blokhin says:

    lol at Eddie Johnson congesting the fwd spot for Jozy… if that’s his competition at Fulham, he’ll get playing time

  22. SD says:

    I hope hull city since he’ll have a better chance of some PT. Not a fan of English soccer because the technical abilities don’t compare to spain but if he plays i don’t care…fulham wanted to send zamora to hull and he denied the deal, there won’t be PT for jozy at fulham…

  23. Nathan says:

    I just want him to play. I don’t give two (craps) where it is.

  24. bigtfw says:

    If he goes to Hull City Phil Brown will give him a serious chance to play.

    Hull doesn’t have any strikers of worth on the roster really.

    Hull might get relegated but I think if Altidore can come in and get frequent starts he will only become better for the world cup.

    If he starts at Hull I predict he can score at least 10 goals for them considering the fact he will have to carve out most of his goal scoring opportunities and have to deal with Geovanni as well.

  25. patrick says:

    i just took a look at the forwards hull city has on epl transfer and their best forward had 62 points. Looking at other 62 point forwards… he’ll play as soon as hes acclimated to the team, no question. That isn’t being a homer, its the truth, they have cousing, fagan and folan, and fagan is recovering from a hernia i believe. If a club like Hull is going to put out that much money on a kid that young, he will play. Club’s like Hull can’t spend money like that and not use it. Id LOVE from him to sign with Fulham for selfish reasons, and I think that is the second best situation. Everton, as great as it sounds, is not the place right now. If this were August 2011, I’d say aboslutely, but not now.

  26. understood says:

    everton is definitely not the place…too much comp…when healthy: vaughn, anichebe, yakubu, saha…not to mention jo, cahill, felliani who all spent time at striker last year…not to say jozy couldnt impress…but it would be an uphill struggle

  27. CSD says:

    It is about damn time that the clubs in the EPL started listening to the folks on this blog. Hull it is then. Every other striker has turned them down this summer even after transfer fees were agreed upon.

  28. whatagame says:

    Not sure what you mean understood. You don’t need an EU passport to play in England – or Europe for that matter, just a work permit (e.g. DeMerit, Dempsey, Altidore, Johnson, etc…). It helps to have one, but it does not preclude playing over there.

    The point I was making was about how MLS handles transfer fees. A number of MLS players have a hard time coming to terms with teams that want them because MLS asks them to forego the 10% commission they get on their fees (which means they lose out on a few hundred thousand bucks which they then try to make-up by negotiating better personal terms). That’s what is going on with Donovan and Clark where MLS has accepted the fee from Livorno but neither player has come to terms with the team regarding salary. That’s also what happened with Cooper. In his case, he got double whammied because MLS wouldn’t pay a fee to Manchester United when he came over to Dallas (hence no 10% commission) and then asked him to forego the commission when he went back to Europe. In other words, they don’t make it easy for Americans who want to come home and play or go abroad — which is why I’m wondering if that’s why clubs like Everton are choosing to look for players in the lower ranks of US Soccer.

  29. freddie footballer says:

    I remember another USMNT player who went to a lower-tier EPL team and didn’t see any minutes. (Hint: his initials are BF). If it’s Hull, he’d better get some serious PT.

  30. DefendBrooklyn says:

    I still think he’d do better in Greece with Olympiacos. Sure, we wouldn’t get to watch him unless it was a Champions League match but he would probably start every match and play the entire season. Since Olympiacos plays a 5-3-1-1 he’d learn to pretty much beat a lot of opposing defenders one-on-one and also learn to play both sides of the ball. I don’t know, I love the fact Hull and Fulham are interested in him but I feel he’d warm the bench there more than in Greece.

  31. Rekro says:

    I saw on ESPN Deportes that hull is going to offer Villareal 11 million for jozy.

  32. Joe says:

    C’mon Jozy!!! I am a Fulham fan but not a selfish one, I want him to see the field against top level competition on a routine basis. I think that Hull or Everton would give him the best chance to do that, I love Fulham and would want him to play with Clint Dempsey to gain valuable experience before the WC. I hope he plays every week, wherever he goes. Very exciting news!!

  33. understood says:

    @whatagame…you need an EU passport if you wanna pull a cervi or an arnoux or a grella or a peterlin…meaning unknown uncapped non-European tryna play football in the UK

  34. Gary says:

    Freddy is twittering about keeping his fingers crossed. Wonder if: He’s moving soon too, He’s praying for Jozy, Or, His girlfriend’s late for her you-know-what.

  35. dutchtwista says:

    Fulham & Everton would be idiotic moves, way too many bodies ahead of him, plus at Fulham he’d potentially be directly competing for minutes with Dempsey & EJ, not a good dynamic for USMNT.

    Hull is the only sensible move of those 3 options for Jozy. they’re a bad team but they have a midfield genius in Geovanni. Jozy would be a great foil for Geo

  36. Niccollo says:

    im 100% with anyone who just wants to see jozy play! it would be a nice change to see him on tv once in awhile too.. even tho fulham may be an iffy destination i think that jozy and dempsey could learn to work off eachother there and that might carry over to USMNT! best of luck

  37. t.z0n3 says:

    I really hope he gets to Hull. I’m a fan, and it’d be nice if we had a guy like him playing for us. Nothing else worked out for Hull in the transfer market. NOTHING. UGH. He’d be a godsend right now.

  38. ThaDeuce says:

    Just posted on Altidore’s twitter.
    Im sorry guys i said i huh? Well we’re in this together. So scratch that its England here WE come!! yea much better.
    about 1 hour ago from web

    Morning twitter world! Just woke up, got the jet waiting on the runway (so ill). England here I come!

  39. ThaDeuce says:

    Haha gary. very nice.

  40. ThaDeuce says:

    i expect he is moving soon too.

  41. Colin Ferguson says:

    Phil Brown is not a respectable manager. He’s kind of a running joke in English football. Hodgson and Moyes are the two best player-developing coaches in England. Even if he might play more at Hull, I think Fulham and Everton are the better choices. Both teams are really trying to tap into the stateside market so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that he joins Fulhamerica or the United States of Everton.

  42. Felix says:

    I agree he needs playing time, but Hull City will be terrible this upcoming season. I can see Altidore just running his head off the entire game up front perhaps only getting one or two half-chances a game.

    He won’t get as much playing time at Everton or Fulham but with them having European campaigns this season and both having injury-prone forwards on their clubs, he will definitely see his fair share of minutes and on decent clubs who will provide him the ball in dangerous spots.

    He’ll learn nothing at Hull except how to lose graciously.

  43. Leonardo says:

    Jozyyyyy! he’s gonna rock wherever he goes! would be cool to have Timmy as a mentor at Everton.

  44. Mikemike says:

    Maybe a relegation battle will give him a little grit. Mike Bradley seemed to become a bad ass mofo after he went through one with munchensomethingblach.

    I just don’t think that Hull is expected to have to fight stay in the premier league is definitely a bad thing. Could be, but maybe not inherently bad.

    Also, I remember hearing that Hull is the largest city in England to not have had a premier team until recently. Just pointing out that in my understanding, Hull is not some backwoods hamlet. They may have the resources to stay up another couple years at least.


  45. meyers says:

    I agree he needs playing time, but Hull City will be terrible this upcoming season. I can see Altidore just running his head off the entire game up front perhaps only getting one or two half-chances a game.

    Posted by: Felix | August 05, 2009 at 04:27 AM

    hmmm, that should set him up perfectly for the NT.

  46. MissingLinc says:

    Off the wire…

    Jozy Altidore is due in England to hold talks with Hull City about a one-year loan deal from Villarreal that would help ease the Tigers’ need for a goalscorer, according to The Hull Daily Mail.

  47. Brett says:

    He’s in England right now according to his real-time status updating web resource (I loathe the ‘T’ word). Deal could be announced soon.

  48. Pat says:

    Hull City stinks and Phil Brown is a running joke…But if he gets the PT, I can see it as a positive. I just hope they don’t buy him, he doesn’t need to tie his future to a club like Hull City.

  49. MVK says:

    Is Arnoux pronounced the same way as Arnaud?

  50. Hush says:

    Anyone else here the rumor that Bryan Arguez is on trial with Belgium giants Charleroi?

    Also Micheal Bradley could go back to PSV Eindhoven or Feyenoord, is this true?

    Adu to Breda? Any word Ives on these rumors?

  51. Hush says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong. I also forgot to mention that Landon Donovan is rumored to be heading on a loan to Sao Paolo (Brazil team) The Galaxy and Sao Paolo have a long standing partnership making this move easy.

  52. TimN says:

    I think Fulham and Everton would be questionable moves for Altidore. He will have difficulty getting PT at either place, as both have plenty of options at striker.

    Hull would be a good fit because I think he could more readily move into their starting rotation. It’s all about PT for him at this juncture, and playing at Hull will allow him to get that against top flight English competition. Jozy also is perfect in regard to speed, stamina, and strength for the EPL.

  53. KingSnake says:

    Bet Arnoux makes more than $12,900 this year …

  54. TimN says:

    Per SI.com and the Hull Daily Mail, Altidore is there today holding talks with Phil Brown regarding team plans and touring the stadium. Looks like a one year loan deal with Villareal is getting ready to happen.

    I think what everyone here who is complaining about Hull needs to realize is that while Fulham, Everton, or staying at Villareal are more “prestigous,” Jozy is going to see little playing time at any of those places. He needs GAME EXPERIENCE, not just running around in practice doing drills and sitting in the stands at matches. A one year loan at Hull will boost his confidence, skill, game touch, and finishing. After that, perhaps another go at Villareal would be in order.

  55. Pico says:

    It seems Jozy preferred to stay in Spain (maybe Malaga) but Villarreal is going with Hull because they are the ones paying more for his loan.


  56. Thomas says:

    None of those destinations are really that good. He’d be be 3rd or 4th choice at both Fulham (Zamora, A. Johnson, and Deuce) and Everton (Yakubu, Saha, Vaughn). Hull is going to be slaughtered this year and so he’ll never get any service. I’m not real wild about any of these moves.

  57. harry says:

    Playing Time. End of story. both Altidore and Adu need it to get back into their top-form. Just look at what no playing time for a whole season did to Adu in a year..he went from Vs Spain,England,and Argentina to underachieving vs CONCACAF Minnows. This will happen to Altidore as well for the World Cup next year

  58. ThaDeuce says:

    Wow hush, that sounds cool to me. good luck lando if that happens.