Pittman nets Wycombe Wanderers winner

Jon-Paul Pittman 1 (Getty Images)

American-born forward Jon-Paul Pittman scored the decisive goal in Wycombe Wanderer's 2-1 victory over Bristol Rovers on Saturday.

Pittman, who entered the match at the hour mark, netted the game-winner in the 80th minute. The 2-1 result gave Wycombe their first victory of the year.

The goal was Pittman's second of the season. His first came in Wycombe's 5-2 loss to Norwich City last week.

What do you think of Pittman's game-winning goal? Should he get a call up to the national team in January? Are you Wikipedia-ing him right now?

Share your thoughts below.

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54 Responses to Pittman nets Wycombe Wanderers winner

  1. Katatonia says:

    lol why is this a post

  2. Barry U says:

    Ives keep this stuff coming. With our pool being so shallow it really is important that the USSF looks everywhere for players. As a fan i want to know about as many as possible. It is never to early to start looking at WC2014/18 guys. He is only 22 so he has quite few years to move from League 1 to the next tiers of English football.

  3. Brett says:

    From what I’ve read it seems like he identifies himself as English and not American. He’s been playing over there since he was a kid and probably has an accent and everything.

  4. gel65 says:


  5. Hush says:

    He is considered to be English. He was born in the States but raised in England. I don’t think he will even consider the States since he has played for England NT. This guy is a waste talking about, just like Rossi was. Next player please!:)

  6. harry says:

    If Jemal Johnson never got a call-up with his explosive season last year in League 1, than no way Pittman gets a call-up. Also Zak whitbread never got na call-up either, and he is seen as the best CB in league 1……..a League that if not = to MLS is better, at least for now.

  7. NATO says:

    Hahahahahah Ives. I love you. and I love wikipedia. He should get a call up once he either becomes a superb striker or reaches the PL.

  8. Jason says:

    He is eligible for the USA NT. English-C team for international play means jack squat.

  9. harry says:

    Ok, Peopel here are clueless………….Crawley fans(Pittmans last team) post on other Forums outside of SBI, that Jon-Paul Pittman wants to play for the US, and thats all he wants. Pittman played for England C, a non-League National team that does not cap-tie anybody. England C is most likley used as a show-case for the league teams.

  10. RK says:

    I’ve never heard of this guy, or the teams. Amazing that you could even find a pic. Are they even in the Coca-cola?

  11. Toumba says:

    Hahahaah…harry called people “clueless”…..now that is comedy.

  12. Robert says:

    Are we that desperate? Sounds like it.

  13. eys says:

    You never know. Charlie Davies was playing above the artic circle less than a year ago and now look at him.

  14. Jao says:

    Who cares!? Davies-Sverkos tandem is what you should be talking about. Davies drew a penalty and Sverkos converted. Davies could have scored later in the match, but blew a decent chance right in front of goal.

  15. SonicDeathMonkey says:

    I’ve got $20 that says Bob Bradley has no idea who this guy is. Now if he played for Chivas USA or the Fire, THEN he would be a sure call up.

  16. Austin says:

    first of all MLS is dead equal with the championship and that is why you dont see Zak Whitbread or Jemal Johnson being called up

    second of all, England C isnt even the national team, it is the national team for players in the conference since he formerly played at crawley

    third, this guy actually could be decent one day, he is alot like Johann Smith

    would not start in MLS but is fast and is a good sub

    one day he could be a championship/EPL/MLS player so he could be one they could contact and say we will keep an eye on your devlopment, but this guy aint gettin a call up for a while guys if at all

  17. smokeminside says:

    you mean to say someone besides Ching blew a shot on goal, and that someone is the crown prince of US forwards. OMG!

  18. Blokhin says:

    cap him now!!! before England does…

  19. Will says:

    A sub for a mid-table team in League 1, a league I consider worse than MLS? No thanks.

  20. patrick says:

    did i stumble into yanks-abroad ?

  21. The Atomizer says:

    This is starting to smell like a Big Soccer thread. God forbid.

    This is the type of guy the USSF should keep an eye on, but we have the core of our team and their understudies. Gone are the days of desperation where we put David Regis on the fast track or suddenly shove the Mason brothers or David Wagner center stage.

    We’re past that point.

  22. Jags98 says:

    Guys like this could not have done worst than the Gold Cup team. Try them out, you never know.

  23. harry says:

    Sorry to breakl the news butr MLS is nowhere near CCC quality,it time to get over it. MLS will never grow, if we continue to imagine MLS with 22-year old College rookies is anuwhere near accomplihed players from the EPL who are nowin CCC, players who shift back and forth form the EPL and CCC. What Eddie Johnson gets 15 goals in 24 games in MLS he gets 2 in 30 in the CCC.

  24. LaQueefer says:

    Well he already has as many goals this season as Eddie Johnson has had in his whole career playing in the UK, so yeah call him up.

  25. NATO says:

    MLS is the equivalent of League One

    but more accurate the Scandinavian leagues. Pay is almost nearly the same

    Europe is broken down into 3 tiers

    england, spain, germany, italy, france -tier1
    portugal, netherlands, russia, turkey, greece, romania, scotland – tier 2
    scandinavia, serbia, switzerland,belgium – tier 3

    MLS is tier3. in 10 years it’ll be tier2

  26. royalsfan7 says:


    Eddie Johnson played mop up for 5 min for over half his appearances for Cardiff. Hard to get into any kind of rhythm without playing time.

  27. julio says:

    Don’t knwo how many of you just saw the game of DC United vs Chicago but that Goal Keeper is a real piece of WORK, he should be suspended for a couple of games. I hope that guy never sees the pitch for a National Team. He grabbed his own teammate by the throat, what an ass.

  28. tonytdc says:

    am i the only one seeing the humor in this post? good stuff ives.

  29. Matt says:

    I don’t know what’s more comical: the suggestion he should be called up in the next 6 months or that anyone actually thinks he’s performing at a level where a callup would be deserved

  30. Andy in Atlanta says:

    Harry… MLS has 4-5 teams that could stay in the CCC… the rest are likely good League 1 teams…the truth is somewhere in the middle… Also very unfair to pick on Eddie who would have started for over hald the CCC teams last year but was stuck at Cardiff behind 3 strikers that have or will play in the Prem… Eddie improved quite a bit there and will be on the bench for Fulham tomorrow.

  31. NATO says:

    EJ has dropped way in depth. Even Casey is above him in depth, despite EJ actually doing well in CONCACAF. EJ would be a brillant Championship type scorer with maybe 10-15 goals a season, but nothing more.

  32. joga_bonito says:

    Ives you are AWESOME. I read this site everyday and keep track of yanks abroad. I wiki every team and player I’ve never heard of. Keep it coming man!

  33. Northzax says:

    Julio: no league has ever suspended a player for fighting with his own teammate. Wicks and Burch can slug it out in the lockerroon. It’s a team thing, not a league one.

  34. GoUnited says:

    Hahahaha MLS = League 1?

    League 1 is way better. The best defender in League 1 is getting regular call ups for the national team while the best defender in MLS isn’t getting a sniff.

    Oh wait…

  35. NATO says:

    @GoUnited and who is that defender? The best defender in MLS would have to be Chad Marshall and than Jimmy Conrad and Soumare. All got call ups for the NT.

    MLS has been around 13 years, of course it would be at the level it’s at now. Give it 10years. It’ll be 1 of the best leagues outside Europe. Count on it.

  36. Jc says:


    your sarcasm meter is in need of repair. Please contact an authorized service center as soon as possible.

  37. kofix5 says:

    While I am getting tired of the half assed posts I am very grateful to have half assed posts. Thanks Ives and crew. I never would have heard of this guy otherwise.

  38. Don Miguel says:

    It is clear that Ives has posted this in response to a demand from us, his viewers.

    I for one am grateful for the picture of Pittman and the update. I would rather get my info from here than Bigsoccer.

    I agree with those that put MLS on par with League One. I believe BB must be aware of JPP, JJ and Whitbread. It is a mystery to me why none of them have been called into any NT camps for a look.

    I would also add that I have seen the Norwegian league firsthand and it is of higher quality than MLS. The same goes for Sweden and Denmark as well. It is not a case of Euroitis but simple observation.

  39. Jason says:

    did Ives even post this or did Gianfranco? And I don’t think anyone is seriously clamoring for him to be called-up, its just ridiculous how some of you guys absolutely despise somebody in Europe who’s not in the Premiership, Championship, Serie A, Ligue 1, Bundesliga, etc, and have to instantly compare it to the MLS. For that matter, He shouldn’t be called in to Camp Cupcake because there isn’t a winterbreak for him and he’s still on the bench so he needs to solidify a starting spot hopefully by winter.

  40. r.benjamin says:

    At this point in our evolution always fun to read a snippet about a yank abroad.
    After watching the sloppiness of galaxy v chivas I would have to say the MLS is no better than mid-upper League1
    I definetly think whitbread and what’s his name MK Dons should get January calls..

  41. baloosh13 says:

    r.benjamin–jemal johnson is MK Dons

    i want call ups for Jemal Johnson, Jeremiah White, Zak Whitbred… Bradley is not interested in pool development outside of the MLS…

    I want Gulati to stop pulling the strings and treating Bradley like a puppet

  42. afc says:

    I’m a big fan of Pittman but I don’t think he is ready for a call up just yet. Give him some more time. He is a great player though. I don’t know why Wycombe aren’t starting him. He is their most creative player.

    He only wants to play for the USA. England C means nothing, its for non-league players in England. He isn’t cap tied.

  43. afc says:

    Some of the comments on here are hilarious. Pittman is a great player and I think he deserves a call up at some point. Leauge One is a good league and I think Pittman will keep moving up. This time last season he was playing in the Blue Square Premier league, and now he’s moved up to League One.

    Its not like Ives is asking to call up Jay Denny.

  44. mike ruze says:

    Everyone is all excited about Mike Grella who has never scored in a league game and gets about 10 minutes a game

    Than a player who actually gets paying time and scores is nothing to sneeze at.

  45. metrostar 4 life says:

    I just saw this highlight on FSC, very nice goal, well done.

  46. dolan says:

    Is he in the same league as Davies and Altidore? Definitely not imo. Sounds like he needs more time to develop.

  47. afc says:

    A cracking goal!

  48. harry says:

    Wow, what a strike. By the way…….Jemal johnson Scores about 7 of these type of blasts a season. I really do think you need a certain type oif skill-set to play in league 1….and that is fast,explosive,dribble, and shot from distance. I do think 80% of MLS would not survive in League 1, since MLS is such a slow-hackful league.

  49. fieldsy says:

    thanks ives for the post. my first reaction was to wikipedia him.

  50. Armoured_Jim says:

    League 1 last year averaged almost 8,500 in attendance, compared to the MLS average of over 16,000.

    There are 24 teams in League 1, compared to 15 in the MLS, split into east (7) and west (8).

    A regular season in the MLS consists of 30 games for the 7 or 8 team in east or west, where a League 1 regular season consists of 42 games for all 24 teams.

    If John Paul-Pittman was to play in MLS he could only play in one conference. let’s place him into the west for argument sake.

    The number of fans in total watching him throughout the season would be 8 teams playing 30 games with an average of 16,000 fans per game. That’s 240 games with an average of 16,000 fans per game, a total of 3,840,000 fans per season.

    Back in League 1, 24 teams play 46 games with an average of 8,500 fans per game. That’s 1104 games with an average of 8,500 fans per game, a total of 9,384,000 fans per season.

    It is safe to say there is a bigger attendance throughout the season watching League 1, than the Western Conference, the league with the most teams in the MLS.

    More people are likely to watch John Paul-Pittman throughout a season in League 1 (England’s third tier of football I might add) than any player in the Western Conference.

    John Paul-Pittman who?

  51. Armoured_Jim says:

    Only joking, we all know it’s really “Jon-Paul Pittman”.

  52. jaleb says:

    Jpp is a great player and most Wycombe fans want him starting. Hes even better with jos partner in crimer Beavon but I doubt hes got any Us blood in him