Liverpool agrees to sell Alonso to Real Madrid

Xavi Alonso (AP) 

Liverpool never planned on selling Xabi Alonso, but in the end the Reds couldn't fight off Real Madrid.

One of the lengthier transfer sagas of the summer concluded on Tuesday with Liverpool agreeing to sell the Spanish international to Real Madrid for £30 million ($50.76 million).

For those who have lost track of everyone Real Madrid has brought in, here is the team's list of summer acquisitions:

  • Cristiano Ronaldo

  • Kaka

  • Karim Benzema

  • Xabi Alonso

  • Raul Albiol

  • Alvaro Arbeloa

  • Alvaro Negredo

  • Esteban Granero

The total cost for that haul? Try around £220 million ($372 million).


North American soccer fans will be getting a close look at that exensive collection of talent this weekend when Real Madrid takes on Toronto FC on Friday at BMO Field and D.C. United at Fex Ex Field on Sunday.

What do you think of Alonso joining Real Madrid? Do you think Madrid has done enough to unseat Barcelona as Spain's top club? Think the team is still lacking a strong central defender? Looking forward to seeing Real Madrid play MLS teams this weekend?

Share your thoughts below.

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87 Responses to Liverpool agrees to sell Alonso to Real Madrid

  1. Jamie Z. says:

    Real Madrid exemplify everything I hate about the sport. Here’s to another Barca title in 09-10!

  2. Alex says:

    Sad to see him go. We will always love you Xabi!

  3. Mentz says:

    Ok this is getting stupid now…

  4. northzax says:

    um…wow. i think it’s safe to say RM just finished acquiring one of the best midfields ever (on paper at least) they have it all. offensive brilliance, distribution and an enforcer.

  5. Indie FC says:

    I feel sorry for the fans who are going to have to pay an absurd amount to cover that salary structure. Wow, talk about an ownership out of control……….

  6. Marc says:

    Unbelievable…where are they getting the money? The banks who are loaning to them are either crazy or drnking the Real kool-aid in gallons.

    I also think this is absurd in that they are buying champiosnships and just might become the villians of world football. People after a while become turned off as they see no sense of fairness in this whole deal.

  7. Amit says:

    Their defense still stinks, at least relative to their reinforced offensive prowess.

  8. Timmy U says:

    At least Real is in the champions league and spending, City isnt even in Europa and spending like mad. Craziness.

  9. Shmenge says:

    It’s monopoly money–if Real can’t pay back its loans in time, they’re in no real danger.

    No bank in Spain will want to be known as the bank that ruined Real.

    Franco has been replaced by Banco.

  10. DeLarge says:

    Ramos, Albiol, Metzelder, Arbeloa.

    Only weak when you look at how awesome their midfield and attack will be. They still have Casillas back there.

  11. Michael F. SBI Mafia Original "Hi, my name is Michael. And I'm an SBI-Aholic." says:

    I think it’s criminal.

  12. howcheng says:

    None of y’all hating on RM better be Chelsea fans, cuz that would be the pot calling the kettle black.

  13. tippos says:

    While I’m no fan of the insane levels of spending, can someone explain the idea of “buying a championship” as a negative? Isn’t that the entire point of professional sports? You buy the best players you can get to win the title. After watching Barca last year, spending $300M to catch up sounds about right.

  14. Dominick says:

    the flip side is this puts a huge dent in Liverpool’s chances. Sucks. I’m not a liverpool fan–but would like to see a good race in the Prem.

    can someone take a stab at Real’s staring XI

  15. Suri says:

    Too bad money doesn’t buy team chemistry. They really think they can compete with Barca. We all saw last year when RM tried to go toe to toe with Barca. If one does not remember it was a complete embarrassment. I’m just wondering who they plan on using to stop Messi and Ibra. Oh yeah how about Henry, Xavi n the white ghost… Maybe transform Benzema to a centerback… Haha

  16. petaluman says:

    Is it an utter failer if they don’t win La Liga and/or CL this year?

  17. Mike says:

    Liverpool’s 2009-2010 chances are now gone. Alonso was the unhearalded midfield glue. Torres and Gerard need to pray they are both healthy and in good form for at least 34 games this year for them to have a chance.

  18. Doug says:

    Like most Liverpol fans, Xabi will always be remembered in my mind falling over after putting the rebound in against Milan. Instant Kop legend. Rafa needs to take that money and hijack the Arsenal deal for Daniele DeRossi. Its him, not Aquilani, who is a 30 million pound player. And unlike Xabi, he can make a proper tackle. You basically get a Gerrard type midfielder and keep Stevie G up top. Sounds like a logical deal to me, which means it probably won’t get done

  19. Mentz says:

    I’m just happy my Bayern boys had the sense to hold onto Ribery. Xabi Alonso is worth more than 30 mil pounds compared to some of these other jokers getting that money…

  20. Oranjebleeder says:

    This spending is nowhere near Chelsea. Hate them both as a Gunners fan. Who will play CB for Arsenal this year? Subotic? No.

    Senderos? No. Don’t tell me Djourou.

  21. Seemore says:

    WOW the NEW YORK YANKEE’s of soccer have struck again!

  22. K Bone says:

    First off, I’d like to say as a United fan, I’m glad that Alonso is leaving Liverpool. If Mascherano leaves, then they will definitely revert back to their old selves (i.e., not realistically challenging for the title). Second, the problem with Real Madrid spending such insane amounts of money is that they are doing it all at once. At least during the first “Galactico” era, they bought those players over three or four seasons. I certainly understand to win championships you need the best players, and buying them sure helps, but this is a bit extreme. It’s pretty damn ridiculous what they are doing, and this would be the defition of buying a title in my opinion. Another thing I find interesting is that everyone complains that the EPL has the “Big Four” and it’s boring, but in Spain, there is a clear-cut “Big Two”. It’s not as severe as Scotland, but what team honestly has a chance to win the La Liga besides Real or Barca? Even all the other teams admit it. It’s much more unfair than the EPL I think, and no one really mentions it too much. I would think that a title race over a whole season between four or five teams is much more exciting then between two…

  23. William the Terror says:

    I hope they drown in the sea of debt they have created. Or, to mix metaphors, I hope they choke on blood when their books start hemorraghing.

  24. Drew says:

    i actually find it interesting and exciting to see how this will all play out and am very much looking forward to watching their games. i can’t imagine this wouldn’t be enough to overtake barca, as rm wasn’t that far off last year and they obviously made an enormous upgrade.

    would love to see rm finish the offseason by landing maicon.

  25. Erik says:

    Real Madrid will suffer this year because of a lack of team chemistry. Just like Man City will flop. Man City has no pedigree of winning anything and just by spening for some silly players doesn’t make them instant contenders.

    Same goes for Real – Barca will return the exact same team minus Eto, who will be sorely missed over slow and moody Ibrahimovic…

  26. DC Josh says:

    I can’t wait for the La Liga 09/10 season. It will be an epic season. If Madrid doesn’t make it to the final four in the Champs league, and a contender for La Liga title till the final week, then the year will be a waste. They have the front six to pull a Barca c. 2008-2009 offensively, but can they hold their own defensively?

  27. Doug says:

    I think the Yankees are the Real Madrid of baseball, but with more titles in the last decade. Never understood the rationale of the spending argument. Since when is it a crime for a business owner to improve one’s business by spending money? Sounds downright crazy, doesn’t it?

  28. David says:

    That is a lot of expectations and egos to manage. This will either fail miserably due to lack of team chemistry or be an overwhelming success. The question is are any of these guys willing to take a backseat as individuals for the good of the team. I just don’t see Ronaldo being happy here if the offense doesn’t completely run through him like it did at Man U and something tells me this will be Kaka’s team more than Ronaldo.

  29. Jacob A. says:

    I thought the Alvaro Negredo was just out on loan.

    As a fan of the team, I get it. I don’t cuss and yell when the Yankees overpay everyone to make sure they get Sabathia, Burnett, Texeria, and re-up A-Rod all in the same period of time. It’s part of the non-capped game. If Real hadn’t won all their earlier titles, they wouldn’t have the prestige and money they have now, it’s simple. They’ve earned the right to spend this much, quite literally.

    Somebody wants a Starting XI?






  30. Jeff Cooper says:

    I’m thoroughly disgusted by what Real Madrid (and Manchester City) have done this summer. Here’s hoping that they have a divisive, injury-riddled campaign, allowing Barca to repeat.

    Yes, I support Liverpool. Yes, I’m angry.

  31. KCB says:

    I HATE REal City!

    When should we start our countdown for the EUFA Super League and the end of credible domestic leagues?

  32. Rob says:

    Someone asked for a Real Madrid starting XI so here goes one from a Merengues faithful. Also, this is for regular season, not DC United game, which I’m going to!

    *Pepe will be suspended for the first 5 games next season so Metzelder or Garay, and even Mahamadou Diarra if he stays, will start at CB.

  33. trent says:







  34. Colin Ferguson says:

    I’m not sure I understand buying Arbeloa, he’s slow, a mediocre defender and crosser, and he’s not particularly young (26, probably not going to improve much)It was like they had to take some of Liverpool’s dead wood in order to get their most important player. Ramos is their best defender, and he plays the RB spot. I know not everyone likes Marcelo and Drenthe at LB, but they’re both fast and young, so there’s potential there for great improvement from last season. Metzelder is slow, old, and clumsy, he should just be cover at the CB spot.

    All that said, here’s what they could play to get their best players on the field:







    Kaka stays central, Benzema has a tendency to push wide. Drenthe provides left side width, Lass covers for his defensive deficiencies.

    Ronaldo and Ramos should combine well on the right and Ramos and Xabi should be able to do enough defending to cover for Crissy.

    They could definitely win a lot of games, but Casillas, Pepe, and Albiol need to have as all-star season.

  35. MVK says:

    hmm, never heard of any of these guys, one them seems to be named poop…

    Honestly though, I would feel dirty rooting for them… Certainly will watch em every chance I get though.

  36. Blake says:

    Y’all are acting like this has never happened before. Galacticos anyone? Football will return back to earth eventually.

  37. c says:

    Why oh why is everyone hating on City???

    ALL of the “big” clubs spend massive amounts on players. That is nothing new. We saw this with the first set of galacticos in the early nineties, with Chelsea, Liverpool buying Torres, 19 million for Robbie F–cking keane… please. Man u – what was it, 30 million for Veron and 20 million pounds for Owen Hargreaves, who hasn’t even played a game?

    everyone one gives all of these teams a pass because “they are in the champions league”. I guess no other club should ever have a shot at breaking into the upper echelons and winning anything, which REQUIRES massive investment in players… just look at Aston Villa – they don’t have the money, so they will NEVER break into the top 4. Same goes for everton – but they DO have more money than the bottom half, so they will always be ahead on players than the rest.

    People blame City for wanting to win???? seriously. get a grip – players were commanding stupid fees ten years ago… get over it. its modern football.

    And regarding Madrid, they have to have their four best midfielders on the fiels – Lassana Diara, Kaka, Alonso, and Ronaldo – although I could definitely see them playing one of Kaka and Alonso alongside Benzema as a striker.

  38. c says:

    corretion .. that is Kaka or Ronaldo as a support striker.

  39. MVK says:

    “As a fan of the team, I get it. I don’t cuss and yell when the Yankees overpay everyone to make sure they get Sabathia, Burnett, Texeria, and re-up A-Rod all in the same period of time. It’s part of the non-capped game. If Real hadn’t won all their earlier titles, they wouldn’t have the prestige and money they have now, it’s simple. They’ve earned the right to spend this much, quite literally.”

    every team in the MLB profits off of the Yankees though, wayyy different

  40. KingSnake says:

    And when they fail, and go bankrupt, they will get bailed out like the banks and Detroit, rather than suffering for their transgressions, to serve as a dire warning to all those others who might otherwise be as profilgate.

    Really, where is the reward in being responsible?

  41. Kevin says:

    How RM set up their team is going to be interesting. To fit Ronaldo, Kaka, Xabi, Lass into the team you need to play 4-2-3-1. Im not sure that will satisfy their fans who will want 2 strikers (Raul and Benzema) Its going to get interesting with their defense who is still not good enough to win the CL.

    Maybe you play







    If they don’t go 4-2-3-1 I see no way they have enough bite in midfield.

    Their problem is going to be getting playing time to keep everyone happy. Van de Vart already wants to leave, Huntelaar is out the door, Nagredo won’t be happy sitting on the bench, neither will Granero, Guti, Gago, Marcelo.

    I honestly think you could see a bit of a meltdown from alot of these players with a mid season fire sale for less than some players are worth. Remember its a world cup year.

  42. dolan says:

    Two words: Salary Cap. This is completely out of control. Somebody needs to put an end to this madness.

  43. Matt says:

    Just out of curiosity, how will this affect the team’s finances?

    People speak of how much money Real brings in, but does that mean they are profitable? Aren’t they $500 million in debt already? Won’t adding another $350 Million just drain their resources?

    I know these are all great players but will they bring in any additional television revenues? Will they increase ticket prices to account for the transfer fees? Will they truly sell that many more jerseys in China?

    These expendatures would be insane even in a good economic environment.

  44. Luke says:

    $300 million! No problem for Real. They’ll just sell a useless city block in Madrid to the city of Madrid for $400 million. Seriously! Ever since Franco, Real has had an unfair(and fishy) financial advantage. Whether it be sketchy loans from banks or city or federal backing. I doubt any other team in Spain or for that matter the World could get the loans Real got in this financial climate!

  45. c says:

    Salary cap for football??? what a joke. the big clubs practically control the leagues – look at the fixture lists and who gets the breaks. The leagues need the big clubs to remain successful because where do you think everyone else makes their money???

  46. Dman says:

    they’ll choke just like the old group

  47. inkedAG says:

    I sure hope so Dman!!!

  48. K Bone says:

    The problem with City or even Chelsea for that matter is that they really didn’t earn their money. They basically lucked into an incredibly wealthy owner, and are now able to compete solely due to buying players who want more money. As a United fan, I completely understand why lots of people do not like them, but they gradually built an “empire” over time. When Ferguson came on board, they were not a good team, and he was almost fired early on. Some of their best players, and the core team that made them great in the 90’s were home-grown (Giggs, Scholes, the Nevilles, Butt, Beckham). Of course they have spent a lot of money on players, and too much in many cases, but some of them were failures. Just about every major team is guilty of spending a lot of money on big name players. However, they also spend their money well (Ronaldo anyone?). I’m glad United doesn’t take players that only want money, and the players stay because they want to. It certainly hasn’t hurt them in the past letting go of any player who was a problem. They are without question one of the most, if not the most successful team of the past twenty years. And for the record, Hargreaves played a significant role in his first season, and he did start in the CL final. With that said, he hasn’t played enough due to injury of course, but someone said he hasn’t played a single game, which is completely untrue…

  49. Frank says:

    What is worse? Real Madrid or RB Leipzig?

  50. jig says:

    I sort of think people should keep the “this is getting unfair” comments to a minimum. Who can tell if all these guys will even fit together with each other?

  51. US Soccer says:

    Add them to the list of teams to hate: Chelsea, Manchester City, and Real Madrid. I thought they would have learned their lesson from the previous galacticos.

    Xabi will be sad when LFC wins the Premier League, and Barcelona wins La Liga again this year.

  52. Josh says:

    This is absurd, esp. when there’s a financial crisis gripping Spain and ordinary people can’t get the bank loans they NEED to ride it out.

    The mentality behind it is morally corrupt, to say nothing of the competitive imbalance it engenders in the game itself. Florentino Perez can go to hell.

    I hope it explodes in his face… just like last time.

  53. josh says:

    Ives, do you know if Conway will sign with Chivas USA given Thorton’s recent injury?

    Chivas USA only has a 3rd string keeper available and I’m not sure if Preki will want to risk playoff goals with an inexperienced keeper.

  54. Jimmie says:

    I think it is awesome. I am going to sign up for the extended sports package so I can get goalTV and watch Barca and RM put on goal scoring exibitions every week. This is an American’s dream!

  55. smits says:

    That is literally an embarrasment of riches. What else would you expect for a team named after the antiquated institution of royalty. Blech.

  56. jamin barnes says:

    that’s going to hurt Liverpool.

  57. CapeCodFutbol says:

    On a more general note, are we starting to see a shift in the preferred destinations for elite football players? Or is the exodus of established players from the EPL a short-lived phenomenon?

    And this album should be awesome:
    link to

  58. wjmooner says:

    THREAD HIJACK — Jozy tweets that he’s going to be in England tomorrow. Obviously lends more credence to the Hull, Everton, Fulham rumors.

  59. Jorge says:

    Correct me if I am wrong. But it’s my understanding that Negredo already belonged to Real Madrid way before they brought it all those other players. He was on loan to Almeria and was recalled by Real.

    (SBI- Real Madrid sold Negredo to Almeria last year, but had a buy-back clause, which it exercised to the tune of 5 million euros.)

  60. Jorge says:


    It may become a trend because of tax laws in England, plus the weather.

  61. 49ers says:

    if the entire spanish team were to be transfered right now, the cost would be well over $500 mil (EASY!) while the cost of the US team would be $50 mil.

    jsut food for thought. spain is loaded.

  62. tippos says:

    Does a salary cap make any difference in the realm where the real money tossed around is in transfer fees, not salaries?

    Maybe revenue sharing ala MLB would curb the excess better than an American-style cap.

  63. CapeCodFutbol says:


    Exactly what I had in mind — the tax differential and the lifestyle make compelling arguments imo.

  64. Iammetro says:

    Does a salary cap make any difference in the realm where the real money tossed around is in transfer fees, not salaries?

    Maybe revenue sharing ala MLB would curb the excess better than an American-style cap.

    Posted by: tippos | August 04, 2009 at 06:00 PM

    Wow, an American finally got that salary caps don’t mean squat if you are transferring players.

    Everyone hates Real Madrid but it’s mostly EPL guys. Just wait. The EPL is nothing and if it wasn’t for foreign ownership laws in England not one would be the way they are now.

    Oh and keep in mind. Real Madrid is not owned by one person. They are in fact a true club of people that pay money to be part of the club (socios). Everyone votes for the president and has a say on what the team does. But you all knew this right?

  65. john says:

    Real Madrid still needs a player that can attack the defense and set up all the others. Ronaldo, Kaka and Benzema wont bring the ball to a dangerous position, they will have to be found in a dangerous position. Also, no way Drenthe is in the starting 11.

  66. JB says:

    Don’t understand the hate for Red Bull Leipzig either. East Germany has been extremely underrepresented in the Bundesliga and Red Bull’s investment might get the club there in 6 to 10 years. It’s not like they are buying a good club, this club is in the 5th tier of German football. Without Red Bull’s investment Saxony might never have Bundesliga football.

  67. will huff says:

    CBA comes up next year.

    If you think the players deserve to be paid more, which is a common thread, where will that money come from?

    From the owners/investors? Money does not fall from trees as the saying is where will the o/i get their money from?

    From people showing up at matchday. Seattle MLS fans outside of Toronto or Los Angeles have embarrassed every MLS fan within a reasonable distance from their home team stadia.

    You want higher priced players? You want this or that talented players? Well the owners/investors are not a money tree – so unless you are a full season ticket holder for your club best for you to just call yourself a hypocrite and watch baseball.

  68. Sg says:

    Premier League is still the best league top to bottom

  69. Areign says:

    monopoly money my friends, and the banker is cheating.

  70. BCC says:

    Viva Real Madrid and Viva Capitalism! As a Madridista, the last few years have been tough (only two league titles — bah!).

    Out of the whole group, I really like what I have seen out of Granero. I hope Coach P keeps him on the field. This could also be the beginning of the end for Raul, which is sad but inevitable. Going to be tough leaving guys like Benzema and Higuain on the bench.

    Ives, you should also mention who will be leaving. Van der Vaart will be a goner soon, and probably Sneijder (if they can get Maicon, but probably even if they don’t). Salgado was bought out. They’ll clean house and get some cash back to offset the buying.

    And whoever said that Chelski fans better not be the ones complaining are dead-on. Great point.

  71. BCC says:

    @john — ever heard of Cristiano Ronaldo? Sheesh!

  72. Adam M. says:

    Until Xavi and Iniesta lose something (together, Andres was noticably missing when the U.S. beat Spain), I’m sticking with that combo over Madrid. RM will score a ton of goals this year, but I question whether their midfield will ever get the ball against Barca. C. Ronaldo and Kaka are not exactly known for their defensive prowess.

  73. john says:

    I agree Adam…RM cant compete with the crisp passing and teamwork of Barca. RM, even with Xabi Alonso, will have trouble connecting their defense and offense. Ronaldo, Kaka and Benzema cant slice and dice if they never get the ball.

  74. john says:

    I forgot to mention…The reason Real Madrid is spending all this money is because they would rather go bankrupt then have Barca win the Champions League final in their home stadium.

  75. RapidsMan says:

    Real Madrid cannot go bankrupt, they dont even have to pay back their debts.

    They are backed by the government. They government pays their debts by selling land.

    But you all knew this already right?

  76. dena says:

    Either that or… they sold their former training ground, which was located in an area where many companies wanted to develop, to clear their debt.

    But you all knew this already right?

  77. BallTube says:

    Right Decision. Very Good

  78. dolan says:

    @lammetro or any euro-league expert

    As an American, I must plead some ignorance on this transfer system. How much is a player like C. Ronaldo’s salary at Madrid? Is it possible to cap a transfer fee? Where is all this money coming from? $372 million for eight players is asinine, even for Yankee standards.

  79. RapidsMan says:


    Ronaldo’s salary is around 800k per month.

    They are backed by government run banks, so their debts are usually swept under the rug.

    The government will claim to have sold some real estate to “cover” their debts.

  80. Craig says:

    Bottom Line! This will make for a good race in La Liga. Champions league final four last year (chelsea, arsenal, man u, and barca) the english are just angry cause this year THEY will be the league with one team in (chelsea) maybe two at best. The liverpool lovers who thought they may have a chance after CR’s departure are let down again, ha ha the only person I feel sorry for is Torres Liverpool is terrible! The Man U lovers are angry that City got Tevez to complement Robinho and are now better than United and right behind Chelsea in Premiere League. Barca will surley miss Eto and it will be seen how Ibra does as his replacment. There is just alot of hating going on cause Real Madrid aquired 2 of the best 5 for sure and possibly 2 of the best 3 players in the world! Premiere league has taken a big hit with all of this. Drogba and Torres need out of premiere league! And Bayern Munich the joke of the Champions League will surley win the Bundesliga, which is basically a B class league at this point, but have no chance in champions league. I hope Ronaldo is allowed to play sum ST for Real Madrid! Cant wait to see what will happen. Man U is gonna suck, liverpool is gonna suck, and Eto is gonna hate playin for Inter. Iys gonna b great I hate those stuck up brits. They will have to change the name of their league to The League Formerly known as The Premiere League! Haha

  81. Craig says:

    To ‘sg’ above saying premiere league is still
    best league from top to bottom. You are a joke and the
    premiere league has become a joke. If Eto went to Man U you might have a decent argument. La Liga has become the strongest league hands down. They have without argument the best two league teams in the world! With 3 of the best 5 players in the world playing for those two teams. Some would say 4 of 5 cause of Ibra! I bet you have a bias to the Premiere League huh? I however dont Im american and my favorite player is Torres! La Liga will dominate Chelsea is only premiere league with a chance.

  82. Teddie Boy Eddie says:

    Very sorry to see Xabi go, but I wouldn’t write off Liverpool’s chances this season. We don’t know yet who Rafa will bring in to replace him. It likely won’t be someone with better passing ability, but it may provide an opening for a better goal scorer behind Gerrard and Torres. Who knows, maybe Spearing gets a chance to win the job.

  83. bryan says:

    hahaha where are they getting the money?!?! the questions should be where AREN’T they getting the money to pay for this. also, Barca fans should take a serious look at their debt and then try and talk. they have about 1/3 less than Madrid. people are just mad about the prices, not the names. no one should be surprised seeing all those names on one team…that is what massive clubs do. so stop with the whole “ego” thing.

    Also, Negredo was a cool €5M and Granero a cool €4. Both were previously Madrid youth players and were both bought via a buy-back option. So I’m not sure why they would make the list. Even Albiol didn’t cost much.

  84. bryan says:

    “WOW the NEW YORK YANKEE’s of soccer have struck again!”

    So who are Chelsea, Man Utd, Liverpool, Bayern, Barca, etc.? The Red Sox? All these teams are the “Yankees” of soccer…

  85. bryan says:

    Did someone just talk about Franco? Because if so, I hope they were talking about Atletico Madrid as they were Franco’s team. But no one ever does research to make sure their facts are straight.

    Go ahead and see how much money they have made on CR shirts ALREADY and then ask how they are paying for it. Then you can ask LA how they got Beckham as well? :)

  86. You will be missed, Xabi. Hopefully not too badly though. I believe it’s time to see if any of the Lucas/Plessis/Spearing trio can sink or swim.

    I’d love to see Aquilani or Cattermole come to Anfield for immediate cover, as I’ve heard rumors about recently.

    Rafa, go get someone to backup/pair with Torres!!

  87. Joseph D'Hippopotamus says:

    Caca and PeePee on the same team…Brilliant