Marquez injured, will miss USA-Mexico qualifier

Rafael Marquez (AP) 

Mexican national team captain Rafael Marquez suffered a torn calf muscle and is expected to miss Mexico's World Cup qualifying showdown vs. the United States on Aug. 12.

Marquez suffered the injury while training with FC Barcelona ahead of Wednesday's exhibition vs. the Seattle Sounders. He is expected to be sidelined between 10 and 15 days, making a return for next week's qualifier highly unlikely.

Marquez had just returned from knee surgery, having seen limited action during Barcelona's pre-season.

What do you think of the news? Think the U.S. team can finally beat Mexico in Mexico? Is the Gold Cup horror still too fresh in your mind to get too optimistic about next week?

Share your thoughts below.

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89 Responses to Marquez injured, will miss USA-Mexico qualifier

  1. Joe B says:

    gold cup horror still too fresh .. expect us to revert to pre-egypt form

  2. mb says:

    this is bad news for the US. everytime marquez plays we win and he makes an ass of himself. i’m always happy to see little rafael in the lineup for usa v mexico.

  3. Jonathan says:

    This doesn’t make much of a difference for next week’s game. Marquez never plays well against the US anyway. Idk why ppl are worried about the USMNT, this is not a must win game and the Mexican team does not have an advantage in alent over the US as it once had. The US will at least tie. No worries.

  4. Sninho says:

    Doesn’t matter, just means that a different Mexican will get a red card or at least embarass himself this time. I’m not worried about this game because at this point for us, this is just another stone on our path to South Africa. Mexico isn’t relevant enough anymore for me to stay upset about their near full strength squad pounding our two levels below full strength team. We will not lose.

  5. EA says:

    Oh. Darn.

    This is. Terrible.

    Meh. Marquez is on my “wouldn’t p*** on him if he was on fire list” along with Carlos Ruiz, Oswaldo Sanchez, and the entirety of Italy.

    Cuauhtemoc Blanco was on my list, but I enjoy the heart he shows for the Fire and has been granted a temporary reprieve.

  6. understood says:

    marquez is very overrated…as are most centerbacks who display the slightest bit of attacking ability…mexico will prolly be better off

  7. freddie footballer says:

    exactly what MB said. I was counting on a red card from him.

  8. jtd says:

    typically i’m i bit bummed when a team deasn’t have it’s full arsenal available, but it’s mexico, and i find myself chuckling.

    i am a terrible person.


  9. cbr says:

    GOOD, i’ll take anything we can get

  10. harry balsac says:

    easy understood, that’s getting personal. his pouting is a cherry on top of a victory, plus he’s not that good. can’t mark, does get caught out of position, and get’s way too emotional(in nat. games)

  11. Paul says:

    i still think he’ll play.

  12. adam says:

    i see some goalazos!!!!!!!!

  13. Mike says:

    I really wasn’t expecting him to play anyway.

  14. jpc says:

    too bad for us

  15. Brett says:

    Honestly, who cares about the Gold Cup result? At least 10 out of 11 players are going to be different for us, and Mexico will have many different faces in as well. Gold Cup is over and it means nothing.

    As for Marquez, I’d rather have seen him play in the game at less than 100%. I think they’re better off with him sitting out. They’ll still be tough to score on, especially for Bradley’s USA who likes to revert to ‘1-2 passes and then knock it really far forward and hope something good happens’ in tough environments.

  16. Luke in NC says:

    i’m actually saddened by this….its just more fun to go up against this crazy man.

  17. Gary says:

    Anything that shakes their confidence // puts doubts in their head, or gives them an excuse to lose — I like it.

    Viva gringos.

  18. froboy says:

    Torrado is the new Marquez

  19. Dan says:

    Rafa isnt good? and overrated? come one guys give credit where is due. He is a starter on the best team in the world. He just sucks when he plays for mexico, i think is mostly because he gets too emotional.

  20. ThaDeuce says:

    i agree with freddie, MB, Luke, & JPC,
    Too bad for us as fans of the USMNT and as critics of the theater.

  21. marksonm says:

    after seeing his near full field assist in person at the galaxy-barcelona game (perfect pass, like, amazingly perfect, but just offside) I can say this pleases me that he wont be there.

  22. Leonardo says:

    he’s been hurt a lot so i don’t think mexico has trained with him very much at all, so it won’t mess up their team chemistry. they could use his leadership, though.

    i like seeing Donovan vs. Marquez – that’s always fun! now Land-O will just have to burn some other sweeper. heh.

  23. GO USA says:

    Are you sure he didn’t get this injury the other day when Barcelona played the Galaxy and Donovan juked the hell out of him? Just sayin…

  24. Frank says:

    GO USA – Marquez was at 20% when Donovan ran past him. IDK why people keep bringing that up. This is a huge loss for Mexico because his backup is Maza Rodriquez and he got injured at PSV so now they will go with Aaron Galindo and he sucks. So this makes Mexico its C team as US fans like alphabet teams. Altidore can take this Galindo guy.

  25. mike ruze says:

    That blows. Rafa sucks. Hes good for one boneheaded play a game and Altidore n Landon blow right by him.

    now they might start a defender who can actually defend.

  26. Dennis says:

    I think that Marquez is probably faking it. He is afraid of losing, getting pissed, and then freaking out for the third time. He doesn’t want to get suspended for the future qualifiers. At least he has the intelligence to recognize his pattern of behavior.

    During the Galaxy/Barcelona game, part of me was hoping that Cobi Jones would sprint across the field, jump in the air, and headbutt Marquez in the face.

    What a piece of trash.

  27. Yossarian says:

    Gold Cup was meaningless. How many U.S. players from that game will be on the field at Azteca? Zero.

  28. understood says:

    @dan…do you watch barca games…not talking preseason fluff…but for the last two years…when he hasnt been on the training table…hes been scuffling badly…plus he wouldnt be starting for barca if they had a vidic terry carragher…etc…barca is in a transition period with their CBs right now…marquez and puyol (plays a lot of fullback nowadays) being phased out…pique starting now…toure getting looks in the back…and as they do at every position they have a bunch of academy players waiting for their chance

  29. Ukrainefootball says:

    i can’t wait til the game…

  30. Dan says:


    I can see you don’t even follow Barca. Read interviews with Pep about Rafa and you will see how important he has been. Why do you think he has been there for so meany years.

    If he was American people would not be saying he sucks. We don’t even have a player close to him. We have to be constructive. Many here are starting to sound like the typical Mexican fans where everyone else sucks expect their players.

  31. Frank says:

    Thanks Dan for bringing some civility into this. This guy is a starter for the best team in the world. He is past his prime but still is better than Gooch. And you are correct about US fan reaction if he were American. They went googoo over Gooch being a bench warmer at Milan. Imagine the meltdown here if they had a starter at Barca.

  32. kevin says:

    I guess other people have said it already, but I was really looking forward to him getting another red card against us.

  33. blag says:

    I just have to say this because I keep seeing it. No one currently knows what so called “A” or “B” team Mexico had in the Gold Cup. Yes, there are 12 members on the team, but we do not know how many are starters, so you cannot label the team that was used. The Mexican coach could be looking to remodel the team and start bringing up the younger generation or he could just use the veterans. And yes, the American team will be completely different barring injuries. So the Gold Cup Final gives you no indications on what will happen at Azteca. The only things we can hope for the Americans is that 1) The team stays healthy, 2) The Team Shows up
    The second point is really big because the United States consistently under-performs, or is unable to perform consistently at their best.

    Now as far as Marquez goes, I like to see him in the matches, it just means Mexico will go down a man. Just makes me happy.

  34. Tim from Texas says:

    salcido, galindo, magallon, and oscar rojas make a pretty solid make four.

  35. Tim from Texas says:

    back four* lol

  36. DC Josh says:


    I don’t care who is on the field en el Estadio Azteca, the US walks on to their bus victorious or with a tie. There is no way they lose this game.

    Mexico is just a bucket full of chum, and the US is a 25 foot great white shark during feeding time.

  37. baloosh13 says:

    its gamesmenship… i think he will play

  38. euroman says:

    I don’t even know if he’s any good any more since he’s been injured for over a year. Barca has moved on w/o him and so will Mexico.

    This game will be about defense and counter attacking for the US and perhaps dead ball situations. I look for Goodson to be added if he’s over the illness and broken nose.

  39. japan says:

    Marquez has easily been the best player in the CONCACAF for the past 5 years and that really is not up for discussion.

  40. cbr says:

    i see that DJ Josh is into Shark Week as well

  41. ManO says:

    Yeah he sucks!
    I especially remember the extraordinary goal he made against Argentina in the WC, that left los pibes with faces “de penedejos!”

    You might also like to check the whole article that, the most important catalunian sport newspaper published yesterday!!!

    But here’s a quote that sums it all up(for the few who speak Spanish)…’El central, el auténtico referente defensivo de Pep, acumula seis temporadas como azulgrana, finaliza contrato en el 2010 pero cuando llegue a Barcelona estampará una renovación que le permitirá seguir vinculado hasta el 2012.’

    Keep on dreaming with Onyewu!

  42. Dman says:

    Marquez has easily been the best player in the CONCACAF for the past 5 years and that really is not up for discussion.

    Posted by: japan | August 06, 2009 at 08:31 AM

    for realizies!!!

    I’m not one to make a mockery of people but wow the last 5 years that’s easily debatable

  43. Dman says:

    where’s the deuce

  44. japan says:

    Dman, I would love to know who you rate higher than Marquez in the CONCACAF

  45. KCB says:

    Crap! So now who is most likely to pick up Mexico’s red card? I hope Sanchez is in goal.

  46. CapeCodFutbol says:

    I think a real distinction needs to be made between Rafa the club player (excellent defender for Barca) and Rafa the Mexican National Team player (uneven performances with the occasional howler).

    A representative comment from mediotiempo:
    rafa marquez no qiere jugar con la seleccion.. ya se le subio.. pero no sabemos que.. el no hizo campeon al barcelona y no es envidia.. es la verdad.. cuando un mexicano le da la espalda a su pais.. no puedes apoyarlo… gracias rafa.. pero no te necesitamos.. hay muchos que si se parten el alma por su pais.. no queremos princesas ni barbies en la seleccion queremos hombress. que es lo que falta le hace.. y hombre no es el que se hace expulsar tirando un codazo.. hombre es el que mantiene la cabeza fria y cumple su trabajo los 90 mins… asi que rafa marquez… suerte en el barca.. no vuelvas…

  47. Jorge says:

    Good thing about this:

    Tim Howard won’t have to worry about Marquez’s cleats almost perforating his chest.

  48. ThaDeuce says:

    too bad no freebie red card. I believe in the rest of the team to make up for it though with 2 red cards.

    Altidore to Hull announced on Hull website. no biggie.

    link to,,10338~1745321,00.html

  49. ThaDeuce says:

    I wish we could get some audio visual of the press conference where altidore was announced.

  50. Jorge says:


    Villareal confirmed the transfer yesterday. But good news overall.

  51. Jorge says:

    On serious note, Marquez is good when playing for Barca but overrated when it comes to the Mexican Team.

    He has been criticized numerously for not showing heart while playing for the National Team.

  52. jcdunn says:

    Marquez will fit in well sitting with the rest of the Mexican thugs in the stands.

  53. Rocco says:

    Given their syntax, spelling, statements, and revelation that they read interviews with Pep and Rafa (which would usually be only in Spanish) it is quite clear that “Frank” and “Dan” are Mexican trolls. No need to be sneaky fellas. You have nothing to fear.

  54. jimmygreaves says:

    To bad. I’d be happier if Mexico had a limping Marquez on he field.

    Marquez looking better for Barca than El Tri may have just a little to do with the players surrounding him at Barca as opposed to who he plays with for Mexico. Also you get the feeling he’s just arrogant enough to think the opposition Mexico plays is beneath his dignity and talent.

  55. ThaDeuce says:

    The best article on Altidore and Hull I have found
    link to

  56. Beto says:

    Please Marquez , stay with Barca and dont come ever again to MEXNT pleaseeeeeee , we dont want players like you !!!! you sucks Rafa !!

  57. Weston says:

    it’s marquez. I bet he still plays.

  58. Derek says:

    I worry more about their unknown youngsters than Marquez who is guaranteed to lose all composure.

  59. CLO says:

    Two Words…for the LAST TIME:


  60. understood says:

    @ dan…YOU obviously havent been following barca closely…a) they brought in milito to replace him…just so happens that both guys are injury prone so neither played much down the stretch last year…and b) why has he been begging for a contract extension YET barca wont give him one…its because they see the writing on the wall…hes lost his speed…and he was never tall…so now hes a liability defensively

  61. MiamiAl says:

    I agree with MB…Marquez always makes at least one big bonehead mistake per game…He sucks, yet the Mexicans are too stupid to know it…He always at some point loses his composure which results in a positive shift in momentum for us…We are going to miss him…

  62. S.Torres says:

    The Mexican Team will DIE in the field before losing this game at Azteca!
    If they don’t, the crowd WILL kill’em!!!

  63. understood says:

    @dan…and what do you expect pep to say…”marquez is declining and were looking to replace him when his contract expires”…that wouldnt be wise…look at how he handled the eto’o situation last year…he praised him…won a treble with him…but in the back of his mind he always wanted him out…so thats what ended up happening…

    are you praising marquez based on your anaylsis of his skill level or because he plays for barca?…cause guess what…by 2010 he prolly will be playing back in mexico…so will you then downgrade him?

  64. GO USA says:


    Wow 20 percent, I didn’t know he was on his deathbed. Quick someone give this guy some life points.

  65. GO USA says:

    Marquez has easily been the best player in the CONCACAF for the past 5 years and that really is not up for discussion.

    Posted by: japan | August 06, 2009 at 08:31 AM

    Actually I don’t agree with you. David Suazo and Wilson Palacios have been great in the past 5 years.

  66. @Beto…I am sure you were one of the Mexi fans defending him saying how great he is, one of best defenders in world, plays at Barca…blah blah blah! Now you turn back on him?? So shallow! who will replace him? The Chivas defenders who have given up 7 goals in two games?

  67. japan says:

    GO USA, Suazo had one great season at Calgari, went to Inter and gets loaned out because there were better strikers there. Palacios started playing well 2-3 years ago and really hasn’t proven anything yet although he can turn out to be a massive player. They are good players but incomparable to Marquez at this point.

  68. Second City says:

    If the US are able to get 3 points, this will surely be the excuse we hear on why Mexico lost, for the first time.

    Guaranteed excuse.

  69. Dab says:

    I think that if you are unable to recognize that Rafa is good you dont know soccer. Of course look he is at the end of his career. But you cant say he has been overrated when he has two champions. And by the way they did renew his contract for another 2 years. WHich I honestly think will be his last years at barca.

  70. Beto says:

    @ Salchipapa619 ….. Rafa is an excellent defender, maybe one of the best in the world … but He doesnt want to play for Mexico enymore … that´s why I said that we dont want players like him with his attitude …

  71. Dan says:


    I’m sorry!!! I did not know this was a site where i could have my grammar checked. Next time I have to write my thesis I will let you know. But I hope you at least have a Masters to back it up. And I do speak Spanish, French and English fluently which allow me to read interviews in may languages. And by the way, Barca has their website in English.

  72. GO USA says:


    Sorry but we are going to have to agree to disagree.

  73. Insurgente1 says:

    You’re one of those guys that WANT to believe the psychobabble they drool as many others that post here, and probably have NEVER stepped into a soccer field, let alone competed even at a reserve level.
    To be more specific with regards to your “affirmations”:

    a) Gaby Milito was NEVER brought in to replace Marquez at Barca, but to lighten the workload on Puyol! Marquez played in tandem with Milito, as much as he played with Puyol. That was during Milito’s first season with Barca, specifically 06/07. Milito, who had NEVER been injury prone as you say, did tear his ACL and thus missed the 08/09 season, which obviously did not matter since Barca won the treble!
    Marquez on the other hand, played 36 games total in the 08/09 season, nine of them Champions League games, won twenty eight of those, tied five, AND LOST THREE! He also happened to score at least one goal in each one of the three competitions they won! If that’s not impressive for you, I really can’t help you.
    b) WHO or WHERE is the source that told you that he’s been “begging” Barca to extend his contract? All I know is that the moment he gets back to Barcelona he is signing until 2012!
    Plus 6’0 may not be tall for you, but for an opposing player like let’s say Aguero, Ribery etc, both 5’6…that IS TALL!
    Besides, all that matters is that Guardiola, arguably the best soccer coach in the world, has him as his reference on defense, just like Rijkaard before him, two individuals that know a little more about Futbol than you!

    Just a side story that most people don’t know, but adds to his prestige as a player:
    Do you know the ONLY reason Real Madrid didn’t sign him before Barcelona? Because they could not make up their minds at the time, as to weather he was a better defender or midfielder, and tactically they didn’t need a midfielder!

    And anyway, just in case you don’t have a clue, no one criticizes him more for his errors, and there have been many, than Mexico fans! But when fans of an opposing team that don’t have anyone that even comes close, in any way shape or form, start with the nonsense, then there’s some clearing up to do!

    Anyhow, good luck with Onyewu in Milan!

  74. LOL says:

    “Anyhow, good luck with Onyewu in Milan!”

    That is a good one.

    This is just funny.

  75. understood says:

    @insurgente1…we shall see

  76. harry balsac says:

    @insurgenta, you mean you actually played football. WOW “let alone at a reserve level” well laddy friggin da, we have us a footballer, and dan congrats, you are a very talented linguist, you too must be something

  77. dolan says:


    You are absolutely correct. Add japan to your list and you’d be perfect. Also, wait until Christian chimes in. He’s a real peach.

  78. harry balsac says:

    so then if gooch is drivel, what then settled down the great jared borghetti’s antics?

  79. dolan says:

    @insurgente(oooh, insurgent)

    Good luck with Onyewu in Mexico City. You’ve been added to Rocco’s list.

  80. japan says:

    guess I’m Mexican now since I praised Marquez.

  81. dolan says:


    I don’t know if you’re Mexican or not. I do believe you’re a troll though.

  82. japan says:

    because I praised a player that succeeded in the biggest of stages? I would love to see an American player achieve what he has.

  83. LOL says:

    this is just funny.

    Rafa is good = Mexican?
    Rafa sucks = American?


  84. DC Jack says:

    El oh el = Mexican?
    LOL = American?


  85. understood says:

    @japan…i dont think you or anyone else who disagrees is a troll…in fact there are way more US fanboys that post here than there are trolls…having said that…i think what you and some of the other pro-marquez people in this thread are missing is that there is no doubt that marquez has achieved more than any D has in american history…but were not talking about achievements…were discussing the evaluation of his worth TODAY…how good do you think he will be going forward for this next year…club season plus 2010 world cup

  86. japan says:

    I think he’s is past his prime but still a very very good player who still has a good part to play for Barca and is for me, still the best player in CONCACAF.

  87. Tom P says:

    I think this is bad for us – the USA I mean.

    Marquez has stunk up the field vs. us for 7 years now and he is overated to begin with. Now they will put out a younger player with a chip on his shoulder and something to prove.

    That being said I hate Marquez with a passion.

  88. mirquo says:

    wow that´s nice crap!
    get your big mouths shut, cause in azteca they´ll be little as ants…
    tomorrows result is unpredictable.
    if you think u.s.a. will at least tie, then good luck!
    keep dreaming…