No PSG bid for Donovan yet

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If you were ready to order your Landon Donovan Paris St. Germain jersey, you might want to hold off for a bit.

PSG has made only preliminary contact with Donovan's representatives and no deal is close to being on the horizon, sources told SBI over the weekend. This news comes after reports emerged from France suggesting that Paris St. Germain was on the verge of landing Donovan in a winter move.

So what's the real deal with Donovan at this point?

MLS has a two-year option it will pick up after the current season, so Donovan won't be leaving on a permanent move any time soon unless a club steps in and meets the lofty  transfer demands being sought by MLS. That doesn't mean another European loan move won't happen. In fact, a loan is likely this winter, with teams from Spain and England joining PSG among several clubs that have expressed interest in bringing in the U.S. national team star. That said, we shouldn't expect any Donovan move to be sorted out until December.

What should we expect? Look for Donovan to make a loan move with an option to buy this winter. Whether that club winds being Paris St. Germain remains to be seen.

Where do you think Donovan would be best-suited to go? Hoping PSG's interest grows into a legitimate transfer offer? Think Donovan should wait until after the 2010 World Cup to make a permanent transfer move?

Share your thoughts below.

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54 Responses to No PSG bid for Donovan yet

  1. Blokhin says:

    MLS will keep him. They have no reason to let him go…especially if he plays well at WC 2010…

  2. Matt L says:

    MLS is stymieing the development of Landon and putting its aspirations above those of the player and US Soccer, for that matter. Completely within the leagues rights, but a real warning sign for any player who is considering signing for the league. We saw it with Clint Dempsey (ended up working out) and Twellman (didn’t work out), too.

    He needs to get abroad as soon as possible. In order of best fit, the leagues would rank Spain, Italy, England, Germany, France. However, above all else he needs to go to a mid/lower-table team at which he can play every week.


  3. bigcatasroma says:

    What a disaster.

    MLS, while I understand their position in keeping as tight a control over their crown jewel, is wasting his talent away here (and not letting him fatten his wallet as well).

    I hope Donovan moves to either Spain or Italy this winter – leagues that will let his speed and skill do the talking, instead of England, where they play rugby and elementary-age soccer . . .

  4. einar says:

    PSG hasnt had a really good season for a long time and were in danger of relegation quite a bit awhile ago

  5. Oranjebleeder says:

    He’s not going anywhere unless he can be guaranteed first team selection.

    Buffoons on FSC implied his wife would have a great time in Paris.

    Uh, they’re not together anymore, Max.

  6. matt C says:

    In Landon’s case, i don’t want to hear any bitch’n about the MLS holding him back.

    MLS bent over backwards and twisted its rules to get Landon back home when he couldn’t cut it in earlier stints in Europe.

    Still, i’d much rather see LD in Europe. I’d say Spain, England…etc.. In that order.

  7. Michael says:

    It just seems that Landon signed his life away to MLS and has no control what-so-ever over his soccer future. It seems at every turn, MLS has an option to pick up another year.

  8. BlueWhiteLion says:

    As much as I want to see Donovan move, it is unfair to blast MLS for asking a high fee for him, or to bash them for “stifling” his development. He wanted to play here: twice. He signed a contract. MLS is making good, and not unfair, business decisions. Euro clubs need to be bashed for their (potential) snobbery if they are unwilling to pay fair market value for a player with great skill and almost unparalleled speed. Is he Kaka or CR7? No, but MLS are not asking 100M either.

  9. Roehl says:

    What short-term memory the Europosers around here have. Landon has been at his best this year, scoring a breakaway goal against Brazil (how many players can claim that?) and assisting in a goal against Mexico while playing with the flu. Where was he playing? That’s right, Los Angeles.

    And what inconsistency so-called American fans have when they have a fetish with European soccer; not too long ago the argument was “until MLS can hold onto their stars there’s nothing they can do to keep Europe from taking them away.” Now that the league can actually stand up for itself in negotiations and hold out for real concessions or (GASP!) hold onto players for the benefit of American soccer, the argument has been warped into “MLS is running a sweat shop and destroying the development of American soccer.”

    Though one thing has remained constant among the whole lot of you, however: the desire to live vicariously through a Landon Donovan in a European jersey, and the penchant to do or say anything to make it happen. Which shows that it has never been about growing the American game or developing American talent, but rather about stroking the egos of Saturday early rising mouthbreathers who resent everything about American soccer that has nothing to do with England or Italy or Spain.

    Get over it.

  10. Drew says:

    How does everyone say that MLS is ruining Landon when they say that the League is dumb for letting its young stars leave to play overseas? Sounds like a darned if you don’t, darned if you do fan base.

    Either the League needs to allow talented young players to go if they want or they need to keep them. It can’t be different for each player.

  11. HomeyBoehme says:

    As much as people may want to blame the MLS in all this, part of the blame also has to rest on Donovan’s shoulders. Had Donovan not wussed out on his previous two stints in Europe (and no, I do not even count the Bayern Munich loan because that was never going to work out with Klinsmann’s precarious coaching position at the time), we would not even have to be having this discussion. Donovan has definitely found a renewed and more mature mentality in his game, but his transfer fee will have to eclipse Altidore’s by at least 7-10 million for the MLS to seriously consider an offer.

  12. RK says:

    They’ll loan out LD this winter/spring.

    It can only help for the World Cup coming up, just like Becks wants to do.

  13. Jonathan says:

    Ives or anybody else,

    What teams from England and Spain have or you think will want Donovan on loan?

    I think Hull City could use an American superstar duo.

  14. KyleFeller says:

    Even further on Drews point,

    How does everyone say that MLS is ruining Landon when he’s showed time and time again that he can dominate the best in the world on the international stage, as an MLS player?!

    He clearly doesn’t NEED to play in Europe…so what’s the gripe?

  15. Roehl says:

    “As much as people may want to blame the MLS in all this, part of the blame also has to rest on Donovan’s shoulders.”

    Another parlor trick by the Eurosnobs.

    A) Blame MLS if players want to go to Europe.
    B) If players don’t want to go to Europe, blame the players.
    C) If that totally doesn’t make any sense, put up a big number and call it a transfer fee. Then repeat A or B.

  16. Jay says:

    Landy should fire his agent. Who negotiates a 2 year option that only the league could decide on? I mutual or player option I understand, but what kind of contract is that? What a stupid contract.

  17. OFE says:

    Wow, there sure are some dumb people in this world. So let me get this straight: MLS, rather than purchase another loan option on Landon, blesses his departure to Bayer L. Landon doesn’t like it and asks MLS to get him out of there. MLS buys him. Landon wants to test himself at Bayern M. Landon goes, does nothing, and MLS welcomes him back with open arms. Now there is simply a rumor that PSG wants him. A rumor that also states that PSG HAS NOT ACTUALLY MADE AN OFFER. But somehow, MLS has held Donovan back, by not giving him to a team that hasn’t made an offer. Oy vey. I lose more faith in the intelligence of people every day.

  18. HomeyBoehme says:

    @Roehl – Dude, get over yourself. Nothing I posted was Eurosnobbish. It’s simply the truth. Donovan had a poor attitude (he has even admitted this) and that caused his first two stints in Europe to fail. That track record has made European teams cautious of hiring Donovan, regardless of where Donovan is now from a mental standpoint. MLS, having let Jozy go for 10 million, probably values Donovan at least double that given that Donovan is a polished/veteran product and Jozy is a player with potential.

    Not being allowed to leave for Europe when an MLS player wants to go (i.e. Twellman, Kljestian, Cooper) can have a negative knock-on effect to their performance on the field. I’m not saying that MLS does not have the right to hold out for what they feel is a good price, but there are examples of how it can affect the player negatively and also reduce any transfer fee MLS could obtain in the future.

  19. JP says:

    What Roehl said.

  20. Garcia says:

    It’s a chore to watch the galaxy so I can see landon play.. it’s not beautiful soccer and it’s due to the mls talent pool being so lopsided.. enough, have fun Landy!

  21. BossTweed says:

    There’s no such thing as a mutual options — that’s called negotiating a new contract. There are player options and team options in contracts of almost every sport.

  22. Colin Ferguson says:

    Yes , Donovan is performing exceptionally well right now while playing his club soccer in the MLS. I will grant you that, angry-MLS-season-ticket-holding-blog-brigade. That does NOT mean that both Landon and the usmnt won’t benefit from a permanent move to Europe. Someone on here rightly described Donovan’s speed as nearly unparalleled. He has demonstrated an ability to use that speed to unlock some of the best defenses in the world. The problem is he only gets to run at world class defenders once or twice a year. Playing against the unarguably inferior defenses in the MLS breeds a style of play where talented players cut corners offensively because they know they don’t have to pull off a more difficult sequence of play to beat defenders. These bad habits are often the undoing of our offensive moves when facing skilled, organized defenders. What I’m trying to say is that we can’t rely on a couple inspired moments of offensive brilliance per game, we need consistent offensive production, and we won’t have that until our players are all playing week in and week out in systems that demand that same consistency from them.

  23. Roehl says:

    “Dude, get over yourself.”


    And if there are Americans who are going to pout and sit on their hands when they don’t get their way, they don’t belong in the national team picture. I don’t want primadonnas playing for the USA anyways.

    So take your advice and throw it back at the players. This is a business. You and Eurosnobs like you have used that phrase time and again when it comes to transfer fees and European clubs. Funny how “this is a business” never applies when it’s MLS’ advantage.

    Or maybe you Eurosnobs don’t want MLS to succeed.

  24. Roehl says:

    “I will grant you that, angry-MLS-season-ticket-holding-blog-brigade.”

    D) If A, B, or C don’t work, shame MLS fans for not kneecapping the league supposedly for the good of American soccer.

  25. Colin Ferguson says:

    So i inacurately described you with that? Just because it’s witty doesn’t mean it’s wrong.

  26. Roehl says:

    It’s hard to be witty when you’re angry. Try it, it’s not fun.

    Looking at phrases like “What a disaster” and “Landy should fire his agent,” if I characterized your kind as Euro-loving-fans-of-vicarious-living-through-Yanks-abroad, would I be wrong?

    Hey, I can do this name-calling too!

  27. mudd says:

    MLS is delusional if the think Landon is worth 17 mil.

  28. Roehl says:

    By the way, you guys should read the comments by Drew, KyleFeller and OFE and address their points. Don’t try to duck some of the more important and more valid arguments by focusing on little ol’ me.

    Done here for now.

  29. nico says:

    Would like to see him in France. Quality opponents and (likely) immediate playing time.

  30. green says:

    Meh. Let us know when there is something other than rumors please.

  31. I chalk up Landon’s high performance to the separation from his wife. A lot of his career decisions were made to accommodate her.

    If you go back and read past interviews – it was about being close to his babe. Since they split up, he seems far more committed to his Football again.

    Thank God.

  32. Andy in Atlanta says:

    Last second deal before the close of the window by Fulham who will be without Andy Johnson for2 months… if you watched Fulham Sunday they sorely lack pace with Clint and Zamora playing up top… Fulham is willing to spen 7 million quid on a striker according to most reports… for 13.5 million MLS would be stupid not to let him go… Jozy proved that we have players that can cause problems in the EPL…

  33. HomeyBoehme says:

    @Roehl – This is why I find “Eurosnob” such an annoying label. None of this is as black and white as you seem to think it is. And when did I ever say that I “don’t want MLS to succeed”? When did I ever say “this is a business never applies when it’s MLS’ advantage”?

    My point from the second paragraph of my previous post was that SOMETIMES, when the MLS does not allow a player to leave it could be considered BAD BUSINESS/not to the MLS advantage as the players form/value can diminish as a result of MLS rejecting a deal. Is this because the player is intentionally pouting and sitting on their hands? I will grant that SOMETIMES that is true. SOMETIMES I think it is just the disappointment affecting the mental part of a players game, not necessarily a conscious choice on the part of the player.

  34. Patrick says:

    Only a moron would defend the utter clusterf*ck that the MLS is.

  35. TBE11 says:

    Hmmm … so wanting Donovan to play against better players to advance his own game and help improve our MNT makes us Eurosnobs? Oh, OK.

  36. Nicole says:

    BlueWhiteLion, you speak the truth. Donovan is worth the money MLS is asking – especially when you see the cash those European teams are splashing around for even mediocre players. Come on, you Euros, fork over the dollars. MLS will let Landon go.

  37. tim says:

    As I recall when questioned no more than a year ago, Donovan was not mentioning Europe as a short term goal. He even mentioned that he was receiving zero calls from Europe. As was mentioned by Ives, his current desire could be spawned by is ailing relationship with his actress wife.
    Case in point, I am not sure he is still in mls because the “league is holding him back”

  38. Andy in Atlanta says:

    Donovan is likely worth 15 million US in this joke of a transfer market… If a good but not great defender like Lescott can go for more than 20 million… Donovan is certainly worth 15… I think MLS would sell him in the right deal to a lower level Prem, La Liga or Ligue 1 team and add a transfer sell on clause in for like 12 million…

    I in my heart of hearts…and not to sound like a homer.. think Donovan could make it big and move after 1 year from a mid level to a big club like Arsenal or Tottenham… they love quick, slick players with good positioning and ability to run at players… somebody like Fulham could really benefit from Donovan…

  39. Paul says:

    Whatever the merits of MLS’s position re: Donovan, is it possible that MLS will do itself harm in the long-run by scaring off talented young players? If they perceive, as a result of the Donovan, Twellman, and other sagas, that their ability to move (and make serious money) may be damaged by signing with MLS, might they not instead choose to play for a mid-level league in Europe (e.g., any of the Scandinavian leagues, Belgium, even Holland)?

  40. DC Josh says:

    Anyone who argues that the MLS develops players as well as European leagues needs more coffee, cause they are dreamin!!

    Landon has to move to Europe to become a better player. He is as good as he can get playing here in the MLS. Watching him and Beckham with the Galaxy, you can easily see players who are much better than their teammates. The only way to get better at something is to challenge yourself. MLS is no longer a challenge for Donovan.

    Good luck Donovan, wherever you go. You will be missed.

    P.S., next round of qualifiers is next week fellas!!!

  41. quen47 says:

    Haha Roehl, you are one angry dude.

    That said, I agree with you completely.

  42. DC Josh says:

    Andy in Atlanta— Lescott went for 22 million pounds, which is 36 MILLION DOLLARS. That’s a lot of money. He is a decent center back, but no where near worth that much. Also, don’t forget who bought him, people who own oil, LOTS of oil.

    Donovan is worth anywhere between 10 to 15 million pounds. Just because he is an American doesn’t mean he isn’t that good. His age is the only factor in how much he is worth, the talent is obviously there.

  43. Luis Casillas says:

    There is nothing wrong with saying Landon needs a new agent. surely his contract is not player-friendly with the league options. Also, Landon has had to watch inferior foreigners come in and make a lot more money than he ever did. Yeah, his agent should be more assertive and get him a better contract.
    I agree that the wife was holding him back. Not just because he stayed in the MLS, but because now he has a lot more fire than he has since he was with the Earthquakes. I think he has also matured so going to Europe now would be more successful.

  44. SeattleStan says:

    The MLS did help out Donovan, but I think he’s more than paid his dues. The MLS just values him more than other Leagues do, and so unless they have their pretty high transfer fees met, he’ll be in the MLS. As others have stated, what this will do is discourage some young American talent to look outside of the MLS for opportunities. Even though I think this makes sense for the MLS in the short term, I think in the long run it ends up hurting them though.

  45. Andy in Atlanta says:

    DC Josh… well aware that Lescott is going for that… forgot to put quid, sorry.

    I am saying that everyone is overpriced and Donovan is actually under-priced if you ask me..

    I see these strikers that people are buying for 7-8 million quid (or trying to) and I know Donovan is better than them.. Anyone who knows football can see that American players are sorely undervalued…

  46. -mdb says:


    Your passion for MLS and the USMNT is admirable, but I think attacking people who want the best USMNT players to move across the pond is a bit misplaced.

    The facts:

    – The play in Europe’s top leagues (UK, Italy, Spain, Germany) is several steps above that in MLS.

    – MLS is developing into a good league, but as Grant Wahl so elegantly described in The Beckham Experiment, it is structurally prevented from competing with the world’s best leagues for talent (salary caps and co-op-style ownership). The caps are holding back MLS clubs from being able to compete effectively in the CONCACAF league too, because they simply can’t build a team deep enough to play 3 matches a week and stay fit.

    MLS is trying to grow itself slowly and sustainably. The limitations it created on salaries and growth are probably for the best and will ensure the league doesn’t implode like NASL. However, given that MLS cannot pay players (except for 1 DP/team) what they can command on the international market, we all probably need to accept the fact that MLS’s next stage will be as a feeder league for those leagues/teams that can pay.

    As much as we bemoan the loss of great talent to other leagues, it will help grow the warchest of MLS so that it CAN continue to grow sustainably into one of the top 5-10 leagues in the world. If we accept that is the logical next step for MLS, than it only makes sense that the league make those kinds of transfers “up” as easy as possible.

    If international and American players start looking at the MLS as a great stepping stone toward International stardom (on par with 2nd division of Germany/Spain or Danish 1st Div), MLS will be better able to attract younger talent from the US and the rest of the world and continue improving the quality of play in the league. Obviously, this is only part of a plan that has to include improved coaching/training and raising the salary cap.

    Anyway, the path toward improving the MLS and the USMNT requires MLS to not only allow, but encourage, its best players (US and foreign) to continue moving forward in their careers, even that means moving into bigger teams in Europe.

  47. zongzap says:

    Donovan doesn’t need Europe. I seriously doubt his game will change all that much at this point though his bank account could. The most important thing is money and playing time and time isn’t an automatic in Europe, especially for a forward. Europe has not helped Dempsey’s game at all, even though he plays all the time. The other thing is ego. Donovan has been the king of the hill for so long, I seriously doubt he could stand not being the man and that’s likely what would happen.

  48. TBE11 says:

    Zongzap, I couldn’t disagree with you more regarding Dempsey. He has become a much better all-around player over the past two years.

  49. Shane says:

    Saying the EPL hasn’t helped Dempsey is really funny. It will be hard to take anything you say seriously going forward.

  50. Luis Casillas says:

    If Dempsey hasn’t gotten better since going to the EPL, then someone Zongzap has very little experience with football or with Dempsey’s prior history as a player.
    MDP is right on, Roehl needs to relax about his loyalty and be more realistic. Donovan will benefit from going to Europe, both financially and with his football. Given the situation, he will even make an impact, though not on the scale of the one he makes with the USMNT or the MLS, but I think he can be a solid contributor.

  51. Garcia says:

    “Europe has not helped Dempsey’s game at all”


    Hold on…


  52. Andy in Atlanta says:

    Zongzap… regarding Dempsey… you are just way off mate… Dempsey is twice the player he was before.. he now defends, sees killer passes earlier and is so much more confident overall…less tricky park stuff now and more solid football.

    People can say he does not play the same with the NATs but the is more down to the fact that they we don’t have the intelligent build up in our own third…(see Mexico where we played kick ball). Clint is stronger on the ball and gives it away so much less now.

  53. Kevin says:


    People are focusing on your because you’re lame.

  54. BlueWhiteLion says:

    I don’t like to call too many people idiots, but I would have to say “you are an idiot” if

    a) you think that Donovan couldn’t improve in Europe more than in MLS
    b) you think that Donovan couldn’t make it in Europe, even in a top tier set of teams in any league (yes, he could have made it at Bayern if Hoeness and Rumenigge and all the guys I have loved as a kid didn’t have their arrogant heads . . . nevermind)
    c) you think MLS is somehow being unfair by asking over 10 million for him (and I have no clue what they are asking)
    d) you put mayonnaise in your underpants on most workdays. that’s just plain gross.