Hull introduces Altidore (and a closer look at Jozy’s work permit case)

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Hull City introduced its newest striker on Thursday as Jozy Altidore made his informal debut as a Tiger.

Altidore showed off his No. 9 jersey at the press conference and answered a variety of questions. The club also revealed that the deal is a season-long loan with an option to buy Altidore at the end of the season.

Here is the video of the press conference.

Altidore's deal is contingent on him receiving a UK work permit, which he doesn't automatically qualify for. He will have to file an appeal for one and anyone who remembers Brad Guzan's work permit issues trying to secure a deal with Aston Villa knows that securing a work permit isn't guaranteed.

So what are Altidore's chances of securing that work permit? Here's a closer look:

Altidore has played in 13 of 24 U.S. national team official matches (qualifiers and tournaments), but that total of 24 includes the 2009 CONCACAF Gold Cup, which he missed after playing in the Confederations Cup.

Altidore's appeal is likely to be based on the fact that, at 19, he has played in 10 of 10 official matches in 2009, not including the Gold Cup (the argument is likely to be made that since Altidore played in the Confederations Cup he shouldn't be punished for missing the six matches in the Gold Cup). In fact, when you take out the Gold Cup, Altidore has played in 72 percent of U.S. matches over the past two years, just under the 75 percent required to automatically receive a UK work permit.

So why are Altidore's chances better than Guzan's? Altidore has established himself as a national team starter and is being brought in by Hull to start, two things Guzan didn't have going for him when his first bid for a work permit was rejected.

What do you think of Altidore's move? Happy to see Altidore being given the No. 9 shirt? Think he will get his work permit? How many goals do you see Altidore scoring this season?

Share your thoughts below.

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97 Responses to Hull introduces Altidore (and a closer look at Jozy’s work permit case)

  1. dena says:

    Quite funny how they kept butchering his name in the beginning of the press conference, hopefully this is the beginning of making his name known world wide.

    Go Jozy!

  2. Fire BB says:

    i sure hope that option to buy at the end of the season is contingent on hull staying up.

    (SBI- If Hull goes down it won’t be buying anybody.)

  3. m says:

    Jozy! Altidore!

  4. Yossarian says:

    It seems like a good spot – win/win. I’m a little surprised there’s a buy option. I thought that Villareal still regarded him highly. In terms of sheer skill development, Jozy might have been better off staying in Spain, but he need PT right now and Hull seems like a club that desperately needs a guy like Joz, so I still like it. I’m also looking forward to seeing him play every week in the Prem!! How cool is that? The bar down the street has all the games, so I may be spending more time there than I ought.

  5. Blokhin says:

    lol at “Jose Altidore” at the beginning…

  6. petaluman says:

    If he plays and can score 10 or so goals in all competitions I think that is a good start. More than this gravy.

  7. RLW2020 says:

    judging on what Hull fans have said in comment fields below news articles they are excited about Jozy… some even expect near 20 goals. could be the beginning of something good.

  8. James Thurber says:

    When you look at the figures Ives provided, it appears that there will be no issue for Altidore to secure a permit.

    In addition, this move will be a good one for Altidore. He’ll get playing time in the best leage in the world (I really don’t buy the idea that la liga is better, or that he would improve more playing in the Segunda liga or being a lower option at Villareal) and, if Hull do go down next season, he won’t go with them. Finally he will be given the opportunity to shine at the highest club level.

    Go Jozy!

  9. Paul Westerberg says:

    i never thought i’d ever be considering purchasing a Hull shirt. Nice colors and the number 9…..not bad….

  10. Randy in CA says:

    This is only a good thing for Jozy, as he will get some critical playing time on a team playing in the best league in the world leading up to the WC in ’10. Perfect.

  11. japan says:

    I still think there were better options available but best of luck to him. Can’t see him scoring double digits but at least he’ll play every week.

  12. Dman says:

    hey ya’ll check out the awesome piece on the USMNT on covers the last 2 months

  13. Jay in Charlotte says:

    Hope he gets his permit without a long delay. I say 8-10 goals in all competitions this season has to be considered a huge success for his first year in the Premiership.

  14. RK says:

    Just call him Hull’s Bull.

  15. BlueWhiteLion says:

    lol at “Jose Altidore” at the beginning…

    Posted by: Blokhin

    lol, you beat me to it!

  16. milkshake of despair says:

    Anyone worried this is going to affect his availability to attend the Aug 12 game? I am. Hull City is going to want him there to get aquainted with his new team.

  17. BlueWhiteLion says:

    . . . and then “Jozy Altidor-ee” followed by the same guy then saying “Jose is unproven at this level.”

    Confidence builders.

  18. Strider says:

    Well, I hope the fans will recognize that there is only so much a forward can do. He will have to rely upon service to be able to score. I’d love to see him in double digits this year, but just don’t know enough about Hull to have an expectation based on real data.

  19. Mike says:

    You’ve got to admire a young player with a good head on his shoulders. He knows he’s going to have to work hard and learn.

    And if Jozy doesn’t get a work permit on appeal, I call shenanigans.

  20. Chris says:

    Hope the midfield can get him some service. I don’t really follow the EPL and don’t know much about Hull, but it sounds like they don’t have too many quality players. He won’t score many goals if nobody on the team can get him the ball (like Angel is finding out with the NY Red Bulls this season).

  21. Adam in Irvine says:

    anyone know if the Chelsea-Hull game will be on FSC/Setanta/ESPN Deportes/etc???

  22. BlueWhiteLion says:

    milkshake: i thought of that, too. However they MUST release if we want him, and given the magnitude of the game, my guess is we will.

    As for Hull: they certainly are not overselling Jozy. That is good. Hope they will develop him.

  23. Angel says:

    Well I’m glad josy is the Premiere and I hope he gets to learn alot from Giovanni I think the can pair with each other. Remember that Hull was the Surprising team in the beginning of last Season at the EPL. They beat team like Chelsea, Liverpool and even Man U. they were in first place. Anyway Gio and Altidore can be a good Combo, and how funny was when the reporter and Altidore keep saying soccer and the president of the Hull team keep saying to Altidore “what did we say – is Football not soccer” lmao jajaja. Anyway good luck Altidore.

  24. Colin Ferguson says:

    I have zero faith in Phil Brown as a coach, but if Jimmy Bullard and Geovanni get/stay healthy, there will be at least two skilled passers supplying some service for Jozy. Hopefully we see the Hull team from the first half of last season, not the miserable Hull from the second half that only stayed up because ‘Boro, Newcastle and West Brom happened to exceed their level of atrocious.

  25. BlueWhiteLion says:

    Colin Ferguson: what makes you say you have zero faith in Phil Brown. I have no opinion, just wanting insight into yours. Thanks.

  26. Angel says:

    Adam in Irvine,

    The FSC and Setanta don’t have the right to carrie the EPL games anymore. But I think ESPN2 and ESPN en Español will be carrien the EPL, Bundesliga and plus the Liga from Spain too. I don’t know if GolTV will too. But ESPN is going to carrie all the EPL they bought the rights.

  27. Marc says:

    If Hull gets relegated they won’t pay that kind of money to keep Jozy around, even with a parachute payment. They will be looking to cut salary not add to it. He would be their record signing and they will only do that if they stay u pand he produces. Being half English, I don’t have to worry about a visa however, getting a work permit in England is not easy. They make getting it so hard that there is no incentive for younger players to play in England (without national team time). Which is why some of out guys who play in Norway etc. could play in the English second division if it were not so. Don’t expect this to be resolved before opening weekend.

    All in all, a good move for Jozy if the work permit gets worked out. I suspect Hull has already looked into this before they made the move and got some positive vibes that it would be apporoved, but you never know..:)

  28. sonicdeathmonkey says:

    Angel, you are waaaay off. FSC and Setanta still carry the EPL here in the states. I think someone already mentioned in another thread that Setanta will carry the Chelsea-Hull game.

  29. Tony in Quakeland says:

    Let’s start the Josy goal scoring sports book. I put the over/under at 11 across all competitions.

    I’ll go with the over.

  30. dutchtwista says:

    funny, NOBODY thought there was an upside to this move ’til i posted on here mentioning Geovanni’s midfield brilliance as a possible benefit for Jozy .

    Now I see it’s become conventional wisdom…

  31. BlueWhiteLion says:

    you ARE the soccer visionary, dutch. thank you for your presence.

  32. Brandon says:

    Correct dutchtwista, you opened up the eyes of us all.

  33. Robert says:

    Moving on up. Great for Jozy, for the team, and for the nats. Hope the work permit goes through.

  34. Brett says:

    That’s quite a lot of credit to just take dutchtwista…

    I mean, “NOBODY”… That’s a bit of a stretch don’t you think?

  35. Kartik Krishnaiyer says:

    I learned long ago when several work permits were rejected for what we considered national team regulars not to predict this. Jozy probably has a decent shot but it is by no means a sure thing. If anything he may be forced to appeal as EJ was when he made the move. Recall, Convey and Beasley had their original WP applications rejected by the UK Home Office also.

  36. TimN says:


    I would hope that Hull looked into the work permit issue as you say, BEFORE proceeding with this offer. Based on your experience, how long might it take for this issue to see resolution?

    Aside from that, I’m not quite sure why so many people on this board are so negative about Hull. No, they did not play well in the second half of this past season. However, I think Jimmy Bullard, Geovani, and Altidore could make for a nice combination. People also forget that one of the main over-riding issues for Jozy was PT. He wasn’t getting it at Villareal, and that situation had no indications of changing anytime soon. Hull will be a great opportunity for him to step in and see action earlier rather than later.

  37. KCB says:

    Did I just become a Hull City fan? I guess they do play in “KC Stadium” so that just might be good enough for me.

  38. japan says:

    off topic but another big signing to occur in few days

  39. EDB says:

    I still would have preferred Fulham because Roy has show the ability to grow an american player. I think the prem is a league better suited for Jozy though because he doesn’t have the touch they value in Spain

  40. Kevin says:

    Jozy might become a LEGEND during his loan at Hull. If he can score 10goals this season, he’ll be a success. English media already buzzing about him.

  41. Kevin says:

    Off topic, but why didnt Kenny Cooper join Gronigen? I’m sure the pay would be the same as at 1860 Munich, but I bet he’d be a bigger star and would be playing Europa League football.

  42. Angel says:


    you are a true visionary. Please everyone who have watch the EPL knows about Giovianni.
    sonicdeathmonkey, YOu are probably right but the last time I find out the Sentanta is going Bankrupt and ESPN bought the right for the English Premiere League, Sentanta only have the right for the champions and FSC only have the Seria A.
    but maybe I’m wrong.

    Ives, give us some input of what going on with the EPL.

  43. NATO says:

    Altidore as our starting striker partnered with Charlie Davies up top. Looks like Cooper, Casey and EJ will be fighting for the final spot or 2 and most likely be super-subs.

  44. ISAF says:

    Come 2010, we are going to show the world what the Red, White and Blue are made up. Come on Altidore, Davies, Cooper

  45. Katatonia says:

    Angel needs to stop talking.

  46. simms21 says:

    I still don’t understand why people think Jozy will start…Wouldn’t Cousin and Cambell probably get the starts and Jozy will come in from the bench?

  47. understood says:

    jozy will DEFINITELY get his work permit…might not happen for next weekend…but it will be sorted out at the end of the day…he needs the extra time to train with the squad and get acclimated to life in england anyway

  48. Mentz says:

    This is win-win for Altidore. If Hull avoids relegation he can be purchased and the team can continue improving while he still is their number one option up top.

    If the go down to the Championship, he can go back to Villareal and try to break into the lineup there or go on another loan deal.

    Great for you Jozy! You’re the man!

  49. Mikemike says:

    I concur. Thank you Dutch. It is also funny how nobody recognized your brillant insight until you brought it up.

    In other news, I’d like to see the figures on Hull City jersey sales in the US before and after the Altidore acquisition. I expect them to increase dramatically.

  50. sonicdeathmonkey says:

    Yeah Angel, ESPN has a rights package to the EPL in Great Britian, not the states. And while Setanta has gone bankrupt, Setanta USA is still in business, and will be showing the EPL as usual.

  51. EDB says:

    Did Cambell move to sunderland? I think Jozy will start eventually, but I’m worried about how he will be received in Hull because the boards I have read talk about him being a Hesky like hold up player, where I think he is more like a Yakubu type of attacking big guy

  52. Angel says:


    give me a reason why I should stop talking, Did I say something bad about you or what?

  53. Fireball says:

    Actually the fact that he has 9 makes very optimistic that he will play regularly. Great move, especially as a loan.

    Jozy: must score goals. Many many goals.

  54. Dman says:

    I hope he busts out the stanky legg in england

  55. You have to say that Jozy is pretty incredible off the field. He is pretty well spoken in these press briefings. He is very mature for his age.

    Contrast that to Kenny Cooper who always seems like a deer in the headlights when he is asked a question.

  56. Angel says:


    thanks for that fact, Like I said early I probably wrong. so I guess the Sentanta is going to carrie the game. Kool Thanks.

  57. bob says:

    Altidore will explode this season. his time is now.

  58. Fireball says:

    haha….Jose Altidoree.

  59. BlueWhiteLion says:

    You have to say that Jozy is pretty incredible off the field. He is pretty well spoken in these press briefings. He is very mature for his age.

    Contrast that to Kenny Cooper who always seems like a deer in the headlights when he is asked a question.

    Posted by: paul lorinczi

    The two are definitely worlds apart in interview ability, but i still don’t understand a general obsession with Cooper’s interview style. I really don’t care. But for that matter, the vibe at the Hull conferences was much more lively than the first half of the 1860 one. That has to affect things a bit.

  60. understood says:

    also the questions were being asked by people whose native language is english…but im with you…why are we analyzing press conferences

  61. PJ says:

    Agreed Jozy is very mature for his age and you can see the self-confidence in him when he speaks. That said I wish he does well for Hull City and gains some valuable experience against top level opponents on gamedays. This will prepare him well for 2010!

  62. brad says:

    congrats to Jozy… Now get ur a s s on a plane and get ready for the mexicans!!

  63. Second City says:

    Aside from the EPL most likely suiting Jozy’s physical nature more closely, I think the language is going to be a huge plus for Jozy.

    I’m not sure if there was a language barrier in Spain but Jozy has a terrific personality and good head on his shoulders. If he can produce on the pitch, he’ll win over the front office, the manager and supporters on that basis alone, rather quickly.

    While I’d love for him to have great success, I’d be satisfied if he’s able to see the pitch regularly and continue his development.

  64. Heffe says:


    What are your thoughts on Jozy going to Hull instead of either Fulham or Everton?

  65. Jorge says:

    Wanna bet that once Jozy has established himself in England, Villareal will call him back to Spain?

  66. Felix says:

    I hope since Jozy is a big guy they don’t try and play him as a target forward, or hold it against him because he doesn’t play like that.

  67. Cindy says:

    love Hull’s colors. love Jozy more! rooting for him to do some damage!! wooo

  68. japan says:

    Felix, unfortunately Jozy will definitely be played as a target forward.

  69. Joe Mama says:

    “Jozy and the Tigers?” I think not. Hull ain’t got no real bite.

    Sounds more like, dare I say, “Jozy and the Pussycats”.

  70. dutchtwista says:

    ok done clapping myself on the back. not classy, i admit.

    still, if there were legions of posters here and on other boards enthused at the idea of Jozy linking with Geo, i missed them. most pro Hull posts i saw focused on his PT prospects and the seasoning aspect of playing in a relegation fight

    anyway, i’m excited to see how well Jozy handles this challenge

  71. BlueWhiteLion says:

    ok done clapping myself on the back. not classy, i admit.

    still, if there were legions of posters here and on other boards enthused at the idea of Jozy linking with Geo, i missed them. most pro Hull posts i saw focused on his PT prospects and the seasoning aspect of playing in a relegation fight

    anyway, i’m excited to see how well Jozy handles this challenge

    Posted by: dutchtwista

    A little humility goes a long, loooong, way. Cheers, dutchwista.

    As for me, i had no clue about him. But i know there is a sharp cookie or two here at SBI.

  72. NATO says:

    Jozy is 19 and already the starting striker for the USA and he has our WC dreams riding on his shoulders.

    I sure hope he scores at least 10league goals this season.

    Same for Davies. At least 10 goals is a good thing since they’re on mid table clubs.

  73. EA says:

    When I was but a high school lad, I was turned on to soccer by the 1994 World Cup…

    Ooooh. Cobi Jones. Alexi Lalas. Eric Wynalda.

    I had no clue about ANY of these guys, and certainly, outside of national team matches, had no way to watch them.

    Fast forward 15 years. The US has its own league, in which the US’s best player is the star. There are American players in leagues around the world. There are two American goalkeepers playing in the biggest league in the world, with two chomping at the bit for time. One of England’s long established clubs features an American, and ranks one as an all time fan favorite. Today, a 19, NINETEEN(!), year old American was introduced as a star, a #9, for an EPL side.


  74. zongzap says:

    If the loan has an option to buy, I guess Villereal has given up on him? They paid $10,000,000 to get him, gotta think they would be looking to get a big chunk of that back

  75. Jorge says:


    Watch Villareal once Jozy establishes himself. They will call him back to Spain.

  76. DC Josh says:

    Ives! You’re killing me! An old pic of Jozy in his US kit under the headline!? How about a pic of him in his Tigers kit? Sheesh… 😉

  77. OmarVizquel says:

    What have we learned from that video? Phil Brown is a smarmy individual.

    Good luck Jozy. Hope you knock ’em dead and get a transfer to a top 4 club.

  78. Marc says:

    Tim N

    Work permits are hard to gauge in England as in Brad Guzan’s case (being that my mom is English, I don’t have to have a visa etc. like Jozy would—which is the ideal situation). The club will meet with the Govt. on Monday and it could be as simple as a yes or no or could drag out if they want more evidence to present the case. More than likely, as in Guzan’s case, Bob Bradley will proved a statemetn in Jozy’s favor as ot his tiemwit the national team and that he is now a regular call-up etc. to help the case.

    The work permit issue hurts the EPL, a lot more than folks realize and not just American players. Carlos Vela (Mexico) had to play in Spain two years (on loan) and pick up a Spanish passport before he was allowed to play in England with Aresnal as did not have the 75% international games played.

  79. Richard says:

    £6.5 million is the ‘buy it now’ price.

  80. sonicdeathmonkey says:

    Angel, you must be clairvoyant or something. Here’s some breaking news about ESPN and the EPL.

    link to

    Looks like we are going to get two EPL games a week on ESPN2. First game? Chelsea/Hull. OUT EFFINGSTANDING!!!

  81. Mario in SJ says:

    £6.5 million is the ‘buy it now’ price.

    Posted by: Richard

    At yesterday’s rate that would be about $11M, one more than Villareal paid. Not bad for a year sitting on the bench.

  82. primoone says:

    Smart man that josy…if you want to get a legitimate oportunity to crack a lineup in a top league…then play for a bottom table team and you will probably see quite a bit of PT. This ultimately benefits his career but the residual effect is an in-form player for the stars and stripes.

    Adu, Beasly….take notes.

  83. papa bear says:

    Unless Hull was just trotting out the generic ‘I’m a striker’ number I don’t see why anyone would have a reason to believe he won’t be starting. He starts for the USMNT which is a top 20 program. Hull’s strike force was an utter joke last year. Oh yeah and he has huge upside and a ton of skill which also helps in this game I’m told.

    I don’t understand the obsession with interview skills. Who cares if Cooper sucks? Who cares if Jozy is well spoken? If Jozy scores 34 goals next year I’m pretty sure no one is gonna give a rat’s a** if he starts giving interviews that make Captain Caveman sound like a Poet Laureate.

  84. SP says:

    some of you guys need to chill. angel wasn’t far off when he suggested espn2 might be showing it. here’s a link: link to

    it might just be rumor, but at least look stuff up before telling someone else to shut up. i’m looking at you, katatonia.

  85. JoeW says:

    Here’s the potential downside to this:
    –his initial work permit is turned down.
    –Hull appeals.
    –Altidore is in limbo, not playing with Hull, not playing with Vallareal.
    –the appeal is turned down, and by this time the international transfer date is past.
    –Altidore thus remains with a Villareal team that has moved on (so he’s not getting minutes with them) and nothing materialized with Hull City.

    I hope it works out. The biggest thing here is: Jozy needs to play. But if his work permit and then appeal are turned down leaving him in limbo, he won’t be the first American this happened to.

  86. mwc says:

    I cannot believe no one else is saying this, so I will — I think this is a bad move for Altidore. Phil Brown is terrible. He is erratic and cannot be counted on to support Altidore if things don’t start off on the top shelf. (anyone recall his leaving the team out on the pitch at halftime?) I also cannot see Brown teaching Altidore anything about the game. (I’d much prefer Hodgson or Moyes in such a role). More importantly, I think, Altidore is not ready to be a starter in the Premier League. His first touch is atrocious and he does not have viable target man skills at this point in his career. Don’t believe me? Go back and watch the games again. He rarely keeps the ball close on first contact. Altidore is raw talent and the Premier League is not a place to learn. He will be expected to produce at a top level from Day One. I think there is a very good chance he will end up on the bench. I say all of this hoping very much to have his performances make me regret saying this very soon.

  87. Keith G. says:

    I love this move and see it as the 2nd biggest move for Americans, only to Onyewu’s move to AC Milan. Yes Davies move is a big one but I will say that is the 3rd biggest move. Altidore’s move is big for the fact he is looked at to start and even though Hall isnt the biggest of clubs, he has the chance to prove himself in what is arguably the best league in the world. If he can have a great season, he could sign on with Hull City or you could see some of the top clubs looking to sign him. I will say that his next 3 years could very well be his biggest, as they will be his years to prove he could become our best ever player, and not become another Landon Donovan, or Freddy Adu. SO lets all cross our fingers and hope, he has an awsome season.

  88. Mr. Smelly Pants says:

    mwc – thank you for stating what most posters can’t seem to grasp. Don’t get me wrong… I’m as excited by this move as most, and I wish nothing but the best for Jozy. Playing top teams – I hope he takes this opportunity and shows us all that he’s going to grow into the force we want him to be. But at Hull, with relegation a major concern, if he isn’t producing the goods from the first few rounds, this could turn into more bench time. Phil Brown is not a manager who inspires confidence. He’ll be quick to remedy any situation as quick as possible, just to stave off relegation. With that said…. here’s to a double figure tally and a good campaign…. C’MON JOZY!!!

  89. ThaDeuce says:


  90. ThaDeuce says:

    actuallly the link hasn’t worked for me yet and i have to go to bed, will try tomorow. good news for altidore though, yay!

  91. John in FL says:

    BS move, so wrong for him.
    Just gonna emphasize his known skill without improving his technical abilities. WE all know he’s physical, I’d love for him to have stayed in Spain and took steps to becoming a well rounded and technically sound striker.

    That said, I love the boy and I’ll buy that ugly Hull city Jersey….

  92. ThaDeuce says:

    just saw the vid. perfect opportunity for jozy altidore, and from what I’ve seen of Phil Brown on youtube and in this video, I like him. I’ll admit I just looked him up.

  93. Greg says:

    This is great! I’m so excited about moving to the UK in February. I can’t wait to see Jozy play live in EPL action!

  94. Conrad says:

    Finally someone makes sense. Thanks, John in Florida. I was beginning to think I was the only one who could see the light. Those jerseys ARE ugly.

  95. Marco says:

    There’s sooo much Orange in the Prem league this season.



    and didn’t a team take a Orange color as an away jersey?

  96. Tiger Feat says:


    Hull City fan here from deepest Hull.
    I’m quite shocked at all the anti-Phil Brown posts. It seems his ‘half-time at Eastlands rant’ has been blown way out of proportion your side of the pond.
    In just 2 and a half seasons he has transformed the Tigers from Championship relegation fodder into an EPL side.
    Jozy Altidore seems to have the right attitude to join a club like the Tigers. I’m impressed by what he’s had to say and am looking forward to see him play at the KC Stadium.
    Up the Tigers!

    By the way – it’s AMBER! NOT ORANGE!

  97. madmax says:

    “… I think the prem is a league better suited for Jozy though because he doesn’t have the touch they value here in Spain…”,
    Joan Capdevila.